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Fall 2014 | Vol. 1, No. 1

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Letter from the Editors

JAH Undergoing Exciting Renovations

Can you believe it’s already December? This year is flying by! So much has happened in the past few months, from the first years joining the SKMC family to the fourth years jetting off for residency interviews. To celebrate our shared SKMC experience, we at Student Council have created a newsletter to showcase SKMC students and their many accomplishments. It wouldn’t be a newsletter on SKMC without student input, so we would love to hear from you! Please reach out to us with your ideas for future content. Thank you so much for reading and we hope you enjoy the first issue of Black & Blue, the SKMC Student Council newsletter.

Originally constructed in 1968, Jefferson Alumni Hall is one of Thomas Jefferson University’s premier educational and research facilities. JAH has received several upgrades in the last few years, including the state-of-theart gross anatomy laboratory, expansion of the Wellness Center, and the Au Bon Pain cafe on the mezzanine level. Construction to the first floor of JAH started in June 2013 and is projected to continue through Summer 2015. Installation of the two new elevators required drilling through several inches of solid cement on each floor. Now, the two elevators are up and running while the old elevator is being restored. Transformation of the North and West entrances is also well underway. Starting this week, construction will begin on two lounges that will be built on the Locust Street side of the building, aligning with the atriums. These will take the place of the former Office of Student Affairs and Career Counseling, which has relocated to College 116, and the current Medical Student Lounge, which has relocated to JAH 139. In the upcoming months, the escalators will be demolished and replaced with staircases. The brick flooring of the entire first floor will be replaced with terrazzo flooring, and acoustical ceilings will be installed. While few people enjoy the thunderous sounds of sawing, drilling, and jackhammering, we hope to remind everyone that much of the work has already been completed and the end is in sight. The two new lounges will provide ample space for students to study, hold meetings, and relax. Student Council has also provided student input on the layout and furnishings of the new Medical Student Lounge. Want a glimpse of the final design? View the 3D rendering at:

Cheers, Mai & Nisha

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Susan Rosenthal

Dr. Rosenthal is an Associate Dean in the Office of Student Affairs and Career Counseling who joined the Jefferson family in 2013. With over twenty years of experience in student affairs, Dr. Rosenthal is passionate about developing innovative programs. To improve the career advisory program at SKMC, Dr. Rosenthal led the overhaul of the OSACC website, which now includes an extensive database of research and mentorship opportunities. She also started the successful Physician Executive Leadership Program,

which aims to expose students to career paths in physician executive leadership in academic medicine, health policy, patient safety, and the business of medicine. Dr. Rosenthal enjoys brainstorming with students and empowering them to develop their own ideas. In addition to serving as an Associate Dean, Dr. Rosenthal is also a pediatric gastroenterologist and will soon begin seeing patients at Jefferson. Originally from New York City, Dr. Rosenthal attended Cornell University, where she majored in child development. Growing up, she wanted to become a flutist, and then a poet, and then a child psychologist. If she were stranded on a deserted island, she would need Mozart to help her keep her sanity. When she’s not teaching, Dr. Rosenthal enjoys playing the flute, reading, and spending time with her

ten-month-old granddaughter. When asked about the best advice she could give to an aspiring physician, Dr. Rosenthal could not stress enough that medicine is a wonderful career with so much variety. “Given the number of different fields, the most important thing is to find out what you like and what you’re good at. It is really important to pick a field that is commensurate with who you are innately,” said Dr. Rosenthal. And her favorite thing about working at Jefferson? The people. Dr. Rosenthal finds the students to be wonderful, smart, and altruistic. She feels honored to work with medical students. She also loves Jefferson’s collegial culture that leads to so many students, faculty, and healthcare providers remaining at Jefferson as lifers.

• First years We’ve met with most of you for your first annual meeting and have begun discussing summer opportunities. Please make an appointment with your dean if you haven’t already or if you have questions about summer (as some deadlines start as early as December), study skills, or anything else.

• Third years You are almost halfway through your third year. Believe it or not, it is time to start talking about your future! We’d like to meet with you for your annual meeting now through February, as your clinical schedule allows. Please call the office to set up a time (215-503-6988). Also, now would be a great time to look at Careers in Medicine (www.aamc. org/cim/) to read a little more about specialties and also to look at specific programs, as you may be thinking about away rotations for fourth year.

