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Editor’s Letter: Sometimes… Traffic court, well, most government offices for that matter generally seem to pool the derelicts of society. The ignorant, the lazy, the dimwitted, for some reason a trip to pay off a simple California Stop violation can really open your eyes to the kind of scum that make up the majority of our world. Then, in walked Mr. Rosenthal. I have to admit, initially I thought, “Great, here’s another guy who is going to confuse this court appearance for an episode of Law and Order and hold up the other cases for a good 15 minutes.” He was frail; he wore clothing that might make you think he was unkempt. He looked like the kind of man that might have a horrific horde of newspapers and way too many cats. He was in court for making an “unsafe” turn, a rather obscure violation in a room full of cell phone and driving without a valid driver’s license tickets. I spent much of the morning trying to hide my cell phone from the bailiff who had an eagle eye for people who hadn’t removed their baseball hats or were chewing gum in the court. (Pretty rude by the way) For some reason I managed to pay attention to the proceedings when Mr. Rosenthal slowly approached the judge. “How do you plead to the charges Mr. Rosenthal?” He spoke very softly, but very certainly. “Guilty, your honor.” As the judge began rattling off the standard payment script, Mr. Rosenthal said, “Can I say something your honor?” The judge, maybe feeling a bit of sympathy for the brittle man granted his request. “I know what I did was wrong. The officer said the

turn I made was illegal. But I had to pull over. I wasn’t right. I wasn’t ok. I needed to pull over. My wife had just passed away. I’m sorry I did that.”

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If you could hear people’s thoughts, you would have heard a collective gasp from anyone within an earshot. The people fucking with their cell phones, rehearsing their story for the judge, and mentally cursing the cop that forced them to spend their Friday in traffic court, they all suddenly thought the exact same thing at the exact same time. I typically spend my time on this section looking for different disguises for my sarcasm. I talk shit about people I despise, envy, sometimes even associate with in an effort to seem different, maybe even deep. Fitting appropriately with the month of November, the month where giving thanks affords most of us a day off – I can’t think of anything else except Mr. Rosenthal. His admission of his “guilt” coupled with his vulnerable honesty has been sitting with me all day. No preaching, no sermons about loving the ones you have – I wouldn’t presume to know that much about life to tell anyone to do what I likely don’t do well myself. What I will say is this – if any of us are lucky enough to love someone the way Mr. Rosenthal loved his wife…well, you get the idea.

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words by Alexis Amparan

What recession? Victoria’s Secret is good at making people want things they will never have - like their brand new Bombshell Fantasy bra. Covered in 60 carats of diamonds and 82 carats of other stuff you can’t afford it is priced at a mere $2 million. CHOLERA \\ DRUG CARTELS \\ CA ELECTIONS \\ BP OIL \\ US DOLLAR

The hits… Still in ruins from the catastrophic earthquake that devastated Portau-Prince, Haiti is now dealing with what looks like an outbreak of Cholera. Some 250 fatalities have been confirmed from the disease and UN Officials are saying this could lead to tens of thousands of cases. According to Haiti’s Health Ministry, over 3,000 cases have been confirmed already.

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai recently admitted that he receives millions, yes millions of dollars from Iran under the table. In what is being referred to as a means to strengthen Afghan anti-Western sentiment against the US and NATO, Karzai says he uses the money to pay for expenses he incurs while doing his job. According to the New York Times, Karzai added, “Patriotism has a price.”

The drug cartels in Mexico continue their reign of terror. In the span of two days armed men in Juarez burst into a home during a party and gunned down 28 people. 14 of the victims were killed, the remaining 14 were severely wounded. The very next day, a similar team of armed men stormed a Tijuana rehabilitation center and killed 13 more people. Both incidents have been linked to drug cartels killing off other gang members. Since President Felipe Calderon took office in December 2006, more than 28,000 people have been killed in drug cartel related violence.

Only one month into the job new chief executive Bob Dudley is already blameshifting. In previous interviews Dudley said that scientists were “scaremongering” with their projections of the amount of oil BP was spewing into the Gulf of Mexico. Dudley also said during that time that the estimates put the leak at about 5,000 barrels of oil per day. A government panel later refuted that with an estimate of some 62,000 barrels per day.

As California takes to the polls for a new governor new numbers were published by the Los Angeles Times stating that California cities and counties have launched their biggest payroll cutbacks since 1990. With tens of thousands of jobs being cut every month, California still has one of the country’s highest unemployment rates at 12.4%.



In more “bum you out news” the US dollar fell to its worst low against the Japanese Yen in 15 years halting at 80.52 yen. 560 million dollars or about 400 million euros a day is what France is losing as strikes continue to protest the country’s pension reform bill that aims to increase France’s retirement age by two years to 62. The refineries have almost come to a stand still. Keep in mind that the country of France usually gives the majority of their employees the entire month of August off for vacation.

…just keep on coming for the JetBlue flight attendant who had a drunken meltdown onboard and infamously took the, er, emergency exit. Steven Slater was robbed while in court for his diva fit. The culprit? His lover’s brother. Karmic conundrum.

Where was this guy when Marion Barry needed him? A man was arrested in Florida for a DUI. He was obviously intoxicated but was conscious enough to say that he had been kidnapped and forced to smoke crack cocaine. Cop says, tell the judge!

It’s kinda hard out here for a pimp in a Gumby costume. A costume store attendant, dressed as Gumby, got a kick in the pants by some jerk who was driving past the store. The assault was video taped and the attacker was tracked down via YouTube. Thankfully, Gumby didn’t get as many hits as the video.




Always double dipping. A rash of crime has broken out at a UK airport. Travelers, leaving their cars at the valet, are returning to find that their cars have been used by another. It seems the valets are renting out the vehicles to UK visitors. Goldilocks and the three bears are investigating.


Skin Trade

So, what price would you put on your skin? words by Elysia McMahan

Whatever your take on the subject may be – the truth is that sales within the fur industry are still on the rise.Worldwide, there are approximately 10 million wild animals trapped and killed exclusively for their pelts each year and the 30 million plus animals raised on fur farms account for the majority of the world’s fur production. It seems as if people are still living in the dark ages and don’t take into consideration the dreadful conditions and horrific deaths these animals face. The still images you may have come across do not even begin to convey the sickening truth behind this industry. Yet despite the grim reality, business reamins booming. A new documentary has began gaining momentum among even the most naive. The combination of hidden camera footage, industry testimonail, and activist banter goes much further than the PETA DVDs we have all come across. Traveling extensively throughout Canada and the United States, Shannon Keith, animal rights activist, lawyer, and documentary producer/ director made a profound impact on the fur industry with her film, Skin Trade, which premiered in June. Keith’s production company Uncaged Films, along with her non-profit organization ARME (Animal Rescue, Media Education) have merged together to create change within the industry – with facts. It takes hundreds of animals just to create ONE fur coat. Yes, hundreds of rabbits, coyotes, lynxes, foxes, raccoons, even dogs and cats – slaughtered. Innumerable dogs and cats are bludgeoned and strangled with wire nooses in China so that their fur can be fashioned into trim. Often times, the end product is deliberately



mislabeled and sold to unsuspecting customers. Keith explains her drive, “They know that once they open their eyes and see the truth, it would be very difficult to going back to a life of indifference or worse….What shocked me the most was the utter disregard for life that these so-called human beings had for the animals they tortured and killed for their fur. I knew it was bad and I knew these people did not care, but it was almost like they were taking out some kind of revenge on the animals. They would beat them, mock them, deprive them of food and water, hit them as they walked by, anything to make their lives even more miserable then they already were - then when they killed these poor souls, they would drag them by a leg, breaking the leg, as the poor foxes would scream in pain, and then laugh as they shoved an electric prod in their anus. It was sickening. And this wasn't just happening at one place - it is happening everywhere.” The inherent danger with exposing a highly lucrative industry like the fur trade, doesn’t seem to affect Keith and her team. Skin Trade is loaded with the kind of unfiltered images that make it almost impossible to feel actual illness. Even people who don’t fancy themselves animal lovers have to turn away at the images of brutality and inhumane action that litters the film.Aside from the shock value that anchors most animal rights information, Skin Trade offers a presentation of the facts that appeal to people universally, regardless of their position when it comes to animal rights. What seems even more disgusting, all this is being done in the name of looking good nothing says fashion like slaughter.

You should be embarrassed, sir. A man was charged with disorderly intoxication and trespassing after a warning in Niceville, Florida. What was the occasion? The 2010 Mullet Festival. What would it have cost to be spared this humiliation? A good hair cut and $10 admission.

What would a scratch and sniff of the moon smell like? Gunpowder, apparently. Says who? Nasa! Apollo 14 came back with rock samples from the moon and one of the observations they made was of the lovely basalt aroma coming from the rocks. Can’t wait for the new Moonlit Garden home air freshener!

Finally! Christwire.org has released its 2010 How to Spot a Sex Addicted School Teacher guide for conscientious parents and morons alike! The guide gives a head to toe analysis of dead-give-away signs such as “apple loving lips” and “low rise zippers for little fingers.” Where’s the guide for clergy?






Wow, England.


The Air Sex Championships Creator Chris Trew answers our basic question, WHAT?! words by Ramon Gonzales

Air guitar, sure.Who hasn’t flicked their fingers to a song or two. We’ve even heard of air guitar competitions, but c’mon, how interesting could that be? Maybe Chris Trew thought the same thing when he decided to ratchet up the whole invisible thing and feature contestants showing off their humping skills.Yeah, you read that right. Air Sex. Contestants climb onstage, pick a song, and do much more than dry humping. Air sex?! Where were you and what were you drinking when you guys decided to run with this? We had been doing Air Guitar shows for so long and we were ready to take the next step. The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas deserves all the credit. What did the club promoter first tell you when you you sat with him and said, “I have an idea....” Most promoters are intrigued. Some think it won’t work. I definitely think having a comedy show that has a self-explanatory name is a unique thing so the smart club owners are like, “Hell yes, let’s do it!” This has turned into a full on tour. Obviously the response has been great, but any cities along the way that haven’t been too receptive? Not really...it’s more of a question of which cities are the MOST receptive. Definitely Austin, New Orleans, Seattle and Portland. DC too. Were talking about people fucking an invisible person – anything ever get too outrageous? Any stories you can share? I think it is really incredible how many people

perform Air Sex like they would actual sex. Some of those moans are legit. The best Air Sex shows have a healthy mixture of that plus completely bizarre comedy and a few trainwrecks. If you had to describe em, what kind of people show up to watch something like this? Maids. Lawyers. College students. Housewives. Star athletes. Stay-at-home Dads. Hippies. Hipsters. Everybody. Seriously, the mix of people watching and competing in these shows are amazing. This is a competition – other than the praise of the crowd, what do contestants compete for? Actual sex is much more enjoyable when it’s with a Champion.We also fly out the best folks to Austin to compete for the national title. Considering the US is pretty conservative on the whole sex thing, any thought about taking this internationally? We’re dying to. Just waiting for the right opportunity. Know someone? Have there been any surprises for you with regards to the people who compete? Maybe a pent up soccer mom or a reserved tax attorney? The most recent surprise was an older woman/young girl combo act. The older woman did some hardcore bondage beatdown stuff and after the show it was revealed that the young girl was her daughter. Thus far what was the best song you’ve heard during an air sex session? A rock n roll remix of Barney’s theme song. www.airsexworldchampionships.com



A man returned from vacation to his SouthEast London home to find the locks changed and three dogs on patrol. The work of a jilted ex? No. Just 15 Italian squatters who took over the property and refuse to leave. And what are the police doing about this? Nothing, seeing as how squatting is not a criminal offense. WHAT?!

