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to shut something down, the football stadium and baseball field should be next to go, right? The park was originally built in 1994 to stop skaters from skating at the high school, which had become one of the top skating locations in the US.

RIP Evel Knievel

Roger Huerta defeats Clay Guida. Rear naked choke 0:31 rd 3


Season 6 Finale

words by: Eric Bonholtzer photos courtesy of: ESPN Event Media

The sixth season of UFC/SpikeTV’s The Ultimate Fighter reality series culminated in this final showdown at The Pearl in Las Vegas. Fan favorite Mac Danzig dominated, winning the entire competition. In the headlining fight, Roger Huerta beat Clay Guida after a long three round war.

Ben Saunders defeats Daniel Barrera Unanimous decision Troy Mandaloniz defeats Richie Hightower KO 4:20 rd 1

Mac Danzig defeats Tom Speer Rear naked choke 2:01 rd 1

Matt Arroyo defeats John Kolosci Armbar 4:42 rd 1

Jon Koppenhaver defeats Jared Rollins TKO 2:01 rd 3

Roman Mitichyan defeats Dorian Price Ankle lock 0:23 rd 1

George Sotiropoulos defeats Billy Miles Read naked choke 1:36 rd 1

Jonathan Goulet defeats Paul Georgieff Rear naked choke 4:42 rd 1

Evel Knievel was the first action sports superstar in history. “America’s Legendary Daredevil” passed away at his home on November 30 at age 69 (which is very fitting!) after battling diabetes and pulmonary fibrosis for many years. Knievel is best known for his red, white and blue jumpsuit and his amazing feats, including his motorcycle jumps over buses, sharks and his most famed stunt: jumping the Snake River Canyon in Idaho.

Got some $$$ to blow?

If you do, then do I have the product for you!!! Sure, a high-end skateboard will cost you some hard earned scratch, but if you want to distance yourself from the pack and have 2 G’s to burn, then the Groundsurf board/thing is just for you! For your money, you get an electric motor, sensor detection system, plus an option to control this thing with a touchscreen Bluetooth mobile phone device thingy doo-hickey gadget… being a hip yuppie was never so easy!

Sherk And California Don’t Mix

UFC lightweight champ Sean Sherk was found guilty of using controlled substances by the CSAC. Sherk has expressed a desire to never fight in California again for any amount of money and maintains the CSAC was wrong. Living legend BJ Penn will face up and coming Joe Stevenson in March for the interim lightweight title. Mac Danzig and Tom Speer re-enacting Ike and Tina.


Jon Koppenhaver headbutts Jared Rollins knee.

Skinnie Magazine January 2008  
Skinnie Magazine January 2008