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INDECENT Volume 12











Reader contributions – CARLA’S



Several of these women are married and their husbands either have no idea what’s going on or they are the ones talking their women into it.


One woman was on her back with my buddy on top of her, pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. Another brotha was feeding her his cock while a third groped her big tits and waited his turn.


BRITTNEY SKYE Brittney gets boned by a black rapper 134 CHARLIE Charlie’s dressed like a hooker, so why not act like one? 144 REVIEWS DVD reviews – FOUR – MARRIED BUT LOOKING 148 CONFESSIONS Ladies reveal their dirty secrets 150 BLONDE & FRIEND Helen gets worked over by two horny men down on the factory floor 158 DEAR MRS Your filthy sex questions answered 160 PERSONALS Read the personals carefully. Your woman may be here

Helen gets down on the factory floor

A buddy of mine invited me to a ‘Turning Ceremony’ where several black guys would get the opportunity to fuck some white women who’d never had black before.

FANTASY A hot wife takes her husband and a friend to the beach 62 CHLOE ANDERSON Interview & reader fantasies 82 BLACKS ON WIVES Interracial slut wife letters – REDNECK CUCK WIFE’S BLACK STUD- GOING NATIVE

Brittney goes backstage

Welcome to INDECENT. In this volume blonde bombshell Chloe Anderson confesses her fascination with big black cock. Our readers would certainly like to see it! Keep those fantasies coming, guys. As always, this edition is full of letters, stories and pictures of your favorite subject: hot slut wives, cuckolding and interracial sex.

DISCLAIMER: This magazine is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad-minded adult to view the magazine, and you must not make this magazine available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners are hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.

M F O A M Inter Voy Cr Impr

male female oral anal masturbation interracial voyeurism creampie impregnation

The party had already started when I arrived. There were two white women and three black studs present.

The second woman was a hot blonde but she was very shy and still fully dressed. She was sitting on the couch stiffly next to her husband and they were watching the action before them. I sat down next to her and she smiled nervously. Without a word I started gently stroking her face. She was breathing hard and I slowly moved in and started kissing her. I slipped my hand down her top and rolled her nipples gently with my fingers and she moaned. I guided her hands to my cock and she hesitantly took it out. It took a long time but once I got her warmed up she was good to go. I fucked her from behind and slapped her ass and so did the rest of the guys there. Meanwhile her husband took pictures and jerked himself off a couple of times. Enjoy INDECENT and don’t forget to join the mailing list and send us your stories, fantasies and photos!


around it,” I smiled rubbing my crotch. “Phillip was a big boy,” Carla smiled. “But that’s what you like about him isn’t it?”


Write in and share your fantasies, experiences and photos. Contributions to: We reserve the right to edit for clarity and style.

CARLA’S PICTURES MF O Voy “Let’s look at those pictures again,” I said excitedly. “What pictures?” my wife Carla asked.

“Didn’t you like it?” “I loved it,” Carla smirked, “But this isn’t normally the kind of thing you share with your new husband.” “So how long did you give him head?” “All the way to the airport,” Carla reflected. “Here’s another picture. See, he’s got his pants around his knees there.” “And you’re licking his balls.”

“He loved it when I licked his balls,” Carla “Of you and Phillip. You know, your honeymoon smiled. “One time I made him cum just by pictures.” licking his balls.” “Of us fucking?” Carla smiled impishly.

“Tell me more,” I groaned, unzipping my pants.


“Well there isn’t much more,” Carla admitted. “I can’t believe you like to look at those,” Carla “Here are the pictures of him cumming in my mouth. We had to have the driver wait till he shook her head. “You’d think after marrying was ready. We almost missed the plane.” me you wouldn’t want those things around.” “You’re so beautiful and you look so hot when you’re having sex,” I told her. “So have sex with me.” “After we look at those pics again.” Carla laughed and stood up to retrieve her collection, “Maybe you should put one in your wallet so you can jack off to it at work.” “That’s not a bad idea,” I kidded back. “Help me pick one.” Carla returned with the shoebox of pictures and dropped it on the table, “There they are.” “Tell me about them again,” I said leaning back and watching my wife pull out the top picture. “Ok,” Carla said a little reluctantly. “Here’s me giving him head in the back of the limo right after the reception.” “It looks like you can barely get your mouth 4| INDECENT

“He likes to make a mess on your face” “I see he likes to make a mess on your face,” I smiled as I pulled out my hard dick and stroked it slowly. “All you guys like to make a mess on my face,” Carla laughed. “All us guys?” I scoffed. “Just how many guys have cum on your face, Carla?” “I’ve sucked my fair share,” Carla admitted. “How do you think I got so good at it?” “And you are good at it,” I praised her. “Where’s that picture where he squirts on your chin?” “Here,” Carla said pulling it out. “He got some in my hair too. I didn’t realize it till we were on the plane. It was so embarrassing.” “Oh and look at this one, it’s running down your neck!” I gasped. INDECENT |5

“And that was after I swallowed three gulps,” she sighed. “Phillip always did cum a truck load.” “But you love making a guy cum,” I said as I stroked myself. “Don’t you? You had to like that.” “Yes I like making a man cum,” Carla admitted. “It’s my way of knowing I did a good job.” “You certainly must have done a good job for Phillip.” “Mmm,” Carla reflected. “Yes I did.” “So then you got to the hotel,” I prompted. “Yeah, here we are undressing.” “Look at your face,” I smiled. “You want it

“It was all our relationship was, fucking. He’d come home from work, fuck me till dinner, we’d eat, go back to bed and fuck till we were ready to sleep.” “And you complained?” “Don’t get me wrong,” Carla smiled. “Problem is I loved his cock more than I loved him.” “More pictures.” “Oh yes, here is where we started. He laid me on my back on the bed and put that monster right were it belonged.” “God you look so good,” I smiled. “It felt so good,” said Carla, rubbing her legs remembering. “After three hours on the plane my pussy needed it so bad. God I loved his

man to take pictures of me cumming. Here!” “Look at you!” I groaned. “You’re so beautiful.” “Look at this one,” Carla panted heavily. “You can see my juices on his balls, see this one? My juices are running down my ass. Oh God it felt so good!” “But he kept on going?” I asked. “Phillip drilled me into that fucking bed, honey. I was screaming, clawing his back. Look, see the marks? God the neighbors hated us.” “You’re so beautiful.” “Phillip fucked me hard for over an hour like that, banging the headboard of our bed into the wall in a fantastic rhythm. Then when he got tired he asked me to take over for a while.”

“…I felt my tight pussy stretched out around his massive shaft…” bad!”


“Hell yes,” Carla laughed. “Phillip had twelve inches of hard cock that wouldn’t go down. I knew after sucking him off earlier he was going to last a long time.”

“Tell me about it!” I panted stroking my cock as I stared at the picture of my sexy wife with her long legs wrapped around another man, a giant fat cock stuffed deep inside her cunt.

“Oh God, even the camera man we hired to photograph us all week was jerking off “If I hadn’t sucked him off first? About an hour, watching us.” maybe more. But I knew that since I had “I can imagine!” sucked him off he was going to last at least two hours, maybe more before his first cum in “I’d never felt that full in my life!” said Carla me.” pulling her skirt up as she worked her hand between her legs. “I felt my tight pussy “Before the first time?” I exclaimed. stretched out around his massive shaft and I “Oh yeah,” Phillip was a real quick reloader. just held on as he pounded me over and over.” “He usually fucked me dry before he’d cum a “Oh baby, yes. More!” third time.” “How long?” I asked.

“He had a twelve inch cock, could keep it up for hours and hours on end and you divorced him?”


“I was cumming!” Carla panted. “I was cumming right away and I asked the camera

“Oh yes, get the pictures. I love it when you’re on top.” “The camera man had already blown his wad all over our rug but we reminded him that we were paying him to keep taking pictures. He got a great picture of me about to put that big cock back inside me. See?” “It’s so big!” I gawked. “Biggest fucking cock I’ve ever had honey. Look at this one. I’m spreading my ass so you can see his big cock sliding inside me. The camera man loved it!” “I love it too,” I smiled. “I wish you could have been there to watch.” “Look, Phillip’s grabbing your hips.” “Oh God, yes! I loved being his fuck toy and he loved me. He couldn't wait to get it all inside


me again, so he just pulled me down on it. I “It’s all over your back and all over your ass.” started riding his big cock up and down, you “Phillip held me tight against him and just know, real quick like. I could feel his big balls jerked off all over my ass. Look at this one. The slapping my ass and I started cumming again.” camera man loved this one.” “I love this picture,” I said. “He’s got his finger “His cum’s running between your cheeks and in your ass.” dripping off your pussy.” “Oh he used to tease me about putting his “He said it was a beautiful shot.” cock up my ass but I would never let him do

“God I miss his cock” that. Not with something that big so he settled for fingering me every now and again.” “You let me fuck you in the ass,” I said. “Yeah but you’re only five inches, not twelve. Five inches up my ass hurts as it is, twelve would kill me. And then after about an hour more of me riding his big cock and cumming two more times Phillip came.” “Jesus, look at that! Right up your back!” “Shot it clear up into my hair again.”


“It is.” “God I miss his cock.” “Look,” I said in all seriousness, “You deserve more than my measly five inches. You deserve a twelve inch giant like Phillip.” “What are you saying?” Carla asked. “I’m saying I want you to find a man who can fuck you like Phillip used to.” “But I promised I would be faithful to you.”

“Fuck faithful!” I snapped. “You love giant cock. You’re only going to be happy if you’re so stuffed full of cock you can hardly breathe and you know it.” “But it’s not fair to you.” “What’s not fair is not letting me take those pictures the first time. What’s not fair is you living with a five inch prick when you could have so much more.” “But...” “But nothing,” I insisted. “I want you to do it. I want to watch while he fucks you with his twelve inch prick. I want to see his cum spurt out all over your face and get in your hair!” “But...” Carla tried to say again. “I won’t hear anymore about it. I want this as much as you do.” “But...” Carla tried once more. “But what?” I snapped. “Where am I going to find a guy with a twelve inch cock again?”



The rough looking kid in the greasy, blue overalls looked at the engine and said, “Yer water pump’s shot.”

I thought I knew my beautiful, demure wife, but when our three year old car broke down on our vacation, miles from nowhere, I discovered I had the feeling we were about to get ripped off. I didn’t know just how badly until later. that I really didn’t know her that well at all.

It was nearly a hundred dollars over what he’d told me earlier. “That’s too much,” I said. “I don’t mind paying an exorbitant price, because we’re stuck out here in the desert, but that’s just robbery. I want to talk to the owner.”

He called in for the part, and thirty minutes later, a battered pickup truck pulled up in front “I’m the owner,” the mechanic said in a surly of the garage in a whirl of desert dust and two tone, “And these are my partners.” young men got out. The reddish haired guy was standing close enough to touch me, looking over my shoulder They were rawboned, country boys, dressed as the mechanic went over the printout again. alike in faded jeans, western shirts and wide Brea is attractive by any standards. Even with belts with large, ornate buckles. The husky one I started to ask him to move back when he her glasses on and no makeup, I think she is totally gorgeous. She is almost as tall as my six with the cowlick of thick, black hair across his interrupted me. forehead wasn’t too subtle about the way he one, with rich, blonde hair, big, green eyes, “Now y’all just relax,” he said easily. “I’m sure looked at my wife. and a slender but fantastic figure. we can work this out. If you don’t wanna pay Our love life was pretty good. She was almost Brea had on a light, flower print summer dress up, we can make some other kinda deal.” with just string straps, leaving her shoulders too modest sometimes, and she had trouble I looked past him to see the taller, dark haired bare, no hose, no slip, sandals and her blonde really letting go during sex, but she was very one pushing Brea ahead of him. I moved away hair was down around her shoulders. affectionate. I took it real easy with her, and from the man beside me, starting toward her, after a couple of months, she relaxed and it When she walked in front of the sunlight, you Even after six months of marriage I still couldn’t believe that a girl as good looking and sweet as Brea could really love a studious, plain looking computer nerd like me, but she did.

We were in love and anything was okay between us if we both wanted it, right? got much better. I was no super stud and not real experienced myself, but it seemed we were learning together. I’d even been thinking about oral and anal sex with her if she was willing. What the heck, we were in love and anything was okay between us if we both wanted it, right? We got married in March, but it was into August before I could get away and we could take a real honeymoon. The car had been acting balky for a couple of days before we left, but I didn’t want to delay things so I mentally crossed my fingers as we left Phoenix early that morning. Everything hummed along great until we got several miles out on Interstate Eight. The car started heating up and I knew we’d never make it up the San Diego Mountains so I pulled into a roadside service station, the only one for miles, in fact the only building in sight. 10 | INDECENT

could see the outline of her great legs through the thin material. The husky young man with the cowlick stretched out lazily on the weathered bench by the door and kept watching her while he sipped from a can of beer. I wanted to say something about it but he really hadn’t done anything out of line so I put up with it.

but he followed me, pressing me back. I couldn’t help noticing how relaxed he seemed. Outrage gave way to a cold, sick feeling and I was suddenly unable to catch a deep breath. Brea was pale and wide eyed and I saw that the dark haired guy was holding her arm firmly.

“Okay,” he said to the others. “We’re closed. I noticed that his buddy, a wiry boy with close Phone’s off the hook too.” cropped reddish hair, kept eyeing my wife too, pursing his lips in silent whistles as Brea stood He moved away just long enough to roll the nearby. overhead doors down. Looking back on it now, it was as if tiny warning bells were sounding in my brain and I ignored them. After a couple hours, the mechanic called me back into the shop, ran a printout from their small computer system on the bench and showed me the bill.

“Just take it real easy,” he said as he strolled over to us. “If you don’t fuss a whole bunch, we can get our business done here and you can be on your way.” The mechanic took my wallet and the red haired one got Brea’s purse and rifled through it quickly. INDECENT | 11

The dark haired guy I called ‘Cowlick,’ for lack of a name, pushed both of us back into a small storage room off the shop. We stood against the cinder block wall and Cowlick shoved his hands into his back pockets.

the wall behind me. That way, while I could move around a little, I could go only so far.

Once I was tethered, Redhead and Mechanic lounged against the near wall while Cowlick led my protesting wife to the blanket draped cot against the far wall. He pulled her down “Okay, here’s the deal,” he said. “We’re just gonna take enough for the parts and forget the beside him and talked to her. His tone was smooth and friendly as if he were simply labor if the lady here’s willing to work it off.” discussing road conditions or the weather. He laughed. “We might even give you credit if “Since we’re all agreed,” he told her in a she’s good enough.” sickeningly intimate tone. “There’s no reason “Just a minute,” I said, glad that my voice was we can’t be friendly about it, right? Now don’t steady. “Take the money, but you’d better you go worrying about your husband there think about what you’re doing here. If you add either. He’d be wrong to blame you for it, anything else to the crime, it goes a lot worse because you have to do what I say and you for you. I’ll sign a complaint to it as well.” don’t have a whole lot of choice, right? So why don’t you just go ahead and get undressed?” “What the hell do you think this is, mister, a fuckin’ tea party?” He shot back. I expected her to fight, or at least scream, but

and sat closer to her, putting his arm around her. He had an athletic build, with thick hair on his chest and belly. “You got a beautiful body,” he smiled at her. “I ‘spect you’re kinda nervous right now though, but there’s no need. Heck, we did our job, now you do yours. So you just lie back and relax and we’ll get to know each other a little better, okay?” She sat woodenly for a moment, and then she pushed herself back to stretch out on the cot. When he pulled off his shorts, grinning at her, his half erect penis looked much larger than average. As boldly and easily as if he’d known her all his life, he sat and ran one hand up the inside of Brea’s leg. She shuddered. I gave a shout of anger and lunged forward to

It looked like he was working his finger in her and she stiffened a little, closing her eyes He shook his head in exasperation and took my wife by her hand. “You understand what we’re about here now, don’t you? You’re gonna put out for us real nice, right?” She jerked her hand away.

moving stiffly, she took her sandals off, stood and began to strip while he sat watching her. She kept looking at him, not protesting or fighting him, as she took off her glasses, unzipped her dress, took it off and then reached behind to unhook her brassiere and drop it on the concrete floor.

She sat down and rolled her underpants down and dropped them next to her bra. I saw that the nipples of her breasts were puckered tightly and that her face was flushed as she Brea gave a thin cry of fright and backed away. sat, just staring straight ahead. “Oh come on now, honey,” Cowlick said to her. “Hot damn!” Mechanic said thickly. “Don’t be all uptight. Like I said, if you’re real I didn’t want to look, but I couldn’t help it. It good about it, you both can leave okay.” was like watching a snake, coiled just inches “Look’s like he’s got a shitty attitude about it away. It’s evil and ugly, but you don’t dare take though,” said Mechanic. “I guess we’ll have to your eyes off of it. tie him down.” No matter how many times I tried to erase the Then the waking nightmare began. images from my mind afterward, each tiny detail of the next few hours was burned deeply One of them found a length of rope, tied my into my mind. wrists together behind me, then he tied the free end of the rope to a metal crossbeam on Cowlick stripped down to his shorts and socks “You son of a bitch!” I hissed at him, starting forward until the mechanic grabbed me from behind and held me still.


the end of the rope. Cowlick pointed at me. Mechanic came over to me, produced a roll of duct tape and quickly slapped a length of it over my mouth. “Dammit now,” he said, not really perturbed, “There ain’t a darn thing you can do about it anyway, so jus’ shut up.” Cowlick turned his attention to Brea again. He kept stroking her leg and talking to her in that easy way, then after a minute or so, she lifted one knee a little bit and let her legs open more. He grinned even wider and cupped his hand over her pubic mound. It looked like he was working his finger in her and she stiffened a little, closing her eyes. He kept fingering her and after a while she sighed. “Well there,” he said amicably. “I do believe you’re getting a little horny now.” Then I realized exactly what he was doing. He INDECENT | 13

When he was done with her she climbed off was not only going to have his way with her, he She lay stiff under him but before he was done, I heard her breath coming in little grunts and rolled over onto her side, facing me. Brea was trying to make her cooperate and even was breathing deeply, her eyes unfocused. as he rocked away at her. enjoy it. I was sick with shame and rage. There were wet streaks on her lower belly. He got up onto the cot and knelt between her At one point, she drew her knees up higher and rested her heels on his butt. Her face was Then I heard a tiny whirring sound and I looked legs, his penis now completely erect. Continuing to play his sick game, he didn’t lie flushed and she was holding him tightly by the over my shoulder to see Redhead holding a digital camera. waist, moving with him as he screwed her. down on her immediately but he knelt there, shaking his hard on with sly patience until she He saw me watching and grinned at me. “Come... on... Baby,” he urged. “Let it out!” opened her eyes and stared nervously at the thick length and the swollen, reddish head that Just as he came, she expelled a long “Ahhhh- “Just so as we won’t forget any of it, I’m taking was about to be thrust into her. a few pictures. Of course no one gets to see uh!” and lifted her hips up to him. ‘em but us. That is unless you raise some “Well, hell, it ain’t gonna bite you, baby” he I was sick with shock and rage, angry at her as trouble about it. Then these get put up on the chuckled. much at her as him. How could she respond to internet. Maybe I’ll mail you some copies for him that way? your scrapbook!” He took her hand, put it on his cock and held it there. Redhead was next. I squeezed my eyes shut, “We’re gonna take a little break now,” Cowlick hearing the cot squeaking and then Redhead’s said to Brea. “But you keep it nice and warm “It’s okay. Get acquainted with it some.” harsh grunt of completion. for us.” She looked embarrassed and miserable but Minutes later, Redhead, standing behind me, To me, he said, “You want a beer? No? Okay she still grasped that rigid, wicked looking slapped the back of my head. then, we’ll be back after a bit.” thing when he took his hand away. She could

She cocked her knees back as he guided his erection to her pussy hardly get her fingers around it. “Go on,” he prompted and she hesitantly stroked it. “You can do it better than that.”

“Hey, wake up,” he said. “Ain’t you even interested seeing your wife gettin’ it?” I watched again as the nightmare went on.

Brea sat up, hugging herself. I assumed she’d help me get loose or at least pull the tape off, but she just sat there looking at me, waiting for those three thugs to return.

Absently, I realized that outside of some porno She’d been fucked, and would likely be fucked films when I was in college, I’d never actually again, but she wouldn’t move to help us get seen anyone else having sex. out of there. I began working at the ropes, “That’s the way,” Cowlick said in a soft, purring causing me more pain, but they wouldn’t give. Mechanic had pulled her on top of him, tone. “Get it nice and hard for us.” holding her thighs while she guided his smaller “I can’t,” she finally said in a small voice, not A minute later, he said, “I’m about ready, how erection to the already wetted entry of her sex. looking at me. “There’s three of them. We ‘bout you?” have to do what they say.” He held her arms to steady her as she She stopped stroking him and nodded. squirmed down onto him and in a moment, I struggled again but nothing gave. Then, too she was riding him, moving up and down on “Okay, here we go, honey. Put it where it soon, they were back and I was forced to him. She was breathing quickly, sweating, the belongs and let’s enjoy ourselves.” watch them fuck my wife again. cot protesting again as she strained over him. He slowly lowered himself onto her. Mechanic wanted another turn with her, but he He slipped out once but she stuffed him back wasn’t completely hard. She cocked her knees back as he guided his inside and went on. When he gasped and erection to her pussy, only flinching a little as “Get it up,” he rasped at her. bucked up at her, she leaned down on him he slowly pushed into her. He seemed to take and moved a little faster, her breath whistling Without being told, Brea dropped to her knees an awfully long time, riding her with long, slow through her clenched teeth and her belly in front of him and took his penis in her hands, strokes. making a soft slapping noise against his. Wetting her palm with her tongue she grasped it again and took longer strokes.



bringing it to her mouth. She licked her lips and then suckled him, her head moving back and forth with a slow, steady movement until he became fully erect. Then she stopped, holding it in her hand as if waiting for instructions.

ever taken it up the ass?”

She tensed and gasped.

She shook her head quickly. “No! No please.”

“Hey, baby,” Mechanic chuckled, “That’s nothin’. You’re gonna think you got a damn horse up your ass pretty quick.”

“Aw, come on now, honey,” Cowlick said soothingly, sitting down next to her and taking her hands. “There’s gotta be a first time. You’re gonna like it once we gets going.”

“Go on and finish it,” Mechanic said, “And do it real nice.” “No!” she protested, trying to pull away. She choked a little when his hips began jerking. She pulled her head away, but when he ordered her to swallow it, she put him in her mouth again and kept on until he came. She leaned back at the last second however and the cum splattered over her nose and chin. “Shit!” Mechanic snarled as Brea quickly wiped her face. “I guess she don’t like the taste of it.”

Mechanic and Redhead stepped over quickly and the three of them forced her to kneel, facing the cot. Redhead sat in front of her, pulling her up by her by the arms so that she was stretched out over his knees as Mechanic knelt down to wrap an arm around her waist, pinning her. Brea really struggled against them for the first time now, but it didn’t do any good.

“Oh, now you just settle down, you hear,” “Most women got to be trained to like it,” Cowlick said firmly, kneeling down next to her, Cowlick told him. “I want another turn with her, cupping her chin in his hand and turning her but I need a beer first.” head so she had to look at him. She squirmed

“No!” she protested, trying to squirm away. “Please don’t!” Redhead snapped, “I don’t know why you’re acting like she was a real date or something. Just sock it to her and be done, dammit.” “Shut the hell up,” Cowlick growled at him. “She’s working off the labor on the car, so she’s a customer, not one of your darned whores.” To Brea, he said, “Oh, come on, now! Stop yer fussing and relax! Just get set, Honey, an’ we’ll get it over with.” “Ow! Oh no!” Brea screamed and tried to lean away as he set the tip of his sizable root to her lubricated opening and pressed forward a little. “Oh, God, it hurts!”

“There’s gotta be a first time. You’re gonna like it, once it gets going, believe me” He left and returned a moment later, a can of beer in each hand. He handed one to Brea as she sat on the cot.

and cried, pulling against Redhead’s grasp.

“It only smarts right at first, then it gets good. I’ll use lots of goo to make it go easier. I tell “Here you go, sweet thing. I figured you might you what. You let me know when it hurts too much and I’ll back off. But you got to know be a little thirsty.” that, sooner or later, you’re gonna get it in “After all that hard work,” Redhead added with you.” a snicker. She said something to him in a very soft tone To my disgust, she accepted the beer and and he nodded. began to drink from the can. As far as I knew, “That’s better. Okay, here we go.” she didn’t even like beer. When she had finished it, she handed the can to Cowlick who She whimpered softly as Cowlick got behind tossed it into a corner. her and parted her butt cheeks to apply some “Well okay now,” Cowlick said. “Since we’re all vaseline from the first aid kit to her anal cleft. bright eyed and bush tailed again, let’s figure a The other two took a firmer grip as Cowlick way to pay off the next – what do ya call it? – hiked her hips up higher and nudged her legs installment.” further apart. He stroked her exposed flanks in anticipation before spreading her cheeks with He gazed thoughtfully at Brea. one hand and inserting a finger into her anus. “Your name’s Brea isn’t it? Well, Brea, you 16 | INDECENT

“There, there, honey,” Cowlick told her in a tone someone might use to gentle a frightened horse. “I know it does. But we got to break you in right, don’t we?” “Ya got in ‘er yet?” Redhead asked. “Just about,” Cowlick affirmed. He pressed forward a bit more. Brea hissed, arching her neck up and going rigid in agony. “Okay now,” Cowlick soothed. “We’re almost there. I’m gonna give one big old push and then it’ll be in. You count to three, take another deep breath, and then the hard part’s all done. Ready?” Brea shook her head, but when Cowlick smacked her butt, she began to count. “One,” she said in a quavering voice. “Keep going now,” he said, holding her hips. INDECENT | 17


“Yee hah!” he bellowed.

