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What You Probably Missed at SXSW 2012

By Ramon Gonzales


It is a bit convenient that this publication actually missed the press deadline to submit for credentials, but if you reference the last few years of coverage, this falls right in line. SXSW, for those of you that have been living under a fucking rock for any period of time, is essentially the music industry’s equivalent to a national convention. Complete with roundtable forums from executives, seminars from artists, management, publicists, etc., and showcase after showcase from artists from all over the globe – for anyone that has any level of professional interest in music, Austin, TX is a must make pilgrimage. In recent years however, there seems to have been a transition from the ethos of SXSW. Initially, the idea was to give emerging artists a platform to earn press buzz, management interest, to really gain some professional momentum for the thousands of industry tastemakers bouncing from venue to venue littered on or around 6th Street. What has been stealing headlines in the past few years from most of mainstream media has been these uber-exclusive parties. This year was no different, corporate sponsored shows from the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, and Eminem were undoubtedly the hottest ticket in Texas – which has left some people grumbling. Wasn’t this supposed to be about new artists looking for exposure? Wasn’t this supposed to be for people looking to find something new, fresh, dare we say it, maybe even different? Well lucky for you Skinnie wasn’t granted access to any of those big parties. We took the dive bar route through Austin, TX to find the artists that deserve to be discussed. Since the music generated electronically is all the rage, we also decided that 2012 should be devoted to rock music. Drums, strings, lungs – the good shit. Fueled on some of the best BBQ this nation has to offer and plenty of Lone Star tall cans – here is Skinnie’s 2012 guide to the shit you likely missed at SXSW while you were being a scenster waiting in line to see Jay-Z hock crass commercialism and ruin hip hop.



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Skinnie Magazine Issue 120 - April 2012  


Skinnie Magazine Issue 120 - April 2012