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w w o. 4 APRIL 2010 / Vol.19 N


ell, we’re back! Another month of the most unbelievable action around! This month we waited until the last possible second to write this page and it was most definitely worth the wait! See, we had one more open slot (no pun intended) for one more open slot (get it?). So, when Sonia and Dido opened the legs and crammed themselves into the issue, we were more than ecstatic. In fact, witnessing the two of them slurp, suck, and fuck each and every hole was a dream cum true. These babes are true masters of cunnilingus and anillingus, and be sure to check out our website and see all the pussy and ass eating video evidence! And, if all that isn’t enough to get you rocks off, then, check out all the porn star newbies in “Spring Chickens 23” and all the other hot pink pussies we’ve got! —The Editors



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! Y T R A P Y S S U P 1 # THE 138 CONTENTS APRIL 2010 / Vol.19 No.4

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Jada Gold Shooting Star Natalie, James & Ken Amateur DVD Den Sonia & Dido Spring Chickens 23 Gabi & Marcsi Readers Lives Dorothy Elle & Lola Show Us Yours Alma & Bobby



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Club Confidential solemnly swears to bring you the freshest barely-legal babes, the nastiest, most cum-crazy sluts and the horniest real-life swingers every month.

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” R O S S E F O R P R E H S K N A H “T

When I went to college I had very little confidence. I wanted to succeed, but a negative family background made me feel it was impossible. Then I met a lovely classmate, Thomas, who helped me recognize my talent. I blossomed and I went on to graduate with honors. Since then, I’ve moved onto a good job at a television station and am reaching my goals. The one goal I haven’t reached, though, is to show my appreciation to Thomas in a meaningful way. He is a man who appreciates beauty in women and oddly enough, he never married. Sometimes, when I’m lying awake at night by myself and masturbating, I think about how nice it would be to go back to my alma mater and get to know Thomas a little better, now that I’m more confident and well on my way to being a woman of the world. He is the one responsible for that after all. I have a feeling he would appreciate one of my hot blowjobs. I get very wet thinking of taking his cock in my mouth and looking up at him with gratitude and even a little bit of love, playing with his balls and then stroking him off onto my tongue. I would love to learn what his spunk tastes like. On the other hand, he was only doing his thing as a typical horny classmate, so maybe I’ll just keep this fantasy in my head and try to find another guy for blowjobs and more. “Skilled, But Lonesome” – Georgia ®




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el, Pole & Lap Dancer upation: Glamour & Adult Mod magazines, Internet and per Name: Jada Gold Age: 21 Occ over two years now for various little a for g it! elin mod n bee e “I’v me, I’m loving every minute of Midnight Gold: clubs all over the country. Believe strip in ked wor also e hav I ® s. ” view website en!) and fun, fun, fun! crazy sex (with men AND wom It’s been nothing but late nights,



BIRTH DATE: May 21 BIRTH PLACE: Germany HEIGHT: 5’11” WEIGHT: 125 lbs. VITAL STATS: 34DD-27-35

Can you tell us details from one of the hottest scenes you’ve ever been in so far? It’s a toss up between a scene I did with Bobby Vitale


in Too Nasty to Tame, shot at the famous light house. That scene was so hardcore, nasty, and raw. To this day it’s still my favorite scene to watch. And, there’s also a scene from the movie Heart Breaker where Evan Stone and I actually break the couch we’re working on. Without fail, Evan Stone and I always seem to break furniture with our aggressive fucking. I love working with him. If you weren’t in porn, what would be your fantasy job? I would love to be a supermodel and strut myself down a runway. It also would have been great to be a newscast-

er. I guess deep down inside I’ve always wanted to be in front of the public. What can I say, I’m a born entertainer. Is it easy to make you cum? What’s the best way to get you off? It’s so easy to make me cum if I’m really into the person I’m with. All they have to do is stay on my clit with their fingers and mouth and I’ll explode. I’m huge on clitoral stimulation. Huge! What’s your favorite position and why? I love being fucked doggie style while looking at a mirror. I love the titillation of

watching and feeling myself being fucked at the same time. Balls slapping against my ass also turns me on. I love seeing his face while he fucks me. What turns you on? A better question is what doesn’t turn me on? (laughing) What turns me on the most is knowing that the person I’m with is turned on by me. I need to feel the chemistry and see passion in their eyes. Sensual kissing also turns me on. If I kiss someone and there is nothing behind it, I’m instantly turned off. A bad kisser generally means they’ll be


By: Emma Edwards In the world of porn you’d be very hard pressed to find a performer more worshiped for her beauty and sexual prowess than Briana Banks. With undeniable charisma and a penchant for sex that is one of legend, Briana has reached legendary status. With a fresh outlook on sex, Briana opens up in this candid interview about her career and what really turns her on…

horrible in bed. This is a rule that hasn’t failed me yet in my experience. What turns you off? Aside from bad kissing, people who are not hygienic turn me off. Also, people who rush through the foreplay and are anxious to only satiate their individual needs turn me off. I love foreplay and want to be properly explored and played with before I’m fucked. Lazy people need not apply. What are you best at sexually? I’m known for my blowjobs because I have can take a lot. I didn’t realize this talent before porn because the

guys I had been with didn’t have porno-sized cocks. I’m able to relax my throat muscles completely and ingest any cock. I can go all the way down to the balls with zero problems. Just bring ‘em on! What’s the best way to suck cock? I love to start off slow and tease the cock. I like to suck and lick around the balls and shaft, getting it nice and wet. I want to make the guy crazy for my mouth. I’ll slowly inch my way down until he’s completely down my neck. I’m also a big spitter. I like things wet! What’s the best way