“Come on, baby,” Cowlick said. “Let’s get it over with.”

She lifted her head from Redhead’s lap, just as Cowlick finished, and the look on her face made my stomach lurch. There was a strange, thin little smile on her lips, her eyelids fluttered, and her mouth dropped open in dumb delight as she pushed backward to accept his final thrust.

She sucked in a quick breath. “Three.” He shoved forward again, hard. Brea moaned and went rigid. “Uhhh!” she moaned. “Oh, Jesus!” “We got a little bit there. Let’s get it all in now. Try pushing back at me, real nice and slow.”

For some reason my cock was rock hard.

watched in exhausted resignation as my wife’s blonde head bobbed up and down quickly in his lap, swallowing another filthy load of this thug’s sperm. After he was done they let Brea get up and she stood placidly by the cot. “Can we please go now?” she asked. “Well, I guess so,” Cowlick said. “Unless anyone else feels like some more.”

“Oh now, that was just fine!” Cowlick chortled as he eased out of her.

He looked around, then right at me. She cautiously rocked backward, caught a “How ‘bout you, Mister Hubby? You want to Then Mechanic and Redhead wanted a turn. breath, then pushed back again, wincing as take a turn at her now that we got her nice and his pelvis pressed snugly against her buttocks. Mechanic slid his root in and started humping. broke in to it? After all, she’s pretty good and “There you go, baby, we did it! Different kinda Brea’s moans were louder now and each time she is your old lady.” he plunged into her she cried out ‘uh, uh, uh.’ feeling, ain’t it?” I glared at him, but he just grinned and shrugged. Mechanic came quickly and Redhead was He pulled back and then wedged into her practically pushing him out of the way to take again. She stiffened. He withdrew a little, “Go on and get dressed then,” he said to Brea, his place. paused, and pushed again. slapping her butt. “I reckon we’re all done “Uh!” she exclaimed, but with less vehemence Brea was now lying on her front on the cot and here.”

“You want to take a turn at her now that we got her nice and broke in to it?” she just lay there as Redhead lay on top of her. I could see his hairy buttocks rising and “Now that’s the way,” he chuckled. “Told you it falling and he started fucking my wife’s ass would get easier, didn’t I?” like a jackrabbit causing her to moan even louder. She was silent, and the others relaxed their hold as Cowlick started slow, steady strokes “Looks like she’s finally coming round, boys!” into her. He was grunting softly, clucking to her said Cowlick as he sat down on the cot next to as if she were a horse he was riding. I could Brea. clearly hear the rasp of her ‘uh, uh, uh’ in the Redhead finally grunted and collapsed on her small room. as he erupted deep in her bowels. “Ok-kay,” he breathed, after a while. “We’re gonna go for it now, Brea baby. You all ready?” Cowlick was stroking her sweating smiling face and somehow it didn’t surprise me when she “Please don’t cum inside me,” she begged in a didn’t object when he pushed her head down low voice. onto his penis again. “Oh, I got to,” Cowlick said firmly. He pulled “How ya doin’ there, Brea? Feelin’ better now, back, paused a second and then humped huh?” he said as he stroked her hair. hard, grasping her hips tightly and growling in He held her head in his hands and pumped up his throat as he pounded the rippling flesh of into her mouth for a few minutes. Without her tight buttocks. warning he started bellowing again and I than before, then she sighed.


I remember watching Brea calmly dressing, but not much else. We didn’t talk on the way back. All the way home, Brea lay with her head against the car window ledge, resting on her hip, her eyes closed. I kept looking at her, wondering who the hell she really was and why she looked the same after what had happened. She’d probably saved our lives by cooperating, but our marriage wasn’t alive anymore. For the most part, we didn’t talk at all, let alone touch each other. On my own, I decided not to call the cops about it. I just didn’t want the shame and the bother of either of us having to appear in court, or having those photos show up. I thought I had things under control after that, but a month later, I bumped into her as she was coming out of the bathroom, naked, INDECENT | 19

wrapping a towel around herself. I suddenly grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her to the floor. The next thing I knew, I had my sweatpants down and I was taking her right there on the hall carpet. I wasn’t easy about it either, ramming it to her as hard as I could.

wanted to make it something she’d remember. I shoved deep into her tight little anus in one long push. She sucked in a sharp breath, but she didn’t protest and I found it was easier than I thought it would be. Then I fucked her back door, smacking my pelvis to her quivering buttocks, lunging and grunting like a sweaty animal until I exploded into her warm tightness.

All the ugly images of those redneck bastards smirking, shoving themselves into her while I stood helpless, had been eating into my brain She gasped and moaned, breaking into a hard like acid and I wanted nothing more than to erase any trace of them by screwing her brains sweat and pushing eagerly back against me. out! “Darling! Oh, God! Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. Since I knew we were finished anyway, I I still didn’t get it though. wanted to take her one more time and I didn’t care how. When I recovered from my craziness, I opened my mouth to apologize to her, but before I I felt a burning along my back. Brea’s could, she whipped around to face me, fingernails were gouging my flesh, her knees wrapped her fingers in my hair and gave me an were tucked up tight, and she was bucking open mouth kiss, jamming her tongue into my under me, going ‘uh, uh, uh,’ whipping her mouth as far as she could. head back and forth, her face and chest flushed a hot pink as she drummed her heels Looking up at me a moment later with half on my flexing buttocks. closed eyes, she reached between us to fondle my relaxed cock in a loving way. There was a I pushed up on my arms and just humped her wicked glint in her green eyes. She pressed me then, slamming into her with long, hard down, stretched out next to me and took my strokes. I stopped short, pulled out and told cock in her mouth. her to roll over. She did. She stroked and sucked on me with lazy “Spread,” I growled. “Do it!” lustfulness until I grew hard again and then Brea quickly raised her rear and reached back she kept at it, greedily drinking my second offering. to part her ass cheeks. If it was going to be the last time I had her, I

Oh yes, I think I really know my wife now.

She kept at it, greedily drinking my second offering



2NDS, 3RDS, 4THS M+F O A Voy Cr

she had one in each hand and the smallest was in her mouth. She said it only lasted about I’ve been married to the woman of most men’s fifteen minutes but felt like hours. fantasies for nearly two years now. Those two years have been punctuated by some amazing While telling me all this, Cassie seemed pretty relaxed as if it was nothing out of the ordinary. experiences. Cassie has always been a free When she finished she looked at me and saw spirit, but given her heavenly body, that was the bulge in my pants. easy to overlook. For the first six months of our marriage we explored each other in every sexual way imaginable. I could not see how our love life could be any richer. I guess she started talking to me about fucking other men. When we fucked she kept telling me how much she wanted me to suck another guy’s cum out of her. Just saying it would often push me over the edge. You can imagine my amazement when I came home one day and she told me in vivid detail about fucking our neighbor and his friends!

His eight inch monster inside her About a month ago she had locked herself out of the apartment when she stepped out to get the mail. All she had on was her panties and a beach wrap.

Smiling wickedly, she immediately assumed a dominant role. She told me I would be her slave for the evening. She made me bathe her, shave her pussy and apply generous amounts of moisturizer to her perfectly shaped body. I didn’t know what she had in mind, but I knew that someone was in for a treat. She disappeared from our apartment clad only in a sheer robe, and a moment later I heard Darren’s door shut. Surely this wasn’t what it was all about? Half and hour later she burst through the front door and found me kneeling by the side of the bed where she had instructed me to stay. “Party time!” Cassie said. “Naughty Darren couldn’t wait. He left a present for you.”

Darren, the guy next door, seized the opportunity and invited her to wait in his apartment for the super to open our door.

Cassie reclined on the bed, unfolding her recently fucked slit. I knew right away what she wanted me to do. The sight of our neighbor’s cum oozing out of my wife’s hole did me in.

One thing led to another and suddenly he was pounding his eight inch monster inside her.

I sucked so hard I almost turned my wife inside out.

Now my wife has a hard time cooling down once she gets going. Darren was wrung out, but she was begging for more so he invited four of his friends over. She said she had never felt so wicked in all her life.

“Calm down, boy,” she giggled. “There’s plenty more where that came from.”

It was the first time she had done more than one man at a time, but to hear her talk, it would not be the last.

She dressed in a black lace bra, a pair of ‘come and get me’ stockings, a garter belt and crotchless panties that excited me to no end. She placed my finger in her slit.

She took them on one by one until an hour before I came home. Then she did all five at once. The biggest, fattest cock was lodged in her cunt, the second biggest was in her ass, 22| INDECENT

I was all the more anxious to see what the night would bring.

“Do you approve?” she asked, bringing my finger up to my mouth. “Just a little preview of things to come.” INDECENT | 23

do. By eight o’clock, she had me bound with a blindfold on in the bedroom. When the One by one I took their steely cocks and doorbell rang I nearly fainted with anticipation. guided them into my wife’s cunt. They each What could she have in store? fucked her just long enough to leave their juice It sounded like the whole neighborhood was in and move on. our living room! None of them lasted very long and I couldn’t blame them since they hadn’t cum for a The sound of clinking glasses and sexual month. moans filled the air. After a long time, Cassie returned to the bedroom and kissed me. I was more than a little shocked when she passed me a big mouthful of cum. “Do you like what our guests have brought you?” she asked. “I told you there was more.” She grabbed my erection and started teasing me.

This went on for a half hour and my poor prick was so hard it hurt. “Not yet!” Cassie barked as she caught me touching myself. “You have to earn that.” Once each of the men had had a couple of turns in my wife she ordered me to lie face up on the bed. I did as directed and she straddled my face.

“You see, darling,” she continued, “Each of our “Where are your manners?” she shot at me. “You know you’ve got to put your lips to the guests has abstained for a month since the cup.” last time they fucked me.” She left the room again, this time returning with what sounded like a group of men. She walked over and removed my blindfold. “I’d like you to meet your host,” she said, “My husband.” I blinked and looked up to see about six men smiling at me. “And now, boys, it’s show time,” she said as she let her robe fall to the ground. “I planned the party so you’d get a good show.” My wife sat down right next to me and I couldn’t believe how aroused I got watching as one by one the half dozen or so men paraded by, pausing just long enough to stick their dicks into my wife’s mouth for a few seconds. Cassie instructed one of the men to untie me and then the men positioned her on her back with her ass pointing straight up in the air

Soon I was gulping down semen Soon I was gulping down semen. “I think he approves,” she said to her helpers with a laugh. As the last of the party’s offerings was sucked from her pussy, I found her love button and she went off like a skyrocket, adding her own cum to my already special drink. Cassie climbed off my face and knelt over my cock without touching me. “Now for the act that should bring the house down,” she said. One man moved in behind her and worked his cock into her upturned bottom. She hand pumped two more vigorously and a fourth guy towered over me and started fucking my wife’s face.

“Sweetheart,” said Cassie. “I want you to guide “This is how it’s got to be from now on, baby,” the tour through the attraction to make sure she said between strokes. “I love you more they don’t stay in one place too long.” than I ever have, but I gotta have cock.” Instinctively, I knew what she wanted me to 24| INDECENT


“This is how it’s got to be from now on, baby”



“I don’t know. It would be quite a leap for us. And how would you feel about my having sex Linda and I had discussed the possibility of her with a strange man? Would you want to hear having sex with another man. I thought it about it, or would you want to even watch?” would be quite exciting, adding another dimension to our marriage. She was intrigued “I think I would want to watch it, watch you with another man. It would be so erotic, seeing by the idea, but was not enthusiastic. you having sex with a stranger.” We had experimented sexually in our marriage but had never included any others. I talked to “It’s very well to fantasize about it, but I wonder how you would feel if you were actually her further about it, but she was definitely watching another man putting his cock into lukewarm on the idea. I still persisted, bringing the topic up again regularly.


Linda said, “There is no way I would go to bed with any of our friends, or any people we know. The story would be all over town.” “I agree,” I said. “Maybe it could be someone we met when we are out of town or on vacation somewhere, a man who would be acceptable to us.” 28| INDECENT

“And you think you could handle watching some stud doing it to me, your own wife lying there spread out, with a stranger between my legs, and his cock pounding into me, emptying his semen into me. You might have second thoughts seeing that happen.” I thought about what she said, but I knew I would be wildly excited with that scene. Linda is a young beautiful woman with curves in all the right places.

Finally it appeared that she was wavering some me, and fucking me right in front of you. You might be sorry it happened. Sometimes the worst thing that can happen is to realize what you wished for.” “I think I would be alright with that scene, baby. It would be such a rush.”

She is tall with light blonde hair framing a lovely face. She has large and very firm breasts, her waist tapering into delightfully curved hips above beautiful long legs. Her legs alone catch many a male eye. There would be no end of takers if it became apparent that she was available.

In bed together we fantasized about another man doing it to her, and the thought of that raised our sex to another level. Finally it appeared that she was wavering some, but she didn’t whole heartedly embrace the idea. I suggested she keep an open mind about the prospect, and if an occasion arrived where we met the right person then maybe we could do the scene. She didn’t make any promises, but I think she was coming around to the idea. We had been on a couple of vacations but still never encountered the right person until our last trip when we went to Atlantic City. We met a man on a business trip, and he was alone. Steve was a well built and very attractive man, and clearly he was impressed by my wife, paying her a good deal of attention. Linda was flattered by this and responded to him. INDECENT | 29

One night we were his guests for dinner. After dinner there was dancing and Linda accepted his request to dance. He was a good dancer and he held Linda close to him. She was flushed when they returned to the table. He danced with her again before we left and it was obvious she was impressed. When we were back I our room I asked her if he might be the one. She said he was handsome and exciting and a good dancer, but she wasn’t ready to commit to him. I said it was the perfect opportunity. He was a stranger who we would never see again, and he was attracted to her, but she still didn’t agree. There was no urgency as we had more days there, so I didn’t push, thinking that she might eventually consent. We saw him around the pool, and we also had dinner with him again. It was clear that he was

opportunity to be with her. I said she was still resistant, but if it ever were to happen, I told him I would have to be there. He replied that he would be honored to service her, and he wouldn’t mind if I watched, saying it would be much more erotic if I was present. He said it wouldn’t be the first time he had serviced a wife with the husband watching and he really got off on that. Just then Linda returned and we stopped talking about it. When we were alone in our room she wanted to know what we talked about, and I said it was about her, and how beautiful she was and how much he admired her. I didn’t tell her everything about our conversation but knowing me she said she didn’t think she could go ahead and do it with him.

She said she didn’t think she could go ahead and do it with him We were to have dinner with him the next night. After her bath I watched her getting dressed. First her garter belt (she hated panty hose) and then a matching white bra and We’d exchange jokes, and there was a lot of sheer lacy panties followed by a matching lacy sexual innuendo. He enjoyed dancing with her, slip. Sheer white stockings were attached to still holding her tight to his body. A couple of her garter straps. times I saw her push him back some. Then she slid into a gorgeous white dress that When we were alone in our room she told me hugged her beautiful figure and came just she could feel his erection against her when above her knees, presenting a good view of they were dancing. her outstanding legs. When Linda was in the ladies room I told Steve I got an erection just watching her, and when I that she was very attracted to him. He replied moved to embrace her she said, “Not now. You that he thought she was beautiful, and said are not going to mess me up before we go how lucky I was being married to such a out.” She smiled and said, “Wait till we get gorgeous woman. back!” He wondered if we had an open marriage, and At dinner Steve saw that the drinks flowed I said we didn’t but I had encouraged her to freely, so by the time we had dessert we were experiment. I explained that so far she was not quite mellow. completely receptive to the idea. He picked up Of course there was more dancing with Steve on that, wondering if there might be an very attracted to Linda. Sometimes after we had a few drinks the conversation turned to sex.



still holding her closely, and occasionally his hand would stray down to the swelling of her buttocks. Then more drinks with more sexual innuendo. At one point, under the table, I saw his hand stray to her stocking clad knees and thighs. She was flushed, first from the drinks, and then from his attentions.

his for the taking. My flushed and aroused wife moved away from him. She unzipped her dress and slid it down till it was at her ankles. She looked gorgeous standing there in her sheer lingerie. You could see the outline of her sheer panties and her naked thighs.

She undid her bra exposing her beautiful firm Finally it was time to call it a night. Since it was breasts, the nipples stiff. Steve’s last night at the resort I invited him to She moved to an arm chair and she raised the our room for a nightcap. slip to her waist, exposing her sheer panties. She bent over the back of the arm chair, her In the elevator she asked what was I thinking lovely panty clad ass in the air. and I pulled her against me and said I was thinking of Steve doing it to you. She turned her head, and looking directly at Steve she said, “I’m ready.” She said, “Are you sure? If we start there will be no turning back, so I want you to be very He needed no second invitation, and moving sure. You will have to live with the to her he slid her panties down to her knees, consequences.” exposing her erotically. She spread her

She didn’t say anything more and we entered our room “Yes, go with it,” I said. “Maybe he won’t try anything.” “Maybe you will have to initiate it.” She didn’t say anything more and we entered our room. It wasn’t long before Steve joined us, and I fixed us drinks. My wife was sitting on the sofa with him sitting across from her in an arm chair. Gradually she let her legs fall open slightly, giving him a view of her legs. Soon her legs opened a little more, and I know he could now see up above her stocking clad legs to her bare thighs and garter straps. When her legs opened slightly more I knew he could see her panties. It was an obvious invitation. He looked at me and I nodded. He moved to her, lifting her up from the chair, embracing her, and then holding her in a long kiss.

beautiful stocking clad legs, bending from her waist till her garter straps were tight across her naked hips, her panties stretched between her knees. He dropped his pants and shorts to his ankles, exposing a very large and very stiff cock, standing straight out in front of him. Before he moved to her he looked at me one last time, and I nodded again. He smiled, his prize presented to him for the taking. The lips of her cunt were pink and moist, gaping slightly. He moved closer, touching the tip of his swollen cock to her vulva. She moaned when she felt him, and my very aroused and flushed wife looked at me one last time and said, “Are you sure?”

Once again I nodded. At this point I was so caught up in the erotic scene that there was He looked at me as I sat unmoving. He slipped no way I could stop him from taking her. I was his hands down, cupping her ass, and kissed almost as hard as he was. her again. It was now clear to him that she was 32| INDECENT


strongly into her stretched cunt. She reached over and gripping my cock she stroked me as he fucked her and I came strongly. He quickened his pace and she must have felt him swelling in her and she gripped him with her legs as he grunted and ejaculated into her once more. She cried out again as she climaxed, her body shaking as she gripped his ass with her hands, her thighs tightening over his. Finally he lifted his body from hers and lay beside her. We slept, but in the early morning he mounted her again, fucking her once more, taking a long time with her, and she came again. He was close behind, adding his sperm to the pool in her vagina.

fucked her, bringing her to higher and higher He directed his thick cock against the lips of her cunt and began pushing into her. She was levels of arousal. moaning now as she felt his entry, her lips Soon he was thrusting into her more spreading to the pressure of his invading cock. powerfully and she was grunting to his thrusts, She gasped as he stretched her, a hoarse cry her body jerking, her breasts swaying. escaping her lips as the large head of his cock It was unbelievably erotic. I was watching my entered her pussy. It was unbelievably erotic wife being deeply fucked by this man who was and I almost came. taking her so thoroughly. I was positioned so I He slowly advanced his cock into my moaning could see his cock moving in and out of her, her body flushed and trembling, her face wife. He gripped her hips, holding her steady as he continued to fill her wet pussy. Finally my twisted in passion as he serviced her. wife gave a loud cry as he impaled her fully. She became more vocal as she neared her second climax, saying, “Oh my God! Oh my He possessed her, her stretched cunt filled God!” with his invading cock. It was done!

moist and gaping pussy I came, spurting on her leg. My well fucked wife straightened up, pulled her panties up, her slip falling into place. She looked at me and said, “Are you satisfied now?” I didn’t say anything. Twice as she was getting fucked so thoroughly by him she had turned

We fell asleep once more, and when we awakened Steve was dressing, getting ready to leave. He smiled, thanked us for a great time and was gone, leaving us to contemplate the amazing night. I embraced Linda. Her thighs and pussy were sticky from his cum. She looked at me and asked me how I felt about what happened. “Did you like seeing his cock going into me?” she asked. “It seemed you liked seeing him

“Did you like seeing his cock going into me?”

fucking me. God, he really screwed me. I have never been so stretched, and when I felt him swelling and spurting into me I went ballistic. I hope you didn’t mind that I didn’t ask him to A scream erupted from her as she climaxed I was sweating and faint from excitement. again, triggering his orgasm. He pulled her fully The three of us ended up in the large bed. I fell use protection. It felt so great when he was Still holding her hips he began moving his cock filling me with his sperm.” onto his spurting cock, and groaning he filled asleep, but later was awakened by the activity into her. With the third thrust she cried out and her with his semen. After he drained his cock “It was unbelievably erotic,” I said. “I thought it next to me. Her slip was bunched around her came, her body in spasm. I couldn’t believe in her, he slowly removed it. Her cunt was would be exciting, but watching him doing it to waist. He had slid her panties off and was she had cum so quickly. gaping, their fluids matting her hair. between her spread legs, his cock again filling you, watching him fucking you from behind He held her steady, fully inside her till her her. She was moaning as his wet cock moved and cumming in you was more exciting than I Finally Linda turned her head, and looking at climax subsided. Then he began a slow steady would have believed.” in and out of her in a steady rhythm. me she said, “Now you!” thrusting into her, pushing fully into her each Since then Linda has lost all her reservations She still had her sheer stockings on, and she Quickly I pushed my pants and shorts to my time, his rigid cock shiny with her juices. about fucking other men and I regularly get to bent her knees up and spread her legs even ankles. My cock was hard as I moved to take She was moaning continuously as he expertly watch and sometimes join in. more as his hard cock serviced her, thrusting her, but just as I was about to push into her 34| INDECENT

her head and looked briefly at me, gauging my reaction to the erotic scene. She had seen that I was mesmerized watching her being ravished.


THE MOVIES MMF O M Voy Cindy and I have been married for three years and during those years our sex life has been good. Recently though, it has improved to very good due to an unusual Saturday night about three months ago. I asked my wife if she would like to go out for an early dinner and then we might catch an early show. Cindy thought the idea was great and she went to take a shower and dress. When she returned, she looked fantastic. My wife is 5’9” and 130lbs. She has very long legs, with a shapely butt and huge 36D

Out of nowhere Cindy brought up going to an adult theater, as she had never been before. We located one in the phone book and got a cab to it.

her chest rubbing her breasts.

The screen had a close up of a woman’s pussy with a hard dick sliding in and out of it for about five minutes. I asked her if this was bothering her and she quickly replied, “No, it’s making me horny.”

I touched her panties and they were soaked. She told me she had gotten herself off while I was at the snack bar.

As I sat, I noticed that a man had sat down The theater was an older, rather regal looking behind my wife. I set the food down and put my place that had not been kept up well. As we entered the theater I was surprised to see how hand on Cindy’s leg. She looked at me with this large it was. There were only about a dozen sultry look that told me people there. she was hot. We chose a pair of seats near the back and we I started to massage her settled in for what turned out to be quite an thigh and work my way up evening. to her crotch. As I The movie had just started and they didn’t reached higher she lifted waste any time getting into some very hot sex up and pulled her skirt up scenes. and spread her legs, so that I could reach her Cindy leaned over to me and said, “They panty covered crotch. certainly don’t leave anything out, do they?”

We watched for about another fifteen minutes, As I continued to rub her until there was a scene where this hot woman swollen mound my wife started breathing heavy was lying on a bed and three men were

the man behind us was now watching us not the movie breasts that are perfectly shaped and firm. Tonight she had on heels and a skirt and blouse that made her look like the perfect model. We had reservations at our favorite restaurant and as usual the food was good. Cindy and I had a few drinks with dinner and I suggested we have another before we left for the show. Another drink became another few and Cindy was getting a little lightheaded by the time we left. We had not decided on the show that we would see and when we got to the MultiCinema none of them looked appealing. 36 | INDECENT

and she started a slight movement in her hips. With my free hand I tried Cindy moaned and said, “I can’t take this to reach around and much more.” unbutton her blouse and as I did I could see out of I have to admit I had an erection and was getting pretty horny myself. I told my wife that I the corner of my eye the man behind us was now was going to go get us some drinks and I left watching us not the for the snack bar. movie. When I came back I noticed that she was Cindy couldn’t wait for my concentrating very hard on the screen. The fumbling and she woman had a man on each end of her unbuttoned her blouse screwing away. enough so that I could Cindy was rubbing her crotch with one hand reach into her bra and and she had her other arm clamped across fondling her and jacking themselves off, cumming all over her chest.


feel her tits.

realizing that she was giving him a better view of her bush.

