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Route A) Copenhagen Central Station

Welcome Welcome to Denmark! We are going to take you on an exciting trip in the heart of Zealand. Are you interested in knowing more about the Danish history? Then this is a brochure for you! In this brochure we are going to show you some of the most important and beautiful buildings. Fx. -The statue of liberty. -Rosenborg castle. -Sankt Petri School.

B) Frihedsstøtten (The statue of Liberty)

Information about destination A-C •

It is a 20 meter high obelisk. The monument was finished in September, 1797. The obelisk is a symbol for Stavnsbåndets repeal.

C) Tycho Brahe Planetarium D) City Hall Square E) Sankt Petri School F) Rosenborg Castle

The statue of Liberty

You will end up at the Central Station.

Tycho Brahe Planetarium Tycho Brahe was a brilliant astronom. You can see things on a huge screen, watch a star map etc. in the planetarium.

City Hall Square The current building was inaugurated in 1905. It was designed by the architect Martin Nyrop in the national

Information about destination D-F •

Sankt Petri School Petri School is a deutch/danish private school located in middle of Copenhagen. The school has 419 students from 1st to 10th grade.


Quiz • Is Rosenborg Castle guarded? • If yes, who guards the castle? • Du you have to cross a bridge to enter the Rosenborg halfisland?

The tower was build under the influence of King Christian the 4tn of Denmark. It is 41,8 meters high and it especially known for it’s spiral walkway.

• Can you see any sculptures on the outer side of moat?

Rosenborg Castle

• Is the castle sorrrounded by fence?

Rosenborg Castle is a renaissance castle. The castle was originally built as a summerhouse for the royal family and is an example of Christian 4th many architectual projects.

• Does Rosenborg castle include a park?


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