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FEBRUARY 2010 – ISSUE #159 t may be getting cold where you are, but here under the hot lights of Club International, things are only getting steamier. Everywhere you look there’s a sweet pussy being kissed, licked or pounded. Or a pair of tits being fondled or fucked and then coated with cum. Every cute little asshole being fingered or stretched to its limit—all in the name of XXX fun! And we do it all just for you. Plus, lets not forget the hottest video reviews, your sizzling letters on-the-set of Harmony’s Bust Lust and a whole lot more! So, with out further ado, please get ready to feel the heat of this latest issue of Club International. Don’t forget your suntan lotion! –Editor Malle


Editor-in-Chief Andre Malle Art Editor Alehandro Sauza Production Co-ordinator Carlos Brinson Reviews Editor Emma Edwards Editorial Assistant Elizabeth Spaulding Director of Manufacturing: Arnold Held


Production Manager: Fulvio Brito Circulation Manager: E. Honig Advertising Director: Marty Puntus




7 BANGING IN PARADISE! A tittie cum coating! 21 WAKE UP AND LICK! Cutie craves tittie for breakfast! 84 MAID WITH MILK! Cherry gets wildest when she’s drenched in the cream! 138 CUNTRY THREESOME! A farmer gets some stable help!

HERE CUM THE GIRLS... 68 IN A VERY PINK PLACE! A shy Haley spreads her wings and her lips! 98 MAYA She’s on a pedestal and wants to come down!

RAUNCHY READS and CRAZY PICS 6 THE WRITE STUFF Letters – you write ’em, we print ’em! 18 HOT SHOTS Booty biz bulletins 121 DIRTY WORDS Our sexual textuals! 136 PLAYTIME! A sex toy road test!

19 “Go Ahead, Sugar! Squirt It Anywhere You Can!”

BIG STUFF 60 NIKKI JAYNE Lunch with a Vivid contract girl! 46 A TEASTY TREAT Make her crave the taste of your load!

PORN TO BE WILD 34 XTV GUIDE Emma Edwards rates the best fuck flixs! 102 ON SET: BUST LUST A cum coated, bra busting sex romp from Harmony Film’s!

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98 Club International (ISSN 0747-0819) No. 159, February 2010. Published monthly, under license, by Club Publications, Inc. Contents copyrighted © 2010. All rights reserved. Nothing herein may be reproduced in whole or part without written permission of the publisher. Return postage must accompany all manuscripts, drawings, and photographs if they are to be returned, and publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material. Any similarity between people and places in this magazine and any real people and places is purely coincidental. People appearing in this magazine are models, except where otherwise noted, and are used for illustrative purposes only and neither the photos nor words used to describe them are meant to depict model’s actual conduct, statements and personalities. All models are 18 years of age or older. All letters send to the publisher will be treated unconditionally assigned for publication and copyright purposes and are subject to publisher's right to edit and comment editorially. The publisher assumes no responsibility for any advertisements or any representations made therein including, but not limited to, the quality or deliverability or the products or services advertised. Periodicals postage paid at Poughkeepsie, NY and additional offices. Postmaster: Send address changes to: Magazine Services, Dept. Hometown, P.O. Box 9030, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33310. Subscriptions (one year) U.S. $36.97, Canada $48.97, all others $54.47, All orders must be in U.S. funds. PRINTED IN USA. The records, if any, required to be maintained by 18 U.S.C. ß 2257 and 28 C.F.R. ß 75 are located at the office of the publisher, Club Publications, Inc., 210 Route 4 East, Suite 211, Paramus, New Jersey 07652-5103, Custodian of Records. The maintenance of these records and the notice hereby given is not to be deemed an admission that the Publisher and the Distributor are the producers or distributors of material depicting actual sexually explicit conduct. &




THE GOOD BOOK Pussy. All I could see when I entered the room was her pussy. She was lying face down on my bed. Her legs were apart and her knees were bent. As she read, her feet bounced gently against her soft ass, kicking in slow motion. She was wearing nothing except a pair of ruffle-topped stockings and shiny black high heels. Between her wide spread thighs, I had a clear view of her warm slit and tight asshole. She was wet. I could see it from across the room as I stood in the door. She was reading something, and whatever it was, it clearly had an effect. When I saw what she was looking at, my cock shot up to full size in an instant. She’d been going through my porn and masturbating while I was out. My ex hated my porn magazines and I’d come into the habit of hiding them in my bedside table, under the pajamas I never wore. It never occurred to me to share them with my new girlfriend, or even to admit I was an avid fan of the skin mags. My stuff was pretty hardcore, with images of pussy and ass penetration, deep throating sluts, and cum shots. There was none of that shit people claim to read for the articles. This was straight up fucking and sucking in all its sloppy glory. I might have been embarrassed to have been caught with them on another day, but there was nothing awkward seeing my hot-assed little girlfriend enjoying them as much as I do. I watched from the doorway with my shoulder against the frame and my hand digging into my jeans as she raised her hips and positioned her arm beneath her. I had a perfect view as her long, manicured fingertip peeked between her parted lips to stroke her clit. Every move of her middle finger pushed that nub side to side and pulled at her cunt lips, opening the slitted gap a fraction wider, then letting it close again. She became noticeably wetter with each stroke, and I became agonizingly harder. I got my jeans open and fisted my pulsating cock as I watched the digit entered


her cunt hole. I thought I was committed to watching the show, but when she moaned to herself, I had to get my cock in there. She must have realized all along I’d been watching because she didn’t even pry her eyes from the hot fuck fest on the pages before her as I crawled up behind her on the bed. Putting my knee between her legs, I nudged her thighs wider. She purred as I pulled her hips up so I could point my leaking dick head at her feverish cunt. Her fingers continued to work at her clit as I pressed into her. Though she was wet, her cunt gripped me like a fist and I had to breathe deeply not to spew too soon.

I looked over her shoulder to get a better look at what had gotten my adorable fuck goddess so entranced she couldn’t take her eyes away. On the pages was a series of pictures featuring a tight little honey having her ass pried open by a massive cock. The girl had her head back and mouth opened in a moan as her fingers kept her pussy happy. As I leaned over my girlfriend, I whispered in her ear “You like that, huh? Seeing that girl getting her ass pounded?” She whimpered in response and thrust back against my hips. Who wouldn’t keep going &





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oy oh boy”, thought Willy, “Brooke is one hot piece”. He especially liked the size and shape of her tits; they were his favorite kind, lowslung medium fun sacks that a guy could really paint with cum. And speaking of paint, or rather ink, he dug the fact that she had all those tattoos on her left arm. It made her seem stronger somehow, or at least it felt stronger when she was gripping his dick and pulling it into her mouth. He actually met Brooke at a tattoo convention. He was there with another girl, but she was kind of dull and when she went to the ladies room for a few minutes, he went over and started talking to Brooke who was working a booth. She told him to give her a call sometime and that was exactly what he did. Brooke lived in a cool house, thanks to a wealthy older boyfriend who didn’t mind that she fucked around on the side as long as she was there for him whenever he needed to get his own load off. So Brooke brought all her studs back to this house, which had a beautiful garden and a bed to fuck in. It was like banging in paradise, the Garden of Eden! Willy laid back and let Brooke work her magic, but he made sure that he got a load all over those tits. She had the type of tits that the first girl he ever fucked had, and it made him feel nostalgic to blow his load over them. But Brooke gave a much better blowjob— which only proved to Willy that while the past had been nice, the future could be better! ♣

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TIFUL “CREAMING THOSE BEAU G BOOBS WAS SOMETHIN OM WILLY WANTED TO DO FR !” EM THE MOMENT HE SAW TH www. ww stor orem emag ags. s. com m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag om &

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ANNETTE SCHWARZ PRODUCTIONS If you thought you’d seen Annette Schwarz at her nastiest, you’re not giving the German beauty enough credit. While she’s been known to simultaneously deep throat a pair of peckers, swallow massive amounts of jizz and the like, she actually decided to form her own company in order to shed any limitations there might have been. She returned to Munich to open up Annette Schwarz Productions to produce “differently made hardcore content,” arising from her fantasies reflecting her ideas of how porn should be: A combination of hardcore sex, porn-entertainment and private insights.” Now she has a distributor, Your Choice Distributors, which recently released Fairly Abused 1, a title that hints at the filth inside and makes it clear there is more to come, and with Annette, you never know what that next thing might be—just that you want to see it!

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 LAYS Oh, sure, we’ve all thought of jetting off to foreign countries and checking out the local whorehouses and getting a taste of the local rentals, but very few of us have done it. Joe Diamond is a man who’s been around. Sick of struggling to get action in Manhattan, he took to the road and found himself shagging dames in such places as the Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Vegas, the Dominican Republic, Thailand and (among many other destinations) his favorite, Brazil. In his Around the World in 80 Lays, he details not just his own carnal experiences—from the great sex to those who simply robbed him—but details how others can take advantage of these same opportunities. “Sex with no strings attached,” he writes in the intro. “Sex with beautiful women. Sex without the possibility of rejection. As a monger, a couple of hours after my plane takes off, I can be getting off with a tanned garota who likes my American accent.” You had us at “Sex with no strings attached.”