When I told her about the guy behind us she couldn’t believe she’d missed it. I told her that she shouldn’t tease people like that and we both laughed.

my cock out of my pants and bent over and took it into her mouth.

I rubbed and massaged her pretty tits until her Watching my wife and that guy jack off had My finger was really working on her tight little nipples were rock hard. made me hornier than I’ve been in a while, so hole when I heard the guy behind us breathing Cindy started squeezing my cock which drove hard. He was almost leaning over Cindy’s other “You should have helped him,” I said and she she sucked on me for a few more seconds and me nuts, so I dropped my hand to her pussy and started rubbing again. She leaned over against me and we kissed, slowly and deeply, I figured he might go over to her now and she could have another handful to play with and while we were kissing I could see the guy behind us had slid forward in his seat so he could see my wife’s bare legs and panties. I started cumming right in her mouth. shot me a doubtful look. “What harm could shoulder and he had his dick out in his hand. come of it? At least he would have As I slid my hand up to the top of her panties I As my wife was nearing her climax I kept on She sat back up licking her lips and saying remembered this hot woman he had once turned around enough to watch him and I how good it tasted. fingering her until she stiffened up and met.” slowly pulled her panties down exposing her groaned, cumming all over my fingers. “Here’s a dozen guys jacking off and I have a little blonde bush. I saw his eyes widen and I Cindy said, “Oh well, it’s too late now.” beautiful woman giving me a blowjob! What Just as she shook I heard the guy behind us heard him gasp, so I figured I’d have a little luck!” I said as she giggled. We both knew that she really didn’t even grunt as he shot his cum on the back of fun and I slid my finger into my wife’s dripping consider the possibility. Cindy’s seat. pussy. Then I asked Cindy to go to the bathroom and take her panties and bra off, so I could have I sat there watching two more men screwing My wife sagged against me and said, “This is She immediately started a quiet moaning and this same woman on the screen. Cindy pulled an easier time playing with her. She almost fun! Whew, it’s kind of sexy in public.” lay back in her seat, spreading her legs, not jumped out of her seat trying to get to the bathroom to strip down. When she returned I slid her dress up revealing her perfectly cropped pussy that sparkled from all the dampness. I entered her with my finger as my other hand massaged and squeezed her tits. She was hot. “I want you again” she said. Well, twice in ten minutes is more than I can handle, so to stall for time I said I had to go to the bathroom. I was standing at the urinal when another man walked in and walked up to the urinal next to me. He lugged out his dick, which was pretty big and was also hard. “Anytime now,” he said to his hard shaft, waiting for it to relax enough to pee. “Too bad you weren’t sitting over by the woman on the left side of the theater,” I said. “She gave me a hand job.” I figured he might go over to her now and she could have another handful to play with. “You’re kidding” he scoffed. “No, she let me feel her up and then she 38 | INDECENT


jacked me off,” I replied. I figured that I had his wife was watching the screen and he was curiosity peaked so I left and went back to the watching her. A few more minutes passed and then I saw him put his hand on Cindy’s knee. show. She didn’t make any attempt to move it, so When I sat back down I told her that I had after another minute he started to massage invited a guy over to sit with her and she her knee. thought I was joking. I told her she ought to try it. She could give him the hottest memory he’d He began to move his hand up her leg a little and I heard her breath quicken. As he moved ever have. his hand up, he slid her dress up, giving him a Most men have always dreamed of this nice look at her slender bare legs. His happening, not to mention I really liked the caressing of her leg excited her and she parted idea of watching, as many men dream of her thighs a little, so he could reach between seeing their wives with other men. her legs. “Besides,” I said. “No one will even know who When he did, I heard her gasp and I looked you are and with me nearby nothing bad can around. He had his hand on her bare happen.” glistening mound and he was starting to work his finger into her slit. Cindy’s skirt was up Cindy said it sounded like fun, knowing that around her waist giving me a complete view of she would have complete control over a her pussy and his big busy hand. stranger’s dick. We talked some more and I told Cindy that she should let him play with her I could tell that Cindy was getting hot. She was first and that she should get hot and get into leaning against him while he massaged her what was happening, and then she should play

She was leaning against him while he massaged her wet pussy with his dick and balls till he came.

pussy and you could hear her panting.

Considering how hot Cindy can get I figured he would get his rocks off in just a few seconds. We talked for a few more minutes about where I would sit and I told her to just be calm and let him start everything.

As she turned to unzip his pants she spread her legs wide open, showing all of her pink pussy with this man’s finger working in and out of her opening.

When I asked if she was ready she said, “Yes, it took a minute to relax, but I’m ready.” I got up and moved to my new seat. I took a seat a row below and a few seats left of my wife. The view when I partially turned my head was magnificent. I could almost see under my wife’s dress.

Cindy got his cock out and in the dim light I could see that he had a big fat hard on, which she started to stroke. Cindy’s new friend was fingering her and I could hear him say, “Your pussy feels so good.” Cindy was getting into the part well, as I heard her answer, “I love your big hard cock. Mmm, it’s so fat.”

My wife’s hips were moving with a steady motion as she let him finger fuck her. I heard It was another few minutes before her guest him catch his breath and then groan as he arrived. I heard him ask if the seat next to her shot his load of cum on the seat in front of him was occupied and she replied, “No, go ahead.” ahead and the floor. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that my “Oh god, you’re beautiful,” he said as his dick 40 | INDECENT


had slid his hand under her blouse and he was enjoying the feel of her tits. Cindy was pressing She slowly worked his shaft his hand tight against her chest. He let his up and down as it relaxed hand drop to her thigh and started massaging and shrank. As he started his way up her leg. to put his meat back in his “Oh god, you’re nude,” he said as his hand pants I heard Cindy say, found her bare pussy waiting for his finger. “Thanks for the nice big one.” He slid his finger in and out of her, as he played with her love button. She leaned into “Thank you,” he said. “I’ll him and gave him a slow long kiss as she never forget this.” worked to get his shaft out of his pants. He rose to leave and I gave her a minute to straighten Out sprang the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. It was at least nine inches long. herself up and then I sat next to her and whispered, Cindy whispered to him and slowly started to “How was it?” run her hand up and down his long shaft. As her hand stroked his growing cock, his finger She gasped back, “That is kept time going in and out of her pretty little the hottest thing I’ve ever slit. done. It was great and I want to try a few more They continued to feel each other and she guys.” leaned over next to him and rubbed his cock on her leg. That was enough to send both of I told her that I’d never them over the edge and I heard them groan as seen anything that hot either and I couldn’t wait to they both climaxed at the same time. The strangers cum dribbled onto Cindy’s leg and see the next guy get off. jerked a few more times.

“I just had a nasty thought…

“I want to do this again and then let’s go,” said Cindy huskily. “I want you to fuck me real good when we get home.” She looked so sexy and sultry now that her passion was high. “I just had a nasty thought,” she whispered. “I wish I had a guy in each hand, before we go.” I thought for a minute and said, “I don’t know if we can arrange that, but I’ll try.” Getting up, I said, “I’m going to the restroom, I’ll be right back.” We were in luck. As I walked into the restroom there were two young guys walking in ahead of me. I waited as they stood at the urinal peeing. “Have you guys seen that gorgeous woman over in the back? She gave me a hand job and she did another guy too.” Well, let me tell you, these two young studs were ready. “I heard her tell the other guy to come back with a friend, maybe you guys can beat him

…I wish I had a guy in each hand”

down onto the floor.

over there,” I said.

It wasn’t long before another visitor came by and asked if the seat was taken.

Slowly his massive shaft began to shrink and they kissed for the last time and my wife pulled her dress back down. The stranger straightened himself out and they said good bye.

“Let’s go see her,” said one of them. “Is she a dog?”

“No, please sit down,” Cindy replied.

I slid over to my glowing wife and said, “That sure didn’t take long!”

This time Cindy had lifted her dress up quite high on her legs, so her new friend didn’t waste any time before he started touching her thighs.

“Did you see the size of his cock?” she said. “I loved playing with it. I would have given anything to suck it for a minute! I wonder if I could handle it all?”

I sat back in my seat and waited.

Soon I could see that he 42 | INDECENT

was OK with me.

She was slowly regaining her composure and I told her that if the chance came up again and she really wanted to give him a little lick that

I replied, “No she’s beautiful.” He looked at his buddy and they practically ran out of there. I waited a little while and then returned to my seat to watch. As I neared my seat I could see that my wife was sitting with her two young studs, one on either side of her. I took my seat and I saw Cindy slide her hand across the crotch of the guy on her left. She leaned over and whispered something to him. Both young men started to touch and caress her body as she lay back in her seat in delight INDECENT | 43

at having two men feeling her up at the same time.

ever seen her before.

We left the theater and as soon as we got in a As her passion increased she unzipped both of cab I immediately started to kiss and fondle my beautiful wife. their pants and managed to get both of their young dicks in her hands. “I want to fuck you right now” she said panting. I almost came in my pants seeing her with The cab ride took forever but as soon as we both of their hands on her and her with a stiff were inside I pulled her dress up and slid my cock in each hand. Cindy continued to pull and pants down. Cindy and I fucked with complete stroke both guys at the same time. abandon and we climaxed together in what was the most spectacular orgasm either of us Being young, they were ready to cum in a few

“Hi honey… What?”

seconds, and cum they did. It was like watching two miniature fountains spurting in the air. Both of them quickly zipped themselves back up and rose to leave. Cindy smiled and said, “Thanks for the fun, studs!” As I leaned toward my wife I could hear her labored breathing. “I came three times,” she sighed. “That was more fun than I could ever imagine. Those two were so hot I though they would shoot clear over the seats.” I told her to straighten herself out and we’d leave. I was so horny and all I could think about was my turn to play with her. The way she glowed was more beautiful than I have 44 | INDECENT

has ever had. Both of us were now glowing with passion. I smiled and told her that she had just given me the most wonderful time of my life and Cindy said she had never believed she would enjoy it that much. I kissed her slow and long and we slid to the floor and we began to make love all over again, this time we were slow and it lasted for what seemed like hours. As I write this letter, Cindy and I are planning our next trip to the show. She hopes to see the man with the giant dick again. Cindy says that all of you women readers owe it to yourselves to try to get your husband to take you to a special show. Every women needs to enjoy the feel of a hard dick in each hand at least once in her life. INDECENT | 45

I assume that you will brief the lady on my requirements in advance and I envisage that the appointment will proceed as follows. Firstly, we will meet in the mid afternoon and I will take the lady shopping for an outfit, including shoes and jewelry. My taste in clothing usually runs to the conservative, however I would like the lady to choose a ‘sexy’ outfit for dinner and dancing.

THE REQUEST MF O M Voy From: S_Jones13 Sent: Friday, 11 January 2:02 AM To: ClassyBlondes4U Subject: Request Dear Madam, A reliable source informs me that you are the most capable person to contact for requests of this kind. I am a wealthy gentleman and for some time I have had a particular sexual fantasy. I am hopeful you can assist me realize it and I can assure you that I will be most grateful to you in this regard if we are successful. Given the nature of my fantasy, I would be very keen to continue the relationship should the first appointment be successful. To begin with I am looking to book the sexual services of one of your escorts for an evening. I trust that this simple, open statement clears up any legal issues that you may have. The kind of lady I am interested in is a tall, attractive, sexually experienced Caucasian lady aged 20-30, with long blonde or red hair and no tattoos or body piercings. She should have a sense of humor and be able to carry on a conversation in polite company. Ideally, she has a college education. 46 | INDECENT

that it would take me no more than an hour to complete my business dealings. After drinks my driver will take us to a nightclub where our names will have been left at the door. At the club I would be grateful if the lady could spend some time dancing with me. I am not an expert dancer and especially in respect of current dance music, so the lady’s expertise in this area will be appreciated.

The lady may accept requests from the young man for later meetings at her option, however after he has achieved satisfaction I would like him to leave us, but not before accepting the gift of the lady’s panties which she should remove in front of us both.

After freshening up, I would like the lady to return to the dance floor and repeat this procedure up to three times with a different man each time. If the parties are willing I The lady’s input is welcome and she will get At this point in the evening, I would like it to would like to provide manual pleasure to the lady while she pleasures her chosen man. It to keep everything purchased except for the be clear to other men at the club from the is important to me that all these men are wedding ring, which I will retain, and way we are dancing that the lady is ‘with’ aware that the lady is ‘with’ me and that I perhaps her panties which are likely to be me. am to be present during the vignettes. ‘lost’ during the course of the evening. After a short time I will get tired of dancing, When the nightclub is slowing down, which I After shopping we will go back to my hotel however the lady is strongly encouraged to anticipate will be in the early hours of the where we will check in as man and wife. continue dancing. She should feel free to morning, the lady is invited back to our The lady is then welcome to spend the rest dance with any other man or men she hotel room where I would like to make love of the afternoon using the hotel facilities chooses while I retire to the bar. to her or at the very least masturbate onto (e.g. spa, beauty, therapeutic massage) as her breasts and stomach with her verbal I would especially like to watch the lady she pleases. encouragement. dance in a provocative manner with other We will have dinner reservations at a men. The lady may have the use of the hotel fashionable restaurant at 8.30pm and the room until check out the next day and I will I expect that there will be several men who lady is requested to be ready in her new be responsible for all incidental costs and will flirt or, more likely, ‘hit on’ the lady as is outfit by 8.00pm for pick up by my driver. expenses over the course of the evening. usual in places of this kind. If there is a Subject to the lady’s consent I would like to particular man, ideally a clean cut young be present while she dresses and gets ready Needless to say, if the appointment is man who the lady deems otherwise to go out. successful then I would be very keen to acceptable, then she should invite him to continue the relationship with the lady and Our table will be in the restaurant’s main join us at a table for a drink. explore several variations on this fantasy. dining area and the lady may order I value discretion as I am sure that you do. whatever she wishes. She is encouraged to The lady should make it clear that she is ‘with’ me but still happy to accept his As you would expect, the risk of harm to my engage me in whatever conversation advances (e.g. by sitting next to him rather public and professional life in engaging in interests her. My interests are in than me, but discreetly explaining that she these activities is considerable and I trust international trade, fine wines, Republican is ‘married’ to me). that you will treat this request in the politics and current affairs. strictest confidence. If the lady is willing, I would like to watch After dinner we will retire to a nearby bar while she and her new ‘friend’ become I look forward to interviewing a short list of for drinks. The lady should feel free to acquainted at the table (e.g. kissing, candidates and discussing this request with engage others in conversation should I be fondling, light petting). you further. called away during this time as happens frequently in my line of business. I would then like to accompany them to the Yours Sincerely washroom where the lady, if she consents, I apologize in advance if I am called away [Name withheld] will give oral and/or manual pleasure to the for an extended time, but I am confident young man using appropriate protection. INDECENT | 47


“Wouldn’t you?” I asked again.

We had talked about it and fantasized about it “Yes, yes,” she gasped as she lifted her ass a lot before that night. I would offer Nicole her and climaxed beside me. favorite dildo and say, “Play with yourself for That was just one of many times. me.” We had talked about her taking a lover but for Her horny young body glowed in the soft light some reason it had never happened. We were from our bedside lamp, and with a saucy amateurs in the true sense of the word and we smile, she dragged the 8 inch dildo along her didn’t know how to arrange things like that. moist pussy. But sometimes you just have to seize the opportunity. Biting her lower lip she slipped the dildo into her warm depths and I could hear the moist Nicole and I like to go out dancing. Nicole likes sucking sound. She groaned loudly and began it because it gives her the chance to dress to fuck herself with her dildo. sexy without anyone saying anything. Nicole My wife had several lovers prior to our getting married, and she has told me about them in graphic detail. As I watched her pleasure herself with the dildo I enjoyed watching her expressions, the way her lips twitched in lust

who introduced himself as Jack. His reason for coming to the club? “To get laid,” he admitted with a rueful laugh. Athletic, broad shouldered and grinning, he was in his mid twenties. While he only glanced at Nicole it was a kind of appraising look. His eyes drifted over her breasts and visually caressed her long legs. In that brief moment, he made it clear that he was interested.

has a great figure and she is very proud of her hefty rack.

I’ve watched Nicole dance with other men before and I have to admit that was one of the reasons I liked hitting the clubs. Seeing all those men with their hands on Nicole was a real turn on for me.

Nicole also has the long legs of a dancer, and more than once I’ve gotten a hard on just

Sometimes after a night out Nicole would admit to me that she enjoyed all the touching

Jack made sure that he was the only guy to dance with Nicole that night or the way her forehead crinkled with a focus of desire. I enjoyed watching her face even more than watching her pussy as she rose to a climax.

thinking about them wrapped around some guy’s waist, her high heels bouncing against his butt.

But in my opinion Nicole’s best feature is her mouth. Her lips are full and luscious even Quite often I could tell who she was fantasizing without lipstick. She has that pouty kind of about fucking. If it was hard and deep, it was lower lip that’s just made for dragging along a Tom, her lover in college. If it was a slow and cock. sensual fuck, it would be Bryan, her lover That night as we were getting ready to leave I before she and I met. nuzzled her throat, knowing she is Watching her expression that particular night I exceptionally sensitive there. whispered, “It’s Tom, isn’t it? Between your “Mmm,” she murmured, arching her neck wet thighs, fucking you like there’s no hornily. tomorrow?” Nicole was too far gone to do more than nod her head and whimper.

“You look hot,” I told her and she smiled at my compliment.

“You’d like another cock, wouldn’t you?” I whispered, “A big, thick one.”

The club was pumping and Nicole and I danced a little. I went to get us drinks and when I returned Nicole was dancing with a guy

Another soft whimper.


that went on. Once I felt under her skirt and she was wet. She just laughed. “I’ve been found out,” she exclaimed. Jack made sure that he was the only guy to dance with Nicole that night. For the briefest of moments his fingertips caressed Nicole’s ass. She gave him a look that had a hint of invitation in it, and when he glanced at me, I merely smiled. After that Jack had his hands on my wife every chance he got. He probably danced with her for two hours or more. Each time he took her in his arms he took the opportunity to brush his fingertips along the side of her breast or along her thigh. Nicole, like most women, was able to


encourage him without any overt signs.

Nicole wasn’t put off by the catty comment.

Late in the night I noticed her nipples were poking against her silk blouse.

“Maybe they both are,” she replied.

A few times Jack pulled her close to him against his chest. Nicole would turn around and grind her body against him, even bending over so it looked like he was doing her right on the dance floor. “Are you enjoying that?” I asked him. “Hard not to,” he said and grinned. “Hard is the right word,” my wife added. After we’re done dancing we sometimes go to the VIP room and have some drinks and maybe some coke if there’s any going around. “Why don’t you join us, Jack?” I said. All Nicole did was lift a finely sculpted eyebrow. Jack gave a lopsided grin. “Be glad to.” We selected a booth in the corner as far away as possible from the bright of lights. I got us some drinks and when I returned another couple we kinda knew had stopped by our table. I noticed Jack’s hand was under the table but I didn’t say anything. The couple was chatting with Nicole. The wife said, “Sometimes it’s hard to tell who your husband is.”


enough to cover Nicole and me. Jack hurried into the alleyway next to the club and Nicole and I quickly followed.

The woman was shocked.

Jack grabbed my wife and pressed her against the wall and I held the umbrella over them. He kissed her deeply and hotly and their tongues “Obviously,” said Nicole, then added, “Some of were intertwined. us are lucky and some aren’t.” With no one around to see her Nicole let out a After they had left, I noticed that Jack was loud moan. She lifted her slender leg and stroking my wife’s leg under the table. She wrapped it around the back of one of Jack’s wasn’t moving away. In fact it looked like she knees. was pressing closer against him. Jack dry fucked my wife against the building. I As we drank our cocktails, Nicole’s short skirt could see the sexy gleam of her stockings, the was pushed higher and higher until the hem of “I never-”

“Oh God,” my wife whimpered. garter belt she favored and her white silk it barely covered her pussy. Jack’s hand panties. disappeared under the skirt and my wife’s eyes closed. She moaned and I could just hear Jack reached between their bodies and rubbed it over the music. her pussy. Nicole’s slender little hand was resting on “Oh God,” my wife whimpered. Jack’s thigh. Almost impulsively she squeezed the very noticeable bulge in his slacks. Sometimes in unusual situations a person will do something odd. It wouldn’t be the last time My cock was stiff and I cleared my throat and it happened that evening to me but for some in a husky voice said to Jack, “Would you like reason I felt good holding the umbrella over to go outside for a while?” them as Jack and my wife petted, even if I was getting soaked from the rain. “Fuck yeah,” he replied. It was raining outside but luckily I had an umbrella. I opened it and it was just big

Jack kneaded Nicole’s large breasts. He pulled her silk blouse out of her skirt and reached


inside, pushing her bra up under her chin. He massaged and tweaked her nipples until they stood out achingly hard. Nicole moaned, “We better get under cover or I’m going to rape him right here.” “It’s fine,” I told them, “Don’t stop.” Neither questioned me and Jack wasted no time. He opened Nicole’s blouse completely and her tits spilled out of her bra, white in the dim streetlight. He sucked on her breasts and kissed her neck, making Nicole shudder with delight.

“My god, you’re huge!” she exclaimed as he entered her. My dick was straining with excitement as I heard her being a slut for his cock.

Nicole twisted her head from side to side as he shot a thick load of semen into her pussy. She flailed and cried out then slumped against her I listened to the soft patter of the rain mixed in lover. I could see sweat on her tits and she with their panting as they fucked. breathed in ragged gasps. Every so often someone from the club would I swear I could almost feel their hearts walk past laughing and talking about the pounding hard. evening. Their shadows would flit down the alley and I stood in front of them to block Nicole shuddered one last time then she was anyone’s view. still, seemingly exhausted for the moment.

Nicole’s skirt was pushed up around her waist and Jack pulled down her panties. She kicked them off and they landed in a puddle next to me.

Nicole lifted her left leg and wrapped it around Jack’s waist. Jack plunged into her depths and she whimpered with the pleasure of the royal fucking he was giving her. I reached over and caressed her leg.

There was little subtlety in their love making. They kissed and groped each other like teenagers. They couldn’t get enough of each other. I couldn’t quite tell who was fucking who.

I felt her shudder and the motion of their fucking shuddered through her perspiring body, up her thigh and then to her leg. It was almost as if I was participating in the fucking myself.

Nicole helped Jack loosen his pants and then he fished his big cock out. Nicole leaned back against the wall and spread her thighs wide for him. His big cock gleamed with several drops of precum.

My dick was achingly hard so I took it out of my pants and stroked it. I watched the young stud screw my wife while the rain continued to soak me to the skin.

He lunged forward, and she gasped sharply.


“Jesus!” Jack exclaimed and I saw his ass cheeks clench.

“It’s been a long time,” Jack admitted and I could see by my wife’s big eyes that she wasn’t unhappy with the development. This time Jack took my wife with slow and sensual strokes. Her pussy made sticky, wet slurping sounds. I noticed Jack’s cum gushing out and trickling down her leg as he fucked her with easy strokes. Nicole was very aroused and she had a series of mini orgasms, which rippled through her lovely body.

While Jack started out slowly his thrusts I looked down at my shaft. I had cum too, the gradually became more demanding and my creamy mixture spilling over my hand and onto wife sighed with pleasure as he had his way Nicole’s leg. I had cum with them, almost with her. Again and again he pummeled her without realizing it. pussy. Their flesh slapped together loudly.

“My God, don’t you ever get enough?” The lovers kissed. Nicole cooed softly, a sure sign she had been satisfied and the rain continued to fall steadily but gently. Finally Jack moved. He undulated his hips a little and I saw his thick cock was glistening with my wife’s juices. More importantly it was erect again and my wife laughed.

I reached out and caressed her cheek. Her eyes were closed but she sucked on my fingers “My God, don’t you ever get enough?” as her lover pounded her pussy.

Nicole was chewing on her lower lip. Jack stiffened, groaned and let loose another hefty load. Nicole has always been something of a screamer and now she really let loose. I was surprised they didn’t hear it in the club over the loud music. Jack is now a regular visitor at our house and he often takes her out dancing instead of me. I don’t mind. My wife is certainly well taken care of and I get to watch or fuck her after Jack has had her. ■


to take care of Sandy when I’m out of town too. I love the thought that my sexy hot wife is getting fucked while I’m not there.


