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Convoy of Hope offers help to the Needy This community outreach brings local churches, businesses, and organizations together to honor, help, and give hope to those in need. This is the message of Convoy of Hope. Convoy of Hope, a 501(c)3 faithbased nonprofit, was founded in 1994 and has served more than 52 MILLION people throughout the world through international childrenʼs feeding initiatives, community outreaches, disaster response and partner resourcing. Their goals are to provide help and hope to people in need in the United States and around world through childrenʼs feeding initiatives, community outreaches, disaster response, and partner resourcing.

Many of our church members are participating again this year. The Frederick County event took place on June 2, 2012 at the Frederick County Fairgrounds. The gates opened at 10 AM. FBC Frederick, South End, and NorthStar churches from BRBA participated in a big way. They enabled those in need to access everything from groceries to haircuts; health fair to job fair. The next event is HOPE FOR HAGERSTOWN on September 22, 2012 at the Hagerstown Fairgrounds. The gates to this ʻcarnival-likeʼ outreach open at 10 AM. Battlefield Bible, Virginia Avenue Baptist, and Smithsburg Valley churches from BRBA will have a large presence. Itʼs not too late to get in on this one. To get your church involved, visit

Evangelism Training School Coming to BRBA  

from your Director of Missions - Bruce Conley

If we were all honest about it - few of us would say that evangelism comes naturally. In fact, for most, it is a uncomfortable process that involves taking risks in relationships, and stepping outside of our comfort zones. The problem is -  Christ doesn't ask only those with the "gift of evangelism" to be the ones to share their faith. Instead - He has asked that of everyone who calls Christ Savior. 

a lifestyle of evangelism - then the Great Commission becomes a clear priority in that church.

Lifeway Christian Resources (using statistics from the Annual Church Profile) reports that overall, recorded professions of faith in Christ have declined in SBC churches by around 5% last year, and have been on a steady decline for 4 years in a row now. Ed Stetzer, vice president of research and ministry development for LifeWay, says that he is greatly concerned that baptisms in the Convention are at their lowest level in 60 years.

Whether it's Evangelism Fellowship's "Conquer Your Fear - Share Your Faith", Evangelism Explosion, Alpha, Willow Creek's "Just Walk Across The Room", or from the Billy Graham School of Evangelism .... the Blue Ridge Association will sponsor a ongoing rotation of training classes that will help people learn how to better share their faith. We're even looking at training possibilities that is age appropriate. Think of it -- if our kids can learn the importance of personal evangelism at an early age, it can set them on the path to be "fishers of men" for the rest of their lives!

As your director of Missions - I have prayed long and hard about this - asking God "What can WE (the Association) do to help our people become more comfortable with sharing their faith as a daily lifestyle - so that we can increase the level of Great Commission effectiveness in the local churches in BRBA ???" The answer seems abundantly clear to me .... we must do a better job of training our people to share Christ as a natural part of their daily lives!   If we can accomplish this task -- THEN and only then we will see the evangelistic temperature of our churches increase, and the automatic growth that will happen in our churches will be contagious.  (Of course - then the dilemma will be ... how do we disciple all of these new believers? More on that later ...) It is with these facts in mind - the Blue Ridge Baptist Association will be creating a ongoing SCHOOL OF EVANGELISM that will help train many people from our 36 churches and missions in how to integrate lifestyle evangelism into their daily lives.  We are in the process of consulting with numerous church and para-church organizations to find the best resources to train our church families for this focus.  It is our hope that we could have a higher percentage of believers in BRBA churches living a lifestyle that would include daily personal evangelism. Pastors often exhibit this by living it themselves, but when the pastor models daily outreach AND the average church member gets properly trained in living

To provide resources and training that will equip many people from our congregations to effectively and regularly engage in personal evangelism.

