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1 Alcott, Louisa May (1832-1888) Autograph Letter Signed, Undated. Single bifolium inscribed on four pages. To Mrs. Anne Rebecca Adams (1809-1882) sending autographs (not present), asking after her husband, Alvin Hoar Adams’s (1804-1877) health, and thanking her for the gift of strawberries and a portfolio; with the holograph envelope, 7 x 4 1/2 in. Adams was a merchant in Watertown who pioneered express deliveries by railroad in 1840, likely the source of the presumably out of season strawberries mentioned in Alcott’s letter. “Dear Mrs. Adams, I send you the autographs I promised, but they are not as nice as I hoped. The best ones have been given away I find. These however are genuine, & if they are of any use to you I shall be very glad. When Mr. Adams goes he can get you any you want, you know. If he has not already gone give him my respects & tell him I hope the new water will do him so much good he will stand right off & pass the summer at Belle’s country house in Egypt. I am much better, & mother thinks Watertown a most healthful place. So do I & Dr. Bonnett. I have been afraid to try my lovely portfolio yet, but hope a spring-like day or two will put a thought into my head poetical enough to be written on my green and silver book, & good enough to be sent to you. Father & mother thought the portfolio perfection. Miss Hoar was charmed with her strawberries, & they were the town talk for several days. It must be so pleasant to have one’s name always associated with fruit-, & flowers, kind thoughts & friendly deeds, as yours is, dear Mrs. Adams. With much love L.M. Alcott” $1,500-2,500 2 American Signed Documents, Mostly 17th and 18th Century, Massachusetts Governors. Approximately twenty-seven various signed documents including receipts, letters, clipped signatures and other material attributed to Thomas Hutchinson (1711-1780), John Endecott (1600-1665), John Leverett (1616-1679), Edmund Andros (16371714), Simon Bradstreet (1603-1697), Sir Henry Vane the Younger (16131662), Paul Dudley (1675-1751), Joseph Shed (1732-1812), Richard Coote, 1st Earl of Bellomont (16361701), George III (1738-1820), William Shirley (1694-1771), Joseph Dudley (1647-1720), James Bowdoin II (17261790) and others. $700-900

3 Anderson, Sherwood (1876-1941) Four Letters: Two Autograph Signed and Two Typed Signed. The two typed letters on Anderson’s Ripshin Farm letterhead, 1939 and 1940; the two autograph letters on plain paper, undated; all inscribed on one page. To Arnold Gates, thanking him for birthday wishes and for sending a pamphlet on Abraham Lincoln, and other pleasantries, folds, 8 1/2 x 11 in. each. (4) $200-300 4 Autograph Book, mid-1920s, Winston Churchill, Rudyard Kipling, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, and Others. Commercially produced folio-format scrapbook, with a variety of material mounted on the pages, including mostly signed cards, and other signed paper, with eight index pages at the beginning, including signatures of the following: Calvin Coolidge, Rudyard Kipling, Herbert Hoover, Elihu Root, Charles Dana Gibson, Thomas Edison, James Montgomery Flagg, William Howard Taft, Will Rogers, Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Philip Sousa, Zane Grey, Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Lauder, Admiral Byrd, Elizabeth Bacon Custer, Irving Berlin, Andrew Mellon, and others; pages of the album shorn off at the binding and detached, 15 1/2 x 10 1/4 in. $1,800-2,000 5 Autographs, Approximately 100. A large group of miscellaneous signed letters, documents, notes, clipped signatures and other autographed material, mostly 19th century. $300-500 6 Bartok, Bela (1881-1945) Signature with Musical Phrase. Card signed in pencil beneath the opening theme of the composer’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in G major, matted and framed with a portrait, the card 4 1/2 x 2 in. $2,000-2,500

7 Browning, Robert (1812-1889) Autograph Letter Signed, 8 March 1864. Folding laid letter paper with blind-stamped emblematic shield, watermarked 1863; inscribed on two pages. To either Charles Francis Adams (1807-1886) or Henry Adams (1838-1918), both correspondents to Browning in the 1860s, sending autographs (not present); apologizing for not having letters from persons of note he can send; remembering their Sunday evenings with fondness; and sending regards to Adams’s “circle”; folds, 7 x 4 1/2 in. $800-1,000 8 Burgoyne, John (1722-1792) Secretarial Letter Signed, 26 March 1778. Folded laid paper bifolium, pale blue, with self-envelope; inscribed on two pages. To William Heath (1737-1814) concerning the confinement of an officer, Lieutenant Battersby, to the guardhouse, and the error of this treatment. Old folds, toning along the fold lines on the envelope side, holes in the paper where the sealing wax has broken away, slight glue remnants from old mount, also on the envelope side, 9 1/2 x 7 in. folded. $700-900 9 Callas, Maria (1923-1977) Signed Photo, 1973. Black-and-white photo, with Callas’s dated signature in blank margin at the foot, signature slightly faint, with light smearing, 4 1/2 x 7 in. $500-700

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10 Capote, Truman (1924-1964) Autograph Unsigned Poem: A Pussy Cat’s Adventures, (c. 1935-1936) Single piece of lined paper inscribed on both sides in blue ink. The text is the same as a manuscript poem in the New York Public Library’s collection of Capote’s papers, cataloged as high school work by the author during the mid-1930s; this unsigned version may be an earlier draft, 9 3/4 x 7 3/4 in. $900-1,200

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11 Cassatt, Mary (1844-1926) Photographic Portrait. Black-and-white photograph of Cassatt taken on Bearskin Neck, Rockport, Massachusetts, no date; seated on the edge of a boat with a small child, Cassatt is dressed in a long dark dress with an ornate hat; tag of J.A. Nunes art store in Gloucester, Massachusetts, pasted on backing of frame, along with a very faint pencil inscription identifying the sitter and location, 12 1/2 x 9 1/2 in. $300-500


12 Chagall, Marc (1887-1985) Four Signed Photographs. Black-and-white photographs, signed and inscribed, c. 1966-71, including a photograph of Chagall in front of The Sources of Music, one of the murals at the New York Metropolitan Opera, and another of him painting a mural on the floor; three are 8 x 10 in., the fourth is 3 1/2 x 5 in. (4) $800-1,000

13 Chagall, Marc (1887-1985) Large Archive of Letters, 1964-1971. Extensive collection of correspondence concerning the work Chagall created for the Metropolitan Opera in New York, including the two murals in the grand foyer and set decorations and costumes for The Magic Flute; including: five signed contracts a propos to the work; Chagall’s official membership book from the Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators & Paperhangers of America, signed, with four membership cards and a withdrawal card; thirty-four typed letters signed and written in French concerning the Magic Flute sets and costumes, the murals, and some brief personal notes, almost all addressed to Rudolph Bing and Herman Krawitz; one autograph letter signed; twentyfive autograph notes and letters signed and written in Russian to Vladimir Odinokov on the same topic, most with their envelopes; and approximately ten short notes, postcards, and holiday cards, mostly signed, including three postcards of the Met murals with stamps of Chagall’s stained glass window, all signed. This archive sheds light on the activities and state of mind of the artist as he prepares for, executes, and eventually helps mount to display of the large-scale murals that grace the grand lobby of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. The letters also concern the design of set decorations and costumes for the Magic Flute, as Chagall was working closely with Vladimir Odinokov, who created the material used on stage following Chagall’s models, sketches, notes, and letters. Details about Chagall’s choice of studio, his need of the proper canvas and helpers, his anxiety about the scale of the project, and the pace of work are all duly recorded in this archive of correspondence. On March 5th, 1966, he writes, “Pour l’Opera de Paris, j’ai dû m’adapter à ce qui existait déjà, et je crois qu’au “MET,” il va falloir au contraire adapter l’endroit à mes murailles.” For the Paris Opera House, I had to adapt to what already existed, and I think that at the MET, on the contrary, it will be necessary to adapt the setting to my murals. Keenly aware of the importance of the general atmosphere and decoration of the opera house, Chagall discusses carpet samples, the placement of the Maillol bronzes, the removal of a mirror over the bar that bothered him, and other considerations. An exhaustive source that paints a full picture of circumstances surrounding the creation of these important works, it also sheds a personal light on the artist’s process, and the complicated logistics of mounting such a project. $80,000-120,000

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14 Chaplin, Charles (1889-1977) Signed Photograph and Typed Letter Signed. Black-and-white profile portrait of a suited Chaplin with hands clasped, signed across the chest, 7 x 5 in.; [and] single page typed letter signed on Chaplin’s stationery, Beverly Hills, California, 27 April 1939. To Arnold Gates, thanking him for birthday greetings, two horizontal folds, 10 1/2 x 7 1/4 in. $800-1,000 15 Churchill, Winston (1874-1965) Fragmentary Typed Letter Signed, 7 December 1918. Top portion of the sheet only, on Ministry of Munitions of War letterhead, with date, greeting, and the first part of one paragraph (five lines) on the recto, and two-and-a-half lines of text, closing and signature on the verso. To John Burdon Sanderson Haldane (1892-1964), relieving members of the Advisory Panel of the Munitions Inventions Department of their duties because of the ending of the first World War; with mentions of poison gas and anti-gas devices on the verso. Dusty, with two short closed tears, top edge of paper lightly browned, 7 1/2 x 4 1/2 in. $300-500 16 Collection of American Executive Cabinet Member Autographs, Letters, and other Signed Items. A variety of signed material from approximately thirty cabinet members from the Abraham Lincoln, Chester A. Arthur, Grover Cleveland, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Harry Truman administrations. $200-400

To sing of Sib I set my jib: O lovely Genesee! Brace thyself now For thou must bow To stern necessity. Since that dread day Whereof my lay The outcome must transcribe, He has (alack) Suffered attack, Or more (perhaps) a jibe. From coast to coast Whereas they’d boast How many a field he’d fought By hook or crook He has been took In tow-O tender thought! Still was the engine, still the mew The Captain, and the rigging; not a rumor from the boom, nor giggle from the gig. But from the sea There seemed to me To rise a kind of chant: “He used to speculate on deck; But now he haunts Nahant.” $3,000-4,000

18 Davy, Sir Humphry (1778-1829) Autograph Letter Signed, [c. 1804]. Wove paper bifolium inscribed on three pages, with holograph addressed self-envelope. To fellow English chemist William Clayfield (1772?1837) regretting that they didn’t have a chance to visit, describing fly fishing, and making oblique references to sex. Old folds, dusty on the self-envelope side, torn with loss where the seal was opened, 8 3/4 x 6 3/4 in. Davy studied nitrous oxide and invented a safety lamp for coal miners; he was also a poet and involved with the Pneumatic Institution for Inhalation Gas Therapy. In this letter Davy refers to Thomas Beddoes (b. 1760), founder of the Pneumatic Institution; playwright John Tobin (1770-1804); the chemist Charles Hatchett (1765-1847), mentioned in passing in the P.S.; and historian and engineer Davies Gilbert [aka Davies Giddy] (1767-1839). $1,500-1,800 19 Dickens, Charles (1812-1870) Signature, 24 February 1864. Folded laid bifolium of Gad’s Hill Place letter paper, inscribed briefly at the top of the outer bifolium. Unaddressed, with the dated signature in blue ink, signed “Faithfully yours”; with a small photographic portrait. Old glue and paper on verso of outer bifolium from a former mount, with a slight edge tear and minor loss to the blank sheet; inscribed page slightly age-toned, 7 x 4 1/2 in. $400-600 20 Du Bois, William Edward Burghardt (1868-1963) Typed Letter Signed, 19 June 1915. Single page letter typed on folding letterhead of the editorial rooms of The Crisis, New York City. To Joseph Lund of Harvard University, agreeing to speak at the upcoming Class Dinner on Wednesday, June 23rd, “for five minutes or less.” Old folds, 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 in. $300-500

21 Eakins, Thomas (1844-1916) Autograph Letter Signed, 17 February 1914. Single page, inscribed on one side. To Weda Cook (1867-1937) declining her request for his portrait of her, The Concert Singer. Some old folds, short tear affecting two words, adhesions to verso, in Eakins’s delicate hand, 6 1/2 x 5 1/2 in. (See John Wilmerding’s Thomas Eakins for reference to this letter.) [Together with] Black-and-white photograph of Cook by John Wright, faded, short tear, fold that cracks the surface, some spots, adhesions on verso, 9 3/4 x 7 1/2 in. “Dear Weda, I was very glad to have your note. I cannot however part with the picture. It must be largely exhibited yet. I have many memories of it, some happy, some sad. Your boy can see it any time. Probably it will be his some day but not now. I have been very sick but the physician assures me that I will recover. Yours truly, Thomas Eakins” $7,500-9,500 22 Earhart, Amelia (1897-1937) Signed Banquet Program, 28 October 1932. Printed program for an honorary banquet held by the Clubs of Business and Professional Women of Milwaukee at the Hotel Astor, matted and framed, the program printed in a light or perhaps faded ink, 6 3/4 x 4 in. $400-600 23 Emerson, Ralph Waldo (1803-1882) Autograph Letter Signed, Concord, 2 June 1852. Single sheet of laid paper, inscribed on both sides. To Robert Carter, apologizing for not correcting some errors in a newspaper report of the speech made by Lajos Kossuth (18021894) in Concord on May 7, 1852. Old folds, some edge discoloration, strip of paper from old mount along blank gutter, 8 x 5 in., with a photographic portrait in profile. Kossuth was an exiled Hungarian statesman who toured the United States to raise awareness about the situation in his country. Concord Free Public Library special collections contains “Mr. Emerson’s Address,” pages 222-224, of Kossuth in New England: A Full Account of the Hungarian Governor’s Visit to Massachusetts, Boston: Jewett, 1852; and the broadside: Kossuth at Concord! 7 May 1852. $300-500

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17 Cummings, Edward Estlin (18941962) Signed Unpublished Manuscript Poem within a Ship’s Guest Book, 24 August 1916. Guest book owned by Dr. James Sibley Watson Jr. (1894-1982) and his wife Hildegarde Lassell Watson (18881976), was used onboard the yachts, “Algonquin,” “Lasca,” and “Genesee” and signed by hundreds passengers, some of whom wrote notes, poems, made sketches and small paintings, with other inserted ephemera relevant to the perambulations of the crafts; the Cummings poem seems to have been written on the occasion of Harvard classmate Sibley Watson’s engagement to Hildegarde Lassell; some pages loose, many items inserted, Cummings’s poem is signed on the recto side of the leaf with a small drawing of an elephant sprinting in the direction of a pointed sign marked, “Matrimony,” poem on the verso; 9 1/4 x 7 1/2 in. [Together with] a photo album from the same period depicting journeys of the “Genesee,” disbound, containing sixtythree small-format black-and-white photographs pasted onto black album pages, mostly titled in white, including shots taken on land and at sea during a cruise around Sweden during the summer of 1914.


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24 Faulkner, William (1897-1962) Typed Letter Signed, 23 April 1957. Single page typed on one side with hand-addressed holograph envelope. To Alexander Rives, arranging for the purchase of a house in Charlottesville, Virginia, offering a retainer (not included). Old folds, both the letter paper and envelope are re-used with the previous addressee’s name crossed out on the envelope, and letterhead crossed out and used upside-down, 8 1/2 x 11 in. Faulkner came to UVA Charlottesville as a writer-in-residence. In this letter, he describes his and his wife’s housing needs, and specifically mentions the house on Rugby Road that they were to ultimately purchase. A friendly newsy letter, Faulkner also mentions an unpleasant children’s birthday party, his injured clavicle, plans to hunt in Charlottesville “every winter,” and the longer term plan to buy a large farm in Albemarle County. $1,200-1,800 25 Fitzgerald, F. Scott (1896-1940) Typed Letter Signed, 25 November 1940. Single page typed on one side, signed in pencil. To his secretary Isabel Owens, recalling that Charles “Bill” Warren owes him money and asking whether she would try collecting on his behalf, with the typed envelope. Matted with a portrait, old folds, two small purplish blotches, 8 1/2 x 10 1/2 in. “Dear Mrs. Owens, It’s occurred to me that Bill Warren still owes me $475. I’ve no idea whether or not he is in any position to pay it but if you ever felt like constituting yourself a private collection agency it would certainly be worth $100. to me to see some of it. You can tell him the truth— that I’ve been quite sick again, that I’m in debt and need it. Of course, he is quite possibly broke. The storage company have not sent me any amended bill. As I told you my idea is that their right hand doesn’t know what their left hand is doing. With best wishes to you both. Ever your friend, Scott Fitzgerald” Fitzgerald worked with Warren on a screenplay treatment of Tender is the Night, which Warren tried, unsuccessfully, to sell in Hollywood on several occasions. This very late letter was written less than a month before Fitzgerald’s death. $6,000-8,000

26 Flights: Unforgettable Exploits of the Air, Seven Prints, by Frank Lemon (1890-1943) Five Signed by Aviators. [No place]: Wright Aeronautical Corporation, 1928. Seven lithographs commemorating great moments in flight, the following signed: The Wright Brothers’ “Strange Contraption” rises at Kitty Hawk, 1903, signed by Orville Wright; With one beat of his wing, Charles Lindbergh goes to Paris! 1927, signed in pencil by Charles A. Lindbergh, 1935; The conqueror of one pole attempts the other: Commander Byrd, the Antarctic, 1929, signed by Admiral Byrd, very faint, barely visible; Lieut-Commander Albert C. Read nears the Azores in a navy plane, 1919, inscribed by Read to Wallace B. Donham; and Louis Bleriot passes the White Cliffs of Dover in May, 1909, inscribed to Donham by Bleriot, date in title corrected by hand to read July; the two remaining prints in the set unsigned, viz., To Australia by air: Kingsford-Smith and his companions over Suva, 1928; and Crossing the States in the span of the same sun. Lieutenants Macready & Kelly, 1923; all prints toned to varying degrees, the paper brittle, the two unsigned prints mounted on board, the others quite delicate, some short tears, chipping with losses, 20 3/4 x 16 3/4 in. (7) $400-600 27 French Manuscript Material, Letters and Signatures, Approximately Twenty Pieces. A varied group that includes autograph letters, notes, signature cards, dated sentiments, and other material attributed to Charles Bonnet (17201793), Yves Guyot, Mathilde Marchesi, Francois Guizot, Alphonse de Lamartine, Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux, Jules Michelet, Merle D’Aubigne, and others. $300-500

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28 Garfield, James Abraham (1831-1881) Archive Containing Presidential Signed Items and Autographs of his Presidential Cabinet. One free frank and three clipped signatures of Garfield along with a stereoscopic view of his inauguration; and the following: one letter signed by Secretary of State James Blaine, and a passport with a rubberstamped signature; clipped signature of Secretary of War Robert Todd Lincoln; two letters (secretarial?) signed by Attorney General Wayne MacVeagh; one letter signed by Postmaster General Thomas L. James; one secretarial letter signed by Navy Secretary William H. Hunt; and a letter, petition, and signature of Interior Secretary Samuel J. Kirkwood. $800-1,000 29 Gershwin, George (1898-1937) Signed and Inscribed Photograph. Black-and-white photograph of Gershwin in profile, seated at the piano. Inscribed in the blank margin at the bottom to Mrs. N.B. Putnam, signed “all my good wishes,” inscription a little light, matted and framed, not examined out of frame, 8 x 9 3/4 in. $2,600-3,000 30 Gottschalk, Louis M. (1829-1869) Autograph Letter Signed. Undated letter on a single lined sheet, inscribed on one page. To an unnamed doctor and friend, attempting to arrange a meeting of the three, in French. Paper slightly toned, mounted on a piece of card, 8 x 5 in. $750-950

32 Hancock, John (1737-1793) Signed Military Commission, 3 December 1787. Typographically printed document on paper, fulfilled by hand, sealed and signed by Hancock as Governor of Massachusetts, countersigned by John Avery; appointing Dennison Wallis First Lieutenant of an artillery company in Danvers, Massachusetts. Old folds, somewhat fragmentary at the margins and convergences; one quarter toned on the verso, 15 x 13 in. [with] an engraved portrait of Hancock after the Copley painting, and a receipt dated 16 November 1796 signed by other Hancocks. $1,200-1,800 33 Hawthorne, Nathaniel (1804-1864) Two Signed Documents, 1848 and 1854. Typographical document fulfilled in a secretarial manuscript hand with Hawthorne’s signature as a collector at the port of Salem, Massachusetts, for the District of Salem and Beverly for the schooner Martha Ann, carrying ninety tons of plaster; slightly toned, old folds, 8 3/4 x 6 1/2 in. [and] another typographical document, with arabesque typographical ornaments along the left margin, a wood engraving of the E Pluribus Unum emblem with eagle, and two wax seals, fulfilled in a secretarial hand, signed by Hawthorne in his capacity as American Consul at the port of Liverpool, 24 February 1854; some damage from an old mount on verso, small holes in the corners; some slight tan-colored surface discoloration, 8 x 7 in.; with two small photographs and another portrait. $500-700

34 Hayes, Rutherford B. (1822-1893) Archive Containing Presidential Clipped Signature and Autographs of his Presidential Cabinet. Clipped signature of Hayes; invitation attributed to Secretary of State William M. Evarts; two secretarial letters signed by Thomas A. Hendricks, Vice President under Grover Cleveland; two clipped signatures and one letter signed by Treasury Secretary John Sherman; two letters (one secretarial) signed by Secretary of War George McCrary; two letters signed by Secretary of War Alexander Ramsey; four letters (one secretarial) signed by Attorney General Charles Devens; two letters signed by Postmaster General Horace Maynard; one letter signed by Postmaster General David M. Key; one letter signed by Navy Secretary Norton Goff Jr.; one letter signed by Navy Secretary Richard W. Thompson; and two letters signed by Interior Secretary Carl Schurz; seven ballots, Republican and Democratic; and a ticket admitting one to the Electoral Commission. $300-500 35 Hemingway, Ernest (1899-1961) Typed Letter Signed, 7 August 1941. Single page typed on one side, Finca Vigia San Francisco de Paula Cuba letterhead. To Arnold Gates, thanking him for birthday wishes; “It makes you feel very good to have somebody backing you every year, the way you do me.” Old folds, 8 1/2 x 11 in. $700-900 36 No lot.