16 &

ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR She’s blonde, she’s busty and she’s beautiful, so it should be no surprise that New Sensations contract starlet, Ashlynn Brooke, is the 2009 Newcomer Entertainer of the Year as named by Exotic Dancer. With competition like Bree Olson, Christina Aguchi and Talia De Mar, fans voted Ashlynn the winner and was crowned at the 17th annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners Expo and Tradeshow in Las Vegas. “I’m so thrilled to have won this newcomer award!” a thrilled Ashlynn said. “I just started dancing, and being so new to it, I just go out there and work hard and have fun. All the clubs have been fantastic and I can’t wait to dance more. It’s a bit surreal to win an award for something that is so fun and can hardly be considered ‘work,’ but still honored none the less!”

TARYN THOMAS’ TARYN IT UP! Taryn Thomas is not a girl who is easily satisfied. She is beautiful, extremely sexual and likes doing things on her own terms. That’s why she’s established her own production company, Taryn It Up Entertainment, With its first release, Vogue Nasty, the Phoenix-based hottie has established herself as a force to be reckoned with. (As thought the 250+ hardcore performances weren’t enough to establish Taryn’s credentials!) “We plan to shoot high-end gonzo, reality and possibly three features a year. I wanted creative control over what type of movies I’m in, and as companies are shooting less and less nowadays you just have to take your destiny into your own hands. I can’t be more excited about this next chapter in my career.” For more information visit 20007





HOLLY RANDALL BOOK When your mother is Suze Randall, one of the most famous erotic photographers in the world, it’s difficult to establish your own name without being forever tagged snidely as “Suze’s daughter.” Still, Holly Randall has done just that, especially in the past couple years, developing her own style, establishing her own website ( and now publishing her first book, Erotic Dream Girls. “Anyone who thinks putting together a book is an easy process is crazy,” Holly told CI. “This took forever to put together, from selecting the right photos, prepping them for print, putting them in the right order—it took months and months of work. While it was frustrating at times, it’s very exciting and gratifying to have my first book come out. I feel like it’s a big step in establishing me as a photographer in my own right.” Published by Goliath Books, Erotic Dream Girls is hardcover, 368 sexy pages long and features the lovely Kagney Linn Karter on the cover.

BREAKS SONG ON STOCKROOM.COM Marketing music isn’t like it used to be and innovative marketing is key to any artist’s success. One of the more innovative—and sexy— ideas of late is Lita “Kiss Me Deadly” Ford releasing the single from her first album in 15 years, Wicked Wonderland, on fetish site “My husband Jim Gillette and I have carved out our own path to develop a wonderful and close family life,” said Lita. “Though we’re a long-married couple, we both have very active imaginations, including being kinky with each other, and that’s what this album is about. It’s sort of a sexual autobiography. We’ve partnered up with Stockroom because it’s our favorite outfitter for kink products.” The song is appropriately-titled “Bed” and explores bondage and power themes. Stockroom is also making available Lita’s Collection, a special selection of some of the fetish gear that Lita and her husband have enjoyed. ♣ &



(continued from page 6) after a reaction like that? I bit her neck, making her arch, lifting her solid tits up off the bed where I could reach around and get a handful. “I bet it makes you want to get ass-fucked just like the girl in those pictures, doesn’t it?” At that she was jerking madly beneath me, bucking her pussy against her hand and on my shaft. She cried out her affirmation and begged me to stuff her back hole full of my cockmeat. I pulled my hand away from her puckered nips for a more important task and used it to guide my spear headed shaft into her asshole. As wet as her cunt had made my cock, her ass was tight and my cock had trouble going in. The spongy tip bent as I forced it forward into her wrinkled ring. Then, with an almost audible pop, she opened up and I was in up to the rim of my mushroom cap. My eyes rolled back for a moment as I savored the grip she had on my cock. Easing forward, I looked down to watch her widen around my thick shaft, taking me deeply while her hand worked her pussy. She moved against me and I realized that while I’d been trying to take it slowly, gently opening her achingly tight ass, she needed me to drive into her. She moaned for me to use her ass. With a grunt of relief I held her hips in my hand and drove my cock home in a single, powerful thrust, then drew back to the tip and plowed her again. My eyes moved back and forth between my cock in her ass and the fucking pictured in the magazine. My girl put her head down, her hand still working fast and hard between her legs as I bulldozed into her backdoor. I could feel her tighten before she came, and when she did, it rippled through her cunt so hard I felt it in her ass. There was nothing I could have done to put off flooding her ass with my cock spit. As her twitching ass milked me, I pushed into her–balls deep–and came. It might be the hardest cum I’ve had in my life. I rolled over to the bed, turning her with me to stay inside her as long as possible. As my pulse slowed and my voice came back to me, I smiled into her hair. “How long have you known where I keep my porn?” I teased. She lifted her head to look at me for the first time since I’d come in the room. “Your porn? This is mine, I have a subscription.” –George, Tennessee


“Poor thing, it looks like Caitlin’s locked out. We should invite her in.” From anyone else’s wife, this might have been as innocuous a comment as it sounded. But when it’s my wife, Becca, talking about the hot little chick who just moved in next door, there’s nothing innocent about it. Five minutes later, the girl was on our couch, not suspecting a thing as my wife offered her a beer and asked her about college. “So this is your first apartment, dear? I bet you’re having all kinds of wild experiences now that you’re away from home, huh?” She stroked the girl’s thigh all the

ed no time plugging the coed’s smooth pussy with her long tongue. I unzipped and pulled my cock out as I watched her tongue slice through Caitlin’s cunt and back into her hole. She pointed her tongue and fucked it in and out of Caitlin’s pussy, using it like a small cock. Within minutes, the girl was bucking, humping my wife’s face and coating her chin and lips with coed-cream. Becca loves eating pussy the way some women love chocolate and she ate like a woman on a binge. She used both hands to hook her fingers into the girl and spread her. I had a great view of her inner pussy twitching with excitement. She looked back over her shoulder to me with that


“DOESN’T THAT LOOK LIKE A PUSSY THAT NEEDS FUCKING, BABE?” way up to the hem of her booty shorts. “A pretty thing like you, you must have all the guys and girls you can handle.” Caitlin was shy about it as she told us she hadn’t had any of the experiences my wife asked about in titillating detail, but as Becca ventured her fingertips under the girl’s shorts to explore further, she made no protest. Her nervous giggling as Becca found her swollen clit was soon replaced by quiet whimpers of appreciation. “I loved my first taste of pussy when I was your age.” Becca told her as she withdrew her fingers from between Caitlin’s legs. I had to squeeze my cock through my pants when I saw how wet they were. She sucked her fingers with a moan and lowered herself between Caitlin’s knees. The girl raised her ass to help Becca get her shorts and panties off in one motion. My wife wast- &


A I R A M & I B A

K C I L D N A P U E K WA before breakfast... Cutie craves tittie

26175 &


he little blonde was so cute. The moment Marla saw her in the packed women’s bar she maneuvered over and introduced herself. A butch was trying to hit on the cutie, but Marla persevered. She wasn’t afraid. There was a certain kind of stare she gave to people when she wanted them to go away, and it worked even with that hard butch. She got the message and retreated to the jukebox. The blonde was pure lipstick. Her nickname was Abi, short for Abigail. High society, liked to slum on the edge of town. Marla didn’t have to get Abi drunk, Abi was already high. So high that when they got back to Marla’s, after she got undressed, Abi passed out. Marla smoked cigarettes all night and just looked at Philly’s nakedness until the sun came up. Abi woke with a headache, and Marla gave her some orange juice. Then she sent her to the bathroom to brush her teeth with the extra brush Marla always had for her sleepovers. Abi came back to the bed and lay down. She looked up at Marla and reached for her tit. “Hungry, little darling?” Marie whispered, letting the cutie feast on her nipples while Marla toyed with Abi’s pussy. Marla had a thing for sweet feet. And it was nice that, Abi wasn’t ticklish, so she could fiddle with her soles and she didn’t start giggling and kicking. Mostly, Marla wanted that cunny pie. She moved down Abi’s belly and began to kiss the mound. The first time kissing a cunt is always the best, Marla thought. Abi made little kittenish sounds. She sounded even more kittenish when Marla put her finger into Abi’s asshole. Oh, how Marla loved girls from the right side of the tracks! Once they slum, nobody seems more to the gutter born. ♣


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★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★



COME ON IN 6 STARRING: Shawna Lenee, Larissa Dee, Angelina Ash, Cayden Moore, Madelyn Marie, Michael Stefano, Pat Myne, John Strong, Mark Wood, Ben English, Mick Blue DIRECTED BY: Danny Case AVAILABLE FROM: Third Degree Films Although most starlets reserve internal cumshots for their private lives, a few choice babes get off on providing their fans with gooey cream pie finishes. For the sixth installment to this specialty series, director Danny Case has collected another five babes who adore a little man sauce on their slit. Shawna Lenee is one such girl. In her scene with Pat Myne, she earns every

drop of his spunk by allowing him free range of her hairless coochie. Her blowjob is incredibly hot, while her cum splattered pussy is even hotter. Lovely Larissa Dee also turns up the heat when she gets tag-teamed by John Strong and Mark Wood. With both her holes stuffed, this bitch begs for more and proves she’s the one to beat out in this creamy creation. In contrast, Angelina Ash has been known to perform at higher levels. She doesn’t seem to deliver as well as some of the others, but does look damn pretty when pushing Ben English’s frothy load from her labia. Madelyn Marie quickly makes up for Angelina’s lukewarm showing by grind-

ing her pussy to a pulp when riding out Mick Blue’s bone like a bronco bull. The most explosive pairing, however, belongs to Cayden Moore and Michael Stefano. Together they bang like drums and don’t stop until the cum oozes out!

