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Just like the city itself, Glasgow’s thrifting scene is the perfect mix of new and old, with stores offering everything from beautiful vintage Singer sowing machines, to new, pristine designer gems at a fraction of the retail price. Whether you live for retro finds or prefer your clothes straight from the rack, there’s something for everyone in this great thrifting city.

The £10 Thrift Store,

Great Western Road, West End Located on the very end of Great Western Road just before the Botanic Gardens, this is a shop chock-a-block full of second-hand gems for boys and girls. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d walked into a time machine when you see the Victorian plastering and beamed ceiling, rails of suede-fringed and leather biker jackets along with the fabulous neon signage and fun colour coordinated rails! The ‘We Love to Boogie’ section that is individually priced has some of the best quality vintage dresses, jackets and knitwear we've ever seen in all our years of thrifting mixed with brand new tees and even some old designer pieces! There’s also a cabinet full of beautiful costume jewellery and sterling silver pieces that would make the perfect gift for your favourite vintage-lover or even a cheeky treat for yourself! There's something for everyone in this treasure trove. Bargain Belters:A chunky cable knit cardigan and a huge leather varsity football jock jacket



Cancer Research UK,

Wilson Street, City centre This lovely little shop is tucked away just up the road from Marks and Spencer’s on Argyle Street. The manager works hard to keep up the store’s reputation as more of a second hand boutique than a charity shop. With its clever décor, all kinds of great finds in stock and a sizeable notso-secret vintage closet located in the back, it’s filled floor to ceiling with stunning clothes, books, accessories and treasures to excite any retro fanatic. Barnardo’s is a wondrous time machine full of charm and is the perfect shopping destination if you’re a fan of thrift stores. This wonderful retreat through the ages is the perfect stop for anyone looking for a fancy new get-up or some beautiful relics to decorate their home.

Queen Street, City Centre The baby of the list, this store opened just a few months ago but the well-sized shop with neatly stocked rails as well as the super friendly staff have already led to a loyal following. It’s always busy with fellow thrifters looking to bag one of their glorious bargains. On the rails we found Topshop dresses, DKNY jackets, Jasper Conran evening gowns, Topman T-shirts and expensive looking kilts at a steal of a price. We even spotted some brand new looking bags by well known high street names. But it’s not just clothes that keep this adorable charity shop in business, there are shelves as far as the eye can see of shoes, books and lovely little trinkets for the home. For all ages from 18 to 80, this Cancer Research UK is an ideal thrifting destination.

Bargain Belters: A trio of huge brown leather suitcases for £2 each, a practically new Dorothy Perkins beaded shirt, a pair of brown suede flats from Zara and a pair of the prettiestvintage sunglasses we’ve ever seen all for under £30!

Bargin Belters: A gold sequin top from Papaaya, two Topman t-shirts, a floral Topshop skater dress for, and you’ll never believe this, just under £20!!


Dowanside Lane, West End Hidden away in a white building down a cobbled lane off of Byres road across from Hillhead Subway station, Relics is a bit tricky to find but totally worth the search.Technically more of an antiques store than a thrift shop, it’s like they cleared out the attic of every eccentric pensioner in the world with everything they found in this tiny wee shop. We’ve found some absolute belters here; furniture,vintage handbags, jewellery, endless pretty china sets, some old traveling trunks as well as old and modern camera lenses and other equipment. Stuck for gift ideas? Want something to make your house feel a little more like home? Totally desperate to find a vintage toothpick? Then this is the place for you. The people that run Relics add just as much magic to the experience as the strange layout (if you can call ‘stuff balanced on other stuff’ a layout). If you smile sweetly enough for them, they’ll deliver your bigger vintage finds to a local address free of charge, not to mention the cat, who walks around on top of countless antiques yet never seems to break anything. Which is talent at a new level. Bargin Belters: Some beautifully cut cut , genuine crystal bowls for just a quid each and a stunning orange leather satchel bag for a tenner!



Here at SKINT we love seeing how people interprite style within their everday lives. So, we sent Fashion management student Adebusola Fashade off onto the streets of aberdeen searching for the best dressed scots to snap! Here’s our favourite styles!

Topshop is a staple of the Great British high street. Tried and true, it provides that little bit of luxury that other high-street stores lack, but a slightly higher cost.

Topshop Buchanan Street has recently underwent a fashion fabulous refurbishment. The store that was once home to both Topshop and Topman has now been taken over solely by the girls. Upon entering the store you can immediately notice the difference, the brighter lights, a more spacious feel and a fresh paint job accompanied by a theatre of mannequins all styled up to this seasons hottest trends. The store now holds its own make-up section on the lower level stocking almost every colour of nail polish known to man. On the same floor there’s a massive section dedicated to the accessories that accompany our every day outfits from flower crowns fit for a forest queen down to those pretty pastel socks available in almost every cute colour possible.

