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Horny slut Tawny takes some cock on her wedding day.

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20 TAWNY ROBERTS Tawny’s wedding day______________

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INDECENT Welcome to the second edition of INDECENT. Judging by the feedback coming in, a lot of you guys out there like what we're doing with the magazine. This edition features plenty of your favorite stories and letters about wives, fiancées and girlfriends. We're also pleased to present a classic pictorial of Alexa Rae and her photographer friend. I had another night out with a slut wife this week. I got a call out of the blue from a former college flame. She called to ask me if I was free because she and her new husband wanted to "try" something. I knew straight away what she was talking about and since I remembered her as a very hot young blonde in college I went straight over there. These guys have a huge house with a tennis court and jacuzzi, but all I saw was the bedroom. My former flame had filled out nicely since college, and I admired her curvy body when she slipped out of her dress. We started kissing and I enjoyed sticking my tongue down her throat while I rubbed her fantastic tits through her slip. I could tell she was hornier than hell. She got on her knees and took my cock out. “It's bigger than I remembered it,” she said as she started getting me hard with her hands. She started sucking me off. I put my hands around her head to control the movement and she started stroking my shaft and balls – just like we used to do back in college. Pretty soon we had a good rhythm going and I was getting ready to come when she pulled away.

32 DEAR MRS Your questions answered


“Not yet,” she said. “My husband wants you to come inside me.”

Fantasy Pictorial__________________

We got on the bed and I slowly stuffed her pussy with my cock. She was moaning loudly and I started pumping her like a slut. She kept begging me to come in her, and when I did unload, she wrapped her legs around me and came pretty hard herself. We did it again a couple of times in different positions, and each time I unloaded deep in her tight wet pussy. I finally let myself out around two in the morning.

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“My husband wants you to come inside me.” Alexa gets talked into taking some dirty photos.

62 BLONDE & FRIENDS Fantasy Pictorial A sexy blonde wife goes to collect her car… but she’s forgotten her purse.

Welcome to Volume 2! Please write in and share your fantasies, photos and experiences. We also welcome feedback and suggestions. STORY CODES M F O A M Inter Voy

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DISCLAIMER: This magazine is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad-minded adult to view the magazine, and you must not make this magazine available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times. INDECENT | 5


I hope there’s some good cock in there. I’m so horny I’d fuck just about anyone today.

The guy walked out behind her, zipping up his fly.

                    !      "   ! !     Charlie and I were going downtown to buy some porn. The bookstore we had in mind is unfortunately in a bad neighborhood, but it has a great selection of smut, some coinoperated booths, and a back alley entrance so no one we know can see you going in. We don't live near the store, so we usually don't bother with the back entrance. As usual, Charlie dressed sexy just in case an “opportunityâ€? came up. She had on a low cut top revealing plenty of cleavage, a short skirt with a high split and some sexy platform heels. Her look was kind of “hot college babeâ€? rather than back alley porno shop. She smiled at me as we entered the shop and patted my cock through my pants. “I hope there’s some good cock in there,â€? she said. “I’m so horny I’d fuck just about anyone today.â€? She giggled at my obvious arousal, and hurried on ahead into the store. There were a few guys browsing in the store but Charlie was talking to the guy behind the front counter. We kind of know this guy because we’ve come to this store a couple of times, but I don’t think he knows what to make of us just yet.


As we walked toward the back of the store, Charlie brushed up against an older guy browsing in the second hand magazine section. He looked her up and down and I could hear them talking faintly, and then I heard she motioned for him to follow her with a sexy wag of Charlie gasp and I knew they must be up to her finger. He hesitated and Charlie sidled up to him, “Uh, these are all good models, but were you something. I looked around the store but none of pressing herself against him looking for anything in particular?� he asked. the other customers seemed to have noticed “Come on,� she said softly in his ear. “Come out back anything. Knowing that Charlie sometimes likes to with me and I’ll jack you off.� “work up� a discount, I quickly checked the They were in the office a little while before I “I don’t have any money,� said the guy. heard the guy kind of grunting and I knew that guy out again. He’s a heavy guy with a Charlie must have gotten him off. I wondered shaved head, goatee and lots of tattoos. I “Don’t worry, sweetie,� said Charlie. “Let’s just have what they’d done. figured we'd have no problems if Charlie some fun.� came onto him. The door opened and Charlie “Come on,� she said The old guy looked like he couldn’t At Charlie's request he took a couple of came out with a beaming grin believe his luck and he quickly softly in his ear. “Come vibrators out of their cases and put them on and looking sexy as hell. The out back with me and I’ll followed Charlie out into the darkened the counter. Charlie looked at each one in guy walked out behind her, booth area. turn, pressing them against her breasts or her zipping up his fly with a smug jack you off.� leg and giving the guy a good eyeful of her look on his face. Charlie pushed the old guy up against fabulous body. He was pretty obviously one of the booth doors and started rubbing herself up “Thanks, baby,� he said. “You can come here and checking her out and he ignored me against him. She kissed him full on the lips but he was do that any time you like.� completely. too surprised to really respond. Charlie looked at me and gestured “blowjob� by “Do you have any other ones?� asked Charlie. Charlie then took one of his hands and put it up her top. jerking her hands around a make believe cock in “Maybe some special ones out the back?� front of her face while sticking her tongue in one “Rub my titties, baby,� she said and she moaned as he The guy looked at her for a moment and said, cheek. She smiled and blew a kiss to the guy started getting into it. “I’ll show you something real special. Come behind the counter as she walked towards me. After a little while, the old guy started working up his with me.� Charlie was just getting started. nerve a little and he asked Charlie if he could take off He lifted up the end of the counter and guided her top. Charlie kissed him again, and he lifted the top “Let’s go in back and try the booths,� she said Charlie by the arm into the little office behind off over her head to reveal her magnificent breasts in the loudly enough for most of the guys in the store to him. I would have followed them but the guy dim light. hear. He usually sits behind the counter reading some smut, but now Charlie had his full attention as she asked him about the vibrators on display.

lowered the counter and shut the door behind them before I could make a move.


Charlie reached down and started stroking the old guy’s cock through his pants. She looked him in the eyes and told him she wanted to see his big hard cock.

go back to the car for a good fuck. She nodded and we made our way to the back entrance.

Finally he stiffened and slammed into Charlie one last time. Charlie gasped loudly and started coming as the black guy’s come started streaming into her pussy.

We were outside in the deserted back alley I watched as the black guy steadily backed off, before we realized that Charlie was still topless. Charlie’s top must have been with the revealing the amazing sight of his come dripping old guy or maybe on the floor in the booth out of Charlie’s well-fucked pussy. area. Charlie grinned at me and ran back to the car in I was a bit reluctant to go back in and Charlie just her heels.■ wasn’t too worried about losing her top so I decided to run to get the car and come back to pick Charlie up.

  bent over

against the wall of the store I was gone no more than five minutes and I almost came in my pants when I pulled up in our car. Charlie was bent over against the wall of the store and a homeless black guy was plugging away at her vigorously from behind.

The guy unzipped himself and Charlie started stroking his cock while he continued Charlie later told me that this homeless guy came into the alley to go to the store almost as to fondle her breasts. soon as I had left. He found her there wearing I took my own aching cock out as I nothing but a short skirt and holding her watched them, loving the sight of this guy boobs. He put the hard word on her, and being so intimate with my sexy wife. They pretty soon he was putting something else started kissing again, locking mouths like hard in her. two lovers and Charlie started jerking him Charlie’s skirt was on the ground and she was off more insistently. crying out in ecstasy. The black guy had his After a few minutes, the old guy stiffened pants around his ankles and he threw off his and lent back against a booth door. Charlie tattered shirt as he continued to fuck her wet held his cock and looked on with a smile as willing pussy. several shots of milky come spurted out of The black guy reached forward and grabbed his cock. Charlie’s tits and ass roughly. Charlie arched Some of the come landed on Charlie’s leg her back and reached back with one hand to but she continued to pump him slowly until pull him in deeper. This turned the black guy he started to soften. on even more. “Thanks, baby,” said Charlie and the old “You like that, don’t you, slut?” he said. “You guy leaned back with his eyes closed. love that big black cock!” Charlie looked over at me and grinned. She He reached forward and put a finger into scooped up some of the come on her leg Charlie’s mouth. Charlie sucked his finger and licked it off her hand mischievously. I and held on for dear life as the black guy went over to her and asked her if we could pumped her.



READER FANTASIES Assorted stories involving your wives, fiancĂŠes and girlfriends. Please write in and share your fantasies, photos and experiences. We reserve the right to edit for clarity and style.

Weekend In The Hamptons MF O M Voy None of this was planned. We had been invited to attend a big party at my boss' house in the Hamptons and so we made the long drive down from our home outside of Hartford. The party was wonderful, with plenty of great food and expensive booze and waiters and waitresses dressed in little sailor outfits attending to our every need. My boss, Charles White, owned an immense estate overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The sprawling lawn sloped down to his private beach, and inside, room after room of elegance awaited his weekend guests, including Stacey and I.