My wife Sandy and I have been married for three years and we have an active and satisfying sex life. Sandy has always been more than enough woman for me. She looks like a centerfold, with long blonde hair, baby blue eyes, pouty lips, C cup tits and a firm round ass. I always knew that Sandy would need more cock than I could give her and for the last two years she’s also been seeing a guy named Craig. Craig and I get along okay and I can trust him not to be more than just a fuck buddy for my wife. I really enjoy watching him with Sandy

Anyway, last weekend the three of us went to the beach to cool off and we ended up having a fun time. Sandy wore a skimpy bikini and a sarong and as usual all heads turned as we walked through the crowds. We headed to the more deserted end of the beach for some privacy. We set our towels down and Craig ran off into the surf while I set up our big beach umbrella. I flopped down next to Sandy who was carefully applying suntan lotion to her arms and legs. I got a boner watching her rub the cream into her soft skin and Sandy giggled when she noticed. She reached over and fished my hard on out of my shorts. She started stroking me slowly and my cock swelled in her hand. Just then Craig came back from his swim and he grinned broadly when he saw what we were doing. Drying himself with a towel he sat down next to Sandy and grabbed her big breasts. “Help me put my lotion on,” whispered Sandy

Sometimes Craig and I take it in turns fucking her and Sandy gets off on being a naughty wife with him. Like me, Craig’s tall and well built and it looks fucking hot watching him rubbing up against my wife. Sandy can be volcanic when she gets going and sometimes Craig and I take it in turns fucking her. Other times I just watch as Sandy and he spend the entire night fucking each other stupid. Sandy is totally uninhibited with Craig and she does things to please him that I never dreamed of asking her to do for me. I’m not sure but I think he also comes around 54 | INDECENT

as she leaned over and started kissing Craig. In seconds Craig had removed Sandy’s bikini top and he was pouring lotion onto her tits. Sandy moaned as he started rubbing the lotion into her chest, taking the opportunity to squeeze her sensitive nipples as well. Sandy let go of my cock and when I took her hand and tried to get her back onto me she giggled. “Honey, why don’t you go cool off while Craig finishes getting me creamed?” she cooed. Sandy loves to tease me when she’s fooling INDECENT | 55

around with Craig. It’s hotter to me seeing her doing intimate things with her lover than actually doing them with her myself.

she shot me a quick smile with her eyes as I pulled them down her legs and threw them to one side.

I put my dick back in my shorts and ran off into She took her mouth off just long enough to say, “Honey, fix the umbrella so nobody can the surf, hoping to ease my blue balls with see, okay?” some cold water. When I got back to the umbrella my erection came right back. Sandy was lying on top of a naked Craig, making out with him and rubbing her slick body up and down on his hard cock. I sat down and watched as Sandy slowly moved down Craig’s body and took his big cock in her mouth. It doesn’t bother me that, at eight inches, Craig’s dick is a few inches longer than mine and considerably thicker. I love watching him use it to pleasure my wife. There’s nothing sexier than watching a hot blonde go down on a big cock, except if the blonde is your wife!

She always does that, put me off for just a little longer. It draws out the fun and makes me even hornier. I love that Craig never has to wait to get his dick into my wife’s mouth or pussy. I stood up with some difficulty and saw to the umbrella. It didn’t really need adjusting but I shot a quick look around the deserted beach just to make sure. Finally I moved in behind my kneeling wife. My cock was rock hard watching her blonde mane bobbing up and down in my buddy’s lap. Craig grinned at me and I quickly slipped my dick into Sandy’s wet pussy. It was warm and wet and tight like a smooth velvet fist.

Sandy slowly moved down Craig’s body and took his big cock in her mouth Sandy licked up and down the sides of Craig’s schlong like it was a popsicle. Then she sucked one of his big balls into her mouth and jacked him off gently while looking up at him sexily. Craig loves this treatment and I once even got to watch him spurt his big load onto my surprised young wife’s pretty face. Sandy was like, “Ewww gross!” but Craig and I both thought it was hot. Sandy rubbed Craig’s cock between her slick tits for a while then she returned to sucking it. My wife just adores sucking Craig’s big thick cock. Sensing my opportunity I moved behind my wife and started removing her bikini bottoms. Sandy’s mouth was still full of Craig’s cock but 56 | INDECENT

She started pushing back into me and moaning sexily, her mouth still stuffed full of Craig’s shaft. Making love to my wife like this is incredible and my cock was rock hard. Craig moaned too and he sat up and held Sandy’s face off his crotch for a moment. Sandy gives a very intense hummer and Craig didn’t want to cum too soon. Craig leaned down and started tongue kissing Sandy while I fucked her from behind. I could hear her sucking his tongue hungrily and I felt her reach between her legs to rub her pussy. Moments later I felt her pussy spasming around my cock in orgasm and she broke her kiss with Craig and gasped for air. Sandy rolled over onto her back and I slipped out of her cunt with a moan. INDECENT | 57

She grinned at me like a Cheshire cat as she pulled Craig on top of her.

cum a number of times. I love that Craig can make my wife cum just from fucking her. With me Sandy has to rub her clit to get off.

Craig’s big hard cock slid into her easily and he Eventually Craig sat up and flipped Sandy over started fucking her slowly while they tongue onto her knees. He started giving it to her wrestled. doggy style and again she started squealing I stayed where I was and jerked off a little and moaning so loud I was afraid we were while I watched them. My sexy wife’s body gonna get busted. quivered and shook as Craig picked up the pace.

Craig kept pumping my wife

He would pull out several inches and then slam back into her. Sandy loves Craig’s fucking When I was sure there was no one around I skills and when he started licking her nipples scooted over so I was in front of Sandy and while he fucked her she cried out. she eagerly took my hard cock in her mouth. “Fuck!” she hollered. “Oh God that feels fucking incredible!”

She cupped my balls gently as she did her best to suck my shaft. She was still moaning Sandy was making so much noise, I looked out loudly but at least with my cock in her mouth above the umbrella nervously. Thankfully there no one would hear us unless they were really close by. was still no one around. Craig kept slamming into Sandy, making her

Craig kept pumping my wife and occasionally he would slap her ass lightly which she loves.

This sent me over the edge and I started cumming in her mouth.

When he gets a head of steam he can go like this for hours giving Sandy continuous orgasms.

Craig is a real splasher when he cums and after a few last shoves into Sandy he pulled out and kind of nestled his pole between Sandy’s butt cheeks while he kept spurting.

While still fucking Sandy deeply, Craig got up on his feet so he was squatting over her. She was pushing back into him hard and my cock fell from her mouth.

We looked into each other’s eyes I grabbed her head and pulled her back onto me and she moaned around my cock as she enjoyed her third or fourth orgasm. She was resting on her elbows and she rubbed my jewels while she sucked me. We looked into each others eyes deeply and just at that point Craig grunted and started busting his nut in Sandy’s pussy. 58 | INDECENT

Craig’s cum splattered all over her lower back and dripped down her crack while he rubbed his softening tool on her ass. There was an incredible amount of cum. Sandy leaned to one side and spat out my cum demurely. Then she turned around and started licking and sucking Craig’s cock, cleaning it of their combined juices. I admired my wife’s sexy sweaty body and especially the cum dripping down her ass and down her thighs. Craig sat back on his haunches and Sandy’s upturned ass was right in front of me while she sucked him. She was pointing her wet cummy cunt at me INDECENT | 59

and tensing her muscles so that Craig’s cum dripped out for me to see. I was hard again and I started to jerk off, pointing my cock at Sandy’s wet pussy. She was leaning on her elbows again and rubbing Craig’s balls while she blew him. Her head was moving quickly and she was taking him real deep down her throat which is an amazing feeling. I couldn’t hold out any longer and I started shooting another load, adding to Craig’s cum on my wife’s ass and rubbing my cock all through the slimy mess.

It felt slick and warm It felt slick and warm and I saw that Sandy was frigging her clit like crazy, bringing herself to another powerful orgasm. Craig started cumming too and he grabbed Sandy’s head and held her still while he practically slammed his hips into her face a couple of times. When he was done he sat back satisfied and my naughty slut wife turned back to me. Craig’s cum was dripping down one side of her mouth and with a cheeky grin she swallowed all the semen in her mouth. “I love you, baby,” I told her as she relaxed back into Craig’s arms.■ 60 | INDECENT



INDECENT: Hello Mrs Anderson and welcome to INDECENT! CHLOE: Hi! Thanks for having me. I mean, thanks for featuring me! INDECENT: I have to say that you are looking fine, Chloe. Any chance we could take some shots of you taking cock? CHLOE: Sorry, my husband and I prefer to keep our sex life private. INDECENT: Tell us about your sex life? CHLOE: What do you want to know?? I’m happily married to a photographer. We have a fairly normal sex life… INDECENT: And what about with other men? Do you sleep around? CHLOE: No, I’m afraid I’m a terrible tease. I like dancing and grinding with random guys but not more than that. INDECENT: Not even with a well hung black guy? CHLOE: I’ve thought about it. I think every girl has, but I’ve never tried it. I’m a little scared. INDECENT: And what did you think about our readers’ fantasies about you? CHLOE: They really want to see me with a big black cock, don’t they? Is it true what they say?

“I’m happily married”



from Jim, CA: Chloe Anderson has a fantastic body. It’s just made for sex. I’d really like to watch her make love with a big muscly black guy. I don’t want them to just fuck like animals I want to see him take his time, kissing her and seducing her until she’s begging for him to take her. I want to see their perfect bodies moving together as he enters her. I want to see her arch her back in his arms as he makes her cum on his big black cock. Finally, I want him to cum deep inside her and then see his cum drip out of her creampie. from CB101, by email: If I had a wife like Chloe I’d hope she was a total whore for black cock. I’d set her up with black guys from my work or from the gym and she would pick them up at bars and clubs where she’d dress real slutty and tease other white guys. She’d get a ‘BBC’ tattoo on her ass and black guys would come over any time they wanted to get a piece of her. Hopefully they’d let me watch! from Lance, AL: I bet Chloe Anderson loves big black cock. In my fantasy she gets gangbanged by three thugs while wearing a wedding dress. We drive around in a limo in the wrong part of town until we find them hanging around some street corner and then we invite them in. They stuff Chloe’s mouth and pussy with black cock and she goes crazy for it, even letting them cum in her unprotected pussy. We drop them off then head to the church. We’re late but there are three loads of strange cum dripping down her thighs as she says ‘I do’. from Chris, IL: On my fantasy date with Chloe Anderson we go dancing at a black club and Chloe dances with a bunch of big black guys while I watch from the sidelines. She’s dressed slutty and they all take the opportunity to cop a good feel of my date’s perfect ass. Eventually she picks one with a big bulge in his pants and we take him home so I can watch him fuck her brains out.


“I like dancing and grinding with random guys”




“I’ve thought about it. I think every girl has”


from Will, FL: Me and my buddies would start out all nice but once Chloe got comfortable we’d tie her up on a bed and call over the rest of the crew. Each one of us would fuck her good and hard from behind and she’d be moaning and screaming out for more cock. We’d get her onto her back and go again and there’d be four or five loads of cum in her pussy before I let loose on her tits. She’d be grateful and suck us all clean to finish off. from Samuel, OR: I love the outdoors and I especially love fucking outdoors. I’d take Chloe out hiking to one of my favorite spots, lay down a blanket and get my hard cock in her hungry little mouth. Just then a couple of other hikers show up and Chloe motions them over to join in. She sucks both of their cocks in turn and then she’s on her back getting fucked in the fresh air. The other guy gets impatient while his buddy fucks my girlfriend and he kneels next to her face and starts fucking her mouth. They switch positions after a while and finally all three of us surround her and splooge on her face. from cuckboy4, by email: I sit and watch while Mistress Anderson puts her hair up and finishes her makeup. She dresses classy and her dress is low cut to show off her perfect cleavage. She pecks me on the cheek as she walks out the door. She returns a few hours later smelling of alcohol and with a young black man in tow. I go to fix them drinks and when I return she’s kneeling in front of him sucking his enormous cock. He takes her to the bedroom and I listen at the door, occasionally daring a quick peek at them making love. The sight of his muscly black buttocks rising and falling between her pale legs makes me cum. from Al, by email: Chloe squeals and breathes hard as the big black stud shoves another inch of his big black snake into her pussy. I stroke her hair and whisper ‘I love you’ in her ear reassuringly. Her pussy looks like it’s stretched to the limit but the stud takes his time. He works in and out slowly but forcefully until finally their groins meet. Chloe sighs and her chest flushes red as a massive orgasm shoots through her body. When her eyes refocus on me she smiles and I lean over and kiss her deeply while her stud starts pumping her strongly. Sweat pours off his body as he fucks Chloe and she cums another couple of times while I tweak her nipples and stroke her hair. Finally he pulls out and sprays his jizz all over Chloe’s pussy.

“I’m a little scared” 68 | INDECENT


“Is it true what they say?”



CHLOE ANDERSON Chloe’s husband was out of town and her friend Marcus came over to visit. Chloe had known Marcus for many years and she was always flirting with him. Marcus was always a gentleman, well dressed and polite. He didn’t seem to mind and he often flirted back. One of Chloe’s girlfriends had once dated Marcus and her reports about the size of Marcus’ cock had always intrigued Chloe. Chloe didn’t believe that a penis could be so big she couldn’t fit it all the way in. “I could never cheat on my husband,” thought Chloe as she sipped her wine and looked at Marcus sitting across the couch from her. Her eyes drifted towards his crotch and she looked up to see Marcus observing her. “What are you thinking?” he asked with a grin. “Nothing,” said Chloe but she knew she’d been busted. “It gets bigger around you,” said Marcus, “Maybe you’d like to take a look?” Chloe laughed it off but Marcus stood up and unzipped himself. He moved closer so he was right in front of her. Chloe reached in slowly, trying to call his bluff. As soon as she touched it she knew she was a goner. She pulled out his magnificent tool and marvelled at his size. It hardened in her hands. “Suck it, baby,” said Marcus and she obeyed.



They undressed quickly once Marcus was fully hard. Chloe spread her legs for him. She looked up at his hard body longingly. “I’ve always known I’d end up fucking you,” she said. “Please be gentle with me.” Marcus rubbed the massive black head of his penis against Chloe’s clit and she moaned as she felt her juices start to flow. She reached down to spread her tender pink pussy lips for him. Marcus pointed his cock at Chloe’s opening and paused. “Are you sure?” he asked and Chloe giggled. “Put it in me, stud. I want to get fucked by that big black cock!”



“I’ve thought about it. I think every girl has”

Marcus took his time, teasing her all the way until she was panting and begging for his cock. He pushed a few inches in then pulled almost all the way out. Chloe wrapped her long legs around him and held him tightly. “Give it to me!” she cried. “I’ve never felt this full! Oh God! I don’t want this to end!” Marcus grunted as he finally hit bottom. Chloe smiled proudly. “Baby that feels good,” he said. “I can’t believe you took it all.” Marcus started fucking his married friend, his heavy balls slapping heavily against her perfect ass. “Marcus,” moaned Chloe. “Oh don’t stop! That feels so good. C’mon, Marcus. Give it to me! Give it to me!”



Marcus took charge. He pulled out and flipped Chloe over onto her knees. She was so hot for him she spread her cheeks and he stabbed his weapon right in and started fucking her from behind. “Slap my ass,” cried Chloe. “Treat me like a cheap whore! I’m your slut!”


She thrust her hips up to meet his as he pounded into her again and again. She clung to him tightly, enjoying the feel of his muscles rippling as he gave her the fucking of her life.

Marcus chuckled as he slapped Chloe’s tight ass a couple of times. He pushed her down into the couch and slammed her pussy as hard as he could. He loved looking down at his big black cock penetrating her pale white flesh. He loved the contrast between their skin colors. “Are you going to cum?” asked Chloe finally. “Don’t cum in me okay? Tell me when you’re about to cum.” “Okay,” replied Marcus. “I’m gonna cum in your mouth, baby. Are you ready?”

“Oh yes!” she cried. “Give it to me! Cum in my mouth! I want to taste it!” Marcus pulled out and Chloe spun around. Marcus clambered up her and fucked her face for a few minutes. Marcus groaned and suddenly Chloe’s mouth was full of cum.

She pumped Marcus’ cock while trying to swallow as much as she could but some still overflowed and dripped down her chin.■



Once you go black…

Your fantasy here? Pick a model and tell us what you’d like to do to her.



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porters or doormen like I expected either, there were rich ones and ones in suits from New York or Chicago. MJ told me I was a redneck to worry about skin color but for me it was hard adjusting.


I did get to know one black guy, one of the other guys who worked at the parking garage with me, a big guy called Mandingo.

Mandingo told me his name was an African bank foreclosed on my uncle’s repair shop. Most of the farmers sold up and moved off the name but I was never really sure if he was I’ll be the first to admit I grew up a dumb bullshitting me. He was always laughing at me land so there was no work anywhere. redneck. Heck I’m still proud of the fact I was and making fun of my small town ways and born and raised in a small farming community MJ and I had just gotten married at that point Southern accent. and I figured we’d move to a nearby town in Georgia. What really annoyed me was that women where my cousins lived but MJ had other I dropped out of school after junior high so I flocked to Mandingo. He was well built and ideas. could work in my uncle’s repair shop. I fixed always smiling, but I was sickened that even She said she was bored with small town life trucks for honest farm folk during the week white women seemed to throw themselves at and she wanted to live in a big city. As a and I went hunting and fishing on weekends. him wherever he went. mechanic she reckoned I’d get work and she I remember the first time I met a black person. said she’d even wait tables again if she had to. We went to strip clubs sometimes and I swear I was seventeen when he came into my uncle’s he never had to pay for lap dances because shop with a broken fan belt. Well we sent him We didn’t have kids yet and we were still the strippers all seemed to know him. I guess young, so we moved to Las Vegas. packing and when he came back because no it worked out okay because the times I was one else in town would help him we charged We were both able to find work easily enough with him I sometimes got free lap dances too. him a hundred bucks for parts that cost ten. but what they don’t tell you about living in a big All the time we spent hanging around the city is that it’s expensive. MJ had to wait tables I’m not proud of that, I just tell you so you parking lot, Mandingo would tell me about all and I had to moonlight as a parking attendant know the way I was raised. the white women he fucked. He told me he just so we could put food on the table. could have a different one every night and they At the time I didn’t think nothing about it until I


He told me he could have a different one every night and they were all begging for his big black cock told my girlfriend Mary-Jo about it. MJ got mad at me, telling me I had to get with the times and treat all people with dignity.

Although I missed being able to go hunting or fishing, we did like the bright lights of Vegas life.

MJ always was the smartest girl in town. She finished high school and not only was she the head cheerleader but she also read stuff all the time.

MJ met several other girls her age with similar backgrounds and they enjoyed bar hopping and going out dancing most weekends.

MJ could have dated the quarterback if she’d wanted but she ended up with me. She lived on the farm next to ours and I guess you could say we were always childhood sweethearts. Well eventually the economy turned and the 82 | INDECENT

I discovered the girlie bars and I could spend hours watching the ladies taking their clothes off. MJ didn’t mind because she had her own friends and they were having fun too. The other new thing for me was that there were black folk everywhere. And not just

were all begging for his big black cock. He even showed it to me one night when we both went to the can. I was stunned because it wasn’t even hard but it was as big as my arm. I couldn’t imagine how a woman could even hold it let alone fit it inside her. There was no denying that women found Mandingo attractive. One night at work he got talking to one of the clients. She was a rich young housewife and when I got back from parking her Ferrari I found her still hanging around talking to Mandingo. INDECENT | 83

She handed him a piece of paper with her number on it and I noticed she was wearing a huge diamond engagement ring. “What are you doing?” I asked Mandingo as the young lady finally walked off. “That girl’s either engaged or married.” Mandingo was already grinning broadly but now he broke out into a laugh. I could never tell what he was laughing about. “Man,” he said. “Married women are even more desperate for black cock than single ones!” When I told MJ about it later she told me I shouldn’t judge him and that Vegas was full of all kinds of people and I should be more open minded. Now my wife has always been a well made woman and I always used to get excited watching her getting ready to go out. She was raised too good to dress slutty like many other women but she looks sexy as hell in a tight white T-shirt and tight designer jeans. I almost didn’t care that those jeans cost me two hundred bucks when I saw how snug they fitted around her sexy little butt.

stuck sitting next to each other for hours so there was no getting away from it. Mandingo “Where are you going, tonight?” I asked and told me how MJ’s girlfriend had cum so loud MJ said they were going to a nearby lounge for he had to cover her mouth to stop her waking a drink. up her old man. MJ’s girlfriends were good Southern girls like “Did you at least use a rubber?” I asked him MJ and I knew their husbands but they were all and this made him laugh even more. obviously flirting with Mandingo. I was going to “Man, I never use a rubber!” he hollered. “Hell say something but MJ shot me a look and I even if I could find one that fit, it’d bust open held my peace. when I came!” For his part, Mandingo looked at his watch This got me so mad I had to walk away to calm then he looked at me thoughtfully. down. I came back a little later to find “It’s almost closing time anyway,” he said. Mandingo talking to MJ and her girlfriend “You can handle yourself for a few hours on Peggy. MJ was standing close to Mandingo your own can’t you?” again and she and Peggy were both dressed Mandingo was always disappearing early to go like they were going out. on dates so I just nodded and waved to MJ as MJ looked a little surprised to see me but she the four of them walked off towards the bar. smiled when I walked up. I finished up a couple of hours later and went “I got off early again, honey,” she said. “We’re home to an empty apartment. gonna go to the same bar for a drink again, okay?” I heard MJ coming in some time in the early hours of the morning. I thought I heard voices “You’ll come out again, won’t you, Mandingo?” but I had to get up early to go to work at the said Peggy. wrecking yard so I rolled over and went back to I couldn’t look at Peggy knowing that she had sleep. been fucked by a black man just the night clear that she was with me.

I was surprised to see MJ standing quite close to him and touching his arm while he made some joke One night I was working at the parking lot and MJ was fast asleep in bed next to me when I got up the next day. She didn’t need to get up MJ got off early. She and her girlfriends decided to stop by and see me before heading till noon so I usually let her sleep. out to a bar. That night Mandingo had all kinds of stories to tell me about how he’d gone home with one of As usual I was parking the cars while the girls from the night before. He told me how Mandingo sat out the front and when I came he’d made out with two of them at the bar, back to the booth I saw Mandingo laughing and chatting with my wife and her two friends. and then they’d fought over who got to go home with him. I was surprised to see MJ standing quite close The one who’d won out was so hot for him she to him and touching his arm while he made went down on him in the cab and then he’d some joke. fucked her stupid on her couch while her I felt a sick feeling in my stomach but it husband slept in the next room. disappeared when MJ saw me and smiled. She That kind of talk made me sick but we were hugged me in front of Mandingo and it was 84 | INDECENT

before. I signaled to MJ that I had to stay at work. Mandingo just grinned and put his arm around both MJ and Peggy. “Let’s go, ladies,” he said to them and they giggled and walked off. I don’t remember hearing MJ coming in that night, but again she was fast asleep in bed next to me when I got up to go to work. That night was Friday night, my one night off, so I flopped on the couch when I got home at five and I was out like a light after a long week at work. INDECENT | 85

seemed real and I woke up a number of times MJ woke me up several hours later. She had just finished her shift and she was dressed to thinking they were right there in front of me. go out. She was wearing my favorite tight jeans I woke up early the next morning still on the and her big titties looked great in her top. couch. “Do you want to come out?” she asked me. I crept into the bedroom so as not to disturb “I’m meeting up with the girls and we’re going MJ but I needn’t have worried. She was fast dancing.” asleep. “Nah I’m tired,” I said. I lifted up the covers and noticed that my young wife was naked which was a little “You’re friend from the parking lot said he’d unusual. She must’ve come in late and gone come,” continued MJ. straight to bed. “He’s not my friend,” I grumbled. I slid in next to her and ran my hands up her MJ shot me the look but I protested, “It’s not body. She moaned sleepily but did not wake that he’s black, it’s that he’s always slacking up so I started stroking her breasts. off or hitting on customers.” “Hmmmm, that’s nice,” she murmured in her MJ seemed to perk up at that. sleep. “Hitting on customers?” Next I slipped my hands down between her “And worse that that he told me all about how legs and she moaned again. My cock was hard he fucked your friend Peggy at her house while and I started stroking it while searching for my wife’s clit. her husband was asleep in the next room.” MJ was already very wet so I slipped on a rubber and rolled on top of my wife. I slid into “Why don’t you go back to sleep, sweetheart?” her easily and she moaned as I nuzzled her she said. neck and started pumping in and out of her. As she was walking out the door she turned to Her pussy seemed different somehow, not as me and asked, “Do you mind that we’re tight, and a lot wetter than normal. hanging out with him?” MJ went pale for a second.

is my bed and you’re my wife!” Finally, over many tears and recriminations, the whole story came out. Mandingo had not been fucking Peggy, he’d been fucking MJ. It was MJ who had gone home with Mandingo that first night. MJ had gone down on him in the cab and then been fucked by him on our couch. Last night they’d come home and he’d fucked her several times in our bed before sneaking out in the early hours. I cast my mind back to how I’d felt back when I thought Mandingo had fucked Peggy and crazy waves of jealousy and anger flooded over me all over again. I was even madder when MJ admitted that she hadn’t used a condom with Mandingo. She told me that he wouldn’t wear one but she couldn’t control herself and she just had to fuck his big black cock. She also wasn’t willing to stop and she kept fucking Mandingo after that. They did it several nights a week and mostly in our bed while I sat outside and jerked off. Of course I had to hear about it from Mandingo at work the next night. MJ got pregnant soon after she started fucking

I lifted up the covers and noticed that my young wife was naked which was a little unusual She was watching me carefully so I sighed and She kept moaning and thrusting back at me and just as I started cumming she cried out. said, “I don’t like his kind, but I guess I gotta be open minded and keep up with the times.” “Oh Mandingo!” she cried and I froze. MJ seemed satisfied with that answer and just I was still inside her and my cock was spurting then her friends pulled up and she got in inside the rubber but my wife had just cried Peggy’s car. out another man’s name, and not just any man but the big black guy she knew I didn’t like. I went back to the couch and fell asleep in front of the TV. “Oh my God!” cried MJ when she opened her eyes and saw that it was me between her legs. I had terrible dreams all night, of MJ’s friend “What are you doing here?” Peggy sucking Mandingo’s big black monster cock in a cab and then him fucking her on “What am I doing here?” I yelled, furious. “This their couch. The moans of their lovemaking 86 | INDECENT

Mandingo and when the baby came it was as black as midnight but we’re raising it as our own. I thought it would stop after the baby came but Mandingo still fucks my wife whenever he wants and he never uses a rubber. It’s been real hard on me but in the bottom of my heart I know that I still love MJ and I think she still loves me. We’re living in a trailer outside Vegas now, and I still work two jobs to make ends meet. INDECENT | 87

Natasha was extremely nervous. So was I, but that was with sexual anticipation. The thought of Natasha with a black guy pumping his big cock into her was the most marvelous sexual feeling I had ever had, much more so than any fantasy could possibly match. Leroy invited us in and he was very polite and charming. We had a glass of wine and chatted. Picture supplied by author

UNPLANNED FANTASY MMMMF O Inter Cr My wife and I had often discussed swinging. Although she was very nervous about it, the idea of other men wanting her really turned her on. The idea of other men wanting her really turned me on as well. We placed an advert and got loads of replies from single men. The photo we had placed with the advert of Natasha semi naked was bound to attract a lot of men. The idea that all those men wanted her gave me a constant erection.

had my wife’s legs wrapped around his waist and he was giving her a good fucking but they were not alone. Another black guy was sucking on her tits and a third black guy was holding her hands above her head with one hand and his other hand was clamped on her mouth. It looked just like a gang rape. “We’re just acting out her rape fantasy,” said the guy who was holding her hands when he saw me enter. Then Leroy said, “Come over by the bed, you can see better.” As I approached I could see Natasha was really struggling to escape their grip.

