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Life and Times of

Art & Mae

Helen, Hans, Anton, Martin, Hannah Ingvald, Marthinus, Anne, Richard Hogan, Clara.


Back row – Martin, Hogan, Richard, John Rued (nephew), Hans Front row – Ingvald, Anton, Marthinus, Anne, Helene, Hannah, Clara.

This house was built in 1908 – 1909. This is the Pat and Loretta Hoglund home now.

Marthinus and Anne left Norway on May 30, 1884 with 6 children and 4 dollars. The voyage took 4 months and they arrived in America with 3 cents.Marthinus Hansen changed his name to Marthinus H. Skramstad. They homesteaded south of John Hogenson’s – Anne’s brother. Marthinus dug a hole in the SE side of a hill and built a wall on the front. This picture was taken in 1892 and their most prized possessions were set out in the yard to impress the folks in Norway with how well they had done in America. Marthinus walked to Valley City, more than 50 miles, to buy the siding for the house, then carried it home on his back.

Martin with the dog. He had a gift with animals. Anton in the doorway.

Martin with the gun. Amanda and Art in the open sleigh.

Clara and Hannah (Skramstad) Simerson with Earl and Maynard Simenson. Name Marthinus Anne Helene Hannah Hans Ingvald Martin Anton Gustav Gustav “Richard” Hogan Clara

Age at Death 1847 – 1913 1844 – 1918 1872 – 1959 1874 – 1911 1876 – 1936 1878 – 1903 1880 – 1965 1883 – 1949 1884 - 1884 1885 – 1934 1887 – 1914 1890 – 1980

Helen and Hannah Skramstad taken at original farmstead. Ironing and grinding coffee. Information and statistics from Skramstad Family History book written by Sharon Belgarde in 1980.

66 73 87 36 64 25 85 66 49 26 90

Second home, built by Martin on “Stoney”. They lived in Cooperstown first. Art was born in Cooperstown home. Martin and Amanda (Anderson) Skramstad wedding picture.

Third home, west of Sheyenne River, up the road from original farmstead of Marthius and Anne.

Picture taken by Dick Skramstad of Art and the farm on “Stoney”.

Amanda and Art Skramstad.  Gene And Frances Skramstad 

Art and Frances Skramstad  Art Skramstad Confirmation 1924.  He didn’t want to wear short pants anymore.

Frances, Arthur, Gene Martin and Amanda Skramstad.

Terry, Ed and Frances McCosh 1952. They lived in Grand Forks, ND.

Amanda and Martin at Ringsaker Church

Martin and Amanda at their home in Cooperstown. Grandma displaying some of her crafts.

Amanda 1954



Gene, Frances, Art Martin and Amanda at Frances’ home in Grand Forks. Clara came from California.

Amanda’s art work made with feathers and seeds.

Arlene, Patsy, Terry, Art Jr., Allan Sharon, Sheryl, Larry, Sandy, Dennis Bradley, Holly Clara (Skramstad) Johnstone, Martin, Amanda. All the grandchildren except Donald were there.

Jan. 1973 Grandma at Aneta Nursing Home

Company 794

Art giving First Aid demo

1934 Art Skramstad taken at Civilian Military Training Camp – Bismarck

CCC Camp 1935

Romness Band

Back Row - Hogan Skramstad, Jul Kastet, Peter A. Overby, Martin Leiberg, Andrew Kastet. Middle Row Casper Overby, Elmer Johnson, T. P. Overby, Albert Johnson. Front Row - Oscar Overby, Anton Skramstad, Richard Skramstad, Alph Overby, John Stromme.

The Romness Band performed at concerts but didn’t play for dances. The Skramstad's and neighbors were very musical. At times the children would have the house in such an uproar that Anne would escape to Mt.Franklin. Always with her knitting in her hands.

