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• Learn More Now : • If you really want to improve web traffic then you need to do a few key things. This is what you need to do. • Firstly you want to make sure that you are doing the proper on page SEO. You should focus on finding keywords that are high traffic but low competition.

• The next step is to optimize each page for search engine optimization. Here is the checklist for proper on page SEO. • Make sure your keyword is in the page title • Put your keyword in the meta keywords • Put your keyword in the meta description • Make sure your keyword is in the opening <h1> tag on the page • Use your keyword within the first 90 characters on the page • Make sure your page has a 1%-2% keyword density of your specific keyword • Use your keyword once but not more than twice in a text link on your page

• These important few factors are commonly overlooked. • If you find the right keyword and then use the above requirements to optimize your page for that keyword then you will find yourself having all the traffic you can want. • Then you just rinse and repeat. Once you get one page set up make another. • The goal is to create a content rich authority site that naturally presells visitors on your offer.

• You do this by creating good content. Good content is king. If your site has good content but keeps the search engines in mind you will do well. • If you miss ether of these two factors then you plan to fail. But now you know the secrets. So you can easily plan yourself for success by following the steps for SEO domination. • And that is what you really want. To improve web traffic in quick, easy and instant ways. Isn't it?

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Improve Web Traffic