Deans’ Corner • Student Affairs and Career Counseling has moved! Please visit us in our new location – 116 College. We are located on the first floor connecting the College and Curtis Buildings. • The student lounge, located in Jefferson Alumni Hall, is being moved. The newly-renovated space, just down the hall from the current space, is currently in the works. We appreciate your patience in this venture (construction and moving is never easy). The new space will be a welcome change. • Career Day was held on Thursday, November 19. Many second years and a number of third years heard from 23 different physicians about their practice. Thank you to all who attended.

• Second years It is time to sign up for USMLE Step 1. Please visit www.nbme. org for registration materials. The document can be verified/signed at the Office of the Registrar, 115 Curtis. Don’t forget to visit www. for important information about the exam. Also, please call our office (215-503-6988) to schedule your annual meeting if you haven’t already.

2 | Fall 2014

• Fourth years Now is the time to register for the Match! This is not ERAS which you did in September but the NRMP. Please go to to sign up for this. As you are interviewing, please be sure to touch base with your SA dean and/or your specialty advisor if you have any questions or concerns at this point. SKMC Student Council Newsletter

Health Shaming: A Medical Student’s Perspective By Laura Simpler, ‘18

Why is looking rested cool but going to bed early uncool? Why is being thin praised but ordering a salad at dinner mocked? These questions illuminate the idea that while being healthy looking - fit, clear-faced, energetic - is cool and desirable, acting healthy - eating right, exercising, getting a full night’s rest - can sometimes bring ridicule from one’s peers. Being students in the healthcare field who may be more in-tune to the importance of health maintenance, we may experience this phenomenon of “health shaming” or “poor behavior pressure” less than the general public. But, we are not immune. While indulging a little is not some heinous crime, the pressure to consume unhealthy foods and

practice unskillful behaviors can sometimes feel isolating to those attempting to maintain habits of self care. Creating a culture of respect and openness to the decisions of others, especially those decisions that lead to flourishing, healthy lifestyles, is an important step to promoting our own health as well as that of our peers. As we can all agree, it’s not always easy to make healthy decisions. It can often go against the driving forces of our biology. Salt, sugar, and fat are so incredibly enticing to our palate (and brain!) that it’s often almost impossible to resist the extra cookie or the side of fries. Likewise, expending energy purposefully (like going to a group fitness class at the wellness center)

Did you know? SKMC had

is not always what our energy conserving bodies prefer. But, it is these little decisions such as avoiding fatty foods or maintaining a workout regimen that can tip the scale towards sustained, vibrant health. And it is these decisions that we, as the future leaders of healthcare in the US, should actively support for ourselves, our friends, and our patients. Can we start by empowering one another to make positive behavioral choices instead of contributing to the derailment of one another’s best health intentions? Let’s work towards a culture of medicine where we can inspire one another to meet our self-care goals instead of impeding progress through pressure and negativity.

10,204 applicants for the class of 2018.

Comic Corner

By Lindsay Penzel, ‘18

SKMC Student Council Newsletter

Fall 2014 | 3

Introduction to Student Council SKMC Student Council is comprised of elected representatives from each class at SKMC. Each year, the first through fourth years vote to elect two co-Presidents, a Secretary of External Affairs, a Secretary of Communications, and a Treasurer, as well as six representatives from each of the four classes. Additionally, select students are chosen to sit on University administrative committees. Major responsibilities of Student Council include supervision of student organizations, disbursement of university funds, and the dissemination of information on issues pertinent to student life. Most importantly, Student Council serves as a liaison between the students, faculty, and administration.

Executive Board As Administrative President, Tejal presides at meetings of the Council. His main responsibilities include enforcing the constitution, supervising elections, and overseeing the appointment of committee representatives. Tejal introduced the presentation of anatomy atlases to the first year class so that each anatomy group would have an atlas to reference in the dissection rooms. Tejal has also met extensively with faculty and administration to increase the presence and transparency of SKMC Student Council within Thomas Jefferson University.

Tejal Naik, ‘16 The Student Council Legislative President gathers and addresses constituent concerns. Elizabeth supervises the class representatives, coordinates and oversees all Student Council sponsored programming, and regulates all existing student organizations. When class representatives, committee members, and student leaders have concerns, Elizabeth is the go-to person for guidance. Elizabeth was engaged in the planning of last year’s Black and Blue Ball, and has fresh ideas for this year’s upcoming Black and Blue BBQ.