He began flirting with her as soon as I introduced them The day of the party the weather was hot and muggy. After we were shown to our room, Stacey changed into a flimsy summer dress that highlighted her wonderful figure. The dress was just dark enough for her to go without a bra, a choice she made because of the heat. Stacey is a beautiful twenty-six year old with shoulder length blonde hair and the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen. At five 10 | INDECENT

foot eight inches tall, she weighs a trim one hundred and twenty pounds. I am not exaggerating when I say she has a perfect body. She has big, round, firm breasts that stand up perfectly on their own, and a magnificently full and firm ass that could make a blind man hard when she walks by. We made our way out to the lawn, where the party was in full swing, and soon I was introducing Stacey to our host. Mr White is

the type of guy I have always been a bit intimidated by. He is well over six feet tall, and has an athletic and well-muscled build. The guy is a millionaire many times over, owns several companies, and just exudes self confidence. He is one of those rich, privileged men that always seem to get what they want in life. As I would soon discover, the thing he wanted the most that weekend was Stacey.

pleasured her.

Once, and only once, Stacey had let me use a life-like toy I bought. I slid the big thing in and out of her pussy while she gave me head. The experience was so exciting that I exploded in her mouth unexpectedly, causing an abrupt end to the night's festivities. Stacey never liked it when I came in her mouth. Afterwards, I was still so excited that I asked if she thought the idea of having two men at once was exciting to her. She said no, then rolled He began flirting with her as soon as I introduced over and went to sleep and I never had the guts to bring them and even though his own trophy wife was at it up again. the party, he kept laying it on thicker and thicker as the afternoon wore on. Stacey and I went our separate ways during the party, and every time I saw her Mr White was never far away. He seemed to have her completely charmed, and he made sure she always had a full glass of wine. Eventually the party wound down and most of the guests departed. Stacey and I were one of only three or four couples staying on at the estate, and as we sat around the pool, Mr White had the entire group in the palm of his hand. He was charming, he was witty, and he was interesting. He also had the women drooling over him in his stylish slacks and his linen shirt, unbuttoned to show off his perfectly tanned chest. Stacey always gets a little horny after a few drinks and that night I could practically smell her scent in the steamy night air. Part of me knew that it was mostly the alcohol and part of me knew it was Mr White that had my wife so hot. I must admit the thought had me a bit intrigued. Like many men, I had fantasized about seeing my wife with another man. To some that sounds strange, but the visual aspect of seeing the woman I married, the proper business woman that usually wears smart business suits and is fairly conservative in bed, being a purely sexual being with another man, thrills me. There is the added thrill that comes from the forbidden nature of the act. It is a bit frightening to think that another man can please your wife more than you That night in the Hamptons something was different. can. Like a strange thrill ride, I wanted to see my Stacey was practically flirting with Charles right in front wife's reaction and hear her moan as another man INDECENT | 11

Stacey rubbed the bulge in my slacks and smiled slyly at me. “You obviously don't mind it. I mean you knew he was coming on to me all afternoon,” she said. “When we were down by the beach earlier he tried to kiss me.” “Tried to kiss you, or did kiss you?” I asked. She rubbed my rock hard cock through my slacks and slid the tip of her tongue along my bottom lip. “He kissed me.” “Did you kiss him back?” I asked. “Yes.” “Is that when he said he wanted to make love to you?” “No, just before we came up here, he asked me to meet him in his study.” She had freed my penis now, and was stoking me with her hand.

After a good hour of pacing back and forth with a “What did you do?” raging hard-on, I eventually fell asleep waiting “What do you think we did?” she said with a smile. for Stacey to return. “Well specifically, I mean did know, suck I woke up late the next morning and was him?” panicked to find that Stacey had not returned at all. I slipped on a robe and began to search the “Well, yeah of course I did.” giant house. I finally found her sitting by the pool “And you let him fuck you?” I asked. sipping a cocktail. She was wearing a short, silk robe over her bathing suit and she smiled warmly “That was the whole idea, remember?” as I approached. I was stammering, feeling rushed and excited and She had a totally new glow about her. She confused. Stacey had her suit on in no time, and after seemed relaxed and happy and not a little frisky. I pulling her hair up in a cute pony tail she was headed for tried to be mad that she had not come back to the the door. I rushed after her and stopped her at the door. room after her little adventure, but she explained “Wait!” I said. “Was he... I mean was he… you know... that she had spent the night in another room did you like it?” because she did not want to wake me. She said that she had not gotten to sleep until the early “What do you think we did?” morning hours. I begged for details but she smiled and said, “Later.” She smiled a very, very sexy smile, touched my face tenderly and said, “He was very good, he made me come over and over. And yes, I definitely liked it.” Then she was out the door and I followed in a trance, staring at her perfect ass beneath the tiny patch of material that covered it.

“And he didn't say he wanted to make love to me, he said he wanted to fuck me.”

of me. I was getting pretty turned on by the “I want to go.” possibilities, but when the party finally died and we all headed off to our beds and I assumed the night was over. I was wrong. My head was spinning and I was not sure When we reached our room, Stacey was all what to say. My fantasy had been to watch over me, groping at my crotch and stuffing Stacey with another man, but this was her long tongue in my mouth. I figured that different. I asked her what she wanted to do. I was in for a great fuck at least, but she Breathlessly, she said, “I want to go.” sprung a surprise on me. “Then I guess you should go,” I said, hardly “Charles wants to fuck me.” believing what I was doing. “Charles wants to fuck me,” she said in husky voice. “What?” I said. “He made a pass at me this afternoon.” “What are you taking about?” I said, trying to sound upset and not horny as hell like I really was. 12 | INDECENT

Stacey left me standing there with my cock standing out in front of me and after quickly checking her appearance in the mirror, she left the room to meet Charles in his study. She was gone much longer than I had expected. I tried to think of what to do when she came back, but all I could think of was what she was doing.

We spent that afternoon cruising around on the seventy foot yacht that Charles had just purchased. Besides the Whites there was one other couple. Stacey lay on the deck glistening with oil as she took in the sun. Charles lay next to her in his bathers, ignoring me and the curious looks from the other couple. I got pretty shit-faced thinking about what I knew had happened. By the end of the day, the combination of the booze and the sight of Charles and Stacey lying next to each other nearly naked was driving me crazy. We went up to our room for a few minutes after breakfast but we did not have much time because Charles wanted us to go with him on his boat for the afternoon. I was desperate for details, but all I could get were short answers from Stacey as she changed into a skimpier bikini bathing suit. “What happened?” I asked. “Well, I met him in the study and he took me to an empty bedroom.”

On the way back in, Charles asked if we would like to stay over again, since I had been drinking. I knew why he really wanted us to stay, and I heard myself say that it sounded like a good idea. That night I found myself in one of the many empty bedrooms in my boss' mansion, sobering up and watching in a daze as my lovely Stacey sucked the big man’s cock as if I was not even there watching. Once, I happened to look up from where his cock was sliding in INDECENT | 13

and out of Stacey's mouth, and I made eye contact with him. The look he gave me, that sort of smirk and those knowing eyes, said “Is there still any question as to who is the better man here?�

I sat across the room and watched as Stacey ran her tongue slowly along the top of his semi-hard shaft. Even though he was not yet fully erect, he was already longer than me, and much thicker. She let out a soft moan as she took him into her mouth, her lips stretching over the wide member, her big blue eyes looking up at him as if for approval. As she began to slowly, lovingly, suck him, I fought the waves of feelings washing over me. On the one hand, I was extremely excited, on the other, I could not help but feel a bit jealous, a bit out-manned. She was sucking him as deep into her mouth as she could now, and undoubtedly the head of his cock was deeper in her throat than mine had ever been. She reached up with her left hand and began to slowly stoke his shaft in rhythm with her sucking. The sight of her fingers wrapping around his shaft, with the moonlight steaming through the window and glinting off of her wedding band and the engagement ring I had slipped on her years before, was the 14 | INDECENT

most erotic sight I have ever seen. He moved her to the bed, where she lay back and spread her legs willingly for him. She never even glanced my way; she was transfixed by his swollen cock. She moaned deeply and wrapped her legs around his hips as he started to enter her. By the time he had slid himself all the way in Stacey was on the verge of an orgasm. Her head rolled back and forth and she was bucking her hips up at him, trying to get him in as deep as she could. He fucked her with slow and long deep strokes that sent her over the edge twice in rapid succession before flipping her over so that she was on her knees. Stacey leaned forward on her elbows and thrust her perfect ass up at him. He grabbed her roughly by her hips and entered her from behind. For the next twenty minutes or so he hammered her from behind, until she was reduced to a grunting animal, completely lost in the throes of passion and lust. I had never seen her that way.

I could hear Stacey grunting Charles arched his back and filled my wife with his sperm, a lot of which ran back out and down the inside of Stacey's thighs. They collapsed together on the bed and lay there catching their breath and gently stroking each other. I got up and went to get a drink, leaving without saying a word. I made my way through the immense house, still and dark at this hour, and found one of the bars and poured myself a big glass of scotch. I sat there alone in the dark and tried to collect my thoughts.