Front left to right: LeRoy Berg – Rambler, Otto Bruns, Trubshaw, Ben Killeran – Rambler, Rhodes, Dr. Westly and Ann – Rambler. Second row: Elmer Mathison – Case, Chester Piatt, John Berg – Buick, Andrew Berg, Judge Carlton, Condy, ?, Fred King, ?. Third row: Lukken, Charles Goff, Baldwin. Photographer – Hartman 1909

State Bank building and the one next to it were bought by Art and Mae in the 1960’s when they sold their farm. They had been converted to apartment buildings that Art and Mae owned until the 1980’s. They were condemned in 2001.

Iver, Betsy and John Johnson (Mae’s Grandparents and Uncle) John died of the flu in 1918.

Anne Skramstad, Betsy Johnson, Helen Skramstad with Alma Johnson (later Zentz) standing. Art and Mae’s Grandmothers and Aunts, taken at the Skramstad Farmstead – 1911.

Helen (Johnson) and Pete Jungles. This was taken before Pete went to Rochester. He had been seen by three other doctors and told he wouldn’t live. They put cement in one lung.

Front: Thorvald, Peter, Helen, Helen Back: Luella Mae, Bill, Henry, Catherine Jungels – early 1940’s. Mom tells how they moved every two years. Not just household stuff but livestock, feed, hay etc. Catherine was born in the same house where Ma (Helen) was born, N of Cooperstown. Henry (Hank) was born on the Sam Langford farm S of Cooperstown. Bill was born on a farm they bought in Romness, 1 ½ miles S of original farmstead of Iver and Betsy Johnson. Mae was born two miles W of Revere, SW of Cooperstown. Thor was born on the Nicoles place, NE of where Mae was born. Helen was born on the Alfred Retzlaff farm where Don Fors lives now. Then they moved to the Trygve Thompson farm N of Cooperstown. Then to the Halvorson farm SW of Cooperstown now John Paintner farm. Then to Annabelle Johnson farm W of Cooperstown. Then to Pickert and finally to Finley.

Helen Jungels

Henry (Hank) and Lavina (Hoyt) Jungels Wedding. Bridesmaid Gladys Haggerty, Bestman Obe Stromme

Helen, Harry, Alma, Pete, Helen, Kristi Braite Oliver, Buster, Lester – 1928. Telma, Bill and LeRoy

Hank and Lavina

Anton and Catherine Painter. 25th Wedding Anniversary. Maynard, “Buster� Harold, Oliver, Lester Harry and Alma Zentz. Harry died in January 1948 while shoveling snow when they got stuck in a snowstorm. Buster (Harold) died in the spring of 1948 while working for the REA. A guy-wire on the pole he was working on broke and he was electrocuted. Maynard broke his leg in the same accident.

Helen, Anton, Catherine and Pete.

Harry, Alma and Marlene Zentz, first grandchild, in South Dakota.

Younger Years

Mae after a masquerade party – 1927. Hank, Catherine, Bill.

Mae and Hazel Lindberg morning after opening dance at East Hennepin – 1929.

Mae, Helen, Thor.

Mae and Wally Bork Cooperstown, July 1931. Wearing whoopi pants.

Patsy, Mae and Donald 1936. -+ Mae and Torrey Rustad Nina and Bill Klabo.

Where Mae and Torrey lived in Oregon. Torrey worked in this logging camp. Mom and Dad started seeing each other when Dad drove school bus for Hank and Mom was home helping Ma on the farm.

Art and Mae were married June 7, 1940 in Valley City, ND. Catherine Paintner and Wally Tang stood up for them.

Mom and Dad had five dollars when they got married. They took Wally and Catherine out to eat after the marriage ceremony and they had to tell them to watch what they order cause they only had five dollars.

Home in Cass Lake. Arlene was born at Cass Lake, MN.

Home in Terry, Montana. Art was born at Terry MT. House was between two railroad tracks.

A shower for Art and Mae when they moved into house on the farm. The door went in on the west side of the house and the steps fell off the house when they moved the cook stove in. Helen and Merrill Gunderson and Nina Torgerson, August 4, 1940.

There were several years of lots of snow and then floods in the spring.

October 1942.

