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From Empty Pools to Early Retirement: Tony Hawk on How to Avoid a Real Job.





These Denver natives are trying to be positive in these times of political turmoil. And stuff.

What happens when Skinnie takes over the Palms Pool? I don’t rememebr but we have pictures.







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A strange and secretive collection of the world’s political elite... I bet they meet to play Dungeons and Dragons and that’s why it’s secret. Nerds...

54 . . . HITMAN A look at the man behind the revolutionary clothing line..


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I love summer time. Typically, I leave my home and go god knows where, merrily traveling about the Southwest states, crashing parties, surfing couches and, like all non-neutered males, attempting to occupy various orifices. It seems, however, driving around with such freedom is not in the proverbial cards this year, thanks to rising gas prices. I wonder if there’s a conspiracy against the active lifestyle out here? Actually, I don’t wonder. I am certain of it. A bored society is… wait, what I was about to say made no sense. Ironically, the most efficient vehicle on the market, the prototype from Tesla Motors, is also one of the most expensive at100k. But you can read about that in next month’s riveting issue (oooh, that was a behind the scenes preview there… neat). Here’s another spoiler: Jamie Presley next month. Or maybe I just jinxed us. Either way, you now have two more reasons to look forward to the issue after this one. For now, you’ll simply have to read about fascinating things like skate legend Tony Hawk, the heavily rotated Flobots, and of course the mysterious and enigmatic Bilderberg Group. The point is whether you are homebound or free to travel about, no matter where you are, you at least have Skinnie Magzine to keep you company. Month after month. Your faithful entertainment companion. Yep. The other good news is your stimulus checks have probably arrived, just in time for the summer. Do your part to stimulate the economy back into an upswing by spending it on events we endorse or stuff from our sponsors. Buy. Consume. I command you.You already have a free magazine from us, now contribute your share to the rebuilding of our once great economy.We can be great again, damn it! I find it amusing that our dear friend and leader, Dubya, essentially runs our economy into the ground and then, as kind of a lollipop at the end of an unpleasant doctor’s visit, hands us these stimulus checks as a reward for being good about it.Yay, lollipop! I am ready to sit still now. It makes me think of a rude house guest who trashes your home but buys you a burger right before he leaves so you won’t think he’s a bad guy. Not that I’ve had that happen or anything. But I’m not going to bitch about it, I am simply going to go forward and do my part to stimulate the economy this summer. Whatever that may entail. Peace.

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words by Jasen T. Davis and Matthew McLaughlin

God Will Solve Gas Crisis Back in April a community activist named Rocky Twyman came up with a perfect strategy to deal with high gas prices. Jump-start research and development into alternative fuel sources? No. Design a better public transportation system? No. He formed a group called Pray at the Pump, a Christian organization that visits gas stations in Washington, D.C., holding prayer circles until God lowers gas prices. So far, gas has gone up 54 cents. Keep praying, people. Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin with the Kush Boys Group celebrating the launch of Master Kush.

Remember Cheech & Chong? They’re back, well one of the duo at least. Chong is going to be involved in an animated series. Does anyone have a clue as to what it will be about? See if this name rings a bell: Master Kush. This animated series is one of the few projects going to be launched by Kush Boys Group. For more information about this series check out JVC Mobile’s El-Kameleon-KD-AVX44 won CEA Innovations Award 2008. Speaking of JVC, they are also huge sponsors of Crue Fest, which will be held on the east coast starting July 1st and will be making its way back to the west coast in August. Griffith Park held Armenian Bone Marrow 5k Walk and Health Fair on June 21st from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. This year’s Red Bull Music Academy event will take place in Barcelona

Wilmer Valderrma and Criss Angel at Wet Republic.



Spain. Bun B with Rap-A-Lot Records will team up with Zune to discover the next rap superstar… could it be you? Probably not. Deegan, Twitch and everyone else from Metal Mulisha promises to sign a custom painted Mulisha ESP Guitar... That’s if you win the contest. Sign up for it at Oh yeah there’s also a

Billy Idol playing with Camp Freddy

benefit to signing up, you get to attend the X Games 14 along with the crew! Celebrating their CD release on June 10th, Rev Theory performed at Rain Nightclub in the Palms Resort Casino in Las Vegas. The party was thrown by Rev’s music label Maloof Music, a result of the Maloof Brothers recently teaming up with Interscope Records. Too much work and no play makes the band get frustrated as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs sought a new muse by rescuing an abandoned kitten to bring some joy in the recording studios as they try to write new songs. That’s right… a kitten. Celebrity cover band Camp Freddy decided to end a month long residency at The Roxy in Hollywood with a bang at their sold out show on May 29th with a special guest appearance from Billy Idol. Wilmer Valderrma a.k.a. Fez from That ‘70s Show cooled off along with master magician Criss Angel and St. Louis Rams’ running back Steven Johnson at MGM’s Wet Republic on June 21st and the 22nd.

Pop “punk” singer, Avril Lavigne, has recently announced a deal with Proctor & Gamble to come out with a line of perfume in late 2009. Upon hearing the news, the world collectively sang, “Hey hey, you you, we don’t really care. No way No way, nobody really gives a shit.”

A Very Bad Idea A group in Florida calling itself the Sons of Confederate Veterans have decided the best way to heal the racial divide in America is to hoist a 30-foot high, 50-foot wide Confederate flag on a 139-foot pole next to a major freeway for all to see. Lights will be installed so you can see it at night. Co-chair of the group, John W. Adams, claims it’s not about racism, but about “…honoring our ancestors.” However, Adams said that he “…understands if the maneuver is controversial.” What a guy. Mega-popular video game Guitar Hero is seeking to make a deal with metal-band Metallica for a game similar to the recently released Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. Producers of the game have stated that the audience will be able to play an array of Metallica’s greatest hits complete with “Enter Sandman,” “One,” and a 20 minute version of Lars Ulrich whining, complaining and bitching about illegally downloaded mp3’s.

The POWER of LAGER! Kyle Whyte of Great Britain downed four pints of lager and decided to walk home from the pub. A car veered out of traffic, onto the curb and hit him, breaking his left arm, eye sockets, ribs, jaw, nose, knees, cheeks and shins. Doctors informed him that if it weren’t for the large amount of alcohol in his system, he would have died. So don’t drink and drive, but if you are going to walk home do it loaded, it just might save your life. Wow, I’ve been prepared all this time and didn’t know it.




Believing the statue was made of copper, which could be sold at a high price, thieves stole an 8-ft statue of Jesus in Detroit last month. Might as well, it’s not like Jesus or his Eminem-hating dad, God, likes this shithole, murderous, drug-infested city anyways.

Al Qaeda Closer to Winning


WHEN THE CAMERAS STOPPED ROLLING What Really Happened at the 1960 Presidential Debate.

words by: Bobby D. Lux

Television has become a window to our own culture. It shows us things that our ears will never be privy to. Case in point, the 1960 Presidential Debate. JFK vs. Richard Nixon. This was the first of its kind to be broadcast visually to millions of Americans, who, up until then, received their debates of the sonic variety only. Some say this debate cemented Kennedy’s victory. A lot has been made about what happened when the red camera light turned on... but what about when it was off? [TRANSCRIPT BEGIN] NIXON: ...And that is why America can never have a President who is weak on Communism. I will open the door to China. DIRECTOR: Ok, we’re at commercial. We’re back in five. NIXON: How are you, John? JFK:You actually think they’ll let you go to China? NIXON: Well, that’s my plan.You’ve known that. JFK:Yeah, if you say so Richie. NIXON: Look, I don’t call you Johnny; I’d appreciate the same respect, Senator. JFK: I’ll call you a bitch if I want to. No one tells JFK what to do, Richard. NIXON: This is quite an attitude you’ve developed. JFK: Developed? I’ve had it going on 40 years now. Look, you want to be let in on a little secret, Richard? NIXON: Sure. Though any secrets that are damaging might be... JFK: Shut up. Here’s a question... what’s my middle name? Quick hint: it starts with the letter F. NIXON: Ah, I know that one. Fitzgerald. JFK: Wrong. NIXON: No. I’m correct on that. JFK: Common misconception. NIXON: Well, what is it? JFK: Fuckin.’ NIXON: Excuse me? JFK: Fuckin.’ I’m John Fuckin’ Kennedy. What do you think about that? NIXON: I don’t believe you. JFK: Doesn’t matter what you believe. Check this out... [JFK pulls out his birth certificate.] JFK: Read it... NIXON: Uhh... it says uh... State of Massachusetts... birth record. Name, John, no this can’t be...



JFK: Say it. NIXON: John... uh, fucking... JFK: No G. NIXON: Oh. John fuckin’ Kennedy. Doesn’t matter. JFK: Doesn’t matter, huh? You like movies? NIXON: Sure. Who doesn’t? JFK: The movie about me is gonna’ be way better than the one about you. NIXON:You don’t know that. JFK:Yeah I do. Two reasons. First, the main character in mine is far superior to the one in yours, way more charismatic, better looking and went to a better law school. Second, my middle name is Fuckin.’ NIXON: A movie about me would be pretty good, in my opinion. JFK: Are you kidding?! I bet they won’t even find an American to play you. Besides, mine’s gonna be about how great I am, and yours will be about what an asshole you are. Mark my words. NIXON: This is beside the point. JFK:You know what else I like? NIXON: I have no idea. JFK: I like movie stars. NIXON: I’m a fan of John Wayne. JFK: Westerns, huh? I guess I prefer movie stars that have, I don’t know, what are they called... oh yeah, they’re called vaginas. NIXON: This is highly inappropriate, John. JFK:You want to know inappropriate? Next time you’re talking about taxes, you think of me and my brother tag-teaming Marylyn. DIRECTOR: Ok guys, we’re back in five... four... three... two and... JFK: I believe my distinguished opponent was finishing his point... NIXON: Thank you John. I was saying... JFK: Wasn’t it about taxes? NIXON: Why uh, yeah. I uh want to... [TRANSCRIPT END]

With gas prices higher than the moon Americans are buying fewer trucks and SUVs, so GM has chosen to close four production facilities in the United States. Way to go, America. What’s your problem? Sure, it costs a lot to fill the fuel tank of an SUV, but that’s the price of freedom! If Honda wins, and Toyota wins, than an Al Qaeda victory can’t be far behind. Why do all hybrid car owners hate democracy? Any GM executive who suggests that maybe they produce a more reliable automobile will be fired. Same to you, Ford. reports that fattie and man-repeller, Rosie O’ Donnel, “won’t rush to remarry Kelli,” her longtime girlfriend now that gay-marriage is legal in California. Rushing to get seven bacon ultimate cheeseburgers for a midnight snack is more immenent and likely.

Greenland is the New Iraq! Greenland has problems. It’s cold. It’s full of Eskimos. But in Greenland, gas only costs 78 cents a gallon. That’s right, cents.You know what that means… it’s time to invade Greenland! Screw those Eskimo-enslaving ice-holes, once we invade it won’t matter if gas prices go up because there won’t be any more gas stations. Or running water… or electricity. It would make for great TV ratings. We should all pitch in and make sure this war happens. If gas is going to be $5.00 a gallon for us, someone has to suffer… Former Tonight Show and Star Search host, Ed McMahon, is over $640,000 behind on his mortgage and facing foreclosure. To support the former Publisher’s ClearingHouse spokesperson, I recently sent him 10 envelopes in the mail claiming he “may be the winner of 25 million dollars.” See how annoying those are? Now buy some magazines, grandpa!





THE WAR ON COMMUNISM Top 7 Ways The U.S. Tried To Whack Castro.

words by: Bobby D. Lux

Fact: Fidel Castro was a decent athlete and had a tryout to pitch in the majors. However, his curve ball didn’t break hard enough and he went back to Cuba a defeated man with plans of global domination. Of course, this didn’t sit well with the U.S., so they tried to off the would-be hurler. They tried… And tried… And tried… And tried… And tried… Beginning in 1960, the US tried to catch Castro slipping, so to speak… and it’s been the Keystone Cops ever since. 7. Hair Removing Shoes – If you’re not gonna’ kill someone, you may as well kill their pride. That’s what the CIA figured when they tossed around the notion of lacing Castro’s shoes with a powder that would make all of his hair fall out - even the prized manly beard. Surely the Cuban people would lose all faith in him and rise up, right? Why it failed: Hair grows back. 6. Wet Suit – The waters off Cuba are perfect for scuba all year round. As supreme ruler, Castro took full advantage of this. The CIA developed a wetsuit ideal for Castro: the respirator was treated with tuberculosis and the rest of the suit was outfitted with madura foot spores. Why it failed: A diplomat gave Castro an uncontaminated suit. Party-pooper. I guess he figured “murder” wasn’t the best negotiating strategy. 5. Shellfish – The CIA is not known to give up easy, and if Castro wouldn’t wear a contaminated suit, then dammit, go back to the drawing board. Since Castro liked to dive, why not put an exploding conch shell at the bottom of the sea? That was one of the plans kicked around by the CIA. Why it failed: Because it’s fucking stupid. 4. Trick Cigars – Remember what would happen whenever Larry, Moe, Curly and even Shemp would smoke a stogie? Good job if you guessed “blow the hell up!” Castro is always seen smoking fine cigars (Cubans probably), so why not use that fact as an advantage? Why it failed: Special agent Bugs Bunny, who was MIA after not taking a left turn in “Albukoikee,” was unavailable.