The way I looked at it, this thing could go one of two ways. Stacey could just decide that she wanted what other men, men like Charles, could give her and leave me altogether. I would not be I had just lived out one of my fantasies, and that was good. But I just knew that after being able to take that. On the other hand, she could just say that this weekend was the only time she with a guy like Charles that Stacey would never feel the same about me again. I knew I would want to be with another guy, and things would slowly get back to normal. could never please her physically the way Charles just had.

I thought of the way her body shook when Charles made her come, and I wondered if things would ever be the same again. I passed their room and thought of going in, but I changed my mind at the door. I could hear Stacey grunting and begging Charles to fuck her harder as I made my way back down the long dark hallway to my own room. When I finally passed out that night, I thought my days with Stacey were finished. It was not until the ride home the following morning that I knew everything would be fine. We didn't talk much at first, but then she told me how much she loved me, and that all I had to do was say the word and she would never do anything like what she had done with Charles again. I told her that I wanted her to be happy, but that I was afraid I would lose her to a better man. She assured me that she would never leave me, and that I was the only man she would ever truly love. That was good enough for me. I told her that she should continue to enjoy herself with other men, and she promised that as soon as I wanted her to stop, she would. And that was that. To show her appreciation, and to give me some much needed relief, she went down on me in the car. She gave me a wonderful, long blow job in broad daylight as I drove. I could feel my balls starting to tighten as she worked her magic on me with her mouth. She finished me off quickly, gulping down the mouthful of jizm that I gave her. INDECENT | 15

attracted to her, and had told me about her teasing. She giggled and admitted it, saying My wife and I used to talk dirty to each she loved seeing him trying to hide his other in the bedroom. My fantasies of Sally erection. having sex with other guys always turned Then (exaggerating) I told her that Jeff had her on but it was always understood that it really wanted to fuck her, and would have was just bedroom talk, and that things made a move if it hadn't been for her age. I would never go any further. In the back of asked her if she would have let him. Sally my mind, of course, I always hoped that didn’t say anything but we had the best sex they would. we’d had for a long time. My colleague, Jeff, was a friend of Sally’s She’d walk around in her underwear father and he had known the family for years. I got on with him quite well and one day he admitted to me that he was really The next day at work I told Jeff that I'd attracted to Sally. spoken to Sally about her teasing. I exaggerated again and said that she'd done it on purpose because she wanted him to fuck her. He was really excited about this and said he'd really regretted not going for it. He said that he’d do it in a second now if she wasn’t married to me.

Lies & Exaggeration MMF Voy

knuckle deep in her pussy, and told her that this was his favorite.

Sally shut her eyes, unable to bring herself to do anything. Jeff saw that as encouragement and was Sex that night was again amazing. Afterwards I told her that I wanted Jeff to fuck her, and quietly instantly at her side, pulling her t-shirt up to reveal her tits. He started kneading them gently and Sally moaned. she agreed. I kissed her and she sighed, then pulled Jeff down onto her and pushed her tongue deep into his mouth.

I went back to Sally that night (still exaggerating) and said that he'd told me he used to jerk off after seeing her nearly naked. I said that if I wasn't up to the job he'd be glad I told Jeff the next day that Sally was getting too to come over and fuck her anytime. This hard to satisfy by myself, and that she wanted me made Sally really horny and again we had a to bring him home for the fuck she owed him really steamy fuck. from all those years ago. He didn't believe me but Afterwards she coyly suggested that I take he still turned up on our doorstep that night with some of our tamer topless photos with me to a bottle of wine. work, to show him what he'd missed. The next half hour was pretty uncomfortable. I asked him what he meant, and he said that I talked to Jeff again, and told him (more lies Sally was too shy to do anything except make and exaggeration) that if ever I wasn't up to it, small talk and Jeff thought it was a prank to make when she used to live at home with her Sally had agreed to let him have a go. Then I him look stupid. parents he was quite often left alone with showed him the photos, telling him that she'd her. He said that sometimes she could be We polished off the wine in no time and were told me to bring them in for him. quite flirty and that she'd walk around in still on small-talk. I was nervous myself, but I her underwear, or she’d leave her bedroom I'd brought the topless ones, but also a set of said to Jeff “I've been telling Sally about how door open when she got changed. Back her masturbating. He asked if he could hold much you liked her pictures.” then she was only eighteen, and he would onto them for a couple of hours, and took have been around thirty five. Jeff nodded and Sally went red. I threw caution to them to the bathroom. the wind and sat at her feet, then slid the hem of I was really turned on hearing this, and I When I got home I showed Sally which her skirt up her legs and kept going until it was couldn't stop thinking about it. When Sally pictures I'd shown Jeff, and she was horrified around her waist. Sally made no move to stop me, and I were in bed that night, I raised the but still kind of turned on. I held out the one even when I eased her knees apart. subject of Jeff who she hadn't seen for a of her with her legs wide open, two fingers couple of years. I told her that Jeff was “The real thing looks much better,” I said, my 16 | INDECENT

voice trembling.

Sally quickly undressed and lay on the floor while we undressed ourselves. Sally opened her arms and pulled Jeff to the floor. He sucked her tits and squeezed them, enjoying their size. He was on his hands and knees and I could see his cock was hard and throbbing. It looked similar in size to mine, but a little thicker.

Taking another man’s cock into her mouth Then I saw Sally wrap her fist around it and jerk it a few times before twisting her body around so she could suck it. It was a dream come true, seeing my wife hungrily taking another man's cock into her mouth while I watched. I went down on her wet pussy and she spread her thighs wide for me. I lapped at her cunt for a few minutes while Jeff fucked her mouth. After a few minutes Jeff took my place while I sat back and watched. He lapped greedily at her cunt while she reached down and held herself open for him. I saw him dip a finger in her pussy, making it good and wet, before probing her tight little anus. I knew her ass had to be tight because Sally had never let me explore it before. He pushed his finger in about an inch, and Sally let out a whimper and raised her hips, trying to pull off it. As she moved her hips Jeff moved his hand forward, so that his finger stayed where it was without going deeper. Then Sally lowered her hips again, and Jeff kept his hand still so that she forced a little more of his finger into her ass. Sally moaned. They repeated this movement several times until his finger was in as far as it would go. Then Jeff kept his hand still while Sally forced her ass up and down on his finger. He stopped licking her, and she continued to fuck her own ass while rubbing her swollen clit as hard as she could. INDECENT | 17

seemed to notice when I pulled away, her eyes were squeezed tight shut and she was panting hard.

With a yelp she ground herself down on his finger and had her first shattering orgasm. Jeff sat back with a satisfied smirk on his face. Sally was smiling dreamily, lying in front of her Dad's best friend with her legs spread invitingly wide.

Then, to my amazement, she had another orgasm and her whole body started to tremble. I was amazed because Sally has always found it hard to orgasm during intercourse, which is why I have become so adept with my tongue – and now I had just witnessed Jeff giving my wife not one but three of the best orgasms she had ever had.

I was so horny I couldn’t wait any longer. I took up position between her legs and sank my cock into her. With the image of Jeff fingering her ass and her sucking his cock, I must have lasted all of a minute before I groaned and emptied my balls into her. I collapsed on top of her, but she whispered in my ear “Move, Honey. I want Jeff's cock in me.”

“Please cum in me Jeff,” she begged. “I don't think I can take too much more.” He dug his fingers into her hips and redoubled his efforts. Sally was gasping in time with his thrusts, then her face went pink and she had another orgasm as he grunted and filled her cunt up with spunk. Jeff had to go home to his wife then, but this was the first of many visits by him and several other adventures, which I hope to tell you about soon.■

“Move Honey I want Jeff’s cock in me.” I did as instructed and rolled aside. I watched with fascination as Jeff mounted her and she reached down to guide his cock into her. Jeff’s cock seemed fatter now, and I could see that Sally couldn’t close her hand all the way around it as she can with mine. As he sank his tool into her she let out a He didn't need telling twice. I got in close and deep sigh. When it was all the way in, she he grinned at me as he pushed his cock easily said "Mmmm, that's lovely. Fuck me, Jeff." into her puffy cunt, which was now glistening with juice. Jeff was soon pistoning in and out of her while she grunted and moaned under him, his belly slapping against hers. They kept up this pace for around five minutes until she had another orgasm, her hips involuntarily jerking against his groin. “That was amazing,” she panted, and put her hand down between them. “Jesus, you're still hard!” She pushed him off her and rolled onto her hands and knees – doggy is her favorite position – then wiggled her ass provocatively and looked back at Jeff. “Fuck me again,” she said “Spunk in me!" 18 | INDECENT

“Oh yes,” she groaned. “That's perfect. Now fuck my cunt hard, you bastard!” This was the perfect opportunity for me to see another of my fantasies fulfilled, and I knelt in front of her and offered her my cock, which was hard again. She looked at me in surprise, as if she'd forgotten I was there, then opened her mouth and let me feed my cock between her lips. Jeff was pounding into her cunt and I could see her ass wobble each time his belly slapped against her buttocks, which in turn forced her further onto my cock. Again the situation was too much for me and I spurted my seed into her mouth. She hardly INDECENT | 19

TAWNY ROBERTS TAWNY had a traditional white wedding with family and friends but her wedding night was a little unusual. Her husband had drank too much. Try as she might, Tawny couldn’t wake him.


