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I knew it was over when I “ mysteriously vanished from the Spin

magazine “top friends” on Myspace. I was extremely sad.

done extremely filthy things on camera. However, I own a company that is pretty successful and has been in business for almost 10 years, and employs other people. Most, not all, but most people who own companies the size of mine, did graduate college, and most people who own the bigger porn companies did graduate from college. If people took a step back and realized what I have accomplished, and what goes into all the aspects of what I do, I don’t think they would find it so strange that I have a degree. However, people see me with cocks in my mouth in a video on the internet and they are soooo shocked that I am not a complete idiot. It’s mildly insulting but, whatever. It’s the last thing someone needs to think about when they are trying to jerk off to one of my movies.

However, if someone can work past that, I do honestly think there are great benefits to boning me thanks to porn. First of all- just on a clinical health level, I get STD tests every few weeks. So I am like, way safer to have sex with than a random bar slut. Secondly, I take sex very seriously. It’s my job! I take pride on being good at it. Bad sex is like, offensive to me. I refuse to be a part of it. I have done so many different types of scenes, with so many different types of people it’s made me able to connect with lots of different people sexually and open to so many different things. I learn a lot of little tricks at work, and I get really excited to share them with someone in my personal life. So I can’t speak for everyone but, for myself, porn has definitely made me a lot better in bed, and more confident sexually.

Candid might be the best way to describe the majority of your productions. There seems to be a genuine passion for sex - porn with fake enthusiasm is bad for boners. Do you still get amped for scenes as much as you did when you first started? I always get extremely nervous and extremely excited before I do any scene. Since I do only work for myself- I’m not getting a paycheck at the end of every day- I am writing them... so I put a lot of extra pressure on myself for whatever I do to be amazing. It’s not just another day of work, it’s an investment. I actually get more excited and nervous now than I did when I first started because now I have a fan base and I know people will be watching it and I do care about what they think or how many times they can jerk off to my video. In my early days, I had no idea who was even going to see what I did so I didn’t put as much energy into my scenes as I do now.

You have never been shy about speaking your mind - what sucks about porn right now? What do you see that is a terrible trend that you wish would go away in porn? I just wish it wasn’t free everywhere. That’s all. There’s a lot of porn that is shot that I don’t personally like, but it doesn’t offend me. I make what I make, and other people make what they make and that’s what make the industry what it is. I just hate the piracy- that’s really the only thing I hate about porn!

The majority of the actors/actresses with BurningAngel seem to have sort of the same demeanor on film as you do. Coincidence or do you really make sure the people you work with are the people you enjoy having around? We are pretty particular about who we hire, so I think that has a lot to do with the positive energy we usually have on screen. If I have any inkling at all that someone is a total diva, or doing porn just to make quick cash and isn’t into the sex at all, I don’t hire them. We aren’t as much of a porn factory as the other companies are. We very much choose quality over quantity, our content library is smaller than others so, we keep a tight ship, and only let the real sluts into our little perverted family. Everyone brings their work home with them - to some degree. What kind of impact does fucking on camera have on your romantic life? It’s not easy to date people outside the industry, and have them be comfortable with what you do. I understood getting into this that it would make my love life a little complicated, and I was willing to accept that. I mean really, romance is complicated for people who work regular desk jobs or almost anyone for that matter. It’s impossible to find someone you can connect with and share a life with without their being any road bumps. One of my road bumps will always be, ‘hey, I get fucked on camera, and I need you to be cool with that.’



You have made music a very integral part of BurningAngel - was this something that happened organically or was this marketing savvy on your end? It happened organically, and it has been that way ever since the site first started. When the idea of BurningAngel was first thrown around in the kitchen of the house I lived in my senior year of college, it was naked punk chicks, and band interviews. At the time I didn’t even know this had potential to be marketable, it was just something I wanted to do and I wanted to do it that way. Say the world really does end up crumbling come the end of 2012 - what can we expect BurningAngel to put out to celebrate? An orgy including every single girl and guy who has ever been on the website that takes place on the moon. Well, I guess the orgy could begin on the space shuttle that took us to the moon. There could be lots of foreplay there. That would be a good way to go out! If the world is ending, I’m going to the fucking moon and I’m taking all my girls with me! How important is it in this industry to have a sense of humor - people still talk about porn with such seriousness - you always seem to smile. How important is levity in porn? I mean, I enjoy comedy- and I enjoy creating comedy. Some people find the comedy in my porn distracting- and that bums me out but- fortunately, we do have plenty of un-funny scenes on BurningAngel, that basically just have a sexy tease and sex, or something along those lines. I think you can make a good porn without having comedy in it, and it can serve it’s purpose, but I personally have more fun with the intricate comedic scenarios that lead to sex.

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Skinnie Magazine Issue 120 - April 2012  


Skinnie Magazine Issue 120 - April 2012