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APRIL 2010 – ISSUE #161 ow isn’t that a sight for sore eyes? A young, pretty thing smiling while she gets her face coated with a nice, sticky load of your hot cum! Look, she’s even licking the tip clean. That’s the kind of girlfriend and/or wife we all need. Hey, am I seeing things? ‘Cause I think if you look real close you can see a nice, juicy cheeseburger and a cold brewski resting on her tight little butt. Oh yeah, that’s what we call the perfect girl. Well, unfortunately if you don’t have one of those lovelies in your life, this issue of Club International is the next best thing. Editor_ Malle


Editor-in-Chief Andre Malle Art Editor Alehandro Sauza Production Co-ordinator Carlos Brinson Reviews Editor Emma Edwards Editorial Assistant Elizabeth Spaulding


Director of Manufacturing: Arnold Held


Production Manager: Fulvio Brito Circulation Manager: E. Honig Advertising Director: Marty Puntus &



7 NEVER STOP WATCHING ME! Tara prefers sex with an audience! 21 BREA & CODY! Two clits are better than one! 86 FREEDOM THROUGH FACIALS! Eve loves those hot creamy spurts! 137 AROUND THE WORLD IN HER BEDROOM! Anji gives whirlwind tours without leaving her bedroom!


68 ACHING FOR COWBOY MEAT! City girl Mili goes west!


60 AVA ROSE She’s got that will to make any man horny! 46 YOU DID WHAT!? Pornstars’ most embarassing moments!


6 THE WRITE STUFF Letters – you write ’em, we print ’em! 18 HOT SHOTS Booty biz bulletins

“They came all over my face and I loved it!”

121 DIRTY WORDS Our sexual textuals! 136 PLAYTIME! A sex toy road test!



34 XTV GUIDE Emma Edwards rates the best fuck flixs! 111 ON SET From the sex institute Boobs, boobs and more boobs in Lethal Hardcore’s Big Bodacious Knockers 7!


68 Club International (ISSN 0747-0819) No. 161, April 2010. Published monthly, under license, by Club Publications, Inc. Contents copyrighted © 2009. All rights reserved. Nothing herein may be reproduced in whole or part without written permission of the publisher. Return postage must accompany all manuscripts, drawings, and photographs if they are to be returned, and publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material. Any similarity between people and places in this magazine and any real people and places is purely coincidental. People appearing in this magazine are models, except where otherwise noted, and are used for illustrative purposes only and neither the photos nor words used to describe them are meant to depict model’s actual conduct, statements and personalities. All models are 18 years of age or older. All letters send to the publisher will be treated unconditionally assigned for publication and copyright purposes and are subject to publisher's right to edit and comment editorially. The publisher assumes no responsibility for any advertisements or any representations made therein including, but not limited to, the quality or deliverability or the products or services advertised. Periodicals postage paid at Poughkeepsie, NY and additional offices. Postmaster: Send address changes to: Magazine Services, Dept. Hometown, P.O. Box 9030, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33310. Subscriptions (one year) U.S. $36.97, Canada $48.97, all others $54.47, All orders must be in U.S. funds. PRINTED IN USA. The records, if any, required to be maintained by 18 U.S.C. ß 2257 and 28 C.F.R. ß 75 are located at the office of the publisher, Club Publications, Inc., 210 Route 4 East, Suite 211, Paramus, New Jersey 07652-5103, Custodian of Records. The maintenance of these records and the notice hereby given is not to be deemed an admission that the Publisher and the Distributor are the producers or distributors of material depicting actual sexually explicit conduct.

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FOUR-WHEEL SEX DRIVE My new boyfriend loves for me to talk dirty in bed. He wants to hear more than just the usual, “fuck me harder, baby” and “lick my pussy this way or that” type of thing. Jeff seems determined to relive my sexual Rolodex of past experiences. To be honest, I began to run dry of stories to share—or could it be short-term memory loss? Anyway, One of Jeff’s friends is super hot, so the other night when he was kissing his way down my body, whispering for me to tell him something hot I’d done, I closed my eyes and thought about how and where I wouldn’t mind getting it on with his wingman, Frank. We’d already flopped onto the bed, fully clothed. Jeff was sucking on my neck and working his hand up my shirt to grope at my tits when I asked, “Did I ever tell you about the time I screwed two guys?” He froze for a split second, making me nervous, but then I felt his dick twitch through his jeans. “Tell me,” he urged, while raising my shirt to accommodate his mouth. I began telling him how it was during my first year of college and that two guys were into me and they happened to be friends with one another. One night after partying, we were all driving home in one of the guys’ big 4-wheel drive truck. I claimed to my boyfriend that by now I couldn’t remember their names, so I’d just refer to them as driver and passenger. Driver was keeping his eyes on the road, which I found boring, so amused myself with his zipper. Once it was down, his cock naturally sprang out—fully erect. My boyfriend unzipped his own pants and started stroking himself slowly, sucking my nipples and listening intently. A hard cock and my pumping fist—the only thing missing was my mouth, which I remedied immediately. I took the gum out of my mouth and stuck it to the dashboard and then went down on him like a sword swallower. Driver put his hand on the back of my head, guiding my face fuck, and he felt like he got harder with every stroke. I’d been hunched


over the seat on my knees, easy access for curious fingers, which it turns out Passenger had. His hand was up my skirt and weaving past my panty crotch like he had a map. While I was talking, I moaned how good it felt what Jeff was doing—and it did. I replaced his rhythmic strokes with my hand

and he began fingering me; churning my wetness while fucking into my fist. Getting a feel of my slippery pussy made Passenger want more, and I heard him unzip himself and call my name. I pulled off Driver and bent over the bench seat, crawling back





P O T S R E V E N ! E M G N I H C WAT rs Sex Tara Prefe With An Audience!

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used to enjoy sex like most other girls. I was content to be with a guy in private to suck his cock and get licked and laid. Then I tried a threesome and the experience changed something in me. What I really liked about being with two other men was that one of the guys would sit off to the side for a few minutes and just watch while stroking his cock. That really got to me. I liked having someone in my mouth, and an audience on the side. Of course, since it was a threesome, I soon was back in the middle of the sandwich between both guys, but I kept thinking back to those lovely few minutes when one guy was being the voyeur. Then I got the idea of magazine modeling. I took to it naturally when I first started out. I just let photographers think I was a really good model, but inside I was excited to pose. I like the cameras staring at me with the lenses only inches away from my slurping lips and clenching pussy. What really pleases me is to have a huge dick to play with when somebody watches— like Mark’s here. Aren’t you excited to see what I’m going to do with it? I made sure that the photographer got pictures from every angle so that I could give you a real show. Play along with me, baby, look real hard at my pictures— and get real hard. Even though I’m on a magazine page and you’re out there in reader land, I was aware of you every moment during the shoot. Knowing that you would be enjoying my pictures made me enjoy them even more. Silly Mark, though, he thought I was getting so turned on just from his big ‘ol bone! ♣

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www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om


www. ww stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa fant ntam amag am ag.c ag .com .c om



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SHANE’S WORLD/CATALINA WHITE Celeb sex tapes have been all the rage since Tommy and Pamela’s XXX vacation tape sold a few hundred thousand copies back in the 90s, and now Shane’s World is expanding the genre to include incredibly sexy model and former WWE wrestler, Catalina White. Catalina, whose modeling resume includes Maxim, Strobe and Mixed, wrestled briefly under the name Saylor James. Fortunately, her time in the ring did nothing to lessen her impressive looks. And, yes, she fucks as good as she looks. “She isn’t shy or reluctant, she is really into performing for the camera and she has great chemistry with her partner,” Shane’s World, Andrew S., said. “She’s a famous model, a WWE wrestler and an upand-coming recording artist. She actually has talent, and her performance in this scene shows us some other amazing talents she possesses that her fans have never seen before, and will probably never see again.”


VIVID SHAUNA SAND EXPOSED! After all the posturing, legal battles and TMZ statements were finally over, Vivid won the rights to put out Shauna Sand Exposed, which features the former wife of Lorenzo Lamas and sometime-actress in a raunchy video with her 25-year-old ex-boyfriend. “I made this video with my ex-boyfriend for our own enjoyment,” Shauna said. “But since Vivid obtained a copy and is moving ahead with distribution, I now feel it will be in my best interest to work with Vivid to make sure it is handled properly. I’m proud of the way I look in the video. My ex-boyfriend was the cameraman, I edited it and added the music, so I have an interest in the final product.” Vivid founder, Steven Hirsch, was of course elated with his latest celeb tape acquisition, including Shauna’s blessing. “Shauna is every guy’s fantasy of what a California blonde should be with her 33DD-22-33 figure, stunning blue eyes, pouty lips and long blonde hair,” Vivid Hirsch said. “The scenes are of an incredible highdef quality, which makes it the hottest celebrity sex footage I’ve ever seen. Shauna was obviously having fun and loving what she was doing on camera and she is bursting with sex appeal.”

18 &



Hot blondie, Sara Sloane, (previously known as Sarah Vandella) has been snatched up by Zero Tolerance to perform exclusively in the company’s movies. The company is currently putting together a proper Sara vehicle for release, but the impatient can catch her in Girlvana 5. “From the time that I made the decision to be an adult actress, my goal was to perform my heart out, become a contract star and be one of the most popular performers of all time,” Sara said. “The fact that Zero Tolerance, who I’ve always felt was the finest company in the business, signed me to a contract is a dream come true. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.” Greg Alves, president of Zero Tolerance, said she meets several criteria for being a ZT contract performer: “She really personifies what we’re all about: beautiful, fan friendly and horny as hell. She’s the perfect representative.” That’s good enough for us!