★★★ EXTRAS: Glossy pictures are stocked in full, offering page after page of hardcore images to salivate over. The backstage coverage of the girls in action is also entertaining, while the bonus strip tease footage is the icing on the cake. Also, be sure to save room for the juicy trailers that are shown at the end. &


MASSIVE WET WHITE ASSES STARRING: Gianna Michaels, Austin Taylor, Leenuh Rae, Nikkie Vixon, Mya, Ethan Hunt, Rico Strong, Wesley Pipes, J. Strokes DIRECTED BY: DaWayne Dane AVAILABLE FROM: Black Ice Specifically engineered for the interracial market, director DaWayne Dane has matched a fine group of porn starlets with a pack of brothas for what turns out to be black on white done right. Barreling out of the gate first is Gianna Michaels. Freshly cleaned and dripping wet, Gianna attacks Rico Strong’s cock with the expert precision that her fans have come to appreciate. Her featured ride in reverse cowgirl is

simply divine. In fact, she should expect to gain a legion of new fans thanks to this heated performance. Another highlight is Nikkie Vixon. Oozing sex appeal from the start, she dominates her scene with Wesley Pipes, which is no easy fete. Here, she performs at her peek and proves that her addiction to black cock may be incurable. In the next instance, Ethan Hunt is found treating Austin Taylor like a rag doll when fucking her pussy against a granite countertop. Tearing her stockings apart will grab your attention, as will watching her big booty bounce for the camera. When finished there, Ethan is back in action. This time he waxes the bathroom floor with Leenuh Rae’s luscious, big ass

with hypnotic fervor decent results. Finally, the spotlight shifts to Mya and J. Strokes. Although their doggie display is hot, the rest of their performance falls a little short. ★★ EXTRAS: Black Ice keeps the party going with a decent photo gallery spread, while their behind the scenes footage of the performers in action is slightly better and worthy of a peek. The cumshot recap option is also quite good in capturing the essence of the show, as is watching the trailers for more Black Ice productions that are sure to please the IR palate.


26103 &


RACK IT UP 3 STARRING: Shyla Stylez, Gianna Michaels, Jenna Presley, Mason Moore, Jessica Lynn, Mark Wood, Talon, Jenner DIRECTED BY: Gregg Alan AVAILABLE FROM: Diabolic Shyla Stylez begins this big boob bonanza on her knees by slobbering all over Mark Wood’s wang. Enticing throat music ensues and only improves with the sloshing sound of her asshole being fucked with force in a reverse cowgirl position that is not to be missed. The next scene has Jenner treating Jenna Presley like the insatiable whore she is when he parks his cock between

her puffy lips and the folds of her pussy. She rides his cock slowly at first and takes it out between positions to lick off the creamy paste. Yummy! Next, Jessica Lynn receives the royal treatment from Talon when he mulls through her sweet pussy in a slew of hot positions that highlight her heavenly hooters. The milky toss at the end seals the deal in a way that her fans will enjoy. As in most productions, Gianna Michaels performs at her peek and has what it takes to steal the show. She does just that with Mark Wood by chewing on his choad and cupping her long legs against her chest to take a hard pound-

ing in missionary position. Finally, Mason Moore ends the obsession on a solid note by doing what she does best…namely, devouring a hard cock with acute precision and a slutty finesse that helps make this a must see for booby fanatics! ★★★★ EXTRAS: Diabolic takes us on a candid tour behind the scenes to give us a look at the girls in action. A well-stocked photo gallery is also included, as is a cum shot recap option, and previews for forthcoming titles that are sure to please.


36 &



STRIP TEASE THEN FUCK 12 STARRING: Dyanna Lauren, Ann Marie Rios, Evie Delatosso, Madelyn Marie, Sarah Vandella, Mick Blue, John Strong, Mark Wood, James Deen DIRECTED BY: Mike Quasar AVAILABLE FROM: Zero Tolerance In order to have the ultimate porno experience, the viewer must be sufficiently teased before he is pleased. Understanding this crucial concept is director Mike Quasar. He hits the nail right on the head with the twelfth installment to his highly acclaimed series, whereby beautiful ladies strip before they fuck. With porn legend Dyanna Lauren as the frontrunner, the viewer has no choice but to surrender to her incredible beauty.

This visual becomes even more explosive the moment Mick Blue splices through her pussy with his fat, Euro cock. Sarah Vandella is another standout stunner whose voluptuous curves and stocking clad legs will leave you breathless. Her oral play is as good as it gets, while her pussy is one of the prettiest featured in this production. As usual, Ann Marie Rios knocks her scene out of the park by donating her Latina mojo to the mix. Here, she exerts all of her sexual energy when barreling down on Mark Wood’s wang in reverse cowgirl. When finished there, Madelyn Marie is spread out across white sheets by James Deen. Although their chemistry is good,

his romp with Evie Delatosso is even better. For their scene, Evie earns the gold medal when she’s spun head over heels to take James’ cock in pile driver position. With fucking so hot, you’ll gladly appreciate the warm-up before the big race!

★★★★ EXTRAS: Pump it up with an awesome cumshot recap loop that showcases the amply cum splashes across all the pretty faces. When finished there, quench your thirst with a delicious array of hardcore stills from the nicely presented photo gallery. Also, don’t forget to browse the behind the scenes action to experience the girls at play. ★★★ & www.fant ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om


TITTY SWEAT STARRING: Kagney Linn Karter, Tory Lane, Priya Rai, Ava Addams, Selena Castro, Aiden Starr, Marilyn Scott, Vince Vouyer, Sean Michaels, Toni Ribas, Steven French, James Deen DIRECTED BY: Vince Vouyer AVAILABLE FROM: Vince Vouyer Unleashed With his uncanny act of spinning porn into gold, director Vince Vouyer has pushed the envelope yet again with his latest release by combining two of our favorite things: beautiful babes, and sweaty tits! As can be expected, Kagney Linn Karter catapults to the top by agreeing to fuck Toni Ribas’ brains out in exchange for gardening help. The results are out of

this world and proof that Kagney deserves all the buzz that’s circling her. Shortly thereafter, Priya Rai is worked out when Steven French buries his boner down her throat. Her asshole also receives oral love and her pussy is hammered before his cum flies over her sweaty tits. In the next set-up, Ava Addams performs like a seasoned pro, despite it being her first scene. She goes all out with James Deen and takes his cock in seven separate positions, displaying a gaping pussy to commemorate the experience. Next, Tory Lane agrees to have Joe Blow give her a lift when she finds herself hot and stranded. What he ends up giving her instead is an asshole full of his thick dick which she happily sucks clean in

between positions. Unbeatable! In the end, the interracial smackdown between Aiden Starr, Marilyn Scott, and Sean Michaels winds up being the best of the bunch and has what it takes to make everybody sweat!


EXTRAS: As if the featured attraction weren’t enough to get your juices flowing, then the bonus material that has Vince Vouyer individually fucking all of the girls POV style certainly will. That’s twelve whopping scenes, for those of you keeping score! In addition to that, look forward to a fantastic photo gallery spread for both attractions, and a great cumshot recap function to help honor the experience in style. ★★★★★

38 &

TUNNEL BUTTS STARRING: Andi Anderson, Missy Stone, Katja Kassin, Mya Nichole, Riley Evans, Emma Cummings, Mya Luanna, Keeani Lei, Marco Banderas, Steve Holmes, Erik Everhard, Toni Ribas, David Perry, Ian Scott DIRECTED BY: Chris Rolie AVAILABLE FROM: Cruel Media Known for wild costuming, humorous scenarios, and lethal sex, Chris Rolie fans certainly won’t be disappointed with this all-anal release that prides itself on putting elastic asses to the test. The first girl up for examination is Andi Anderson. She gets completely worked over when three escaped convicts pay her a conjugal visit. The results are fiery, and ultimately provide the perfect

segue into watching Katja Kassin get double-stuffed by a crew of masked butt bandits. As can be expected, Katja’s bum is banged and battered, although it’s the men who walk away limping. After that, Marco Banderas and Ian Scott literally play butt pirates with Missy Stone when they forage a pathway up her anus. She opens up wide for their swords and has fun playing with Ian’s puppet panties. Later, Mya Luanna and Keeani Lei add their Asian flare to the pot by getting their butt boinked by David Perry when he is called in to extinguish their internal flames. The results are smokin’! Meanwhile, Riley Evans and Emma Cummings are given the royal treatment by Steve Holmes who delivers the girls

some jailhouse cock, while decked out in his Elvis garb. Although incredible, Mya Nichole proves that her asshole is the greediest of them all when she is hammered and had by Marco and David. Incredible anal from top to… bottom!