Elizabeth McCarthy, ‘16 Christopher, the Secretary of External Affairs, maintains communication and connections with all other schools at Thomas Jefferson University. He also reaches out to other Philadelphia medical schools to increase the presence of SKMC in the Philadelphia area. Christopher was instrumental in the formation of the Student Council team for the Philadelphia Heart Walk, which took place on November 8th at Citizens Bank Park. Jefferson was the top company and raised over $200,000 for the American Heart Association.

Christopher Atashian, ‘16 As the Secretary of Communications, Mai compiles and sends out the announcement emails that list upcoming events to the entire student body. She also sends out reminders for Student Council meetings and takes the meeting minutes. Her main initiative this past semester has been establishing Black & Blue, the SKMC Student Council newsletter, to enhance communication between Student Council and the student body. She would love to hear your feedback on the newsletter!

Mai Tsukikawa, ‘17

The Student Council Treasurer oversees the SKMC budget, which provides funds for SKMC’s student organizations, as well as the Yearbook, the Medical Student Lounge, and grants for students presenting their research at conferences. In addition to submitting requests for reimbursement, Mai has also created online spreadsheets that allow student organizations receiving Student Council funding to stay on track with their budgets.

4 | Fall 2014

SKMC Student Council Newsletter

Class Representatives You’ve seen us make a few announcements in class and rave about partying after the exam, but that’s not all we’re about. In the past, Class Representatives have fought to allow you to bring your favorite caffeine fix to the library. They have asked administration to reserve more space for student study. They have (and still do!) serve free coffee with donuts during Coffee with the Council events to provide a study break and a setting for openly discussing any questions and concerns with the Class Representatives in person. Currently, the Class of 2017 Representatives are looking forward to finishing their ongoing project of ordering class gear. They have been working for a while now – almost a whole year, riddled with many setbacks. A design had been decided early, but the logo change in the spring and then the school’s name change in the summer forced some remodeling. When an order was finally placed, the manufacturer could not supply the preferred color. They are happy to announce that the order has been placed for their class jackets, which are scheduled

to arrive in the next two weeks. So wear your gear with pride, Class of 2017; it is the culmination of many months of perseverance by your Class Representatives. The Class of 2018 Representatives have been spending their time understanding the ways of Student Council and planning a variety of activities for their class. They understand the main struggle of a first-year is a balance between meeting people in the class and finding time to study. In an opportunity to bring the class together in an informal setting, the Medical Student Lounge has been used for Sunday Brunch and Friendsgiving potlucks. At the same time, concerns about small adjustment struggles along the way have been addressed by presentations about available study spaces, resources found in the library, and where to get the flu shot. Class Representatives are your advocates. We are here to optimize student life outside of the classroom in almost every aspect. Make sure you take advantage of what we can do for you, and get to know us if you haven’t already done so.

Class of 2018 Salam Beah Ludwig Koeneke-Hernandez David Merkow Neal Patel Nisha Patel Michelle Ponder Class of 2017 George Botros Nisarg Joshi Ryan McClintock William Merritt Tuc To Mai Tsukikawa Class of 2016 Christopher Atashian Christopher Cao Timothy Lukenbill Elizabeth McCarthy Tejal Naik Kumar Sarkar Class of 2015 Kanika Gupta Nora Homsi Michele Khurana Rino Sato Nicole Sgromolo Alexis Williams

SKMC Student Council Newsletter

Fall 2014 | 5

Committees Activities Office Advisory Committee

Kate Hentschel Elzbieta Jacek The Activities Office Advisory Committee acts as the liaison between the Office of Student Life and Engagement and SKMC Student Council. They provide valuable student input in the planning of the school’s social agenda, including concerts, movies on the green, and special student discounts.

Committee of Student Advisors

David Halpern

Neha Pancholy

Research Committee

Charles Baron

Kelley Chen

Admissions Committee Varun Patel The University Committee of Student Advisors (CSA) is comprised of student representatives from each of the academic divisions of TJU as well as administration. Student Council representatives to CSA assist the administration in disseminating important information and in providing constructive feedback from their student colleagues. Philip Durney The Admissions Committee meets every week during the interview cycle. The representative attends weekly interview events, consolidates student comments on interviewees, and presents this information at the committee meetings.

