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Letter from Dr. Marie Foster Gnage WVU at Parkersburg President

Dear Donors, I am so honored to be President of West Virginia University at Parkersburg, the college that the community built 50 years ago. I remain in awe of a community that recognized the value of having a public higher education institution in the Mid-Ohio Valley…and made it happen. Because of the vision of those founders, thousands upon thousands have realized higher education, achieved their dreams, and improved their economic well being. Along came a group of individuals, the WVU at Parkersburg Foundation, who recognized the college as an asset and began to raise funds to extend a college education to those who might not otherwise have that opportunity. Our college is fortunate to continue to have a group of men and women dedicated to making what seems to be impossible, possible for many of our students. Our Foundation recognizes the needs of an institution that must provide quality education to the Mid-Ohio Valley—on a shoe string. But, where would we be without you, our supportive and ever gracious donors! You help us with everything: scholarships, programs, faculty and staff professional development, child care, student clubs and organizations, and capital needs. Our college continues to need your support to realize our vision for being the regional college of choice—a college that offers quality education at affordable cost with the end result of a prepared workforce. We appreciate you! Thank you. We at WVU Parkersburg are ever mindful of our importance to the Mid-Ohio Valley. As we embark upon the next half century, we are confident that we will continue to be a college worthy of your support. Sincerely, Marie Foster Gnage, Ph.D.


Letter from Linda Dickirson

Greetings Friends,

President of WVU Parkersburg Foundation Board of Directors

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the WVU at Parkersburg Foundation, I am pleased to present our 2010-2011 Annual Report. On the 40th Anniversary of our incorporation, we reflect on the difference that the Foundation has been able to make because of donors like you. Your support has provided thousands of dollars in scholarships for needy students, child care for student parents, tutoring, student activities and staff development. It has enabled some other big changes. The college has been able to break ground on two new buildings this year, a Child Development Center and an Applied Technology Center, as well as complete a great deal of renovation on a new Downtown Center in Parkersburg. And these are just a few of the projects the college has planned to create the environment for programs that prepare students with the 21st century technology skills needed to compete in a global economy. With your help, we can ensure their future and truly make WVU Parkersburg the exceptional place to learn, work and partner in the Mid-Ohio Valley. As you reflect on what we have done in this past year in the pages of this report (and in the last 40 years), also keep in mind the possibilities of what we can accomplish next. Together, we are continuing to build the future of the WVU Parkersburg’s campus and community. Thank you for your continued support of the WVU Parkersburg Foundation and WVU Parkersburg! Sincerely, Linda Dickirson President, WVU at Parkersburg Foundation Board of Directors

Letter from S. Kimberly Jones WVU Parkersburg Foundation Executive Director

Dear Partners and Friends, As you peruse the pages of our 2010-2011 Annual Report that also includes pictures of years past, I hope you are moved by what your support of the WVU at Parkersburg Foundation has yielded for WVU Parkersburg over the last 40 years. It exemplifies how true the statement “the college the community built” really is for WVU Parkersburg. So much has come because of partners and friends like you in our community. So much is still to come! As we expand our program offerings, begin construction of two new buildings on our main campus, and work to increase our outreach with a Downtown Center and Jackson County Center expansion, the future of WVU Parkersburg certainly looks bright. We hope you agree and will continue your support as we embark on these endeavors. Thank you for your partnership in building our community’s college!



