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Lot Listing Sale 3009T 508.970.3202

May 17–25, 2017

MA LIC. 2304

Discovery—Interiors 1000 Eight Leeds Blue and White Ceramic Tableware Items, 18th and 19th century, including two plates marked “Turner,” (imperfections), dia. to 9 3/4 in. $400-600

Discovery—Interiors & Asian Art online

1001 Framed Porcelain Plaque with Photomechanical Scene of a Girl Drinking Water, 20th century, ht. 14, wd. 11 1/2 in. $400-600


1002 French Provincial-style Fruitwood Leather-top Bureau Plat, ht. 30 1/2, wd. 58, dp. 30 1/4 in. $500-700 1003 Ten Herend Porcelain Animals, a monkey, panda, pair of ducks, alligator, pair of rabbits, kangaroo, owl, dog, parrot, and a bear, ht. to 6 in. $500-700 1004 Large Cast Metal Twenty-light Chandelier, dia. 45 in. $700-900 1005 Adolph Sehring (American, b. 1930) Meadow Scene with a Girl Picking Flowers. Signed l.l. Oil on canvas, 23 1/2 x 29 1/2 in., framed. $800-1,200 1006 Stained Birch Pinwheel Regulator Wall Clock, c. 1890, spindled gallery top over the full-length glazed door with attached brass plate marked Presented to the Rhode Island Hospital Trust Company in Memory of Mrs. Walter I. (Jan) Sundlund and Wally Sundlund Jr., 11-in. enamel roman numeral dial, eight-day time-only movement with pinwheel escapement, sweep center seconds, and maintaining power, powered by a brass-cased weight and regulated by a gridiron pendulum, ht. 76 in. $800-1,200

1007 Extensive Assembled Set of Mostly Meissen Blue Onion and Blue Danube Ceramic Dinnerware. $1,200-1,800 1008 Collection of “Musical Box Society” Souvenir and Other Boxes, six 50th anniversary birdcage boxes, two 1987 Reuge “On the Moonlight Bay” boxes (one unopened), two Chicago 1996 Mid-America chapter boxes, an “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” by Enesco musical bell, a 1989 New York “Regina” box, three Reuge boxes, and three others, sixteen pieces total. $500-1,500

1016 Elliot Bros. Brass Surveying Instrument, no. 3, London, 5 1/2-in. dia. silvered vertical rotating scale with movable perpendicular eyepiece, dual magnifiers, horizontal scale divided in four quadrants, marked as above, resting on three adjustable feet, ht. 10 in. $400-600 1017 Pair of Large French Cobaltdecorated Porcelain Vases, 20th century, each depicting romantic scenes, ht. 22 1/2 in. $400-600

1009 Federal-style Mahogany Veneer Sofa Table, ht. 29, wd. 33, dp. 19 1/4 in. $400-600

1018 Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Lady’s Writing Desk, (losses), ht. 32 3/4, wd. 32 3/4, dp. 18 in. $400-600

1010 Ten Small Palimpores, India, 20th century, five approx. 2 ft. 5 in. x 2 ft. 8 in.; three approx. 4 ft. x 4 ft.; one 3 ft. 6 in. x 2 ft. 7 in.; and one 3 ft. 7 in. x 1 ft. 6 in. $400-600

1019 French Provincial Carved Walnut Cabinet, backboards cut out to accommodate at television, ht. 78 1/4, wd. 41, dp. 22 in. $400-600

1011 George III-style Upholstered Mahogany Camel-back Sofa, ht. 37 1/2, wd. 76, dp. 30 in. $400-600 1012 Renaissance Revival Carved Walnut Marble-top Sideboard, late 19th century, ht. 73 1/2, wd. 59, dp. 22 in. $300-500 1013 Eight Turned Lignum Vitae Carpet Balls, Five Other Balls, and a Ceramic Center Bowl. $300-500 1014 Pair of Dutch Delft Polychrome Ceramic Chargers, 18th century, dia. 13 3/4 in. $400-600 1015 Kurdish Rug, Western Iran, c. 1920, 5 ft. 10 in. x 4 ft. 2 in.; and a Pakistani “Bokhara,” contemporary, 4 ft. 1 in. x 2 ft. 6 in. $400-600

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1020 Three Assorted Drying Racks. $100-200 1021 Sixty Pieces of Waterford Crystal Stemware. $300-500 1022 Carved Wooden Basket and Eight Pieces of Fruit, ht. 11, wd. 12 in. $400-600 1023 Group of Assorted Prints, Engravings, and Lithographs, including Marie Delaroche-Vernet Henraux’s Henri de ToulouseLautrec Dessinateur, a portfolio of Giuseppe Zocchi restrike engravings, and assortment of fashion and architectural engravings, an Alfred Birdsey watercolor, and a Henry Rice watercolor garden scene. $400-600

1025 Queen Anne-style Mahogany Dropleaf Table, ht. 28, wd. 16 1/2, dp. 41 3/4 in. $300-500 1026 Pair of Renaissance-style Carved and Stained Wood Side Chairs, ht. 41 in. $300-500 1027 Arts and Crafts Cast Metal and Slag Glass Table Lamp, early 20th century, the base and shade with stylized foliage, ht. 19, dia. 17 in. $300-500 1028 Six Modern Black-painted Continuous Arm Windsor Dining Chairs, ht. 41 in. $300-500 1029 Paint-decorated Storage Container for Major J. Wallis Bailey, ht. 22, wd. 47, dp. 17 in. $300-500 1030 Three Early Creamware Vessels, England, 18th/19th century, a floraldecorated tea caddy and teapot, and a yellow-banded teapot, ht. to 6 3/4 in. $300-500 1031 Four Creamware Paint-decorated Vessels, 18th/19th century, three tea caddies and a mug, (restoration), ht. to 5 in. $300-500 1032 Diminutive Louis XV-style Ormolumounted and Paint-decorated Vitrine, ht. 54, wd. 26, dp. 15 in. $300-500

1033 Cast Metal and Slag Glass Floor Lamp, each panel with homestead scene, ht. 60 in. $300-500 1034 Wrought Iron and Glass Coffee Table, converted from a French balcony railing, ht. 17 1/2, wd. 47 3/4, dp. 29 in. $300-500 1035 American School, 20th Century Portrait of Native Americans. Signed “K. Montiel” l.l. Oil on canvas, 39 x 29 in., framed. $300-500 1036 Agra Carpet, India, c. 1920, 17 ft. 6 in. x 12 ft. $300-500 1037 Floral- and Figural-carved Resin Perfume, early 20th century, ht. 3 in. $300-500 1038 Three Baluch Rugs, Eastern Iran, 20th century, 6 ft. 3 in. x 3 ft. 5 in.; 6 ft. 2 in. x 3 ft. 4 in.; and 4 ft. 7 in. x 2 ft. 8 in. $300-500 1039 Twenty-six Chinese Export Porcelain Tableware Items, including a tea caddy and coffeepot with spreadwing eagles, and a small jug with an American sailing vessel. $300-500 1040 Two Framed Hand-colored Lithographs of Ships, one of the paddle steamer “John Brooks” and an Iron Sailing Ship CLARENCE S. BEMENT, sight size to 19 x 31 in. $300-500 1041 Brass-bound Mixed Wood Serving Tray, with central inlaid compass star and carved, scrolled handles, (imperfections), lg. 20 1/4, dp. 14 1/4 in. $300-500

1042 Pair of Federal-style Bell Metal Belted Ball-top Andirons, ht. 28 in. $300-500 1043 Gaudy Welsh and Blue and White Transfer-decorated Platters, England, 19th century, lg. to 21 in. $300-500 1044 Molded Copper Eagle and Horse Weathervanes, (imperfections), lg. to 30 in. $300-500 1045 Continental Red-painted Pine Bureau, ht. 35, wd. 43 1/2, dp. 17 1/2 in. $300-500 1046 Classical-style Mahogany Curulebase Stool, ht. 18, wd. 20, dp. 14 in. $300-500 1047 Set of Three Louis XVI-style Caned Fruitwood Fauteuil, ht. 33 in. $300-500 1048 Rosenthal Porcelain Running Dog Group, ht. 10 1/4, lg. 24 in. $300-500 1049 Gothic-style Painted Birdhouse, late 20th century, ht. 34 1/2, wd. 27 3/4, dp. 8 3/4 in. $300-500

Discovery—Interiors & Asian Art online

1024 John Willard Renaissance Revival Oak and Poplar Drafting Table, New York, late 19th century, ht. 34, wd. 27, dp. 49 in. $300-500

1050 Anton B. Vizy (American, 1937-2016) Dance. Signed, dated, and titled “Sept. ‘78...DANCE...A.B. Vizy” on the reverse of the canvas. Oil on canvas, 27 3/4 x 28 in., unframed. $300-500 1051 1947 Hockey World Cup Etched Colorless Glass Presentation Cup for Czechoslovakia, with an etched Czech crest, ht. 11 in. $300-500

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1052 Pair of Brass and Cranberry Glass Wall Sconces, ht. 11 3/4 in. $300-500 1053 Regency-style Carved Mahogany Desk, late 19th/early 20th century, ht. 32, wd. 46, dp. 20 in. $300-500

Discovery—Interiors & Asian Art online

1054 Silk Rug with Persian Design, China, 20th century, 5 ft. x 2 ft. 8 in. $300-400


1055 Mission-style Oak Settee, ht. 40 1/2, wd. 49, dp. 26 in. $200-400 1056 Framed Egyptian-style Appliqued Scarab Textile, ht. 20 1/2, wd. 59 3/4 in. $200-400 1057 Twelve Pearlware Floral-decorated Tableware Items, England, 19th century, ht. to 7 1/2 in. $300-400 1058 J. & E. Stevens Co. “Magician” Mechanical Bank, Cromwell, Connecticut, 19th century, magician holding a top hat standing in front of his table, base with steps on either side and frieze reading Magician Bank, ht. 8 in. $200-400 1059 French Fruitwood and Leather Campaign Chair, ht. 32 1/2, wd. 21 1/2, dp. 34 in. $200-400 1060 Chippendale-style Block-front Chest of Drawers, ht. 32, wd. 36, dp. 19 in. $200-400 1061 French Empire-style Ormolumounted Walnut Veneer Center Table, with faux marble top, ht. 29 1/4, dia. 48 in. $200-400

1062 Atlas Coeli I & II, “Atlas of the Heavens,” and “Katalog 1950.0,” Dr. Antonin Bacvar, 1962, 1964. $100-150

1070 Stained Pine Six-board Chest, with two faux drawers and bootjack cutout feet, ht. 23, wd. 40, dp. 20 in. $100-200

1063 Set of Four English Elmwood Windsor Armchairs, ht. 43 1/2 in. $300-500

1071 Federal Maple Drop-leaf Table, (imperfections), ht. 27 1/2, wd. 17, dp. 42 in. $100-150

1064 Chippendale-style Walnut Cabinet, composed of antique elements, ht. 40, wd. 39 1/4, dp. 22 3/4 in. $300-500 1065 J. & E. Stevens Co. “Frog on Round Base” Mechanical Bank, Cromwell, Connecticut, 19th century, frog with articulated mouth and eyes, resting on a circular latticework, dia. 4 in. $100-200 1066 Slipware-decorated Plate, Pennsylvania, 20th century, with yellow tulips, green leaves, and black lines and dots, date scratched into center “1821,” dia. 7 1/4 in. $100-150 1067 Sir Francis Seymour Haden (British, 1818-1910) A Sunset in Ireland, 1863, probably the thirteenth state of fourteen (Schneiderman, 47). Signed and dated within the plate. Drypoint on paper, plate size 5 7/16 x 8 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Toning, pale foxing, not examined out of frame. $150-200 1068 Modern Art Deco-style Bronze of a Dancer, ht. 15 1/2 in. $500-700 1069 Five Bamboo and Rattan Stools, first half 20th century, labeled “John D bamboo Works Made in USA,” stained to resemble “speckled bamboo,” legs made from root-end sections, ht. 17 3/4, seat 18 x 18 in. $100-200

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1072 Continental Carved Fruitwood Figural Lamp, possibly Italy, depicting a caryatid in neoclassical-style drapery, mounted to wood base, ht. 27 in. $250-350 1073 Rococo-style Painted Aneroid Barometer, Continental, with a pink beribboned crest over arched frame with heavily carved rose swags and festoons, painted floral motif overall, with French inscriptions and “Barometre Selon Torricelli” at base of dial, ht. 41 1/2 in. $200-300 1074 Shirvan Prayer Rug, Caucasus, c. 1900, 3 ft. 10 in. x 3 ft. 7 in. $200-250 1075 Large Aqua Glass and Brass Bookcase. $250-350 1076 Pair of Framed Wallace Nutting Silhouettes, 20th century, ht. 4, wd. 3 1/2 in. $100-200 1077 Three Stools, a classical mahogany piano stool, a late Federal footstool, and a turned and upholstered footstool, ht. to 18 in. $100-150 1078 Two Federal Split-balusters Mirrors and Two Chippendale Scroll-frame Mirrors, (damage), ht. to 28 in. $100-150 1079 Bannister-back Side Chair and a Windsor High Chair. $50-75

1081 Framed Charcoal Sandpaper Lake Scene, 19th century, ht. 12, wd. 15 1/4 in. $100-150 1082 Ansonia Art Nouveau Cast Metal Mantel Clock, New York, c. 1900, seated maiden playing the harp resting atop the Art Nouveau-style case with roman numeral porcelain dial and outside escapement, eight-day time and strike mechanism, ht. 17 in. $200-250 1083 Tole Tray Depicting a Harbor Scene, (imperfections), lg. 24 1/4 in. $100-150 1084 Oak Roll-top Desk and Captain’s Chair, ht. 46, wd. 48, dp. 28 in. $200-400 1085 Brass and Glass Coffee Table with Foliate Supports, ht. 18, wd. 44, dp. 44 in. $200-300 1086 Turned Pine Breadboard-end Dining Table, ht. 30, wd. 70 1/2, dp. 37 in. $200-300 1087 Group of Decorative Items, assorted costume buckles, a mother-of-pearl photo album, and an enameled and beaded purse. $150-250 1088 Framed E. Duncan Hand-colored Lithograph Clipper Ship “Shannon,” 19th century, plate size 15 1/2 x 20 1/2 in. $75-125 1089 Four Framed John Collins Handcolored Lithographs, Fort Adams, The Glen, The “Friends” Meeting House, and Rocks Near Purgatory, approx. sight size 9 x 12 in. $100-150

1090 Six Continental Glazed Porcelain Figures of Musicians, ht. 8 1/4 in. $50-70 1091 Chippendale-style Carved and Upholstered Mahogany Camel-back Sofa, ht. 37, wd. 84, dp. 36 in. $600-900 1092 George III Carved Mahogany Onedrawer Chamberstand, England, late 18th/early 19th century, (imperfections), ht. 32 1/4, wd. 14, dp. 14 in. $100-200 1093 Federal Tiger Maple One-drawer Stand, ht. 28, wd. 21, dp. 16 in. $100-150 1094 Two Black-painted Thumb-back Windsor Side Chairs, ht. to 33 in. $100-150 1095 Eight Gilt Frames, ht. to 24, wd. to 21 1/2 in. $100-150 1096 Indian Carpet, contemporary, 11 ft. 6 in. x 8 ft. 2 in. $100-200 1097 Pair of Silhouettes in a Common Frame, c. 1888, ht. 14, wd. 6 3/4 in. $100-150 1098 Cup-hilt Sword, possibly Spain, 18th/19th century, lg. 53 1/2 in. $400-600 1099 Three Chairs and a Stool. $100-200 1100 Federal Mahogany Two-drawer Drop-leaf Worktable, ht. 29, wd. 18, dp. 18 in. $200-300

1101 Federal Reverse-painted Tabernacle Mirror and a Tole Tray, ht. to 25 3/4, lg. to 26 in. $100-200 1102 Pair of Lalo Treasures Art Glass Candlesticks, ht. 14 in. $200-300 1103 Group of Decorative Items, including seven tole trays, a wood decoy head mold, two glove forms, two carved and painted decoys, and two wrought iron rotating broilers. $500-700 1104 Green Onyx New Haven and a Marbled Zenith Desk Clock, ht. to 4 3/4, wd. to 5 3/4 in. $200-300 1105 Pair of Contemporary Stained Maple Upholstered Open Armchairs, ht. 38 1/4 in. $150-250 1106 Victorian Mahogany Davenport, England, late 19th century, ht. 33, wd. 21 1/2, dp. 21 1/4 in. $250-350 1107 Four Art Pottery Vessels, including a T.S. Post floral-decorated vase, ht. to 8 1/2 in. $200-300 1108 Cobalt Cut-to-clear Glass Bowl with Classical Scenes, 20th century, ht. 4, dia. 9 in. $200-250

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1080 Two Wooden Oars, lg. 54 and 67 in. $50-70

1109 Group of Colorless Glass Tableware, including a pair of Daum Nancy candlesticks, a foliate-etched vase, and a Waterford pitcher. $150-250 1110 Large Telephone Switchboard, ht. 51, wd. 21 1/2, dp. 25 in. $300-500

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1111 Louis XV-style Black-painted and Metal-mounted Vitrine, ht. 56, wd. 26, dp. 14 1/2 in. $150-250

1121 Renaissance-style Carved Walnut and Embossed Leather Throne Chair, ht. 61 1/2, wd. 36 in. $250-350

1112 Louis XVI-style White-painted and Carved Fauteuil, ht. 34 in. $300-500

1122 Large Green-glazed Ceramic Vase with Roosters, ht. 22 in. $200-300

1113 Group of Desk Items, including a box, a small pair of scissors, a penknife, an enameled brooch depicting a spider web and spider, and a lady’s gold-filled watch. $200-300

1123 Group of Glass Perfumes, 19th and 20th century, including a Baccarat, two small putti-mounted, a leathercased Guerlain, and an Israeli art glass example. $250-300

1114 Cast Iron Polychrome Bathing Beauties Doorstop, inscribed “FISH” to front of base, (imperfections), ht. 10 3/4 in. $100-200

1124 Three Small Porcelain Medallions, one mounted as a brooch. $250-350

1115 Federal-style Stained Maple Day Bed, ht. 26, wd. 73 1/2, dp. 26 3/4 in. $75-100 1116 Colburn’s Mustard Advertising Thermometer and a Fuller and Warren Advertising Barometer, ht. 24 in. $100-150 1117 Federal Mahogany Reverse-painted Tabernacle Mirror, ht. 30, wd. 16 in. $100-150 1118 Grained and Paint-decorated Side Chair, ht. 33 in. $100-150 1119 Framed Silk Cigar Band Collage, late 19th/early 20th century, ht. 24 3/4, wd. 23 1/2 in. $150-250 1120 Renaissance-style Carved Oak Extension Dining Table, late 19th century, with nine leaves, ht. 30, dia. 60 in. $200-400

1125 Two Framed Groups of American Political Campaign Buttons, including Kennedy, Nixon, Taft, Garfield, Bush, Dole, and Dukakis. $100-150 1126 Federal-style Carved Mahogany Double-back Settee, Armchair, and Framed Tapestry, (damage). $200-400 1127 Three Anatolian Flatwoven Rugs and a Pair of Baluch Saddlebags, Turkey and Iran, late 20th century, Kelims: 12 ft. x 4 ft. 5 in.; 8 ft. x 5 ft. 3 in.; 7 ft. 5 in. x 2 ft. 5 in., Baluch: 4 ft. 9 in. x 1 ft. 7 in. $200-300 1128 French Figural Mantel Clock, early 20th century, cast white metal clock depicting a cherub atop a dove-drawn chariot, 2-in. roman numeral dial with a cast brass floral decorated center and paste stones surrounding the bezel, brass, thirty-hour time-only movement with a platform escapement, ht. 9 1/2 in. $150-250

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1129 Three European Table or Desk Clocks, 20th century, an Art Decostyle case clock with fluted columns flanking the octagonal dial, a gilt-brass cathedral-form clock, and a tambourstyle silver-plate clock, all with thirtyhour movements, ht. 5 to 8 in. $150-250 1130 Gilt-brass Figural Mantel Clock, France, c. 1840, a figure of a schooler dressed in renaissance attire with a book in his left hand seated on a formation of rocks with a gilt 3 1/4-in. roman numeral dial below, cast brass midsection and front scrolled foot panel depicting floral, swag, and shell decoration with a bust of a man at the front corners, eight-day time and countwheel strike movement with silk thread suspension, ht. 17 in. $200-300 1131 U.S. Navy Keuffel & Esser Co. Station Pointer, New York, 20th century, no. 72147, aluminum arms, one engraved “U.S. Navy, BU.Nav Protractor, Three-arm, Metal, righthanded 1939,” 6-in. dia. 360 degree scale with movable verniers, lg. 21 in. $150-250 1132 Brass and Mahogany Four-draw Spyglass, E. Dixey, London, early 19th century, with original sliding eyepiece cover and sliding end cover, lg. closed 15 in. $200-300 1133 Brass and Mahogany Two-draw Spyglass, T. Harris & Son, London, 19th century, with sliding eyepiece cover and original brass end cap, brass tubed inscribed “DAY-OR NIGHT” under the maker’s name, (cracks to mahogany), lg. closed 20 1/2 in. $200-300 1134 Two Federal Pine and Cherry Washstands, ht. 37 in. $150-200 1135 Two Federal One-drawer Stands, one pine and one cherry, ht. to 29 in. $150-200

1145 Chinese Rug and Round Mat, c. 1910, rug 6 ft. 9 in. x 4 ft.; mat, dia. 20 in. $200-250

1137 Brass-mounted and Foliate-etched Glass Hanging Lantern, (damage). $150-200

1146 “Throne” Cover, Tibet, c. 1910, 2 ft. 6 in. x 2 ft. 5 in. $200-250

1138 American School, 20th Century

1147 Two Victorian Base Metal Figural Thermometers and a Crystal Regulator, each with mercury, ht. 8 3/4 in.

Country Road. Unsigned. Oil on panel, 5 x 7 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Surface grime, minor frame abrasions, abrasion c.l. $100-150

Note: Items containing mercury cannot be shipped and must be picked up at the gallery. $100-200

1139 American School, 19th Century Shore Scene with a Beached Ship. Unsigned. Oil on canvas, 9 3/4 x 16 1/4 in., framed. Condition: Scattered flaking and losses, rippling, surface grime. $200-250

1148 Fifteen Conger Metcalf Pen and Ink Sketches in Two Common Frames, ht. to 30, wd. to 24 in. $200-300 1149 American School, 19th Century

1140 Two R.C. Gorman Tiles, both with hooks for hanging on a wall, 12 x 12 in. $200-400 1141 Black-painted and Gold-accented Bannister-back Side Chair, ht. 41 1/2 in. $100-150 1142 Chippendale Carved Mahogany Veneer Scroll-frame Mirror, (imperfections), ht. 42 in. $100-150 1143 Turned Maple Bannister-back Armchair, 18th/19th century, (imperfections), ht. 45 1/4 in. $100-150 1144 Pair of Framed George and Martha Washington Silhouettes, sold with a single silhouette of a man, ht. to 15 1/2 in. $100-150

Still Life with Dandelions. Unsigned. Oil on canvas, 10 1/4 x 8 1/4 in., unframed. Condition: Scattered flakes to edges, surface grime. $100-200 1150 Etruscan-style Engraved Bronze Bracelet, with geometric engraving and ram’s head ends, (imperfections), dia. 3 in. $100-200 1151 Lenox Apollo 11 “Buzz” Aldrin Porcelain Plate, dia. 10 3/4 in. Notes: This plate is part of an exclusive dinner set presented to astronaut “Buzz” Aldrin. A total of twelve place settings were created and presented to Mr Aldrin, with a few extra dinner plates created for the Lenox museum and traveling exhibits. $200-300 1152 Two Shasavan Runners, Northwestern Iran, 19th and 20th century, 12 ft. 6 in. x 3 ft. 10 in. and 3 ft. 8 in. x 1 ft. 6 in.; together with a Turkish saddlebags, 20th century, 4 ft. 6 in. x 1 ft. 6 in. $100-150

1153 Turned Green Stone Bulbous Vase, 20th century, ht. 6 1/2 in. $100-200 1154 Federal-style Cherry One-drawer Stand, ht. 27, wd. 28, dp. 18 3/4 in. $100-150 1155 Two Maple Arrow-back Windsor Side Chairs, possibly Maine, ht. 35 in. $100-150 1156 Chippendale Carved Maple Side Chair, ht. 41 1/4 in. $100-150 1157 Georgian-style Mahogany Plant Stand and a Gilt Frame. $100-150 1158 Limoges Porcelain Fish Service, eleven plates, a platter, sauceboat, and dish, (losses). $300-500 1159 Two Chinoiserie-style Mantel Clocks, Switzerland and France, both black-painted wood cases with raised decoration, 3 1/2-in. dials, eight-day time-only movements, ht. 6 1/2 in. $100-150 1160 French Brass Figural Mantel Clock, c. 1850, figures depicting a sailor’s wife in distress holding her children atop a rocky ledge, faded 3-in. silvered dial, central frieze with an applied shell, dolphin, and cat-o’-nine tail motif, acanthus leaf molding above the scrolled shell-decorated feet, eight-day time and countwheel strike mechanism, ht. 19 in. $200-300

