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Ian Shepp Is Restoring The Historic Key Club

Why Aren’t These Famous Women Just As Bad?

Saint Tropez Is The Destination Of Absolute Luxury

Ryan Sheckler Is Talented, But Don’t Knock The Hustle

5 interviews, 5 Personalities, One Goal

Chromeo Is Opting For Business Casual

Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke Goes His Own Way

Dan Black Is Lighting Up Dance Floors

Taryn Manning Can Do It All

KROQ’s Stryker Gives You Reason Not To.



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You Gotta Love What You Do Right off of Pico Blvd in the middle of West L.A. there is a small bungalow styled diner called The Apple Pan. I met Stryker there at his recommendation to snap some photos and maybe have a little lunch. Surrounded by a huge mall, bank buildings, and retail chains, this tiny, counter-only diner has endured since just after WW II. As we pulled up a seat Stryker says, “I have been coming here since I was a kid. I have never known anyone different to work here. It has always been the same people for years.” A tuna salad sandwich, some fries, and some conversation later, Stryker and I do an awkward West LA meets North Long Beach hood handshake and part ways. As I drive away I think a couple of things –“That sandwich was fucking great.” And two, “that little diner has been there unchanged 63 years!”

July 2010 J ISSUE #102

Everything around that tiny diner had been modernized. Construction, development, but The Apple Pan was untouched.When you do something right, it never goes out of style. And the fact remains, you can’t do it right, for that long, if it isn’t something you sincerely love. This July issue we managed to find people and stories that highlight just that – getting it right, because they well…get it. Funny how all that came from a tuna sandwich on wheat on a paper plate.

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Michelle Ngo

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words by Alexis Amparan & Katie Evans

Rattle Me Bones If you wince at Dr. 90210 removing a little bone and cartilage in a routine rhinoplasty then you would absolutely gag about the 19 surgeries a man has had to extract 42 bones from his body over the course of his life. But this man is not removing ribs to be more svelte, or whittling away at perceived imperfections, he’s got 50 more bones in his body than the average person. He suffers from MHE, multiple hereditary exostoses, and that means he has been growing extra bones all over his body since the age of 5.

Never sign a contract in Mexico.

This is obviously why Haiti can’t have nice things.

Although the clamor of celebrityriddled fundraisers has long been silenced, the destruction from the devastating earthquake that destroyed Haiti some 5 months ago has ensured that the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere will experience generational desolation. In what has since become a small dose of good news for Haiti, The World Bank has decided to wipe out the 36-million dollar debt owed to the International Development Agency. Contributions from Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland ensured the debt was wiped clean.

McDonald’s stirred up some controversy last month when their French offices launched a commercial that featured a homosexual character. In the commercial, a young man is having lunch with his dad. He is speaking on his cell phone and telling someone, “I miss you.” We find out later that the young man is talking to another young man and dear old dad doesn’t know his son is gay. The ad is part of the “Come As You Are” campaign. The video has already received millions of views virally. Anyone else think this is way to heavy for a place that serves something called McNuggets?


A frightened matador ran like hell away from a bull in the ring after a few minutes of cape taunting and was greeted with a pair of handcuffs. He was arrested for breach of contract for doing what any normal person wearing sparkly pants and hot pink socks while toting a scarlet red cape in the presence of an angry bull would do. Rough.

What’s up, Teach? A 16 year old girl in Germany is being sued for bullying her teacher. And what was the offense? She convinced a schoolmate to draw a rabbit on the blackboard to scare their teacher who flips out at the sight of the cute little nose wigglers. The girl could be fined as much as $7400 for giving all the kids something to laugh at. How sad.

One man crime spree in Dayton, Ohio fueled by Mad Dog 20/20! It seems as though the frosty malt beverage is the drink of choice for one Ohioan who began his day of crime at 5:30am by trying to crack open an ATM with a rock. He then shoplifted a few packages of meat and aforementioned alcoholic delight and stole a CO2 tank from a neighborhood restaurant. Sounds like someone misses high school. Is it gay to fantasize about dippin’ your nuggets into another man’s sauce?






DUI checkpoint in Virginia yields 82 citations, 3 drunk drivers and a really pissed off goat. Some complete moron was cited for transporting a live goat in her trunk. The poor beast was found when police heard it kicking and writhing in the woman’s trunk. No doubt she saw the Rob & Big where the mini-horse ‘did work’ in their car. But honestly, that’s just a case of baaaaaaaad judgement.


A 2 a.m., post baptism party

Restoring A Hollywood Landmark Ian Shepp Unlocks The New Key Club words by Alex Mendoza

Every fable has its origin and The Key Club is no stranger to legend. The venue was home to a bevy of powerhouse musical acts/artists that attracted a variety of denizens – local and foreign - to the Sunset Strip. At the latter end of 2009 The Key Club closed its doors, feeling the effects of a declining economy. It was an unexpected blow to the Sunset Strip given its status in the social conscience, as well as its place in music history. Enter Ian Shepp – a man who regards Hollywood as more than tourism, but home. It comes as no surprise that he is resurrecting the legendary club with grand ambitions to rekindle the flame that made The Key Club amongst the top venues in the nation. Q: Most people tend to stick with something a little more “stable” in respects to career choices. Keeping this in mind, what sparked the interest for you to pursue this path? I have always loved seeing people have a good time. In today’s current economic crisis, I would say entertainment is one of the more stable career choices. Everyone needs an outlet, to get away from their daily routine. Q: What are some of your views of the club scene currently? What do you feel works and what are some aspects of it that you find disconcerting? Nowadays, everything must be recreated regularly. In the past, a club could last for a decade. Now it’s turned into a game of keeping up with the joneses. What I feel works is the avenue that I have decided to take, LIVE MUSIC!



Q:What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen from when you first started to where you are now in respects to the way the industry has changed to cater to customers? I think the “Velvet Rope” approach is the death of countless venues. I am aware that the customers are the reason we are open. This is why at the Key Club we allow all people who want to have a good time and blow off some steam to attend. Within that format, we have still been able to create programs that also allow high profile clientele to be accommodated. Q: It would seem most of the week you have a weekly resident act stopping by; from acts like Steel Panther and the Spazmatics, or even DJ Quik stopping by once a month. How do you keep up? I have a great staff and tremendous support from my wife - everyone around me is committed to making the club a success.  We’re driven by our determination to deliver the type of acts our audiences want to see and hear, and ultimately we’re just focused on keeping The Key Club alive and thriving and continuing the legacy of the Sunset Strip.   Q: What are you hoping people take away from this new version of The Key Club? We want to continue to be a part of history.  The live music scene has changed, but when done right, it’s still one of the best quality experiences you can get for a night out.


Read the full interview online at

…In New Jersey ended in the dispatching of two men to the Lord above. This charming, circle-of-life, tale is no work of fiction. Two men, who were celebrating the baptism of a friend’s child, were stabbed to death after arguing with another group of people at a Mexican restaurant. Wow, New Jersey. What’s in the holy water?

Dude, that’s not your car! While it’s too late to stop the Pennsylvania man who broke the window of the wrong Jeep Cherokee, it’s not too late to laugh about why he did it. When Chase Fitzgerald couldn’t get into his car because his key ‘wasn’t working’ he took a rock to the vehicle window to get inside. The astute 24 year old now owes $2500 in damages to the real owner of the damaged Jeep. But, at least he won’t have to re-key his own Cherokee.

Stand Your Ground Unless you are in the direct path of a 26 ton truck driven by your drunken husband and you’ve just exchanged some fightin’ words. A 58 year old woman from Newcastle was run over and killed by her husband who was trying to ram down the gate of their property to leave. When he called for emergency assistance he was quoted as saying, “I thought she would f***ing move out of the way, but she didn’t”. Well, you know what they say about assumptions.






Gross No one wants to see a 47 year old woman breast feeding an 18 month old child. And the German police officer who did see this really awful event was also compelled by the law to fine her. Not that public breast feeding is illegal here or there (and why not?!) but it certainly poses a safety hazard when done while commanding a vehicle. Yeah, apparently the little milk breath couldn’t WAIT to get home and demanded the boob.

First it was “DJ Pauly D”…


Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino of the infamous Jersey Shore on MTV is now releasing his own rap, adequately titled “The Situation Rap”. In addition, he’s starting his own fragrance line and endorsing Vitamin Water. So, now you can smell like a tool while drinking liquid advertised by a tool while listening to music by a tool. Maybe even while doing crunches in a tanning bed so you can pretty much be a tool altogether.

Whoa, Man! Women Cheat Too! Men Are Jerks, Women Are Just Passionate Apparently I don’t know that there will ever be another published piece in history that uses a quote from Tracy Morgan to kick things off, but during an interview on the Howard Stern Radio Show, Mr. Morgan said something I found painfully insightful. “Women love money, men love freedom…I never seen a man fuck someone for a fur coat.” In the wake of private exploits turning into media spectacles for guys like Tiger Woods and Jesse James, the fallout would suggest Morgan is right, but women, like men, sometimes cheat just because their crotches tell them to. Yet there seems to be some inequality. Men continue to be vilified and the women involved become media darlings. I’m NOT justifying adultery, not defending philandering, but consider this. An affair typically consists of TWO willing participants. For some of these celebrities, hiding the fact they are married is not an option. It could be easily asserted that women like the attention whores Tiger slipped up with, and the piece of work known as “Bombshell” Magee were actively seeking to cash in. But what about the women who have committed adultery and not face even half the scrutiny we have seen as of late for the male contemporaries. Need some reminders? Madonna – now, this is all still alleged, but while still married to Guy Ritchie, the Queen of Pop was going back to her “Bedtime Stories” days and spending late nights with New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez. Elizabeth Taylor – revered as one of Hollywood’s most treasured personalities, Taylor was busted not once, but TWICE.



While married to Michael Wilding in 1956, Taylor started creeping with film producer Michael Todd. In ’63, Taylor was married to Eddie Fisher but humping Richard Burton. Jennifer Lopez – not only did “Jenny from the Block” step out on her then husband Cris Judd, she decided to taint the world of pop culture with the saga of “Bennifer.” She continues to plague society with shitty music and movies. Angelina Jolie –easily one of Hollywood’s most overrated, overpaid actresses, Jolie admitted to snaking Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston. No one questions her when its time to adopt yet another kid. Tori Spelling – is married to Dean McDermott now, but allegedly began seeing him while married to another dude named Charlie Shanian. What resulted??? A successful reality TV show career. Brittney Spears – now even though we got the epic Justin Timberlake track “Cry Me A River” out of it, Spears allegedly stepped out on JT with a choreographer named Wade Robson. Brittney’s overnight husband Jason Alexander also admitted to sampling some Brittney while she was still with Timberlake. Each of these women continue to maintain healthy, lucrative careers. Would it be the same if they were men? Let’s hear what you have to say – Sound off!