We're hoping to celebrate the harvest! The Bible says that every time someone crosses the line of faith, there is rejoicing in heaven (Luke 15:10). My home church used to cheer loudly as people were baptized,  My pastor said that it was a crime when people made more noise at a Redskins game - than they did when a lost person chooses salvation and redemption in Christ.  It is my hope that as we see the results of more of us sharing our faith openly and without reservation - that ALL of our churches will be having baptism services where there is much shouting, cheering, and celebrating of what God has done! The very first opportunity that BRBA is offering in this new endeavor is coming on August 18th, 2012 at Covenant Church in Shepherdstown, WV.  BRBA is teaming up with Covenant to sponsor a 6 hour training session led by EF Missions that will help you become more comfortable in sharing Christ with others. You can register for this training on line at www. and it's FREE !!!!   Many of the folks from Covenant will then carry what they learned that day - and directly put it into action by attending "BIKE NIGHT" in Martinsburg, WV where they will hand out literature and engage people in conversations about God and faith.  ALL class participants are invited to come out not only for the training, but to "get their feet wet" at the outreach that evening. 


Getting a Handle on Disaster Relief from your Director of Disaster Relief Ministries - Al Caho

Disaster Ministries 101 What should your church do immediately after a major storm or other disaster? First, recognize that there might be a problem and investigate. Your church should have a procedure in place where the deacons, Sunday school teachers, or another ministry group in the church starts calling your senior adults and other members of your church with special needs. Check on them and determine if any of them need help. If they do, activate your deacons, men’s or women’s group, Sunday school, whoever your church has prearranged to be the coordinators of your internal relief efforts. Then go help these people. While on scene, determine if your church member’s neighbors need help and do what you can. If their needs are greater than what you can handle, contact your local Association’s Disaster Relief Coordinator. This person coordinates the relief efforts and resources of the Association. If the needs of your community are greater than the Association’s churches can handle, the Disaster Relief Coordinator contacts the state convention’s Disaster Relief Director. The state DR director will have a team of assessors evaluate the situation and if necessary call upon other resources within the Maryland/Delaware service area. The Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware currently has

two mass care feeding units, two full service recovery units (chainsaw, flood operations, and emergency repair) and one chainsaw only recovery unit plus shower, laundry, communications support units, and a chaplain team. One of the full-service recovery units and the communications team is based here in the Blue Ridge Association area. If the local need exceeds the state resources, the state DR Director will request additional resources from the other state conventions through the North American Missions Board (NAMB) network. The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief ministry coordinated through NAMB is the third largest disaster relief force in North America. The American Red Cross can also make a direct request for us to activate our feeding units. This system works well, but it all starts with the local church assessing the needs of their community and working together to minister to others. And it’s not just about downed trees and floods. BCM/D has a highly trained disaster chaplain team that can assist the local church with other tragedies. No one wants a disaster in their neighborhood, but if your church is willing to get their hands dirty, you can use a disaster or tragedy to minister and share the love of Christ to a hurting community.


Disaster Ministries 201

Disaster Ministries 401

The church should help its members prepare for potential disasters. They do this by offering training and helping members acquire simple disaster supplies. The government suggests each family in an urban area have enough food and water for each family member to survive completely isolated from all outside resources including electric power for a minimum of three days. In a rural area, prepare for at least a week. Think of an ice storm. All roads are blocked, power lines are down, and nobody is going anywhere. If you’re ready for this scenario your ready just about anything. Information about family disaster plans can be found at

This is the graduate level. A major event has occurred and your church is at ground zero. Your church has requested additional resources and trained disaster relief teams are responding to your call for help. Those teams need a place to camp; teams usually sleep, eat, and shower in the nearest churches. They will need a command post also at the local church. They are going to interact with a lot of people who need additional ministry, who’ve made a decision for Christ, or want to be baptized. They will bring them back to the local church. The church will be the hub of a lot of activity; it will temporarily displace your normal church activities. But Christ is working here. A disaster is an opportunity to share Christ’s love with hurting people, people your church may have never been able to reach before. It is a challenge, but if your church is up for that challenge it can be a tremendous opportunity to be on the front line of a lifechanging ministry. Remember, disaster relief ministries start and end with the local church. Are you ready?

