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words by: Eric Bonholtzer photos courtesy of: Rockstar Energy Drink

The 2007 X Games heralded a changing of the guard in the snowboarding world as Norwegian shredder,Andreas Wiig, proved he was a force to be reckoned with, taking home a gold medal in both the Best Trick Showdown and the Snowboard Slopestyle events.While Wiig had won bronze and silver metals previously, his first place victories were made even more impressive by the fact that he beat snowboarding legends and event

favorites, Shaun White and Danny Kass. “I had a second place last year and I had a third place from before and I felt like I was the guy who always almost made it,” Wiig explains, joking that, “I was kind of sick of it.” But the snowboarder attributes most of his success in last year’s event to his positive mindset as opposed to any significant change in his training regiment. “My skills were better, but at the same time everyone else’s skills are better,”

he explains candidly. “I just think my mindset was better in the way I was thinking about the contest. I think back and I think that I really did my best. I really wanted to win and I really wanted to make it.” Despite the intense pressure surrounding an event like the X Games, Wiig stresses how keeping his focus helped him win. “I kept my head in the right place. I was nervous so I used that nervousness to do better.”


Skinnie Magazine January 2008  
Skinnie Magazine January 2008