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Spittin’ On graves


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restoring the punk to rock


The attitude of art


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No joke, you can cook with semen.

What’s the government building in he middle of nowhere?

Spend a litttle money this way.

Get your paranormal on for the fall

Sarah Butler talks slasher flicks and Halloween

Hit the black homie...

STREET DOGS go their own way

DIZZISIT founder Slick talks shop

No fucking way...Jackass is 10 years old



HEY MAN, GREAT COSTUME. Sorry - no tricks should ever get treats. Ever.

OCT. 2010 J ISSUE #102 For lots of people, October 31st is their favorite time of the year. You get the chance to be someone different for a day - nothing is too outrageous. Picking the right costume is crucial. You want to have something that not only is the talk of the party, but also shows you have some degree of creativity. Looking for a little inspiration? – we get fine examples of great pretending throughout the year. Still not too sure where I am going here? Learn from the folks that fake it best.

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Pauly D Costume: DJ A pound of hair grease, a shitty MTV show, and poof – instant DJ. Think I’m lying? Ask the other REAL djs who got snubbed in the Top DJ category this year. Great Costume.

Sarah Palin Costume: Politically Competent Easily the most professional costume, with a few business suits, those goofy “take me seriously’ eyeglasses, and the occasional big word she googled the night before, Palin has completely hid the fact that she used to shake her ass at pageants and is about as capable of running for government office as a piece of toast.

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Khloe “Kong” Kardashian Costume: A Woman Easily my favorite in the “Best Effort” category. Khloe got herself a celebrity/athlete husband, countless television appearances, even managed to convince Kim and Kourtney to hang out with her all to hide the fact that she still bears an uncanny resemblance to Eric Stoltz’s character in the 80’s film, Mask.

Jay Leno Costume: A Comedian Do I really need to say more here? The Jonas Brothers Costume: Straight The trio has millions of female fans the world over. One of the brothers (Kevin) showed real commitment to his costume and went out and got himself a wife! All this to appear like they won’t be headlining the Pride festival once their contract with Disney expires and they can safely come out of the closet. It’s a question we all face this time of year – “What the hell am I going to be for Halloween?” Take a quick look around, inspiration is right under your nose. So many people do a great job of being something they aren’t. Enough shit talk - enjoy this issue. I’m just bitter. -Ramon All treats, no tricks – Keep it hood!



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words by Alexis Amparan

I make the good tweets go bad! Well, a 17 year-old Australian kid did. He decided to get fancy and put some JavaScript in his tweet which enabled pop-up windows directly from his microblog. When perverts found out about it they copycatted and soon porn was popping up on the White House press sec’s computer. Well, that’s what they say…

Lindsey Lohan has school spirit …and the East Texas State University Alumni Association wants it back. The fading starlet, who recently failed a drug test while on parole, was wearing an ETSU tee prompting the alumni to balk! They say she is a poor role model, and are asking her to return the shirt. Really, guys? Your school has been renamed Texas A&M Commerce. Move on.

Killer workout on Bowflex.

Richsters = Rich Hipsters \\ Frankenfish \\ Heavy Nukes Forbes Magazine recently released their list of Richest People in America. Hipster culture has proven lucrative as some of the youngest members of the elite list include Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook who actually went from $6.9 billion in worth to over $23 billion in just one year. Dean Metropoulos, a new addition to the list this year recently acquired the Pabst Brewing Company – go PBR. The FDA is currently considering approval of a genetically engineered salmon from a Massachusetts company to be sold on store shelves in as little as two years. Already being dubbed by the press as “Frankenfish” this will mark the first time in the FDA’s history that this kind of decision has been made. It also opens the door for more genetically engineered food to hit stores. The party lines have once again gotten in the way of common sense as the fight to rescind the United States’ “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Policy hit a brick wall of politics. While President Obama and Robert Gates have expressed their desire to overturn the policy, the vote lost 56 to 43, falling short of the required 60 votes needed to take this to the floor. The tiny city of Bell, California at the center of the corruption scandal



finally saw some measure of justice as eight city officials were arraigned on a laundry list of felony charges in a Los Angeles County court. Easily the most hated name in the scandal, Robert Rizzo, the former city administrator, is facing some 53 charges including misappropriation of funds and falsifying documents. CNN reported that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton met with foreign ministers of Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany to figure out how to jumpstart talks with Iran over their nuclear weapons stance. Although sanctions are currently in place against Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has continued to develop his nuclear arms program. In a razor thin vote of 153 to 151, The Canadian Parliament has decided to keep a shotgun and rifle registry that police say help them to trace guns to violent crimes, this according to the BBC. Isn’t Canada the peaceful one in North America? Overturning a ruling that has been in place since 1977, the armpit state of Florida is lifting a ban that prohibits gay couples from adopting children. It was the only state in the union with any law of the sort in place. Florida Governor Charlie Crist ironically once opposed adoption rights for homosexuals.

A California high school football star was found near dead entwined in his Bowflex. He was rushed to the hospital but could not be revived. Fluke accident? Unsafe practice? No one knows for sure yet. But, to err on the safe side, pitch your Bowflex and get a Shake Weight. It may not work, but it probably can’t kill you.

School for Future Serial Killers, now enrolling. Cruelty to animals during childhood is one of the known characteristics of serial killers and violent offenders alike. Never the less, a school in New Zealand not only held a possum trapping contest, which yielded about 1,000 possum carcasses, they also held a shot put style possum throwing contest. WHOA! WTH, NZ?

Guam Bomb: A mouse stuffed with acetaminophen,

info@luello.com | 1-877-583-5563 ©2010 Luello.com. All rights reserved.




attached to a streamer, dropped from airplanes over the forest. Seriously. But, why? Well, there’s a big problem in Guam and it’s the brown tree snake. Turns out, acetaminophen is deadly for the little fork tongued nuisance and these Guam Bombs are loaded with Tylenol. Why isn’t there a Steven Seagal movie about this?

Teach your children well, but leave out that part about the first amendment.


What’s in the special sauce

With the purchase of this cookbook, you can jerk it with a purpose. words by Katie Evans

That’s right, each recipe in this cookbook utilizes America’s most taboo ingredient: semen. Natural Harvest: A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes by Fotie Photenhauer seems too laughable to be viable, but the recipes within are real enough. The book is divided into five sections (drinks, appetizers, main courses, sauces, desserts), totaling 25 methods of madness. Most of these are carried by spunky titles: Slightly Saltier Caviar, Man Made Oysters, Lumpier Lumpia, and Tiramisu Surprise. As can be expected, most of these are generic recipes with a fitting quantity of ejaculate added in. Take, for example, Creamy Cum Crepes. These delicacies consist of combining sugar, cottage cheese, and semen into a crepe for an extra gooey dessert; nutella, fruit, and whipped cream optional. Another, High Protein Shakes, suggest a mixture of typical protein shakes but, instead of animal-based additives like eggs or whey for nutrients, a more vegan(?) friendly substitute. The dessert section header itself is enough to entice any chef, Photenhauer’s sheer wit shining through, making any reader question just what sort of dinner parties he holds: “A good dessert is the climax of any meal. For maximum freshness and greatest visual appeal, add the semen right before serving. If the dining situation allows for more intimacy, you may wish to add the semen at the table which makes for a truly memorable dessert.” Yet, among all of these oddities, the truth lies in the user reviews. Surprisingly enough, people have purchased and even used this cookbook.



Granted, many of them may have done so with the intent of giving a gag gift, but the crucial fact remains: someone is getting money for this concoction. One disappointed customer notes: “Many of the recipes seem to add the ingredient we all bought this book for as an afterthought. No creativity, no research, nothing, even, on explaining the properties that this book implied it would teach. I bought this book, hoping it would teach me to cook with cum. It only contained a few unimaginative recipes which were poorly written.” Another, however, states: “This book is absolutely wonderful. Not only do I use semen for my skin supplements but now my diet contains at least one to two semen meals a day. I feel my youth returning after every meal. I’m refreshed and it takes me back to my days in high school.”

Judge for yourself based on the book description: “Semen is not only nutritious, but it also has a wonderful texture and amazing cooking properties. Like fine wine and cheeses, the taste of semen is complex and dynamic. Semen is inexpensive to produce and is commonly available in many, if not most, homes and restaurants. Despite all of these positive qualities, semen remains neglected as a food. This book hopes to change that. Once you overcome any initial hesitation, you will be surprised to learn how wonderful semen is in the kitchen.” Are you daring (or kinky? Or revolting?) enough to try it out? Better yet, or adventurous enough to chow down on it? <

A teacher in Manatee, FL was put on a 5 day, non-paid, vacation after lashing out against his school and students on Facebook. The school district is now drafting rules which limit what teachers can say on their FB page. Students, however, are still free to say whatever they want about their school and teachers. Hmmm…

UK Data Protection Act keeps stolen dog from returning home. A gentleman reported his Jack Russell terrier stolen in 2007 after returning home to see the dog unchained and missing. Luckily the dog was microchipped. OR NOT! In 2010 the chip company asked the man for permission to add the new owner’s info to the dog’s profile but would not reveal the thieves’ info so that the dog could be recovered by its rightful owner. Wha???

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This life lesson could affect over 50,000 women who have Poly Implant Prosthese breast implants in their chests. Turns out the ‘bargain’ boobs, which cost about £1,200 less than other brands in the UK, have a much higher rate of leakage and the French company that manufactured them has been shut down. Meaning, there’s no one to sue for damages. Eek!




There’s an Octo-Mom joke here somewhere. European brown hares are pushing the limits of nature. According to a recent German study, it was found that the furry bottom, long ears are capable of carrying two babies, at the same time. In fact, they can be re-impregnated as few as 4 days before delivering their offspring. Scientists call this “superfetation.” I call it gross.


What’s In That Building? Is America Build Modern-Day Internment Camps? words by Alex Mendoza

Considering the increased presence of the government via technology, or its attempt to control in this case, it’s difficult to dismiss the fact that the underpinnings of our own federal infrastructure are murky at best. Proposed bills are littered with “hard-todecipher” terms, along with a series of clever phrases that present a neat little bow wrapped on top to paint the portrait of something that could truly benefit the entire United States population. Yet, that guise is extremely hard to tolerate when it comes to the Natural Emergency Centers Establishment Act (H.R. 645). The bill was proposed in January and on paper it appears harmless. It proposes the construction of six major emergency centers that would provide “temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance to individuals and families dislocated due to an emergency or major disaster.” It would require an allotted $180,000,000 (not that we’re still in a recession or anything of the like), and just so happens to mention that the bill allows these “emergency centers” to “meet other needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security.” Now, at a glance this would seem to work well enough, but we have to stop and ask ourselves exactly how many disasters such as Hurricane Katrina will yet again roll around and cause pure, unapologetic chaos. Working under the premise to provide care for those in times of dire need is a noble cause, but the portion where these emergency centers can also serve other purposes is slightly disconcerting. Are we not to consider the fact that a catastrophic attack from neighboring countries might not fall under the clauses of this bill? Then you open up another can of worms entirely. Consider the racial and political



tensions (considering who pulls the trigger, or pushes the button, etc – not trying to be a nihilist here), and the fact that in order to preserve the integrity and safety of the United States the Secretary might very well say that all targeted ethnicities may have to be rounded up for questioning. Long story short – internment camps for the new millennium. Sordid and depressing as the prospect sounds, it’s a harsh reality that lies on the horizon. The bill manages to cover its tracks with effectively listing the benefits, but that one phrase alone can make everything else null and void, as Section Four of the bill clearly notes that “this act does not affect the authority of a State or local government to respond to an emergency”. That’s an awfully vague statement, because at that point you consider the conflict within the chain of command for everyone’s “best interests” as a reaction to (insert catastrophic disaster here). Section Three lists all the requirements of each emergency station, each required to have a fully functional command center where operations are conducted 24/7. Given the fact that this bill was built on the notion of protection, it would appear the only thing these people are concerned with is figuring another way to continue its “Big Brother” antics in manipulative and deceptive ways. Pulling at the heartstrings of a society continually assaulted with media regarding war and disaster tends to create a social state of mind; a collective conscious if you will that works on a primal, psychological level. They’re capitalizing off the fear and it would be a shame (and scary as hell) if it manages to find an audience willing enough to lend their vote to pass this deceptive bill.

