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punches Joanna Angel Tells It Like It Is By Ramon Gonzales


As a senior getting ready to graduate from college, the conversation went something like, “we should start a website, with titties and bands.” Well, at least that’s how it could’ve happened. For Joanna Angel, the business model wasn’t really developed, but the idea was genuine. She liked music and liked sex. A lot. What resulted from that night in Brooklyn could arguably called a stronghold on a porn market that has gone from niche, to undeniable. Embracing counter-culture casts complete with tattoos, piercings, and the kind of bravado to be different for sincere reasons, Burning Angel is now 10 websites deep and 10 years in the game – and a very real part of a 13 BILLION dollar a year industry. Accepted by mainstream media for her articulate presentation and championed for her candid approach to producing porn, Joanna Angel fucks on film for a living and doesn’t really care if you or Rick Santorum dig it. Everything we read and see ties you to the term, “alt” porn. Do you feel like that term is still applicable? What does “alt” even mean? The term is still applicable, I think people have a hard time categorizing what I do so that is the go to term to putting a label on the type of content I make. However, I think that “alt” porn is generally associated with adult movies that feature more tattooed/ hipster/ emo/goth/whatever you want to call them, type of girls and a community that surrounds it. Like the other sites in the “alt” category, BurningAngel has blogs, message boards, a chat room, band interviews, etc. People come there for

the community aspect of the site, in addition to just the content. I don’t think “alt porn” just means porn with girls with tattoos- it is a type of porn that reflects an alternative subculture that exists both on and offline. What was being a columnist for Spin like? Was there any reason you decided not to continue? I loved being a columnist for Spin! I had a lot of fun giving really ridiculous, and humorous sex advice. My advice was paired alongside advice from a doctor, and the dichotomy between our two responses was great. It was not my decision not to continue! There was a change of management at Spin magazine and they chose to discontinue the column for some reason. I didn’t really know why. At the time, I remember I knew it was over when I mysteriously vanished from the Spin magazine “top friends” on Myspace. I was extremely sad. Does it strike you as odd that journalist seem so quick to include that you are a college graduate when discussing your accolades in the adult film industry - like it’s some kind of anomaly... I don’t find it odd, and I am glad to be breaking some kind of stereotype. There are lots of people who went to college who are in porn, its just not made readily obvious to the consumer before a dick goes inside someone’s ass.And also, yes, I am a porn star. I have sex on camera, I have been in hundreds of porn movies, and have



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Skinnie Magazine Issue 120 - April 2012  


Skinnie Magazine Issue 120 - April 2012