Horny and alone, Tawny went down to the bar in her wedding dress and grabbed the first guy that came along.


She took him back to the bridal suite‌

Tawny lay back and spread her luscious legs for the stranger.

“Show me your cock,” she said. ”I’m gonna suck you dry.” The stranger groaned as the horny bride put his hard cock in her mouth. “Shhh,” cooed Tawny. “Don’t wake my husband. He’s asleep in the next room.”


After Tawny got the guy hard, she turned around and begged him to put it into her from behind. The stranger wasted no time and pretty soon he was fucking her deep and hard.


Tawny straddled her new lover. “Now put it in my ass,” she said. “My husband’s always begging to put it in there but I’ve never let him do it.” The stranger was happy to oblige. He filled Tawny’s butt with his long hard cock causing her to moan in ecstasy.

“Thanks, lover,” sighed Tawny. “You wanna go again?” She started pumping his cock … Finally, the guy shot a huge load all over Tawny’s married pussy.• INDECENT | 27

SLUT WIFE FANTASY A young wife fulfils her husband’s voyeurism fantasy.

The Mirror MF O M Inter Voy My exhibitionist wife, with my blessing, decided to put her hot body to use to live out our sexual fantasies. But there was one fantasy she didn't inform me about. My wife Susan and I are the perfect match. I like to show her off and she likes to show off. Susan is a 5’10" blonde with a beautiful face. She has a trim flat stomach and a nice pair of C cup tits. She turns men on, knows it and loves it. It all started innocently enough. Susan would always wear low cut shirts when we went out and she would often go out with no bra. Susan was pleased that men of all ages leered at her long shapely legs, tight firm ass, and perky breasts. Finally she confided in me that her fantasy was to jack a man off and let him play with her tits while I watched. Susan's cunt creamed at the thought of a man so excited over her that he would blow his wad in her hand while I watched. I loved the idea but I wondered how we could do it safely and anonymously. We began our experimenting when the old guy in the next apartment moved away. We owned the building and he rented the left side while Susan and I lived in the right side. A wall separated us from our former sixty-five year-old tenant. With him gone, Susan and I had a small one-way mirror installed between the apartments. From our bedroom closet you could see into the adjacent apartment's bedroom but they could not see us. After we spent a fortune 28 | INDECENT

installing it we were ready for the test.

time she jerked off a forty year-old business man with a five inch cock, several well hung guys she Susan said she didn’t want to discriminate: picked up in bars and a very muscular male she would jerk off any cock regardless of the stripper who performed at her girlfriend's hen's race, size, appearance, or age of the guy. I had night. two conditions for my gorgeous wife. Firstly, no vaginal or anal contact, that was my area Finally, she even jacked off our sixty-five yearonly. Secondly, no blowjobs unless he wore a old former tenant who wandered back into his rubber. old apartment one day to pick up some stuff. Who would have thought the old guy had a big Susan was ready to try. She went to a local cock and enough slimy come in his balls to coat sex shop and picked up the first guy she saw Susan's face? there browsing for porn. She took him to the spare apartment where we had set up a bed. He was a fifty year-old man, about 6’1" tall and weighing 270 pounds. Although I couldn't hear them, I could see my wife explaining to him how far she would go. The guy was smiling so much he looked like he had won the lottery and he readily agreed.

The guy reached under my wife’s t-shirt. I watched from our bedroom closet as she slowly unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock. My wife began stroking it. I too began to manipulate my member. The guy reached under my wife’s t-shirt to play with her braless tits. Soon he had her sizable boobs in his hands. This was too much for him. He arched his back and moaned loudly as he began to ejaculate. He bucked his waist as his cock spit all over my wife’s tshirt. I waited to make sure he left the apartment without trying anything else on my wife and then I ran over there, grabbed her and bent her over the couch. I inserted my cock into her and it went in like a hot knife through butter. Her juicy pussy told me the encounter had left her as excited as I was. Within seconds I had one of the most massive orgasms of my life. Susan repeated this fantasy for about three months. I always watched so no one tried anything beyond our agreed rules. During that

brushed aside my worries and sat down ready for a good show. After all, black guys like getting handjobs from beautiful women too, right?

“Honey, I don’t want the usual tonight.” Susan never had sex with these men and when I asked her she swore she never had desire to. She swore she just wanted to give them a handjob. Then one time, before she left for the evening to find a man, she spoke to me. “Honey, I don’t want the usual tonight,” Susan said. “What do you mean?” I asked.

Usually Susan sits down with her “date” and goes through the ground rules with them but tonight she just “I want to try something different. Tonight I have pushed him down onto the bed and knelt on the floor a particular man in mind.” between his legs. “Who?” I asked. She unzipped his pants as he muttered something to her. He pulled his pants off and revealed a cock that literally “It’s not a specific person silly,” she giggled. made me gasp. It was eight inches long at least and so “It’s a type of person. I want to go to Johnson’s Tavern across town and see what I can find,” she thick Susan's hands barely fit around it. said. I was so in shock I didn’t move as the black guy pulled Susan's face into his and started tongue-kissing her “Oh, okay,” I said. I had never heard of passionately. I watched them kiss as Susan stroked this Johnson’s Tavern and I didn’t see any problem monster cock which had to be ten inches now that it was with that. fully erect. I sat there with my mouth open while my After a couple of hours I saw Susan’s car pull in wife stroked his thick, black pole realizing what I had and I rushed to the closet. Soon she entered the allowed. I hoped nothing would go wrong because, with apartment bedroom dressed in her tight seea big guy like this, I was pretty much powerless to help through t-shirt and short skirt. What surprised me her. was that the guy she had brought home was a 6'3" black man. This surprised me because this wasn’t Susan only stroked him for about a minute. After he was hard she reached under the bed for a condom. Susan her style, or so I thought. Previously, she had wanted this thick dick in her mouth. She went to put it tended towards the more formal like the on but he resisted and started making movements to businessman and the young guys from bars. I INDECENT | 29

leave. I couldn’t hear what was being said but he pulled his pants up and started to make his way to the door. Susan, still on her knees in front of him, grabbed his pants and said something.

being said and I was sweating with nervousness. Was Susan going to betray me? I watched intently as she poured some baby oil on her breasts, removed her skirt and lay back on the bed. He jumped on so that he was straddling her waist and I breathed a sigh of relief.

that I could hear her through the one-way mirror. Susan’s legs were spread wider than I have ever seen them and she was crying out with every stroke. Susan and I had sex hundreds of times but she never acted that way for me.

The black guy sat up, grabbed Susan and laid her on her back while he slammed his massive dick Susan was still wearing her panties and was into her. I will never forget the sight of those egg only going to let him titty fuck her. Before we sized balls slapping against my wife’s pussy as I were married we did that all the time. Still, faintly heard her screaming, “YES! YES!!” as the sight of this big, black pole between my she orgasmed. wife’s luscious breasts left me a bit nervous. Her wedding and engagement rings sparkled in He was stroking furiously while she held her the half-light of the bedroom as she hung on to I was also powerless to stop her. I watched tits together around his cock. I marveled that her black lover for dear life. in fascination as my wife tried to take this the head came up to her chin and she could guy’s pole down her throat inch by inch. get her mouth around the head as it poked up She knelt on all fours. Her hands were on his waist slowly pulling at her. his massive member in. His big hands were After a few more thrusts he whispered something on the back of her head forcing her to take She arched her back in her ear and I saw her nod, obviously giving more as she willingly accommodated his him permission to come inside her. Soon he in ecstasy. manhood. He started slamming quickly, arched his back and let out a soft groan while practically fucking Susan's face. After a while he reached behind him and pulling my wife closer. My wife grabbed his pushed a hand roughly into her panties as he waist and yanked him tight so every drop went stroked her. Susan was clearly hot and wet deep into her dripping snatch. After he had spent and she thrust her hips up into his hand himself he rolled over and lay back contentedly. repeatedly. Susan nestled in his arms on the bed and her Abruptly, she stood up and ordered him on his hands inevitably went down to his semi-hard back. He complied as I sat there stunned. cock again. I watched as she hefted Susan quickly removed her panties, straddled his balls in one hand while the other him and held his thick cock head down as she hand gently jacked him back to repeatedly ran her hot snatch the length of his hardness. The black guy gently rod. He just sat back and moaned in pleasure pushed down on her head and with and I could see her juices lining his thick some encouraging words he was cock. soon thrusting his big horse cock into Susan's mouth. This was too close to sex for me but I was so turned on that I couldn't stop watching. After They went at it like this for a few about thirty seconds she made one last stroke minutes, with Susan mouthing his I could tell by the way she sucked and forward and, with the hand on his cockhead, cockhead and jerking his shaft while worked that cock that Susan was hotter eased his black missile into her dripping hole. he insistently pushed down on her than she had ever been. He slowly grabbed When she rocked back his cockhead entered head and pinched at her nipples. the shaft and, for what seemed like an her and she arched her back in ecstasy. She Then she got up on her knees on the eternity, reeled in his meat from my wife’s put her hands on his chest to control the depth bed so she could get more of his throat. of his strokes but it was no use. cock into her throat. When I saw him remove Susan’s t-shirt I From where I sat in our bedroom knew that he wanted my wife’s juicy, tight, He grabbed her waist and gave one quick thrust. Susan screamed so loud in pleasure closet all I could see was he pussy. Again, I couldn’t hear what was Whatever she said made him smile and he dropped his pants again right there in front of her, his semi-hard cock hanging down around his mid thigh. Then I nearly shit a brick! Susan moved towards him and put the head of his unprotected, black shaft in her mouth. I was stunned.