Ann Arbor says, ‘Oh, no you didn’t!’ to parrot abuse. Three shocked witnesses called 911 after catching a man attacking a parrot. Police found the man hitting and shaking a parrot in a backpack like a red headed step child. They intervened and took the bird away. The man said he was training the bird, who had a bald spot, red eyes, and could barely walk. The parrot said, “Like Hell!”

A baked goods bet inspires battery in Brooksfield, FL. Say that five times fast. A prisoner at the Hernando County Jail is being charged with battery after punching another inmate in the face over a gambling debt. The wager? Five bear claws and four honey buns. Apparently, the fee for being short four honey buns is a pop in the sweet tooth.

Roach coach gets thumbs up from Zagat. You can find the winning taco wagon, named El Tonayense, outside of the Best Buy on Harrison and 13th in San Francisco. Its $1.75 tacos clenched the coveted #1 ranking in the Zagat Restaurant Guide’s 2011 Best Bang for your Buck category. Sí, se puede!








Purchasing Pop Culture Rad was to blow some money! 1 JUMP:

Taboo Deltah 3008


Billy Jealousy: White Knight


American Hardcore:


Sex Pistols: The Fragrance


Hello Kitty Doc Martens

A Tribal History


For the fashion forward sneakerhead – JUMP shoes has partnered with Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas to launch his signature line of kicks. Nylon comfort with patent leather exterior for the sleek, oh so fresh flair, the design of the shoe is intense, but doesn’t run the risk of coming off as eccentric. Available exclusively at Footaction USA, Taboo is emphasizing affordable fashion, minus the cheese.

Whether you are the metro guy or the uber macho guy – a good facial cleanser is just a necessity. Don’t be a dirtball. The Mens’ Health Magazine Best Facial Cleanser winner from Billy Jealousy is vital. Looks good, smells good, feels good, and retains that still made for a guy feeling, you no longer have to steal your girlfriend’s product in the shower. Stay clean homie.

The initial book written by Steven Blush in 2001 resulted in countless accolades and an eventual film documentary. Regarded as “definitive” from Juxtapoz Magazine and the Los Angeles Times, this second edition has added some 100 pieces of art, 25 more interviews, and expanded from 328 pages to 408 pages. Instant punk education from cover to cover.

Considered by many to be almost blasphemous to the spirit of punk, Sex Pistols have indeed launched a unisex fragrance that has been dubbed “The spirit of punk in a bottle.” Ouch. Despite the cheese factor, Etat Libre D’Orange, the Parisian fragrance company is legit. The lemony, peppery mix has the allure of female and the presence of a male. C’mon – smell good.

Oi! culture just got into a weird relationship with Japanese pop. Sanrio has collaborated with Doc Marten to release 5 different designs all featuring Hello Kitty – esque looks. From Mary Janes to the traditional 8-hole classic, these are a must have for Hello Kitty fanatics. Though I doubt many skins will dig the creative connection, the ladies will love em.

FootAction.com: $74.99

BillyJealousy.com: $20.00

Feralhouse.com: $22.99

Listed Price: $50.00

DMusastore.com: Various


Family www. PaulNguyenArt .com www. SneakaToke .com www. LyleTuttleTattooing .com (SF)

PASSPORT destination

Destination: Unknown

Bhangarh, India “Town of Ghosts”

Go somewhere a little weird this fall Words by Elysia McMahan

We’ve all heard those hair-raising stories and maybe even seen a ghost or two. The uncertainty and intensity of the unusual and bizarre tend to take us away from the daily routines of our everyday lives and in the spirit of Halloween, we’d like to share with you a few of the most haunted cities on Earth. It’s not like you’re going to get sucked into the static within your television, but sensitive souls should read on with caution.

Galveston, Texas: “Most Haunted City In America” This small island, just off the Southeast Texas coast, has survived war, hurricanes, fires, and plagues; it has stood the test of time. Located about 50 miles outside of Houston, it is the best-kept secret in the country – in regards to spirits, hauntings and ghosts. Throughout the decades, this small island city has endured a vast amount of history and death. During the 1900 Hurricane (deadliest natural disaster to ever hit the United States), one night left over 8,000 of this city’s population dead. The dead bodies were so abundant that it was not possible to bury them all. Initially, before the decision to burn the bodies came about, they were weighted down and dumped at sea but many of them ended up washing back onto the beach. Authorities handed out whiskey to the men recruited for the ghastly labor of gathering the dead and wherever the dead were found, funeral pyres were set up and for weeks after the storm – bodies were being set on fire. To this day – the presence of the past is still thick in the air and contractors still stumble upon shallow unmarked graves of storm victims. Almost every structure on Galveston Island can account for some kind of haunting. This is predominantly due to the fact that numerous buildings date back to the late

1800s and early 1900s and the large amount of history and death that this city has endured. Such accounts include ghostly children playing in the aisles of the local Walmart and there are rumors that a cemetery may be beneath its foundation. Another possible cause for the haunted may be that the site is supposed to be where an orphanage run by nuns was destroyed during the storm. The nuns had tied themselves and the children together to keep from being separated, but they ended up drowning together. There’s no doubt in the minds of the townspeople that various phantoms of the civil war and cries at night in the murky halls of many establishments can be seen and heard. The ghost of Pirate Jean Lafitte allegedly navigates up and down Galveston Bay in search for his long lost love that fell overboard and some locals say that the eternally lost souls of his crew still search for their lost treasure; attacking treasure hunters in the night. But, the strangest ghost is said to be that of the Midnight Strangler who haunts The Strand historic district. This ghost has been known to grab the throats of women and beat people during the early hours of the morning.

There are ghosts, and there are haunted places but how many haunted places do you know of that have the distinction of being acknowledged by a government? Tread the soil of Bhangarh cautiously. There is a signboard that was placed by the Archaeological Survey of India at the entrance of the city that states: “Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.” This is, of course, a town that is famous for its historical ruins and it is said to be one of the most haunted places in existence. Aside from this city being scattered with temples and strikingly serene, no one dares journey within its boundaries after nightfall. It will appear strange from the very beginning.You will enter into a gorgeous countryside, dotted with rolling hills and an indescribable green valley, untouched by man. One after another, the ruins will unravel themselves before your eyes.

wander through this city, leaving behind your footsteps on its dirt roads – you’re likely to never be seen, again. Apparently, even the local archeological office is located about half a mile away, close to a protective temple. But, what if you went to Bhangarh at night?

Crumbling temples, pavilions and walls silhouette against the hushed forested hills of this ancient town. India’s Bhangarh is a town with an unsolved history. Suddenly abandoned only ten years after it was built, the reasons are still unclear. Local explanations have been handed down through generations and as far as legends go, it is believed that after an elaborate series of events involving a jar of enchanted oil, a dark magician and a princess - a ghastly massacre occurred and the town was never repopulated. By day, there are many tourists roaming what remains of this once beautiful kingdom – often times being overwhelmed by a sense of unease and sadness but no one stays at night for fear of encountering the ghosts of the ten thousand vanished residents. Photographs taken in the evening here illustrate bizarre light anomalies and shadows. If you were to






Edinburgh, Scotland “Paranormal Activity”

If you’re at all interested in learning about the dark side of this historical town you must be primed to take a candle-lit tour into the haunted underground vaults beneath South Bridge. These vaults are part of the old underground city. The deteriorating slums of the town have left an awful mark on the scenery, as well as creating the perfect place for grave robbers, cannibals and witches to roam freely. Edinburgh was once the worst city in the world when it came to using children to clean chimneys and upon visiting this location you’re bound to hear stories about their unpleasant fates. Many of them fell to their death – so much for successful child-labor. Niddry Wynd is supposedly home to a very active poltergeist. People who have taken their chances here have left with burns, bruises, and cuts all over their body. The apparition of a man named “The Watcher” may be heard through heavy footsteps luring behind you as his jingling keys let you know how close you are to his spirit. Raggedly dressed children can be seen playing around in the darkness at the bottom of the Wynd and their shrieking voices can be heard echoing down hallways. Spirits are abundant – throwing stones and coins at some who dare to venture below ground. There have also been reports of children and women crying out in pain from what is called “The Haunted Vault”, which is home of the South Bridge Misogynistic Poltergeist, was once used as a storing house for the victims of Irish immigrants Burke and Hare. These two serial killers sold the corpses of their 17 victims to a local doctor, Robert Knox, who used the bodies as material for dissection. This active paranormal area is subject to thousands



of supernatural sightings and probably one of the most eerie sites one could stumble upon.The vaults are damp and dark and apparently people who visit these parts experience health problems and significant amounts of stress. You must enter at your own risk. In the 1600’s an advocate named George Mackenzie persecuted Covenanters and was nicknamed “Bloody Mackenzie” because he loved watching them hanging in the gallows. Upon his own death, he was buried next to Covenanters Prison, where he had condemned many to death. Today, you can only look through the railings into the mausoleum. People who tour the Prison area have reported being knocked unconscious, feelings of nausea, as well as discovering marks on their bodies the next day. Throughout this graveyard it is likely that brilliantly lit orbs can be seen dancing around the gravestones at night. The sinister aspects of Edinburgh’s past go far beyond witches’ persecution, torture museums, ghosts, ghouls, plagues, and the body snatchers walking the streets after dusk through dimly lit lantern air - preying on the unaware. Every aspect of this uncanny town couldn’t possibly be described here. Go and find out for yourself if such things exist. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Nicol Edwards pub! After a long night getting roughed up by a poltergeist…who couldn’t use a beer?<


KEEPIN’ IT REEL words by Katie Evans

James Franco Not A Gay Stoner James Franco made a public statement rebutting the claims that he’s gay and a stoner, due to his various roles indicating such. He also declared that he is tired of big-screen cliché love stories, and only wants to be in roles that aren’t portrayed often. Explain to us, then, Franco, why you’re in “Eat Pray Love”. Seriously.

Know How I Know You’re Guilty? The guy who plays Steve Carrell’s fellow employee in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Shelley Malil, has been accused of stabbing his girlfriend 20 times after finding her at their home with another man, drinking wine. He says he thought she was someone else attacking her in the dark. He also says he is sorry - For accidentally stabbing her. 20 times.


Maybe The Toronto Film Festival Was Just Really Boring…

The Social Network Release Date : October 1, Studio : Columbia Pictures


A drama about the young men who created Facebook, and all of the difficulties they had in the beginning when they were getting their multibillion dollar company off the ground. Jesse Eisenburg proved his stuff in Zombieland and Kick Ass, so I’m pretty sure we can trust the kid to carry this film. But since it’s directed by David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club, Zodiac) with a soundtrack by Trent Reznor, this film might be quite a sleeper hit if it can survive not being a comedy or mind-numbing action flick.

I Spit on Your Grave Release Date: October 8, 2010 Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment Kind of a thriller, kind of a horror, certainly a reverse slasher film, this is a film that will certainly showcase the sentiments of the current population with how it delivers on it’s message.That is, sure, we wanted to see a woman horrifically murder, via kitchen cutlery, all of the men who gang raped her in the original 70’s flick, but what do we want to see now? Director Steven R. Monroe has a fight on his hands, because he has to give us something new out of something old. Not a date movie.

Stone Release Date: October 7, 2010 Studio: Overture Films Stone was originally performed as a play in 2000, so it’s theater origins indicate that this movie has class. Edward Norton is convicted arsonist who convinces his wife, played by the always sexy, subtly intense Milla Jovovich, to seduce his parole officer, played by Robert De Niro. A psychological thriller with a stunning cast, the only downside is that this film doesn’t have the fundamental blend of shock and shlock to impress a wide audience.

Paranormal Activity 2

It’s Kind of a Funny Story Release Date : October 8, 2010 Studio : Focus Features Craig is a 16-year-old boy who attends a prestigious school for academic excellence, but soon crumples under the intense pressure. After suffering from insomnia, depression and an eating disorder, the nearsuicidal Craig checks himself into a mental hospital, where he he meets another depressed patient who becomes the love interest, connects with another fellow patient, and is inspired by the psychiatrist who treats him. Expect funny with subdued performances and the independent film ambience Focus Features is famous for.