I could see that Natasha was quite taken by him and when he asked if there “Are you sure this is her fantasy?” I asked was any possibility of some action tonight, nervously. Natasha piped up with, “Oh yes! No point in wasting time is there?” With that the guy removed his hand from her mouth. I had been about to say maybe tomorrow, to give Natasha and me a chance to discuss it “Oh God! Oh God! Oh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! but her obvious enthusiasm to be taken by this Aaaaaggghhh!” cried Natasha. very large black man was very exciting to me. “Would you mind if Natasha and I went into the bedroom on our own?” He asked. I was about to object when he continued, “Maybe just give us a ten minute start to get acquainted.”

Leroy started to moan as he pumped her full of his cum These sounds I knew well. They were the sounds she makes when having an orgasm. I knew then that she was OK and enjoying herself.

“I ain’t putting my dick into that sloppy mess! Get it cleaned up!” he barked. With that he pushed me forward and I fell onto the bed right between Natasha’s wide open legs. There it was right before me, almost touching my nose, wide open and oozing cum. I felt a hand on the back of my head as Natasha pulled me right into her loveliness. I didn’t hesitate. I started licking and sucking for all I was worth, swallowing every drop. I then felt myself being pulled out of the way as the guy got between her legs and started to fuck her. I watched him take his pleasure enviously. When he had finished and left us alone, I climbed in between Natasha’s legs and inserted my cock into her sloppy pussy. I fucked my wife’s loose cunt. Natasha opened her eyes and looked at me dreamily. She said, “Is this the way you wanted it, baby?” “It was much better than I ever imagined, my darling!” I admitted, “And you have obviously enjoyed yourself.”

“Mmmmm! It has been wonderful. I especially liked it when you were licking me,” she said. “I Just then Leroy started to moan as he pumped needed your tenderness after that rough her full of his cum. fucking I got. I’m not complaining, the fucking She said that it was his picture showing his What could I say to that but, “OK!” was wonderful as well. When the last man was He had hardly finished when the guy sucking muscles which attracted her. She never doing to me it was even better because your her tits almost shoved him out of the way in mentioned the fact that in his letter he said he Off they went. I sat there, then got up and his zeal to get his dick into Natasha. He didn’t licking had raised me up to almost getting paced, then sat again. I never once let go of had a nine inch cock. take long at all, he only needed a few strokes another orgasm, then that big cock pounding my cock. It was achingly hard. into me kept me cumming all the time he was and he was adding his cum to Leroy’s inside Anyway, she had made her choice so we wrote The seconds dragged and the minutes seemed my wife’s lovely cunt. doing it. It was the most wonderful feeling.” back to get better acquainted and make some to stand still. Eventually eight and a half arrangements to meet. “So you will be doing this again?” I asked. Then Leroy and the second guy got up and minutes had elapsed and I could take the went into the other room. He replied that he would like us to visit his waiting no longer. “You just try and stop me!” apartment for a social drink. If we hit it off, we I opened the bedroom door slowly not wanting I asked the third black guy, who was now Hearing her say those words was just too could take it further if we all agreed. standing at the side of the bed looking at to put them off then I stopped dead in my much. I couldn’t help myself and I started to Natasha’s sloppy dripping pussy, if he was We arrived at Leroy’s place at the appointed tracks. shoot my cum into her deliciously well fucked going to have a turn at fucking her. time. pussy. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Sure enough Leroy I selected a few I thought looked promising but Natasha said, “I think that would be a good Natasha had already made her choice, a black idea, darling. I would feel a bit inhibited if you guy named Leroy. were there at the beginning.”



HAPPY NEW YEAR MF O Inter Cr Like many men I’ve often fantasized about my hot young wife fucking other men and then coming home to me full of their cum. Sometimes it’s bordered on an obsession. I introduced this role play into our marriage a little over a year ago. I asked my wife of three years to be a little more slutty and to imagine she had sex with other men before she would make love to me. She wasn’t all that receptive to the idea at first. I rented a few hot wife type videos and although she’d watch them she would say things like, “You don’t really want me to fuck other men.” I assured her I did and that it really turned me on. I would often ask her to wear garter belts, stockings and stripper shoes (I bought her several pairs). Her dresses are short and when she sits just so, you can clearly see the tops of her stockings and the clasp of her garter belt. She knows this drives me crazy. She would also agree to apply her makeup heavier than normal when I asked her to.

told me that several men had hit on her and that she was getting some nasty looks from some of the women there.

a cock to fuck before me. I told her I wanted to feel her nice and loose and all stretched out.

She came home and she was very aggressive She was a little timid with it at first. The first telling me that she had fucked some guy in the night we had ‘Charles’ in bed with us I used it parking lot as I was eating her pussy through on her. As she reached her first orgasm with her panties (she knows I love to do that). her new toy, I whispered in her ear that she She came several times before she told me to should fuck Charles on a regular basis like a add my cum to what was left of his in her good slut. pussy. This was make believe but man did it After I put her in several positions with it and

She was totally slutty, begging for more black cock, telling me to lick her pussy A couple of times I sent her out to a local bar all dressed up like that to have a couple of drinks and then come home so we could pretend she had been out on a date.

drive me crazy just thinking about it!

Then we started to use this stuff called ‘liquid silk’ which is a very thick lubricant. She would spray a healthy does up in her pussy with a This was a huge hurdle since she was afraid turkey baster we have in our nightstand just she’d run into someone she knew and she is a for this purpose. I imagine it’s her lover’s cum bit on the shy side anyway. She eventually as I slide right in. gave in and did it. Things were going along nicely and about six She looked so hot and I would sit at home months ago I bought her a black dildo. waiting for my slut wife to come home to me. Although I didn’t tell her that I bought the black These outings only happened a couple of one because it thrilled me to imagine a big times but I was so thrilled. black cock in her pussy, I told her it was the only one that the store had and that I wanted One time she came home pretty loaded and to take our game to the next level, to give her 90 | INDECENT

brought her to three or four very intense orgasms, I added the liquid silk and had my turn. It was certainly different and an incredible turn on. I didn’t last long since I was so excited but I said some really trashy things to her, telling her she was a good slut for fucking that black cock and letting him cum in her. She didn’t say much but I could see something in her eyes. Over the next month or so I rented a couple of interracial videos. I told her I wanted to give her some fantasies and since her ‘lover’ Charles was black, I rented the interracial videos. I didn’t mention

how much I got off on the white chick/black dick thing. She seemed to really enjoy them and she asked me several questions about the men in the videos, whether I thought black men were that aggressive and if their cocks were really that big. I laughed and suggested she should find out. Sex those nights was incredible. She was totally slutty, begging for more black cock, telling me to lick her pussy. I also noticed that during the week she had watched the videos a couple of times while I was at work and a quick check in the hamper found several pairs of wet panties. It got me horny as hell knowing my sexy wife was sitting at home watching interracial porn and fucking herself with her black dildo. I could hardly concentrate at work. When I’d get home, several times she was an insatiable animal in the bedroom. Several times I walked in and the house would be completely quiet. I knew she was home because her car was in the drive but no noise could be heard. I’d walk up stairs to our bedroom and she’d be all dressed up in seamed stockings and heels, painted up and running Charles in and out of her wet pussy. INDECENT | 91

Once she pulled it from herself, told me to, “Come over here and clean me up,” and as I slid between her stockinged thighs, she started sucking that black cock.

I wanted to start fucking her right then and there but she pushed me away and said we should get ready for some food, fun and dancing.

She would say things to me like she was glad I was home to, “Clean up all the cum in my pussy,” and, “What a naughty girl she had been allowing those black men to fuck her and leave their cum in her.”

We went down to the party about seven.

I kept brushing up against her so I could feel the garter straps and the line of her thong on her ass. I’m sure she knew I was hard as a rock as I couldn’t seem to keep my hands off It would drive me out of my mind and I’d spend her. a long time licking her to orgasm after orgasm. Her heavy make up and perfume were Meanwhile, she was doing her best to swallow absolutely intoxicating and I felt like the as much of Charles’s cock as possible. luckiest man in the world. When she would cum she would scream. She We were both having fun, dancing and was obviously enjoying all this and so was I! meeting people. I kept up the ass grabbing and rubbing my cock against her whenever I Anyway, this past week was New Years Eve. We decided to get a little crazy and have some could. fun. I made reservations at one of the nicer The DJ did the countdown and we had our hotels in town where they were having a big

player. I also noticed his hand on my wife’s ass and I knew he could feel her sexy lingerie underneath her little black dress. After that song she came back alone and told me how charming he was and that he had paid her all kinds of compliments. She was just gushing. She told me that he tried to kiss her but she turned away. When he told her he didn’t want to start the New Year without a kiss, she said OK. She said that the little kiss turned into a full fledged tongue swap and he was an excellent kisser. She was watching me carefully and she asked if I was mad. I said no but that I was ready to go. She leaned across the table and said just loud

This very large black man came over and asked if he could dance with my wife bash. I rented a nice room for us as well planning to get a good buzz on and stay the night. I went past the room early in the day and dropped off some booze and champagne before we checked in about four.

champagne toast at midnight. I was ready to go back to the room when this very large black man came over and asked if he could dance with my wife. I told him we were about to leave but she said she wanted one more dance.

I took a quick shower, put on my suit and went I sat down at our table and watched my wife and the black man head out into the sea of down to the bar. My wife takes awhile to get people. A couple of songs went by and then a ready so I figured I’d go have a drink. slow number came on. I went back up to the room about an hour and a half later and what a sight! She was finishing No sign of my wife. her make up and she was already in her Another song came and went and there was lingerie for the night. still no sign of her. Just when I was about to get up and go look for her, I spotted them out She had on my favorites! Black thong, garter on the dance floor. belt and bra, seamed stockings and my favorite stripper shoes. She had her long It was a slow number and he was holding her blonde hair in big curls. She looked awesome tightly against him. She had her head on his and I told her so. shoulder but he was at least a foot bigger than She showed me her newly shaved pussy which her, even in her heels. I guessed he weighed about 220 and he was built like a football she never did but I always wanted. 92 | INDECENT

enough for me to hear that he apparently liked her sexy underwear since his fingers were busy tracing it while they were dancing. She said that she felt his cock getting bigger in his pants and that as she pressed into him, she knew it was big. She seemed like she was almost panting. I told her I was ready to go. She said OK but that she wanted to say goodbye to him. Next thing I know, she was out on the dance floor again with him. I saw them talking back and forth and occasionally, he’d look over at me with a big smile. They were swallowed up by the crowd again and I waited about another thirty minutes before she returned. This time she sat on my lap and I could tell the alcohol was having its effect. She whispered in my ear that while they were dancing, she couldn’t help but feel his cock INDECENT | 93

through his pants and she said she almost fainted. I laughed and said that she should feel my cock. She looked at me and said that I would need to feel my own cock. I looked at her and didn’t know what to say. She leaned real close to me and whispered in my ear that she wanted to fuck him. I was speechless. She whispered that she had already made plans to fuck him and that right now, he was on the way back up to his room to wait for her. She said that since I had wanted a little black cock slut that I was going to get exactly that this New Year’s. She told me not to wait up, kissed me and walked away. My head was spinning and I didn’t know if I should go and stop her but my heart was pounding and my cock was as hard as ever, just thinking about what was happening. I couldn’t stand up. I watched her walk out the door of the ballroom and didn’t say a word. It took about fifteen minutes for me to calm

With that, she swung her leg over my chest and climbed on top of me. Her panty covered pussy only inches from my face. She said, “Happy New Year, baby!” and slid forward as she pulled the thin fabric of her thong aside and planted her cum filled pussy on my mouth. My mind exploded as I heard her words, “Start eating.” I was going to gently lick her but she had other plans. She started grinding her hips on my face and my open mouth immediately received a very large amount of semen. She was babbling something and then I heard her say that she hoped I liked the way she tasted because she would be serving me her cum filled pussy a lot from now on. The night was a blur for the most part. I did get to fuck her and my cock was lost in that mess. She was so stretched out and wet that I doubt she felt me at all. As I was fucking her she was whispering in my ear that she loved his black cock and how she couldn’t wait to fuck him again.

He had fucked her twice and then she gave the best blowjob she could down so that I could stand, and then I walked back to our room alone. It was about two in the morning. I waited. The thoughts going through my head were driving me crazy. My heart was racing. I could smell her perfume. Her jeans and sweatshirt were on the chair and I thought about my innocent little wife who I had talked into this and now here it was.

She said he had fucked her twice and then she gave him the best blowjob she could but that his cock was too large to really suck. He basically jerked himself off into her mouth and she swallowed what she could. She had dried cum on her face, neck, bra and tits. She told me the next day that she couldn’t believe she had done it and she was sorry but once she felt his cock she just had to see what it was like. She wasn’t too sorry to get his number and make plans to go over and fuck him again this weekend.

I dozed off watching TV and I woke up around four thirty when I heard the door open. My wife She told me she’s never felt like that about sex walked in and without saying a word removed before and now she’s helpless. She will fuck him any time and any place he wants. her dress. She was a mess. She walked over to me in bed and said, “Your I couldn’t be happier! slut wife is home and I brought you a present.” 94 | INDECENT


And it did happen. I had explained to Amanda that I didn’t actually know many black guys, and the ones that I did know, I certainly didn’t We were lying in bed after a frantic sex session know well enough to ask that sort of question! in which I’d brought my wife to no fewer than But Amanda had already thought of that. three orgasms. As she lay back, breathing hard In fact I think she had been planning this for and toying idly with my semi erect penis, she quite some time. There was a black guy at her dropped the bombshell. office that she had been flirting with since he “You know, baby, you have a wonderful cock! started some six weeks previously. The only problem is, it’s white!” The man’s name was Marc and Amanda had I had my eyes closed and was reveling in the set everything up. He was coming over to our sensations that her long cool fingers were house on Friday night! producing on my shaft and balls. My eyes When Friday finally arrived, I think Amanda suddenly opened wide and I turned towards was even more nervous than I was. Marc her with an anguished look on my face. arrived promptly at seven and the first thing I “Cool it, baby!” she continued with a smile, “I noticed about him was that he was a little said that I was quite happy with your dick, but younger than me. He was also good looking you know me! I need more!” and, dressed simply in jeans and a tee shirt, he was able to display his obvious muscles “But we’re married!” I said, “Does this mean without being too overt. that you want to cheat on me?” but after our conversation a few months ago, I knew that she still craved more.

“It’s only cheating if I don’t tell you, isn’t it? And anyway, I want you involved!” “What do you mean?”

As Amanda led him by the hand into the lounge, her eyes were fixed firmly on the floor. It was clear that she was having a hard time

The comment had the desired effect and Marc turned and studied the form of my wife as she sat demurely. “She still looks good though, right?” I continued Marc’s mouth must have started to dry up then because he licked his lips and smiled. His voice was a little croaky as he spoke. “Oh yeah! She looks good. She looks sexy!” I wanted to move things on a little now that everyone was interested. “Why don’t you show Marc the underwear you selected today, honey?” I watched as Amanda looked up and smiled at her two admirers. There was a twinkle in her eye and I knew that I had said the right thing. Slowly she stood and allowed the light dress to slip from her shoulders. Her skin looked light and smooth in the light of the lounge room and I could see her fingers trembling as she undid the last button on the dress and stepped out

Amanda looked at me and smiled. “I think two men might be just what I need!” BET ON BLACK MMF O A M Inter Impr Like most other ideas of that nature, my wife, Amanda’s fantasy should have stayed just that: a fantasy. It should never have resulted in me waiting here for her to return from the doctor’s surgery.

I had to think for a moment before it dawned on me that she wanted me and another man a black man - to do her at the same time. Suddenly my cock became almost instantly erect. “Mmmm...I see you quite like the idea!” Amanda cooed as she ran her fingernails along my shaft.

“I guess Amanda looks a little different out of her business suits?” looking me in the eye. I took it upon myself to try to settle things and got up to introduce myself. Marc seemed like a friendly sort of guy and he and I were soon sipping scotch together and talking quite openly.

of the garment. I took a sideways glance at Marc. His eyes were glued to my wife’s body as she stood in her underwear, her long blonde hair falling in a cascade around her bare shoulders.

“She might have looked good in the dress,” Amanda was sitting by herself on the sofa and Marc joked in a whispered voice, “But she I thought it was about time that I tried to bring looks much better out of it!” I couldn’t deny my feelings. The thought of another man thrusting his cock into my wife’s the conversation around to her, the purpose of The ice seemed to be well and truly broken Marc’s visit. pussy had me throbbing to full attention. now and I wanted to move the proceedings on to the next level. My cock was already hard She was dressed in a sexy black dress. She I sighed deeply as I felt Amanda slip her warm, and ached in my jeans as I stood and walked wore black stockings and heels and I knew wet mouth over my tool and take me deep into You see, Amanda is a slut. Actually, it’s more that the only underwear that she had on was a over to the sofa. her throat. I knew as well as she did that I than that, she never seems to be able to get could deny her nothing. If she wanted to have pair of black lace panties and matching bra. I sat next to my wife and slipped my arm enough hot cock and the bigger the better. I sex with me and another man at the same around her waist. I pulled her close and our “I guess Amanda looks a little different out of had always thought that my size, at nine lips met in a hot, wet embrace. I could feel her business suits?” I asked Marc casually. inches, would have been enough to satisfy her, time, then it was going to happen! Some women marry for love, others for money But Amanda is different. Amanda is very different. I have never been wealthy, never been wonderfully good looking; the reason for Amanda and I being together, frankly, is the size of my endowment!



Amanda’s tongue probing urgently into my mouth and knew that she was probably feeling hotter now than she ever had. My hand moved down to cup her breast and, even though my fingers were on the outside of her bra, I could feel the hard point of her nipple digging into my palm. The kiss ended breathlessly and I turned to see Marc rubbing an obvious bulge in the front of his jeans. “Why don’t you join us?” I asked him with a casual smile. Marc’s face immediately broke into a wide grin and he was sitting on the other side of my wife in a flash. As Marc and Amanda’s lips met, he slipped my hand behind her and unhooked her bra. The underwear slipped easily over her shoulders and arms and he tossed the discarded item of clothing on to the floor to join her dress. I could now see that both of my wife’s nipples were already hard and swollen. I rubbed my own crotch through my jeans as I saw Marc’s big black hand cup her breasts and squeeze gently. The contrast between her lily white skin and his dark, masculine flesh was stark and turned me on even more.

The excited expression on my wife’s face I used the opportunity while they were kissing and fondling to remove the rest of my clothes. Marc and Amanda’s embrace concluded just as breathlessly as hers and mine had and as Marc looked at me he seemed a little surprised that I was sitting there naked and stroking my hard cock. “Guess I’m a little overdressed!” He smiled. I nodded to him and noted the excited expression on my wife’s face. She clearly couldn’t wait for Marc to get out of his clothes. Marc stripped quickly but still managed to make it look sexy. He peeled his shirt off over his head and both Amanda and I saw his lean, muscled arms ripple. His stomach was flat and 98| INDECENT

tight and as he tugged down his shorts I gasped at his size. As I’ve mentioned, I’m not exactly small myself, but Marc put me to shame. His hand grasped his shaft and slipped back the foreskin to expose a dark purple head. The whole thing must have been twelve inches in length and thicker than Amanda’s wrist. I wasn’t the only one interested in Marc’s cock. As soon as Amanda got over the shock of his size she quickly reached over and stuffed his cock head in between her soft lips. Amanda is a great cocksucker and as she began to give Marc a deep, slow blowjob, she grasped my throbbing shaft and started to stroke up and down my length with her light, cool fingers. I gasped again as she tickled the underside of my balls and marveled at the way her mouth opened to swallow our new friend’s hot cock. Marc was starting to breathe quite hard now. His hips bucked and bounced a little and he forced just a little more of his meat into my wife’s eager mouth. It was such a turn on to see his dark erection slip wetly between her soft, pink lips. I quietly wondered why we had never tried this before.

Her hand began to stroke him Amanda seemed a little concerned that Marc was getting too excited. I knew her well. She would have loved to swallow a mouthful of cum, but there was no way that she wanted him to unload just yet. Keeping her hand cupped gently under his balls, she leaned back slowly and allowed his cock to slip out of her mouth. Her hand began to stroke him and, before I really knew what was happening, she had pulled my own member towards her and she was locking her sweet lips around my cock head The sensations were quite amazing as they always are when Amanda gives me head. She has the ability to open her mouth and throat INDECENT | 99

and, while not exactly deep throating me, taking me so deep into her mouth that I feel like exploding on the spot! I could only guess at the feelings that were going through Marc while she was sucking him, but now I was able to experience them for myself. Amanda continued to alternate between our two cocks for another five or ten minutes. While she was sucking one she would be fondling and stroking the other to ensure that our cocks stayed hard, not that there was much danger of losing our erections! There was a lot of groaning and grunting coming from Marc and me, but it was Marc who thought of Amanda first. “Ohhh...hold on, baby! You’re gonna make me cum too soon!” he said, “And I haven’t even seen your cute little pussy yet!” This interrupted the proceedings at just the right point. If we had continued like this for much longer, I would also have unloaded in either my wife’s mouth or in her hand!

“You got one sexy little wife there, man!” “We can soon rectify that!” I cried with a laugh. Both Marc and I didn’t even stop to get our breath. Two pairs of hands held Amanda’s nearly naked body and stretched her out on the sofa. Marc leaned back for a moment as if admiring her curves and I saw my wife blush crimson. “You got one sexy little wife there, man!” he drawled. I smiled and nodded to him. Marc read my mind perfectly. His hands stroked gently up and down Amanda’s legs and hooked into the waistband of her black lace panties. Amanda lifted her ass from the sofa with a giggle and allowed the dark skinned hands to peel the flimsy garment off. Again Marc sat back and looked. 100| INDECENT

Amanda’s legs were spread like a bitch in heat and her breathing had become fast and shallow. Marc bent lower, his head between her thighs. She gasped as his lips touched her smooth mound and his tongue gently parted her moist sex lips. I looked on with a solid, throbbing erection as our black friend began to eat Amanda’s wet pussy. He slurped and swallowed as her juices began to flow and my wife raised her hips up to try to increase the contact with her clit. Marc took the hint and started to lash feverishly at the hard nub while my own fingers played with her nipples. I could hear her becoming more excited; the moans increasing in pitch. Her legs trembled and her back arched. I watched her toes curl as she climaxed, her whole body lifting up from the sofa as Marc’s hands supported her bottom and his pink tongue darted in and out of her twitching vagina. “Why don’t you give her what she really wants now Marc?” I said.