This guy is the Toys R Us of crazy! A man in Denver went to the Post Office to pick up some recently purchased child pornography and got Jack-in-the-boxed by an undercover sting. Upon searching the perv’s car, police found “women’s underwear, a grappling hook, binoculars, an expandable baton, an extensive collection of lock picks, glow sticks, duct tape, a stun gun, zip ties, a head lamp, leg cuffs and handcuffs, several condoms, and a case containing syringes and pills.” CREEPY!



Foreplay Current affairs

ROCKING THE VOTE . . . Whatever That Means C’mon…how bad does it have to get? Somehow, you’ve made it to the voting booth. You probably had time, since you were probably unemployed (we have a 12.4% unemployment rate). Considering how dire the outlook for California is, we gotcha covered on some crucial names for election-day. words by Jasen T. Davis



Barbara Boxer – Democrat According to her website, she’s, “…always fought for California, and has a plan to create jobs and turn our economy around.” What? Now you have a plan? Shouldn’t she have revealed this astonishing revelation back in 2004 when unemployment was just at 6.2%?

Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown, Jr. – Democrat Brown is currently our attorney general, so if you are happy with the laws in California, you’re weird because nobody knows all of the laws in California. Jerry Brown was also governor of California long, long ago. I think before or after Reagan. The first platform item that made me stop scrolling down the page was: “Clean Energy Jobs Plan.” Well, every politician since Jimmy Carter has been yapping that solar panel/wind generator nonsense, when we all know that the oil companies would never permit it to happen.

Carly Fiorina – Republican When I examined the issues, I couldn’t really see a clear difference between Carly Fiorina and her opponents when it came to the issues. This is because Republicans and Democrats use the vaguest language possible because they feel that if they showed any more depth or detail, you’d either get bored or lose interest. Politicians should have the same platform: “If elected, nothing much will really change and I will have a lot of money. Extremely wealthy political lobbies will give me even more money so I will do what they say, because, no offence, but your $20 ain’t going to pay for my new BMW.” My God, that’s honesty, integrity and commitment, which is the kind of politician we need, right now. Aside from that she’s going to be tough on illegal immigration, so if you are tired of Mexicans mowing your lawns, growing your food, cooking your meals, building your houses, taking care of your children and cleaning up after you (not to hurt your feelings, but the vast majority of custodians working the Windex in L.A. are not Yugoslavians) by all means, vote accordingly. Marsha Feinland – Peace and Freedom As usual, third party candidates were not allowed to participate in the gubernational debates, so of course we have no idea who these people are. Dude, she wants to double the minimum wage! If everyone one of us got that much more money, we’d all be able to afford food, rent, car insurance, car payments, gasoline, clothes, utilities, cell phone bills, credit card payments and our student loans. There’d be unicorns, rainbows and choirs of angels. We’d all have gold teeth. This will never, ever, ever happen. Neither will the thirty-hour workweek. Or the free health care she wants as well. What poor, idealistic Marsha Feinland wants is some sort of low-grade, communal social system where the majority of the population has the highest quality of life, which often includes free healthcare, education and a great living wage, but this just doesn’t happen in the real world except in mysterious, out-of-the way places like France, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand and Luxembourg. And do they have shows like America’s Next Top Model? Nooo…

The next item was something about civil rights. Well, no politician is going to promise to make California feel like Berlin, Germany, 1937. “If elected, cops will kick in your door every week! Police dogs will bite your face off!” Aside from that, no matter how much a state might try to protect your civil rights, the federal government can still legally arrest you, jail you without a trial, attorney or even informing your loved ones, and then ship you overseas so either the CIA or the military can torture you and the state isn’t even legally allowed to talk about it, because it’s a threat to national security if they tell anyone. How do we fix this? Move to Denmark. Margaret C. “Meg” Whitman – Republican The Grand Old Party has a proud and honest tradition of integrity, honor, courage and protecting the little guy from mean old corporations. They also fight terrorists, hippies, Satan and democrats. When you put the Republican Party in charge of all three branches of the Federal government, the economy soars into the sky like a rocket to the sun. Meg Whitman is a millionaire who was the CEO of eBay. Her candidacy is living proof that our government truly is a plutocracy. Has there ever been a President who wasn’t a millionaire? Anyhow, if you don’t vote Republican, it will make little baby Jesus cry. Chelene Nightingale – American Independent I read her platform and laughed out loud. Basically, Nightingale is going to destroy public education and ensure that all children living in California will be home schooled. She’s also going to ban illegal immigrants access to public schooling. So the assumption is that if social systems are cut, somehow less taxes will result? No, you’ll save a little bit and spend a whole lot more since now you have to pay for schooling, water, the fire department and possibly even daylight, since you can bet your butt that if solar energy ever works out it will all be privatized.

In the rich age of freely available, high-speed information there is really only one scientifically proven, sure-fire way to pick the proper representatives who will best serve your specific social and political interests. If all else fails, look at the pictures of all of the candidates. If any one of them has a face that makes you want to punch in their nose as hard as you possibly can, then just don’t vote for that person. It’s that simple.Why read up and work on our civil responsibilities like being an informed voter?








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JVC pulled the best features and slammed em into one hell of a head unit. DVD, CD, MP3, Navigation, touch screen, Bluetooth capabilities, with a 400 MHz processor really means this machine moves quickly and stores everything you need – tech nerds and rookies alike will drool.

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KEEPIN’ IT REEL words by Ramon Gonzales

NC-17 Rating for Sundance Sweetheart “Blue Valentine” starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams recently received an NC-17 rating from the MPAA. The real controversy is that while the film does have some brutal scenes of psychological confrontation, including an exchange where Gosling character is drunk and wants to have sex but Williams’ character doesn’t but gives in anyway, there isn’t much else to merit the industry deathnail. The highest earning NC-17 rated film was “Showgirls.” Just for reference.

Dilemma and the Use of the Word Gay


“Electric cars are gay. I mean, not homosexual, but my-parents-arechaperoning-the-dance gay.” This is the quote that drew fire from CNN’s Anderson Cooper along with tons of media forcing Universal Pictures to cut the scene from the trailer for Ron Howard’s new film, “The Dilemma.” Vince Vaughn’s character makes the correlation in a workplace presentation in the trailer’s opening scene – critics weren’t happy.

words by Jasen T. Davis

Due date

Release Date : November 5, 2010 Studio : Warner Bros. Robert Downey, Jr. is Peter Highman, a tense, mature adult who just wants to drive across America to arrive in time to see the birth of his child. Zach Galifianakis is an aspiring actor named Ethan Tremblay who ends up going along for the trip. The plot is hardwired in: get in the car and get from point A to point B. All that is left are opportunities to create scenes that are funny, and with a cast this solid funny is what you will certainly get.

127 hours Release Date: November 5, 2010 Studio: Fox Searchlight Pictures Yes, this is an intense drama full of deep character with powerful acting moments. Someone is going to win an Oscar for something, but (spoiler alert) this film is ultimately about a guy who goes out hiking, gets pinned by a boulder and five days later cuts his arm off to survive so he can get back to civilization. This is the true story of Aron Ralston. No one is going to want to sit through this film, but they’ll say how great it is.

client 9 Release Date : November 5th, 2010 Studio : Magnolia Pictures What a loser. Wow, a documentary about the rise and fall of Elliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York. Remember the guy who banged that super hot prostitute? Yeah, that guy. This would have been far more interesting as a film based on Elliot Spitzer. Billy Bob Thornton could have played him. But, no, instead we get a documentary. Let’s face it, unless the documentary is done by Michael Moore, no one goes to see those things. Sorry.



unstoppable Release Date: November 12th, 2010 Studio: 20th Century Fox The title for this had me really hoping for something cool.. Nope. Instead it is a train full of explosives, unmanned and out of control, on its way to annihilate an American city. Chris Pine and Denzel Washington are going to stop it. That’s it. Evacuate the area ahead of time and then, when the train gets there, the U.S. military wipes out the thing with a missile strike, which is probably going to happen. Rosario Dawson’s breasts are pretty unstoppable, though, so that’s worth something.

the next three days Release Date : November 19, 2010 Studio : Lionsgate A remake of a French film, this movie is about a man who goes to incredible lengths to free his wife from prison after she is falsely accused of murder. Even the poster art evokes a cool vibe, and any action film (well, thriller, but we all know that thrillers are just action films with better acting and superior plots) with Russell Crowe whupping ass in the name of some noble cause is going to be a great few hours at the local cinema.

Pacino To Play Spector Sending a buzz through the film industry, it was recently announced that Pulitzer Prize winner David mamet will write and direct an HBO film on the life of famed music producer/convicted murderer Phil Spector. Even more exciting is the fact that the legendary Al Pacino has been cast to play the lead role.

Ghostbusters 3!!!!! In a recent interview with Vanity Fair Magazine, Dan Aykroyd revealed that he was back in the driver’s seat with penning the script for the highly anticipated film. Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg were initially working on the script, but their work wasn’t well received, with Bill Murray voicing his discontent with the progress.

Snyder Takes on Superman The director of 300 and Watchmen has officially signed on with Warner Bros. to take on the latest incarnation of the Superman saga. Working along executive producer Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight), the film was once linked to famed director Darren Aronofsky, but has officially been given to Zack Snyder.



In The End


Feel Good Flicks

The Pursuit of Happyness This true life rags to riches story of a down on his luck single father culminates in the kind of victory that will make you tear up.

