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Beauty Treatment on Trial His & Hers investigates one of Liverpool’s most popular lunch-break beauty treatments, which promises to peel away the years in minutes.


t’s no secret that chemical peels are part of almost every celeb’s beauty arsenal, not just hiding, but actually wiping away a multitude of sins, from acne scarring and lines and wrinkles to sun damage. However, what you may not know is that they’ve also become one of Liverpool’s most in-demand beauty treatments, appealing to women and men who want to see improvements in their skin-tone fast. His & Hers paid a visit to Tracey Bell’s Hanover Street salon to find out why this A-list treatment’s being snapped up on the high street and to see whether you really can achieve a red carpet ready glow in your lunch-break. After some slight nervousness over the phrase ‘chemical peel’, we were relieved to


find that the facial, which was carried out in a chic and spacious treatment room, was actually surprisingly relaxing and not at all uncomfortable (the worst you’ll have to deal with is a slight tingling sensation, which soon passes). We’d also feared that our skin would be left looking red post-treatment, but instead we left Tracey Bell with softer, smoother and much clearer skin than when we entered the salon. This improvement lasted for around two weeks, and it’s easy to see why a host of celebrities have become hooked on regular peels to keep the visible signs of ageing and acne scarring at bay. His & Hers verdict: We would highly recommend this treatment for almost instant anti-ageing effects.

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His & Hers visits the Tracey Bell Clinic to sample one of Liverpool’s most popular lunch-break beauty treatments, which promises to peel awa...

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