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Dry slope resorts


Two days before the important IAAPI trade fair in Mumbai starts, we flew to the city of Vishakhapatnam, one of the fast growing economic centres of the India state of Andhra Pradesh (about 49 million inhabitants). Here we attend on an India investors congress.

Because the Mexican economy is doing well and more and more demand is on our ice-karting facilities. The ice-karting train is being built in Merida on the peninsula of Cancun in the southeast of Mexico, where the next routes are already being ordered.

Ice-Karting becoming more popular

Big honour for Skitrax in India

Important investors from all over India had travelled and informed themselves about the new opportunities to invest in innovations. In this context, companies that were chosen by the state of Andhra Pradesh were also awarded a plot of land over 7 hectares from the surrounding region to make investments for new, interesting projects. An essential component of the commitments is the creation of at least 80 new jobs. Among the 30 candidates for this state support, the Indian Skitrax importer “Sports Infra solutions” emerged as the winner with the complete infrastructure for a professional dry slope resort with Skitrax mats. As part of an award ceremony, the two Managing Directors Meer Waquiruddin Khaleeq (Sports Infra Solutions) and Wolfgang Schmidt (Skitrax World), got the certificates from the Chief of Minister of the state of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu and his tourism minister, Mrs. Bhuma Akhila Priya. Dozens of photographers and press representatives made sure that this report was immediately published to all newspapers in India. The planning for the realisation of the huge dry slope area with tubing tracks and other leisure activities is now running with full speed.

East of Mexico City is the city of Puebla. A new location of a multimillion dollar amusement park, a further ice-karting facility with about 400 sqm of pure Karting area will be installed here. Within the framework of a new amusement park, the group is building a third ice-karting facility with about 500 sqm of karting area directly in Mexico City. Adapted to the national colours, the kart track will be mostly in red colour. 8-10 e-Karts are installed with state-of-the-art charging stations per installation. All e-Karts are with remote control. With our specially developed eco-lubricant „Slide Liquid“, the e-karts can perfectly „slide & drift“ on he Ice-Karting track. All plants are to go into operation by the summer of 2018.


IAAPI fair in Indien For the first time, at the end of February 2018, in conjunction with our Indian cooperation partner “Sports Infra Solutions”, we attend with an own stand at the largest Indian trade fair for entertainment and attractions. We offered our complete range of products for our dry slope technologies “Always where snow is missing”. For the 19th time the IAAPI took place and gave a clear outlook on the economic perfor-


New tubing track in Lithuania After the great success of a tubing track with two lines in Vilnius for operation in winter and summer at the same place, the operator builds an additional, new tubing track with two lines in another city. Almost 400sqm of the fast Skitrax Tube are installed for this purpose. A wooden construction of approx. 150m lengths and a conveyor belt is planned again. Opening is scheduled for June 2018.

mance and the immense possibilities for the Indian market. On the three days of the fair we were able to welcome many decision makers from amusement parks and hotel facilities to our stand. There is much to do in the country with 1.38 billion inhabitants. Already there are three concrete projects, each with approx. 5000 m2 large dry slope resort and some tubing systems to complement large hotel complexes. Together with “Sports Infra solutions” we create the entire planning with design, construction of the mat ski slopes with service stations, restaurant, parking spaces, ski rental and instructor training through our professional, 30 years old, German Ski school “Schneestation (Snow Station)”. The predominant number of ski instructors will come from the skiing areas of the province of Kashmir for the time being.


Dry slope areas


Meeting with president of Indian Ski association

Kids Tubing in Belgium A new indoor tubing track was opened in the autumn of 2017 in Belgium. On a small track, the kids slide down the track with the tubing tires. At the

side, the kids can go quickly up to the start area.