You’re Gonna Love My Nuts ShamWow informercial guru Vince Shlomi has made another infomercial… for Eminem’s latest album, Recovery. The rapper enlisted the advertising help of Shlomi, who made a spinoff of his Slap Chop and ShamWow commercials, suggesting uses for the album such as coasters, or as a tomato-smashing device. Thrown in was the bonus ShamPon, free with purchase. Any guesses to what that does?

Debbie Swords Los Angeles: 8 A porn actor, Stephen Clancy Hill (“Steve Driver”), was suspected of killing a fellow porn star and had a warrant for his arrest for that and for attacking other actors on one of the film sets. He fled from the police and was cornered to a cliff, where SWAT officers attempted to coerce him from the edge. Armed with a SWORD from the porn set, he let himself fall from the hill to his death instead of getting arrested. Seriously though, what was this sword doing in a porn?










Be The Playa’ On THe Playground Or At Least Look Like You Have Good Taste. 1 Apple 4G iPhone

Let’s be honest, if you don’t have an iPhone, you are considered the dated one in the bunch. More than keeping up with the Joneses, the 4G incarnation in the series boasts some impressive improvements. With two cameras mounted on this thing, one in front and one in back, video conference calling is now possible from a mobile phone. Plus Improved battery life, HD picture quality, and network upgrades. $199-299




ADIDAS 2010 World Cup L.E. Apparel


Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpack


Aerial7 Hello Kitty Headphones


Lamb Of God “Hourglass” Super Deluxe Set

The global event that is the World Cup provides the perfect opportunity for the diverse melting pot that is the United States to show off some ethnic pride and rep their team with some style. Adidas has you covered with a timeless collection of track and soccer jackets, team jerseys, hoodies, tees, and designs that ensure you don’t have to play soccer to look good sporting it. VARIOUS

At the risk of looking like irredeemable dork and dashing any and every possible chance of seeing the opposite sex naked within close proximity, you have to admit, this bad boy is pretty rad. No real special features to it, it’s a backpack like most others, plenty of pockets and straps, but Ghostbuster legit. And at only 40 bones, it does make for one great 40-dollar laugh every time you pack. $40

There are a couple of crucial things to remember, looking like the tough guy is just out. Second, a good pair of headphones has become just as important as a cell phone or iPod. Aerial7 teamed up with Hello Kitty to cover both bases with their Urban Outfitters’ specialty likely to fly off store shelves. Compatible with all mobile devices..

Superfans be advised, this might be the most comprehensive box set ever devised by them marketing gurus tucked away in record label offices. Celebrating their 15th anniversary, metal success story Lamb of God has come up with just 300 hundred of the coffin cased sets individually numbered sets that include a Mark Morton Signature Series Jackson Dominion D2 Guitar!







French Riviera The City Of Gold

Welcome to the playground intended for the world’s population of millionaires and those auspicious enough to spoil themselves in an exquisite vacation. Saint-Tropez (Sant Tropetz, “St. Trop”) is a settlement in southeastern France that definitely presents itself as more than just a cozy little seaside town. Positioned on the divine cobalt waters of the medieval Bay of Saint-Tropez, this is someplace that hypnotizes you without first asking your permission. Strolling tourists and


unhurried posh cars parade alongside patio cafés and freely roaming yachts floating throughout the harbor that silhouette themselves during some of the most stunning mid-evening sunsets. It continues to be a remedy for the American and European elite, as well as those seeking out a slight morsel of Provincial authenticity and elegant lavender fields. Brigitte Bardot once adorned its avenues and boulevards, which are now lined with trademark stores and socialites. Since the 1920’s Saint-Tropez has words by Elysia McMahan


been quite the phenomenon. Apart from the topdrawer nightlife and superior shopping, there are also forty hush-hush beaches distributed along this persuading locality that impart and support seductive moods. And hands down…it is one of the most well appointed cities in the South of France. A true retreat from the ordinary.

Everything is Famous From as far back as the 1860’s, writers and artists

have fallen under the magical charm of this little port town setting and Saint-Tropez turned into “St. Trop”. In the past, one could collide with the likes of Francoise Sagan, Jacques Prévert, and Picasso. Small rounded paving stone streets escort visitors and residents alike through alleys sheltering some the most elegant galleries, restaurants, hotels and shops. The town’s name actually stems from that of an early, renowned martyr, Saint Torpes. Legend has it that Torpes was beheaded at Pisa during Nero’s supremacy and that his cadaver was set in a decayed boat with a dog and a rooster (both symbols of malevolence during that time). His remains settled somewhere near the current location of the town. The diverse atmosphere and untailored ambiance unifies classily with the impressive backdrops situated everywhere you turn. With the influx of Brigitte Bardot in the movie “And God Created Woman” during the 1960’s, this fable-like location became stable in its establishment. Beside the international jetsetters and well-dressed Parisians that garnish this vacation hot spot, movie stars and local stars assemble at Place des Lices and drink Pastis beneath the flat trees in between games of Boules (similar to bocce ball).

Besides the Water Sports Near the beginning of the morning, during first light, you can find unsullied fruits, flowers, vegetables and fresh fish up for sale at the Place aux Herbes and Place des Lices. Usual Provengal markets take place each Tuesday and Saturday morning down the street from the well-known brasseries of Le Gorille and Sénéquier. Festive religious/militant demonstrations called Les Bravades des Espagnols commences in May and carries on until June 15th. This is a remembrance and celebration of the victory of the Tropezian mercenaries over the Spanish. There are also opportunities to hike and cycle, but the most celebrated past time seems to purely be people watching. People are inclined to want to see or be seen throughout this tourist Mecca. One of the things to love about the French Riviera is that beauty doesn’t only belong to the young. In Saint Tropez, women of all ages – into their 60s, 70s and

80s still wear the latest fashions and look damn good doing it! Guests wish to park themselves at the open-air cafés, eager to be seen or, in fact, to see someone who is more than just TMZ worthy. One of the most famous sidewalk cafes in Saint Tropez is The Senequier. It appears that competition among the rich is prevalent, especially among those with massive yachts. They line their vessels up in the harbor challenging to perceive which is the most beautiful, best kept or has the sexiest crew on board. Do you have what it takes? It is quite a sight to observe. Only beautiful people hop on board.Well, depending on what your idea of what “beautiful” may be. Travelers can also visit the nautical museum of the Citadel, with its town walls and gates. It sits on a hill overlooking the city, and is one of the best places to take photos and get a bird’s eye view of the entire landscape. Ramatuelle is the picturesque hill village and grave to actor Gérard Philipe. If you’re interested in seeing some works of art from creators of which have worked and lived in St Tropez then you’ll have to make your way out to Musée de l’Annonciade. A few of the remarkable artists whose compositions grace this museum are: Signac, Derain, van Dongen, Rouault, Braque, Bonnard, Matisse and Maillol. The House of Butterflies, created by Dany Lartigue, son of the famous photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue, is an amazing museum housing over 20,000 butterflies. This collection includes several now-extinct or protected species, and others that are rarities or abnormalities. Also, there’s a tremendously important collection of exotic species from the Solomon Islands and Amazonia on display that have been called “The most beautiful butterflies in the world.” St. Tropez’s genuine temperament can truly be cherished in the off months when there are fewer crowds and you can seize the moment to regard the inviting alleys and avenues. You’ll love the narrow, winding streets.

If You Have Ever Wanted To Go Topless… Hedonistic behavior is the way to go upon the various shorelines. The most outrageous and hottest Riviera beaches of Saint-Tropez are situated along Pampelonne. La Voile Rouge, is undoubtedly the victor when it comes to the exhibition of beach go-

ers. Parents are strongly cautioned to leave their children on the playground equipment at Plage des Jumeaux when treating themselves to such a delight. The infamously decadent Plage de Tahiti resides in the north end of the 3 ½ mile Pampelonne. These slivers of golden sand, like particles in an hourglass, are favored by exhibitionists, whom brazenly wear nothing or next to nothing. So, if you have ever had the desire to go topless, well, this is the place to do it! Bouillabaisse Beach, Caneliers Beach and Salins Beach also outline the peninsula. You’ll need a bike, car or scooter in order to succeed in reaching the beach from town and once you arrive, you can expect parking to go for about $4.95 a day.The myriad of restaurants, concessions, and cafés adjacent to these salient sun-soaked vicinities are adequate enough to hold anyone over.Yes, even if you feel you haven’t gotten your fill of ass and boobies by the time the sun cascades below the horizon.

Subsequent to Midnight An American from Miami maintains one of the foremost venues (Nikki Beach) you’re likely to find in the south of France if you’re looking for




that uninhibited, chaotic, and unruly experience. Also flourishing are Plage de Pampelonne and Le Club. Along with cash-only clubs and spring break style amusement, late night dancing and pre-dawn carousing requests can be fulfilled at Les Caves du Roy, located in Hôtel Byblos. Soon after making it inside, the yawning furnishings may surprise you, particularly since admission is free. But if you sincerely want to come in contact with the finest dance club in town, La Bodega de Papagayo starts getting diligent after midnight, with its ambience of elevated energy. Ensembles perform nightly within these two rooms; one being a bustling bar and the other a lively dance floor. Look forward to a hot, sweaty night, because amid the gang of guests and the music – Papagayo’s can get a little rowdy. Octave Café offers an altogether different vibe. And although you are just as likely to see some sort of celebrity within its castle-like walls, the mood, with its jazz oriented background music, is far more laid back than most clubs.



Capture the Essence Despite its glitzy reputation, St Tropez still retains something of an old world character. Known for its role in the liberation of southern France during World War II, this international tourist hub’s storybook allure has played a considerable part in the notoriety of the entire Côte d’ Azur. Extraordinary views of the Mediterranean Sea, neighboring mountain ranges and the Citadel can all be taken in from just about anywhere. Being relatively near to the remainder of France and northern Italy, SaintTropez makes for a pleasant day trip, that is, if it doesn’t lure you in and keep you there. One must sample some of the dishes that are particularly famous in the region, such as bouillabaisse with a glass of burgundy or bourdeaux from one of the many well-known French vineyards. The village also boasts various types of accommodation such as luxury hotels, magnificent villas and character hotels. It is recommended that you rent a villa rather than booking a hotel because even if at first glance villas appear expensive, they are usually capable of

housing quite a few people. The summer months turn this city into quite the zoo. But if you plan on coming during this time, it’s worth fighting the wallto-wall people and the traffic. Eternal perspectives of gorgeousness and the standard of living of this resort town will absolutely win in its conquest for your attention and for votre cœur (your heart). Considering this seaside village is famous more for its multitude of shops and restaurants than its historical significance, there are plenty of possibilities for buying gifts that shout such phrases as “I love Saint-Tropez!” There’s no doubt about it. Anyone who feels destined to unearth a place of unrivaled beauty and take part in self-indulgence should find themselves here at some point. Hollywood comes to Saint-Tropez, but all you have to do is believe that you deserve the best this life has to offer in order to find yourself here. You get more of whatever you focus on.


Vis! Ris! Aime!