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1136 Federal-style Cherry Taper-leg Stand, ht. 27, wd. 16 1/4, dp. 17 1/2 in. $150-200

1161 French Gilt Figural Mantel Clock, c. 1890, gilt-metal base with a young boy standing next to the 3-in. roman numeral porcelain dial all resting on a white stone platform and ornately scrolled base, eight-day time and countwheel strike movement, ht. 15 in. $150-250

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1162 Two Framed Goya Print Facsimiles: Tauromachia and “Bull Fight.” $20-30 1163 Ladder-back Maple Armed Rocking Chair, ht. 38 in. $100-150

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1164 Classical Mahogany Stool, 19th century, ht. 8, wd. 12, dp. 9 1/2 in. $20-30


1165 Wisteria Maiden (Fugi Musume) Doll, Japan, 20th century, dressed in a wisteria-print kimono and holding a spray of wisteria flowers, in case, doll ht. 21 1/2, case 25 x 14 1/2 x 12 1/2 in. $50-100 1166 Collection of 2 x 2 Glass and Film Slides, images of various regions of America and the world, three boxes, (incomplete). $150-250 1167 Federal Gilt and Reverse-painted Tabernacle Mirror, 19th century, (losses), ht. 32, wd. 19 in. $150-250 1168 Three Framed Works, a pencil sketch of a girl, signed “Charlotte O. Scheller,” a print of boy’s fishing at night, and a lithograph after Eugene Delacroix. $200-250 1169 Alfred Birdsey (Bermudan, 19121996) Winter Scene with Skiers. Signed “Birdsey” l.r. Watercolor on paper, 22 x 17 in., framed. Condition: Buckling towards right margins. $100-200 1170 Three Cast Iron Polychrome Dog Doorstops, ht. to 10 1/2 in. $100-150 1171 Cast Iron Polychrome Owl Doorstop and Still Bank, ht. 6 in. $100-150

1172 Three Persian Mats and a Turkish Mat, 20th century, 2 ft. 10 in. x 2 ft.; 2 ft. 2 in. x 2 ft.; 2 ft. 8 in. x 1 ft. 11 in.; 3 ft. 9 in. x 3 ft. $300-400 1173 Fetiye Chinese Rug, c. 1920, 4 ft. 5 in. x 2 ft. 6 in. $100-150

1182 Two Framed Len R. Howard Watercolor Stained Glass Studies, mid-20th century, one of a tower window and one of war memorial window at St. Matthew’s Church in Worcester, ht. to 12, wd. to 7 3/4 in. $200-300 1183 Helen M. Robinson (American, 20th Century)

1174 Three Framed Prints of Rome and a Photograph of Paris. $100-200

Two Forest Scenes. Signed and dated on the reverse. Oil on canvas, 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 in., framed. $150-250

1175 Thirteen Matted Ed Otto Photographs, each sight size approx. 10 x 16 in. $200-300

1184 Large Walnut and Brass Ship’s Wheel, dia. 59 3/4 in. $200-400

1176 Zelkova Upper Half of a Two-part Tansu, Japan, early 20th century, ht. 19 1/2, wd. 42, dp. 17 1/4 in. $200-250

1185 Stratford Oak Paneled Ice Box, ht. 40 1/2, wd. 23, dp. 20 3/4 in. $100-200 1186 No lot.

1177 Federal Red-stained Walnut Onedrawer Stand, ht. 27, wd. 20, dp. 19 3/4 in. $100-150 1178 Red-painted Six-board Chest, 19th century, ht. 18 1/2, wd. 47 1/2, dp. 18 in. $100-200 1179 Five Framed Engravings, John Dainty’s “Washington Family,” Nathaniel Currier’s “Wm. Penn’s Treaty with the Indians when he Founded the Province of Pennsylvania,” Currier and Ives’ “John Brown,” a Reinthal and Newman of Lincoln, and a Bradley & Co. “Lincoln and his Family.” $100-150 1180 Two Rotating Bookshelves, ht. to 38 in. $200-250 1181 Large Paint-decorated and Canvasmounted Wood Shield, ht. 53, wd. 40 in. $100-150

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1187 Two Framed Gloucester Postcard Groups, each depicting harbor and shore scenes, ht. 43, wd. 13 1/2 in. $75-125 1188 Framed Colorized Photograph of the Excursion Steamer Mount Hope, sight size 17 x 20 in. $75-125 1189 Framed Hand-colored Lithograph View of Providence R.I. from the South, 1849, sight size 16 x 37 1/4 in. $75-125 1190 Seven Brass Lighting Devices and Two Others, ht. 14 in. $100-150 1191 Fifteen Glass Bottles, including three Duffy Malt Whiskey Co., an Our Delight Vanilla, a J.W. Birmingham & Co. gin, an N.D. Hermitage, and a Maltine Mfg. Co., ht. to 12 in. $100-200

1193 One Hand Clock Co. Red-painted Clock, ht. 9 in. $50-75 1194 Chinese Export Bowl for the Islamic Market, early 19th century, famille rose floral ribbon at interior and exterior rim, Arabic inscription on interior, traces of gilding, ht. 4 3/4, wd. 11 1/2 in. $200-300 1195 Small Grain-painted Mirror, 19th century, ht. 9, wd. 7 1/4 in. $100-150 1196 Chippendale Stained and Carved Maple Side Chair, late 18th century, ht. 37 1/4 in. $100-150 1197 George III Carved Mahogany Armchair, England, late 18th/early 19th century, (repairs), ht. 36 1/2 in. $100-150 1198 Pair of Chippendale Maple Ribbonback Side Chairs and Maple Chamberstand. $100-150 1199 Needlepoint Rug, China, contemporary, 8 ft. 7 in. x 5 ft. 7 in. $200-300 1200 Carved Wood Antelope-form Architectural Fragment, (damage), ht. 13 in. $100-150 1201 Embossed White Metal and Glass Hanging Lantern, ht. 16 in. $100-150

1202 Moser Etched Colorless Glass Vase and a Green Gambaro & Poggi Murano Glass Vase, ht. to 12 1/4 in. $200-250 1203 Carved and Painted Wood Rocking Horse, 20th century, lg. 44 in. $100-150 1204 Federal Walnut One-drawer Dropleaf Worktable, ht. 29, wd. 17 1/2, dp. 18 3/4 in. $100-150 1205 Queen Anne-style Chinoiseriedecorated Candlestand, ht. 28 3/4 in. $100-150 1206 Chippendale Carved Maple Side Chair, ht. 37 1/2 in. $100-150 1207 Large Group of Silver-plated Tableware, including four ice buckets, a reticulated octagonal tray, and a pair of wine coasters. $100-150 1208 Seventeen Assorted Lighting Devices, including a carriage lantern, a pierced tin lanterns, and a pair of mirrored tin sconces. $150-200 1209 Large Group of Assorted Porcelain and Ceramic Tableware, including Rose Medallion, Mintons “Pink Cockatrice,” majolica, and two Enoch Wood & Sons blue and white transferware, (imperfections). $200-300 1210 Large Group of Glass Tableware, including art glass paperweights, an Art Nouveau quilted vase with silver overlay, blown colorless wines and cordials, and a set of six “Horn of Plenty” pressed wines. $200-300

1211 Four Continental Titles on Science, Kinetische Theorie der Warme, Karl Herzfeld; Verhandelingen Teyler’s Tweede Genootschap, Elfde Deel; Equations Fonctionnelles, B. Hostinsky; Die Brownsche Bewegung Und Einge Verwandte erscheinungen, Dr. G.L. de Hass-Lorentz. $100-150 1212 No lot. 1213 Chippendale Carved Mahogany Scroll-frame Mirror, 18th century, ht. 36 1/2, wd. 20 in. $250-350 1214 George III Mahogany Side Chair, ht. 38 1/2 in. $100-150 1215 Five Inuit Carved Soapstone Animals, 20th century, an “Isa,” “Dimu,” and “Peter,” lg. to 11 in. $200-300 1216 Set of Four Steuben Colorless Glass Candlesticks, all with a teardrop bubble inside, (one with chip), mark on base, ht. 4 in. $100-200 1217 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, The Baker Street Irregulars, Inc., 1948. $150-250 1218 Sixteen Hadley Pottery Mugs and Plates. $100-200

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1192 Large Group of Glass Bottles, including a Japanese soda bottle, a green Palmer, a P. Harrington Sons, a Curran & Joyce Co., a Freckenhauser & White Co., and numerous others. $100-200

1219 Twenty-six Green Transferdecorated Tableware Items, 19th century, nine J. Jamieson & Co. “Bosphorus” plates and fourteen soup bowls, and three others: a covered dish, a pitcher, and washbasin. $250-350 1220 Twenty-two Pieces of Tulip Gaudy Welsh Ceramic Tableware. $250-350

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1221 Five Staffordshire Ceramic Figures, England, 19th century, ht. to 7 1/2 in. $150-250

1232 Copper Fire Bucket, 19th century, ht. 10 1/2 in. $30-50

1243 Pair of Neoclassical-style Bronze Andirons, ht. 30 1/2 in. $200-300

1222 Three White-painted Spool-turned Tables. $200-300

1233 Pair of White Metal Busts After Auguste Moreau, 20th century, ht. 13 in. $200-300

1244 Rotary Toaster, Brass and Iron Skimmer, and a Tin Roaster. $150-200

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1223 White-painted Pine Mantel, 19th century, ht. 51 1/2, wd. 69 3/4 in. $200-300


1224 Two Pairs of Brass Andirons. $100-200 1225 Three Brass Buckets, a Bedwarmer, and a Floor Lamp. $200-300 1226 Two Turned and Painted Worktables, ht. to 28 3/4, wd. to 39 3/4 in. $200-300 1227 Federal Red-stained Maple Bed, (repairs), ht. 46 3/4, wd. 49 1/2, dp. 81 in. $200-300 1228 J. Drew & Son Leather Trunk, together with a smaller unmarked trunk, ht. 15, wd. 30, dp. 18 1/2 in. $100-200 1229 Queen Anne-style Maple and Pine Oval-top Tea Table, ht. 26, wd. 35, dp. 27 in. $200-300 1230 Modern Indian Bronze Horse and Rider Pull Toy, 20th century, ht. 11 1/2 in. $100-200 1231 Wrought Iron Floor Lamp, ht. 57 1/2 in. $75-100

1234 Primitive Carved Wood Figure of the Madonna and Child, ht. 29 1/2 in. $150-250 1235 Radex Stereo Viewer and Seven Boxed Stories. $100-200 1236 Pair of Marchand Mother-of-pearl Opera Glass and an Embroidered Silk Purse. $150-250 1237 Group of Late 19th and Early 20th Century Children’s Books. $150-250 1238 Rococo-style Carved and Gilt Mirror, ht. 51, wd. 27 3/4 in. $150-250 1239 Karl Springer-type Cream-painted Low Table, ht. 26 1/2, wd. 40, dp. 32 in. $200-400 1240 Karl Springer-type Green-painted Coffee Table, ht. 19 1/4, wd. 40, dp. 22 in. $200-250 1241 Framed Needlepoint Sampler, depicting Adam and Eve and a pious verse, (imperfections), ht. 17, wd. 17 3/4 in. $200-250 1242 Framed Watercolor Portrait of a Woman with Ornate Embossed Border, 19th century, ht. 14 3/4, wd. 13 1/4 in. $200-250

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1245 Queen Anne Walnut Veneer Mirror, Europe, 18th century, ht. 21 1/4, wd. 10 in. $100-150 1246 Classical-style Carved and Inlaid Mahogany Dressing Mirror, ht. 23, wd. 23 in. $100-150 1247 Framed Oil on Board Religious Scene, sight size 6 3/4 x 5 1/2 in. $150-250 1248 Diminutive Federal-style Maple Drop-leaf Table, ht. 26, wd. 9 1/2, dp. 28 in. $100-200 1249 Portfolio of Assorted Botanical Prints. $100-200 1250 Four Wedgwood Ceramic Vases, England, 19th and 20th century, (damage), ht. to 8 in. $150-250 1251 Pair of Mexican Foliate-carved Hardwood Doors, ht. 101, wd. 25 in. $800-1,000 1252 Chippendale Carved Cherry Side Chair, possibly Connecticut, 18th century, ht. 37 in. $100-150 1253 Peter Hunt-style Paint-decorated Bedroom Suite. $300-500

1262 Carved and Painted Shorebird, 20th century, ht. 13 1/2, wd. 14 in. $100-150

1270 Two Cast Iron Polychrome Figural Doorstops, ht. to 9 in. $100-150

1255 Redware Pottery Two-handled Jar, (imperfections), ht. 10 in. $100-150

1263 Framed W. Krafft Chromolithograph of Godesberg Ruin in Bonn, sight size 15 1/2 x 20 1/2 in. $30-60

1271 Kerman Rug, Iran, c. 1950, 4 ft. x 2 ft. $100-150

1256 Two Cast Metal and Stone Trays, one green onyx, depicting children, and one red stone with two wolves, wd. to 9 in. $250-350 1257 Two Dutch Delft Ceramic Chargers, 18th century, a blue and white “War Bonnet,” and one polychrome, (losses), dia. to 14 in. $200-400 1258 Black-painted and Foliate-carved Bible Box, 19th century, ht. 6 1/4, wd. 14 1/4, dp. 9 1/4 in. $100-150 1259 French Gilt Figural Mantel Clock, c. 1840, a woman kneeling down with her hands in prayer, and a small shrine besides her, roman numeral porcelain dial, with illegible retailer’s name, scrolled, pierced, and marble paneled base, eight-day time and countwheel strike mechanism with silk thread suspension, ht. 16 in. $200-300 1260 French Gilt and Alabaster Statuary Mantel Clock, late 19th century, the figure of a man in renaissance attire standing next to the 3-in. roman numeral porcelain dial, applied swag and floral-decorated base, eight-day time and countwheel strike movement marked “Dumoulin Neue & H. Mclie Paris,” ht. 13 in. $100-150 1261 Gilt and Patinated Spelter Figural Clock, France, with a figure standing next to the porcelain dial drum head with surrounding foliage, roman numeral porcelain dial with Breguetstyle hands, all resting on a gilt scrolled and floral decorated base, eight-day time and countwheel strike mechanism marked “Machenuad Paris,” ht. 12 1/2 in. $150-250

1264 Six Assorted First Edition Novels, Ernest Hemmingway, The Old Man and the Sea, Scribner’s, 1952; Mazo de la Roche, Explorers of the Dawn; Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind, The Macmillan Co., 1936; John Malcolm Brinnin, Dylan Thomas in America; Tennessee Williams, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, New Directions Books, 1955; and Clare Leighton, Sometime Never, The Macmillan Co., 1939. $250-350 1265 Theodore Cantrell (American, 20th Century) Padded Court. Signed “Cantrell” l.r., titled and dated “...1986” on a label affixed to the stretcher. Oil on canvas, 36 x 30 in., framed. $200-250 1266 Three Small Oil on Board Paintings, a still life with fruit, a panoramic jungle landscape, and a scene with horses, lg. to 24 in. $200-250 1267 Thirteen 35mm Cameras, various makers, Nikon “Nikkormat,” Universal Camera “Mercury II” and a “Univex Iris Deluxe,” Minolta “Minolta 35,” three Kodak: “Retina I Type 126,” “Retina II,” and “Signet 80,” Agfa “Silette,” Sanei “Samoca 35 III,” and four others. $200-400 1268 Four Polychrome Cast Iron Frogs and Insects, a frog doorstop and container, and two fly-form containers, ht. to 3 1/4, lg. to 5 1/2 in. $100-150 1269 Cast Iron Rooster Bank and a Doorstop, ht. to 7 in. $100-150

1272 Tekke Rug, Central Asia, c. 1910, 4 ft. 4 in. x 3 ft. 3 in. $100-150 1273 American School, 19th Century Sunset Landscape. Unsigned. Oil on panel, 5 x 8 in., framed. $100-200 1274 Framed Thomas McKnight (American, b. 1941) Signed Serigraph, edition “AP 31/35,” sight size 16 x 18 in. $200-300 1275 Framed Watercolor Still Life of a Flowering Urn, Lansing, Michigan, 1858, signed “Samuel Baldwin Potter/S. Eliza Potter/Lansing Mich. Sept. 30 1858,” (imperfections), ht. 17 3/4, wd. 14 3/4 in. $150-200 1276 George Bleich (American, 20th Century) Coastal Shoreline. Signed and dated “George J. Bleich 1973” l.r. Oil on board, 17 1/2 x 35 3/4 in., framed. $100-200

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1254 Red-painted Ladder-back Side Chair, ht. 39 1/2 in. $100-150

1277 Three Framed Pati Bannister (American, 1929-2013) Lithographs of Girls. $75-125 1278 Two Windsor Armchairs and a Slatback Side Chair. $200-300 1279 Late Classical Mahogany Veneer Two-drawer Drop-leaf Worktable, 19th century, (losses), ht. 28 3/4, wd. 17 3/4, dp. 16 1/2 in. $100-150

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1280 Federal Carved and Gilt Splitbaluster Tabernacle Mirror, 19th century, (imperfections), ht. 31, wd. 15 3/4 in. $50-75

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1281 Framed Oil on Board of a Spanishstyle Church, signed and dated “Adler 02” l.r., 11 3/4 x 8 3/4 in. $200-300


1282 Country-style Maple Corner Cupboard, 20th century, ht. 79, wd. 42, dp. 18 in. $150-200 1283 Two-piece Country Pine Paneled Cupboard, ht. 80, wd. 39, dp. 23 in. $300-500 1284 Seven Decorative Items, including a sabre, a leather-clad powder flask, and three leather shoes. $300-500 1285 Iron-clad Storage Box, with foliateengraved escutcheon, ht. 16, wd. 29 3/4, dp. 16 3/4 in. $400-600 1286 Shaker-style Finger-lapped Pantry Box and a Nantucket Swing-handled Basket, ht. to 6, wd. to 12 1/4 in. $100-150 1287 Two Framed Maritime Engravings, a Dickins harbor scene after Harold Wyllie and a Laird titled Sun Setting, sight size 11 3/4 x 17 in. $100-150 1288 Bristol Glass Floral-enameled Sixlight Candelabra, late 19th century, ht. 26 in. $300-500 1289 Bronze and Marble Three-piece Garniture, a pair of four-light candelabra with putti supports and a mantel clock flanked by satyrs, (imperfections), ht. to 20 1/2, wd. to 19 in. $800-1,200

1290 Large Della Robbia Terra-cotta Plaque of the Madonna and Child, (repair), ht. 31, wd. 19 in. $200-400 1291 Three Small Framed and Colored Reproduction Maps, ht. 7, wd. 9 in. $100-150 1292 Two Chippendale Maple Ribbonback Side Chairs, ht. to 37 in. $100-150 1293 Black-painted Bannister-back Side Chair, ht. 43 in. $75-100 1294 Two Early Brass Candlesticks, 17th/18th century, ht. to 7 1/2 in. $100-150 1295 Gilt and Painted Oval Tray, 20th century, wd. 28 1/2, dp. 22 3/4 in. $50-75 1296 Waterford Crystal Decanter and Three Other Colorless Glass Vessels, ht. to 13 1/2 in. $100-150 1297 Chinese Jar with Cover, overall blue and white bird and flower decoration, Kangxi mark, ht. 11 1/4 in. $100-200 1298 Large Group of Metal Domestic Items, including a large copper pot, a pair of engraved brass candlesticks, and a hearth fork with heart-form handle. $200-250 1299 Group of Books, Engravings, and Ephemera, including Rollins’s Ancient History volume 6-8, an 1805 Fables de la Fontaine, and a Currier & Ives William Tell. $200-300 1300 Large Group of Small Frames. $50-75

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1301 Child’s S.A. Smith Mfg. Co. Wheelbarrow, Brattleboro, Vermont, late 19th/early 20th century, ht. 10 1/4, wd. 35, dp. 13 1/2 in. $100-150 1302 Large Group of Cut Crystal Tableware, including a set of six Val St. Lambert wines, ht. to 12 in. $400-600 1303 Extensive Group of John Maddock & Sons “Indian Tree” Porcelain Tableware, 20th century, (imperfections). $150-250 1304 Two Boston Rockers and a Windsor Side Chair. $100-200 1305 Primitive Pine Single-board-top Coffee Table, composed of antique elements, ht. 21 1/4, wd. 52 1/2, dp. 23 1/4 in. $200-400 1306 Queen Anne-style Maple Tilt-top Tea Table, ht. 27, dia. 35 1/4 in. $200-300 1307 Large Group of Limoges Porcelain Tableware. $150-250 1308 Twelve German Porcelain Tableware Items, including three bird-decorated cups and saucers and a teapot, and a Meissen dish. $200-400 1309 Group of German Decorative Items, eight blown glass animal-form Christmas ornaments, and various carved and painted figures. $150-250 1310 Group of Decorative Items, including two German license plates, a Thomas Danforth pewter plate, and six animalform napkin holders. $200-250 1311 No lot.

1313 Yellow-painted Table and Four Green-painted Ropetwist Chairs. $300-500 1314 Baker Louis XVI-style Walnut Veneer Dining Table, ht. 29, wd. 66, dp. 46 in. $400-600 1315 Edwardian Mahogany and Glass Vitrine, ht. 32, wd. 27, dp. 18 in. $300-500 1316 Framed Thai Printed Cotton Textile, 20th century, ht. 24, wd. 22 1/2 in. $100-200 1317 Framed Modern Print After Fitz Hugh Lane’s The Yacht America, 1974, ht. 30 3/4, wd. 38 1/2 in. $50-70 1318 Set of Four Baroque-style Carved Oak and Leather-upholstered Side Chairs, ht. 47 in. $200-300 1319 Turned Ash Bowl, 18th/19th century, with collection sticker on underside, (imperfections), ht. 3 1/4, dia. 8 in. Provenance: The Roger Bacon Collection. $100-150 1320 Small Enameled Portrait Plaque, dia. 3 in. $100-150 1321 Large French Engraved Brass Carriage Clock, late 19th/early 20th century, fully engraved panels with bird of paradise motif throughout, bail handle on top, caryatids flanking the 4-in. roman numeral porcelain dial with Breguet-style hands, eight-day time and strike movement, ht. with handle extended 10 1/2 in. $150-250

1322 Two Waterbury Desk Clocks and a French Carriage Clock, cast foliage decorated case with white arabic numeral dial with a thirty-hour time and strike mechanism; a beveled glass and brass example with a white enameled dial and stepped base, eight-day timeonly movement; the oval French case with beveled glasses and white painted enameled dial with calendar subsidiary dial below, eight-day time and strike movement, ht. 5 to 6 in. $150-250 1323 Two Miniature Grandfather Desk Clocks, arch-top hood with painted floral designed case, and brass-faced pendulum and weights; the serpentine mahogany case with stepped base and gilt decoration, both with thirty-hour movements, ht. 6 1/2 to 10 in. $50-75 1324 French Black Slate and Gilt Mantel Clock, c. 1880, with a double-handled brass urn above the roman numeral porcelain dial signed “Chauvel A Nantes,” floral and shell bezel surround, dolphin bauble at the corners, foliate brass cove-molding above the scrolled front feet, eight-day time and countwheel strike with silk thread suspension, ht. 17 in. $200-300 1325 French Morbier Clock, 9-in. roman numeral porcelain dial marked “Y. Le Cuziant a Lannion,” with a pressed brass dial surround of leaves and berries, iron and brass eight-day time and strike movement, regulated by a pressed brass decorated pendulum, movement ht. 18 1/2 in. $200-400 1326 Three Framed Works, an acrylic on paper of a couple, and engravings “Ponte del Ticino in Pavia” and “Veduta generale della Citta di Liena.” $200-250 1327 Two James Abbott McNeill Whistler Billingsgate Collotype Facsimiles. $50-70

1328 Century Graphic and Graflex 1A Cameras, Rochester, New York, “Century Graphic” in gray leather, with Graflex roll film back and Graftar lens, and a “Graflex 1A,” (missing a lens). $200-300 1329 Four Cast Iron Polychrome Dog Doorstops, ht. to 9 1/2 in. $100-150 1330 Five Framed Prints of Italian, Parisian, and American Tourist Attractions. $200-300 1331 Six Framed Assorted Photographs, sold with a 1988 Ansel Adams calendar and Charlotte Mauk’s Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada. $200-300 1332 Two Royal Copenhagen Eneret Porcelain Lions, Denmark, late 19th century, with factory marks, ht. 3 5/8 to 4 in. $50-100 1333 Eight Early Hand-colored and Engraved Fan Decorations, depicting classical scenes and botanicals, including a The Ladies Bill of Fare or a Copious Collection of Beaux. $200-300 1334 Seven Engraved Fan Decorations, including a Tricks on Cards, Marriage Feast, and Vive La Bagatelle. $200-300

