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Is Itchy Scalp Bothering You? Here is all What You Need to Know



While itch does not sound to be a fatal condition, it is a very disturbing and persisting problem for a large number of people. An itchy scalp is a very common occurrence that gets aggravated into dandruff, rash, and sometimes open sores. It is important to inspect the root cause for an itchy scalp so as to determine treatment methods after consultation from a doctor. In mild cases, an itch relieving product can be used.

Why Does The Scalp Get Itchy?

The skin on the scalp is particularly different from the skin covering the rest of the body. The scalp skin supports and nourishes hair follicles and oil glands. Hair follicles are from where the hair grows. The oil glands that are present in the scalp could be one main factor that paves the way for itching problems.

The four common causes for an itchy scalp are: Seborrheic Dermatitis: It is a commonly occurring skin condition. They appear as a faint reddish patch on the scalp. Seborrheic dermatitis can then lead to dandruff. It also appears in oily parts of the body such as face and chest. Although this skin condition does not fall under the bracket of yeast infection, Seborrheic dermatitis occurs where there is the propagation of Malassezia yeast. Psoriasis: This condition is characteristic of a bright pink rash. They are generally seen developing on any part of the body. However, for some, it is restricted to the scalp region only. It forms a flaky itchy patch. Psoriasis could be a sign of psoriatic arthritis. Hence it is crucial to consult a doctor and get evaluated when encountered with psoriasis.

Allergic reactions: When the scalp is exposed to a trigger factor such as a new shampoo, hair dye or other hair product, there is a possibility of it resulting in an allergic reaction. They appear as flaky red rashes. The allergic reactions could be due to the chemical composition in the preservatives and fragrances in the commercial hair products. Each individual will react differently for the allergens. To determine if you are allergic to a particular product it is advisable to conduct allergy patch testing. Folliculitis: This skin condition appears as pimples but on the scalp. This is the result of inflamed hair follicles. The inflammation is a symptom of trapped bacteria within the follicle. The sores formed by folliculitis can cause persisting itchiness. Medical attention is recommended to deal with folliculitis.

Is My Scalp Itchiness Related To Hair Loss? Typically, the factors that induce hair loss could also be causing an itchy scalp. However, this is uncommon. The hair loss pattern show evident symptoms such as hair thinning, hair shedding and decreased hair volume. These issues can be dealt with by clinically (blood test and skin biopsies) ascertaining the triggers causing the hair loss. It is vital to consult a physician to suggest treatment in order to overcome or manage this problem.

How To Treat An Itchy Scalp?

The use of retail shampoos that contains chemical components such as salicylic acid, tar,sulfur or zinc is sufficient to ward off conditions of Seborrheic Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Folliculitis to a certain degree. The usage of the shampoo should follow the instructions advised. The shampoo is gently applied on the scalp and sit for a few minutes.

Medical intervention may be required if the condition has aggravated and retail shampoos have been ineffective. Seborrheic dermatitis can be managed by the use of Anti-yeast shampoos. Psoriasis and allergic reactions can be relieved by the use of topical corticosteroid medicines. Assessing the severity of the condition caused by an allergen or folliculitis the medication is fixed by administering oral or topical antibiotics. To attain a successful treatment, early diagnosis is a vital step. After evaluating the root cause for the itchy scalpy, administering the right products is the next crucial step. However, if the skin condition has worsened, it is advisable to get it checked and diagnosed by your physician for properly guided treatment.



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Best Skin Care Centre in Bangalore | Is Itchy Scalp Bothering You  

Best Skin Care Centre in Bangalore - sktruderma specialist talks about the main reasons that leads to itchy scalp and explains how one can t...

Best Skin Care Centre in Bangalore | Is Itchy Scalp Bothering You  

Best Skin Care Centre in Bangalore - sktruderma specialist talks about the main reasons that leads to itchy scalp and explains how one can t...