beautiful upturned ass. Their combined juices glistened on her pussy and I swear I could see a huge gob of come dripping down her inner thigh. Soon he pulled his cock from her reluctant mouth and stood behind her as she knelt on all fours on the bed. He pulled her hips to him and I knew that he was inside her again, pumping her harder and deeper than anyone ever had. He started humping her and soon I could hear her cries of joy again as another earth-shattering orgasm approached. Later she told me that he had stuck a finger or two up her ass as he fucked her, all the while calling her a “slut’ and a “whore.” All I could see at the time was his toned butt pumping into my wife as he fucked her to several orgasms. Eventually I saw him stiffen and shudder a few times as he pumped a second load of hot seed into her unprotected pussy. As soon as he had stopped coming, I saw Susan turn around and sit on the edge of the bed as he presented his cock to her mouth for cleaning. Since that night, I have spent a lot of time in the bedroom closet watching black guys pump Susan full of come. While I still enjoy watching her jerk off strange guys while they fondle her tits, Susan's main thrill nowadays is getting her mouth, tits, pussy, and recently, her ass fucked by big black cocks. ■


day. She started to appreciate the looks that men would give her, and she started to become proud of the fact that she could turn men on.

Dear MRS Our very own married slut, Madison, answers your dirty sex questions.

She could turn men on. After a while Carly started letting men buy her drinks and she would jack me off while she told me about how some guy she met would get hard looking down her low cut top. This turned me on and Carly became even more adventurous.

Send your questions to:

Dear MRS, For a while now I’ve been encouraging my lovely wife Carly to dress and act sexy. Carly grew up in a conservative family and she was very shy in college so she didn’t go on many dates before I met her. I couldn’t believe it the first time I managed to get Carly out of her conservative clothes. She is a tall greeneyed blonde with an amazing curvy body. Her tits are luscious and her ass is perfect for banging into from behind.

lets me stick my dick between her tits and pump away until I explode. Doing these kinds of things led into the next phase of our relationship. Since Carly started to open up to new ideas, I encouraged her to tell me her fantasies. This led to lots of hot sex in public places – the park, the library and even a men’s room in some bar.

Then it was my turn to share my fantasies. First I talked Carly into trying anal sex, but she didn’t enjoy it and so I didn’t push it. Then I encouraged her to do some striptease and she seemed to enjoy It’s been a this. We bought some sexy outfits long and slow and she even attended a few poledancing lessons. process.

Carly enjoyed sex from the start of our relationship, but it wasn’t until after we were married that she let me do anything other than missionary position with the lights off. It’s been a long and slow process getting Carly around to the idea that sex isn’t dirty.

The first time Carly stripped for me, it was fantastic. I sat on the couch and jerked off while she danced for me in lingerie and heels. Once she was down to just the heels she gave me a lap dance and finally she knelt down in Over the years I’ve also taught Carly how to jerk me off and give me head. Carly once front of me and jacked me off onto her tits. admitted to me that she kind of likes it Carly got more and more into striptease, and when I come on her, and she sometimes started dressing racier and racier during the 32 | INDECENT


Carly started going on some casual dates, and one day she confessed to me that she had started giving guys handjobs and even blowjobs on her dates. She said that while she had enjoyed teasing guys, she found that she enjoyed getting them off even more. I encouraged Carly to go even further with her dates. I never met any of Carly’s dates, but she was happy to tell me what happened while she jacked me off – which she was doing quite frequently. I was incredibly turned on hearing about how Carly would pick up guys and fuck them. Carly and I were still also having regular sex and Carly was now a very accomplished amateur stripper. One day Carly told me that her date had talked her into letting him fuck her in the ass. I asked her if she liked it and she admitted that it had been really hot. That night I tried to get some backdoor action for myself, but Carly wouldn’t let me, saying that she’d promised “Craig” that only he could go there. I think this is incredibly unfair. If she’ll let her boyfriend do her in the ass, then surely her husband should be allowed as well? It’s driving me crazy. What should I do? Jealous, NY

MADISON: So you fuck your wife, your wife strips for you, and she even jerks you off while she tells you about her dates? Man, let him have her ass, you got a good deal going there. INDECENT | 33

ALEXA RAE Hi Honey! I miss you! I’m so glad we got engaged last week and I’m so happy with my ring. So when do you think you’ll be able to come and see me? I’m very lonely over here without you.

I had some sexy photos taken 34 | INDECENT

I had some sexy photos of myself taken. I hope you like them? I bet you’re wondering who was the nice man who took them for me?

Well I met him downtown, and he was such a nice young man. He told me I would look pretty in this little black lacy number he had back at his place. He made me feel very comfortable, and when he asked me to pose for some photos, I just thought about how pleased you would be when you saw them. Are you pleased, honey?


Then he told me that maybe you would want to see some real sexy photos, being so far away and all. When I asked him what he meant, he told me that he loved my sexy mouth and he was sure that you did too.

He said he bet you enjoyed seeing my little mouth on your cock and that maybe you’d like to see my lips wrapped around another cock. We never talked about this kind of thing, but I guess it makes sense, right?

So the photographer turned out to have a pretty big cock, didn’t he? I nearly choked when he grabbed my head and started pumping it into my face.

We spent a long time taking photos of his cock in my mouth.

(Isn’t this a good shot of my ring? I love the way it sparkles!)


I really got into it after a while.

You’d like to see my lips … … wrapped around another cock.

When he sat down, I kept on sucking his root. I was so turned on from going down on this guy’s big hard cock. So even though we had only just met, I started rubbing my sopping wet pussy until I came.


The young guy said that he had never met such a hot little cocksucker before. He said that his girlfriend never went down on him and I started to feel a little sorry for the poor guy. I mean, I had been sucking and licking his aching cock for a good half hour by then, and he must have been dying to come. So I looked up at him and asked him if he wanted to come because I didn’t mind if he did. He told me that he wanted to come very much, and so I started jerking him off just like I do for you.

I was so excited I forgot that I was still kneeling in front of him and it got a bit messy when he finally came all over my face and tits. I didn’t know that a guy could come that much! But I thought it might make a good photo. What do you think, honey? I hope you like them because I’m thinking of doing another set with this guy.

Anyway, I miss you and I wish you were here. Lots of Love,



Alyssa and I'm sure she has been the same. She wasn't a virgin when we met. In fact, I started dating Alyssa after she broke up a very Second Skin MMF O M A Inter long-term relationship with one of my frat I married Alyssa a little over five years ago. brothers. I know they had been making love They have been a great five years. I just for years, and, sometimes, even today, while had my 32nd birthday, and Alyssa's 26th is daydreaming, the vision of Alyssa and her exin a couple of months. Alyssa still looks boyfriend doing some of the things we have fantastic. We walk or cycle almost every done together has aroused me. day, and she teaches an aerobics class at the Anyway, here we are: a successful young community center. couple. We both work for the same very large Her body is firmer and tighter, now, than it corporation, and we survived the '90's fairly was when I met her. She is 5'10", weighs well. Now we are enjoying the benefits, in our about 120-125, and measures in at an eye- new house with a 3-car garage, a yard full of catching 36-26-35. She has deep blue eyes, trees, and a hot tub on the deck outside our a great complexion, and sexy long blonde bedroom. hair. When I tell you that just looking at her still makes my heart go pitter-patter, you Mike turned out to be know why.

After he settled in, Mike said he'd like to go to a bar so we got changed and drove into the city and roamed around until we found a club playing dance music. Alyssa and Mike quickly went out onto the dance floor when I went to buy us some drinks. I watched them moving together on the floor as I downed a beer. Mike danced with several ladies that night but mainly with Alyssa who seemed very taken with him, almost to the point of ignoring me. By twelve-thirty, we had had several drinks and decided to go home. When we got home Alyssa said, “Let's take a quick dip.” Mike said that that sounded good, but he'd have to borrow one of my swimsuits, as he hadn't brought any along with him.

African American.

I've been monogamous since the day I met


The three of us quickly stripped on the back patio deck. It was obvious in the bright moonlight that Alyssa was more than buzzed. Her nipples were hard and erect and her skin had that taut, expectant look it gets before we make love. She was also breathing through her mouth as her eyes were glued on Mike. And looking at Mike, myself, I could now see why he had a reputation as a stud around the Seattle office. Besides his fantastic physique and great personality, he had a very large cock and set of balls hanging between his legs. I noticed he was also watching Alyssa very closely. We all ran up the steps to the bedroom-level of the deck and splashed into the tub. The water was perfect, and the night air made it very relaxing. After a while, I offered to make us all a nightcap and ran to the house to get the fixings. When I returned, Alyssa and Mike were out of the pool and lying on the chaise lounges. Neither one of them had made any effort to cover anything up, so I didn't either.

