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John Gillespie started Back to Square One out of his Garage located in Orange County, CA in 2005. Through the years they have touched and gave many flavors of their style of music that continues to grow into a continual new fusion of music in it’s own genre it’s itself. Back to Sqaure One have recently added new members to the band including: Jake Delling-Drums, Douglas Mccurdy-Bass and Jonathan Shively- Lead Guitar. For the past few months they have been working on there new hit single “ Give It Me” featuring Pamela Jean Noble and Andy Magruder. This song came to while John took a trip to Havasu this year along with the his current drummer , Jake Delling and Pamela Jean Noble. At the time John and his former bandmates werett having some issues and decided to part ways. They are currently in postproduction for the music video directed by Justin Marmorstein with Marmo Films. They are set for a video release of the single on August 27th. The whole video was shot on the Canon 7D and got most the equipment donated by Villa Park high school teacher Mr. Davis. The Video shoot was a total of four days during a 3 month period because of location difficulties.

“Back to Square One seems to be the story of my life” – John Gillespie

John Gillespie & Pamela Noble Performance & Photo Shoot Havasu Arizona, Spring Break 2010. John Gillespie Representing His Sponsor & The Sullen Family. HB California, 2010.

“ I guess the scariest thing about it a is when all seems lost, and there is n way of telling what lies ahead. You jus keep moving forward no matter wha Because there is no guide line to th industry it’s a constant gamble wit your life. If you make it, you make it. you don’t, you don’t. It’s the perfect wi or lose scenario in m y opinion. Ho much would you sacrifice for a dream I’ve been back to square one plenty o times in my life, but I’m still going. Yo gotta take hits in life. What doesn’t k you only makes you stronger”. – Joh Gillespie

Back To Square One would like to giv a special thanks to: First and foremost; God, Justi Marmorstein from MARMO FILMS Jeremy Hanna and the whole SULLE crew, Jason Zahler with Skinnie Maga Back To Square zine, FRESH PEACHES, CLU One Performing KRESS, SHARK CLUB, Bobby Alex ander, Fred Beavans, Jeff Dunne Infront of Michele Davidson, Mark Gillespie Thousands of Switch 17, ADA (Warner Music Group Fans At The OC Dale Noble, All the homies in the O Baby near and far! Fair Grounds. Be sure to stay tuned to Back t OC Cali, 2009. Square One and their tour dates.



Skinnie Magazine Issue 104  


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