Release Date : October 2, 2010 Studio : Paramount/DreamWorks I don’t quite get this sequel. Not to hit you with a spoiler but at the end of Paranormal Activity the couple are bloody damn well dead. Regardless of the ending (you have three to choose from, either by YouTube or Blu-Ray) there just ain’t no comin’ back, which is why the Cannes hit was such a dark gem. The sequel is related to the phrase,“What happened to Hunter?” written in blood as some sort of cryptic, spooky message. Is this a legit sequel to a great idea, or squeezing the franchise?

words by Jasen T. Davis


It seems that, amidst the hustle and bustle of the Toronto film festival, Martin Sheen was able to take some down time to join in a picket line for striking hotel workers outside the hotel he was staying in. Apparently, Sheen has always been in unions, so it was as good a time as any to join in the strike. Pretty badass, Martin.

Amor Real Starring Will Ferrell Will Ferrell alongside the “Y Tu Mama Tambien” duo, Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, are to be working together in an overly dramatic telenovela-like Spanish-language comedy called “Casa de mi padre.” They haven’t revealed many details about it except that Luna plays Ferrell’s brother. That sounds like enough reason to go see it, pretty much.

Ben Affleck: Bros Before Hoes At the Toronto Film Festival, Ben Affleck stressed the importance of “male bonding”. Maybe he just misses his constant assbrociation with Matt Damon, maybe he thinks he’s not starstriking enough without a brotner-in-crime, or maybe he’s just covering up for stealing certain parts from “Good Will Hunting” and putting them in his own movie, “The Town”. Either way, Ben Affleck needs a good ol’ fashion brodown sometime soon.

Major Cringe. Real Horror in Flicks


Salo/The 120 Days of Sodom Based on the book of the same name, this film still remains banned in some countries; Nobility retreat to the Italy countryside to torture victims for their entertainment – brutal.

Irreversible This film includes a nine-minute rape scene, fetish exploration, graphic violence (snapped appendages and smashed faces) and a tagline “Time destroys everything.”


The Human Centipede

Available On: October Studio: IFC Films


Horror films rarely get rave reviews. However, unless you are the most insensitive, sadistic, sick dog who feels a sense of mirth at a lynching take this review seriously. This film is heinous; its main plot centers around surgically connecting people from anus to mouth and then watching them try to escape captivity, nude, on all fours, with only one victim able to scream in horror while the other two sob silently in horror. Disgusting.

Please Give Release Date : October 19th Studio : Sony Pictures Classics This film might get buried in the mausoleum of chick flicks. Why? We can’t be sure. Katherine Keener has a following all her own, Amanda Peet is the perfect, love to hate her character and the plot is pensive but not too much of a drag. What it lacks might be a gratifying gravitas or smoldering sex appeal or climactic climax. Nonetheless, solid storytelling should suffice.

Nightmare/elm Street Release Date : October 5th Studio : New Line Cinema If you want to hold your breath in suspense watching a group of people, trapped in a dream, who absolutely have to wake up to survive there’s a nice Leo DiCaprio movie in theaters now. Otherwise, if you prefer to be mildly ‘scared’ at the umpteenth reslashing of Elm Street then, ‘one, two, Freddy’s waiting for you’ at the Red Box on the corner.

Most Dangerous… Release Date : Available Now Studio : First Run Features Patriots are rarely painted as thieves who ferret out top secret information in the night and leak it to The New York Times. And, Presidents are seldom fingered by the nation as colossal liars. This amazing documentary unveils the propaganda machine that kept many Americans from realizing what a losing battle Vietnam was and how badly we needed unlikely-hero, Daniel Ellsberg. An essential story for anyone with a brain.


Everything/Ellipse Release Date : November 2nd Studio : RCA On January 31, 2010 Imogen Heap won a Grammy for her much anticipated, oft-delayed third solo album, Ellipse. This DVD, a collection of video blogs, meticulously captured by Miss Heap is the companion to that award-winning album. For the Heap-freak it amounts to ‘required summer reading’ as our lady Imogen reveals the personal side of making a hit record. An intimate look at how magic was made.

words by Alexis Amparan


El Topo Heavy Christian symbolism, El Topo is an arthouse classic that boasts cultists, a band of deformed outlaws, gratuitous blood, and an amazing creep factor.

Jacob’s Ladder A heavily metaphorical film that tells the story of tortured man going through psychosis, or so we think,…

Videodrome A small cable company CEO finds a signal transmitting images of real torture and sadomasochistic indulgence but the truth is even scarier when it is revealed.


locals only Get Familiar...

Sonik DJ

A vet since 96’, Sonik’s roots are trenched deep in electronic music. Producing the “Mosh Pit” EP alongside Omar Santana on H2OH Recordings, his reputation among techno purists remains firmly in tact. Don’t limit him though; spinning everything from Dubstep to Progressive, Indie to Electro, Sonik’s repertoire is uniquely diverse.

Dennis Owens


mark Ronson & The Business Intl Record Collection Label: RCA

Available On: Oct. 12th Despite the flop of his first original album (his second being a compilation of cover songs), Mark Ronson is back with another original, where yet again he proves that he is a better producer and cover artist than musician. If you want a softcore Chromeo, this is for you. Or if you miss D’Angelo, like Spank Rock, or want to hear Boy George doing something different; they’ve all got guest spots here.



Kid Cudi

Belle & Sebastian



Man On The Moon 2

Write About Love

Mixed Race

Nuclear Blast

Motown Universal

Rough Trade

Domino Records

Is Dimmuborgir still for real? Because they certainly still seem like a joke band after which Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse was based. Abrahadabra takes a lot of influence from H.P. Lovecraft, which is probably the only good thing about it. Other than that, it’s another silly “symphonic black metal” album. Band members say it’s more detailed and orchestral than albums past, but it sounds like the same old shit to me.

Kid Cudi’s sophomore album has been highly anticipated with its constant release date changes and a single featuring Kanye West. Fans shouldn’t expect another “Day N Nite”, however, as Mr. Rager is a lot darker in nature. Maybe if Crookers do another remix, it’ll work out. Otherwise, check out the collaboration with Ratatat on this one. It is one of the shining moments.

Continuing with their departure from their folksier roots, Belle & Sebastian’s Write About Love succeeds their last in 2006 with similar style. What’s new? Drums and female vocals that are far more prominent, as well as a guest appearance by Norah Jones. Get this if you’re into generic indie pop, otherwise go with Tigermilk, their first album. However, Write About Love remains a great introduction for new fans.

Tricky is badass, and he always will be. Who else can say they’ve joined forces with Bjork AND Alanis Morissette after being in Massive Attack and appearing in The Fifth Element? As always, he brings tight beats, though this time a bit more upbeat that usual, holding firm reign over the trip-hop genre. Listen for a healthy take on modern trip hop that manages to remain Tricky, but shows that he continues to develop.

Drops: Oct. 12th

Drops: Oct. 26th


Drops: Oct. 11th

Drops: Oct. 10th

As both a performing/touring musician and a DJ, Owens would likely title himself a music enthusiast. A vinyl collector, Owens is also the bassist for the band Free Moral Agents. Recently celebrating the 12th anniversary of his GoodFoot soul music institution, Owens is an aficionado in everything from dirty dub to vintage funk.

DJ Greyboy

Greyboy has long been a champion of independent music. Starting his own, Soundlock Recordings, Greyboy’s catalog dates all the way back to 93 and includes a range of tunes – from hip hop to acid jazz. A founding member of the turntable/ instrumental collective Warchurch, Greyboy’s music IQ is tops.


BITS & BYTES Halo to the Small Screen News of a “Halo” movie has been around so long, you can’t help but make the comparisons to the ill-fated “Chinese Democracy” album Guns ‘n Roses took forever to release. Good news is Microsoft is still interested making a film based on the insanely-successful franchise, but according to Frank ‘O Connor the likelihood of the film ever making it to the big screen is still slim. He ruled out, though, that other avenues are being explored, as well as a sort of retelling of the franchise to stress the emotional connection to Master Chief – which serves as an obstacle in itself considering he’s a faceless bad ass facing impossible odds. Here’s to crossin’ our fingers!


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow GENRE: Sci-Fi Action/Adventure Systems: PS3 & X Box 360

The age-old tale of the Belmont clan, and various others, combating against the original OG vampire, Dracula is one that continues to draw momentum as time passes and new systems come into play. The first outing into the next-generation of consoles is nothing short of a gaming and cinematic spectacle. Add in a Gothic-inspired setting, top-notch voice acting and addictive gameplay. The same minds behind “Metal Gear Solid” lent a hand as well.

Medal of Honor

DJ Hero 2

genre: RPG Systems:PC, PS3 & X Box 360 Drops: Oct. 12 2010

genre: Music Systems: PS3, Wii & X Box 360 Drops: Oct. 19 2010

The game is set in modern-day Afghanistan, with an intense story mode that will hurl you into the midst of chaotic gunfights. The main allure, however, is the game’s multiplayer mode. For quite some time now the “Modern Warfare” series has dominated the market. Even with “Halo: Reach” out in stores, and “Call of Duty: Black Ops” touting its continued online domination, this game still possesses enough bad ass maps and exciting prospects to give these guys a run for their money.

No longer appealed by becoming a six-string samurai? Well, the game placed you at the helm of the turntables, with an intoxicating soundtrack and endless enjoyment. The sequel is bigger and better, carrying 105 songs from the likes of Lady Gaga, Deadmau5 and The Chemical Brothers to name a few. It’s comforting to know that the DJ revolution continues in full force, and you’d be hardpressed to find a title this fun, or engaging, anywhere else. Multi-player mode and remixes remain king here.

games you love to hate : Lucha Libre AAA Heroes It’s sad to see a powerhouse like Konami release a bad title, cause when they’re less than subpar they tend to really descend towards the bottom end of the barrel (“God Hand” anyone?). And for me being a proud Mexican, to watch Konami pillage and plunder the Lucha Libre series to be nothing more than the bastardly-son knock off of the highly superior “Smackdown” franchise is slightly aggravating. Controls work as well as a person whose hands are bound with electrical tape, and the lackluster spirit coursing throughout just adds to the grief. This is wrestling – not a funeral.


words by Alex Mendoza


Love & War Aside from buying bons bons, or flowers for your loved one (or cursing the very Earth and those who walk it for the singles crowd), you might be able to vent that frustration in a healthier manner 8 days after the fact on February 22, 2011. That’s when Sony unleashes its third installment in the “Killzone” franchise, so there will be more Helghast slaying to be had for days on end. Perhaps it won’t be such a shoddy month after all. Duke Nukem Forever Is Legit News of a new “Duke Nukem” game has been around for ages, with ideas coming and going to the point where none of it seemed legitimate. Well, consider Gearbox’s resurrection of the franchise as real as they come, as a demo was featured at the PAX gaming convention. The game utilizes next-gen technology to create a game which Robert Rodriguez would be proud of. Unapologetically obscene, action-packed, absurd – it’s an exploitation genre-based game that focuses on good ‘ol mindless fun. By the looks of it, though, this game might do more than just piss off parents and activists, but raise some eyebrows of interest as well.