to suck pussy? I love to suck pussy the same way, with lots of spit and pressure on the clit. I also do this flip thing with my tongue (demonstrating) that girls seem to like. I thoroughly enjoy pussy eating and perfecting my technique. I love the way they taste and feel across my tongue. I definitely have fun with it. For me, a good rule to follow is: if you really don’t enjoy sucking pussy then don’t! Describe the perfect pussy. Who in the industry has such a pussy? There isn’t such a thing as the “perfect pussy” in my opinion. Every pussy is

unique and has its own personality. I enjoy all of them. I personally have a puffy pussy but am welcoming to any and all that want to play. Do you like to masturbate? Tell us how? Oh yeah! I love to fuck myself. The best thing ever invented was the Pocket Rocket and the Temptress. Those are my favorites and the only toys I have in my drawer. If I’m horny all it takes is two to five minutes of holding the Pocket Rocket to my clit before I explode. I just make sure to have fresh batteries on hand at all time and I’m good to go.

Briana showing off one of her best features!

Do you have a particular masturbation fantasy? I try to quiet my mind of all thought and instead focus all of my attention on my clit, really getting into the sensation of the buzzing riding through my pussy. That feeling is amazing. Sometimes if there is the scent of my guy’s cologne on the pillow I’ll masturbate to his smell and fantasize about him fucking me.

Never! I was so scared the first time I was ever with a girl that I thought I was going to pee myself. I was so intimidated by her and her big boobies. I remember the scene perfectly. It was with Lida Chase and TT Boy. She guided me though the entire process. Thank god she was very nice to me. Needless to say my pussy licking skills sucked that day. I had no idea how to eat a pussy, so Lida did all of the work. I think I’ve made up for it though, don’t you? (laughing)

Had you been with girls in your private life before becoming a porn star?

Where is the oddest place you’ve ever had sex? It was hanging off the edge



Only big cocks allowed here!

of a high rise building in Los Angeles at three o’clock in the morning with Mark Davis. It was a hot scene but I was so damn cold. People were honking as they drove by because huge spotlights were on us. I also fucked on a rock with the ocean tide all around us. Not the most comfortable experiences but definitely the most memorable. What makes you unique? My fans have really had the opportunity to see me grow both professionally and sexually before their eyes. My first girl-on-girl experience was in front of the camera. I had hardly any prior knowl-

edge about sex before joining the industry. I had never been in the 69 position or had my pussy eaten out for that matter. All of my sexual growth has been captured by the camera. That makes me sexually unique, wouldn’t you say? Who are your all time favorite performers to work with? Why? I would have to choose Evan Stone, because we have amazing chemistry, Jenna Jameson for the same reason and because we can’t keep our hands off each other, and Joel Lawrence. I wish he were still performing. I’ve always enjoyed his

Every position (and hole) is in play!

personality and good sense of humor. He was always a pleasure. Are you quiet or noisy during sex? Oh girl, I am loud! I couldn’t keep quiet even if I tried my absolute best. I’m just not a quiet person. If I’m excited you are going to know it. Who would you invite to the perfect orgy? Angelina Jolie, Wentworth Miller, Gisele Bundchen, Johnny Depp, and Joaquin Phoenix. I’m trying to imagine all of those combined bodies. Damn, that would be a good time. That line-up is perfect!

What do you think is your best feature? My eyes. They are very expressive and I’ve been told they are beautiful. What is the most sensitive part of your body? I would have to say the back of my neck, around my ears, and down my shoulder are the most sensitive. I can’t forget about my clit. That part of me is extremely sensitive as are my nipples. They turn hard and pointy like erasers once I’m turned on. I’d also like to add that I absolutely hate for my feet to be touched. That is one of my biggest turn offs. Besides, there are better parts of my

body to play with. Does size matter? How do you prefer your cocks? Of course size matters. I’m not going to lie. There is such a thing as being too big and being too small. I love cocks that are in between. I have a pretty small torso, but I have to admit I did take Rocco Siffredi and another guy in a DP. Those guys are not human, though. I’ll just say that eight inches is great, and couple that with solid girth is heaven. Are you wilder on or off screen? It depends on who I’m with. I’ve had some pretty crazy

sex with porno guys off screen and on. I usually scare regular guys. I have to take it down a notch for the “civilians.” Is there anyone you’d like to work with that you haven’t yet? I’m happy to admit I’ve worked with almost everyone. That’s very exciting to be able to say that and have it be the truth. However, I never got the opportunity to work with Janine or Jesse Jane. We would undoubtedly tear each other up. Maybe one day! ® Website:


20 23

Sun-kissed blonde beauty Natalie is all smiles, and it’s because she’s about to engage in an energetic threeway with her two favorite boy toys, James and Ken. These guys are always game to play with Robin because she goes out of her way to show them a really good time. After a spell of blowing spit bubbles all over their giggle sticks, Natalie climbed atop James in order to take a ride on his bologna pony. Meanwhile, she managed to puff away solidly on Ken’s goo pipe at the same time she was gettin’ some yee-haw in her hoo-ha. Before she made James’s thick cock cum, she moved the ménage-a-trois along by positioning herself so that Ken could take a crack at her slit while James could cool his tool in her mouth. Those studs made sure that Natalie remained airtight for as long as she could take it. Suddenly, her whole body quaked as she sustained a seismic orgasm and she emitted blissed-out moans in waves. Then it was the dudes’ turn to erupt. Natalie knelt down between them and alternated sucking their stiffy’s until both blasted her, draining their balls cumpletely all over her fair face and buoyant funbags. Natalie reveled in being spackled by splooge and took her time swallowing every bit of it down drop by delightful drop. ®