He had the most impressive prick she had ever seen.

Several weeks ago, I received word that a guy called Mike from the Seattle office was returning to headquarters for training. Unfortunately, the corporate housing was already occupied and management asked if one of us could put the guy up for a week since they wouldn't spring for a hotel. I asked around and was told that Mike was a bit of a ladies man, but an all-round good guy. He sounded okay so I checked with Alyssa, and we volunteered to take him in for the week. I picked Mike up at the airport at 3:00pm on Friday afternoon, and we had a nice conversation as I drove back to the house. Mike turned out to be African American, tall and well built with a friendly nature. When Mike opened the door to our house, Alyssa greeted him with a friendly hug and told him we were happy to have him for the week and that he should make himself at home.

really didn't bother with suits, it was only when we were alone. I couldn't tell if she was a little buzzed, or a little excited, or both.

We sipped our drinks and quietly talked about who-waswhere-doing-what in the company. Mike was on the chaise between us and I couldn't help but notice all the attention Alyssa was giving Mike's crotch. Mike's cock was large – no two ways about that. It was long, maybe seven inches or so, but it was also thick, looking almost as thick around as my wrist – and it was still soft! I had been in enough locker rooms to know that Mike was one of a very few good men.

Much to my surprise, Alyssa blurted out, “You don't have to worry about a suit, Mike. We don't bother much with them, anymore.” I was surprised because, although Alyssa and I

When we finally got around to the office gossip and who-was-fucking-who, we all perked up. Alyssa said she now understood why there was so much crying and gnashing of teeth by the office beauties when Mike left the Seattle office even if it was only for a week. She went on to say that not only was he a sweetie, he had the most impressive prick she had ever seen in her life. Alyssa asked Mike to forgive her for staring, but she had INDECENT | 45

never seen a black cock before. As Mike listened to Alyssa's compliments, his impressive seven inches was slowly twitching itself into a firmer, and even more impressive, nine inches! Alyssa suddenly turned to me and said, “I just want to touch it!”

She was asking me for permission. I could tell from her expression and breathless tone, she was asking me for permission. I shrugged and nodded. What was I going to say? Alyssa turned to Mike and said, “May I?’ Mike looked at me and I nodded again. “Sure, Alyssa, if you want to,” he replied with a grin. Alyssa got up off her chaise and walked over to Mike. “Oh, I want to,” she said. My wife sat next to Mike on his chaise and just stared at his cock. It was still twitching, growing firmer and longer as we watched. Alyssa slowly reached forward. There was a small tremble in her hand. Slowly, she reached out and touched Mike's cock, wrapping her hand around it. Her fingers didn't even come close to making it all the way around. I was incredibly turned on by the sight of her thin white fingers clasped around his thick black shaft.


Alyssa moved her mouth onto Mike's cock, and began swallowing his cum. A little of Mike's cum I didn't have a ruler, but my guess was that leaked out the side of her mouth, but she quickly Mike was now a hard eleven inches of cock. I caught it with her tongue. Alyssa later told me couldn't even guess its girth. that Mike's cum was more than she thought any All this time, Alyssa was slowly lowering her man could shoot at one time. head, inch by inch, until she was only inches Alyssa's eyes looked glazed-over when she away from Mike's erection. Alyssa watched smiled up at Mike. as a drop of pre-cum oozed out of the tip; and as Alyssa let the skin go, we watched the skin I knew I needed a release for my raging, almostpainful, hard-on and suggested we move into the cover the head, pushing the drop up, until it rested on top, like a shiny diamond on a ring. bedroom. Mike and I escorted Alyssa to our kingsized bed and she looked up at both of us. She looked beautiful.

“Did you enjoy seeing a big black cock cum in my mouth?”

Her eyes were filled with lust as she grabbed Mike's hips and said, “What are you waiting for? I want to feel that monster-cock in me, right now!” Mike maintained control. “Let's take this slow, Alyssa. I don't want to hurt you.” As his cock-head touched her cuntlips, Alyssa moaned loudly. I couldn't believe it! I was in the same bed, watching another man getting ready to fuck my wife! Mike began to push slowly with his hips. Alyssa's pussy began to stretch itself around its unnatural girth. Slowly, Mike maintained the pressure, slowly but surely burying his big black cock deeper and deeper into my wife's cunt.

Mike lay beside my wife on one side and I took the other. We began to explore her extraordinary body with our hands and fingers and tongues. Mike sucked a breast into his mouth as I licked Alyssa's clit. He soon moved down to her pussy and I kissed her mouth and filled my hands with her tits. I couldn't wait any longer. I moved Mike out of the way and slid my erect cock into my wife, to the hilt. I had never felt her cunt so wet and hot as it was at that moment. She reached one hand between us and made a ring around my cock with her finger and thumb. Then I felt her other hand on the cheek of my ass, her fingers seeking, and finding my anus. Knowing my climax would be almost immediate, she grinned up and me and asked, “Did you enjoy seeing a big black cock cum in my mouth?”

That was it! I rammed into her as hard as I could To my surprise, Alyssa flicked her tongue out and let go with a massive orgasm. to lick the fluid away. Mike moaned. I had barely finished cumming when I felt Now Alyssa continued her hand rhythm up Alyssa's hands pushing my shoulders away from and down, but she left her tongue on the head her. She wanted me off her. She was looking at of Mike's cock, so that when his foreskin Mike and they were now ready for each other. I Over and over, Alyssa slid her hand up and returned to cover the head, it also covered the slipped out of Alyssa and rolled over on the bed, down Mike's shaft. Alyssa's other hand tip of Alyssa's tongue. This only happened a watching Mike position himself between my made its way down to Mike's balls, where it few times before Mike very obviously began wife's wide-spread legs. His erection was huge. cupped and lifted them, as if weighing to cum. None of us said a word. All three of us were intently watching my wife's hand as it slowly pulled back Mike's foreskin off the head of his cock, and then let go, so the skin slid back to cover the head again.



her, slapping their hips together and banging his big balls against her ass. I would have felt sorry for Alyssa, for the beating she was taking, if she wasn't so obviously enjoying every bit of it, bouncing her hips up to meet his down slam.

this before. Just don't get mad at me, okay? I still love only you.” For the rest of that weekend, and all of our free time during the following week, Mike wore Alyssa like a second skin. She went everywhere he went. They were seldom dressed and never apart, and when they were together, my lovely wife had Mike's cock in her hands, her mouth, her cunt and even her ass.

I'm not sure if Alyssa ever really stopped cumming, but it was obvious when Mike began his orgasm. His ebony buttocks clenched a few times between Alyssa's pale legs and he was They even did it at the beach. I met them there after gasping for breath, grunting as he pumped his hot work, and watched Alyssa get down on her knees, pull cum deep inside her. Mike's foreskin back and then engulf his meat in her mouth and suck him until he came. As always, she swallowed every drop. “You're so tight, Alyssa. Tell me if I hurt you,” said Mike. Alyssa couldn't talk, she just shook her head. Finally, Mike touched bottom. He held himself completely still. My wife had taken it all. Alyssa was obviously savoring the feeling.

I don't know how many loads of cum Alyssa took that week. She sucked and fucked more loads out of Mike than I care to count, and since she was acting like some sex-slut, she couldn't very well say no to me when I wanted some of her twat or mouth.

As she began to come down, Mike began his fucking motion, taking her up and away again. Mike dropped his face to Alyssa's breasts and he began biting and pulling her nipple with his teeth, as he hammered into her, harder and harder with his hips. think last

“Don't you She wrapped her arms around Mike's “Oh, yes!” she screamed, night was enough?” neck and said, “Oh, so loud I'm sure our Mike, I've never felt this full in my life!” neighbors could here everything. “Fuck me hard! I can feel all your cock! I can feel it Then, even without Mike moving a muscle, sliding inside my cunt, the way it did in my Alyssa began a powerful orgasm which she hands! Don't let this end!” later said was the strongest she had ever had. Wave after wave of pleasure wracked Mike was lifting himself almost all the way out of Alyssa and then slamming back into her body.

“I’m going to miss you, Mike.” On Friday, Mike's last night in town, Alyssa handed me the camera and asked me to record the session. Before they got started, Alyssa sucked on Mike's cock until it reached maximum size. I spent the rest of the night taking pictures of their sucking and fucking.

