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Machine Gun Kelly Is Armed And Dangerous Words by Patrick Douglas


Egocentrism isn’t necessarily an abnormal trait when it comes to hip hop artists. When you spend all your time conveying a message by yourself and for yourself, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to worry too much about what others think of you. Richard Colson Baker is now known as Machine Gun Kelly after being given the nickname for his rapid-fire display of lyrics six years ago. “Obviously, I earned it,” he says. He has already conquered the industry and taken his vision to heights unseen by other wordsmiths who have climbed the ranks before him, at least in his own mind. He’ll tell you that he doesn’t care about the future or where his music is presented on TV or radio because he’s living for right now and right now is a stage surrounded by adoring fans. He doesn’t worry about how many records he’ll sell when his debut finally comes out because he’s already crowned himself the greatest of all-time. Forget having to forge a name for himself, the future is whack and he’ll fill in the blanks later. “Dude, I’m just living for the day. There is no goal. I just make music and we just enjoy every day, dude. Motherfuckers die every fucking day and they were probably thinking about the future too much and forgot what was going on in the present,” he said. “I’m not thinking of this shit while I’m on tour. I’m not out here thinking of what my album sales are gonna be or what the strategy was. I don’t give a fuck. I’m on a bus trying to focus on the next kids I’m about to see and make sure they get the best show they’ve ever fucking seen in their life. Because all I fucking know is this bus could roll the fuck over and that’d be it. I’m just trying to enjoy the fact for those two seconds while the bus is rolling thinking about how good of a day I had before. I don’t think about the future. I don’t give a fuck.” Having just released an EP to tease fans, MGK’s official Bad Boy/Interscope Records debut, “Lace Up,” is due this summer and the rapper calls it, “one of the greatest albums done in hip-hop.” The EP, “Half Naked & Almost Famous,” was curiously released in March even though the debut is slated to be released a few months later.The delay on the full-length doesn’t bother MGK because, as he puts it, his job is done and delays are out of his hands. “I’m on top of my job so my shit’s been done. I wrote my album before I was even signed. No one’s gonna hold my message back. You’ve got me fucked up with some suits. Some motherfuckin’ suits and ties aren’t gonna put a hold to ‘Lace Up,’ or anything that I’ve got coming out,” he said aggressively. The ride has come at MGK pretty quickly. It was just last year that he was discovered and signed by Diddy after spending a few years struggling to balance



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Skinnie Magazine Issue 120 - April 2012  


Skinnie Magazine Issue 120 - April 2012