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BEHOLD! The B-List

With a Low Budget and a Creative Mind, Better Movies Than These Cult Classics Are Made. PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE

Ed Wood’s “masterpiece,” if you can call it that, and a shining example of how shitty movies can make for the most entertaining movies.


See a young David Carradine go head-to-head against a young Sly Stallone in this dystopian future where the way to win the race is to kill as many pedestrians as you can along the way.

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FAMILY GUY: BLUE HARVEST Available on DVD: Jan. 15th


Star Wars gets the modern animation treatment in this ridiculous spoof of the sci-fi blockbusters. For you non-geeks out there, “Blue Harvest” was the working title used to

Resident Evil Extinction

Milla Jovovich returns in the third of the so-so Resident Evil movies as Alice, mortal enemy of the evil Umbrella Corp and hapless zombies everywhere. Raccoon City survivors trek a perilous desert in search of safety from the flesh eating killers. Cool effects embellish this fun flick.

Available on DVD: Jan. 1st

3:10 To Yuma

Remake of the 1957 Western boasting an all-star cast including Christian Bale and Russell Crowe. A common rancher agrees to detain a captured outlaw who’s awaiting transport to his trial in Yuma. The bad guy tries to outwit his captor, manipulating him through mind games.

keep the production of Return of the Jedi anonymous in 1982. Packaged with “collectibles”, this deluxe boxset caters to fans of both entities.

Shoot ‘Em Up

Clive Owen and Monica Belluci star along with Paul Giamatti in this insane thrill-a-minute action movie. Writer/director Michael Davis pulls out all the stops in this heroic tale of shoot-outs, prostitutes and contract killers. With cool features, all guns are a blazin’ in this cool DVD.

Available on DVD: Jan. 1st

Curb Your Enthusiasm

When neurotic Larry David finally gets the TIVO repairman to his house, his wife interrupts the golden opportunity by calling him while the plane she’s on is about to crash. He explains he “can’t talk right now, you know how hard it is to get the TIVO guy here!” It’s all downhill thereafter.

Available on DVD: Jan. 8th


Season 6

Available on DVD: Jan. 29th ~ by Brook Ellis ~


This B movie is actually a spoof of the B movies of its time, making it a B movie knock off of several B movies. I think that’s B times infinite.

KILLER CLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE There is absolutely nothing we can say about this movie that the title doesn’t already say.

BARBARELLA: QUEEN OF THE GALAXY See a young Jane Fonda undress in zero gravity. Oh yeah and the campy dialogue coupled with humorous attempts at erotica are a source of laughter as well.

Skinnie Magazine January 2008  
Skinnie Magazine January 2008