Maybe Anton Skramstad’s threshing machine.

Hank hauling hay home – 1949.

Sarah, Merrill and Jack. That is the Mr. and Mrs. House in the background.

Minneapolis Moline R bought in 1948.

Mae dressed for winter, down doing chores at barn, Feb. 1952. Art.


Donald and Patsy Donald lived with Grandpa and Grandma Jungels in the summer and worked for them on the farm when he was 12.

Donald and Patsy in Oregon.

Donald and Arlene


Confirmation January 1948

Born March 31, 1933 in Minneapolis MN.

1957 – Donald on trip home.

Back: Allan S., Dorothy and Maynard Z., Alma Z. Middle: Art, Catherine P., Mae, Sarah J., Donald. Front: Larry, Pete J., Sharon, Holly, Helen J.

Curtis, Allan and Donald Jr. at Grandpa and Grandma’s.

Donald and Nellie were married Jan 21, 1959. Donald used the last name Skramstad when he started school and told Patsy to forget about that Rustad business when she went to school. Dad adopted Donald and Patsy before Donald went into the military at the age of 17.

Curtis, Donald Jr. and Allan 1979.

Donald, Donald Jr., Nellie, Curtis, Larry and Dee – 1979.

Dad and Allan flew to Camp Grafton for civil Air Patrol. Dad gave the first airplane ride to the new cadets for several years. Allan at Pearl Harbor – 1979

Allan lost his lunch.

Allan, Art, Donald Jr. (Boo), Mae and Donald at Larry’s – 1980. - Hugs are good.

Christie, Donald, Candace and Curtis – 1993.

Curtis, Christie, Kelly, Allan and Mae.

Confirmation Jan 1948

Patsy on Donald’s car 1940 Ford Coupe.


Graduation from High School. We lived on the farm north of Cooperstown, and being the time before school bus service, Patsy had to live in town with various people during High School.

Born August 5, 1935 in Pickert ND.

Albert, Clara, Bill, Arland, Patsy, Lois (Marquardt) Miller, Mae and Art. Trinity Chapel, Moorhead MN. April 19, 1958.

Four Generations: Mae, Patsy, Kevin, Helen.

Kevin, Wade, and Brian. Patsy made the vests.

Arland and Kevin.

Front row: Patsy, Patrick, Anthony, Kerry, Arland Middle row: AJ, Brian Back row: Wade, Kevin 1979 – at Johnson Reunion Stump Lake

1975 – Kerry, AJ, Kevin, Patrick, Brian and Wade.

At Catherine’s funeral.

1982 – Jessalyn, Anton and Miranda

1978 – Kevin and Tammy’s Wedding.

1984 – Kerry, Patrick, Art and Mae Football Team 1st in State

They lived at Cass Lake MN while Dad was commander of CCC Camp.

Dad was pretty proud.


1947 – Larry and Arlene

Born January 2, 1941 at Cass Lake MN

Art and Arlene

1948 – Arlene and Art


Ron, Joy and Arlene at Mom and Dad’s 25th Anniversary

Joy and Arlene (4 mo.)


Arlene and Joy at San Francisco Children’s Zoo (9 mo.).

3rd Grade 1969

Arlene and Ron were married May 25, 1963.

Jim and Arlene at Mom and Dad’s – 1986.

Art and Catherine.

Mom, Dad and Art Jr. (7 days old).

Are you building roads?

2 years. Art and Larry.

Art, Mom, Sharon, Patsy and Grandma Skramstad. Grandma’s Birthday Jan 1954.

Grandpa and Grandma with Joy and Art III (Butch), Santa Rosa, California May 17, 1965.

“Rebel Without a Cause”

Art Jr.

Art and Barb (Clemo) married February 7, 1964.

Born April 29, 1942 in Terry MT.

Butch, Brenda and Jack Las Vegas, Nev. June 1973.

“Jr” and his pickup 1977 Red Willow.

Tomie, Art and Cherish Skramstad 1987. “Butch” Art III 1976.