EXTRAS: Although sifting through the naughty gallery section would be time well spent, it’s not quite as entertaining as the well-captured cumshot recap option that brings you face to face with the goo. The time spent behind the scenes is also quite amusing and certainly makes for a delicious appetizer to the main course. ★★★

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here is nothing like blowing some manly build-up in a chick’s mouth. Sure, we’ll settle for the face, the tits, the ass or even blasting inside their cooches, but when a girl will take a load in her mouth, it says something special. Not only does it show she cares, it shows us that she is a dirty little slut. Just the way we like ‘em. Some girls, even professional porn babes, don’t like swallowing jizz, and many of them complain about the taste. So to make things easier, we thought we’d ask girls some questions about what they think of cum and what a guy can do to make it taste better. Yummier cream may be just what you need to get your gal(s) to take that blast in the yapper. Listen and learn, gentlemen. May this knowledge serve you well in the future.

Jenna Haze

Taryn Thomas: What should a man eat to make his jizz taste better? A man should eat lots of salad and pasta if he wants to shoot a big load. To make it taste good, I would say eat egg whites, drink pineapple juice, eat squid and you should have some good tasting semen to have women swallow all the time.


Jenna Haze:

Where do you prefer your cum? In my mouth. I prefer to swallow. I’ve always liked to swallow. I love the taste and I love the feeling of a guy cumming in the back of my throat, it’s just so hot. I mean, I enjoy, like, opening my mouth and having it cum, but when I’m just sucking and I can feel like his cock twist in the back of my mouth, oh, I love it!

Dr. Victoria Zdrok

In your personal and professional opinion, can you tell us what the best and worst foods are for tastier semen? VZ: Fruits are absolutely the best, particularly pineapple, watermelon and mango to have a sweeter, tastier semen. Drink a lot of water. Stay away from asparagus. Red meat is a big offender, too. Cut down on alcohol, caffeine and nicotine as they also add a bitter taste.

Dr. Victoria Zdrok


www. ww w. stor orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

by Acme Andersson Photo credits: Digital Playground, Digital Sin, Exquisite, Kick Ass Pictures, Lethal Hardcore, New Sensations, Pink Visuals, Red Light District, Shane’s World, Visage, Zero Tolerance

Lexi Belle:


Do you like the taste of cum? There are some guys, I don’t know what they do, but it tastes like ear wax. Some guys are so bitter, it’s so gross. Other guys eat things that are so great that they just taste like sugar. It’s a surprise in your mouth!

Roxy DeVille: Any suggestions how to make jizz taste good? Cum is fucking gross, so eat what you want, drink what you want, I’m still not swallowing it. I would rather wear 500 loads on my face. It makes physically sick. I vomit. It’s really unfortunate.

Aurora Snow:

Any advice to men on making their jizz taste better? A lot of pineapple, because it’s really high in natural sugar. Pretty much anything sugar is great. There’s guys that eat sugar packets before their scene. That’s partially for energy, but also it’ll affect the taste of your cum.

Angelina Valentine


Savannah Stern


Amia Moretti storem st emag ags. s. com co m &


Audrey Bitoni

Jenna Presley:

What should a man eat to make sure that his cum tastes good? Pineapple, for sure, without a doubt.

Ava Rose:

Do you enjoy swallowing? No, it gives me heartburn.

Maybe your men should cut down on the spicy foods? I just don’t know. I’m such a texture whore and the texture of cum really makes me want to vomit. It’s not the taste, it’s the texture, you never know what porn guys are doing to themselves–makes me want to gag. You don’t know what they’re eating or anything. What would you suggest they eat? I don’t know. Definitely not fast food or anything that makes their cum taste like shit.

Lela Star:

Do you like swallowing? I do, I love cum. Any suggestions to men regarding eating and their cum? I’ve found the healthier people eat, the worse it tastes. When they eat, like, junk food and diet soda, it tastes sweeter for some reason. Dakoda Brookes


“I love letting a guy cum on my face!”



Alicia Tease

Hillary Scott: What are the do’s and don’ts for men who want to taste delicious? Diet has absolutely everything to do with the taste of your cum. Don’t eat a lot of junk food, eat a lot of fruit, fruit juices—especially fruit juices–pineapple juices and such. Can you tell if someone is a smoker? No. I don’t think that happens, no.

Casey Parker: Do you enjoy the taste of a man’s erection ejection? Sometimes. I don’t know. I’m not a big cum person. Only a handful of times have I let a guy cum on my face. It’s not really something I do often, only if I really like the guy. But on my butt, on my stomach, on my face if I let him. I’m not into swallowing cum or anything like that, I’m a nice girl. You’re gonna have to really, really work me to have me taste your cum. You don’t enjoy the taste? All cum tastes different. It tastes like milk with something in it…like Chinese plums.


Chase Evans

26188 &


“A guy should drink pineapple juice to make his cum taste better.”

Katie Morgan

Marie McRay

Tori Black:

Do you like the taste of jizz? Depending on what he eats. If he doesn’t take care of his body, drink enough water, eat enough fresh fruit, it’ll be sweet. It’ll be thinner. The consistency differs. Essentially, if a guy takes care of his body, his flavor will be close to the same.

Kiara Diane:

Do you like the taste of cum? It depends on the guy. If the guy eats well, his cum does taste good. But if he doesn’t take care of himself, it’s not something I would put in my bowl of cereal everyday. Kirra Kiss

26190 &


Ashlynn Brooke


Ashlynn Brooke: Do you like the taste of cum? It doesn’t matter. Wherever it lands I’m probably going to end up putting in my mouth anyways!

Miley Villa

Tera Patrick

What should a man eat to make his cum taste better? I like my man to have his cum taste sweet because he eats organic fruit and lots of lean protein. You are what you eat!

Lupe Fuentas Any dietary suggests for a man looking to make his load more delicious? In Spain many people drink a lot of wine, which can really change the way a lot of men taste. I hate when guys smoke or drink beer, it’s so bitter and a big turn-off. 26192


Nautica Thorn

26189 &


“Girls love giving blowjobs when something sweet comes out.” Monica Mayhem How can a guy make his batter taste better? I’ve worked with a lot of guys who swear by drinking pineapple juice to make their cum taste sweet. And guess what? It works! Sometimes, the guy can be too over-the-top healthy, and the cum is very bitter. Apparently, asparagus makes it taste nasty too. But overall, eat healthy, exercise and drink lots of pineapple juice before jizzing in your girl’s mouth!

Alana Evans

Does diet affect the taste of cum? I love the taste of cum, every flavor! Sure, a great diet can and will totally help the flavor of your jizz, but forget that nonsense! If I wanted flavored cum, I’d mix it with lube. Just give me pure, thick, clumpy cum and I will swallow it all! I believe every man has his own flavor, I wouldn’t want to alter that!

Riley Steele What’s the secret to great tasting cum? Everyone is probably talking about how fruit will do the trick, but I’ve found it much more effective for a guy to eat pussy juice! Suck as much of that pussy juice as you can. Eat pussy morning, noon,

Madison Ivy

and night. Also, the more you cum, the fresher your cum will be. So make sure to cum as much as possible every day!

Jesse Jane

How can a guy make his cum taste better? A guy should drink pineapple juice to make his cum taste better. He can also eat pineapple. Basically, something fruity and tangy where the citrus acids absorb in his bodily fluids. Guys, just avoid asparagus if you want to cum on a girl’s face or in her mouth, because that will make you stink so bad. And always make sure you clean yourself down there with soap and all if you want blowjobs. Girls love giving blowjobs when something sweet comes out.

Rio Valentine

(formerly Morgan Dayne) Can a man’s diet improve the taste of his jizz? You cum what you eat! What goes in must come out. Personally, I think it’s not the taste of your cum that matters—some women just don’t like to swallow regardless what it tastes like. But to me, I think men should eat a lot of fruit. Fruit juices that are high in sugars. Stuff like mangoes, melons, apples, and strawberries. ♣

Jesse Jane


26180 &

Pepper Foxxx

26196 &

53 & & & &


By: Emma Edwards


t’s a little over a year now that this beautiful 22-year-old blonde from North England has been a Vivid Video contract girl and she has blossomed into one of the company’s hottest, nastiest and most popular contract girls to ever heat up the screen. Born in Manchester, Nikki competed in kickboxing matches and was a part-time model before being spotted by a Vivid scout. She says she had a lot of support in making the decision. “I come from a very open-minded family, always supportive of my decisions,” Nikki says. “My aunt was a stripper who inspired me because I always wanted to do something where I showed off my body. I’m a classic Gemini with both naughty and nice sides.” Over lunch, Emma Edwards sat down with Nikki who was gracious enough to speak very candidly and to participate in a no “holes” barred Q & A.

What is your favorite sexual position? I would have to say from behind. Wait, that position is only good with certain cocks. Instead, I’d like to say that I enjoy every sexual position. I like to flop around a bit, switch things up, and try everything out. Therefore, I don’t have one specific favorite. I just like to fuck. Period.

CI: It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Have you had sex with anybody yet? Nikki: Yes, of course. Well, I gave somebody a blowjob this morning. Does that count? It was a big dick too. Luckily for me, I can still recall what it tasted like.

There has to be something that you don’t favor. What would you say is your least favorite position? I can’t think of any position that I don’t favor. Coming from me, that is really saying a lot. As we both know, I’ve been twisted around plenty. Some positions, like reverse cowgirl, hurt some women but not me. My pussy and ass are up for most challenges.

