Wallowa Land Trust 2020 Annual Report

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A WORD FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Dear Friends, I am pleased to share with you our 2020 Annual Report. This report provides a highlevel overview of the year and is designed to hold ourselves accountable to you, our members, who invest in our mission, our people and our community. We know that 2020 was a year that didn’t hold a lot of joy for most people. Thankfully, there were some bright spots. 2020 was the year we completed our single largest conservation project to date – the acquisition of almost 1,800 acres on Wallowa Lake’s East Moraine! Locals will tell you there has never been a shortage of development proposals that would severely impact the beauty, ecology and culture of the Wallowa Lake Moraines. From conference centers to ski resorts to housing developments, just about everything has been proposed for the area at one time or another. The fight over development of property adjacent to Old Chief Joseph’s Gravesite was especially contentious, making it abundantly clear that A) the Moraines are a treasure worth protecting; and B) we must work collaboratively with our community and private landowners to offer alternatives to development. It was the spark that resulted in the formation of our land trust and the creation of Iwetemlaykin State Heritage Site.

Fast forward to 2020 and Wallowa Land Trust celebrated our seventh conservation win on the Moraines – the acquisition of what was formally known as the RY Timber Property on the East Moraine. This project spanned more than a decade and literally took the entire community to succeed. Collaboration with Wallowa Resources, Wallowa County, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, Oregon Department of Forestry, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Nez Perce Tribe and many, many more is what made that project a success. While the rest of 2020 wasn’t nearly as exciting or hopeful and most of us were more than happy to see it in our rearview mirror, it’s important to not let this monumental achievement go uncelebrated. Today, more than 80% of the East Moraine is permanently conserved. That spectacularly unique view that never grows old, one of a textbook perfect moraine, will remain as it is thanks to our collective efforts. This is a singular achievement to be proud of – one you can tell your grandkids you helped make happen. Thank you.



CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION* *Wallowa Land Trust engages certified public accountants Lewis, Poe, Moeller, Gunderson, & Roberts, LLC to annually undertake an independent review of our financial statements. Our Stewardship Fund is invested with Fidelity Investments and our Endowment is held by the Oregon Community Foundation.

Dec. 31, 2020

Dec. 31, 2019

Land and Related Assets

$ 1,526,953.00


Cash and Investments



$ 1,885,219.00

Total Assets

$ 2,087,704.00

$ 3,400,580.00




Net Assets

$ 2,038,272.00

$ 3,371,025.00

Total Liabilities and Net Assets






Endowment Funds held by the Oregon Community Foundation: $81,233 Funds held for Stewardship and Conservation Defense : $419,815 Interest & Capital Gains 1% Misc. Revenue 1%

Stewardship 3% Development Administration 2% 5% Foundation Grants 33%

Outreach & Education 10%

Individual Gifts and Campaign 65%

Land Acquisition 80%







Passed through The Nez Perce Tribe's fish weir on the Wolfe Farm Conservation Easement



Located in 21 states

Frog egg clusters over 9 known


breeding sites on the Wolfe Farm


66 documented Columbia Spotted

Conservation Easement


7 with Conservation Easements


2 Preserves

+ DOLLARS Donated by individuals


Conservation work didn't stop just because meeting in person did!

45 SPALDING'S CATCHFLY PLANTS Over 75 acres surveyed, 45 plants were found and 1 new plant site was discovered


3 2










1- Wolfe Farm Conservation Easements | 463 acres 2- Quint Conservation Easement | 175 acres 3- Perry Farm Conservation Easement | 482 acres 4- Ham Conservation Easement | 52 acres 5- East Moraine Community Forest | 1,791 acres 6- Lola-Hasslacher Conservation Easement | 40 acres 7- Kimball Preserve | 9 acres 8- West Moraine Preserve | 30 acres

3,042 total acres conserved

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Carolyn Gilbert

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Rodney Cummins & Janet Lillie

Elnora Cameron

Alan Wilcox

Harold Hartley and Pat Hines

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Jamien Leckey and Robert Aberle

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Jacob Hasslacher


William Young

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Marilyn Goebel

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Mellie Pullman


Cheryl Simpson

William Whitaker

Dan & Ruth Goodenough

Yellow Wolfe

2020 DONORS Wallowa Land Trust is honored to recognize the following individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations whose contributions have supported our work in the 2020 year.