Sport Park Brasov

Due to the newly planned dry slope resorts in India, there is also a reconstruction of the structures of the Indian Skiing Association. To this end, we met with the President of the Indian Ski Association, Mr. Roshan Lal Thakur, in the largest exhibition for amusement parks IAAPI in Mumbai (India). In addition to the construction of new structures for alpine racing, the structures of the ski clubs ans skischools in the big cities should also be substantially expanded. Wolfgang Schmidt, owner of Skitrax World, was a longtime owner of the Professional ski school “Schneestation (snow station)”, member of the German Professional Ski-Instructor Organisation (DSLV) and former board member of one of the oldest skiing clubs in Germany (WSV Oberaudorf), valuable information on the accelerated construction of the Indian ski clubs and the structuring of the ski instructor training system in India. The owner of “Sports Infra Solutions”, sea Waqiruddin Khaleeq will be responsible for the coordination and operational structure. (Picture from left Meer, Wolfgang, Roshan)


In Spain and Portugal, many Tubingtracks are in operation in the „winter months“ of December until February. As there is no snow in the big cities, tubing and a winter landscape are offering a nice snow winter world. Many of the customers of our Skitrax mats are building these temporary tubing tracks in different Spanish and

face three ground curves and a lenghts of approx. 150m. With a new conveyor belt, the tubers will be quickly transported up to the start. The sandy soil is designed with our new „Dry Slope Drainage Fleece“. Thus, no stones come onto the surface and the rain is professionally transported. A hotel with a restaurant and a service station was also newly built. The further expansion with a dry slope area is next in the planning.

In May, the construction of an approx. 70m long tubing track with two lines in Poland is started. In addition to the almost 200 m2, the new EPIC™ tubing tires will also be used.

Doppel Tubing Track + Airbag

X-Mas Tubing in Porto

In the spring of 2018, a particularly attractive tubing track will be opened near the Romanian famous winter sports resort Brasov. This track will

Tubing in Poland

In the Romanian town of Craiova is just installed a fleet tubing track with two tracks each 70m length. For this purpose, a second tubing track with 70 m length and jumping kicker is built for a jump into an air bag.

Portuguese cities. So big cities e.g. Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Málaga enjoy the winter fun with tubing tracks etc. New is the Portuguese city of Porto, with an estimate 50m long tubing track with two lines. For the first time ever, new TUBTRAX-1 metal flooring elements were used. On these metal elements the mats are screwed up and arranged with the

element one after the other of the entire track. The elements are attached to the ground with nails or matching screws. So a build-up is realized in a few hours - and the dismantling goes even faster.


Indoor Tubing Park in Bursa In Bursa, the third largest city in Turkey, has been operating an indoor tubing track in a large Kids leisure park since the beginning of the year. Organized by the “Antalya Park” group.

Dry Slope Areas


First alpine skiing area in India

New TUBTRAX© System

For the first time, a large dry alpine skiing dry slope with more than 5000 square meters will be built in India. There will be three skiing tracks for beginners and intermediate skiers with a max. length of 200m, a big beginners area and in addition a large double tubing track with an 80m length. With the construction of several lifts, service stations, ski rental, restaurants and parking areas, a perfect infrastructure is provided. A ski school according to the professional training system of the German Ski Instructor Association (DLSV), will provide qualified ski lessons. Further plants are planned for the coming years in different Indian cities.


TUBTRAX system offers a diverse installation programme for tubing tracks for different use. It is modularly built, flexibly usable and compatible with one another. TUBTRAX-1 Complete Metal Construction: connected and it is laid out in a row/next to one another. All parts are stainless and galvanized. TUBTRAX-2 Side Walls with Crossed-Metal-Connection and the new “Dry Slope Drain Fleece” (DSDF) provides a light system with fast installation. TUBTRAX-3 A very solid parabolic curve system, compatible with TUBTRAX-1 and 2.