S. Kimberly Jones Executive Director

Table of Contents Letter from Dr. Marie Foster Gnage........... 1 Letter from Linda Dickirson............................ 2 Letter from S. Kimberly Jones......................... 2 Table of contents................................................... 3 Mission........................................................................... 3 Board of Directors................................................ 4 WVU Parkersburg demographics................... 5 WVU Parkersburg programs of study........ 6 Scholarship Support.............................................. 7 Scholarship Recipients 2010-2011...................... 8 40 Years of Building Scholarship..............9-12 40 Years of Building careers.....................13-14 40 Years of Building Partnership............15-16 40 Years of Building Support.....................17-20 Statement of Financial Position.................. 21 Statement of Activities..................................... 22

2010- 2011 Annual Report The WVU at Parkersburg Foundation was incorporated in 1971 as an independent, notfor-profit organization to develop ongoing, private support for the college. It was founded solely to promote, encourage and assist in the development and growth of West Virginia University at Parkersburg. It also renders assistance to the college, its faculty, students, alumni and the citizens of West Virginia. WVU at Parkersburg Foundation is committed to helping the college maintain its vision of providing quality higher education in the Mid-Ohio Valley. This is achieved by engaging in fundraising and investment strategies that align with the college’s strategic plan. The three key goals of the plan are to support efforts to make the college an exceptional place to learn, work and partner. To our donors, alumni and friends, we extend our thanks for helping us support WVU at Parkersburg over the last 40 years and encourage you to join its 50th Anniversary Celebration. Your continued support truly makes it “the college the community built” and the college we continue building together! WVU at Parkersburg Foundation, Inc. 300 Campus Drive Parkersburg, WV 26104 304-424-8340


Board of Directors WVU Parkersburg Foundation 2010-2011


Linda Dickirson

First Vice-President: LIZA ADAMS

Secretary: ROGER SHEPPARD WTAP Television

Treasurer: ROBERT G. ASTORG Astorg & Koreski

WIlliam C. Dearien

C. Randall Law President Emeritus Wesbanco

Tom Lookabaugh Traders Bank, INC.

Michael Miller

MAyor Robert D. Newell City of Parkersburg

Rodney Windom, Attorney

Ronald Roberts President Emeritus

JAson Wharton President Emeritus Wood COunty Prosecuting Attorney

David Underwood President Emeritus United Bank


Sy Sarkarat WVU PArkersburg Faculty

WVU Parkersburg is the College the Community Built 2010 Student Demographics


Headcount 4,453

Full-Time Part-Time

Enrollment Status

2973 66.8% 1480 33.2% 4453 100.0%


Mean Age: Median Age: Mode Age:

27.6 23 19

Traditional Aged Students: Non-Taditional Aged Students:

Males Females

2385 53.6% 2068 46.4% 4453 100.0%


A WVU Parkersburg student signs to uphold the colleges honor code during convocation.

1900 42.7% 2553 57.3% 4453 100.0%

Disadvantaged Students

Academically Disadvantaged Economically Disadvantaged Both Academic & Econ Disadv. Not applicable


White (Non-Hispanic) Black (Non-Hispanic) Hispanic Asian or Pacific Islander Native American Unknown

549 12.3% 1231 27.6% 1062 23.8% 1611 36.2% 4453 100.0%

4222 94.8% 78 1.8% 36 0.8% 27 0.6% 47 1.1% 43 1.0% 4453 100.0%


2011 environmental psychology class at the WVU Adventure Course.

WVU Parkersburg is the College the Community Built Programs of Study

BACHELOR DEGREE PROGRAMS Bachelor of Applied Science • Business Administration - Business Information Technology - Financial Management - Management/Marketing - Public Relations • Child Development • Criminal Justice Bachelor of Applied Technology • Information Security • Management

• Network Engineering • Software Engineering Bachelor of Arts • Elementary Education • Multi-Disciplinary Studies Bachelor of Science • Business Administration - Accounting - General Business Regents Bachelor of Arts

ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAMS Associate in Arts Associate in Science • Business Administration • General Studies Associate in Applied Science • Board of Governors • Business Administration - Accounting Technician - Entrepreneurial Studies - General Business option • Business Technology • Computer Science • Computer and Information Technology

• Criminal Justice • Early Childhood Development • Energy Assessment & Management Technology • Engineering Technology - Electronics - Specialized • Journalism • Machining • Multi-Craft Technology • Nursing • Occupational Development • Solar Energy Technology • Technical Studies • Welding Skills Technology

CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS • Advanced Leadership & Management • Child Development • Chemical and Polymer Operator Technology • Criminal Justice • Electricity and Instrumentation • Emergency Response • Energy Assessment & Management Technology • General Studies • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

• Industrial Maintenance • Paraprofessional Studies • Pharmacy Technician • Residential and Commercial Electricity • Solar Energy Technology • Surgical Technology • Technical Studies • Welding Technology

ONLINE DEGREE OPTIONS Associate in Arts Associate in Science • Business Administration

Associate of Applied Science • Business Technology • Multi-Craft Technology


40 years of Building Scholarship 2011 Scholarship Support

WVU at Parkersburg Foundation Scholarships Fully Endowed accounts are in italics

AAUW Abels Betsy Adams Douglas Adams Alumni Scholarship American Legion Ayers Minnie Barnett James and Ann Beck Bell family Bernheimer Blankmann Campbell Cather Children of Classified Staff Colombo Irene Conaway Kilian Conlon Culina Memorial Davis Dearien Jima Dotson Elwood Fleming Employees Scholarship Eramet Fisher JCC Allen and Doris Gates GE College Bound GE Plastics Gustke

H&S International Hamill Edna Hamilton Minnie B. Hamilton Harris Harrison Harrisville Lions Club Hensley Hickel Hillyard Hogue Honors College Fund Hornbrook Jackson County Developmental Center Keller Nursing McCutcheon Debra Law McIntosh Virginia McGarr McIntosh Ruth Melton Jason Meyer Eldon Miller Loretta G. Miller Seth Michael Miller Moellendick Charles and Barbara Morgan New Car and Truck Dealers Nicely Nine Oaks Parsons


Phi Beta Lambda Phi Theta Kappa President’s Scholarship Riggleman Ritchie Family Harry Ross Rotary Club Rotary Club Sour Mash Shanti Memorial Sheets Sheng II Scholarship Sheng Pao Simonton Designated Bob and Sue St. Jean Tri State Sheet Metal Trinity Episcopal/ Nancy Sue Fry Vandale Verizon Grants Verizon Vienna VFW Walter/ Sinclair/ Melinger Sara Jane Way Wayne/ Meador/ Elliot Mary Welch Welding Educator Honorarium Wendys Wharton WV Society of Washington D.C. WVU at Parkersburg Board Designated Frank Yoke Jr.

40 years of Building Scholarship 2011 Scholarship Recipients

Rebecca Alloway*

Samantha Carney

Michelle Hoff

Heather Owens

Christopher Anderson*

Bridget Carter

Erinn Honus**

Joshua Pepper**

Michelle Anderson

Karah Casto*

Mary Horton

Drexel Perry III**

Joel Baker

Bryan Casto*

Daniel Jones Jr.