George and Brenda Ackley* Kathleen Ackley* Jim and Holly Akenson Bob and Diane DeGrofft Alexander Judy and Mike Allen* Burton and Joanne Anderson Ralph Anderson*+ Michael Andrews Karen and David Andruss Leita Barlow* Dr. Lew and Carol Baynes Aaron Beavers Chris Beck* Bill and Nan Beck Maria Belknap + Bell Family Partners Dave and Sybil Berkey* Linda Birnbaum Harold Black Kristin Blalack & Gerald Suzawith Lynn Boe Rick Bombaci The Bookloft + Eric Brandt Lisa Breckenridge + David and Dolores Bridges Fred and Odette Brockman Ann Browder and Don McAlister* Nancy Brown + Dean and Roblyn Brown Frances Buckles Chris Bullat George and Joyce Burnett + Michael Burns Mary Ann and Thorval Burrows Robert Butterfield Jacob and Catherine Cambier Elnora Cameron* Kathryn Campbell Anna Capacci Janis Carper Norman Carrigg* Debbie Carson* Breckenridge Cartwright and Kim Biafora Pat Cason Caryl Chiaverini

Nils and Anette Christoffersen Nancy Clarke and James Dameron Doug Coleman Susan Conley Ingrid and David Cook Kathleen Cornett and Stephen Grove Robert Crawford *+ Rori Creekmore + Nancy Crenshaw Rodney Cummins Benjamin and Lynne Curry* Diane Daggett* Stanlynn Daugherty Leigh Dawson Ray DeLury and Sally Brandt John Dierdorff Dean and Ruthie Dougherty Leo and Donna Doyle Nicholas Drakos Jon and Sharon Duerst Gregory Dugan and Hui Lin Chua Nancy Duhnkrack Arthur Duncan + Barbara Jean and Richard Edmonds + Michael and Monica Eng Alison Estabrook + Dr. Lowell and Janet Euhus Sharon Evoy and Jerome Sebestyen + Clem and Jean Falbo* Paul Flanders and Grace Prairie* Joe Ford and Mary Wilkinson George and Marlene Fox William Franklin Glenn and Beth Franz Pamela Frolander Steve Ganey Theresa Garcia and Fred Nilsen* William Garroutte John and Cindi Gaterud Susan Geer and Dave Komlosi Rachel Gerber Carolyn Gilbert Dan and Ruth Goodenough Kevin Gorman and Michelle Kinsella Jim Gorter + Meagan Gould Lee Graham Kathleen and Alan Grainger George Granger* Jeff and Nancy Greene Lisa Greif Al and Nellie Habegger Eliza Habegger and Thor Hanson Sharon Hale and Jim Smith Mary Lou and Bruce Ham Dr. Douglas and Jodi Hammerstrom* James Hansen James D. Hansen Robert and Linda Hanson Linda Hartley Jacob Hasslacher and Chris Antemann Peter and Tana Hatton Jack and Susan Havens Jenny Hawkins and Kyle Hogrefe

All Seasons Club * Moraine Campaign +



Wallowa Land Trust is honored to recognize the following individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations whose contributions have supported our work in the 2020 year.

Steven Healy David Hellings Hal Henderson Danette and Matthew Henderson Jo Henderson Aaron and Jaime Hoard Jennifer and Richard Hobbs* Russell Hoeflich + Janet and Ken Hohmann Rita Holland Wayne Hoseck Marcy and John Houle Ann Humphrey Kathy Hunter Judson and Barbara Hyatt Randi Jandt and Jon Larson Greg and Gail Johnson Cathy and Richard Johnson + Lawrence and Amy Johnson + Steven Johnson Charles Jones Alvin and Melissa Josephy Fred and Gale Kimball Emily and Rob Klavins Gregg Kleiner and Lori Salus Sue Knight and Glenn Lamb Nancy Knoble Tim Kohler and Marilyn von Seggern Carol Koppelman and Brian Ledford Tim Kramer Mark Lacey and Kathy Drake* Mark Lacy* Julia Lakes* David Lakes and Stephanie Fein Loring Lamb + Doug Larson + David Laskin and Kathleen O'Neill* Andrea Lea Janet Lillie Tricia and Larry Lofthouse + George Lower Kent and Sondra Lozier Andrea Lueders and Rob Taylor Nick and Angie Lunde*