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31 Grant, Ulysses Simpson (1822-1885) Archive Containing Presidential Signed Items and Autographs of his Presidential Cabinet. Three items signed by Grant: an appointment document, 29 December 1869; autograph note signed 16 December 1871; and clipped signature; together with a leather coin promoting the Grant and Wilson ticket produced in 1872. [with] Four American passports from the 1870s signed by Secretary of State Hamilton Fish and one clipped signature; calling card signed by Vice President Henry Wilson; letters signed by Vice President Schuyler Colfax, with envelopes; two letters signed by Secretary of the State Elihu Washburne; two letters signed by Treasury Secretary William A. Richardson; three letters signed by Treasury Secretary Benjamin Bristow; one letter signed by Treasury Secretary George Boutwell; one free frank, a clipped signature, and signed engraved portrait of Secretary of War William Belknap; note signed by Secretary of War James Cameron; three letters signed by Attorney General Ebenezer Hoar; one letter signed by Attorney General Amos Ackerman; two letters signed by Attorney General George H. Williams; two secretarial letters signed by Attorney General Edwards Pierrepont; one signature card and two notes signed by Postmaster General John Creswell; clipped signature of Postmaster General Marshall Jewell; one letter signed by Postmaster General James Tyner; one letter and one clipped signature of Navy Secretary George M. Robeson; one letter signed by Secretary of the Interior Zachariah Chandler; one letter signed with accompanying envelope of Secretary of the Interior Columbus Delano; one letter signed by Secretary of the Interior Jacob Dolson Cox; and three political tickets from the Grant and Colfax campaign, two Republican, one Democratic. $1,000-1,500

37 Homer, Winslow (1836-1910) Autograph Receipt Signed, 4 November 1898, Scarborough, Maine. Single laid paper sheet inscribed on one side. To art collector Thomas B. Clarke (1848-1931) in receipt of eight hundred dollars “in full payment of all demands to date.” Old folds, pin holes, slight paperclip rust, 9 x 5 1/2 in. $1,200-1,500

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38 Hoover, Herbert (1874-1964) Three Signed Presidential Items and Other Material Signed by Presidential Cabinet Members. Two typed letters signed by Hoover; two typed letters signed by Vice President Charles Curtis (1860-1936); a signature card of Attorney General William DeWitt Mitchell (1874-1955); two typed letters signed and a card signed by Navy Secretary Charles Francis Adams III (1866-1954); and a card signed by Secretary of War Patrick Jay Hurley (1883-1963). $200-400

41 James, Henry (1843-1916) Autograph Letter Signed, 27 July 1882. Single leaf inscribed on one side. To James R. Osgood (1836-1892), James’s publisher, agreeing to conditions set out in Osgood’s letter. Old folds, with Osgood’s dated rubber stamp of receipt, 8 x 5 in. My Dear Osgood, I have got your letter which suits me exactly. Please go ahead. I am, Yours truly, Henry James $300-500

39 Jackson, Andrew (1767-1845) Autograph Letter Signed, 2 October 1795. Large bifolium of laid paper, inscribed over two pages. To Markham McGee, arguing about whether a debt on a bond for one hundred dollars has been properly paid to a Mr. Spring; also naming a Captain David Smith, and a General Robertson. Fragmentary along the folds, broken into several pieces; spotting and staining to the sheet, self-envelope present, with holograph address and old sealing wax, housed in a double-glazed frame, not viewed outside of frame, 15 x 13 in. $1,000-2,000

42 Jefferson, Thomas (1743-1826) and James Madison (1751-1836) Signed Ship’s Passport, 10 November 1802. Parchment document, engraved with a vignette of a lighthouse and ships in the top portion, engraved text below, fulfilled by hand, sealed, with old folds and a few stains, ink slightly faded, Jefferson signs as President, Madison as Secretary of State, with the typical wavy cut at the top of the document, 18 x 11 3/4 in. $2,500-3,500

40 Jackson, Andrew (1767-1845) Signed Ship’s Papers, 19 January 1836. Four language ship’s passport for the New Bedford whaling ship, The George Washington, bound for the Pacific Ocean, sealed, with large Presidential signature, old folds, slight faults of discoloration, generally good, professional repairs to fold breaks on verso, short tear, 20 1/4 x 16 in. $700-900

43 Kipling, Rudyard (1865-1936) Autograph Poem, Signed. One sheet inscribed with six stanzas of his “L’Envoi” to Life’s Handicap, varying slightly from the published versions, notably, without the first stanza, although the first stanza in this copy is numbered “I” by Kipling, signed on the verso. Old folds, 9 x 6 3/4 in. $400-600 44 Lawrence, D.H. (1885-1930) Signed Contract, 1 May 1929. Two leaves of legal (A4) paper typed on the rectos, with Lawrence’s initials and signature. The contract between literary agents Curtis Brown Ltd. and the publishers Jonathan Cape and Harrison Smith, relating to the publication of Lawrence’s collected poems, stapled and secured into a blue covering wrap, marginal adhesive tape repairs, some chips, blurring of typewriter ink under the tape, 12 3/4 x 8 1/2 in. $750-850

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45 Lee Robert E. (1807-1870) Letter Signed, West Point, 30 December 1853. Single laid paper leaf, inscribed on one and a quarter pages. To General George H. Devereux concerning his son’s misconduct at West Point. Old folds, a few faint rust spots, 9 3/4 x 7 3/4 in. The misbehaving son in question, whom Lee states was absent from his quarters, had spirits in his possession, and failed to halt when ordered, was fifteen-year-old Arthur Devereux (18381906) who, after dropping out of West Point, went on to have a distinguished military career. With a keen interest in Zouave, the French precision drill style, he rose to Captain of the Salem Light Infantry in 1859. On the Union side during the Civil War, Devereux fought against Robert E. Lee’s forces with the 19th Massachusetts at the Battle of Gettysburg; plugging the hole made by the Confederate soldiers at Pickett’s Charge. He was eventually made honorary brevet brigadier general, U.S. Volunteers, by President Andrew Jackson for gallant services during the war. $1,000-1,500 46 Lewis, Clive Staples (1898-1963) Autograph Letter Signed, 18 April 1950. Single sheet of Lewis’s Magdalen College, Oxford stationery, inscribed on one side. To Miss McEwan, discussing the works of Charles Williams (18861945), including new editions and the pronunciation of key words found in the novels. Old folds, ink slightly lighter near the closing, where Lewis’s pen was running low, framed, not viewed out of frame, 8 3/4 x 7 in. “Dear Ms. McEwan, I have not heard about any uniform edition of C.W.’s complete works. Faber is republishing the novels, I’m told, but whether uniform or not I don’t know. The novels are also being republished in U.S.A. but in the present state of the [pound] I expect that edition wd. be fabulously expensive for us. There is no talk of any new edition of The Region. In fact, the prospect is bleak! Logres is two syllables with the accent on the first and roughly rhymes with ogress. Charles himself (and most people, tho’ not all) pronounced Broceliande as four syllables with the accent on the second-Bross-elly-and. The English pronunciation of Logres (as offered to either the French or Welsh) is from J. Milton’s line in P. Regained By knights of Logres or of Lyonesse. Yours sincerely, C.S. Lewis” $2,600-3,000

48 No lot. 49 Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (1807-1882) Working Manuscript Translation of Dante’s Inferno, Two Pages. Single leaf inscribed on both surfaces, dated 14 March 1863, titled, “Inferno,” consisting of the first twenty-seven lines of the first Canto, beginning with “Midway upon the journey of our life”; with many lines and words crossed out and revised, including text that was used in the published edition, and sometimes one or two variants that were not published. Written on laid watermarked paper, with the blindstamp of Ackmerman of London in the upper left hand corner, text mainly written in brown ink, most cross-outs and emendations to the text in ink, with a few edits in pencil; manuscript note in another hand, in pencil, top right corner, stating that this page was taken from a portfolio on Longfellow’s desk by his brother Samuel on 17 February 1890, 7 1/4 x 8 3/4 in. [with] A clipped signature of Longfellow, and picture postcard. $800-1,200 50 Manuscript Leaf; Two Leaves from an Early Book; Document; and Print. Mixed lot of decorative leaves, as follows: one large parchment leaf from a gradual with illuminated initials; two leaves from the calendar of a 16th century book on paper with handcolored woodcuts and rubrication, each matted; a signed military commission, Switzerland, 1746; and a reproduction of a view of Venice canals. (5) $300-500

51 Massenet, Jules (1842-1912) Large Signed Cabinet Photograph, 1887. Portrait of Massenet in profile, inscribed “au Cercle des Arts un invite reconnaissant!, 1887,” photograph by Charles Chambon of Bordeaux, 8 1/2 x 5 in. $900-1,000 52 Melville, Herman (1819-1891) Autograph Letter Signed, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 29 October 1858. Single sheet of folded wove writing paper, blind-stamped “Paris” in the upper left corner, inscribed on one page. To Anthony Bowman Esq. of Boston, stating that he does not have information about Dr. William Starbuck Mayo (1812-1895), the author of Kaloolah, having only met him once, and quoting his own terms for lecturing. Old folds, verso of the uninscribed half tacked down by dabs of glue on two inner gutter corners to a heavier sheet of blue paper, some ink showing through the verso, slight shadows of words on recto of uninscribed conjugate, 8 x 4 3/4 in. folded. This brief letter shows a direct connection between Mayo and Melville that has hitherto eluded scholars. Writing in similar styles and publishing successively, the question of who influenced whom has been introduced more than once. Mayo was a literary success in his own lifetime, and Melville struggled, although the novel remembered today is Moby Dick, not Kaloolah. $2,000-3,000 53 Monroe, James (1758-1831) Signed Land Deed, 11 June 1821. Document on parchment, for the sale of 160 acres in Arkansas to Joseph and Thomas Wright, printed in New York, by J. Seymour, fulfilled by hand, with seal and Presidential signature, framed, 12 3/4 x 10 in. [Together with] Edward Livingston (1764-1836) Autograph letter signed 16 January 1830, while serving as U.S. Senator for Louisiana, to U.S. Federal Judge Samuel Hadden Harper (17831837), concerning the passage of a bill; with addressed, free-franked, selfenvelope, browned, likely mounted to an acidic substrate, 12 x 14 3/4 in. (2) $400-600

54 O’Keeffe, Georgia (1887-1986) Typed Document Signed and Initialed, 27 August 1971. Two typed sheets with text on rectos. To the artist’s sister Anita O’Keeffe Young (1891-1985) with very detailed instructions about the ownership and disposition of approximately forty-seven paintings in a variety of circumstances. Old folds, one slight smudge, one typo corrected in pen, the first leaf initialed by O’Keeffe at the foot, the second with her signature, with the corresponding typed envelope pre-printed with O’Keeffe’s name and address on the flap, torn, 8 1/2 x 11 in. [Together with] photocopies of the three lists mentioned in the agreement, with each painting identified by name, medium, size, and insurance value. “I would like you to make it a condition of such a gift [to an institution selected by O’Keeffe] that these institutions may not lend these paintings, except for once in twenty years. Such a loan could only be for a major retrospective exhibition of my work held by a museum, or an equivalent exhibition of the Stieglitz Collection, or for some unforeseen situation of special importance which may come up. I would also like you to ask that the O’Keeffe frame which I have designed (silver or metal) be kept on these paintings, unless the institution wishes to show them without any frame at all.” $900-1,200 55 Poe, Edgar Allan (1809-1849) Unsigned Portrait. Oil on canvas, painted after the “Ultima Thule” daguerreotype of the poet, in a giltwood frame, relined, retouched, 10 x 8 in. $400-600

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47 Lincoln, Benjamin (1733-1810) Document Signed, 6 July 1802. Importation receipt typographically printed on laid paper, fulfilled by hand, certifying the entry of green tea from Canton to the port of Boston and Charlestown, countersigned by Sons of Liberty member and Boston Tea Party participant Thomas Melvill (1751-1832). Matted and framed with a portrait of Lincoln and an engraved plaque of explanation, the document itself, 9 x 4 1/2 in., the framed piece 26 x 21 in. overall. $300-500

56 Presentation of Arms to Robert John Lee, London, 1694. Large parchment sheet with elaborately painted and gilt coat of arms occupying the top half of the sheet, borders ruled in red, manuscript text below, bestowing the arms and describing the heraldic imagery, contemporary ink inscriptions in Spanish on verso, in a gilt carved double-glazed frame, 29 x 19 in. $2,000-3,000

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57 Puccini, Giacomo (1858-1924) Signed Menu with Musical Phrase, 26 July 1905. Small card with a menu printed on one side in Italian that was given during Puccini’s visit to Argentina in the summer of 1905, signature and music in pencil, thumbed, 6 x 3 3/4 in. $1,500-2,000

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58 Puccini, Giacomo (1858-1924) Signed Photograph, 19 July 1905. Black-and-white photograph mounted on the contemporary mat of Studio Bertieri in Turin, inscribed to Argentine composer, conductor, and pianist Alberto Williams (1862-1952), the photograph 7 3/4 x 4 1/4 in.; 12 1/2 x 7 1/2 in. overall. $8,000-10,000


59 Rachmaninoff, Sergei (18731943) Two Typed Letters Signed, Autographed Picture Postcard, and Photograph. The letters both from 1922, both to Berthold Neuer at Knabe Pianos in New York, with old folds, some toning and surface grime, edge chipping, closed tears, each 8 1/2 x 11 in.; signed portrait postcard, folds along the bottom of the image, with the signature in blue; and a black-andwhite photographic portrait on creamcolored matte stock, 1918, possibly signed by the photographer, not the subject, 8 3/4 x 11 1/2 in. (4) $1,000-2,000 60 Reed, John (1887-1920) Typed Letter Signed, Truro, 28 July [1919]. Single leaf of wove paper, typed on one side. To fellow journalist Walter Weyl (1874-1919) concerning Weyl’s positive feedback about Reed’s book Ten Days that Shook the World; Weyl’s letter to Reed, written in praise of the aforementioned title, and dated 20 July 1919, is preserved at Harvard. Evenly toned, old folds, slight fading to manuscript post script, 8 1/2 x 11 in. $950-1,100

61 Roberts III, John (1724-1778) Manuscript Memorandum and Account Books. Small folio account book begun by Roberts in 1768 detailing numerous transactions related to his many business enterprises, including a grist mill, a paper mill, a working farm, and other rural occupations; including medical receipts, notes on the weather and the deaths of friends and associates, and accounts concerning day laborers; including related documents, notably a singlesignature sixteen-page booklet titled “Memorandum,” that includes the record of transactions related to the activities of the Continental Army in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, between June 1777 and the fall of 1778 and John Roberts; these transactions never mention the exchange of money, the verb most used is “took”; notable examples include an inventory from 14 June 1777 of the following things taken from John Roberts: six good wagon horses, six years old last spring, six hackney horses, two large red oxen branded on the horn IR, eleven cows mostly young branded IR, on large bull branded, one small bull, two small steers, one small heifer, two yearling heifers without horns, two spotted large oxen, sixty sheep and lambs, sixteen hogs, and three pigs. In most of the entries, the members of the Continental Army who received Roberts’s goods are identified by name; all entries are dated, names include General Potter, General MacDougall’s Division, Colonel Procter, Green’s Division, Varnum’s Brigade, General Wayne’s division, Glover’s Brigade, the North Carolina Brigade; other entries note providing meals to parties of soldiers, and other supplies to parties at the “Gulph.” [Together with] a copy of the Pennsylvania Docket, November 7, 1778, with details about the case of treason against John Roberts, and a small archive of documents, receipts, and other material related to Roberts, mostly period, with the addition of later material on the same topic. John Roberts was a Welsh Quaker whose grandfather emigrated to Pennsylvania in the 17th century. Roberts was his father’s only son and inherited property and buildings of industry as a young man. Capitalizing on his good fortune, Roberts continued to develop and expand his various mercantile interests in Lower Merion. Controversy found him during the American Revolution. Quakers were particularly vulnerable to the dis-ease about side-taking during this divisive conflict and as an avowed pacifist, Roberts was not alone in attracting the suspicions of his neighbors.