When former UFC fighter, War Machine, decided to get into the adult business, there was no one who was going to tell him no. He then made an impressive debut with Digital Playground’s contract star, Riley Steele, for a movie titled, Riley Loves War Machine. “I’m still going to be fighting, [but] I’m a free agent now,” he said. “It’s my passion. Porn is just another way for me to get paid for doing something I love to do. My mentor told me to find something you’re passionate about. That’s why I fight—and I love to fuck, so this is going to be good.” Riley was so impressed with his performance that she said “he is now on the top of my list.” “He’s very sexy and has an amazing body,” Riley said. “He admitted to being a bit nervous, which actually made me nervous, too. When the camera started, he completely shocked me. He was an animal and a total natural.”



SAVANA SAMSON ON “30 ROCK” Just a few weeks after New Sensations released its XXX parody of “30 Rock,” the show’s producers showed there was no bad blood by bringing in Vivid Girl, Savanna Samson, onto the NBC show. Savanna made her acting debut as “Porn Liz,” aka Liz Lemon, Tina Fey’s character. “My entire experience in working with “30 Rock” was fun from beginning to end,” Savanna said. “It’s really an honor to play the porn version of the Tina Fey character, as I’ve admired her for years on “Saturday Night Live” and I love what she’s done with this series.”

When Fleshlight Marketing Director, Fleshlight Mike, did some research to try to figure out who would be the ultimate Fleshlight Girl, one name stuck out over the others: Jesse Jane. Fleshlights are shaped like a flashlight with a Real Feel Super Skin masturbation sleeve inside. “With a great product, they’ve managed to successfully turn sex toys for men into a mainstream concept,” Jane said. “I get so wet thinking about all the guys who are going to fuck my Fleshlight every night while watching one of my Digital Playground movies.” Fleshlight Mike said he plans to announce more additions to the Fleshlight Girls roster in the coming months. “We predict this being one of our biggest launches to date, with both consumer and wholesale demand mounting steadily in anticipation of the launch,” he said. &


LETTERS My balls slapped her pussy in rhythm to her moans of, “fuck me, fuck me,” all the while accompanied by my panting and the wet squelch from her sopping cunt. I bent her forward to watch my thick meat disappearing into her overstretched hole. It was impressive how much she could take and still beg for more. With my hands on her plush ass, I spread her wider, giving myself a good view of

my impressive cock pushing deeper inside her. I spit. The foamy drop landing right on her asshole, and I pushed my middle finger into it. I could feel my cock stuffing her cunt through the thin wall between pussy and ass. I dug knuckle-deep with my finger and rubbed the head of my deeply buried cock. She squealed in


(continued from page 6) just far enough to reach Passenger’s cock. He held it up, leaning it toward my mouth and I teased the tip with my tongue. Passenger lifted his hips to fuck upward into my mouth, holding my face steady in his hands. My tits had popped out from the top of my dress and were dangling over the seat. Passenger cupped each in his hands and groaned at how horny this ride home had become. My boyfriend’s dick was oozing pre-cum and I smeared it around on his cock head. Jeff’s finger fuck got serious; he was working my clit with his thumb and salivating back and forth between my tits. I didn’t remember Driver pulling over, but obviously he had because he was suddenly wrestling his pants down far enough for him to maneuver behind me, bent over the seat. I was hungry to feel him penetrate me with his stiff dick, but instead I felt the warm softness of his mouth clamp over my pussy. Driver’s nose was nuzzling against my ass as he lapped up my girl juice with a greedy thirst. My enthusiasm translated to the cock I was sucking, and Passenger started slamming into my face without reservation. My boyfriend was fucking me by now— completely lost in the image of me getting tapped in both ends. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him in with my grind, whispering and groaning in his ear how I sucked Passenger’s cock. I’m sure Driver had been jerking himself while sucking my clam, because when he moved to fuck me doggie, he was dripping even before shoving himself inside my damp tightness. He gripped my hips, pressing them hard against the seat back and slap fucked in and out of me. I felt myself cumming at that moment. I growled in Jeff’s ear, “I’m about to cum right now!” then helped him to fire off by telling him I’d puckered my mouth and flicked my tongue, savoring the feeling of Passenger’s cum shooting up into my mouth—such hot, sticky bursts of cream. Right then I could feel Driver’s load emptying inside my pussy from behind. Throughout my fantasy I’d imagined my boyfriend Jeff as the driver and his wingman, Frank, as the passenger. I sure hope I didn’t cry out the wrong name while I was getting off. –Lilia, Hartford



DRILLED I drilled my cock into her pussy like it was oil-slicked. Fuck, I love a girl who likes to be pounded hard and fast.

20 &


ith more girls discovering what guys have known for centuries—that pussy tastes damn good—we’re seeing female converts of bi-curious ways from every corner of the globe. Now, some chicks, succumbing to the lesbian tremors in their loins—but reluctant to actually go out and find another pussy to explore—instead content themselves with making love to their own mirror images—pressing their nude bodies up against the bathroom glass and pretending that they’re getting it on with someone of their exact caliber. But, adventurous Brea and Codi decided to seek out their mirror images in real life when they wanted to experience sapphic fun.



Brea and Cody indulge their bi-curious side! &


They didn’t know each other at all, but just happened to show up one night at the same women’s club, where they quickly hooked up after sharing glances over drinks. They made out with each other at the bar—to the envy and/or delight of many of the other patrons. Then they moved to a banquet in the back of the club and gave each other lap dances—again, to the jealousy and/or enjoyment of the other cunny cravers. After their first steamy night of girl/girl love, a relationship developed. Brea and Codi are enjoying a sweet life in a house they’ve been renting together. They spend many days shopping for sexy lingerie and kinky sex toys that get their sapphic juices flowing. Indeed, these two shop till they drop—on each other—before feeding into their carnal craving of delicious pussy. Ah, there’s nothing like having another clit to enjoy, especially when you can look into the face of its owner, and that face looks so much like your own! ♣

22 &

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

24 stor orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

OTHER BREA AND CODY DIDN’T KNOW EACH OUT WHEN THEY BOTH DECIDED TO SEEK RST THEIR OWN EXACT TYPE FOR THEIR FI EXPERIENCES IN LESBIAN SEX! www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om


www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag


www. ww w. stor orem or em com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om


29 & & & &


★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★


STARRING: Jessica Bangkok, Sarah Vandella, Cali Couture, Chelsie Rae, Nataly Rosa, Talon, Lee Stone, Jenner, Cheyne Collins DIRECTED BY: Jordan Septo AVAILABLE FROM: Venom Hi Def lthough some starlets are against internal pop shots, others get off on having cream-filled pussies. Collected here are five such babes, who are more than happy to open wide and push out the sticky goo from their cavernous gashes. With a crop of very bankable babes, Sarah Vandella proves to be the hottest commodity here. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she backs up her winning looks with fuck



skills that can’t be beat. She gives Talon a run for his money by fucking his brains out in cowgirl. Later, she earns every drop when he plows her in mish, and unloads his sperm into her slit. Sticky! Cover babe, Jessica Bangkok, is another top-notch whore who commands complete attention thanks to her beautiful pussy spread on the boxcover. She is a shining example of a prick hungry slut who doesn’t rest on her laurels. Instead, she chooses to go buck wild and cock crazy with Lee Stone when he shoves his cobra cock into her mouth and up her coochie. Chelsie Rae, who has gone from blonde to brunette, continues the party by showing


Jenner who’s boss. He has no choice but to try to keep up the pace, getting noticeably winded when this dirty diva decides to go anal. Cali Couture and Nataly Rosa are also entertaining, although their predecessors are slightly more experienced. ★★★ EXTRAS: The extras section is somewhat lacking, although the photo gallery spread is well-stocked with plenty of hardcore pics to keep you busy for a while. In addition to that, you can look forward to some worthwhile BTS coverage and pertinent web information if you feel the need to go poking around a little further. &


STARRING: Katja Kassin, Brianna Love, Sandra Romain, Luscious Lopez, Emma Cummings, Flower Tucci, Devon Lee, Gianna Michaels, Olivia O’Lovely, Amber Peach, Nicara, Lexington Steele, Marco Banderas DIRECTED BY: Lexington Steele AVAILABLE FROM: Mercenary Pictures ith over three hours of hardcore, interracial footage and eleven top-notch girls, Lexington Steele explodes with the help of his friend Marco Banderas. Together they become a winning example of the sexual excellence that Mercenary Pictures strives for in each one of their releases. While each scene packs a powerful punch


and has enough merit to stand on its own, a few girls bring fucking to an all-new level. Brianna Love is one such babe. As soon as she is face to face with Lex, she falls to her knees to ingest his chocolate hose with slobbery wet results. Since blowjobs seem to be her thing, her holes are properly dripping after her suck session, which makes it easy for Lex to glide his cock straight up her ass. Katja Kassin is another butthole whore who does double duty when donating her double-bubble to the cause. She, too, takes Lex up the sphincter but not before allowing her pussy some time in the hot seat. Although smashing, temperatures will certainly rise once Flower Tucci and Gianna

Michaels join forces to take down the black stallion. Instead of the female domination they had planned for, Lex proves his sexual dominance by stacking the girls up like pancakes to fuck their holes at will, making this an excellent release from top to bottom.

★★★★★ EXTRAS: The fetish menus that allow you to choose your favorite positions from a drop-down menu are a great extra, as are the bank of hardcore pictures that grace the photo gallery section. Aside from a few hardcore trailers for coming attractions not much else is represented.