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1312 Group of Hands and Eyes, including brass and bronze paperweights, carved wood hands from figures, handform paperclips, and molded metal arms, hands, and eyes. $200-300

1335 Group of Pottery Items, including a redware spittoon, Rockingham-glazed bowls and molds, a Rockinghamglazed book flask, and a spongeware pitcher. $100-150 1336 Federal Red-painted Pine Onedrawer Stand, ht. 29, wd. 16 3/4, dp. 16 1/2 in. $100-150

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1337 Blue and White Porcelain Vase, electrified, vase ht. 13 in. $40-60

1347 Two Federal One-drawer Stands, ht. to 29 in. $200-300

1338 Stained Maple Long Bench, ht. 19, wd. 72 1/2 in. $200-300

1348 Federal Maple Tilt-top Candlestand, early 19th century, ht. 25 1/2, wd. 15 3/4, dp. 22 1/4 in. $150-250

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1339 Wood- and Cloth-bound Steamer Trunk. $50-100


1340 Framed Audubon Chart No. 2 Lithograph, 1900, (imperfections), ht. 45, wd. 30 in. $100-150 1341 Pair of Framed Gould Richter Bird Prints, Chequered Violet-Ear and Villavicencio’s Sabre-wing, sight size 19 1/2 x 13 3/4 in. $100-150 1342 Victorian Art Glass Epergne, late 19th century, ht. 22 1/2 in. $200-250 1343 Twenty-three Bailey, Banks, & Biddle Porcelain Teaware Items and Five Colorless Glass Wines. $50-75 1344 Red-painted Ladder-back Armchair, ht. 44 in. $100-150 1345 Five Giovanni Offredi for Saporiti Chairs, Italy, 1980s, diagonal raised velour upholstery in mauve, sea green, and gold, raised on casters, cloth label, ht. 32, wd. 23, dp. 22 in. $100-200 1346 Group of Carved Mahogany Pressed Glass Molds, 19th century, dia. to 7 1/2 in. $100-150

1349 Eleven Pieces of Swirled Purple Slag Glass, early 20th century, ht. 9 in. Provenance: Andy Warhol Collection, Sotheby’s, 1988. $200-300 1350 Twenty-two Pieces of Ceramic Tableware, ht. to 10 1/4 in. $150-250 1351 Modern Cast Bronze Hindu Statue, 20th century, ht. 11 in. $200-300 1352 Seven Decorative Items, a bronze censer, a bronzed cast metal rabbit, a lacquered box, and four foo lions: two cast metal, a carved and painted wood, and a carved stone. $200-300 1353 Mintons “Carlton” Dinner Service for Ten and Twelve Spode Cups and Nine Saucers. $200-250 1354 Five Arts and Crafts Slag Glass Panels and Eleven Glazed Ceramic Tiles. $150-250 1355 George III Mahogany Two-drawer Worktable, England, early 19th century, ht. 28 1/2, wd. 20, dp. 15 1/4 in. $300-500 1356 Pair of Framed Oil on Board Scenes Depicting Chickens, sight size 5 3/4 x 7 3/4 in. $200-400

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1357 Continental Carved and Gilt Oak Upholstered Throne Chair, ht. 58, wd. 28 in. $300-400 1358 Framed Woolwork Picture of British Lords, 19th century, (losses), ht. 21, wd. 18 1/2 in. $250-350 1359 Pair of Small Turned Brass Andirons, 19th century, ht. 13 1/2 in. $100-150 1360 Compass from the 12-meter Yacht Constellation, mid-20th century, liquid-filled compass mounted in a black-finished brass body, ht. 6, dia. 7 1/2 in. $150-250 1361 T.S. & J.D. Negus Gimbaled Compass, New York, 6 1/2-in. revolving silvered compass with cardinal points and fleur-de-lis representing north, lock-down screw on side, collapsible sighting lines, all mounted to a gimbaled bracket with lead weight below, overall dia. 10 in. $100-150 1362 Two Schneider Large Format Enlarging Lenses, Germany, both Componon f/5.6 lenses, 135 and 210 mm. $100-200 1363 Franz Koschich Black Forest Wag-on-the-Wall Clock, Germany, painted arched wooden dial with arabic numeral chapter ring and a bird in the arch, thirty-hour brass and wood time and strike movement powered by two “pine cone” weights and regulated by a pendulum, ht. of dial 10 in. $100-150 1364 Green-glazed Ceramic Vase with Horses, ht. 22 in. $200-300

1366 Framed Porcelain Plaque with Photomechanical Portrait of a Girl with a Parrot, ht. 9 3/4, wd. 7 3/4 in. $150-250 1367 George Bleich (American, 20th Century)

1373 Iridescent Slag Glass and Bronzed Metal Lamp, ht. 66 in. $200-250 1374 Pair of Wedgwood Dark Blue Jasper Vases, electrified, ht. 12 1/2 in. $200-250 1375 Three Cut Glass Bowls, a Plate, and Three Knife Rests. $150-250

Autumn Landscape. Signed and dated “George J. Bleich 1976” l.r. Oil on board, 19 1/2 x 29 1/2 in., framed. $200-400

1376 Pair of Cantagalli Polychrome Soup Plates, Italy, 20th century, dia. 9 3/4 in. $150-250

1368 Pati Bannister (American, 19292013)

1377 Embossed and Enameled Copper Chalice, ht. 9 3/4 in. $50-75

Blonde Girl on a Prairie. Signed l.r. Oil on board, 13 1/2 x 19 1/2 in., framed. $500-700 1369 Pati Bannister (American, 19292013) Meadow Scene with Two Girls and a House. Signed l.r. Oil on Masonite, 17 1/2 x 27 1/2 in., framed. $600-800 1370 Georgian Mahogany Corner Chair, ht. 31 3/4 in. $200-300 1371 Group of Antique Furniture Reference Books and Auction Catalogs, including Marion Iverson’s The American Chair, Ralph Carpenter Jr.’s The Arts and Crafts of Newport Rhode Island 1640-1820, and ParkeBernet Galleries catalogs for collections of Luke Vincent Lockwood and Maurice Rubin. $100-150 1372 Cast Iron Axe Head, lg. 11 1/2 in. $100-150

1378 Group of Jasperware, Limoges, and Porcelain Hair Receivers. $50-75 1379 Eight Ceramic Hen-on-nest and Swan Dishes, lg. to 10 in. $200-300 1380 Five Glass and Ceramic Make-do Items, two transfer-decorated, two glass oil lamps, and a Chinese export porcelain teapot. $150-250 1381 William and Mary-style Blackpainted One-drawer Tavern Table, ht. 27, wd. 38, dp. 24 in. $200-300 1382 Seventeen Art and Architecture Books, including Christian Klemm’s Alberto Giacometti, Bohlin Jackson’s Arcadian Architecture, John Scarkowski’s Ansel Adams at 100, and John Reps’s Bird’s Eye View: Historic Lithographs of North American Cities. $150-250

1383 Arts and Crafts Floral-decorated Pottery Umbrella Stand, early 20th century, ht. 17 in. $200-250 1384 Framed Map of Brookline and a Floor Plan of a Greek Building. $200-400 1385 No lot. 1386 Boardman & Wells Ogee Clock, Bristol, Connecticut, c. 1840, mahogany case with painted wood roman numeral dial, reverse-painted tablet below, printed maker’s label inside, brass, thirty-hour time and strike movement powered by two cast iron weights and regulated by a pendulum, ht. 26 in. $50-75 1387 Henry Cowan Balance Beam Scale, Boston, walnut and string-inlaid single-drawer case with threaded brass plaque on top to accept the two-pan scale marked “Henry Cowan Boston,” with a set of graduated weights, case lg. 13 1/2 in. $50-75 1388 Adolf Sehring (American, b. 1930) Boy Fishing in a Pond. Signed l.r. Oil on canvas, 23 1/2 x 19 1/2 in., framed. $800-1,200 1389 Two Framed Watercolor Town Scenes, one signed “V. Flores,” the other by Nicole Gorlier, ht. to 11, wd. to 14 in. $150-250

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1365 Colorless Etched Glass Vase with Animals, late 19th century, ht. 5 1/2, dia. 5 1/4 in. $200-300

1390 Framed Oil on Canvas Courtyard Scene, 20th century, 11 1/2 x 15 1/2 in. $200-300

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1391 Group of Assorted Ceramic Tableware Items, including twelve Irish Belleek, a Jasper teapot, and a Staffordshire transfer-decorated pitcher, (imperfections), ht. to 11 1/2 in. $50-100


1400 Set of Eight Spode Floral-decorated Reticulated Plates and a Pair of Tureens, England, 19th century, (imperfections), ht. 7, dia. 7 1/2 in. $200-300

1392 Paint-decorated Wag-on-the-Wall Clock. $100-150

1401 Ten Transfer-decorated Ceramic Children’s Mugs, England, 19th century, ht. to 3 1/4 in. $150-250

1393 Twenty Staffordshire Ceramic Spaniels and Whippets, 19th and 20th century, ht. to 10 1/4 in. $200-250

1402 Six Banded Mocha-decorated Ceramic Vessels, 19th century, (imperfections), ht. to 8 1/4 in. $250-350

1394 Carved Pine Doll’s Chair, a Yellowpainted Mortar, and a Kingsbury Toys Trains. $200-250

1403 Attributed to Anton B. Vizy (American, 1937-2016)

1395 Group of Carved and Turned Wood Domestic Items, including three stools, two hanging wall boxes, a tabletop firescreen, and a leather fire bucket. $200-300 1396 Two Braided Rugs, early 20th century, dia. 54 and 87 in. $200-300 1397 Two Small Hooked Rugs, 19th/20th century, a floral and a geometric, lg. to 47 in. $100-150 1398 Large Group of Staffordshire and Staffordshire-type Ceramic Figures, 19th and 20th century, including two pairs of candlesticks, an assortment of small animals, and a Macready, (imperfections), ht. to 16 in. $300-500 1399 Ten Transfer-decorated Ceramic and Glass Children’s Plates, England, 19th century, including a Robinson Crusoe, a pink lustre ABC, and an octagonal “Promises” plate. $200-300

Fall. Titled on the reverse. Oil on canvas, 22 1/2 x 22 3/4 in., framed. $200-300 1404 Framed Pen and Ink Sketch of a Woman with a Violin and Flamingo, 20th century, sight size 17 1/2 x 23 3/4 in. $400-600 1405 Three Porcelain Tableware Items, 19th and 20th century, ht. to 7 in. $150-250 1406 Six Frames, ht. to 39, wd. to 24 3/4 in. $50-75 1407 Nine Creamware Tableware Items, early 19th century, including a pierced and reticulated basket and undertray, a footed dish, and a reticulated bowl. $250-350 1408 Five Staffordshire Ceramic Castles and Cottages, England, 19th century, ht. to 7 1/2 in. $200-300 1409 Thirteen Gaudy Welsh Ceramic Tableware Items. $250-350

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1410 Nine Blue Transfer-decorated Items, England, 19th century, including a W.B. & Co. teapot and covered sugar, two Canadian-pattern platters, and an Olive-pattern platter. $200-300 1411 Eight Blue Transfer-decorated Vessels, England, 19th century, ht. to 5 in. $200-300 1412 Diminutive Queen Anne-style Japanned High Chest, 19th century, (imperfections), ht. 59, case wd. 28, dp. 15 in. $700-900 1413 Rosewood Lap Desk and a Framed Facsimile of the Madonna and Child After Albrecht Dürer. $100-200 1414 Five Titles on the Sciences and Astronomers, Memoirs of the life of David Rittenhouse, William Barton, 1813; Studies in Spectrum Analysis, J. Norman Lockyer, 1894; Other Worlds than Ours, Richard Proctor, 1902; Maria Mitchell: Life Letters, and Journals, compiled by Phebe Mitchell Kendall, 1896; A Treatise on the Kinetic Theory of Gases, Henry William Watson, 1876. $100-150 1415 Hu-form Ceramic Vase, probably China, modern, dull metallic glaze, ht. 12, dia. 9 in. $200-300

1500 Five Loose Paintings, China, 20th century, ink and color on paper, two depicting flowers, two of dancers, and a calligraphy painting, signed and sealed, sizes to 28 1/2 x 13 1/4 in. $100-150 1501 Two Paintings, Japan, 19th century, in the manner of Taki Katei (18301901), one depicting small flowers, inscribed with two seals, dated 1874, signed with a seal; and one with willow branches, inscribed with two seals, signed with a seal, ink and color on silk, each with silk mat and mounted on cardboard, 27 5/8 x 11 1/8 in. $50-100 1502 Hanging Scroll, Suzuki Shonen (1849-1918), Japan, late 19th century, depicting eight Buddhist jewels, each with a signature and seal of Shonen, ink on paper, 47 x 23 3/4 in. $300-500 1503 Painting on Panel, Korea or China, depicting a panoramic Chinese landscape with a river in a mountain range and people on boats, cut in four sections, ink and light color on brown paper, mounted on a framed wooden board, each painting 21 x 13 in. $100-200 1504 Thangka of Kalachakra, Tibet, 20th century, depicted multi-headed and eight-armed, standing on a lotus pedestal, with his consort, also eightarmed, before a mandala and an aureole bordered with floral and foliate scroll bands, along with other seated deities and his manifestations in a natural setting with trees, mountains, and clouds, distemper on cloth, gilt details, bordered, framed, and covered with fabric, painting 34 x 23 1/4 in. $50-100

1505 Thangka Hanging Scroll Depicting a Triad of Amitayus, Tibetan China, 19th century, with three-headed eightarmed Amitayus seated in a stupa in the center, flanked with two Tara deities seated above, distemper on cotton, mounted in a glazed frame, painting approx. 9 3/4 x 8 1/4 in. $300-500 1506 Framed Painting Depicting a Man, Japan, in the manner of Kano Tanyu, in profile possibly of Tu Fu, wearing a straw hat and riding on a donkey, inscribed with two seals, ink and light color on paper, painting 17 3/4 x 12 5/8 in. $50-100 1507 Pair of Calligraphy Couplet Hanging Scrolls, China, ink on paper, in the manner of Sun Wen (1866-1925), each with seven characters, translates to “willing to study for ten years, and would like to sail through wind and waves for thousands of miles,” undated, sealed “Sun Wen,” 63 1/2 x 14 1/2 in. $50-100 1508 Hanging Scroll Depicting a Mountain and River Landscape, China, ink and color on paper, in the manner of Huang Junbi (1898-1991), dated 1981, signed and sealed, sight size 53 x 27 in. $200-300 1509 Hanging Scroll of a Flower Painting, China, 20th century, in the manner of Zou Yigui (1686-1772), inscribed with a poem, signed and sealed, ink and color on paper, 29 x 13 in. $400-600 1510 Hanging Scroll Calligraphy, China, ink on paper, composed of five characters: “kong shui gong cheng xian” (crystal clear sky and water blending together), signed and sealed, 54 x 13 in. $50-100 1511 Hanging Scroll Depicting a Pomegranate Branch, China, in wet color and dry ink brushes, inscribed with three seals, ink and color on paper, painting 37 3/4 x 23 1/8 in. $50-100

1512 Hanging Scroll Depicting a Landscape, China, in the manner of Gu Fang (c. 1690-1730), a pastoral scene with fields, trees, huts, figures and mountains, inscribed “after the brush method of Zhao Lingrang’s Summer Mist Along the River Scenery (Song Dynasty),” with a Tang Dynasty’s poem of rural life “in the vast field, white egrets are flying; on the shaded forest trees, yellow orioles are singing,” signed by “gu fang,” with two seals of the artist “gu fang si yin” and “jiu feng shan ren,” ink and color on silk, 65 x 21 in. $400-600 1513 Four Hanging Scrolls Depicting Buddha and His Teaching, China, 20th century, ink and color on paper, each painting 53 x 24, mount 70 1/2 x 28 1/2 in. $200-300 1514 Hanging Scroll Depicting a Master and His Disciple, Japan, 20th century, signed and sealed by Matsumoto Fuko (1840-1923), color and ink on paper, 40 x 14 in. $200-300 1515 Hanging Scroll Depicting a Studio in a Mountain Landscape, China, in the manner of Wang Hui (1632-1717), inscribed “tianxiang shuwu tu” (reading house with fragrance of heaven), dated bingyan year (1686), color and ink on silk, 51 x 30 in. $200-300 1516 Hanging Scroll Depicting a Girl Playing a Chinese Dulcimer, China, 20th century, in the manner of Gu Luo (1763-1837), signed “gu luo ximei” with one seal, ink and color on silk, 24 x 13 in. $200-300

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Asian Art

1517 Framed Landscape Painting, China, with waterfalls, inscribed with two seals, ink and light color on paper, painting 25 1/2 x 25 1/4 in. $200-300

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1518 Two Hanging Scrolls, China, 20th century, one depicting crane, ink and color on paper, size 26 x 17 in; one depicting mandarin ducks in river, ink and color on paper, size 51 x 25 in. $100-150

1524 Four Framed Paintings, China, a set of three paintings depicting a rooster, a bird with flowers, and a landscape, ink and color on paper; and a misty mountain range, ink and color on silk, all framed and glazed, sight size to 32 3/8 x 12 1/2 in. $150-250

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1519 No lot.


1520 Indian Hardwood Valuables Chest, domed lid opens to compartmented interior, exterior with decorated brass strapping, set on wheels, ht. 48, wd. 53 1/2, dp. 32 in. $400-600 1521 Japanese Painting of Poet, ink and colored pigments on wooden board, probably a fragment of a sliding door, depicting a seated poet, inscription on back, 14 3/4 x 11 3/8 in. $400-600 1522 Japanese Painting of Poet, ink and colored pigments on wooden panel, probably a fragment from a sliding door, depicting a seated poet, inscription on back, 14 7/8 x 11 3/8 in. $400-600 1523 Fu Baoshi Painting and Two Hanging Scroll Paintings, a waterfall landscape painting with a scholar in a pavilion, signed and sealed “Fu Baoshi,” dated “1956,” 17 x 37; a scroll painting, ink and colors on paper, depicting a mountain landscape, signed and sealed, foxing, painting 50 x 12 1/2, mount 77 x 17 1/4; and a Japanese scroll painting, ink and colors on paper, depicting two travelers in a mountain landscape, signed Seima, painting 54 x 13, mount 77 x 17 1/2 in. $200-400

1525 Seven Modern Chinese Paintings, 20th century, by various artists, depicting country livings, ink and color on paper, various sizes around 22 x 22 in. $50-100 1526 Hanging Scroll Depicting a Landscape, China, after Huang Binhong (1865-1955), with high peaks and pavilions, light ink and color on paper, inscribed with a poem, dated and signed with a seal, painting 26 x 14 1/2 in. $100-200 1527 Hanging Scroll Depicting an Interior Scene, China, in the manner of Qiu Ying (1494-1552), with three women and a boy around a desk with scholar’s accoutrements, ink and color on silk, dated and signed with two seals including a collector’s seal on the left bottom corner, painting 31 x 15 1/2 in. $300-500 1528 Hanging Scroll Depicting a Pair of Pheasants, China, Qing dynasty, standing on a rock in nature with flowering trees and plants, with two seals on the bottom corners, ink and color on silk, painting 52 x 16 1/2 in. $300-500 1529 Hanging Scroll Depicting Xiwangmu, China, in the manner of Qiu Ying (1494-1552), with five postscripts, inscribed with seals, ink and color on silk, painting 45 3/4 x 14 3/4 in. $300-500 1530 Chinese Hanging Scroll Painting, ink and colors on paper, depicting a figure in a mountain landscape, sealed, painting 45 1/2 x 21 3/4, mount 68 x 26 in. $200-300

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1531 Pair of Painted Wood Panels, China, near square, on one side with a palace scene and the other with a dragon design carved in line relief, framed, panel approx. 17 in. $300-500 1532 Hanging Scroll Depicting a Bearded Man, China, 20th century, seated on a rock near the water, looking out into the landscape, along with a young man playing a pipe under a tree, inscribed and signed with a seal, ink and light color on paper, painting 40 x 18 3/4 in. $300-500 1533 Hanging Scroll Depicting a Bearded Scholar Hermit, China, in the manner of Guxiang Wu (1848-1903), the man seated on a rock with a teacup in his left hand, while a boy attendant prepares tea under pine trees, inscribed in the upper and lower right corners with a seal each, a collector’s seal in the lower left corner, ink and light color on paper, painting 49 3/8 x 21 1/2 in. $500-700 1534 Pair of Hanging Scrolls, China, in the manner of Zhao Yunhe (18741955), one depicting lotus stalks, one depicting magnolias and peonies, both in the “boneless” technique, titled and signed with three seals including one in the lower left corner, ink and color on paper, painting 58 x 16 in. $400-600 1535 Painting Depicting a Landscape, China, in the manner of Li Keran (19071989), a panoramic view with boats on a river and an island in the distance, dated and signed with a seal, ink and light color on paper, framed and glazed, sight size 15 7/8 x 10 3/4 in. $300-500 1536 Seven Bird-and-flower Paintings, China, with two circular, four inscribed with seals, all ink and color on silk, fabric mats, paintings to 9 3/8 x 11 3/8 in. $200-300

1538 Hanging Scroll Depicting Blooming Peonies and Butterflies, China, after Ignatius Sickeltart (1708-1780), signed with a seal reading “Chen Al Qimeng,” color on silk, painting 10 1/4 x 12 in. $300-500 1539 Hanging Scroll Depicting Birds and Flowers, China, with four-character calligraphy on top, ink and color on silk, painting 35 3/4 x 17 1/4 in. $200-250 1540 Painting Depicting a Monkey, China, after Gao Jianfu (Chinese, 1879-1951), the monkey seated under the moon, with two calligraphy works, paper mat with fabric borders, painting 39 3/4 x 13 1/2 in. $100-200 1541 Calligraphy, China, in the manner of Lin Shanzhi, in cursive script, dated and signed with two seals, 39 3/4 x 14 in. $200-300 1542 Calligraphy, China, in the manner of Qi Gong, with two characters reading “jingxin,” signed with a seal, on fabric matte, calligraphy 11 1/8 x 23 3/8 in. $200-300 1543 Painting Depicting Children Looking at a Waterfall, China, in the manner of Feng Zhikai (1898-1975), inscribed, signed and sealed, ink and color on paper, 22 x 13 1/2 in. $200-300 1544 Painting Depicting a Man with a Horse, China, 20th century, with an imperial collection seal, ink and color on silk, 9 x 9 in. $200-300

1545 Fan Painting with Chrysanthemum, China, in the manner of Huang Junbi, dated 1978, signed and sealed, ink and color on paper, 6 x 19 in. $200-300

1551 Seven Bird and Flower Watercolors, China, 20th century, depicting flowers and birds of the four seasons, one framed, sizes to 17 1/2 x 16 in. $300-500

1546 Bamboo Painting on Silk, China, in the manner of Hong Yr (1880-1942), inscribed with a Buddhist poem, signed and sealed, ink on silk, 15 x 8 1/2 in. $200-300

1552 Hanging Scroll with Calligraphy, China, 20th century, signed “Liang Shiqiou,” ink on paper, 17 1/2 x 10 in. $500-700

1547 Fan Calligraphy, China, in the manner of Wang Guowei, signed and sealed, ink on silk, 8 x 21 in. $200-300 1548 Calligraphy Couplet, China, in the manner of Wu Hufan, dated and signed with two seals, ink on paper, with fabric mat, calligraphy 43 1/4 x 8 3/4 in. $200-300 1549 Hanging Scroll of Two Paintings, China, 20th century, depicting a flower and a mouse on an oil lamp, signed “Zhang Daqian,” ink and color on paper, each painting 10 x 7 in. $300-500 1550 Thangka Depicting Guan Yu, Tibetan China, 18th century style, sitting in a tiger-skin chair, touching his beard with his right hand, flanked by a warrior with a sword to his right and an official to his left, three lama figures seated on clouds above, offerings of food on a table in front, gilt details, distemper on cotton, backed with paper, 15 1/2 x 11 1/2 in.