The top floor is a pastel palace sporting a range of gingham co-ords, floral belly tops, daisy crop tops and everything else you expect from this seasons trends. The back section is still home to the footwear department, think jelly shoes, floral wedges and of course those killer heels that you know deep down can’t walk in, but you buy them anyway.

The store re-opened with it’s new look on the 10th of April, but it wasn’t only Topshop Buchanan that underwent a new look, it’s sister store Argyle Street had it’s own new lookthat was unvieled to the public a week later on the 17th of April. Topshop celebrated this exciting refurbishment by hitting the streets of Glasgow to give away seven thousand gift cards to the public, with a cheeky little balance to use in store. If you havent The main level is where you can get down to some shopped in the Topshop Buchanan street store for a while I suggest you get yourself along – It’s a serious shopping. You’re suddenly lost amongst must see. the flower garden trend and come out fighting at the other end in the sports luxe section, of course with many a key pieces tackled and picked up on the way.

Claire, 32. We love Claire’s tartan cape, and at £3 from Ebay It’s an absolute bargin!

Katie, 20. Katie has taken on the current monochrome trend in full force with this outfit. And we love that Primark Cardiagn!

David, 17 We’re loving Davids parka, So timless and stylish.

Ross, 17. We love how simple this look is, and totally ready for summer with the Raybans at the ready!

Ray, 21. We’re totally loving the statement Levi’s Backpack paired with those gorgeous Jordans!

Ashleigh, 24. This sophisticated look is pulled off so well by Ashleigh! We’re loving the fur collar!

SKINT’s STYLE SURVIVAL GUIDE 1. Keep your Eyes Peeled First and foremost know what you’re setting out for. Walk down the high-street, peer into shop windows, and rifle through the designer rails for inspiration, after all they can’t charge you for looking! Once you have a good idea of what styles appeal to you it’s time to go hunting.

5. Golden Ticket! There are times being a student really does ‘pay off.’ Many retailers offer student discounts, don’t be timid - ask about these at every opportunity. offers hundreds of offers from French connection to Sony. Your student card is your own personal golden ticket!

2. Beggars can be Choosers Having limited funds shouldn’t mean you have to limit your taste. Be selective with what you buy, in this sense having an air-tight budget is an asset as it pushes you to pick only the best items. Although tempting, don’t buy anything simply because ‘it’s cheap’. Remember, a garment should seduce you, if you don’t love it in the shop you certainly won’t at home.

6. Vintage Fairs What better way of establishing your own unique wardrobe than buying vintage? The ‘Affordable vintage fair’ is becoming a regular at the Glasgow Briggat, With rails selling designer silk tops from £5 and refreshments from 50p and is a must visit for any one with more style than cash! Watch your friends faces turn green with envy as they enquire about your new Max Mara shorts “Thanks they’re vintage.”

3. Investment is Key Classic pieces are the staples of your wardrobe, spend your money on items you can mix and match with the rest of your collection. A good rule of thumb when debating a purchase is – ‘You should be able wear the garment once for every pound it cost’. 4.Charity Chic Don’t be snobby! Here at SKINT we are recent converts to Charity shopping, a fantastic way of grabbing designer items at extremely low prices. In addition to the feel good factor of knowing you’re moneys going toward a good cause, these treasure troves are different every time you visit!

Staying on trend whilst on a shoe string budget needn’t be a struggle - All you need is the right plan of action. To prove this, Here at SKINT we have put together our ten tricks of the trade to guide you through creating your dream wardrobe for next to nothing! 7. Car ‘Bootiques’ Haggle! Not only do these make for a great day out with friends, at car boot sales the buyer can often set their own price, with a bit of careful chat of course. If you’re shrewd, and talk to the store holder you might even be able to knock money off on job lots. ‘Car Bootiques’ Provide masses of choice, There’s a lot to trawl through but you never know what you’ll find at these and can end up unearthing some real gems. 8.Swap Shop We all have that one pesky garment at the back of our wardrobe that we adored for one weekend in 2010 but haven’t worn since. Why not trade with your friends? After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

9. Do It Yourself You don’t have to be the next Gok Wan to customize your clothing for less. Get surfing the web for DIY tips, I mean you spend half of your life online! you’ll be surprised at what you can create with very little effort! Dying clothing is easy and can cost next to nothing, there are even kits to pour directly into your washing machine to bring your fashions into this seasons trending colours. 10. End of the line Most high-street shops have end of season sales, branches attempt to shift the last of their stock to make room for new clothing lines. Take advantage of these. Remember those shoes you were drooling over in the shop window last month? Well now they’re on sale, and for a fraction of the price.

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