Full Contact

When Natural Talent, Meets all out Hustle Plan B Phenom Ryan Sheckler Loves Going To Work

words by: Patrick Douglas photos by: Jeff Farsai



Ryan Sheckler has become a refreshing reminder that it is possible to mix humility and fame in professional sports and not come up with a concoction reeking of selfishness and a lust for personal glory. Ask him about the rejuvenation of professional skateboarding and his part of the turnaround and he’ll tell you he’s just another guy having fun on a board. Despite excelling at the sport since his age was still measured in single-digits, having dominated worldwide competition before turning twenty and starring on a reality show about his adventures, Sheckler doesn’t think he deserves too much credit for what he’s done for the image of skateboarding. “I don’t consider myself a key part of the rejuvenation (of skating),” says Sheckler. “I think maybe we brought kids into it or maybe kids realized that they could skate and they could do something outside of their normal basketball, baseball, football world. When you look at skateboarding as a whole, it’s always thrived. Skateboarders have always stuck together. I think if anything, me and P-Rod and Rob (Dyrdek) are just a few names who have done a lot for skateboarding. We kind of just look at it as we’re just working to keep skateboarding cool and keep it awesome. I don’t wanna be credited for having tried to make skateboarding better. I’m just living my life, doing what God wants me to do – skating my skateboard.” Besides, skateboarding has always been about individualism and not so much about wearing someone’s jersey or cheering for a specific team. According to Sheckler, it’s that fact that makes it easy to see why one person cannot be credited with sparking the popularity of the sport as a whole. For the most part, kids who prefer skating to tossing around a football are inspired by the actual skateboard more than the people who have mastered it. “The kids have a mind of their own and if they pick up a skateboard, no matter who’s doing it, they’re gonna do whatever they wanna do,” he said. “The youth is amazing. I love doing everything I can to help kids and kind of mentor our kids into anything they wanna do whether it’s school or skateboarding or riding bikes, it doesn’t really matter. Anything a kid wants to do, they should be able to do it. That’s what our future is.” Speaking of kids, it wasn’t too long ago that Sheckler could be described as still being one. This is a kid who was doing ollies at age four, before even hitting kindergarten. By the time he turned seven, he was working a ramp in his backyard. He really turned heads in the industry when he was a mere 13-yearsold, winning numerous gold medals and first place

accolades on tour, including a legendary first XGames where he was the only skater that year to hit every trick. To say “prodigy” would be obvious and somewhat rudimentary. Let’s just say he was a once-in-a-generation wunderkind. He’s so fresh that he lists 25-year-old Paul Rodriguez Jr. (another one who’s been doing it since he was in diapers) as the skater he admired most when he was growing up. “As far as the sport goes ... I always looked up to Paul because he was close to my age and he was so skilled and so advanced that I wanted to be like P-Rod. I (also) looked up to Danny Way and Tony Hawk and I really looked up to Rodney Mullen and I still do. I don’t get to see him that much. He’s the one dude I still get a little nervous around when I’m around him. It’s pretty awesome.” The older generation has taken note of what’s going on in today’s sport. Tony Alva helped lay the foundation for skating as we know it and has referred to Sheckler as being “super-versatile and a good skateboarder.” Those words don’t just bounce off of the 20-year-old phenom unnoticed. He takes it to heart when he hears something like that coming from skating royalty. “I just got chills when (Alva) said that. I recently saw Tony Alva at the airport and it was just really cool because I had my back kind of turned and I was going to the baggage claim and he saw me first and was like ‘Ryan.’ I was like ‘Damn, what’s up Tony? How you doing?’ and we just talked for a little bit and it’s just so cool that the first generation of skateboarding, the ones that made it possible for us to do what we can do today and get paid and actually live a great life from skateboarding, those dudes are legends – absolute legends – and the fact that they are still so involved in the way skateboarding goes, they have a huge say in everything, it’s awesome to even be recognized by those dudes.” With the X-Games set to begin this month, Sheckler is anxious to get out there and compete. Unlike other sports where the goal is to take someone else out on the way to victory, the men on top of the sport of skateboarding are all about camaraderie and sharing the experience. “It’s pretty awesome actually to be in a contest of that nature with your Chris Cole’s and your P-Rod’s and Muska, the guys that I looked up to when I started skateboarding. I had a real early opportunity to skate with all of these guys (so) when I go out and I see these guys, I don’t look at them as ‘Oh, these guys are the gnarliest competition,’ which they are, but the way that I’ve grown up with them I’m like ‘Ah, cool, I’m at another contest with my homies and we’re about to have some serious fun.’” Even though it’s all about fun, Sheckler goes into X-Games competition prepared and aiming to

come away with the gold, something he’s done twice in previous X-Games. “I try and go into a contest like a warrior, man. Like a complete soldier. I love competing. Competing has always been one of the most fun things for me to do and when I do compete, I get into a different mode. It might seem like I’m a little quiet, a little bit to myself, but that’s just me. Focused and ready to attack.” Because these types of contests aren’t focused around individual tricks, as opposed to a series of them, there’s really no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to X-Games. For Sheckler, it’s a matter of keeping his mechanics smooth and his fundamentals sharp. “These contests have changed from a best trick format. It’s how many tricks you can land and how consistent you can be doing your hardest tricks,” he said. “Yeah, there’s tricks that I work on that I know when my adrenaline level gets to a certain point that I can just throw it down and I have no worries about that. I keep it mellow. I do all my tricks. I try to do every trick I know how to do when I go skate and just keep everything polished up to be consistent and be enjoyable to watch.” Sheckler, who tore ligaments in his foot at last year’s X-Games and needed to have screws inserted, says that the hardest stunt he’s attempted is merely avoiding broken bones with every flip of the board or slide down a rail. “It’s still a stunt and it’s still hard to not (break bones) and I’m just trying not to do that,” he said “I don’t limit myself. I plan on learning as many tricks as I can in the years I have left in skateboarding and whatever I do with those tricks, that’s what it is. I don’t have any plans to do anything crazy. I’m just kind of living and just skating and doing my thing.” Pro skaters are reaping the benefits of having a slew of sponsors and outlets for clothing lines out there, similar to what professional golfers have been enjoying for years. Being one of the premiere partners with Plan B, Sheckler is living the good life. “It’s great. Seriously, it’s such a blessing to be a professional skateboarder and to have ventures like that and to have my own foundation and the Plan B thing,” he said. “It’s crazy because I never expected all this. I never asked for all this. I was just skating because it was fun and that’s how I’m skating today just because it’s so fun and so exciting to learn a new trick and skating with your boys and homies (as they) land some tricks. It’s a feeling that you can’t match. It’s hard to explain. Having all these business ventures is great. I’m super psyched and I wanna just keep it going.” With so much already under his belt and yet not old enough to buy beer, Sheckler still has an elusive goal




set within his profession. “My plans have included getting the Thrasher Skater of the Year, which is pretty much the dopest award you can get in skateboarding,” he said. “It means you put in the most work on the streets. That’s been a goal for awhile. Whether that happens this year, next year,



three years from now, it doesn’t really matter to me just as long as in my career I can get Thrasher Skater of the Year. That’s my main goal. Other than that, just keep coming out to my great foundation events for the kids and for the hurt athletes.”

As skating grows in popularity by the day, it’s apparent that the allure of such an independent sport is striking a chord with the youth who are disenfranchised with team activities. “We’re taking over, man,” Sheckler joked. “Skateboarders are taking over.”


“I try and go into a contest like

a warrior, man. Like a complete soldier... Competing has always been one of the most fun things for me to do and when I do compete, I get into a different mode...

...Focused and Ready To Attack.”

- Ryan Sheckler




Let The Games Begin Meet Some Of The Faces Destined For X Games Glory ANTHONY NAPOLITAN - BMX As a trendsetter (with his tire grab to bar spin front flip and no-hander front flip variations), this 24-year-old made history during the 2009 X-Games when he landed the first-ever double front flip during the Big Air Competition. Surveying other riders, such as Jamie Bestwick, has assisted Napolitan in determining his own methods and approach. With the exception of spending most of his time practicing at Woodward, some of his preferred jumps are found at veteran Cory Nastazio’s house or Lavin’s backyard. More often than not he get his tricks down within the first couple of tries. He goes for it. Far from his hometown in Youngstown, Ohio, this leading light in the BMX showground has been all around the world…with no plans on bringing his traveling to an end anytime soon.

Anthony Napolitan What was your defining X Games moment thus far? My moment was definitely being the first person to do a double front flip.

Who do you see as being the biggest competition for you this year? The big vert dogs like McCann, Kagy, and Robinson are always the biggest competition.

What does bringing home the Gold in X Games mean to you? I would be so stoked if I could bring a gold medal home from X Games. It’s always been a dream of mine and I want to make it come true. you agree?

compete with/against?

There has definitely been a fair share of crazy never before done tricks preformed at X Games. I think that it’s the biggest contest of the year and all the riders know it. That’s why they all go crazy when it’s their turn to ride.

Pretty much everyone on the roll in. I think we all enjoy each other’s company on that big roll in.

What runs through your mind in those seconds before a run?

Yeah this is my redemption year from last year. I’m gonna stick the double fronty again and pop off a good trick on the quarter pipe.

Nothing really. I know that my time is coming soon, so I take a deep breath and relax as much as possible.

How do you plan to make the crowds and the judges remember you? I’m just gonna lay it down!

X Games has been called the biggest platform for Action



Who else are you stoked to

Do you have any regrets from previous years that you want to shake at this year’s games?

Being that you compete all year round, what about the X Games gets you especially hyped? Well, Mega ramp has become something that I love to ride. X Games is the only place that I can actually ride mega ramp. So I get pretty hyped to just get on the ramp again.


JOLENE VAN VUGT - SUPERCROSS Like an anchor - she’s grounded, but not held down or held back from anything. Her immeasurable accomplishments have pushed the envelope on women’s action sports and by following her dream racing dirt bikes, she has paved the way to success. Having the chance to travel the world with Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus crew has unlocked scores of opportunities for the 28-year-old Canadian Motocross National Champion. With such sponsors as DC Shoe Company, Pro Circuit, Fox, Rockstar, and Suzuki (just to name a few), she has maintained the name she constructed for herself back in 2006. Aside from being the first female to execute a back flip over a 60 ft. ramp, she is also the holder of several Guinness World Records and the co-star in various motocross videos.

Jolene van vugt What was your defining X Games moment thus far? Being invited

Yes, for sure. It’s huge for Women’s SX, It has such great exposure and really puts the sport and the women out there for the mainstream to see.

Who do you see as being the biggest competition for you this year?

What runs through your mind in those seconds before the gate drops?

Myself, last year I got in my own way, I do that a lot with racing.

I take deep breaths and try to stay calming, my heart is usually racing and I want to puke... I’m just focused on trying to get a good start and get out in the front of the pack, with it being a fairly short race there isn’t a lot of time to make mistakes and make up for them later.

What does bringing home the Gold in X Games mean to you? For me being invited to be a part of the event is a major deal, bringing home a metal would put me over the moon and be a first for a Canadian female racer.

X Games has been called the biggest platform for Action you agree?