Sara Radford

Cindy Barker

Steve Cavender

Melinda Keller

Nancy Ramsey

Tabitha Barker

Cody Chipps

Ashley Kelley*

Leigh Ramsey

Kalina Barton

Heather Cline*

Mary Kelly**

Kelly Roberts

Hayley Baxter

Sherita Cogar

Ashley Kidd**

Charles Roth

John Berg

Elena Collins

Erika Kincaid

Ashley Sandy**

Erick Bever**

Danielle Cox

Paul Landon

Brandy Smalley

Cole Bird

Renee Cox

Amanda Lepp

Amanda Sprouse*

Kristin Boley

Britney Cunmings*

Katrina Lucas

Brittny Staten

Anna Bordonada

Nicholas Day

Katheryn Maidens

Lynette Stengel**

Nathaniel Bordonada

Terry Dennis, Jr

Kristine McCrady

Kalee Stewart*

Krindra Bowman

Brenda Dickson

Kelli McCumbers

Stephen Swesey

Talia Brady

Earl Eskew

Dylan McKnight

Cari Talarico

Dawn Brady

Katherine Florence*

Charles Miller

Masresh Tilahun

Samuel Brown

Sung-Hye Galloway

James Moore

Sarah Tupper

Jamie Brown**

Rhonda Garner

Corrina Moore*

Cassie Walters*

Bryanna Browning

Matthew Greathouse

Morgan Morgan*

Ashley Warner

Michael Burgy*

Miranda Hackathorn

Trena Moyer

Amanda Washington*

Rebecca Burwell*

Jason Hall

Brittany Munday

Haley Wills

Andrew Buskirk*

Anna Hamrick

Nikki Myers

John Wilson

Angela Calhoun*

Jessy Harness

Jerry Norman

Derick Wolfe

Melissa Caplinger*

Tyler Hill

JoAnn Norman

Megan Wyke

* Notes a student who as of May 2011 has successfully completed an Associate’s Degree or Certificate. ** Notes a student who as of May 2011 has successfully completed a Bachelor’s Degree.

My favorite part [about teaching] is seeing it “click” when they finally understand the content I’m teaching.

Lynette Stengel is the 2011 recipient of the Douglass Adams Scholarship. Lynette graduated in May with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. She drove 40 minutes one way for four years to acquire her degree from WVU Parkersburg and support from scholarships helped her a great deal


40 years of Building Scholarship 2011 Scholarship Support

The WVU at Parkersburg Foundation assists WVU Parkersburg in achieving its goal of making the college an exceptional place to learn by offering support from its managed funds, endowed accounts and fundraising efforts for scholarships, student activities, academic programs, campus improvement projects and capital projects. Lori Hudson “Emblem” Monotype

Programs Receiving Support during 2010-2011 Study Abroad Student Art Leadership Academy Riverhawks Athletics

Academic Program Support

Mona Gandee “A Night Out” Oil

Art Fund Business/Economics Fund Early Learning Center Fund Criminal Justice Fund Education Fund Health Science Fund Humanities Fund Leadership Academy Fund Library Support Fund Music Fund Natural Sciences and Math Fund Nursing Division Fund Social Sciences Fund Technology Fund Theatre Department Fund Welding Department Fund

Endowed and Non-Endowed Student Activities Accounts Bulgaria Project Fund Drama Fund Henry Logan Fund Athletics Lawrence-Berrey Study Abroad Fund Student Advance Fund Student Services Endowment Fully Endowed in italics


40 years of Building Scholarship Student Activities

The WVU Parkersburg Riverhawks Golf Team.

The WVU Parkersburg Riverhawks Volleyball Team.

The WVU Parkersburg Riverhawks Men’s Soccer Team.

The WVU Parkersburg Riverhawks Men’s Basketball Team.

I enjoyed having the opportunity to visit Mexico to study the language and their culture. I was able to expand my knowledge of Spanish, and the trip helped me achieve a step on my way to the goal of speaking Spanish as a second language. I very much appreciate the scholarship that I received, the trip wouldn’t have occurred for me without it.

Jeremy Rollman is a non-traditional student majoring in nursing. One of his goals during his education is to learn Spanish as a second language. Jeremy feels that with the growing number of Spanish speaking Americans, this will help in a hospital environment. Thanks to the Lawrence-Berrey Scholarship, Jeremy is well on his way to accomplishing his goal.


40 years of Building Scholarship Campus Improvements

Top - The original Parkersburg Branch of West Virginia University School building on Emerson Avenue 1961. Left - The ground breaking for the current West Virginia University at Parkersburg Building october, 1967.


40 years of Building Scholarship Campus Improvements

Ground breaking for the new Child Development Center June, 2011.

Master Facility Plan Representatives from WVU Parkersburg’s administration, faculty, staff, students, Board of Advisors, and WVU at Parkersburg Foundation formed a team in 2004 charged with developing a Master Plan designed to provide direction to West Virginia University at Parkersburg in developing the campus. The goal of the Plan is to ensure that the facilities and grounds establish an appropriate environment for teaching and learning that supports Campus programs and students. In 2011, WVU at Parkersburg broke ground on two of the new buildings from that plan: a new Child Development Center and an Applied Technology Center.