When was the last time you had actual intercourse? Was it good? The last time I had actual sex was yesterday. I am a bit of a nymphomaniac. I pretty much have sex on a daily basis, although the sex yesterday wasn’t that great. He wanted to fuck me in my ass, and for some reason my ass wasn’t in the mood.

Which female starlet makes you the horniest and why? Belladonna by far. She is extraordinary on every level and is in a class all her own. Everybody else can only hope to come in a close second. I haven’t had the privilege of having sex with her yet, but I will. She drives me so wild and makes me wet

58 www.storem emag ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

“Some positions, like reverse cowgirl, hurt some women but not me. My pussy and ass are up for most challenges.�

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

When you are not busy being a porn star, what do you enjoy doing? Oh, loads of stuff. Porn is not my whole life, just a fraction of it. I love kickboxing and traveling the world, most of all. I also have an entrepreneurial spirit and always thinking about new money-making businesses. I have so much energy spinning inside of me that I can’t ever seem to sit still. Being able to make my own money excites me. Actually, some men in my life have not liked this quality about me. Perhaps they didn’t want me to earn more money or be more successful then they were. Either way, I don’t want to be in a relationship until I’m thirty. I’m too busy building my own future now to deal with any one man. I will be with a man because I want to be, and not because I have to be.

just thinking about her. I want that girl so badly. Speaking about wetness, which male performer fucks you the best and why? This is going to sound a bit harsh but I don’t really care about the male performers really. I’m more interested in their cocks. So long as there is a cock in me at the end of the day, any cock, then I am a happy girl. When did you discover your love of anal sex? I can’t pinpoint the exact time. I guess I’ve always enjoyed a stiff cock up my ass, since I was about nineteen. Of course, the first time wasn’t very good. Every time thereafter has been rather enjoyable, except for this morning. (laughing)

What is the best aspect about being a Vivid contract star? I would have to say it’s the security of knowing that my career is going to move in a positive direction. Being with the best company means that they won’t fail me. The only one who could fail me would be myself, and that isn’t going to happen.

What advise would you give to people who want to include anal sex into their bedroom play? The trick is always to relax and to clean out your body properly beforehand. A good first position would be for the girl to lay face down on a bed with her legs straight. Tinker with her butthole with your fingers and tongue to get her excited, apply a good quality lube to her butt, and then slowly slip your cock inside. Don’t ram it in at first. The ramming comes later. What is your preferred form of lubrication? Spit, darling. Nothing works better than good ol’ fashioned spit. It’s always available and works every time.

What is your innermost sexual fantasy? I’m kind of nervous to say right now because we’re in the middle of a restaurant. (Nikki leans forward and whispers) I’d have to say that my biggest sexual fantasy is to fuck a vampire. I want to be an angel who is dropped down from the sky and is taken by an evil vampire. He will snatch me in the dead of the night and fuck me like crazy. I’ll wonder what I have done wrong. Have I landed in hell? The idea of him biting me all over and taking me at will is so damn hot. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to reenact such a scene with Vivid. Perhaps one day I will, with my own company. Where do you prefer your cum loads? I love internal cum loads but it isn’t too safe to do all of the time. I also love swallowing. Really, it all depends on my mood and how I’d like things to end.

60 www. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

“I’ve always enjoyed a stiff cock up my ass since I was about nineteen!”

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om

“I would like to handle four cocks. I can have one in my mouth, one in my pussy, one in my ass, and one in my hand.”

On my face? In my mouth? Inside my pussy? Over my ass? Hmmm, so many choices.

Yeah, that’s hot! Maybe we can throw in another cock? To know that I have another one waiting for me is rather exciting.

What constitutes a romantic evening for you? I enjoy doing all sorts of random things. I love it when my date is attentive to me and pays attention to my needs. Chivalry is a big deal. Opening up my door and pulling out my chair are old fashioned and romantic examples of how I like to be treated. I am a princess and want to be valued. I hate bullshit, but love sensitivity. In addition, guys with huge egos coming out of their asses should just stay away. They won’t get anywhere.

Do you prefer group sex or one-on-one encounters? In my personal life, I prefer one-on-one fucking. This way I can give my lover all of my attention. When I am making a movie, I prefer to have multiple partners. In this scenario, I feel as though I am performing. With many people, I will be able to push myself, break my limits, and fulfill new fantasies I never knew I had.

What is the best way for your fans to approach you? I love my fans and like them to be themselves around me. My fans are usually really appropriate around me, which helps to make it an enjoyable experience for everybody. I’ve never had a fan come on too strong. What can I say? My fans are the best. When is your preferred time of day to have sex? Morning. Noon. Night. Anytime really. The nighttime is good though because rough sex helps me to sleep like a baby. I don’t need the whole seduction scene with candles and such. I prefer spontaneous sex. I am a Gemini, born June 10th, so I have two sides. Everything, even the type of sex I want to have, depends on my particular mood. It’s fun when the dirty girl comes out, though. Ideally, how many cocks would you like to handle at once? I would like to handle four cocks. I can have one in my mouth, one in my pussy, one in my ass, and one in my hand.

What is the most sensitive part of your body? My arms and inner thighs are the most sensitive parts of my body. If a man strokes my arms, my panties will puddle. It’s an odd place, but it’s my place. What is something about yourself that people are not aware of? Well, I hate cooking and cleaning. I’m not domestic at all. I eat out and can make great reservations. I’m not a traditional woman, by any means. However, I am great in the sack, so at least I have that going for me. Do you have any last words for your fans? I love you all and enjoy making movies that please you. Thanks for all of your support and dedication. Don’t forget to take me into your bedroom the next time you fancy getting naughty. ♣ For more information about Nikki Jayne, please visit:

62 &

www. ww stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om & & &

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om


In a very pink place...

didn’t realize until I got to the photo shoot just how much I needed to have some sex–and soon. I wonder what it was...maybe the pinkness of the room the photographer had set up? Everything seemed so shoes, the walls, the bedspread, my lipstick, the butterfly patterns on my bra...even the tips the stylist put on my was like being in a pink world, and it made me feel very wet and needy inside. I bet you see a girl like me on the street and you think, “What does she need? She gets whatever she wants.” But it’s not true. I hate to spoil your illusions, but a lot of it is just an image. Oh, I know I’m still pretty, maybe even beautiful, but when I take off all the paint— then you’d be able to see a little more clearly just how much I need the things I want.


26173 &

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & www.fa fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com om


You’d be surprised: I can be very satisfied just feeling a lover’s tongue on my soles as he holds my ankles, lapping me where men don’t often lick...I can even get off just by French kissing, especially when the man’s had a couple of drinks. I like the taste and aroma of men like that...and what I really like is to sixty-nine–giving my pinkness to a man’s mouth, putting it down on his face, but lifting up every once in a while so I can see him licking my juices off his mouth and waiting for more...waiting for more while I get ready to suck his at its bulging, leaking tip! Yes, a little while in a pink room can put me so much in the mood!♣ &

www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om


72 &



www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ag com co m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam amag.c .com om

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Cherry gets wildest when she’s drenched with her favorite aphrodisiac!

emember how people always say, “Drink milk, it’s good for you?” Well, somewhere along the line I made a connection about milk that other people haven’t. To me, milk is an aphrodisiac–my sex potion. I become very horny in the presence of milk. If and when I fall in love, it’s not going to be over a flute of champagne, but over a tall glass of milk, poured into my mouth and on my cleavage by my lover! When I’m naked, I like to pour milk down my tits because it feels so slick and cool, and because to most people milk doesn’t seem to belong there–you know, when your body is busy having sex. I know it’s kinky, but milk belongs there for me when I’m getting cocked.

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Some people say it’s not good to mix milk with meat and you should keep them separate. I had a boyfriend once who thought the idea of a hamburger and a glass of milk was gross! Not to mention a sausage sandwich and milk. Well, maybe that’s why I’m not with him anymore, because I’m always mixing meat with my milk. (Wink!) Some of my men think it’s a little nutty, but they humor me. And why wouldn’t they? I bet my tits feel even better to a guy’s dick when they’re all damp with milk. In a way, you might say I drink a glass of milk with my entire body, letting my skin absorb it, right into my pussy hair. I get turned on by the milk as it coats every inch of me, while a beautiful cock does its business on my pussy or ass! Do you think I talk pretty nasty for a girl who looks so cute? Well, I have my devilish side definitely, and it comes out with milk! ♣

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d e ll u p e b o t it a w ’t n a C off her pedestal!