How do you plan to make the crowds remember you? Just go out there and give it my best, that’s all I can do.

Who else are you stoked to

compete with/against? I haven’t raced against a lot of these girls in a while so I’m just pumped to get out there in the mix with them all, Ashley, Tarah, Jessica, Sherri they are all great talents.

Do you have any regrets from previous years that you want to shake at this year’s games? Last year I was unable to compete in the race, I broke my wrist training 3 weeks before the event.

Being that you compete all year round, what about the X Games gets you especially hyped? X Games is a very unique race for the women, one of it’s kind and only 10 women are invited to participate, it’s a pretty big honor.





Duane Peters What was your defining X Games moment thus far? Just stoked to Ride with all these insanely Rad Skaters

Who do you see as being the biggest competition for you this year? I’m Really Not Looking at it Like that, My competing days are far and few between, I’m probably going to be the oldest cat out there and just want to make a good showing and skate the best I can. But Christian hosoi,caballerro,and T-hawk if he is in are going to be the ones to watch as far as masters go.

What does bringing home the Gold in X Games mean to you? Its Never Entered my mind.

X Games has been called the biggest platform for Action you agree? If that’s what they say I’m sure it is.

What runs through your mind in those seconds before a run? What am I going to hit first ?

How do you plan to make the crowds and the judges remember you? Giving Them Blood.

Who else are you stoked to compete with/against? Salba,he’s Really the only other last one from my Generation.

Do you have any regrets from previous years that you want to shake at this year’s games? I would like to get some more practice in this year, I’ve been on with band in previous years, and just getting home from sitting in the van a month and strapping on your gear with not a lot of practice and not on My A Game in the past was Rough.

Being that you compete all year round, what about the X Games gets you especially hyped? The fact that it is such a huge deal it brings up all the adrenalin in all the skaters and the audience so the levels are always pushed to max.




DUANE PETERS - SKATE Considered one of the last remaining ambassadors of old school skateboarding, Peters is not only still competing, but continues to carry the punk rock flag the sport has become synonymous with. Fronting U.S. Bombs, among the various other punk projects (Gunfight) he provides lyrical fuel for, Peters has never left his bread and butter – the skateboard. An innovator in the sport, Peters is credited with inventing several moves including the “Indy Air,” the “Sweeper,” the “Fakie HangUp” aka the “Disaster,” and was the first to skate the “Loop of Death.”


Lyn-z adams What was your defining X Games moment thus far? My first Gold in 2004 when I was 14

Who do you see as being the biggest competition for you this year? All the girls were killing it last year! Karen Jonz has a ton of tricks and Gaby Ponce is going sooo high!

What does bringing home the Gold in X Games mean to you? I have never repeated Gold and that would be so awesome! but when it comes down to it for me its about how well I skate not were I place.

X Games has been called the biggest platform for Action you agree?

A competitive surfer by the age of nine and notorious skater at thirteen, Lyn-Z hasn’t just limited herself to one branch of the athletic world. With such sponsors as Nixon, Volcom, DC Shoes, and Type-S Wheels, she has used her talent to her advantage and engaged herself in every one of her passions, including snowboarding during the winter season. She is the first female to hit the nine story tall DC Mega Ramp and land successfully. Anyone who can benefit from adversity is worth becoming a legend and practicing alongside such intellects as Lasek and Hawk have certainly molded her award-winning style and launched her into dominating female skateboarding as a fierce competitor. Kick Flip Indy Grabs, Backside Nollies, and Rocket to Fakie 360’s have showcased her remarkable runs.

Yes and no... its invite so there is no knowing really without qualifying events .

What runs through your mind in those seconds before a run? “Ok I got this... I can do this!” and then probably some lines and run that im remembering to do haha.

How do you plan to make the crowds and the judges remember you? I wanna skate my best and just up the bar for woman’s vert skating .

Who else are you stoked to compete with/against? All the girls are rad! its cool to have women like Cara Beth Burnside and Mimi Knoop who I look up to, then the girls who are closer to my age like

Karen Jonz and Gaby Ponce, and who could forget the groms with such bright futures like Allysha Bergado and Lea Taylor in there... its an awesome mix.

Do you have any regrets from previous years that you want to shake at this year’s games? There are some tricks im hoping to do this year for sure!

Being that you compete all year round, what about the X Games gets you especially hyped? X games is the biggest event, its a mix of some many different sports witch is really amazing to be a part of, its pretty special to be able to hang with the different athletes and cheer each other on in our different sports.




FULL CONTACT BRIAN DEEGAN - MOTOCROSS/RALLY CAR Since winning the 125cc main back in 1997 and founding Metal Mulisha, motocross icon Brian Deegan has won 10 X-Games medals and founded the Rockstar/Metal Mulisha/Lucas Oil team. In spite of frequent broken bones and near death experiences, his aspirations to be a leader in Off Road Racing, just as in Freestyle Motocross, keep him focused on implementing incredible prospects within the sport. Don’t even begin to assume that this is just a leisurely pursuit for him or a mere infatuation with peril; this is life. Through merging Metal Mulisha’s persona and his skills, this business savvy outlaw has shaped a flourishing profitable empire and generated plenty of extra change. Deegan will be competing in rally, speed and style events during the 2010 X-Games.

BRIAN DEEGAN What was your defining X Games moment thus far? My X Game defining moment would have to be doing the very first 360 degree on a dirt bike and landing it to win the gold. Who do you see as being the biggest competition for you this year? I’m really looking forward to competing against everyone, but my biggest competition will be always be Travis Pastrana and Ken Block in rally car. What does bringing home the Gold in X Games mean to you? It means the sense of accomplishment, accomplishing a goal that’s always there for me. X Games has been called the biggest platform for Action you agree? Yes-I would say X Games is the biggest platform



for action sports-it’s been what’s helped build the team and grow the Metal Mulisha. It’s been a huge launching point for motocross and the Metal Mulisha team.

My teammate- Jeremy Twitch Stenberg, I train with him everyday and am going to compete against him in Speed and Style. I’m really just excited to challenge everyone.

What runs through your mind in those seconds before a run? I always am focusing on the tricks or the courserunning through the upcoming run in my head, trying to visualize it and block out any other distraction. I usually listen to music and get amped up before going.

Do you have any regrets from previous years that you want to shake at this year’s games? Last year-rally car, I should have won a medal. I over-jumped the jump and crashed-it’s bugged me for about a year, and I’m excited to come back and try to win that event.

How do you plan to make the crowds and the judges remember you? Pumping up the crowd is something our team has always been good at-we have a fun image and what we say, the things we do-we do our own thing and sometimes break rules.

Being that you compete all year round, what about the X Games gets you especially hyped? All the hard work that goes into that one weekendall of the preparation and having all the fans and the crowd there that watch you-I wonder why I’m the guy on the floor being watched, and it’s really exciting and crazy to think about.

Who else are you stoked to compete with/against?



by Lacy Ottenson

Mike V Brings the Glory with New Skate Tour Pro-skater, musician, and all-around badass Mike Vallely recently announced plans to launch a 24-city skatepark and entertainment tour, Glory Bound Skatepark Tour, beginning July 18 in Mesa, AZ. Finalists from each competition will be awarded with the opportunity to skate with MIKE V later in the day, grand prize winners will win coveted sponsor prize packages, and one national grand prize winner from the tour will be flown into Los Angeles along with a guest / guardian, for MIKE V’s to-be-announced Skate Rock festival which will take place in October, 2010.  

Rookie MMA Fighter Flips the Shit Jarrod Wyatt, 26year-old a rookie MMA fighter, has just become the ultimate poster boy for the anti-drug campaign. Wyatt has been charged with first-degree murder in the grisly death of his sparring partner and friend, Taylor Powell, after the two of them drank psychedelic mushroom tea. According to reports, Wyatt became convinced that Powell, 21, was the devil and promptly took to beating him to death. He then drilled an 18 inch hole into his chest, removed his heart, tongue, and part of his face, and then cooked some of the body parts up in the oven because he wasn’t entirely convinced the dude was dead yet. Let that be a lesson to you kids.  

Introducing the “Flynnstone Flip” by Flynn Novak Not a lot of people can claim being able to pull off doing a back flip while surfing. Even fewer have video proof of them pulling it of. In fact, only one person does. That person is Flynn Novak. In a video running on ESPN’s action sports section, aerial stunt master Flynn Novak explains how it took him well over 8 years to perfect the trick he now dubs the Flynnstone Flip. The video chronicles some of Novak’s attempts at perfecting this move but shows two clips toward the end of him actually being able to do so.You have to see it to believe it.




Bass & Treble

RECREATING THE DRESS CODE Chromeo Opts for Business Casual Words by: M.M. Zonoozy Photos by: Tim Saccenti

The electrofunk duo of Dave 1 and P-Thug is often portrayed as a sort of paradox. The combination of the suit wearing Jew and the tall-T Arab channeling the 1980’s and singing funky love songs is just, in some ways, funny. In fact, the synth-funk masterminds better known as Chromeo weren’t always taken seriously. But now, on the verge of the release of their third studio effort, Business Casual, it seems that Chromeo is here to stay. This summer, they’ll be touring North America in support of their new album, and have lined up disco outfit Holy Ghost! to keep them company. If you’re fortunate enough to catch the show, you’ll find that blur of retro and new-age, funk and electro, ying and yang that makes Chromeo so original, so honest, and so brilliant. I got the opportunity to catch up with one half of the Chromeozone, Dave 1, to chat about the album and the evolution of the band: MM: I heard you just put the finishing touches on the new album? Dave 1: Last night. MM: Yeah? I’m excited to hear it! What can we expect? D1: I would say that, overall, this album has got more of a nighttime kind of vibe. It’s a little bit more sophisticated musically, and I think that we really refined our brand of electrofunk. It’s strange, I find that this album is both more modern and more retro than the last one. MM: How so? D1: You know, Fancy Footwork was really a big 80’s pop song and record. Obviously, we always have our 80’s influences, but I feel like on this new one, we draw from a sort of late 70’s



yacht rock kind of thing on some songs. And other songs, it’s straight up in your face, really fierce songs – almost the way we had on our first album but with a bigger sound. The song writing is a little bit more involved, and I try to sing a little bit more, and there’s more ballads – a ballad in French.

The next single is kind of ballady, it’s a really smooth track. For me, “Don’t Turn the Lights On,” is very Shade influenced. Because “Night by Night” had those rock guitars, so I wanted to balance it out and come out with a statement of third album artistic maturity.