Brenda 1976.

Jack 1976.

Jack, Mae and Art III at Grandma’s – 1990.

Larry 5 years.

Larry and Big Dog.

16 years.


Born July 26, 1944 in Sharon ND.

Larry and Lassie 1954.

Larry and Grandma Skramstad at Aneta Nursing Home.

Larry and Art by the shop. They would put 45 caliber bullets into a vise and hit them with a hammer. They went off like a firecracker.

Hospitalized after a sawmill accident. The board he was sawing, caught on the blade and flew back into his stomach. Art Jr. authorized doctors to do what they could. He had a 10% chance of surviving until morning – 1964.

Dee and Larry May 1976. Married May 4, 1974.

Mae, Larry, Mike and Art at Selmer and Gladys Dahl’s 50th Anniversary 1983

Mom and Dad went to Arizona to visit Larry and Dee many winters, until Dad would get so homesick they would have to go back to Cooperstown where everyone knew him and he knew everyone.

Patrick (4 mo.) and Grandma – 1984.

Dee, Pat, Larry, Mike and Art in Cooperstown – 1993. Mike, Dee, Larry and Patrick ready to go back to Arizona – 1990.

Sandy 1952 “Our Gang Comedy”

Sandy and Sharon 1953

Sandy, Holly and Sharon dressed up.

Born Dec. 9, 1946 in Sharon ND

Sandy, Judy Zentx, Marion Dramstad, Carol Knutson at ham fest.

Grandma Jungels, Sandy and Mom.

Jack and Sandy Vig married Sept. 4, 1966.

Holly and Sandy dressed for what?

Sandy, Victor and Megara – 1985.

Megara Gordon. 1985 Grandpa and Megara.

Nov 1987 Megara.

July 1988 Sandy and Megara in Cooperstown.

Oct 1991 Sandy, Megara and Victor.

Oct 1996 Sharon, Sandy and Mom.

Sharon (4 mo).

Mike Zentz and Sharon Born 3 days apart.

Sharon in wool bunting Sarah made out of a wool Army blanket.

Pet crow and Sharon


Born September 11, 1951 in Sharon ND.

Sharon got a broken nose from a car accident with Julia Skramstad.

Sharon, Alice and Gene Therkelson and Holly – 1956.

Graduating from High School – 1969.

Graduating from NDSCS – 1981.

Sharon and Joe Belgarde were married June 14, 1974.

1978 Christmas Card.

1983 at Mom and Dad’s.

Kristine, Sharon and Gary in Wahpeton 1981.

At Sharon and Joe’s home in Illinois.

Sharon graduating with Master’s Degree. Mom and Dad leaving Sharon and Joe’s in 1987.

Julia Skramstad, Holly and Sharon.

See my birthmark on my forehead . . .

Grandma and Grandpa Jungels Pastor Johnson and Patsy Holly’s Baptism.

Sharon and Holly.


Holly walking at 8 months.

Born April 7, 1954 in Cooperstown ND. First Christmas

Holly holding Kevin.

Amy Gronneberg and Holly.

2nd Grade.

Holly and Sharon We got our hair cut by Kathy Haaland.

Sharon and Holly at Mom and Dad’s 25th Anniversary.

Summer, Kristine Emie, Gary in Wahpeton 1979. I wore Mom’s wedding dress and borrowed Frances McCosh’s shawl. Married January 4, 1973. Cindy Wallery, Holly, Pastor Williamson, Mike and Jerry Hanson.

Cousins having a HAY day at Klubben’s farm – 1983. Back row: Kristine (standing), Jessalynn, Michael, Emie, Seth, Gary, Miranda and Anthony. Front row: Summer.

Emie (6 yr), Seth (3 yr), Summer (8 yr) – 1984.

Performing Cyndi Lauper’s song “Money” in the community show “Balls and Strikes” – 1985.

1991 Grandchildren.

Mike, Holly, Seth, Summer and Emie. Cristmas at Grandma Hanson’s – 1987.