26467 &


STARRING: Lupe Fuentes, Chris Charming, Jay Lassiter, John Espizedo DIRECTED BY: Axel Braun AVAILABLE From: Teravision ll of the stars must have been in alignment the moment Tera Patrick met Lupe Fuentes, the latest contract acquisition to Teravision. With stunning good looks, an adorable Spanish accent, and a petite body perfect for fucking, this pintsized goddess completely captivates in this interactive experience chalk-full of erotic choices and plenty of rock solid sex.


While every action is dependant on the viewer’s choice, Lupe doesn’t begin the show until you tell her exactly what you want to see. Would you like a striptease? Or would you rather watch her masturbate using either her fingers or big glass toys? How about sexual positions or the use of her feet? Really, the sky is the limit here and Lupe is ready for it all to hang out. Although her solo play is heavenly throughout, her real potential is actualized the moment she is allowed to play with cock. From here on out, Lupe gets it hard in cowgirl, doggie, and missionary position with the

help of three huge cocks that seem larger than she is at times. The POV-style camera angles, specifically captured by award-winning director Axel Braun, ensure that Lupe remains the star of the show at all times. All of these combined efforts help to make this interactive release a great introduction to the beautiful Lupe Fuentes. ★★★★ EXTRAS: Be prepared for some nicely captured behind-the-scenes play that’ll have you falling for Lupe all over again. Not only does she interact with her co-stars, with the help of a translator, but she does her best to flash her body as well. The collection of hardcore images is also quite incredible, as are the trailers for more hardcore fun. ★★★


36 &

STARRING: Avy Scott, Brooke Haven, Lisa Ann, Ricki Raxxx, Nikki Sexx, Sienna West, Scott Nails, Johnny Sins, Billy Glide, Keiran Lee DIRECTED BY: Not Credited AVAILABLE FROM: Brazzers eing considered one of leaders in big tit fun, Brazzers certainly does a fine job of keeping their reputation in tact with this all-MILF franchise that highlights six stellar women who have clearly shown up to fuck! As is the case in most productions, Lisa Ann rises to the top with Scott Nails. With a swanky boudoir setting and elaborate masks,


Lisa Ann humps horn like a champion. She later takes a firecracker fucking in multiple positions, but clearly does her best work when she’s bent over to take it up the ass. Avy Scott, who is relatively new to the MILF roster, can also be counted on to give an outstanding performance when paired with Johnny Sins. With chemistry that is fully charged, Avy grinds down hard in cowgirl although her best display occurs when her tits jiggle and wiggle in doggie. Hot! Meanwhile, Nikki Sexx is out to prove that her pussy is just as lethal as her beautiful boobs when Billy Glide slides his wiener into

her mouth and in between her tits. After he’s satiated, he practically splits her in two when he splices through her pussy like butter. Brooke Haven is also an incredible inclusion; although it’s the vision of Ricki Raxxx spread out in pile driver position that will leave you bursting at the seams like a party piñata!

★★★★ The bonus fuck scene starring Sienna West and Johnny Sins is scorching hot as are the bank of trailers and slew of hardcore pictures that are sure to keep your cock hard and happy. Nothing but big tit fun awaits!

26465 &



STARRING: Kristina Rose, Lily Lovely, Sierra Skye, Gracie Glam, Andy San Dimas, Vanessa Leon, Lee Bang, Johnny Fender, Sledge Hammer, Mike Hash, Hooks, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, DSnoop, T. Von Swine, Mark Zane DIRECTED BY: Mike John AVAILABLE FROM: Mike John Productions ith the exception of super slut, Kristina Rose, five first timers stand in line to praise the load by sucking multiple cocks and ingesting one frothy load after another in the forth installment to Mike John’s insatiable all oral series. With an appetite for sperm that is just as

W 38

palpable as her lust for log, Kristina Rose reaffirms her cock addiction by taking on four dicks at once. She handles each like a pro by sucking on one while stroking up the others. This ends in a community cum shower that should certainly gain accolades come award season. Also earning nods for a job well done is Vanessa Leon. Here she ups the ante by filling up her Latin mouth with four chocolate bars when she travels over to the dark side to get her fill of interracial pork swords. With a spermy smile to seal the deal, she proves that after having gone black she may never go back. We’re cool with that! When finished there, Andy San Dimas keeps the party jumping by enlisting her

mouth and a few pumps of her pussy for the four hard cocks that await her warm holes. And despite it being their first time, too, Gracie Glam, Lily Lovely and Sierra Skye certainly have us fooled when they also take to cock like fish to water. ★★★★ EXTRAS: With nearly an hour of behind the scenes footage, there is certainly a wealth of hardcore antics yet to be discovered. Also, included are an impressive photo gallery spread and a well-covered cumshot recap option that showcases the girls covered in goo. Having anamorphic widescreen capabilities is just icing on the cake. &


STARRING: Andi Anderson, Alyssa Hall, Dakoda Brookes, Kagney Linn Karter, Lexi Belle, Ashley Jensen, Mr. Marcus, James Deen, Jerry, Chris Strokes, Voodoo, Ben English, Jules Jordan DIRECTED BY: Jules Jordan AVAILABLE FROM: Jules Jordan Video ules Jordan, the quintessential King of Gonzo, earns the top spot on the smut hierarchy with this stellar release. In it, he pushes beautiful girls beyond their sexual limits to deliver a perfect movie that has enough hardcore heat and sex-filled sluttiness to make this release an instant classic. Although each scene stands alone, we’ll begin with the torrid three-way that has


Dakoda Brookes testing out the elasticity of her pussy and ass with James Deen and Jerry. When both men come knocking on her doors, she opens wide for the pair of cocks and ultimately delivers her best performance to date! Lexi Belle is another delicious debutante who looks downright edible when roller-skating into her scene and onto Chris Strokes’s stick. Using a ladder as a prop, these two bang like drums. Lexi quickly decides to go for the gold when delivering a blowjob that is just as tempting as she is. Alyssa Hall is another naughty nymph who looks incredible with Voodoo’s wang wagging in her mouth. She only stands to improve the moment his hammer begins to wedge a path up her slutty little pussy.

Kagney Linn Karter and Ashley Jensen are two more blondes with ambition. They prove their sexual weight in gold, although Andi Anderson is the one who takes home the platinum status when she shoves a black dick up her ass! ★★★★★ EXTRAS: Make way for a slew of hot extras that include one-hour of behind the scenes antics that feature the girls at play. Also included is a nicely presented photo gallery section that has both hardcore and pretty girl images of our beloved Slut Puppies. The cream of the crop, literally, is represented by a cumshot recap option, which showcases the pop slops in all of their gooey glory!

26209 &

★★★★ &





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US funds only. In Canada GST is included. No COD orders. All issues mailed in protective envelopes for your privacy. Please allow 4 to 8 weeks for delivery of first issue.


Foreign orders add $2.00 per issue. &

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om & & &


es by stripping, suckorn stars live insane liv ld beasts in front of ing and fucking like wi to see—then headthe camera for the world off eir brains out in their ing out and screwing th ys ver, these hardcore hone camera lives, too! Howe ents e of wild and crazy mom still have their fair shar e bs. Check out some of th just like the rest of us slo ng downright embarrassi funnier, nastier or even st porn stars: moments of today’s hotte


Briana Banks:

There’s a scene I did with Bobby Vitale in Too Nasty to Tame. Tha t scene was so hardcore, nasty and raw. To this day it’s still my favorite scene to watch. There’s also a scene from the movie, Hea rt Breaker, where Evan Stone and I actually break the couch we’re working on. Without fail, Evan and I always seem to break furniture with our aggressive fucking. I love working with him. 21107 & www.fantamag.c .com om

chaels: a Milife, Trinpers I didn’t onal

For my go to a lot of parties when I was younger. But after high school, I went to a lot of swinger clubs with my boyfriend. One time, we actually met a couple that invited us to their house for an afterparty, and there were five couples there. Everyone was fucking. I wound up on top of one guy and my boyfriend came in to fuck my ass. The great thing is everyone stopped fucking to watch me get DP’d. It was amazing.

23903 &


Penny Flame:

[I Had sex] in an airport bathroom in Oakland with a guy I dated for a while. It was my Senior year in high school. I picked him up wearing a trench coat and nothing else.

24212 25001

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Nautica Thorn:

: Leonbang Faithe som s e gang

What about while driving on the freeway? That was a good one. Everyone should try it. You have to have a big car to do it. It was in a Lincoln Navigator and I just got up and I faced him and put my legs on the side of the seat. I just started riding him while he was doing 80 mph on the freeway. That was hot.

I’ve don here and there on camera. Blacklight Beauty was pretty intense. I only had two guys doing me, but there were seven or eight other guys standing around that I had to blow, and it was dark and all, so that was pretty extreme.



Gianna Lynn:

I was doing a bondage scene with Steven St. Croix. It was something I was always open to— something I was always curious to try. For a while, I was really into it.

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: Jenny Hendrix the for

(First time anal)—It was Internet—for Reality Kings. A boy/boy/girl thing, where one guy does me vaginally and the other eventually does me anally—pretty hot! Some people say you can’t do anal with someone if you don’t like is ‘em, but it feels so good! Anal sex is, it t wha know t don’ I nse. inte very n whe ling it’s kind of spine ting you’re doing it. It just hits a different spot than vaginal sex does.

Kimberly Kane: [In] my first year in the business, I did a scene with Michael Stefano and Manuel Ferrara. I ate McDonald’s French fries right before the scene, which was a rookie move. [I got sick] and have never eaten before a scene since.