MM: I feel like my age group nowadays learns a lot about 80’s music from samples used by DJ’s, and Daft Punk, and Chromeo. As you said, Fancy Footwork was a lot of throwback stuff, and we dig it. I think that’s the reason for the success of some of these wonky pop acts, like a La Roux, that are just 80’s bands stuck in the 2000’s. D1: Yeah, and it’s got to have a modern side to it. MM: Yeah, of course. And more of an electro tinge to it. How much did groups like Daft Punk inspire your musical direction? D1: Hugely. To me, Discovery is one of my all time favorite albums. On this record, there are a lot of late 70’s influences too. And if you look back, Daft Punk had already channeled that on

Discovery with tracks like “Something About Us” and “Digital Love,” so it was all there. I mean, Daft Punk Discovery really laid the blueprint for everything that we’re doing. We just try to make it our own and take it to another direction. Everyone is doing so much disco right now that I didn’t want to feed into that too much, I just wanted something that focused more on song writing. MM: Sure. As I said, my age group found a lot of 80’s music through you guys and newer groups. Was that the same sort of thing for you growing up with you and P [Thug]? Were you learning about funk through hiphop samples? D1: Yup, exactly. Exactly. How old are you? MM: 23 D1: Okay, I’m almost 10 years older than you.When I was 23, the greatest culture was the hip-hop stuff. I was a hip-hop producer and I would just collect records and dig for records, and that’s exactly how I learned. MM: When I read about you it does seem like you started as this rap purist.

How did that evolve into the snythy more electronic style of Chromeo? D1: I was a very, very sort of traditional hip-hop producer, and in 1999-2000, the sound of hip-hop beats started changing. You had DMX beats – I didn’t know how to make those. In 1999-2000, the biggest hip-hop records were Ja Rule and Nelly. Now, looking back, I see what’s dope about those records, even though they were very commercial. But back then, I just thought those records were corny. MM: Understandable. D1: Yeah, it wasn’t up my alley any more and I was just getting less and less stimulated with what hip-hop was beginning to sound like. And at the same time we just spontaneously got this record deal offered to us to do something that wasn’t hip-hop. In about a two-year span, that became my main thing. Since I was a kid, I was writing songs in my head anyways. So, this just gave me an opportunity to make something tangible out of it and pay homage to the music I grew up listening to. MM: For sure. Your brother is A-Trak, who is also Kanye’s DJ, and he’s really making a name for himself as one of the greatest remixers, scratchers, producers whatever out right now. Now that he’s built quite a following for himself and the Fool’s Gold camp, do you see a lot of overlap between Chromeo fans and A-Trak fans? D1: More than ever. But I think that now there’s a lot of A-Trak fans that don’t even know us. But finally, my brother and I are going to start doing shows together. We can start doing Chromeo and A-Trak shows and have people get a kick out of that. I hope so anyways. MM: I think people would love it. I’ve seen both you guys, and I just saw A-Trak recently and I think the crowd is just getting bigger and bigger for him. I know you guys work together for production, but do you guys ever just call each other up to get opinions on a track and be like, ‘How does this sound?’ D1: All the time. I speak to my brother ten times a day. MM: Does he ever just tell you something sucks? D1: Yeah! Yeah. I mean, I don’t remember the last time…But he’ll be critical and be like, ‘Eh, this doesn’t really work.’ And I’ll do the same thing for him.



BASS & Treble

MM: What’s the song-writing process like for Chromeo? Are you writing the lyrics? D1: It really changes from song to song. The only thing that stays the same is that I’m the one doing the singing and P is more in charge of all the synths and everything in the studio. MM: Where’d you guys get the infatuation with love lyrics? You’re a hip-hop guy, I want to hear Dave 1 do Lil Wayne. I want to hear Lil Dave 1! D1: Nah, man! Nah. I’m a skinny white kid with a suit on. Unless you are living that lifestyle, you shouldn’t be rapping. To me, I write something that’s true to me. MM: You guys are funny and have that light-hearted feel to your music and your performances, and definitely the videos. D1: Yes! Yes. There’s humor in everything. There’s



humor in Lil Wayne, there’s humor in Hall & Oats, there’s humor in Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson has a song about turning into a werewolf.You don’t think that’s funny? That’s fucking hysterical. There’s no way he was serious. I mean, nobody can just be like, ‘Alright, I’m going to turn into a werewolf on this song.’ It’s funny! It’s ridiculous.

com. And although those videos are pretty poorly edited, I love the idea. I remember seeing you guys on there and digging it. Now, I heard you guys just performed at Bonnaroo with Daryl Oates live. How did that go over? D1: It was amazing; one of the greatest nights of my life.

MM: Do you think when you guys first started out, people were hesitant to take you seriously? D1: Yeah! I don’t think, I know! That was a fact. It was tough for a bit, but whatever, we just stuck it out, and I guess people came around a little bit more. I couldn’t care less right now if people think we’re joking. As long as they like the music, I really don’t care.

MM: How was it singing next to him? Did you get nervous? D1: Yeah! But, I guess, you know, you just got to stick it out and do the best you can.

MM:You just mentioned Hall & Oates, and I’m a frequent visitor of LiveFromDarylsHouse.

You can check out Chromeo’s first single, “Night by Night,” off their new album, Business Casual, at Mountain Dew Green Label Sound. The album itself will drop August 17th, and you can see Chromeo on their 23-stop North America tour throughout the summer.




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SOLO MISSION Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke Does His Own Thing words by: Alex Mendoza photo by: Sarah Piantadosi

The story normally plays out as such: lead singer of a well-known band announces work on a solo record, media devours said news, dispels it to the masses and once it reaches fans the speculation and break-up hysteria ensues. It is one of those clichés you hoped would vanish with time, and you think about Jonsi, Eddie Vedder and Thom Yorke and how their pursuit of a solo career apparently marked the death of the bands they fronted. The solo material is released and the band remains intact; speculative bloggers and fans look like a bunch of dolts. Rinse and repeat, which thankfully has not been a process Kele Okereke has dealt with; at least not in the same fevor-inspired manner as the Pearl Jam, Radiohead or Sigur Ros brigade. But that does not discount, or diminish, Kele’s effect in the music industry. The works he crafted with the breakout Indie Rock group, Bloc Party, have offered a global and highly-dedicated fanbase – propelling Kele as one of the most recognized vocalists in recent memory. Like any like minded artist, though, there is the curiosity to explore one’s creative boundaries. Kele did just that, finding time to tinker around in a rehearsal space after five years of extensive touring. Whereas most people find some form of solace or respite away from the touring scene, Kele’s soul searching was tethered to his solo expeditions with instruments he never used before – like

drum machines – or tackling genres that fell outside the Bloc Party sphere.

and Kele’s translucent vocals into an intriguing musical package.

While Bloc Party’s last album, Intimacy, flirted with electronics set alongside the frantic and urgent nature of Bloc Party’s trademark sound, Kele’s fondness of electronica courses deep through the veins of his first solo album, The Boxer.

“I’m hoping what people get from this album is the sense of warmth. The same feeling that I got when I was making these songs and this album,” Kele describes. “I didn’t just want to make a record that was entirely electronic. I wanted to make something people could see and feel as well. So my hope is they get a little sense of that when they’re listening.”

“The whole idea is we fight all our lives. Whether it’s with ourselves, or others, but we’re always getting into some type of fight that defines who we are,” Kele explains. “For me this album was like that – fighting to find something different, as well as the whole idea that every fight isn’t going to be a victory. You’re bound to lose sometime, but its how you manage to pick yourself up that defines who you are as person.” Bloc Party balanced the careful act of firing on all emotional cylinders, while providing a core sound that channeled a raw, invigorating energy. Kele’s solo work takes this a step further, incorporating live acoustic elements paired with Gary Numan-esque electronica rhythms that will definitely appeal to fans of all ages and genres. Slow builders such as New Rules present a calm, tranquil atmosphere with terse pizzicato figures with warm electronic voices that manifest from absolute silence, while Other Side merges tribal percussion elements, fuzzy-synth patches

Both elements of light and dark are present in the record, especially in the penultimate track of the album, All the Things I Could Never Say. Amidst oscillating electronic rhythms, a distant organ timbre and other 8-bit sensibilities, Kele tackles with lost love through self-reflective lyrics that resonate to a startling degree. And then you think back to Everything You Wanted, with Kele singing through the brooding, pulsating bass rhythms and sparse piano figures. Without notice the song unexpectedly bursts into an unexpected flurry of Latin percussion fused with electronica, and Kele claiming that he “could have given everything you wanted/everything you needed” – never realizing he’s doing just that. Giving people a record that represents the fight we struggle with everyday: the fight to find ourselves.




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Earning A Fresh Pair Of Kicks Dan Black’s Experimentation Deserves Real Praise words by: Kristie Bertucci

The name Dan Black might not be too familiar to you now, but by the end of this year, you’ll be hearing lots about the latest Brit import to hit American music industry shores. Impacting the American music scene in spring 2008 with his insanely crazy/cool “HYPNTZ,” a cut sampling Rihanna’s drums from that ditty “Umbrella” and a tribute of sorts to Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize,” which has now become the single “Symphonies” from his debut album ((Un)). (It was actually released in 2009 in the UK, but recently came out in the U.S this year.) “I did it amongst a bunch of experiments where I took disparate songs I wanted to take inspiration from and sewed them together and sang other songs on top, mainly to see if I could make them work,” Black explains. “I just planned them for my own private education really, but some had something cool about them so I put them on my MySpace.” Like all artists, the road to success never really happens overnight, and Black’s own musical journey was no different. “I have many skeletons hidden in my closet,” he says when asked about the road to his newfound success. “Before being solo I did many, many different projects. I was basically a bit of a musical whore.” For Black, being a “musical whore” actually turned out to be beneficial, which is what led him to start experimenting with various genres of music, something that cumulated into his recent release. “Sitting on my own in a stone cellar in Paris” is how he describes what went into making his debut album. “For months at a time,” he continues. “I decided to make it totally on my own. This led to me having the moment of madness and terror. But overall it was deeply fun.” And fun is a great way to describe the type of musical on the album even though he wants to leave the labeling to us.

“My explanation for my music is long and inelegant. I’m too close to it to come up with some short, pithy term for it. Isn’t that your job?” With an apathy toward labels, Black have empathy for what he’s learned over the years, as he perfected his craft as an artist. Besides learning and a becoming aware of his limitations, he’s also learned how to turn any of his weaknesses into strengths. “Its like anything really; repeated, concentrated exercise of something slowly builds technique and understanding. But a lot of what is learned is hard to articulate.” So far, 2010 has been very busy for Black as he tours the country, gaining more and more fans. He’ll be at this year’s Lollapalooza and has recently announced that he’ll join Swedish pop sensation Robyn and R&B star Kelis on the “All Hearts Tour,” that’s actually touted by Spin as “one of the 25 Must-See Summer Tours this year.” “Touring as been dope,” he describes. “One of the great things about my job is the massive variety of experiences it brings me. And touring is one of the most intense, in pretty much equally good and bad ways. I’m loving exploring the States.” Besides exploring America, he’s also working on numerous other projects. “Having made my album totally alone, I’m now embracing collaboration with a force. In fact as I speak I am in LA doing a bunch of sessions with and for other artists. It’s cool to shake up my ways of working, particularly so dramatically.”


by Melissa Fouler &n Richard Cold

M.I.A.’s Got Beef After publishing an in-depth look at M.I.A. and the development of her new album, / \ / \ / \ Y / \, New York Times staff writer Lynn Hirschberg found herself at the mercy of M.I.A.’s less than jubilant take on her story. With quotes from collaborators like Diplo and “Born Free” director Romain Gavras that were less than complimentary, the story wasn’t all roses. M.I.A. responded by tweeting Hirschberg’s personal cell phone number. Hirschberg called M.I.A.’s actions, “infuriating and not surprising.”

