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crass consumerism Buy This Or Else 1 Vestax Spin DJ USB Controller Old school guys are gonna piss and moan so much about this one. Long gone are the days of lugging turntables, mixer, and a crate full of goodies. While there are many all in one DJ systems,Vestax made this one dummy proof. Complete with software, this reasonably priced deck allows aspiring DJs to literally plug in and go. With the ability to access your iTunes library for any and all of your tunes, a fairly comprehensive set of levels for sound, and super simple plug ins, this one is a gem

$$$ 2 Lamb & Flag – Women’s No. 12 As many more the urban-chic, streetwear savvy stores continue to pop up all over Southern California, it might be easy to get lost in the host of brands the place carries. Don’t sleep on the stores’ own line of accessories though – including the most important accessory, a damn good scent.You won’t break the bank trying to smell tasty on this one. Purple jasmine, strawberry petal tops, blue rose, and crushed amber, blended with a sandalwood-musk base = She will love you for it.

$$$ 3 ION LP 2 Go Whether you are legitimately into listening to your music on vinyl or if you just champion it because it is the cool, alternative thing to do, modern technology has a pretty rad tool for you in the LP 2 Go. This is a portable USB turntable. Not only can you listen to your records at the free trade coffee shop, but you can also burn your LPs onto your computer


for that obscure, ultra hip lo-fi sound.

$$$ 4 Gravis Quarters The anchor of the Spring/ Summer line for Gravis, The Quarters are considered their most versatile example of footwear. Encompassing the necessary elements for a proper skate show, while presenting the crucial elements of a lifestyle shoe, The Quarters come in a variety of colorways and materials. Dropping their latest viral video with riders like Dylan Rieder, Danny Fuller, Arto Saari, Gravis remains core among skate purists all while managing to be accessible to average Joe looking to stay fresh.

$$$ 5 THE HUNDREDS CANDLE SCENT NO. 1 BY JOYA STUDIO Huh? One of the biggest names in streetwear has indeed delved into the Better Homes and Garden side of consumer goods and delivered a pretty damn good smelling candle. Ben and Bobby Hundreds when hard here teaming with Joya Studios to craft a candle loaded with lime, spearmint, lemon leaf, eucalyptus, blonde woods, cedar wood, jasmine, and rum hints to liven up any room in your pad. Smelling good is half the battle.

$$$ 6 Skin Food – Gold Caviar Massage Mask

Yes, you read that right. Actual gold, caviar, and collagen are infused in this massage mask to ease ladies back on the wrinkles and keep that skin looking flawless. Skin Food is a brand that actually uses food-based formulations in their skin care products and make-up lines. Aside from a clever marketing ploy, the all-natural products really do practice what they preach. From baby care to hair care, from skin care, to grooming kits, Skin Food is set to dominate the hipster product craze.

$$$ 7 Volcom – Stranger Women’s Duffle Bag Summertime – for most of us it means at least some form of travel. Don’t be the lame ass stuck at the carousel waiting for your checked luggage.Volcom has a proper bag for ladies looking to stay stylish and cram a ton of shit in their bag. 9” high

X 15 1/2” wide X 7 1/2 “ deep – if you can’t fit your make-up and birth control in that, you might want to stay home.

$$$ 8 OHIya Smooch Tongue Canvas The brainchild of Ohio-based illustrator Jason Tharp, Ohiya is indeed a play on words driven to make art cultivate friendships. A little cheesy? Yeah, maybe. But Hello Kitty might have been considered cheesy too before it too over the fucking world. A complete line of young adult driven clothing and accessories has officially launched, but the coolest pieces are the art itself on canvas prints. Check out the entire line and all four of the canvas prints


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Skinnie Magazine Issue 120 - April 2012