Student Affairs Committee

Curriculum Committee

Affiliations Committee David Halpern and Neha Pancholy The Affiliations Committee coordinates Affiliations Day, held each year in February to introduce second year students to the affiliates at which they can complete their rotations. They are working on a presentation to advise students on how to get the most out of Affiliations Day, as well as a Q&A panel with upper years for students to ask questions prior to choosing their affiliates. They are also creating a spreadsheet that classmates can use to switch rotations with one another in an organized manner, and also preparing blog entries that summarize information about each rotation.

Aaron Kunamalla The Research Committee promotes research opportunities for SKMC students. They are working on compiling a list of research projects undertaken by current second years, and are also planning lunchtime talks about research.

Anuj Shah Charlotte Weisberg Student Council representatives to the Curriculum Committee attend monthly meetings and send executive summaries to the student body. They are working to increase communication and accountability throughout the curriculum group. They also plan to hold quarterly open forums for students to give comments and suggestions about the curriculum.

Ryan McClintock Angela Ugorets The Student Affairs Committee acts as the liaison to the Office of Student Affairs and Career Counseling. Their main responsibility is planning Orientation Week for the incoming first years. They also attend monthly meetings with the Student Affairs Faculty and present student-related issues to the administration. In addition, they review and approve new student organizations. They are currently working on creating a comment box to field questions and comments from students, which will then be delegated to the appropriate committee.

Technology Committee

Wellness Committee

Julia Durante The Technology Committee addresses the technological needs of the student body. Julia was instrumental in establishing the Student Council Blackboard page, which contains contact information, event announcements, discussion boards, information about funding, and more! Julia also adds all the events from the Secretary’s announcement emails to the Student Council Google Calendar. She is currently working on the new SKMC Student Council website.

Ramkrishna Patel John Taras The W ellness Committee attends the Wellness Board meetings each month to provide valuable student input on the gym. The gym has recently undergone renovations and the committee is working to relay details of the new equipment and upcoming projects to the student body.

Alumni Relations Committee

Sarah Ahmed Steven Lazar The Alumni Relations Committee facilitates communication between the Alumni Association and current students. They were active in coordinating Alumni Weekend in October, and are currently working on the Welcome Letter project, where alumni will write letters to welcome incoming students to the Jefferson family. They are also coordinating events that will allow students to network with alumni.

6 | Fall 2014

SKMC Student Council Newsletter

Conference Funding

Class Updates

Did you know that Student Council offers funding to students presenting their research at conferences? MS1-3 are eligible to receive up to $150, and MS4 can receive up to $200. Applicants must request a spot on the agenda of the next Student Council meeting and present briefly about their research. Funding is subject to majority vote of the Council. Check out our page on Blackboard (Community --> SKMC Student Council) for more information!

Martin Harari, ‘16, presented his research on the effect of J-Waves and QTc prolongation on mortality and neurological injury in patients undergoing therapeautic hypothermia post cardiac arrest at the American Heart Association conference in Chicago.

Brian Blumhof, ‘16, presented his research on a novel mechanism of Akt dephosphorylation resistance due to C-terminal protein modifications at the American Heart Association conference in Chicago.

Class of 2018 First years just took their third examination for Molecular and Cellular Basis of Medicine. They are starting to get involved with extracurricular activities and are excited to make their mark on the SKMC community. Class of 2017 Second years just finished the November week of Physical Diagnosis and have started the Cardiovascular block of Foundations of Clinical Medicine. They are looking forward to learning more about clinical medicine, but not looking forward to studying for boards! Class of 2016

Jessi Phillips, ‘16, presented her research on the impact of somatosensory evoked potential changes on clinical outcome in neuroendovascular procedures at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons Annual Conference in Boston.

Angela Ugorets, ‘17, and fellow students distributed a survey assessing student demand for global health education at SKMC and created a curriculum proposal for a 4th year elective that will be implemented in 2015. She presented at the CHOP Global Health Conference.

Third years are currently on Block 4 of rotations. They have finished half of their core rotations and are starting to think about their choices for residency. Class of 2015 Fourth years are currently on Block 15 of rotations. Some of them have just started residency interviews while others are already halfway done. For military students, Match Day is December 18, so wish them luck!