Stuart, Holly, Tyler, Spencer, Summer, Emie, Seth and Chase. Christmas – 1998.

Seth walking down the aisle. Holly and Stuart Walen were married July 10, 1993.


This picture was taken when Greathouse’s were visiting. They were Donald’s “adopted” family in Louisiana: Dad, Art Jr., Arlene, Holly, Mom, Sharon, Patsy, Larry, Sandy – 1955.

Back row: Dad, Mom, Patsy, Arlene Middle row: Art Jr., Dennis, Sandy, Larry Front row: Sharon, Holly.

Dennis Skramstad is in this family picture – 1956.

Mom and Dad’s 25th Wedding Anniversary – 1965.

The only full family picture we have, so we think it’s precious. 1974


Art Jr., Patsy, Larry and Arlene. Back row: Larry, Kay Ellefson, Judy Zentz, Sandy, Front row: Mike Zentz, Phyllis Zentz, Sharon.

Donald, Arlene and LeRoy Jungels.

Donald met the Greathouse family while stationed at Lake Charles LA. They drove to Montana to see Donald and then to North Dakota to meet his family. Bernice (Bonnie) and two kids, Wendall and Annette 1955. Helen, Bill, Holly and Dennis.

Violet Zentz and Catherine Paintner 1954.

Cards anyone? Phyllis, Martin, Judy and Sharon.

Donna, Jean, Janet, Phyllis, Lester and Judy Zentz.

Helen and Pete’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

Back row: Helen, Maynard Z., Dorothy Mom and Arland. Z., Sarah J. Middle row: Pete, Alma Z., Catherine P. Front row: Arlene and Patsy – 1956. Jean and Lester Zentz and family.

Helen and Carol Jungels.

Mae, Alma Z. and Violet Z.

Marion and Elmer Edwardson and family.

Larry Skramstad and Sheryl Skramstad and son – 1983.

Betty (Beatrice), Daryl, Lucy and Dan family of Irvin Skramstad.

Oliver and Violet Zentz family.

Mabel Anderson.

Back row: Oliver J., Gordon J., Oliver Z. Front row: Nadine J., Mary J., Violet Z. Mary Johnson’s 80th Birthday.

Duane and Debbie Jungels.

Dennis and Rita Jungels.

Darnell, Melody Jungels Walter 4, Rusty 2.

Lavina Jungels 80th Birthday Feb 27, 1994.

Carlye, Sadie, Ardell and Carol Lovejoy.

Irene S., Mae, Raymond S., Art, and Larry – 1981.

Oliver Skramstad.

Cutting the shirttail after first solo flight, an American tradition. Oliver and Brenda Skramstad.

What are you all doing in Art and Mae’s bed?

Anna Margaret, Ordean and Mary Jaylene Berg. Julia and Mae Skramstad.

Helen Jungels and Alma Zentz, “The Traveling Grandmas.�

Anton and Catherine Paintner.

Art, Mae, Thelma, Bill, Helen and Merrill.

Mae, Bill, Helen and Sarah (sitted).

10th Johnson Reunion July 1986.

Duane, Dennis, LeRoy, Bill and Thelma 25th Anniversary.

Bill and Thelma 1989.

Marie, Johnny and Katherine Ann.

Back row: John, Katherine Ann. Front row: Marie, Thor, Joe Jungels.

Helen, Mae, Lavina, Sharon – 1975.

At Sarah’s in 1988. Jack, Mae, Art, Merrill and Sarah.

Jean and family – 1988. Joan, Ben and family.

Jack Gunderson and grandson July 1993 at Holly’s Wedding.

Jack, Jean, Jerry, Joan, Helen and Merrill.

Amanda and Joan Hardin, Merrill Gunderson.


HAM Fest by the river. Art and Fritz Hogenson.


At Art and Barb’s apartment in Cooperstown. Mom modeling her Christmas present.

25th Wedding Anniversary June 1965.

Art, Mae, Amanda, Martin and Helen 25th Anniversary.