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Removing to Philadelphia during the British occupation, Roberts was eventually accused of treason by a number of his neighbors, tried, and executed by the newly installed provisional continental judiciary. Since that time, protestations of his innocence, indictments of the rush to judgment, and suggestions that his neighbors’ desire to take his property hastened his fate have all cast his execution in a questionable light. This archive of original material related to Roberts before and during the critical period of his suspected traitorous activities imparts detailed and pertinent facts, if not a definitive answer to his guilt or innocence. $6,000-8,000

63 Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (18821945) Archive Containing One Presidential Typed Letter Signed and Signed Material Related to Members of his Presidential Cabinet. Letter signed by F.D.R. on Navy Department letterhead, 3 May 1919, to James Jackson of Boston, regarding logistics of meeting; and typed letter signed and typed letter with rubber stamped signature of Secretary of State Cordell Hull (1871-1955); card signed by Vice President John Nance Garner (1868-1967); signed card and typed letter signed by Secretary of War Henry Woodring (1890-1967); typed letter signed by Attorney General Homer Stille Cummings (1870-1956); card signed by Secretary of State James Francis Byrnes (1882-1972); and card signed by Attorney General Francis Beverley Biddle (1886-1968). $400-600 64 No lot. 65 Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919) Signed Manuscript School Paper, Harvard, [pre-1880]. Two folded sheets of lined paper, titled and signed on the outermost, the text taking up four pages, signed again at the bottom of the fourth page. The paper is entitled, “A Trip to the Adirondacs [sic]” the author notes his name, “Class of ‘80, Division IV, Theme 1.” Old folds, outer bifolium toned, small ink discolorations to exterior, minor marginal rodent damage, affecting only outer margins of the paper, 9 3/4 x 7 3/4 in. While an undergraduate at Harvard, Roosevelt writes this short, 400word essay about a summer fishing expedition in the Adirondacks. He also describes shooting a buck out of season at night from a canoe, “by means of a jack, or dark lantern.” The lantern light transfixes the deer, who come down to the water at night to feed on water lilies. $1,200-1,800

66 Rothschild Banking Family, Archive of Correspondence, Mid-19th Century, Twenty-one Letters. A collection of letters in French received by Rothschild Freres, by various business associates, almost all on blue paper, self-envelope style, with postage, various sizes. (21) $200-400 67 Sand, George (1804-1876) Autograph Letter Signed, 3 March [no year]. Blind-stamped monogrammed wove bifolium inscribed on one page. To an unnamed male recipient (Monsieur) regarding other correspondence and a meeting. Old folds, slight minor discoloration, 8 x 5 1/4 in. folded. $300-500 68 Sherman, William Tecumseh (18201891) Autograph Letter Signed, Moscow, Tennessee, 7 July 1862. Large wove lined bifolium writing paper blind-stamped in the upper left corner; inscribed on two pages. To the New York publishers D. Appleton & Co., declining their request that he write an autobiographical sketch for their American Encyclopedia. Old folds, toning and slight discoloration to outer back page, 9 3/4 x 7 3/4 in. [with] A carte-de-visite of Sherman. “I cannot overcome a deep natural repugnance to write of myself. I cannot believe the public feels any interest in one who has struggled for obscurity from the beginning of this horrid unnatural but necessary war. I still desire to remain in obscurity as far as the public is concerned, simply doing my duty plainly and zealously as a Division Commander. Success is the only criterion in war and so vast is the country and so inveterate our enemy that failure may overtake the most careful and vigilant commander. After which a Biographical sketch would be wasted words. So on every ground I prefer to remain unknown until this war cloud begins to dissipate and light once more shine on the Land whose precious freedom was but a few months since the admiration of the whole civilized world. When that day comes if I can be instrumental in bringing it about I will consider myself worthy a Page in the Cyclopedia, otherwise I prefer to remain known simply by my circle of personal friends.” $700-900

69 Slave Market of America, Broadside. New York: printed by William Dorr for the American Anti-Slavery Society, 1836. Broadside on paper, illustrated with nine wood engravings, old folds and damage, two holes with loss to two of the illustrations, fragmentary at top with losses to the first word in the title, toned, water spots, edge and corner chips with loss to blank margins, fly specking, encapsulated in archival film, 28 x 21 3/4 in. “A broadside condemning the sale and keeping of slaves in the District of Columbia. The work was issued during the 1835-36 petition campaign, waged by moderate abolitionists led by Theodore Dwight Weld and buttressed by Quaker organizations, to have Congress abolish slavery in the capital. The text contains arguments for abolition and an accounting of atrocities of the system. At the top are two contrasting scenes: a view of the reading of the Declaration of Independence, captioned “The Land of the Free,” with a scene of slaves being led past the capitol by an overseer, entitled “The Home of the Oppressed.” Between them is a plan of Washington with insets of a suppliant slave (see “Am I Not a Man and a Brother?” no. 1837- ) and a fleeing slave with the legend “$200 Reward” and implements of slavery. On the next line are views of the jail in Alexandria, the jail in Washington with the “sale of a free citizen to pay his jail fees,” and an interior of the Washington jail with imprisoned slave mother Fanny Jackson and her children. On the bottom level are an illustration of slaves in chains emerging from the slave house of J.W. Neal & Co. (left), a view of the Alexandria waterfront with a ship loading slaves (center), and a view of the slave establishment of Franklin & Armfield in Alexandria.” (Quoted from the Yale University Library description found on the Worldcat website.) $2,000-3,000

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62 Rodin, François-Auguste-René (1840-1917) Signed Calling Card. Card with the following printed text: “A. Rodin, Le Samedi apres midi, 182 rue de l’Universite,” addressed in Rodin’s hand to fellow sculptor Cesare Reduzzi (1857-1911) and signed; matted, framed, and mounted beneath a photograph of Rodin; the card lightly toned, some faint spots, 3 1/2 x 1 3/4 in. $300-500

70 Stowe, Harriet Beecher (18111896) Autograph Letter Signed, 28 October 1886. Wove paper bifolium, inscribed on three pages. To Nettie, a personal friend, noting the enclosure of a photograph of Stowe’s husband (not present) and relating his peaceful passing on. Old folds, small spot, two short closed tears, 8 3/4 x 7 3/4 in. unfolded. $400-600

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71 Taft, William Howard (1857-1930) Archive Containing One Signed Menu and Autographs of his Presidential Cabinet. Menu from a Harvard Men of Bangor, Maine dinner given in honor Taft, 4 February 1916, signed and inscribed on the reverse, same date; and a card signed by Postmaster General Frank Harris Hitchcock (1867-1935); typed letter signed by Secretary of State Philander Chase Knox (1853-1921); autograph note signed by Secretary of Commerce and Labor Oscar Solomon Straus (1850-1926); typed letter signed and signed card of Treasury Secretary Franklin MacVeagh (1837-1934); card signed by Navy Secretary Truman Handy Newberry (1864-1945); and typed letter signed by Richard Achilles Ballinger (1858-1922). $200-400


72 Wesley, John (1703-1791) and Charles Wesley (1707-1788) Two Autograph Letters Signed and Related Material. John Wesley’s letter is addressed to one of his sisters, 28 September 1790, thanking her for reporting on the death of a colleague, with other musings on death, including his desire to see her again before his own, with a prayer on dying. Written on one side of a single sheet of laid paper, with breaks along folds, one chip, some discoloration, ink smears, and folds that interfere with some legibility, old repairs on verso, 8 x 5 1/2 in. [Together with] Charles Wesley’s letter, addressed to a Mr. Benson, 25 July 1772, reassuring him about his calling, encouraging him to stand by the Church of England, reporting news of forthcoming publications, and providing some domestic news concerning Wesley’s dog having gone mad. Written on a folding bifolium of laid paper, over three pages, folded self-envelope style with recipient’s name, old wax seal, some slight tears, marginal chips, old folds, 12 x 7 in. [And] Nine illustrations depicting Wesleys. (11) “Give not place to the least disaffection to the Church of England. God has a favor to her more [...] than any National Church in Christendom. They shall prosper that love her.” $3,000-5,000

73 Wilson, Woodrow (1856-1924) Archive Containing One Presidential Signed Letter and Autographs of his Presidential Cabinet. Typed letter signed by Wilson, 16 October 1909; and autograph letter signed by Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan (1860-1925); calling card signed by Secretary of War Newton D. Baker (1871-1931); two typed letters signed and one cut signature of Navy Secretary Josephus Daniels (1862-1948); one typed letter signed by Attorney General George W. Wickersham (1909-1913); typed letter signed by Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer (1872-1936); typed letter signed by Attorney General Thomas W. Gregory (1861-1933); autograph card signed by Interior Secretary Franklin K. Lane (18641921); typed letter signed and calling card of Treasury Secretary William G. McAdoo (1863-1941); typed letter signed by Presidential Secretary Joseph Patrick Tumulty (1879-1954); typed letter signed and signature card of Secretary of the Interior John Barton Payne (1855-1935); and two typed letters signed by Secretary of State Robert Lansing (1854-1928). $300-500

76 Zeiss, Carl (1816-1888) A Small Archive of Manuscript Documents Concerning Microscopes. Including: three handwritten leaves, dated Jena, 24 November 1877, on Carl Zeiss Optische Werkstaette stationery, containing the text of a paper by Zeiss, in English, read before the Royal Microscopical Society by John E. Ingpen on 5 December 1877, and published in the Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society, March 1878, pages 19-22; toned, chipped, with a medial horizontal break in the paper on each of the three sheets, 8 1/2 x 11 in.; a four-page secretarial (?) letter signed, 3 December 1879, to Dr. James Edmunds of Grafton Street, Piccadilly, London, discussing the technical use, trading of parts, and other very specific details of one of Zeiss’s microscopes, the oil immersion object glass, with some small marginal drawings; [together with] a four-page photostatic copy of manuscript instructions in English for the use of the same microscope, on Zeiss’s letterhead, Jena, March 1878; toned, old folds, chipping, all sheets 8 1/2 x 11 in. $5,000-6,000

74 Winner, Septimus (1827-1902) Signed Note with Musical Quote, 18 April 1901. Signed card with music at top. To Waldo Selden Pratt (1857-1939) with musical quotation from his song, Listen to the Mocking Bird, 3 1/4 x 5 1/2 in. $450-650


75 Wright, Orville (1871-1948) Signed Photo Postcard. Black-and-white image reproduced from a photograph commemorating the Wrights’ accomplishment, titled, “First Man-Flight, December 17, 1903/Kitty Hawk, N.C.” with Orville’s signature in the blank margin beneath the image, to the right of the caption, blank on verso with signs of old paste, slight gray rubbed marks on image, 6 1/4 x 4 1/2 in. $2,000-2,500

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77 Agee, James (1909-1955) and Walker Evans (1903-1975) Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1940. First edition, octavo, 471 pages; bound in publisher’s black cloth, title stamped in silver, illustrated with thirty-one photographs by Evans, with the original dust jacket, not price clipped, chipped along top edge with some loss, spine of jacket faded, 8 1/4 x 5 1/4 in. $1,500-2,000 78 Agnew, Spiro T. (1918-1996) The Canfield Decision, Signed Copy, First Edition, and Autograph Letter Signed. [Chicago, IL]: Playboy Press, [1976]. Stated first edition, in a slightly torn dust jacket; [and] single page letter to George Phillips (perhaps Agnew’s physician) November 2, 1973, honoring their old friendship and professing innocence. “I can only say again that I am innocent of the terrible charges against me. Someday the truth will emerge. A fair hearing in the Congress was denied me, and the cards [...] were stacked against me.” $300-500

80 Album Grafico de la Republica Mexicana 1910. Mexico City: Muller Hermanos, [1910]. First edition, oblong folio, illustrated throughout, in publisher’s gilt pictorial stamped boards, worn, becoming decased, ffep creased, an ex library copy, with bookplate inside front board, barcode sticker on ffep, call letters on spine, rubber stamp at foot of prologue, rubber stamps on page edges, barcode sticker on back board; wound to back board, 15 x 11 1/2 in. $200-300 81 Alciato, Andrea (1492-1550) Emblemata. Lyons: Haered. Rouille, 1600. Octavo, title printed in red and black, printed in elaborate woodcut compartment, illustrated with numerous woodcut emblems throughout, bound in full contemporary German parchment over boards, laced case construction, evenly toned, 6 3/4 x 4 1/2 in. $400-600 82 American Imprints, Pre-1750, Three Titles. Including Henry Flynt’s (1675-1760) Twenty Sermons on Various Subjects, Boston: S. Kneeland and T. Green, 1739, first and only edition, octavo; Giles Firmin’s The Real Christian, or a Treatise of Effectual Calling, Boston: Rogers & Fowle for Edwards and Blanchard, 1742, first American edition, last offered at auction in 1986, octavo; [and] Isaac Watts’s Orthodoxy and Charity United: in Several Reconciling Essays on the Law and Gospel, Faith and Works, Boston: Rogers & Fowle, 1749, first American edition, octavo; all volumes in contemporary boards with various defects, including dustiness, boards detached, bumps, browning to text leaves in some cases, not collated, should be seen. (3) $400-600

83 Andre, Richard [aka William Roger Snow] (1834-1907) Colonel Bogey’s Sketchbook. London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1897. First edition, oblong format, illustrated throughout with comical sketches lampooning golf and golfers, in publisher’s white paper-covered boards, printed in red, with a dark green fabric spine, original coated dark brown endleaves; some internal discoloration, stains to front board, wear, cloth spine frayed with loss, 11 x 8 1/2 in. $300-500 84 Apuleius (125-180 A.D.) L’Amour et Psyche, illustrated by Lorenz Frolich (1820-1908). Paris: Hetzel, [1862]. First edition, large folio, engraved and illustrated throughout, bound in publisher’s red cloth, boldly stamped and illustrated in gold on the front board, with list of subscriber’s printed on one sheet of blue paper after the text, small hole in fabric of front board, slightly rubbed, 19 x 14 in. $250-350 85 Arabic Manuscript on Paper. Octavo format, approximately 350 leaves, text in black ink within an inked and gilt frame, with diacritical marks in red, some marginal decoration, title with carpet page (worn and faded), some internal stains and damage, bound in full leather, with flap; some damage and restoration, structurally functional, 6 1/2 x 4 in. $300-500 86 Auden, Wystan Hugh (1907-1973) The Double Man, First Edition, Signed Copy. New York: Random House, [1941]. Stated first printing, signature under Auden’s name on the title, printed name crossed out, in a slightly toned and chipped dust jacket, bound in publisher’s red cloth, 8 3/4 x 5 1/2 in. $800-1,000

87 Austen, Jane (1775-1817) The Novels. London: Richard Bentley; and Boston: Little, Brown, and Co., 1853. Five octavo volumes, including the following titles: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion, with a frontispiece in each volume; bound in full uniform contemporary tan calf, two black labels on each spine, tooled in gilt compartments, 6 1/4 x 4 in. (5) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $400-600 88 Bacon, Francis (1561-1626) The Twoo Bookes of Francis Bacon of the proficience and aduancement of Learning, diuine and humane. London: for Henrie Tomes, 1605. First edition, first variant, with the word “amiable” on line five, C4 recto; quarto, ex libris Sir Roger Twysden (1597-1672) with his signature dated 1621 in front endleaves, and extensive notes in the blanks at the end, bound in contemporary limp parchment, some repairs done in the 19th century, including the addition of wove endpapers and the firm pasting of the pastedowns to inner boards, resulting in stiffness and warping to boards; 20th century library bookplate pasted inside front board; some water staining to contents, worse at the end; marginal notes in pen and pencil, 7 x 5 1/2 in. $1,000-1,500 89 Balzac, Honore de (1799-1850) The Works, Centenary Edition. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1901. Thirty-four octavo volumes, illustrated, bound in uniform crushed dark brown morocco, spines gilt, top edges gilt, decorative, occupying approximately 4 feet of shelf space, 7 1/2 x 5 in. (34) $300-500

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79 Albers, Josef (1888-1976) Interaction of Color. New Haven & London: Yale University Press, 1963. First edition, two volumes housed in publisher’s slipcase, one containing text, the other a drop-back case containing a paperbound volume of commentary and the eighty unbound illustrations in folders, all complete as called for in the commentary; original publisher’s black cloth-covered cases and binding, slightly sun faded, ribbon torn at the end, 14 x 10 1/4 in. $1,500-2,000


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90 Baskin, Leonard (1922-2000) Fifteen Woodcuts, Signed Limited Edition. [Northampton, MA: Gehenna Press] The Friends of Art Boston University, 1962. Copy number 1 of 100 numbered and signed by Baskin on limitation page, with a woodcut portrait on thin Japanese paper numbered 1/100 and signed by Baskin, inscribed to Anne Starr, the block printed at Gehenna, and the additional thirteen prints, all housed in publisher’s white folding portfolio, all contents on separate sheets, some spotting and discoloration to upper board, 22 x 16 in. $300-400


92 Beilby, Ralph (1744-1817) History of British Birds. Volume One, Illustrated by Thomas Bewick (1753-1828) Newcastle: Printed by Sol. Hodgson for Beilby & Bewick: sold by them, and C.G. and J. Robinson, London, 1797. [and] History of British Birds, Volume Two, Newcastle: Printed by Edward Walker, for T. Bewick: sold by him, and Longman & Rees, London, 1804. First editions, earliest issues, in two octavo volumes, illustrated with numerous wood engravings of birds, on old royal and thin royal, respectively; bound in uniform later tan calf, dark blue endleaves, a.e.g.; rebacked, with new gilt spines, original leather on boards chipping, 9 x 5 1/2 in. (2) $300-500

91 Beilby, Ralph (1744-1817) History of British Birds. Volume One, Illustrated by Thomas Bewick (1753-1828) Newcastle: Printed by Sol. Hodgson for Beilby & Bewick: sold by them, and C.G. and J. Robinson, London, 1797. [with] History of British Birds, Volume Two, Newcastle: Printed by Edward Walker, for T. Bewick: sold by him, and Longman & Rees, London, 1804; [and] A Supplement to the History of British Birds, Newcastle: Printed by Edward Walker for T. Bewick: sold by him, and E. Charnley, Newcastle; and Longman & Co., London, 1821 [i.e. 1822]. First editions and earliest issues of Land Birds and Water Birds; volume one with the Sea Eagle, Magpie, and vignette at page 285 all in first state, with an ad for the third edition of the Quadrupeds at the end; second, expanded edition of the Supplement; volume one printed on old royal; volume two printed on thin royal; the Supplement on royal, according to the publisher’s label; in three octavo volumes, the first two bound in contemporary marbled paper boards rebacked in calf, the Supplement in boards, with publisher’s label on front board, all volumes illustrated with wood engravings of birds throughout, all volumes untrimmed throughout, I: 9 3/4 x 6 in.; II: 9 3/4 x 6 1/4 in.; III: 9 1/2 x 6 in. (3) $500-700

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93 Bewick, Thomas (1753-1828), Illustrator, Nine Volumes. Poems by Goldsmith and Parnell, London: Bulmer, 1795, large quarto, first edition, with wood-engraved vignettes, bound in half leather, marbled paper boards, joints cracking, 11 1/2 x 9 1/4 in.; Bloomfield’s The Farmer’s Boy, London: for Vernor & Hood, 1800, octavo, illustrated with six woodcuts, including frontis, and vignettes, illustrations may be by Bewick or Anderson, full contemporary calf, rebacked, original spine replaced, 8 1/4 x 5 in.; Somerville’s The Chase, a Poem, London: Cadell & Davies, [and] Bulmer, Shakespeare Printing Office, 1804, large octavo, second imprint from engraved title, thirteen wood engravings, bound in contemporary tree calf, gilt-tooled spine with red lettering piece, joints slightly cracked, contents clean, 9 x 6 in.; Thomson’s The Seasons, London: for James Wallis, 1805, with eight wood engravings, on splendid royal octavo, in boards; boards detached, sewing compromised, failing, 9 3/4 x 6 in.; A History of British Birds, Newcastle: by Walker for Bewick, 1809, in two octavo volumes, tan calf, failing, one volume decased, endcaps chipped, 8 1/4 x 5 in.; The Oxford Sausage, London: by Hughes, sold by Black, 1814, small folio, title page within type ornament border, twenty-four woodcuts, untrimmed, in boards; front board detached, part of spine gone, 11 1/4 x 7 1/4 in.; Select Fables, Newcastle: by Hodgson for Charnley, 1820, octavo, illustrated with wood engravings, full tan calf, rebacked, original spine replaced, contents clean, 8 1/2 x 5 1/4 in.; [and] Goldsmith’s An Abridgement of the History of England, London: McGowan, 1821, 12mo, with woodcut portraits of kings in rondelles, half green morocco and corners, 6 3/4 x 4 in. (9) $350-550

94 Bible. The Bible, that is, The Holy Scriptures Contained in the Old & New Testament. London: Barker, [1612]. Small folio, engraved title, mounted; full-page woodcut of the Garden of Eden with its denizens; small text woodcuts and maps, imprint date from colophon, bound in later reversed sheep, slightly cut down, spotting and stains to contents, 12 x 8 in. $200-250 95 Bishop, George (d. 1668) NewEngland Judged, by the Spirit of the Lord. London: Printed and Sold by T. Sowle, 1703. Originally published in 1661, this is the first combined edition of both parts of Bishop’s work, and the first edition to include Whiting’s response to Cotton Mather’s Magnalia Christi, octavo, with divisional titles and printer’s advertisement after the index, in modern half dark blue morocco and cloth boards, some water stains, occasional marginal tears, some with loss of margin, tight in the gutter, generally good, 7 1/2 x 4 1/2 in. Bishop describes the atrocities carried out on the Quaker population by 17th century Puritans, a campaign that rivals the witchcraft trials in its systematic injustice and cruelty based on profound religious intolerance. [Together with] William Camden’s (1551-1623) Remains Concerning Britain, London: Harper, 1674, octavo, “seventh impression,” with the engraved frontis portrait and heraldic text woodcuts, rebound in modern half brown morocco, gutters tight, edges trimmed close, 6 1/2 x 3 3/4 in. (2) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $300-500

96 Bizot, Pierre (1630-1696) Histoire Metallique de la Republique de Hollande, Two Editions in Three Volumes. Paris: Horthemels [Imprimerie de Francois le Cointe], 1687. [and] Amsterdam: Mortier, 1688. The first edition, folio, in a single volume, illustrated with added engraved title, numerous head- and tail-pieces, initials, vignettes, text engravings of coins, and twelve fullpage engravings extraneous to the collation, bound in full contemporary Dutch sprinkled calfskin, gilt spine; corners worn and repaired, spine detached, some leaves with internal tears, last leaf adhering to ffep, with slight damage, 14 1/4 x 9 1/2 in. [and] The second edition, octavo, in two volumes, illustrated with engraved title, frontis, and portrait in volume one, numerous engraved vignettes and text engravings of coins, some full page and extraneous to collation, many folding; engraved extra title in volume two, with the same variety of illustrations throughout, bound in uniform contemporary sprinkled calf, gilt-tooled and lettered spines, 7 1/2 x 4 1/4 in. (3) $300-500 97 Bunbury, Henry William (1750-1811) An Academy for Grown Horsemen. London: for Dickinson, Hooper, and Messrs. Robinsons, 1787. First edition, folio, lacking B1 in the preliminaries, as usual (described in ESTC and in the preface itself), illustrated with hand-colored frontispiece and eleven additional fullpage hand-colored plates; bound in contemporary half straight-grain green morocco and marbled paper boards, worn, scuffed, some foxing and offsetting to text, 13 1/4 x 9 1/4 in. $150-250 98 Burroughs, Stephen (1765-1840) Memoirs of Stephen Burroughs. Boston: by E. Lincoln for Caleb Bingham, 1804. Volume two only, first edition, octavo, bound in contemporary sheepskin, rubbed, structurally intact, 6 3/4 x 4 in. Burroughs was a notorious miscreant from Hanover, New Hampshire whose memoirs of illegal exploits were immensely popular during the mid-19th century. Volume one was published in Hanover in 1798; both are rare. $600-800