A Punk Band, Really? Billy Joel Armstrong and Green Day have officially gone from bay area punks to punk rock’s most respectable commercial opportunists. Green Day is joins the Beatles as the only other band to receive their very own version of the hugely successful Rock Band video game. Released this last month, the game has been flying off store shelves.

Looking to release his follow-up album within the next year or so, Black is fairly a simple artist, claiming his desired achievements in music include, “pleasure, freedom, purpose, nice shoes…”


Watch out for those rowdy Hanson fans. A near riot ensued when the has-been boy band held a free concert for whatever reason they would have to hold a concert. The hard-core fans showed up in mindless droves, more than 10,000 more than organizers expected. The concert was canceled after the crowd got out of control, not kidding. In all fairness, the crowd was more than likely there to see Drake.





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FOR THE CONTINUED... RECORD Eminem Resorting to Infomercials Remember that Vince dude from the Slap Chop commercials? The one that says you’ll love his nuts? Well apparently Eminem has recruited the famous pitchman for an infomercial promoting the upcoming Recovery LP. The commercial says the CD will have “dozens of uses” including grading cheese. It slices; it dices and will be on clearance shelves in no time.

Authority Zero __________________________________________________________________________________________ words by Ramon Gonzales

It was a bold move on the part of Authority Zero to begin their latest effort, “Stories of Survival,” with a Winston Churchill speech. Their eclectic blend of ska, punk and guitar-driven rock fits like a well worn glove and that’s all you need to know to get to understand the band. “We’ve got a little something different that we bring to the table,” says frontman Jason DeVore. Listen to the fantastically catchy new tunes, “Big Bad World,” or “Crashland,” and you’ll see he’s right. “We play the music (outside) of the standard format really.” This isn’t the first rodeo for Authority Zero, having released four albums since 2002. The latest effort, “Stories of Survival” is the band at it’s finest. Welcoming original bassist Jeremy Wood back into the mix and bringing on new guitarist Zach Vogel, the group feels more cohesive now and the music serves a purpose in its inspirational messages. “It just kind of came down to what’s going on in the world within ourselves as a group in our personal lives,” said DeVore. “Just the idea behind it, saying ‘We’ve got good times ahead and we’re gonna do what we can to push ahead and keep on fighting through the struggle to make things come out better in the end.’”

Ozzy –Are You Fucking Serious?! In seriously funny news, scientists are planning to examine Ozzy Ozbourne’s DNA to see how the hell he’s still alive. After years of hardcore partying, drinking and god knows what else, Scientists are looking at how Ozzy’s body has reacted to the alcohol and drugs. Ozzy Ozbourne a medical miracle? I’ll pay to see that.

The 2010 SRH Festival Is Announced

hypernova __________________________________________________________________________________________ words by Elysia McMahan

Aside from gaining attention due to being refugees of their Orwellian state, they have established their presence as a solid indie-rock ensemble. The members of this band, from Tehran, Iran, are on the front lines of the Iranian “rock” movement and continue to arm themselves with well-written songs influenced by the penchant of Queens of the Stone Age and The Psychedelic Furs. Through the Chaos, their debut album, is comprised of reckoning lyrics and incisive guitar riffs that bear a resemblance to Interpol.The songs on this record give way to living in the present moment and they also encourage other musicians who are caught up in fix to break away from the regimes that control their passions and dreams.Their narrative is not only rousing to other artistes in Iran or additional countries and cultures that forbid such exhibitions, but also for everyone that believes in turning every wall into a door of opportunity. Hypernova’s members are alive, grateful and living their dream without having to rock underground or under the dim light of a theocratic government. By taking on a new sense of what it is to be an artist, they persist on doing what they love and by no means ever take anything for granted.



With performances from the likes of Unwritten Law, Authority Zero, along with radio sensations The Dirty Heads, and veterans Kottonmouth Kingz, Supporting Radical Habits has announced an epic festival slated for August 7th in San Bernadino, CA. Celebrating the merger of music and lifestyle that is SRH, you might want to score a ticket soon, or you just have to read about what you missed.





KEEPIN’ IT REEL words by Katie Evans

Bollywood Meets Hitler Indian actor Anupam Kher was forced to pull out of his lead role as Hitler in the upcoming film “Dear Friend Hitler.” Since when were their Bollywood versions of films about German Nazi leaders? India’s small Jewish community of about 5,000 was pissed, needless to say, and protested the actor’s role as Hitler. Though the film director claims there is no Hitler glorification, he is now short a starring actor

Megan Fox Knows How To Express Love



Release Date: July 16th Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures A sci-fi thriller about men who commit corporate espionage using advanced technology that allows them to steal valuable secrets from a person’s subconscious through their dreams. Leonardo DiCaprio is Dom Cobb, a man who is the best in his field, but his crimes have made him a fugitive from the law. He is offered a job to clear his name, but with a twist: instead of stealing data from a person’s mind, he must plant information instead. Christopher Nolan develops science fiction that is well crafted. If you want mindless action you may want to look elsewhere.

The Last Airbender

Dinner For Schmucks

Release Date: July 10th Studio: Paramount Pictures

Release Date: July 23rd Studio: Paramount/Dreamworks

Well, you can only direct so many stinkers before you are forced to direct a mindless, big-budget action flick for little kids, this time without a surprise ending, thank you very much. Shyamalan’s latest offering boasts martial artists who use magic and a lot of CGI to command the elements of nature to fight each other. Give it a break, it’s based on a children’s action animation series of the same name, and it’s produced by Nickelodeon.

The Dinner Game was a French black comedy about a group of successful businessmen who hold a weekly dinner. The point? Each guest must bring an idiot, in this case it’s Paul Rudd bringing Steve Carell to the party. The person who brought the biggest idiot wins, but Steve Carell is an IRS employee who could potentially make life a financial hell for the person that irks him.

Charlie Sheen, Once A Mess, Always A Mess For the second time this year, Charlie Sheen’s car has been found at the bottom of a cliff. The first time it was in a ravine, and the latest time was near a cliff on Mulholland Drive. Supposedly, the car was taken from his driveway and police suspect a “serial car cliffer” who has been doing the same thing to other cars in the neighborhood. Rough, for the same dude who “can’t” go to jail because he “can’t” stop smoking.

Bam Margera’s Ass Kicked By Some Jackass Old Lady


Get Low

Release Date: July 30th Studio: Hannover House

Release Date: July 2010 Studio: Sony Picture Classics

In the vein of Less Than Zero and anything written by Bret Easton Ellis, this grim movie tells the story of rich, spiritually destitute Upper Eastside teenagers living in Manhattan who party, drink, sell and do drugs. The cast looks solid without being predictable. If you aren’t interested, than just take a good dose of Trainspotting, as a sorbet to clear the palate.

Possible sexiest woman in entertainment today, Megan Fox, is off the dating market for a second time to her boyfriend Austin Green. That is, if the ring isn’t anything to officially go by. After Green proposed to her at their Hawaii hotel, Fox jumped up and down, ecstatic, and later on, a handful of staff were seen sifting around in the sand for the engagement ring.

Felix Bush (Duvall) is a hermit living deep in the woods near a small town. One day he shows up with cash and demands a living funeral, where everyone in the town can come to meet him face to face in a morbid roast of sorts. This movie features a compelling plot and a solid mystery at it’s core, but will likely fly over the average audience’s head.

Jackass star Bam Margera had his ass handed to him by a 59-year-old woman wielding a bat. She was arrested, and he went to the hospital to have his head stapled back together. His concussion and internal bleeding caused some parts of the new Jackass 3-D movie to be rewritten, even though it seems like he’s had it worse just being on the show.



words by Jasen T. Davis




To Serve and



The Departed A modern classic, this Scorsese film makes you think every cop just might be at least a little crooked.

Colors Penn and Duvall play the best good cop, bad cop combination to hit the silver screen.


Brooklyn’s Finest Available On: July 6th Studio: Overture Films

So Antoine Fuqua, director of Training Day, likes cop drama – a LOT. He gives us another view of the blue in this film, or is it? Brooklyn’s Finest comes off as a hurricane of the hypothetical as we see three cops (good, bad and handsome) trying to make the script work. The Acting is good but it is still 133 minutes of ‘seen it.’

Training Day



Release Date: July 13th Studio: Garden Thieves Pictures

Release Date: July 13th Studio: Focus Features

When Erin Davies, of Sage College, found her VW bug vandalized with hateful, homophobic phrases she decided to take the rubber to the road. Her 58 days long, cross-country trek led to further damages to her beloved vehicle. It also led to a VW sponsorship, awareness for the struggles of American gays and a lot of support from straight Americans who are starting to broaden their ideas about equality. Beep, beep Miss Davies!

Mumblecore has a new poster child… Greenberg! There’s no mistaking that the new genre of self-loathing, antihero, character sketch, non-dramas are taking over and we have a new artifact for the museum with this film. Although you may not find it uplifting, you will enjoy a few uncomfortable laughs, ala Napolean Dynamite, as we watch a 40-year-old Ben Stiller do practically nothing but mope. It’s only a lukewarm Dixie cup of water in the face, but I like it.

21 Below Release Date: July 2010 Studio: IndiePix Films The only problem with documentaries is their inescapable reality. Do you really want to know what you’re eating, how we’re destroying the world, that there really are people starving to death in our streets? All these topics are important to learn about and certainly interesting for activists. But, please don’t make me watch a documentary about a messed up, middle class family. There is still no educational value in that.


A Single man


In The Heat Of The Night This classic tail of racism and redemption has endured the test of time to remain one of cinema’s best.

Release Date: July 6th Studio: Sony Pictures Gucci designer Tom Ford has been criticized for his lack of directorship in A Single Man, perhaps, unfairly. His amazing cast, headed up by Colin Firth and Julianne Moore, deliver well-tailored portraits and the script, while understated, is rich and well executed. While Mr. Ford can no more tell his clientele how to act in his clothes, his aesthetic definitely evokes emotion – in textiles as well as film.

words by Alexis Amparan

There is a reason Denzel Washington won an Oscar for playing a dirty cop. One of the best performances, period.

Lethal Weapon Before the whole anti-Semitism thing, Mel Gibson was loved. The Lethal Weapon films were a big reason why.




locals only

Destined For The Main Stage


Formed as a collection of verteran musicians who have played with bands including April Sixth, Elseworth, Homegrown, and Save Ferris, Cozette might be unsigned hype, but not for long. Dropping Dowry’s And Stolen Letters With Producer Eric Talaba (Fall Out Boy, Anberlin,Yellowcard, The Spill Canvas), expect big things.

