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10184 6th Street Suite A Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 office: 909.476.0270 fax: 909.476.5931


Chief Executive Officer Jimmy Clinton

Chief Operations Officer George Giordano


Editor-In-Chief Hans Fink

Senior Editor Donald C. Stefanovich Fashion Coordinator Halle Grano

Contributing Writers Donald C. Stefanovich, Kat Galvan, Jasen T. Davis, Matthew McLaughlin, Jeffrey Easton, Alex Mendoza, Eric Bonholtzer, Bobby D. Lux, Brook Ellis, Brett Ulery, Alan Weiler, Kristie Bertucci, Bethany Cravahllo, Dallas Johnston, Sean Cook, BJ Cummings, PJ Yatar, Dr. Dick For editorial submissions, email


Art Director Robb Sackett

Lead Graphic Designer Stubbs Graphic Artist Johnny Clinton

Dr. Dick Illustrations Alex Julian


Contributing Photographers Joanna Tichauer, Jeffrey Easton, Alan Rivera, Jonathan Ho, Dave Gatson,

Hans Molenkamp, Jared Milgrim, Chad Buchanan, Kris Tate, Tracy Lee at Napkin Nights, Hans at PubDistrict, Nilton Baptista, Zog Cottonbee, Louis Palos, Rick Mann, Andrew Benudiz Cover Photos Courtesy Of: Rockstar Energy Drink


Sales/Marketing Director Jason Zahler

GSM/Corporate Marketing Jody Sigmund

Orange County Action Sports/Marketing Manager Mike Siregar Los Angeles Music/Marketing Manager Jason Kuska

Las Vegas Sales & Marketing Andrew Dunifer, Alena Olaes, Marci

Advertising Art Zamora, Derrick Jones, Carrie Rollman, Bobby Tacawy, Alethia Brhel, For all sales inquiries email


Chief Financial Officer Melody Giordano

Accounts Manager Andrea Fisher Promotions Director Austin Jenne Promotions & Distribution AcropolisRPM, Audrey Harder

Webmaster Jay Grewall Contributing Staff Gabe M., Alex Julian, Shawn Christianson, Spanky, Nick “TEX” Hamilton, Kyle Hendrickson, Daniel Torres, Jason Bernal


Alex Goykman shot all the photos of Jes Rickleff in last month’s issue Mario Creja did all the makeup for Jes Rickleff in last month’s issue

Bobby Lux Wrote the article on Captain America, not Matthew McLaughlin The Wu-Tang Clan in fact is NOT to be fucked with after all

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Skinnie Magazine January 2008  
Skinnie Magazine January 2008