Skinnie girl


sarah butler A Little Blood-Whole Lot of Beauty: “I Spit On Your Grave” is without question a cult classic. Prior to being considered for the role had you seen the original? No, I hadn’t even heard of it. Obviously, I had to see it before I went to Shreveport to start shooting, so I rented it at that point.  It was very powerful. It stayed with me for days. Aside from the obviously gritty images (including a male member being hacked off ) there are some female empowerment undertones in the flick – did any of that resonate with you? For some people, that’s the first thing they think of, female empowerment.  I was looking at it through the eyes of Jennifer Hills, so for me it was much more of a personal empowerment, eye for an eye, you know.  Bottom line is, there are many fantasies that go through our minds when we’ve been wronged, and I think it’s part of human nature to want revenge.   The film is being released unrated – What was the gnarliest scene you had to shoot for this film? How can you possibly ask me to name just one?  They are all gnarly, in some way or another. Personally, the scene that affected me most during shooting was the last rape sequence.  I don’t want to give away too much, but I was asked to face one of my biggest fears in shooting this scene.  I also had to be thrown about in barely any clothing.  I earned some battle scars that day.   Films like these have the tendency to create cult followings for actors/ actresses – have you had any fanboy moments yet from slasher fanatics? A few teenagers at Fan Expo in Toronto (the Canadian Comic-Con) asked me if that was my real butt on the poster.  The funny part is they couldn’t actually utter the word “butt” or “ass”, they just kind of trailed off at that part, at which point, I would simply answer “Yes”, with a smile and perhaps a wink.   Was it a bit daunting to take on the role in a film that you know will be scrutinized a bit more because it’s a remake? I didn’t really think about the fact that it was a remake.  The subject matter alone was daunting enough.  Once we started shooting I began to realize how sacred the original is to many people and I started to get a little nervous about it.  But maintaining the integrity of the original idea and structure was such a high priority for our production team and our director. How do you feel about having your friends and family essentially watch you torture scuzzballs half naked? Nervous.  Not gonna lie.  My parents raised me with very good morals, and I know they’d probably rather watch me in a rom-com making people laugh, or a family show teaching kids good morals, ala “Seventh Heaven.” It’s that time of year – what are you going to be for Halloween? (Laughs) I wondered if anyone would ask me and I apologize to anyone hoping I would pull something scary out of my hat--I’m going to be a pirate. I am hand-sewing and decorating a floor length captain’s coat. It has been a month long project so far. What’s scarier, Sarah Palin, the cast of Jersey Shore, or guys in flip-flops and expensive jeans coming your way with a pick-up line? (Laughs harder) I don’t know if I could call any of those scary!  I consider them all extremely uncomfortable...But Sarah Palin is hilarious, so she’s out.  Jersey Shore made an amazing parody of our trailer, titled “I Spit On Your Rave: Day of the Snooki”, so they’re on the cool team for that one.  Guess that leaves those shameless “hit men,” and yes, I have had a few nightmares starring such characters so they come out on top here! Is there anyone’s grave you kinda wish you could spit on? uhhhh.... Hitler?  I don’t know, I don’t really hold grudges. Ironically enough :)  

Images by Chistopher Dibble www.christopherdibble.com





Full Contact

On September 11, 2010 thousands of anxious fans converged on

The crowd’s collective gasp nearly emptied the arena of all oxygen, then

Citizen’s Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California to get their first

morphed into an insane celebration as Malto was rushed by his friends. Street

glimpse of the Street League DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy. They

League founder and host Rob Drydek asked Ortiz why he attempted the

would not be disappointed. People of all ages were treated to an absolute clinic

crooked grind. “It (the final) was the most nervous I’ve been in my whole life.

as the biggest names, youngest talent, and most diverse collection of skaters in

I guess I should have gone to school more, I’m not that good at math.” Don’t

the business put on one of the best displays of competitive street skating ever

feel too bad for him though, second place paid an amazing $80,000. Malto talked

seen. The fan-friendly format is very different from anything else out there, and

about his win and his thoughts on the new format. “ I feel like I’ve been placing

was dominated mainly by younger athletes like 15-year-old Nyjah Huston, who

top ten for the last year of my life. I’ve had some third places finishes, but I just

had a stellar winning performance in Arizona. Sean Malto found himself sitting

haven’t got that win until now. I’m glad I can say I won at least once in my life.”

comfortably in the second spot thanks to a solid fourth place finish followed by

As for the format, he states, “It kind of makes it anyone’s game. I like that you

his first-ever professional win in Ontario just two days after his 21st birthday.

get seven tries and you can take your time. It’s a little more relaxed in that

It was a nail-biter to say the least. Chaz Ortiz was the leader throughout most of

regard, which suites me. I also think the instant scoring is great. It makes it more

the contest, and the 16-year-old proved to be the teenager to beat thanks to his

exciting and you always know where you stand. It gives this contest an added

consistency and deep bag of tricks, but Malto remained within striking distance

element of strategy. It’s more than just hucking yourself down a big flight of

heading into the big final section. Ortiz’ streak of 21 consecutive tricks ended

stairs one right after another. The crazy part is that it takes place in an arena.

with his first attempt. The crowd, appreciative of all the contestants’ abilities,

There is just a ton of people and because we go one at a time all eyes are on

had no apparent favorite as the two young skaters traded places between first

you for that one trick, it’s pretty scary. I feel like nerves play a large part in it.

and second. The contest came down to the last trick for each skater. Ortiz held

Honestly, at one point my knees were shaking and my heart was pounding so

a razor-thin lead. Malto stepped it up and landed a backside over crook on the

bad that I have no idea how I was landing those tricks. I guess the stars were just

outer most rail for his final trick, bumping his score up 5.5 points for a total of

aligned for me that day. I love this competition and really respect Rob for all that

120.4 overall. Ortiz, the final skater of the contest, needed a mere 2.0 or better

he has done for our sport and guys like me. He is one of a kind. I hope someday

to win the competition, a relatively easy score to obtain. To everyone’s surprise,

I have the opportunity to give back to the sport by following his example and

Ortiz chose a harder trick than the moment called for, a backside crooked grind

opening skate parks and creating edgy competitions that will allow our sport to

on the same out rail. Unfortunately for Ortiz, his truck got stuck, forcing him to

continue to thrive. For now, I just love to skate.”

bail and handing his good buddy Sean a belated birthday gift of 150,000 big ones.





Full Contact One of the best things so far to come out of this new format is that it is making

commented Lutzka, who is currently leading the Dew Tour, but has struggled

some of the top names in skateboarding step out of their comfort zones. Chris

thus far on the Street League Tour. He, like Chris Cole, Shane O’Neill, and Ryan

Cole admits, “ I have actually been practicing for the first time in my life! I hate

Sheckler, have hit huge tricks earning them a $5,000 Best Trick Bonus, but have

practicing, I feel like I’ve been studying for a test. I wrote down a list of the tricks

failed to dominate like in other competitions. “I’m used to having to do big

that I want to do, then I went to work on them. I’m proud of my progress. This

tricks to win. Street League is more of a contest where whoever is the most

contest will make me a more complete skater.” This is coming from a guy who

consistent will win. I think that what Dyrdek is doing is great for the sport and I

most believed would be dominating Street League. He continues, “I’m just not

think as the years go by it will only get better and better. One great thing about

used to having to think while I skate. I’m used to going out and just ripping. Even

this contest is that it will help the audience better understand street skating.

the qualifiers are hard. Anyone can make it in or not, which exposes fans to

Because of the ISX Instant Scoring System the fans know where each trick

many different styles and athletes. It is a brutal contest. The skill level of these

rates almost immediately then the announcers explain exactly what they just

“No longer about the jam, Street League turns skateboarding on it’s head.” competitors is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. It is a refreshing change from

saw. People who have never even watched Street Skating can understand why

what I’m used to and I hope that as Street League progresses it will continue to

one trick is more difficult than another. This is an important part of making our

evolve. It is already and amazing event and I am looking forward to where it will

sport more mainstream.”

take competitive Street Skating.” Greg Lutzka, who is known for groundbreaking contest tricks, has also accepted that he must change his approach for this contest. The style that has put him atop many podiums just does not translate to Street League. “It’s not a jam format and just total chaos. It’s like a game of chess.You’ve got to play it smart,”



www.streetleague.com photography : Joanna Miriam words by: Mike Young

Full Contact

JUST HOW ABLE IS CAIN? Velasquez looks to stay flawless with a belt. Words by James Gobee // Images Josh Hedges - UFC

It’s no secret; Velasquez wants the UFC Heavyweight Title belt. The reality is that his chance is fast approaching to achieve that. Behind that fact is a slew of opponents that have realized just how adamant Velasquez is on climbing to the top of the heavyweight division. His credentials are in order, a two-time All American wrestler at Arizona State University; competition is something Velasquez is very comfortable with. His transition to MMA has been incendiary, having never lost a single round in an MMA match thus far, Ben Rothwell, Cheick Kongo, and the legend Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira have all been dismantled. At UFC 121 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, Brock Lesnar (5-1-0) defends his Heavyweight Championship Title against undefeated, number one contender,Velasquez (8-0-0). “I wanted to hit somebody, I wanted to hit my training partner,” Velasquez said. “I needed the striking aspect of competition, I found MMA and it was perfect for me.” While Velasquez’s urge to hit has resulted in a stellar career in MMA thus far, Lesnar’s size and strength, no secret to anyone, requires a lot more than a few haymakers.The key to success - thinking ahead and doing what he can to prepare for it. “My advantage is my quickness and keep my distance and use more of my standup against him,” Velasquez said. “I’m getting guys who are his size to mimic his fighting style for the explosiveness and train with those guys, getting myself in bad positions and getting out of them rather than avoiding them. I’m training to make it second nature to get out of bad positions.” For a competitor that has never gone more than three rounds, this is going to be Velasquez’s first five round-fight, a task he has considered very heavily. “I am going five rounds with guys, new guys each round to make it super intense for me so I’m not going up against a gassed opponent,” Velasquez said. “I want a fresh guy every round because this fight has the potential to be a five-round fight. Every fight I expect it to go the whole way, this fight is no different, I expect it to be a five-round war.” Of his past eight fights, seven of those didn’t even get that far. Five of them actually never got out of the first round. A wrestler at heart, its Velasquez’s hands that have propelled him to new heights in MMA. Just one of his fights have been left for the judges to decide, and even then, the verdict was unanimous. Many thought that when Velasquez took on legendary MMA fighter and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Antonio “Minotauro” Nogueira that this was going to be Nogueria’s comeback, regarding the up and coming Velasquez as more of a stepping stone then a threat. Velasquez was known for not stopping until his opponent was absolutely finished, while Nogueira was known for never being finished. Nogueria had never been knocked out in a fight, until he stepped into the octagon with Velasquez.



For Velasquez, Lesnar proves his most formidable challenge in that Lesnar is widely regarded as one of best wrestlers to step on the mat, but whose hands could also prove disastrous if they land. “I expect this fight to go everywhere,” Velasquez said.“I expect it to be in the stand up, to go to the ground and in the clinch. I know that he’s working on his ground game and defense like we saw against [Shane] Carwin.” If Velasquez’s training and preparation proves successful and he defeats Lesnar for the Heavyweight Title, he will become the first Mexican to hold a major heavyweight title in fight sports history, something Velasquez admits carries some extra importance. “I feel good that they look at me as a role model and I’m glad to be that person. I think that the Mexican people in the United States and back in Mexico need a heavyweight champion,” he said. “All the years we’ve been in boxing and not having a heavyweight champ I think its time we had a heavyweight champ somewhere.” In the face of his swelling popularity and added status in the sport, remaining focused is a vital part of Velasquez’s game. He doesn’t let anything penetrate his mind before a fight other than the essentials – it has to be this way. The trumpets of Velasquez’s entrance song,“Los Mandados” serve as a rallying cry, the release of months of training, anticipation, and planning. “Plan A, B, and C. If he does this, I do that. That’s constantly in my head,” Velasquez said. “It keeps me calm and it doesn’t let my eyes wander and look at the crowd and forget what I’m doing. I keep my focus going all the way to the ring.” Looking ahead to the night of October 23 at UFC 121 in the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, the night that Velasquez steps into the octagon to try and rip the heavyweight title from Lesnar’s waist, Velasquez holds few expectations. “I expect a five-round war. I expect the fight to go everywhere, a battle on our feet and a battle on the ground. He comes to fight every fight and I come to fight and put pressure on people,” Velasquez said. “I have always said that it’s going to be a war and that is exactly what it is going to be.” The war between two Goliaths at UFC 121 will be one not to miss. If at any point in the evening of October 23 you feel a tremble and shaking, don’t be so quick to decide its an earthquake, it may just be these two taking the fight to the ground. www.ufc.com


by Lacy Ottenson

NIKE FEATURES RZA IN SNOWBOARD ADvertisements New Nike 6.0 team rider Mason Aguirre received a pretty awesome welcome from Nike when they ran a commercial featuring some of Mason’s snowboarding with the RZA busting out a freestyle to go with the action. Apparently, Nike 6.0 has enlisted the RZA to work on several upcoming commercials for their latest ad campaign. Other Nike 6.0 athletes to be included in the campaign are Kolohe Andino, Ryan Dungey, and Garrett Reynolds.