Marc’s cock would be the first to enter This was where I had to take a bit of a back seat. Amanda and I had both agreed that Marc’s cock would be the first to enter her pussy that evening. That time had now arrived. From Marc’s kneeling position it was relatively simple for him to just raise himself up a little and place his still hard cock at the entrance to my wife’s cunt. Amanda moaned a little as she felt the head slide over her clit and she moved herself into a better position; spreading her trembling legs as wide as she could. I supported her head so that she could see what Marc was doing and this position also gave me a perfect view of the proceedings. Very slowly, Marc began to ease his monster up between my wife’s sex lips. Inch by inch the INDECENT | 101

black meat began to disappear into her body and with each of his small movements, Amanda gasped in a breath. The whole process took nearly five minutes to complete. Marc was clearly used to having to take his time. His movements were slow but firm as he continued to feed his cock into my wife. When he eventually managed to slide the last two inches in he held still for a few more moments to allow Amanda to become accustomed to the extra size but it obvious she was in no mood to wait.

he was slamming his tool back and forth at a rapid pace. Amanda hardly seemed able to breathe. It was clear that she could feel every inch of her lover’s cock as it speared her hole and widened her with every stroke. After ten more minuets of constant thrusting, and almost continuous orgasms from Amanda, I could see that Marc was getting ready to cum. My wife could sense the swelling of his cock as well, because she immediately begged him to pull out so that she could swallow his cum. Marc seemed more than pleased with this idea and held his cock poised above Amanda’s face. His dark fingers wove between the tresses of her blonde hair and he pulled her head back until she was facing up at him. I watched him as his eyes screwed tightly shut and he placed the head of his cock onto her tongue. As soon as they made contact he started to cum. Amanda opened her mouth and began to swallow as the sticky white fluid began to pump out. It seemed to go on for ever, jet after jet of thick cream that coated her tongue, filled her mouth and began to ooze from the corners of her lips, dripping onto her upturned breasts. We didn’t stop there. The evening turned into night and Marc ended up sharing our bed. Amanda was vigorously fucked by both of us several more times that night.

“Do it!” She gasped. “Please do it now! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

She took cock in her pussy, between her tits and between her feet. At one point we had her in a sandwich with her facing Marc, his big black cock pumping more cum into her pussy while I was behind her and unloading into her tight ass. We treated her like a slut and she behaved like one, enjoying every minute.

But now, here’s the problem. Amanda is back from her visit to the doctor’s surgery. You Marc started to slide his cock in and out of guessed it – she’s pregnant! We traced the Amanda’s wet cunt. He continued slowly at conception night back to our threesome with first but, after a few more gasped pleadings Marc. But whose baby will it be? Do I bet on from her, he began to increase his rhythm until black or white? 102| INDECENT

“What the fuck are you lookin’ at, white boy?”


WIFE’S BLACK STUD MF O Inter Voy Impr It all started when my black friend Shawn came over to watch the game. My wife Sophie was supposed to be out with a friend of hers but she was having problems with her boyfriend and Sophie came home early. Shawn and I had been drinking all afternoon and when my wife came home she wanted to catch up to us so she started taking shots.

down in between us and started to watch the game. Her skirt had ridden up her legs so much that I caught Shawn looking at her milky white thighs and trying to get a better look down her top. At the commercial Shawn went to the bathroom and I told Sophie that he had been checking her out and that she ought to fix her skirt. I also told her all about Shawn back in those college years and how he had a nine inch dick.

Sophie was wearing a skimpy top and short skirt that made her 115 pound 5’8” body look To my surprise Sophie took off her bra with a incredible. She has longish blonde hair and an devilish look on her face and put it under the ass that won’t quit. I remember telling her that her tits looked great in that top. After she pounded down her fifth shot she went to the bathroom. Shawn commented that my wife’s tits were looking real nice and that he was getting horny. In college Shawn and I shared a room and I remember what a ladies man he was. He would bring a different hot sorority girl to our room each weekend and I’d wait outside listening to him fucking her. He almost never dated black girls and he never used condoms. He said he liked seeing his black seed making white girls pregnant all over campus. He always bragged about that kind of stuff. Anyways my wife finally came back and sat 104| INDECENT

wife’s skirt. He was fingering her in my living room! They couldn’t see me in the shadows, so I decided to see how far she would let him go with her.

Then I saw Shawn take my wife gently by the back of her head and lower her face all the way down on his thick dick. She couldn’t take that whole thing down her throat, but I could see that she was trying.

I yelled out into the living room that I was going Sophie blew him for about five more minutes to make a beer run and slammed the door. like that, her head bobbing up and down, up Then I crept back to the pass through counter and down, and Shawn moaning with pleasure. area and watched. I never saw a person ooze that much precum Shawn was really doing a number on Sophie before. It was hanging from her lips when with his fingers between her legs. I could hear she’d pull off for a moment, like crystal clear his fingers popping her, and she was making strings from her pink lips to his thick black little moaning noises. That’s when she bent cock. over and put her hand on his dick.

Then I saw Shawn take my wife gently by the back of her head and lower her face all the way down on his thick dick cushion. She said, “Let’s give him something to really look at!” I’d never heard her talk like that before. It took me months to get into her pants when we were dating and here she was with her bra off so my buddy Shawn could get a better look. Shawn came back into the room and sat down, just a little closer to her this time, almost like he knew what we’d been talking about. That’s when I went to get more beer from that kitchen. I came back to see Shawn’s hand up under my

I hadn’t noticed that Sophie had unzipped him, Then finally Shawn got up and laid her down but I was in no doubt what she was doing to on the couch. him as I watched her head bob up and down I heard him say that they didn’t have much over his lap. time, that I’d be back soon. I heard Shawn say, “I knew you wanted me as I watched as he raised her skirt and peeled off soon as you walked in the room. I saw you her panties. checking out the bulge in my pants.” Sophie said, “No wait. I can’t do this. I just Sophie said, “Yeah I couldn’t take my eyes off wanted to fool around but this is too much I it,” and she started to unbutton his pants even can’t fuck you Shawn.” more and began to lick the precum off his dick. Shawn said, “You can, and you’re going to,” as he put his monster dick up to her wet swollen It was an unbelievable sight to see. My pretty pussy hole. little blonde wife sucking on my friend’s big black dick! As he thrust into her my heart sank. I knew INDECENT | 105

what the bastard was thinking. He’d just scored with yet another hot white chick.

the bathroom. I noticed that she walked like she had been riding a horse all day.

I was rock hard knowing my wife’s pussy would I snuck out the back door and then came in never be the same again. Shawn was the front like nothing had happened. stretching her pussy until Sophie had tears in Shawn was taking off and he said, “Hey man I her eyes. have to go. But let’s do this again soon.” Once he was in all the way he just started Sophie was in the shower. I heard the water banging her. being turned off and I headed for the Her body was being slammed up and down on bedroom. I tried to get some ass but she said his member so hard her top fell down past her


I had to admit that I was enjoying the whole thing. wonderful tits.

she was too tired.

Shawn kept thrusting into my wife and now he started to suck her plump white tits, putting big red hickys on them.

Over the next month I followed her and saw her car parked at a local motel several times. I waited until I saw them both leaving the room so I knew they were still fucking.

I had to admit that I was enjoying the whole thing. I could see slickness oozing out between One night I passed by the room where I’d seen his pumping dick and Sophie’s hole. Sophie them go in and I could hear her screaming at was acting like a wonton whore fucking him the top of her lungs. back like crazy. She was calling him her big black stud. As Shawn came in my wife’s fertile womb she Nowadays when I do get a shot at her pussy threw her head back and yelled, “Oh god! it’s so loose from her black stud lover that she You’re cumming! I can feel you!” doesn’t get off on my dick. He hammered her for five or six more strokes Last month I heard her on the phone talking to then he collapsed on top of Sophie, spent. Shawn, she was telling him that she was After laying there trying to catch their breath, pregnant and that she hoped it was his. I Sophie finally got up to go clean herself up in guess we’ll see whose it is in time.



drink. pool were sporting really incredible bulges, which at one point drew a remark from Monica I got up to get another round and to get a to the effect that the myths about black men better look at our amorous couple. Mon was were surely true. right, the guy was big. The redhead had her right hand curled around his shaft and she I thought little of that remark at the time. was pumping away. That night we decided to go clubbing. We had Ordering a drink, I returned to see a tall black gone to a couple of places and had a few drinks. Feeling buzzed, Monica asked the taxi man talking to Monica. He offered his hand and Monica took it, following him on to the driver to take us to a local’s hangout. dance floor. Monica was wearing a short little pink sundress that showed off her great figure and They danced one fast, then a slow number. During the second dance I could tell he was ample cleavage. The driver, who took every opportunity to check Monica out, suggested a holding Monica close to his body. The man was about 6’5” and he seemed to tower over small club. Monica by a foot maybe more. “I’m sure you will like the place miss, not sure GOING NATIVE MF O Inter Voy Impr I’m not the jealous type and I really thought about the mister,” he said with a wink and a Our vacation last year started like every other. nothing of it. In fact, I’ve seen lots of guys hit smile that exposed a gold tooth. My wife Monica and I had decided on a on Monica and if anything I have always found Monica was high, and said she felt Jamaican holiday. Married for two years, we it strangely exciting. adventuresome, so we agreed to go to the were looking for some kind of adventure. When Monica returned to the table I jokingly place. Sex between us was pretty straight, that is, no asked if her new friend was as big as our The bar was small and dark. We ordered swinging. Monica recently turned us on to xfriends in the next both. rated movies to spice things up. In fact it was a drinks and as our eyes adjusted to the light it movie we had recently seen that had given us became apparent that I was the only white guy “Believe it or not he may be bigger,” she said. the Jamaican vacation idea. Looking back, I remember how turned on Monica got during an interracial scene. We actually watched that movie twice and the sex was torrid.


We made small talk for a while and during that time James did little to hide his attraction to Monica. As I said, my wife is a stunner, and James never took his eyes of her. Monica at the same time appeared mesmerized by him. She was staring at him, totally enthralled with his every word. After a couple more shooters, he asked Monica to dance again. I could tell Monica was tipsy from all the drinks. As James led her by the hand out to the dance floor, she swayed from the liquor. Monica can be quite provocative when she has a little to drink and James was quick to take advantage. The first song was a fast number and by the time the song was over James had pulled Monica close to him. James had his leg pushed up against Monica’s cunt and he was grinding away to the beat of the music. I knew Monica was getting turned on by the way she opened her legs as they

She could feel his cock up against her … it was very hard and very large

in the place. On the other hand there were Our first day in Jamaica, we lay out by the pool, several white women in the club who had hooked up with locals. Monica had on a small bikini that really accentuated her great figure. Monica is I later found out it was a place tourist women 5’11”and about 130 pounds. She has long went to go native. curly blonde hair and an athletic body. Monica’s breasts are natural and more than a In fact, right next to us in a booth was a young petite redhead, who was getting mauled by a handful, with pink pointy nipples. Rastafarian. Based on the way she was kissing Monica found the resort on the internet and I him and grabbing him, she was loving every went along thinking one place was as good as minute of it. another. The place turned out to be a little run Mon was facing their direction and was getting down, but it very inexpensive and big with quite a show. Europeans. While lying out in the sun we noticed that a number of single white women had taken up with the local men. Several of the men by the

big smile asked if he could sit down. Monica practically insisted that he join us.

“Honey I think she’s going to fuck him right here. She just unzipped him and, oh my God he’s huge,” Monica said, gulping down her

Monica then proceeded to tell me that she could feel his cock up against her and that it was very hard and very large. My wife seemed animated as she described her dance with the tall black man. I was about to ask her if he had turned her on when the waiter walked up with a couple of shooters. My wife’s new friend had just bought us a round. Monica lifted her glass to him and swallowed the shot.

danced. I probably should have stopped them, but I was excited by what I was witnessing. During the next slow dance Monica’s eyes were closed as she rested her head on his chest. I was starting to get a little alarmed as James let his hands drop to her butt. I expected Monica to stop him, but if anything she seemed to pull him closer. I could see that James was saying something to Monica, as he would, from time to time, nuzzle her ear.

A few minutes later our friend walked up with a When the dance ended I lost the two of them in the crowd. The last I saw of Monica was couple more shooters. James leading her away from our table, “Since you enjoyed the last ones, I thought why towards the other end of the club. not a couple more,” he said in a deep voice. After five minutes I decided to look for them. He introduced himself as James, and with a INDECENT | 109

There was a dark hallway at the back corner of It was the voice I recognized first. the lounge. “Oh God, you feel so good,” the woman I entered the hallway and as my eyes adjusted moaned out loud. to the dark I could make out a couple leaning I did a double take as I realized the voice against the wall. The black man had his back belonged to Monica. to me and his shoulders prevented me from seeing the woman’s face. “Oh fuck that feels so good, fuck me with your big cock,” she exclaimed. I could tell she was white because I could see her tanned shoulder and part of her breast. I had never heard Monica talk like this before. The top half of the woman’s dress had been James lifted Mon off the ground easily all the pulled down around her waist. while pumping his cock in and out of her. The black man was leaning over the woman Monica’s moaning increased, announcing her and he was sucking and biting the woman’s first orgasm. left tit. The woman meanwhile was working on his pants in a frenzied manner. The man’s hand slipped between the woman’s legs and I saw him tear her flimsy panties off, discarding them to the floor. Then the man crouched down and the woman lifted her left leg high in the air as the man dipped and moved his body up. I realized they were about to fuck right there. The thought never entered my mind that the white woman was my wife. This woman was wild with lust. My dick was very hard as I watched the man lift the woman effortlessly off the ground. In the dim light it was difficult to see how large the guy’s cock was, but there was no mistaking the pleasure it gave the woman as he entered her. 110| INDECENT

James’s movements began to quicken as he came closer to cumming. “You like black cock don’t you, girl, tell me,” James commanded. “Yes, yes cum in me! Fuck me! Ooh you are so fuckin’ good,” Monica slurred as she came once more. Suddenly, James bellowed and he slammed Monica against the wall as he impaled her on his cock. His pace quickened still, as he shot his hot cum deep into her cunt. I wondered for the first time if they had used protection. I knew it was too late to change

James moved with powerful strokes as fucked Monica James moved with powerful strokes as he fucked Monica, bringing her to an incredible orgasm. Every now and then he would stop, almost teasing Monica to ask for more. “Don’t stop, please, it feels so good,” she would say.

things now, as I watched James repeatedly pump my wife full of his black seed. My mind reeled with what I had just witnessed. Confused, I hurriedly went to the men’s room were I cleaned the mess I had made of my trousers.

The scene was so erotic that suddenly I felt my When I returned to the table, James was cock start to spurt. I tried to keep myself from sitting there with a sly smile on his face. cumming by grabbing my dick, but I still came. “Monica is in the ladies room, freshening up. We went outside for some air, you don’t mind, Meanwhile Monica was already cumming do you?” James said, more of a statement again. than a question. She kept repeating, “Oh don’t stop! Fuck me! I mumbled that it was okay, and for the first Keep fucking me! Oh your cock is so good!”

time I was a little frightened by his demeanor. When Monica returned to the table she was quite drunk and she told me she wanted to go back to the room. We said goodnight to James and grabbed a taxi. In the car Monica passed out and I literally had to carry her back to the room. Laying Monica on the bed I began removing her dress. Her panties were gone and the lips of her cunt were swollen. A large amount of cum was still oozing out and drying on the insides of her thighs. Monica’s left breast had a large bite mark near her nipple, which was also swollen and extended. Monica and I had been trying to have a child for the last two years. Now I couldn’t help wondering if James had given her his child. I felt a strange mixture of rage and excitement as I placed my finger on Monica’s cunt lips. The light golden hair of her neatly trimmed bush was matted with dried cum. Monica’s pussy was sopping wet as my finger penetrated her inner folds. Monica stirred and turned over as I withdrew my finger. My finger was coated with thick stringy cum. Just then I wanted Monica more than ever. Spooning up behind her, I easily slid my dick into her hot cunt. Monica started to protest, mumbling she was tired, but I was too hot to INDECENT | 111

stop. I was buried to the hilt on my first stroke. Her pussy was so wet and loose I couldn’t believe it. The vision of her fucking James in the hallway filled my mind, causing me to cum in just two or three thrusts. I came very hard mixing my sperm with that of James. Monica immediately turned away from me, forcing my dick to slip out of her pussy. I went to clean my cum covered dick, and returning, found Mon sound asleep.

heading back in the direction of the room. She had gotten about half way when James got up and followed. I was confused and I didn’t know what to think when suddenly I heard the key turning in the lock, so I decided to hide out in the closet. Monica entered the room and went into the restroom. Moments later there was a knock on the door. Mon asked who was at the door and James answered.

The next morning, I awoke to find Monica fresh “I told you what happened last night can never happen again. I was drunk and you took out of the shower, in her bikini. advantage of me,” Monica said through the “I’m going down to the pool to get a Bloody door. Mary, my head is pounding. Please don’t let “Open the door,” James commanded. me drink like that again. I got so drunk last night I fell against the bathroom sink bruising Monica cracked the door and James pushed my boob. Look,” Monica said, showing me the his way in. dark purple hickey James had given her. “Don’t give me that shit girl, last night you Monica didn’t mention our having sex and I couldn’t get enough Jamaican cock. You know realized much to my chagrin that she didn’t and I know that now that you’ve had a taste of

the string to her top. Breaking the kiss, Monica said, “I can’t do this. I could get pregnant.” “It’s a little late for that girl after last night, but if you want me to pull out, I will. Now take that bathing suit off, so I can take care of you good.” “This is crazy, I mean,” but before Mon could finish her sentence, James pushed her down on the bed. Throwing her top to the floor, James kissed his way down to Monica’s nipple and began licking and sucking in earnest. Monica’s pink nipples thickened and grew from the attention James was giving them. Monica loves to have her nipples sucked and any pretext of resistance was soon gone. Her hands went to his bald head, as he sucked her nipple to full extension. At the same time he worked her bathing suit bottoms down to her knees. Monica then

“I’m married! My husband could be back at any time. Please don’t!” remember. I reminded Mon that I had set up a golf lesson for the remainder of the morning and most of the afternoon.

this cock, all you can think about is when you’re going to get it again,” James said, all the while moving closer to Monica.

kicked them off, signaling to James that his conquest was complete.

James probed her pussy lips with his large fingers. As his fingers dipped in and out of her “I’m married! My husband could be back at any time. Please don’t,” Monica started to say, pussy, I could see they were wet with Monica’s moisture. when James took her in his arms and kissed her. Monica started groping at James’s cock. At first Monica’s arms were hanging limp by I still hadn’t decided how I would broach the “You’re so big I’m amazed I took it all last her sides, but James was not to be denied. subject of Monica’s indiscretion with James night,” Monica said her breathing becoming Holding her tight, his thick lips smothered her when I received my next surprise. more rapid. mouth and when she tried to speak James There, sitting in a lounge chair next to Mon worked his tongue into her mouth. I knew she was rapidly approaching orgasm, was James. James had removed his shirt and as was I. even from the window I could see his lean, well Monica brought her hands up against his chest in protest. Then as the smoldering kiss muscled body. His skin was blue black in the Monica’s body shuddered with an orgasm as continued, I saw Monica’s hands begin sun. she came all over James’s hand. caressing the coal black arms of her lover. I could tell Monica looked a little distressed. “Oh God! I’m cumming so hard,” she moaned James moved his hand up her back and untied as she bit down on James shoulder. I saw Monica gather her things and start Monica gave me a kiss and left for the pool. I lay around for a while showered and walked over to the window, which looked out onto the pool area.



Monica was rocked with yet another orgasm as his cock deep into Mon’s pussy. I watched. To say I had placed myself in a Then he groaned like a bull as he sent his Monica quickly untied his shorts. For the first difficult position would be an under statement. seed flooding into Mon’s pussy. Monica’s eyes time I saw his cock. I have always though of seem to glaze over as he continued pumping Now that I was over the initial excitement of myself as being average about 5 to 6 inches his cum into her. watching these two, my thoughts turned to and about 2 inches thick. more serious matters. “OHHH yes! That’s it, cum in me! Cum in me! I James was a good 9 inches long and at least 3 inches thick. Monica’s hand could barely wrap Was my wife falling for this guy? Was he about can feel it!” Mon cried out. to impregnate her? I probably could have around the base of his cock as she lovingly Rivulets of his cum began appearing around stopped both these things from happening, caressed him. the base of James’s cock as his stroke slowed. had it not been for the fact that I was standing The pulsing jets of hot cum sent Monica into a Monica’s nipples were rock hard and her in the closet in my cum stained underwear. mind numbing orgasm that left her body pussy was making sucking sounds as James convulsing in pleasure. I watched helplessly as James began sliding worked two fingers in and out of her. his big cock into my wife. Inch by inch he Finally James collapsed on Monica but he “Last night was like a dream. I mean I knew pumped it into Monica. Monica was completely didn’t roll off. Holding Monica tight, he rolled you were big, but I just thought it was my enthralled as she watched him work that black over on his back, holding Monica in place. imagination. Now laying here with you I can’t cock into her pussy. believe this is actually happening,” Monica They lay there for some time, Monica on top, “You are incredible. It feels so good,” Mon kept moaned in resignation. “I want you so bad, I with James’ semi hard cock embedded in her repeating. just can’t help myself.” cum soaked pussy. Monica began covering James’ face and neck with kisses, all the while My jealousy was forming a huge knot in my Smiling, James rolled on top of Monica and “Undo my pants,” James said.

She wrapped her legs around his hips and came again, very hard. with one hand placed the head of his cock against the folds of Monica’s swollen cunt.

stomach. Monica had never said these things to me.

telling him how good he was, and how great she felt.

As James rammed his cock deep into Monica’s After about five minutes, Monica tried to get cunt she wrapped her legs around his hips and up, but James insisted that she stay on top of him. He told her he wasn’t finished, that he came again, very hard. wanted to make love to her again. James had worked his entire cock into my wife’s cunt and she was more than enjoying it, Monica said she could feel his cock still pulsing from time to time as his sperm shot she seemed crazed. Monica’s pussy lips deep into her hot pussy. James said that he seemed to cling to James’s cock with every wanted to make sure that she stayed wet and stroke. I too could no longer hold back and I came. he didn’t want any of his cum to leak out. As Monica came down she was rapidly getting James began picking up the pace and the sound of his balls slapping up against her ass “Do you want me wet or pregnant?” Monica frustrated. moaned in frustration. “I can’t believe I let you was quite audible, even from the closet. “Please James don’t tease me,” she begged, cum in me a second time. What if I’m “Yes! Oh yes! It’s so good! Don’t stop!” Monica as James rubbed more vigorously. pregnant? How will I explain a black baby to started repeating. my husband?” “I though you were afraid of getting pregnant?” Suddenly I watched James tense and I realized said James, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “Sorry girl, but it felt too good to pull out,” he was about to cum. Monica seemed to be answered James. “Now admit it, you love “Just pull out before you cum,” begged saying cum in me and James was there to having this black cock fill you up with cum. Monica. “Now please fuck me with your big oblige. Instead of pulling out, James plunged Besides it’s too late to worry about getting cock.” Then he started rubbing it up and down her slit. The effect on Monica was devastating. Monica was looking down between her legs at what James was doing. I’m not sure if it was the contrast of their skins or just the massive tool James was rubbing on her clit but she was rocked by an incredible orgasm.



After about twenty minutes, James, smiling up at Monica, told her he was about to cum. I could tell James was supremely confident that Monica wouldn’t stop.

that they were all quite nude. Monica never hesitated, taking her clothes off as soon as she lay down her towel.

Monica was crouched over him, sucking his big cock. I was too far away to see well so I left, returning an hour later.

Walking up the beach I was surprised to I guess the shock registered on my face, almost catch them fucking again. James rolled because Monica said, “I thought you knew this off Monica, when I was less than fifty yards was a nude beach. After all you said you This time it was Monica who told him to cum. away. wanted to go to one.” “Fuck me! I want to feel your cock cum in me,” Walking up, I could tell they were nervous, but Monica exclaimed as she too began cumming Of course Monica was right, we had talked I didn’t say anything to them. about it before we arrived at the island. I just again. thought it would be the two of us and not with I caught a glimpse of Monica’s cunt as she “You want me to cum in you,” James taunted. turned over on her stomach and I saw a large some guy who had just fucked the hell out of glob of cum dripping down her slit. her and cum in her unprotected pussy. “Yes! Please cum in me!” Monica kept repeating. On the other hand the shock which registered James saw me staring and I wondered what he was thinking. on my face came from the fact that Monica’s James obliged Monica by flooding her cunt once again with his black baby making sperm. pussy was now devoid of hair. As we were getting ready to leave the beach The scene was so erotic that I too had cum Monica catching my stare, explained “Oh I did James invited us for dinner at his home. I again in spite of the fact I was insanely protested, claiming I was tired, but Monica it for you, you like?” jealous. really wanted to go, so off we went. What could I say? Monica had no doubt, Monica collapsed on top of James totally shaved for James. Her clit and pussy lips were James had a modest home, clean, and exhausted. sparsely furnished. still swollen and red. After what seemed like an hour, the two lovers James wanted to use the shower first, so that James took off his cloths and I followed suit. got up and went into the shower together. he could prepare dinner. James walked into The rest of the afternoon was strange to say I used that time to leave the room through the sliding doors out the back. James was right.

pregnant so let’s enjoy ourselves.” I realized then, he wanted to get Monica pregnant, but like Monica said, after the previous night it hardly made a difference. James kept his massive cock fully embedded in Mon for about ten minutes while they made small talk. Then I noticed a slow rhythmic movement to Monica’s hips. James was getting hard again. Now stretched and well lubricated from the large amounts of cum James had deposited in her pussy, she had no problem taking all of him. Monica moved into a crouching position and, placing her hands on his chest, she began pumping up and down on his black meat.