Let ‘em Riot


ICE Cube

I Am The West

Label: Lench Mob Available On: July 13th Making an emphatic statement in the title, Ice Cube has never been one to keep quiet. Working with producers like Dr. Dre, DJ Quik, and E-A-Ski, there is no denying that Cube’s trademark lyrical prowess shines apparent in EVERY track. Determined to restore west coast hip-hop to its once mighty reign, Cube has made a record that will command attention.

Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot

Def Jam/Purple Ribbon

How To Destroy Angels Self-Titled

M.I.A. /\/\/\Y/\

N.E.E.T./XL Recordings

The Null Corporation “General Patton” features Big Boi rapping over a George Solti Opera piece, this is the kind of creativity long missing from hip hop. Although a legal dispute has forced the absence of Andre 3000 from this album, spots from George Clinton, T.I., B.o.B., and Janelle Monae make this a must have.

Drops: July 6th


Describing her latest effort as “schizophrenic,” M.I.A. has already ruffled feathers with the single “Born Free” and the fairly graphic music video that dropped for it. Insightful lyrical presence, spastic musical arrangements, and pop art redefined is about the best way to capture what Maya is all about.

Drops: July 13th

words by Felix Ulery


The Bohunks

Dark Night Of The Soul


Having already been made available for FREE download in June, Trent Reznor, wife Mariqueen Maandig, and Atticus Ross have crafted a 6-song EP that has already set off a firestorm of critical praise. Making music vivid, HTDA is a meticulous ode to the noir missing from music. This is essential.

Drops: July 6th

Dangermouse & sparklehorse

The immediate conclusion would be to lump LER in with the likes of The Postal Service or the blatant ripoff that is Owl City, but listen closely and find that the one man project from Alan Oakes is a collection of poignant songwriting and careful attention to melody that is rarely done with a full band, let alone one guy.

Let’s run down the list of featured artists on this…Iggy Pop, Frank Black, Julian Casablancas, Suzanne Vega, and The Flaming Lips to name a few. Coupled with a book of photos from David Lynch, this ambitious collaboration is likely to become a staple for collectors – and the music ain’t bad either.

Drops: July 12th

Don’t get it twisted, soul, funk, reggae, The Bohunks take a little from each column to put together music that remains universal in its appeal. And no, this is not the radio version of reggae, no Sublime tribute here. Classic Kingston inspired sound and 60’s heartfelt groove make the Bohunks destined for the minastage.




BITS & BYTES Project Natal The Wii proved the idea of asking gamers to physically partake in games. Microsoft hopes to do the same with its motion-sensor camera, dubbed Project Natal, when it is unveiled at the next E3. A recent study conducted by a consumer research firm OTX screened 1,500 gamers (14 – 34) that play video games more than 1 hour, and of that 56% indicate they will more than likely purchase the component if it has “low prices, demos to observe at retail stores and the ability to play first-rate titles with the component”.

Killzone 3: Bigger & Better


Crackdown 2

GENRE: Sci-Fi Shooter Systems: XBOX 360 DROPS: July 6th

Crackdown was a no-frills action game with a “do-as-you-please” system established for an entertaining experience. The sequel to this action hit takes this concept to new heights, as zombies and those who oppose The Agency are your new enemies. As if vanquishing the gangs wasn’t enough, but with even more weapons/powers at your disposal there’s nothing gamers cannot decimate. The empowering mechanics make this worth visiting and the true sense of being a titan among men.

Guerilla Studios is going all out for their next stint in the Killzone franchise with Killzone 3. One of the newest features will be the ability to wear a jetpack, which leads to the type of doublejumping elements you would find in a platformer. Also the game will be designed to be played in 3D for those who end up forking the cash to buy the snazzy 3D television and the 3D glasses to boot.

Hedgehog’s Dilemma

Shin Megami Tensei 3: portable

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

genre: RPG Systems: PSP Drops: July 6th

genre: Real-Time Strategy Systems: Pc & Mac Drops: july 27th

The original Persona 3 was released back in 2007 on the PS2, and the game was hailed by many critics and fans as the definitive RPG of that year. This revamp of the beloved RPG adds several tweaks to dated mechanics and provides an accessible and engaging experience. Granted Final Fantasy XIII quenched the thirst of RPG fans, but thankfully this title promotes exploration, a memorable story and reminds gamers there are other franchises that can give Final Fantasy a run for its money.

Fans have been quite adamant about another in-depth story following the exploits of the Terrans, Protoss and Zerg. Blizzard heeded their requests, the story so vast that it had to be split into three chapters to equally focus on all three races. Characters like Raynor and Kerrigan return, along with the same innovative gameplay and jawdropping graphics that made the first title a classic. The sequel continues this tradition of excellence and justifies good things come to those who wait.


Naughty Bear - XBOX 360

You would imagine the idea of playing as a teddy bear that terrorizes other stuffed animals would be hilarious and entertaining. Especially if it’s going to be done at some sadistically charming level, or say the developers say. But then it’s in your hands and you’re playing it only to realize what a God-awful decision you made. You can’t go back, though, because you play hoping the clunky mechanics will improve. They don’t. Ever. Another “good idea gone bad”.


words by Alex Mendoza


Gamers have been going into somewhat of a nostalgic frenzy since Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I was announced in development for X Box 360’s “X Box 360 Arcade” service, along with the Wii Ware and PlayStation Network. This comes sixteen years following Sonic The Hedgehog 3, but sadly it would appear gamers will have to wait until later 2010. SEGA released an announcement that implied this extension will give developers more time to fine tune the game, in turn giving gamers “an unrivaled classic Sonic experience.”






Photographer: Michael Vincent Stylist: Leilani Lacson Makeup: Allan Avendano, Opus

Beauty Hair:Valerie Hernandez, Opus Beauty -Taryn’s wearing: Military Vest: Ami Clubwear - Denim: Blessed & Cursed - Heels:Velvet Angels - Jewelry: Michelle Monroe - Swimsuit: Limonada

Skinnie girl

Triple Threat Taryn Manning Shines On Every Stage

With filming, djing, and recording, when do you find time to sleep? Last night I went to bed around 1 a.m. and slept until 11 a.m.! When I do get a chance to sleep I take advantage of it. Especially lately, with DJ’ing, it’s such a nightlife thing. Everybody in the town is going out every night so they don’t miss out on anything but the best thing is to get rest and relaxation…that’s what the good life’s all about.

Should we be surprised to see you behind the tables or is that old news? My brother can remember the day I went to Guitar Center and bought turntables and a mixer and I had a tiny crate of records and I brought them home [to our apartment]. That was right around the age where I moved to LA to pursue my dreams of dancing and acting and that took off for me. When our industry got so messed up I went out and bought turntables again because if I’m not creative I’m not alive.

Some of your best friends are Djs, was their support enough or were you nervous? I’m especially nervous in front of my peers. Ever

words by Alexis Amparan

since I started DJ’ing I’ve been thrown into crazy situations, like Vegas, but my whole attitude is kind of sink or swim. I’ve been thrown into movies where there’s a little nudity or a sex scene and I’ve had to show up to set the first day and these idiots make me do my sex scene, very first thing, first day on set. I’ve been thrown into so many be brave, courageous situations that it’s just a part of me now, but deep down inside I’m dying.

Your film, LOVE RANCH, is out this month and is the true story of Nevada’s legal brothels. WHAT THE HELL IS HELEN MIRREN DOING IN THIS FILM? I feel like this is exactly what she needed because when you’re an actor and you’re versatile and you’re amazing, like Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep and some of my other favorites, you can’t always play the beautiful, elegant queen or wife. You know, Helen’s smart, she played the queen and won awards and now she’s playing a madam. I think it’s genius. I love that she’s risky, I don’t like people that are scared and that keep it safe.

You are leaving soon for Oahu to film HAWAII FIVE-O, which

one blogger speculated that you weren’t going to be a part of… There’s some idiot out there that’s writing that and it isn’t true because I’m leaving for Hawaii, tickets in hand, and I’m in the second episode [not the pilot] and unless the show takes a shit I’ve got my ticket and I’m going. There’s always going to be that kind of crap. But at least they’re talking and speculating. I hope Hawaii Five-0 is successful. I don’t watch a lot of television, but I hope this goes a long way with some style, some class, some edge, and some dignity.

What do you hope for you future in film? Look I’m a rock and roller, there’s no denying it but when it comes to that red carpet and being considered an actress, I’m a good actress and when those opportunities come around I take advantage of them and I’m glad to go and be among my peers. I’m a dramatic actor, but I don’t want to keep being put into these roles where I’m tortured all the time because I’m actually really funny and a lighthearted person. And I’m hoping that in the future there’s some sort of comedy and some other material because I really feel like I’ve done the dramatic thing.




Skinnie girl






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Let’s take a trip back in time for a minute to 1999. Just to put things into sort of a pop culture timeline for reference, this was the same year that Napster was first introduced to the world. In the same year, a then governor of Texas, George W. Bush announced he would seek the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States. Oh yeah, and a then second to the almighty PC company called Apple released their first ever iBook laptop computer. 1999 would also be the same year Stryker would take to the airwaves for the LA rock radio institution that is KROQ. More impressive than the duration of 11 years in of itself, is the feat of staying relevant in a medium that has undoubtedly experienced significant change in the last decade, (think iPods and satellite feeds). Stryker has helped break bands that have gone on to become some of music’s biggest marquee names – System of A Down, 311, MUSE – just to name a few. His tenure at KROQ thus far has included a longtime stint as host on the station’s hugely popular “Loveline” syndicated call-in program alongside Dr. Drew Pinksi, an eventual segue into film in television, (yup – he was the dude who played records for Ellen DeGeneres to dance to every afternoon), a brief departure to another station, and on March 1, 2010, he would return home to KROQ to helm the coveted afternoon drive-time slot every Monday through Friday. For the LA native who admittedly stumbled into his passion, 11 years has passed by in a blink. He’d likely tell you – time flies when you are having fun. “I worked at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills for six months, it felt like five years. I worked at 31 Flavors for nine months; It felt like two years. Now I’m at KROQ for the past 11 years and I cant even believe that much time has gone by. For me, maybe not to other people, it feels like I have been on the Lakers for the past 10 years. I grew up with the station…once I got into radio, it was the place I always wanted to be.” Ironically, Stryker’s radio career happened to begin with casual coincidence. Growing up enamored by “NWA on the far right and The Cure and Depeche Mode on the far left,” it wasn’t until Stryker left LA to attend college in Tucson that his calling actually began to take shape. He began working in radio at a station in Tucson after a “hey come check out the studio” type of suggestion from a friend. It was there he managed to capture the attention of KROQ decision makers. “I was actually on KROQ before I was even hired. I was flown out from Tucson to meet with KROQ and they were like, ‘hey, what are you doing tonight? Why don’t you come back and go on at 8. Tonight.’ It wasn’t some odd hour of the night, they put me on at 8 at night. It was huge for me.” This kind of immediate confidence KROQ invested in Stryker, combined with a sincere love of the job resulted in a steady ascension at the station. He would quickly become one of the more notable personalities on the air. Just how popular did Stryker get? Just two years into his career at KROQ, television networks already began knocking on his door. “My second year in, the American Idol people came calling. I had an interview and audition all in one day.” Stryker was hired, contacts and all, to be the fourth judge of the then unknown show. But as a young professional really looking to cement his reputation and legitimacy in a competitive field, he began to have second thoughts. “I was finding my footing at KROQ, trying to figure out who I was on the