3. LSD –Take a moment to imagine the footage: Fidel Castro addressing his countrymen, exposing the wonders of communism when he suddenly sees Puff The Magic Dragon emerge from the sky, ridden by a tough talking giraffe with an Italian accent. The CIA wanted to lace Castro’s Havana studio with some uber powerful LSD in hopes that Castro would go dinosaur-shit crazy live and prove that he was the ultimate not-ready-for-primetime player. Why it failed: If people bought communism,who’s to say they won’t buy a man going nuts in the midst of having a conversation with the cosmos? 2. Jesus Christ – When all else fails, call in the big guns, right? Well, who’s bigger than the King of Kings? The plan was to ignite the fire of revolution under the butts of the staunch Catholic Cubans. How? By convincing them that the Second Coming’s first stop on his 1960 world tour was the Cuban shores to take on the numero uno anti-Christ himself, Castro. Why it failed: Christians want the Second Coming! Bring it on! Alas, the hopes of them rising up to overthrow Castro on their own were thwarted by common sense. 1. Ball Point Pen - Not as sexy as drugs, bombs or Jesus, a trick pen would work nonetheless. That was the plan when a CIA agent went undercover as a “Senator” to meet with a disgruntled Cuban military leader and promised to provide him with a poison pen that would surely do the job after a quick stab in the neck. Why it failed: JFK attempted contacting Castro to smooth things out under the lame-ass, pussified label of diplomacy. Kennedy got shot two months later. Just saying. If only Castro had a better windup and delivery, this all could have been avoided.

The Center for Disease Control has recently reported that US teens are “having less sex, doing fewer drugs and smoking fewer cigarettes than those who grew up in the 1990’s.” The study further revealed that 54 percent of teens in high school remain virgins. Not surprising considering most teens today are emo fags, World of Warcraft nerds and obese bastards who couldn’t even get laid by a Tijuana hooker. Seriously, not even the ones that do those fantastically awesome donkey shows. Vegans Gone Wild A pair of Vegan parents living in Scotland raised their child on a strict diet, which allowed no animal or dairy products. Eggs? Don’t even think about it. Their 12-year old child now has rickets and the bone structure of a malnourished 80-year old women. Way to go, hippies. If you want to drive a car, you have to go through a process of education and testing, but any moron can have a child. Next time those parents should consider the non-vegetarian phenomena known as “breast milk.” A man in Chattanooga, Tennessee - dubbed “The Spiderman Robber” for a string of hold-ups while wearing a Spiderman mask – was finally arrested. Hell yeah, Spiderman’s in jail! Now I can finally bang that stuck-up bitch in his life. No, not Mary Jane, but that sexy-ass older gal, Aunt May!

Man Banned by Airport Morons A 30-year old man was ejected from Heathrow Airport for carrying a gun, I mean, for wearing a shirt with a gun on it, I mean, for wearing a shirt with a picture of Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. The picture shows the Transformer carrying a large handgun. A spokesperson for Heathrow Airport claims that any pictures of guns are not allowed at the airport. If Optimus Prime can’t fly at America’s airports, the terrorists have won. Megatron was unavailable for comment. Drinking water from re-used water bottles can give you “water lips,” a condition that causes lines and wrinkles to form around your mouth similar to those of a constant smoker. Water lips, you say? Does that mean if my girlfriend gives my fun-zone some mouth-loving, it will give her di… nevermind.





SKATEBOARDING’S PHEONIX words by: Donald C. Stefanovich photos by: Michael Vincent

Tony Hawk is a man who needs no introduction. So, he’s not getting one. Oh, alright. Here you go. One of Skateboarding’s greatest protagonists, catalysts and champions, Tony Hawk is perhaps the biggest name the sport ever has, or ever will know; and with good reason. Of course you are likely to find some pre-pubescent skate punks (who probably were introduced to the sport on cable television or playing one of Hawk’s best-selling games) to label him a sellout or the antichrist of action sports, but the fact is that even after being retired from competition for eight years, he remains a driving force in the industry, still gets on a board every day, isn’t afraid to indict the X Games and is one of the most successful people to never have a real job. Now a father and family man, and still lacking any of the tattoos and piercings adorning many of his peers, he’s come a long way from the six-year-old stepping on the blue banana board bestowed upon him by his older brother Steve for the first time, but maybe, just maybe, there is still a little skate punk somewhere inside this iconoclast.



“The very first days of punk rock, I was at Marina Del Rey Skatepark the day the Circle Jerks showed up for a concert and they shot the cover to their album (Group Sex, 1980) and I was like 11 years old. The whole punk movement – The Clash, Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols, all that – my friends were frightened of it, my neighborhood friends. I went to the skatepark and that’s what was blaring out of the loudspeakers,” Hawk recalls. “When I first started skating it was at a time when it was considered sort of at the height of its fad. It was something that my friends were doing so it wasn’t like I had chosen to do something that was completely oddball. But as I dove into it I liked the individuality and I liked the culture surrounding it… I felt like every time I went out I was getting better at it so I stuck with it even though my friends all gave it up. So I found my community at the skatepark and that was just a full outcast crew in terms of backgrounds and hairdos and music styles and fashion.” But it wasn’t necessarily a rebellious nature that drew him in initially: more a determined one. Hawk didn’t come from a broken home or even hate his dad for that matter. In fact, his father was one of greatest inspirations and sources of encouragement, driving home all the local kids from the skatepark and eventually founding CASL and the NSA. Hawk just seemed to have some of the dials in his brain

door was wide open to follow and I wanted to go, I wanted to see what opportunities were available then. So right out of high school I hit the road, went on tours, did a couple of movie parts and it was really exciting. It was amazing to see that people were embracing skating on some level. I had been doing it most of my life and to almost no fanfare, no appreciation. It was a weird time,” admits Hawk. “I would travel across the country on a weekend while I was in school, and there would be thousands of people, and win some big event and come back to school and be a ghost. I definitely already had something to ground me in that in terms of not everyone loved skating or knew what it was about. At the same time, when you’re 18 – 19 and you own a house and money’s coming in you seem invincible and you’re not even considering the future at all.” Then it happened. Skateboarding began to die. Hawk’s career was on life support. He was living off a daily Taco Bell allowance of $5 and doing all day demos outside Six Flags for $100. (Six Flags has now opened Tony Hawk coasters at several parks.) “My saving grace was that my dad was very concerned about that and made sure that I put money away at the time. Even thought it wasn’t a whole lot, that fact that I invested in a couple houses probably saved me

like, ‘Look at these guys! They’re doing this for NO money, they love it – and you can approach them and talk to them!’” The X Games were here to stay and Hawk’s infamous self-titled video game franchise flew from the shelves in record numbers. The rest, as they say, is history. His game would go on to produce more best-selling sequels than Star Trek and Police Academy combined (Hawk actually had a small skating role in Police Academy 4), he would land the infamous 900, his holy grail, before retiring from competition and has even begun a few more successful ventures, not to mention the interminable slew of sponsorships, endorsements and commercials. But even with his continued success, another child on the way and his ever growing Boom Book Huck Jam tour and brand, he still has a very grounded, and passionate, view of his sport. “There are always going to be the hardcore skaters that are out trying to skate the forbidden schoolyards or handrails and so that element will always exist. It just depends on where you want to look,” says Hawk of the skateboarding purists who may call him a sellout. “If you want to be a hardcore skater that’s appreciated by the more discerning skate crowd, you’ve got to push those limits and those stakes are high right now.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to quit skating. I just think if I start to suck, I won’t do it in public.

- Tony Hawk

cranked to the red, but a body that never seemed to keep up, until his feet found griptape. “I had aspirations to what I was capable of, especially playing traditional sports like baseball, basketball,” says Hawk. “If I didn’t live up to those expectations I was really disappointed. If somehow I felt like I let the entire team down that would be really crushing. When I found skating I found something that I could do at my own pace, in my own style.That’s why I really took to it… I actually took existing moves and figured out how to do them in my own way that people actually considered at the time cheating. They didn’t realize that it was actually a much more efficient way of doing it..” With the invention of over 80 tricks to his credit and feats like landing skateboarding’s first 900, it’s one that’s paid off – in more ways than one. But even with what is for all intents and purposes, an empire amassed under his feet, he remains humble and true to his roots. Perhaps one his best reasons for remaining grounded is the fact that he’s seen the sport at its best and worst and weathered more than one storm. “All the kids I was going to school with were trying to figure out what college they were going to go to, what major they were going to follow and here I am already making a living. I bought a house when I was still a senior in high school and I realized that this

in the end. I think around the early ‘90s we could sense that skating was going back down in terms of acceptance and popularity and it sort of had ridden its wave of another cycle of success. We had sort of seen that happen before so at some point my friend who was a pro skater and I decided we should start a company and if skating comes back around we’ll have established ourselves as one of the top brands,” recalls Hawk of the birth of the Birdhouse brand. “To get a foot in the door in skateboarding won’t take a whole lot, but at the same time I was pulling a second mortgage out of my house, I had just started a family and things were not looking so rosy.” Largely in part to ESPN’s X Games (back then they were the Extreme Games), skating did return and like a Pheonix from the ashes, Hawk rode the resurgence to new heights; some might even say he helped save it. “I think that skating was on its way to a sort of mainstream acceptance level without my help, but I’m proud that whatever hand I had in it I represented it well and the things that we brought to a mass level were legitimate and authentic,” he says. “Suddenly people took notice and said, ‘Wow, these guys are really amazing! They have amazing skills and they’re athletic and they’re passionate about what they’re doing and they’re risking their lives.’ At that point, they were used to seeing jaded, megastar athletes in the ball sports. When they saw us on TV they were

Stuff is really dangerous if you’re trying to get noticed. It depends how serious you want to take those styles of skating or those voices. But at the heart of it you’re doing it because you love it and if you choose to be a competition skater and that’s going to be your livelihood those are going to be the sort of attitudes you’re going to have to live with in terms of wanting to get recognition, getting on TV, that’s going to be your key to success.” While this is true, Hawk is acutely aware of the flip side of the coin, one he has been on most of his life. “There’s definitely mainstream elements that maybe seem too corporate and they probably are in terms of how they want to direct the sport.You can even take an example like ESPN saying vert’s dead.They’re jumping the gun on that one,” says Hawk, clearly defensive of the discipline he’s helped nurture throughout the years being nixed from the games. “It really has been one of the staples of the X Games. What has happened is that they’ve started running it live every year hoping for these amazing live moments.They’ve been waiting for this huge moment to happen. That, combined with their complaint that they don’t get any new blood in is their own fault. Their qualification process is by voting and they only have a handful of guys that are voting and they’re only looking at the results from the previous years. They don’t have any feeding qualification system into the X Games to allow new blood to get in.There are plenty of new guys, you’re just not looking.”




Helping to feed the so-called new blood seems to be the motivation behind the widespread distribution of his Huck Jam branded line of boards and bikes; something most may be quick to write off as another commercialization of the sport for profit. “We’ve figured out a way to bring quality skateboards and bikes to the masses,” says Hawk, in a rather noble tone.“That was a big void I thought within our industry.You had these specialty skateboards and then you had the junk they were selling at Wal-Mart and Toys“R”Us… A lot of kids are buying their first bike or skateboard there and it’s junk and they lose interest because they just can’t go anywhere on it. So we did that using our Huck Jam license, we were able to accomplish that and I’m really proud of it.” He goes on to elaborate what’s filled the eight years since he retired and even glance toward the future. “We’re doing our Huck Jam tour and we’re in our sixth year. We’re working on new video games. In fact, we’ve got a new thing going, which I think is going to shock a lot of people. I can’t talk about it yet, but we’re changing up our game completely. And it’s not to mimic the EA game at all. Um… let’s just say you’re going to feel like you’re actually in the experience much more than ever. Let’s just say that we’ve built the engine from the ground up so we’re almost starting from scratch.” Now 40, Hawk has seen the rise and fall of the sport as well as his own life, from his early days in empty pools to early retirement. “I think that



skating is establishing itself as another acceptable form of activity or legitimate sport,” says Hawk. “There’re more kids skating now then playing little league. Those numbers are undeniable and I think that we’re going to see it, as it has, become more embedded in the mainstream vernacular and the culture and I’m proud that I got to see it through a lot of ups an downs and the fact that I’m still here doing it at my age. And doing it at this level is something I never dreamed of and the fact that that is my job description is amazing.” Looking back, one can’t help but wonder what gems of wisdom he has to share. “There’s not some philosophical message that I’m dying to get out to people. I think that a lot of people see skating now and perhaps the motivations for kids to get into it are fame and fortune because you’re seeing all these skaters with their own TV shows and fame and fortune and traveling the world and girls and glamour and I don’t think that should ever be a motivation to do this kind of thing because if you get any kind of taste of it you’re going to lose that drive to keep doing it. The goal shouldn’t be any sort of material, the goal should be to really do it because you enjoy it and to progress and… to challenge yourself and reach goals that you set out for as far as actual, physical skating as opposed to financial aspirations.” And as for Hawk himself, how much longer will he stay on a board? “I’m always trying new tricks. That really is what drives me. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to quit skating. I just think if I start to suck, I won’t do it in public. How’s that?”

AT A GLANCE... + “The only thing I think I’ve ever wanted to do that I never really pursued was ski jumping. But I think I got a taste of it flying 50 ft. over the megaramp.” + “My name never seemed like a blessing when kids were calling me Bony Cock in school.” + “Whenever I go to skate I have the exact same warm-up run and I can tell how the day’s going to go just by how that run goes. It’s nine tricks and from those nine tricks I can determine if it’s going to be a good day or going to be a struggle.” + “I do love fast cars but I never could justify spending more on a car than I would on a house, so whenever I get the chance to go on a NASCAR track or borrow Shaun White’s Lamborghini, I hit it up.” + “My wife actually put on my 40th birthday in Vegas, it was Big Lebowski themed and we rented a bowling alley and people dressed up. I was a sort of toned down version of The Dude ‘cause I couldn’t put a robe on. My brother in law, he’s a perfect Walter, he even brought a can of Folgers.” + “Go to I’ve interviewed a lot of celebrities. I interviewed this blind kid that skates on there that’s amazing. I have thought of Lance Armstrong as a big inspiration… but I think my favorite interview that’s on the site was Christian Slater ‘cause I had lunch with him and we just talked about old times.”




X Games athletes doing their various Peter Pan impersonations.