SKMC Student Council Newsletter

Fall 2014 | 7

Fall 2014 Highlights Sunday Brunch (bottom-left corner) was a quaint afternoon of carboloading with an assortment of pancakes, muffins, potatoes, and more. The Friendsgiving Potluck (all other pictures) attracted a wonderful group of chefs and foodies alike. The feast was complete with a turkey, a tofurkey, potatoes (savory, sweet, and even topped with marshmallows), corn casserole, fruits, vegetables, stews, an entire other table full of desserts, a football game, and an atmosphere of friendly conversations. The Class of 2018 Representatives were delighted by the turnout and are thankful for everyone who made a contribution – whether it was to make the food on the table or to devour it.

8 | Fall 2014

SKMC Student Council Newsletter

Jefferson Emergency Medicine Society hosted their annual IV start lab (top row), where students received a lecture from Dr. Wayne Bond Lau on IV insertion and then practiced the skill on dummies and each other. Active Minds and JeffHELP cosponsored the Stress Less Fair (middle row), where students cuddled with therapy dogs, painted away their woes, and showed off their cookie decorating skills. The Jewish Student Association hosted a lunchtime talk on The Jewish Patient: Almost Everything You Weren’t Sure You Needed to Know (left) to educate students about the unique considerations in treating Jewish patients. SKMC Student Council Newsletter

Fall 2014 | 9



CREDIT: Center City District / KieranTimberlake / OLIN







10 | Fall 2014


SKMC Student Council Newsletter







The Holidays in Philadelphia 1. Ice Skating at Dilworth Park (Broad & Market Streets) - The Rothman Institute Ice Rink is officially open for skating! Rates are $3 for children 10 and younger, $4 for adults, and $8 for skate rental. 2. Macy’s Christmas Light Show (1300 Market Street) - The Christmas Light Show at Macy’s Center City in the historic Wanamaker building has been a Philadelphia tradition since 1955. Be dazzled by the nearly 100,000 LED lights that dance to the sounds of carols. Performances are every two hours at the top of the hour, from 10 a.m to 8 p.m. 3. Christmas Tree Lighting Celebrations - A number of neighborhoods around the city will be hosting Christmas tree lighting celebrations, including Love Park, Rittenhouse Square, City Hall, East Passayunk, Manayunk, and Citizens Bank Park. Be sure to look up the date and time of the tree lighting celebration in your neighborhood! 4. A Longwood Christmas (1001 Longwood Road, Kennett Square) - Visit the Christmas display at Longwood Gardens to enjoy dazzling fountain shows, holiday performances, thousands of holiday lights, and more. NonPeak Admission, $20 for adults, $10 for students; Peak Admission, $27 for adults, $13 for students. 5. Christmas Village at Love Park (15th and JFK Boulevard) - Christmas Village transforms Love Park into a traditional German Market. Do some holiday snacking and shopping from the vendors in wooden booths, who sell traditional European food, sweets, and drinks, as well as international holiday gifts, ornaments, and jewelry. 6. Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest (101 S. Columbus Boulevard) - This pop-up winter garden features ice skating, dining, shopping, and family fun on the waterfront. Rates are $3 for admission and $10 for skate rental. 7. Peddler’s Village (Routes 202 and 263, Lahaska) - Peddler’s Village is a historic town in Bucks County with charming colonial-style buildings and award winning gardens. Plan a day trip out of Philadelphia to view the Christmas lights, do some holiday shopping, and enjoy delicious dining. 8. New Year’s Eve Fireworks (101 S. Columbus Boulevard) - Ring in 2015 at Penn’s Landing with SugarHouse Casino’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks on the Waterfront! For more information about any of these events, please visit SKMC Student Council Newsletter

Fall 2014 | 11

In Memoriam: Dr. Karen Moss Glaser By Brian Nasca, ‘17, and Dr. Glaser’s Small Group, ‘17