When he finally collapsed on top of Alyssa, she wrapped her arms around him and said, “I could Saturday afternoon, I drove Mike back out to the airport. feel your cum. I could feel it shooting out of your He was in the backseat with Alyssa, who was giving him his “farewell” blowjob." magnificent cock, filling my cunt.” I guess with the partying, the booze, and the sex, we were all exhausted. Mike and Alyssa stayed together with Mike on top of her, and all three of us fell asleep in our bed. I woke up once in the night, and found Alyssa and Mike fucking again on the bed beside me. When I awoke the next morning, I rolled over to see Alyssa sucking on Mike's cock. Mike was still asleep. “Don't you think last night was enough, Alyssa?” I asked. “I don't know, Honey. It hasn't been enough, so far. But I'll try to behave. I've just never felt like


I knew how much my wife meant it when she kissed Mike at the gate and said, “I'm going to miss you, Mike.” Alyssa still masturbates looking at her photos of Mike, and the two of us talk about his visit in bed, before and during lovemaking. Our sex life has gotten hotter and raunchier since Alyssa's week as Mike's cock-slave and it's definitely been more frequent and less inhibited than ever before. I know Alyssa thinks about big black cock constantly now. In fact, just last night, she asked me if I ever noticed any other well-hung, black studs at the gym. Somehow, I don't think Alyssa is going to wait for Mike's next visit. INDECENT | 49

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One of the enduring memories I have from college is walking in on Greg and some sophomore one day. Greg was lying back on his bed and the little blonde hottie was kneeling between his legs with her back to me. Greg had his hand on the back of her hand, gently forcing her mouth down on his huge shaft. Greg grinned at me and I backed out of there quietly. I jerked off Greg is quite good looking, and he had no remembering that scene for my remaining trouble dating women in college. Mostly he years of college. dated white women. Word got around After college we continued our friendship about the size of his penis, and the but didn’t catch up quite so often. It wasn't combination of being a football star, good long after I got a job that I got married. I was looking, and big fortunate in marrying a dicked, almost had The little blonde lovely woman I met in women lining up for a hottie was kneeling college. Nikki is a tall date. I think being blonde woman, with black also helped, as between his legs. medium sized firm breasts quite a few white and a tapered waist women were very interested. swelling to lovely rounded hips and ass. I asked him once if the women he dated Nikki had several modeling jobs, but this was had any trouble taking a cock that size. He a sideline, as she worked as a lawyer in a laughed and said that quite often that was local law firm. Several men had tried to hit on the case. He said some complained that her at different times, but even though she they couldn't take it, and yelled a lot, but he was flattered she always resisted their always got it into them. It just took a little advances. longer to stretch them out. We socialized some with Greg, going to I was jealous of how easily he would get events together, or just having dinner, either dates, and I was certainly jealous of the at one of our places, or at a restaurant. I amount of sex he got with very little effort. noticed that at times my wife was flustered However, some women that had trouble when Greg was around, and sometimes she with his size did not come back for blushed when she found Greg looking at her. Let me tell you about a black man I played football with at college. We were both from the same city, and we became room mates and good friends. Greg always got a lot of teasing about the size of his cock, but he took it good naturedly, and would usually respond by telling them that they were envious.

One time I mentioned to her that Greg had a very large cock, and I said that I didn't know how women were able to take him on a regular basis. Nikki knew about his womanizing ways and said, “I can understand why he is able to seduce all those women as he is very good looking.” Then I asked her if she had any fantasies about Greg. She denied it but she blushed, 50 | INDECENT

and I suspected that she did think about him in a sexual way. “You know, I have always been faithful to you,” she said. “I do find him attractive, but he is a good friend, so that's the way it will stay and I don't want to change that.”

times in the past when I had thought about it. Now I thought about it even more, Greg seducing her and getting her to kneel down between his legs. Even though I knew that this should not happen, the image of them together would intrude into my mind. When Nikki and I were making love, I would fantasize that Greg was doing it to her, and I would get very hard and come in her instantly. One time I was having a drink with Greg when I mentioned that women just seemed drawn to him. I said that even my wife was attracted to him, and got kind of fluttery when he was around. “I know that you haven't tried to seduce her, but if you did I think she might give in to you,” I admitted. Then Greg smiled at me and said, "Would you like me to give her a try, just to be sure she would remain faithful?" “No,” I said “I don't want you coming onto her.” But he had planted a seed in my mind, and I found it hard to shake the thought of his cock inside her. Much as I wanted to, I could not get the image of Nikki sucking his huge cock out of my head.

A couple of weeks later my wife had lunch with Gail, a brunette who had recently started sleeping “I don’t want you coming onto her.” with Greg. Nikki said that they began talking A few days later I found myself arranging for Greg to about their men, and Gail said that she knew come over to our place for an evening. I had called my Greg played around with other women, but she wife and told her that Greg would have dinner with us. didn't care. By the time she arrived home from work we had Gail said, “You know Greg has a very large cock, polished off about three beers, and I fixed a couple of and when he's doing it to me all the time I get drinks for my wife. She was still in her business clothes: very sore, so I'm glad to get a rest now and then. I a jacket, blouse and skirt. like the guy, so I let him have his fun. Actually he Soon we were all feeling relaxed so we fixed dinner. We mainly seduces married women so I don't really had our dinner with a couple of bottles of wine which worry about him falling for any of them.” Greg supplied. My wife did not bother to change, just That night Nikki related their conversation to me. taking off her jacket. She looked very attractive in her sheer white nylon blouse and her tailored gray skirt, and “I know you have fantasies,” I said. “But I don't showing the usual amount of nylon clad leg. want you acting on them. I know he is goodlooking, but don't get any ideas.” While my wife was doing dishes, Greg and I were in the With all this talk about Greg and my college memories still floating around in my head, I found myself inexplicably aroused. I never told my wife that I had sexual fantasies about her having sex with another man, but there were

family room finishing our after dinner drinks. “Why don't you arrange for Nikki to be alone with me?” said Greg with a meaningful grin. I said, “Even if I wanted to, which I don't, how would INDECENT | 51

we do that?”

Finally he made his move while he was standing, supposedly getting ready to leave. “You could go up to bed and pretend to fall He pulled my wife into his arms, and kissed asleep,” he said. “If you have the courage her. Her eyes opened wide in shock, and she of your convictions you won't worry about said, “Don't, don't do this!” your wife being seduced by me.” But he ignored her protests and held her in Well that got me thinking. If Nikki was another kiss, holding her longer. Breaking the alone with him would she be able to resist kiss she said, “Stop this! I can't do this with his advances? Should I even give him an you.” opportunity? I thought if she was not resisting his advances I could intervene at He said, “I know you like me, and you like any point. I had mixed emotions the attention. You blush when I look at you.” Greg looked at me smugly. “Maybe you don't want to know, maybe you don't trust her. Maybe you're afraid that I might be successful.”

Nikki was very flushed, but I thought his attempt on her was over.

He continued his stroking until she was moaning with arousal, and I realized that she was going to be fucked. Greg realized this also, and at that moment he quickly stripped. When his shorts came down his very large and very hard cock bounced out. When Nikki saw his cock she gasped. “Oh no, oh my God, I can't take that!” she said. But I knew she was going to, and Greg knew it also. She had closed her thighs, but she was helpless and he easily spread them again, and then mounted her, covering her, directing his extremely hard cock against the moist open lips of her cunt.

She was flushed, trembling, and breathing rapidly He gripped the legs of her panties and started pulling them down, but my wife was holding the waistband and saying, “Please don't take my panties down! Please don't!”

“I couldn’t wake him.”

Greg pulled her into his arms, kissing her again, holding her longer, and now he unbuttoned her skirt and pulled the zipper down. He pushed on her skirt until it fell to her ankles. She protested again, but her I moved to the stairway and heard her say protests fell on deaf ears as he now undid her to him “He's asleep – I couldn't wake him; I blouse and pulled it free. think he's out for the night.” "Please Greg,” she pleaded. “Don't do any Then it was quiet for a while so I moved more. I can't give myself to you.” downstairs to the darkened hallway and She was standing in her black bra, as he was positioned myself so I could see them in our large family room. Greg was talking to holding and caressing her. In spite of her protests she was responding to him. her about his most recent date and how he


I found myself aroused by this erotic scene, and I did not know what to do – to intervene now, or see if this was going further.

on her nipples, and his fingers in her red and moistening cunt. There were tears on her face as she realized that she was helpless.

He pushed her thighs open.

Greg said he had never forced a woman to have sex with him.

had fucked a woman whose husband could not satisfy her. From the tone of his voice I'm sure Greg knew that I was near.

She was trembling and she was clearly very aroused. Step by step Greg was expertly seducing her. I still believed that she wouldn't let him go all the way, but I was beginning to worry. She was resisting, but it appeared to be a token resistance

Then Greg lifted Nikki free of her skirt and laid her down on the sofa. She was feebly attempting to prevent him from going further, saying, “You have to stop, I can't do this to my husband. I've always been faithful to him.”

Finally I said, "Alright, I know my wife, even if she is aroused she won't let you seduce her, and remember you are not to force her, or I will intervene.”

My wife joined us for a drink when the dishes were done, and without saying anything, I slipped up to our bedroom and quickly undressed and got into bed. It wasn't long before she came up to check on me, and I pretended to be asleep. She pulled at my shoulder, but I did not respond, so she went back downstairs to join Greg.

continued working on her, kissing and caressing her, stroking her breasts so that her nipples hardened to his touch. She pleaded with him, but he was relentless.

But Greg continued pulling on them until she lost her grip, and he pulled them from under her hips and ass, down her stocking clad thighs to her ankles and then off. My wife gasped as he relieved her of her panties. She lay there naked except for her garter belt, stockings and heels, looking incredibly erotic. She feebly attempted to get up, but he held her and continued his caresses. She couldn't help herself and her pleading did not stop him from relentlessly seducing her. I could see her losing control as he stroked her. She gasped when he pushed her thighs open, gasping again when his fingers found her clit and began stroking her there.