X GAMES 14 PREVIEW From eXtreme To eXtraordinary Heights. So much has changed since the start of the X Games in 1994. That was a good year. Gas was $1.09 and there was a memorable car chase between LA police and a white Ford Bronco. ESPN X Games was running around in diapers trying to get vendors and pros to attend their little action sports competition; little did they know it would grow to be a worldwide phenomenon. Back then it was known as the “Extreme Games,” but everything was going Extreme at the time like Gatorade and Doritos. Ron Semiao, senior vice president of ESPN Films who founded and developed X Games, wanted to bring more attention to the competition so he shortened the title to “X Games.” The name got noticed and 14 years later the X Games continues to serve the global X community as the chief creative X officer for the largest action sports event in the world. ESPN X Game’s department oversees more than a dozen events, qualifiers, exhibits and competitions annually. With the action sports phenomenon getting bigger ESPN decided to reorganize and rename the department. The new department will focus on the continued global expansion of related opportunities tied to the franchise and X Games events. New events this year will include women’s motocross and BMX Street, which is a lot like Skateboard Street. The formula for Street is a raw street with stairs, rails and ledges. Another clever formula added



words by: Ellen Rumple photos courtesy of: Chad Buchanan, Jeffrey Easton, and ESPN Event Media

for your viewing pleasure is Skateboard and BMX SuperPark. According to ESPN SuperPark will be “100 percent transition-focused designblending a variety of terrain and obstacles into one seamless course.” Since 1994 the X Games brand has grown exponentially and more global expansion is to proceed in the coming years. Further growth was achieved recently when the X Games got some big air and traveled abroad to Brazil and Asia. For the first time ever the event had complete coverage and it was broadcasted in the United States as well as internationally. More than 43,000 people gathered at the Sambodromo do Anhembi for the first-ever ESPN X Games in Brazil, Sao Paulo. Over in Asia a field of athletes was greeted by more than 52,800 spectators over four days of competition, musical performances and demonstrations in Moto X. Events like Moto X Step Up were added and well received by eager spectators, marking the first time the discipline had been demonstrated live in the Peoples Republic of China. The event was televised live from Shanghai KIC Jiangwan Stadium on ESPN Asia Networks. On May 30, 2008 ESPN announced that X Games 14 will be scheduled in Los Angeles over a four day period, starting Thursday July 31st to Sunday August 3rd. Fourteen breathtaking hours of jumps, stunts and crashes will take place at The Home Depot Center and STAPLES Center. Men and Women athletes from all over the world are going

to compete in events such as BMX Freestyle, Skateboarding Street, Skateboarding Big Air, Moto X tricks, whips, and racing. If you are too cheap or too far away to make it out to the show X Games will be programming on all ESPN networks in high definition as well as internet websites. A lot of firsts were made internationally but is there going to be the same feeling once the tour hits America? Will it be as breathtaking as last year’s event when Jake Brown got badly injured after a rebellious Big Air Stunt which landed him on his back, with no shoes and motionless on the ground for eight minutes? Is Ricky Carmichael going to keep up his winning streak in the Moto X Racing Circuit? Will Simon Tabron once again impress us with back-to-back 900s in BMX Vert or will he stun us with a new trick? I guess you are just going to have to wait and see.







words by: Bobby D. Lux

The Hardest Working Guys in MMA . The industrious members of the TapouT crew have always been “in ya face,” and they’re going to be there for a long time. The original MMA clothing company, which started from scratch, has not only grown into the most recognizable MMA brand and common household name, but has also recently purchased Hitman Fight Gear and Premiere Fighter, cementing their home at the top of the MMA clothing pyramid! In addition to their clothing which sponsors a who’s who list of top caliber fighters, their hit reality show begins its second season this month on the Versus channel. Check local listings.

“Can you hear me now?”


ELITE XC: PRIMETIME words by: BJ Cummings photo courtesy of: Tom Casino/EliteXC

Being the first major MMA organization to bring a live fight card to regular, public TV (excluding previous attempts by the IFL), Elite XC made it’s prime time debut on CBS. The fight card would see a controversial third round stoppage in the main bout between YouTube sensation Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson and James “The Colossus” Thompson; essentially, at the end of the second round, Ferguson ate several unanswered shots from the bottom of the cage only to be saved by the bell, whereas in the third round Thompson was ruled TKO’d by referee Dan Miragliotta while still standing after taking four unanswered shots including one that dazed him a little. Gross points earned for the exploding cauliflower ear.


Remembering Mike Conley .

Kevin Ferguson defeats James Thompson TKO 0:38 Rd 1

Carlton Haselrig defeats Carlos Moreno TKO (corner stoppage) 5:00 Rd 1

Robbie Lawler defeats Scott Smith No Contest (thumb in the eye) 3:26 Rd 3

Matt Makowski defeats Nick Serra DQ (wouldn’t get up from guard position) 3:57 Rd 2

Gina Carano defeats Kaitlin Young TKO (doctor stoppage) 3:00 Rd 2

Wilson Reis defeats Justin Robbins Rear naked choke 4:06 Rd 1

Joey Villasenor defeats Phil Baroni TKO 1:11 Rd 1

James Jones defeats Calvin Kattar Rear naked choke 4:49 Rd 1

Brett Rogers defeats Jon Murphy TKO 1:01 Rd 1

Zach Makovsky defeats Andres Soares Unanimous Decision

Chris Liguori defeats Jim Bova TKO (cut) 4:31 Rd 1

Joe Sampieri defeats Mike Groves TKO 4:58 Rd 1

The untimely death of Mike Conley shocked the music and motocross worlds. In early May, DVS Shoes partnered with various hosts to raise money in the honor of Mike Conley’s life and accomplishments at an event held at Perris Raceway. The track was in perfect condition and saw Sean Borkenhagen and Nick Theal take first in the Mike Conley Team Race, and Ryan Chome took first in the Vintage race. For information on the Mike Conley Family Fund, visit:

Julian Wilson Wins The O’Neill Mission Julian Wilson took first place at the third installment of the ultimate free surf contest challenge, The O’Neill Mission. The mobile contest unfolded over nine days and took the competitors to France’s best









surf spots. Julian and the other competitors each edited a video of their highlights from the week for judgment. Wilson’s video included endless aerials and 360s. Julian was also voted the winner of the Amph Progression Session by his peers for his relentless energy pushing the boundaries of tricks in the surf.

Matt “The Law(Maker)” Lindland? “Call a doctor, I think I got water in my ear!”


K-5 SURF KLASSIC words by: Don Stefanovich photo courtesy of: Tom Schultz

K-5 Boardshop kicked the summer surf season off with the inaugural K-5 Klassic at D Street in Encinitas, CA on May 27th. In spite of cloudy skies and early drizzle, 64 surfers came out strong. The inagural K-5 Klassic also drew some formidable talent, including Patrick Gudauskas, his brothers Tanner and Dane and super freak Aaron “Gorkin” Cormican. D Street locals like Sean Marceron, Dewey Cunnison, Darrell Goodrum and Shey Yates as well as other out of town rippers like Teddy Navarro , Ryan Simmons, Micah Byrne and Nick Kovak battled so intensely that nearly every round could have been a final. Also notably, the event utilized a unique scoring system that doubles the rider’s top score, which is then added to their second highest score to give the heat total. “I think it’s cool because it rewards the guy who is pushing his surfing and not just being conservative,” said contestant Shey Yates. “Like if some guy gets two fives but I get a four and six… ya know, I win.” DJ Pat provided the soundtrack for the shredders while a masseuse named Candi kept everyone loose and limber between heats (just one more reason surfers are cooler than you). With the field narrowed to four surfers, the final 25 minute battle ultimately went to Tanner Gudauskas. He would walk away the first ever winner of the K-5 Klassic and $2,000 richer. Gorkin took second, Micah Byrne and Darrel Goodrum ended up in 3rd and 4th, respectively. K-5 Boardshop presented the local boys and girls club with a check for over $2,000. “With the help of our co sponsors, Lost, Dakine, DVS, Twsurf, Von Zipper and DVS we achieved our goal,” said Jurgen Schulz. “The surfers were stoked, the crowd was stoked and we gave back to our community, so we are stoked.” All in all, it seems everyone was stoked.

Ranking: 1st: Tanner Gudauskas

2nd: Aaron “Gorkin” Cormican

3rd: Micah Byrne

4th: Darrel Goodrum

Former UFC top middleweight contender, and current Affliction fighter, Matt Lindland, recently upped his new record to 1-0… in the political world. The Oregonbased fighter recently won the nomination to be the Republican challenger to Oregon House District 52 seat by just under 900 votes. Lindland will run for the open seat against a Democratic opponent in November.

Making Evel Proud! Evel Knievel made history in 1975 by jumping 14 Greyhound buses at Kings Island. Thirty-three years later, Evel’s son, Robbie Knievel, jumped over 23-plus Coke Zero trucks in the same parking lot. Though Knievel fell short of breaking his record distance jump of 231 feet, set in 1998, he managed to shatter the record for jumping Coke Zero trucks.

Yeah, You Can’t Do That. Pro skater Brian Keith Patch, also known as “B.P.”, has been accused of committing “a lewd and lascivious act with a 15-year-old girl.” Use your imagination on that one folks… The alleged incident took place in early April and Patch was taken into custody in May.










I Can Write an Article With No Subtitle... No Subtitle... words by: Alex Mendoza photos courtesy of: 60 Cycle Media

Considering the stream of musicians that has emerged in the wake of websites such as MySpace and PureVolume, it is disheartening to acknowledge the fact there is a severe lack in creativity. Even seasoned veterans of the music industry are turning out mediocre products and there are too few musicians/artists providing an exciting alternative. In the case of the Denver, Colorado based band, Flobots, their infectious single, Handlebars, has become a staple of sorts; the unexpected American anthem for a generation that is engaged and eager to bring about change. In stark contrast to politically charged bands such as Rage Against the Machine and System of a Down, Flobots are not concerned with bulls on parade – let alone fucking the system. Their message is geared toward something a tad risqué: paving the path for us – as a society – to make the change we wish to see in the world. Granted the preceding statement comes off as cliché and sappy, there is a genuine sense



of pride behind the band’s politically guided motives. “It’s not as if we are out there placing the blame on everyone we can.That’s not what we’re about,” guitarist Andy Guerrero states confidently. “Right now we’re in an exciting time where a majority of our listeners are ready for change. They’re heavily involved and becoming active in every facet possible.” Andy is but one integral piece of the seven man group. Opposed to the generic rap-rock formula that only consists of guitars, drums, and MCs, Flobots are an instrumentally diverse group. While utilizing the typical instruments expected of a rock band, the inclusion of a trumpet and viola add a unique flavor to melodic mix.While their songs do not emulate baroque rock anthems or dream pop antics, these instruments are not there for the sake of being different. Their implementation into the Flobots enticing melodic and harmonic structures feels natural, opposed to being forced into musical puzzle. If anything, it makes perfect sense. “You know when we write our songs, all of us are rather involved with the

process. We do not leave the songwriting to just one person. Sometimes one of us will come up with a riff and start playing off each other. In other cases either Jonny 5 or Brer Rabbit will write some lyrics and we’ll get a feel for them and try to make music. Obviously because there are so many of us there are plenty of arguments and disagreements, but once we all arrive at the same destination it’s a great feeling,” Andy laughs as he discusses the Flobots song writing process. The general assumption for most casual listeners is that Flobots are barely emerging; that they’re some new group hitting their stride. Truth of the matter is the Flobots name has been around since 2000 when James Laurie – a.k.a. Jonny 5 – rounded up the first incarnation of the group. Around 2005 Jonny teamed up with Brer Rabbit and they collected the instrumentalists that would eventually lead to its current form. “It’s always weird to look back – especially when we consider where we’re at now to where we were about two

or three years ago. We were just a band in Denver ready to make music, but people connected with what we were saying, along with what we were playing. Next thing we know we’re touring with all these huge bands, going to places we’ve never been to before. It’s been great and we’re happy the fans from our hometown were a big part of this,” Andy recollects while discussing the Flobots’ rise to success. As with most up and coming bands, word of mouth is a priceless and fail-safe strategy.This is something the Flobots fans brought in spades, feverishly requesting their music as if their lives depended on it. No one in the band ever anticipated their song, “Handlebars,” would accumulate such a wide spread following. “The song started off as something that Jonny experienced. He was riding his bike one day and one of his friends had asked him if he could ride a bike without handlebars. He thought about it for awhile and decided he was going to ride a bike with no handlebars. Once he did it and succeeded, he was ecstatic because he surprised himself. Next thing we know he shows up one day with this song and these lyrics and we

were all floored,” Andy mentions as he discusses the origins of “Handlebars.” “We’re lucky people identified with the song because it happens to be catchy, but at the same time there’s a lot more beneath the context of the lyrics. The song is about how humans have so much potential to do all these wonderful things with science, technology, and our inherent intelligence. It’s also scary, though, because we have the potential to cause so much harm and damage. That’s what the song is about – human potential for both the good and the bad.”

to propagate change. Just being a better person helps and everyone knows what their community needs in terms of making a difference. It’s so great to know our music is helping people see that – especially when they’re singing along to our songs and discussing what the meaning is behind every word. We’re grateful to be a part of this movement where people are actively involved now to make progress towards a better future.”