The Shawshank Redemption Spending most of his life in prison for a murder he didn’t commit might not sound like a feel good film, but Tim Robbins had a plan the whole time.


love ranch

Available On: November Studio: Capitol/Road Rebel


It’s just an old fashioned love song, coming down in three part harmony. The three parts being Joe Pesci and Helen Mirren who run a legal brothel/ranch in Nevada and Sergio Peris-Mencheta, a boxer, who comes to relieve some stress. When Helen and Sergio fall in love someone’s bound to get shot and the ranch will never be the same. Based on a true story and supported by surprisingly convincing acting this is worth the 117 minutes you can’t get back.

antichrist Release Date : November 9rth Studio : IFC Films Would you like to watch WIllem Dafoe make violent love to his onscreen wife, Charlotte Gainsbourg? Neither would some people at Cannes, who walked out on the film. Albeit, there is a plot in Antichrist, the movie is best categorized as Antienjoyabletowatch. The movie consists of two parts: sad portrait of couple whose son died as an infant and scary sex scenes. Unless, you are in to snuff films, skip it.

lovely still Release Date : November 9th Studio : Monterey Has your mother ever told you that she saw a movie and it was “SO CUTE! You HAVE to SEE it!” You usually run in the other direction, right? Well, keep going, Seabiscuit, because Lovely, Still is just that type of movie. Crotchity old man is loosened up by sexy senior neighbor and finds a reason to brush his dentures everyday just in time for Christmas. Seen it! Would make a nice gift for the old lady in your life or the cynical asshole who needs a reminder that love exists.



the kids are alright Release Date : November 16th Studio : Focus Features Was this movie inspired by Melissa Ethridge? Lesbian couple raising two children and trying to figure out (like all parents) how to get everyone to work and school, home for dinner, in bed at a reasonable hour, lather, rinse, repeat. That is until, the kids contact their sperm donor dad. Well, not only does he turn out to be totally hunky hetero and quasi sleazy but one of the moms is attracted? Hit the brakes and then hit play!

i’m still here Release Date : November 23rd Studio : Magnolia It was a good day at the office when Joaquin Phoenix had a complete melt down on the David Letterman Show. And if you felt like you could have watched that interview over and over and over, you finally can. Casey Affleck made a documentary about it. But, shall we call it a doc or a dramamentary? It seems a little far fetched that none of this was written. From the ladies of the night, to the white horse, to a rap apprenticeship with P Diddy? Check out the train wreck.

Forrest Gump This modern classic has everything that makes a great film great. Exploring a simple man’s extraordinary lifetime and kind heart makes this a winner.

The Straight Story Who travels across Iowa and Wisconsin on a riding mower? Alvin Straight. This David Lynch film is based on a true story and tugs at your heart.

Slumdog Millionaire This Danny Boyle gem is loaded with cultural color and the kind of story that reaffirms your faith in good people still walking this planet.



srh.com/videos/moto SKINNIEMAGAZINE.COM



locals only Destined For The Main Stage



DAFT PUNK TRON Original Soundtrack Label: Walt Disney Records

Available On: Dec. 7th Despite the release date being pushed back yet again, the hype has officially been built. The Parisian duo that have essentially transformed the landscape of modern electronic music have the kind of legacy in place that ensures this soundtrack just can’t fail. Jumping onto a project that already has a cult following, Daft Punk have crafted phenomenal soundscapes of music that have the potential to propel the remake of the film to be even better than the original.Yeah, that good.


Cee-lo GREEN

Smashing Pumpkins

Lady Killer


My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


Rocket Science

Dej Jam


On the strength of his emphatic single, “Fuck You,” Cee-Lo has proved once again that he has the ability to create something new each time he drops a record. During his tenure in Goodie Mob and his resurgence in Gnarls Barkley, it seems evident that Cee-Lo just may have the Midas Touch. Genre bending is done well with this one ensuring Cee-Lo has up’ed his stock once again.

Regardless of how you feel about him, Billy Corgan is one of music’s best songwriters, period. Releasing a sizable majority of this album one track at a time for free, the Pumpkins have reached that level of success when you can leak the tunes and still count on solid sales. With the good reason, Corgan went to work on this one. With 2 discs of tunes, you’re gonna dig some.

It isn’t hip hop, it isn’t quite pop, regardless, it is still from Kanye. The sad fact is that if West had remained less of an attention whore, this record might be looked on a bit more favorably. Long gone are the days of Kanye bolstering the backpacker flow. Sopbox messages and high fashion bulshit ran rampant. If being pretentious was a great way to regain favor, Kanye would be cool again.

It is difficult to tell whether this band is truly being creative or really running the risk of coming off as purely a bootleg Ziggy Stardust. Having gained comparisons to the likes of Queen, My Chemical Romance seem to be leaving their teeny bopper appeal at the door in trade for rock cred, but this is comes off more like the guys read a few books during their down time and ran with it.

Drops: Nov. 9th

Drops: Nov. 22nd


Kanye West

Drops: Nov. 22nd

My Chemical Romance Danger Days...

Drops: Nov. 22nd

It’s abrasive, it’s slicing, it’s cathartic, it’s a napalm attack of music – this is exactly what Flattbush intended. In terms of genres, well, that might be a bit difficult to pinpoint. Comprised of brothers Enriko and Arman Maniago, the foundation of what resonates from the band’s music is likened to what a dog would do when backed into a corner. Sung (sorta) in English, Tagalog, and Kapampangan, the Maniago brothers’ back-story is what loans real credibility to their message. The offspring of political activists in the impoverished country, the blending of languages in their music functions in much the same way their musical development has. Emigrating to the United Sates during their formative years as teenagers, the brothers connected with the kind of music that dabbled in the provocative, regardless of genre. But coming home after school to a traditional Pilipino household served as an interesting, maybe even conflicting mesh of cultures. However, being loud and destructive musically developed a bit more importance to Arman and Enriko, for the two, there was a reason to scream. The children of socially competent parents, the Maniago brothers began making music that sonically matched the kind of frustration their parents had spent years venting on the frontlines of protests back home. It wasn’t just screaming to sound tough, it was screaming as a means to express sincere disgust. Coming from a country in which estimates have 40% of the population living below $2.00 (Us Currency) a day, it was impossible for Arman and Enriko to make music that ignored their roots. Working with Billy Gould of Faith No More, Flattbush recently launched their latest effort, Otomatik Attak, a blistering collection of 10-track clocking in at about 20 minutes in length. The assault includes a collection of blast beats (legit), offtimed rhythms, and frenzied string work as a backbone for Enriko’s chaotic lyrical delivery. Taking on everything from Imperialism, geopolitics, even organized religion, Flattbush oozes sincerity. The tone of their music takes real patience to understand, but once you realize where it comes from, everything rings crystal clear.




BITS & BYTES Microsoft’s Big Push


Call of Duty: Black Ops GENRE: First-Person Shooter Systems: DS, PS3, Wii & X Box 360

Call of Duty is synonymous with first-person shooters. Some might say it is one of the definitive FPS experiences, and with Bungie’s last hurrah with Halo: Reach and EA’s recently released Medal of Honor title, Activision’s latest incarnation manages to retain its reputation as one of the most intense single player and multiplayer experiences ever created. The action has shifted from the modern combat of the present to the Cold War afflicted years of the Vietnam War. The lush jungle settings and excessive amount of gore are exactly what makes this title so unique – the atmosphere coupled with the violence, and it succeeds in luring you back in over and over again.

Assasin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Donkey Kong Country Returns

genre: Action/Adventure

genre: Adventure

Systems: PC, PS3 & X Box 360

Systems: Wii

Stealthy assassin Ezio has returned, but this time with a few friends at his side. Featuring the same groundbreaking gameplay that made Assassin’s Creed 2 a phenomenal success, players can venture throughout room dispatching enemies with the assistance of other support units. The game touts a 15+ hour quest, with Eizo following a deadly campaign to liberate Rome from the clutches of its political filth. An in-depth multiplayer adds another neat layer to the package, showing there is still much to be explored in reference to this franchise and its colorful cast of characters.

Retro Studios had its fair share of success in the ‘90s with Donkey Kong Country. After a brief, but successful, 3D stint on the N64, the game returns to its side-scrolling glory mixed with the marvels of modern technology. As a result Retro has managed to create a game worthy of comparison to the original, but far more inspired and involved. The game is not a “remake”, but rather a spiritual successor that draws upon the beloved elements of the Super Nintendo titles and creates an absolutely gorgeous package.

games you love to hate : Lucha Libre AAA Heroes of the Ring : Clash of the Titans It’s sad to see a powerhouse like Konami release a bad title, cause when they’re less than subpar they tend to really descend towards the bottom end of the barrel (“God Hand” anyone?). And for me being a proud Mexican, to watch Konami pillage and plunder the Lucha Libre series to be nothing more than the bastardly-son knock off of the highly superior “Smackdown” franchise is slightly aggravating. Controls work as well as a person whose hands are bound with electrical tape, and the lackluster spirit coursing throughout just adds to the grief. This is wrestling – not a funeral.


words by Alex Mendoza


With the Holidays fast approaching, as well as considering the draw the Wii had with a wider audience with its friendly, motion-based gaming, Microsoft is planning to use a marketing budget of around $500 million to push the Kinect. Aside from being on the general forms of media such as the Internet and television, the Kinect will also been seen on such everyday items such as sodas and cereal boxes. To add even more “umph” to the process, it turns out that Microsoft worked in conjunction with Steven Spielberg some 18 months ago to plan the marketing blitz. The strategy behind the Kinect is even more compelling when the money fueling the campaign exceeds that of even the console when it first launched.

A Modest Debut With a slight lead in the motion controller release wars, Sony’s PlayStation Move peripheral opened up to modest sales in the States, whereas across the sea in Europe some 1.5 million units have been sold. At this juncture for that part of the market production is expected to ramp up considerably. At the moment the system itself actually lost 14% in overall hardware sales, even with the release of the PS Move, for September 2010. According to an investor report by Michael Pachter, he believes that “while the Move sold well below its expectations in the first month, we expect it, and the Kinect, to drive hardware sales during the Holidays.”



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Skinnie girl



Photographed by: Donotresist.com Hair by: Ryan Crupi Some jewerly courtesy of: GasolineGlamour.com







ame has taken on a whole new meaning in the modern age dominated by two minute Youtube clips and viral phenomena. There have always been incidents where personalities have stumbled into fame, but it seems to occur a little more frequency nowadays. The proof can be quantified with a simple google search of one, Antonie Dodson. The real key to legitimacy now isn’t so much how people come to know you, but what you do when people do know you. For Casey Loza, her occasional spot on that MTV ‘Reality’ show isn’t what she hangs her hat on, but has no problem acknowledging it might have helped a bit in an effort to jump start other things. With her own make up line, some flirtation with the fashion industry, and making tunes plus a few babies with her husband FMX star Kyle Loza, if the cameras want to come along to capture the insanity, cool. If not, Casey has more than enough to keep her busy.

What’s your whole take on “reality” show fame? Was it something you have enjoyed and encouraged or was it more coincidental? Do you even like being associated The Hills? If I wasn’t associated with the show I would still be associated with my sister so its better to bypass the whole “You’re that one girl’s sister from that one show” an straight to “weren’t you on that one MTV show?” We are responsible for MOST of what happens to us. Our society constantly bombards us with stories of people who rose from obscurity to fame, often with limited talent. It seems like rather than take hope from these stories, most people absorb them as indications of their own inadequacy.

You called your blog Filthy Ego - c’mon, who were you teasing in naming it that? No one would ever cop to that. Everyone was asking me to get a website, I just couldn’t bring myself to be that vain. Even a blog about myself was pushing it so when it came to naming it I thought filthy ego was perfect because it pokes fun. The media has really latched onto the strong family life you and your husband Kyle have established. How does your husband deal with your status as well...a bit of a sex symbol? Kyle thought I was sexy when I was 40 pounds pregnant on a doctor’s table pushing out his son. He’s seen me at every level and still wants me, that’s all I care about.