99 Carroll, Lewis (1832-1898) Alice’s Adventures Under Ground. London & New York: Macmillan & Co., 1886. First edition of the facsimile of Carroll’s manuscript, with thirty-seven illustrations by the author, in publisher’s red cloth, gilt-stamped title on spine and front board, a.e.g., slight bubbling of cloth on front board, housed in custom buckram wrap and slipcase with morocco spine, 7 1/4 x 4 3/4 in. Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $200-300 100 Cellini, Benvenuto (1500-1571) Due Trattati. Florence: Tartini e Franchi, 1731. Quarto, title printed in red and black, contemporary half leather, marbled paper boards, some spotting to contents, 8 x 5 3/4 in. Provenance: The collection of Percy MacKaye (1875-1956), by descent to Marion MacKaye Ober. $275-375 101 Chagall, Marc (1887-1985) Bible [Illustrations] Verve Vol. VIII, Nos. 33 and 34, Signed Copy. Paris: Verve, [1956]. Folio, signed and inscribed by Chagall on Verve title, to Anne Rhoda and Herman Krawitz, Vence, 1957, illustrated with seventeen color plates and numerous others in black and white, in the original hardcover boards, spine detached and repaired with adhesive tape, front board detached, 14 x 10 1/4 in. $1,000-2,000

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93A Bhagavad Gita Manuscript with Five Miniatures. Oblong octavo format manuscript on paper, text in Sanskrit, approximately 150 leaves, written in red and black ink within an orange border, five full-page miniatures painted within elaborate borders with metallic highlights, in a later patterned cloth binding, some wear and insect damage to page edges, a few miniatures with paper repairs due to loss, 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 in. $1,000-1,500

102 Chagall, Marc (1887-1985) Chagall [from] The Taste of our Time Series, Signed Copy. [Paris]: Skira, 1956. Signed by Chagall on title and facing page, dated New York 1967; small quarto, illustrated with tipped-in color plates, in the original publisher’s cloth, with dust jacket and slipcase, 6 x 7 in. $400-600

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103 Chagall, Marc (1887-1985) Chagall at the “Met” Text by Emily Genauer (1911-2002). New York: Metropolitan Opera Association, Tudor Publishing Co., [1971]. First edition, folio, illustrated in color, limp wrappers, sewing perished, covers torn, 14 x 10 1/4 in. This volume reproduces the drawings for sets and costumes designed by Chagall for the Met’s production of the Magic Flute and tells the story of their design and that of the two iconic murals in the lobby of the Opera. $300-500


104 Chagall, Marc (1887-1985) Lithographe II 1957-1962 ed. Fernand Mourlot. Paris: Sauret, [1963]. Folio, illustrated in color and black and white, in publisher’s pale gray cloth and dust jacket, some surface losses to jacket at extremities, 12 1/2 x 9 1/2 in. $300-500 105 Chagall, Marc (1887-1985) Musée des Arts Decoratifs [Exhibition Catalog, Palais du Louvre, Pavillon de Marsan, June-October, 1959], Inscribed Copy. Paris: Tournon & Co., 1959. Quarto, blue ballpoint ink inscription on half-title with Chagall’s signature, dated 1971, paperback binding, publisher’s covers in full color, illustrated with color plates; binding structure somewhat weak, 8 1/4 x 6 1/4 in. $800-1,000 106 Chagall, Marc (1887-1985), ed. Jacques Lassaigne. Le Plafond de l’Opera par Marc Chagall, Signed by Chagall. Paris: Sauret, [1965]. First edition, with added lithograph and folder tucked inside the front board, signed and inscribed boldly by Chagall in a green crayon; including the folding poster of the Paris Opera ceiling done by Chagall, also signed and dated, held beneath a flap inside the back board, in very good publisher’s red cloth and very good jacket, 13 x 9 1/2 in. $400-600

107 Chorier, Nicolas (1612-1692) The Dialogues of Luisa Sigea. Paris: Isidore Liseux, 1890. Octavo, leaves untrimmed, top edge gilt, bound in three-quarter morocco and marbled paper boards, title printed in red and black, 7 3/4 x 5 1/4 in. The first edition of this series of erotic tales was printed in Latin in 1660 under the title, Aloisiae Sigaeae, Toletanae, Satyra Sotadica de Arcanis Amoris et Veneris. It is considered the first work in Latin ever composed with its subject fully dedicated to the erotic. Provenance: Ex libris Charles S. Dixwell (1868-1934). $200-300 108 Clapin, Sylva (1853-1928) A New Dictionary of Americanisms. New York: Louis Weiss & Co., [1902?]. First edition, large octavo, bound in publisher’s dark brown morocco spine, lettered in gilt and blind-tooled, red buckram boards, t.e.g., 8 3/4 x 5 3/4 in. Clapin was a Canadian bookseller and linguist with a special interest in the way languages in the New World developed independent of their European roots. This dictionary includes much of amusement and interest, for example, “Choke off. To forcibly obstruct or stop a person in the execution of a purpose. A slang and figurative expression, borrowed from the act of choking a dog to make him loose his hold,” and “Scoot. In parts of New England, to move or run away swiftly. To slide or glide; to dart. No idea of running away, and by no means limited to persons.” Clapin includes French Canadian, and Southern terms, and those used in African American communities. Provenance: The collection of Percy MacKaye (1875-1956), by descent to Marion MacKaye Ober. $400-600

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109 Cobbler’s Manuscript Account Book c. 1827-1838, Andrews Emery (18061860) Jaffrey, New Hampshire. Folio format volume bound in contemporary sheepskin, each page lined, approximately 450 numbered pages; inscribed throughout with transactions, including lists of materials purchased, with prices, both for shoemaking work and other daily needs, along with work contracted and completed by Emery, with prices, and the names of clients and other very detailed information; sewing structure perished, binding detached from textblock, some pages loose and perhaps missing, 11 1/2 x 7 1/2 in. Andrews Emery’s father was Daniel Emery (1782-1862), of Hillsborough, New Hampshire. The name Captain Thomas Adams appears repeatedly, a family connection. Daniel Emery was adopted by his deceased mother’s sister Polly, who was married to Lt. Thomas Adams. Half of Adams’s estate was left to Emery on the latter’s death. $300-500 110 Connett, Eugene V., editor Upland Game Bird Shooting in America, Author’s Copy, Deluxe Edition. New York: Derrydale Press, 1930. Out of sequence unnumbered author’s copy of Captain Paul A. Curtis, as inscribed on limitation page, of the deluxe edition of seventy-five copies, frontispiece signed by artist in pencil, editor’s preface signed by Eugene Connett, bound in full publisher’s leather, stamped in gilt-decorated compartments depicting hunting scenes, t.e.g., rebacked; housed in a buckram slipcase, some spotting to title, 12 1/2 x 9 1/4 in. $2,500-3,000

Provenance: The collection of Percy MacKaye (1875-1956), by descent to Marion MacKaye Ober. $600-800 112 Cruikshank and Rowlandson, English Caricaturist Illustrators, Six Titles in Eleven Volumes. Including: William Makepeace Thackeray’s An Essay on the Genius of George Cruikshank, London: Redway, 1884, extra-illustrated with the insertion of an additional 117 plates (some folding, hand-colored), full dark blue morocco, lacking the front board; W. Harrison Ainsworth’s Windsor Castle, London: Colburn, 1844, with a holograph envelope in Ainsworth’s hand, bound up from original parts, covers bound at back, in full crushed olive morocco, abrasions, spine darkened; William Combe’s The Second Tour of Doctor Syntax, London: Nattali & Bond, 1855, volume two only, with twenty-four colored illustrations by Rowlandson, in full red calf, joints starting, dry, boards slightly reflexed; Ainsworth’s Jack Sheppard, London: Bentley, 1839, three volumes in full contemporary blind-stamped and gilt-lettered cloth, slipcase; Punch and Judy, London: Bell & Sons, 1881, sixth edition, colored plates, some torn, full crushed morocco, gilt; and The Humourist, a Collection of Entertaining Tales, Anecdotes, Epigrams, Bon Mots, &c. &c., London: Nimmo, 1892, forty colored illustrations by Cruikshank, copy #143 of 260, in uniform publisher’s burgundy cloth, paper labels on spines, corners bumped, damage to front board of volume two. (11) $300-500

113 Cruikshank, George (1792-1878) Four Titles Bound Together, 18271829. Including: Phrenological Illustrations, London: by Cruikshank et al., 1827; Illustrations of Time, London: by the Artist, 1827; and Scraps and Sketches, London: by the artist, 1828 and 1829; oblong folio, each work illustrated with hand-colored prints throughout, sewing structure failed, original half calf with marbled boards and gold-tooled morocco label on the front board; boards detached, 14 x 10 1/4 in. $600-800 114 Cruikshank, George (1792-1878) The Life of Sir John Falstaff, in Ten Parts, by Robert Barnabas Brough. London: Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, and Roberts, 1857[-1858] First edition in parts, each in its original printed paper wrapper, illustrated, housed in a custom full red morocco case by Riviere, spine darkened, ex libris Albert M. Cohn; covers a trifle dirty with the occasional fold or abrasion, four covers with a rectangular section of the title supplied (?) from another copy, the repair neatly done, some covers blind-stamped for presentation by the publisher, 10 x 7 in. [Together with] Blanchard Jerrold’s The Life of George Cruikshank in Two Epochs, New York: Scribner & Welford, 1882, first edition, extra-illustrated, in two octavo volumes, with an autograph note signed by Cruikshank tipped onto ffep of volume one, with colored illustrations, in full tan calf, gilt-tooled spines, some surface abrasions, 7 1/4 x 4 3/4 in. (3) $600-800 115 Cunningham, Peter The Story of Nell Gwyn, Extra Illustrated Copy. London: Privately printed for the Navarre Society, 1927. Large octavo, half-title, frontispiece, title printed in red and black, this copy interleaved and extra-illustrated with the insertion of ten 17th century receipts for dress materials associated with Nell Gwyn (some mention her by name), and other added illustrations, bound in recent full red morocco, t.e.g., very good, 8 3/4 x 5 1/2 in.

116 Dana, Richard Henry (1815-1882) Two Years before the Mast, a Personal Narrative of Life at Sea. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1840. First edition, second issue without the dot above the “i” on the copyright page and broken type in the headline on page nine; bound in later full black sheepskin, spine gilt ruled and titled, with a gilt image of a ship under sail on the front board, scuffed, joints dry and abraded; slight spotting to title, 6 x 3 3/4 in. “One of the first and freshest [firstperson maritime narratives] because of its plain factual nature of American accounts of the sea. [...] Dana journeyed up into the California cattle country, of which he gives us our only trustworthy account before the 1849 gold rush.” Quoted from the Grolier Club’s One Hundred Influential American Books Printed before 1900. $300-500 117 de la Quintinie, Jean-Baptiste (16261688) Instruction Pour Les Jardins Fruitiers et Potagers. Paris: Barbin, 1690. First edition, two large quarto volumes, lacking the portrait in volume one; engraved head and tail pieces and vignettes throughout; two folding engravings in volume one, including a detailed plan of the Potager du Roi; eleven full-page engravings in volume two, depicting pruning techniques and tools, bound in contemporary boards in need of repair, contents somewhat toned and brittle, 10 x 7 1/4 in. (2) De la Quintinie created the Potager du Roi for Louis XIV at Versailles, and this work is dedicated to that garden. A twenty-five acre “kitchen garden” still in existence today, in de la Quintinie’s day, it was organized into twenty-nine separate spaces growing everything necessary for the King’s table, including strawberries, asparagus, cucumbers, artichokes, plums, apricots, cherries, figs, melons, fifty varieties of pear, twenty varieties of apple, sixteen different kinds of lettuces, and more. $400-600

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111 Craig, Edward Gordon (1872-1966) On the Art of the Theatre, Signed First Edition. Chicago: Browne’s Bookstore [London: Heinemann, 1911]. Large quarto, first edition, signed by Craig on the limitation page, copy number 68 of the 75 copies for sale in the United States, inscribed by bookseller Waldo R. Browne to Percy MacKaye on ffep, with an original black-and-white photograph of Craig [?] pasted on the following preliminary blank; bound in publisher’s half vellum and brown paper boards, dirty, gouge to edge of back board, 9 3/4 x 7 1/4 in. [Together with] Craig’s The Art of the Theatre, Edinburgh & London: Foulis, 1905, in publisher’s black cloth, lettered in gilt, ex libris Percy MacKaye, with his signature on linen endleaf, 8 1/2 x 6 3/4 in. [and] two unopened copies of A Living Theatre, Florence, 1913, in original orange wrappers, 9 x 6 1/4 in. (4)

Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $400-600

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118 Dean’s New Scenic Books No. 3 Cinderella, Movable Pop-up Book. London: Dean & Son, [n.d., circa 1866] Octavo, title from front board, eight leaves, each with a pop-up scene, colorful illustrated front board, cloth spine, back board with a publisher’s advertisement printed on blue paper with the headline, “New and Amusing Books for the Young,” blue endleaves with printed advertisements, three compartments per page, touting twelve different publication series; contemporary book tickets from Librairie Visconti in Nice, France, pasted at foot of front cover (partially torn away) and inside front board; advertisement on back board torn with loss; sewing structure perished, tear with loss along gutter of first leaf, silk ribbons broken and fragmentary, some functional, or partially so, a good candidate for conservation, no preexisting repairs, 9 3/4 x 6 1/2 in. The publication date is inferred from a small code on the ad on the verso of the back board. Other copies in Worldcat are dated in the same range, with different advertisements. $2,000-3,000 119 Decorative Bindings, Eighty Volumes. A group of octavo-format leatherbound books with gilt decorated spines, some sets and single volumes, mostly from the 19th century, occupying approximately 7 1/2 feet of shelf space. (80) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $300-500 120 Decorative Bindings, Finely Leatherbound Sets and Singles, Fifty Volumes. Octavo volumes in full and half leather with gilt-tooled spines, mainly from the 19th century, occupying approximately 5 1/2 feet of shelf space. (50) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $300-500

121 Decorative Bindings, Finely Leatherbound Sets and Singles, Fifty-two Volumes. A collection of octavo-format volumes bound in full and half calf and morocco, decorated with gilt-tooled and lettered spines, on a variety of subjects, occupying 5 1/2 feet of shelf space. (52) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $400-600 122 Decorative Bindings, Finely Leatherbound Sets and Singles, Fifty-two Volumes. A group of calf and morocco-bound octavos, full and half, with giltdecorated and lettered spines, mostly 19th century, occupying approximately 5 1/2 feet of shelf space. (52) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $300-500 123 Decorative Bindings, Finely Leatherbound Sets and Singles, Thirty-eight Volumes. Calf and morocco bindings, decorated with gilt tooling and lettering, most top edges gilt, 19th and early 20th century, occupying approximately 5 1/2 feet of shelf space. (38) $300-500 124 Decorative Bindings, Finely Leatherbound Sets and Singles, Twenty-six Volumes. A collection of calf and moroccobound octavo-format books bound in full and half leather, gilt-decorated spines, most 19th century imprints, occupying approximately 3 feet of shelf space. (26) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $200-300 125 Decorative Bindings, Finely Leatherbound Sets, Thirty-three Volumes. A group of 19th and early 20th century octavo-format books bound in full and half morocco and calfskin, spines decorated with gilt tooling, lettering, and ruling, occupying approximately 2 1/2 feet of shelf space. (33) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $200-300

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126 Decorative Bindings, Finely Leatherbound Singles and Sets, Twentyeight volumes. A selection of octavo-format morocco and calf-bound books in full and half leather, occupying approximately 2 1/2 feet of shelf space. (28) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $200-300 127 Decorative Bindings, Finely Leatherbound Singles and Sets, Twentyseven Volumes. A group of octavo-format books, mostly 19th century, bound in full and half morocco and calf, occupying approximately 2 1/2 feet of shelf space. (27) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $200-300 128 Decorative Bindings, Leather-bound Sets and Singles, Thirty-eight Volumes. Small folio-format volumes; titles range in date from the 18th to early 20th century, bound in half calf and morocco, several in full leather, some limited edition titles, gilt-decorated spines, occupying almost 6 feet of shelf space. (38) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $400-600 129 Decorative Bindings, Leather-bound Sets and Singles, Twenty-three Volumes. Octavo volumes bound in full and half leather, gilt-tooled spines, on a variety of topics, mostly 19th century imprints, occupying 2 1/2 feet of shelf space. (23) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $300-500

131 Decorative Bindings, Sets, Fortyseven Octavo Volumes. Including a set of the works of Bret Harte in nineteen volumes, Boston: Riverside, 1902, in half calf; a set of the works of Balzac in twenty-three volumes, Philadelphia: Barrie, [1896], limited edition, set number 492 of 1,000, in half morocco; and five James Fenimore Cooper titles, later editions, in very good full leather, four of the five in Zaehnsdorf bindings, one unsigned, viz., Lionel Lincoln, London: Bentley, 1837; Precaution, London: Bentley, 1839 (number LXXIV of the Standard Novels); The Water Witch, London: Bentley, 1850; The Headsman, London: Bentley, 1850; and The Bravo, London: Bentley, 1851; occupying approximately 5 feet of shelf space. (47) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $300-500

132 Decorative Bindings, Sets, Large Octavo and Quarto-Format, Nineteen Volumes. Sets and single volumes in gold-tooled leather bindings, including Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, Boston: Little Brown, [post-1968], in half morocco; Morley’s Life of Gladstone, New York: Macmillan, 1903, in three volumes, half morocco; Browne’s History of the Highlands, London: Fullarton & Co., 1849, in four volumes, bound in full navy blue diced Russia; Gibbon’s Miscellaneous Works, London: Murray, 1814, in five volumes, half calf; Elegant Extracts, London: [many booksellers], 1824, three volumes full diced Russia, brown; Le Sage’s Asmodeus, London: Thomas, 1841, in half morocco; The Story of Manon Lescaut, New York: Heritage Press, 1935, in half morocco, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, New York: Heritage Press, [n.d.], illustrated by Everett Henry, in half blue morocco; occupying approximately 2 1/2 feet of shelf space. (19) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $300-500 133 Decorative Bindings, Sets, Twentyfive Volumes. Octavo volumes in full leather, gilt spines, including: Samuel Clarke’s Sermons, London: for J. and P. Knapton, 1749, ten of eleven volumes; Cowper’s Poems, London: for J. Johnson, 1787, two volumes, second edition; Malebranche’s De La Recherche de la Verite, Paris: Chez Savoye, 1762, four volumes; Hugh Blair’s Sermons, London: for Strahan et al., 1794, in five volumes; and four others, approximately 2 1/2 feet of shelf space. (25) $300-500 134 Decorative Bindings, Sets, Twenty-four Volumes. Including: Louis Adolphe Thiers’s History of the Consulate and the Empire of France under Napoleon, London: Chatto & Windus, 1893, in twelve octavo volumes, illustrated, bound in uniform half dark blue sheepskin, spines decorated with gilt tooling; The Writings of Thomas Bailey Aldrick, Boston & New York: Houghton Mifflin, Riverside Press, 1897, with an added final volume dated 1907, nine octavo volumes, bound in uniform half blue morocco, spines gilt; and three odd volumes from a Riverside Press fifteenvolume set of the works of Hawthorne, in full green morocco, volumes I, VIII, and X. (24) $300-500