Theatre Renovations complete in August

Endowed and Non-Endowed Campus Improvement and Capital Project Funds Clock Tower Memory Garden Fund Child Development Center Fund Jackson County Center Fund Non-Endowed in italics


40 years of Building Careers Employee Appreciation

The WVU at Parkersburg Foundation assists WVU Parkersburg in achieving its goal of making the college an exceptional place to work by offering support from its endowments and managed funds, and fundraising efforts for employee scholarships, appreciation, and professional development.

Endowed and Non-Endowed Funds Benedum PDS Fund Faculty Development Fund McDonough Faculty Fund Phi Theta Kappa Fund Simonton Professor Fund Children of Classified Staff Scholarship Fund Employee Scholarship Fund Endowed in italics

Programs Receiving Support In 2010-2011 Include

Faculty and Staff Development Staff Scholarships Employee Appreciation Initiatives Break room Renovation Holiday Dinner Faculty “Welcome Back” Breakfast

I was shocked, to say the least, extremely honored, and humbled.

Cynthia Gissy, Ed.D is this year’s Bernard P. McDonough Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year. She has been in the education field since 1984 and a full-time faculty member at West Virginia University at Parkersburg for 13 years. Dr. Gissy is now chairperson of the education and humanities division and currently teaches education 401 and 401L at Williamstown Elementary.

The 2010 Faculty Christmas Party.


40 years of Building Careers Professional Development

This scholarship truly helped in furthering my education. It was very much appreciated.


In 2010, the Sisters of St. Joseph Charitable fund partnered with the WVU at Parkersburg Foundation to supplement professional development opportunities for the nursing faculty at WVU Parkersburg. A $25,000 grant to the Foundation from the Sisters provided tuition assistance to nursing faculty pursuing Masters and Doctoral degrees. Barbara Tuell is one of the scholarship recipients.

I had tears in my eyes when I read the journals, several said that it was a life changing event.

- Denise McClung

Each summer for the past five years, Phil and Denise have taken a small group of students around the state to different locations from Black Water Falls to Seneca Rocks. This trip is part of a 12-week course taught by Phil. The course is called Psychology 410 or applied environmental psychology and is designed for students to experience how the environment affects people and how people effect the environment. Students get a chance to see and study such hot-topic environmental issues as mountain top removal, hydropower and wind farms right here in their own backyard, and many have said it changes their lives.

Professional Development week 2010-2011 Leadership Academy


40 years of Building Partnerships Partners

The WVU at Parkersburg Foundation assists WVU Parkersburg in achieving its goal of making the college an exceptional place to partner by offering support from its endowments, managed funds, and fundraising efforts for campus improvement projects, managed funds, facility renovations and campus expansion projects.

The WVU Parkersburg Jackson County Center.

WCE and Chamber MOV Business After Hours Events.

Ailey II performing as part of the WVU Parkersburg Distinguished Performance series.

The WVU Parkersburg Downtown Center.

Endowed and Non-Endowed Funds

Programs and projects Receiving Support Between 2010-2011 Include

Coldwater Creek Lecture Series Fund Presidents’s Special Events Fund

WVU at Parkersburg Downtown Center Jackson County Center Distinguished Performance Series