Considering you were only on a few episodes of the show, what are yourthoughts on how it seems as though your popularity is growing, while theother cast members’ seems to be flailing. I think it goes to say less is more. We all saw what K-Cav (apparent foe Kristin Cavallari) looks like after a night of romping her so called friend’s boyfriend in Vegas, what more is there to see?

You and Kyle are diversifying. Etnies, a cosmetic line - what’s the planfor you guys as a dynamic duo? Most of the projects result as a solution to a problem. I can’t find a pair of boots I design in my head or a bronzing lotion that doesn’t make my tattoos look muddy. Kyle sews so it works out nicely when I create an outfit in my head and it doesn’t exist in the fashion world yet.

Yes, and thank god. If I have to see another young girl burning her scalp with bleach to look like Paris Hilton I will vomit! How are you and Kyle dealing with being celebrities? You seem to have an almost tongue-in-cheek attitude about it. Is it something you dig or isit more of something you guys have to deal with in order to provide for your family? Kyle is the best celebrity I know, he’s extremely talented and not only that but he’s so humble. I have had so much to say for such a long time I’m glad that I have an outlet now. I have sat around watching people break their backs to look like magazine covers, its called photoshop. It breaks my heart knowing that there are so many people going In debt trying to keep up with the lifestyles of the rich and famous and they don’t know the truth. That 99 percent of celebs don’t buy those clothes or gadgets or cars and you my dear readers, gobble up the facade.

You and Kyle are in a band? Tell me about Piranha Fever How serious is? We just finished building a bitchin’ recording studio in our new house and its time to get back on the fever. I’ve recently discovered that I kick arse at piano and I’m looking forward to recording a new song I wrote. Kyle is my muse, everyday he teaches me something new I didn’t know about myself.

You’re developing your cosmetic line, Elizabeth Knight - You have been pretty hush about giving a portion of everything you make from the line to charity. I bet your business folks didn’t like that too much. You’re blowing my cover. My very best friend Ashley “Elizabeth Knight” Nelson was murdered by a drunk driver. It was one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with in life so far. She showed me how to be secure with my looks and my body. She inspired me to start this project, she was gorgeous inside and out.

You have said before, “I’m not a model.” Is being in front of the camera surreal at all? Have you run into those cheeseball moments yet? When we were growing up Audrina wanted to be a runway model, my mom took her to those school where you learn poses and stuff. I told my sister after a recent shoot that I found a whole new respect for what she does. I feel like an alien in those situations, I’m always asking for a mirror. ”Can I seduce myself?” (Luaghs) Considering you are finding success inother ventures, do you ever think about asking Kyle to not compete as much? He has a pretty dangerous gig. But he’s so good at what he does. I also know that he doesn’t ride when he doesn’t feel it 110%. Its very dangerous but its also very rewarding… He has so many talents so its nice when he can explore those too.

Has Hollywood come calling? We filmed a pilot for my sisters new reality show but I’m reluctant…I still have that childhood dream of being a marine biologist, astronaut, pediatric oncologist and a foreign spy. Being a mother is hard work. If I can handle two babies under 3 I can handle anything.

Doyou feel like the conventional definition of a sex symbol or what is“beautiful” in the media has changed completely? What with you being so heavily tattooed and all.



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It’s competition time and snowboarder Jaime Anderson is at the top of the mountain, getting ready to take the plunge into her run. Instead of having the usual competition jitters or second-guessing her routine, she’s listening to her iPod (citing Nas and Damian Marley’s new album Distant Relatives as the “ish”), dancing around to stay warm and trying to relax. She knows what she needs to do, knows how to get it done, and doesn’t want the gazillion TV cameras and media photographers to get in the way of that. Right before it’s her turn to drop in, she takes a deep breath and mentality sees her run, all the while reminding herself – HAVE FUN. This is pretty much Anderson’s routine each time she’s in competition mode. As the 20-year-old snowboarder so vividly explains what her routine is, it is difficult to ignore the kind of maturity that emits from the young talent who isn’t old enough to legally buy a beer. It’s no coincidence that success has followed. “Snowboarding has to always be fun for me,” she says. “When I’m just out there with my friends, and even when I’m practicing, I always have to keep it loose and fun. When it starts to stress me out, I know I need to step back and remind myself to just go with the flow and enjoy it all.” The South Lake Tahoe, CA, native’s matter-of-fact attitude regarding her snowboarding career is likely what has propelled her to become one of the world’s top female snowboarders. She’s built a reputation as the most solid Slopestyle rider in the sport, with her raw talent, extraordinary style and arsenal of tricks. With an impressive competition resume that includes four X Games medals since 2006 (one Bronze in ’06, two Golds for ’07 and ’08 and a Silver for ’10), as well as numerous victorious at various major snowboarding events and tours, Anderson has remained modest about her accomplishments; Especially when she’s reminded of her world champion status. “Honestly, I’m still like wait a minute? Are you sure? I mean, I’m not sure if I’m the best. Maybe in some aspects, but I’m no Victoria Jealouse or no freaking Torah Bright. I’m still so shocked and humbled at the whole thing. I love what I do and am so



fortunate to travel and meet people and get to do all the snowboard events. I do think I’m one of the top riders, but I don’t think you can have just ONE. There are many of us ’cause you have so many styles of mountain riding.” Taking an interest in snowboarding at just nine years old, Anderson actually comes from a family of female snowboarders (she has two older sisters who also ride). She became part of the Sierra at Tahoe team and quickly rose to the top, winning her first big professional competition when she was 14. After taking home some serious cash and recognizing her snowboarding abilities, the young Anderson knew her future career lie in the male dominated action sport. While there is no doubt she kills it in the air on the rails and verts, Anderson isn’t afraid to admit that even as a professional, she sometimes gets scared when trying new tricks. “I am a lot more scared to do things and it takes me a lot more time to mentality try a trick I’ve been thinking about for a while but am scared to do it,” she explains. “Thinking. That’s the thing as to why female snowboarders’ progression is a lot slower than the guys.” To help her overcome her fears, Anderson has been practicing her air awareness on trampolines, air bags and the mental wherewithal to push herself to do more. “I just try not to have any fear and trust myself so that I don’t back down. I always try to think that if I can mentality see myself doing it, I just have to follow through.” But when she follows through, the results are well…awesomeness. She thought the switchback five trick would be hard since it’s rarely stuck, but when she finally mastered it last winter, Anderson realized how easy it really was for someone of her capabilities and quickly added it to her bag of gems. It’s actually become one of her favorite tricks and it amazes her how long it took her to try. Now she’s setting her mind on mastering a backside rodeo. “It’s all mental. If you go out there and really want to learn something, I think you can learn it in one day, you know? It’s just a matter of mindset. It can take years if you procrastinate with trying it. I’ve done that sometimes. But when you do land the trick and get it done, you’re so happy.”

Progression has come with some scary setbacks for Jaime. Her craziest injury wasn’t the result of attempting some outrageous stunt - instead she ruptured her spleen while practicing at the U.S Open two years ago. “Man, it was a really stupid crash on the ground! I wasn’t even in the air and it turned out to be a really serious injury that had me in the hospital for a week. It’s always something stupid when you get hurt.” The time away from competition and the snow proved to be crucial in igniting Anderson’s drive for her chosen career path, “I couldn’t wait to get back out there. Sometimes injuries are good in a way because it makes you want to go back and do that much better.You just can’t let it mess with your head.” Speaking very candidly, Anderson was not afraid to concede that there is no way in hell that even the best female can outboard the best guys in the sport.The surprising admission might sound controversial, but Anderson pulled no punches. “I think men are built way different than us and I think it’s about mentality. Like, when you think about it, we’re built to be gentle, feminine and caretakers and it’s an attitude, where guys aren’t built like that. They aren’t scared of anything and that lets them try crazier tricks and go harder and bigger.” Despite that fact, her laundry list of accomplishments within the sport transcend any gender expectations. Watching Anderson on her board is watching someone fulfill their destiny in the truest sense of the word.

A firm believer that girl’s snowboarding is still progressing, Anderson mentions that the best thing about its current state is the supportive mentality they all have for each other, something she likes to attribute to the fact that they all tour together. “I get inspired by everyone…the girls and the guys” she says. “They are all so much fun to ride with that it’s a really good situation and environment to be in, even if we compete against each other, but it’s not like that in the end. We sort of all root for one another, especially the girls.” In fact, when she took Silver in last year’s X Games after Jenny Jones beat her out for Gold, Anderson was nothing but smiles for Jones’ big win. For this year’s competition, she not 100 percent sure on what she’s going to do, but she does mention that she’s thinking of doing some 1080s and double corks. As we get deeper into fall, with winter around the corner, Anderson is gearing up for competition season, something she likes to do at her home mountain, Sierra-atTahoe. But on occasion, you might catch the snowboarding superstar at one of So. Cal’s popular snowboarding destinations like Mountain High or Bear Mountain. “I’m definitely going to push myself harder this season,” she asserts. “I’m just blessed that I can do what I love and inspire other girls to get into snowboarding at the same time. It’s the only way our sport is going to progressive and evolve, which has already drastically been happening since I entered the sport years ago.”



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Life with Loza The FMX Phenom Doesn’t do Down Time

How would the world of freestyle motocross be different if three time X-Games gold medal marvel Kyle Loza chose to become a gypsy instead of a moto cross legend? Yea, I don’t wanna think about it either. Loza admitted that if his life took a different path and he never got tattoos, never sat on a bike or listened to loud music he would want to become a traveler of the world in an effort to “discover himself.” Loza continued to joke that he’d probably be craving attention, like the kind of attention that the owners of breast implants get. Luckily for us Loza decided to take the dirt path and become an innovator in the world of FMX. The father of two children, seven-month-old Sam Draven and nearly three-year-old Sadie Raine is also married to partner in crime, Casey Patridge. The two have unwittingly turned the conventional idea of the white picketed fence vision of happily ever after and redefined it. Not every day is full of mayhem and rapid-paced chaos, just most.