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I’m keeping a close eye on studs these days, because there seem to be less and less of them. If my calculations are correct, the time is nigh when directors are so desperate for dick they might even come knocking at my door… BABY GOT BOOBS STARRING: Shawna Lenee, Eva Angelina, Daisy Marie, Alanah Rae, Kagney Linn Karter, Cheyne Collins, Johnny Sins, Jordan Ash, Scott Nails, Ralph Long DIRECTED BY: N/A AVAILABLE FROM: Brazzers

Brazzers, one of the leading companies in big tit fun, really hits a home run with this production that spotlights young girls with huge boobs. Five stellar performers are handpicked and thrown into hot scenarios before they are fucked hard and sent packing. Shawna Lenee leads the ladies by fucking her mom’s boyfriend, played by Cheyne Collins, when she is strictly forbidden from allowing boys to enter their home. Eager to get her fill, Collins has no chance but to submit once Shawna shoves her D-cup knockers in his face and her blonde pussy on his cock. Later, Jordan Ash is treated to a very handsome reward when he returns Daisy Marie’s lost wallet. Happy that everything is returned in tact, Daisy stuffs Ash’s chub between her chesticles for some solid titty fucking action. From here, she blows his horn and gives up gobs of gash as her special way to say “thanks.” Whatta gal! Meanwhile, Alanah Rae has her heart set on making the cheerleading squad and decides to practice her routine for Scott Nails. He has another thing in mind, however, and makes her earn the grade by slobbering all over his nuts and pulling her pussy flaps apart to take his meat in missionary position. When finished up there, Kagney Linn Karter also does the unthinkable by fucking the crap out of her mother’s boyfriend, just like Shawna. She gives


it up with gusto to Johnny Sins and later acts out her revenge when she’s spliced open in spoon and hammered hard in doggie. The best is saved for last however, when Eva Angelina proves that the best way to get over one guy is to get under another. She does just that when she

mixes middles with Ralph Long. Together they bang like drums until her heart is healed and her face is covered in cum! SUMMARY: What is delivered is exactly what is expected, namely top-rate girls with huge racks and insatiable penchants for hardcore cock. It’s a win-win situation with big titty fun written all over it! ®



BREAST WORSHIP 2 STARRING: Cassandra Calogera, Carmella Bing, Gianna Michael, Shyla Stylez, Tory Lane, Nikki Benz, Ami Jordan, Jerry, Chris Strokes, Marco Banderas, Mr. Pete, Lexington Steele DIRECTED BY: Jules Jordan AVAILABLE FROM: Jules Jordan Video



Big booby fans the world over should rejoice over this stellar production! Not only is it loaded with enough breasts to fill a room, but is also bursting at the seams with sufficient hardcore action to cover two movie’s worth of fucking. With a stellar cast and the perverted vision of Jules Jordan, it is virtually impossible to achieve a greater accom-

plishment than this. Bursting out of her blouse first is Shyla Stylez. All greased up and ready to go, Shyla attacks Jerry by smothering him in her oily rack before hammering his hose into her pussy. After several orgasmic blasts, Shyla works the positions backwards. Only this time, the blonde bitch goes all anal! Nikki Benz—resembling a frisky kitty with a sexy mask and leopard vest— looks positively purrrfect in the next scene. Chris Strokes seems to agree, especially when he allows Nikki to wrap her leather cock leash around his shaft before she puckers up and sucks. Her ride in reverse cowgirl is quite explosive, leaving her with a dripping wet pussy and a sweaty body to match. Next, when Gianna Michaels and Carmella Bing collide for what must equal twenty pounds of breast meat,

Marco Banderas ultimately comes out victorious! Together, they take him down and give him a double rack attack. After sufficient boobage and plenty of puss, Carmela raises the bar by giving up her bunghole before his geyser erupts on both sets of tits. Cassandra Calogera is another big titty ho who prefers to smother Chris Strokes before treating him to a powerful ride in cowgirl position. He does his best to keep up, but Cassandra is clearly in charge from start to finish. Young knockout, Ami Jordan, is another fabulous inclusion to this all-star lineup. Although great, Tory Lane steals the show when paired with Lexington Steele for what is dubbed as, “The Main Event.” And boy is it! SUMMARY: Jules Jordan at his best! A must see for fans of big titty porn! It doesn’t get better than this! ® 33

or fancy costuming. Barebones fucking is what you’ll get here when Nacho Vidal goes to Rio and fucks them all in a series of average looking spaces and situations. He begins by dressing Camile Baby up in classic BUTTHOLES Brazilian garb—namely a hot pink bikini— NACHO VIDAL / BRAZILIAN before wildly fucking her asshole. She later treats him to a jerk session with her feet before he splashes his pina colada slush onto her face. Milena Santos is later found flossing Although it is not always necessary her pussy and ass with a pair of panties for porn flicks to be stylishly appointed, before being dolled up in fishnet stockit does help to add a bit of flare to the ings. Nacho is quick to clasp a leash fantasy being portrayed. With a producaround her neck and wrists before filling tion that looks more like a home movie her mouth with his meat. It’s when than a feature attraction, a little bit of Milena allows Nacho to enter her hole higher end production value would have through her backdoor that the true been nice, although the ass that’s on the beauty of this scene begins to unfold. line speaks louder than any trick lighting