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omen sometimes complain that men put them on pedestals, but with her beauty, a gal like Alessandra was guaranteed a high perch over cock-bearing individuals from the moment she reached full-blown womanhood. However, the irony is that although she enjoys the perks of the pedestal— the shopping trips fueled by credit cards of wealthy admirers, the menial errands run by her horde of hapless platonic nerds, the luxurious vacations bankrolled by big-shots who fantasize earning permanent possession of her silken snatch—Alessandra paradoxically feels—like most women who have spent time lording it above the common rabble—that she will be most alive when she is brought down to earth by someone who asserts his right to pointedly look down at her, catering to her bitchy, whsipery whims. She gets a particular wetness over construction workers, truck drivers, and cynical, hairy freelance computer repairmen. “I have a raw pussy that needs a savage cock,” Alessandra wrote in her model questionnaire, “I want my tits squeezed and sucked by someone who knows that I am not an illusion but a human female who does all the dirty things that females are empowered to do by Mother Nature!” Her passion brought a unique intensity to her photos, searing the camera lens with the urgency of her unfettered pinkness, which she lustily revealed with an almost smirking pleasure as the photographer snapped sweatily away. Her most ecstatic delight comes when she’s kissing a roughneck stud hard with her tongue and covering his face with the crimson mark of her lipstick, while he plunges deeply back and forth into the aching pucker of her anal chute. For it’s only through ass sex with a beautifully heartless man that Maya feels she will achieve her earthly quota of erotic bliss! ♣


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here are few physical attributes more anymore,” is the comical verbiage sought after by both women and men than playing in my mind when the metal an incredibly stacked rack—we see the doors crash behind me at the juicy mounds squeezed into tight sweaters and t- downtown loft. Without much shirts on a daily basis. Even the bustiest of babes light in sight, I have no choice but like Pamela Anderson, Jessica Simpson, and Dolly to follow the animal sounds of Parton, have made sizeable fortunes for them- growling, moaning, and groaning selves thanks to their massive mammaries. For as to locate the cast and crew. breast-obsessed as the mainstream world seems to Finally, as I round the last corner, 26104 be, that sentiment is doubly so for us in the adult I can see that I’m right on time. industry. Here, many of the rising stars of today Jenna Presley who is decked out and the legends of tomorrow are those beauties with a vinyl ribbon tied around her humongous hooters, black who are blessed with overflowing chests. Understanding our unwavering obsession for panties, and a blindfold is already big boobs, director Gazzman has assembled a fan- being felt up! Olivier Sanchez tasy line-up of seven of the most boobylicious licks, spanks, and squeezes his way babes in the business to take part in his latest around her voluptuous curves. extravaganza for Harmony Films perfectly dubbed Bust Lust. With his STARRING impeccable taste, an astute mind for Aiden Starr, Sara Stone, Charley Chase, Angelina visual perfection, and a stellar style of Ash, Riley Evans, Jenna Presley, Jessica Moore, creating magic through his camera, Tony DeSergio, Jam es Deen, Olivier, Marco director Gazzman has personally invit- Banderas, John Strong ed us to witness the primal infatuation unfold. So, let the bra busting begin… DIRECTOR Gazzm an The old saying of “We’re not in Kansas AVAILABLE FROM Harm ony Film s


106 & &

After ample foreplay and a glistening pussy, Jenna falls to her knees and begins stroking up his cock with both hands, while decorating his shaft with her pink lipstick. “Oh baby, stop teasing and suck my cock,” Olivier pleads, in his sexy Spanish accent. Anxious to please this European stud, Jenna begins to suck like a Hoover vacuum, leaving a soggy spit stain on the grungy cement floor below. “I’ve waited all morning for this cock…!” Jenna blares out. With this unbridled admission of lust, Olivier bends Jenna over in doggie position against a shabby love seat and finds her freshly shaven wet spot with minimal effort. In time, he begins hammering her hole so hard that the sofa actually begins screeching across the concrete floor. To assist with this minor dilemma, a nearby helper is forced to hold the sofa legs in place while the two rage on. It’s a nice save, indeed. After that, the hardcore action continues against the bars of a nearby jail cell. With her heels locked between the metal bars, Olivier begins to tap her in a standing doggie position until the room is filled with their primal screams. “I can’t


hold it any longer!” Olivier eventually bursts, pulling Jenna to the ground to pop his slop across her sweaty tits. In a word… brilliant! Very quickly thereafter, Gazzman and his tireless crew are up and ready to go for the second scene of the day. It’s a four-way fuck-fest that turns out to be one of the hottest displays unleashed in this production. This time it’s James Deen and Tony DeSergio who are up against true bosom buddies, Aiden Starr and Sara Stone. After getting themselves worked up with plenty of tit sucking and pussy poking in the make-up room, these girls are already wet and ready to rumble. “Gazz, it’s time to bring on the cocks!” Aiden jokes while tilting Sara’s silky head back to run her tongue across her teeth. Without a moment lost, the men are quick on the scene with their hard cocks in hand. As soon as the girls get a look at these choice beef sticks, they open wide and fall to the floor in unison. Without any need for direction, the girls lock onto the penis nearest them and begin to blow. Sara aims for the head of James’s cock, while Aiden is more than happy to rest Tony’s balls against her forehead as she fills her mouth up with his salty taint. & &

“Yummy,” is eventually heard gurgling from between Aiden’s pretty lips. Once the boys are juiced up and dripping with saliva, they switch partners and roll into first position. Wanting to capitalize on Sara’s impeccable natural breasts, Tony places Sara on top of his lap in reverse cowgirl. “Ride baby ride,” he blurts out, sinking his paws into the fleshy sides of her hips, as she begins to rock n’ roll. “Harder baby, ride that cock!” he continues. Meanwhile, James has got Aiden’s perfect tits swinging wildly in front of her in

or missed. Now that’s a director who truly has our best interest at heart! Moments later, and with a proper slathering of jizz, the second scene of the day comes to a smashing close. The next day of production starts bright and early. Today we are at a beautiful hilltop mansion in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. Upon arrival, I am enamored to find Charley Chase already on her knees sucking off Tony and James’s cocks. Despite the fact that it’s a zillion degrees outside, Charley doesn’t complain once and

by the cock to suck him off some more. “I need to be filled up at all times,” she growls while the boys continue jabbing her at will. “Atta girl,” Gazzman interjects as he watches her finesse her way over both cocks with flawless precision and enviable style. She glances over and smiles, and is eventually held up by James when Tony decides to get a piece of her dripping wet pussy in missionary position. Despite the continual rise in temperature, the trio fuck for at least another hour. Finally, the men end the scene by setting

a well-crafted standing doggie display and is working her pussy like it’s never been worked before. By now, she is howling like a wolf, and biting on her lips. This is also the time, however, that her beautiful make-up starts melting and smearing down her gorgeous face. “These girls are on fire,” Gazzman mouths in my direction, while swooping in with his camera to get as close to the penetration as he can. In fact, he even outfits a special ring light around his lens so that not a moment of the hardcore footage is too dark

instead decides to cool herself off by dousing her curvy body with the warm saliva that is pooling out of her mouth. As a little pre-cum starts to flow out of the head of Tony’s cock, he rolls Charley’s head back and mouths “Taste it don’t waste it!” She giggles for a quick second and eventually rolls the sticky spunk to the back of her throat, gargling it around for good measure. Finally, when enough oral action is given to each man, James folds Charley over in standing doggie to get a feel of her hairy pussy. She bends at the knee to get a solid connection to the floor and pulls Tony over

Charley up between their legs to award this amiable slut with the ultimate booby prize. You guess it… it’s a face full of sploog! After a quick break and a much-needed dip in the pool for everyone, the final scene of the day begins to take shape. This time, in an effort to beat the unbearable heat, Gazzman has decided that the final scene will take place in the master bedroom. With the seductive sound of stiletto heels tapping against the polished marble floors, Angelina Ash takes her spot on top of the bed. At first glance, the bustling room turns silent. Then a moment later, the faint sounds of hard cocks trying to rip holes through their tight trousers is heard

110 &

above the heavy breathing. “That good, eh?” she laughs, as we all fold our tongues back into our mouths. Well, everyone expect for Olivier that is. He, like a good boy, already has his cock carving a path to the back of her throat! Being an exceptionally horny girl, Angelina sinks into his harsh oral action with a smile plastered across her face. In fact, she’s seemingly in a contest with herself to see how much cock she can actually

Olivier and sinks her claws into his chest, proving that her little ass is just as impressive as her mega tits. Without a doubt, this girl is on a mission of continually chasing a string of gooey orgasmic blasts that are filling up her body with scads of sexy chill bumps. After nearly losing all of her body’s hydration from the leak between her legs, Olivier pulls out and revitalizes this bitch with a massive shot of his liquid love. She happily sloshes it around her mouth and

eventually massages the remnants into her chest. After this display, a quick panty change for me, and scads of heartfelt goodbyes, I leave the set a very happy girl. After what collectively may be the greatest assembly of beautiful boobs on the planet, I am sorry that I won’t be able to experience the final day of shooting. What I can tell you is that in addition to the hot scenes already mentioned, Riley Evans gets an impressive turn in the hot seat before

jam inside. For the next twenty minutes, all that is heard is the delicious sound of her slurping on his meat and the swishing sounds of Olivier playing pat a cake on her wet slit. “This pussy is all mine!” he eventually snarls after licking his fingers clean of her soggy drippings. From here on out, it is a rather difficult task to keep accurate notes. For the next hour, Olivier has Angelina twisting in and out of every sexual position imaginable, and then some. In one instance he has her curled over in the perfect doggie position and then has her nearly falling off the edge of the bed in a spread out missionary pose. Her hottest display, however, happens in cowgirl. Here she lies on top of


the movie is wrapped. For her romp, she goes all out and all anal when she takes on two cocks at once. Jessica Moore also does porno proud when she rounds out this amazing experience by getting pink poked and ass jabbed by John Strong and Marco Banderas. So, if a quality production that puts beautiful breasts ahead of the rest is what you seek, then you needn’t look any further. From A to DD, Gazzman has got you covered! ♣ For more information about Gazzman, Bust Lust, or any other Harmony Films productions, please visit:

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www. ww w. stor st orem or emag em ags. ag s. com m & ww www. w.fa w. fant fa ntam nt amag am ag.c ag .com .c om & &


ASS OVER ELBOWS She put her shoulders low, bowing her back and tilting her luscious ass up to my view. With a hand on each tanned cheek, I spread her ass to appreciate the sight of my cock spreading her back hole.