135 Decorative Bindings, Twelve Volumes. Including: Henry Fielding’s Novels, London: Routledge & Sons, 1884, in five large octavo volumes, limited edition, copy number 347 of 400, in uniform full crushed red morocco, navy watered silk pastedowns and fly leaves, spines darkened, joints dry, rubbed; Tales and Novels in Verse by J. de la Fontaine, London: for the Society of Bibliophilists, [c. 1896], two large quarto volumes illustrated with engravings by and after Eisen, Lancret, Boucher, Pater, and others, limited edition, bound in uniform blue half calf, slightly rubbed, contents variably foxed; The History of Don Quixote by Cervantes, London: Cassell, Petter, and Galpin, [n.d.], illustrated by Gustave Dore, a.e.g., bound in full dark morocco, joints starting, two leaves coming loose; John Nichols’s Genuine Works of William Hogarth, London: for Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1808, illustrated, two large quarto volumes bound in uniform half green morocco and textured fabric boards, contents foxed; and two odd volumes from sets of the works of Pepys and Burns. (12) $300-500 136 Decorative Bindings, Twenty-two Volumes. Including the following titles: Dickens’s David Copperfield, London: Bradbury and Evans, 1850; Limited Edition Club’s Through the Looking-Glass, 1935 signed by Alice Hargreaves, binding damaged; Owen Jones’s The Grammar of Ornament, London: Quaritch, 1868, folio, color illustrations, ex library, in cloth; Hotten’s Slang Dictionary, London: Chatto & Windus, 1874; Parton’s Humorous Poetry of the English Language, Boston: Osgood, 1872; Targ and Marks’s Ten Thousand Rare Books and their Prices, Chicago: Black Archer Press, 1936; Parton’s The Life and Times of Aaron Burr, Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1898, in two volumes; and thirteen other volumes, mostly odd volumes from sets. (22) $300-500

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130 Decorative Bindings, Sets, Fifty-six Leather-bound Volumes: Including: Agnes Strickland’s The Lives of the Queens of England, Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1892, in eight volumes; J.R. Green’s A Short History of the English People, London: Macmillan, 1893, in four volumes, bound in half red morocco; Household Stories from the Collection of the Brothers Grimm, illustrated by Walter Crane, London: Macmillan, 1882, in full dark brown morocco by Oldach, gilt extra with onlays and silk endleaves; Thoms’s A Collection of Early Prose Romances, London: Pickering, 1828, in three volumes; T. Douglas Murray’s Jeanne D’Arc, New York: McClure, Phillips & Co., 1902, in half green morocco, and others. (56) $300-400

137 Decorative Fine Leather Bindings, French Titles, Thirty-three Volumes. A selection of octavo-format books in the French language, from the 17th to the 20th century, bound in calfskin bindings and embellished with tooling, labels, and other gilt spine decoration, occupying approximately 3 1/2 feet of shelf space. (33) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $300-500

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138 Decorative Leather Bindings, Twenty-eight Titles Published in the 18th Century. A selection of works printed in English, French, German, and Latin; octavo format, leather-bound, with gilt tooling and lettering on the spines; classical and theological works included, occupying approximately 3 feet of shelf space. (28)

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Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $300-500


139 Delacroix, Henry (1907-1974) and A. Lezine (fl. circa 1930) Boutiques 2. Paris: Bonadona, (c. 1930). Oblong folio, title, introduction, and forty-eight of forty-nine numbered plates, twenty-nine of which are enhanced with color pochoir printing; plate number 32 is lacking; all contents loose separate sheets housed in the publisher’s portfolio, titled in raised red letters on a textured cream-colored paper; spine perished, ties intact, toning to paper covering, top outside corner of back board damaged, 12 3/4 x 9 3/4 in. $1,000-1,500

140 Denton, Sherman F. (fl. circa 1900) As Nature Shows Them: Moths and Butterflies of the United States East of the Rocky Mountains. Boston: J.B. Millet Co., [1900]. First edition, two quarto volumes, limited edition, number 304 of 500 printed, illustrated with fifty-six full pages featuring mounted nature prints of butterflies and moths, many with two separate prints showing both sides of the wings; bound in full olive crushed morocco, spine and boards with gilt ornamentation in a butterfly motif, a.e.g., in custom cloth slipcases; cases somewhat worn, spines sun faded, joints dry with cracks; occasional spotting to text, 9 1/2 x 6 1/2 in. (2) Denton collected more than 50,000 specimens for the printing of this edition, and prepared the plates himself. “Insects, such as butterflies and moths, have minute, colored or iridescent scales on their wings that make up the distinctive patterns used for identification. In the late-1700’s French entomologists developed several methods for making direct transfers of these delicate scale patterns that could be used to illustrate scientific identification guides. The wings of a dead specimen are spread out flat and carefully dried. The piece of paper to be printed is coated with a thin layer of gum-arabic. A specimen is placed on the paper and pressed gently into place. When well attached the body is cut away. A second sheet of adhesive paper is placed on top and pressure is applied. When the wings are removed the scales adhere to the paper and the precise color patterns of the upper and lower surfaces of the wings remain. The body is either painted in or engraved and hand colored.” from the Nature Printing Society www.natureprintingsociety.org $600-800 141 Dézallier d’Argenville, AntoineJoseph (1680-1765) The Theory and Practice of Gardening. London: for Bernard Lintot, 1728. Second edition, large quarto, title page printed in red and black, illustrated with thirty-eight folding engravings after Jean-Baptiste Alexandre Le Blond (1679-1719), and several text engravings, contemporary calf, worn, boards detached, some discoloration to contents, 10 x 7 3/4 in. $1,000-1,500

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142 Dibdin, Thomas Frognall (1776-1847) The Bibliographical Decameron. London: for the Author, by W. Bulmer, 1817. First edition, three octavo volumes, bound in uniform half tan morocco and buckram boards, a.e.g., illustrated, some water staining to contents, 9 3/4 x 6 in. (3) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $300-500 143 Dickens, Charles (1812-1870) The Christmas Books, Including a Signed Copy of A Christmas Carol. London: Chapman & Hall, 1843. First edition, second issue, signed by Dickens at the head of the preface leaf (possibly supplied from another copy), with other inscriptions likely made by the recipient, dated 5 December 1850; half-title and verso of title printed in blue, title-page printed in red and blue, illustrated with hand-colored frontispiece, three hand-colored etched plates by John Leech, and four wood-engravings in the text by W.J. Linton after Leech; two pages of publisher’s advertisements after the text; with the following edition points: the first chapter heading titled “Stave I,” balance of text uncorrected, red and blue title-page dated 1843, yellow endpapers, with the first impression second issue second state of the binding (the upper serif of “D” of Dickens broken off), in publisher’s brown ribbed cloth, covers with decorative blind border surrounding central gilt cartouche and lettering on front board, spine lettered and decorated in gilt, a.e.g.; binding shaken, first signature detached; binding slightly cocked, corners soft. [and] The Chimes; The Cricket on the Hearth; The Battle of Life; and The Haunted Man, London, 1845-1848, all in publisher’s decoratively blind- and gilt-stamped red cloth; the complete set housed in a velvet-lined green morocco box molded to look like a set of books, gilt; ex libris John A. Spoor (1851-1926), all volumes 6 1/2 x 4 1/4 in. (6) $15,000-20,000

145 Duncan, Isadora (1877-1927) and Arnold Genthe (1869-1942) Three Related Titles. Including: Genthe’s The Book of the Dance, New York: Mitchell Kennerley, [1916], large octavo, with seventeen-page preface and ninety-one photographs of dancers, six in color, publisher’s brown cloth; Genthe’s Isadora Duncan, Twenty-four Studies, New York & London: Mitchell Kennerley, 1929, signed copy inscribed by Genthe to Percy MacKaye (18751956), large quarto, in black publisher’s cloth, dust cover and slipcase; [and] Abraham Walkowitz’s Isadora Duncan in Her Dances, Girard, KS: HaldemanJulius, [1945], signed and inscribed by Walkowitz, with a card inserted, in the same hand, with his name address, limp green paper covers; various sizes. (3) Provenance: The collection of Percy MacKaye (1875-1956), by descent to Marion MacKaye Ober. $300-400 146 Duncan, Isadora (1877-1927) My Life, Presentation Edition. New York: Boni & Liveright, 1927. Limited first edition, number 486 of 650 copies, none offered for public sale, with the author’s facsimile signature printed in gold ink on black ffep, ex libris Percy MacKaye (1875-1956), with his signature beneath the limitation statement, in publisher’s black cloth, t.e.g., and the original slipcase, top section of case missing; with two autograph letters signed by dramatist and critic Charles Henry Meltzer (18531936) to MacKaye inserted in the back, 9 1/2 x 6 in. Duncan’s autobiography was finished just before her tragic and premature death on September 14, 1927.

147 Dutch Manuscript Prayer Book with Three Hand-colored Woodcuts, Late 15th Century. Small format manuscript mainly on paper, ninety-eight leaves, two parchment leaves, containing a variety of devotional texts from different periods in Latin and Dutch as follows: two leaves of Latin prayers; two leaves (parchment) of music; eight leaves containing Dutch and Latin prayers; one leaf of Latin prayers in a novice hand; hand-colored woodcut of Christ post-crucifixion, seated beneath the cross, with emblems relevant to his ordeal in the background, including the communion wafer and goblet, and instruments of torture, the crown of thorns and a pair of dice by his feet in the foreground, Christ himself is wounded and bloody; twenty-two leaves of Dutch prayers in a humanist hand, beginning with, “Die doornen croone ons heeren Jhesu Christi”; smaller slip of paper bound into the book with a short prayer in Dutch; twenty leaves in a gothic hand, with headlines in red; hand-colored woodcut of Madonna and child, within a border illustrated with fruit, birds, and flowers; fourteen additional leaves, a continuation of the previously described manuscript; hand-colored woodcut of the crucifixion; twenty-one leaves of the same manuscript; six leaves in a few different hands with short prayers; contents good in a 19th century binding done in Renaissance style, with blind-stamps and raised bands, slightly worn, edges stained blue, 5 x 3 1/2 in. $2,000-2,500

148 English Historical Works, Two Folio Volumes, 1682 and 1714. Bulstrode Whitlocke’s (1605-1675) Memorials of the English Affairs: or, an Historical Account of What passed from the beginning of the Reign of King Charles the First, to King Charles the Second His Happy Restauration, London: for Nathaniel Ponder, 1682, bound in full contemporary speckled calf, spine damaged, joints cracked, boards becoming detached, 14 1/2 x 9 1/4 in. [and] John Walker’s (1674?-1747) An Attempt towards Recovering an Account of the Numbers and sufferings of the Clergy of the Church of England, Heads of Colleges, Fellows, Scholars, &c. who were Sequester’d, Harrass’d, &c. in the late Times of the Grand Rebellion, London: by W.S. for J. Nicholson, et al., 1714, bound in contemporary paneled calf, newer endleaves, old rebacking, joints cracked, a few text leaves browned because of in-manufacture materials, otherwise clean, with contemporary marginal notes, 13 1/2 x 8 1/2 in. These volumes not collated. (2) $400-600 149 English Theological Works, 17th and 18th Century, Seven Octavo Volumes. Including: Seth Ward’s Vindiciae Academiarum, Oxford: Lichfield for Robinson, 1654, first edition, disbound; Richard Gardiner’s XVI Sermons Preached in the University of Oxford and at Court, London: by James Cottrel et al., 1659, contemporary boards, joints cracking; Henry Hammond’s A Practical Catechism, London: by Tyler and Holt for Royston, 1670, in contemporary Cambridge calf; John Howe’s The Redeemer’s Tears Wept over Lost Souls, London: by Astwood for Parkhurst, 1684, in contemporary speckled calf, joints cracking; Allestree’s The Art of Contentment, Oxford: at the Theatre, 1694, with frontis, bound in contemporary speckled calf, joints cracking; Stephen Crisp’s An Epistle to Friends, London: Sowle, 1710, reprint, disbound; [and] Samuel Checkley Jr.’s The Christian Triumphing over Death through Christ, Boston: Kneeland and Adams for Webb, 1765, with half-title, disbound; all octavo, these volumes not collated. (7) $300-500

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144 Dore, Gustave (1832-1883) Two Illustrated Volumes. Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Enid, New York: Routledge, 1869, large folio, publisher’s ornately stamped and gilt green boards, a.e.g., 16 x 11 3/4 in. [Together with] Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, New York: Harper & Brothers, 1884, bound in publisher’s blue cloth, ornate illustrated stamping in blind and gold, original dust jacket, and slipcase; slipcase worn, some pieces broken and missing, 18 x 14 in. (2) $200-300

Provenance: The collection of Percy MacKaye (1875-1956), by descent to Marion MacKaye Ober. $350-450

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150 English Theological Works, 17th Century, Five Folio Volumes. Including: Robert Sanderson’s XXXIV Sermons, London: for A. Seil, to be sold by Sawbridge et al., 1671; Richard Allestree’s Forty Sermons, Oxford: at the Theater and London: for R. Scott et al., 1684; William Cave’s Apostolici, London: Chiswell, 1677; Henry Hammond’s Sermons Preached, London: for Timothy Garthwait, 1664; and Henry Hibbert’s Syntagma Theologicum, London: by Mottershed for Clark, 1662; all volumes folio, in contemporary boards, in various states of disrepair, all needing to be rebacked, these volumes not collated. (5) $400-600


151 English Theology, 17th Century, Seven Quarto Volumes. Including: The Morning Exercise at Cripple-Gate, London: for Joshua Kirton and Nathaniel Webb, 1661, first edition; in 19th century leather; a volume of Sermons by Richard Sibbes (1577-1635) ? lacking general title, including the following sermons: The Beasts Dominion over Earthly Kings, The Ruine of Mystical Jericho, The Unprosperous Builder, The Successefull Seeker, Faith Triumphant, The Hidden Life, The Redemption of Bodyes, Balaams Wish, The Faithful Covenanter, The Demand of a Good Conscience, and The Sword of the Wicked, each with its own title page, London: [different imprints], 1639, with index, ex libris George Allen, in later sheepskin; Hugh Latimer’s Fruitfull Sermons, London: Cotes, 1625, in contemporary calf, title torn and crudely repaired with loss, frontispiece portrait pasted down to front board; Jeremy Taylor’s The Great Exemplar, London: by R.N. for Francis Ash, 1649, first edition, title printed in red and black, engraved vignette, in contemporary sheep, boards detached; Symon Patrick’s The Parable of the Pilgrim, London: for Chiswell, 1687, later edition, engraved frontis, in contemporary tan calf; Jeremy Taylor’s A Discourse of the Liberty of Prophesying, London: for R. Royston, 1647, first edition, lacking the engraved title, bound in contemporary sheep, damaged; and Edward Polhill’s Speculum Theologiae in Christo, London: by A.M. and R.R. for Tho. Cockerill, 1678, contemporary calf, board detached; these volumes not collated, various sizes, all quarto. (7) $300-500

152 English Titles, 17th Century, Four Octavo Volumes. Including: Allestree’s The Causes of the Decay of Christian Piety, London: by R. Norton for Robert Pawlett, 1683, in full contemporary red morocco, tooled in gold, a.e.g., marbled endleaves; Jeremy Taylor’s Contemplations of the State of Man in the Life, London: for John Kidgell, 1692, with portrait frontis, old boards, rebacked; John Toland’s Christianity not Mysterious, London: for Sam Buckley, 1696 [bound with] Samuel Bold’s The Christian Belief, London: W. Onley for A. Bosvile, 1697, second edition, in old boards, rebacked; ex libris General Ethan Allen Hitchcock (1798-1870) with his bookplate inside front board; and Allestree’s The Gentleman’s Calling, London: by Edward Jones for Edward Pawlet, 1696, with frontispiece, original tan calf, rebacked; these volumes not collated, various sizes, all octavo. (4) $300-500 153 Erotica, Approximately Fifty Volumes, Late 19th to Early 20th Century. Including Sacher Masoch’s La Venus a la Fourrure, Paris: Carrington, 1902; Select Dialogues from Meursius, Paris: Isidore Liseux, 1890; Poetica Erotica, New York: Boni & Liveright, 1927; Magica Sexualis, New York: Falstaff Press, 1934; Yoshiwara: the Nightless City, Paris: Carrington, 1907; Two Flappers in Paris, London: The Erotica Biblion Society, [n.d.]; D.H. Lawrence’s The Escaped Cock, Paris: Black Sun, 1929, and others. $400-600 154 Erotica, Approximately Fifty-four Volumes, Late 19th to Early 20th Century. Including: Whidden Graham’s Crimson Hairs, New York, 1934; Symonds’s Studies in Sexual Inversion, 1928; Sanger Brown’s Sex Worship and Symbolism, Boston: Badger, [1922]; The Old Man Young Again, Paris: Carrington, 1898; Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Paris: Black Sun, 1929; Joseph Moncure March’s The Wild Party, New York, 1929, with the gold dust jacket; The Doris Love Club, The American Institute of Pornography, 1931; The Perfumed Garden of Cheikh Nefzaoui, Cosmopoli: for the Kama Shastra Society, 1886; Chaddock’s Psychopathia Sexualis, Philadelphia: Davis, 1892; The Way of a Virgin, London: Brovan Society, 1922; Proal’s Passion and Criminality, Paris: Carrington, [n.d.]; and others. $400-600

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155 Exposition Universelle de Paris, 1889. Epreuves Photographiques Inalterables. Paris: Phototypie Bertaud Freres, [1889]. Oblong folio, title page printed in red and black, illustrated with ten “cliché” photographs of buildings created for the Paris World’s Fair taken by J. Cornetet, including two striking views of the newly erected Eiffel Tower, specially built for the Fair, each photo reproduced in a red frame with caption; bound in publisher’s red cloth, stamped in black and gold, featuring the Eiffel Tower, back board indicating that this souvenir of the Exposition was presented by the Hanover Fire Insurance Company; some spotting to contents, some leaves becoming detached, 12 1/2 x 9 1/2 in. $300-500

157 Fialetti, Odoardo (1573-1638?) Scherzi d’Amore. Venice: [No printer], 1617. Octavo, engraved throughout, the book dissected completely, each leaf mounted in a mat, consisting of fourteen engravings disposed as such: engraved title, plates with verses numbered two through eleven, and three unnumbered plates without verses; nothing printed on the versos, small printer collector’s stamp on the verso of each plate in blue ink, each leaf 7 1/4 x 4 1/4 in. $600-800

158 Fine Art Auction Catalogs, 19th Century, Two Volumes. Including: Collection de M. John W. Wilson, Paris: Jules Claye, 1873, third edition, copy number 312, one of 200 copies on teinte paper; the whole edition published in 1,000 copies; illustrated, title printed in red and black; bound in half black morocco and dark red morocco boards, t.e.g., good, 13 3/4 x 10 1/4 in. [Together with] Catalogue of the Art Collection Formed by the Late Mrs. Mary J. Morgan, New York: Kirby, 1886, copy number 455 of 500 copies, bound in full limp parchment, titled in gold, good, unopened, 11 1/2 x 9 in. (2) $250-350

160 Franklin Library Leather-bound Books, Including Signed Copies, Eleven Volumes. Including signed copies of: JeanPaul Sartre’s Five Plays, 1978; John Cheever’s The Wapshot Chronicle, 1978; Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, 1978; Robert Penn Warren’s All the King’s Men, 1977; Norman Miller’s The Naked and the Dead, 1979; Philip Roth’s Goodbye, Columbus and Other Stories, 1978; John Updike’s Rabbit, Run, 1977; J.P. Donleavy’s The Ginger Man, 1978; James Baldwin’s Go Tell it on the Mountain, 1979; Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five, 1978; and Wallace Stegner’s The Big Rock Candy Mountain, 1978; all in various colors of full leather, gilt-tooled, in very good condition, unread, sizes vary.