1553 Hanging Scroll Depicting a Waterfall Landscape, China, after Fu Baoshi (1904-1965), with a scholar sitting in a pavilion under pines and peaks, in dry brush work, inscribed with date “1960,” signed “Fu Baoshi bingji” with three seals, ink and light color on paper, painting 36 x 12 1/2 in. $300-500 1554 Three Semi-abstract Paintings, China, contemporary, each depicting a pastoral scene, ink and color on paper, framed and glazed, inscribed with seals, paintings to 17 x 17 in. $300-500 1555 Hanging Scroll Depicting Cockscomb Flowers, China, in the manner of Wang Xuetao (1903-1982), with insects, signed “Xuetao” with two seals including a collector’s seal in the bottom right corner, ink and color on paper, painting 25 1/2 x 13 1/2 in. $300-500 1556 Two Pith Paintings, China, one depicting an acrobat, the other a seated woman, framed and glazed, to 8 x 5 7/8 in. $100-150

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1537 Pair of Paintings, China, depicting a floral arrangement, one in a vase and the other in a basket, colors on silk, mounted on cardboard, fabric border, and glazed (glass damaged on one), 17 5/8 x 7 1/2 in. $200-300

Provenance: The estate of Dorothy Braude Edinburg. Note: Guan Yu is a historical figure who supported Liu Bei along with Zhang Fei during the early 3rd century in China. The general had become a religious figure of worship during the Ming dynasty and frequently portrayed in various art forms. Here the general is depicted along with Tibetan Dalai Lama deities, reflecting the good relationship between Tibet and China during the Qianlong reign. For a similar Chinese thangka with Guan Yu, see Sotheby’s Paris, Arts d’Asie, Lot 28, December 18, 2012. $200-300

1557 Six-panel Screen, Japan, early 19th century, the foreground depicting a shore line with rocks, low shrubs, and a boat floating with a large, carved dragon bow, warriors, and officials surrounding a seated high official, the background depicting mountains and pagoda, all against scrolling gold clouds, ink, color, and gold leaf on paper, each panel ht. 54, wd. 25 in. $1,200-1,500 1558 No lot.

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1559 Four-panel Mahogany Screen, 20th century, metal hinges, each section with two panels set with carved scenes in a lighter wood depicting figures in urban gardens or before city gates, each panel ht. 72, wd. 17 in. $400-600


1560 Four-panel Screen, Japan, 18th/19th century, depicting a continuous landscape scene, with a line of noble figures on horses and their suite, ink, color, gofun, and gold leaf on paper, fabric matted, framed as a panel, overall 34 1/2 x 67 5/8, painting 29 x 61 3/4 in. $200-300 1561 Two-panel Folding Screen, Japan, depicting a rooster and hen with chicks, (extensive tears), ink and color on paper, each painting 59 x 33 3/8 in. $200-300 1562 Blue and White Planter, China, bulbous shape with banded rim, decorated with a molded dragon against a blue and white ground, ht. 9, rim dia. 9 1/4 in. $300-500 1563 Set of Four Blue and White Cups, China, with slanted sides and flared mouth rim, decorated with the “Eight Buddhist Treasures” below a single ring around the rim and eight flowers above a lappet band around base, sixcharacter Chenghua mark in a double ring on base, one cup cracked and repaired, ht. 1 3/8, dia. 2 3/8 in. $100-200 1564 Three Chinese Export Blue and White Umbrella Stands, stencil decorated with landscape scenes, ht. 24 to 25 in. $200-300 1565 Three Asian Export Blue and White Umbrella Stands, two with stenciled landscape scenes, one brushed landscape scene, ht. 24 to 24 1/4, dia. 8 1/2 to 10 in. $200-300

1567 Pair of Blue and White Vases, China, 19th century, bulbous with long slightly flaring neck with tubular handles, both decorated with a narrative scene with a scholar to one and a warrior on the other, the neck with moon in clouds, and the handles bamboo designs, four-character Kangxi mark on base, ht. 8 3/4 in. $300-500 1568 Large Blue and White Porcelain Water Pot, China, thickly potted with applied four loops and a spout on the shoulder, decorated with a brushed dragon-and-phoenix design to body, allover crackling in brown, ht. 14 1/8 in. $200-300 1568A Blue Crackle-glazed Vase, China, bottle form with a garlic-head mouth and a ribbed neck, decorated with an allover pale blue glaze with fine crackle, six-character Qianlong mark in underglaze blue on base, ht. 7 1/4 in. $300-500 1569 Blue and White Porcelain Meiping Vase, China, Yuan/Ming dynasty style, decorated in three sections divided with double rings, the center with a Daoist scene with an immortal figure and pine trees, the shoulder with three lobed reserves against a pattern-filled ground, the bottom with a band of banana leaf lappet, ht. 13 1/8 in. $200-300 1570 Blue and White Elephant Dish, China, depicting an 18th century-style elephant and rider in underglaze blue, dia. 6 1/2 in. $50-100 1571 Blue and White Ribbed Bowl, China, with floral rim, resting on a short straight foot, with floral and foliate design, ht. 5 1/4, dia. 10 in. $200-300 1572 Blue and White Punch Bowl, China, decorated with a continuous landscape below a auspicious cloud band, ht. 6 3/8, dia. 13 3/4 in. $200-300

1566 No lot.

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1573 Four Large Blue and White Jardinières, China, two decorated with lotus scroll designs; one with a dragonand-cloud design; and one with a bird-and-flower design in panels, ht. to 19 1/4, dia. to 22 1/8 in. $300-500 1574 Four Large Blue and White Jardinières, China, three with dragon-and-cloud designs, one with landscapes in shaped panels, ht. to 16, dia. to 20 5/8 in. $200-400 1575 Pair of Blue and White Cups, China, in the form of a flower bud with panels separated into petals, each panel decorated with a branch of peaches and a lingzhi, resting on a molded branch base, six-character Qianlong mark on base, ht. 2 7/8 in. $500-700 1576 Pair of Chinese Blue and White Covered Ginger Jars, ht. 8 1/2 in. $50-100 1577 Blue and White Jar, China, 19th/20th century, globular, with inverted rim, decorated with lotuses and birds in water between a double ring around mouth and foot rim, some details in iron brown underglaze, six-character Qianlong mark on base, ht. 8 1/4, dia. 13 1/4 in. $500-700 1578 Blue and White Bowl, China, short upturned bell-shape with flared rim, resting on a raised foot, decorated with dragons in iron red enamel against a ground with clouds and waves, double rings, and a patterned band in underglaze blue, ht. 3 1/2, rim dia. 8 1/2 in. $200-400 1579 Blue and White Vase, China, 19th/20th century, oviform, with a long flared neck, resting on a raised straight foot, decorated with an interlocking design of lotus scrolls and auspicious symbols between a ruyi band around shoulder and a lappet band around foot, the neck with similar design, sixcharacter Qianlong mark on base, ht. 14 1/2 in. $200-400

1585 Large Blue and White Dragon Bowl, China, 19th/20th century, with well rounded sides, thickly potted, decorated with a dragon-and-cloud design between two bands of stylized wave and lotus lappet designs, sixcharacter Xuande mark in a double ring in the well, ht. 4 1/2, dia. 10 5/8 in. $300-500

1581 Blue and White Cup and Dish, China, the tall upturned bell-shape cup with slightly flared rim, resting on a raised foot, the exterior decorated with a broad diaper band with four floral designs, conch shell mark in a double ring on base, the dish, low bowl-shape with rounded bottom and flared rim, the interior decorated with a fourpetaled panel against a floral ground, the exterior with three floral sprays, one-character mark reading “bu” in a double ring on base, cup ht. 2 7/8, dish dia. 4 3/4 in. $300-500

1587 Two Blue and White Porcelain Items, China, a scroll rod end, decorated with dragon-and-cloud design, sixcharacter Jiaqing mark, ht. 2 1/4; and a miniature guan jar decorated with a dragon chasing a flaming pearl, ht. 1 3/8 in. $100-200

1582 Five Ceramic Weights and a Wood Carving, four blue and white weights with flower and plants designs and a blue-glazed weight; and a wood shishi seated with a ball under one foreleg, signed on base, ht. 1 3/8 to 3 7/8 in. $100-200 1583 Blue and White Vase, China, elongated oviform with a bulbous shoulder, long neck, and slightly everted rim, resting on a short outcurved foot, decorated with an eagle perched on a pine against a distant landscape, depicted with fine brushes in the manner of Wang Bu (1898-1968), six-character mark reading “yuanwen wuguo zhizhai” on base, ht. 10 1/4 in. $500-700 1584 Blue and White Ginger Jar, China, bulbous, decorated with the “One Hundred Boys” design in two panels with two shou characters in between (no cover), ht. 8 7/8 in. $700-900

1586 Blue and White “Rotating” Vase, China, decorated with archaic taotie design, Qianlong mark on base, ht. 7 3/4 in. $200-300

1588 Chinese Export Miniature Vase and Three Plates, 18th/early 19th century, blue and white bottle vase decorated with figures, silver hinged top, ht. 3 5/8; pair of famille rose plates with floral sprays, dia. 9 1/2; and a famille rose plate with floral sprays, dia. 9 in. $150-200 1589 Famille Rose Samson-type Charger, late 19th/early 20th century, floral border with basket of flowers in center, unmarked, dia. 21 1/4 in. $300-500 1590 Famille Rose Canister and Cover, China, 19th/20th century, tubular with two pairs of bamboo stalk-inspired loop handles to sides, decorated with garden scenes with women, the domed cover with a bamboo stalkinspired knob, decorated with a similar garden scene with two female figures, gilt details, ht. 7 3/4 in. $300-500

1591 Pair of Famille Verte Jars on Lamp Bases, China, 19th century, large cartouches depicting elegant garden gatherings, smaller with landscape scenes, bases with double ring mark, openwork wooden covers, set on wooden bases with rods ending in a single sockets, not drilled, not glued down, with rectangular paper shades, hardstone finials, jar with cover ht. 11, total ht. 30 1/2 in. $400-600 1592 Fencai-enameled Umbrella Stand, China, 19th century, cylindrical, resting on a bisque foot rim, decorated with still lifes with scholar’s accoutrements, in eight panels arranged in two tiers with three ruyi bands, against a patterned ground with gold fish, unglazed bisque base, ht. 26 1/8 in. $200-300 1593 Asian-inspired Umbrella Stand, celadon glaze with floral relief work in white, cartouches with depictions of a floral spray and an Asian landscape, unmarked, ht. 24 1/2, dia. 12 in. $200-300 1594 Famille Verte Teapot, China, 18th/19th century, bell-shape with fluted sides and a molded cloud motif at the shoulders, decorated with reserves containing flowers, rockery, and birds, ht. including handle 6 1/2 in. $200-300 1595 Rose Mandarin Umbrella Stand, China, late 19th/early 20th century, three registers with panels depicting birds and flowers or courtly scenes, ht. 24 1/4, dia. 9 1/2 in. $300-500

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1580 Blue and White Cup and Dish, China, possibly Kangxi period, the tall upturned bell-shape cup with flared rim, resting on a raised foot, decorated in the interior with a frieze of four female figures alternating with four flowering plants between two patterned bands, the saucer, shallow dish-shape with flared rim, decorated in the interior with four female figures alternating with peony, chrysanthemum, plum, and lotus flowers, surrounding a seated female figure in the center, both with “yu” (jade) mark in a double ring on base, cup ht. 3 1/8, saucer dia. 5 in. $300-500

1596 Pair of Famille Rose Vases, China, Republic period, globular with a long straight neck, resting on a short raised foot ring, decorated with butterflies, auspicious fruit, and floral sprays, six-character Qianlong mark in iron red overglaze on base, ht. 22 1/2 in. $300-500

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1597 Large Koimari-style Famille Verte Bowl, China, 19th/20th century, with rounded sides, resting on a short raised foot, the exterior decorated with three stylized pine tree designs, the interior with floral patterns and bands in iron red and green enamels, ht. 3 3/4, dia. 9 7/8 in. $200-300


1598 Four Famille Rose Landscape Plaques, China, 20th century, each depicting a different mountain and river scene with trees, boats, and houses, in the manner of Wang Yeting, framed, overall 8 1/2 x 5 3/4 in. $300-500 1599 Blue and White Charger, Japan, early 20th century, depicting chrysanthemum flowers and a pine tree with a bird perched on a branch, four spur marks, ht. 2 1/2, dia. 17 3/4 in. $200-300 1600 Famille Rose Charger, China, with concave well and lobed rim, decorated with floral spray design, bisque base, dia. 16 3/8 in. $200-300 1600A Group of Mostly Canton Enamel Items, China, including two square covered boxes, four star-shaped dishes, a group of octagonal dishes, and a copper repoussé dish, dia. to 9 3/8 in. $50-100 1601 Famille Rose Porcelain Ginger Jar, late 19th century, ht. 9 1/4 in. $50-100 1602 Famille Rose Jar, China, ovoid, the sides decorated with stylized lotus flowerheads and scrolling vines, with bats in blue and pink, and wan and shou characters, a lappet border at the base and a ruyi-head border at the mouth rim, all on a white ground, with a turquoise-glazed interior, four-character Qianlong mark on base, ht. 7 in. $400-600

1603 Famille Rose Cup, China, the exterior sides decorated with a lady playing with two boys in a garden setting, sixcharacter Yongzheng mark on base, dia. 3 1/4 in. $300-500 1604 Two Ceramic Vases, China, a peach bloom glazed meiping vase, resting on a broad bisque foot rim; and a tea dust glazed baluster vase with rolled everted mouth, resting on a raised splayed foot, ht. to 9 in. $300-500 1605 Five Ceramic Items, a sugar bowl with two applied twisted strap handles; a tubular teacup, (cracks); and three small bowl-shape teacups, (chips to rims), each with a wood stand, ht. to 3 7/8, wd. to 6 1/4 in. $100-200 1605A Two Porcelain Vases Mounted as Lamps, China, a mottled flambé-glazed meiping shape vase, with two lamp sockets, vase ht. 12 1/2; and a whiteglazed oviform vase, with two lamp sockets, vase ht. 10 3/4 in. $300-500 1606 Group of Rose Medallion Cups and Dishes, China, including a small covered jar, seven cups, saucers and plates, ht. to 4, dia. to 10 in. $150-250 1607 Pair of Famille Rose Footed Bowls, China, low bowl-shape with lobed rim, with carved wood stand, decorated with rooster design, ht. 2 1/2, dia. to 7 3/8 in. $200-300 1608 Famille Rose Bowl, China, shaped and decorated with butterfly-inspired design, Tongzhi mark on base, ht. 2, dia. 6 in. $200-300 1609 Fencai-enameled Vase, China, bulbous form with long neck and dish-shaped mouth, with pomegranate design, Yongzheng mark on base, ht. 11 1/2 in. $500-700

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1610 Wucai Famille Verte Jar, China, Ming dynasty style, with short straight neck and flat bisque base, depicting a continuous landscape with figures, underglaze blue details, six-character Jiajing mark on the shoulder, ht. 8 3/8 in. $400-600 1611 Six Asian Ceramic Items, a hare fur-glazed bowl; a white-glazed cup; a white-glaze water dropper; a blue and white lotus flower-shaped bowl; a blue and white oil bottle; and a round blue and white covered box, ht. to 2 3/8, wd. to 4 1/8 in. $200-300 1612 Enameled Porcelain Lidded Jar, China, 19th/20th century, globular form decorated with a continuous landscape with boys at play, the cover with a lotus knob, decorated with leaf branches, ht. 8 3/8 in. $200-300 1613 White-glazed Porcelain Figure, China, standing with a phoenix, (repaired breaks), ht. 16 3/8 in. $300-400 1614 Cizhou Ware Vase, China, Yuan dynasty style, meiping form, decorated with two figures standing in a garden, with a poem in calligraphy on the reverse in black and brown over a cream-colored glaze, ht. 12 in. $50-100 1615 Qingbai White-glazed Ding Bowl, China, possibly Northern Song dynasty, with eight-lobed rim on a short raised foot, the interior incised with a floral design, ht. 2 1/2, dia. 7 7/8 in. $500-700 1616 Three Earthenware Ceramic Items, China, one with a C-shape handle, one with two handles, and one with two handles and elongated neck, each decorated with brushed geometric pattern and line designs, ht. 6 1/2 in. $200-300

1618 Celadon Stem Cup, China, Ming dynasty style, rounded bowl with everted rim on a conical ribbed base, decorated allover with a green crackle glaze, ht. 4 1/2 in. $200-300 1619 Large Enameled Porcelain Jar, China, baluster form with waisted neck and flared rim, with stylized openwork handles, decorated with an interior scene with figures on one side and calligraphy on the other, ht. 22 1/2 in. $300-500 1620 Green-glazed Square Bowl, China, decorated with molded elephant heads to four corners, the flat base with three spur marks, ht. 1 3/4, wd. 4 3/4 in. $200-300 1621 Pair of Large Doucai Enameled Jars, China, each oval, with long flared neck and lobed mouth rim, resting on a bisque foot ring, depicting a continuous garden scene with figures at various pursuits, two pairs of applied chilong around the shoulder, two pairs of applied shishi on the neck, a lappet band around foot, six-character Jiaqing mark on base, ht. 23 1/4 in. $300-500 1622 Twenty-six Imari Export Porcelain Wares, China, 18th century, a set of four large blue and white plates; a set of five blue and iron red plates on brass hangers; a set of five small dishes, two on tin hangers; a small dish; a set of seven cups; a pair of cups; a bowl; and a creamer, all decorated with floral and foliate scrolls and bands with some details in gold, many with brown at rims, dia. to 10 7/8, ht. to 4 3/4 in. $300-500

1623 Nukina Kaioka (1778-1863), Chinese Mountain Landscape, Japan, ink and light colors on paper, signed and sealed, image 69 1/2 x 30 1/2, mount 98 x 38 3/4 in. Provenance: Ex collection Robert Hatfield Ellsworth. $200-300 1624 Ancestral Portrait Depicting an Bearded Official, China, seated on a chair, dressed in a blue robe with silver pheasant rank badge, ink and color on silk, framed and glazed, painting 43 x 25 5/8 in. $500-700 1625 Pair of Ancestral Portraits, China, depicting an old couple seated on chairs, ink and color on paper, gold details, fabric mat, painting 25 1/2 x 16 1/2 in. $200-300 1626 Reverse Painting on Glass, China, depicting two female figures seated outdoors, one with a baby and one with a lute, framed, painting 18 1/2 x 9 7/8 in. $200-400 1627 Two Pith Painting Albums, China, one with twelve leaves depicting genre scenes with figures; and one with eleven leaves with one missing a painting, each depicting a type of punishment, paintings to 7 1/2 x 11 in. $200-300 1628 Three Paintings, Korea, one depicting peach branches with two birds, inscribed, dated, and signed with seals; one depicting flowers, in boneless technique with dry brushes, signed with a seal; and one depicting a crane, unsigned, the first two, contemporary, loose, ink and color on paper, the last, possibly 19th/20th century, ink and light color on paper, glazed and framed, to 22 1/4 x 16 3/8 in. $200-300

1629 Enameled Porcelain Plate, China, decorated with a Buddhist scene below a band of Buddhist Treasure symbols, a stylized dragon-and-phoenix design on base, dia. 9 7/8 in. $200-300 1630 Pair of Enameled Vases, China, hexagonal, with floral decorations, ht. 13 7/8 in. $300-500 1631 Sancai-glazed Cup, China, Ming dynasty style, quatrefoil shape with branch form handles, with a streaked green, brown and beige glaze, ht. 2 in. $300-500 1632 Small Green-glazed Vase, China, pearshape with flared mouth, on a short raised foot, gilt rim, mark on base, ht. 6 3/4 in. $50-100 1633 Four Glazed Ceramic Items, Asia, a celadon-glazed tripod globular bottle, repaired to one leg, crackles to glaze; a brow crackle-glazed bowl with a metal clad rim, with blue and white design, a mark on base; a modern conical celadon-glazed bowl with buncheong inlaid lotus and chrysanthemum design, a mark on base; and a modern blue and white oil bottle, slightly compressed globular, with semi-abstract design, a mark on base; ht. to 4 3/8, dia. to 5 1/2 in. $200-300 1634 Black-glazed Stoneware Oil Bottle, China, with pewter fittings including the mouth cover and chained spout cover, ht. 3 5/8 in. $200-300

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1617 Turquoise Blue-glazed Figure of Guanyin, China, seated with her right leg raised, holding a fly whisk in her right hand, mounted on a wood stand, overall ht. 7 1/8 in. $50-100

1635 Pair of Large White-glazed Covered Jars, China, 20th century, decorated with “nine peaches� on branches applied against a patterned ground, below a band of ruyi-cloud design around the short neck, the domed cover similarly decorated with five peaches and a lotus bud applied on top as knob, ht. 23 3/4 in. $800-1,000

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1636 Blue and White Porcelain Vase, Korea, with a short straight neck and rolled rim, resting on a short raised bisque foot ring, decorated with orchids and calligraphy signed “Won Gok,” a character mark reading “ji” on base, ht. 12 1/2 in. $50-100

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1637 Celadon-glazed Stoneware Basin, China, with banded rim, resting on a foot rim with three notches, ht. 4 1/4, dia. 11 7/8 in. $200-300


1638 Wucai-style Covered Jar, China, bulbous with a straight neck, decorated with two phoenixes against a floral scroll ground, “tian” mark on base, ht. 3 3/4 in. $200-300 1639 Celadon-glazed Pottery Ewer and Cover, China, flattened round flaskshape with chicken-form spout and foliate scroll handle, on a four-sided stem foot, ht. 7 3/8, wd. to 7 1/2 in. $200-300 1640 Tang-style Figure of a Lady with Pekingese Dog, probably China, 20th century, polychrome glazes, ht. 20 3/4 in. $200-300 1641 Bottle Vase, China, modern, mottled white and rose glaze, ht. 4 3/4 in. $200-300 1642 Brown-glazed Pottery Jug, molded decoration of bands of stylized leaves, metal stopper and carrying chain, ht. 12 in. $200-300 1643 Celadon-glazed Stoneware Vase, China, pear shape with long flared mouth, ht. 10 5/8 in. $50-100

1644 Four Chinese Bowls, two celadonglazed, (one with rim chip), both dia. 7; one with iron-red glaze decoration depicting dragons, dia. 7 3/4; and a polychrome bowl, dia. 6 3/4 in. $200-300

1652 Pair of Famille Verte Porcelain Lanterns, China, hexagonal with pierced honeycomb designs, structured in two parts, decorated with floral and geometric patterns, ht. to 13 1/8 in. $200-300

1645 Covered Ceramic Snake Bowl, with green and red glazes with applied snakes, unmarked, (bottom broken into three pieces), dia. 7 in. $75-100

1653 Set of Ten Eggshell Famille Jaune Nesting Bowls, China, floral shape with petaled rims, dia. from 3 3/8 to 10 3/4 in. $200-400

1646 Brown-glazed Pottery Jug, China, with loop handles to neck, a short spout on shoulder, and a cork stopper, ht. 9 1/4, dia. to 7 1/4 in. $200-300

1654 Two Enameled Porcelain Hat Stands, China, hexagonal with pierced design, decorated with floral and figural designs, ht. to 11 1/8 in. $150-250

1647 Brown-glazed Jug, China, with bulbous shoulder and slanted sides, with two strap loop handles to shoulder, ht. 9 1/2, dia. to 8 1/2 in. $200-300

1655 Pair of Enameled Vases, China, bulbous forms with flaring neck, with two chilong handles to neck, with enameled Daoist scene against a celadon ground, ht. to 18 3/4 in. $300-500

1648 Yellow-glazed Pottery Jug, China, bulbous, with four applied loop knobs and a short spout, ht. 8 1/4, dia. to 8 in. $200-300 1649 Famille Rose Porcelain Vase, 20th century, ht. 14 1/4 in. $50-100 1650 Three Enameled Porcelain Items, China, a pair of ginger jars and covers, ht. 9 1/2; and a vase, ht. 11 7/8 in., all decorated with famille jaune floral designs. $200-300 1651 Five Assorted Asian Ceramic Items, two Kraak-style blue and white round covered bowls; a blue and white bottle vase; a Sumida ware vase; and a mottled glaze vase with lion head knobs, ht. 1 5/8 to 9 1/8 in. $200-300

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1656 Champlevé Vase, China, oviform with two loop handles over the shoulder, decorated with sky blue cloisonné designs, ht. 11 1/4 in. $500-700 1657 Six Assorted Asian Items, a glazed ceramic brush washer; a bronze ewer in a floral shape; a bronze dish with frogs; a small water dropper in the shape of a leaf; a bronze dog holder missing a part; and a rootwood carving, ht. to 5 7/8, dia. to 4 3/4 in. $200-300 1658 Yellow-glazed Bowl, China, with molded dragon design, with a carved wood stand, bowl ht. 2 7/8, dia. 6 in. $300-500 1659 Guan-type Glazed Dish, China, shallow dish with pale gray celadon glaze suffused with pale crackles, dia. 5 1/8 in. $300-500

1660A Three Chinese Export Blue and White Umbrella Stands, 20th century, two with stenciled landscape scenes, one with a brushed landscape scene, ht. 24 to 24 1/2, dia. 9 in. $200-300 1661 Doucai Double Gourd Vase, China, 20th century, decorated with gourds on overlapping vines with leaves and tendrils, ht. 7 1/2 in. $300-500 1662 Doucai Famille Verte Vase, China, gu-shape, decorated with broad friezes of pomegranates, floral branches, and a garden scene with figures, divided with three double rings below a stylized cracked ice band near mouth rim, unglazed base, ht. 18 1/8 in. $200-400 1663 Two Crackle-glazed Ceramic Items, China, a meiping-shape jar with rolled everted rim and slightly flared bottom, resting on a bisque foot ring; and a tripod censer eared with two loop holes, ht. to 10 1/4 in. $300-500 1664 Small Faux-bois Bowl, China, round with tall sides, decorated with four cartouches containing calligraphy poems over a marble-glazed ground, the interior and base turquoise, fourcharacter Qianlong mark on base, ht. 3 1/2 in. $200-400 1665 Two Enameled Ceramic Items, China, a double gourd-shape vase with square bottom, decorated with a lotus scroll design in underglaze blue; and a bulbous covered jar with dragons in underglaze yellow, the domed cover with inner flange, both reverse painted in red enamel, six-character Jiajing mark on base, ht. to 9 3/8 in. $300-500