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For my website, Jenna Haze did [some crazy things] in my ass and pussy at the same time. It was incredible. I didn’t plan it out. She just really got into the moment and didn’t stop. It was an amazing experience. I just like extreme scenes with a challenge. It’s not like it’s really hard. Whatever I can do I will do it. What I really try to do is go with the feeling. I don’t expect everyone to be extreme like me in the scenes. I just want them to have fun and enjoy the moment.



Rita Faltoyano:

About a year and a half after I had sex for the first time, I did my first scene and it was with three guys. The scene was in Costa Rica and it was my first anal ever, my first DP, and my first time with more than one guy. It was a very bad experience. It was 110 degrees and we were by the ocean, which seemed so cold. The sand was everywhere and my pussy was cold—it was terrible. I remember after I got paid, I bought my first mobile phone and I bought things for my mom and my brothers. Then the money was gone, so I went back to do more scenes and quit college. Then I got on box covers and like, five months later, I woke up one day and was like, ‘Wow, I am in the porn industry.’ &




Jasmine Byrne:

I got all dressed up in cute heels, a little skirt, no underwear, a little shirt and a bra, and went out [to the movies] with one of the guys I was seeing. It was a boring movie and we were in the balcony all the way in the back of the theater, so we did it. I still think people saw us because I was riding him and I really fucked him hard. I was trying so hard not to make any noise, so I had to keep covering my mouth. I was really scared that someone was going to tell us to stop, but they didn’t, thankfully.

25666 & om

Stoya: This one time at around four in the morning coming out of a nightclub in New York City, on the New Jersey Turnpike, on top of the car. Not on top of the hood, but on top of the actual car.

Once for a Casey Parker: g naked and it

movie, I went skydivin was amazing. You feel everything - it is going so fast! I remember my pussy lips being spread open by the rush of air. There is nothing like skydiving naked.

Sandee Westgate: Well with a girl, it would be in my last movie with Kirsten Price. We did this Asian massage scene and we were on the same level sexually, and just uninhibited. We were relaxed, and it didn’t seem like we were acting for the movie, it seemed like we were really into each other, so that’s what made it so hot. And then if you’re kissing matches, you get really into that.



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5’6”, 130 LBS, 36C-28-36 FROM: SUTTON ALASKA By: Eliza Starr

CI: Ava: movies since 2006, and I had the opportunity to be a contract girl for a while with Adam & Eve, but now I get to work with a larger variety of performers and companies. CI: Tell us about your first scene and what it was like. Ava: My first real scene was with Arbi, for I was nervous at first, but as soon as I felt his hard dick through his pants, I knew it was game on—once he was up, I was up for it! The scene was fun, hot and sexy to say the least. CI: Were you always a “dirty girl,” or did you get dirtier and more sexually adventurous through the industry? Ava: I’ve always been a bit shy on the surface, but when it comes down to it, I’m a dirty girl at heart and I’ve had the chance to really explore that now. It’s all good. CI: Are you a voyeur at all - do you like to watch? Ava: I love watching homemade porn! I really enjoy home videos that couples post of their most intimate sexual acts—whether it be a husband filming his wife getting fucked by a group of guys—maybe her with two huge black men—or POV of the man fucking his gal like she’s a $20 prostitute…the list goes on. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the chance to see such awesomeness in real life.....anyone? CI: You experienced being a contract performer, why do you prefer working independently? Ava: I equally enjoy the two, just on different levels because they both have their upsides. I’ve had a chance to work on some great features while I was with Adam and Eve, like Pulp Friction, It’s All About Ava, Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant—but I’ve also gotten to enjoy shooting gonzo movies for companies who take a lot of pride in their product. I worked with a great cast of girls in Belladonna’s Evil Pink 4. You get to work with more performers when you’re not contracted to one company.


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CI: Had you been with girls in your private life before getting into the business? Ava: Yes, never as many as I have while being in porn, but I have always enjoyed beautiful girls/women who are equally into girls. I’d kissed a number of girls before porn and only gone “all the way” with two. It’s not easy picking up hot girls at the bar—you guys know what I mean. Doing movies like Girlfriends Films’ Twisted Positions 4, gives me the chance to work with girls who really like being with other women sexually. CI: Who do you think gives better head – men or women? Ava: I’ve had my best oral experience with a woman, but overall, I think guys do it better. Although, that may be partially because I haven’t had sex with as many women in my personal life compared to men to actually justify that. CI: Do you have a favorite position? Ava: I love missionary with my legs over the guy’s shoulders—or being on top if I’m feeling like keeping deep, intimate eye contact with my partner while we engage in sweet sex goodness. CI: You work in the sex industry, but do you still like to masturbate? Ava: I go through masturbation phases. There will be


times when I masturbate almost every day for a good period of time, and then there’s those weeks when I won’t masturbate at all. I fancy the rotating bead rabbits with multiple settings of vibration levels and place the head of the toy to my O zone and the vibrating part of the toy on my clit. Check me out in Tom Byron’s, Masturbation Nation 3! I’m a visual girl, so when I masturbate, I love to watch dirty home pornos like I described earlier, plus rough anal and girls’ first anals are super hot to me. I also have found creampie videos really do the trick too, especially if it’s a younger gal and an older man; the filth of it is such a turn-on, and turns my masturbation moment into one to remember. CI: Do you have any defined boundaries? Ava: I’m pretty open to trying different sexual things to a degree, but the curiosity to dabble with new things stops at needle play, public disgrace, extreme bondage or S&M—for me, at least. CI: Are you quiet or noisy during sex? Ava: I’m in between the two, not overly loud but certainly not a church mouse. I’m all about talking with my &

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eyes if that makes sense. CI: Is there anything sexual you do in your personal life that you haven’t done on film...yet? Ava: There are a few things I’m sure. The one that sticks out in my mind is creampie. I feel like creampie is a very intimate thing for me, so unless I’m on that deeper level with my partner, I stick to body pop shots. If I were to do a creampie on video, you could guarantee it’s going to be for a Mason (Sam No) movie. He really gets the best out of me. CI: What turns you off? Ava: Bad hygiene, gnarly feet, low selfesteem and jealousy. There’s probably more, but those are total turn-offs to me. CI: Have you learned anything new from working in this industry? Ava: The Sex Ed classes you get in school are informative on the basics, but at the same time, they don’t fully inform students about so many facets of sex. Through working in the adult industry I’ve learned a lot—both about sex in general, as well as about myself and what I enjoy. I like the fact that I get the chance to experiment and explore my sexuality, and that of the people I work with. CI: Do you prefer scenes with people you’ve worked with before or new talent? Ava: I don’t mind either way. It’s always nice to work with someone new,

64 &

you never know what to expect when you work with new talent. I do have favorites, too. I love working with Belladonna and Sammie Rhodes when it comes to my favorite girls because they are genuinely into girls, and that sort of comfort and passion shows on camera when you’re working with them. As for guys, I like Michael Stefano because he’s a butt man and loves sex. Manuel Ferrara is great because he brings out that inner sexual goddess in every girl, treating her as if she were the only girl in the world. CI: How do you feel about group sex? Ava: I work in groups, but it can be a little overwhelming with too many people. The most I’ve worked with was in Big Butt Oil Orgy for 3rd Degree. That scene was with Angelina Ash, Ben English, Kagney Linn Karter, Kristina Rose, Lisa Ann, Mick Blue, Mr. Pete, Phoenix Marie and Sophie Dee. I can handle two cocks comfortably— any more than that requires a bit of work but in that movie I had a lot of help! CI: Tell us about an Ava Rose blowjob. Ava: I like to place my hands on the shaft and sort of twist them in circles and use my tongue to massage and go around the head. That’s a terrible description, but hopefully you get the idea; it’s probably better to see for yourself, so check out one of my scenes! CI: What are some scenes that real-

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

ly stand out for you as some of your best? Ava: I do have a few favorites that I feel really show the true sexual goodness that is me. I love shooting—and out of the many, many scenes I’ve done, there are probably only six or so scenes that I hate. My ultimate favorite scenes I’ve done would have to be every scene I have shot for Mason—aka Sam No — at Elegant Angel. Some of those are in Curvy Girls 2, Battle of the Asses and Pornstar Workout. CI:Have you experimented with any fetish sex? Ava: I have done role-play “rape sex” in my personal life and a little foot play. It’s a personally controlled environment, so I can let myself go and get a little kinky. CI: What do you think is your best feature? Ava: My ass and my face. I hope my fans agree, but don’t forget to check out the in between! I can’t think of one amazing thing that makes me unique, but almost everything is pretty good. CI: Ideally, how many times a day would you like to have sex?