The band’s success with the single has taken them across the United States performing alongside a diverse roster of A-list talent including Metallica, Bad Religion and The Raconteurs. All the while the band remains true to their initial vision – to help cultivate a sense of change and positive progress. “If you look at the title of our album, Fight With Tools, that’s what it’s about – taking what we have at our disposal and using these items, ideals, or words to fight for a better future. You don’t need to be on the steps of the White House

+ All the members of Flobots are identified by numbers. MCs Jonny 5 and Brer Rabbit are 05 and 0, violinist Mackenzie Roberts is 33, Andy Guerrero is 17, bassist Jessie Walker is 101, trumpet player Joe Ferrone is 79 and drummer Kenny Ortiz is 69. + Andy and Kenny were both in the funk band Bop Skizzum. + The band has a webcomic series called Rise of the Flobots: Architects of Change which launched on their website on June 9th at




DJ ERIC CUBEECHEE To Hell With The Fakers

words by: Eric Bonholtzer original photo by: Karen Curley

“It’s like a boxing match: jab, pop, give a big hit, lots of energy, good times and good vibes, that’s what I’m about,” Eric Cubeechee proclaims. DJing at some of the hottest clubs in town and having hosted a hit radio night show on The Beat, Eric Cubeechee’s success is a far cry from his humble upbringing in a gang-infested neighborhood where negative influences lurked around every corner. He took the long, hard road to the top of the DJ game and the trials and tribulations he had to endure make him critical of wannabe DJs who don’t pay their dues. “You have hack DJs who want to be DJs just because it’s cool to be one,” Cubeechee elaborates further. “Anyone can download their hard drive and play anything that the next DJ plays but it’s a matter of putting the whole thing together like a puzzle and rocking it and having passion.” Cubeechee explains how advances in DJ technology such as the computer program Scratch Live from Serato and the prominence and glory that top DJs have garnered make a lot of people want to jump on the bandwagon and start spinning. “I know promoters that started DJing who get it because they have a passion for music but there are promoters who are like, ‘I want to DJ now’ or ‘I want to get in the middle of your set and throw some records on.’” Cubeechee is quick to steer the glory-hounds back to the dance floor, “I’m like, ‘get out of here, go dance and have fun and leave me alone.’” Cubeechee explains how the invention of Serato’s Scratch Live has really changed the scene. “Four years ago, before Serato, you only had records and you had to find whatever records you wanted to play,” he elaborates. “If you didn’t have a record it wasn’t in your arsenal. Now with Serato you can go on the internet and have any song you want.” Cubeechee remembers the dedication that he and other DJs had to exhibit in pre-Serato days. “We played with vinyl and we carried CerwinVega speakers on our backs to do house parties for 70 bucks,” he states. “My mom lived upstairs in an apartment building, so I carried speakers out of my room, loaded them in a



car, unloaded them at a party, came back home and put them back in my house at three in the morning because if I left them in the car I knew they’d get ripped off.” Cubeechee’s drive shows through when he spins and the DJ contrasts the level of dedication he and others like him have exhibited to the wannabes. “There’s nothing worse than going to a nightclub and there’s a DJ who just plays music and doesn’t want to rock.” Cubeechee gives his views on the importance of putting work into the DJ game. “I think that if you’ve never spun off vinyl and you’ve only used Serato as a starting DJ then you shouldn’t even have the letters DJ in front of your name. If you’ve never dug for vinyl and had to play off vinyl then you don’t deserve it.” He explains how having the credentials is essential, citing the countless wannabe DJs who try to take the

Every actress is a DJ now and I’m like, ‘are you kidding me?’ Everybody’s a DJ and it’s ridiculous.

- DJ Eric Cubeechee

easy road. “Every actress is a DJ now and I’m like, ‘are you kidding me?’ Everybody’s a DJ and it’s ridiculous.” Cubeechee’s view of the necessity of hard work is reflective of the hard road he took to get to the top. “I grew up in gang-infested neighborhood,” Cubeechee explains. “I loved music, so even though I lived in a bad neighborhood I never got involved in that.” Instead of falling prey to negative influences, Cubeechee kept positive and actively began pursuing his passion for music. “I went to a house party and saw a guy from the neighborhood DJing and it was cool to me, seeing someone blending the records.” Even though Cubeechee had a passion for DJing, it was initially difficult for him to acquire the expensive equipment necessary for the job until money came from an unlikely source. “I got into a car accident and got a two grand settlement and I convinced my mom to buy me

a DJ system.” While suddenly Cubeechee had the tools for his craft, there were constraints. “My mom was like, ‘I’ll buy you a DJ set but you can’t take it out of the house,’” he relates. “At that time there were a lot of house parties and people were getting shot and I didn’t live in the best neighborhood in the world so I just sat in my room and practiced and practiced and practiced.” With a DJ set, Cubeechee was well on his way to becoming a legendary DJ, but he still needed records. “I didn’t have money to buy records, but my buddy’s brother was a DJ and he had a couple of crates sitting around and I asked to borrow them.” The records, though, were far from the hits of the time. “They were all really old records like Ed Lover and that kind of stuff. That’s all the guy had in the crates.” Undeterred, Cubeechee relentlessly practiced his craft. “I didn’t have anything new so I used all the old stuff and that’s what I got good at.” His dedication showed in his first live gig. “My buddy had a party when his parents were gone and he convinced me to DJ because I had the equipment and once I played in front of a crowd it was over.” Cubeechee got hooked and used every opportunity to DJ, a philosophy he lives by and imparts on aspiring turntablists. “Do a lot of gigs,” he advises. “DJ more and more and take every opportunity you can, and if it’s the best thing in the world or if there’s five people there, rock it. Having a passion for music and what you’re doing shows.” And Cubeechee delivers, that’s why he is the resident DJ on Tuesdays at Hollywood celeb hotspot Coco de Ville and will DJ the Affliction: Banned afterparty on July 19th at the Grove in Anaheim. Cubeechee admirably balances his rigorous work schedule with the responsibilities of being a new father, having recently had a son, Dezi, with fiancée, actress Jamie Pressly, early last year. “It changes all your priorities,” he explains, but the doting father couldn’t be happier and continues to rock the house and get crowds moving with his exceptional DJ work as he lives out his dream.


The B-Side of Her Tongue The shame of pop Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz were married in an intimate ceremony, exchanging vows in front of 150 guests at her parents’ Los Angeles-area home. Wentz wrote to his wife “… you have made me a better person and given me the adventure of my life.” I guess her lip-syncing in bed is the good kind of suck.

Fleshy Part of the Thigh It has been revealed that Akon febricated his past as the ringleader of a “notorious” car-theft ring and his four and a half year stint in prison. According to court and corrections records, he spent only a few months in jail for stealing a single car. The revelations question Akon’s credibility as he has claimed for years that he was a tough gangsta’. “It’s an article,” he defended. “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions and views.” And their own bullshit too, apparently.

AT A GLANCE... Eclectic Influences:

Iron Man:

Cubeechee’s unique DJ style is a result of his diverse taste in music. “I love Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Cypress Hill,” he says. “I also had a lot of Latin influence, too, like old Cuban salsa music. It totally influences how I spin.”

While Cubeechee loves to overindulge when he drinks, he’s a die-hard fitness man. “For the amount of alcohol I drink and cigarettes I smoke, I still run four to five miles a day,” he relates, “I go to the gym everyday, even if I’m on the road, at the very least five times a week.”

Man of Many Names: Cubeechee, whose real name is Eric Calvo, explains how he got his trademark handle: “Cubans call each other Cubeechee, and when I was interning for Julio G he kept calling me that,” he explains, also elaborating on how he got the nickname ‘Da Cuban Assassin,’ “My brother called me ‘Da Cuban Assassin’ after a WWE wrestler from back in the day.”

MMA Connoisseur: The perfect choice for the Affliction: Banned afterparty, Cubeechee is an avid MMA enthusiast.“I watch every UFC,” he explains, “and I watch every mixed martial arts event I can.”

True Shock Rock The classic ‘80s lineup of Texas psych-punks Butthole Surfers - Gibby Haines, Jeff Pinkus, Teresa Nervosa and King Coffey - are reuniting. Their website proclaims, “This is the rhythm section the band had for most of the ‘80s and marks the first time this lineup has played together since 1989.” Kids Kids – you’ve played with them on Guitar Hero, this is a completely original band worthy of checking out!






Feed the Beast! Tommy Lee will appear in The Life and Times of Jimmy Jaxx, a half-hour cartoon loosely based on his life. The show portrays a rocker who attempts to chill from his crazy lifestyle. But it’s not easy - his tattoos come to life and encourage him to continue down the wrong path. I can relate to this. But it’s not my tattoos causing a moral dilemma, it’s that damn Del Taco beast!

PRESTO ___________________ words by: Kristie Bertucci photos by: Buddhabong

“Artists of today don’t put as much of their soul into their music now,” explains DJ/Producer Presto, which is why he pours his heart and soul into his latest release, State of the Art. Of a New York-based family, but born and raised in Houston, Presto started off as a DJ in the early ’90s at age 15. Now, his skills are clearly on point as seen on his latest, which features hip-hop-driven beats laced with a jazzy edge. “My beats are kind of in layers,” Presto says. “I have this smooth sound, but then add some grime to it.

Actually, my music is almost kind of like a three-piece band.” Best described as jazz on steroids, Presto’s music is indeed state of the art. “I wanted to name my album that because I wanted to bring some of what I consider is music that’s missing, some of the old school vibe on a current tip,” he explains. Presto hopes his fans respond well to his album, but makes music for himself first and foremost. “If I can keep making a living off of my music, then cool, but if not, I’m going to keep doing music regardless.”

He Don’t Cause Trouble, He Don’t Bother Nobody New York Governor Paterson granted a pardon to veteran MC Slick Rick (real name Ricky Walters), for his attempted murder and weapons convictions from 1990 in which Walters shot (but did not kill) his cousin and a bystander outside a club. Walters alleged that his cousin had conspired to have him killed but the rapper ended up serving more than five years in prison. He was released on parole in 1997, and has reportedly been on his best behavior ever since. That’s how Rap stays alive – half the performers are in jail, thus there’s a demand!

Your Very Own Lemmy!

LIFELINE ___________________ words by: Jeffrey Easton photos courtesy of: Lifeline

What is in a name, really? Robert Escalera, the versatile vocalist of thr So Cal sensation Lifeline elaborates: “We had a kid come in beat box and said I will be your lifeline, let’s beat box this and do something original.” Now the sextet (which does include a beat-boxer) finds itself in a sea of opportunity. Ronnie King, who has worked with a laundry list of artists including Snoop Dogg, NOFX, 2Pac and Pennywise, is currently producing the band’s second recording. “We approached him hoping to get him to work

with us on one track but he liked us so much he agreed to do the whole album,” relates Robert. “We felt that we could not afford him but he agreed to take a cut on his fees and now he plans on shopping us as well.” This comes as a relief considering their previous offer. “We had a guy from a label that wanted to sign us to a lucrative deal with a lot of money upfront but in the end the deal seemed bogus,” says Robert. “We were going to sign away our rights for five years under a management deal.”

Motorhead’s Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister is being honored by the Lemmy Icon Action Figure. An edition of 2,500 pieces includes an individually numbered “Ace of Spades” playing card as well as an authentic Lemmy guitar pick. Lemmy joked, “They said it’s an action figure, ‘So, you’re gonna put a dick on it?’ They said, ‘No.’ Well, then it’s not going to get much action then, is it?” Also, we are assured that his warts are reproduced in plastic and can not be contracted.





Line 6 Micro Spider Practice Amp In this day and age multitasking is key. Gone are the days of the simple practice amp. Enter the Micro Spider which is kind of like a Swiss-ArmyAmp; not only is it suitable for practicing on an electric guitar, it also boasts six effects, five amp models, a built in tuner, pre-amp capability for recording, a CD/MP3 input for jamming to your favorite (or least favorite, if you’re a masochist) songs, and a mic input for karaoke style action. Also comes with a can opener, toothpick and fire tin in case you’re lost in the woods and need to pull some MacGuyver crap. [$139.99,]

Metal Mulisha Jewelry So you want to either impress the object of your affection or need to say, “I’m sorry,” after you fucked up. Flowers die and chocolate will make her fat. Go with the Jewelery. Since you’re living the life of a $30K Millionaire, you probably can’t afford the super fancy stuff, so get the next best thing: the Metal Mulisha Explosive Pendant or the B.F.F. Necklace. [Explosive Grenade Pendant: $28.00, B.F.F. Necklace: $26.00,]

Bud Light Lime Everyone knows nothing beats the heat like a cold brew with a twist of lime. Now, because we are lazy Americans, the lime flavor comes included thanks to the good folks at Bud Light. Besides, who knows where that bartender’s grubby fingers have been before he fondles your fruit.


Grip Ace This motorcycle grip contains electronic modules that put nearly all functions of the bike at your fingertips, from turn signals to headlights, starter and accessories. The Grip Ace is available to fit most bikes, from crotch-rockets to cruisers, and is fully customizable in a variety of fits and finishes. Finally, a use for your fingers that won’t be embarrassing in public. [$299-429,]



Steel MX Corrosive Goggle This is the MX goggle “corroding” the industry’s own idea of itself. Featuring triple layer face foam and an antifog, anti-scratch chrome lens, the Corrosive is designed to provide an unparalleled fit, clarity and level of eye protection perfect for MX athletes and amateur “chemists” from all walks of life. [$68.95-74.95,]

Salomon Running XT Wings Salomon’s new trail-runners are lightweight, rugged, durable and at home on nearly any outdoor surface, from sand to rocks and roots. Providing comfort, agility and traction, these are bound to be the secret weapon in the arsenal of outdoor athletes, fugitives and border-jumpers everywhere.


Long Beach Car Show Coffee Table Book This hardcover is sure to be an instant classic. I know you don’t like to read, but hear me out… it’s all pictures! Featuring images of Southern California Car Kulture, it really adds some style to your coffee table or crapper. Featured are Jesse James, Duane Mayer of Discovery Channel’s series American Hot Rod, Laker Girls, Hot Rods, Customs, Rat Rods, Low Riders, Art by The Pizz, Joe Ledbetter, Rich Evans and more.

[$29.95 hardcover,]

Myvu Solo Plus Video Eyewear That¹s right, video eyewear. And it has little headphones that go in your ear. Helps keep them attached to your noggin. The in-lens monitors sport QVGA Quality resolution at 320x240, a four hour battery, a USB cable for charging and is compatible with your iPod or other nifty video-storing devices. Expect to see a lot of people walking into things.