Nitty gritty

radio, and really selling myself to the KROQ audience….Two days before taping, after talking to people I was like, I can’t do this. I can’t be the guy who interviews System of A Down and world premieres new Rage Against The Machine and I’m judging a karaoke contest.” Despite the huge success of the show, Stryker genuinely felt no regret about walking away. “KROQ really was were I always wanted to be. I felt that now that I was there, I needed to do everything I could to be the best at that. I don’t have any regrets about the decisions I made.” Continuing to cement his credibility on the airwaves, Stryker could only stave off Hollywood for so long before his inevitable transition would happen. All while continuing to be one of radio’s most important personalities, Stryker would land roles in feature films including Out Cold and Grandma’s Boy. He would land roles on television shows including VH1’s Charm School and a sidekick spot on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Yet despite the kind of success he has enjoyed outside of the realm of radio, Stryker adamantly maintains that above all else, radio is the reason. “Loaning your voice to a video game is probably one of the coolest things I’ve done,” Stryker grins. “Anything I have ever got to do outside of radio really happened because of radio…when I worked at the Four Seasons, I never missed a day. I never showed up late. I was never rude to anyone. Being on KROQ for 10 years, it’s been the same approach, just on a bigger scale.” A conversation with Stryker about his career seemed to naturally conjure something famous Los Angeles Dodger Coach/Legend Tommy Lasorda once said, “If you love your job, you haven’t worked a day in your life.” “Maybe this is speaking too highly but, every single day that I go to work, I always think, ‘you never know.’ What if someone is tuning into KROQ for the very first time? What if Jack Johnson is in town and wants to know what’s going on at KROQ. It’s my job to make sure they do not have a reason to change the station.” From having deli sandwiches with Jerry Heller (NWA. Google it.) to famously climbing onstage with the guys in Pennywise to sing “Bro Hymn,” a vital component to Stryker’s longevity has been his ability to convey a sincere admiration for what he does everyday. To once again put things into perspective, most marriages don’t last a decade and if you weren’t doing it right, you couldn’t keep a job picking up trash for 11 years, let alone command a daily audience of hundreds of thousands. Despite that fact, Stryker sidesteps the notion of celebrity status and the clichéd ego and credits his success to something that is much more universal. “I have always tired to be a decent guy, stick to my guns, and I have always tired to show people the kind of passion I have for this job.” Flustered, Stryker almost forgets his train of thought and simply concedes, “I’m happy…God, that was a terrible answer. (Laughs)” Just one listen any weekday afternoon and you would be hard pressed to find a reason to disagree with Stryker’s conviction or Mr. Lasorda assertion for that matter. When you are happy and love what you do, you just can’t call it work.




I have always tired to be a decent guy, stick to my guns, and I have always tired to show people the kind of passion I have for this job...

...I’m happy. - Stryker






OZZY OSBOURNE @ Amoeba Records

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Photos Courtesy of Karen Curley, Harmony Gerber, Sean Myers, Alan Rivera

LA CALENDAR 07.01 The Adicts @ Key Club

Ozzy Osbourne @ House Of Blues

NOS Energy Drink Gives Away Custom Built Nissan @ E3

07.07 Fear Factory w/ 36 Crazyfists, After the Burial, Divine Heresy @ House of Blues Sunset Strip 07.10 The Briggs @ The Troubadour 07.12 Kings of Leon @ Hollywood Bowl

07.17 HARD L.A. feat. MIA, N.E.R.D. Die Antwoord, Flying Lotus, and more @ LA State Historic Park


Ozzy Osbourne @ Amoeba Records

Ozzy Osbourne @ Amoeba Records



Ozzy Osbourne @ Amoeba Records

07.23 Sick of it All @ Key Club 07.24 The Game @ Club Nokia 07.30 Three 6 Mafia @ Key Club 07.31 Cool Tour 2010 feat. As I Lay Dying, Underoath, Between The Buried And Me @ Hollywood Palladium

07.29-08.01 ESPN Summer X Games 16 @ Staples Center, Nokia Theatre, LA Coliseum and LA Live



Ozzy Osbourne @ House Of Blues

NOS Energy Drink Gives Away Custom Built Nissan @ E3


SKINNIE SCENE LOS Angeles Nitty gritty

KROQ’s WEENIE ROAST Photos By David Gatson




SKINNIE SCENE LOS Angeles Nitty gritty

INK-N-IRON Festival @ The Queen Mary Photos By Harmony Gerber







Photos Courtesy of Joe Fury & 9 Group


07.02 Z-Trip, Rain Night Club @ Palms Casino



Playboy Club



Pauly D @ The Palms





07.02 Shooter Jennings @ Crown Theater 07.03 One Republic @ Mandalay Bay Events Center 07.03 UFC 116 Lesnar vs. Carwin @ MGM Grand Garden 07.04 Mike Epps @ The Joint 07.04 Kaskade @ Wynn Hotel 07.16 Silversun Pickups w/ Against Me!, Henry Clay People @ The Joint

07.17 Ziggy Marley @ Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino 07.18 Thrice @ House of Blues Las Vegas

07.30 Sublime w/ Rome, Matisyahu, Dirty Heads @ Mandalay Bay Beach






SKINNIE SCENE orange county

Photos Courtesy of Erik Faiivae, Alan Rivera, and Christian Sosa


07.01 Boozy Floozy’s Burlesque Show @ Galaxy Theater



The Continental

Shifty @ The Continental


Lil Jon @ Sutra

Shifty @ The Continental

The Continental



07.01 Pinback @ Detroit Bar 07.01 Guttermouth @ The Slidebar 07.03 Dum Dum Girls @ Detroit Bar 07.03 Hootenanny 2010 @ Oak Canyon Ranch, Irvine 07.09 Bad Astronaut @ Chain Reaction 07.14 Kings of Leon @ Verizon Amphitheatre

07.24 311, The Offspring, Pepper @ Verizon Amphitheatre 07.24 The Devil Wears Prada @ Chain Reaction 08.13 Geren Day, AFI @ Verizon Amphitheatre

08.19 Wolfmother @ House of Blues







Photos Courtesy of


07.09 Kings of Leon @ Cricket Amphitheatre



Intervention @ The Hard Rock

Intervention @ The Hard Rock



Intervention @ The Hard Rock

Intervention @ The Hard Rock



07.11 Wailers @ Sound Wave 07.15 91X Loudspeaker Presents Dead Feather Moon, The Pheromones, and Italian Japanese @ Belly Up Tavern 07.15 MGMT @ SDSU Open Air Theatre

07.17 Slightly Stoopid with Cypress Hill @ Cricket Amphitheatre 07.22 Comic-Con 2010 @ San Diego Convention Center 07.24 Comedian Aziz Ansari and Adam Corolla @ House of Blues San Diego 07.25 91X presents X-Fest 2010 feat. 311, The Offspring, Cake, Unwritten Law, Pepper, Authority Zero @ Cricket Amphitheatre

07.29 Three 6 Mafia @ 4th and B






SKINNIE SCENE Inland empire

Photos Courtesy of Erik Faiivae, Tim Sheppard, The ZOG

IE CALENDAR 07.03 Punk in the Fox: The Adicts, Agent Orange, The Dickies @ Fox Theater 07.09-07.11 Joe Rogan @ Ontario Improv

Toro Sushi

Chronic Tacos Cantina

Chronic Tacos Cantina

Sundaze @ The Pool

Sundaze @ The Pool

Chronic Tacos Cantina

Chronic Tacos Cantina

Sundaze @ The Pool

Toro Sushi

Chronic Tacos Cantina

07.10 Rockstar Energy Mayhem w/ Korn, Rob Zombie @ San Manuel 07.10 No Age @ The Glass House

07.17 Thrice @ Fox Theater 07.18 MGMT @ Fox Theater 07.24 Ziggy Marley @ Harrah’s 07.24 Scream The Prayer Tour III w/ Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, For Today, Blessed by a Broken Heart, and more @ The Glass House 07.29 Swingin’ Utters @ The Vibe

07.30 Pat Benetar w/ Neil Giraldo @ Pechanga Casino & Resort









Happy Endings words by Eleni Vazquez

CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 22) If a friend tries to get you to eat some grain called quinoa, don’t eat it. They boiled some spider carcasses and are trying to play it off as real food for a good laugh. Blah. LEO (Jul 23-Aug 23) Leaving a blender careless on the floor in your kitchen while friends visit with little children isn’t smart. The nosy kid will decide to play house and end up slicing their fingers up. Don’t be stupid; clean up! VIRGO (Aug 24- Sept 23) While it is the “in” thing to smuggle people across state lines in trucks with camper shells, ensure the camper shell is secured prior to running from the police on the freeway. Neglecting this will only lead to the camper shell flying off, smashing the cop’s windshield and throwing all the bodies in the back on the highway, where they get run over and die. LIBRA (Sept 24-Oct 23) Someone is going to introduce you to a new meaning of “kick rocks” after they beat you up for talking smack. Kindly, they will also shove those hard minerals down your throat to accompany that flapping mouth!



SCOPRIO (Oct 24-Nov 23) Just a reminder in terms of volume for containers: beer bottles are for beer; trash cans are for stuff you want to discard; and toilets are for pee, poop, used condoms and tampons and barf. Attempting to throw-up in a beer bottle goes against the laws of physics and will only end up all over you. Not too hot if trying to get laid that night. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 24-Dec 21) Unless you want your car to catch on fire, do not store flammables in the engine compartment and drive across the country, ok? CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 20) What might seem like an innocent bush to take a public urination in, is actually located next to a sheriffs rest stop. Neglecting to notice the parked police cars is only going to leave you pissing your pants as you are held up at gun point and slapped with a sex offender charge. AQUARIUS (Jan 21-Feb 19) Jelly Belly jelly beans are known for unique flavors, but they didn’t warn you about the asshole berry flavor. This disgusting treat will glue itself into your molar where you will saw off your tongue trying to remove the morsel from your mouth. Hope you don’t mind never talking again.

PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20) If a stranger extends an opened beer can to you with juicy snot ridden spit dripping down the side, this doesn’t really mean they want to be friends. It’s probably best to toss the beverage and walk away. ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20) Take a hint. If the person you are dating tells you they are finished with the relationship, let them go. Being an emotional sap and trying to contact and rekindle will only result in their parents showing up to your place, laying the smack down on you. Ouchy and embarrassing! TAURUS (Apr 21-May 21) Don’t be the first to pass out at the party, because you’ll be waking to a lovely dick slap in the face! GEMINI (May 22-Jun 21) If you are going to be kind enough to lend a friend $30, don’t drunk dial them an hour late accusing them of taking the money and using it for bad things. This will piss them off and you’ll never see that money again.









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