Ava: I think that just depends on my mood. I don’t always feel in the mood to have sex, then sometimes I want lots of sex, so I’m going to play it safe and say that, on average, I would be happy with at least once a day. At this moment I haven’t had sex in two weeks, so I’ve got some catching up to do! CI: Do you like to dominate or are you submissive? Ava: For the most part I’m submissive, but sometimes a person can bring out a dominant side of me. CI: What type of sex scene do you prefer, soft and sensual or rough and hard? Ava: I like everything: Rough, hard, sensual and passionate all in one. Don’t leave anything out if you’re fucking me. I love passionate sex mixed with a little touch of “rough-mance.” CI: What do you think makes one of your movies special? Ava: I’m very real in my scenes because I always find at least one quality about the person I’m working with that I find the most attractive and run with it. I want my fans to feel like they aren’t just watching me have sex cause it’s my job. I want them to feel like they are watching me in most intimate and real moments. CI: Do you dance in clubs? Ava: I love stripping, although I’ve never been great at the hustle part—you know, everything aside from stage that makes you money. There’s something about being on the stage in those hot stripper shoes—naked, or nearly naked for everyone to see—and just being sexy that really makes me love being a dancer. It’s hot! CI: How do you enjoy spending your free time? Ava: I love skiing in the winter and just enjoying life in every way I can. CI: How can your fans get in touch with you? Ava: Fans can contact me via email, Twitter at or Myspace at and I love to hear from them! ♣

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R O F G N I H C A ! T A E M Y O B COW Girl, Mili, City Goes West!

ili is from a big city. But when she visited a Dude ranch recently, she quickly enjoyed the freedom of the open skies and lush acres. One afternoon, when she’d passed on the day’s group activities and nobody was nearby, she took off everything except her boots and just walked around. She began to understand why Western movies were once so popular with both men and women. As she felt the cool air on her bare body, she realized that a place like a ranch brought out the most basic human feelings—especially sexual ones. You were not only connected to the land, but to the very geography of your erotic being. Although she’d always thought of herself as adventurous, Mili had never had sex outdoors. However, now she had the urge to get down on her knees on the grass and give somebody a blowjob, or to get into doggie style and take it from behind while all the land stretched out before her. She wanted to grab at the cool earth with her manicured fingers while she felt a cock plowing in and out of her pussy. It was amazing, but the Western environment was the best aphrodisiac she had ever known! She was reluctant to put her clothes back on, but there were people coming back from the day’s activities. It was time to dress and go down to the main house for dinner. Well, she’d keep her eye out for one of those cowboys with their hard bodies and rough hands. She’d find somebody to initiate her into sex on the ground. Although it might take some maneuvering, she wanted to get fucked in one of the corrals, too. Yes, she looked forward to feeling like an animal—as she never had before! ♣


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LEAVING THE CITY BEHIND TO VISIT A DUDE RANCH BRINGS OUT A NEW EROTIC DIMENSION TO MILLI’S CITY SLICKER PERSONALITY! www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

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MILI APRIL 2010 www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c .com & & & & &



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FREEDOM THROUGH FACIALS Eve Loves Those Hot, Creamy Spurts!

d cum on her face, Eve was efore she ever experience ng in Massachusetts. She a rather vanilla type livi e job in an office and a rag had a calm life, an ave this ce forever. Then one night boyfriend she’d known sin her ced vin con rry— ma to ed end a boyfriend—whom she int was It d. see ey with his goo to let him cream her face e. tim e som for out live to fantasy he’d been asking but allow it—just this once— Finally, she said she would he) d (an she way a in nce erie it was an eye-opening exp an h suc in id release his liqu l didn’t expect. Feeling him fee her ade —m way ous rebelli intense— almost socially hum ing bor iant against the that she too could be def now normal, average life. She her of ns atio drum expect far more nce erie exp and ng thi any felt that she could do her ed. Soon, she split from than she had ever dream adventures tic ero of trip g lon a boyfriend and left for were not by her parents (who across America, financed cing in dan of ds ken wee by but shocked by her decisions) cities where she lingered. strip clubs in the various the Midwest with Joe and Her best encounter was in cks. erested in gambling and chi Marty—two guys only int club p stri the in uila teq of rs One night after long hou hotel she took them on in her where she was working, would y the y ghl rou tho so s nut room and drained their her erward. She got the jizz on talk about it for weeks aft nd rou r the ano for dy rea was face that she craved, and in , Yes in. bra up her pussy and soon after. Happiness lit ♣ m! edo fre to h pat que a uni cum facials, Eve had found



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AS SHE SUCKED JOE AND MARTY, EVE COULD BARELY REMEMBER HER EARLIER, MORE SEXUALLY RESTRAINED LIFE. www. ww w. stor st orem emag com m & ww www. w.fantam w. amag ag.c ag .com .c om


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From Lethal Hardcore:

STAR RI NG Shyla Stylez, Angelica Raven, Katie Kox, Kya Tropic, Sonya Sage, Steve Taylor, Mario Cassini, Chris Strokes, Billy Glide, Talon DI RE CT OR Chucky Sleaze AV AI LA BL E FR OM Lethal Hardcore


Lethal Hardcore has always been h committed to providing their viewers wit g goin by ing the utmost in hardcore fuck ng filli straight to the action instead of their movies with unnecessary fluff.



huge melons, Today is no exception. On the line are ten th installseven the perfectly plump and ready to bounce in s with babe t abou all is that s serie ment to this tit-tacular five beauties these ine comb you When s. boob cious boda work of director with hand-selected studs and the sly e for a movie recip ing winn the got e you’v e, Sleaz Chucky overflowing of lieu in fuls hand that does away with mere ed a front grant been has nal natio Inter Club , kfully cups. Than suckin’ cock and n’ busti bra row seat to watch all of the y bountifull beau the as along you take to gets unfold and tiful titties hit the floor! z, a blonde Spilling out of her shirt first is Shyla Style beautiful more ing Look on. bimbo who needs no introducti out in led spraw dy alrea is Shyla ever, than and bountiful the gh throu walk I when doggie position on a hot pink sofa yellow her up g liftin her, d behin right is door. Billy Glide le with his tongue. dress and tickling her crinkly little assho ls, sinking her grow Shyla er,” deep ue “Ram that tong her face in ing bury nails into the faux leather chair and beautiful your and face that p “Kee w. the patchwork pillo in to ping swoo ass up,” director Chucky Sleaze requests, juice clam her as y puss ’s Shyla of get an in-yer-face shot making you he “Is . thigh r inne her down seep to begins attention to her wet?” Sleaze asks, when switching his lip and nods in m botto her bites she as res featu beautiful back to the way its s make ra ecstasy. When the came tretched outs an With trail. snail her on hot is action, Billy his lips on it pats and syrup t tongue, he licks up the swee Billy go!” to ready is bitch this , yeah k “Fuc like balm. announces to the crowd. & &

With her delightful derriere bobbing in the air, Billy takes this as the perfect opportuni ty to spit a wad on his cock and jab it inside her wet hole. She loudly winces and holds her breath when his monster cock initially impales her pussy. After a few preliminary pumps, Shyla is ready to go, proving the point by thrusting her body backward s against his cock! “I can take all you have to give…and then some!” she purrs, pulling her butt hole open to give Billy a glimpse inside. After several minutes of dog pounding , Shyla spins herself around to suck her slime off his cock. She opens her jaw to a near snapping point and curls her tongue underneath his veiny shaft. With a face full of meat, Shyla braces herself on the sofa until every inch of Billy is resting down her throat! She comes up gagging and spitting, seemingly happy that she’s accomplished the near impossible. “No cock is too big for me to handle!” she beams, later getting her cupcakes frosted with splooge as Billy unloads his fury onto her bolt-on boobs. Nice! After an ample tease session and sexy interview, Katie Kox takes her spot on top of the same sofa that Shyla just got nailed on. Like a true professional, Katie swoops right into actio n by rubbing warm oil onto her humongous hoot ers before licking her nips and jiggling her jugs for the camera. “Do you want to watch me get fucke d?” she coyly asks, while batting her long lashe s over her beautiful hazel eyes. The camera nods . Before her words have time to clear the air, Mario Cassini has got this babe on the floor and is stabbing her mouth with his dick until his balls actually flap against her chin. She gigg les at his frantic display before securing his meat y frank between her lofty chest buns for a reall y great titty

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fucking session that leaves us all breathless. Now with his cock twice as large as before, Katie rolls onto the sofa and opens her legs up in missionary position, as if to say “come n’ get it.” Before Mario’s allowed a full admission ticket to play on her rides, she teases him briefly by pulling her meat curtains open and pinching her clit until both become red and delicious. With her legs spread out in a perfect ‘V’ formation, Mario kneels down and secures his sword inside her wet spot. He bangs her hard, holding her back by the ankles while she sucks and yanks on her big tits throughout the entire scene. “Kill that tight little pussy!” she pleads, before releasing her slippery slop over his cock when she’s overcome by her first orgasm. While her O train is still in the station, Katie quickly repositions herself on top of his thighs in reverse cowgirl in the hopes of reigniting the orgasmic sensation. Although she proves to be a few seconds too late, the camera certainly has the perfect opportunity to capture her hanging hooters flopping in the wind. After a few more heated positions, she finally reaches her goal, as evidenced by a rush of gash gunk that glistens against her pale skin. “Oh my god! Yes!” she shouts, as a creamy explosion rims their crotches, ultimately coaxing a big load out of him that seals the second scene of the day in style. As the final drops of semen hit Katie’s bodacious knockers, Angelica Raven is heard moaning from behind the scenes. Little did we know that



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she has been watching the hardcore action and stuffing her fingers into her fur-trimmed hole the entire time. “You naughty little minx!” Sleaze jokes before asking her if she’s ready to get screwed, blued, and tattooed by Steve Taylor. Without hesitation, Angelica begins to grind and flash her body by flipping up her green dress to show off her thick nipples and smooth stomach. “I’m always ready to fuck,” she smiles, as Steve—her cock for the day—strokes up his prick to the sight of her constant squishing her delicious boobs between her biceps. When given the green light, Steve folds Angelica in two and eats out her tight butthole as if programmed to do exactly that. “Mmm… tasty,” he remarks after getting a mouthful of her rumpled rectum. Squealing with delight, she tugs herself open and constantly looks behind her shoulder to watch his tongue go in and out of her holes. “Do you like to watch?” Sleaze asks, as she opens her eager hole with both hands and responds with, “Do you?” Once both of her holes are polished and ready to go, Angelica climbs on top of Steve in cowgirl to grind her cunt into his crotch. With bucking hips and curled toes, Angelica gets busy and doesn’t let up until the liquor between her legs is equal to the sweat rolling off her back. “Ahhh, so good!” she sighs, as she tries to regain control of her breath and her quivering body. While still riding high with good vibrations, Steve gently rests Angelica on a leopard pillow before shedding his bedside manner and going for broke between her legs. With screams that pierce the air, Angelica gets lethally plugged for several more minutes. When the action only calls &