IDENTITY CRISIS... The many faces of the rich man in latex.

ADAM WEST He wasn’t the first actor to portray the man in tights, but he certainly did pimp out the role.

MICHAEL KEATON The only way his role could have been any darker was for Tim Burton to have cast Wesley Snipes.

VAL KILMER Who do we blame for the horrible modification to the bat suit? Can you say “holy bat-nipples?” “You’re utility belt is poking me in the back!”



warner bros.

Release Date: July 17th

Directed By: Christopher Nolan Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Morgan Freeman. Damn! Christian Bale plays Batman in The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins, which surprised everyone by not sucking. Batman is going to get batcrazy and beat some batass on a batmotorcycle. Michael Caine is going to be his butler, Morgan Feeman will return as that guy who gives him the technology and weapons to whup ass, Aaron Eckhart is district attorney Harvey Dent, Gary Oldman is world-weary police detective Lieutenant James Gordon, and Maggie Gyllenhaal will play Rachel Dawes, who was originally played by Katie Homes, but the Scientologists are keeping Katie Holmes and are never going to give her back. Ever.This time Batman faces The Joker, performed by Heath Ledger (who died… what a bummer), a villain so psychotic he forces Batman to adjust his strategy completely to fight this ferocious new adversary. This is the ultimate summer blockbuster movie. End of review. Period. words by: Jasen T. Davis



George Clooney Not even homosexual men would wear Joel Schumacher’s vision for the batsuit, so why did Clooney do it?

The Animated Series In this version, NAMBLA and the Catholic Church were in full support of Robin being a 13 year old boy.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Universal Pictures

JULY 11th

Directed By: Gillermo Del Toro Starring: Ron Perlman, Josh Duhon, Selma Blair, Doug Jones Hot off of the success of Pan’s Labyrinth, Gillermo del Toro returns with Hellboy II: The Golden Army, a sequel to Hellboy. Ron Perlman plays the title character, a demon that fights for the good guys in the United States Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. Selma Blair returns as Hellboy’s pyrokinetic sort-of girlfriend, Liz Sherman. Together with his wacky empathy/merman sidekick Abe Sapian (performed by Doug Jones) Hellboy battles an evil elf that wakes up a sleeping army of supernatural creatures to blow up the world. Someone needs to tell these blow-upthe-world types no thanks, we can destroy the planet on our own.

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D

Warner Bros.

JULY 11th

Directed By: Eric Brevig Starring: Brenan Fraser, Josh Hutcherson, Anita Briem If you saw The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D, you suck. But remember the 3-D part of the equation and you will be prepared for this film (yet another adaptation of the original novel by Jules Verne), about a group of wacky scientists who journey to the core of the planet and find out it’s hollow with dinosaurs and other goodies. Brendan Fraser plays Brendan Fraser (all of the characters will call him by another name, but let’s face it, Brendan Fraser is always Brendan Fraser) a scientist who is somehow awesomely physically equipped to handle the action that is about to hit him across the chops.Yawn.

Step Brothers

Paramount Pictures/Spyglass Entertainment

JULY 25th

Directed By: Adam McKay Starring: Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly Another comedy from Adam McKay with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. This will continue to happen until you get sick of these movies and by then dinosaurs may once again rule the Earth.Will Ferrell is Brennan Huff, a horribly unemployed 39 year-old who lives with his mother. John C. Reilly is Dale Doback, an unemployed 40 year-old who lives with his father. Ha, ha, ha, the economy is so bad that middle-aged people can’t move out. I’m freakin’ laughing. Anyway, their parents meet and get married and now the duo must live with each other.They are both just large, immature boys, so expect comedy you’ve probably already laughed at before.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe

20th Century Fox

JULY 25th

Directed By: Chris Carter Starring: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Once upon a time there was a TV show called The X Files, about two FBI agents, Fox Mulder (played by David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (played by Gillian Anderson) who were investigating weird and wacky conspiracy theory cases, plus the occasional monster, plus the shadow government, plus aliens. Eventually the whole damn world watched this show until it finally jumped the shark and the two agents had sex, creating a baby. By then the series had gone on too long, so it was killed, but not before it spawned a movie. This film is kind of a sequel to the first, kind of a continuation of the TV show, but mostly it’s geek nostalgia.




The Wackness Gonzo Meet Dave Hounddog The Longshots

Josh Peck, Ben Kingsley Hunter S. Thompson, Johnny Depp Eddie Murphy, Gabrielle Union Dakota Fanning, David Morse Keke Palmer, Tasha Smith

July 3rd July 4th July 11th July 18th July 25th

KEEPIN IT REEL words by: Bobby D. Lux

Mel Brooks is Busier Than You Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, Mel Brooks isn’t closing up shop. In fact, his production company, Brooksfilms, is currently working on a horror film, Pizzaman. The film marks the company’s return to the horror genre in many years after its last venture into horror, The Fly and The Fly 2. Brooks is also working on the animated version of Spaceballs and a live version of Young Frankenstein. And… oh yeah, he’s 81.

It Wasn’t Backdraft II A fire raged through the backlot at Universal Studios a few weeks back, claiming the famed Back to The Future set as a casualty. The set has been a long time stop on the studio’s back lot tram attraction. In addition, two mock up streets, used primarily as New York and New England, and seen in Bruce Almighty, Transformers and Spiderman 2 were also destroyed.

Harvey Korman RIP Comedy great, Harvey Korman, best known for his work on TV’s The Carol Burnett Show passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 81 at UCLA Medical Center. Korman suffered an abdominal aneurysm several months ago and passed away as a result of the complication. As a film actor, Korman will be most remembered for his portrayal of crafty politican, Hedley Lamarr (“Not ‘Hedy!’”) in Blazing Saddles.”

All the Other ‘80s Kids are Doing it Well, if Rocky, Rambo, and Indiana Jones came back, why not Axel Foley? That’s what the bigwigs at Paramount are thinking because they gave the go ahead to make Beverly Hills Cop IV with Eddie Murphy reprising the role that launched his film career. Rush Hour director, Brett Ratner, is negotiating for the gig to begin shooting in 2009 for a targeted release date of Summer 2010.





Here’s some of our favorite movies based on the paparazzi’s and stalkers’ worst enemies, The Bodyguard. Terminator II Before Arnold became Governor, he got paid like a billion dollars to say eight lines in this movie, one of them being the line says it all; “Come with me if you want to live.” Léon (The Professional) The ultimate bodyguard, Léon The Professional protects 12-year-old Mathilda (a young Natalie Portman). Plus it’s a French film so art snobs like it, too.

“Spongebob is wayyy funnier when you’re high.”


DRILLBIT TAYLOR (PG-13) Available On: July Studio: Paramount


If you liked Owen Wilson giving a gigantic crotch shot to all of Los Angeles while this movie was in theatres you can now add the Unrated version of DVD to your collection. Connected to the new comedy regime, Drillbit is produced by Judd Apatow and co-written by John Hughes and Seth Rogen.

Vantage point (PG-13)

21 (PG-13)

Release Date: July 1st Studio: Sony Pictures Vantage Point focuses on yet another American fantasy: kill the tyrannical President. This movie shows you the same 23 minutes from different perspectives. Think Memento in reverse. Which is actually forward. I think. Directed by: Pete Travis

Release Date: July 22nd Studio: Sony Pictures Kevin Spacey is a badass and Across the Universe’s Jim Sturgess is no lightweight either. Based on the almost true story Bringing Down The House, a team of MIT students figure out how to count cards, make some decent cash and get thwarted by Morpheus in the process. Directed by: Robert Luketic


LAMB OF GOD:walk w/ me in hell (NR)

Release Date: July 29th Studio: Summit Entertainment Hollywood new-comer, Sean Faris plays the first football hero High School outcast. Basically, Karate Kid for 2008, Faris’s character, Jake Tyler takes a serious public beating and seeks the training from master, overcomes some personal issues enters the Beatdown competition for MMA fighters. Directed by: Jeff Wadlow

Release Date: July 1st Studio: Epic A two disc DVD that strives to take band documentaries to a new level. Disc one features the main band documentary, including live performances and extras from around the world. Disc two features the making of Sacrament, an uncut performance at the Download Festival and a heap of other goodies. Directed by: Doug Spagenberg

a and

words by: Brett “Felix” Ulery



Man on Fire Denzel protects nine-yearold Dakota Fanning in Mexico. Don’t ask me who cast this thing, but something tells me shooting in Mexico must cost next to nothing. In The Line of Fire John Malkovich gives Clint Eastwood another chance to be a tough guy by trying to assassinate the current president. Imagine that in news papers today. The Bodyguard Before Whitney asked to show her the receipts, Kevin Costner was saving her ass from wouldbe stalkers. He should have saved her from Bobby Brown.





Resident Evil 5 For The PC? It’s been a trend for the games in the Resident Evil series to be released on PC, so will Capcom’s latest horror opus storm across computers all across the world? Jun Takeuchi, the game’s producer, noted that the PC is the main development platform for the title and the build displayed at the Capcom show, Captivate ‘08, was shown on the X Box 360 because it was easier to port the PC build to the 360’s hardware. While nothing has been confirmed first hand, it won’t be a surprise if the next survival horror entry manages to show up on the PC radar.

“Beat rock, paper or scissors, The Lightsaber does.”


Soulcalibur IV

Available On: XBOX 360 & Playstation 3


Soulcalibur has always represented the top tier of fighting games when compared to titles such as Tekken or Virtua Fighter. It offers a deft combination of fantasy and mythology, along with mindnumbing speeds during the frantic battles.With Soulcalibur IV, the stakes are raised considerably in all areas. Destructible environments are one of several additions to this next-generation fighter, along with a slew of new characters and old ones as well. Along with the breathtaking graphics and seamless gameplay, the addition of a critical attack adds a considerable amount of depth to the overall feel of the game. Playstation 3 owners will have the exclusive ability to play as Darth Vader, while XBOX 360 owners can choose Yoda to dance around their opponents.While there are no revolutionary changes within the franchise, the game remains as a strong contender for those looking for a new challenge in the next generation of fighting games; especially if you’re into big swords and chain whips.

CHEAT, TIP OR TRICK GAME: Lego Indiana Jones WORKS ON: Nintendo Wii

NCAA Football ‘09 Electronic Arts Available On: XBOX 360/PS3/PS2/PSP/ Wii Only so many revisions can be made to a football game before it gets old. Usually, the stats are updated, players are tossed around new teams... So how is NCAA Football ‘09 different? It isn’t, by much, but there is the addition of the Online Dynasty, the stand-alone element that separates this game from all others: the ability to take 12 other competitors and create your own dynasty for a shot at the title, as well as recruit players in the process.

Beijing 2008 – The Official Game SEGA TEASURE MAGNET CODE

Go into Barnett college, then go to the 2nd door on the left in the main hallway and enter H86LA2. You can turn on the code at the pause menu.

Available On: XBOX 360 & PS3 With next generation graphics and over 35 various Olympic events, Beijing 2008 offers the chance to experience what an Olympian endures during the summer months. To add to the atmosphere of the game, actual locations from Beijing are implemented. Events are quite extensive as judo, shot put, and javelin are but a small fraction of what the game has to offer. Interesting control mechanics along with realistic graphics and physics will make this game the ticket to your Olympic experience. words by: Alex Mendoza



Wii Are Addicted In a recent study conducted by the Nielsen research consumer group, it turns out that most people are playing their X Box 360 more than any console out there. In the age range groups of 10 – 26, as well as 27+, the Nintendo Wii came in second place in both categories. While the collective amount of time spent per gaming session went to the PS3 and X Box 360, the overall time spent with the Wii rounded out the console for the second place win in both age groups.

Wii Want Tenchu The Nintendo Wii and its treasured Wii-mote appear to be one of the selling key points for the switch for most games. Tenchu 4 appears to be the latest franchise following the trend. There are little details on the title thus far, except that the original developer for the first Tenchu title, Acquire, is researching ways to utilize the Wii-mote to enhance the next stealth/ action experience.





Music that we recommend you flood your iPod with.

Artist: PENNYWISE Song: Western World Sounds Like: That good ol’ ‘90s punk rock that never gets old. The Armenian Blues Brothers.


SCARS ON BROADWAY Scars On Broadway Available On: July


Even though the band was started by System of a Down’s John Dolmayan and Daron Malakian, expect it to sound vastly different from SOAD. While Dolmayan’s voice may remind you of SOAD (duh), the overall feel and sound of this debut recalls a plethora of styles of classic rock mixed with fresh, modern sociopolitical angst to form a new beast. Dolmayan does a great job of keeping his songwriting fresh as opposed to simply recycling what has worked for him in the past.

Artist: Disturbed Song: Inside The Fire Sounds Like: Every other Disturbed song, but with a point.

Artist: Serj tankian Song: Sky Is Over Sounds Like: System of a Down broke up and the singer, oh wait...


The Melvins



Jeanius Blacksmith Music

Nude With Boots Ipecac

Pink Crustaceans & Good Vibrations Law

Conquer Roadrunner

One of hip hop’s most daring and versatile female MC’s returns with Jeanius, an album as tight in lyrical content as it is in it’s slick production from 9th Wonder.

The avant garde rock trio that has unfluenced everyone from Nirvana to Mastadon, returns with an album that maybe isn’t as strange as their previous works, but it sure as shit is loud and rockin’.

Drops: July 8th

Drops: July 8th

ALSO DROPPING... are your mouths when you

finally hear this good music.

Hawaii’s favorite surinspired trio returns with an album that sounds exactly like previous albums. But it still rocks!!!

It’s a busy year for Max Cavalera, first reuniting with his brother Igor for the Cavalera Consipracy, and now releasing a newere and heavier Soulfly album. Pick this one up!