1666 Pale Blue-glazed Altar Vase, China, gu-form with decorative ribbing, browndressed foot rim, six-character Qianlong mark on base, ht. 10 3/8 in. $400-600

1674 Five Pottery Animals, China, a pig, rabbit, horse, ram, and dog, all standing, decorated with Tang-style glazes, ht. to 4 7/8 in. $200-300

1667 Two Meiping Vases, China, 19th/20th century, a blue and white vase with a pomegranate design; and a doucai famille verte vase decorated with a dragon and floral scroll design between two lappet bands near mouth and foot, ht. to 14 3/8 in. $300-500

1674A Stoneware Tea Bowl with Hare’s Fur Glaze, China, Jian ware style, deep bowl shape with a dull ring around mouth rim, the metallic iron brown glaze spilling toward the well leaving a hare’s fur pattern on the interior and thickening toward the bisque foot, ht. 3, dia. 6 1/8 in. $200-300

1668 Brown-glazed Porcelain Scroll Holder, China, tall, square, pedestal-shape, decorated with underglaze bluebirds and flowers depicted in the manner of Wang Bu (1898-1968) in white-glazed panels of various shapes including two leaf-shaped, two circular, and two rectangular, all with a brown ground with molded trellis design, six-character mark reading “yuanwen wuguo zhizhai” on base, ht. 17 1/2, wd. 5 1/8 in. $400-600 1669 Flambé-glazed Hu Vase, China, with deer-head lug handles, decorated with an allover crushed raspberry glaze thinning at the mouth rim, with flecks of purple and blue, six-character Guangxu mark on base, ht. 11 in. $400-600 1670 No lot. 1671 Earthenware Jar, spindle-shaped, with a flared mouth rim, decorated with three rings painted in red, ht. 7 1/2 in. $300-500 1672 Six Earthenware Items, a jar; a jar with two loop knobs; two water droppers with molded decorations; a long slender vase; and a celadon-glazed jar with handles over shoulder, ht. to 5 1/2 in. $300-400 1673 Ming-style Burial Ware House, China, green and ochre glazed ceramic, representing the front facade of a residence, ht. 16 1/4, wd. 10 1/2, dp. 5 3/4 in. $300-500

1675 Two Longquan-style Celadon Dishes, China, a low bowl-shape dish, resting on a foot ring, decorated with lotus petals to the exterior; a flat-rimmed dish with rounded cavetto, resting on a short raised foot rim, decorated with two molded fish in the well, dia. to 8 1/4 in. $200-300 1676 Jun Ware-style Bowl, China, six-lobed globular form with short neck and foot, with two loop handles to shoulder, thickly potted, the blue glaze with a splash of purple to one side and of brown around edges, ht. 4 3/4, mouth dia. 4 3/8 in. $200-300 1677 No lot. 1678 Enameled Porcelain Meiping Vase, China, depicting a landscape, Yongzheng mark on base, ht. 9 in. $400-600 1679 Celadon-glazed Bowl, China, with allover crackling, low bowl with flared rim, on a slightly waisted foot, ht. 2 1/4, dia. 6 in. $300-500

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1660 Doucai Cup, China, decorated with roundels of peach branches and fruit encircling wan symbols, alternating with shou characters, six-character Kangxi mark on base in underglaze blue, ht. 1 3/4 in. $300-500

1680 Large Bronze Amphora, with two handles, ht. 20 1/2 in. $100-200 1681 Flambé-glazed Vase, China, bulbous with waisted bottom and high neck, the glaze mottled with bluish gray around the mouth, ht. 12 1/2 in. $300-500

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1682 Two Porcelain Vases, China, a famille rose meiping-shape vase, decorated with figures; and a blue and white vase with a figural landscape, with iron-red details, both with marks on base, ht. to 8 3/4 in. $300-500

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1683 Garlic-head Pear-shape Vase, in a sparkled brown glaze, patent number inscribed on base, ht. 5 1/4 in. $200-300


1684 Folding Horseshoe-back Hardwood Armchair, China, 19th century, the U-shaped top rail continuing to arms terminating in curved scrolls, the back splat decorated with an openwork depicting a dragon and qilin with fungus and gourd, the front seat stretcher carved with confronting dragons, the round legs terminating at rectangular base stretchers, woven jute seat, ht. (seat) 27, wd. 28, dp. 23 in. 700 $700-900 1685 Marble-top Hardwood Stand, China, late 19th/early 20th century, rosecolored marble panel set in frame, floral openwork apron, squared legs carved with dragon heads and floral scrolls ending in claw-and-pearl feet, shelves at middle and bottom, ht. 35 34, lg. 16, wd. 15 1/2 in. $300-500 1686 Five Asian-style Hardwood Wall Cabinets, 20th century, a pair in mahogany, glazed doors with frames carved with floral scrolls, interiors fitted with three stepped shelves, lined with black velvet, locks with key, ht. 33 1/4, wd. 20, dp. 5 3/4, shelf dp. 4 1/2; a similar cabinet with six stepped shelves, locks with key, ht. 33 1/2, wd. 19 3/4, dp. 3 1/4, shelf dp. 2; and a pair of cabinets with glazed doors with scroll carving at top, squared bases, interior fitted with six stepped shelves, mirrored backs, ht. 32 1/2, wd. 21 1/2, dp. 3 3/4, shelf dp. 2 1/2 in. $300-500

1687 Inlaid Hardwood Wall Cabinet, China, 20th century, door and door frame inlaid with mother-of-pearl flowers, figures, bats, and deer, two metal hangers, interior fitted with two stepped shelves, above a gallery with turned balusters, two drawers below, backboard inlaid with two robed figures in mother-ofpearl, ht. 20 3/4, wd. 17 1/4, dp. 4 3/4, shelf dp. 3 3/4 in. $300-500 1688 Hardstone Decorated Screen, China, 20th century, wood, black and colored lacquers, colored stones, gilding, the four panels depict in stone, lacquer, and gilt a garden with trees and pavilions populated by beauties making music and dancing, the reverse of each panel with a bird and flower painting in gilt and colors, each panel ht. 38, wd. 12, dp. 3/4 in. $300-500 1689 Lacquered Hardwood Cabinet on Stand, China, late 19th century, two hinged doors, the right depicting a pavilion in a landscape, the left two phoenixes and flowers, chased brass hardware, locks with key; sides decorated with birds and flowers, bail handles (one missing); interior: seven drawers with bail handles; later softwood painted stand, case ht. 20, wd. 20 1/2, dp. 12 1/4, ht. with stand 41 in. $400-600 1689A Painted Lacquered Stand, China, 20th century, lacquer and paint on softwood foundation, six-lobed top with depiction of bird and flowers, apron, curved legs, and base stretcher decorated with stylized flowers and vines, ht. 18, top dia. 13 1/4 in. $300-500 1690 Demilune Hardwood Table with Marble Insert, China, 20th century, gray marble panel set in round-edge frame, openwork apron depicting birds and flowers, round legs terminating in clawand-pearl feet, hump-back stretchers, ht. 31 1/2, wd. 35 3/4, dp. 17 3/4 in. $300-500

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1691 Chinese Hardwood Gong Stand and a Japanese Architectural Element, gong stand: 20th century, ht. 22 1/2, wd. 12 3/4; element: hinoki cypress, triangular, with openwork stylized clouds at bottom, flower at apex, ht. 10 1/2, wd. 49 3/4 in. $75-125 1692 Four-panel Lacquered Screen, inlaid with resin elements depicting an elegant gathering in a garden, gilt flower and bird paintings on reverse, each panel 72 x 18 in. $200-300 1693 Hardwood Chair in the Western Taste, China, early 20th century, with Dali marble, the crest rail decorated with stylized floral carving, the openwork back with circular marble insert at center, trapezoidal seat panel in the round-edged frame, floral carved apron, turned front legs, squared stretchers, overall ht. 37, seat 18 1/4 x 17 1/2 x 16 in. $200-250 1694 Pair of Lacquered Hardwood Lowback Armchairs, China, late 19th/ early 20th century, curved crest rail, round post and arms, splat with carved geometric meander, cane over board seat panel set in curve-edged frame, round legs, scalloped spandrels, curveedged stretchers, areas of black lacquer remaining, ht. 36 1/2, seat ht. 21, wd. 22 1/2, dp. 17 in. $200-400 1695 Hardwood Marble-inlaid Table and Stool, China, late 19th/early 20th century, both with lobe-shaped rosecolored marble set in carved frames, aprons and legs carved with vines, dragons, and birds, table ht. 27, top 18 x 21 1/2; stool ht. 20, top 14 x 17 in. $200-300 1696 Set of Four Hardwood Nesting Tables, China, late 19th/early 20th century, carved with stylized flowering branches, ht. 16 to 28, top of largest 19 x 14 in. $200-300

1698 Octagonal Hardwood Tall Stand, China, early 20th century, rose-colored marble panel set in carved frame, openwork waist and apron, cabriole legs ending in claw feet, ht. 35 1/4, top 13 x 14 in. $300-500 1699 Maison des Bambous Mother-ofpearl-inlaid Lacquered Softwood Panel, China, first half 20th century, single-board, with a raised oval center with an inlaid depiction of two deer, garden rocks, plants, and a tree in fruit and flower with two parrots, an inscribed poem about flowers, and a panel edged with geometric meander with stylized leaves, all set in a frame with floral mother-of-pearl inlays, label from Maison des Bambous, 170 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris (used from 1917 to 1994) on the back, 19 3/4 x 45 1/2 x 1/2 in. $500-700 1700 Four-panel Double-sided Floor Screen, China, each with four tiers of rectangular plaques holding figures, landscapes, ancient vessels, and calligraphy works, part of an eight-panel screen, ht. 28, wd. 5 1/4 in. each. $200-300 1701 Contemporary Asian Hardwood Low Table and Drum Stool, table: central panel set in frame with “ice-plate” edge, beaded apron and legs ending in hoof feet, hunchback stretchers, ht. 16 1/2, lg. 20 3/4, dp. 16 1/2; stool: round panel in circular frame edged with bosses to simulate drum nail-heads, slightly rounded body, legs joined by circular stretcher, the whole raised on short tabs, ht. 17 1/2, top dia. 12 in. $150-250 1702 Kawase Hasui (1883-1957), Yukufu Hot Springs, Japan, 1924, publisher Watanabe, with C-seal (1929-1942), framed and glazed, oban tate-e, sight size 14 5/8 x 10 in. $100-200

1703 Utagawa Kunisada II (1823-1880) Woodblock Print, Japan, 1852, from the series Hakkenden Inu no Soshi no Uchi (The Book of the Eight Dog Heroes), depicting Ishikameya Jidanta, signed “Kochoro Kunisada ga” with publisher’s seal “Tsutaya Kichizo,” oban tate-e, framed and glazed, sight size 13 3/4 x 9 1/4 in. $100-200 1703A Four Woodblock Print Books, Japan, one about women’s clothing; the Japanese building at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition; three about the Sino-Japanese war; and one about education of children by women, sizes to 10 x 7 1/8 in. $300-500 1704 Two Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) Woodblock Prints, Japan, Plum Gateway and In a Temple Yard, both originally published in 1935, dated and titled in the left margin with jizuri seal, signed in pencil in the bottom margin, framed and glazed, sight sizes to 15 1/4 x 10 1/2 in. $300-500 1705 Large Group of Japanese Print Reproductions, Later Editions, Postcards, and Framed Prints, recarved modern prints from the canonical artists including Hiroshige, Utamaro, Sharaku, Hokusai; a few framed reproductions of prints, a large group of woodblock post cards and note card reproductions most note cards mechanically reproduced, should be examined in person. $300-400 1706 Utagawa Kunisada II (1823-1880) Woodblock Print, Japan, depicting warriors in field training with a young warrior trainer, signed “Kochoro Kunisada ga,” oban tate-e, framed and glazed, sight size 13 5/8 x 9 1/2 in. $100-200

1707 Two Utagawa Hiroshige II (18261869) Woodblock Prints, Japan, one depicting an old scholar with young daimyos, oban tate-e, framed and glazed, sight size 9 1/2 x 4 3/8; the other depicting Hushimi town with people in picnic under a tree and passers-by on the street, oban yoko-e, framed and glazed, sight 7 5/8 x 10 3/4 in. $100-200 1708 No lot. 1709 Two Shin Hanga Woodblock Prints, Japan, one by Hiroshi Yoshida (18761950), depicting wisteria over a lake, signed in bottom left corner (partially visible), and one after Yoshida’s Kameido Bridge, signed by an unidentified artist with seal; both framed and glazed, oban yoko-e, sight size 9 7/8 x 15 in. $300-500 1710 Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858), Ariwara no Narihira Passing Mount Fuji on His Journey to the East, Japan, 1845-46, depicted against a landscape with pines and Mt. Fuji in the background, vertical oban tate-e diptych, signed “Hiroshige ga” with publisher’s seal Sano Ki and censor’s seal of Tanaka, color woodblock print on paper, framed and glazed, sight size 28 3/4 x 9 3/4 in. $200-300 1711 Tsuchiya Koitsu (1870-1949), Lake Sai Sunset, Japan, 1938, from the series Sketches of Famous Places in Japan, publisher Doi Hangaten, mounted on cardboard, oban yoko-e, 10 1/2 x 15 3/8 in. $300-400

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1697 Small Chinese Stained and Carved Hardwood Cabinet, ht. 34 1/2, wd. 25, dp. 18 1/2 in. $50-100

1712 Toshi Yoshida (1911-1995), Bamboo Garden, Hakone Museum, Japan, raised seal edition in the 1990s, originally published in 1954, publisher Yoshida Studio, signed in pencil in the bottom margin, oban yoko-e, 10 5/8 x 16 1/8 in. $100-200 1713 Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) Woodblock Print, Japan, depicting a river at Tango Province, from the series Famous Views of the Sixty Odd Provinces, later edition, with cut margins, oban tate-e, 13 7/8 x 9 3/8 in. $300-500

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1714 Two Woodblock Triptychs, Japan, 19th century, one by Yoshu Chikanobu (1838-1912); and one by Baido Kunimasa (1848-1920), each depicting a battle scene during the Sino-Japanese War, color on paper, framed and glazed, oban tate-e, 13 5/8 x 27 3/4 in. $100-200


1715 Three Shin Hanga Prints, Japan, Kawase Hasui, The Great Buddha at Kamakura, 1930, oban; Hiroshi Yoshida, Toshogu Shrine, 1932, oban; one by Takahashi Shotei, depicting a night scene with a woman holding a lantern, o-hosoban, all tate-e. $200-300 1716 Tadashi Nakayama (b. 1921), Portrait of a Girl, Japan, woodblock print, dated and signed “1956, T. Nakayama” l.r., framed, sight size 13 1/4 x 8 3/4 in. $200-250 1717 Twenty Mostly Shin Hanga Woodblock Prints, Japan, three depicting children by Saito and Yoshida; two by Ohara Koson; two by Tsukiya Koitsu; one by Kasamatsu Shiro; one by Chikanobu; and a group of eleven shin hanga wood block prints with eight depicting flora and fauna, one a mountainous landscape, one a cityscape, and one a bathing scene, various in sizes with the majority in oban. $1,000-1,500 1718 Two Hasui and Saito Woodblock Prints, Japan, Kiyoshi Saito (19071997), Village with Persimmons, signed and sealed, and Kawase Hasui (18831957), Evening Snow at Ishinomaki, signed and sealed, prints to 17 1/2 x 11 1/2 in. $300-500 1719 Toyota Hokkei (1780-1850), Fujiyama, Japan, surimono, signed, shikishiban, 8 1/4 x 7 1/8 in. $400-600

1720 Three Utagawa Hiroshige (17971858) Woodblock Prints, Japan, two from the series One-hundred Famous Views of Edo, including Yamashita District of Ueno and Shimmei Shrine and Zojo Temple in Shiba, both originally published 1856-58 by Uoya Eikichi, oban tate-e; and Shono Rainstorm, from the series Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido, originally published 1831-34, Hoeido edition, oban yoko-e, framed and glazed, sight sizes to 8 7/8 x 13 1/4 in. $600-800 1721 Hokusai, Surimono Woodblock Print, Japan, depicting a samurai figure with a courtesan doll on a “go” table, reproduction, 8 5/8 x 7 1/8 in. $200-300 1722 Fourteen Shin Hanga Woodblock Prints, Japan, 20th century, four by Toshi Yoshida (1911-1995); Toro, Kishu by Kawase Hasui (1883-1957), 1943, later edition with Watanabe’s K seal (1957-1989); two by Kasamatsu Shiro (1898-1991); Evening at Hira by Tsuchiya Koitsu (1870-1949); four by Katsuyuki Nishijima (b. 1945); Shinkyo Bridge in Winter by Kotozuka Eiichi (1906-1979), chuban yoko-e; and Beach-1 by Haku Maki (1924-2000), 5 1/2 x 5 1/2; the majority either oban or chuban, sizes to 17 1/8 x 12 3/8 in. $800-1,200 1723 Hokusai (1760-1849) Woodblock Print, Japan, In the Mountains of Totomi Province from the series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, later edition, framed and glazed, oban yoko-e, sight size 9 7/8 x 14 1/2 in. $300-500 1724 Natori Shunsen (1886-1990) Woodblock Print, Japan, 1925-29, depicting a kabuki actor against a mica ground, publisher’s seal reading Watanabe-ko, taped to matte on reverse, oban tate-e. $300-500 1725 Two Kawarazaki Shodo (1889-1973) Woodblock Prints, Japan, 1950s, both depicting peonies, taped to mat on reverse, oban tate-e. $300-500

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1726 Tsuchiya Rakusan (1896-1976) Woodblock Print, Japan, depicting a bird with a long beak beside a snowy river with barren branches, signed “Rakuzan Koushisei” with two seals, oban yoko-e. $200-300 1727 Yoshikawa Kanpo (1894-1979) Woodblock Print, Japan, 1923, Sato Shotaro edition with seal, 93/2000, depicting Nakamura Ganjiro in the role of Kamiya Jihei against a mica ground, oban tate-e. $300-500 1728 Tori Kotondo (1900-1976) Woodblock Print, Japan, 1929, 156/200 limited export edition by Sakai and Kawaguchi, depicting a woman in a robe, with impressed title Nagajuban (Long Undergarment) in the bottom margin, Kawaguchi seal in the right bottom margin, carved by Ito and printed by Komatsu Wasakichi, oban tate-e. $700-900 1729 Ohara Koson (1877-1945) Woodblock Print, Japan, depicting morning glories, publisher Watanabe Shozaburo with A seal (1924-30) in the left bottom margin, oban tate-e. $200-300 1730 Ohara Koson (1877-1945) Woodblock Print, Japan, depicting two carps swimming underwater, publisher Watanabe Shozaburo with A seal (192430) in the right bottom margin, oban tate-e. $200-300 1731 Kasamatsu Shiro (1898-1991) Woodblock Print, Japan, 1939, publisher Watanabe with C-seal (192942) in the left margin, titled and dated in the right margin, depicting a cherry blossom flurry at Kambayashi Hot Spring, signed with “Shi” seal, oban yoko-e. $700-900

1732 Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) Woodblock Print, Evening after Rain, Japan, 1926, with “Jizuri” seal in the left margin along with date and title in Japanese, titled and signed in English in the bottom margin, oban yoko-e. $200-300 1733 Kawase Hasui (1883-1957), Afternoon at Ninohashi Bridge in Azabu, Japan, 1921, published by Watanabe, posthumous edition with publisher’s J-seal (posthumous) on the print, signed with “Kawase” seal, titled and dated in the margin, 10 7/8 x 11 1/8 in. $700-900 1734 Kawase Hasui (1883-1957), Night Rain at Suhara Kiso, Japan, 1925, published by Watanabe, posthumous edition, from the series Selection of Scenes of Japan, signed with a seal on the print, publisher’s J-seal (posthumous) in the bottom right corner, titled and dated in the left margin, oban yoko-e, 9 x 12 1/8 in. $700-900 1735 Katsushika Hokusai (1740-1849) Woodblock Print Album, Japan, 1936, of Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji, holding forty-five chuban yoko-e prints including original thirty-six views and additional ten views, missing the first page, the Great Wave off Kanagawa, hardcover featuring the third depiction Rainstorm beneath the Summit. $300-500 1736 Japanese Woodblock Print, illustrating body organs to demonstrate relationships between food and health, oban tate-e, framed and glazed, sight size 13 1/4 x 9 1/2 in. $150-250

1737 Framed Toyokuni Woodblock Print, Japan, depicting two actors, oban tate-e, sight size 13 1/8 x 9 7/8 in. $100-150

1744 Woodblock Prints, Japan, Kunisada (1769-1825), geisha in the snow, framed, 39 x 20 in. $400-600

1738 Three Hiroshige (1797-1858) Woodblock Prints, Japan, each depicting a bird and flower, two with “Shiba” mark on reverse, hosoban and one o-hosoban, pasted on a cardboard, to 6 3/4 x 15 1/4 in. $300-500

1745 Jade Carved Bowl, China, upturned bell-shape, resting on a short raised foot, the exterior decorated in relief with orchids and calligraphy, celadon stone with russet markings, four-character Qianlong mark on base, with a carved five-legged stand, bowl ht. 2 5/8, dia. 7 1/8 in. $300-500

1739 Five Woodblock Prints, Japan, four by Kuniyoshi (1797-1861), including two from the series Men of Ready Money with True Labels Attached, Kuniyoshi Style; and two from the series Signs of the Twelve Zodiac; and one by Kunisada (1786-1865) depicting a sumo wrestler, all oban tate-e. $300-500 1740 Woodblock Print, Japan, Kiyoshi Saito (1907-1997), geisha in a black and red kimono, framed, 21 x 15 1/2 in. $200-300 1741 Woodblock Print, Japan, Kiyoshi Saito (1907-1997), geisha in a green kimono with abstract character, framed, 21 x 15 1/2 in. $200-300 1742 Woodblock Print, Japan, Toyokuni (1769-1825), triptych of Kabuki actors, framed, 33 x 19 in. $400-600 1743 Two Woodblock Reproductions, Japan, 20th century, Utamaro geisha reproduction prints, framed, 22 1/1 x 17 in. $50-100 1743A Woodblock Print, Japan, Kiyoshi Saito (1907-1997), geisha in a black and red kimono with family crest, framed, 21 x 15 1/2 in. $200-300

1745A 18kt Gold Chain Necklace, with three pendants: jade, hardstone, and coin, in 14kt gold mounts, chain lg. 15, pendant ht. to 1 1/4 in. $150-200 1746 Small Hardstone Covered Censer, China, round tripod form decorated with two dragon-inspired animal head handles with a loose ring, the compressed bell-shape cover surmounted by a seated shishi knob, pale celadon stone with white inclusion, with a wood stand, ht. 4, wd. 4 5/8 in. $100-200 1747 Three Hardstone Carvings, China, a pair of birds on wood stands; and a ruyi scepter, ht. to 4 1/4, lg. to 7 3/4 in. $100-200 1748 Three Pale Green Hardstone Carvings, China, a pair of mythical animals facing each other; and a covered vase, all on wood stands, ht. to 5, wd. to 4 in. $200-300

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1731A Four Framed Shin Hanga Prints, Japan, two by Ohara Koson depicting an owl and a flock of ducks; one depicting a landscape with Mt. Fuji; and one depicting a pair of mandarin ducks, all framed and glazed, oban sizes to 10 x 15 in. $200-300

1749 Three Agate Carvings, China, a russet deer, a gray immortal, and a white and orange goldfish, the first two on wood stands, ht. to 2 3/8, wd. to 5 in. $100-200

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1750 Hardstone Covered Vase, China, flattened hu-shape, with two chilongform openwork flanges to sides, the bell-shape cover with a lotus bud knob with openwork archaic scroll design to sides, the body with stylized lingzhi mushroom design in bas-relief, incised details, with a wood stand, ht. 8 in. $200-300

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1751 Five Hardstone Carvings, China, a lobed dish and four carvings of fruit and nuts, four green stone, one brown stone with gold speckles, dish wd. 4 1/2 in. $50-100