159 Franklin Library Leather-bound Books, Including Eight Signed Copies, Twenty Volumes. Signed books include: Leon Uris’s Exodus, 1977, two copies; Alan Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country, 1978; Jean-Paul Sartre’s Five Plays, 1978; Irving Stone’s The Agony and the Ecstasy, 1977; Herman Wouk’s The Caine Mutiny, 1977; Erskine Caldwell’s God’s Little Acre, 1979; and John Hersey’s A Bell for Adano, 1978; unsigned books, all printed between 1974 and 1976 as part of a series of Pulitzer Prize winners and Franklin Library’s 100 Greatest Books of All Time: Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind; Tales of Edgar Allan Poe; John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath; F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby; Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales; Sinclair Lewis’s Arrowsmith; Robert Penn Warren’s All the King’s Men; Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights; MacKinlay Kantor’s Andersonville; Pearl Buck’s The Good Earth; Virgil’s Aeneid; and Plato’s Republic; various sizes, all in full gilt leather, a.e.g., unread. (20)

Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $200-300

Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $300-500

161 French Works, Twenty-five Volumes, Decorative Bindings. Including a six volume set of the works of Moliere, Paris: Compagnie des Libraires Associes, 1788, octavo, illustrated in contemporary half leather, gilt-tooled spines; twelve small-format volumes, most in decorative bindings; Belloc’s Marie Antoinette, London: Methuen & Co., 1928, in half leather, inscribed; Jules Janin’s La Normandie, Paris: Bourdin, 1844, uncut, in half red morocco and matching slipcase, and others. (25) $300-500 162 Garrard, George (1760-1826) A Description of the Different Varieties of Oxen Common in the British Isles. London: Printed and Published for the Author by J. Smeeton, 1800. Large oblong folio, illustrated with thirty-nine hand-colored engravings of bovines, title and introduction curled and cockled, title torn, bound in contemporary half-leather, front board detached, original tissue guards mostly in place, some slight foxing and toning, other defects, 21 1/4 x 16 1/2 in. $2,000-3,000

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156 Far West Literature, Eleven Volumes. Including: James L. Scott’s A Journal of a Missionary Tour through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wiskonsin, and Michigan; Comprising a Concise Description of [...] the Great Western Prairies, Providence: by the Author, 1843, octavo, original cloth boards, contents spotted, 7 1/4 x 4 1/2 in. I.A. Lapham’s Wisconsin: its Geography and Topography, Milwaukee: Hopkins, 1846, 12mo, second edition, contents good, sheepskin boards, rebacked, 7 1/2 x 4 1/4 in. Edward E. Hale’s Kanzas and Nebraska, Boston: Phillips, Sampson, & Co., 1854, octavo, with the frontispiece folding map, some spotting, in full original blue cloth, goldstamped spine, 7 3/4 x 4 1/2 in. Rufus Sage’s Rocky Mountain Life, Boston: Thayer & Eldridge, 1860, octavo, frontispiece of a mounted Plains Indian warrior, illustrated, bound in full original blind-stamped cloth boards, gold on spine all but gone, worn, some holes in the cloth, fraying, the text block shifting, but structurally sound, 7 1/4 x 4 1/2 in. R.B. Stratton’s Captivity of the Oatman Girls, New York: for the Author, 1858, octavo with frontispiece portrait of Olive Oatman, showing her facial tattoos, illustrated, text leaves well spotted throughout, in contemporary boards with later library rebacking in buckram, 7 1/4 x 4 3/4 in. Mrs. John H. Kinzie’s Wau-Bun, the “Early Day” in the North-West, New York: Derby & Jackson, 1856, large octavo, illustrated, some spotting near the end of the text, with two post cards of the Kinzie cottage inserted, bound in original cloth, blind-stamped boards and gold stamped spine, spine faded, 9 x 5 1/2 in. [and] Five other titles on the same subject. (11) $250-350


163 Grafton, Sue (b. 1940) Sixteen Volumes from the Kinsey Millhone Series: A is for Alibi through E is for Evidence, H is for Homicide through O is for Outlaw, and R is for Ricochet through U is for Undertow. All first editions, very good in very good dust jackets; ten titles signed by the author: A, B, C, D, E, H, L, M, N, and O; duplicate unsigned copies of L is for Lawless and M is for Malice. (16)

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Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $400-600


164 Grant, George (fl. circa 1820) An Essay on the Science of Acting. By a Veteran Stager. London: Cowie & Strange, 1828. First edition, octavo, frontispiece portrait of J.P. Kemble, 201 pages, in contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine, boards somewhat rubbed, a.e.g., 7 x 4 in. Provenance: The collection of Percy MacKaye (1875-1956), by descent to Marion MacKaye Ober. $450-650 165 Hakluyt, Richard (1552?-1616) The Principal Navigations. London: Bishop, 1599 [-1600]. Folio, volumes one and two only of three, lacking the general title page that should appear at the beginning of volume one, in this copy supplied with the title from volume two, lacking text leaves B2-4 in volume one (pages 15-20) text supplied in later pen facsimile; bound in later half calf, boards detached, some chipping, staining, tears, and other slight defects to contents, lacking map, 11 1/4 x 7 in. $800-1,200 166 Hemingway, Ernest (1899-1961) For Whom the Bell Tolls, Signed Copy. New York: Scribner’s, 1940. Full signature on recto of the list of Hemingway’s works, later edition, without the Scribner’s ‘A’ on the copyright page, dated 1940 on title, in a first issue dust jacket, without the photo credit beneath Hemingway’s picture, in publisher’s oatmeal cloth; dust jacket worn, with losses at corners and head and tail, some short closed tears, 8 1/4 x 5 1/4 in. $2,000-3,000

167 Herbst, Rene (1891-1982) Devantures Vitrines Installations de Magasins a L’Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs. Paris: Moreau, 1925. Oblong folio, illustrated with sixty-seven photographic plates of modernist Parisian Art Nouveau store fronts and interiors, plates numbered 1-54, (the same number used for two different plates on thirteen occasions), title printed in red and black, conjugate with contents, all illustrations on separate sheets, loose, housed in original boards, spine and ties perished, chipping to contents, 12 3/4 x 10 in. $300-500 168 Hervey, Reverend A.B. (1839-1931) and Isaac Sprague (1811-1895) Beautiful Wild Flowers of America, [and] Flowers of the Field and Forest. Boston: Estes & Lauriat, 1882; [and] Boston: S.E. Cassino, 1882. Two folio volumes, each illustrated with colored lithographs by Sprague, each in publisher’s decoratively goldstamped cloth, a.e.g., bindings worn and bumped, some plates and tissue guards loose and chipped, 12 1/2 x 9 1/2 in. (2) $300-500 169 Hodder, James (active 1661) Hodder’s Arithmetick. Boston: by James Franklin for S. Philips, N. Buttolph, B. Elliot, D. Henchman, G. Philips, J. Elliot, and E. Negus, 1719. First American edition, octavo, lacking the frontispiece portrait of Hodder, bound in full contemporary American sheepskin over scabbard, stab sewn with alum-tawed thongs, unrestored, ex libris Mary Standish (b. 1731) and Desire Standish (b. 1720) of Pembroke, Massachusetts, greatgranddaughters of Myles Standish, with their signatures on ffep and back pastedown respectively, Mary’s dated 1737; corners bumped, dog-eared corners, one leaf corner torn with loss, some closed tears, water spotting, ink blots, and other signs of wear and use to contents and binding, structurally functional, 5 1/2 x 3 1/4 in. Printed by Benjamin Franklin’s older brother James, this is the first book dedicated exclusively to the subject of arithmetic to be printed in America. $6,000-8,000

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170 International Exhibition of Modern Art Arranged by the Société Anonyme for the Brooklyn Museum. New York: Société Anonyme, 1926. First edition exhibition catalog composed by Katherine Dreier and Constantin Aladjalov, original graphic boards printed in black and red with cloth spine, tabbed pages arranging the material alphabetically, with author biographies and examples of work, frontis, title, dedication to Kandinsky, introduction, foreword, and 115 numbered pages, followed by three leaves of advertisements, some toning and wear to boards, ownership inscriptions on verso of frontis and another scratched out inside the back cover, 10 x 7 1/4 in. $2,000-3,000 171 Islamic Manuscript, North Africa. Folio-format manuscript on paper in a maghribi script, approximately 350 leaves, in signatures of ten leaves, text written in a dark brown ink with red sections, written in a single column, thirty-one lines per page; in a contemporary goatskin binding, blind-stamped on both boards, with the flap; the sewing structure failing, many leaves loose, binding very worn, boards made up of old manuscript waste, now delaminated and released from the binding; worming to binding, water staining to leaves, the acrid ink compromising the structural integrity of the paper in some sections, marginal notations throughout; because of the condition of the sewing and binding, very likely incomplete, 11 3/4 x 8 1/2 in. $900-1,200 172 Italian Photo Album, Grand Tour, 19th Century. Oblong folio album bound in full parchment, covers gilt-tooled, containing approximately fifty photographs of notable travel spots in Italy, five of Venice with added color, landmarks and ruins in Rome are depicted, along with Florence, Naples, Amalfi, Pompeii, Genoa, Milan, Pavia, and Venice; notable photo of the Capuchin Crypt in Rome, where numerous galleries are decorated with the skeletons of thousands of dead friars; pages wavy, 13 x 9 3/4 in. $300-500

174 Lavallee, Joseph (1747-1816) and Armand-Charles Caraffe (1762-1822) Galerie du Musée Napoleon. Paris: Chez Filhol, 1810 [-1815]. Nine large octavo volumes of ten (lacking volume nine) bound in full uniform contemporary straight grain red morocco, elaborately tooled on boards and spines, a.e.g.; illustrated with hundreds of plates; bindings slightly scuffed, dry, some endcaps chipped, intermittent spotting and foxing to contents, 9 3/4 x 6 1/4 in. (9) $1,000-1,500

175 Leclerc, Sebastien (1637-1714) Album of Engravings. Large folio album of engravings done after Leclerc’s original paintings and drawings and some engraved by Leclerc directly, and signed in the plate, consisting of fifty-three leaves with approximately 472 separate engravings, ranging in size from very large full-page folio, to some the size of postage stamps, and everything in between, including images of many subjects fulfilling many categories of illustration, including title pages, frontispieces, bookplates, armorial crests and medals, illustrations for Aesop’s Fables, the life of Christ, and other works, engraved initials and decorative pieces, portraits, architectural interiors and exteriors, landscapes, and many others, including some that may be proof or unfinished prints; some engravings cut out of the album, bound in contemporary leather, worn, front board detached, corners quite worn, 21 1/2 x 16 in. The only uniting theme of this group of engravings is Leclerc, and it seems unlikely that anyone other than the artist would have access to so much of his work. Although that it is possible that these illustrations were collected by one of his contemporaries who was a great admirer of his work, it may also be that Leclerc himself assembled this album as a portfolio of samples to show his artistic range. $600-800 176 Lecomte, Valentine (b. 1872) The Dance of Isadora Duncan, Signed Copy Presented by the Publisher. Paris: Raymond Duncan, [1952]. First edition, number fifty-five of 100 copies printed; inscribed on title page by Raymond Duncan (1874-1966) to poet and dramatist Percy MacKaye (1875-1956); in the original limp paper wrapper, illustrated with forty-five leaves of plates, some spotting to wraps, 12 3/4 x 10 in. “An authentic document of our beloved Isadora and my hands weaving all together, so binding our affection together - Percy, Isadora, and I - a good triangle.” From the collection of Percy MacKaye (1875-1956), by descent to Marion MacKaye Ober. $1,000-1,500

177 Les Lettres et les Arts, Eight Volumes. Paris: Boussod, Valadon, etc., 1886-1887. Eight uniformly bound folio volumes, in half green morocco and marbled paper boards, gilt tooled spines, t.e.g.; four issues for each year of this illustrated quarterly journal of the arts with colored illustrations, music, poetry, stories, and other similar material; spines faded to tan, slight scuffs, 12 3/4 x 9 3/4 in. (8) $1,000-1,500 178 Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim (17291781) Lustspiele. Berlin: Voss, 1767. First edition, octavo, volume one only of two, 352 pages, bound in original boards, rebacked, corners renewed, paste-paper endleaves, 6 x 3 3/4 in. $300-500 179 Lincoln, Abraham (1809-1865) The Writings, Federal Edition, with a Signed Document. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, Knickerbocker Press, 1905. Limited edition set of eight large octavo volumes, numbered 373 of 1,000, with a document signed by Lincoln and William Seward bound into volume four, appointing Addison L. Clarke as Consul of the United States at Nigpo, China, 14 February 1865, with the Presidential seal, torn and worn, fragmentary along the folds, some puckering, adhesive tape repairs to verso, 17 1/2 x 20 in.; the books bound in contemporary uniform half red morocco with marbled paper boards, gilt lettered and tooled spines, t.e.g., good, 9 1/4 x 6 in. (8) $3,000-5,000

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173 Jean Arp, Sonia Delaunay, Alberto Magnelli, Sophie Taeuber-Arp. Paris: Aux Nourritures Terrestres, 1950. First edition, limited to 165 copies, copy number 47, signed by Jean Arp (1886-1966), Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979), and Alberto Magnelli (1888-1971) on the limitation page, with Sophie Taeuber-Arp’s (18891943) rubber stamp, title printed in four colors and black, ten multi-color lithographs housed in publisher’s folder and slipcase, spotting to contents, slipcase with wear and short tear, 15 x 11 1/4 in. A collaborative effort of geometric abstraction. $800-1,000

180 Linderman, Frank Bird (18691938), illus. Winold Reiss (18861953) Blackfeet Indians. St. Paul, Minnesota: Great Northern Railway, 1935. First edition, illustrated with forty-nine full-page color portraits of Blackfeet Indians by Reiss, in original decorative publisher’s boards and dust jacket, inscribed and signed by Yellow Head with his pictogram on ffep and beneath his portrait on page 22; pictogram signature of Short Man on pages 24 and 45; 12 x 10 in. $500-700

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181 Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (18071882) Edition de Luxe. Longfellow Portfolio, Being a Selection of Seventy-Five Artist-Proofs from the Original Wood-cuts Illustrating the New Subscription Edition of Longfellow’s Poetical Works. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, Riverside Press, [1881]. Limited edition, copy number 418 of 500, loose sheets housed in original publisher’s folding case, seventy-five wood engravings; folding case slightly dry and cracking along inner leather joints, 15 x 12 in. [Together with] The Poetical Works of Longfellow, Boston: Houghton, Osgood, & Co., Riverside Press, [1879], in thirty original parts, publisher’s blue paper wraps, 12 1/2 x 9 3/4 in. (2) $500-700


182 Lucian of Samosata (125-180 AD) Opera. Frankfurt: Christian Egenolphum, [1538]. Small folio, printer’s device on title, final leaf blank but for printer’s device, 347 numbered leaves, printed in single column roman and italic type throughout, decorative woodcut initials, a few minor marginal notes; bound in full contemporary blind-stamped alumtawed pigskin over paper boards, ties lost, 11 x 7 1/2 in. $300-500 183 Machiavelli, Nicolo (1469-1527) Tutte le Opere. [Geneva: Pierre Aubert & Pierre Chouet, 17th century, but dated], 1550. Quarto, counterfeit edition, called the “testina” edition of the works of Machiavelli in five parts, with woodcut portrait of the author on the title, in 17th century calf boards, rebacked, boards scratched, later endleaves, 8 1/2 x 6 1/2 in. $300-400 184 Manuscript on Paper, Italy, Late 18th Century. Italian language treatise in brown ink, headlines in red, each page written within a red and brown ink border, quarto, 341 numbered pages and thirty page index; sewing structure perished due to extensive worm damage to spine, leaves loose, disbound, and lacking, with marginal damage, contemporary leather and boards, fragmentary and in need of restoration, 9 1/2 x 7 in. The text is religious and moralistic, with descriptions of the relative ethical value of different qualities and behaviors. $500-700

185 Manuscript on Paper, New England, Tunes and Songs with Music, c. 1785. Oblong small-format manuscript on laid paper, ownership inscriptions of James Hawes of Westborough, Massachusetts on both inner paste downs, dated 1785; the manuscript consisting of approximately forty-seven leaves, with an index of song titles at the beginning, likely incomplete; in contemporary full sheepskin over scabbard, stab sewn with leather thongs, now perished, both boards detached, in need of rebacking, 7 1/2 x 4 in. The owner may have been Dr. James Hawes (1739-1821) who served in the Massachusetts State House in 17771778. Songs in this collection include hymns and a number of secular songs with lyrics. $400-600 186 Marsyas. Eine Zweimonatsschrift. Herausgegeben von Theodor Tagger [and] Marsyas Erster Jahrgang Ausgabe in Butten. Berlin: Heinrich Hochstim, May and June, 1917. The first title is a prospectus for the second and is loosely inserted in the publisher’s portfolio for the publication itself, signed by Hochstim and numbered 128 of 235 copies, 15 3/4 x 11 1/2 in $400-600 187 Massachusetts, General Court, House of Representatives. A Journal of the Honorable House of Representatives. Watertown: Benjamin Edes, 1776. Folio, two volumes bound as one, lacking title pages, covering the period from November 29, 1775 through February 20, 1776 and March 13 through May 10, 1776; 322 and 277 pages; with lists of representatives by county at the end of the first part; first few pages damaged and repaired with loss; first signatures with brown discoloration to bottom margin; large sections badly damaged by worming, especially in the second part, some browning to pages, bound in modern half calf, 11 x 7 1/2 in. Accepting the faults of this copy, this document of the earliest legal developments from the dawn of the new American republic contains very detailed information about the American Revolution and is very rare, with three copies of each title only listed in ESTC (Evans 14874 and 14875); one copy of one part only appears in the auction records. $300-500

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188 Mattioli, Pietro Andrea (1501-1577), Bernhard Verzascha (1627-1680), and Theodor Zwinger III (1658-1724) Theatrum Botanicum, Das ist NeuVollkomenes Krauter-Buch. Basel: Jacob Bertsche, 1696. Folio, first edition with Zwinger’s additions, lacking text leaf C2, page 19/20, and final index pages, i.e., all after 6Q3; 995 pages; with engraved title; typographical title printed in red and black, illustrated with hundreds of woodcuts of plants, German text printed in double columns throughout, bound in full later parchment over stiff boards; both titles mounted, some discoloration and spotting to contents, parchment covering peeling away, browning to text leaves, 13 1/2 x 7 3/4 in. Zwinger, building on the work of his predecessors, enriched the text with the inclusion of descriptions and woodcuts of more than one hundred additional plants. $800-1,200 189 McKenney, Thomas (1785-1859) & Hall, James (1793-1868) History of the Indian Tribes of North America with Biographical Sketches of the Principal Chiefs. Embellished with One Hundred and Twenty Portraits from the Indian Gallery in the Department of War, at Washington. Philadelphia: Biddle, 1837; Philadelphia: Greenough, 1838. Volume one and part of volume two bound as one, folio, illustrated with seventy-one of seventy-two full-page hand-colored lithographs, lacking the plate of Se-Quo-Yah in the first volume, the second volume ending with the portrait of Ahyouwaighs, the seventy-second plate; the first twenty leaves of text in volume one with brownish discoloration in the gutter margin; plates otherwise good; bound in original half leather, buckram boards, with the large original gold-tooled label pasted to the front board; leather worn, chipping to head cap, corners bumped and scuffed, water discoloration to boards, 19 1/2 x 14 1/4 in. The original painted portraits of Native American Indians were created by Charles Bird King, after which these lithographs were taken, at the behest of McKenney. A fire at the Smithsonian in 1865 destroyed 290 of the 295 original canvases, thus leaving these prints as the only extant record of those works documenting the breadth and diversity of the North American natives almost completely wiped out by European inhabitation of the continent. $8,000-12,000

191 Michener, James A. (1907-1997) Five Signed First Editions in Leather. Including: The Bridge at Andau, New York: Random House, [1957], stated first printing, signed on the title page, bound in half green morocco and cloth boards, gilt spine, t.e.g.; Hawaii, New York: Random House, [1959], stated first printing, signed on title, bound in half tan morocco and cloth boards, gilt spine, t.e.g.; Report of the County Chairman, New York: Random House, 1961, stated first printing, signed on title page, in half blue morocco, cloth boards, gilt spine, t.e.g.; Caravans, New York: Random House, 1963, stated first printing, signed by Michener on title, half red morocco and cloth boards, gilt spine, t.e.g.; and The Source, New York: Random House, 1965, stated first edition, signed on half title, half dark blue morocco and cloth boards, gilt spine, t.e.g. (5) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $200-300 192 No lot.