Full Contact Loza reveals a normal day for him involves waking up at 6 a.m. with Draven and is followed up with a ride on his bike, some skating, maybe making some music, baby stuff and creating anything he can with everything he has to offer; a simplistic approach to life too many of us often forget to do. Just a few years ago, a normal ride would have involved blasting a little Alkaline Trio or some Jaguar Love through the speakers he has wired into his helmet - now-a-days the athlete admits that he enjoys the sound of the world’s nothingness. “Becoming a Dad changed my perspective on motocross a lot,” he said. “I would blast some songs about the world dying or breaking bones or some kinda of catastrophe, and that would motivate my fearless, craving injuries side. Lately I guess I’ve been enjoying the silence.”Loza discloses that he does catch himself thinking about crashing, his career choice comes with an inherent risk seeing as how it involves horsepower, two wheels, and plenty of air; but he is pretty good about forgetting all about that when he puts his cap on. “Its risky business but its still business and I gotta keep the fridge stocked.” When he isn’t riding, handling shitty diapers, scheming his plans to conquer the world, or concentrating on his business endeavors, Loza seems to relish in the fact that he doesn’t do much else. “My wife, skateboarding or fishing haha,” Loza jokes. Strangely enough the notoriety Loza has enjoyed, gained an interesting foothold in reality television of all places. Outside the niche following in the world of motcross, Loza’s stint on reality television (being married to Audrina Patridge’s sister and all) has made the dirt bike riding, fully tattooed dad the guy who now occasionally has to answer, “Hey aren’t you the guy from that MTV show?” Kyle’s take… He seems to appreciate it for what it is. “Casey and I are going to be part of ‘Drina’s spin off show, so that should be pretty rad.” Conventional wisdom would suggest that a thriving career in action sports, some face time on television, a gorgeous wife, and all the potential in the world would force Loza to be that dude. In the club, big rims, sunglasses at night – nope. Instead the 24 year old is diversifying, crafting the kind of nest egg many athletes twice his age haven’t even begun to work on. “Monster energy, Etnies and Alpinestars all have been working with me to design all kinds of amazing stuff for the non “mulisha” side of moto,” Loza said. “I have an office at Etnies where I plan my murders and basically build humans. It’s fun!” Before the cameras and the questions about his family life, Loza claimed the gold medals back-to-back-to-back spanning 2007, 2008, 2009 for FMX Best Trick, no small feat for a guy who was just old enough to enjoy Vegas properly. Sadly a reoccurring wrist injury sidelined Loza from competing in the 2010 X-Games and stifled any idea of making a four-peat. “I was pretty angry with myself for not duct taping my broken wrist to my handle bars and toughing it out,” Loza said. “I feel like everyone ended up where they were supposed to be in the standings. Afterwards I kinda wish I would have [rode] because I could have done well with an easy trick, but I’d rather win doing something that deserves an X-Games Gold medal than something that wins because the rest of the field is out.” After breaking his wrist four times, three surgeries and a shortened bone, he feels that it is finally healing, albeit slowly. It was only a few weeks ago that he and his doctors saw the bones begin to fuse. “I started riding two weeks ago and I feel like I’m almost back where I was before my wrist decided to die. I’ll definitely be at X-Games next year with a trick that will get gold or it’ll wreck me trying it,” Loza proudly said. “I feel like I still got a solid five years worth of new tricks that will win X-Games,” he predicted. “Once that’s done, Casey and I will open a tattoo shop. Casey’s makeup line Elizabeth Knight and our band Piranha Fever are also coming up hard so we have a few things that are always moving more than most.” Think about it like this – with the world at your fingertips, would you want to sleep either? By: James Gobee



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NASCAR Can Get Nasty It’s all in a day’s work for NOS Driver Kyle Busch

Words by Mike Young

Most NASCAR observers agree that Kyle Busch is one of the most talented drivers in the garage. He is a threat to win every time he enters a race. He has scored at least one victory per season in each of NASCAR’s top three divisions every year since 2005, and has won three or more races in each division in each of the past two seasons. He has more than 60 victories in NASCAR’s top-three series – Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck – and he won his first NASCAR championship when he captured the 2009 Nationwide Series Title in the #18 NOS Energy Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing. It’s been said, however, that the only thing that stands in Kyle Busch’s way for a NASCAR Sprint Cup title is his temper. During his meteoric rise to the top, Busch has earned a reputation as a villainous hot head, a role he has willingly accepted. The reputation is also just fine with NOS Energy, who has embraced Busch’s intense persona. Together since 2008, they have represented a young, hard-edged crowd of motor sport enthusiasts who want their drivers to be bad asses. “I’ve been with NOS for a couple years now, and we’ve enjoyed some great success together. NOS is a big part of my preparation and performance--on and off the track. When I’m in the car as a driver or as my role off the track as a team owner, I count on NOS to keep me going. It’s been a great year so far, and we’re looking forward to a strong finish and to keep on winning,” said Busch. The fact is, Busch races aggressively, but he doesn’t intentionally wreck other drivers just to win a race. He spun Dale Earnhardt Jr. a few years ago at Richmond, drawing the ire of Junior Nation, but that was unintentional. Since then, he has had few run-ins with other drivers. He has taken a just few verbal jabs at competitors for bonehead moves on the track, and he has lashed out only a time or two when he has



been wrecked. He has even been known to taunt fans on occasion, reveling in their boos and contempt, and he’s let a few celebrations get out of hand, like his guitarsmashing incident at Nashville last year. But that’s all part of the game, part of being the sport’s biggest villain and part of the showmanship that makes him interesting. If you are able to get past all of the drama, what you find is that there is nothing more important to Kyle Busch than winning races. He demands a commitment to excellence not only from his team, but most of all, from himself. I was recently a guest of NOS Energy at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana for the Camping World 300 Nationwide Race. I was given an up-close, insider’s look into the life of NASCAR’s most exciting driver. “Rowdy,” as he’s also known, had captured the pole for the third time this year and was a favorite to win on this hot October day. Having been raised in “Fontucky” and being a life-long fan of NASCAR, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the intoxicating smell of burnt rubber and gasoline fumes. As I toured the garages and the NOS Energy hauler that carries their cars, tools and parts from race to race, I began to appreciate how difficult it must be to have a successful racing team. I was unfazed by the sweltering heat as I was escorted to pit lane where I met Busch’s fiancé, Samantha Sarcinella. Samantha, a graduate of Purdue, has a degree in psychology. She jokingly told me that Busch is not very interested in hearing her “psycho-babble bullshit.” She has become his partner in every sense of the word. She told me about the upcoming grand opening of Kyle Busch Motorsport’s brand-new 77,000-square-foot corporate headquarters, and also about Busch’s strong charitable drive. He formed the Kyle Busch Foundation in 2006 to benefit child and adolescent agencies that provide safe living environments for the less fortunate. The Foundation currently supports homes in Grand Rapids,

MI, Concord, NC, Atlanta, GA, Mesa, AZ, and Las Vegas, NV. And of course she was obviously excited about her upcoming wedding to the man once known as “Wildthing.” By this point in our conversation, Busch had made his way to his car and obliged a few pictures and autographs, but was clearly focused on the task at hand. Busch’s face remained stoic even as David Hasselhoff butchered our National Anthem, in stark contrast to just about everyone else who fought the urge to openly laugh. A short time later, the command was given and each competitor fired up their car. The NOS Energy Toyota led the pack as they would soon approach speeds nearing 200mph. I watched the first portion of the race from the top of the NOS pit box. I was able to listen in as crew chief Jason Ratcliff discussed handling issues with Busch early on. During the first pit stop I marveled as the NOS Pit Crew changed four tires, filled up the gas tank and made the needed adjustments in just under 13 seconds! From my vantage point it was electrifying.We eventually made our way up to the NOS Energy Suite where we threw back a couple of cool ones and enjoyed the remainder of the race from high above the grandstands. Kyle kept the number 18 near the front all day until midway through the race, when he was caught speeding on pit road. That penalty dropped him to 15th. It didn’t matter though. He quickly worked his way to the front passing cars as if they were street signs, claiming eight spots in 12 laps. He quickly moved to second after the third caution and passed Brad Keselowski for the lead with 38 laps left. The lead lasted just one lap, though; it was the end of another long run and Kevin Harvick, Kyle’s only real competiition that day, whipped past Busch to retake the lead. That lead was negated by a poor pit stop, however. Harvick’s slow-motion pit crew was all the advantage Busch needed.

The NOS Energy team had a clean final stop, sending Kyle out in the lead when the green flew again. Busch survived two more restarts and had a comfortable 1.034-second margin as he crossed the checkers to win. As he took his traditional winning bow I couldn’t help but wonder what the next chapter in this young superstar’s life might bring. Kyle Busch is now a NASCAR team owner. He also has a new contract that will keep him well paid and secure at Joe Gibbs Racing for several years, and he soon will become a married man. Sounds like somebody is growing up, the one requirement he needs to get to where he wants to go. Busch may be the most gifted driver in NASCAR, but he has been his own worst enemy at times with temperamental behavior that has hurt his performance. It appears that changes in his life this offseason have given him a new perspective. “I’ve already learned so many more lessons just in owning a Truck team,” Busch said. “I’ve learned how to handle people, how to handle situations, how to handle drama, per se, a little bit more.” “I always brought the drama on. Now I see what everybody had to deal with when I brought it. Now I kind of get to see some of that from the side everybody else was seeing it on. You grow and learn with age and mistakes that you make.” Busch appears to be a changed man. He is calmer and more introspective when he speaks. With a little maturity, Busch can still be the “enemy” force on the track—much in the vein of Earnhardt,Wallace, and Darrell Waltrip, who psyched their opponents out as much with their driving abilities as with as their skills in playing mind games with the best.


by Lacy Ottenson

Slater Goes Nude For all of you out there who might’ve ever wondered what Kelly Slater looked like in the buff, well now’s your chance to find out. The latest issue of ESPN Magazine, aptly titled the “Body Issue”, features a totally bare Slater running in mid-sprint; making for an incredibly awkward and rather unappealing visual. Not too sure who actually wants to see this but for those that do, the magazine is currently out on stands now.

Vanilla Ice to Star In Own Reality Show On the DIY Network That’s right. Vanilla Ice, the rapper turned MX enthusiast turned punch line, will soon be hosting his own reality show for the DIY Network, chronicling his attempts at flipping homes for profit. Vanilla Ice, otherwise known as Robert Van Winkle, has been “flipping” homes as a hobby for over 10 years, and after the BIO channel ran a profile on some of his recent projects, the network decided to put a show into the works. “The Vanilla Ice Project” premiers on the DIY Network Oct 14.

One Million People ‘Like’ DC

The multi-faceted action sports company DC Shoes, has reached a milestone seldom few have ever reached in social networking, surpassing over 1 million people who “like” and follow the brand’s updates and posts through Facebook. To celebrate the milestone, the company announced a special promotion, the details of which can only be accessed through their Facebook page. “We’re excited to have grown our Facebook community to this size,” said DC’s President, Anton Nistl. “Facebook is one of the best ways to connect with consumers. It’s a simple, fast and exciting interface to which people have responded positively. We understand its importance and influence and will continue to bring the latest original and creative content surrounding our athletes, events and products to our Facebook followers.”

Trey Canard Signs With DC DC recently announced that is has officially added and signed Trey Canard to the DC family and team. Trey will join the ranks of DC’s elite motocross team, the likes of which include Travis Pastrana, Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath, Robbie Maddison, Nate Adams, Jolene Van Vugt, Davi Millsaps, Josh Hill, Tommy Searle, Ian Trettel, as well as AM’s Chase Bell, Zack Bell, and Adam Cianciarulo. “We are really excited to add a great talent such as Trey to our Moto team,” said Brian Cassaro, DC’s Action Sports Marketing Director. “We look forward to supporting him as he starts his 450 career next season in both the AMA Supercross and Outdoor Series.”



