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School Redesign

Hand drawn for a third-year architecture project, this collection of renderings show overall project nature (below) as well as how it feels to be within the courtyard spaces through soft, but detailed line. GRAPHITE MULTIPLE TRACE ITERATIONS 3-6 HOURS PER DRAWING

Chang Park

Located on a busy corner in downtown San Luis Obispo, this park has unique Asian architecture that is portrayed through gestural, however bold, line. GRAPHITE ON SITE OBSERVATION AND EXTRAPOLATION 30-60 MINUTES PER DRAWING

UCSD Medical Grounds

As part of site and surrounding analysis for senior thesis, these drawings are of buildings that surround the selected site. These drawings are rough and intended to capture the nature of the spaces and existing concepts of architecture. GRAPHITE ON SITE OBSERVATION 30-90 MINUTES PER DRAWING

SLO History Museum

As part of an architectural sketching class, these drawings were an exercise in rendering materials, as seen to the right on a historical building near the mission in downtown San Luis Obispo. GRAPHITE MULTIPLE TRACE ITERATIONS 1-2 HOURS PER DRAWING

Frank Lloyd Wright Dentist Office

Also drawn for an architectural sketching course, this building, located on Palm and Santa Rosa Avenue, was an intensive study on light, shade, and shadow. GRAPHITE ON SITE OBSERVATION OF BASIC ELEMENTS, FINISHED OFF SITE 1-2 HOURS PER DRAWING

Cast Shadow Study

These drawings were an exercise in the angle and nature of cast shadows in relation to the sun, particularly inside a building as seen to the right. GRAPHITE TEMPLATE DRAWINGS 20-30 MINUTES PER DRAWING

Visual Cues

These drawings and notes are from a sketching class outlining the importance of visual cues in portraying depth; convergence, size constancy, overlap, vertical location, texture gradient, light-shade-shadow, and atmospheric perspective. GRAPHITE ELEMENTS DRAWN FROM A SUPPLIED POEM 1 HOUR PER DRAWING

Old Power House

A historical, but condemned building on the Cal Poly campus has tons of character that lends itself to an interesting drawing subject. GRAPHITE ON SITE 3 HOURS

Texture Study (Far)

The purpose of this drawing was to draw several different textures that make up a composition, which ultimately give richness and depth to the picture. GRAPHITE ON SITE 2.5 HOURS

Texture Study (Close)

The purpose of this drawing was to get close up to a subject explore the intricacies of its texture. GRAPHITE ON SITE 3 HOURS

Study of Ellipses

The intention of this still life was to practice circles in perspective. Modeling with light and shade was a major factor to the success of this drawing. CHARCOAL STILL LIFE 3 HOURS

Wire Frame

Wire frame is a drawing technique that helps form the proportion of the and basic shapes of objects. Wire frame provides the framework to more complicated compositions. PEN STILL LIFE 15 MINUTES PER DRAWING

Figure Drawing

The human figure is a very unique challenge apart from perspective or still life. The charcoal rendering directly right was drawn up-sidedown so that the mind can focus on the shapes and values without assigning body parts. CHARCOAL AND GRAPHITE NO SUBJECT 1 HOUR PER DRAWING

Shading and Contrast

Shading is a key component to adding depth to an object. These renderings utilize shading in contrast to highlights to define form. The right-most picture takes that contrast a step further, defining light and dark fields through collage. GRAPHITE AND COLLAGE STILL LIFE 90 MINUTES PER DRAWING

Perspective and Rendering

This combination of drawings further illustrates how rendering shade and shadow can be used to render fabric, define shape, and be paired with perspective like on the opposing page or foreshortening like the picture below. CHARCOAL AND GRAPHITE STILL LIFE 1-2 HOURS PER DRAWING

Depth of Field

As mentioned before, certain visual cues can be used to define a field of depth. Namely, overlap and size constancy are used in the compositions of this page. Line quality is also of particular interest in these drawings. CHARCOAL AND PEN ELEMENTS DRAWN FROM A SUPPLIED POEM 1 HOUR PER DRAWING

Geometric Composition

This drawing is a basic study of curves and how light plays off of simple geometric forms. CHARCOAL STILL LIFE 3 HOURS (The previous spread is a tesselation study on figure-ground)

Architectural Sketches  

A collection of hand renderings from self-study subjects to works from architectural courses at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

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