Ice-Karting track in Mexico As an important part of a new multimillion Dollar entertainment park on the Cancun Peninsula in Mexico, a large ice-karting course will be built. On an areas of 400 sqm, you can slides & drift with 8 Karts on „slippery“ Skitrax mats - sure with our eco-lubricant “Slide Liquid”. A further big Entertainment park near Mexcico city with an Ice-Karting course will open in Spring 2018. Three Ice-karting parks will open in 2018!

TUBTRAX-4 Straights and parabolic curves and start gates made of hight quality wood. TUBTRAX-5 New exiting inflatable tubing track. Ask for our new TUBTRAX brochure!


Vilnius funny Tubing track A new attraction was added to the small but very nice skiing area in the capital of Lithuania. Two tubing tracks over 100m long – including an interesting waved construction. All tubers will be transported by a conveyor belt to the starting area. The tubing track is integrated in the “Liepkalnis Winter Skiing Tracks” and will be opened in June 2017 and in operation for summer and winter.


Heyran Construction work for 3-way tubing track The largest Tubing track in Iran is currently built in Heyran, northeast Iran (border to Azerbaijan). 3 x 70m long tubing tracks are built next to one another. Right underneath of the big “Doppelmayr” cableway. The new TUBTRAX-1 system is used for the flexible installation. Up to 3000 guests per day will be expected in summer. Another highlight at 1600m altitude. Further projects are in planning.


Water ramps

Park City Sliding event The largest Freestyle waterramp in the world in Park City is not only the place to be for the best freestylers but also for the most daring backsliders. Several of these competitions will take place in 2017. The Skitrax mats will be covered with a plastic foil. The candidates slide down and jump off a 25-40 degree kicker and can get as high as 15m. Up to 1000 people participate. Picture left: in the middle Wolfgang Schmidt (CEO Skitrax) and Will Goldsmith (Chief operator Olympic Park) right side.

Water ramps

Oberaudorf (GER) Jump & Turn

Inflatable tubing track Inflatable tubing track A starting area with a height of 5m and a sliding area with a length of 15m is easily inflated with TUBTRAX-4 – just place the Skitrax mats in between and off you go. Perfect for promotional events which take place in different places.

Den Jump&Turn Freeski Wasserschanzen Contest am Luegsteinsee organisierte die Freestyle Abteilung des WSV Oberaudorf zum fünften Male in enger Zusammenarbeit mit dem Sponsor Skitrax. In getrennten Wertungen für Jugendliche und Erwachsene war sie als „Offene Deutsche Meisterschaft Freeski Wasserschanze“ ausgeschrieben. Abgerundet wurde der Contest durch die Programmpunkte Stand-Up-Paddeling-Turnier, Goodie4-Tricks-Session am Trampolin und Straight-BoxSession mit Wasserlandung.

Dry slope areas & Tubing tracks & Ice Karting

NEW: Dry Slope Drain Fleece©

Indoor Tubing 1 Fun times during Christmas holidays in Portugal. Amongst other attractions a 10m long tubing track with tubing tires was built.

In combination with TUBTRAX-2 we developed a new drainage fleece. The Skitrax “Dry Slope Drain Fleece” is a hollow knobs drain element and has on the bottom a friction increasing stricky spread. Even in slope areas the product does not need further mounting (up to an inclination of 1:3 (=approx. 18° or 23%). It is delivered in rolls with 55m lengths and 4,95 width. We can, however, customize the length and the width according to your specifications. The fleece is connected with the side elements of TUBTRAX-2 with screws. This provides a professional, solid tubing track with a high factor of cleanliness. The rain water will be drained with the hollow knobs and will thus protect the track from floods and washouts. Perfect base for dry slope areas, tubing tracks, water ramps and ice-karting.


Indoor Tubing 2 An indoor tubing track with LED-lighting was built in Latvia. THE attraction in the fun park.


Slide Liquid 2.0

Soell has safe lift entries & transfer paths The mountain railway of Söll (Austria) has, again, used the Skitrax mats for another lift entry. Several skiing areas in the Alps use the mats for their lift entries and exits. Due to warm temperatures and strong sunlight in February, the mats are also used for transfer paths to lift and for the lift tracks.