FMX RETURNS TO DEW TOUR AFTER TWO YEARS OFF FMX has finally returned to the Dew Tour and with a vengeance. There’s 4 prequalified riders already seated this yearthe top 3 riders from the 2008 standings, and a 4th wild card rider. But since so many of the top riders of 08 are either injured or unavailable, that shifted the standings of available guys to Adam Jones, Mike Mason, and Ronnie Faisst (who was actually 8th place in 08). Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg snagged the wild card spot.With those 4 riders comfortably secured in their spots, it just leaves the rest of the competitors to battle it out to secure their place in the finals as well. And with two years off, it should be a good one.

OAKLEY ANNOUNCES A BREAKTHROUGH IN 3D EYEWEAR Everyone knows 3D movies are rad but after 20 minutes of looking through those glasses, you’re going cross-eyed! Oakley may have finally found a solution to that problem. The eyewear giant recently announced a breakthrough in 3D technology, saying they’ve created the first optically correct 3D lenses. Maybe now I can really watch Captain EO in style for once.

2010 TRANSWORLD MX AWARDS ANNOUNCES NOMINEES Nominees for this year’s exclusive TransWorld MX Awards have just been announced. After kicking off the show’s inaugural event last year in Las Vegas, the awards show will take place this time at The Grove of Anaheim, on October 7, 2010. Some of the riders making the list of nominees for Racer of the Year are Ryan Dungey, Trey Canard, and Chistophe Pourcel. The nominees for FMX Rider of the Year are Travis Pastrana, Robbie Maddison, and Levi Sherwood, who won last year’s Breakout Rider of the Year award. teamed up with Alvenda, the technology company responsible for launching the Facebook-selling platform to other retailers like Best Buy and Delta Airlines, and began the new initiative<












100 NORTH LINCOLN AVE. CORONA CA 92882 PHONE 951-737-0227


Bass & Treble

and make them neat and pretty for the radio.With renowned influences such as The Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers and The Clash, they strive to shake things up a bit and to sing and talk about the important things – something that would merit the kind of energy the Dogs always emit from the stage and on the record. “Someone has to speak up against what’s going on. Advocating for better wages, equal rights and fair treatment. In the past, standing up for ourselves has made a difference and it can, again. Somehow, some way, you can help someone else and make a difference in the lives of someone less fortunate. Doing something to make the world a better place is the best thing that anybody could do.” Their current tour will be hitting the west coast in October, with dates in Los Angeles, Santa Ana and San Francisco. Los Angeles and Orange County have been special places for these guys – attributable to unbelievable shows. During this tour they are looking to take their fans by surprise. They have become more conscious about what their fans want to hear and have been putting up posts on social

networks to get ideas. In addition to performing some tracks off of Savin Hill, the Street Dogs have also been rehearsing some impressive pieces of music that they haven’t played in a while. “It’s obvious that these are some of the toughest economic times, dating back to the great depression. There isn’t much money to spend but people are taking the time and money to come and see us and continue buying our records. We are eternally grateful for them.” Street Dogs are not the type to cash in on the business. Publications, self-appointed experts, and musical authorities can all ramble on about how they are cookie cutter, but against some staggering odds this band has become stronger and more unified in spite of itself. Life is truly all about second chances. “At the end of the day, no matter who you are, from the bottom to the top, everything lies in the mirror. Ultimately, it’s all about the woman or man who lives in the glass.” The Street Dogs like what they see – and so do the fans.

Words by Elysia McMahan


unk rock has always been about freedom and challenging how self-serving and out-of-step authority can often be; Not trying to appease everybody, not trying to conform. Loud and outspoken, these are the vocal critics at the back of the classroom. Speaking with front man Mike McColgan of the Street Dogs exemplified just why society should always read between the lines. A lot of people tend to resort to pessimism and have forgotten how inherently powerful they are, but this band continues to persevere. Their fifth studio album, Street Dogs, released August 31st on Hellcat Records, has been an uncharacteristic achievement for this group of rebels and for the first time in the band’s history everybody was on board for the body of songs. “It was so eerie. Everyone was happy with the final product,” explained McColgan. Aside from their broader range of songwriting included in this self-titled album, what makes this their most definitive work to date is the fact that: more often than not, when a record is being created there are fights, broken gear, shattered windows, missed deadlines, you know – the usual, but this time around there was a unified quality to what was being produced. They self-titled it because they felt it was the best representation of themselves and their followers have responded with overwhelming affirmative feedback. “It’s never a problem coming up with a concept or title. We were outside of our hotel and the decision to self-title our record came about. We have no regrets. We consistently try to put our best foot forward.” Co-produced by bass player Johnny Rioux and Rick Barton (Dropkick Murphys) at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Street Dogs album is far from the generics of mainstream listening; consisting of 18 tracks of articulately aggressive songs that give rise to the spirit and inspire their fans to persist in the face of adversity. “Expectations can be the devil,” adds McColgan. “We must not look too deeply into the past or reminisce too often on our mistakes. Instead, we should learn from them and do the best we can. We try not to fall into the patterns of what-if. ” McColgan’s stoic explanations give a real insight to the most important aspect of Street Dogs’ creative drive – everything the band does, come the most sincere of places. A Gulf War vet and proud of his military service, Mike McColgan’s eyes were opened by his experience and despite the current conflicts that have arisen in the world, he retains an admirable amount of respect and empathy for those in uniform. “Any war in the history of the world has left numerous problems in its wake. Having been involved in the military, my perspective has grown wider and I just wish our society could come to a point where recognized war was not necessary.” After departing from DKM, McColgan served as a Boston firefighter for a few years before making up his mind and pursuing what he was passionate about: his music. He is 110% Street Dogs and continues to be grateful for the music and the fans. The song “Free” off of their previous album, State of Grace, is the best depiction and truest insight of the early struggle between the two paths. “All my life I have searched for clarity. I have wrestled with two paths buried deep inside of me. I lost some rounds, been knocked around, felt my share of defeat. Yet, somehow, I’ve always managed to get back on my feet.” This world is a complex place. There are good things and bad things throughout it all. The spirit of quality and decency within the music business is dying off. “The only way to escape the boundaries of our circumstances is for people to get back to looking out for one another. Resentment or beef with the outside forces of life don’t serve you well. You gotta make the best of what you’ve got. At the end of the day, we want to remain accessible to our fans, family and friends.We are forever grateful for the moments we have been experiencing, because without them we wouldn’t be capable of continuing on with our success.” Street Dogs have never paid attention to what all the rage is or isn’t about and they are not the type to polish up their songs





BASS & Treble

It’s hard to image 2004. It was then that a nineteen-year old MC by the

mentioned in the rankings but I’m not sure where I would place myself. There’s so

name of Lloyd Banks dropped his debut album as a member of the super

many good M.C.’s out there. But I’m glad that I’m in the conversations in the top

group, G-Unit, which consisted of members 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Young Buck and


formerly, The Game. It was his lyrical ability and punch lines that created a stir

Your style has been likened to that signature New York delivery

among hip hop purists. His delivery was reminiscent of the East Coast flurry of

that rap music has been missing since the mid 90’s. Who would you

the mid 90’s when names like Wu-Tang, Terror Squad, The Lox, and Ruff Ryders all

consider the 3 greatest rappers of all-time.

churned out anthems. Unbeknownst to many, Banks’ debut solo album “Hunger for

Biggie Smalls is definitely one. When I first came into the game I fell in love with his

More” debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts selling an impressive 500,500 copies

first album. One, he said things in it that you can relate to. Everything he said you

in the first week alone.

wanted to pay attention to. It can make you laugh, it can make you cry, it gave you

On the heels of releasing his follow-up “Hunger for More II,” Banks talked about

all kinds of emotions. So I would definitely put Biggie number one. Rakim, comes in

everything from his influences to his position in the hierarchy of hip-hop music very

number two for his word control.You had to listen to what he said. People like me,

candidly. This time around, Banks doesn’t disassociate his ties to G-Unit and 50,

we value that. And for the next one…hmm…I’d have to say Eminem. His energy is

but manages to step outside of the shadows of the collective to establish himself

so hype

on his own. With the singles “Beamer, Benz, and Bentley” already in heavy club rotation, his mist recent single “Any Girl,” a collaboration with R&B Superstar Lloyd

Rakim just performed at Rock The Bells…

is reaffirming the promise the younger MC showed in his first offering. Four years

Yeah, he is truly a genius I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves. Hip Hop has

since his debut, Bank’s has quietly cemented his place as one of the industry’s most

always been youth driven. So when I do shows, I keep that mind and I have to give

exciting performers – without having to resort to the gimmicks that come with

the youth what they want.There are so many people that have been in the game for

stirring up too much controversy.

a while that don’t like the new stuff but to me it comes first circle.

Congrats on all the success with “Beamer Benz and Bentley” as

There is a noticeable change in your vocal tone in your new songs,

well as all the other material you’re putting out. You currently

what was the reason for that? Was it deliberate or coincidental?

got off a promo tour with 50 Cent where you traveled the world

The vocal tone change, the big reason behind it is my vocal coach. I’ve been learning

performing in front of hundreds of thousands of fans. How does

how to use my stomach, my diaphragm so the tone comes out more aggressive and

standing in front of that kind of crowd motivate you?

a lot raspier. When I was young I didn’t know how to use my voice properly. A lot

From being on tour and always performing, I was involved in the productions as a

of people don’t like to change, but in order to be a better artist you have to learn

youngster. Now I have an opportunity to keep up performing for new crowds and

to adapt.

also seeing what they like. There are always new things to take back home and give people at home something new.

It’s no secret that G-Unit has been met with some negativity and criticism among fans and press. What would say to people who say

Your new album is going to be released on G-Unit/EMI, what

G-Unit isn’t as hot as they use to be.

would you say is the biggest difference between your new label

I would have to say, uh… yeah… they probably right. Nobody has the same

and past releases on G-Unit/Interscope?

momentum they had when they first came in to the game. I think music doesn’t

For me it’s the energy and the buzz created going into the studio, there is a positive

stay the same with anybody. Hip Hop will always be youth dominant. You can’t

energy that we all feed off of, it’s a totally new experience.

always maintain the same energy; you have to find new ways to evolve. That’s the challenging part, to create new energy.

Kanye West recently tweeted that you are one of the most under

Going at it on his own, “Hunger…II” does still feature a healthy

rated M.C.’s in the game right now, you should be listed in the top

dose of guest spots, but the notoriety the album is likely to earn

five. Where would you rate yourself in the game right now?

is all Banks. On the strength of the two singles, Banks’ has proved

There are so many people that I listen to that my mom and pop listened to that

that it wasn’t the company he kept, there was a reason that

don’t get the notoriety. People like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and BIG. I’ve been

company kept him. The proof of that can be found whenever his

influenced by so many different areas in music. I am glad that my name would be

tracks drop on a Friday or Saturday night. words by Aaron Amaya // Images DPI Creative





BASS & Treble

Two alluring, saccharine ladies sip mimosas on a Friday afternoon at a bustling downtown Los Angeles restaurant. Amidst the grime and decay of the city, the prepossessing duo stands out in delicate garments and dark, elegant hair. They were together the night before, excited about the release of their new album Drawing Down The Moon, and likely the night before that, and before that as well. Best friends, closest comrades, partners in crime, Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor laugh together about the previous evening, when Thom Yorke of Radiohead walked in on the former while she peed. Any oblivious onlooker would never suspect the near six years the two spent apart with only minimal communication. After all, such a lengthy amount of separation would certainly change each woman, make her not relatable to the other, right? Not so much. Inseparable and uncannily alike in many ways, the reunited Azure Ray proves that not all band hiatuses are indefinite, that not all breaks require immense change, and that sometimes, husbands do know best. “Maria was living in Los Angeles and I was living in Omaha. I was playing with Rilo Kiley, so I was coming to LA all the time for rehearsals and I would just stay with her and we just started hanging out. I’d be there for days at a time really reconnecting and having so much fun. She kind of talked me into moving to LA and I wanted to for a long time, and my husband was like ‘Well, if you guys do another Azure Ray record, we can move to LA,’” Orenda spoke of Todd Fink, lead singer of electronic dance party band The Faint. “So I was like ‘Todd thought we should do another record’, and it was the first time it had come up so it was just kind of thrown out there, and she was like ‘Okay!’ and I was like ‘Okay! Are we serious?’ And yeah, we were serious! So that’s kind of how it came about, and then I was like ‘I’ll move to Los Angeles, we’ll write for a year, and see how we feel.’ And we did, and here we are now.”