1752 Pair of Green Hardstone Carvings of Buddhist Foo Lions, China, both standing on wood bases, stone ht. 2 1/4 in. $50-100 1753 Hardstone Figure of Buddha, China, the deity depicted standing on a lotus base, apple green stone with dark green inclusions, ht. 6 5/8 in. $500-700 1754 Jade Covered Vase, China, 20th century, of flattened baluster shape, both sides depicting clusters of pineapple lilies on the body and the neck, the reticulated handles depicting two pineapple lilies and tendrils with two rings, the finial depicting a cluster of pineapple lilies with two rings, even dark green stone with dark brown inclusions, with stand, ht. 7 in. $300-500 1755 Green Hardstone and Metal Bowl, China, silvered metal trim at rim and base with openwork coiled dragon decoration, yellow-green stone flecked with white, dia. 4 1/4 in. $300-500 1756 Carved Hardstone Covered Stemmed Bowl, China, in the shape of lotus, stone of green mottled with russet to gray spots, ht. 6 1/2, dia. 7 in. $700-900

1757 Jade Belt, China, 20th century, composed of sixteen openwork carved square pieces each connected by a rectangular ribbed link, twelve of the squares depict low relief carved zodiac animals arranged in three groups each group separated by an openwork shou character, the two square clasps depicting a lotus blossom and leaves with a dragon-head catch, celadon stone with russet inclusions, lg. 41 1/2 in. $300-500 1758 Four Carved Hardstone Items, China, a white seated qilin; an agate brush washer in the shape of a lotus leaf; a covered flattened flask-shape vase with flowering branches, jade color stone with russet markings, on a wood stand; and a gray pebble with stylized bird and fish design, ht. to 6 1/4, wd. to 3 7/8 in. $400-600 1759 Carved Hardstone Belt Buckle, China, decorated with a dragon head and a openwork chilong, lg. 6 in. $300-400 1760 No lot. 1761 Five White Jade and Jadeite Items, China, three bangles, one rounded and solid, one carved with twist motif, and one with four interlocking strands, with two awl-form hairpins with chilong finial above openwork twisted strands, hairpin lg. to 9 1/2; bangle dia. to 3 5/8 in. $200-400 1762 Two Jadeite Bangles, China, pale green stone with spinach coloring, dia. to 2 1/4 in. $200-400 1763 Hardstone Covered Vase, China, flattened bulbous flask-shape, two carved dragon handles with loose rings to sides, the cover with a shishi finial, with wood stand, ht. 7 5/8 in. $500-700

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1764 Carved Hardstone Covered Vase, China, flattened bulbous flask-shape, decorated with carved openwork floral branches, green stone with light brown markings, with wood stand, ht. 6 1/4 in. $500-700 1765 Spinach Green Hardstone Covered Censer, China, compressed globular tripod, with two dragon head handles with loose rings to sides, the domed cover with four dragon heads and a seated lion on top, ht. 9 1/2 in. $700-900 1766 Hanging Scroll Still Life Painting, China, 20th century, depicting chrysanthemum flowers in a jar, dated yiyou year (1969), signed “kang,� color and ink on paper, 23 1/2 x 10 in. $300-500 1767 No lot. 1768 Carved Agate Cup, China, with a chilong-form handle to a side, the brownish gray translucent stone with brown markings, ht. 2 1/4, dia. 5 in. $300-500 1769 Carved Agate Frog with Carved Wood Lotus-shaped Stand, China, grayish green stone with dark russet brown markings, frog ht. 1 3/4 in. $200-300 1770 Hardstone Bowl, China, upturned bell-shape resting on a short raised foot, spinach green stone with lighter and darker inclusions, dia. 7 5/8 in. $300-500 1771 No lot. 1772 Two Hardstone Bi Discs, China, one with calligraphic design, one of plain white stone, dia. to 10 1/4 in. $50-100

1774 Hardstone Picture Frame, China, decorated with an openwork floral scroll band, an oval jadeite plaque tied to the top band, frame 13 3/4 x 11 1/8 in. $200-300 1775 Carved Fluorite Bowl with Wood Stand, China, lotus-inspired design with two figures to sides, ht. 4 in. $200-300 1776 Three Jade Pendants, China, one rectangular, carved with scholars in a landscape on one side and calligraphy on the other, one rectangular with rounded ends, carved with a boy and a bat on one side, calligraphy on the other, and a round pendant with openwork carvings of chilong, all pale celadon stone, lg. to 2 5/8 in. $100-200 1777 Two Carved Hardstone Items, China, a jadeite brush washer with two openwork chilong around the mouth rim, (repaired with metal staples), dia. 5 1/8; and a miniature hardstone ruyi scepter with carved details on the head, lg. 3 3/8 in. $250-350 1778 Small Red Agate Carving of a Rabbit, China, seated with the ears upward, with a wood stand, ht. 2 1/2 in. $50-100 1779 Carved Soapstone Basin, China, rolled lotus leaf-shape, with carved wood base, (chips to rims), ht. 3, wd. 10 3/8 in. $300-500 1780 Carved Soapstone Vase Mounted as a Lamp, decorated with a bird-andflower design, two-socket lamp on metal base, stone ht. 12 1/4 in. $150-250

1781 Large Hardstone Planter, China, cylindrical form tapering at the base, with an everted mouth rim, the sides carved with archaic-style taotie masks and stylized dragons, green mottled stone, dia. 14 in. $300-500 1782 Large Bronze Censer with Lotus Stand, China, compressed round tripod, with an undulating rim and loop handles, six-character Xuande mark on base, ht. on stand 6 1/2, rim dia. to 9 1/8 in. $300-500 1783 Polished Bronze Censer, China, squat round on tripod, with two loop handles, three-character mark engraved on base, ht. 3 1/4, dia. to 8 3/4 in. $300-500 1784 Polished Bronze Censer, China, squat round, on tripod, with two near square loophole handles rising from the mouth rim, six-character Xuande mark on base, ht. 2 7/8, dia. 6 1/4 in. $300-500 1785 Bronze Censer, China, squat round with a flaring rim, on a short stem foot, with two carved lion head knobs, the base with molded dragon roundel with six-character Xuande mark on base, ht. 2 3/8, dia. 5 3/8 in. $300-500 1786 CloisonnĂŠ Tripod Censer, China, compressed globular form with a banded rim, resting on three short feet, with two chilong-inspired loop handles to shoulder, decorated with lotus scrolls and floral roundels against a light blue ground below a petaled band in orange around the mouth rim, ht. 3 1/4, wd. 8 in. $300-500

1787 Four Sawankhalok Pottery Boxes with Lids, Thailand, possibly 14th to 16th century, all round, with bowlshape boxes and slightly domed lids, one resting on a stem foot, decorated with various geometric patterns, rings, and bands, in underglaze blue and iron brown, the covers decorated with carved animals except one with a lotus knob, three with glazed interiors, all with a round carved wood stand, ht. to 3 3/8, dia. to 4 3/8 in. $200-300 1788 Large Jardinière, probably Thailand, 20th century, brown body with yellow glaze decoration depicting a dragon and a sunburst, ht. 28 1/2, dia. 24 in. $200-300 1789 Sawankhalok Covered Box, Thailand, possibly 14th to 16th century, round, decorated with overlapping petal patterns and concentric borders, the cover with a molded leaf and stalk handle, dia. 2 7/8 in. $300-500 1790 Stoneware Stem Bowl, Thailand, Ban Chiang style, decorated with combed line design, (foot chipped), ht. 5 in. $500-700 1791 Earthenware Jar, Thailand, Ban Chiang style, on a high stem foot, decorated with painted swirls in red, (repairs to stem foot), ht. 8 5/8 in. $500-700 1792 Soapstone Chop Mounted in a Brass Fitting, China, the long chop decorated with a pair of foo lions and ruyi cloud in bas relief, (corner chipped), the banded fitting decorated with a mythical animal with dragon head soldered to the fitting, ht. 3 5/8, wd. 8 1/2, dragon wd. 7 in.

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1773 Carved Fluorite Lamp Vase, China, covered flattened rectangular flaskshape vase mounted on a carved wood stand, resting on a cast bronze base, electrified with two-socket lamppost, topped with a openwork roundel finial, vase ht. 14 1/4 in. $200-300

Provenance: The estate of Ernest Helides. $50-100 1793 Wood Carving of a Monk, squat seated with his head bent and face buried in hands, multiple cracks to wood, ht. 14 1/4 in. $400-600

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1794 Bamboo Carving, China, carved with two monkeys standing on the branch of a peach tree reaching for peaches, a large peach resting on the top of the tree, incised square “Xu” seal and illegible round seal on reverse, ht. 5 1/2 in. $200-300

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1795 Bamboo Carving of a Boat, China, depicting two pairs of figures preparing food on either side, surrounded by natural branch and rock forms with a canopy of pine above, resting on a wave-form base, lg. 10 1/4 in. $200-300


1796 Hardstone Carving of a Goat, China, 20th century, with one of its forelegs bent, holding a lingzhi mushroom in its mouth, dark green stone with gray matrix and russet markings, with a conforming wood stand, ht. 9 3/8 in. Provenance: The estate of Ernest Helides. $200-300 1797 Set of Ten Inksticks, China, molded in various shapes, each depicting a view of the Xihu Lake on one side, with a calligraphy describing the depicted view on reverse, gilt details, cased in a conforming box entitled “Xihu Shijing Mo” (Ten Views of Xihu Inksticks) with a seal now illegible, inkstick ht. to 4, wd. to 1 3/4 in. $200-300 1798 Carved Inkstone and Cover, China, decorated with stylized bat motif, chips to cover, with inscription on base, lg. 7 1/4 in. $300-500 1799 Two Yixing Teapots, China, 19th century, one compressed globular and the other pear-shape, both with hardstone handle, spout, and knob, the light brown clay body of both decorated with a calligraphy work on one side and the other with plum and orchid designs, respectively, four-character “Xishan Yu zhi” mark on base, ht. to 4 1/4, wd. to 6 7/8 in. $200-300

1800 Robin’s Egg-glazed Yixing Teapot, China, round body with a branchform handle, spout, and finial, the exterior decorated with incised archaic characters, the lid with a leaf pattern in relief, impressed maker’s mark to inside of lid and Jin Ding mark on base, ht. 5 1/4 in. $300-500 1801 Tea Brick, China, 20th century, by Zhao Li Qiao Tea Factory, decorated with sixteen endless knot designs on one side and five stars, gated portal, and raised inscription on the other, 9 1/4 x 7 1/4 x 3/4 in. $50-100 1802 Two Black Tea Bricks, China, products of the Zhongguo Chaye Gongsi, 9 3/8 x 7 3/8 in. $50-100 1803 Four Yixing Teapots, China, three gourd form, one round, three with hardstone handles, spouts, and finials, and metalwork attachments, the other with a molded natural branch form spout and handle, with impressed twocharacter mark on underside of lid, fourcharacter Yu of Xishan mark on base of teapots with hardstone, ht. to 3 3/4 in. $300-500 1804 Pair of Yixing Teapots, China, one in the form of a cylindrical bamboo node, the other bulbous, both with natural branch-form handles and spouts and decorated with molded bamboo and prunus blossoms, four-character Wu Yungen mark on base and impressed mark to inside of covers, ht. to 4 in. $300-500 1805 Two Yixing Teapots, one pear-shaped, the other ovoid (handle missing), both marked, ht. 2 1/2 and 2 3/4 in. $200-300 1806 Carved Soapstone Seal, China, oval seal with a mythical creature depicted on top, with an inscription on one side, orange stone with brown inclusions, ht. 2 3/8 in. $300-500

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1807 Carved Soapstone Seal, China, in the form of a rock with a beetle beside a bamboo stalk, a four-character inscription below, stone ranging in color from pale yellow to orange, ht. 2 1/4 in. $300-500 1808 Cast Metal Seal, square body with cast characters topped by a recumbent animal, ht. 2 3/4 in. $200-300 1809 Carved Stone Seal, China, square with inscriptions on three sides and the top, one side incised with a landscape scene with trees, orange stone with flecked inclusions, 1 3/8 x 1 1/2 x 1 5/8 in. $300-500 1810 Carved Soapstone Seal, China, in the form of a seated mythological lion on top of a rectangular seal with threecharacter inscription on side, light brown stone, ht. 2 1/2 in. $300-500 1811 Dried Finger Citron “Buddha Hand” Brush Rest, China, the fruit laid on one side with finger-like tendrils curling at the ends, with a carved bone stalk, lg. 6 1/2 in. $100-200 1812 Cloisonné Brush Washer, China, squat round, on a raised foot of copper alloy, decorated with highly stylized floral and foliate design, four-character mark on base, ht. 1 5/8, dia. 8 in. $500-700 1813 Patinated Bronze Plaque with Wood Stand, China, in the shape of an ancient coin, with inscription, (the wood stand with minor damage), plaque ht. 4 1/2 in. $100-200 1814 Three Small Carved Stone Items, China, a pair of jadeite water buffalos on wood stands; and a soapstone seal chop in the shape of an official, ht. to 2 7/8 in. $100-200

1816 Small Brown-glazed Water Coupe, China, compressed beehive-shape, decorated with three molded meander bands, six-character Qianlong mark on base, ht. 1 1/2, base dia. 3 1/2 in. $300-500 1817 Four Asian Items, China, round stone oil lamp, lg. 7; copper, paper, and bamboo folding lantern, dia. 5; bronze top from a “Universal Mountain-style” censer, ht. 2, now on a wooden base; export lacquered fan box with gilt work exterior decoration and painted silk interior both depicting figures in a landscape, 2 1/4 x 13 1/2 x 3 in. $100-200 1818 Interior-painted Rock Crystal Snuff Bottle, China, 19th century, oviform with straight neck and round mouth, resting on an oval foot, painted with roosters and hens, signed “Ye Zhongsan” with date “1897” archaic-style handles carved in bas-relief on sides, coral glass stopper, ht. 2 5/8 in. $500-700 1819 Two Ceramic Snuff Bottles, China, a blue and white porcelain snuff, flattened circular form with short straight neck resting on an oval foot, decorated with a continuous field scene with figures, the metal stopper with a pink top, fourcharacter Qianlong mark on base; and a famille verte porcelain snuff, flattened circular form with short straight neck resting on an oval foot, decorated with a continuous Daoist scene with immortal figures, the metal stopper with a red top, four-character Daoguang mark on base, ht. to 3 in. $300-500 1820 No lot.

1821 Two Export Stands, China, 20th century, a bamboo stand: veneer panel with raised floral scroll set in bamboocovered plywood frame, bamboo legs and stretchers, 18 x 14 x 10 1/2; and a hardwood stand composed of associated parts, 6 3/4 x 10 x 10 in. $100-200 1822 No lot. 1823 Bronze Buddha, China, Ming dynasty style, seated on a lotus throne mounted on an openwork oval base with threesided front and arched back, his hands in dhyana mudra, with a conforming wood stand, ht. 8 1/2 in. $300-500 1824 Painting Depicting a Temple Scene, China, in the manner of Lu Huancheng (1630-c. 1710), populated with legendary figures, possibly a part of a multi-panel screen, titled, dated, and signed with a seal, ink and color on silk, framed and glazed, painting 44 x 16 1/4 in. $200-300 1825 Rose Quartz Carving of Guanyin, China, standing with a floral branch in her left hand at her chest, her right hand hidden in the sleeve of her flowing robe, (repaired break to neck), with a conforming wood stand, carving ht. 8 1/8 in. $200-300 1826 Seven Wooden Carvings, Japan, 18th/19th century, a netsuke in the shape of a barrel with a toad touching a snail above with its mouth, signed “Ishikawa” on base; a netuske in the shape of a seated monkey with its left hand raised to its head, signed “Norimasa” on base; a netsuke in the shape of an angry monkey with its mouth fiercely open, signed; a netsuke in the shape of a seated water buffalo, signed; a coiled snake; a carved nut pendant with two auspicious boy figures on top; and a pendant amulet in the shape of a yokai mask with a paper item inside, ht. to 2 in. $300-500

1827 Thirteen Carved Items, China, two rose quartz snuff bottles, both with a carved wood stand; a rock crystal bamboo-inspired bottle; an azurite flattened flask-shape snuff bottle; an amethyst melon-shape snuff bottle; an agate peach-inspired brush washer; a pale celadon stone Guanyin on a wood stand; a jadeite bird; a moss agate goat, mounted on an openwork wood stand; a mother-of-pearl fish; a pair of jadeite birds (damage to tails), mounted on wood stands; and an amber resin seal carved with a reclining woman reading “Josephine C. McMillan,” carving ht. to 4 in. $300-500 1828 Nine Ceramic and Glass Items, China, two blue and white porcelain flaskshape snuff bottles, both painted with Daoist figural scenes; three Peking glass snuff bottles, including a rectangular flask-shape decorated with an interiorpainted landscape and still life, jadeite stopper (without spoon); and two pairs of white porcelain figures facing each other dressed in blue and red, respectively, ht. to 3 1/8, wd. 2 1/2 in. $300-500 1829 White Hardstone Carving of a Mountain, China, in the shape of a half-dome, with three immortal figures seated on rocks with pines and a pavilion, white stone with opaque white markings mottled with light brown and dark gray matrix, ht. 3 5/8, wd. 6 1/8 in. $300-500 1830 Hardstone Snuff Bottle, China, in the shape of two carp flanking a pebbleshape bottle, a seated foo dog in the back, incised details, metalwork stopper with domed red top, ht. 2 5/8, wd. 4 3/8 in. $300-500

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1815 Pottery Figure of a Bearded Monk, China, holding a shoe in his left hand, his robe thickly glazed, damaged, ht. 13 1/8 in. $200-300

1831 Cloisonné Snuff Bottle, China, pearshape, decorated with a garden scene and a calligraphy work in two lobed panels, against a blue ground with lotus scroll design, domed stopper, fourcharacter Qianlong mark on gilt base, ht. 2 7/8 in. $300-500

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1832 Twelve Wooden Stands and a Lid, China, a Shanxi-style miniature table decorated in red lacquer, 6 x 11 x 4; an oval stand with openwork base, top 2 1/4 x 1 5/8; an oval stand with wire inlay, top 3 5/8 x 3; an oval with irregular top, approx. 4 x 2 1/2; a rectangular stand with openwork base, top 4 3/4 x 3 1/4; two plate stands; a carved lid, opening dia. 3 3/4; a ring-shaped stand with three legs carved with dragon heads, probably huanghuali, approx. dia. 11; and three round stands with openwork bases, (largest with losses), tops dia. 2 3/4, 4 1/2, and 10 1/2 in. $300-400


1833 Thirty Asian Wooden Stands, including a pair of round stands, dia. 8; three matching stands with five cabriole legs, tops dia. 1 1/2; carved and lacquered scroll stand, 1/2 x 7 x 3 3/4; and a rectangular stand with openwork base, 3 x 13 3/4 x 10 1/2 in. $100-200 1834 Thirty-three Asian Wooden Stands, including a round stand with openwork base, top dia. 6; three stands with cabriole legs, tops dia. 3 3/4, 5 1/2, 5 1/2; a round stand with openwork base, top dia. 2 1/2; an oval pair with wire inlay, tops 3 1/2 x 3; and a round pair with openwork bases, tops dia. 3 in. $100-200 1835 Thirty-two Asian Wooden Stands, a set of eight oval stands, tops 3 3/4 x 2 1/4; two pairs of oval Japanese stands, tops 3 1/2 x 2 3/4 and 6 3/4 x 4 3/4; three scroll stands, lg. 3 3/4, 4 1/2, 6; one lotus-form, top dia. 3; one square, top 4 5/8 x 4 5/8; and one round with stepped base, dia. 2 3/4 in. $100-200 1836 Twenty-four Asian Wooden Stands, including one round, top dia. 8 3/4; one round with flared base, top dia. 4 7/8; a large adjustable plate stand, ht. 11; a plate stand with applied glass scarab; a rectangular stand with carved floral decoration, top 5 x 3 5/8; a pair of round stands, top dia. 3 3/4; and four miniature stands, lg. 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 in. $100-200

1837 Twenty-three Asian Display Stands and a Cover, various woods and finishes, bronze, and marble, wooden stands ranging in size from 3/4 x 4 to 2 1/2 x 7, the bronze stand dia. 7 3/4, the marble stand 7 3/4 x 4 1/2 x 1, the wooden cover 4 1/2 x 3 in. $100-150 1838 Twenty-nine Asian Wooden Stands and a Pair of Scroll Rods, various woods and finishes, ranging in size from 1/2 x 3 1/2 to top dia. 11, plate stands ht. 8 1/2 to 10, rods lg. 19 in. $100-150 1839 Twenty-five Wooden Stands and Two Covers, China, 20th century, various woods and finishes, ranging in size from top dia. 3 1/2 to 7 x 7, plate stands ht. 8 to 11 1/2 in. $200-300 1840 Pair of Large Jardinière Stands, China, 20th century, circular stand set on cabriole legs, ht. 12 1/2, top dia. 13 1/2 in. $40-80 1841 Thirty-seven Chinese Wooden Stands, various woods and finishes, three low round stands, top dia. 4 to 6, nine round stands with cabriole legs, top dia. 9 to 10; and twenty-five plate stands, ht. 5 1/2 to 12 in. $75-150 1842 Forty-three Asian Miniature Wooden Stands, various woods and finishes, ranging in size from approx. 1/4 x 1 to 1 1/4 x 4 1/2 in. $100-150 1843 Chinese Needlework Picture, contemporary, framed, ht. 13 1/2, wd. 16 1/4 in. $50-100 1844 Four Embroidered Paintings, China, all depicting immortal figures in nature, ink on silk with embroidered details including the calligraphy and seals, framed and glazed, painting 47 5/8 x 14 5/8 in. $100-200

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1845 Embroidered Satin Panel, China, 19th/20th century, central motif of two butterflies, one holding a lotus blossom and the other holding melons, surrounded by auspicious flowers and symbols all embroidered in blue, green, yellow, red, and white silk and gold metal-wrapped threads on a salmon ground, wd. 34 1/2, lg. 64 in. $200-300 1846 Group of Chinese Robes, four jackets in materials ranging from multicolored brocade to silk damask; and four robes, two with embroidered trim and sleeve bands. $500-700 1846A Two Rank Badges, China, gold colored thread on silk, depicting silver pheasants (fifth civil rank), mounted on a later pillow case, 17 1/2 x 27 in. $100-200 1847 Nine Textile Fragments and Embroideries, including a hanging banner, a embroidered yardage, tassels, and hems, in various sizes. $500-700 1848 Framed Embroidery, China, depicting squirrels in grapevines, embroidery 28 3/4 x 23 in. $50-100 1849 Group of Chinese Textiles, an embroidered textile fragment depicting dragons in pursuit of pearls with later border, 51 1/2 x 44; four silver pheasant (civil official of the fifth rank) badges, approx. 11 x 11; two cloth pouches; an embroidered purse; an embroidered collar; and a cut velvet panel, 19 1/2 x 14 1/2 in. $700-900 1850 Monochrome Yellow Peking Glass Vase, China, 20th century, balustershape, with a bird on floral branches, peaches, and pomegranates above a raised band around the foot, ht. 12 in. Provenance: The estate of Diane Sibley. $50-100

1852 Two Archaistic Bronze Hu Vessels, China, round bodies with loop handles, decorated with bands of stylized plants and animals, (one with spurious mark, one with a crack), ht. 18 and 18 3/4 in. $400-600 1853 Cast Bronze Water Buffalo, China, reclined with its head slightly upward and turned to one side, wearing a nose harness with a woven band tied around its neck, chased details, with a carved wood stand, figure ht. 4 1/2, wd. 11 1/2 in. $200-400 1854 Pair of Bronze Figures of Officials, China, Ming dynasty style, depicted seated on stylized rockwork, holding a hu tablet in their hands near their chests, with conforming wood stands, ht. to 7 1/4 in. $200-300 1855 Cloisonné Presentation Vase, contemporary, bulbous form with auspicious cloud design, shaped brass plaque on one side, ht. 12 in. $300-500 1856 Eight Canton Enamel Items, China, a pink rectangular box with hinged cover; a blue rectangular box with lobed corners, decorated with floral and foliate sprays and scrolls; a pair of bowls decorated with flowers and a cat against a white ground; a pair of small green dishes with a woman in the well; and a pair of dishes depicting lotus flowers below a blue band with scrolling design, with two carved wood holders, ht. to 3 1/8, dia. to 7 1/4 in. $100-200 1857 Cloisonné Covered Box, China, 20th century, compressed globular form, the domed cover with a lotus knob, decorated with a floral design and patterned bands, ht. 3 1/4, dia. 4 5/8 in. $200-300