When finished there, Nacho follows his cock to even blonder pastures when he completely attacks Melissa Pitanga in the ass against the rails of his patio. Once she acclimates to his rough style and gritty dick, the action continues on a wooden bench when Nacho splinters her ass with another round of his heavy lumber. Belinha is also treated to the same anal assault as her production sisters, although the real bell of the ball is Marcela Diesel. Not only is she the most beautiful girl on display, but she is the one who seems to take Nacho Vidal over the edge with her perfect mouth and unbeatable Brazilian butthole. SUMMARY: Nacho Vidal unleashes himself onto five Brazilian butts in a homespun movie that is full of rock solid fucking and stretched out assholes. ®


LATIN ASS STARRING: Belinha, Camile Baby, Milena Santos, Melissa Pitanga, Marcel Diesel, Nacho Vidal, Felipe Vernes DIRECTED BY: Nacho Vidal AVAILABLE FROM: Digital Sin

LEXINGTON LOVES LATINAS VOLUME 1 STARRING: Luscious Lopez, Olivia Del Rio, Carmen, Olivia O’ Lovely, Ava Divine, Havanna Ginger, Emma Cummings, Ice La Fox, Mercedes Ashley, Sheila Marie, Katie Cummings, Rio Mariah, Nadia Styles, Lexington Steele, Marco Banderas, Toni Ribas, Erik Everhard, Jean Claude DIRECTED BY: Lexington Steele AVAILABLE FROM: Mercenary Pictures



With over three hours of hardcore Latina action featured in this production, Lexington Steele not only packs this movie with quantity, but also backs it up with the quality fucking that we’ve all come to expect. Although there are several lovely Latina scenes represented, we’re going to spotlight the top five that truly embrace what

this production is all about—starting with Mercedes Ashley. Not only is she the perfect South of the Border senorita, but she is also the one who seems to suck the most life out of this legendary performer. He cuts through her pussy like a knife and is egged on throughout by her constant begging for more, more, more! Nadia Styles also stands out from the pack when she goes a step further by not only taking Lex in the pussy—a noble fete in itself—but by committing her asshole to the cause as well. Here, she hunkers down on his lap in reverse cowgirl and eagerly wedges his wang inside her rump, despite the fact that his cock is nearly as big as she is. Nonetheless, she goes at him at full speed and doesn’t let up until they both reach a mind-blowing orgasm. Ice La Fox, ensures the salsa stays hot when she not only takes on Lex, but his

friend, Marco Banderas, as well. Together, the boys spin her around in many directions while banging her pretty pussy at every turn. Although incredible, it’s her talent for keeping a cock in her mouth at all times that earns her recognition here. Havanna Ginger also deserves an honorable mention, not only for the way she happily takes Lex’s length in a myriad of hot positions, but for the impeccable way she dishes out oral loving to his tripod cock. Finally, Olivia Del Rio ends the experience on a high note and proves that her star power still shines brightly, despite the fact that she’s up against a fleet of much younger starlets. SUMMARY: Fans certainly won’t be disappointed when Lex and friends put a legion of hot Latinas on the line for what becomes over three hours of hardcore fucking at the hands of the industry’s best. Well done! ® 35

STARRING: Brittney Skye, Sandra Romain, Hillary Scott, Brooke Belle, Kate Frost, Eva Angelina, Jean Val Jean, Tommy Gunn, Sascha, Kris Knight DIRECTED BY: Laurent Sky AVAILABLE FROM: Vivid Entertainment


In what seems to be a collection of hot scenes from an archive of previously unseen material, some of porn’s beloved performers, such as Brittney Skye and Sandra Romain, are put back into the limelight to remind us of why we continue to love them so much. As captured through the glamorous lens of director Laurent Sky, he leads the viewer on a sexual odyssey through five hardcore vignettes that are riddled with erotic style and first-rate fuckers.


Hillary Scott leads the pack in an electric scene that has her ball-gagged in a photo booth. When Sascha sets her free, she rewards him with a slobber-enriched blowjob that helps glue her into her vinyl vest. Once out of it, Hillary takes a royal pounding up the ass in one loaded position after another before licking his pop off her ball-gag. Hot! Sandra Romain continues where Hillary leaves off by treating Tommy Gunn to an incredible blowjob session that looks scads sweeter than the candy shop they fuck in. After both performers are wet, Sandra braces her feet on the leather stools and rides Tommy out in cowgirl until her soggy slit nearly has her slipping to the ground. Tommy remedies the situation however, by holding her down at the hips when he goes ballsout in missionary position.

Meanwhile, Kate Frost is off on the sidelines diddling her dish with a vibrator before resting on a slowly spinning disk to suck off Jean Val Jean. After several wet minutes of intense oral action, Kate has her way with Jean all over a leopard sofa. As usual, Eva Angelina does a bang up job when fucking Kris Knight. The rotating bed and red satin sheets just adds to the wow factor of this primal fuck machine. The adventure ends with Brittney Skye in a sexy disco sequence that leaves her completely fucked and licking hot sperm off a disco ball! SUMMARY: Expect great fucking and beautiful girls to be brought to life with impeccable lighting, interesting scenarios, and plenty of hardcore heat. It’s stylishly sexy from start to finish. ®