“It feels just the same, really.That’s the beauty of our relationship. It’s like coming home to your family after you’ve been gone for a long time. It’s like riding a bike,” Maria Taylor added. For two people who have clearly enjoyed every moment spent together since high school and indulged in a constant state of play and fun, a hiatus makes little sense. In the scheme of things, however, too much of a good thing can become mundane. “We had been making music together at that point for thirteen years and I think we both just felt like we needed to try something else and work with other people and do some solo things,” Maria explained. “Life is too short. You don’t ever want to take anything for granted, and I’m so glad we did that, because now starting out with the record it’s all brand new again.” Months off became years, and years became half a decade. In this time, both stayed the music course; Orenda kept busy with two solo albums, an indie rock band Art in Manila, and an experimental project called O+S. Maria released four solo albums and toured often. It was just time, they both stated, that they regroup, and while many fans worried that such a reunion after so much time would require a change in sound, both Orenda and Maria beg to differ.



“It’s going to be different in some ways just by nature that we’ve spent six years apart and then came back. We were working independently and developing on our own, but we made a conscious effort to revisit Azure Ray to make it feel like it remained intact all those years. It was important to come back together and get back into that space with each other. We weren’t looking to take a huge stylistic departure. I would say the only difference is that the subject matter is different,” Orenda commented, assuring that only the quality of production on the new album increased, due to stylistic options opening up that were not available before. A long road has been traveled for the duo, and although some obstacles presented themselves, a shaky start and a six-year hiatus to name a few, the pair would never change a thing. Orenda, a self-proclaimed nerd in high school, originally wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer, holding a high paying job with the option of removing herself from the small town lifestyle. Maria, on the other hand, knew from her childhood years that she would be a singer, or, as a second option, a professional ballet dancer. An odd pair, they complement each other. While Maria is a well-known wine connoisseur who goes through yearlong phases of red zinfandel or pinot noir and vacations in wine country, Orenda has a slightly more unusual pastime. “I love horror movies. I wrote a horror movie, and I have three more that are in my head,” she explained. “They’re really bad horror movies and I don’t know anyone in that genre at all, so I have to do a little research to see where I’ll even go with it.” Although they come from different backgrounds, the women of Azure Ray hold nearly identical outlooks on life, a message that resonates loud and clear in many of their songs. “If you look around and you realize that you’re seeing the negative in everything and you’re not happy, it’s time to change your life. I’m all about making changes to make myself happy. I’ll move across the country or I’ll move to another country.” Maria, “LadyLuck”, explains. “If I’m not happy then I’m not treating the people around me good. My motto in life is to just do what you have to do to make yourself happy and then you’ll make other people happy. And then we’ll all be one big happy family!” And a family the pair certainly is, Maria adds, “Saying we’ve been close friends is just belittling what we have. She’s like a sister to me and we’ve just been like that since we were sixteen years old.” Azure Ray gives hope. Not only to those who find themselves in undoubtedly miserable situations and find solace in their music, but also to those downcast about the outlook of their favorite musical groups on hiatus, such as Sigur Rós or The Killers. Reunited after six bustling years, Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink realized it was well overdue and have given the world Drawing Down The Moon and a pile of tour dates and the assurance that neither of them is going anywhere. “I’m sure eventually we’ll do another Azure Ray record. I just want to keep making music with different people by myself and try and do it all,” Maria said. Afterall, with a dream lifestyle, why wouldn’t they stick around? “I love making music, I love meeting new people, I love drinking alcohol, it’s like that’s all part of my job! Sometimes can’t believe it. It’s great, I love my life.” words by Katie Evans




BASS & Treble

From The UK With Love Cradle of Filth Goes Dark By Alex Mendoza // Image by James Sharrock

It’s an unusually warm Fall afternoon. Twelve ‘o clock lies on the horizon and eight hours away on the other side of the world, a call from London makes its way across the globe. An extremely articulate and British accent sounds from the other end, “Hello?” In the split second it takes to register the tone, an immediate side-by-side comparison to Dani Filth the Man opposed to Dani Filth the Performer manifests itself. The images and the tones do not correlate, as both sides to this theatrically-trained frontman are polar opposites. Yet both possess an extreme sense of intelligence, confidence and command – something that has always remained evident with Cradle of Filth’s 19 years of existence. As the cold November skies approach closer and closer, Dani and his Gothic entourage of insanely skilled musicians await the release of their ninth studio album, “Darkly, Darkly Venus Aversa.” The album is adorned with beautiful and haunting cover art, featuring the album’s primary character, Lilith, amidst a horror-tinged setting that could only fit the Cradle of Filth artistic canon. The themes and various musical vignettes are perverse and vicious tales that involve an endless catalogue of well-known and obscure figures. “Everytime we go into making a new album, we let the music come to us first. Most people think we form the story, and then the music, but I think it’s always been important to create the sound to establish the emotional feel. I think that’s a critical element that defines our music, as well as the stories and influences that go into creating such things. We really wanted to push ourselves to create gruesome theatrics we could bring into our music, but also allowing these elements to be

able to be created for an actual live performance. It’s about revisiting the earlier days where our obsession with playing extremely fast was a staple of the group, but combining it with a sprawling scene of revulsion and grandeur.” A series of roaring engines edge towards the curb. Dani’s voice becomes muffled in the guttural growl of the steroid-infused mufflers. The roar fades and the tone becomes perfectly clear again. “Thematically and story wise I did much research into ensuring that I would be able to craft a truly sickening tale that follows the first wife of Adam, Lilith. She is the absolute antithesis of what you may have heard in the Christian perspective, but we’re aiming for something completely blasphemous and horrifying. We’re looking to create music that speaks on an organic level, so that it will serve its purpose to the listener, as well as to the audience for our live show. We really pushed ourselves to create something that would push us to try things we haven’t done in awhile, or ever before.” Regardless of what controversy might surround the band’s punishing, cinematic music, there is no doubt there is an engaging package that manages to captivate all the senses. It pushes the genre – and its listeners - beyond the threshold; it’s clear with Dani’s responses that he is clearly set on following his vision. To give something more to the fans at large, while remaining true to their vision and overall purpose: to push onward and establish a path of their own.












BASS & Treble

ROUGH ROAD TO THE RED CARPET Boston Lyricist, SLAINE, Has Earned It. “Everything I recorded in the beginning was fronted by drug dealers and bookies. There were some crazy situations.” Scratch the notion of humble beginnings, for South Boston’s Slaine, life has been a conflicting series of incredible highs and scary lows. In 2005, Slaine independently released his critically applauded “The White Man is The Devil” mixtape. What would ensue was a perfect storm of sorts, if you didn’t know Slaine’s backstory. “The Boston Herald wrote a story about me when the mixtape dropped. Right around that time, Affleck was casting for the film Gone Baby Gone. It really began all this.” Slaine would go on to secure a small role in the Casey Affleck directed film. That role would segue into another role in the current block office success starring older brother Ben Affleck, The Town. Slaine is not only walking red carpets, but due to release his solo debut in October on Suburban Noize Records. A proud family man, a husband, a father, Slaine is securing his piece of the American dream, but the route to get there has been rough to say the least. Having his own battle with addiction, Slaine spent his formidable years as a budding musician and aspiring filmmaker in New York. A combination of no money and easy access ultimately got the better of Slaine. He began nickel and diming, selling drugs as he worked as a promoter in New York, all the while penning rhymes and making connections.Working with the legendary MC Shan and earning a healthy reputation for his skill as a lyricist wasn’t enough to keep Slaine in New York. He would return home to Boston, but didn’t leave his addiction in the Big Apple. “South Boston especially is filled with drugs. I’ve been all over the country and I have never seen



Words by Ramon Gonzales

any city that has the kind of epidemic like Boston. Heroin, Oxycontin, meth, lots of people I knew from the neighborhood are strung out or dead.” Slaine would endure two overdoses, lose his longtime girlfriend, and jeopardize what has obviously been a promising career, due to his addiction before deciding - enough. Hooking up with DJ Lethal just prior to dropping “The White Man…” mixtape, Slaine used his drive and his reputation as a lyricist to cement solid relationships that would lead to influential collaborations. It was through Lethal that Slaine would come to join the collective known as La Coka Nostra alongside Ill Bill and all three members of Boston legends House of Pain. Having gone from drug binges to international touring runs reinforced Slaine’s drive – it was time to strike out on his own. “A World With No Skies,” marks the solo debut of Slaine. Part MC guidebook, part self-therapy, the collection of tracks is so personal for Slaine, it almost hurts to relive some of it through rhyme. “Listening to this is like opening Pandora’s Box. I don’t know if you would call it post traumatic stress but I’ve gone through some amazing high and lows…when I get in the booth all I can think about is where what I wrote came from and where am I at now.” Vivid storytelling and rhythmic fluidity anchor “Skies” in a way that forces you to acknowledge that everything being said, is absolutely real. Slaine continues to cement his legacy as an artist who channeled the harsh reality of life into art – something everyone can relate to.

BASS & Treble

FOR THE RECORD Morrissey Vs. China In an interview with the Guardian the forever-melancholy Morrissey said, “Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal welfare? Absolutely horrific.You can’t help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies.” Referring to the Chinese as a “subspecies” was just the beginning as Morrissey went on later to reaffirm his statement by calling the Chinese treatment of animals as “indefensible” saying it people “could not possibly argue in favour of China as a caring nation.” Wow.

flatfoot 56 __________________________________________________________________________________________ words by Richard Cold

Cars, careers, marriages, it is hard to imagine any of these successfully lasting 10 years – let alone imagining a touring band surpassing that mark. For the Bawinkel brothers Tobin, Kyle and Justin, their Southside-Chicago blue-collar roots have propelled the Celtic punk band to celebrate their tenth anniversary as a touring band this year. Coinciding with that benchmark, the band released their critically praised Black Thorn, produced by Johnny Rioux of STREET DOGS. A practical, albeit poetic, reflection of the life of a traveling artist, fused with the kind of uplifting rally Flatfoot 56 has become synonymous with, the 13-track charge is all energy from the second you press play. Translating their frenzied live show onto the record is often an uphill battle for most bands, but for the boys from Flatfoot, it was a prerequisite. Debuting at #2 on the Heatseekers chart on Billboard, it seems as though the countless miles logged over the years of touring have afforded the band not only credibility, but finally, some genuine appreciation from those who realize the sincerity of the music. Fresh off their fiery run on this summer’s Vans Warped Tour, Flatfoot 56 continues on the road charging through the fall with whom else, Street Dogs. Remember when Punk had a purpose – Flatfoot 56 will remind you.

Ólöf Arnalds

words by Ramon Gonzales

Undeniably angelic, Ólöf Arnalds has already received lofty comparisons to the likes of Kate Bush and Bjork, but is more than just a carbon copy. A classically trained violinist, violist, and vocalist, Ólöf spent years cultivating a stellar reputation among critics and fans in her native Iceland - contributing to the touring bands Stórsveit Nix Noltes, Mugison, Slowblow and Skúli Sverrisson. Her solo debut, Við Og Við, was recorded by Sigur Rós’s Kjartan Sveinsson. Although it was initially released in ’07 in Iceland with great success, its 2009 international release incited a firestorm of mainstream press unanimously singing Ólöf s praises. In the same year, Ólöf and Kjartan Sveinsson began work on the follow-up Innundir skinni. As soothing example of musical minimalism, Innundir skinni is further proof that music can be much more than audio appeal. Beautiful, is a colossal understatement in describing what Ólöf has continued to do on record. Utilizing her multiinstrumental ability, every track is capable of transporting the listener to a legitimate place of serenity. Currently on tour with Blonde Redhead, the states are finally getting to sample what the international press has been championing hard. Delicate, commanding, incendiary, important – be sure to collect everything Ólöf Arnalds has put out.



