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The Importance of Building an Alumni Association From the evolution of the original facility on Emerson Avenue in the 1960s, to our current facility located three miles from I-77-Staunton Avenue, the West Virginia University at Parkersburg campus has grown in appearance and student population. By 2010, WVU at Parkersburg had grown to be one of the largest public colleges in West Virginia with over 4,500 students. We are the only state community college to offer baccalaureate degrees. There is a need to reconnect with all students, from our early beginnings to recent graduates. The WVU at Parkersburg Foundation has begun the endless task of reconnecting with as many of those past individuals as possible. Where are they now and how have their lives changed? We have defined alumni as any person who has taken a single class, earned a degree certificate, or graduated a two- or four-year program with diploma. This college has touched the lives of thousands of individuals and we want to reconnect. The power of building our Alumni Association is to share the advancements and the phenomenal growth the college continues to experience. Currently, construction is progressing rapidly on the new Applied Technology Center, a $3.6 million project, and we will break ground within the next few weeks for our new $1.6 million Child Development Center. Our four-year degree programs are growing. Our agricultural program is moving ahead of schedule, and we are working to secure land near the college campus for production of actual crops. In addition, with the new Downtown Parkersburg Campus, we will be offering a culinary program working jointly with our agricultural program and incorporating a business incubator. We are enthusiastic, ready and willing to begin the process to grow a strong network of support for sustainability of WVU at Parkersburg. We need you! WVU at Parkersburg wants to build the bridge between the college and alumni. The networking opportunities are endless even for career networking. Once we have established a base of contacts, we will conduct events and watch things begin to happen. Email your acquaintance(s), and give them the Alumni website,, for our online newsletters covering events, past alumni, how to get involved with sponsorships or volunteer to help in our Alumni search, or find us on Facebook –! Another option is to email the Foundation at Quoting President Marie Foster Gnage, Ph.D., “WVU at Parkersburg is the community’s college.” Step up and offer your support for our alumni construction project: Join us! Regards,

In Search of ... Alumni If you, or anyone that you may know, is an alumnus of WVU Parkersburg, We would like to hear from you!

‘Hawk’s Nest Social Section We want to know what’s happening in you life! Special occasions, births, birthdays, weddings, new jobs or awards.

We are working to improve our communications of college progress, upcoming events and foundation opportunities. Whether you have taken one class, or are a graduate, our goal is to build better communications.

We want to acknowledge your accomplishments and share them with your fellow Riverhawks in our new ‘Hawk’s Nest Social Section.

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Construction Begins on New Child Development Center A 300-day contract for the Child Development Center construction began the beginning of February. The new center will provide care for more than 50 children and will be run by a staff of more than 12 employees and students. The site of the building on the west end of campus will be raised three feet from its current elevation. Soil samples were taken to determine the type of soil to

do the filling. Depending on weather conditions, construction should begin by the end of March. The 5,000 sq. ft. center will consist of three children’s classrooms, one adult classroom for those majoring in education, a reception/office area, a warming kitchen and a large, glass-windowed piazza for children’s activities. The center also offers state of the art safety features such as a Bogen emergency

notification system, a fire alarm system and sprinkler system. With completion of the center expected in September, it will open its doors to children this Fall. Naming opportunities are available for the center. Please contact the Foundation at 304.424.8340 for more information.

The New Child Development Center Far left and above: View of Center from Nicolette road. Left: Arial View of Center.

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WVU Parkersburg Supports From Within Donations through payroll deductions are one way that West Virginia University at Parkersburg employees can support the college. In 2011, over 40 faculty and staff members made use of payroll deductions donating a total of over $8,000. The Foundation is very grateful to all who contributed and hopes for even more support in 2012! Tim Beardsley Patsy Bee Dennis Bell Pam Braden Dina Braniff Cheryl Brumfield Mary Beth Busch Pamela Clevenger Ed Crisp Shirley Davis Linda Dotson Kerry Dunn Lisa Flowers-Clements Cynthia Gissy Cynthia Kelley Martha Leeson Debbie Lockhart Denise McClung Phil McClung Janice McCue Patricia Mollohan

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The Importance of Building an Alumni Association Construction begins on Child Deveopment Center