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Malia Anderson was born in San Francisco, California. Born into humble beginnings, Malia was raised by her maternal grandmother, a small business owner in San Francisco’s rough Bay View district. Anderson, influenced by her grandmother’s entrepreneurial spirit, aspired to one day own her own business. In her twenties, Anderson was working as a plus-size model when she unexpectedly found her lifelong career. “Women kept coming up to me and asking me where I got my clothes” says Malia. “I had no idea it was so difficult and frustrating for people to find fashionable clothes”. As a nearly 6ft tall plus-size woman, Malia surprisingly had never had an issue finding trendsetting clothes. Anderson realized she had found her true calling, styling. Malia’s business, Style by Malia, aims to dress and create outfits for all women, shapes and size. Style by Malia works with clients to not only alter their wardrobe, but to inspire confidence, self-love, life-changing transformations. “I work with clients so they can see themselves how the world sees them” Anderson says, sipping her Starbucks coffee. “We all have an image in our mind of what we look like, and 90% of that image is flaws. If everything we see is negative, you can’t see how the world perceives you, as a whole person”

39 Malia reminds her plus-size clients that outfits must be figure flattering. “Many plus size women often forget to buy clothes that fit them” Malia says with her effervescent smile “I’ve seen clients try to hide their rolls by buying clothes too big for them.” Malia reminds her clients that by hiding themselves in over-sized boxy clothes, they actually appear larger. “When you hide your shape, you signal to the world that you are also trying to hide yourself” she says. “It’s important for my clients to truly see how beautiful they are.” Malia recommends fit and flare dress styles for all clients. In the winter, she recommends longer belted coats and fitted trousers.

Many plus size women resort to black to look smaller. Anderson believes in color. “When women wear black, they also look sad, angry and standoffish” she says, clutching her green Kate Spade bag. “I feel for many women, black has become a uniform. How can people notice you, if you’re fading into the background?” Malia recommends a “pop of color” with every outfit. “Color draws eyes to you, it also makes you look more approachable, confident and happy.” Malia loves to accessorize her own looks with her collection of colorful Kate Spade handbags and shoes. Anderson also recommends chunky statement necklaces.

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alia Anderson, owner of Style by Malia, is one of Northern California’s premier fashion stylists. Each day, Ms. Anderson works with elite women of all shapes and sizes in the Bay Area’s affluent wine country to create fashionable, figure-flattering and event appropriate wardrobes. Anderson, a plus-size woman herself, has developed a scientific approach to styling her clients and the results are life changing.

Skorch February 2016  
Skorch February 2016