Disney and Daft Punk In what is likely to be the most anticipated soundtrack in years, Daft Punk and Disney have launched a website devoted entirely to the Tron Soundtrack. The remake of the sci-fi classic is due out in theatres December 17, 2010. Disney will also be launching ElecTRONica this fall at their California Adventure Themepark, transforming a portion of the property into a an all out dance party. And the award goes to… London trio, The XX, have had an incredible year which has now culminated in an “album of the year” award in the prestigious Mercury Prize. Beating out Paul Weller, Biffy Clyro, Corrine Bailey Rae, Wild Beast, Dizzee Rascal, and Laura Marling to name a few, the Mercury Prize is awarded to the best album from a English or Irish artist. The award also included a £20,000 ($31,000) cash prize. Freak Accident Founding member of the band ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) Mike Edwards was killed last month by, get this, a giant bale of hay. The 600kg bale of hay apparently tumbled down a hillside in Devon, England and crashed into Edwards’ cab instantly killing the man. No one could’ve predicted that. I hate G‘n’R too!Cut off at the Reading Festival, burning bridges at Leeds, and now getting pelted with bottles in Dublin, Europe is once again showing that their musical IQ is considerably high. During a show in Dublin, Ireland fans decided that having to wait 90 minutes for a shitty set from egomaniac Axl Rose was just too much. They began launching bottles at the band forcing Rose to call the show. Chants of “fuck you” could be heard throughout the arena. So Lame Diddy is hyping his son, known as, International Quincy. Debuting the single “Words from Me” proves to be yet another example of how nepotism trumps talent. Quincy, whose biological father is R&B singer Al B. Sure, is working on his mixtape “Nothing Special.” Honestly, crap.



So As To Create Renowned Artist Slick Has A Vision By Katie Evans

With a résumé filled with over twenty years of accomplishments ranging from a televised graffiti battle to numerous clothing lines to artistic culture contributions, street painter and designer Slick is only just getting started. Strange, coming from a man who claims that, of the seven, the deadliest sin he identifies most with is sloth. “At least, not when it comes to my work.With everything else, definitely. Just ask my wife. No one’s perfect, we’re only human,” he notes with a smirk. Furthermore, his entire body of work traced back to his youth illustrates the truth in this claim: Slick has dedication. Slick has always known his existence as a creator. Slick designs, Slick paints, and in a sense, Slick destroys. And Slick has been destroying since he was a toddler. His mother, a painter from China, had an oil paint kit that she used on her pieces at the time. She often urged Slick to go in and test them out, to have at it. Likely, she did not intend for him to take the brushes to her own works of art, improving them as he saw fit, but at such a young age, he instantly found his graffiti talents. “I remember getting into it and messing up her paintings and thinking that I was hooking it up,” he admitted. “So, I owe it a lot to my mom because she was the one who would let me go in there and encourage me to paint. Part of it, too, was when they kicked me out of high school. They were trying to tell my parents they thought I was autistic, and I thought they said ‘artistic’, so I kept going.” Slick’s father was another story entirely. A Brooklyn police officer who moved to Hawaii for the military, he wasn’t so comfortable with the idea of his son’s street art. With his parents, Slick never lied, and instead remained open about his endeavors, bringing about uneasiness among the family. Granted, over the years, his father has become more accepting of his decisions as they have proven to be lucrative, but Slick knows, deep down, that if his dad actually likes one of his designs, “it’s probably not gonna work.”






When you combine a Chinese painter and a Brooklyn police officer, Slick’s skills seem almost genetic. His dad’s overall point of view of the situation was that they had spent their whole lives working to get out of that culture, yet Slick spent his whole life trying to get back into it. But Slick was not always into graffiti. Before he found his calling, the artist went through phases of dancing (including popping, locking, and miming, as told in a sheepish confession) and behind the scenes in filmmaking, where he worked under renowned makeup artist Bryan D. Furer for several years, making masks and sculpting for horror films. Slick hoped to make a career in both of these things, and instead, a culmination of them arose when breakdancing emerged as a style. Hand-in-hand came along graffiti, and he took to the aerosol. “It was something I could excel in and still be in that realm and that culture. So, I pulled away from doing the special effects and make-up and went balls-out with the graffiti,” Slick explained. With the film passion firmly on hold and the focus entirely on “bombing”, he truly began to immerse himself mercilessly within art. He recounted the story of a time in Brooklyn with his crew doing damage. “We were out there maybe like 4 or 5 in the morning, and we got rolled up by the cops. I think it was West, he told ‘em we had permission, that we had fake paperwork that said we had permission, and the cop was just looking at what we were painting, because I was painting this sexy devil kind of character and the pipe that came out of the wall was coming out of her ass, and he goes, ‘Okay, so you guys are telling me, you’re drawing some devil bitch on the wall with a pipe coming out her ass, and this is a rest home, and you guys got permission, right?’ And we were playing it off, but then the cop ended up being cool and said, ‘Well, just paint the sergeant up there!’ So, I did this little pig character, eating some donuts and he goes, ‘Make that the sergeant, make that the sergeant!’ So, they were actually really cool.” Despite his skill, the days of nightly graffiti outings are scarce as of late. In high school, Slick had his heart broken by his girlfriend and spray-painted a graffiti piece to successfully get her back. He has decorated cakes with graffiti frosting. His dream wall has always been the Great Wall of China.Yet after some time, he moved on to designing clothing, and is already well into his fourth clothing line. This time, the line DISSIZIT is all about Slick and what he wants, where the others have been collaborations, or just for other people. The transition into clothing design opened up numerous other doors for his talent to spread into, such as design jobs for various companies, like the game Gears of War 3.

are cruel on YouTube and stuff, saying things like ‘Damn, it’s a T-SHIRT!’ And that’s what I’m thinking, but everyone else is hyping it up.” He continued on to note, “I was hoping it would lead to something else, and it did. So, the shirt is just one small part of what we’re doing.” What it lead to was a start in the video gaming industry. At present, Slick and his crew are working closely with the Gears of War 3 game artists to incorporate graffiti into some of the designs for the next game. “The old me would have been like, hell yeah, I can get up in the game, right? Like ‘Slick, Slick, Slick’! But now that I’m a little older and mature, I’m thinking, I want to give them graffiti that’s going to suit the game. So, that’s going to be a challenge because it’s not all spray-paint either. They’re in the time where materials are hard to come by and scarce, so it might not be colorful spray-paint and murals, you know? It’d probably be done with whatever they had lying around, like ashes or blood.” He added, “You have to be more creative and get into the mindset like you were bombing in that game.” The step after Gears of War 4 design is, almost inevitably, to design his own Slick video game, or furthermore, returning to his youthful roots of special effects with an entire film. Slick’s restlessness and ever-unquenched thirst for satisfaction is evident in his fast-pasted transitions from art style to art style. “The t-shirt thing [is] cool and everything, but it’s not as rewarding as it used to be. I don’t think it’s as challenging as making a film. Even with the graf, maybe that’s why I don’t paint as much anymore.” His fulfillment may be rapidly approaching, however. With friends in high industry places, he can already taste his first film production in the coming years. Yet, even if it turns to collapse, Slick isn’t completely concerned, it just isn’t his outlook. “I don’t get stressed out, like I’m happy if I’ve got money or I’m happy if I don’t. I made the best of that day and live the best of everyday.Yeah, I like a lot of material things, but if I didn’t have it, I’m cool. I don’t lose sleep over it.” At the end of the day, as an artist Slick may never achieve that fulfillment, even though he has accomplished great milestones already. While maintaining his clothing line DISSIZIT, he has successfully teamed up with video games and after that, will collaborate with filmmakers. After a long pause and an exhale of the smoke from his clove cigarette, Slick claimed, “I would like to be remembered as a master of my craft, whatever that’s going to end up being.” Whatever his final area of expertise becomes, one thing is certain: Slick isn’t about to fade into the shadows anytime soon.

Although his gaming passions lie more with Dr. Mario and Mario Kart, Slick thoroughly enjoyed working with the Gears of War 3 team and creating a t-shirt to celebrate the Los Angeles release party, complete with a video on the design process. However, Slick was hesitant to emphasize it any further, “I don’t want to build up the shirt so much. Kids






words by m.m. zonoozy

Words by MM Zonoozy // Images by Terry Richardson







here’s nothing funnier than someone getting hit in the nuts - everyone knows this. But Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine, Bam Margera, and the rest of the Jackass gang know this better than anyone else. By having a knack for finding the most creative way to target the family beloved, these guys have been limping to the bank for the past ten years. Now on the verge of the October 15th release of their third feature-length installment of their hit MTV television series, the joke is still funny. Promising to be more painful, disgusting, uncomfortable, and dick-ridden than any of their previous efforts, the new Jackass will showcase all the glory in 3D. And if 25 million people will go see blue aliens in three dimensions, I’m sure a few will want to check out ‘The Wiener Cam.” Yes, there is a wiener camera in this movie.


Pontius square where his inner thighs meet. Alright, move the trampoline a little bit. Okay, we good? It hit his thigh. Alright, a few more inches to the left. Perfect. Nope? Try again. By the time their trail-and-error marathon was over, Knoxville had ridden that Ferris wheel for 11 hours straight, setting a record in the meanwhile. Poor Pontius spent those 11 hours facing impending doom. Some advice from the master, Margera: “I learned over the years that it’s easier to just do it. If you just eye it up for 20 minutes, you’re just going to get too nervous, think too much, and not want to do it. It’s so much better to get up there, get a quick look, and just do it.” That mindset seems to run common amongst the Jackass crew. Obviously, with that blind courage, people seldom walk away unscathed. “You never really know what you’re going to get hurt on,” continues Margera, “I just knew that, ‘Alright, we’re filming Jackass for the next seven months, that definitely means I’m going to wind up with at least two broken bones.’ ”

To this year, the tenth anniversary of Jackass, the first question raised is always, “How do they think this stuff up?” Fortunately, two premier jackasses, Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville, spilled a little of what’s inside those fractured heads of theirs. “It’s usually when I’m on an airplane flying from Philly to LA, and my iPod dies or something, so I’m just sitting their bored to death,” explains Margera. “So, I’ll just sip on red wine and think of the stupidest things ever.” Sometimes those stupid ideas are brilliantly simple. For the movie, co-creator and producer, Jeff Tremaine, submitted a bit entitled ‘The Shit Shoe” with the attached description: “Find a shoe, and shit in it.” Signed, sealed and delivered to the venerable production house of Paramount.

Two broken bones would have been a walk in the park for Margera, who amassed three broken ribs, a busted knee, a broken foot, and a broken clavicle all while filming Jackass 3D. The worst part of Bam’s injury list? The stunts that caused half of them didn’t even make the final cut for the movie. “The broken clavicle is in a bit called ‘Electric Avenue,’ which is like 40 stun guns hanging in a hallway, and then there’s an obstacle course that we have to run through and get stunned,” explains Margera. If that didn’t make the movie, what the hell did? There actually happens to be so much prime footage leftover, Jackass 3.5 is already being sched’d for a holiday release. There’s nothing like DVD-debauchery to warm the heart.

Still, at other times, the schemes are involved and complex. Think Knoxville’s brainchild, ‘Incredible Nut Shots’ – a collection of high-flying ball-buster trick-shots a la ‘Dude Perfect.’ The title bit shows Knoxville throwing a medicine ball while riding a Ferris wheel. The ball bounces off of an angled trampoline and hits Chris

So, after endless band-aids and surgeries, why do these jackasses keep going back for more? “When the movie is all finished, most of the time, broken bones will heal and you’ll be fine – it’s just a little bit of pain,” Margera nonchalantly responds. “I just like how people say how funny the movie is and how crazy everybody is. I don’t know, it’s just a good feeling knowing everyone is satisfied.”