Returning later to the pool, I found Monica and James having drinks. I still didn’t know how I was going to handle things.

I certainly didn’t want to confront Monica in Monica was stroking her cunt up and down the front of James. Mainly because I didn’t know entire length of James’ cock. Monica loves this how he would react. Additionally, I never really considered the fact that Monica might actually position and while she has tried it with me fall for the guy. several times, she clearly liked it more with James. Finally, the fact of the matter was that I found I have a tendency to slip out when Monica really gets going. James on the other hand was so big, that even with Mon taking large strokes, his cock never slipped out. Monica soon worked herself into a sweat that left her body covered with a thin sheen of moisture. The base of James’s cock was white from the juices of his and Monica’s cum. I had never seen my wife so excited. 116| INDECENT

the entire scene incredibly exciting. I was sure neither James nor my wife realized I had seen them together.

Monica was crouched over him, sucking his big cock the least. I felt like a third wheel, the way the two of them carried on, talking and laughing. At one point I had just come out of the water, when James had Mon take a picture of us together. I realized, a little late, that James wanted Monica to compare us physically. The asshole wanted to humiliate me. There I was with two inches of water shriveled dick, next to this tall, chiseled, black man, with a thick 6 inch cock, and he wasn’t even excited.

James suggested that we try a beach up the Pissed, I decided to get something to drink, coast from the hotel. Monica wanted to go so I leaving James and Monica alone. agreed. The beach was off the beaten path I walked to the car, drove half a block and and fairly deserted. returned to watch. There were two other couples down the beach Sure enough James hadn’t wasted any time. from us and I did a double take when I saw

his bedroom and without a hint of modesty stripped to his birthday suit, all the while speaking to us. After he entered the shower, again leaving the bathroom door open, I commented to Monica about his lack of modesty. Monica, quick to take his defense, pointed out we were just on a nude beach with him. It was hard to argue with that logic so I had to put up with the same behavior from Mon. When James came out of the bath he casually toweled dry in front of us. Monica then proceeded to take off her swimsuit in front of James, and then she got in the shower. The strange thing was that between being jealous and confused I was also getting INDECENT | 117

excited again. I wanted to see them together again. I knew given the chance, James would fuck her again. At the same time seeing my wife parade around nude left me wanting relief. I followed Monica into the bathroom. I undressed and joined her in the shower. Monica had just started to soap herself and she was surprised by my entrance.

pussy and she let go of my cock. I felt as if someone was watching me. I became even more excited as I sensed Monica becoming more excited. “I want you to play with yourself,” said Monica. “I want you to make yourself cum. Are you touching yourself?”

acting weird lately. Last night I tried to act like I was asleep and he started feeling me up. I was still soaked with all your cum. I’m sure he could tell, but he didn’t say a word, in fact he put his penis in me and came very quickly. Then this afternoon I was sure he saw us. Instead of saying anything, he ends up jerking off in the shower.”

All I could do was shake my head and groan. I had never heard Monica talk like this to me “You’re not angry I see,” Monica said, glancing before. Looking up at her face I could see her down at my semi hard dick. “I thought you looking towards the door and smiling. were angry with us because of the clothes thing. It really was silly of you, leaving us at the Then she closed her eyes and shuddered, as beach then getting angry just because James she started to cum. took off his clothes in front of me.” I too came, my fourth time in 24 hours, and it “I’m not angry, I just felt left out and the way was little more than a dribble. the guy is flirting with you, I became a little I heard the unmistakable sound of the door jealous,” I said. closing just then. Taking my dick in her hand, Monica quickly had me hard and said, “If I didn’t know better “Did James see us?” I asked Monica.

“Maybe your hubby likes the idea of me fucking you,” replied James, “Since he hardly has the tools to do it himself.”

The image of Monica fucking James began to flood my mind

Monica was fixated and she bit her bottom lip as he continued the teasing.

I'd say it turns you on watching James flirt with me, doesn’t it?”

Sheepishly she nodded yes, “Don’t be angry, He caught me by surprise and your kisses felt so good.”

At that moment it was difficult to respond and, staring into Monica’s beautiful eyes, I hugged I told her I wasn’t angry and I was actually turned on thinking he was watching. my wife and kissed her. My dick became very hard as Monica stroked it. The image of Monica fucking James began to flood my mind. I remember trembling with desire as my hand worked between her legs. My fingers slid between her pussy lips, finding her vagina saturated. I knew that Monica’s pussy was filled with her lover’s cum.

I was happy to hear my wife go to my defense but then James lifted Monica effortlessly on to the edge of the hot tub. He spread Monica’s legs wide exposing her hairless pussy, still dripping from the hot tub. Taking his cock in his hand he started rubbing his cock head up and down her slick pussy lips.

“What was that you were saying about your husband satisfying you,” James said as he slipped the head of his cock into Monica’s wet pussy. “Damn you! You’re so good,” Monica moaned.

James prepared a nice dinner and he kept my wine glass full.

“Do you want me to stop, or do you want all of this black cock”.

We went clubbing for a while and James danced close with Monica for several hours before we returned to the hotel for a nightcap.

“Don’t stop! Put it in all the way. Stop teasing me please,” Monica begged.

Monica and James wanted to go to the hot tub but I declined telling them I was tired.

I was sucking on Monica’s nipples, burying my I followed them out to the hot tube minutes face in her cleavage when I could have sworn I later. From my vantage point I could not only heard the door open. see them, but I was close enough to listen. I felt a rush of cool air and I attempted to look Monica was telling James, how exciting it was back, but Monica held my head firm and told to have him watch us in the shower. me not to stop. “I wonder if he knows we made love, he’s been Monica started to tremble as I fingered her 118| INDECENT

“James, don’t say mean things, my husband has more than enough to satisfy me.”

“Then tell me what you want me to do with this big black cock. Do you want me to fuck you with my cock, because if you want me to then you have to say it,” James demanded. “Yes I want you to fuck me! I want your big cock in me. I want you to fuck my pussy. I want you to cum in me.” I was stunned. My wife was literally begging this guy to fuck her, to make her pregnant. INDECENT | 119

course she was a conciliatory, telling me it was more days. Of course, I tried to talk her out of it but she insisted. okay that I came so quickly. At the same time I could sense her disappointment, and displeasure but my balls hurt so badly, there was no chance for seconds. I had another early tee time, and I couldn’t miss this one. What I wasn’t prepared for was James having spent the night on the sleeper. I really had no alternative but to leave the two of them alone. At the same time I was incredibly excited. The problem was that my dick was hurting from cumming four times in less than 24 hours.

being asleep.

When I returned they were out by the pool.

Monica left the hotel that morning and moved in with James while I went home. Monica returned home two weeks later but any relief I felt quickly disappeared when she told me that James was going to join her and I had to move into our guest room while they had the marital bed. The next few months were hell. James expected and received sex from Monica whenever he wanted.

Every night I fell asleep to the moans of my The next few days were much the same except wife getting fucked by James. Once I walked Some time later Monica slipped into bed and that little by little none of us were could deny into the living room to find Monica sucking his fell fast asleep. what was going on between Monica and cock. This was when James knew full well that The same could not be said for James who James. The next morning seeing Monica’s nude I was at home. was now slamming his cock so hard into tanned body was too much for me. Pulling A day before we were to leave, I played just Monica that his balls were making a loud Monica of course was pregnant but thankfully back the sheets I looked her over. nine holes and decided to call it quits. Thinking slapping sound. James moved out when Monica was three that Monica and James were by the pool I Her breasts now had a couple of small bite months along and starting to show. Monica became so vocal, that I was afraid returned directly to the room. marks along with the hickey James had someone would come to the tub to see what Monica and I got back together stronger than previously given her. Her pussy, now cleanly Entering the bedroom I surprised them in bed. was happening. ever and she gave birth to a big healthy baby shaved, was even redder and more swollen For whatever reason I acted like I had walked boy six months later. I would be lying if I told The sight of Monica fucking that big black cock than before. in on strangers, quickly excusing myself and you that at first I didn’t feel some resentment was too much for me and I came. This time Monica stirred and smiled up at me, then with leaving. Monica quickly threw on a t-shirt and every time I saw James’ son. only a drop or two of cum came out. her hand extended, invited me back into bed. I followed me outside. My dick and balls literally ached. I zipped up knew almost immediately what she wanted. and was about to leave when James bellowed Monica gently nudged me into eating her She wrapped her legs around his hips and came again, very hard. like a bull, his black seed once again filling my pussy. wife’s fertile cunt. “You’re getting good at this. It feels so good to That was a year ago and things have changed. Monica too cried out in orgasm as her nails have you lick my pussy out. Stick your tongue “We were going to tell you. I’m sorry, I didn’t I love the boy now as if he was my own and dug into her lover’s ass in an effort to drive in deeper, I want you to lick me deeper. Does it mean for you to find out this way,” Monica Monica has been working out and looks great. went on. “If you want a divorce, I understand him deeper. Jet after jet of hot sperm was taste good?” She quit her job, and now is a full time mom. and I won’t fight you”. injected deeper into my wife’s pussy than I had All I could do was moan affirmatively. ever been able to deliver. Monica was very emotional and so was I. I told Sex is better than ever between my wife and I. “Now play with yourself again. I want you to I never told her about how I had watched her her I knew about them for some time. That I Returning to the room, I got in bed and make yourself cum again while you lick me. still loved her, and that I didn’t want a divorce. and her lover making love. I still think about it pondered the situation. On the one hand the C’mon, do it! Do it!” Monica repeated. every time I’m inside her. whole scene was terribly erotic. Unsurprisingly, Monica told me that she had Even though my dick was really aching, I We get lots of looks whenever we go out with become quite serious with James but she On the other hand I’m not naive. My wife was couldn’t help myself. Monica was working the baby as you can imagine. The knowing didn’t know what she wanted. During the last falling for this guy hard, not to mention the herself up to orgasm when she felt me start to few days, I could see how infatuated she had looks we get from some black men are less fact, that there was a good chance she was cum. A drop or two of almost clear liquid than subtle. Many of them make passes at become with James. already carrying his child. dribbled out. Mon right in front of me. I wonder if the saying She told me she would be staying on for a few I heard them come into the room and faked is true?■ At first, Monica thought that I had not cum. Of 120| INDECENT


employer. When at a restaurant, out shopping, visiting friends or family, at school or college, at sporting events, going to movies, out clubbing or dancing, etc., I will wear revealing short skirts or dresses. I will rarely wear pants and never wear jeans. When I do wear pants, they MUST be tight and show cameltoe. My normal clothing, however, will be sexy short skirts (or dresses), and sexy, revealing tops.

13. I will do my best to inform other white

8. I will keep my cunt cleanly and smoothly

15. I will inform any Black Male I suck or fuck

females of internet websites that promote and facilitate sexual relationships between black men and white women. I will encourage them to visit these websites to read, see the pictures, learn and chat.

14. I will do my best to have other white females sign an agreement similar to this one.

shaved at all times, and I will use lotions and powders to help ensure I am always fragrant and fresh for BIG BLACK COCK.

that I have signed this Black Cock Agreement and will present him with a copy on demand.

(not ‘sex’ or ‘making love’), ‘CUNT’ (not ‘vagina’), ‘COCK’ (when describing BIG BLACK COCKS; white penises should be described as ‘dickies’ or ‘pee pees’ or ‘wee wees’ and other such terms) , ‘ASSHOLE’ (not ‘anus’ or ‘butt’, such as when saying “FUCK MY ASSHOLE!”) These are examples only. Such graphic terms should be used at all times rather than the mild terms.

Black Friends, school mates or business associates as directed.

16. I will suck and fuck Black Males eagerly 9. I will use only graphic words such as ‘FUCK’ and will enthusiastically service my partner’s

Black Cock Agreement I, ………………………………………………………………. agree to the following rules, and will adhere to them faithfully:

1. I will fuck delicious, beautiful, BIG BLACK

10. If married, I will suck and fuck my 4. I agree that it is an obligation on my part to husband as little as possible. I will watch encourage other white females to go Black. This includes any sisters, friends, daughters, women I just met, workmates, schoolmates, etc.

5. I will be nude in my house at ALL times,

unless there is a very good and legitimate reason not to be, such as the presence of others who would vehemently object. To the 2. I will suck white dickies ONLY when it is absolutely necessary, such as for the sake of a greatest extent possible, nudism will become my lifestyle at home. I will also be totally nude relationship or as a reward, but I will try to avoid sucking white dickies whenever possible. when in the presence of Black Males at their homes or apartments. When I absolutely must suck white dickies, I will not swallow the cum, and will spit it out. I 6. I agree that, when sitting in the presence of WILL swallow cum from sucking BIG BLACK Black Males, I will keep my legs spread wide COCKS. Similar restrictions apply to handjobs. apart to indicate my availability. 3. I will NOT wear panties, except when it is 7. I will wear the absolute sexiest clothing I ABSOLUTELY essential for a legitimate reason. can get away with, depending on the Such reasons will be very rare. When I do wear circumstances. For example, when at work, I panties, they will be very sexy and tiny, such as will wear the sexiest clothing allowed by my lacy or very sheer thongs or G-strings COCKS as often as possible from now on.


17. I will accommodate any Black Male that approaches me for oral sex and swallow his cum unless he wants to cum on my face or tits. If in doubt, I will offer to swallow.

18. None of the above indicates that I will engage in any activity that may be illegal in my area.

INTERRACIAL porn with him, and refuse to watch any porn that contains white dickies fucking white women. I will make every effort Signed: ..……………………………………………………… to use a black strap on dildo on his asshole, in Date: …………………………………………………………… an effort to make him submissive to and accepting of my needs.

11. I will keep my body free of any additional blemishes, such as tattoos or other markings, EXCEPT that tattoos on the lower back (just slightly above the waistline) that say ‘Black Cocks Only’, or ‘Black Cock Slut’, or similar, are fully acceptable. No tattoo on or near my cunt is acceptable. Piercings of my nipples, and a single piercing of my clit or hood or inner labia are acceptable if so ordered by a Black Male.

12. Any bikini that I must wear, such as to a party or public pool where total nudity is not permissible, MUST be extremely brief and revealing. Very sheer G-strings are the best.

To become a Registered Black Cock Slut, also complete this info: Print Name: ……………………………………………………………………. Print Street Address: ……………………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………………. Print City, State, Zip Code: ……………………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………………. INDECENT | 123


“Thanks, baby!” she said, “I’m so excited! What will I wear?” In the end she settled on a see through mesh top, short skirt and boots.

Her boyfriend wasn’t welcome

Brittney squealed with delight and hugged her boyfriend when he told her he’d bought tickets to her favourite rapper’s concert.

The concert was packed and when Brittney’s idol came on stage she nearly passed out. “I love you!” she screamed just like every other young white girl in the audience. One of the entourage stopped them as they were filing out. “You can go backstage if you want,” he said. “He loves meeting the fans.” Unfortunately her boyfriend wasn’t welcome but he urged Brittney to go ahead anyway. Brittney partied with the crew backstage and ended up at the rapper’s hotel. “Baby, show us your tits!” urged the rapper. 124 | INDECENT


“I’ll show you whatever you want to see,” replied Brittney. She lifted her skirt to show off her panties and everyone applauded. “You’re coming back to my room,” said the rapper firmly. Brittney and the rapper started making out on the bed. She couldn’t believe she was swapping spit with her idol. She’d been masturbating thinking about him for months. As soon as he touched her tits she came.

“I’ll show you whatever you want to see”


The rapper laughed. He knew she was going to suck his cock, let him fuck her and do whatever else he wanted. He liked the fact that she was still wearing her engagement ring. He always told his crew to pick ones with boyfriends.


BRITTNEY SKYE He always told his crew to pick ones with boyfriends



Brittney didn’t hesitate when he took his big black cock out of his pants. She stuffed it into her mouth and started sucking greedily. He grabbed her head and started shoving into her face roughly and she moaned in appreciation. He pushed Brittney onto her back and got ready to fuck her. “Should we use a condom?” she asked nervously. “Bitch please,” said the rapper as he penetrated her. “Condoms are for white boyfriends.”

“Condoms are for white boyfriends”



Her boyfriend just couldn’t compete

Brittney was too horny to stop him and she came several times from his expert fucking. Her boyfriend just couldn’t compete with the rapper who was bigger, longer and stronger. The rapper finally pulled out and said, “Hold those titties together, ho. I’m gonna fuck ‘em then cum all over you!” Brittney held on for dear life but when his warm sticky jizz splashed all over her face, neck, hair and tits she felt another crazy orgasm wash over her. “OK out, bitch,” said the rapper cruelly, “Go and suck off the rest of the crew outside and tell them to send in the next white girl.”■



“Sure am!” replied Charlie, getting in on the act. “Get us there safe and there might be something in it for you,” she said with a meaningful grin. “Girl I haven’t been blown since the eighties,” said the cabbie with a good natured laugh. Charlie snuggled up to me as we pulled away from the curb. She put her hand on my leg and snaked it towards my crotch.


Charlie is a sexy young blonde wife who has lots of hot adventures. We can’t show you Charlie’s face. This time round Charlie and her husband go to a notorious street corner to pick up some johns. MF – MF O Voy – MMMF O A M Voy – MF M Inter

Charlie and I were leaving a cocktail party held by some friends who don’t know about our lifestyle. We’d stuck around for a couple of hours, enough time for Charlie to knock back a bottle of champagne, and then we were out of there. My sexy blonde wife was wearing a short low cut white dress and black stilettos. Although she looked respectable, we’d overheard one woman saying she looked like a prostitute.

“Will you work me hard tonight, baby?” she cooed. She kissed me on the neck lightly and started nuzzling my ear. I turned around to kiss her, but she stopped me. “Uh uh! You know the rules, baby,” she said. “No kissing on the mouth!” She left her hand on my crotch for the entire cab ride, stroking my hard on through my pants lightly while she whispered in my ear how she was going to whore herself all night. When the cab stopped, Charlie grabbed my wallet, handed the cabbie a fifty and said, “Keep the change.” The cabbie thanked her and handed her his card.

“This has my cell number on it,” he said. “If you need a lift As I watched Charlie home, give me a try to hail a cab I “You know the rules, baby” call. My shift ends admired her long ”No kissing on the mouth!” at five.” legs and exposed cleavage. Not for the We hopped out and first time I felt lucky to be married to such a I looked around nervously. Charlie strode hot looking blonde. forward in front of me, shaking out her hair. A cab quickly stopped in front of us and we got We headed towards the famous street. in. Charlie surprised both the cabbie and me There were about four or five girls working that when she told him to take us to a certain night, standing around in various states of neighborhood on the other side of town. It’s undress like hookers do. There were a few where guys go to pick up hookers. street lights still working and the women all looked sexy in the half light. The cabbie was a middle aged black guy and he looked my wife up and down carefully when Charlie walked up to one and they chatted for she told him where she wanted to go. a while. Charlie pointed to me and the hooker nodded a couple of times before Charlie “You going to work, honey?” he chuckled. 134 | INDECENT


the hell out of me when she opened the door and hopped in.

walked back to me.

“She says we can stay as long as I go to the far end of the street,” said Charlie. “So you ready As the car pulled away, she waved at me through the window. I had thought she was to watch me sell my goods?” going to fob this guy off, or, if she was going to I was so horny I couldn’t speak so I just get in a car that I would go as well. nodded and we walked down the street so Now I was genuinely worried for her. I was Charlie could take her position. standing out in the middle of a bad We waited around for about an hour and a neighborhood in the dark waiting for my wife steady stream of cars drove down the street. who had just gotten into some stranger’s car. Each time a car stopped one or two of the I had no choice but to wait around, skulking in hookers would saunter up to the window and the dark. I was sure some of the other hookers lean over to talk to the john. knew I was there but they didn’t approach me. Sometimes they got in or sometimes they I was rock hard but I didn’t want to touch walked away. I wondered where they went myself for fear of getting caught in public. when they drove off. About thirty minutes later I was very relieved Some of the guys seemed to be just circling when the car came back. It pulled in to the around the block. Maybe they were too shy to curb and I could see Charlie sitting in the car actually go through with paying a street hooker talking to her client. Finally she hopped out for sex. and came sauntering over to me like she did this everyday. Charlie stood on the curb with a hand on her hip, while I stood back in the shadows and “What happened?” I asked anxiously? “Are you

Again she put her hand on my crotch and looked directly into my eyes. “How much should I charge this guy for a reverse half and half?” she said loudly. “What?” I asked incredulously. “Fuck then blow,” answered my wife. Before I could answer she turned on her heel and got into the waiting car. Again I was left alone in the middle of nowhere worrying like hell that Charlie would get herself into trouble. Charlie’s sexy looks and brash attitude seem to get her through just about any situation. Charlie was gone about three quarters of an hour this time and when I recognized the car pulling up my heart started thumping in my chest. I couldn’t see Charlie. The middle aged guy was just sitting there, leaning back a little, and I walked over to his car quickly. As I approached my cock instantly

Then she shocked the hell out of me when she opened the door and hopped in watched.


hardened because I could see my wife’s blonde head bobbing up and down in his lap.

“I’m fine, baby,” said Charlie and she turned at She must have been blowing him while they waved as the guy drove off. drove back from wherever they went. “Aren’t you going to tell me what happened?” I I stood by the car and watched for another few asked again but she already had her back to minutes. The guy had his hands on the top of They talked for a few seconds and then Charlie me. my wife’s head, controlling her motions and sauntered back to me. She was sticking her fabulous chest out to making sure she took him deep in her mouth. attract her next client and she ignored me. “Honey,” she said as she gently placed her Finally he bent forward a little and grunted a hand on my crotch, “I’m sorry, but I’m not Another car pulled up not long after and couple of times while Charlie held still, her getting in the car with that guy.” Charlie leaned over to talk to the driver. In the mouth no doubt completely covering his dark I could just make out that he was a heavy “Why?” I asked incredulously. My cock was spurting root. looking middle aged guy. almost bursting with anticipation. She sat up after grinned when she saw me “Hang there, lover,” I heard Charlie say, “I “He seems too nice,” she replied. “I want to watching. She redid her lipstick in the rearview gotta check with my minder.” get really nasty tonight.” mirror then the fat guy handed her some bills and she hopped out. She walked back to the waiting car and leaned She sauntered back to me with a shit eating grin on her face. over again. To my surprise they continued talking for a few minutes. Then she shocked Finally a car pulled up in front of her and she didn’t hesitate. I looked at her ass as she leaned over to talk to the john and I could almost see her panties when she bent over.



“That was incredible, baby,” I said. “You don’t mind being married to a cheap whore?” she asked. I went bright red because she’d said it loud enough for the john and even the other hookers to hear. I swear I could hear one of the hookers giggling after she said it.

“So what would you like me to do?” asked Charlie. By now, she had Stewart’s cock out and she was stroking it gently while she spoke. She also had her hand on my knee and I was rock hard with excitement. Tom said, “I’m gonna bone you then cum in your hair, then these guys get a turn, OK?”

Business seemed to be ‘hotting up’ a little and “What do you want to do me?” asked Charlie it seemed like there were more hookers now and they were getting in and out of cars more turning to Darren in the passenger seat. often. Because Charlie was at the end of the “Uh, I guess I’ll do the same as him,” he said street, she missed a lot of opportunities. quietly, “If that’s OK?” The one car that did make it to the end of the “It’s fine, honey,” said Charlie. “It’ll be a C note street had three young guys in it. None of the each for that. What about you, Stewart?” real hookers were willing to do a group job but Charlie walked right up to them. Charlie was gripping Stewart’s sizable erection and he had her big tits out of her top. She turned to me and waved me over. Reading her mind I opened the back door for her and “Yeah same for me,” he said and he hi fived

Charlie grabbed hold of it and leaned over slightly so that her face was inches away. She blew on his cock gently then she turned her face towards me. “You,” she said to me, “Come here and take my panties off while I get these guys ready.” I went over and reached under her skirt as she lowered her mouth onto Tom’s cock. I could feel her warmth and I took the opportunity to squeeze her ass gently before lowering her panties down her legs and helping her step out of them. She waved the other two guys over. “Take your cocks out, studs,” she said before resuming sucking on Tom’s cock. Darren dragged the mattress a little closer and Charlie got on her knees on it and started sucking cock in earnest. The three guys were

The three guys were all keen and they eagerly thrust their hard dicks in my wife’s pretty face then I quickly followed her in.


The guys looked like college guys and they smelled like they’d been drinking.

Tom stopped the car and we all got out. I had no idea where we were.