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BASS & Treble Sublime was a moment in the past, something that shined before and after tragedy but no longer had a future. Sublime was never supposed to breathe again, never supposed to release anything other than the occasional greatest hits or collection of b-sides. Losing singer/songwriter/guitarist and frontman Bradley Nowell to an overdose in 1996 ensured that Sublime would take its place with Nirvana as a three-piece that couldn’t possibly go on without its leader. Sometimes all it takes is a person with big enough balls and even bigger chops to recharge a project that grows in legend with each passing year it stays idle. Enter Rome Ramirez, a spry 22-year-old who was in third grade when Nowell died. “I never thought we were gonna do it,” said founding member, bassist Eric Wilson. “I just ran into (Rome) by chance and we got together with Bud (Gaugh) and it seemed like old times. The best it could be without our brother Brad.” For years, Gaugh and Wilson continued to tour the country with the gargantuan project Long Beach Dub Allstars. With as many as 10 guys in the band at times, it was a far cry from the simplistic stage setup of Sublime and its three characters. While classic Sublime songs like “What I Got,” “Wrong Way,” and “Santeria,” were staples with the Allstars, there’s nothing like representing the music with three men onstage. “It’s great. It’s like I have my life back,” says Wilson. “I kind of forgot how much fun it is to play those songs with my good friends. Being able to play it with three people is the thing I haven’t been able to do till now. We’ve gotta get the power trio going and it makes it a lot easier for writing songs a lot tighter. The more members, the more of a mess it can be. I learned that. We started out as a trio and I’m just glad to be back doing that again.” When it became apparent that Gaugh and Wilson were going to bring in a new singer and reignite the Sublime fire, it was made clear through legal channels that the name was off limits, property of Nowell’s estate. Not willing to give up their part in Sublime’s history and not wanting to make the reunion a slap in the face of their brother’s passing, it was decided to rename the project Sublime with Rome. It wasn’t meant to be a kick in the balls to diehard fans either. After all, who’s to say that a band cannot exist? “I founded the band. The first day, I got a hold of Bud and got a hold of Brad and got us together,” recalled Wilson. “I don’t think anybody has any say if I want to start the band again and if I thought that we could pull it off again, I don’t really care what other people think. Rome basically said that it was an honor to be able to play with us and we were his favorite band growing up. I think even if he never met us, he’d be making it on his own for sure. He’s got a lot of talent and a lot of drive. When I met him he was playing in a couple of bands that he was playing in all the time and working his ass off playing to nobody. He got a little shortcut getting with us but we’re more than happy getting him a shortcut ‘cause, hell, I never thought we’d find anybody to pull it off.”



While Alice In Chains is experiencing a similar rebirth in the face of tragedy, there are plenty of detractors who say a band should pack things up permanently when the beloved singer passes. “Those people stay on the computer and don’t go outside and they definitely don’t wanna pay to come see us if they’re opposed to us,” said Wilson. “I’ve heard some boos at a couple of shows but it’s quickly overpowered by everybody having a great time and cheering. I’ll just leave it at that. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to come out and see us. I don’t let it piss me off because I just know that in this world … there are people everywhere and there’s people that are a bunch of haters and there’s always gonna be haters and always going to be people that are into us and that’s an individual’s choice to make. If they don’t like us, I’m not gonna get mad about it. I don’t give a shit ‘cause there’s always a lot more people that like us anyways otherwise we wouldn’t be playing these shows.” Already penning songs for a new Sublime album to be released next year, there’s a palpable balance of power being juggled by Wilson, Gaugh and Ramirez in the songwriting process. “I already knew that he was very skilled at writing songs. He doesn’t write songs like Brad, but he’s not trying to,” said Wilson of Ramirez. “I’m really confident in him. He definitely has a gift. We look at it as a joint effort as we did back then. Before there was any type of greed or status or whatever. We were just some kids writing songs in a garage and we put our all into it and that’s what came out.Yeah, Brad wrote the lyrics and a lot of the music but we all did it together as a band. It wasn’t one person doing everything. We always had it as a brotherhood type thing.” It all starts with respect and Wilson says the three musicians are clicking perfectly. While only time will tell if Ramirez is the right fit for the band,Wilson isn’t concerned in the least that Ramirez will flake out in the face of sudden fame. “We’re twice his age. I’ll beat his ass if he gives us any trouble,” said Wilson with a laugh. “No, I’m just kidding. It’s like an unsaid thing. For a kid that’s 22 years old and playing in front of huge crowds, he’s definitely staying level headed throughout. I’m really glad for that ‘cause I’ve seen people’s egos go past Mars really fast. He seems to keep it on a professional level more so than a lot of people I’ve seen.” Sublime with Rome is up and running, touring the country and getting ready to fire out a new album. It’s a wait and see sort of project, one that promises to be just as good as the original. “We’re just trying to make a living and trying to play the music that we love, that we created when we were kids. I’m just glad to still be able to play with my bros and play those songs. I’m happy about that.”

Words by Patrick Douglas // images by jason rodriguez & joe foster



BASS & Treble



They met in a record store, mere teenagers still in school, jaded by the music scene. Jens worked the register, assisting customers with the lowly album choices they made. Ismail “Isi” Tüfekçi worked in vinyl distribution, and was one of those frequent customers, only he agreed – music those days was feeble and weak. They were tired of it; there was nothing good to listen to anymore. After awhile, the store owner asked the two of them to DJ one of the many parties he held; they ended up on the same floor and thus, DJed together for the first time of many – it would be the start of something fresh, organic, and very balanced. “You can think of it as me, the cameraman, coming up with lots of crazy things, and then Isi steps in and directs the whole thing. It’s quite complementary. It’s like yin and yang,” Jens “Jence” Moelle explained. The band’s success seems to be a fairytale.They began to make music together from scratch simply to have something they would enjoy listening to. The Digitalism fever caught on, and suddenly they toured worldwide and sold out venues in countries other than their own Germany. “I always thought I’d have to do something creative, but it was hard to think about how to be someone who could become rich from being creative. I signed up for university, but there were never any plans. I could have ended up in an office as well, but I’d never like it,” Jence said. Needing a studio, the two purchased an old, defunct WWII bunker and tricked it out with their gear, which wasn’t much at the time. They were still young; they were drop-outs; how could they afford nice recording equipment on a part-time record store job and vinyl salesman training position? The rough sound worked for them, however, as they produced Idealism, their debut. Despite the six years since they began working on it there, the band refuses to graduate to another studio. “We’re still in the bunker but we upgraded the equipment. It was pretty rough in here. It looked like one of those hobby cellars. We were touring a lot so we didn’t have to hang out here loads, but once we stopped playing concerts last year and reduced touring to a couple of DJ gigs a year now, to go back to the studio we thought we should refurbish it a bit. So, we have new carpet in here, lots of new gear that we’ve bought over the years and collected. It’s still pretty DIY, but we’ve got lots of new equipment.” As many music fans have witnessed in horror, upgrades in equipment often leads to a change in style: a more mainstream, pop feel without the qualities so cherished before. However, Jence firmly states that the only real difference between the first album and the upcoming is that the second is going to have stronger live aspects, instead of just existing as a studio album. Otherwise, many qualities remain the same. Idealism formed as a storybook piece, with an entire concept from start to finish, drifting through Egypt

in “Digitalism in Cairo” or floating through space in “Jupiter Room” and “Zdarlight.” The next album, dropping early next year, will be conceptual as well. The two find inspiration in film soundtracks and think in images. “It’s all these moments, and then if you try to put it to music, that’s when you get Digitalism music, I’d say.” Digitalism’s rise to fame is reminiscent of the film Josie and the Pussycats. In a few years, they went from sorting vinyl in a small record store to playing huge festivals such as Lollapalooza and Coachella. Their favorite part, other than creating and performing their music, remains the collecting of experiences, memories, anecdotes, and different stories from here and there.The two keep humble; they still create their music for themselves as something they would listen to, although now they have a fan base to appeal to, and a mood to set on stage. “I think, in the end, of course live shows are the best thing in the world for us because you get to play nice, you get to sing, you get all this gear on stage, and you can play your songs, or different versions of it,” Jence explained. “DJ sets are really good fun as well, but they are just easier. You don’t need ten people of crew with you, you don’t need much equipment, and you can play while having a drink. But the most exciting thing would be playing live; it’s pretty much like an orgasm.” If performing on stage is like an orgasm, and music is the air Digitalism gasps in at climax, what else is there? The two grew up on music. When they were younger, they recorded radio shows onto cassette tape, watched films with interesting soundtracks, and played computer games on the brick-like laptops Jens’ father brought home from work. Everything from the past helped inspire where they are today. Agreeing, Jens said, “Whatever you do, whatever you come up with, I think you should just stick to it. We don’t really think time or fate branches out, you just stick to decisions and whatever happens happens. I think it was just the right thing.” Nothing else matters much to them aside from their music. They enjoy spending time with friends and family, but in the end, songs and sounds always play a part. To take a break from it, mild hobbies begin to emerge. “I discovered cooking in the last year,” Jens admitted with a laugh. “We like testing restaurants a lot and cooking, trying out new things in the kitchen, but that stuff you can only do when you have more time at home, of course.” Digitalism, as an electronic rock group, steers away from genres and expectations to do their own thing, producing and creating it all on their own in a WWII bunker, then reaping the benefits with world touring. In the end, though, the group only wishes to be known for their music, and less as people. In the future, that’s the only image they want when all is said and done. “Probably as a CD somewhere in a music store. But I don’t know if they’ll even have any CDs left in a couple of decades. But that’d be nice, our vinyl. That’s it. A vinyl so kids could still buy it.” Words by : Katie Evans



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A Launches Calculated Attack Gloriously Once Again words By Alex Mendoza

Massive Attack’s music has a cold, calculating edge. The steady, brooding electronic pulses simmer under a menacing bass line as the music weaves its way through the intricate digital framework, and it becomes apparent that listeners are not merely exposed to otherworldly sounds and rhythms. Rather, the immersion in this aural experience becomes atmospheric and wholly envelops the senses. There’s a clear-cut understanding that nothing about this music is predictable, contrived or stamped with the perverse intent of some cookie-cutter based music. This is ingenuity in its purest, raw form and that strict command of organic evolution is what maintains Massive Attack’s loyal fanbase; the critical lifeline for a group that has captivated the world at large for over two decades.

veterans with a knack for producing infamous live shows; the type that have reached the type of notoriety that even the most established groups lack. It’s not simply a concert. It’s an experience – something the group is focused on enhancing with each additional show as the tour progresses.

“Each time we start with a new album, we don’t have this formula where we sit down and plot out everything in detail,” DJ Grantly “Grant” Evan Marshall states. He represents one half of the Bristol musical duo, the other part comprised by Robert Del Naja. Ironically enough even after a series of technical snafus’ that hindered the start of the interview, he remains cool and collective; the man pushes technology on a consistent basis, so it comes as no surprise that he manages to adjust accordingly.

“As we’re designing our music, we like to think of the visuals on a consistent basis. We’re thinking about how it’s going to work with the music and as the tour goes along, and we play more and more shows, we’re going to change the pace of things. That’s the beauty of this whole thing, because the more we do it, the more it changes. Nothing is ever finite is that respect when it comes to what we do on stage. We want it to work the same way that we hope our music does. “That whole sense of feeling like the visuals and the music work hand in hand. Of course the music has to work on its own, but the shows and how they play out are just as important. It’s a harmony you need to make this kind of music work, because it’s meant to be intimate. To create energy out of that and hold someone’s attention is never easy, so that’s what we aim to do. To make sure you’re always watching and always guessing.”