193 Mussolini, Benito (1883-1945) My Autobiography, Signed Copy, First Edition. New York: Scribner’s, 1928. Octavo, signed by Mussolini on title, with a typed letter from the Royal Consul General of Italy, to G.P. Beam at the manufacturing department of Scribner’s, dated 2 February 1929, presenting the book in question; in a very good dust jacket, inside front flap corner trimmed at a diagonal, price still present; bound in publisher’s green cloth, 8 1/4 x 5 1/2 in. Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $400-600 194 Mystery and Suspense, Modern Firsts, Twenty-one Volumes. Including the following Elmore Leonard (1925-2013) first editions: Dutch Treat, signed; Bandits, three signed copies; Touch, signed; Freaky Deaky, signed; Kill Shot, signed; Maximum Bob, signed; Get Shorty, signed; Pronto, signed; and Mr. Paradise; all first editions in very good jackets. [Together with] first editions of John Grisham’s The Pelican Brief, signed; The Firm; The Client; The Rainmaker; A Painted House; The Summons; and The King of Torts; all in very good jackets. [and] Tom Clancy’s The Bear and the Dragon, first edition; and book club editions of Michael Crichton’s The Great Train Robbery, and John Le Carre’s The Looking Glass War; all in very good jackets. (21) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $200-300

196 Ovid (43 B.C.- 17? A.D.) Bartholomaeus Merula, editor. De Arte Amandi et De Rememdio Amoris cum Comento. Venice: Johannes Tacuinus, de Tridino, 1494. First edition with Merula’s commentary, small folio, a-g6, A6, B-C4; 54 leaves; register with printer’s device present, modern calf, tooled in period style in blind and gilt, cloth ties, occasional worming and staining to contents, contemporary underlining, pointing fingers, and emphasis, woodcut initials, 11 3/4 x 8 in. $2,000-3,000 197 Parker, Robert B. (1932-2010) First Editions, Some Signed, Thirty-six Volumes. Including the following first editions: two titles from the Appaloosa series: Resolution, and Blue-Eyed Devil; seven titles from the Chief Jesse Stone series: Death in Paradise, signed; Stone Cold; Sea Change; High Profile; Stranger in Paradise; Night and Day, two copies, one signed; and Split Image; eleven titles from the Spenser series: God Save the Child; Ceremony; The Widening Gyre, four signed copies; Walking Shadow; Thin Air; Potshot, two copies; Back Story; Bad Business, two copies; Cold Service; School Days; and Now and Then; five titles from the Sunny Randall series: Family Honor, signed; Perish Twice; Shrink Rap, three copies, one signed; Melancholy Baby, two copies; and Blue Screen; [and] two copies of Double Play; all in good publisher’s bindings and jackets; almost all signed copies inscribed. (36) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $300-500

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190 Meyer, Franz (1919-2007) Marc Chagall Life and Work, Signed and Inscribed Copy with a Drawing. New York: Abrams, [1963]. Quarto, inscribed on half-title opening with a two-page drawing of a figure with a bird and a tree done in green and red ball point ink, signed by Chagall in New York, dated 1966, with the inscription, “le bon souvenir” and the name Rhoda; the book with the original jacket, worn, with tears and losses; illustrated throughout in black and white and color; in publisher’s cloth, shaken, boards becoming detached from text block, 11 1/2 x 8 in. $3,000-5,000

195 O’Keeffe, Georgia (1887-1986) Drawings, Signed Limited Edition. New York: Atlantis Editions, 1968. First edition, one of 230 signed by O’Keeffe, prints housed in publisher’s original white clamshell box, consisting of an eight-page booklet with an introduction by Lloyd Goodrich, acknowledgements, plate listing, and signed limitation page; followed by ten separate printed portfolios, each containing a print of one of O’Keeffe’s early drawings, in black and white and color, depending on the disposition of the original work, each in its own folder; the box with minor corner bumping, 27 1/4 x 20 1/2 in. $10,000-15,000

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198 Parker, Robert B. (1932-2010) Spenser Series, First Editions, Signed Copies, Thirty-eight Volumes. Including thirty-one titles in the Spenser series: God Save the Child, first edition signed; same title first Norwegian edition signed; Mortal Stakes, first American and English editions, both signed; Promised Land, first American and English editions, both signed; The Judas Goat, first American and English editions, both signed; Ceremony, first edition signed; The Widening Gyre, first edition signed; Valediction, first edition signed; A Catskill Eagle, first edition signed; Taming a Sea-Horse, first edition signed; Pale Kings and Princes, first edition signed; Crimson Joy, first edition signed; Playmates, first edition signed; Stardust, first edition signed; Pastime, first edition signed; Double Deuce, first edition signed; Paper Doll; first edition signed; Walking Shadow, first edition signed; Thin Air, first edition signed; Chance, first edition signed; Small Vices, first edition; Sudden Mischief, first edition; Hush Money, first edition; Hugger Mugger, first edition; Potshot, first edition; Back Story, first edition; Bad Business, first edition signed; Cold Service, first edition; School Days, first edition; Hundred Dollar Baby, first edition; Now and Then, first edition signed; and Painted Ladies, first edition; all in collector condition with very good dust jackets, almost all inscribed. [Together with] three other Parker titles: Wilderness, first edition signed; Poodle Springs, first edition signed; and Double Play, first edition; all in very good dust jackets, almost all inscribed. (38) Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $300-500

199 Perrine, Van Dearing (1869-1955) Studies of Isadora Duncan Dancing and One Framed Pastel, Inscribed. Eighteen sketches on sixteen sheets of paper, executed with a waxy crayon, quick gestural drawings of Duncan dancing, with a framed pastel derived from the sketches, signed on by the artist on the mounted, presented to Percy MacKaye, matted and framed; the studies mostly 12 3/4 x 8 in., two slightly narrower; the pastel 12 x 9 in. Duncan, Perrine, and MacKaye worked together in various artistic collaborations in the early part of the 20th century. Duncan so admired Perrine’s drawings of her that she chose them to adorn the program for her performance at the Metropolitan Opera House in November of 1916. Provenance: The collection of Percy MacKaye (1875-1956), by descent to Marion MacKaye Ober. $4,000-6,000 200 Peterson, Roger Tory (1908-1996) A Field Guide to the Birds, Signed Presentation Copy, First Edition. Boston & New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1934. First edition, octavo, presented by Peterson on ffep to Phyllis Bergen, who is also thanked in the printed acknowledgements; in publisher’s cloth, and the original dust jacket, spine panel of the jacket missing, 7 1/4 x 4 1/4 in. $300-500 201 Philips, Katherine (1631-1664) Four Titles, 1664-1705. Including: her Poems, London: by J.G. for Rich Marriott, 1664, octavo, contemporary sheep, slight chip at top of front joint; Poems, London: J.M. for H. Herringman, 1667, folio, with portrait frontispiece, contemporary boards with gilt armorial stamp, badly worn, both boards detached, contents dusty, modern notes; Poems, London: T.N. for Henry Herringman, 1678, folio, with portrait frontispiece, contemporary calf, boards detached, ex libris Sir Francis Prujean (1593-1666), with his bookplate and inscriptions of female members of his family from the same period; and Letters from Orinda to Poliarchus, London: by W.B. for Bernard Lintott, 1705, octavo, with portrait frontispiece, in paneled calf with gilt arms, boards detached, browning to contents; these volumes not collated, various sizes. (4) $800-1,000

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202 Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973) Picasso Linoleum Cuts: Bacchanals, Women, Bulls & Bullfighters. New York: Abrams, [1962]. First American edition, illustrated with vibrantly colored linocuts printed on heavy stock throughout, bound in full publisher’s ecru cloth, stamped in black, housed in the original slipcase, with a vibrant multi-colored illustration, 15 x 12 1/2 in. $400-600 203 Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973) Toreros, ed. Jaime Sabartes (1881-1968). New York: Braziller, [1961]. First edition, with four original lithographs (one in color), oblong format, bright publisher’s red cloth binding, stamped in black, with the dust jacket, spine of jacket with minor surface chipping along joints, 9 3/4 x 12 1/4 in. $1,000-1,500 204 Plaza, Julio (1938-2003) Objetos Serigrafias Originais; Augusto de Campos Poema. Sao Paolo, Brazil: Julio Pacella, 1969. First and only edition, one of thirty numbered signed copies; thirteen separate portfolios housed in publisher’s cloth folder and slipcase as such: title, poem by Augusto de Campos, ten folding Objetos each signed in pencil by Julio Plaza and numbered VI, colophon; fading to slipcase and spine of cloth folder, some offsetting and a minor tear or two to the pop-ups, 15 3/4 x 11 1/2 in. “The paths of the two [Plaza and Campos] crossed in 1968, not by coincidence but by the magnetic force of ‘elective affinity.’ Plaza was preparing his Objetos. Two superimposed sheets of paper, creating a deliberate interplay of cross-sections and folds, projected three-dimensional forms which were at once geometric and organic. A series of these, printed by a silk-screen process, and combining the three primary colors, made up a book comprising page-objects which leaped out of the flat surface to open up into space. Plaza asked de Campos to write a critical introduction to this strange book. De Campos gave the only foreseeable reply: instead of a text, he wanted to make a journey inside the creation itself. For him, words are also plastic, sensitive bodies. The support Plaza offered him (planes, space, sculpture, color, shades, movement, and light) permitted the insertion of word bodies into the play of pure and multiple qualities. The first Poemobile was thus born and included in Objetos, the book by Plaza, published in 1969.” from The Semiotic Web, edited by Thomas Sebeok. $2,000-3,000

206 Poesie per L’ingresso Solenne di sua Eccellenza il Signor Giovanni Colombo Cavaliere e Cancellier Grande. Venice: Gianfrancesco Garbo, 1766. Folio, illustrated with engraved title, frontis, full-page arms of the dedicatee, vignettes, head- and tail-pieces, each page of text printed within an ornamental engraved border, in original limp paper wraps, 12 1/2 x 8 1/2 in. $600-800 207 Poesie per le Nozze Solenni della Nobil Donna Andriana Barbaro col Nobil Uomo Nicolo Foscarini Dedicate a Sue Eccellenze Giovanni Barbaro Fratello e Chiara Barbarigo Barbaro Cognata della Sposa. Venice: [Albrizzi?], 1766. [Bound with] Poesie per le Fauste Nozze della Nobil Donna Andriana Barbaro col Nobil Uomo Nicolo Foscarini Dedicate a S.E. Procuratessa Cecilia Emo Barbaro Madrea della Sposa, [Venice: Antonio Zatta, 1766]. Folio, title page in the first work printed in red and black, with engraved frontis facing; title of second work printed in blue and red, each title with engraved vignette, engraved head- and tailpieces, text printed on heavy paper, with very large margins; bound in contemporary mottled brown morocco, ornately tooled in gilt, all edges gilt, marbled endleaves; endcaps almost imperceptibly renewed, otherwise very good, occasional spotting in the text, generally very fresh, ex libris John Sax, with his book label, 14 x 9 3/4 in. These two collections of epithalamia, or poems written in honor of the marriage of Andriana Barbaro and Nicolo Foscarini, are both rare. The first title is only held in one library worldwide, according to Worldcat; no listing exists for the second. $2,000-2,500

208 Poets and Etchers. Boston: Osgood, 1882. China paper edition, number ninety-five of 100 copies printed, folio, unbound signatures housed in publisher’s folding portfolio, containing twenty full-page etchings, inner joints of portfolio disintegrating, 16 x 12 in. $300-400 209 Prince, Thomas (1687-1758) A Chronological History of NewEngland in the Form of Annals. Boston: Kneeland & Green, 1736. First edition, octavo, volume one only, title printed in red and black, volume two published in 1755 titled, Annals, bound in contemporary paneled calf, rebacked, 6 1/2 x 3 3/4 in. Provenance: The collection of Percy MacKaye (1875-1956), by descent to Marion MacKaye Ober. $250-350 210 Racinet, Auguste (1825-1893) Polychromatic Ornament. One Hundred Plates in Gold, Silver, and Colours. London: Sotheran & Co., 1873. First edition, folio, illustrated with full-color lithographs, printed rich, saturated colors with metallics, in contemporary half sheep with buckram boards, a.e.g., leather rubbed, peeling off in places, structurally sound, contents good, with small marginal damp stain affecting only the last three leaves, 15 x 10 1/4 in. $300-500 211 Raimundus Sabundus (1385-1436) Theologia naturalis sive liber creatura[rum] specialter de homine & de natura. Nuremberg: Koberger, 23 September 1502. Small folio, printed in black letter, two columns throughout, contemporary manuscript initials added in red and black, gilt initial at the beginning of the prologue tooled in the gold leaf into a gesso ground; bound in full contemporary Nuremberg blind-tooled brown sheepskin over wooden boards, lacking clasps, titled on front board with contemporary paper label; several inscriptions on title, including reference to the Prologue’s inclusion on the Index Prohibitorum; some stains, browning and internal wear, some marginal rodent damage, binding rebacked, 11 x 8 in. $2,000-3,000

212 Rand, Ayn (1905-1982) Atlas Shrugged, First Edition. New York: Random House, [1957]. Stated first printing, with the original dust jacket illustrated by George Salter, in publisher’s turquoise cloth, jacket reinforced with tape on verso, some surface color touched up, minor surface chip at head, 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 in. Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $400-600 213 Reed, John (1887-1920) Sangar: The Mad Recreant Knight of the West, First Edition, Inscribed Copy. Hillacre, Riverside, CT: Frederick C. Bursch, 1913 Octavo, limited edition, dedicated to fellow journalist and mentor Lincoln Steffens (1866-1936) with his portrait frontispiece; signed and inscribed to American dramatist and poet Percy MacKaye (1875-1956) on ffep; with a typed letter signed by Reed to MacKaye inserted; deckle edges throughout, in publisher’s paper binding and slipcase, case slightly toned with a small crack, 9 1/2 x 6 1/4 in. Provenance: The collection of Percy MacKaye (1875-1956), by descent to Marion MacKaye Ober. $1,000-2,000 214 Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919) African Game Trails, First Edition with Signed Presentation Card Laid In. New York: Scribner’s Sons, 1910. Large octavo, Roosevelt’s presentation on Sagamore Hill note paper, to Robert Keith MacKaye, bound in publisher’s brown cloth, stamped in gilt, binding shaken, becoming decased, some faults to front board, 9 1/2 x 6 1/2 in.

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205 Poe, Edgar Allan (1809-1849) The Complete Works with a Critical Introduction by Charles F. Richardson. New York & London: G.P. Putnam’s and Sons, the Knickerbocker Press, [1902]. Ten octavo volumes, illustrated throughout by Fredrick Simpson Cobum, bound in uniform full red sheepskin, gilt decoration to boards and spines, joints a bit dry, some endcaps slightly chipped, 8 x 5 1/4 in. [together with] The Complete Writings of John Greenleaf Whittier, Amesbury Edition, Boston & New York: Houghton Mifflin, Riverside Press, [n.d.], in seven octavo volumes; illustrations by Howard Pyle, Frederic Remington, and others; bound in uniform half sheep, spines gilt lettered and tooled, 7 1/2 x 4 3/4 in. (17) $400-600

Provenance: The collection of Percy MacKaye (1875-1956), by descent to Marion MacKaye Ober. $700-900

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215 Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919) The Winning of the West, Daniel Boone Edition, with a Leaf of the Author’s Original Manuscript. New York & London: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, Knickerbocker Press, 1900. Limited edition, number 156 of 200 copies, four quarto volumes in contemporary half green morocco and marbled paper boards, portrait frontispiece with facsimile signature in volume one, illustrated throughout, with frontispieces in each volume, folding maps, and other plates; t.e.g. other edges left rough; spines slightly faded, minor scuffs, joints dry and starting to crack, shelf wear, 9 3/4 x 6 1/4 in. (4) The manuscript page in this copy contains the text that can be found in volume four, page four, the chapter St. Clair’s Defeat, the text beginning with “of Holland willed to take possession” and ending with “devoted their energies to colonization”. $3,000-5,000 216 Sammelband of English Sermons, 1692-1770s, Thirty-eight Titles in Two Volumes. Including sermons by William Sevill, John Heylyn, Young, Edward Ballard, Joseph Trapp, Isaac Maddox, Benjamin Newton, Charles Hall, John Burton, George Bellas, John Mainwaring, John Newcome, John Butler, H. Hubbard, James Hallifax, Anthony Hamilton, Edward Bentham, Edward Yardley, Thomas Church, William Sellon, Charles Dodgson, John Dalton, Thomas Francklin, and others; one volume in buckram, the other contemporary boards, detached, sewing structure perished, in need of repair, quarto, various sizes. (2) $400-600 217 Sammelband of English Sermons, Late 17th Century, Approximately Eighteen Titles Bound as One. Including sermons by Beconsall, William Allen, Newcome, George Keith, Hascard, John Williams, Nicolas Brady, Maundrell, Pelling, Young, Hooper, Burnett, Sherlock, Theophilus Dorrington, and others; contents good, bound in contemporary calfskin, blind tooled, sprinkled and sponge decorated, with original label, joints cracked, quarto, 8 x 6 in. $400-600

218 Sammelband of English Sermons, Late 17th Century, Approximately Twenty-six Titles Bound as One. Including sermons by Hooper, Calamy, Wagstaffe, Fleetwood, Sherlock, Fell, Wake, Morer, Edwards, Stanhope, Felton, Marsh, and eight sermons (plus the Appendix) preached by Samuel Bradford in the St. Paul lecture series founded by Robert Boyle, JanuaryNovember; contents mildewed, contemporary boards, detached, in need of repair, quarto, 8 x 6 in. $400-600 219 Sammelband of English Sermons, Late 17th to Late 18th Century, Approximately Forty-two Titles Bound as One. A large collection of quarto-format sermons bound into one large volume by authors such as: Norris, Stillingfleet, Cradock, Jekyll, Whincop, Burnet, Wooddeson, Hickes, Bynns, Delaune, Gooch, Eccles, Bisse, Middleton, Pinnell, Cornwall, Sherlock, Audley, Squire, Penn, Willis, D’Auvergne, Savage, Welton, Mould, Peters, Tew, Warner, Meades, Cokayne, Plymley, and others, binding defective, boards detached, sewing split, approximately 8 x 6 1/4, some sermons are smaller. $400-600 220 Sammelbands of English Sermons, 18th Century, Four Octavo Volumes. Each volume containing at least a dozen titles dating from the first quarter of the 18th century, through the 1760s, British imprints, all in contemporary leather, boards attached, many titles, should be viewed, various sizes, not collated. (4) $300-500 221 Sand, Maurice (1823-1889) Masques et Bouffons (Comedie Italienne). Paris: Michel Levy, 1860. First edition, two large octavo volumes, illustrated throughout, bound in publisher’s textured cloth with blue morocco spines, a.e.g., some wear to joints, boards rubbed, contents with occasional light spotting, 10 1/2 x 7 in. (2) Provenance: The collection of Percy MacKaye (1875-1956), by descent to Marion MacKaye Ober. $200-300

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222 Schedel, Hartmann (1440-1514) Liber Chronicarum. Nuremberg: Koberger, 1493. First and only Latin edition, illustrated with more than 1,800 woodcuts throughout, including the xylographic title and double-page map of Europe, and hundreds of city and town views, portraits, and other subjects, 20 unnumbered preliminary leaves; leaves 1-299 each numbered and present, except for leaf 264, which is lacking; 6 unnumbered leaves; leaf 229 misnumbered as 231, one unnumbered leaf bound between leaves 298 and 299 (counted as one of the six unnumbered leaves at the end); some leaves supplied from other copies, minor tears, stains, repairs, holes, contemporary marginal notes; bound in full later sheepskin with some repairs, scuffed, other minor damage, structurally intact. Perhaps the most fully realized illustrated book of the incunabula period, the depth of artistic talent available in Nuremberg in the fifteenth century is palpable in this impressive volume. Generations have honored, valued, and saved this book; one can only imagine how it was received when it was new. $25,000-35,000 223 Slovo o Polku Igoreve, [The Tale of Igor’s Campaign]. Moscow: Academia, 1934. Folio, illustrated by Ivan Golikov (17291805), edited by V. Rzhygoj and S. Shambinogo; text illustrated with ten mounted full-color plates resembling lacquer (including the frontis), many color-printed head- and tailpieces, text in Old Russian; in publisher’s cloth boards with a mounted illustration on the front board, colorful endleaves, silk bookmark, with a plain dust jacket, and in the publisher’s box, the box coming to pieces, paper chipped, 17 1/2 x 12 in. overall. $500-700 224 Sorlier, Charles (1921-1990) Les Affiches de Chagall, Signed and Inscribed by Chagall. Paris: DraegerVilo, [1975]. Folio, signed to Herman Krawitz on half-title, dated 1977, with a small gestural drawing that may be a bird or a hand, in the original blue publisher’s cloth, with the dust jacket, the jacket with two chips with loss to upper right corner, 12 1/2 x 9 1/4 in. $400-600