Disaster Ministries 301 Each church should have a disaster plan. This plan should have three parts: a communications plan, an initial response plan, and a continuity of operations plan. Part one is communications, someone or group of people designated to make phone contact with your senior adults, special needs, and other members of the church to make sure they’re OK after a disaster event. If you cannot reach someone by phone, identify someone who can safely drive (think 4-wheel drive truck) to and make personal contact. Part two is initial response. Know who in your congregation has trucks, chainsaws, and other useful skills and tools. Plan to take care of small problems for your members and neighbors. Part three is continuity of operations. Know how to continue to operate as a church without your church building. Your building could be damaged just like every other structure in your community. That does not have to stop your ministry or hinder your community’s need for your service. Keep vital records backup off site and make partnerships with other churches to share facilities during emergencies.

The BCMD Disaster Relief team has trainers available to help your church prepare for emergencies. Contact the Association office or State Baptist Resource Center for more information.

Alan R. Caho

Blue Ridge Association Disaster Ministries Coordinator and BCM/D Disaster Communications Coordinator


IMPACT FREDERICK CHANGES LIVES AND HEARTS Sweltering weather may have kept many people indoors, but Mike Rich's enthusiasm for volunteer construction and missionary work put him outside. On a roof. With temperatures reaching up to 106 degrees on that Friday -- much hotter on the roof -- he was at a job site with a crew of six to help a homeowner in need and to share a Christian message, if possible.

In the third week of June, Rich, a Towson University student, and about 300 middle school and high school students repaired and improved more than 30 houses belonging to people who said they needed help. Crews who were part of the first Impact Frederick fixed roofs, replaced windows, painted and built ramps and decks, Rich said. Rich, his parents, siblings and 15 churches designed Impact Frederick to improve houses that needed carpentry work and demonstrate Christian good will by doing it. Rich's family based the program on one they worked with in North Carolina. Some North Carolinians returned the favor, and two of them were on Rich's crew Friday. Noah Sisk and Tiffany Kennedy, from North Carolina, worked and joked with their new Maryland friends: Linganore High School students Jake Fay, Amanda Guardia and Alex Triantis, and Hood College student Carleigh Buchholz. Noah laughed about the dead squirrel they found in the roof. After finishing Friday, Rich's roof crew headed to Linganore High, where they lived all week, for a celebration including volunteers, the homeowners and any neighbors they wanted to invite. If all Impact Frederick did was repair houses, it would fall short of the goal "to share with the whole community the love that God has for them," Rich said. The volunteers and homeowners are able to build, restore and implant spiritual faith while the carpentry work goes on, he said. "I have to say, I think the volunteers have gained so much," Rich said. A highlight came, when 21 volunteers and a couple of bystanders chose to be baptized during a midweek break at Greenbrier State Park, Rich said. "My brother was baptized," Buchholz said. "It was awesome." Although Impact Frederick started out with a list of about 30 sites with projects for their crews to work on from Monday through Friday, the volunteers squeezed in a few extra jobs. Rich said his crew in Walkersville drew attention from neighbors, and some offered to pay the industrious teens to do small jobs like remove trash from a roof and repair some loose siding.


"You're not going to pay us for that," Rich told one lady, as the group went about doing the extra jobs. "She was just floored," Rich said. "She paid us in ice cream." "You can build a relationship with neighbors," he said. Friday morning, he was amazed that the first Impact Frederick was almost history. "It's flown," he said. "I can't believe it's been a year of planning." When the next Impact Frederick will happen has not been decided. "We'll see where God takes us." Originally published July 04, 2012 in the Frederick News Post by Patti S. Borda

Prayer Lights Please be in prayer for... New Hope Church, Inwood WV, as they move forward on a possible site for a new church building in their area. Dave Coblentz and his wife Brenda as he deals with his cancer and dialysis. The Stauffer Family as they deal with the loss of Shane who was killed in an accident. He is the former pastor of Virginia Avenue. You may see the obituary at Our summer missionary, Elizabeth Conley - as she finishes helping our churches with VBS and other outreach projects. SBC churches in the West Virginia panhandle as they consider the possibility of partnering with the Blue Ridge Baptist Association for maximum local missions impact in our region.

CPT. Shane Stauffer

Pastor Fred Luter, our new President of the SBC. The Pastor search committee that is now forming at MYERSVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH.