Improved gliding features

Tubing tracks are becoming more and more popular. Our new Slide Liquid is the perfect solution to ensure perfect gliding experience with minimal wear and tear. 100% bio-degradable (silicon free) and the liquid sticks to the mats and thus ensures a perfect gliding with minimal abrasion. It is also water-repellent and can thus be used in winter as well.


Bled Year-around tubing Tubes

New Tubes Summer & Winter use New tubes summer & winter Children and adult sizes: 90, 100 and 120cm. The tubes have a 2mm „hard body“ floor. With a solid natural rubber hose our tubes are long lasting. They are resistant towards heat/ozone/aging/ chemical reactions and they provide a perfect isolation and damping. They are cold and heat-resistant which makes them perfect for both summer and winter fun. They have tear-resistant nylon, an inflatable seat cushion and a solid ring (for towing) or for the T-Bar.


Park City Ski jumping hill tubing There are more than 500 ski jumping hills with dry slope mats for the summer training – but the ski jumping hills can also be used for “Speed Tubing”. Starting below the jump-off platform the daring tubers can test their speed. We deliver the tubes for the action.

A tubing track for year-round use has been built in Bled (SLO). Skitrax did not only provide the mats for the tracks but also the tubing tires. For this purpose, a customized ramp construction out of stainless steel was built. Given a precise installation manual the fitters had no difficulties installing the tubing track. You jump into an airbag; these airbags can also be delivered in different sizes. Within a year the next tubing track in Slovenia was built.


Harbin Mega Indoor Ski dome The city of Harbin (province of Heilongyang) has a population of 10 million people and in the summer of 2017 one of the largest indoor ski halls will be opened. It will be around 80 hectare. The Wanda Group is currently building a ski hall with 100m length and 6 slopes next to one another. Up to 1500 people can use it simultaneously. You can also find a skate park, a theatre, a cinema, a shopping mall, 4 and 5 star hotels and an ice-skating rink with a floating freestyle ramp with skitrax mats and a jump into an airbag.



International Exhibitions 2018/19 You will meet us at the following trade fairs: . . . . . . . . . .

ISPO - Beijing & Munich ALPITEC - Bozen & Beijing Mountain Planet - Grenoble OUTDOOR - Friedrichshafen Licensing Expo - Las Vegas SKIEXPO - Moskau SKI & SNOWBOARD SNOW - London SKIEXPO - Helsinki Expo Andes - Santiago de Chile IAAPA /EAS - Amsterdam, Dubai, Hongkong, Orlando etc.


Appointments are required!

Always on the run

Nature at its best The past months we have been on the road a lot with our customers to find the best areas for dry slope areas, water ramps, tubing tracks etc. Regardless of the season measurements and earthworks have to be made months before the actual installation. At different fairs all over the world we inform and advise our customers with our newest improvements. Always on the run.

ments Measure India in south

Negotiations in Japan

Measu in Gulm rements arg (Him ala


ir Gulmarg - Kashm ort world Highest ski res altitude wide - 4000 m

With the train through China

n Canadia s track Tubing

Alpitec fair Peking

Visit on the DEAL fair Dubai

t Garden Wanlong / Secre ings - China Olympia plann

Honors in (IND) Visakhapatnam

Consulting at Las Vegas Lake

Through the wild Kurdistan (E rbil)

PA fair EAS/IAA na Barcelo



Interalp in fa Innsbru ir ck

Always where snow is missing

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Skitrax Newsletter 19/ 2018 - English Version  

Interesting novelties about tubing tracks in Romania, new dry slope areas in India, new ice karting facilities in Mexico, new freestyle wate...

Skitrax Newsletter 19/ 2018 - English Version  

Interesting novelties about tubing tracks in Romania, new dry slope areas in India, new ice karting facilities in Mexico, new freestyle wate...