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Eighth grade. The last year of junior high was a big one for me. I had felt a couple of girls’ titties, had already began working and earning some kind of paycheck, and was getting ready to leave for a new school for the first time in nine years. I went to a private school with the same 25 people from Kindergarten through eighth grade – so with high school on the horizon, it was a big deal. Towards the end of the school year, we got to take a senior field trip of sorts. Our whole class went to Disneyland. Aside from a bunch of horny, awkward 13 year olds going to Disneyland on a school day, this was a semi-unsupervised field trip. Game time. The night before I had already had my outfit picked out. Anchor Blue Beyond Baggy jeans (I lied to my friends and said they were Beyond Baggy, My mom would only let me get the Baggy but Beyond Baggy were cooler) a Guess t-shirt (irregular, discounted rack), crisp new pair of Nike Deion Sanders’ (with the strap undone), and a gold platted Guess watch with a brown strap that didn’t match a thing I was wearing. By 6A.M. the next morning, I was already dressed to go and bathed in a coating of Cool Water cologne. Hair did, shoes bright white – FRESH. There was a particular girl in class I had already been kind of dating I guess. Dating back then meant holding hands and the occasional sloppy kiss. But this trip… the plan was to figure out how to grab as much of here anatomy as I could during a ride on Small World – but I had to be smooth.


That spring afternoon at The Happiest place On Earth proved to be particularly warm. The massive amounts of gel in my hair were slowly melting on my brow, but it was all good. Said girl and I hung out in our group of friends, laughed, rode rides, had a churro – shit was lovely. Then, time stood still. Right there, waiting in line to ride Pirates of The Carribean, I could flashback to our bathroom cabinet in our single family home in North Long Beach where my deodorant stick stood untouched. In my haste to be GQ Smooth, I forgot the simplest of details - deodorant. I confided in my best friend Julian, hoping he would have some kind of plan. I couldn’t stink, not now. Ha. As loud as he possibly could he says, “Ramon, damn foo you smell like shit.” I was horrified. For the rest of the day I was putting soap under my arms and dealing with the girls giggling at my expense.

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What’s the point of this story – to this day I still laugh about a random day at Disneyland. My best friend was great about mocking me so frequently that it helped me to be able to laugh at myself. Now, more than ever, shit is so bad, you have to have a sense of humor. Don’t take life so seriously. Or editor’s letters apparently.

Ramon Gonzales

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Skinnie Magazine Issue 120 - April 2012  


Skinnie Magazine Issue 120 - April 2012