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Rundetårn Rundetårn was  built  in  year  1647  by  chr.   4.  The  tower  was  used  as  a  church  and   observatory    for  star-­‐looking.  Today   you  visit  it  because,  on  the  top  you  can   almost  see  mostly  of  Copenhagen.  You   have  to  a  amount  of   money  to  go  on  

Hovedbanegård                                                                        This  station  is  the                               biggest  railway  in  Copenhagen,  where   over  90.000  people  daily  use  it  and  was   architected  by  Heinrich  Wenck.  Many   international  buisnesses  and  companies   are  in  Copenhagen.  So  you  can  call  the   Copenhagen  central  station  a  meeting   place  for  every  culture.      

Tivoli Tivoli is  an  amusement  park,  it’s  the   fourth  most  visited  places  in  Europe   and  it  was  built  in  1843.You  should  visit   Tivoli  because  there  are  roller-­‐coasters   for  fun  and  watch  all  the  beautiful   things.  

Vor frue Kirke Vor frue  kirke  is  the  Copenhagen   cathedral.  It  was  built  in  the  middle  age   about  the  1200  century  and  architected   by  Absalon.This  is  here  some  weddings   are  held  and  the  last  couple  were  crown   princess  Mary  and  crown  prince  Frederik.   It’s  also  here  the  Copenhagen  choir  boys   are  occurred.  They  are  well-­‐known  here   in  Denmark,  but  also  in  England  and   Germany  etc.  

Storke springvandet  is  a  fountain  and   built  by  Vilhelm  Bissen.    You  are  at   the  fountain,  you  can  smoke  weed,   play  guitar  or  put  coins  in  the   fountain.  In  1960  a  lot  of  people   smoked  weed  and  played  guitar   around  the  fountain.You  can  visit  at  

any time  and  it  cost  nothing.  

Sct. Petri school Sankt Petri  is  a  German  and  Danish   private  school.  It  was  built  in  1575.  You   should  visit  or  just  see  the  school   because  there  are  not  a  lot  of  private   German-­‐Danish  schools  here  in   Denmark  and  you  would  learn  a  lot  of   those  different  cultures.  

Tour in Copenhagen

Mikkel, Victor  S  og  Emma  P  

Quiz When was “Vor Frue Kirke build?”

How high is the “Golden tower” in Tivoli?

Who has build “rundetårn”?

A: 1817-1829 B: 1802- 1814 C: 1612-1624

Who has build storkespringvandet? A: Vilhem Bissen

A: 80 meters

How many peple passes the central station everyday? A: 50.000 B: 80.000

A: Frederik 7. B: Edvard Petersen

C: 90.000

Route guide on foot As you  are  in  the  middle  of  the  station,  then  head  for  the   Northwest  and  walk  about  65  m.  after  you  have  done   that,  you  are  outside,  where  all  the  taxies  are.  Then  go   right  toward  Vesterbrogade  and  you  walk  again  about.   You  only  have  to  walk  about  300  m  and  then  you  can  see   are  at  Tivoli.   Tivoli  to  Storkespringvandet     When  you  are  at  the  Tivoli  and  head   towards  Storkespringvandet.  There   is  about  1,  0  km   290  m  from  Vestrebrogade  to  H.  C   Andersen  Blvd.  Then  after  head  for   Frederiksberggade,  walk  about  750   m.  now  you  are  at   storkespirngvandet.    

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