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DEJA VU X2 TEAM SERVER® Facing the most advanced IT technologies, in our work we use server system giving aid to CAT translation of ATRIL company. The main point of this system is to create translation memories, which store previously translated original texts with their equivalent translations in central data base (TM) and are rediscovering connected segments during translation of new texts in purpose to make the translations more efficient and to increase coherence of translations.



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Productive cooperation with external contractors Effective use of extensive translation memories High scalability and elasticity of servers solutions allowing fast adjustment of producitivity to increasing amount of orders Simply data migration from traditional translation memories

Price reduction (translations from 19 zł for page) Big orders in short time (up to 250 pages in 24 h). Assurance of invariable style and terminology (creating lexicons and terminology bases). Keeping the structure of source files (ex.: XML, HTML, SGML). Possibility of importing translations automatically into the DTP programs (Adobe In Design, Quark) Saving source text format Conversion of PDF files into easy to edit text formats. Creation of dedicated translation memories Possibility of using client's translation memories and terminology bases.

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