Endowed in bold


40 years of Building Partnerships 2011 Honorary Degree Recipients

Senator Joe Manchin Richard Adams Felice Jorgensen Dr. Joe Badgley Secretary Kay Goodwin Erik Bitterbaum George Kellenberger Elmer Blankmann Mike King Senator Donna Boley Gerald Lang Dr. Neil Bucklew Admiral Joe Lopez Gaston Caperton Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito Dr. Peter Magrath Gayle Manchin Charles Casto Mike Matheny Betty Chilton Joyce Mather Dr. James Clements Byron McClenney Dr. Billy Coffindaffer Jim McCutcheon Jimmy Colombo Dr. Eldon Miller Robert D’Avria Congressman Alan Mollohan Linda Dickirson Jim Mylott Charles Erickson Mayor Robert Newell Harry Esbenshade, Jr William Niday Smoot Fahlgren Dennis Pence William P. “Pat” Getty Sam and Susan Ross Susan Hardesty Holmes “Butch” Shaver Patsy Hardy Randall Snider Jane Harrington Robert Stauffer Abby Hayhurst Dr. Robert Stephens Jr. James Hayhurst, Jr. Dan Wharton Senator Jay Rockefeller 16

40 years of Building Support 2010-2011 Legacy Givers $10,000 or More Per Year Giving

Ruth Beckwith** Ray & Kim Blackburn  Van Fry  Mr. Robert Lawrence-Berrey**    Mary Riccobene  The Spartan Foundation* 

* Notes gifts made as grants

** Notes gifts given In-Kind


40 years of Building Support 2010-2011 President’s Club $1,000 or More Per Year Giving

Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Elizabeth Adams  Robert & Geni Astorg  Hortense Butler  Mr. Ralph Daugherty  Senator & Mrs. Frank Deem  David & Linda Dickirson  Harry Esbenshade, Jr.  Dr. Marie Foster Gnage Bernard P. McDonough Foundation*  Kathleen Mitchell  Rick Modesitt  Charles W. & Barbara S. Morgan  Catherine & Michael Mutz  Pro 1 Electric, LLC**  Robert & Susan St. Jean  Washington United Methodist Church  Ms. Linda Watkins  * Notes gifts made as grants

** Notes gifts given In-Kind


40 years of Building Support 2010-2011 Centurion Donors $100 or More Per Year Giving

Ruth Beckwith

George Kellenberger

Dr. David & Bobbie Bell 

Ms. Jenny Keup 

Elmer Blankmann

Randy & Teresa Law

Mrs. Sheryl Buckley** 

Michael Leftridge

J.L. Bush

Bob & Sandy Lessig

Attorney Richard Bush 

Barbara Loboschefski

Joe & Marcia Campbell

Lisa Yoke Martin

Community bank

Phil & Denise McClung

Complete System Support, Inc.

Fred Mcintosh**

Steve & Ellie Conlon

Curtis & Ginger Miller

Robert Davria

Paul Morgan, Sr.

Cheryl Donohoe

Robert & Debbie Newell

Ergon Oil

Dr. Frieda Owen 

Smoot & Judy Fahlgren

Palmetto Dental Associates

Brian & Susan Falck

Chip Pickering

Juanita J. Fleming

Craig Rabatin

C. Michael Fulton

Dr. Loring Ross

Cindy & Steve Gissy

Rita Sheehan

Harris Family Dentistry

J.B. Skidmore

Interactivity Foundation

Thistledew Farms, Inc.

Joyanna Jobes

Trinity Episcopal Church Women

Johnstone Supply**

United Bank

Susan Jones

WVU Parkersburg Intramural Sports Club

* Notes gifts made as grants

** Notes gifts given In-Kind


40 years of Building Support 2010-2011 Associate Donors Elsie Marsh Lt. Paul D. McCauley   Curtis Miller Insurance  Shannon Morgan  Mountain Company  Rev. Jack & Lynette Neilson  Alice Ondrusek  Judith Osbourne  Lawrence and Sherron Oyler  Hazel Parsons  Patricia Peppler  Nancy & Norman Rawson  Louis Ray  Ron Roberts  Louis and Megan Roy  Barbara & Edwin Sheppard  Sisters of St. Joseph  Randy & Pamela Snider  John & Beth Spriggs  Joyce Stover  Betty Jo Tidd  Anthony & Victoria Underwood  Elroy & Carolyn Waltzer  Robert and Robin Waters  Marci Weyer  Beth Wood 