Pastor Fred Luter

Pastor Ryan Parsons (former youth minister at New Life Church - Inwood, WV) who is leaving on a one year mission trip to Bolivia in mid-August. His heart and calling is to help "Missionary Kids" world-wide with their spiritual formation, while their families are on the mission field. After 1 year, he will return to Inwood, WV where his mission work will be headquartered, but he plans to travel all over the world helping missionaries and their children. Marjorie Colbert, the pastor's wife at Battlefield Bible Church as she is now receiving kidney dialysis treatments weekly.  Pray for her continued health, and healing.


August 9 - 10, 2012 Riva Trace Baptist Church near Annapolis, MD will serve as 1 of only 4 regional host sites in all of Maryland and Delaware for the annual Global Leadership Summit, which will be broadcast via satellite from Willow Creek Community Church, near Chicago, to more than 170 locations across North America. State-of-the-art technology allows leaders to train together through one event in many locations. Since 1995, the Willow Creek Leadership Summit has offered an unprecedented opportunity for church, business and other community leaders to come together in order to enable ongoing leadership development. Each year, the Summit seeks to offer a broad base of presenters with the most thoughtful ideas about leadership to share their expertise and learning. It has been aptly described as a 'blend of high-impact, God-honoring messages with savvy, street-smart lessons from business. For more information or to register visit: index.asp or contact Mary Mandish at Riva Trace Baptist Church at 410-798-4868 x116 (

Attention Youth Workers!

Attention Bi-Vocational Pastors!

BRBA will host a free breakfast round table meeting for all paid and volunteer youth workers on Saturday August 25 at 9:00 AM at Skycroft in Middletown.

BRBA will host a free breakfast round table meeting for all Bi-Vocational Pastors on Saturday September 22 at 9:00 AM at Skycroft in Middletown.

This is a great opportunity to learn how our churches can work together to more effectively reach youth for Christ.

We will fellowship together, and then discuss how your association can better support you as you work in the marketplace AND serve in ministry. Upcoming training opportunities will also be discussed

Please RSVP to Mae Argilan at 240-818-8760 or

Please RSVP to Mae Argilan at 240-818-8760 or



Mt. Moriah Baptist Church is seeking a Christian musician to play a blended mix of music for our morning worship service. If you have a love for music and for the Lord, and wish to use your gifts for His glory, then Mt. Moriah is the place for you! This is not a worship leader position, but may grow into such. Send resume to Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, 19436 Garretts Mill Road, Knoxville, MD, 21758, ATTN:  Worship Leader, or e-mail to 


Smithsburg Valley Baptist seeks a part-time Worship Leader willing to lead our contemporary service and a team of volunteer musicians. He/she will oversee the worship team, encouraging their spiritual journey. The position requires 10 hours per week of prayer, preparation, and music ministry. Visit our website to hear our music style and pastor’s teaching:  Contact Pastor Allen Youngbar at 240-527-9991 or for further information.

New WMU Director for the Blue Ridge Association It is with great joy that we announce to you today that Mrs. Sherrie Clark has agreed to be a volunteer leader in our Association for Women’s Missionary Union, and women’s ministry & missions causes. Sherrie came to our Association last year when her husband, Clayton Clark was called to be the Pastor at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. She would love to speak with you leaders on how she might be able to help with missions education and implementation in your church. Sherrie has a rich history of working with our State Baptist Convention’s WMU program. She can be contacted by calling (240) 818-5508, or by e-mailing her at .


Is your church looking to fill a position? Do you have a search committee that needs some help? Please let us help you. You may contact us at 240-818-8760, and we will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect candidate to fill your ministry position.


Covenant College Students Minister in Haiti During Shepherd University's Spring Break in March, while other college students were catching up on sleep or heading to the beach with friends, a team of students from Common Ground, a Covenantsponsored student organization on campus, headed to Haiti. Heather and Kyler Barr led a team of college students to serve children and adults in Port-au-Prince and Les Cayes. They also joined with another church on a trip from Praying Pelican Missions. They ran programs in schools, worked at an orphanage, did some rebuilding, led sports ministry, and helped wherever they could. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with people they met during their teen trip to Haiti last July. It also helped to build relationships with new Haitians as they partner with them to be a part of what God is doing in their country. There is great need in Haiti, but God is working in some amazing ways. Â


Minister’s Wives Event Saturday AUGUST 25 @ 11 am Come, sit down, relax...tune out the hustle and bustle of the outside world and enjoy a *Queen Tea with partnering ministry wives...