1858 White Metal and Hardstone Ewer and Cover, China, shaped in a Persian style, decorated with metalwork of various Chinese design elements, four-character mark on base, ht. 5 7/8 in. $300-500 1859 Silverwork Caparisoned Elephant, decorated with enameled cloisonné design, mounted on a carved wood stand, elephant ht. 6 1/2, wd. 12 in. $700-900 1860 Bronze Footed Vessel, circular dish with a hollowed funnel in the center, resting on three feet, possibly missing a part, with traces of repairs, ht. 7 1/2, dia. 11 3/4 in. $50-100 1861 Two Bronze Vases, both bulbous with flared mouth, with inlaid mixed metal decorations, one with two handles, ht. to 13 in. $300-500 1861A Twelve Asian Items, a fish-shaped wood rice cake mold; a giltwood fish-shaped wall vase; a wood mallet with metal end; a root wood item; a beaded metal covered box; a bronze leaf-shaped dish with molded floral design; a beaded metal work animal; a metal string with wood ends; a faux tortoiseshell comb in the shape of fish; a fish-shaped enameled Imari dish; an agate dish; and a round covered box with ink cake, brushes, inkstone, and water dropper, ht. to 2, wd. to 12 in. $100-200 1862 Five Metalwork Items, a rectangular cloisonné covered box; a rectangular Canton enamel covered box; a lobed form Canton enamel covered box; a Canton enamel covered ewer; and a Canton enamel vase, ht. to 4 3/8, wd. to 4 1/8 in. $100-200 1863 Metal Presentation Vase, globular, with floral decoration, inscribed on base, ht. 10 1/4 in. $100-200

1864 Chinese Pewter and Lacquer Tea Caddy, 19th century, (damage), ht. 5 in. $50-100 1865 Three Cloisonné Items, a pair of hexagonal vases, ht. 12 7/8; and a small bulbous vase, ht. 7 in. $200-400 1866 Tripod Bronze Censer, China, squat round with two loophole handles, engraved mark on base, damaged with dent and tear, ht. 3 3/4, dia. 5 3/8 in. $300-500 1867 Pair of Cloisonné Vases, China, bulbous form with waisted neck and wide mouth, ht. 7 1/8 in. $100-150 1868 Bronze Bird-shaped Ritual Wine Cup, China, decorated with parcel-gilt engraved design, ht. 9 1/2 in. $300-500 1869 Gilt-metal Tripod Ritual Cup, with jue-style mouth rim, chilong head-form handle and feet, engraved with archaic vine scroll and animal design, ht. 3, wd. 5 1/4 in. $200-300 1870 Hu-shape Bronze Vessel, China, with near circular mouth, resting on a stem foot, decorated with archaic-style taotie design, ht. 13 5/8 in. $300-500

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1851 Pale Blue Peking Glass Bowl, China, 19th/20th century, upturned bell shape with everted rim, raised round foot rim, dia. 4 1/4 in. $200-300

1871 Bronze Covered Censer, Japan or China, resting on a high stem foot, decorated with archaic-style taotie design, the cover with an auspicious cloud design in openwork, ht. 8 1/2 in. $200-300 1872 Enameled White Porcelain Plaque, China, depicting a landscape in the manner of Wang Yuanqi (1642-1715) in polychrome enamels, inscribed with two seals, four-character Qianlong mark in overglaze iron red in the upper right, framed, overall 13 1/2 x 19, with plaque 9 5/8 x 15 in. $200-300

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1873 Pottery Figure of a Horse and Rider, China, Tang dynasty style, with traces of red and white pigment, ht. 14 in. $50-100

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1874 Thirteen Earthenware Ceramics, China, various shapes and glazes, ht. to 7 1/2 in. $100-200


1875 Two Pottery Figures of Entertainers, China, possibly Eastern Han dynasty, both kneeling and holding an instrument, red earthenware with traces of pigment, ht. to 15 3/4 in. $100-200 1876 Large Black-glazed Jar, China, provincial ware, the wide shoulders narrowing to a slightly flared mouth rim, with ribbing towards the midsection and base, decorated with an allover brownish black oil-spot glaze, ht. to 16 in. $50-100 1877 Two Neolithic-style Painted Pottery Jars, China, tapered round form with loop handles, with an off-center elongated neck resembling a bird, the shoulders and neck and one with tapered neck and cover, both decorated with roundels of geometric patterns in brown and red, ht. 10 3/4 in. $400-600 1878 Tall Famille Rose Bottle Vase, China, 20th century, bulbous body with an elongated neck, decorated with shaped cartouches containing sprigs of peonies and other flowers, on a patterned ground of stylized scrolling lotus, ht. 7 3/4 in. $300-500 1879 Two Pottery Horse Heads, China, both on a wood stand, (one damaged), painted white (now mostly lost), horse ht. to 7 5/8 in. $200-300

1880 Pierced and Carved Panel, probably China, late 19th/early 20th century, designed as waves flanking a bird, weathered surface with evidence of old red wash, (losses and cracks), 15 x 53 in. $500-700 1881 Bronze Tripod Censer, China, compressed globular, with curved handles raised from mouth rim, resting on a three pointed feet, four-character Xuande mark over an engraved dragon in a roundel on base, ht. 3 1/8, dia. to 5 1/8 in. $200-300 1882 Two Rattan Wedding Baskets, China, 19th/20th century, both hexagonal, twotiered, lidded, handled, and lacquered in red and black, one of the lids woven with a knob, the other painted in gold lacquer with a landscape in a floral band border, ht. to 19 3/4, wd. to 17 in. $100-200 1883 Circular “Cinnabar” Resin Box, cover decorated with a dragon and pearl, (damage), dia. 8 in. $200-300 1884 Wood Moon Cake Mold, China, decorated with a carved circle with a Daoist scene, 13 1/4 x 12 1/2 in. $300-500 1885 Two Woven Basket Items, China, a woven rattan box and cover, with metal fittings, ht. 5; and an oval woven box and cover, ht. 4 1/4, wd. 10 1/2 in. $150-300 1886 Red-lacquered Covered Box, China, square with lobed corners, decorated with phoenix and lotus scroll design in gold, ht. 7 1/2, wd. 10 5/8 in. $150-250 1887 Framed Print with Gold Leaf Details, China, depicting a garden scene with women and boys, glazed, print 15 1/2 x 23 1/2 in. $50-100

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1888 Five Chinese Embroidered Textiles, pair of “sleeve bands” depicting butterflies, phoenixes, and peacocks, 21 x 7; decorative panel depicting birds and flowering branches, 25 1/2 x 10 1/2; decorative panel depicting peonies, sight size 13 1/4 x 11 1/2; a decorative panel depicting butterfly and flowers, 16 1/4 x 13 1/4 in., all in gilded frames. $300-400 1889 Cloisonné Covered Box, China, rectangular, with rounded corners, decorated with stylized phoenixes against a green ground, ht. 1 1/8, wd. 2, dp. 1 5/8 in. $200-300 1890 No lot. 1891 Three Framed Porcelain Plaques, China, two blue and white and one enameled, to 20 7/8 x 12 in. $50-100 1892 Ten Books on Chinese Painting and Sculpture, Li, Nanzhao Dali guo diao ke hui hua yi shu (Sculpture and Painting Arts of the Nanzhao and Dali Kingdoms); Loehr, Chinese Landscape Woodcuts; Chang, In Pursuit of Heavenly Harmony; Stuart, Worshiping the Ancestors; Cahill, Fantastics and Eccentrics in Chinese Paintings; Barnhart, Wintery Forests, Old Trees; Little, In Pursuit of Antiquity; Lee, Streams and Mountains Without End; Li, Autumn Colors on the Ch’iao and Hua Mountains; and C.C. Wang, Autumn Leaves from the Sung and Yuan Dynasties. $100-200 1893 Eight Books on Chinese Snuff Bottles, Hui, Hu zhong mo maio: Song xian fen shi cang nei hua bi yan hu (Inkplay in Microcosm: Inside-painted Chinese Snuff Bottles: the Humphrey K.F. Hui Collection), and Imperial Qing Tradition: Chinese Snuff Bottles from the Collection of Humphrey K.F. Hui and Christopher C.H. Sin; Guo li gu gong bo wu yuan, Gu gong bi yan hu xuan cui (Masterpieces of Snuff Bottles); Low, More Treasures from the Sanctum of Enlightened Respect [Denis Low Collection]; Hitt, Old Chinese Snuff Bottles, Tuttle reprint; Krug, Prisen aus Kleinen Tabakflaschen; Holden, Rivers and Mountains Far From the World; and Perry, Chinese Snuff Bottles. $300-400

1895 Boy-Ed, Karl, Peking und Umgebung, Tientsin: Verlag der Brigade Zeitung, 1906, no. 371 of 720, thirty photographs laid in, folding map of the “legation district” in Beijing, folding map of the same during the Boxer Rebellion, folding Chinese map of Beijing now framed. $300-500 1896 Linrothe, Robert and Jeff Watt, Demonic Divine: Himalayan Art and Beyond, New York: Rubin Museum of Art, 2004. $200-300 1897 Nine Books on Japanese Prints, Ishida, Japanese Buddhist Prints; Keyes, Art of Surimono in the Chester Beatty Library, two vols.; Gentles, Clarence Buckingham Collection of Japanese Prints, vol. 2 only; Neuer, Ukiyo-e: 250 Years of Japanese Art; Lane, Images from the Floating World; Hayashi, Sharaku, Toyokuni (Meiho Nihon no bijutsu 29); Bogel, Hiroshige; Boller, Masterpieces of Japanese Color Woodcut; and Newland (ed.), Ukiyo-e to Shin hanga. $225-275 1898 Portfolio of Masterpieces from the Imperial Collection, Tokyo: Akiba Kei, 1929, twenty-four plates loose in portfolio with separate text volume. $250-300 1899 Shibata Collection, Catalog of the Shibata Collections, seven vols. in eight parts, Arita: Kyushu Ceramic Museum, 1999-2001. $200-250

1900 Group of Japanese Books, book of Noh costume patterns, Tomoyuki Yamanobe, Noh-Shozoku Monyoshu Vol. II, Hinoki Book Store, Tokyo, 1972, with fifty patterns in color and English descriptions, hardcover, 12 1/4 x 16 3/8; two volumes of reproduced woodblock prints, 1976, Takahashi Seichiro, Ed., The Takahashi Seichiro Collection of Ukiyo-e Paintings and Prints, Volume 6, Yoshitoshi, Yoshiku, and Gyosai, and Volume 7, Kiyochika and Yasuji, with an introduction by Seichiro, both hardcover in hardcover cases, book 16 3/4 x 11 7/8; and four books on floral art, Ikebono Senei, Nihon no Ikebana Volume II, Japan: Shogakukan, 1977, hardcover, in slipcase, 15 1/4 x 12; Kado Kosho Shusei (Collection of Old Books on Ikebana), one copy of Volume II and two copies of Volume IV, Japan: Shibunkaku, 1930, hardcover, in slipcase, 9 x 6 1/2 in. $50-100

1905 Sixteen Sheets of Chinese Temple and Stelae Rubbings, 20th century, ink on paper, 38 x 20 to 55 x 80 in. $300-500

1901 Book of Buddhist Chants, Japan, Shoshin Menbutsu Ge, loosely translates to “Changing Prayers for Pure Mind,” with pronunciation in katakana, sixteen pages, no case, 7 3/8 x 5 1/8 in. $50-100

1907 Collection of Auction Catalogs of Mostly Japanese Art, mostly Sotheby’s, approximately forty-three with some duplicates, ranging from 1976 to 2001, including The Carlo Monzino Collection of Netsuke, Inro and Lacquer, London, June 21, 1995, The Raymond and Frances Bushell Collection of Inro and Lacquer, London, June 18, 1997, Inro from the Collection of the Late Charles A. Greenfield, New York, March 25, 1998, and Netsuke from the Collection of Raymond and Frances Bushell, London, November 18, 1999. $150-250

1902 Book of Ikebana Flower Arrangements, Japan, published by Yomei Bunko in 1970, featuring ikebana works found from the Yomei Bunko Collection, with an extensive catalog and essays, boxed, 21 3/4 x 15 1/8 in. $50-100 1903 Narazaki, Muneshige (ed.), Takahashi Seiichiro korekushon ukioye (Takahashi Seiichiro Collection of Ukiyo-e), Tokyo: Chuo Koronsha, 1975, two volumes of seven, volumes focused on Kobayashi and Yoshitoshi, in cases. $300-500 1904 Collection of Japanese Reference Books, History of Japanese Papermaking, with original woodblock prints; Modern Japanese Print Artists, no. 44, 2 volumes; The Uninhibited Brush, J. Hillier, 2 volumes; Yatsu Ninagawa, 2 volumes from a series on Japanese ceramics; two copies of Japan Day by Day, Edward S. Morse; Kaempfer’s History of Japan, 3 volumes; Kokoro, Lafcadio Hearn; three crepe books from the Japanese Fairy Tales series, published by T. Hasegawa; and an edition of the Hyakunin Isshu. $50-100

1906 Group of Art Journals and Reference Materials, Oriental Ceramics, Institute of Oriental Ceramics, 1935-41, (vols. 6-12) vol. 7 nos. 4 and 6 only, vol. 8 nos. 2, 3, 4, 6, the rest complete, all bound; Ars Asiatiques, Musee Guimet, 1956-1957, (vols. 3 and 4), bound; British Museum Quarterly, British Museum, 19261929, (vols. 1-3), bound; Herbert A. Giles, Chinese Biographical Dictionary, London: Bernard Quaritch, 1898, bound; and Old Furniture, Old Furniture Ltd., 1927 and 1929, (vols. 2, 6, 7), bound. Provenance: The collection of Ralph M. Chait, with bookplate. $50-100

1908 Klefisch, Zacks Auction Catalogs, and Other Reference Works, approximately thirty-five Kunsthandel Klefisch and Kunsthaus Zacke Asian art catalogs from the 1980s and 1990s; approximately twenty-four issues of Orientalia Journal from the 1980s; a survey of Japanese prints in eight volumes; catalogs from Spink; and additional ephemera. $100-150

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1894 Ten Books on Indonesian Art, Pepin Press, Indonesian Ornamental Design; Barbier-Mueller Museum, Messages in Stone; Fontein, Sculpture of Indonesia; Klokke, Ancient Indonesian Sculpture; Sosrowardoyo, Indonesian Art: Treasures of the National Museum; Tokyo National Museum, Treasures of Ancient Indonesian Kingdoms; Soebadio, Art of Indonesia from the Collections of the National Museum; Le Bonheur, Sculpture Indonesienne au Musee Guimet; Royal Indies Institute, Indonesian Art; and Treasures of the National Museum Jakarta. $75-125


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1909 Group of Asian Art Auction Catalogs Mostly from Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and Eldred’s, approximately twenty-nine from Christie’s, late 1970s to late 1990s, including important private collections; four Sotheby’s, 2001 to 2002; approximately twenty-three Eldred’s, 1980s to 1990s; and approximately nineteen catalogs from Skinner, Butterfield and Butterfield, and other houses; mostly for Japanese art. $250-300


1910 Far East Ceramic Bulletin and Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, Far East Ceramic Bulletin, Ann Arbor, Michigan: Far Eastern Ceramic Group, 1948-1960, (vols. 1-12), bound, half leather with cloth sides; Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, Cambridge: Harvard-Yenching Institute, 1937-1939 and 1957-1969, (vols. 2-4 and 20-29), bound cloth. Provenance: The collection of Ralph M. Chait, with bookplate. $200-300 1911 Asian Art Scholarly Journals, Monumenta Serica, Beijing: H. Vetch for Catholic University of Peking [etc.], 1948, 1956-1968 (vols. 13 and 15-27); Revue des Arts Asiatique, Paris: Librairie des Arts et Voyages [etc.], 1924-1942 (vols. 1-13); Ostasiatisches Zeitschrift, Berlin: Walter De Gruyter, 1929-1932 (4 vols.), all bound, cloth. Provenance: The collection of Ralph M. Chait with bookplate. $200-250 1912 Ars Orientalis: Arts of Islam and the East, Washington: Freer Gallery of Art [etc.], 1954-1975, (vols. 1, 3-10, lacking vol. 2), bound. Provenance: The collection of Ralph M. Chait, with bookplate. $100-150

1913 Artibus Asiae, Ascona: Artibus Asiae, 1925, 1926, 1928-1929 (4 numbers), 1930-32, 1946-97 (vols. 9-57), lacking vol. 12 no. 3, 53, and 54; bound, cloth except vol. 12 and 34-57 wrappers, with Separatum: Hugo Munsterberg, “Buddhist Bronzes of the Six Dynasties Period,” IX, no. 4; Cheng Te-K’un “Some Standing Jade Figurines of the Shang-Chou Period,” XXVIII, no. 1; with Supplementum: XXVII, Richard Barnhart, Marriage of the Lord of the River and XXIV, Alexander Coburn Soper, Textual Evidence for the Secular Arts in China in the Period from Liu Sung through Sui. Provenance: The collection of Ralph M. Chait, with bookplate. $500-800 1914 Memoires Concernant l’Asie Orientale, Inde, Asie Centrale, Extreme-orient, Paris: E. Leroux for Academie des Inscriptions et Belleslettres, 1913-1919, 3 vols., bound, cloth. Provenance: The collection of Ralph M. Chait, with bookplate. $300-500 1915 Kao Gu Xue Bao Chinese Journal of Archaeology, Beijing: Ke xue chu ban she, 1956 and 1957, eight issues, in Chinese with English and Russian tables of context. $250-300

1918 Groslier, George, Collections Khmeres de Musee Albert Sarraut, Paris: G. Van Oest, 1931 = Ars Asiatica vol. 16, bound, cloth. Provenance: The collection of Ralph M. Chait, with bookplate. $100-200 1919 Godard, Andre, Bronzes du Luristan, Paris: G. Van Oest, 1931 = Ars Asiatica vol. 17, bound, cloth. Provenance: The collection of Ralph M. Chait, with bookplate. $75-100 1920 Krom, N.J., Art Javanais dans les Musees de Hollande et de Java, Paris: G. Van Oest, 1926 = Ars Asiatica vol. 8, bound, cloth. Provenance: The collection of Ralph M. Chait, with bookplate. $100-150 1921 Coedes, George, Bronzes Khmers... dans les Collections Publiques et Privees de Bangkok, Paris: G. Van Oest, 1923, = Ars Asiatica vol. 5, bound. cloth. Provenance: The collection of Ralph M. Chait, with bookplate. $100-150

1916 Coomaraswamy, Ananda K., Sculpture de Bodhgaya, Paris: Editions d’Art et d’Histoire, 1935, = Ars Asiatica vol. 18, bound, cloth.

1922 Coedes, George, Collections Archaeologiques du Musee National Bangkok, Paris: G. Van Oest, 1928 = Ars Asiatica vol. 12, bound, cloth.

Provenance: The collection of Ralph M. Chait with bookplate. $100-150

Provenance: The collection of Ralph M. Chait, with bookplate. $50-100

1917 Riviere, Henri, Documents d’Art Chinois de la Collection Osvald Siren, Paris: G. Van Oest, 1925 = Ars Asiatica vol. 7, bound, cloth.

1923 Palmgren, Nils, Kansu Mortuary Urns of the Pan Shan and Ma Chang Groups, = Palaeontologia Sinica III, no. 1, Beijing: Geological Survey of China, 1934, bound, cloth.

Provenance: The collection of Ralph M. Chait, with bookplate. $125-175

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Provenance: The collection of Ralph M. Chait, with bookplate. $50-100

Provenance: The collection of Ralph M. Chait, with bookplate. $50-100 1925 Committee for the Historic Record of the Qing Dynasty, History of the Qing Dynasty, Taiwan: National Centre for Defense Research, 1961, eight volumes, in Chinese. $50-75 1926 Historical Survey of Japanese Woodblock Prints, Tokyo, c. 1930, text in Japanese. $100-150 1927 Langdon Warner, Japanese Sculpture of the Tempyo Period, (James Marshall Plumer, ed.), Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1959, first edition, 219 folio plates laid into a silk-bound box with clasps, octavo text volume in wrappers, gift inscription from James Marshall Plumer. $200-300 1928 Seven Chinese Art Auction and Dealers Catalogs, Sotheby’s ParkeBernet (Hong Kong), Edward T. Chow Collection, 1981, three part set with estimates sheets; Christie’s (Hong Kong), Important Early Ming Blue and White Porcelain from the Collection of the late Mr. and Mrs. R.H.R. Palmer; Sotheby’s Important Chinese Ceramics from the J.M. Hu Family Collection; three catalogs from Eskenazi Ltd., Chinese Works of Art and Furniture, 1998; Masterpieces from Ancient China, 2000; Two Rare Porcelain Fish Jars of the 14th and 16th Centuries, 2002. $300-400 1929 Group of Orientations Magazines, approximately 225 issues spanning from 1981 to 2011. $200-300

1930 Group of Arts of Asia Magazines, approximately sixty-four issues spanning from 1971 to 1987. $150-200 1931 Christie’s, Walter A. Compton Collection, Japanese Sword and Sword Fittings from the Collection of Dr. Walter A. Compton, parts I-III, MarchDecember 1992, result sheets for parts II and III. $200-250 1932 Pair of Famille Noir Vases, China, 20th century, baluster form, decorated with pairs of pheasants and peony trees, with lappets containing flowerheads at the neck and the base, ht. 22 1/2 in. $300-500 1933 Lid and Stand, Imari-style ceramic lid, dia. 6 1/2 ; hardwood stand with cabriole legs, ht. 6 1/2, top dia. 8 in. $80-100 1934 Tang Sancai-style Glaze Pottery Horse, China, caparisoned, standing on a rectangular base, ht. 14 1/2, wd. 15 1/4 in. $200-300 1935 Pair of White Stone Carvings of Shishi Lions, China, each standing with its mouth open, head upward, and tail coiled back to one side, light gray stone mottled with russet and gray streaks and spots, with wood stand, lion ht. 4 7/8, wd. 6 1/2 in. $300-500

1938 Celadon-glazed Stoneware Ewer, China, Yaozhou style, bulbous with flattened shoulder with a wide neck, a strap handle applied to a side, a short angled spout issuing from the shoulder, the body decorated with carved lotus scrolls and a double leaf band around the shoulder, the glazed flat base with sandy spur marks, ht. 5 3/4 in. $700-900 1939 Pair of Lacquered Wall Plaques, China, oval with a raised border, carved and inlaid with a pair of birds and flowering plum, dia. to 31 3/4 in. $50-100 1940 Bronze Hu-shape Vase, China, with chilong handles to neck, decorated with dragon and phoenix design, ht. 12 1/2 in. $300-500 1941 Carved Wood Trade Sign Horse, China, standing on four feet, resting on a rectangular base, painted, ht. 30 1/2 in. $200-400 1942 Two Carved Bone Items, Tibetan China, a two-pronged deer antler carved with a skull and twisting snakes, ht. 6 1/2; a bone holder with openwork carving depicting a dragon, ht. 3 1/4 in. $300-500 1943 Buddhist Palm Leaf Manuscript, Tibet, with wood covers with carved decorations, leaf lg. 17 3/8 in. $200-300

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1924 Four Books on Chinese Bronzes, Ji Li (general ed.), Studies of the Bronze Ku Beaker, Studies of the Bronze Chueh Cup, Studies of the Bronze Chia Vessel, Studies of the Bronze Ting Cauldron= Archaeologica Sinica New Series, vols. 1-4, text in Chinese with English summaries, bound in two volumes, cloth.