Anonymous/Earned Income Sharon Apgar  Barnes & Noble Book Store**  Mary & Edwin Barnhart  Dennis Bell  Dr. Erik Bitterbaum  Dina Braniff  Jessica Bush  Lawrence & Pamela Carson  Garland and Nina Cheuvront  Chris Clifford  Dr. Ragina & Bob Copeland  Shirley Dianne Davis  Connie & Bill Dziagwa  Jason & Molly Floding  Mr. Robert Full  Charles Hampton Hampton  Harrisville Lions Club  Harsh Law Office  Judy Higgs  Catherine Houser  Peggy Jameson  Sue Ellen Johnson  Dr. Ghassan & Genevieve Khalil  David Kurtz  Tom Lemon  * Notes gifts made as grants

** Notes gifts given In-Kind





$ 2,116

Total Liabilities $ 4,762

$ 6,499,356

Total Net Liabilities and Assets

$ 7,507,018

$ 6,497,240

Total Net Assets $ 7,502,256

Unrestricted $ 212,524 $ 192,556 Temporarily Restricted 5,389,778 4,653,943 Permanently Restricted 1,899,954 1,650,741

Net Assets

$ 2,116

$ 6,499,356 4,762

Accounts Payable $


Total Assets $ 7,507,018

Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents $ 208,618 $ 262,035 Pooled Investment Fund 7,272,404 6,212,671 Accrued Interest and Dividends Receivable 12,471 12,082 Other Assets 13,525 12,568

Based on Fiscal Calendar Year beginning July 1 and ending June 30

Statement of Financial Position

The WVU at Parkersburg Foundation: 40 Years of Support to WVU Parkersburg



Total 2009-2010

$ 930,179

$ 574,615


192,556 4,653,943 1,650,741

Change in Net Assets

Net Assets at Beginning of Year

5,922,625 $ 6,497,240


Net Assets at End of Year $ 212,524 $ 5,389,778 $ 1,899,954 $ 7,502,256

$ 1,005,016

$ 355,564

Total Expenses $ 337,842 $ -0- $ -0- $ 337,842 19,968 $ 735,835 $ 249,213

$ 124,444

Total Support Services $ 120,500 $ -0- $ -0- $ 120,500

$ 231,120 $ 124,444

Support Services Management and General

Total Program Services $ 217,342 $ -0- $ -0- $ 217,342 $ 120,500 $ -0- $ -0- $ 120,500

Expenses Program Services Grants and Scholarships $ 108,897 $ -0- $ -0- $ 108,897 $ 85,595 Faculty/Staff Development 38,420 -0- -0- 38,420 44,082 Other Program Cost and Equipment Purchases 70,025 -0- -0- 70,025 101,443

Total Revenues, Gains, and Other Support $ 357,810 $ 735,835 $ 249,213 $ 1,342,858

Revenues Gains and Other Support Contributions $ -0- $ 178,391 $ -0- $ 178,391 $ 254,447 Interest and Dividend Income 4,925 139,238 45,186 189,349 155,082 Realized Gains (Losses) on Investments 6,143 237,420 62,486 306,049 352,448 Unrealized Gains (Losses) on Investments 19,432 474,977 174,660 669,069 168,202 Net Assets Released From Restrictions 327,310 (294,191) (33,119) -0- -0-

Temporarily Permanently Unrestricted Restricted Restricted

Fiscal Year 2010-2011

Statement of Activities

The WVU at Parkersburg Foundation: 40 Years of Support to WVU Parkersburg

WVU Parkersburg Foundation 2010-2011 Annual Report  

Have a look inside to see what the WVU at Parkersburg Foundation has been doing to suport WVU Parkersburg during the past year.

WVU Parkersburg Foundation 2010-2011 Annual Report  

Have a look inside to see what the WVU at Parkersburg Foundation has been doing to suport WVU Parkersburg during the past year.