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for one more position, Angelica keeps on going to the delight of everyone—and delivers two! Finally, when her juices stop flowing, the scene ends with a well deserved cum shower that helps to smolder the heat rising from her heavenly body. As the smoke clears the air, Sonya Sage exits the makeup room and bum rushes Talon like a whore in heat. Despite the innocent look of her sexy schoolgirl uniform, complete with a pleated skirt and cotton blouse, this girl is more like a raging bull than a submissive student. Talon, a well-trained veteran, is quick to show her who’s boss when he pushes her to her knees and shoves his cock down her throat. Before she is able to get a word out, his balls are found resting on her tongue to ensure she remains silently obedient. With formal introductions being kicked to the curb, Talon sinks his hands into her black hair and power drills his hips into her head. “Open up. Open it up!” he charges, as she is given no choice but to open wide and take it all in stride. Once her spit begins to dribble from her neck and collect around her feet, she looks up and cries, “Don’t stop! Give me more!” More is exactly what is delivered as Talon claws his way through her holes, contorting this meaty maiden into four hot positions, including doggie and cowgirl. Although each display is erotically charged, Sonya hits an all time high once Talon rolls her over onto her side in a makeshift spoon arrangement. With her big ass facing the camera, Sonya loses control. Before too long, her left leg begins to crawl up the wall until the tip of her red shoes hooks into the drywall in front of her. “Watch the legs,” Sleaze laughs as Talon continues to pound away while Sonya wiggles and wails. When it is time, our sexy student is positioned in front of Talon’s legs and is used for target practice. She giggles and coos as his shower of cum bullets nicely spot her teeth and sweaty tits. When the last drop hits the floor, I hit the road. Although these four top-heavy honeys have enough tittie meat to keep you boob lovers nice and full, Kya Tropic is last inclusion to the bunch. She does a fine job at completing the big booby lineup and impresses with amazing oral skills and a roll in reverse cowgirl that are sure to be crowd pleasers. With titties as fine as these, and plenty of hardcore footage to keep the action poppin’, Big Bodacious Knockers 7 scores a homerun and clearly deserves attention from your ball and your bat! ♣ For more information about this or other Lethal Hardcore productions, please &

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LETTERS borhood made me feel kind of silly about Edward, and suddenly I kissed him. He looked surprised and then I kissed him again and said, “I bet you have a place that we can go to.” He nodded and actually took my hand as we started to walk. What a sight we must have made—me with my tattoos and Edward in his business suit—holding hands. He had a nice condo, one of those new ones in an up and coming part of the city. I thought

(continued from page 20) appreciation and ground back onto me. With my sac pressed to her clit, I could feel the pulse of her impending orgasm. Sparks shot along my shaft and my balls drew into position. I felt the surge of cum race along my cock at the same time her pussy gripped me like a velvety vice. I squirt into her as her orgasm sucked at my cock. All my energy emptied into her cunt until I was left slumping over her back, my softening cock still inside her. Fuck, I love a girl who likes to be pounded hard and fast. –Carlo, L.A.

OFFICE STIFF I was standing on a street corner passing out samples of a new instant coffee—my latest parttime job in this crazy recession—when a handsome young guy in a suit named Edward started to talk with me after he took one of the samples. I didn’t know why he was chatting me up, because I really was not his type. I have a punk rock look complete with tattoos, but he seemed attracted to me anyway. He had a good sense of humor and was interested in what brought me to a job like this. I said I needed money like everybody else. When he asked me to meet him for a bite after work, I thought why not? We really weren’t that different in ages, just in our outlooks. I thought that it might be interesting to locate our common ground, if we found one. I was smoking a cigarette when he came out of his office building. I asked if he wanted a smoke but he said no, but he didn’t mind if I “indulged.” When we got to the diner he said he was fascinated by a girl who lived by her wits and didn’t know where her next paycheck or meal was coming from. “I wish I didn’t follow all the rules myself,” he said. “I wish I was more like you. I’m a lawyer and the way I live, everything is all laid out for me.” So, needless to say, my wild child “free spirit” intrigued him... After devouring cheeseburgers and fries, he asked what I was going to do the rest of the evening. I said I was going to meet a girlfriend at a dive bar to hear a band. I told him that he was more than welcome to tag along. He agreed and we left from the diner. When we got there, my girlfriend called my cell phone and left a message saying she couldn’t make it. I lit a cigarette and said, “What shall we do now, Edward? If I had a place to invite you to, I would, but I’m just couch surfing these days.” “Well,” said Edward, looking lost. That’s all he said—“Well.” I suggested we sit on a bench and figure something out. Gradually, the friendly crowded evening atmosphere of the hip neigh-


was, I turned him on, because when he got naked and started rolling around, he was stiff like a tree. He actually kissed my tattoos which made me quiver. I could see in the mirror the contrast between my inked body and his unpainted one, and it was interesting to me in the reverse way I must have been interesting to him. Every guy I’ve ever been with has had some tats. I sucked Edward’s cock and licked his balls, and then he went down on me and fingered my pussy and ass-


of how nice it would be to couch surf in his place for a while. I didn’t wait for him to kiss me, so I took him by the arms as soon as he closed the door and pretty much slid my tongue into his mouth. Luckily, I’d had my tongue bar taken out a couple of months ago—I think that might have been too much for Edward if I kept it in. When I have my clothes off, I look a little more “normal” than I do when I’m in my artfully torn tights, black leather jacket, pleated plaid skirt and Doc Martens. I think the fact that I didn’t look bizarre in the nude worked for Edward because he said, “It’s like you just shed a skin, Marcy.” Maybe he was the type of guy who liked girls who reminded him of reptiles. Whatever it

hole. He rubbed all over my body—thorough but gentle. “I just had a funny fantasy,” he said as I climbed on his dick like a cowgirl, “I imagined that the more we fucked and the more sweaty you got, that the tattoos would start to slide off your body with the sweat.” I looked at him like he was crazy and told him to just shut up and enjoy my punky pussy. He laughed too, and did exactly as I said, which turned me on. I leaned over and he sucked my inkless tits and it didn’t take long for him to shoot a big load. I sat on his face and came that way. “You’re wild,” he said afterward, “Maybe you want to couch surf here for awhile?” And the free spirit in me just had to say yes. ♣—Painted Cowgirl, Manhattan &



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LONG HAUL WHORING! “It won’t be too much longer. We like to shower together.” My cock jumped as I pictured the two hot women sitting across from me washing each other’s perfect bodies. Before I had a chance to respond, a number was called over the speaker in the small trucker’s lounge and the tall one popped up.“That’s us.” She grabbed her towel and they both headed toward the shower room. I leaned back in my seat in the empty lounge, these women were crazy hot, like no trucker I’d ever seen in my life and the idea of them showering together had me considering my opportunities for a quick jerk while I waited for them to free up the shower. Before I could unzip my jeans though, one popped her head out the door.“ Are you coming or not?” It took a few seconds for my brain to catch up with my legs, but I was in that shower before they could change their minds. They were both already naked as they reached in together to check the water temperature. Each had a slender arm curved around her friend’s waist and one set of perfect tits pressed just on top of the other. My cock stretched

hand down between us, reaching for my cock, lathering my balls and then tugging my cock toward the smooth little pussy next to me. My hips pivoted forward and my cock slipped between foamslicked thighs. She hitched forward to meet my thrust, sliding on my cock like a banister. The girl next to me leaned her shoulders back as her friend soaped her tits with one hand and her pussy with the other, all while I slowly sawed my cock in and out of her pussy lips. She moaned as my cockhead bumped past her hole and to her asshole and back. She hiked a knee up over my hip, trying to get me into her and I saw the other girl go down to her knees behind her. A moment later I felt a tongue flick at my cock and her cunt hole. I bent my knees and thrust up, my cock sinking home in a single motion, filling her snatch and lifting her off her feet. Gripping her waist, I fucked her pussy, bouncing her on my hips like a cock puppet. Below us, her friend’s mouth licked and sucked at my bouncing balls, trying to keep contact with them as I pumped like a madman.