Jefferson students are saddened by the loss of Dr. Karen Glaser, a teacher, mentor, and friend. Dr. Glaser’s first interaction with most medical students was during freshman orientation. She helped prepare us for what was to come. Last year she broke the ice when she told us that if everything we were eating came from the freezer, or we were ordering new underwear online instead of doing laundry, we should immediately come to her office for help. Dr. Glaser had a way of understanding what we go through, expressing her concern with humor and kindness, and always had an open door for us. Dr. Glaser was an important leader of our community - the Jefferson Family. As an Associate Dean, she worked behind the scenes to continually improve the curriculum. In the classroom, she and Dr. Michael Weinstein teamed up to make a unique small group experience, where students felt comfortable raising questions and discussing how best to care for our future patients, while helping us understand the impact of illness on our patients and us as physicians. Dr. Glaser’s background and personality lent a different perspective to the importance of the material we were learning in class, and helped us to think in a more humanistic manner about medicine, our patients, and ourselves. Dr. Glaser was always thinking of us, our progress, and our success. She was always available to listen, to offer a kind word, but always willing to push us to be our best. She focused us on our goals, was compassionate and supportive when necessary, always honest and truthful, and a quiet force for goodness on our campus. While supporting us along our path to becoming physicians, she was also a loving mother, a doting grandmother, and a beloved wife. As previous generations of Jefferson medical students, residents and faculty learned, Dr. Glaser’s honesty, compassion, humor, and kindness made Jefferson a better place. Her absence leaves us with the responsibility to embrace her values, and keep her personal and professional attributes alive by following her example. We should do it with a smile, a little humor, and compassion for all we encounter along the way.

Class of 2017’s Small Group B19, led by Dr. Glaser and Dr. Weinstein, enjoyed an afternoon of great food and company at their end-of-the-year celebration at Dr. Weinstein’s home. Dr. Glaser will be dearly missed. 12 | Fall 2014

SKMC Student Council Newsletter

By the Numbers









$1303 $963 $617 $292

SKMC Student Council Executive Board President of Administrative Affairs Tejal Naik, ‘16 President of Legislative Affairs Elizabeth McCarthy, ‘16 Secretary of External Affairs Christopher Atashian, ‘16 Secretary of Communications & Treasurer Mai Tsukikawa, ‘17

Committees Activities Office Advisory Committee Kate Hentschel & Elzbieta Jacek Admissions Committee Philip Durney Affiliations Committee David Halpern & Neha Pancholy Alumni Relations Committee Sarah Ahmed & Steven Lazar Committee of Student Advisors David Halpern, Neha Pancholy, & Varun Patel Curriculum Committee Anuj Shah & Charlotte Weisberg Research Committee Charles Baron, Kelley Chen, & Aaron Kunamalla Student Affairs Committee Ryan McClintock & Angela Ugorets Student Lounge Committee William Merritt Technology Committee Julia Durante Wellness Committee Ramkrishna Patel & John Taras

Class Representatives Class of 2018 Salam Beah, Ludwig Koeneke-Hernandez, David Merkow, Neal Patel, Nisha Patel, Michelle Ponder Class of 2017 George Botros, Nisarg Joshi, Ryan McClintock, William Merritt, Tuc To, Mai Tsukikawa Class of 2016 Christopher Atashian, Christopher Cao, Timothy Lukenbill, Elizabeth McCarthy, Tejal Naik, Kumar Sarkar Class of 2015 Kanika Gupta, Nora Homsi, Michele Khurana, Rino Sato, Nicole Sgromolo, Alexis Williams

Black & Blue SKMC Student Council Newsletter Volume 1, Number 1 Editors Mai Tsukikawa & Nisha Patel Student Council on Blackboard Blackboard > Community > SKMC Student Council Student Council Google Calendar Want to join the newsletter committee? We would love to have you on board! Contact Nisha at for more information. Questions, comments, ideas for future articles? Contact Mai at -Credits JAH Undergoing Exciting Innovations - Image from Ernesto A. Betancourt, Facilities Design & Construction, Thomas Jefferson University. Committees - Photographs from Michelle Ponder and Mai Tsukikawa. Conference Funding - Photographs from the presenters. Fall 2014 Highlights - Photographs from Nisha Patel, Danielle Levine, Melissa Choy, and Yonah Ziemba. Holidays in Philadelphia - Images were retrieved from http://www. under the Visit Philadelphia® Terms of Use Agreement. Background retrieved from snowflakes-ipad-background.jpg. In Memoriam - Photograph from Nikolaos Mouchtouris. By the Numbers - Caffeine infographic was created with Piktochart. The calculation for cumulative cost for caffeination used an estimate of $0.50 per 12oz serving (cost of coffee made at home).

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SKMC Newsletter - Fall 2014 - Volume 1, Number 1