SMOKIN’ HOT SPINNERS VOLUME 1 STARRING: Jenna Presley, Rachel Roxxx, Heather Vaughn, Morgan Lane, Lexi Stone, Evan Seinfeld DIRECTED BY: Evan Seinfeld AVAILABLE FROM: Iron Cross/Teravision


gets the party going with a little finger bang session to warm up her hot hole. Once moist, Jonez slips his cock between her lips and bangs his shaft against her cheeks. She sucks like a pro and really R RAUNCH SEXY SPINNERS / ROCK STA hits a high note once she’s bent over in doggie. Arff! Just like the pretty cocksucker that came before, Rachel Roxxx goes all out when treating Jonez’s cock like a melting Once again, Spyder Jonez has collected ice cream cone. She demonstrates the best sucking skills here, although her five hot chicks to bang. The only differpussy power proves to be quite lethal ence is that this time he’s assembled as well. a line-up of pintsized princesses, known The next instance has Heather Vaughn as “spinners.” In what is the pioneer coming to life once Jonez’s tongue installment to this intended new series, begins to spiral her clit and probe her Jonez expertly combines very petite freshly shaven slit. In contrast to the performers with rock ‘n’ roll sex. Each scene begins with an entertaining other “spinners” who fuck hard and raw, interview session with Jonez before their Heather chooses to ride out Jonez’s cock with a much slower pace. The result is respective panties hit the floor. Jenna watching Heather’s pussy eat up every Presley—the guest star of the show—

veiny inch. Although a great visual, that pace completely changes once she saddles up to buck and brawl in reverse cowgirl. When the smoke clears, Morgan Lane takes her place in the hot seat and reveals her lust for tattooed bad boys and anal sex. Although Jonez never gets to venture up her 19-year-old anus, he does make mince meat out of her pussy. He ultimately sends her on her way with a smile on her face and a limp in her step. The movie ends with a heavy hitter starring Lexi Stone, who proves to be the hottest spinner of them all! SUMMARY: Spyder Jonez tears into five petite performers with the same raw intensity that is usually reserved for rocking out crowds on stage. This is solid action for fans of tiny girls and rock n’ roll ruckus. ® 37



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Ah, the fine art of pussy and ass eating. The amount of time and patience involved to truly master either is absolutely worth it considering the amount of joy it brings to both the giver and receiver. For Sonia and Dido, each having award-winni ng tongues and holes, the mastery of their cunnilingua l craft would be too much for any mere mortal man to master in a millenium. For these lesbo babes, cummin g is something that happens quick and hard... just the way they like it! 速 45


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! S K C U F G N U YO S PORN STARLET NEWBIE ! D E P P O P S IE R R E H C IR GET THE SPRING CHICKENS 23 STARRING: Sadie West, Hannah West, Rebecca Blue, Victoria Lawson, Amy Brooke, Vanessa Leon, Alex Gonz, Jenner, Pat Myne, John Strong DIRECTED BY: Sid Knox AVAILABLE: Diabolic

Blowjobs: The best way to get into the biz of jizz!

Although there will always be a beloved place in our hearts saved for the porn legends of the past, there is another special feeling found in our pants that is reserved for the sexy batch of young starlets that are new to the game. These sweet birds of youth complete with their jizz-induced dreams of superstardom and tight pussies, are only to happy to spread open wide in their quest of rising to the top. While others may refer to this fresh breed of cocksuckers as “new girls on the block,” others including Diabolic, like to refer to these eager beavers as Spring Chickens. In what is the twenty-third installment to this heavily praised franchise, director, Sid Knox, has sent out a personal invite for us to witness a new batch of five porn hopefuls as they hatch their way into our hearts one cock at a time. With tidings as sweet as this, it’s a privilege to sit back and watch the cluckin,’ suckin,’ and fuckin’ begin… Fresh out of her exclusive contract for New Sensations, Sadie West is the first girl to spread her wings and fly. Although she is a bit more experienced than that of her other production sisters, Sadie is still one fine piece of ass that amps up any production she commits to. Today is no different. Thankfully, I’ve arrived during the tail end of her glamorous photo shoot that



26506 57

Ah, fresh pussy! Is there anything better on the planet?

has her tugging at her blue bikini bottoms in order to shove a few greedy fingers inside her pink puss. Jenner— her cock for the day—watches her wiggle and sway for the camera on the sidelines. With a boner that is practically heard ripping a hole through his pants, Jenner nervously taps his foot and shakes his leg in anticipation for the hot hole that is moments away from being spread open for him. Finally, when the last frame is clicked, Sadie rushes over to Jenner and slips her tongue down his throat saying, “I can’t wait to taste your cock!” He follows her inside the house where they begin making out on a sofa. With the lights and camera crew already up and ready for action, Knox lets the heat naturally unfold by urging them to “keep it hot and keep it nasty.” True to her words, it doesn’t take but a few moments before Sadie cements herself onto the floor to suck back Jenner’s junk. With the first few swipes

of her tongue, Jenner’s body fills with goose bumps. “Suck my nuts,” he later urges, while balling up a fist of Sadie’s black hair in one hand and pulling his shaft up with the other. Like a good little squirrel, Sadie stuffs his nuts in her cheeks before parking herself on the sofa in doggie and hollering, “Come and get it!” Like metal to magnet, Jenner hones in on her juicy center and fucks her hard and deep. With a face smashed into the cushions, Knox urges her to keep her face up and her ass open. Sadie takes to the direction well and never lets up on the cock even as she moves herself into and out of several more hot positions. After about an hour of intense fucking, the first scene of the day is sealed shut with a sperm filled mouth for her and a shit eatin’ grin from him. It’s a great start! Beautiful Hannah West shows up next and is more than eager to yank off her tank top in order to show Alex Gonz the sexy bra and panty set she is wearing

underneath. Not nearly as enamored with the frilly fabric as she, Alex is more interested in getting to her bee stung titties and compact cunt that are housed inside. “That’s cute, baby. Now take it off!” He rushes, squishing her eraser tip nipples between his fingers until she bites her lip and coos. From here, it doesn’t take long before their clothes are flying in all directions and these two are arranged in the 69 position. Now, face-to-groin for the first time, these two fuckers begin to suck and spit in what becomes a cock and pussy free for all! With the camera panning around the hardcore action, the room fills up with the slurping sounds of her cock sucking and his clam dipping. “Fuck, this is the shit!” he calls out, smacking her perky ass and biting the soft flesh. “Give me one more minute of this and then transition into your first position,” Knox instructs. When the time comes, Hannah spins herself around and hunkers down in cowgirl. Again,