Charlie leaned into the guy next to her and he started brazenly groping her tits while his buddy in the passenger seat looked on and cheered. “Where are we going, boys?” asked Charlie, kind of ignoring the guy pawing her.

There was no sound in the alley except for the slurping sounds my wife was making while she We were in a light industrial neighborhood and blew her three clients. Tom led us all down a narrow alley I would She stopped after a while and had me remove have walked past if Tom hadn’t found it. He her dress so that she was naked except for her must have used this spot before. heels. I stood back, holding her clothes safely. We walked about ten yards down the alley “OK how do you want me?” she asked Tom. until it widened out a little.

“I know a spot,” said the driver who was clearly It was pretty dark but one of the nearby buildings had a flood light and I could make the leader. out everybody’s features. Looking around, it “OK,” said my wife. “I’m Charlie by the way, looked like homeless people or maybe hookers what are your names?” sometimes used this place. There was even a The driver introduced himself as Tom then he filthy torn mattress on the ground. introduced the other two as Darren in the Charlie moved closer to Tom and started passenger seat and Stewart sitting next to my rubbing his crotch through his jeans. wife with his hands on her tits. “What have you got for me there, lover?” she I didn’t say anything and none of them asked him and he quickly unzipped himself acknowledged my presence. and fished out his long thick cock. 138 | INDECENT

all keen and they eagerly thrust their hard dicks in my wife’s pretty face.

Tom pushed her onto her back gently then he straightened up and started undoing his belt. “Take your shirt off too, honey,” said Charlie, “He’ll hold your clothes for you if you don’t wanna get them dirty.” Tom got completely undressed, handing me his shirt, shoes and socks, his pants and finally his jocks. I put his shoes on the ground and carefully folded his things over my arm. Charlie then smiled at him and spread her legs INDECENT | 139

as he knelt in front of her. “Do want me to use a rubber?” he asked and Charlie shook her head no. He wasted no time and he jabbed his thick cock into Charlie’s open cunt and started pumping her. Charlie held onto him, stroking his head and his back tenderly while she did her best to thrust back up at him. She moaned softly as he fucked her. “That’s it, baby!” she moaned. “Give it to me! Yeah! Like that! Harder!” The other two guys looked on and she opened her eyes and grinned at them. “Stroke those cocks for me, boys,” she urged. “I want to see you jerking off while you watch me.” “Geez what a slut!” said Stewart quietly to Darren as they both started whacking off. I told them they should get undressed too and they handed me their clothes while watching the show on the filthy mattress. Both of them had above average sized cocks and I knew that Charlie was going to enjoy this. Tom fucked Charlie for about five minutes before he suddenly pulled out and stood up. “I’m gonna cum,” he groaned and Charlie got up on her knees and moved her face closer to Tom’s big cock. She looked up at him and moaned, stroking her face and running her hands through her hair sexily. 140 | INDECENT

Tom started grunting loudly and Charlie reached up and cupped his nuts while he jerked himself off. He started cumming and the first big spurt landed on Charlie’s chin.

while swirling her tongue around the big purple your reward for waiting. head of his cock. “Stewart didn’t need any more encouragement He didn’t last very long and soon he was and with a little more rough shoving he started coating my wife’s soft lips with his spunk. fucking Charlie in the ass. He kept cumming and he held Charlie’s head Charlie let it splash onto her lips and tongue Charlie loved it and she urged Stewart to slap while he did what he said what he would do. and then drip down onto her tits. her butt a few times which he did. Several gobs of cum sprayed out of his cock Finally Stewart moved over to take his turn. He into Charlie’s blonde hair. Finally he grunted and pulled out, spraying a didn’t want to get cum on him so he had healthy load of cum onto Charlie back. Stewart “Oh that was fucking good,” said Tom when he Charlie get on her knees and he slipped his rubbed his cock on Charlie’s butt while he was finished. cock into her from behind. jerked every last drop of jizz onto her. I handed him his clothes as Charlie lay back I really wanted to get in front of my wife and “You boys love to make a mess, don’t you?” and Darren took his place between her legs. feed her my hard on while Stewart fucked her asked my wife with a satisfied smile. but I had nowhere to put down Stewart’s Charlie guided his cock into her pussy and clothes so I had to just stand there and watch. There was sticky white cum hanging off her then sighed as he started pushing into her. chin, in her hair and now all over her lower She had to slow him down a little so she could Stewart was really giving it to her, and his hips back. get used to his size but they soon had a good made loud slapping sounds against Charlie’s Stewart got dressed and I helped Charlie get back into her panties.

Soon he was coating my wife’s soft lips with his spunk

rhythm going.

ass as he sawed in and out.

Charlie was whispering in his ear and he nodded while he pounded her. He was breathing hard and Charlie was thrusting back at him, holding him tightly to her.

Charlie was frigging her clit again and she moaned and hollered incoherently as she came a couple of times.

She reached down between them and started stroking her clit while he fucked her. Pretty soon she was howling through a powerful orgasm. “OK, baby,” she said as she came down. “I’m ready for your cum.” Darren stood up and Charlie took his cock in her mouth. She jacked him off with her hands

She looked fucking hot in the dim light getting fucked by this young guy with a large cock. He slipped out at one point and Charlie reached behind her and adjusted his angle a little.

She left her dress off as we made our way back to the car. If there’d been anyone around they would have seen my wife in just her panties and heels leaving with four guys. We got back in the car and the three guys handed her a hundred bucks each and Stewart gave her another fifty for letting him have her ass. Then they dropped us back off at the street corner.

It was a warm night and Charlie didn’t want to put her dress back on straight away. She hugged me and pecked me on the cheek and I He gasped and Charlie turned around and enjoyed the feel of her perfect breasts pushing grinned. against me. My erection had not gone down since I got in the car with her and the three “It’s OK, honey,” she said. “Put it in my ass. It’s young guys. INDECENT | 141

“I’m definitely doing this again,” she whispered Charlie spread her legs and grabbed the cabbie’s hand. in my ear, “But can you call that cab back? I think I want to go home now.” “Finger me,” she begged and the cabbie started stroking her clit delicately. The cab took about ten minutes to arrive and we quickly hopped in and gave him our Charlie squealed and held his hand tightly in address. place as her started finger fucking her. The cabbie reached over with one hand and “You gonna put on a show for me, folks?” grabbed one of her breasts. I took the other asked the old black guy admiring my wife’s one and I kissed her neck and shoulders rack in the rearview mirror as he drove. tenderly while the cabbie diddled my wife until Charlie looked over at me mischievously. She she got off with a loud scream. had been teasing my prick all night and now she reached over and ran just one finger over Charlie brought his hand up to her mouth and licked her juices off it. The cabbie looked on in my bulge. amazement. “I don’t know,” she said slowly. “He’s got a hair trigger and we wouldn’t want to mess up your “You’re something else, lady,” he moaned. cab.” Charlie slipped her dress back on as the cabbie restarted the car. She moved off me, The black cabbie laughed and said, “It’ll be being careful not to touch my still hard cock. worth it, sweetheart!” “Put it back in your pants now, baby,” she Charlie unzipped me and fished out my cock. She started moving her hand up and down but whispered. “He doesn’t want to see your cock.” she didn’t grab a hold of my shaft. Every now and then her cool fingers brushed against me

“Finger me,” she begged lightly but she wouldn’t jack me off properly. After a few miles of being teased mercilessly, Charlie moved over in the seat. She straddled me but she made sure that my cock didn’t slip up into her wet pussy. It was pressed hard against my stomach and she started moving up and down gently so it looked like we were fucking.

I struggled to obey and Charlie giggled at my discomfort. We arrived home and I suddenly realized it was about four thirty in the morning and I was exhausted. I handed the cabbie his fare and got out. I went to the front door and started fumbling around with my keys.

The cabbie stopped the car at this point so he I thought Charlie had followed me but when I could turn around and watch. He reached over looked around she was leaning over against the seat and touched Charlie’s butt. the cab’s driver side window still talking to the black cabbie. To my surprise he got out of the “Oh yeah,” moaned my wife. “Grab my ass!” cab and Charlie took his hand. She led him up Charlie then got up slightly and turned around the path towards the house. so she was sitting in my lap. Again my cock was not inside her but pressed up between us “Honey,” she called out to me, “He says he just finished his shift and I’m still horny. Will you be and aching for satisfaction. OK by yourself in the guest room?”■ 142 | INDECENT


husband catches her looking and he gets an attitude about it, bossing them around and treating them like shit. He does a good job of being a dick and one of the black guys, the taller one named Otis, makes eye contact with Kelly a couple of times.


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Kelly starts to cry so Otis convinces her to go skinny dipping to feel better. They’re horsing around a little and it looks like they’re just about to kiss when Kendall comes up the beach dragging Kelly’s husband who seems badly injured.

That night in their cabin the happy couple gets Kelly runs up and hugs hubby, but she forgot it on. He ties her wrists to the bed head before to put on her swimsuit, a fact which is not lost giving it to her. He finishes by icing her mound. on him but he’s too worn out to say anything. The next day the husband resumes being a dick, making the crew run around getting his fishing gear and bait all ready and then complaining when Kendall takes them too long to get him a beer. The reason for the delay is that Otis and Kendall are sitting talking to Kelly while she sips a margarita and shows off her fabulous body in a bikini. This starts an argument and the boat catches on fire because the husband throws his cigar at Otis.

For the next few days the black guys continue catching fish and picking coconuts while Kelly nurses her husband back to health. Once he’s back on his feet the problems all start again. The husband doesn’t trust the two black guys around his wife and he doesn’t like having to rely on them for food. He starts bitching about how they all have to sleep in the small hut and he badgers the black guys into building a smaller one a little further down the beach.

Kelly and Otis huddle together Flash forward a little and Kelly washes ashore on some small island. The body of one of the crew rolls up near her and she tries to revive him but she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Otis appears on the scene and he takes charge but the crewman is already dead.

FOUR Anabolix Video 153 mins Kelly Brookes, 3 guys

ÁÁÁÁÁ We’ve been waiting for this release from Anabolix for some time and it didn’t disappoint. Former pinup girl Kelly Brookes stars as the big titted hot wife of a business man on a private cruise in the Caribbean. There’s not a lot of fucking in this film but the buildup and plot more than make up for it. As they’re casting off our girl admires the bodies of the two black fishing guides. Her 144 | INDECENT

Kelly and Otis huddle together for warmth that night and Kelly says she’s worried about her husband who can’t swim well. Otis says nothing but puts his arm around her for comfort. The next morning Otis convinces Kelly to help him build a hut. That night they fall asleep exhausted in each other’s arms but they wake up to someone looking at them. It’s Kendall, the other black fishing guide who managed to swim ashore. The two black guys go spear fishing and when they return with some fish they explain to Kelly that they’re in the middle of nowhere and it might be weeks before they get rescued.

They go back to their hut and she tells him that she’s his wife but she still has to survive. To calm him down she agrees to give him a blowjob but the scene fades out as she goes down on him. The next day, the husband goes off fishing and Kelly nervously sneaks some food with Otis (Kendall’s somewhere else at this point). Otis jokingly asks if he should make her pay for the food and Kelly gets embarrassed. Otis tells her he should at least get a kiss so Kelly pecks him on the cheek just as Kendall returns. Kelly looks at Kendall uneasily and he leers at her because of what it looks like. Just then the husband returns empty handed and Kendall laughs and tells him he needs a bigger spear. The next day the husband waits till Otis and Kendall wander off to harvest coconuts then he steals Otis’ spear to go fishing. Otis sees and gets angry. He starts running out into the surf with another spear as if to kill the husband but Kelly runs after him.

Suddenly they’re making out She grabs him and they struggle but suddenly they’re making out. Kelly struggles some but eventually she’s pushing down his shorts and guiding his big cock into her pussy. They make love in the surf and he cums inside her. Through all this Kelly is the peacemaker, smoothing it all over but it’s obvious the tension is building. Otis can’t keep his eyes off Kelly’s body and the husband keeps watching him resentfully.

As they walk arm in arm back up the beach towards the small hut they run into Kendall grinning from ear to ear. He tells them he enjoyed the show and he asks what Kelly would like to do to buy his silence.

Things come to a head when the husband decides he and Kelly should be self sufficient. He argues with the black guys and he ends up yelling at them that he doesn’t need their fish.

Hubby returns at this point with a fish and he returns Otis’ spear. Kendall laughs and tells him that Otis has another spear he can use. The meaning of this is not lost on the husband and he goes crazy, throwing poor Kelly out of their hut and running off into the mangroves. Both Otis and Kendall console Kelly.

He swims off leaving a hungry Kelly watching Otis and Kendall devour a big lobster they caught. They offer her some but she hesitates. Finally she relents but her husband comes Fast forward some time and Kelly’s now living back with a small fish and starts yelling at her. with the two black guys on the beach in the big INDECENT | 145

hut while husband lives on the other side of the island. He sneaks over to watch and he sees Kelly pottering around in the hut.

The husband watches Hubby can hear his wife’s moans as the two black guys give it to her and he starts to jerk off. Meanwhile Kelly jerks off Kendall onto her tits and then she rolls onto her back for Otis’ big monster. Otis cums in her quickly and then Kendall takes another turn, also adding a load into her cunt while she cleans off Otis’ tool. Later at night the husband watches the three lovers go swimming. They’re all naked in the


The two black guys return with some fish and straight away Kelly gets on her knees and starts blowing them. Kendall sits down and Kelly keeps sucking him off while Otis gets behind her and starts hitting it from the back.

water and soon Kelly and Otis start making out again. Kendall moves in behind her and the black guys start double fucking her. Her pale skin looks incredible sandwiched between the two black guys. Finally one day a ship rolls up on the husband’s side of the island. He quickly gets on board, hesitating only for a moment when they ask him if there are any other survivors. He says no and as the ship sails off the scene cuts back to the hut where Kelly is cumming while being dp’d hard by Kendall and Otis. Overall this is a collector’s flick. The acting’s not bad and the plight of the husband is delicious. The sex scenes are worth the wait and lovingly shot in slow mo without too many close ups. Of course it’s totally worth the ticket price just to see Kelly Brookes take some big black cock!■

and fucks them in turn and they swap around a little. This time they’re fucking her bareback. Two of the guys cum on her face in a nicely timed double cumshot, although the guy on the left gets his mainly in her hair. The third and fourth lucky punks go internally and our model spreads her long legs and flexes her muscles until we can see cum dripping out. Then our girl puts her clothes back on and they film her walking around the street for a while with the cum still all over her. Nice! The third scene looks like a set up but Miss Page is shaking her skinny booty on a dance floor. She’s dancing and making out with at least two guys and then we cut to a washroom stall where she’s on her knees blowing them. The two studs spit roast her for a while then they both jerk off on her tits.

Her husband and about five guys

X18+ The next scene has Amanda in a spa sipping MARRIED BUT LOOKING CUMSLUT Productions 103 mins Amanda Page, 15 guys

ÁÁÁÁ Funnily enough this DVD from Cumslut also features a former centerfold gone hardcore. Amanda Page has got the looks to go mainstream but some devious bastard seems to have turned her into a cuckolding whore. The movie starts out with an interview of Amanda and her ‘husband’ on a couch. They ask them about their background, where they’re from yadda yadda then they start asking her about their sex life.

cocktails next to her husband and about five other guys. She’s pretty obviously loaded and she starts sucking and stroking cock while her husband eats her pussy. The guys lift her up and start taking it in turns giving it to her while she’s suspended in the air. Then they put her down on a pool chair and line up to fuck her again. The guys circle jerk off on her face and the scene closes with her relaxing in the spa again with her husband. Unfortunately for those of you who are into that kind of thing it looks like they cleaned her off before he was willing to kiss her again. In the final scene she’s on the phone to her husband while lying in bed with two more big studs. She gets increasingly distracted by them and eventually she’s just screaming into the phone as one of them cums in her pussy and the other one fucks her titties.

Turns out she’s an insatiable slut and her husband likes to watch. They bring in some big dicked stud and she gives him a very competent blowjob while smoldering at the camera. The stud fucks her with a condom on We hope to see more of Ms Page taking dick in and then he creams on her pretty face. future but this is a good start if you like to see Next we follow Amanda to a hotel room where models getting fucked by beefy white guys on steroids.■ she meets up with four big guys. She sucks 146 | INDECENT


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Every time I do it I tell myself it’s the last time but there is something really hot about sucking strange cock on an airplane. My husband doesn’t know. When my boyfriend is out of town I post my picture and my address on adult dating websites (where people just hook up for fucking) then I leave the door open and go to sleep. I’m doing it right now.

and I slept with their 19 year old son. Now he is ‘blackmailing’ me to have sex with him again by threatening to tell my fiancée which makes it really hot. I hope he tells all his friends and they all get to use me. My husband always tells them to pull out before they cum in me but by the time we are doing it I wrap my legs around them and beg them to cum in me so there’s nothing hubby can do. I only do this when the guy is well hung and black. I sucked my boyfriend’s best friend off.

I’d been with my boyfriend for over six years and I was starting to get really pissed off that My hubby likes me to fuck other guys while he he hadn’t proposed yet. I didn’t want a watches but he didn’t want me to fuck this one diamond ring or a big deal. I just wanted to guy who was really cute because he didn’t like know that all our discussions about our ‘fun wedding’ someday weren’t totally in vain. I him. I thought this was really unfair and we had a fight then I let my hubby fuck me in the wanted to get engaged around the three year mark. That felt right. But that time has come ass so he’d let me fuck the cute guy. He’s and gone and all of our friends were getting coming over tonight lol. engaged and married, and I felt completely We went to Hedo and my husband paid some lame about pressuring him. One night I had a black guy to fuck me. I wanted to back out bit too much to drink and I finally blurted out, because I don’t really like black guys but in the “If you don’t propose to me, I’m going to go out end I gave in because my husband had and pick up a guy, bring him back here and already paid him. Now I can’t stop thinking fuck him in our bed.” He didn’t propose and about black cock. now we are getting into swinging. I am blonde with a great rack and when people look at me and the ugly guy with me they’re like ‘how did a guy like him get HER?’ What they don’t know is that my husband is totally hot but since he cheated on me I go out and fuck the ugliest guys I can find to humiliate him for what he did to me. That was 6 months ago and now we kinda do it because we like it.

I was the prom queen in high school but then things started to go wrong and I ended up doing gangbang pornos for rent money. My old boyfriend looked me up last week and he says he wants to marry me. I don’t know if I should tell him.

My husband blindfolded me and then put his cock inside me and I was really into it until he grunted and it wasn’t him. When he came inside me I was scared shitless but I came and when he took the blindfold off it was my husband standing there looking very pleased with himself. WTF happened?

The first guy who fucked me after I said ‘I do’ was one of the guests while my new husband watched. I had cum dripping down my thighs when I threw my garter to the crowd.

I kissed my husband after swallowing some stranger’s load in the parking lot.

My husband of two months makes me suck off his old boss so that he won’t get fired. We aren’t very well off so I have to and I kind of I am 26 and I was babysitting for my neighbors like feeling like a prostitute.■ 148 | INDECENT


BLONDE & FRIENDS Helen was the receptionist at her older husband’s factory. A young woman, Helen often felt like her needs were being neglected. Other girls her age were out partying but her husband was very possessive and he had no interest in drinking or dancing. Helen was startled out of her day dreaming by her husband. “Hey wake up!” he said. “I don’t pay you to sleep around on the job! I want you to go down to the shop floor and find out about the latest orders!” “Yes, dear,” she replied quickly. While talking to the two workers Helen found herself getting distracted by the muscly body of the team leader. “I wonder how I can get this guy all to myself,” thought Helen, shifting her weight slightly as her young pussy started to feel warm. The workers both knew the young trophy wife was theirs for the taking and they crowded around her. Inhaling her scent and brushing against her lightly. Helen gasped as she realized one of them had his cock out. She hesitated but eventually she grasped it and it hardened in her hand. “Well,” she sighed. “My husband doesn’t pay me to sleep around but that doesn’t mean I can’t do my bit for worker morale.”

“My husband doesn’t pay me to sleep around” 150 | INDECENT


The workers laughed as the boss’ wife willingly dropped to her knees. She sucked their cocks until they were both rock hard then they pushed her onto her back and stuffed her with their fat cocks in turn. Helen loved being treated this way. She yearned for her husband to take her this passionately but he never did, insisting on a quick missionary routine each time he made love to her. Helen rode the muscly team leader, bouncing up and down on his massive cock. The other worker offered his cock to her mouth and she hungrily licked her own juices off it. “My God I’m a slut,” thought Helen as she enjoyed the feeling of two of her husband’s employees banging her mercilessly in her pussy and mouth.

Helen loved being treated this way. 152 | INDECENT


As Helen straddled the lucky second worker she heard the team leader moving around behind her. Suddenly she felt his big cock pressing insistently against her virgin ass. “What are you doing?” she asked breathlessly. “Quiet, bitch!” hollered the team leader as he opened up her rectum. “I’m giving you what your old fart husband can’t – a good ass fucking!” Helen found herself cumming on the two big cocks.

“I’m giving you what your old fart husband can’t – a good ass fucking!”



“Buy you guys can’t tell anyone about this ok?”

Finally Helen sank to her knees exhausted between the two studs. She opened her mouth and stroked their balls for them while they jerked off. Soon they rewarded her with two big loads of creamy cum all over her face. Helen did her best to swallow as much as she could but some cum still dripped down her chin and onto her pert young breasts. “Thank you, guys!” said Helen happily. “That was just what I needed.” “Any time, baby,” said the spent team leader. “You can come down here to check on the orders any time at all” “I’ll be back,” said Helen happily, “But you guys can’t tell anyone about this ok?”■



him without a condom.

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Helping Out A Buddy A good friend of ours, a black guy named Marcus, had been complaining to me at work that he hadn’t had any sex in weeks because his wife was very pregnant and just not receptive. One night I mentioned this to my wife and I decided to try subtly guilt tripping her into fucking him. Nothing had worked before, so I figured I didn’t have anything to lose. I was a little blunter about my request this time. I told her who it was, how hard up the poor guy was and how much he needed sex because his wife couldn’t help him and it was starting to hurt their marriage and on and on. I tried to appeal to any part of her emotions that I thought might work. When I sensed her resistance might be slipping, I also mentioned that Marcus really liked her and had secretly had the hots for her going way back. I told her I knew she cared for him and how she would be helping both of us at once.

When the deal finally went down, it was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. It was her first time with another man. As I mentioned, Marcus is black and, to my secret delight, it turned out that he was hung like a bull. It was kind of funny and very hot to watch because she had absolutely no idea there were cocks that big.

She did say she was pissed off that when he was ready to cum he pulled out of her pussy and shot his huge load all over her face. And I do mean huge.

Now it was my turn to feel guilty. I didn’t have the heart to tell her, of course, but I had asked Marcus to do it just that way beforehand. Although I got several great pictures of her cum drenched face, I’m thinking maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all.

She put her small hand around it and looked up at me wide eyed.

As I mentioned, I only got a few pictures of her fucking him and now I wish I had taken more. I’m working hard on her, trying to break her down, to convince her to fuck him just one more time so I can get some more pictures.

He finally put the wood to her “You really want me to fuck him?” she asked. She seemed to be having second thoughts. “God, I can hardly get my hand all the way around it.” I was sanding a few feet away, camera in hand. “Of course I do honey, you promised you would. You can’t come this far and leave him frustrated.”


She said that it made her feel bad, like she was just a slut.

She sat meekly on the edge of the bed and he stood in front of her while she undid his pants and slid them down. There was a look of total shock on her pretty face as she gingerly reached into the fly of his boxer shorts and pulled out his thick, nearly erect black cock.

After some foreplay to get her ready he finally put the wood to her big time. He fucked her Marcus would get the sex he desperately needed and I’d be able to fulfill my fantasies of hard in several different positions. She came at least three or four times and I was so turned seeing her with another man. It was the on watching them that I only managed to get a perfect setup. few pictures of her fucking him. I wish I could I had to ask her about it three or four times, have gotten more. but I guess I wore her down because she Once it was over and Marcus had gone, I finally gave in and agreed to do it. talked to her about it. She didn’t come out and Marcus has known my wife and me for years quite say so, but I think she was feeling some so that removed the fear she might have had if guilt about how much she got off on his huge he had been a stranger. He was married and dick, how much she enjoyed the whole thing. otherwise monogamous, so she wasn’t afraid She was worried that I might feel jealous about of getting any diseases and she agreed to do 158| INDECENT

Marcus, even though I assured her that I wasn’t, that it was a big turn on for me to just to watch them.

She says she was just being nice, helping out a friend because his wife couldn’t give him the sex he needed and that it was totally rude of him to ride her pussy so hard and then treat her like a whore by cumming on her face.


I did my best trying to explain to her that the poor guy hadn’t had a woman for so long and she was so hot that she had just gotten him overexcited and that was why he went a little crazy. My buddy tells me he’s still not getting any from his wife, so I know he has to be building up another load of thick, gooey cum in his big, black balls! I so want to see him dump a load all over her hair and face and tits. My question is this: I want him to fuck her again so bad! What should I do?

Wanting to Help, CA


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