Drops: July 22nd

Drops: July 29th




Alkaline Trio The Game Beck Nine Inch Nails

Agony and Irony

July 1st July 22nd July 8th July 22nd

LAX Modern Guilt The Slip

words by: BJ Cummings



Artist: THE OFFSPRING Song: Hammerhead Sounds Like: The Offspring will be served papers by The Kinks.

Artist: Katy Perry Song: I Kissed A Girl Sounds Like: Someone’s getting cooties. EEW!





The Bilderberg Group Millionaire Groups or Secret Masters of the Planet?

words by: Jasen T. Davis

Of all the conspiracy theories, the Bilderberg Group is the scariest, mostly because of the relatively mundane nature of their organization, and the plausible effects their meetings probably have on the rest of the planet and everyone living in it. UFOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Stonehenge, Atlantis, the Loch Ness Monster and the one about The Secret Lizard People Who Rule the World (from the hollow center of the Earth, of course) are all weird and fun, but the Bilderberg Group frightens me because on the surface the subject seems so boring. The U.S. media does not report their meetings. Certainly, coverage of their get-togethers would probably be a lot like 12 straight hours of CSPAN. But the effects the group has on the world we live in is probably greater than we realize.




PREVIOUS members of the Bilderburg Group

David Rockefeller James Wolfensen

Timothy Geithner William McDonough

John Edwards

Bill Gates

Richard N. Haas

Harry Kissinger

Dermot Gleeson

Daniel Borel

George W. Bush

Bill Clinton


Ralph Reed

Richard Perle


It all started in 1954 when a group of European and American Princes, Prime Ministers and political rulers met at the Hotel de Bilderberg in The Netherlands. The original intent was to unite European and American world leaders against the threat of the U.S.S.R., but by 1960 members included military generals, economists, CEO’s, Senators, governors and even a Secretary of Defense or three. The meetings are held in absolute secret with no recording devices or cameras permitted. Security is airtight, with armed guards, military personnel and bomb-sniffing dogs placing the area in lockdown with no civilians allowed as the Elite of the Elite pull up in armored limos with bodyguards loaded up with the latest anti-personnel hardware. The press is invited, providing they swear to be absolutely silent about what was discussed.While this includes The Washington Post, The New York Times, The L.A. Times and The Financial Times, you won’t read about the meetings in any of those newspapers. You won’t see it on CNN, MSNBC, the Fox News Channel or any of the major news networks, either. The Bilderberg Group is able to assure such secrecy because CEO’s of the major media companies are members. Supposedly, reporters in America who do try to speak of the meetings of the Bilderberg Group find their stories thrown out and their careers ruined. But on the more wild and crazy articles written by conspiracy theorists, some of these reporters who “learn too much” wind up prematurely dead. Bilderberg Group members claim such secrecy is required so that they may speak freely for the purpose of exchanging ideas to make the world better without the annoying consequences of public opinion.            The most recent meeting was held in Virginia, on June 8, 2008 at the Westfield Marriot in Chantilly, Virginia. How do I know this? Mostly from reading the BBC news and newspapers from Turkey and Canada. Attendees included the current chairman, corporate director and former European Commissioner Viscount Etienne Davignon of Brussels and, of course, President George Bush, Jr. While I couldn’t get a list of who showed up in 2008, past attendees include President Bill Clinton, Microsoft Owner Bill Gates, James P. Wolfensen, President of the World Bank, Senator John Edwards, Christian Coalition Leader Ralph Reed, Henry Kissinger, Richard Perle, David Rockefeller, Daniel Borel, Chairman of Logitech International, Timothy F. Geithner, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Dermot Gleeson, Chairman of the Allied Irish Bank Group, Richard N. Haas, President of the Council of Foreign Relations

and William J. McDonough, former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, to name only a few. The people who comprise the Bilderberg Group are individuals who are the heaviest hitters you can have when it comes to making the big decisions about events that will shape you, your life and your money in the future. The real threat is that of fascism, which is the collusion of corporate and political power (just ask Benito Mussolini). There is also the danger of a plutocracy, where the rich rule and the poor sit at the bottom, as a serf-class in a modern day form of feudalism. These guys have power. They show up at locales the news doesn’t let you know about with enough military and security personnel to conquer Guatemala, and have long discussions that go for nearly a week about topics that are completely secret.            But why all of the drama? Seriously, you can’t organize a meeting of the shakers and makers of the planet in a public locale, suddenly employ security protocols reminiscent of Folsom Prison, engage a media black out and then not expect the wacky conspiracy theory people to flip the funk out. Aren’t these people so wealthy they could meet in a castle, or at the White House, or in a military base, or a secret installation in Antarctica, or a giant submarine near the North Pole, or even a space base on the dark side of the moon? But that’s really the crux of the lack of media coverage. While members claim they just hang out and shoot around ideas to help world leaders understand each other (my Christ that sounds so hippy), I don’t blame the media for not covering the latest gathering of the Bilderburg Group. Aside from the who, why and when so necessary to proper reporting, there’s no what, no record of what they are really talking about behind closed, armored, guarded, and silent doors.

WORKS CITED Richard Creasy, Pete Sawyer. “The World’s Most Powerful Secret Society”, Punch Magazine. May 1998. Pepe Escobar. “The Masters of the Universe”, Asia Times. May 2003. Jonathan Duffy. “Bilderberg: The Ultimate Conspiracy”, BBC News. June 2004. Jon Ronson. “Who Pulls the Strings?”, The Guardian. March 2001. Mehmet Ali Birand. “What Was Discussed at Bilderburg?”, Turkish Daily News. June 2007.




HITMAN DAN Give Fighting A Chance

words by: Ellen Rumple photos courtesy of: Joanna Tichauer

Sweat, blood and tears are displayed on a regular basis in the Mixed Martial Arts arena, but what the audience doesn’t see is the people behind the sport’s success. Before the sport became the popular phenomenon that it is today, there were men and women on the streets spreading the word. Rain or shine, they were out there. Enter Daniel Diez, President of Operations at Hitman Fight Gear. Diez, or “Hitman Dan” as he’s known to his peers, is not your typical Californian. What sets him apart from other fashion designers out there is his knack for knowing when something is going to make it big before it hits the market. “I had a gut feeling that cage fighting and MMA were going to be big because I was friends with a lot of motocross riders who were not watching boxing but MMA. The same kids who were going to X Games were going to see these fights.” MMA wasn’t always accessible. Back when it first started it was illegal and the only ways to see the fights were to actually go to an event or see it on video. Diez saw a market for this industry nonetheless. “When I started, I had $500 in my bank account and two boxes of clothing; one style of shorts and one type of shirt.” Given this, it’s easy to see the sport as well as Hitman Fight Gear has come a long



way. For years most retailers were opposed to selling any kind of branding that may endorse what was considered a vicious contact sport, but as time progressed the sport of MMA gained legitimacy within the US and became sanctioned in many states. The businesses that once shunned the sport now welcome the clothing and affiliated brands with open arms. As the sport and the lifestyle of MMA spread in popularity and mainstream acceptance, Hitman had to come up with a better way to sell its gear. What would Hitman’s next move be? They decided to expand their horizons by partnering with another company of a similar ilk. Diez was approached by three other companies before he made his final decision; the infamous TapouT brand. “We both were out there in the trenches, out at the events setting up early - together through this whole thing.” What started out as healthy competition soon evolved into a partnership. Diez explains that when both companies went to events, Hitman showed up and TapouT was always there alongside them. So with this drive and passion Diez knew that a partnership would be the only thing to make sense in the end. “When you succeed as a category you succeed as a whole,” says Diez. “We always thought

about the greater interest of the sport and we never stepped on each other’s toes while doing it.” The new partnership will allow Hitman to concentrate more on production, advertising and marketing while allowing TapouT to take care of the other stuff. Diez explains, “Even though we are on the same team, we are still maintaining that competitive nature. I am still my own brand, my same office, and the same staff.” How does Hitman have the ability to stay competitive and unique with so many designs out on the market nowadays? Hitman Fight Gear pays attention to design in a unique way by displaying graffiti type writing. A lot of the style is rooted from the neighborhoods that Diez grew up in. “When I was growing up I was surrounded by art in areas such as the San Gabriel Valley, Covina, Azusa and Pomona.” This inspired much of the writing and design that has made Hitman Fight Gear so popular. Just like the designs on its clothing, Hitman Fight Gear started with a simple idea and became a unique entrepreneurial force among the fashion world of professional fighting. With this new partnership and the sport gaining more popularity every day Hitman Fight Gear can only look forward to a bright and prosperous future.




Photographed by Corbin Wade - Directed and styled by Halle Grano - Hair & Make Up by Halle Grano and Brianne Stephens - Photo Assistance by Jennifer Ashton - Models: Lauren Jenkins, Leticia Farr, Liana Mendoza, Swimwear provided by: Hustler -, B Swim -, Fresh Peaches -, Hitman Fightgear -



Kimberly Fattorini, Nicole Craner, Lauren Johnson, Shannon Johnson, Leah Abdenour, Diahann Pulido, Patrice Costleigh - Special Appearances by Chuck Liddell and Josh Burkman














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Ve’Cel Fashion show @ Boulevard 3

07.05 David Banner @ HOB 07.10 Yaz @ Orpheum Theater 07.11 Rookie of the Year @ Troubadour

Ve’Cel Fashion show @ Boulevard 3

07.11 Secondhand Serenade @ Troubadour

S.K.A.M. @ Highlands

07.12 Filter @ Roxy Theater

S.K.A.M. @ Highlands

07.12 Supergrass @ Avalon 07.13 Live / Collective Soul @ Greek Theater 07.16 Digital Underground @ Roxy Theater 07.17 Harry & The Potters @ Troubadour

mickey Avalon & Sintage Fashion Show @ The Vanguard

Sullen After Party @ The Basement


07.19 Jimmy Eat World @ Avalon 07.23 Cute Is What We Aim For @ Troubadour 07.25 Ying Yang Twins @ Key Club 07.30 The Hold Steady @ Avalon

07.31 X Games @ Staples Center



Tuesday: Tuesday Nights @ Mood (Hollywood) 21+ Hip-Hop, Rock and Old School: DJ Vice Wednesday: Wednesdays @ Mood DJ Crash (Hollywood) RSVP: Thursday: Thursdays @ Social Hollywood 2 floors, 2 djs, 5 rooms RSVP w/: No Cover College Night @ SACHI (Long Beach) $3 Bottled Domestic Beers and $5 Long Beach/Islands. Enjoy the best DJ’s in town and party like a Rockstar! College Night @ Basement Lounge (Long Beach) 21+ Every Thursday is College Night (562) 901-9090

Fundamentals @ Cheapshots (Long Beach) 941 E. 4th St (corner of alamitos) FREE, 21+, 9pm-2am Hip Hop, Breaks, and beyond provided by DJ’s A1, Frank(e), and Analog, plus guest dj’s and live art. info: or (562) 912-4350 Friday: Club South Beach @ Level 3 (Hollywood) 21+ Celebrity DJ’s, Fashion Shows and More (323)-461-2017 Friday Nights @ The Lobby (Hollywood) 21+ Call to get on the list (323) 974-LIST Body Rock @ IVAR (Hollywood) 21+ Indie Rock, House, Electronic Funk (213) 321-5886

Fusion Fridays @ Highlands (Hollywood) 21+ 10 p.m. – 3 a.m. (323)461-9800 Friday’s @ Avalon Hollywood (Hollywood) 21+ DJ and Hip Hop (323) 467-4571 Saturday: Skam Artists @ Highlands (Hollywood) 21+; 10pm-3am (323)461-9800 Giant @ Vanguard (Hollywood) Avaland @ Avalon Hollywood (Hollywood) 21+ (323) 467-4571 Party @ The Stock Exchange (Los Angeles) 21+ DJ, Hip Hop, House (213) 489-3877 White @ The Day After (Hollywood) 21+ McCadden & Hollywood (323) 874-LIST

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Sintage Fashion Show featuring Mickey Avalon and Greg Lutzka words by: Ellen Rumple photos by: Karen Curley

If you didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see the mob of people lined-up outside Vanguard on Hollywood Boulevard Thursday May 29th you must have stayed home that night.The event was hosted by pro skater Greg Lutzka, with a special performance by Mickey Avalon and a Sintage Fashion Show. The night started off with a fashion show hosted by the lusciously witty Frankie Doll. The gothic-punk stylings of Sintage Fashion was presented with elaborately decorated models who were accompanied by music from artists like Marylyn Manson. After the fashion show Mickey Avalon took center stage along with two lovely ladies who played eye candy to both Avalon and the audience.Avalon gave the performance to his fans by having them yell out what songs they wanted to hear. During his performance Avalon announced that he has been working on some new stuff and that he will be performing at local venues in LA this summer. For more information on nights like these check out and while you are online check out the new line of punk clothing at




Ink-N-Iron Festival After Party with Sullen words by: Hung Le photos by: Alan Rivera and Tiffany Harned

The party didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stop after the Ink-N-Iron Festival with Sullen Clothing. When all was said and done after the Ink-N-Iron Festival, Sullen Clothing, in conjunction with Pure Evolution Productions, came out to play with an astounding after party at the Basement Lounge in Long Beach on June 7th. The festival, held on the infamous permanently docked cruise liner the Queen Mary in Long Beach, was once called the Long Beach Tattoo Convention. Now called Ink-NIron, it brings in artists from all over the world. In addition to the tattoo artists, it included over 40 live performances, a cabaret and burlesque show, carnival and a pin-up contest of 12 girls. The winner, Sabella Ann, was able to have a photo shoot with supermodel Masuimi Max. Always a memorable event, this year Sullen Clothing punctuated the weekend long event with style. Over 200 people attended their after party at the Basement Lounge in Long Beach, including artists such as Cory Miller and Kim Saige of LA Ink, Shawn Barber, Nikko Hurtado, Joe Cappabiaco, Jime Litwalk and more. The venue lived up to its name; underground. Dark and elegant was the atmosphere the Basement provided in celebration of the inked lifestyle and over all good times.