Alex grabs her hips and forces her up and down his rod. In between thrusts, Hannah rises up from his cock and flashes her open asshole to the camera. Could this be a sign for some anal action that’s just around the corner? After eagerly holding our breath, Hannah reveals the final answer when she contorts into reverse cowgirl position and slams his cock into her ass! Well, I suppose that’s one way to get noticed, while licking up the pop that is later sprinkled across her titties is another. After a quick lunch break with a rejuvenated crew, the action continues strong when Victoria Lawson and Rebecca Blue team up to take down Pat Myne. Although he clearly welcomes their challenge, both girls still insist on teasing him just a bit by rubbing their nipples together and touching tongues before allowing him a squeeze. “Damn,

these bitches are hot!” He nods, raring to go. When he’s had enough, he practically snaps his fingers and has both babes at his side sucking his cock and strumming his balls like a harp. In what unfolds into a little cock competition between the two dueling debutants, each girl tries to outdo the other by ingesting as much meat as they can in one gulp. “Now what?” Rebecca mocks, when her sucking skills comes up just shy of a deep throat. Not to be outdone, Victoria wedges herself underneath him and playfully tickles his ass with her tongue. Either way you look at it, Pat comes out the winner! “We want dick!” the girls later shout out in unison, as Rebecca takes the lead once again in spoon. Fucking her with intense fervor, Pat pounds her hard and doesn’t let up. Like they say, “Payback’s a bitch!” In order to obtain full satisfac-

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tion of the two bodies around her, Rebecca spreads Victoria open on the armrest of the sofa and proceeds to spiral her tongue over her clit. Obviously aroused by the slit slurping, Pat continues to slip his wiener inside of Rebecca’s hot pocket until her sauce starts to bubble up over the edges. “My turn,” Victoria soon announces, ultimately getting nailed in doggie. After a few more positions for each, Pat unloads his venom all over their faces and urges them to “suck it all up!” And boy, do they. With the sweet waft of anal sex still in the air, Amy Brooke decides to give her tushy a tinker when she goes after John Strong at full bore by shouting, “I want your cock, and I want it now!” Always up for the backdoor challenge, John happily obliges but not before getting his cock rock hard and ready with the help of a slobbery enriched 61

blowjob. “Suck first then fuck later,” he requests, watching her cheeks round out like a jawbreaker. Knowing that a swift anal pounding awaits, Amy sucks like a champ, winning praise from the happy director as well as her growing co-star. “You’re a good little cocksucker,” John later compliments. Before too long, and after several minutes of intense vaginal stretching, Amy gets her wish. John parks his pecker in her ass as Amy comes to life and springs across his cock like a sprinter in a marathon. John uses up her holes in several hot positions, including doggie and reverse cowgirl, before ending their scene with a very surprising anal creampie finish. Clearly, this girl is hungry for stardom and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. We like her! After Jenner is much rested, he returns for the final scene of the movie that has him working out the holes of Vanessa


Leon. Looking dynamite in ‘80s exercise gear and yellow legwarmers, Vanessa takes her spot on the staircase and positively beams once Jenner pokes his pecker through the rails. She grabs on tightly with a steadfast grip as he plunges to the back of her neck. She spurts and sputters all the while but never gives up despite the interruption of her obvious gag reflex. “Do you like the way I suck?” she questions Jenner, as he nods his head and continues to grind his hips into the railing. Once he comes around to join her, she is more than willing to do whatever he asks. “Sit on my cock,” he requests. Enthusiastically, she rolls onto his hips for some reverse cowgirl action that has him mesmerized by the sight of her Latin ass bobbing up and down. He dribbles spit across her back and locks her in a bear hug before power grinding her from underneath. “Ride

me out!” he continues to wail. Although hot, Vanessa really stands out when she takes a vaginal beating as Jenner morphs into this sexual deviant that fucks her as hard as is humanly possible. She takes it, of course, and even goes the extra mile by rewarding his play by allowing him to pop on her pussy. How’s that for some spicy chicken? As the two fuckers dust themselves off, I leave the set with a permanent smile on my face that still exists to this day. With lust in the air and sexy chicks blowing in from every direction, the forecast for Spring Chickens 23 has dropped, and it promises to be extra hot with a delicious side of cum showers! ® To learn more about this or other Diabolic productions, please visit…

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For these two Floridian babes, nothing could be finer than the taste of their respective vaginas in the morning. Or the afternoon, or the evening. In fact, these sweet slits should be and often are licked, sucked, fucked, crammed and creamed on a frequent basis, ‘cause when these girls boyfriends are away, it’s time for the lesbo way! Gabi likes it extra soft with a little pulsating tongue action slowly rimming her asshole then moving swiftly into pussytown, while Marcsi likes it a bit harder; you can stuff everything into her holes and slam away. What makes these two girls great is the fact that nothing will stop them when it comes to cumming. Guys, girls, and each and every hole is in play when they get the need to scream! Pussy: it’s what for breakfast... and every other meal! ® 73