117 West Main St Waynesboro, PA 17268 *Unlimited tea and soup/salad, sandwiches, scones, dessert, etc.

RSVP by August 15 to: or 240.527.9993 there will be a $10 per person charge toward the cost

BACK TO SCHOOL School is right around the corner. Here are the dates when the students in our area head back.

MARYLAND Frederick County - August 27 Washington County - August 22

WEST VIRGINIA Jefferson County - August 22 Berkeley County - August 20


Event Calendar August 1 - 8:00 AM - Pastor始s Fellowship Breakfast at the Red Byrd in Keedysville. August 5 - Social Issues Sunday (SBC). August 12 - Student Evangelism Day (SBC). August 18 - 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM - Evangelism Training at Covenant in Shepherdstown. Register by August 8 at or call 304.876.2212. August 25 - 9:00 AM - Youth Ministry Roundtable Brunch at Skycroft. RSVP to or call 240.818.8760. August 25 - 11:00 AM - Minister始s Wives Tea at Tranquila Tea in Waynesboro, PA. RSVP to Deb Youngbar at 240.527.9993. $10 per person. September 2 - Single Adult Sunday (SBC) September 5 - 8:00 AM - Pastor始s Fellowship Breakfast at Bob Evans on Rt. 40 in Frederick. September 9 - 15 - Church Music Emphasis Worship Music Week (SBC). September 16 - Anti-Gambling Sunday (SBC). September 17 - Discipleship Rally (SBC). September 28 - 29 - Breathless Women始s Conference at Faith Glen Burnie. See or call 800.466.5290 for registration and information.

Birthdays August 1! Richard Krauss 3! Ed Jordan 11 ! Susan Smith 11! Debbie Cherry 12! Alan Myers, Sr 13! Crissy Crawford 14! Terry Crawford 18! Christine McClellan 25! Becky Krauss 30! Larry Eubanks September 1! Kimberly Pope 5! Steve Rose 11! Jamie Beall 21! Patty Smith 23! Phil Graves Anniversaries August 8!


August 8!



In the Churches

Battlefield Bible - Fair Play, MD: We will be hosting missionaries Ryan and Cathren Hundertmark on August 26. First Baptist - Brunswick, MD: We will be hosting missionaries Eric and Katie Rymer from China on August 12 and Rich and Julia Rudolph, planting churches in Germany on September 19.

NorthStar - Ijamsville, MD: On Sunday August 12 we will hold our Crabfeast and BBQ at Ceresville Meadow in Frederick. See or call 301-865-0400 for more information.

Smithsburg Valley - Smithsburg, MD: August 26 we will be having our annual church-wide Picnic/Baptism @ Skycroft from 1:00 - 5:00 PM. Tri-State Community Church - Hancock, MD: We are having a free car wash @ the church in Hancock and could sure use some help. The date is August 11th, 2012 beginning at 9:00 AM until noon. This is to let the community know that this new mission church is up and running, and able to serve. We will, of course, be looking for opportunities to share the gospel as well. Contact Pastor Alan Myers at (540) 686-0346, or by e-mail at    West End Baptist Chapel - Hagerstown, MD: We have embarked on a OPERATION RENOVATION project for our church buildings and grounds. $25,000. is projected to be needed, and to date about 18,000 has been raised. If you are a skilled laborer, or you want to make a donation - contact Pastor Shane Wilt at or by calling him at (304) 283-7083.   Eglise Baptise Hatienne du Calvaire - Hagerstown, MD: We are meeting at First Baptist of Hagerstown and have been recognized by the North American Mission Board as a vital outreach ministry to the Haitian Community in Washington County, MD. This clears the way for Pastor Joseph Constaine to receive funding from NAMB as a church planter. Please pray for this church, and their leaders as they reach out to French speaking Haitian people in our communities. Boonsboro Bible Church - Boonsboro, MD: The 40 Days of Prayer for Revival begins on September 2. There will be a prayer guide and devotional available online, or you can pick one up when you attend the event.



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