Plus when you consider the fact that he’s on the second date of the tour for their recent release, the brilliant and energetic album, Heligoland, the fact that he still manages to remain reserved is even more compelling. But Massive Attack are music

Heligoland comes after a long span of time since Massive Attack unleashed 100th Window in February 2003. The album was well-received, selling over a million copies in the midst of a series of allegations and other issues that definitely lent to SKINNIEMAGAZINE.COM


BASS & Treble

darker times. In comparison to the preceding album, Heligoland works on a level that feels natural and open-ended. 100th Window was marked by its unabashed fusion of various sonic elements, most of which strayed away from the structure that characterized Massive Attack’s music. But with Heligoland the duo explores other avenues that feel familiar, while still adapting the need to explore of regions of the electronic netherworld. “Heligoland was one of those titles that just worked out well in terms of how it represented the album’s structure. With 100th Window there were a lot of elements that were used in the way that created this dense sound. It was a very dark, dense album and it went to places music in the genre had yet to see. This time out, though, we found the music to be going in the opposite direction. That sense of being something that took its own shape and didn’t need to be rushed. That was the most important aspect that I think helped this album become its own entity. Essentially that’s what any artist aims for – to create these individual bodies of work that can stand on their own.” “Not everything is going to be perfect, obviously, and there will be missteps along the way, but this album felt like a return to form, but without ever feeling like we’ve been here before. No one ever wants to be in that place, because the whole idea and responsibility of an artist is to create something no one else ever has ever seen, heard or experienced. When you manage that sense of completion, you never truly ‘fail’ in that regard because we make the music for ourselves before anyone else. Of course we’re thankful so many people connect to what we have to say as musicians, and especially as artists. But at the core of it all: it’s about how we feel before catering to anyone else. That kind of honesty is important.” Aside from earning the title of electronic music ambassadors/pioneers, Massive Attack is also known for assistance with charities both in the past and present. Recently the band allowed the licensing of “Paradise Circus” for a Lincoln car



commercial. This is the first time the band has allowed the use of their music in a car commercial and all the proceeds were directed to the Save Our Gulf foundation, which is an extension of the Waterkeeper Alliance. The band has also worked with The Red Cross and Hoping Foundation in the past with dues from concerts and synchs going directly to these charities. Not something one would expect from a group that tends to harbor such dark electronic underpinnings, but their devotion to helping others and trying situation is admirable and assuring. “We’re not philanthropists or anything of the sort,” Grant casually laughs. “I think it’s just more about being more involved with the things that are going on in the world. There’s a firm awareness that are plenty of private organizations in the world who are aiming to do good things for this world. Problem is no one seems to want to help, and these are all for causes that benefit everyone. There’s no selfless aim involved, say for the fact these people just want to help a part of the world, feed someone or give good health care. These are all essentially basics that some people are denied, and I think we try to do what we can in effort to help these people. It’s our way of doing our part and being responsible and investing back into the world around us.” Attempting to contain Massive Attack’s music in one genre box has always been a challenge, and it would seem their personalities are no less easier to summarize. But if one had to guess, you could be certain that even under the guise of shadows that permeates their hypnotic music, there is a venerable heart beating; one seeking to help the world we inhabit, but also exploring other places that most people fear to tread. This kind of courageous outlet is what lends itself to Massive Attack’s appeal – that even under the mechanical engine of their mysterious compositions there is a creative spark that exhibits no signs of fading in the future.

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Speaking Nothing But Truth (hed) P.E. cuts Deep

“The first three albums were done in the 90’s, which was a toxic time for me and whoever was in the band,” front man Jahred Gomes aka M.C.U.D. (MC Underdog) admits. “It was a lot of drugs and a lot of ridiculousness back then.” The band’s introduction to the world was via Jive records and resulted in three albums that showcased a metal/punk hybrid throughout the collective tracks. “We broke up for a little bit and I decided by popular demand to reform the band with a new family and a new life.” Gomes said. “We’ve done five indie albums since and it’s taken on a more relevant tone.” The most recent albums, including the current Truth Rising, leave behind the basics of partying and smoking herb.The lyrical content has transitioned to waving a flag for social consciousness, or the “Truth Movement” as Gomes likes to refer to it as. “Its not just politics…it’s much bigger and broader than that,” Gomes explains, “secret wisdom, lost human history, et cetera…but politics is one facet of the Truth Movement.” Truth Rising is an album that manages to stir a discourse on social injustice who sounding too soapbox-ish, all while debuting certain firsts for the band. The track “Menina,” which in Portuguese translates to ‘little girl’, is a hybrid track that twists English and Portuguese both of which encase the strong message of Gomes backed up with the musical riffs and beats that are bound to resonate with their cult-like fan base. “Both my parents are from Brazil which makes me first generation American and I really respect my Brazilian culture,” Gomes said. “I always wanted to do a song in Portuguese.”


The bilingual “Menina” track is just one example of how (hed)p.e. are continuing to evolve into a substantial band, far beyond the limitations of the standard drink, smoke, party-type outfit. While the lyrical content of their music has always had a unique perspective, it seems as though the band has channeled their unique vision into a message that has a much more universal reach. “Lyrically, the indie albums [have been] about flexing freedom of speech, pushing buttons and shock treatment. Saying what I wanted to because I was off of the major label and no one was censoring me,” Gomes confides. (hed)P.E. is seemingly over the times when the major labels were worrying about a radio single. The band remains confident in their connection to their underground following and thus far, it has afforded the members the chance to create and put food on the table. Although radio play isn’t what is important to them, the band is looking to find that balance of creative integrity and widespread appeal – it’s an endless pursuit. “The message I wanna send is how important staying positive and focusing on higher vibrations really is,” Gomes said. “Putting love in hardcore music isn’t that easy.” Ironically, the truth about “Truth Rising” can best be described as a much more mature take on aggressive music. Years prior, the music was loud, heavy, and reckless for the sake of being reckless. Now, there seems to be a much more important reason to be aggressive. “It’s my job to put out what I’m learning so it might trigger likeminded people to grow, which is what I feel is what I was born to do,” Gomes said. “I wan Words by : James Gobee


BASS & Treble

FOR THE RECORD Wayne As a Bit Strange How is this for a limited edition print? Eccentric/genius frontman Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips recently went DIY and printed his own promo poster for the band’s upcoming Austin City Limits appearance. Coyne actually used viles of his own blood as the ink. Needless to say the Youtube video has become a bit of a hit.

T.I. – An Unlikely Hero


words by Kristie Bertucci

Asking his mom for Michael Jackson’s “Bad” was the moment Vito Deluca, the man behind Aeroplane, knew music was his calling. Originally a two-man show, Aeroplane is now a one-man operation with Vito taking the ropes after parting ways with bandmate Stephen Fasano. “Stephen’s gonna do music on his own, I’m gonna do music on my own. I’m the studio guy, he was more the DJ, so when the music became more important, the more I was alone in the studio. The future of Aeroplane was this album and I wrote it and played every instrument.” The album Vito’s talking about is We Can’t Fly, an eclectic album filled with various mashes of genres that’ll keep you guessing what’s next. “It became quite a big project,” Vitto confesses. “With the touring, it was hard to save time to work on it. So it was made in the only two weeks that were free at the time.” Recorded in various part of the world (the main part recorded in Toulousein the South of France, strings and drums in Paris, mixed in London, then finally remixed at home). “ I wasn’t trying to do anything particular, I just picked up what I thought were the best songs. Then I had a clear idea of the sonic signature I wanted. It sounds retro-futuristic.”

From drug dealing, weapons charges, and now a possession case, T.I. has had a bit of a checkered past in terms creating a reputable public image. Recently, T.I. managed to save a life by talking a suicidal man down who was threatening to jump off a skyscraper in Atlanta. T.I. approached law enforcement and asked to help. Once the man found out he could have some face time with T.I., he agreed to come down.

Auto-tuning + Youtube = Stop Already Does the name Antonie Dodson ring a bell? After his sister was the victim of an attempted rape, his interview with a local news reporter sparked a viral phenomenon that has resulted in the “Bed Intruder Song.” The sound bytes were remixed and auto-tuned by The Gregory Brothers and the single has become a hit. So much in fact, Dodson performed the single on last month’s BET Music Awards. Sad, huh?

Put Up or Shut Up


words by Ramon Gonzales

Long before cementing their ties with the Mad Descent folks, long before breaking bread with mega producer Diplo, and long before their triumphant conquest of SXSW and becoming media darlings among most critical music snobs, Bonjay started in the purist of venues – the house party.The Toronto dancehall duo comprised of Alanna Stuart on vocals and Ian “Pho” Swain on the beat went from blockbuster basement parties to turning heads in clubs across the map. Self described as dancehall soul, the blending of genres Bonjay has masterfully produced all results in music that is impossible to stand still to. Dropping their latest EP, Broughtupsy, this fall, the duo have spread their infectious combination of early 90’s R&B vocalism, ala, Aaliyah, with their take on modern dancehall tunes to provide a steady pulse that ensures bodies will have a reason to move. Taking their moniker from slang for “Good God!” seems incredibly appropriate considering the kind of diversity displayed in the team’s music. Electro, Funk, Soul, it all ties in masterfully and never reverts to the kind of mindless vocal play people have deal with when it comes to dance music. Taking inspiration from genres of music that are rooted culturally across the globe, the limitations for Bonjay seem non-existent. Talent and a tasteful ear result in good tunes for us. Get familiar.



A Los Angeles singer-songwriter by the name of Alisa Apps has issued a challenge to one of the world’s biggest pop stars to the tune of $1 million bones. Apps has challenged Lady Gaga to a singing competition to be held at Madison Square Garden or London’s O2 Arena. Apps issued a press release saying, “I feel sorry for Lady Gaga -- she’s just a plastic doll generated by the music money marketing machine.” Publicity stunts, funny how easy they work. Gaga has not responded to the challenge.






Felipe Esparza

Is The Last Comic Standing Bumped I was first introduced to Felipe Esparza on August 4 of this year by a mutual friend, comedian George Perez. George hosts a comedy showcase every Wednesday night at Cherch Lounge in downtown Fullerton, CA and had asked me perform that night. I drove down from L.A., where I had watched the Dodgers shut out the Padres. I arrived only to find that I was being bumped by a lastminute addition to the lineup: a “Last Comic Standing” finalist named Felipe Esparza. He was wearing a vintage Fernando Valenzuela jersey. As it turns out, Felipe is a huge Dodger fan and had just arrived from the game himself. He talked to me about growing up in Boyle Heights and speculated on his chances of winning “Last Comic Standing.” He seemed very humble, a man unaware that his career was about to take an incredible turn. Felipe is best known for his raw, real-life comedy, his irreverent onstage persona, wild hair, and his often-imitated phrase, “What’s up fool?” He killed it on this particular night. As I watched him blend excerpts from his recently released CD “Rebound Material” with brand new material, I began to appreciate how good he really is.You simply can’t help but like him. Even when his new material didn’t hit, he quickly found a way to reel us back in. He improvised and engaged members of the audience. He has every tool required for his craft. What makes him stand out, however, is his unique perspective on life. I wondered what circumstances led to him having such an original world view.

