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Shannon Hsuan Chen Washington University in St. Louis Master of Architecture Master of Construction Management

The Wright - Chicago Mix-Use, 75 floors Skyscrapper

Primary School - Zurich, Switzerland K - 6 Educational & Community Outreach

Clean Water Clean Life Compound - Manila, Philippines Community center, NGO Office & Health Clinic

Rheo Center & Residence - Seoul, South Korea Mix-use Building with micro-production & Housing

The Fin House - Hokkaido, Japan

30 Family Apartment Housing in Japan

Library of Thoth -Libary for Video Games - St. Louis Library & Digital media center

Beyone the Walls - New Orleans Single family Housing in Extreme Climate

Urban Forest House - St. Louis Duplex Single Family House

An Encounter - Tyson, Missouri Form , Space, and Typology Study

Shutter House - New York City

Commercial Building & Environmental Study

Crete House Solar Decathlon 2017

Desing Build - Project Renovation Pavilion Design

SHANNON Hsuan Chen 665 South Skinker Blvd, Apartment 17H St. Louis, MO, USA. 63105

THE WRIGHT Chicago, IL TYPE - Individual / Independent YEAR - Spring 2018 INSTRUCTOR - NO SOFTWARE - Rhino, Grasshopper, Sketching, V-Ray, Photoshop

Chicago is a city full of amazing architecture. To make another one, the tower must be different and more than just a mix-use skyscraper. The oval space within Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous architect, and Richard Wright, one of most influential African American writer both have great impact of the windy city. The tower is named after them to recognize that a new must connect with the old and hope that the building will have an impact of the society as well.

PLAN AT +20'-0"

PLAN AT +300'-0"

PLAN AT +580'-0"

Corporate Architecture Corporate Design

Corporate Identity





PRIMARY SCHOOL Zurich, Switzerland TYPE - Individual /Studio Project YEAR - Spring 2017 INSTRUCTOR - Jan Ulmer (Washington University) SOFTWARE - Rhino, Revit, Sketching, Maxwell, Model Making, Photoshop, Illustrator

Based on a on-going competition guidelines, this primary school suited right into the context of Zurich’s city life. It touches the road and engages with the public. With the maximum amount of areas for the students and local residences to use, the school is full of energy. As the large public park being developed next to the school, the two blends with each other and engage with one another through landscape, architecture, and human activities.

CLEAN WATER/CLEAN LIFE Patayas, Philippines TYPE - Individual /Studio Project YEAR - Spring 2016 INSTRUCTOR - Eric Cecsal (Washington University) SOFTWARE - Rhino, Sketching, Model Making, Maxwell, Photoshop, Illustrator

Disasters don’t just happen. There are many factors into any issue. Poverty and slums are due to major migrations. We, as architects, have much more responsibilities to look at these issues and fix it from within. Landslide of garbage in 2000 collapsed in Patayas, Quezon City, Philippines just outside of Manila, the capital of the country. 218 people were killed in the official report and hundreds were left homeless. Many eyewitnesses noted that the number of death should be much higher. The compound is set to provide basic healthcare to these residences, places for NGO to settle, and raise the awareness of clean water usage.

RHEO CENTRE Seoul, South Korea TYPE - Individual /Studio Project YEAR - Fall 2017 INSTRUCTOR - Dongwoo Kim (Washington University) SOFTWARE - Rhino, Sketching, Maxwell, Model Making, 3D Printing, Photoshop, Illustrator

Every 1 of 20 people in South Korea is in-need for physical assistant. As a medical advanced country, Korean public is still conservative toward people in need. In the medical field, the rehabilitation lab at KAIST is one of the best in the world; however, general public does not know about it. The Dongdamum market is in need for a new attraction. The Rheo Centre is a great solution The rheo knee is the world’s first microprocessor swing knee system to utilize the power of artificial intelligence. With the residential areas integrated within the centre, it is the goal of promoting a great and better improvement of the general public’s acceptance and introducing the technology to the people with special needs.

THE FIN HOUSE HOKKAIDO, JAPAN TYPE - Individual /Studio Project YEAR - Fall 2015 INSTRUCTOR -Valerie Greer (Washington University) SOFTWARE - Revit, Sketching, V-Ray, Model Making , Photoshop, Illustrator

Niseko attracts many people who are seeking a lifestyle that is defined by outdoor activities, peaceful routines, and friendly neighbourhoods. The FIN House provides apartments with mountain views facing the South of Mt. Yotei. All the units have a private views at the mountains, so that the residents feel like they are living in individual houses. The wooden fins are designed to enhance the experience of blurred boundaries between indoors and outdoors. It also creates a sense of human interaction and transparency to a large building set in this neighbourhood site. A ground floor set of common space were designed as part of the residents’ entry experiences, where they can store their ski equipments, enjoy the direct access to common gardens or community activities. The active community arrangement allows neighbours to bond.