ONS TO: SEND YOUR TRUE CONFESSI 4 EAST SUITE 211, E UT RO 0 21 , AL TI EN ID NF CLUB CO PARAMUS, NJ 07652-5103 BOOTS MAKE A NEW WOMAN Recently, I bought a pair of highheeled black boots with gold stripes going up the back. They come up to just under my knees. They look so sexy, especially when I wear them in the winter with a skirt just above my knees and a beautiful coat. They have a heavy effect on guys who turn around and study me when I walk down the street. The boots make the men want to know me and, of course, fuck me in a way they never did before. Take Charlie for example. I met him one evening after work at a restaurant not far from my apartment. I was sitting with my legs crossed facing out from the bar so that everybody could see the stripes on the back of my boots. He first saw my boots from behind and I wondered what was going through his head as he bought me a drink. I don’t generally go home with guys when I first meet them, but I was feeling horny and restless. I agreed to go off with Charlie for dinner. A couple of times during our meal I moved my legs under

the table accidentally, but on purpose and bumped into his legs with the pointed toes of my boots—just to keep him aware of them. Later, I invited him up to my place. We started kissing and I took him over to the couch where he could run his hands over my body through my dress. I wanted to feel his hands on my boots, along the tops and on the gold stripes but not necessarily all the way down to the heels. I wasn’t ready for a guy feeling up stiletto heels —that was still a little too kinky for me. I just wanted to feel him getting excited partly because I was wearing amazing boots like these. I let Charlie kiss my mouth, hair and neck and then slip his hands in the top of my dress. I kept my legs crossed so I could see the gold stripes of my boots and the pointy heels. Soon, Charlie took off the boots. He unzipped them slowly and put them carefully on the floor. He said they sure were sexy. Then he rubbed my feet in their pantyhose. I stood up and told him to sit there while I stripped.

“SNATCH PLAY” While tearing off a game of golf, Ellis decided to make a play for Jan the caddy, proving that while this tart’s heart may very well belong to daddy, her hot pocket and hiney are pretty much up for grabs. From the first moment they met, Jan suspected that scoring with this ho would be a cinch. Sure enough, they parked just outside the clubhouse and started playing right there in the cart! Ellis took a swing at seducing Jan by dropping down her top, hiking up her dress and inviting him to smooch her slice. Never one to dub a nub, Jan immediately began to tongue her tight fairway and seized the opportunity to drive a finger deep into her backside. He then decided to use his wood, and in no time at all he had birdied Jan’s gash and ass. Jan loved the feeling of being down on all fours and getting her pucker poked by his putter as this was her favorite lay. As he grunted away, she reached back between her legs to tamper her sweet spot. In a couple of strokes, Jan came with a cry, and then slid off Ellis’s club to impress him with her follow through. She sucked on his wedge until he sunk a ball of spunk into her open mouth and made an ace. Golf clap!

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He took off his clothes, too, and soon we were naked and I lay down on the couch again so that Charlie could suck my tits and play with my pussy. It’s funny about a pair of sexy boots. They really affect the way you think about yourself. You see, I never had a pair like that before. So even while I was naked, and Charlie was doing things to me like putting his cock in my mouth and turning me over so that he could slip inside me doggie style— I had the feeling that I was still wearing the boots as if they had become a part of my body and were on me even when they weren’t. The boots brought something new out of me. When I was blowing Charlie—playing with his balls and licking his asshole—I was that girl in the gold-striped boots. Even though my feet were bare and I was rubbing them against Charlie’s legs, I was still that wild, wild girl who would dare to wear gold-striped boots. Hey, maybe the boots really changed my life because I never really thought of myself as that sexy. I wanted to put the boots back on while Charlie was fucking me, but I thought that would seem a little too odd. So, I just opened my legs and felt his cock going deep in me, but I closed my eyes and imagined the boots on my feet again. Just the boots, as the rest of me was still naked. Maybe next time I’ll keep the boots on? Hey, maybe I’ll keep the boots on whenever I have sex for the rest of my life? Only kidding, but that’s how they’ve made me feel, like some kind of really hot glamour girl. If only Charlie knew what was going on in my mind, like when I climbed on top of him and straddled him. I was looking at him mostly, but out of the corner of my eye I could see my boots off to the side. I rode his cock until he couldn’t take it any more and I pulled it out and held onto his shaft and let his cream shoot up in the air. I definitely could feel his cock benefited from my being a girl with gold-striped boots. I was sexier for it, and I‘m sure his cock came harder for it, too! I’m sure glad I bought those boots. “A Newer, Wilder Jessica” – Connecticut 85

SEDUCING HER BOSS’S HUBBY My name is Deirdre and I work at a very prominent real estate company. My boss, Lorene, is very full of herself and thinks she’s hot shit. Well, I could give her some news that might take the Botox out of her forehead— I’m fucking her husband, Max! Some people say chocolate is an aphrodisiac, but I would go with revenge as the far more clit-tingling choice—quote me on that! See, Lorene made my life at work a living hell, so I made it a point of finding out where her hubby works and has his lunch or after work drinks. He’s not as high-powered as Lorene—he has a kind of wimpy job (she’s the breadwinner in their family), and even though he’s handsome, he had the hangdog look of a guy who gets told what to do far too often than is good for his health. I managed to have drinks with him one night at a local bar where he was obviously lubricating his sorrows all by himself. One drink led to dinner, and in a couple of weeks, I had seduced him and was putting a little more perk in his step. Lorene is several years older than I am, and so is Max, so I really hold all the cards. I’ve got a hot body, great tits, shaved pussy and legs that are made to wrap around a dude’s waist

to pull him into pussy paradise! If Lorene discovered what I was up to and I got fired and lost my references, fuck it! I could always go back to stripping, which I did before I decided to go “mainstream.” I’m having second thoughts about what’s so good about this “legit’ world anyway. Max has told me what a controlling bitch Lorene is in bed, so I bend over backwards—literally—to show that I can be as pliant a pussy as a man could ever want. Although I’m not really that way,