Art and Mae at the Silver Haired Legislature – 1982.

Working the HAM Rig at Larry’s 1981.

Arizona Biker – 1984.


Pilot – 1978.

Dad made the Totem Poles

Art, Larry, Mike and Pat – 1994.


Motorhome and motorbike – 1986. The first year Mom and Dad went south in the new motor home they got stranded in Mpls for a week, then to Chicago and got stranded again, then on to Louisiana and got iced in at Greathouse’s who lost their electricity and had to go to Mom and Dad’s motorhome, and finally on to Mississippi.

Seventy one dollar bills from Dad for Mom’s 71st Birthday – 1983. Singing Valentine message from Dad, Feb 14, 1984. Duey Lura, David Stokka, Terri Dramstad and Beth Stokka.

I REMEMBER . . . Flying with Grandpa and always waving the wings at Grandma’s house -----Smelling the good food even before you got into the house ------ The endless amounts of ice cream before we went to bed ------ The Leo birthday party for Patsy, Grandpa and me that we had every summer. ART III The telephone party line on the farm ------ Playing in the old cars “up north”, pretending we were driving into town ------ Walking around the pasture stirring up cow pies with a stick looking for maggots ------ Sitting on Mom and Dad’s bed with Sharon and Sandy, putting our feet up on the wall and listening to the radio ------ The hanging bridge across the river. HOLLY My family coming over to play wild solitaire, with a bunch of us around the table and Mae always catching me cheating ------ The airplane that I never got a ride in because Art said I was too big ------ Homemade tomato soup and puffed rice chocolate bars. OPAL GUNDERSON Flew with Grandpa from Cooperstown to McVille ------ Playing nertz with Grandma and Grandpa watching Lawrence Welk in the living room -----Gooseberry bush in the backyard ------ Grandpa shot through the window at the grackles ------ Riding the three wheel bike, it took some practice. BRENDA

I REMEMBER . . . I took Jr. for a ride on the back of my bike when he was smalland he had no shoes on. He got his big toe nearly cut off in the spokes. I guess I cried harder that he did ------ We used “Rosey”, part Shetland pony, to pull an eleven foot toboggan up the hill. It took several of us to pull it by hand. One time the neighbors and us were all on the toboggan and missed the hole in the fence by the road where we could go done another steep bank to the slough. We all had to roll off on the road and guess where the toboggan went. PATSY Dad took us (Summer, Emie and Seth) to Grandpa and Grandma’s each morning when he went to work. Mom was already at work. Grandpa made hot cereal for us (cracked wheat). It was really good. EMIE

I REMEMBER . . . Additional memories are welcome.

Grandma Skramstad and a tame wolf.

Art feeding a sheep

Art Jr. with a chicken he could catch and carry around.

Dad could milk this cow in the pasture.

Pet Crow

Dad would find a turtle around Memorial day and butcher it. Put the eggs in a jar and keep it on the back of the sink till Labor Day and then the eggs strated hatching. Then he let them go at the river. We all have a turtle clock made with the shell by Dad.

Deer we raised from babies

Dad out hunting and fell asleep. . . missed that one


Dad, Art, Larry and Martin built their house on the farm and moved it to town. Rented it out for a while. Larry, Arland and Holly – 1989.

They bought the apartments when they sold the farm in 1964.

Holly, Patsy, Sandy and Sharon Oct 1996. Sandy was home for Dad’s funeral.



Red Willow – 1977.


Diane Haaland, Helen Gunderson, Hank and Ivar Haaland –1977.

Thor, Ivar Haaland, Darnell Jungels, Oliver Zentz – 1977.

Rita, Dennis, Michelle, Sarah, Catherine – 1977


Stump Lake – 1979. Thelma Jungels, Marie Jungels, Sarah Johnson and Debbie Jungels. Red Willow – 1978.

Christy and Gary Zentz – 1979

Faster … Faster Larry. Stump Lake – 1983.

Life Long

Art and Wally Tang.

Wally Tang- 1987.