He started slowly pushing into her, the lips of her cunt beginning to stretch as he began his entry. My wife groaned at the insistent pressure, spreading her legs more and raising her knees to make his entry easier. He began to push more strongly, and my wife cried out as he entered her.

Now his cock began invading her as he slowly pushed deeper into her. My wife groaned continuously, her She stood as if paralyzed, as he unsnapped her When he spread her thighs even more, I realized thighs fully open. Moving back and forth, wetting his cock, he finally pushed fully into her, my wife giving a bra, pulling it off her shoulders exposing her that she was surrendering to him. She began whimpering and moaning as he moved his tongue hoarse cry as he impaled her on his cock. It was far too beautiful firm breasts. She gasped as he INDECENT | 53

late to stop this now I suddenly realized.. Even though I thought she wouldn't be seduced, somewhere in my mind, I had known that Greg was going to have her, and that I would watch her being thoroughly fucked.

thought about a condom, but it was too late now, her cunt was full of his semen, and her legs were wrapped tightly around his thighs.

Finally he moved off and she lay there, her legs spread, her cunt gaping. I was incredibly aroused by this erotic scene. I almost forgot that it was my wife that got so thoroughly He held his cock fully into her until she got fucked, but somehow knowing this had made used to his size, and he began to fuck her it even hotter. I knew I would have come if I with slow deep strokes, gradually touched myself. increasing his thrusting until my wife was moaning. Nikki lifted her legs up, her body I watched as Nikki slowly began dressing. jerking with each thrust. "This isn't going to happen again,” she said to Greg. “It wouldn’t have happened if I hadn't been drunk." I hurried upstairs and got into bed as I heard Greg leaving. Nikki did not come to bed immediately; so I assumed that she was cleaning up. When she did come up and begin to undress, I pretended to wake up and said, “It's late - did Greg just go?”

“When you saw he was going to fuck me, why didn't you stop him then?” “I got excited. I got carried away also when I saw what was happening, and I thought I would stop him before he put his cock into you. But it was so erotic, and I did not think he could get that huge cock into you. But he did, and then it was too late, and I had to watch till it was over.”

you enjoyed it so much, maybe I should do it again.” I told her that she certainly looked like she enjoyed it. I was still thinking about what happened, and I was getting hard again, and she reached over and felt me, felt my arousal. She said “Come on, you might as well be second.” Then I mounted her. She was very loose and I came quickly.

Then she got angry and said, “You set me up, and then you watched your own wife getting seduced, I thought that would be the end of it, but a few days later and you got a thrill out of watching. I don't when I got home Nikki was tearful. I sensed what had believe this!” happened, and then the story unfolded. Greg had come over in the afternoon, and when my wife let him in, he I told her I was sorry, but that I didn't think it just picked her up in his arms and carried her into the would go that far. bedroom. She was still angry and said, “You enjoyed She protested, but he ignored her protests, and when she watching your own wife get fucked. You stood tried to fend him off he would push her arms to her there and watched and you didn't do anything. If

“We just talked.” She nodded yes. “He stayed very late,” I said “What did you guys get up to?” I was watching that thick cock moving in and out of her cunt, and then she folded her stocking clad legs around his waist, suddenly crying out and clutching him, her body shaking as she came. He held her till her spasms subsided, and then began moving in her again, taking a long time enjoying his conquest.

“We just talked," she said.

He began thrusting into her more powerfully, and soon she was responding again. Her body stiffened as another orgasm was full upon her, and she cried out, her body in spasm. At this moment Greg groaned and thrust fully into her, pulling her hips and ass tightly against him as he came in her.

Looking at me she continued, “How much did you see?”

He held her until he emptied his cock, draining his balls into her. Suddenly I 54 | INDECENT

Then I told her, “I woke up when I heard a noise downstairs, so I got up and came down to check – I saw what happened!” She started to cry and said, “I'm so sorry, I thought I could stop him, but I got carried away, and I couldn't help myself.”

“Everything,” I admitted. “Then why didn't you stop him?” she asked. “I wanted to see what would happen. I wanted to know if he would try to seduce you, and if so, how far would you let him go.” INDECENT | 55

sides. Finally she just stood there, wideeyed, as he began undressing her. He removed her dress, her bra and panties. He stood there smiling at her, and then stripped till he was also naked, his cock standing straight out. Then he pushed her down on the bed and easily spread her legs, and knelt between her thighs. She was so aroused and wet, being taken this way, taken like a whore. Again he began stretching her as he pushed into her cunt. She cried out as she was penetrated deeply.

taken her roughly. This time he made her raise her dress till her panties were exposed and then turn slowly around, treating her like a common whore. He had fucked her on her back, and when he recovered he put her on her hands and knees, her face pressed to the bed, and taken her again. Nikki said we had to do something. I told her that if it happened again we would go to the police but Nikki said that she didn’t want to get him into trouble. She said she would be firm and just not give into him again.

Once more he fucked her. Once more he fucked her powerfully and thoroughly until she came, this time even more strongly as she felt the head of his cock begin to swell, and to pulsate deeply into her body as he came. He held her firmly as he emptied himself into her, his semen flooding her. She lay there spreadeagled on our bed, their moistures seeping from her, as Greg dressed and left. I was both aroused and angry at what had happened. I didn't know what to do. I wondered if he would take her again.

I got the answer one week later. He had come over in the morning and the same thing happened. She had been unable to stop him from taking her again, and he had 56 | INDECENT

Five days later, she was going downtown to a lunch with three girlfriends. A short time before they arrived, Greg walked in and came upstairs to our bedroom. She was angry and told him to leave before her friends arrived to pick her up. He told her that they better hurry as he was going to fuck her before she left.

He took her to the bed and put her on her hands and knees, pushing her head to the bed. He pulled up her dress, pulled her panties to her knees, and then spread her thighs apart. She whimpered, knowing that she was getting turned on as he dropped his trousers and underwear and approached her with his rigid cock. He wasn't gentle, wetting his cock against the wet lips of her cunt and pressing strongly into her. She muffled her cries in the bedspread as he ravaged her cunt, stretching her as he stroked powerfully into her. Her body betrayed her again, and she climaxed as he held her hips, pushing fully into her.

“Here she is, Johnson, safe and sound. Need any more advances against your pay?”

Finally, she felt him swell, his semen spurting and pulsing into her. He soon withdrew from her, pulling up her panties to trap the fluids. He wouldn't let her clean up, and he pushed her to the door, sending her out to her waiting friends, who had impatiently honked their horn.

Her friends noted her flushed appearance, but she told them she was racing around getting ready. As she kept her thighs pressed firmly She said absolutely not! Just then the women together she felt the juices drove up and she said she was going. Greg soaking into her panties and told her if she didn't fuck him he was going to she hoped it wouldn't stain her skirt. walk out with her to the car and what would her friends think then? When I got home I heard the Her pleading fell on deaf ears. He told her to story and we fucked. I'm sure open the window and tell them that she had an there'll be more stories like this to come. I hope so important telephone call and would be a few minutes. She realized she had no choice; she anyway■ couldn't let them see this black man so she did as she was told. INDECENT | 57

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Kelly is such a classy looking slut. We couldn’t believe they talked her into doing what she does in this flick.

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Kelly Presston and friend. From “Sophisticated” by Steroid Video. 60 | INDECENT

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This is one hot flick and I hope we get to see more of Kelly in the future. I’m still intrigued by that scene with the homeless guy – he’s not credited for the appearance.■ INDECENT | 61


Kate hated getting her car serviced. The mechanics always treated her like she was stupid, and they always tried to charge her for stuff she didn’t need. Usually she left it to her husband, but since he was busy at the office, she reluctantly caught a cab downtown to the garage. The mechanics leered at her as usual, and presented her with a bill for $800. Kate went to get her purse and was horrified to discover she must have left it in the cab. “Oh well,” she said with a smile. “We can work something out, can’t we guys?”


Then she forgot all about her husband as several aching cocks bounced up in front her face. “One at a time, guys!” she gasped. “You’ll all get a turn.”

Pretty soon they had their greasy hands all over Kate’s luscious body. Kate moaned as someone found her wet pussy and started rubbing it. “This will teach my husband to leave the car to me,” she thought.


Kate quickly lost track of whose cock was in her mouth and whose cock was in her pussy. The mechanics all groped at her tits and ass as they penetrated her as hard as they could.


Kate had never felt so horny before and when the guy she was riding slipped his cock out of her pussy and into her ass, she cried out in ecstasy. Seeing that she enjoyed being anally penetrated, all the mechanics then wanted a turn in her ass. Before she knew it, they were fucking her in both her pussy and her ass at the same time while the others rammed their cocks down her throat. Kate held on for dear life as the constant pumping from all directions drove her over the edge to her most satisfying multiple orgasm ever. When she came down, Kate found herself surrounded by anxious cocks.

“Give me your cum,” begged Kate. “Jerk off all over me.” 68 | INDECENT

The mechanics unloaded their cum all over Kate from all directions. Kate moaned as spurt after spurt of creamy cum coated her face and dripped onto her tits. “So when’s my next service due, guys?” asked Kate, dreamily. “Can I book it in now?”■



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