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skinny hull magazine Introductory Ad Sizes & Rates Skinny Hull Canoe and Kayak Sailing Magazine is a new format and new name for Canoe Sailing Magazine. Many of the articles are ones we published in Canoe Sailing Magazine, but we’ve given them a new look for both our regular and new audiences. Skinny Hull is the only publication that covers the sports of canoe and kayak sailing; it has no peers. Skinny Hull publishes articles and features not just about sailing canoes and kayaks, but also Pacific Island boats, and most every other type of small sail boat that has a skinny hull. We believe this is a great opportunity for any advertiser to approach an exclusive audience of sailors from all over the globe. Thanks for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Happy sailing! Ed Maurer, Publisher (727) 798-2366

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skinny hull magazine

Introductory Ad Sizes & Rates -Rates shown are monthly. -Annual contracts earn two-month discount; semiannual (6-month) contracts earn one-month discount. -Ads are typically placed according to available space and where they may be most appropriate as determined by Skinny Hull. -There will be a 10% premium for advertiser-requested special placement. -All rates are USD and subject to change. Full-page ad:----------------------------- $100

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Contact Ed Maurer, Publisher or 727-798-2366

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Skinny Hull Magazine Introductory Ad Sizes and Rates  

These are samples of introductory ad sizes ad rates. Rates depicted are monthly and subject to change.