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good surfing scenes but music needs more autotune and mumble rap..... also, nothing exploded​. Hobbs and shaw should meet the avengers in the next movie​ i know a surprise like this would be monumental, i would be taken aback too- but if he showed a bit more gratitude and freaked out a bit, i think shane woulda felt pretty good and a little less awkward. i mean a board and a trip to surf a crazy spot with your hero? #millenials.​ Imma be real with ya’ll, they chose the best song for this trailer ​

When fast and furious used to actually be a car movie now marvels took over​ No A.I. ?​ Track list anyone?​ Oh my gawd 2 mission impossible movies in 1 year​ Pra quem foi ao cinema e assistiu os filmes, e saia quem nem loko alerando os carros que tinha na época, e me vem isso, nada contra os atores, gosto deles mas não como protagonista do nome de Velozes e Furiosos...sem essência....Não se fazem velozes e furiosos como antigamente nem sei como expressar a decepção.​ Betta hit outkast up​ I really miss the car tuning,Street races,Having a special iconic car that stands out like the R34 from 2f2f,although the franchise is stil super popular it just isnt the same like the early days.​ If your franchise didn't start with 10 second cars, tuna sandwiches and stealing DVD players and is now about tracking down a superhuman who is played by Edris fckn Elba then what the hell have you been doing?.​

After Paul Walker F&F series is not good to watch​ his back the transporter 128:133 #movies4np​

Grew up on these movies every day after school...looking forward to this one​. Queria saber qual o nome da musica Do matt meola​ Women can sense danger and death.You should always listen to your woman.​ That was sooooo cool!:)​ Did you see when the guy attempted to swim out on his board but the waves pushed him back​. SICCCKKKK!!! GOOOOOOOOSSSEBUMPS​

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