No Joke Esparza grew up in the Pico Gardens housing project in Boyle Heights, a rough neighborhood by any standard. His father was a welder and his mother worked for the school district as a playground worker. It was a struggle to keep young Felipe and his six siblings in line. He remembers laughing a lot as a boy and “liking lunch.” By grade school, he already had a knack for making people laugh. Eventually, however, he succumbed to the negative influences that surrounded him. “It was alcohol at first. I started drinking when I was like 15, and by the time I was 19 everybody knew I was an alcoholic. I would start five fights every weekend and lose terribly. First you start off fighting with one person and then he beats you up; then one guy would be laughing, so you would hit him, too.” He continues, “I got jumped into a gang, but I never shot anybody or anything. I might have been in the car when something happened, but I was involved in the gangs just for the drugs. After a while, I just became an outcast of the gang because I just liked the drugs. I just wanted to do more drugs, anything you put in my hand.” Fearing the worst, his mother reached out to a young Jesuit priest at their parish, Dolores Mission. His name was Father Greg Boyle, and he later became the Director of Homeboy Industries and an acknowledged expert on gangs and intervention approaches. That fateful night, however, Father Boyle came over to the family’s home and talked to the boy, giving him some “options” and even getting him to turn in a weapon. This meeting proved to be a pivotal moment that would effect Felipe’s life dramatically.

The priest told him about a drug treatment center near Saugus that had helped other youths with their addictions. “Father Greg called up a guy at Live Again Recovery Homes and got me in that place,” he notes. “I remember being there and seeing, like, different other guys that I grew up with going in there, too. But they didn’t make it. I stood, and I ended up being sober for over 12 years.” It was there, at the treatment center where Felipe realized what his dreams were.

A long road With a clear head and renewed perspective, Felipe began studying comedic royalty like Bill Cosby, Rodney Dangerfield, Red Foxx, George Carlin and Richard Pryor. He saw Paul Rodriguez performing in East L.A.’s Belvedere Park once. “Paul was throwing tortillas around and calling them Mexican frisbees.” he recalls. Gradually, his dream of being a comedian developed into a passion. Like many would-be comics, Felipe started going to local open mics where he began developing a short routine. He progressed from there, enjoying some early successes like appearing on Showtime’s “Diamonds in the Rough.” Since that time, he has appeared on numerous television shows, including ABC’s “Comics Unleashed,” Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend” and “Russell Simmons Presents Stand-Up at the El Rey,” Showtime’s “Comics Without Borders,” BET’s “Comic View,” and Galavisión’s “Que Locos” (where he holds the title of most appearances by any comedian). In 2009, he appeared in his first two feature-length films: “The Deported” with Nick Turturro, Talia Shire, and Paul Rodriguez, and a feature-length film based on his stand-up comedy called “I’m Not Like That No More,” where he stars opposite Paul Rodriguez. America’s Homeboy This past August 9, just five days after we met, I, like half of the television viewing audience that evening, was glued to their set as Felipe Esparza was voted the “Last Comic Standing.” In addition to the title, he earned $250,000. Felipe confessed, “I am so happy that America loved me. Now I am America’s new homeboy.”

“The war in Iraq is still going on... Mexico wants to help, but they need a ride over there.” “I gave my son advice on women - Listen, the first girl you fall in love with is not going to mean anything to you later in life. If you don’t believe me, just ask your mother.” “I went to a ghetto haunted house... it was $10 to get in and $15 to get out.” “I’m not a tough guy, but I can beat up everyone at Trader Joe’s, but at Food-for-Less I shut up. They don’t have aisles there, they have alleys.” Felipesworld.com Images by Eva Rose Alaniz




Family www. PaulNguyenArt .com www. SneakaToke .com www. LyleTuttleTattooing .com (SF)


Katy Perry Shakes her money maker @ The Music box - Image by Cody Black

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p.062 Weekly Club Listings

p.064 Weekly Club Listings

p.066 Weekly Club Listings

p.066 Weekly Club Listings

p.067 Weekly Club Listings

Calendar Club Pictures

Calendar Club Pictures

Calendar Club Pictures

Calendar Club Pictures

Calendar Club Pictures

p.063 Sneaker Pimps with Travis p.065 Matador 21


p.067 Smoke Out

Barker & The Cool Kids

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Photos Courtesy of Karen Curley, Cody Black, Alan RIvera

LA CALENDAR 11.01.10 : Deerhunter

@ The Music Box

It’s LOVE @ Avalon


Cirque Berzerk Preview @ Club Nokia

Cirque Berzerk Returns @ Club Nokia

Cultures Collide @ The Echoplex

White Lies @ The Echoplex

Katy Perry @ The Fonda

Katy Perry @ The Fonda

11.03.10 : Gary Numan @ El Rey 11.04.10 : Ghostland Observatory @ Club Nokia 11.05.10 : Ryuichi Sakamoto @ El Rey 11.07.10 : “Frontier Records 30th Anniversary” with Adolescents @ Echoplex 11.08.10 : A Perfect Circle @ The Avalon

11.12.10 : Devo @ Club Nokia 11.14.10 : Procol Harum @ Orpheum Theatre 11.16.10 : Nile @ Key Club 11.19.10 : RX Bandits @ Saint Rocke 11.21.10 : The Bouncing Souls @ Troubadour 11.26.10 : Bonobo @ The Music Box

11.26.10 : Weezer

@ Gibson Amphitheatre

11.30.10 : FAITH NO MORE!!!!! @ Hollywood Palladium



One clear winner @ Avalon

Cool Kids @ The Music Box


SKINNIE SCENE Los angeleS Nitty gritty

Sneaker Pimps W/ Travis Barker & The Cool Kids


@ The Music box

Photos By Girlie Action Media



Photos Courtesy of Jake Giles Netter, Ethan Miller, Al Powers

LV CALENDAR 11.01.10 : KAV @ Beauty Bar 11.04.10 : Allstar Weekend @ Area 702 Skatepark 11.04.10 : Misfits @ Hard Rock Cafe On The Strip 11.05.10 : Buddy Guy @ Silverton Hotel/Casino

11.06.10 : Rod Stewart @ Colosseum at Caesars Palace

Vice Sundays @ LAVO

Jabbawockeez w/ DJ Vice @ LAVO

Jabbawockeez w/ DJ Vice @ LAVO

Happy BDay Vice! @ LAVO

DJ Vice with cake at LAVO

South Youth @ Matador 21

Avril Lavigne @ WET REPUBLIC

Congrats QBert! @ The Palms

Fucked Up @ The Palms

Rob & Nyjah @ Vanity

11.0710 : Reel Big Fish @ House of Blues

11.12.10 : Kevin Smith “Silent Bob Speaks” @ Pearl Concert Theater 11.13.10 : 11.14.10 : 11.17.10 : 11.19.10 :

Usher @ Mandalay Bay Events Center Sheryl Crow @ The Joint Every Time I Die @ Area 702 Indoor Skatepark Nico Vega @ Beauty Bar

11.26.10 : Roger Waters @ MGM Grand Garden Arena




SKINNIE SCENE Las vegas Nitty gritty

matador 21

@ The Pearl Concert Theater inside The Palms Las Vegas Photos By Jake Giles Netter




SKINNIE SCENE orange county

Photos Courtesy of Alan Rivera, Sunken Photography, Harmony Gerber, Jennifer Oh




Scotty Boy @ Wet Electric

Shameless Plug @ Wet Electric

Wet Electric Irvine

STREET DOGS @ The Doll Hut

STREET DOGS @ The Doll Hut

Continental Room

Continental Room

Continental Room

11.01.10 : DJ Shadow @ House of Blues 11.04.10 : 11.05.10 : 11.06.10 : 11.07.10 : 11.11.10 : 11.11.10 : 11.13.10 : 11.13.10 :

Circa Survive & Dredg @ House of Blues Dokken @ Galaxy Theatre Christopher Titus @ The Improv The Dodos @ Detroit Bar The B Foundation @ Slidebar Face to Face @ House of Blues Matisyahu @ Luckman Fine Arts Complex Misfits @ Galaxy Theatre

11.17.10 : Every Time I Die @ Chain Reaction 11.18.10 : Legendary Pink Dots @ Detroit Bar

11.20.10 : Danzig @ Grove of Anaheim
















Photos Courtesy of Tim Sheppard, Jeremy Wassink & Bobby Reyes of EventVibe.com

SD CALENDAR 11.01.10 : 11.04.10 :

Donavon Frankenreiter @ Belly Up Tavern Ingrid Michaelso @ House of Blues

Alice In Chains - BlackDiamondSkye

BlackDiamondSkye w/Chino @ Viejas



On Broadway

On Broadway





11.04.10 : Thievery Corporation & Massive Attack @ RIMAC Arena 11.06.10 : 11.11.10 : 11.12.10 :

John Legend @ PetCo Park “Machete” Music Tour @ SD Sports Arena Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s @ The Casbah

11.14.10 : Blonde Redhead @ House of Blues 11.16.10 : 11.18.10 : 11.19.10 : 11.20.10 :

Woodsman @ Soda Bar “Vince Vaughn & Kevin James Comedy Roadshow” @ Balboa Theatre Bruno Mars @ UCLJ Elizabeth & The Catapult @ Anthology

11.26.10 : Lucero @ The Casbah 11.28.10 : “Yo Gabba Gabba” @ SD Sports Arena




SKINNIE SCENE Inland empire

Photos Courtesy of Tim Sheppard, Erik Faiivae


11.02.10 : Millionaires @ Cedar Centre (Lancaster)

Brandin Iron

Brandin Iron

Brandin Iron

Brandin Iron

Chronic Cantina

Chronic Cantina

Chronic Cantina

Street Dogs @ The Glasshouse

Smokeout @ National Orange Show

Smokeout @ National Orange Show

11.05.10 : Cold War Kids @ Glasshouse

11.09.10 : Brandon Flowers @ Fox Theater Pomona 11.10.10 : 11.11.10 : 11.12.10 : 11.14.10 : 11.18.10 :

Cobra Skulls & Dead To Me @ The Warehouse At 12Th & G (Chino) Pablo Francisco @ The Improv (Ontario) Mae @ Glasshouse Stars @ Glasshouse Every Time I Die @ Cedar Centre (Lancaster)

11.20.10 : Moving Units @ Glasshouse 11.21.10 : 11.27.10 : 11.27.10 :


Wild Flag @ Aladdin Jr. (Pomona) Dimmu Borgir @ Fox Theater Pomona Electric Current Eccentric Kaos @ The Strange



SKINNIE SCENE Inland empire Nitty gritty

Guerilla Union Presents:smokeout @ National orange show Photos By Tim Sheppard

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