Ligita and Robert Garatz Fond du Lac WI – 1957.

Gordon and Connie Gunderson Family – 1978.

Fritz and Marion Hogenson 50 Wedding Anniversary – 1973. th

Friends & Fun

Selmer and Gladys Dahl 50 Wedding Anniversary – 1983. th

Card Party at Bette and Earl Hanson’s, ladies in the kitchen.

Guys in the living room. Bertha and Clifford Lundstrom – 1991.

More Friends

Mae, Cleo and Clarice Eberhardt – 1988.

Maynard and Mae. Opening Fishing Season, Mosomo Point MN – 1990.

Arnold Gronneberg, Don and Norma Ven Huisen, Perry Sather, Art, Del Burner and Mae in the front. HAM Operators – 1989.

Mae, Merrill, Maynard, Helen and Loretta – Fishing Opener – 1991.

& Fun . . .

Therkelson Family – 1995.

 Golden

Grandchildren performed a mock wedding. Mike and Emie - Ring Bearer and Flower Girl. Gary and Seth – Bride and Groom. Kristine – Pastor. Summer and Patrick.

Wedding ď‚—

Bob Hedstrom Band entertained us.

Gene Skramstad and Gordon Gunderson, MC.

Looking good after all these years.

This is many years of dancing.

Marilyn and Ernie.

Jean and Steve.

Lillian Bohning and Marion Hogenson.

Myrtle and Rex.

Wanda and Paul Hilde of Bemidji.

John and Avis Lee – 1995.

From Marlys Holth.

Skramstad home built in 1908-1909. Many Romness residents built homes in those prosperous years. Each one had to be bigger than the last one. Skramstad’s home was the last one built so it is the biggest. The third floor was meant to be a ballroom.

Smile for the camera – 1996.

Norman Rued made this clock using wood from the original Skramstad house and sent it to Art in 1977.

Skramstad house as it looks in 1980. Marthinus had an astonishing talent with stone. He could take a boulder and with the correct use of tools, split it to the exact size he needed. With these skills ha built this stone wall on the north side of the house, using no cement.



HAPPY “90 ”

Mae Skramstad

Mom’s 90th Birthday was May 16, 2002. We celebrated it on July 13th at Sibley.

Patsy, Sharon, Larry, Holly and Mom.

Chocolate with caramel filling and white with lemon filling.


Amy Person and Mavis and Doug Brown.

Mom took the cake to the Nursing Home on Sunday.

Sharon brought the balloons and decorations.

Mae with Family & Friends

Holly, Mom, Emie and Kristine.

Picture with Ruby and Connie.

Summer, Connie, Mom and Emie.

Connie Gunderson and Mom.

Anthony, Mom and LeRoy Jungels.

Mom with Helen and Merrill.

Anthony, Mom and Helen. Kristine, GT and Mom.

Wade, Connie, Mom, Kevin, Summer and Tessa. Donna Walen, Norma Ashland, Norma Ven Huisen and Mom.

Dennis Dahl, Judy Tufte, Sonja Vig and Amanda Hurum. Larry, Tyler, Emie, Mike Zentz and Summer.

Mike Zentz and Holly.

Doug Tufte, Mike Zentz and Oliver Zentz.

Todd Zentz napping by the fan.

Dee, Christy, Anthony.

Guest Book & Memories Michael Zentz I remember my first airplane ride (Oliver Skramstad) at the Ham Radio Picnics on the farm, and a rope bridge over the river at the picnic grounds. Gary Zentz I remember the visits at the farm by the river, turtle soup, Juneberry picking and lots of cousins having fun. Kristine Luster I remember staying up late to watch Johnny Carson with Grandma. Sonja Vig I remember having room for just one more and getting frozen fudge bars from the basement on the farm. Connie Gunderson Happy Birthday Amanda Hurum Brian Klubben I always remember you driving everybody around and always on the go, that is wonderful. Always left with a full stomach. Dennis & Rita We’ll always have memories of a real “go-getter” who put the younger generation to shame. I think you are the model for the Energizer Bunny!