“The one on the floor moved her tongue from my balls, along my shaft, to the sopping cunt!” toward my navel as I stripped, watching them in carnal awe. The shorter woman stood just outside the spray of the water, her skin glistening from the moisture, causing her nipples to rise at points. I fisted my cock as I stepped into the shower, pressing myself to her back and warming her. She was a grateful gal, and she showed her appreciation by turning to face me, those hardened nips brushing my chest as my cock enjoyed the pressure of her soft, flat stomach. Long, soapy fingers slid under her arms from behind and around her waist. Her friend dipped a


I could just see her down there—her face buried between our legs, her legs spread as her fingers plunged into her cunt while she mouthed my sac. The whole thing made my balls move into position, ready to blow into the tight pussy wrapped around my prick. It was all I could do to hold off another minute, until I could feel the slut clench on my cock as she came really hard. The one on the floor moved her tongue from my balls, along my shaft, to the sopping cunt stretched around it, and I felt her chin against my balls as she licked her friend’s ass. They & ww

moaned in unison and my cockhead swelled so tightly I could feel the skin stretching.Their cries increased as I fucked harder and faster, and finally, just as I was about to nut no matter what, the hot pussy closed in on my dick, spasming and sucking at me with her spongy cunt walls. I slammed into her ballsdeep, pumping my head against the back of her pussy as my jizz shot forward. I growled as I blasted her nasty box with shot after pulsing shot of cock-spit. As the last of our orgasms drained us, I was dimly aware of the woman between our legs cumming along with us, frigging herself to incredible glory on the floor. If I hadn’t just cum, it would have made me rock hard to see it. I slumped back against the shower wall, shaking my head.“You’ve gotta be the sexiest truckers I’ve ever met.” The woman on the floor gave me a catlike smile. “Oh, we’re not truckers.We just have more fun showering here than at home.”–Jo, Utah


SKI HOUSE BUNNIES It was the mid-winter of my freshman year in college. I am a quiet girl next-door type who has done nothing but study since I got to school. My parents have a ski house Upstate, of which they almost never use. I wanted to get away from the dorm for the weekend, so I asked my roommate, Samantha, if she wanted to go with me for some company since we’ve bonded so well at college. I always thought she was a hot-looking girl and occasionally fantasized what it would be like to have an intimate encounter with her. I am shy and never told her that I was bisexual, in fear that it could hurt our friendship. Regardless of my bisexuality, my experience was quite limited. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and I was feeling kind of lonely myself since I wasn’t seeing anyone, either. It would be a girls’ weekend—just the two of us. When we got to the house, I told her she could stay in my brother’s room. She began to unpack and get comfortable. I was in the kitchen looking for something to drink in the refrig-

www.storem & em

erator when I suddenly heard a noise coming from the bedroom with Samantha giggling at the same time. I called to her asking, “Is everything okay?” She said, “Angie, come here. Check this out.” When I got to the room, there was a small stack of porno DVDs by the television. She apparently had turned on the tv and put a DVD in the player. She was sitting on the edge of the bed hypnotized by the two lesbians on the screen exploring their inner lusts. I was embarrassed to think that my brother had a stash of sex movies and my friend had to be the one who found them. I wanted to leave at first, but then I came to my senses and sat down on the bed next to her to watch the movie. I was a little uncomfortable initially, but I was mostly curious. The girls were so beautiful and seemed so confident sharing their hot bodies with each other. I could see why guys would get so turned on by watching these types of movies. I admit, I was getting a little horny myself. My heart began pounding so fast and loud that I was afraid she

DIRTY WORDS could hear it. I wanted to touch her so badly and reenact the scene, but knew I couldn’t. She turned to me and said, “My god, they look like they’re having so much fun!” I was startled when Samantha unzipped her jeans and started taking them off.“ What are you doing?” I screeched.“ I just wanted to see how I looked compared to them,” She moaned, as she pulled her sweatshirt up over her head and stood naked in front of the full-length mirror on the closet door. She stood in several different poses in front of the mirror. She had one of the most perfect bodies and she knew it—tanned, toned, and blessed with natural breasts that women would pay thousands to behold. I was so horny that my panties had soaked through my jeans. “Your turn” she told me as she ran her fingers through her gorgeous, long hair, posing and turning back and forth studying herself intently. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and her firm, perky tits and erect nipples. My hands trembled as I ripped off my clothes.

“Her tongue flutered like a butterfly over my throbbing, swollen clit!” Samantha put her hand around my waist and pulled me up against her so we could both see ourselves in the mirror. “We could do those movies.” she said, “We look pretty good, too.”Her skin felt so warm and smooth against mine and I could smell her perfume as she leaned her head on my shoulder. I don’t recall which one of us made the first move, but we started kissing and the feeling was incredible. Samantha’s kisses were soft and sweet. My upper thighs began to feel sticky and gooey when she put her hands on my breasts and began massaging my nipples. We fell backwards onto the bed were soon in the 69 position. I couldn’t wait to taste every inch of her impeccable body. Her breathing got heavier as I licked my way down past her happy trail to her perfectly clean shaved pussy. I opened up her lips


that were like two soft flower petals, and began to lick up the sweet, thick creamery that was oozing from her tight little love canal. She grabbed my ass and pulled me up over her face to eat me, too. Her tongue fluttered like a butterfly over my throbbing, swollen clit. I was so close to exploding but I held back until I knew she was ready. Her love juice was so heavy that it was running up my nose. We continued to devour each other furiously. I felt her legs and hips quiver as she dug her nails into my ass. I knew it was time for her to explode and I could not hold out any longer myself. My legs felt like rubber as I let loose with an explosive orgasm that almost crushing her head between my sticky thighs. We both collapsed and turned to face each other. We kissed, mixing our tastes with our tongues. We sighed, rubbing against each other like two cats. Samantha slid her hand down to my cunt and spread my lips apart with her finger and started slowly stroking the inside of me until I begged her to fuck me. She climbed on top of me and pushed two, then three of her fingers deep inside while her thumb danced around my clit while she nibbled and sucked on my nipples. I was pulling her hair and clawing at her back. She was bringing me to climax after climax with her fingers until I was totally out of control. Each orgasm was closer and closer together and more and more intense. Our bodies were sweaty as our tits crushed together, and I could feel Samantha’s hot juice on my thigh as she ground her snatch against it, writhing with a powerful orgasm of her own. She shrieked out a loud scream as we both collapsed from exhaustion. We dozed off for a short little while with our bodies intertwined like a pretzel. Later, we realized that the movie had ended long before we did. Samantha, being the polite houseguest that she is, put the DVDs away where she found them. She then looked at me and winked as she said, “Here, pick one out for us to watch for tomorrow night’s festivities.” Finally, my fantasy had come true. –Angie P. Syracuse, NY & www. w.

THE SEX CHAIR Every guy out there knows no matter how much pussy you get, you still have to get with your right hand every so often. Women have to understand that the quality of our sex lives has absolutely no correlation to the number of times we use the Western grip. In fact, jerking off should be thought of as practice before the big game. Sure, I’d rather fuck than stroke it, but regardless, I’m always going to find time for a tug whenever I can. Anyway, that’s the way I tried to spin it to my girlfriend when she walked in on me getting off to my porn of the month movie. Wow, was she pissed! At first she stared in disbelief, and then started tearing the house apart looking for my stash of fuck videos. It didn’t take her long to realize I’d placed them just out of her reach—in the kitchen cabinet above the refrigerator, far enough

away. My punishment—aside from evil looks and snide remarks—was time in “The Sex Chair.” After placing a towel on the leather La-Z-Boy, she forced me to sit naked, facing the television, while she popped in the raunchiest of my DVDs. My dick was already hard at the sight of my girlfriend’s sexy body—and I felt proud of myself for blowing my last paycheck at Victoria’s Secret for her. Her instructions to me were to watch the movie. That’s it—I mean, literally, that was all I was allowed to do—watch the movie. I couldn’t look or touch her—no matter what she was doing to me. She warned me that if I broke those two rules, she’d stop what she was doing. The directions were simple enough, but not as easy as it sounds. With my eyes on the tv and my arms in lockdown on the armrests, my girl knelt down in front of me and started pulling on my cock. On the screen, I was freely enjoying the very voluptuous blonde I’d been lusting over when I got busted. She

was going down on some dude, corkscrewing her mouth in time with her fist pump. My girl glanced back at the screen and then began flicking her tongue across my slit, slowly wetting my mushroom by bobbing her pucker up and down on just the tip. She held me firm and steady at the base—the effect was frustratingly horny. She kept that mouth pop going for long while, lapping around my rim every so often. The chick in the movie had begun fucking the dude and my dick was starting to dribble. Suddenly, my girl looked up and busted me watching her and immediately stopped blowing me. I begged her to continue, promising to behave if she didn’t stop. She snickered, and then reached for the lube. The DVD chick was riding the cock cowgirl; her tits bounced up and down and I couldn’t resist a quick feel of my girl’s tits. The moment I touched her, she, again, pulled away from me. Damn it, more groveling required, but soon enough, my girl took a glob of

20548 &

Vaseline and smeared it around the tip of my cock. She began fisting my knob from left to right, like opening a bottle. Her other hand worked my shank up and down. The feeling would have dropped me had I been standing. I closed my eyes and began grinding up into her hand. She warned me to open my eyes and keep watching the tv.