I can be as controlling as Lorene if I must. Indeed, I am a good actress when the need arises. For instance, the other night when I was blowing Max I suddenly said, “You haven’t put this beautiful dick in my ass yet. I’m not going to feel the full Maxness of you until this cock is in my butterhole.” Then, I buttered up my rosebud so Max could “meat” my behind. Talk about getting rid of wrinkles! My backdoor must have a fountain of youth, because Max looked years younger after he sprayed in my anus.

Then again, my love treatments would give any middle-aged man new youthfulness. From sensuous showers together, to nice handjobs while we cuddle and watch porn movies (Lorene HATES porn, dumb cunt that she is), to role play sessions in my French maid outfit when Lorene is working late at the office—everything I do is designed to revitalize her Max, as well as have him addicted to me. The more I screw Max, the more I know I’m screwing Lorene. I can’t wait

for the day when I break up her marriage and put a tear in her dragon eye! When I bend over backwards on my hands and knees like I’m playing limbo (see, I told you I do it literally), and tell Max to crouch down in front of my pussy and eat it until I spray my G-spot cum in his nearsighted eyes (I have to really pester him not to have sex with his glasses on), I know that Lorene and Max are one day closer to splitsville. When I do stuff like take Max to a movie theater and sit in the back row with him

and give him a handjob so that he can “butter my popcorn,” I know that I’m that much closer to my goal. So, I go to my job, swallow my pride and take Lorene’s bullshit, but know that later in the week I’ll be sucking off Max until he blasts a big load all over my tits and wears the kind of smile that only young guys have after their first good lays. The funny thing is, this revenge thing has been so enriching for my libido, I’ll be sorry when it all comes

to an end! And to be honest, although I don’t think I’d want to marry Max, I’d miss him if we stopped seeing each other. Although I hate my job, I have to stay there and keep doing it to keep getting my mental injections of this fabulous aphrodisiac— REVENGE! I could almost cum right there in the office in my panties when I look at Lorene, lording her ego over every one in view, while I’m thinking, “If only the bitch knew!!” “Dirty Deirdre” – San Francisco ®








Name: Dorothy Black Age: 32 Occupation: Porn Star Pearl Diving: “I’m doing porn because maybe I can show people some beauty in it and make them a little bit happier. In porn, my favorite is lesbian, but at home, I cannot miss out on my guy! My special favorite place on earth is Tahiti because it is the best place on earth to nude dive!” ® 97




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I’ve always been quite experimental when it comes to sex. Instead of getting amped over clothing catalogs like my friends, I go wild when the adult novelty magazines hit my doorstep. Needless to say, I’ve pretty much tried out every toy on the market and then some. Last week, I bought this plastic cock mold that I’ve dying to try out ever since. Luckily, it came the following Thursday morning. I tore open the package, filled the hollow cylinder with water and placed it in the freezer. As I anxiously awaited the timer to go off, my neighbor, Susie, rang the doorbell. Actually, the sight of Susie made me quite happy. I’ve wanted to fuck her since the first time I moved into the neighborhood two years ago. Eager to use my new toy out on her, I told her all about it. To my surprise, she was up for the challenge and wanted to get fucked with the stick just as badly as I did. While we waited for the timer to go off, we chugged on each other’s clits in the 69 position to get our holes slick and warmed up. When the buzzer sounded, I yanked off the plastic cover and sank the frozen fuck stick up Susie’s ass. “It’s so fucking good and cold!” she purred, as her body filled with erotic chill bumps. I worked her hard for about ten minutes before the action was switched over to me. She bent me over in doggie and impaled my pussy with the icy wand while flicking my butthole with her Latin tongue. After a few moments, I began to come so hard that I actually melted the toy. After three more hours, Susie and I were back in business! “Ice Queen” – Maryland ®


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Pixieish Alma loves looking innocent. She goes out of her way to style herself sweetly by wearing schoolgirl clothes and not that much makeup. Her boyfriend, Bobby, really digs her chaste taste in duds, especially since he knows that he can violate her virtue any old time he wants. Alma, for her part, is always up for a fuck so she rarely wears panties because she knows from experience that they tend to just get in the way. These two get things going with a bit of traditional foreplay—a dick lick here, a boob grab there—but the one sure thing that whips them both into an unstoppable sexual frenzy, is leaving Alma’s skirt on during the deed. Seeing that mini made of pleated plaid still encircling her itty bitty waist while they fuck incessantly, makes them both feel so deliciously dirty that their passion gets pushed into overdrive. Dizzy with desire, this is when Alma offers up her backfield for Bobby to plow. After a preliminary two-finger prod, Bobby proceeds with the anal invasion using his super thick prick. Alma squirms and sighs, loving the feeling. She pushes back with her bum until Bobby is balls-deep, then flips over onto her back after he hastily pulls out, checks his balance and decides to a tasty treat of ATM. Alma grows impatient and opens wide so Bobby can coat her throat with cum. Looks like that skirt’s a keeper! ® 143

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