She gave a soft, needy whine and her ass twitched. I growled, shoving my cock forward, feeding her desperate ass with my meaty cock and I was rewarded with a howl of appreciation. I squeezed her round cheeks, my fingers splayed and sinking into her soft flesh as it jiggled with the force of my thrusts. She was quickly coming close. I could feel the tension building through the muscles in

(continued from page 18) wicked smile I love. “Doesn’t that look like a pussy that needs fucking, babe?” She moved to Caitlin’s side, index fingers still hooked in the girl’s slit. “I want to watch you fuck that pussy.” I eyed Caitlin who looked back to me with needy eyes. As I moved from my seat to between her thighs, Becca moved to straddle her mouth, facing me. For a girl who’d never eaten a pussy before, Caitlin dove into that muff like a pro, and Becca kept herself just high enough to make sure I had a perfect view of each long lick. Her pussy was snug and hot around my cock and when Becca leaned forward to kiss me, it was as sweet on her tongue as it was around my dick. I fucked like a madman as she worked my wife’s cunt, driving her to make the tell-tale shuddering breathes which precede Becca’s orgasms. The whole room was a riot of sounds from the moaning and panting, to the wet lapping of Caitlin’s tongue and the soft slap of my balls on her ass. Becca clung to my shoulders as she felt the orgasm crash down on her. Her lips on mine were still sweet from Caitlin’s cunt juice as she moaned into my mouth. The sound was contagious and moments later Caitlin was sounding off as well. Her muffled grunts were accompanied by an upward thrust to meet me as I stabbed my cock into her and I felt her tightening. It turned out our little neighbor had a surprise for us. As she came on my cock, I felt a sudden gush of hot juice on my dick, jetting against my balls. Caitlin was a squirter. I broke from Becca’s kiss to look down and see the spray along my cock. Becca reached down with a skilled hand to finger her clit and keep the flood coming. I defy any man to see a thing like that and not blow his load right then and there. I sure as hell couldn’t. I pulled out of her and put the head of my cock right between her lips, busting my nut on her clit as my wife used it like finger paint to paint Caitlin’s snatch. Half an hour later, we watched the freshly showered young woman dart across our yard to her home. Becca murmured against my ear “Remind me later to put the key back under their flowerpot.” –Rob, Kentucky




My cock is a respectable size, but it looked even bigger as I pushed into her dusky fuck-hole and her low moan was almost animalistic in its need. I drew out, the taunt rim of her asshole clinging to my cock as if it were reluctant to lose me. I pulled the head out, leaving the tip just resting against her hole as it gaped at me, still open like a mouth, hungry for more. So fucking hot!

her rump. Then, with a gasp as if it surprised her, she clamped on to my cock. She squeezed and pulled at my cock with her ass-gasm. The cock massage coming from her talented asshole pushed me right to the edge. I was buried deeply to give her the blasts of cum her ass was sucking from me. Shit, I love a girl who’s into anal. –Joe, Ohio ♣ &





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SISTER ACT “Well,” she looked at me from under dark, thick eyelashes, considering us calmly while my buddies circled her with their hands already squeezing their meat through their pants,” all right. But no cumming in my pussy.” Fuck, I love college girls. To the right of me, Steve was already pulling open his button-fly jeans. He never was a patient man. The new pledge dropped to her knees quickly enough to catch his cock in her mouth as if flopped out of his boxers when he pushed them down. It was a thing of beauty to watch how she nursed his half-hard cock into a raging hard-on. She took long, deep sucks, putting her mouth flat to the base. Each time she came back up, his cock was longer and more solid, until I could see her throat bulge from the bell tip she swallowed. She kept those big eyes glued to his face as she went down on him, until her nose was buried in his pubes. Then, they would roll up as her lids lowered in an expression of lustful bliss. It certainly didn’t take her long to get into this. Most of the pledges fell into two categories, the ones who acted like they didn’t know why they were here, and needed some warming up before they put out, and the ones who knew exactly

“I think she wants us to shoot it all over her face!” what the score was and looked forward to their first, or maybe just their next, gang bang. My buddies and I were more like… interview tools for the sororities in town. No one was required to fuck us in order to join a sorority, but if the girls were going to be sharing a house for a few years, the sorority sisters wanted to know if the people they might be living with were too uptight, too freaky, too loud... that sort of thing. My buddies and I were

more than happy to provide a detailed report. On my left, Mike had his hand in his opened pants and was fisting his cock “So, you don‘t want us to cum in your pussy. Where would you like us to shoot when we’re ready, huh? Maybe your ass? Your mouth? How about both?” The girl whose name I still didn’t know pulled her mouth from Steve’s cock–“Oh fuck yes, everywhere. I want it all over me.” Mike and I met eyes. We each had a thing for bukkake porn and had spent many hours online trading pics of cum-covered cuties as we surfed the net for more. I had a sudden image of this bigeyed girl looking up at us with her face covered in our cream and my cock jumped. Mike pulled her away from Steve’s cock and guided her to his own. He held her hair back so we could see as she bobbed her head up and down along his shaft, his veiny cock disappearing and reappearing between her wet lips. “You want to be our little cum whore?” She grunted her agreement as she continued to attack his cock. I knelt behind her to slide a hand up her narrow thigh, under her mini-dress to her sopping panties. “I’d say she loves the idea,” I told the guys. My finger traced the divot of her pussy slit through her drenched panties, pulling a moan from her mouth. “I think she wants to have us shoot all over her face. I think she wants to have us jerk-off on that pretty face of hers and mask it with our spunk. Isn’t that right, cum-slut?” She looked back to me with her wet, swollen lips parted. Her voice was huskier than it had been just a few minutes earlier “Yes. Shit, yes. I want you to coat my face with it. I want it dripping into my mouth and down my neck. I fucking love it.” I chuckled at her eager response. Not that I’d expected anything different after feeling the juice soaking through her satiny thong. My fingers made their way in through the leg hole and I was surprised by how tight


her cunt was for being so wet. Maybe she liked having guys cum on her face so much, her puss didn’t see much action. I was going to have to change that, if it were the case. “You’ll have to get rid of that dress,” I told her. “We wouldn’t want to mess it for you, now would we?” She pulled the light material up and off her head, revealing perfect breasts and a defined stomach. Mike and Steve both stepped in to feed her their cocks at the same time, having to take turns as she stroked one while sucking the other. I stayed behind her, &

enjoying the show as I pushed her panties down and pulled my cock out to trace the cleft of her ass with the head. Steve loved to rub his cockhead on the girls’ faces, leaving little dots of pre-cum on their cheeks that showed when they turned toward the light. Me, I like it all but I didn’t care to be sandwiched between my buddies to take turns with her mouth. I had a perfectly hungry pussy right in front of my cock. I pushed into her small hole and broke her concentration “not in my pussy,” she reminded me. I inched forward, “you said no cumming in your

cunt. I’m going to cum on your face with my buddies, treating you like the cumdoll you want to be.” With that, she let out a hiss and pushed back against me, taking my cock to the hilt with a single motion. Watching her suck my friends was almost too much for me. Even her tight pussy felt like it was sucking at my cock each time I drew back. I put my back into it, pistoning into her, my balls tightening. I looked up just in time to see Steve bend his knees in that tell-tale stance. A milky shot leaped from his cock-slit and landed on her face. He was a good foot away and the shot made a perfect arc to her cheek. The next one landed in her hair. Mike growled as his cock erupted as well, the two of them emptying their balls on her eyes and cheeks. I felt her spasm on my cock, her orgasm gripping me full force. I had to hold perfectly still not to cum in her pussy. Even then, it was a battle. I had clenched my jaw,

waiting for her orgasm to finish, watching my buddies paint her face until their cum hung in gooey strings from her eyelashes and nose. The moment she finished, I nearly knocked Mike back to get to her face. My body wracked with a hard shudder as I added my DNA to the puddle, getting it up her nose and landing some in her open mouth. I squeezed out more than I’d ever shot before, each pulse strong and full. It brought me to my knees in the end. It took us all some minutes to recover. When, at last I found my voice again, I realized we’d never gotten her name before drawing her in the door and propositioning her. “What sorority are you pledging?” I asked. She blinked, “Sorority? None. I just moved in next door and stopped by to introduce myself.” There was a timid knock at the door. Steve laughed and moved a hand to his cock “damned impostors, now I have to make another batch.” –Collin, Illinois


The scent of her filled my nose as I pushed two fingers into her hot, pink cunt. My index and middle fingers pointed, sawing in and out of her tight little snatch. It was a snug fit around my two digits and my balls tightened thinking of how it would feel on my cock. As I stuffed her with my fingers, she became wetter and wetter, slicking them with her juice. She rocked her hips to meet each stab and

her lips, above her clit, lingering over the sight of my cock splitting her like that. I’m not bragging when I say it honestly looked too big to get into her. She didn’t seem intimidated as she pushed her pussy up to take me. I sank into her, sliding in and stretching her sopping cunt with my cock until my hips met hers. On top of her, I held still and let her do the work. It was hot to see how much she wanted it–how hard she was willing to work to get my cum. She writhed and bucked. She drew her

“I sank into her, sliding in and stretching her sopping cunt with my cock!” moaned, urging me to give her my cock. By the time I withdrew my hand, her messy pussy had wet my palm where it pressed against her clit. I used that juice to oil my cock before pressing into her. She was wet enough that I didn’t need to, but there’s something about coating your cock in cunt-milk that just gets me going even more. I aimed my fat head for her slit and pressed between

knees up on my sides and dug her heels in for leverage as she pushed up onto me. Her whole body slithered beneath mine, rubbing her hard and tender nipples against my chest and mashing her clit against the base of my cock. I threaded my fingers into her hair at the base of her neck, forcing her to look at me as I withdrew to the tip of my cock and hovered above her twitching body.