LIBRARY Of THOTH Library for video games St. Louis, MO TYPE - Individual /Studio Project YEAR - Spring 2015 INSTRUCTOR - Jonathan Sitilement (Washington University) SOFTWARE - Sketch Up, Rhino, Revit, Sketching, V-Ray, Photoshop, Illustrator, Model Making

Today is a world with full of information. Human beings are expose to many sounds, images, words, and everything combined all the time. Video games became popular in people’s lives not just for the children anymore. Video games are on many platforms from cellphones, personal devices, computers to large interactive performances. These are important history to archive. For the design, I want to use the space to emphasize the massive amount of information as people interacting on a daily basis.



New Orleans, LA

St. Louis, MO

TYPE - Individual /Studio Project - 2-Week Assignment YEAR - Fall 2015 INSTRUCTOR - Derek Hoeferlin (Washington University) SOFTWARE - Sketch Up, Rhino, Revit, Sketching, V-Ray, Photoshop, Illustrator, Model Making

TYPE - Individual /Studio Project YEAR - Spring 2015 INSTRUCTOR - Jonathan Sitilement (Washington University) SOFTWARE - Sketch Up, Rhino, Revit, Sketching, V-Ray, Photoshop, Illustrator, Model Making

New Orleans is suffering as the sea level keeps on rising. The infrastructure has foundamental issues. With the climate change, there are unavoidlable water issue in this city. The awareness of this issue rises after Hurricane Katrina happened in 2005; however, there are still many issues in the city.

Population is aging. Family structure is changing. We are entering into a new area of different types of households. And as a society, we need to pay more attentions to the elders around us.

I want to create the project based on the existiting condition because I believe that will be a more affective way of changing people’s life rather than waiting for the big city scale plan to happen.

Level 3

To raise awareness, this duplex to design to share by one 25 year-old grandchild and her grandmother, who is 78 year-old. They have different life styles, but they care about each other and living together can support each other. They share the common interest of being outdoor and enjoy the woods. Level 2

The flood walls existed alone the canals throughout the city. These walls divide neighborhoods and isolate the water with the communities. Therefore, my project is aiming to fix this issue and raise awareness.

Urban Forest is the concept of living in the city, but the house and its surroundings provide a sense of being in the forest. People today don’t spend enough time being outside and enjoy nature. It is the goal of the building to give the residences a sense of nature in a urban townhouse. 25 Year-old Activity -Night- Active

FlexibleWorking Hours

25 Year-old


A Car A Bike

78 Year-old

Kitichen General Use Morning & Night

Need a working space or a study room

Activity -Daytime- Low


Kitchen -every meal

LIvingroom -Large

Tool Room

Park Ave. S. 9th St.

Morning Person

Level 1

Stays Home

Schedule -Routines

Friends over on Weekends/ Nightime

78 Year-old


Movement -Slow

A Car

AN ENCOUNTER Tyson Park, MO TYPE - Individual /Studio Project YEAR - Fall 2014 INSTRUCTOR - Stephan Mueller (Washington University) SOFTWARE - Hand drawings, Model Making

Finding the logic to generate design is a way to re-think the possibility of the land. From the first part of the project, the representation of the field was developed. With the design language being developed, the logic of organization became critical. To enhance the representation, the pattern can generate spaces which allow activities to happen in these spaces. To capture water and understand humidity, multiple pools are imagined to be on the site to help the researchers.


TYPE - Team Project (Tanya Tan/Greg Barbar) Enviromental System II YEAR - Spring 2016 INSTRUCTOR - Chandler Ahrens (Washington University) SOFTWARE - Rhino, Diva, CFD, V-Ray, Photoshop, Illustrator

By creating a building fully based on the environmental conditions that fits into the location based on the data collected through various software and understanding the greater impact of climate with the building design. The Shutter House is a mixed-use building which sited in New York City. The Shutter House has operable window shutters to allow fresh air to go through the building in a narrow site within the city.


Backyard Pavilion

TYPE - Team (large group)/ Competition YEAR -Spring 2016 -Fall 2017 INSTRUCTOR -Hongxi Yin (Washington University) SOFTWARE - Rhino, Revit, Sketching, Maxwell, Photoshop, Illustrator, Project Management

TYPE - Individual / Independent YEAR - Winter 2017 INSTRUCTOR - None SOFTWARE - Rhino, Project Managment

Solar Decathlon 2017

I participated with the Team WashU is committed to providing the most attractive, comfortable, sustainable and energy efficient home design as a participant in the 2017 Solar Decathlon. Crete House will be a demonstration of how prefabricated, selfsustaining and resilient homes can mitigate climate change. This house uses durable, insulated, robust precast concrete panels that are factory-produced and assembled on-site. Specially designed dry connection methods using bolts rather than traditional field welds, make field assembly much easier than traditional methods, significantly reducing labour and material waste.

Taipei, Taiwan

For this project, I was asked to design a pattern and renovation for the backyard pavilion. I designed the pattern which is a symbol of dragonfly and flower to show bravery and happiness of the family. Part of the completion of the project, the construction was a bit of challenged. The result was a beautiful shaded area in this small but full of energy space.

Shannon Chen - Work Samples  
Shannon Chen - Work Samples