So, what won’t Bam do? “Pretty much all the stuff that Knoxville does.” Margera recounts a bit called ‘The Invisible Man’ where Johnny Knoxville is painted the same color as the walls.Then, in traditional Jackass fashion, a raging Spanish bull is released to jump around and go “ape-shit.” “Once he spots him, he hits [Johnny Knoxville] so hard up in the air that he did a total backflip and landed right on his neck,” recalls Margera. “When you see it you’re like, ‘Dude, Knoxville just broke his neck.’ ” He didn’t (miraculously). More miraculously, Knoxville has two kids. Dude must have the most resilient coin purse in the world. But perhaps Steve-O got it the worst over the years. As you may have seen on his MTV documentary, Steve-O’s life had spiraled into addiction, alcoholism, and suicidal tendencies. But as family does, the Jackass brothers stuck together. Celebrating Steve-O’s second year of sobriety on set, the cast and crew couldn’t have been prouder. Even if doing so meant no more beer sponsors, no more extra rooms dedicated to case-races, and no more binging; it was all worthwhile. “Steve-O is just a different person altogether. It’s great,” boasts Knoxville. “On this set, because of Steve-O being sober now and we want to keep him sober, we didn’t have beer or any liquor. When we’re out of town, Steve-O took a sponsor with him. We always got him a rental car so he could get to his meetings at night – because, you know, we don’t want to take that structure away from him.” But Johnny assured that no sense of responsibility would affect Steve-O’s daredevil ways: “That aside, he just totally went off in the movie. He got such great footage. The thing he said was [that] he didn’t want to regret not doing something, so he did everything.” If everything meant being bungeed while trapped inside a loaded Honey Bucket, so be it. Steve-O was down to clown in 3D. Ten years deep into the franchise, it’s worth looking back at how all the stupidity first began. For most of us, we remember videos of Bam’s crew wrecking themselves in shopping carts outside a

local grocery store. How many kids did you see trying that for weeks following its televised debut? But the story goes back a bit further to when Johnny Knoxville, then a young actor and writer in Los Angeles, was pitching magazines an article idea. His proposition: test self-defense equipment on himself – pepper spray, stun gun, taser gun, and then shoot himself with a .38 while wearing a bulletproof vest. That’s pure Jackass gold on today’s standards. But most magazines didn’t have the foresight to agree. One magazine that did recognize the journalistic merit in Knoxville’s self-destruction was Big Brother. At that time, Big Brother was an antic-ridden skateboarding magazine full of pranks, fake I.D. instructions, and the occasional boob. Editor Jeff Tremaine took a liking to Knoxville, and offered to help him get his story. “[Jeff] would back me and give me money to buy some of the equipment, because I was broke at the time,” Knoxville recalls. “He supported me so I did it through them, and then put it in one of their skateboard videos…Jackass came out of me meeting Jeff.” The duo worked out well enough at first, but it came a time where the two wanted to be more than a couple of jackasses. Knoxville had received offers to do a television show, and even one from Saturday Night Live to do his stunts during a weekly segment. Knoxville was a fan of the idea, but the offers forgot about Tremaine. There would be no Johnny without Jeff.“They didn’t want to bring Jeff along, and they didn’t know his value. I’m sure if they could turn back time, they would’ve probably brought Jeff along,” laughs Knoxville. As his levity indicates, Knoxville’s good faith turned out for the better. Yet at first, the two struggled with the formatting of the show. They toyed with the idea of a mash between The Daily Show and the prank and stunt bits – placing Johnny Knoxville behind a desk. After some frustration, Tremaine reached out to a friend, an up-and-coming director named Spike Jonze.



NITTY GRITTY “Jeff called Spike and said, ‘Hey, we’re doing this TV show.This is our idea, and would you want to be a part of it?’” recalls Knoxville. “And Spike said, ‘Yeah, I’d like to be a part of it. But that show, the cross between The Daily Show and what you guys do, I don’t think that’s it. You’re already doing a TV show – the Big Brother videos. Just make it just like the Big Brother videos.’ ” At that time, Jonze was best known as a commercial and music video phenom on the verge of major success with his motion picture debut, a dark-comedy titled Being John Malkovich. Jonze, as Malcom Gladwell would love to call him, was the Jackass tipping point. With his credibility on an incredible upswing, Spike Jonze was able to get his two jackass friends the meetings and representation they couldn’t get on their own. He got people to take this whole Jackass idea seriously. “Jackass is so silly, and trying to show someone at the network, ‘Well, this is our idea for a show,’ they’re going to laugh you out of the room,” continues Knoxville. “But if you have Spike Jonze in the room with you, they’re going to say ‘Wow, maybe we



should listen to these guys.’ ” The rest, as they say, has made them a lot of money. After clearing sales of $79.5 million and $84.6 million in Jackass the Movie and Jackass 2, respectively, it’s more than evident that the revenue stream from sack trauma is not a fleeting enterprise. Since Jackass’ inception, MTV has hosted a handful of successful spin-offs, from Viva la Bam and Wildboyz to Nitro Circus and The Dudesons in America. The crew has become household faces beyond the skateboarding subculture.These jackasses are probably cheesing on the front cover of this magazine right now. More than that, Jackass – as crudely and aptly named as it is – has become a representative part of our culture. It’s an America’s Funniest Home Videos on steroids that I’m sure will one day be used as a mirror to reflect on the 21st century. I’ll spare you that analysis for the time being since at their 10th anniversary of stupid, there’s really nothing else to do but celebrate the nut shot. So, go grab your 3D glasses, and your barf bags.

















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Photos Courtesy of Karen Curley, Harmony Gerber, Brian Brown

LA CALENDAR 10.02.10 :Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad@ Saint Rocke

Common @ Sunset Strip Music Festival

Dan Black @ SPIN MTV VMA Afterparty

10.07.10 : Arcade Fire @ The Shrine 10.08.10 : Caribou @ The Music Box 10.12.10 : Alice In Chains/ Deftones @ Gibson Amphitheatre

Entourage @ Teenage Paparazzo

Jeremy Piven @ Sunset Strip Music Festival

Lisa Johnson @ The Mondrian

SPIN VMA Party @ The Mondrian

10.13.10 : Gogol Bordello @ Club Nokia 10.14.10 : Immolation/Vader @ Whisky A Go Go 10.14.10 : Mark Ronson @ Club Nokia 10.16.10 : Valient Thorr @ Spaceland 10.17.10 : Die Antwood @ The Music Box 10.19.10 : Broken Social Scene @ The Wiltern 10.21.10 : Slayer/Megadeth/ Anthrax @ Gibson Amphitheatre 10.23.10 : AIR @ The Shrine

Sunset Strip Music Festival

Sunset Strip Music Festival

Teenage Paparazzo @ Pacific Design Hollywood

Teenage Paparazzo @ Pacific Design Hollywood

10.28.10 : FEAR @ Key Club 10.30.10 : HARD Haunted Mainsion @ The Shrine 10.31.10 : HARD Haunted Mainsion @ The Shrine





Photos Courtesy of PURE Nightclub, Joe Thompson, Jeff Allen

LV CALENDAR 10.01.10 : Biffy Clyro @ Hard Rock Café On The Strip Dee Snider owns Vegas Rocks

Dennis Haskins Courtesy of PURE Nightclub

Dennis Haskins Courtesy of PURE Nightclub

Dennis Haskins Courtesy of PURE Nightclub

Flavor Flav @ Las Vegas Hilton

Glamorous @ The Palms

Glamorous @ The Palms


LEMMY! @ Vegas Rocks

will.i.am in DJ booth @ WET REPUBLIC

10.03.10 : Sonic Youth/ Yo La Tengo @ Pearl Concert Theater 10.08.10 : Agent Orange @ Area 702 Skatepark 10.09.10 : Elton John @ Wynn 10.10.10 : Glasses Malone @ House of Blues 10.14.10 : Chromeo @ House of Blues

10.15.10 : Deadmau5 @ Body English 10.21.10 : Jonsi @ House of Blues 10.22.10 : Interpol @ The Joint

10.24.10 : Wiz Khalifa/ Yelawolf @ House of Blues 10.30.10: Generationals @ Bunkhouse 10.31.10 : Cattle Decapitation @ The Farm




SKINNIE SCENE orange county

Photos Courtesy of Zemor.net, Harmony Gerber Shannon Nehis, and Alan Rivera


SKINNIE SCENE orange county Nitty gritty

Travie McCoy


@ AVEC Huntington Beach Photos By Alan Rivera

10.02.10 : Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers @ Verizon Amphitheatre 10.05.10 : Fences @ Alex’s Bar (LBC)Bar & Grill, Anaheim 10.08.10 : Street Dogs/ Flatfoot 56 @ Galaxy Theatre 10.08.10 : Glasses Malone/E-40 @ The Grove 10.12.10 : Jack Johnson @ Verizon Amphitheatre

10.14.10 : Valient Thorr @ Detroit Bar 10.15.10 : Immolation @ Galaxy Theatre


Travie McCoy@ Avec

Sharkeez Newport Beach

Sharkeez Newport Beach




Continental Room

The Adicts @ HOB Anaheim

The Adicts @ HOB Anaheim

10.19.10 : Lyrics Born @ Commonwealth Lounge 10.21.10 : Designer Drugs @ Tia Juana (Irvine)

10.26.10 : Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros @ Grove of Anaheim 10.27.10 : Bilal @ Commonwealth Lounge 10.31.10 : Tiger Army @ Grove of Anaheim








Photos Courtesy of Tim Sheppard, Bobby Reyes, Jeremy Wassink

SD CALENDAR 10.02.10 : Spoon @ Soma

Epic Saturdays @ Belo

Epic Saturdays @ Belo

Dave of De La Soul @ HOB

De La Soul @ HOB

House of Blues

House of Blues

On Broadway

On Broadway



10.04.10 : Basia Bulat @ The Loft (La Jolla) 10.08.10 : Bassnectar @ House of Blues 10.09.10 : Jack Johnson @ Cricket Amphitheatre 10.10.10 : Street Dogs @ House of Blues 10.12.10 : Tom Tom Club @ The Casbah 10.13.10 : LCD Soundsystem @ RIMAC Arena Wireless Amphitheatre (La Jolla)

10.15.10 : Alice In Chains/ Deftones @ Viejas Arena 10.17.10 : Dan Black @ Fluxx 10.21.10 : Interpol @ SOMA 10.23.10 : Danzig @ Pala Casino & Resort 10.27.10 : Kate Nash @ House of Blues

10.28.10 : Gorillaz/N.E.R.D. @ Viejas Arena 08.07.10 : The Bloody Beetroots @ House of Blues




SKINNIE SCENE Inland empire

Photos Courtesy of Frankie Alvarez, Chad Sengstock, Andrea Hanna-Price, Angela Jugon


SKINNIE SCENE Inland empire Nitty gritty

Blood Money Presented by Corey Miller’s


@ Corey Miller’s Timeless Art Gallery - Upland, CA. Photos By Angela Jugon

10.01.10 : UB40 @ Fox

Performing Arts Center (Riverside) 10.03.10 : OK Go @ L.A. Fair (Pomona) 10.05.10 : 2Mex @ The Glasshouse Toro


Corey Miller’s Timeless Art Gallery

Corey Miller’s Timeless Art Gallery

Corey Miller’s Timeless Art Gallery

ASA Nationals

Street Dogs @ The Glasshouse

Street Dogs @ The Glasshouse

Street Dogs @ The Glasshouse

Street Dogs @ The Glasshouse

10.06.10 : The Aggrolites @ The Bam (Riverside)

10.09.10 : Calabrese @ Mad Science Studios

10.12.10 : Broken Spindles @ Aladdin Jr. (Pomona)

10.15.10 : Arsonists Get All The Girls @ The Vault

10.16.10 : Cypress Hill’s

Smokeout w/ MGMT, Incubus, Deadmau5, Manu Chao & more @ National Orange Show

10.18.10 : Jonsi @ Fox Theater Pomon

10.23.10 : Azure Ray @ Glasshouse 10.27.10 : Boyz II Men @ Crazy Horse

10.29.10 : Bob Saget @ California Theatre Of Performing Arts



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