Battle for Warped Tour, Los Angeles Market words by: BJ Cummings photos by: Rick Mann

Each year Skinnie, in conjunction with Ernie Ball, sends four local unsigned bands to play a local Warped Tour date. The four bands are determined by battles in for markets: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and the dreaded Inland Empire. Starting out with a series of preliminary battles at the Knitting Factory, the Los Angeles based bands, competing in the most heavily inundated market, managed to thin their ranks to seven bands for the semi finals at The Key Club (the most bands in a semi final so far). Delta Rose took to the stage to prove old fashioned rocking was still in style, whereas The Harm followed suit and drew celebrity fans such as Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin from the film Superbad). Valentine, a band equally at home in Los Angles as they are in Vegas, followed up with a solid performance as well. Just when it seemed the show couldn’t get any better talent pool couldn’t get any deeper, MIT alumni band Mission Black brought a heavier sound to the house, replete with obligatory Beatles cover song. Throwing Seven upped the ante with a high octane performance and Me & Heath, blending a weird mix of rock, reggae and hip hop, closed out the night with a killer set featuring a cover of The Gorillaz “Feel Good Inc.” Initially it seemed like a toss up between the final three bands, as the chants of rabid fans degenerated to incoherency. But in the end, it was Throwing Seven prevailed, earning them a spot on the Warped Tour in Ventura. In the end, everyone learned a valuable lesson about sharing and friendship. Oh wait, that was a different battle.












Brought To You By and Photos Courtesy Of:

07.05 Good Charlotte @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 07.05 UFC 86 @ Mandalay Bay

07.05 Katt Williams @ Palms 07.06 Kaskade @ Wet Republic 07.10 Rooney @ House of Blues

Clash @ Moon

Clash @ Moon Nighttine Pool Party@ Rain & Palms pool & Bungalows

Nighttine Pool Party@ Rain & Palms pool & Bungalows

07.11 Jay Leno @ Mirage Casino & Hotel

07.11-12 Formula Drift @ Vegas Motor Speedway 07.18 Kathy Griffin @ Mandalay Bay 07.19 Coldplay @ MGM Grand Garden Arena

Daytime Pool Party@ Palms pool & Bungalows

Daytime Pool Party @ Palms pool & Bungalows

WEEKLY CLUB LISTINGS 07.24 Less Than Jake @ House of Blues 07.25 Coheed & Cambria @ Hard Rock 07.25 Alkaline Trio @ House of Blues 07.26 Eddie Izzard @ Palms 07.29 I Am Ghost @ Jillian’s Las Vegas

07.31 (hed)pe @ HOB,

Mandalay Bay

Monday: SKINNIE DIP Pool Party @ Green Valley Ranch Pond 21+ Locals Free, 1pm-8pm info@skinniemagazine Mondays Industry Night @ Jet (The Mirage) 21+ Locals in Free / Hip Hop, Top 40 and Dance DJ’s (702) 792-7900 Rockstar Karaoke @ House of Blues (Mandalay Bay) 21+ / Karaoke with Live Band (702) 632-7777 Tuesday: Tuesdays Industry Night @ Pure (Caesars Palace) 21+ / Hip Hop and Top 40 DJ’s (702) 731-7873 Tuesdays Industry Night @ Moon (The Palms) 21+ / Hip Hop and Top 40 DJ’s (702) 942-6832 Wednesday: Vinyl @ Tao (The Venetian) 21+ Locals Free / Indie and Cutting Edge Urban DJ’s (702) 388-8588 Wednesdays Industry Night @ LAX (Luxor) 21+ / Hip Hop and Top 40 DJ’s (702) 262-4529



Godskitchen @ Body English (Hard Rock Casino) 21+ / World’s Best Dance and Electronic DJ’s (702) 693-4000 Thursday: Worship Thursdays @ Tao (The Venetian) 21+ / Hip Hop, Top 40 and Dance DJ’s (702) 388-8588 Project Thursdays @ Blush (The Wynn) 21+ / Top 40 and House DJ’s (702) 770-3633 Friday: Tao Nightclub (The Venetian) 21+ / Hip Hop, Top 40 and Dance DJ’s (702) 388-8588 Cathouse Loungerie (Luxor) 21+ / House and Top 40 DJ’s (702) 262-4591 Jet Nightclub (The Mirage) 21+ / Hip Hop, Top 40 and Dance DJ’s (702) 792-7900 Late Night Empire (Empire Ball Room) 21+ / (Open @ 3am) Local and World Class Electronic Dance DJ’s (702) 737-7376

Saturday: CHERRY SATURDAYS @ CHERRY (Red Rock) with the SKINNIE VEGAS TOUR GIRLS 21+ / Mashup & Top 40 10:00pm-close (702) 797-7180 Prive Nightclub (Planet Hollywood) 21+ / Hip Hop and Top 40 Miami Style DJ’s (702) 523-6002 Tryst Nightclub (The Wynn) 21+ / Hip Hop and Top 40 DJ’s (702) 770-3375 Pure Nightclub (Caesars Palace) 21+ / Hip Hop and Top 40 DJ’s (702) 731-7873 Moon/Playboy Club (The Palms) 21+ / Hip Hop and Top 40 DJ’s (702) 942-6832 Sunday: Sunday School @ Body English (Hard Rock Casino) 21+ / Hip Hop and House with Girls in Uniform (702) 6934000 Industry Night @ The Bank (Bellagio) 21+ / Hip Hop and Top 40 DJ’s (702) 693-8300 Sunday After-Dark @ Playboy Club (The Palms) 21+ / Top 40 Dance and Hosted by Playboy Playmates (702) 942-6832

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Summer Of Love

words by: Hung Le photos by: Corbin Wade

Scantily clad women and booze mixed with live music is a recipe for love… in the summer. Trust me on that one. Bikini clad models joined celebrities at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas from May 23rd to May 25th at Skinnie’s second annual Summer of Love themed pool party. Girls, girls and did I mention, girls? Skinnie knows how to throw a party in Vegas and we set out to prove that point by providing more models than a person can count on their hands and feet, even if you seven feet and eight hands! Imagine this, 75 women walking one by one in a straight line, in slow motion (okay, they weren’t that slow). Now picture them all in bikinis. The weekend started at the Cherry Club in the Red Rock Hotel where winners of the “Supermodel for a Weekend” contest got to know each other. The party continued the following day with a live photo-shoot courtesy of photographer Corbin Wade at the Palms Casino above the pool. These 75 beautiful models were joined with celebrities such as Chuck Liddell, Josh Burkman and John Huntington. A special shout out to all that made this event possible: the models, Palms Hotel, Michael Fuller of the N9NE group, Corbin Wade and everyone who attended the event… but mostly the models.







ORANGE COUNTY Brought To You By:

Photos Courtesy Of:

07.05 Mike Ness / Tiger Army @ Oak Canyon Ranch 07.10 Skinnie presents Maloof Money Cup Pre-Party @ Sutra Lounge

07.12 Foo Fighters @ Pauley Pavilion

The Scene @ Sharks Club

Sharkeez @ Service Industry Night

Grand Opening @ Ember

07.11-13 Maloof Money Cup @ OC Fairgrounds 07.12 One Republic @ Pacific Amphitheater 07.16 Houston Calls @ Chain Reaction

Shine @ Sutra Lounge Chronic Wednesdays @Chronic Cantina

07.17 The Wailers @ Pacific Amphitheater 07.18 Boys Like Girls with Metro Station @ Grove of Anaheim 07.19 Fergie @ Pacific Amphitheater


Affliction Banned @ Honda Center

07.20 Brand New @ Gibson Amphitheater at Univ. City walk 07.20 Dropkick Murphy’s @ Pacific Amphitheater

Chronic Wednesdays @Chronic Cantina

WEEKLY CLUB LISTINGS Monday: Club Detour @ House of Blues (Anaheim) 18+ Monthly (714) 778-BLUE Magic Mondays @ Chronic Cantina 1870 Harbor Blvd Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Weekly Special Guests Free Giveaways No Cover! 21+ Book Your Free Party @ OUTERCIRCLE PARTYANIMALS@GMAIL. COM Culture Monday @ Woody’s Wharf (Newport Beach) Entertainment | Fashion | Friends: OC’s Only Monday Night DJs: Top 40s, Hip Hop, 80s Service Industry Drink Specials (21+ No Cover) Rockstar Karaoke @ The Slidebar, Fullerton Tuesday: Metal Shop @ The Slidebar, Fullerton Club Mistress @ Hurricanes (Huntington Beach)21+ Weekly Model Search, Live Surprise Acts (714) 625-8685

07.30 Paramore @ Pacific Amphitheater



Taco Tuesdays @ Sharkeez (Newport Beach) (949) 673-0292 Wednesday: Local Music Showcase Live Bands, NO COVER $3 BASS @ The Slidebar, Fullerton Woody’s Wednesdays at Woody’s Wharf 2318 Newport Blvd Newport Beach, CA 92663 $2 Bud $2 Vodka Half Off Dinner/ Appetizers For The Locals!! 21+ Book Your Free Party@ OUTERCIRCLEPARTYANIMALS@ GMAIL.COM Chronic Wednesdays @ Chronic Cantina (Costa Mesa) DJs: Hip Hop, Top 40, House, $2 Drinks + New Events Every Week (21+ No Cover)  888-NYTE-HYPE Rockin’ Wednesdays @ Rockin’ Taco (Fullerton) (714) 525-8226 Thursday: Touch @ Ten Asian Ultra Lounge (Newport Beach) 21+ for VIP/guest lists (949) 660-1010 Lyx @ Hurricanes (Huntington Beach) 21+ (714) 374-0500

Taco Tuesday @ Rockin’ Taco (Fullerton) 21+ $2 Coronas, 50¢ Tacos (714) 525-8226

College Night @ Saffire Nightclub (Hermosa Beach) 21+ (310) 372-9705

80’s White Trash Disco @ Blue Beet (Newport Beach) 21+ (949) 675-2338

Friday: Party @ Detroit Bar (Costa Mesa) 21+ House, Hip Hop (949) 642-0600

Shine @ Sutra Lounge (Costa Mesa) Where Pin-Up & Burlesque Fantasies Come to Life Saturday: THE SCENE @ Shark Club (Costa Mesa), OC’s Biggest #1 Club On Saturday Nights, 21+ VIP Guestlist: Sunday: Rock n’ Roll Karaoke @ Detroit Bar (Costa Mesa) 21+ (949) 642-0600 80’s Night @ Back Alley Bar & Grill (Fullerton) Sonik DJ spins the best of the 80’s 21+ No Cover (714) 526-3032 Chronic Sundays @ Chronic Cantina (Costa Mesa) 21+ (949) 646-0227 Service Industry Night @ Sharkeez (Newport Beach) 8pm - Close (949) 673-0292 The ORIGINAL Sunday Funday! 11am3p, Bloody Mary Bar Brunch Bottomless Mamosas & BBQ 3pm-2am, Ultimate Happy Hour 1/2 Off Wells, Pints & Appetizers @ The Slidebar, Fullerton

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Ember Cafe and Music Club words by: Hung Le photos courtesy of: PubDistrict

A 6,000 square foot (That’s a lot of feet!) club named Ember Café and Music Club opened in good ol’ Orange County on June 5th. No longer do patrons who stay on the walls have to stay there any longer, as Ember has created a second floor for them to sit (don’t get your hopes up, it’s a restaurant up there). Know of the themed annual party “Pimp n Ho,” event that takes place in Las Vegas? One of the guys, who throws the parties on Labor Day weekend, Steve Norman, is the co-owner of this club. He promises “We’re making sure it [Anaheim the city where the “mouse” resides] lives up to those standards.” This club has a state of the art sound and video system (who watches the graphics while there are dancing girls are to be looked at?), beautiful VIP booths, an exquisite gourmet menu and multiple rooms for private parties. Opening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, spend your party time here. Get “jiggy” with it. For more information visit
















Brought To You By and Photos Courtesy Of:

07.05 Pivet & Agent 51 @ Canes

07.06 A Static Lullaby @ Soma 07.12 DJ Felli Fel @ 4th and B

Infinite Summer Concert Edition @ Belo

Infinite Summer Concert Edition @ Belo

Taco Tuesday @ PB Bar & Grill

07.14 A Change Pace @ SOMA 07.18 Finch @ SOMA

07.15 Journey @ Cricket Amphitheater

Taco Tuesday @ PB Bar & Grill Live DJ’s @ Typhoon Saloon

07.19 Kingspade @Canes 07.19 My Parents Anniversary 07.20 N.E.R.D. @ House of Blues 07.27 Bullet For My Valentine @ House of Blues 07.28 “Bug Hung Le” Day - ALL DAY LONG

Live DJ’s @ Typhoon Saloon

WEEKLY CLUB LISTINGS Monday: Happy Hour till Midnight @ PB Bar & Grill (Pacific Beach) 21+ $2 Bud/Bud Light $4.95 dinner special & more (858) 483-9227

07.25 The Aquabats @ HoB 07.29 John Mayer @ Cricket Amphitheater 07.31 Battle For Warped Tour Finals @ Canes

07.27 Stone Temple Pilots @ AEG Concerts on the Green



Tuesday: Club Salsa @ Café Sevilla (GaslampSan Diego) 21+ Salsa Dance Lessons + Live Salsa Music (619) 233-5979 Jazz Jam @ Thin/Onyx Room (Gaslamp-San Diego) 21+ No Cover, live jazz music (619) 231-7529 Wednesday: Club Salsa @ Café Sevilla (GaslampSan Diego) 21+ Salsa Dance Lessons + Live Salsa Music (619) 233-5979 Metal Skool @ Typhoon Saloon (Pacific Beach) 21+ Metal Skool 80’s glam rock cover band (858) 373-3474 DJ WhO? @ SAND BAR, Mission Beach 21+ HiP HoP, MashUps, Rock, $5 = DRINK + SHOT (858) 488.1274

Thursday: 32 Degrees @ Belo (Gaslamp-San Diego) 21+ DJ Rags-Mash Up (619) 231-9200

Only $5 Cover @ Martini Ranch (Gaslamp-San Diego) 21+ Hip Hop, Rock, Rare Grooves (619) 235-6100

Martini Madness @ The Bitter End (Gaslamp-San Diego) 21+ $6 specialty martini’s till 9pm (619) 338-9300

Hip Hop and Reggae @ Café Sevilla (Gaslamp-San Diego) 21+ (619) 233-5979

Club Salsa @ Café Sevilla (GaslampSan Diego) 21+ Salsa Dance Lessons + Live Salsa Music (619) 233-5979 Friday: Giant @ Belo (Gaslamp-San Diego) Posh Friday’s @ On Broadway (Gaslamp-San Diego) 21+ Strict dress code, guestlist contact LIT @ Aubergine (Gaslamp-San Diego) 21+ Hip House and House email:

Saturday: DJ Scooter @ Stingaree (San Diego) 21+ DJ Scooter spinning the best Hip Hop (619) 544-0867 Hip Hop and Reggae @ Café Sevilla (Gaslamp-San Diego) 21+ (619) 233-5979 Sunday: Magnet Bar @ W Hotel (GaslampSan Diego) 21+ an enormous array of vodkas, mixers, acid jazz (619) 398.3051 DJ FAMOUS DAVE @ Whiskey Girl (Gaslamp-San Diego) 21+, no cover, (619)236-1616.