“She Snickered and reached for the lube!” Next, she ordered me to grip my cock tight at the root, so it stood tall for her to straddle. My girl slid down on my slicked up pole in one smooth motion, grinding hard and fast, while I watched the chick on screen do the same to her man. My chick rode me, clenching and releasing her pussy muscles along my length. I felt her pussy slapping against the top of my fist, leaving a creamy, wet kiss in its wake. I made it seem like I was looking past her at the television, but really I was mentally drooling over the way her boobs jiggled. I could have cum right then, and I guess she knew it because she slid off my thick dick on the next upstroke. My girl turned and straddled me backwards, her face to the tv. She told me to scoot my butt to the edge of the seat and lean back with my legs stretched out and taut. All the tension felt centered at my groin, just like when I’m yanking myself off. She sat down on my dick and lay back against my chest; her legs were together so her pussy squeezed my cock even tighter inside her. She turned her face toward mine and whispered, “Fuck the movie,” and then stuck her tongue in my mouth. She flexed and released her ass muscles, lifting and lowering her pussy up and down on my cock in short, tight strokes. I cupped her tits in each hand. Her nipples were hard and I gently rubbed them between my fingers. I held my leg muscles tight as my girl did all the work. “I’m about to cum,” I warned. Her rhythm didn’t change. I took one final glance at the screen; watching as the dude shot his load across the chick’s face. Mine fired steady and deep— straight into my girl’s pussy—right where it belonged. –Jude, Texas

TWENTY QUESTIONS “Do your friends know you’re such a dirty bitch?” I saw the skin on my arms ripple in gooseflesh. It always gives me shivers when we play this game. I purred in response as he twisted my tender nipple, stiffening it to a puckered point. I hadn’t really answered the question though, so my husband rephrased it.“ Do they know how many filthy things you’ve done in front of my camera? Do they have any idea about you, darling?” He parted my thighs with a sure hand, rubbing the already hungry slit beneath my panties. He pushed his blunt fingertip into my damp fuck hole right through my panties. The wrinkled line in the cotton crotch where it had pushed between my lips all day was darkened with the first drops of cream from my pussy. There would be plenty more before long. “Do they know how wet your panties get when I treat you like a whore?” I parted my legs, offering myself to him as I sat on his lap, my legs on either side of his thighs. His fingers slipped under the thin material that barely hid my trim bush, and he found that sweet spot he always worked over so well. The spot that made me want to do anything for him when he did me like that. I purred and shifted back against his chest to enjoy his playing. Beneath my ass, I could feel him growing hard. “What about Kristy? Does she know what a cock loving whore you are? Or does she buy into that sweet and innocent “Miss Priss” act you put on?” With that, his fingers pushed their way into my needy slit sending a surge through my body and mind. He explored the textures of my inner walls as I responded with a gentle thrust of my hips. “What would she say if she knew you loved it nasty?

How would she react to hearing how you loved to be treated like a cum whore. Would she be shocked or….” He stretched me with another finger, forcing a moan from my throat. His sentence lingered as he spread my lips open, showing my clit to the camcorder. It glistened, pale pink and shining with my juice. I stared at the lewd display on the monitor as I was splayed and penetrated by his thick fingers. My husband continued to speculate what my friend would think if she knew. “...Or would she be glad to know you’re such an easy lay? Would she be happy to know she might have a shot at this little fuck hole of mine?” I moaned softly, my eyes closed as I imagined my hot best friend watching us, somehow being part of our play. My husband’s words teased my imagination as he built the naughty image in my mind. “She has a really cute ass, doesn’t she, sugar? I think I’d like to see you two playing together. Maybe I’d even fuck her myself while you helped. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Would you like to lick her wet for me? Would you put your tongue up her cunt and get her slick enough to take my fat cock? Would you hold her legs open and guide my cock while I stuffed it in that juicy pussy of hers?” I wet my lips with a flick of my tongue as I imagined her cunt and what it must taste like. I could almost smell it. I could feel my fingers sliding between her slippery wet lips over her swollen clit.I envisioned his flared cock being aimed by my hand, parting her fat lips, splitting her with his huge shaft while I pushed her legs open with my hands on the inside

of her long and luscious thighs. My husband jammed his fingers up deep inside me.“What’s this? Your pussy is soaking. I think you want to play with Kristy and watch me fuck her, don’t you? Your pussy is like a little lie detector, it always tells me the truth about what turns you on. I think you love the idea of helping me, I might just have you do that, too. After you’ve both put on a show for me, grinding those nasty little cunts together, I think I’ll just lay you both down with her on top of you. I want to see those pussies stacked up, ready for me to drill one after the other. I might make you hold her cheeks open for me to fuck her little asshole. You’d love that, wouldn’t you?” He moved me off his lap and onto the bed face down, just as he’d been talking about in the fantasy. He caught me checking the camera’s aim and laughed. “Don’t worry, sugar. I’ll leave the camera on for you so you can see it all in detail. The way the tip of my cock bends a little as I force it into her tight, little brown pucker; then the way it stretches around my cock as I cram it in there. You love seeing me part a pussy and ass, don’t you, filthy girl?” There was no denying it, our home videos really got me going and it was obvious. I was the one who originally suggested recording our sex so I could get a good look at his cock going into me and my creamy, opened hole afterward. I masturbated regularly to the DVDs of my husband filling my cunt with cock and cum. I answered his questions with some of my own. “Is the camera zoomed on my pussy? Will it be able to see the creampie when you’ve fucked me full of cum?” He laughed again and answered me with a kiss to my back. I rolled my hips and pushed down on his fingers, kneading him &

deeper. There was a moment of desperate emptiness when he removed them and placed his cockhead between my lips. He slid it up and down over my hard clit, wetting his tip with my girly precum. The second of broken contact had made my muscles contract in protest. My puss was tight and clenching as he tilted his cock down to my entrance and pushed forward, making for a narrow fit as he slid into me. I knew as he filled my puss that he was thinking of Kristy, thinking of fucking her, thinking of me helping him to use my best friend’s cunt as he used mine. The idea turned me on, making me burn. I spread my knees wide, like hers would be if I were holding her open for him. I took his cock in deeply, picturing him pushing into her instead of me, and in my mind, she moaned, begging for more of his monster cock. This image sent me over the edge and my body exploded with nearly no warning. One moment I was with him, picturing the amazing things we could do with my friend as the camera recorded it all, the next, my mind was awash in the sparkling, thoughtlessness of an orgasm. I was mildly aware of my husband squirting shot after shot, high into my belly, the heat of it pulsing softly along my insides. We slumped down where we were and fell asleep, still joined. The camcorder was silently recording until the minidisc was full. I stopped the DVD right after my husband and I dropped together to the bed. I turned from the tv where my husband and I had been seen cumming a moment earlier. Then, Kristy stepped up to kiss my neck, the tip of her strap-on settling between my thighs. Her voice was deliciously husky in my ear. “Does your husband know you’re such a dirty bitch? ” –Jay, Vermont


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SCI-FI STRAP-ON! I know a cool girl, Daphne, who’s a makeup artist on photo shoots, and she wants me to hook up with her sometime. Nothing heavy, strictly NSA, and it could be fun. I’m choosy when it comes to my bi-curious adventures, but I think the fact that she showed me pictures of herself wearing a Blue Latex Slip-On Tool has clinched the deal. Although I’ve had my pussy played with by other girls’ fingers, I’ve never taken a strap-on, but I think it might be fun to let Daphne do me with this. The stretchy thin latex looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, like something the female astronauts in Planet of the Vampires would have worn when traveling the galaxies—ever seen that movie? Oh my god, it’s a neat one! Best of all, it has battery-powered micro-orbs in both the panty and the five-inch long penis so that both Daphne and I will experience some very arousing sensations at the same time in both our pussies! Leave it to the forward-looking crew at to offer us something hi-tech like this.

NAUGHTY NEANDERTHALS! It’s hard to be believe, but in the ‘50s and ‘60s, adults actually got together for things like bridge nights! And I mean the game bridge, not hanging out on a bridge somewhere and enjoying the sunset! But we’re starting the second decade of the 21st century now, and our options are wider because we’re liberated to be everything we want to be. This means adults should put away the stodgy old playing cards and cocktail peanuts already and get out naughty games like “Get Your Rocks Off.” Sure, we live in this futuristic time with computers and IMAX and all, but the fun of a more primitive lifestyle never seems to go away, as this game proves! This is only one of many party pastimes you can find at So until next issue, guys and girls, take my suggestions and have a Playtime to remember!


MAKE HER YOUR VA-VAVOOM GIRL! Inside this female sex journalist is a stripper just waiting to come out! Well, at least in private with my occasional bed-buddy, Brick. I have to admit, I might be too shy to actually strip in a club, although amateur nights are beginning to look tempting! Anyway, when I give Brick a little show in my apartment, I strip alright! That means peeling off my clothes to reveal my Showgirl Red Sequined Panty and Pasties. Made of polyester and coming complete with adhesive to keep the pasties on your boobies, these will make your girlfriend a va-va-voom girl in no time—just like me! Put on some hot music and ask your girl to do her stuff! It’s amazing how these tiny bits of cloth can really affect the way you feel about yourself. Me, I was wiggling and lap dancing in about three seconds flat! Tell your lady to go to to find hers. They are also come in black, for girls who feel verrrry naughty...

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D L R O W E H T D N AROU ! M O O R D E B R E IN H Anji Gives Guys Whirlwind Tours Without Leaving Home! hen Tommy met Anji in the park the first time, she was just hanging around soaking up some rays, reading a romantic vampire novel. When he asked her out, he’d thought he’d be lucky if he got tittie on the third date. She seemed like a sweet and naive girl with a nerdy vibe, from her hair band to her cute, flowery socks. He certainly didn’t think she’d invite him up to her own apartment for some fun that same afternoon! Lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened! She gave him a beer in the kitchen, then led him into her bedroom where she put down her vampire book. “Enough now of those fantasies about lovers who live forever! In real life, I want a guy who can live right now.” She had no sooner displayed her luscious peach of a shaved pussy and those adorable little titties than she was taking his cock in her mouth like a seasoned bad girl who’d never admit to reading a book in her life! But, Anji sure didn’t learn to suck good dick and serve up her snug snatch from any dusty volume. This was a girl who had been around the block. No—make that the world—so to speak! And “around the world” is where she took Tommy. For the final leg of the sex tour, it was she who suggested that he slide her asshole down on his stiffness, telling him how much she liked her butt speared on a spurting mad hot cock, wanting it to penetrate her so deep from below until it felt like it was going to pop through her mouth! Where the hell did she get weird ideas like that? Most likely from reading too many crazy books, no doubt! ♣



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HER MOANS MADE HIM FEEL HIS COCK WENT SO DEEP UP HER ASS THAT HIS CUM WAS GOING TO SHOOT OUT THROUGH HER MOUTH! www.stor orem emag ags. s. com m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

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