I REMEMBER . . . Happy Birthday Grandma!

Love, Kristine, Tres and GT Luster

Happy Birthday Mae. I remember the fun xmas eve get togethers and the tumbleweed xmas trees. Jean Zentz Happy 90th Birthday Mae, Doug and I sure enjoyed when you and Art came to Fargo with your big motor home and parked in our yard. Doug will always remember Art making breakfast for him before he went to work, I remember coming to your place on the farm and you serve the soft molasses cookies, I just loved them!! You and Art are great people. We Love You, Doug and Judy Happy 90th Birthday and many good wishes for many more! We’ve always enjoyed visiting and playing cards. Love Mavis and Doug Brown Happy 90th Birthday! All the memories. I remember staying at your place with Sandy. Guess that’s how I first met Dennis. Renting an apartment from you and Art in Cooperstown. The times you would come to Bismarck and park the motor home in the front yard. Pinochle games and visiting. Denny has said that’s what we’re going to do when we retire! Thanks for everything. Love Marlene and Denny

I REMEMBER . . . Art and Gordon put a buggy wheel up in Sons of Norway holding a fan and lights. Every so often we’d be with Art & Mae - come for breakfast and what a big breakfast, was good cooks. Gordon & Norma Ashland I remember when I used to haul stove fuel to your house, we would always have coffee and cookies, they were always so good. We’re so happy to be here today to help you celebrate your 90th birthday. We have always enjoyed visiting you and Art, and we’re so glad to have met you. There are so many we’ve never seen or met. Maynard & Donna Walen I remember getting dropped off at our house each morning to have breakfast before walking to school. I remember all the neat gadgets that were always around to play with. Watching the turtles hatch and playing with them in the bathtub before they got released. Summer, Emie and Seth

Dee, Anthony and Gary.

Merrill, LeRoy, Maynard, Helen.

Violet, Helen and Merrill.

Gary and Lester.

Douglas and Mavis Brown. Oliver and Violet Zentz. LeRoy Jungels. Helen Gunderson. Merrill Gunderson. Maynard and Loretta Olson Love ya. Doug and Judy Tufte. Penny Dahl. Mavis Brown and Christy Zentz Amy Person I have a lot of good memories. Both at the farm and in town! All the card games and lots of laughter! Thanks so much for the good times! Ruby Longtine. Earl and Bette Hanson Miss our cards !

Judy, Jean and Marlene.

Maynard and Loretta Olson and Larry.

Ruby, thank you so much for sharing these memories. We know Mom really appreciated it too.

Judy and Doug Tufte and Dennis Dahl.

Ruby Longtine, Judy and Doug Tufte and Dennis Dahl.

Holly Walen and Amy Person. It was nice that Amy came to help celebrate. Dee Skramstad, Christy Zentz and Lester Zentz.

Maynard Olson, Oliver and Violet Zentz and Helen Gunderson.

Lester, Merrill, Loretta and Maynard.

Kristine, Tres and GT Luster “Here he is” Kristine, Seth and Tres. Seth.

How’s that for Big Smiles.

I got him now.

Spencer, Tyler, Chase.

Brian, Wade, AJ, Anthony and Kevin. Nicholis, AJ and Bill.

Mike, Brian and AJ.

The Klubben’s

There was a lot of friends and family that celebrated with us.

Doug Brown and Maynard Olson.

Merrill was the oldest in attendance.

Helen and Merrill came from Mississippi.

Mom was hospitalized in Fargo for a couple weeks prior to her Birthday Party. She got home to the Nursing Home on the 9th and her party was on the 13th. It was a great day.

Marie Dela Cruz came to visit

I can push Grandma in her chair. Tyler Walen.

Tickle, Tickle.

Larry, Marie, Dee and Tyler.

Gladys Dahl remembered Marie’s Grandfather Irvin Skramstad.

Mae Photo Album  
Mae Photo Album  

Life and Times of Art and Mae Skramstad