Rocket @ Belo (Gaslamp-San Diego) 21+ rock, electronic, disco, mashups, hip hop (619) 231-9200

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Doogood Conservatory Charity Event words by: Donald C. Stefanovich photos courtesy of: Sandra Burciaga

So apparently there’s something called Go Skateboarding Day and something called the Doogood Conservatory. And apparently they conspired to bring about an event the likes of which had never been seen! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but it is was pretty damn cool. Doogood, founded in 2002 by skater Ari Evan Gold of Tampa, Florida, provides free skate, surf and snowboard packages to underprivileged children. Ha, take that Toys for Tots! To kick off Go Skateboarding Day, Doogood presented the aptly titled, The Doogood Conservatory Charity Event, held Friday, June 20th at Hensley’s Flying Elephant in Carlsbad, Ca. It featured psychedelic thrash rockers Earthless and Red Octopus as well as a set by old-school garage DJs, The Clean Cuts. Although there was no cover charge, many donations were collected at the door. Rounding the night out, there were some beautiful ladies selling raffle tickets for many a patron’s chance to win some proper prizes from sponsors such as Blitz, Plan B, C1RCA, CCS, Active, Sun Diego, Zumiez,Vans, Black Box, Belly Up Tavern, House of Blues, Maloof Money Cup, Gravity, Stussy, Allyance and more. The first 100 people who showed up received free tickets to The Casualties with Youth Brigade at the House of Blues San Diego. Skateboarding and punk rock: now that’s what I call a good cause!







INLAND EMPIRE Brought To You By:

Photos Courtesy Of: Kris Tate & Krystal Cannon

Club Crush @ Chronic Cantina

07.05 Desert Destruction feat. Bury Your Head @ Karma 07.05 Darren Carter @ Ice House Comedy

07.10 Missy Elliot @ San Manuel Casino 07.11 Hieroglyphics @ Glass House

Club Crush @ Chronic Cantina The Social, Friday Nights @ Rock N Saddle

The Social, Friday Nights @ Rock N Saddle

07.13 Rockstar Mayhem Festival with Slipknot, Disturbed, Dragonforce and more @ Glen Helen Pavilion 07.14 Nude Day

Club Mix @ Sevilla

Club Mix @ Sevilla

07.17 D.L. Hughley @ The Improv, Ontario 07.16 Uncle Monsterface @ Glass House 07.18 Kill Hannah @ Glass House


07.20 Finch @ Glasshouse 07.18-20 Tattoo and Body Art Expo @ Pomona Fairplex 07.19 Scary Kids Scaring Kids @ Glass House

07.26 Darkest Hour @ Glasshouse



Monday: Dollhouse Extreme Sports Night @ Rock N Saddle, Bros Up Hoes Down, 18+, No Dress Code 2 for 1 w/ college I.D. FREE before 10pm, Outdoor patios, mechanical bull, rock, alternative, hip-hop/live bands. $4 jack n cokes, $2 domestic, for more info call 909.215.3468 Tuesday: Taco Tuesdays @ Loco Cantina $3 Coronas and $1 tacos. Rock star karaoke. For more info call 909.980.5800

Infamous 50 cent draft Thurday’s @ Margarita Beach (San Bernardino) 21+ .50 drafts 8-10p, $2 u-call it shots, 909.890.9993 Body Shop @ Rock N Saddle Every Thursday at Rock N Saddle. Thursday Nights Will Never Be the Same. 2 Dance Floors Playing the Best of Hip-Hop, House, Electro 18 & Over. For More Info Call 909-801-5002

Tuesday Nights at Rock N Saddle Guitar Hero & Karaoke Competitions Sing To The Best of Hip-Hop.Alernative.Club 21 & up. For More Info Call 909.801.5002

Wiseguy Thursday @ Godfathers Happy Hour drink & food specials till 12mid, 8 Ball Tourney, Beer Pong, Playstation Madden 08 challenge. No Cover Charge,Dress code enforced, 909.627.8080

Wednesday: Vice Wednesdays @ Loco Cantina, Totally 80’s all night, margaritas and martini specials, no cover 21+, 909.980.5800

Friday: Club Mix @ Sevilla Night Club (Riverside) 18+ 99.1 KGGI Jesse Duran Top 40/Latin House 951.778.0611

Corona Wednesdays @ Margarita Beach (San Bernardino) $2 Coronas ‘til Midnight. No Cover 909.890.9993

X103.9 hosted by Bobby Sato @ Loco Cantina $1.00 drinks, no cover, 909.980.5800

Rollin Wednesday @ Godfathers Happy Hour Drink specials all night, Dj Jp & Dj Fx in the mix, Cover Charge, Dress code enforced, 909 627-8080 www.909party. com

“Club Lush” @ Godfathers Hosted by Gruven Media, Happy Hour drink specials till 11pm Dj Heaven & Dj Hi Note in the mix. Cover Charge, Dress code enforced, 909.627.8080

Thursday: Club Salsa @ Sevilla Nightclub (Riverside) 18+ 107.1 Super Estrella Radio Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton 951.778.0611

The Social 21+ @ Rock N Saddle, Free before 10pm, early arrival suggested, Upscale Strict dress code. Bottle service, table reservations, sexy gogos, 2 indoor dance floors, 1 outdoor, Playing club-

hits, mashups, Hip-Hop, Alernative. For Guestlist or More Info Call 909.215.3468 Neverending Happy Hour @ Loco Cantina, $2 drinks 8-10pm, late night menu til 1am, DJ and dancing 909.980.5800 Saturday: Rock Lounge Saturday Nights at Rock N Saddle Come & Enjoy the Hottest New Ultra Lounge in the I.E. Playing the Best of Hip-Hop, Alternative, Club 21 & Over. For More Info Call 909.801.5002 Club Essence @ Sevilla Nightclub (Riverside) 18+ Super Estrella Rock en Espanol/Top 40/Reggaeton 951.778.0611 S . N . L Saturday Nights at Rock N Saddle Come & Enjoy The Hottest New UltraLounge In The I.E Playing The Best of Hip-Hop.Alernative.Club 21 & up. For More Info Call 909.801.5002 Sunday: Vice Sundays @ Margarita Beach (San Bernardino) Totally 80’s all night, $1 drinks 8-10pm, 21+ No Cover 909.890.9993 Party @ Sevilla Nightclub (Riverside) 18+ 2 Levels of Hip Hop & Top 40 951.778.0611 Body Shop @ Rock N Saddle Every Thursday at Rock N Saddle Thursday Nights Will Never Be The Same Playing The Best of Hip-Hop.Alernative.Club 18 & up. For More Info Call 909.801.5002

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Dirt Alliance @ Perris Speedway words by: Ellen Rumple photos courtesy of: The Dirt Alliance

It was a fun-filled day for the Dirt Alliance Tour 2008 at Perris Auto Speedway Saturday May 31st. What a perfect way to end the month and jump into summer with freestyle performances from motocross and truck professionals, and a musical performance from (hed)P.E. Plenty of vendors, such as Monster, Malice,Weekend Warrior Gear and more, came out to the Dirt Alliance Tour 2008. Mike Metzger came out to show his love and support for riding by signing autographs and showing off his clothing line. Over on the track Motorcycles, bikes and trucks were doing freestyle demonstrations that had the crowd collectively making “oooh” and “aahhh” noises. SRH presented a Freestyle Motocross demo with new talent 17 year-old Jimmy Hill from Bakersfield, California.Teammate Scotty Stephens explained that riding on the track gives riders an adrenaline rush and they feed off the energy from the crowd. That is what makes for a good ride and an interesting performance. The night ended on the Cycle Trader Stage with an energetic performance by (hed)P.E. As the crowd grew larger, the music began, mosh-pits formed and the sky grew darker as (hed)P.E.’s music carried into the night.




Warped Tour, Pomona words by: Jeffrey Easton photos by: Kris Tate and Jeffrey Easton

The heat was on for the opening day when the 14th Warped Tour pulled into Pomona.The air was burning up and so were the bands. This year provided an eclectic mix of bands as usual and the classic ones as well. The stalwarts were back as well like Pennywise, Story Of The Year, Horrorpops and Gym Class Heroes as well as newer bands to the tour with Angels & Airwaves and Rick Thorneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s very own Good Guys In Black, who tore up the Skate Ramp Stage. There were some surprises as well with Protest The Hero being amazing on the Ernie Ball stage with their almost progressive guitar attack. As I Lay Dying came back this year with a new album and onslaught from the Route 66 Stage and they were the metal kings for the day indeed. Everytime I Die got off on the Highway 1 stage while their fans went nuts as well as Norma Jean on the Route 66 stage, who have a sick new CD coming out this Summer. The grounds were the same this year with bands sporting booths along with Monster, Kia (who supported Warped this year) as well as Skinnie and their ever present Skinnie girls. No other tour has lasted this long and Kevin Lyman once again proved why his tour is the best by presenting some of the better bands that the music world has to offer and creating a vibe that will not die.






Battle for Warped Tour I.E. words by: BJ Cummings photos by: Kris Tate

Vying for a coveted spot on the 14th annual Vans Warped Tour, the IE’s finest bands went head-to-head in elimination bouts at Chronic Cantina in Upland and Angel’s in Corona, until finally Sleeping Seak King, Cardiac Black, Sick Demension and Buddha Bomb (along with some others whose names I forgot due to my slipshod journalism – my apologies) went to the finals at the House of Blues in Anaheim to determine a winner. Though all the bands who made it to the finals turned in exceptional performances, it was The Sleeping Sea King who would prevail that night, moving on to play the Pomona date of the Warped Tour. Aside from crowning a winner, a slew of other great talent was unearthed in the process… prepare for next year’s battle!!









HAPPY ENDINGS words by:Your Mom

Cancer (June 22 – July 22 ) You are vile, filthy and repugnant; a scourge upon humanity. Maybe like only three people on the whole planet like you and the Dalai Lama ain’t one of ‘em. You are so vile you are named after a disease. But Lance Armstrong can defeat you. nd


Leo (July 23rd – Aug 23rd) Lodged in one of your orifices is a Lego or Tinker Toy or something that was inadvertently lost in there for the past several years since childhood. It’s in there good.To an extent, it has caused some nerve damage but you’ve learned to live with it. Can you guess which orifice? Virgo (Aug 24th – Sept 23th) Hold on, I’ll get back to you.

Libra (Setp 24th –Oct 23rd) I am happy to report that I’m doing pretty awesome. Oh wait, this horoscope is about you. Well, nobody cares about you. I got a PS3 last week and it’s effn’ awesome. It works great in my limo. With mini bar. And midget strippers.



Scorpio (Oct 24th – Nov 24th) You are about to have a religious epiphany this month. Don’t worry, it’s okay to have an epiphany, in case you were confusing that word with something bad like epilepsy. Not that there’s anything wrong with being epileptic. Just – never mind. Sagittarius (Nov 23rd – Dec 21st) Stupid Sagittarius… more like FAGittarius… he he… get it? It’s ‘cause you’re a pile of sticks. Cuz… you know… aw, nevermind.

Capricorn (Dec 22nd – Jan 20th) Apparently there was an error of some kind. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but rest assured it involved either your bank account or something to do with paternity. Or possibly both. Whatever the case, if you have goals forget about them. Oh and happy Friday!

Aquarius (Jan 21st – Feb 19th) I’ve told you once and I’ll tell you again: Nobody likes you. Not even Jesus.

Pisces (Feb 20th – Mar 20th) Oh wait, it’s YOU that not even Jesus likes. My mistake. Please tell Aquarius that Jesus loves him after all. Heh, that was a close one. Aries (Mar 21st – Apr 20th) Remember that one time you were got wasted and caught syphilis from that fat stripper, who only ended up robbing after you passed out? No? Hmm. Okay, cool. That’s not something I’d want to remember either. But if you did remember it ever, it would certainly explain those odd sores and crushed ribs. Taurus (Mar 21st – Apr 20th) So you saw an ad for a lotion that will enlarge your genitals and you decided to purchase it via mail order. Good thinking. Oddly you will find that your genitals remain the same in size and stature. Have fun with your giant hand next month. Gemini (May 22nd – June 21st) This is not a good month to be a Gemini. Global warming will strike, killing most penguins, polar bears, Eskimos and Geminis. All other creatures and zodiac signs will be spared.













Skinnie Magazine July 2008  


Skinnie Magazine July 2008