Watching the desperate need in her eyes, I rammed forward, fucking her hard and deep, stealing the breath from her lips in a heavy gasp. I was done playing. I’d teased us both long enough and now I meant to fuck that pussy. I slammed into her again and again as she cried out, begging me to take her roughly. I moved my hand to her knee, spreading her wider until she was open like a butterfly…her pussy splayed like an offer to me. I fucked into that yielding body with all the intensity my cock demand-

I just wanted to use her like a toy and she was more than happy to be played with. She lay passively as I pulled at the puffy cleft above her hooded clit and drew it up until the pink triangle of skin poked out between her closed lips. I caught the fold of skin between my lips as it was exposed, sucking it into my mouth. Pulling at it with my mouth, I drew it out, stretched it, and let it slip from my lips and snap back to its nest. With my thumb and index finger, I spread her lips, opening them like a book and holding them wide. With my other hand, I pressed up and back on her hood, forcing her swollen clit to pop up. Just below, her darkened slice of a cunt hole was developing a pool of girl-juice. I dipped my tongue in for a taste. With that single lick, I’d tested the limits of her compliance. A twitch of her thigh was the only warning I had of the spring inside her about to snap. As I pointed my tongue and pushed it into her, fucking her with it like a small cock, her hips jerked forward, her hand came to my head, and she was humping my face with abandon. She came on my mouth in seconds, coating my lips and chin. As she fell back from the throws of her orgasm, I idly thumbed her sensitive clit, making her jerk. I looked to her face and took smug appreciation for her worshipful expression. She was mine to use now. We both knew it. I moved my hips to her face and pointed my rock hard erection into her inviting mouth. With my first thrust, I pushed into her mouth, and she was ready. I couldn’t see her eyes as I leaned over her head to use her mouth, but her hands on my ass were expression enough for me. I fucked into her face as she gagged and drooled, but never tried to stop or even slow me. My balls pressed to her chin as I buried myself deep in her throat. She moaned and

ed, thrusting into her with my entire back and legs. My mind was lost to all but the feeling of her tight cunt and my tight balls. I was dimly aware of her pussy twitching on my cock as I exploded into her, shooting hard, hot jets of cum into her. I came until I was drained, slumping on her in limp nirvana. It would be a whole five minutes before I was ready to start again.–Evan, Illinois


grabbed my ass cheeks with her splayed hands, holding me to her. I thrust deeper than I’d have imagined a woman could take, making her pant and swallow around my cock, but she only pulled harder at my ass, moaning with how I used her. I moved a hand over her pussy, hooking my finger into her cunt with my palm on her mound. I could feel her tensing for the sec- & www. w.

ond time and my balls couldn’t take it. As her cunt tightened on my fingers, my cock jerked and spit cum straight into her throat. Her tongue worked against my shaft as she tried to swallow the spurts flooding her mouth. When I finally rolled off her, her face and pussy were both shining, wet messes parted by wide smiles. Who says bigger boys like bigger toys?–Sam, OR


“I thrust deeper than I’d have imagined a woman could take!”

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DOG DAY AFTERNOON Me and my wingman, Luke, came close to violating the ultimate man code. We hit on the same chick. Unavoidable really—she liked both our dogs. Hey, I’m talking about actual dogs this time—canines. I have a German shepherd named ‘Dog’ and Luke has one of those cuddly dogs (obviously for its chick appeal), he calls him ‘Cat’. Anyway, here’s the deal: Saturdays in the park are great for three things—eating hotdogs, tossing a football, and pulling babes. Luke and I usually hit the green early, so we can catch the hot babes as they roll in. Our dogs get along, so it’s easy to let them off the leash at the same time, usually right when a tight body is jogging past. Last weekend we were making our usual round— past the flower stand, down by the water, and back up near the benches—Dog and Cat were itchy to get off the leash, but we were stalling until a babe was within pulling reach. Eventually, their whining became too much and they’d begun to wrestle with each other, so we let them loose. Just as well; wasn’t too long before a brunette with the most incredible body walked by. Both our jaws dropped


when we spotted her—tits sitting perky and full with no bra. She barely noticed us, but was drawn like a magnet to our pets. She crouched down to pat them, and naturally they responded by wagging their tails and sniffing her. Luke and I let that go on for a few more seconds before swooping in to stop our dogs from ‘bothering’ her. As we approached, I was checking out her ass—tiny white shorts and no discernable panties. She turned to look up at us and we could see straight down the v-cut of her t-shirt. Just as suspected, no bra. My first thought was ‘This girl is near perfection.’ My second thought came when she opened her mouth, “Aren’t you a couple of handsome men!” This was going to be easier than I thought. “So,” I asked her—feeling her heat and wanting to dispense with all pretense, “do you like your dogs big or small?” Luke took offense and barked, “I’m more interested in how you like your men.” She stood and gave us both the once over, “I like my men in pairs. Think you boys can handle that?” Luke and I exchanged a quick glance. It’d been a long time since we’d pulled a train, and I don’t recall ever doing one outdoors, but what the hell! We weren’t too far from a secluded cluster of trees— they would have to do. We tied Dog and Cat to one of the branches and busied them with the dog bones we’d brought.

No further discussion was needed with this hot honey. She immediately unzipped me and motioned to Luke to unleash himself. With both our cocks out, she dropped to her knees to pump him, wrapping her pouty mouth around mine. She swallowed my sword deep, and then slid her lips back up its length slowly, really putting some suck behind her pucker when she got up to my head. All the while she was face fucking me; she was churning away at Luke’s dick like a pro. Still, the greedy bastard wasn’t satisfied and announced, “Hey I’d like some of that.” Quickly, she swapped movements and I found myself being jerked off while Luke got treated to her mouth. I lowered myself to my knees and pulled her back toward me. After a bit of wrestling, I had her shorts down around her knees and her pussy banging reverse cowgirl on my pole. She got into a rhythm quickly, riding me up and down, flexing and releasing her cunt muscle around my cock; corkscrewing Luke’s dick down her throat with the same fervor. &

I’ve always been a breast man and this chick had such a killer rack I couldn’t pass up the chance to get my hands on them. I pulled her off me; she still had Luke in her mouth. She kept sucking him while I lay her back on the grass. I pushed her shirt up over her tits and began devouring her fleshy mounds. I slid my cock back inside her pussy and rode her toward my home stretch while pulling her nipple in against my tongue. I heard Luke announce he was going to pop; he growled for her not to stop. “Swallow it!” I felt my nut starting to rise. I reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands, shoving her tighter against my thrust. Luke groaned and I could hear her gulping down his spud. With her nipple right between my teeth, I shot my load deep inside her. She released her suck on him and let out a yelp, which only made me drill harder. Dog and Cat began howling their approval. I’m certain if they’d been able to they would have high-fived us and said, “Good boy!” –Joe, NJ

“I found myself being jerked off while Luke got treated to her mouth!�

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CUNTRY ! E M O S E E R H T er rm fa a , rs e th o g in lp e h y B gets some help himself!

ake was a solitary guy—liked to work his land and mind his own business. But when those two little honeys came walking barefoot up the road to his place and asked if he had something to eat—well, he wasn’t about to turn them down. Times were tough in the city and they were looking for any kind of work out in the country. He told them they could have three squares a day and straw to sleep on if they’d help with some of his chores. They took him up on that arraignment. A couple of days went by and it seemed to work out just fine. He got to the point where he liked watching them work up a sweat raking up leaves, or carrying buckets of water and such—gave him a stiffie, truth to tell. Of course, when attractive young girls see a strapping, able-bodied man going about his work in the great outdoors, they usually get ideas, and Jake suspected something was up when they asked him if they could take an hour off to enjoy a bit of sunbathing. Besides the little they were wearing when they came down the road, they had a couple of teeny-weeny bathing suits as well, perfect to bask in the sun.


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Jake wasn’t surprised when they started playing around, and right in front of him, too. Heck, he’d already heard them doing it at night out in the barn on the sly. When one of them pulled him over and to reach for his crotch, he didn’t bat an eyelash. He even helped her out by courteously taking out his dick and handing it over to her mouth. She could suck like the dickens. Nice to have some help around the farm now. Especially when he had balls that needed regular draining!♣ & &



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