Michael Lyda Dustin Lyons and Tera Ptacek Bruce and Nancy Macke Judy Macuga Randall Magahay and Florence Dezeix Rebecca Mapes Nancy C. Martin David and Robin Martin* Stephen McDuffie and Amy Roth McDuffie Rick and Sharon McEwan Yun and Miles McFall* James Metheny Judy Meuth David Mildrexler Sara Miller and Mike Hale David and Sarah Moore Serge Morgen Joe Moll Carole Morse + Susan Mulcahy Vanessa Neely Kathleen Negus-Bennett Keith and June Newburn Mark and Julie Nichols Rory Nichols Milton and Ruth Nicolle Fred Nilsen Robert Nisbet Clark Noble Tom and Becky Nordtvedt Jerry Norquist Inga Note Brian and Elizabeth Oliver* Pat Ormsbee Elsbeth Otto Ida Pacheco Stephen Page Jeremey Parker Lanetta Paul William F. Paulus Susan Peeples Jean Pekarek and Jim Waldron Mary Perreault Kim and Kit Phelps Michael Phillips Christina Pierce and Zoran Djordjevic Allen and Lona Pierce Marky and Ed Pitts Cecile Pitts Jonathan Plummer and Jean Jancaitis Terry and Ron Polk* Portland Garden Club Mellie Pullman and Timothy Brill Janet Pulsifer and Ralph Swinehart* Bryce Purtzer Habib and Lidwina Rahman Mary Ramsay Jordan Rash Susan Raynor Nicholas Richards and Christy Wheeler* Dan Richardson Peter Rimbey

All Seasons Club * Moraine Campaign +

2020 DONORS Wallowa Land Trust is honored to recognize the following individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations whose contributions have supported our work in the 2020 year. Timothy and Nancy Roberts Linda Robinson Tony and Linda Robinson Nick Robinson Kirsten Rogers Daniel Rohlf Mackenzie Roorda Mike Rosenbaum* Judy and Ben Rubin Jill Rubinstein Pete Sandrock Gretchen Sausen Jim Saveland Janice Schermer Karen and Steve Schilling* Cameron Scott* Mary Scott Matthew Scotten Donald and Elaine Scully Susan Seyl and Maryanne McCormick John Shafer Daniel Sharratt Dennis and Marcia Sheehy + Teri Shore Beverly Shortridge Ellen Silva + Cheryl Simpson Randy and Pam Slinker + Ann and Brad Smith Ellen Smith Dave and Sue Smyth Nick and Sandra Snell Jerry and Debbie Snell Albert Solheim Jacob and Ashley Spaur Edward Spiller Shirley Spiller John Sprague Susan Sprague Eric and Laurel Stahlke Dr. Brad and Anne Stephens Marty Stevens* Maxine Stone Mike Straw* Lynda Swarts Marianne Sweeney


Lora Tennant Richard and Kathleen Thompson Levi Tickner Janie Tippett Richard and Ruth Treat + Ludd and Robin Trozpek Dolores Tukich Lyle and Donna Ulrich Thomas and Jonnie Vanderzanden Jessica Wadsworth Randall and Cheryl Wagner Rich Wandschneider Lewis Ward and Joyce Reynolds-Ward Melonie Waters James Wathey Gretchen Weeks Karl Wenner Leon Werdinger Alex Wert Edsel and Pat White Geoffrey Whiting Gary Wicklund + M. Boyd and Janet Wilcox Alan Wilcox Cheryl Wilfong Harold Williams Ian and Heidi Wilson* David Wood Dr. Cynthia Wrinkle Alison Wysong William Young John and Yvonne Zavoshy Donald Zobel

All Seasons Club * Moraine Campaign +

2020 FOUNDATIONS AND GRANTORS Wallowa Land Trust is honored to recognize the following individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations whose contributions have supported our work in the 2020 year.

Angie and Steve Rubin Fund Bergstrom Foundation Conservation Alliance Ford Family Foundation Kerr/Labbe/Lowe Family Fund Land Trust Alliance Oregon ACE Program Oregon Department of Forestry Oregon Parks Foundation Fund Oregon Humanities US Fish and Wildlife Service USFS Forest Legacy Program YARG Foundation

Images by Leon Werdinger Photography