1936 Four Hardstone Trees in Cloisonné Pots, China, 20th century, a four-lobed pot with irises; a tripod globular pot with a flower; a flask-shape white cloisonné pot with flowers and a gilt ruyi scepter; and a bottle vase pot with blossoming flowers and a lantern, ht. to 5 in. $200-300 1937 Red- and Black-painted Resin Covered Jar, China, ovoid, carved to resemble lacquer with landscape scenes and scrolling florals, ht. 6 1/8 in. $200-300

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1944 Three Votive Items and a Script on Paper, Tibetan China, a gourd and silver wine canister, oval on a stem foot, the short straight neck with a loop connecting to the finial loop on a lotus knob stopper, decorated with mythical animals, humanoid animals, and foliate lappets in friezes, a braided leather handle tied to two loop holes on shoulder; a gao or portable copper and silver shrine, with a seated Buddha figure visible inside, the front with a shaped glass window surrounded with a broad band decorated with a mythical animal head and Tibetan characters in repoussé, enclosed in a conforming fabric pouch with a strap; a bone rosary with 108 skull beads, ht. to 8 1/2, lg. to 26 3/4; and text handwritten on both sides of a piece of paper, (tears along edges), 26 3/4 x 9 1/2 in. $300-500 1945 Copper Sheet Box with Hinged Cover, Tibetan China, 19th/20th century, rectangular, the front and back decorated with a floral mandala with a turquoise bead in the center, the top with a vajra with a turquoise bead in the central handle, the sides with two bracket handles, palmette leaf scrollshaped joinery along the bottom edges, with a pin lock in a chain attached to the front mandala, 5 5/8 x 7 1/2 x 4 1/4 in. $400-600 1946 Two-headed Hand Drum, Damaru, Tibetan China, 18th/19th century, with leather drum heads to both ends, two fabric strikers attached to braided strings stitched to a fabric strap around the waist, the waisted drum painted with two bands depicting eight heads of Buddhist deities against a red ground, ht. 3 1/4, drum head dia. to 5 1/4 in. $300-500 1947 Pair of Painted Wood Doors, Tibetan China, each structured with two thick splints of wood, the front panel divided in three sections defined with raised borders, the center section depicting two mythical figures standing with a snake and a sword in their hands on one and a musical instrument and a ritual bell on the other, each painted with two mythical beast figures on reverse, a brass loop fitting with a loose pull handle, a hinge on top, panel ht. 27 1/4, wd. 15 in. $200-300

1948 Carved Shrine, Tibet, late 19th/early 20th century, probably pine, painted and lacquered, the two tall doors decorated with blue Dharmapalas surrounded by snow lions, tigers, horses, and other animals, below a fixed panel depicting wish granting jewels, the base with cast brass pulls and the posts with polychrome flowers, red-painted apron, three different dentil moldings on top, with a shelf of later date and unfinished sides and top, ht. 54 1/4, front wd. 30 1/2, back wd. 28, dp. to 12 1/2 in. $400-600 1949 Paint-decorated Wooden Cabinet, Tibet, late 19th/early 20th century, the front with eleven panels, each depicting landscapes populated by yaks, horses, deer, an elephant, and humans, two upper doors and two lower doors opening to an interior with a fixed shelf, undecorated top and side panels, raised on short squared feet, brass locking hardware, 34 x 32 x 12 1/4 in. $200-300 1950 Tibetan Prayer Wheel, contemporary, copper and brass with bamboo handle, lg. 13 1/4 in. $100-200 1951 Bronze Vajra and a Bell, Tibet, the vajira with five prongs; the bell with a five-prong vajra-shaped handle, bell ht. to 6, vajra lg. to 3 5/8 in. $300-500 1952 Wood panel-painted Thangka, Tibet, depicting four-armed Mahakala with two deity figures, 39 1/4 x 18 1/4 in. $300-500 1953 Pair of Tibetan Wood Pagodas, of multi-tiered structure, with traces of painted details, age cracks to wood, ht. to 15 in. $300-500 1954 Religious Conch Shell Shanka and a Plain Conch Shell, Tibet, the shanka decorated with beaded brass sheet repoussé design, lg. to 14 in. $200-300

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1955 Bird-and-flower Painting, China, in the manner of Gao Qifeng (1889-1993), depicting ducks on water below snowy branches, signed “Qifeng xie” with two seals including one reading “Qifeng,” ink and light color on silk, framed and glazed, painting 55 1/4 x 33 in. $200-300 1956 Woodblock Print, Japan, Keisai Eisen, depicting a standing courtesan, framed and glazed, oban tate-e, sight size 15 x 10 1/4 in. $200-250 1957 Group of Japanese Prints and Paintings, three signed etchings depicting genre scenes; two painted illustrations; two watercolors; twentyseven loose prints depicting kabuki characters and Buddhist deities; a packet of Buddhist prints; and a group of ukiyo-e prints, including one by Eisen, one by Kunisada, one by Toyokuni, and one by Utamaro, various in sizes and conditions, many later editions and reproductions. $500-700 1958 Thirteen Cotton Textiles, Japan, nine navy blue cotton with yellow stripes, each 72 x 14; a navy blue and white cloth with calligraphy and images, 180 x 13 1/2; a black cotton cloth with yellow stripes, 96 x 14 1/2; a shibori dyed cloth in indigo blue, consisting of several cut and sewn patches, 70 x 42 1/2; and a shibori dyed cloth in indigo blue, consisting of several cut and sewn patches, 56 x 23 1/2 in. $50-100 1959 Three Textiles, Japan, a square piece of woven indigo cotton with a three-character mark in white; a woven silk hanging decorated with scholarly objects, masks, and musical instruments, woven with gilt and polychrome threads and with hanging tabs; and a band of silk brocade woven with dragon motifs, sizes to 78 x 45 in. $50-100 1960 Square Dragon Embroidery, Japan, 19th/20th century, depicting a dragon coiled in a circle, embroidered with couched silver threads on a black silk background, framed and glazed, 22 1/2 x 21 in. $200-300

1962 Two Hardwood Slabs, probably Japan, short sides cut square, long sides sculpted, all surfaces lacquered, larger 67 34 x 35 1/2 x 4 1/2; smaller 24 1/2 x 35 1/2 x 4 1/2 in. $200-300 1963 Large Architectural Element, Japan, Meiji period (late 19th century), hardwood, paint, gilding, carved frame for an arched opening, probably a shrine, on either sides pine trees rise to meet at the top of the arch, trees are populated by cranes, peacocks, other birds, and monkeys, approx. ht. 98, lg. 142, dp. 2 1/4 in. $300-500 1964 Barber’s Box, Japan, 19th century, comprised of various compartments, drawers for utensils, and two attached boxes, the overall red lacquer decorated with applied brass cutouts of a round three-arrow family crest, the characters dai nippon, pine trees, flowering peony branches, and a rabbit, 14 1/2 x 9 3/4 x 12 7/8 in. $300-500 1965 Red-lacquered Low Table, Japan, 19th century, rectangular with shaped apron and simplified claw feet, plain with a inlaid band with mostly rectangular shell pieces around the top, 4 3/8 x 17 3/8 x 11 3/8 in. $50-100 1966 Collection of Mostly Bamboo Baskets and Table Objects, mostly Japan, including two bamboo flower baskets, dia. 8 1/2 and 4; rectangular baskets from 9 x 15 x 11 1/2 to 1 3/4 x 4 x 2 1/2; round baskets, ht. 19 1/2, dia. 7 1/2 to ht. 2 1/2, dia. 5; and three coasters, dia. 6 to 6 3/4 in. $100-200 1967 Covered Copper Basket, Japan, round bowl shape with double strap handles, the domed cover with flat top with metalwork design, ht. 6 7/8, dia. 6 1/2 in. $300-500

1968 Four Metal Items, two cast iron Japanese Buddhas seated with their hands in dhyana mudra, ht. 7 1/8; and a pair of Chinese-style cloisonné jars on a stem foot, decorated with auspicious characters in a band against a patterned ground, “made in Japan” mark on base soldered to foot, ht. 7, dia. to 9 7/8 in. $100-200 1969 Mixed Metal Covered Jar, Japan, 19th/20th century, in the shape of a bulbous vase with waisted neck resting on a flat base, the slightly domed cover decorated with raised floral scroll design painted in gold, the body decorated with small molded flower heads and petals scattered against a textured ground, ht. 6 1/4 in. $700-900 1970 Zelkova Wood Merchant’s Chest, Japan, late 19th century, iron hardware, large drop-fit panel opens to interior with four drawers and a valuables box, (front panel warped), 15 x 20 3/4 x 15 1/4 in. Provenance: The estate of Dorothy B. Edinburg. $200-300 1971 Three Baskets and a Basketry Lamp, Japan, bamboo, two hanging flower baskets, ht. 7 1/2 and 7; oval basket with handles, 9 x 9; two-handled basket now a lamp with silk-lined shade, ht. 24 in. Provenance: The estate of Dorothy B. Edinburg. $150-250 1972 Zelkova Wood Dressing Table Case with Mirror, Japan, 20th century, metal hardware, four drawers in case with gimbaled mirror over, (cross-piece at base of mirror posts missing), ht. with mirror 28 1/2, wd. 15 1/2, dp. 9 1/2 in. Provenance: The estate of Dorothy B. Edinburg. $75-125 1973 Bronze Covered Censer and Cover, Japan, in the shape of a lion squatted on its forelegs with its hind legs raised, ht. 6 3/4 in. $250-350

1974 Five Framed Woodblock Prints, Japan, two by Toyokuni, oban tate-e; three by Hiroshige from the Tokaido Road series including two chuban yoko-e, Ishibe and Kameyama, and one chuban tate-e, sight size to 12 3/4 x 8 3/4 in. $300-500 1975 Three Lacquered Items, a redlacquered round tray with carved lily design; a black-lacquered rectangular covered box with a bird-and-flower design in red; and an octagonal brownlacquered covered condiment box with nine shaped inner dishes, decorated with mother-of-pearl inlaid crane and pine design, ht. to 3 1/8, wd. 11 1/2 in. $75-125 1976 Small Pine Chest, Japan, early 20th century, iron hardware, hinged door opens to interior with four drawers, set on low, separate frame, ht. 17, wd. 14, dp. 20 in. Provenance: The estate of Dorothy B. Edinburg. $75-125 1977 Two Metal Items, Japan, a tubular mixed-metal vase decorated with mythical animals, (missing some structural elements with traces of retouch), ht. 8 3/4; and a double gourd jar and cover, decorated with a mythical figure in bas-relief, ht. 7 1/4 in. $300-500 1978 Six Miniature Wood Carvings, Japan, two ojime beads, an inro, a figural netsuke, an openwork drum-shape netsuke, and a netsuke in the shape of monk bell, ht. to 2 in. $250-350

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1961 Two Wedding Kimonos, Japan, a white robe with gold cranes; and one with red peonies, lg. to 74 1/2 in. $200-300

1979 Miniature Silverwork Jar, Japan, oviform decorated with enameled cloisonné floral design, ht. 2 1/2 in. $200-300 1980 Miniature Inro with Gourd-form Netsuke and Ojime Bead, Japan, mixed metals, inlaid and applied decoration, strung on silk himo, inro ht. 1 in. $75-100

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1981 Small Cast Iron Brazier, Japan, low bowl-shape with straight sides and flanged flat rim, decorated with four auspicious characters symbolizing fortune and longevity in the well, the twelve zodiac animals around the rim, ht. 1 1/4, dia. 8 7/8 in. $50-100

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1982 Bronze Censer, Japan, in the shape of a mythical elephant topped with a multitier pagoda, ht. 21 3/4 in. $500-700


1983 Bronze Eagle, Japan, perched on branches with its wings spread, (chip to one wing), ht. 14 3/4 in. $500-700 1984 Cloisonné Vase, Japan, early 20th century, baluster-shape with a short waisted neck, decorated on one side with blooming plum tree and bamboo design against a light blue ground, inlaid Ando mark on base, ht. 8 3/8 in. $100-200 1985 Cast Iron Pot, Japan, compressed globular form with C-shaped strap handle, resting on three knob feet, decorated with a frieze of floral band below bands of flowers, foliate scrolls, roundels, and meander square around the shoulder, the brass cover with chrysanthemum bud knop and incised chrysanthemum design, ht. to handle 7 7/8, dia. to spout 9 5/8 in. $100-200 1986 Two Mixed Metal Vase Lamps, Japan, decorated with inlaid design, single socket, vase ht. to 7 1/4 in. $300-500 1987 Two Bamboo and Wood Items, Japan, a woven bamboo covered box, tubular; and a wood ewer with red-lacquered cover and metal handle, ht. to 9 5/8 in. $125-225

1987A Ten Mostly Metalwork Items, mostly Japan, a bronze lion (damaged with broken pieces); a hanging bell with chain; pair of metal sheet wall decorations; a bronze jar on four feet; a cast bronze floral trivet; a bronze lamp vase electrified with two sockets; a bronze openwork ball-shape candle shade; and a pair of bamboo splints with metal handles, ht. to 40 3/8 in. $200-300 1988 Rootwood Carving of a Figure, Japan, half-seated with an object on his left shoulder, ht. 8 in. $200-400 1989 Carved Wood Netsuke of a Slit Temple Drum, Japan, 19th century, with a handle in the shape of two facing lion heads, finely carved and incised details, inlaid eyes, decorated with a raised swastika symbol on both sides, an inlaid spot on one side with a red inscription (now illegible), ht. 1 5/8, wd. 1 5/8 in. $300-500 1990 Sado Island Tansu, Japan, late 19th/ early 20th century, upper section with two drawers, lower section with two drawers to the right of which are a small drawer and behind a door are three drawers with an additional “hidden” drawer, chased and forged iron hardware, ht. 41 1/2, lg. 41, dp. 16 1/4 in. $300-500 1991 Omi, Kitchen Tansu, Japan, late 19th/early 20th century, red-stained softwoods, iron hardware, single case with three long drawers, below two smaller drawers and door, two bar locks with keys, 39 x 40 x 18 in. Provenance: The estate of Dorothy B. Edinburg. $250-350 1992 Keyaki Wood Kanto-style Hibachi, Japan, 20th century, iron hardware, classic configuration with storage drawers and copper “firebox,” 12 3/4 x 25 1/4 x 13 1/2 in. Provenance: The estate of Dorothy B. Edinburg. $150-250

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1993 Pine Tansu, Japan, 20th century, stamped and forged metal hardware, in two parts, the upper with three drawers, the lower with two, 42 x 36 x 15 1/4 in. Provenance: The estate of Dorothy B. Edinburg. $150-250 1994 Zelkova Wood Tansu, Japan, late 19th/ early 20th century, iron hardware, in two parts, the upper with two doors opening on to two drawers, the lower with two drawers and a door, 42 x 35 1/2 x 15 1/4 in. Provenance: The estate of Dorothy B. Edinburg. $150-250 1995 Small Pine Tansu, Japan, early 20th century, iron hardware, six drawers and two sets of sliding panels, 35 x 33 1/2 x 14 in. Provenance: The estate of Dorothy B. Edinburg. $150-250 1996 Zelkova Wood Étagère, Japan, early 20th century, iron hardware, multiple stepped shelves, the top shelves with everted ends, two drawers at base, (missing two sliding panels), 34 x 27 3/4 x 12 1/4 in. Provenance: The estate of Dorothy B. Edinburg. $100-200 1997 Black-lacquered Covered Box, Japan, the cover decorated with a landscape scene in gold and silver, ht. 2 1/4, wd. 9 1/2, dp. 13 in. Provenance: The estate of Dorothy B. Edinburg. $75-125 1998 Granite Yukimi-doro (Stone Lantern), Japan, 20th century, single curved post with scrolled top supports the hexagonal chudai and fire box, kasa (umbrella) with everted ribs, topped with pointed “jewel” (hoju), post approx. lg. 24, lantern ht. 21 in. Provenance: The estate of Dorothy B. Edinburg. $300-500

1999A Celadon Umbrella Stand, Japan, late 19th/early 20th century, overall decoration with flowering branches, ht. 21 1/4, dia. 7 1/4 in. $200-300 1999B Japanese Export Umbrella Stand, late 19th/early 20th century, blue and white Arita ware with coiling dragon in relief, ht. 24, dia. 9 1/2 in. $200-300 2000 Near Pair of Kutani Dishes, Japan, 19th century, shallow dish on a short raised bisque foot rim, the interior decorated with a landscape below a meander band and a patterned diaper band around the rim, the exterior with foliate scrolls in black against a green ground, both with “fuku” mark on base, ht. to 1 1/2, dia. to 7 7/8 in. $300-500 2001 Tall Satsuma Floor Vase, Japan, oviform with waisted neck and flared mouth, resting on a raised band foot, decorated with two illustrated stories with warrior and godly figures against a meshed ground with various patterns, with two carved knot-shape designs, two-character brushed mark on base, ht. 42 7/8 in. $400-600 2002 Satsuma Palace Vase, Japan, 19th/20th century, baluster-form, the body decorated with the “Thousand Faces” motif in polychrome and gilt, with two molded dragon and ring handles at the shoulders and molded and gilt tied knots with tassels, the mouth rim flared and bunched as if it were cloth, ht. 37 3/4 in. $500-700

2003 Satsuma Covered Box, Japan, Meiji period, circular tripod form, the cover depicting a temple scene with spectators in line next to a cliff, with wisteria vines on the exterior, irises on the interior, the box with wisteria vines on sides and irises inside a ring in the well, “Izumi” mark in a black cartouche on base, ht. 4, dia. to 7 1/4 in. $300-500 2004 Three Satsuma Ware Items, Japan, 19th/20th century, a round threefooted ewer with a bamboo handle (now broken and loose), decorated with figures and auspicious objects in shaped panels, signed “Kozan” on base; an ewer with a chilong-form spout and handle, decorated with a continuous scene with women and children in nature, signed “Toyama” on base; and a tripod censer, globular with two animal knob handles to sides, the domed cover with a shishi on top, signed “Hotoda” on base, ht. to 6 1/2 in. $300-500 2005 Five Satsuma Ware Items, Japan, a tall vase with straight sides, decorated with figures; a small baluster-form vase, with maple leaves; two tripod round covered boxes; and a low bowl with floral rim, decorated with floral design, ht. to 11 3/4, dia. to 5 in. $300-400 2006 Satsuma Vase, Japan, 20th century, oviform with wide mouth on a raised bisque foot rim, decorated with a dragon among clouds against a misty ground with molded Mt. Fuji, between a floral band around mouth rim and a wave band around the foot, the creamy surface with fine craquelure, mark reading “Dai Nippon Gyozan zo” on base, ht. 9 3/8 in. $300-500 2007 Miniature Satsuma Vase, compressed globular body with a long neck, “Shuzan” mark on base, ht. 3 1/8 in. $100-200 2008 Small Satsuma Plate, leaf-shape, decorated with figures, mark on base, wd. to 5 1/8 in. $200-300

2009 Satsuma Porcelain Figure of a Lady, Japan or China, 19th/20th century, standing with a vase in her hands raised to her chest, her dress decorated with peacocks and floral and foliate scrolls in polychrome enamels and gold, drilled base, ht. 25 3/8 in. $300-500 2010 Four Satsuma Ware Items and a Lacquer Dish, Japan, 19th/20th century, a baluster vase with two figural landscapes, “Nihon Kozan” mark on base; a small oviform vase with a short waisted neck, depicting in two panels a flower garden and an outdoor scene, “Kinkozan” mark on base; a small bottle vase decorated with a continuous landscape with figures; a tripod jar with wood cover, decorated with three fan paintings against a floral ground; and a gold lacquer dish depicting zodiac animals in maki-e with a shell and bone inlaid monkey in a central roundel of bone, “ro” or “tsuyu” mark on base, ht. to 12 1/2, dia. to 8 1/4 in. $300-500 2011 Mashiko Stoneware Bowl, Tatsuzo Shimaoka (1919-2007), Japan, deep bowl shape with a slightly flared mouth rim, resting on a raised foot ring, decorated with a band of horizontal lines brushed over a mottled brown ground, (broken and repaired), ht. 4 1/2, mouth dia. 6 3/4 in. $200-300 2012 Four Ceramic Items, Japan, a teacup by Tatsuzo Shimaoka (1919-2007), oval with a slightly flared rim on a raised foot; an octagonal teacup by Kawai Takeichi (1908-1989) with blue and brown glazes; a Mashiko ware spouted bowl with floral design in orange red and green; and a Song-dynasty style whiteglazed dish with bisque mouth rim and base, all broken and repaired except the last dish, ht. to 3 5/8, dia. to 6 3/4 in. $200-300

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1999 Bronze Covered Censer, Japan, compressed globular shape, with two strap handles rising from the mouth rim, on three stylized foliate-form feet, decorated with a bird-and-flower design in high relief, the domed openwork cover topped with a shishi lion, ht. 5, dia. to 3 3/8 in. $300-500

2013 Twenty-three Sake Cups, Japan, three blue and white by Tsutomo Saito; five celadon cups by Hiroshi Nakashima; one by Kenji Funaki; two Mashiko ware; and twelve from various kilns including Arita, Tamba, Kagura, Hongo, and Saga, some with marks, ht. to 2 3/4, mouth dia. to 2 7/8 in. $200-300

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2014 Three Sets of Glazed Sake Tokkuri and Cups, Japan, a white-glazed bulbous bottle and four cups; a whiteglazed oval ribbed bottle and five cups, each decorated with a splash of brown glaze; and a brown bulbous bottle and five tubular cups, each decorated with brown bands around the upper body, bottle ht. to 5 1/4, cup ht. to 2 1/4 in. $300-500 2015 Four Sets of Glazed Stoneware Sake Tokkuri and Cups, Japan, a brownglazed angled flask-shape bottle and six hexagonal tubular cups; a mottled gray-glazed ten-sided flask-shape bottle and four ten-sided tubular cups; an ochre-glazed oval ribbed bottle and five bowl-shape cups, each decorated with a brushed line in brown along the rim; and an ochre-glazed ribbed bottle and five bowl-shape cups, bottle ht. to 5, cup ht. to 2 in. $300-500 2016 Two Pottery Items, Japan, a small glazed bud-shape vase, ht. 2 3/4; and a long slender terra-cotta vase decorated with gilt dragon design in relief, ht. 14 1/4 in. $125-225 2017 Imari Dinner Set, Japan, early 20th century, decorated with brocade enamel and gilt and underglaze blue, comprising twelve large and twelve small dishes, twelve covered bowls, and eleven teacups, dia. to 8 in. $200-400 2017A Set of Five Imari Bowls, Japan, floral low bowls with gilt details, (one with a crack on the base), ht. 1 7/8, dia. 6 in. $200-300 2018 Three Imari Porcelain Items, Japan, a basin with octagonal rim, decorated in iron red and underglaze blue with floral designs, with a carved wood stand; a round plate decorated with a floral frieze, the exterior with floral sprays and lines in underglaze blue, gilt details; and a round bowl with a square flanged rim holding a twisted wood branch handle tied to two loops (one side now broken), the pierced metal cover with a floral knob, ht. to 3, dia. to 12 5/8 in. $200-300

2020 Large Imari Charger and Stand, Japan, 19th/20th century, the interior decorated with a square cartouche depicting two women overlooking a landscape, surrounded by geometric cartouches containing birds and flowers and a dragon in the clouds, all bordered by floral or geometric patterned borders, the underside with alternating floral sprays and peonies, dia. 23 1/4 in. $500-700 2021 Three Ceramic Vessels and Dharuma Figure, Japan, a bulbous shape with small flared mouth, the body with natural ash glaze and “clay flavor” of rusty brown, with a titled and signed box, ht. 3 3/8; a miniature celadon tripod censer, compressed globular body, two carved openwork handles to neck, the stainless steel cover with ruyi cloudshape openings, with a wood box, ht. 2 1/4; and a square stoneware incense container, with cream glaze and bisque rims, the cover in the shape of a coiled snake, with a wood box, ht. 1 5/8, wd. to 2 3/8 in. $50-100 2022 Seven Pieces of Sumida Gawa Ware, Japan, 19th/20th century, including a pitcher and six mug cups, all decorated with applied design of a boy at play in high relief against a red ground except two cups against a dark gray ground, “Ishiguro Koko” mark in underglaze blue in a double gourd-shape cartouche, pitcher ht. 12 1/8, cup ht. to 5 1/8 in. $500-700 2023 Pair of Small White Porcelain Footed Cups, Japan, on a stemmed foot, with gilt design, (one with chip and 3/4-in. crack to rim), with conforming wood stands, ht. 1 3/8, dia. 3 3/4 in. $200-300

2031 Korean Medicine Cabinet, 20th century, soft and hardwoods, multiple drawers with hardwood fronts, pair of doors with fish-shaped lock at base, set on low feet, 28 3/8 x 26 x 10 1/2 in. $200-300 2032 Kwang Jean Park (b. 1957) Woodblock with Drawing, Korea, 1998, 5/10, a two-sheet work depicting a semicircle in white on the top, the bottom with a triangle in black, numbered, titled “Yin Yang” in Chinese, dated “9809,” signed by the artist in English and Korean in pencil on the print, with a seal, mixed media on paper, framed and glazed, with a solo show catalog, each print 21 3/4 x 29 3/4 in. $200-300 2033 Paint-decorated Wood Carving of an Indian Potentate, turban crowned figure with a sword at his side, possibly intended as an advertising sign, ht. 58 in. $1,000-1,500 2034 Framed Miniature Painting, IndoPersia, with calligraphy on top and bottom, depicting a scene from the Shahnama, sight size 7 7/8 x 4 in. $200-400 2035 Cast Iron Covered Censer, possibly India, upturned triangular shape, the cover with a knob, ht. 6 1/4 in. $150-250

2024-2026 No lots. 2027 Japanese Brass Repoussé Openwork Keman, with floral design, with inscription, 12 3/4 x 14 1/2 in. $300-400 2028-2029 No lots.

2019 No lot.


2030 Korean Chest, late 20th century, brass hardware, two top drawers, below pair of doors open onto interior with seven drawers and a drop down panel, short curved feet, elaborately chased hardware, key, 51 x 33 1/2 x 16 1/4 in. $300-500

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2036 Pair of Carved Wood Figural Bookends, Bali, early 20th century, depicting a man and a woman seated with their knees raised on a triangular base, resting against an oval back, ht. to 11 in. Provenance: The William C. Rives collection, purchased at Sotheby’s Singapore, April 7, 2002, Lot 127. $200-300

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2037 Bronze Figure of Buddha, Mongolia, 18th/19th century, standing barefoot on an openwork upturned lotus base, his right hand raised with open palm in abhaya mudra, his topknot surmounted with a lotus-bud knob, engraved details on his flowing robe, inscribed in the back of the base, two soldering marks to the back, ht. 10 5/8 in. $200-300 2038 Five Roman-style Glass Items, a globular vase with a long neck; a cylindrical vase with rounded bottom and two handles; a long-necked globular bottle vase; a globular handled jar with blue decorations; and a handled green amphora jar, ht. to 6 7/8 in. $400-500 2039 Large White Stone Bi Disc, China, (repaired damage), dia. 24 5/8 in. $200-300

End of Sale 3009T

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