226 Steinbeck, John (1902-1968) The Red Pony, Signed Limited Edition. New York: Covici Friede, 1937. First edition, limited to 699 numbered copies, the present being copy number 410, signed by Steinbeck on the limitation page, in an acetate jacket and custom made tan moroccobacked clamshell box with cloth boards, titled and ruled in gilt on the spine, 10 x 6 3/4 in. Provenance: The Estate of Stratford W. Carter, Boston, Massachusetts. $700-900 227 Swift, Jonathan (1738-1765) Works. Dublin: George Faulkner, 1738-1765. Thirteen octavo volumes, portraits, frontispieces and maps in various volumes, bound in full contemporary uniform calfskin with gilt-lettered labels on spines, all boards still attached; boards slightly reflexed, 6 1/2 x 3 1/2 in. (13) $300-500 228 Synge, John Millington (1871-1909) Playboy of the Western World. Boston: John W. Luce & Co., 1911. First American edition, octavo, ex libris Percy MacKaye, with inscriptions on endleaves, publisher’s white paper spine, dark green boards titled in gilt on front board, 7 1/2 x 4 1/2 in. Provenance: The collection of Percy MacKaye (1875-1956), by descent to Marion MacKaye Ober. $450-650

229 Tales of Terror. London: Bulmer for Bell, 1801. First edition, octavo, illustrated with two hand-colored plates of three, one bound as the frontis; extra engraved title, in full calf by Root & Son, two labels on the spine, boards gilt-ruled, a.e.g., spine a bit dry, faded, 7 x 4 1/4 in. Once attributed to Matthew Gregory Lewis (1775-1818), Tales of Terror is now considered to be a parody of his work. Provenance: Ex libris Charles S. Dixwell (1868-1934). $400-600 230 The [Davy] Crockett Almanac Vol. 2 No. 1. “Go Ahead!!” Containing Adventures, Exploits, Sprees & Scrapes in the West, & Life and Manners in the Backwoods. Nashville, Tennessee: Ben Harding, [1838]. First edition, 36 pages; illustrated throughout with large wood engravings of adventurous scenes, originally stabstitched, sewing perished, some wear, folded corners and edges, short closed tears, especially to first and last leaf, contents untrimmed, with the original cut edges still visible, 8 x 5 1/4 in. $1,500-2,000 231 The Laws of the United States of America. Philadelphia: Folwell, 1796. [and] Acts Passed at the First [Second and Third] Session[s] of the Fifth Congress of the United States of America, Philadelphia: Ross, 1797. Four octavo volumes, numbered one through four on the spines, in uniform tan sheepskin, spines ruled and numbered in blind with red morocco labels tooled and lettered in gilt, rubbed, 8 x 4 3/4 in. (4) $400-600 232 The Militia Reporter; Containing the Trials of Capt. Jos. Loring Jun. [...] Capt. Amos Binney, [and] Capt. Thomas Howe. Boston: T. Kennard, 1810. First and only edition, large octavo, in publisher’s boards with original label, untrimmed, with deckle edges throughout, boards all but detached, water staining, browning, 9 1/2 x 5 1/2 in. $300-400

233 Theocritus (fl. circa 270 BC) Idylles de Theocrite Traduites en Francais par J.B. Gail, [bound with] Les Amours de Leandre et de Hero. Paris: Imprimerie de Baudelot et Eberhart, L’An IV [1795/6]; [and] Paris: Chez Gail, L’An Quatrieme [1795/96]. Two titles bound in two large quarto volumes, new edition of Jean-Baptiste Gail’s (1755-1829) translation of Theocritus first published in 1792, French and Greek text on facing pages, both works illustrated with full-page engravings; bound in full contemporary marbled calf, rolled gilt borders on boards, inner gilt dentelles, smooth spines gilt in compartments with red lettering pieces, a.e.g., blue silk bookmarks, marbled endleaves, one corner bumped, 10 x 7 3/4 in. (2) $200-300 234 Third Annual Report of the Board of Commissioners of the Central Park. New York: Bryant, 1860. Octavo, illustrated with frontispiece, eight full-page plates, three folding plates, and a colored folding map, contents good, in the original dark green blind-stamped cloth binding, metal foil stamped title on front board, 9 x 5 1/2 in. Provenance: The collection of Percy MacKaye (1875-1956), by descent to Marion MacKaye Ober. $800-1,000 235 Tournefort, Joseph Pitton de (16561708) A Voyage into the Levant. London: for D. Browne, et al., 1718. First edition, two quarto volumes in contemporary paneled calf, illustrated with 156 engravings, of which seven are folding, including the folding map frontispiece in volume one, joints cracked, some water stains and internal browning, minor worming, 9 3/4 x 7 1/2 in. (2) $800-1,000

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225 Sousa e Sampaio, Francisco Coelho de (fl. circa 1790) Preleccoes de Direito Patrio Publico, e Particular [First, Second, and Third Parts]. Coimbra: Real Imprensa da Universidade, 1793. Quarto, two volumes in one; [bound with] the same author’s Observacoes as Preleccoes, Lisbon: Impressao Regia, 1805; first work illustrated with an engraved frontispiece portrait of Joao VI, King of Portugal; all parts bound together in a full contemporary red morocco binding from Portugal, with the arms of Joao VI stamped in gilt on both boards, fancy rolled-tool gilt boards, and spine compartments decorated with swags of garlands and urns, edges sprinkle decorated with gold, some marginal stains, 8 x 5 1/2 in. $700-900

236 Travel Engravings, Late 18th-Early 19th Century, Two Volumes. Two oblong octavo volumes without title pages, likely Dutch imprints, containing about 175 engravings of sights of interest to tourists in England, Scotland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Norway, Turkey, India, Malta, Sardinia, Palestine, Armenia, Tonga, the Arctic; captions mostly in French, place names in many languages, including Russian, 7 3/4 x 5 in. (2) $300-500

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237 Trotter, William (1769-1822) Seven Manuscript Ship’s Logs, 1787-1800 Seven small-folio volumes completed by hand detailing Trotter’s voyages to Britain, Cadiz, Madeira, St. Jago, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de la Plata, around the Cape of Good Hope to Mauritius, and Jakarta, Australia, Tonga, Canton, Hong Kong, around Cape Horn to Christmas Island, Hawaii, and Vancouver. Volume I: original half leather with marbled paper boards, in need of resewing and paper repairs to first few leaves, front board detached, binding elements work. This volume is signed and dated by Trotter inside the front board, Workington, Cumberland, England 27 October 1787; the first section (13 leaves) consists of lessons on the calendar, geometry, plane sailing, traverse sailing, and middle latitude sailing; after 5 blank leaves, the next section contains accounts of numerous journeys to Balboa, Cape Verdean islands, Boston, China, Macao, and the North Pacific, aboard the ships Betsy, Mercury, Massachusetts, Snow Eleanora, Ameilia; an interesting note dated 19 August 1789 reads as follows, “Bonavista Cape Deverds came three schooners under Dutch colours to the north side of this island where the wreck of the Hartwell Indiman lay in order to partake of part of the money that lay underwater, but the wind blowing fresh from the NE the surf breaking over the reef so much that they cannot dive”; the next entry describes the return journey from Bonavista Island back to Boston aboard the Mercury; the log entries are very detailed, and include maps, sketches of landscape features, large pencil sketches of ships, and other occasional drawings; approximately 165 inscribed pages, covering journeys from 1789 to 1793, 12 1/2 x 8 in. Volume II: pre-printed ship’s log with engraved templates for each day, fulfilled by hand throughout, bound in full reversed sheep, with the ticket of London stationer Frederick Gardner pasted inside the front board, Trotter’s signature in pencil inside gutter of ffep, beginning with a voyage from Canton toward Providence, 27 November 1794, aboard the Halcyon, followed by journeys of the Susan, to Botany Bay, Hawaii, Tonga, and the Northwest coast of North America; in addition to the ship’s log information about the headings, weather, and generally running of the ship, Trotter also includes lengthy narratives of interactions with natives, including details about trading and other onshore activities of the crew, approximately 240 pages, covering journeys from 1794 to 1796, 14 3/4 x 9 1/2 in.

Volume III: manuscript ledger ruled by hand in red, bound in half leather with paper-covered boards, cloth ties, sewing structure failing, in need of paper restoration; this volume continues the Pacific Northwest voyage of the Susan from the previous volume, now returning from thence to Hawaii, entries begin in August of 1797; the next trip is to China in 1798; approximately 200 pages, approximately 25% blank, the first section with ship’s log information and narratives; the final 18 pages with navigational calculations, 13 x 7 3/4 in. Volume IV: the largest of the volumes, pre-printed with engraved entry pages specially designed for ship’s logs; begins with a description of how to enter the Rio de la Plata with a finely drawn map, and a lengthy and detailed twelve-page description of Buenos Aires made by Trotter in September of 1799, followed by approximately 100 pages of log pages, dated from June 1799 to November 1800, detailing a journey from Santiago, Cape Verde, to Rio de Janeiro, up the River Plata, to Buenos Aires, Providence, and then to Madeira; no entries have been made in the second half of the book; first few signatures detached, 14 3/4 x 9 1/4 in. Volumes V-VII: these volumes consist of account, day books, and transcriptions of correspondence; because Trotter’s journeys were missions of trade, these books contain detailed information about the quantity, disposition, and value of traded goods; one volume is bound in contemporary half leather with paper boards, worn; the other two are full parchment, all small folio, with dates from the 1790s to about 1800. (7) William Trotter had a long career of adventure in exotic locales across the globe at the end of the 18th century. His drawings, maps, and narratives show that he was an intelligent and observant traveler. Because of the manuscript nature of this material, and its sheer volume, minute valuable information undoubtedly sits undiscovered in his journals. Trotter was born in England and emigrated to Providence, Rhode Island, at the age of nineteen, having first been apprenticed as a cabin boy at the age of nine. After a lucrative career at sea, Trotter retired and purchased a home in Attleboro, Massachusetts, later settling in Bradford, Vermont. $12,000-15,000

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238 Tudor, Tasha (1915-2008) Signed Books, Letters, First and Early Editions, Five Letters, Eleven Books. Five autograph notes and cards with envelopes, from the 1990s and early 2000s; signed copies of Alexander the Gander, London: Oxford University Press, 1945, fourth printing, in the jacket; First Poems of Childhood, New York: Platt & Munk, [1967], inscribed, with a drawing, in a price-clipped dust jacket; and The Private World of Tasha Tudor, Boston: Little, Brown, stated first edition, 1992. [Together with] Take Joy!, Cleveland & New York: World Publishing, [1966], in the jacket; The Tasha Tudor Book of Fairy Tales, London & Glasgow: Collins, [1969]; First Prayers [and] More Prayers, New York: Walck, 1981, in dust jackets; Mother Goose, Oxford University Press, 1955, eighth printing, in the jacket; The Doll’s Christmas, Oxford University Press, 1950, third printing, in the jacket; Stevenson’s A Child’s Garden of Verses, New York: Walck, later edition, dust jacket; A Basket of Herbs, Brattleboro, VT: Stephen Green Press, 1983, first edition, limited, in the jacket; and Drawn from New England, New York: Philomel Books, 1981, in price-clipped dust jacket. (11) $500-700 239 Tudor, Tasha (1915-2008) Signed Books, Letters, First and Early Editions, Six Letters, Ten Books. Six autograph notes and cards with envelopes, from the 1990s and early 2000s; signed copies of 1 is One, New York: Walck, [1956], with the dust jacket; A Book of Christmas, New York: Collins, [n.d.]; Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows, illustrated by Tudor, Cleveland & New York: World Publishing, [1966], inscribed by Tudor, in the dust jacket; and Efner Tudor Holmes’s Amy’s Goose, New York: Crowell, [1976] inscribed by Tudor, with dust jacket. [Together with] Tudor’s The Twenty Third Psalm, Worcester, Achille St. Onge, [1965], miniature, in the dust jacket; Henry A. Shute’s The Diary of a Real Boy, Peterborough, NH: Noone House, [1967], in the jacket; T.L. McCready Jr.’s Increase Rabbit, New York: Ariel Books, 1958; The Tasha Tudor Cookbook, Boston: Little, Brown, 1993, stated first edition, in jacket; Corgiville Fair, New York: Harper Collins, [1971], with dust jacket; and The Tasha Tudor Book of Fairy Tales, London & Glasgow: Collins, [1963]. (10) $500-700

241 Verve Magazine, Numbers 4, 5/6, and 7. Paris: Teriade, 1939-1940. Folio, four numbers in three volumes, English language edition, each in soft publisher’s covers, spine wear and damage to numbers 4 and 5/6; number 7 with some slight toning to covers, no spine damage, 14 x 10 1/2 in. (3) $400-600 242 Verve: Marc Chagall (1887-1985) and Georges Braque (1882-1963) Verve VI, No. 24, Chagall’s illustrations to Boccaccio’s Contes, Paris, 1950, two copies, one in publisher’s wraps, the other in full leather, 13 3/4 x 10 1/4 in. [Together with] Verve VIII, No. 31/32, The Intimate Sketchbooks of G. Braque, English language edition, Paris, 1955, bound in full leather, 13 3/4 x 10 in. (3) $800-1,000 243 Wornum, Ralph Nicholson (18121877) The Turner Gallery: a Series of Sixty Engravings from the Principal Works of Joseph Mallord William Turner. London: James S. Virtue, [no date, c. 1870]. First edition, large folio, illustrated, half dark morocco with buckram boards, 17 1/4 x 12 1/4 in. $200-300

Prints 244 Alken, Henry (1785-1851) Four Plates of Dog Breeds from his Sporting Scrap Book. London: Thomas M’Lean, 1824. Hand-colored soft-ground etchings, folio format, the plates titled, “Terriers,” “Spaniels,” “Pointers,” and “Water Spaniels,” each with the page of corresponding text, matted, 19 x 12 1/2 in. (4) $125-175 245 Audubon, John James (17851851) Bemaculated Duck. Plate CCCXXXVIII. [from] Birds of America. London: R. Havell, 1826-1838. Hand-aquatinted engraving, double elephant folio, on wove J. Whatman paper, watermarked 1836; slight discoloration to outer margins of the sheet, minor reverse mat tinge, 39 x 26 3/4 in. $3,000-5,000 246 Audubon, John James (1785-1851) Blue-Winged Teal. Plate CCCXIII. [from] Birds of America. London: Havell, 1826-1838.. Hand-aquatinted copper-plate engraving on wove paper with the J. Whatman watermark dated 1837, a few marginal smudges, evidence of former attachment to binding, one short closed marginal gear. edge chip, loss of triangular chip along bottom edge, approximately one by one-half inch, 38 x 25 1/2 in. $7,000-9,000 247 Audubon, John James (1785-1851) Ground-hog, Pre-publication Handcolored Proof. [for] The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, Philadelphia: Bowen, 1839-1844. Hand-colored lithographic proof without printed title or plate numbers, titled in pencil at the foot, “Arctomys monax. Ground-hog, Wood-chuck, or Common American Marmot,” printed on wove unwatermarked imperial folio paper; toning and browning, large stain just below the image area and above the penciled titled, edge and corner chipping with loss, closed marginal tears, bottom margin unevenly trimmed, 27 x 20 3/4 in. $1,500-2,000

248 Bonelli, Giorgio (1742-1782) Two Botanical Prints [from] Hortus Romanus. Rome: Boucher & Gravier, 1772-1793. Hand-colored engravings on paper: Anemone tenuifolia flore Simplici violaceo; and Pulsatilla foliis trifidis dentalis flore incarnato pleno; each matted and framed, 15 x 9 1/2 in. (2) $300-500 249 De Bry, Theodor (1528-1598) Eight Hand-colored Illustrations of Native American Indians. Eight leaves removed from Germanlanguage editions, four printed only on the rectos, with page numbers in roman numerals; the other four with text on both sides of each sheet, page numbers in Arabic numerals; leaves toned, some torn with loss, repaired, damage affecting the text, sizes vary, each mounted in a lightweight mat folder. (8) $2,000-2,500 250 Design of the Washington National Monument to be Erected in the City of Washington. Washington, D.C.: Charles Fenderich, 1846. Lithographic broadside with subscription information and facsimile signatures beneath, framed, water stained, with spotting and foxing, 24 x 17 1/2 in. $400-600 251 Erotica, Photographs. Approximately sixty-five erotic photographs from the first quarter of the 20th century, and fifteen other similar engravings, sizes vary. $800-1,000

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240 Ver Beck, Frank (1858-1933) and Hayden Carruth (1862-1932) A Hand-book of Golf for Bears. New York: R.H. Russell, 1900. First edition, quarto, illustrated throughout, each page printed in green and black, verses following the alphabet from A to Z, ending with &; in publisher’s printed boards, worn, spotted and toned, sewing structure fragile, signs of handling, one leaf with short tear, some childish pencil marks, 9 x 7 in. $300-500

252 Gould, John (1804-1881) Four Hummingbird Prints, and Six Additional Prints of Different Species. Colored lithographic plates of the following hummingbirds: Oxypogon Lindenii, Lophornis Chalybeus, Ramphomicron Ruficeps, and Ramphomicron Heteropogon; [and] Chlamydodera Cervineiventris; Ailuraedus Melanotus, Manucodia Atra, Manucodia Chalybeus, and Amblyornis Inorantus; [with] a black and white plate of beaks and feet of nineteen different species; all unframed with chipped and damaged edges, three of the four hummingbird plates with a crusty surface to the paper as though they were sprayed with a fixative, sizes vary. (10) $400-600

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253 Hawley, Pete (1916-1975) Original Signed Painting for Encore by Lena Horne, Record Cover, c. 1958. Gouache on board, depicting Horne (1917-2010) singing in an energetic pose with both hands outstretched, wearing a flowing yellow gown with a large orange flower, 17 1/2 x 17 1/2 in., with small proof print of the resulting cover. $2,000-3,000

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254 Hawley, Pete (1916-1975) Original Signed Painting for Jantzen Advertisement: the Weigh-Nothing Jantzenaire, c. 1957. Gouache on board, depicting an ecstatic redheaded woman in Jantzen undergarments, 17 x 12 1/2 in.; with a contemporary copy of the resulting print advertisement. $2,000-3,000


255 Hawley, Pete (1916-1975) Original Signed Painting for Snow White Record Cover, 1950s. Gouache on board, with Hawley’s stamp on the back, depicting a youthful Snow White holding hands with the dwarves and dancing, evil witch and thatched cottage in the background, the art produced for a 45 rpm spoken-word recording of the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs told by Nelson Olmsted (19141992), 13 1/4 x 13 1/4 in.; with the record sleeve. $2,000-3,000 256 Lincoln, Abraham (1809-1865) Portrait by Jacques Reich (18521923) Signed, 1911. Etched portrait of Lincoln on paper signed by Reich in pencil, with facsimile signature of Lincoln surrounded by portraits of Civil War generals and cabinet members in the margins, each with an etched facsimile signature, matted and framed, toned, rippled, 18 x 14 in. $400-500 257 Manuscript Leaf on Parchment. Gradual leaf with music, large illuminated initial with gold-leaf ground, double-glazed frame, the parchment rippled, 24 x 17 1/4 in. $300-500

258 Natural History Prints and Drawing: Catesby, Wilson and Hill. Hand-colored engraving of the large crested heron from Catesby, pictured with a spotted eft in its beak, surrounded by views of several insects, with the corresponding text page, 19 1/2 x 14 in.; hand-colored engraving of Virginian rail, clapper rail, blue crane, and little egret after Alexander Wilson by Warnicke, slight toning and foxing, 15 x 11 1/2 in.; [and] original sketch with watercolor by J.W. Hill of a bobcat used in DeKay’s Natural History of New York, 1842, signed by Hill and “1/8 of the natural size” possibly in Hill’s hand; other pencil notes, including, “engraved by Rawson” and “P. 10 fig. 1” in pencil in the background, matted and framed by Goodspeed’s in the 1980s, with their label, 6 3/4 x 4 1/4 in. sight. (3) $150-250 259 Peterson, Roger Tory (1908-1996) Gouache Painting of Flamingos, Signed. Depicting three flamingos standing in water, with icicles in the foreground, signed in pink in the lower left corner, within a hand-ruled mat, framed, 14 x 11 1/4 in. Provenance: Originally presented by Peterson to Phyllis Bergen, who helped with the first edition of Peterson’s Field Guide to the Birds, and is thanked in the acknowledgements. $3,000-5,000 260 Photographs of the Far West by William Henry Jackson (1843-1942) and Carleton E. Watkins (1829-1916) Nine photographs of Yosemite likely taken by Watkins originally, published by Isaiah West Taber (1830-1912) in San Francisco, c. 1880-1890, including the following titles: Best General View of the Yosemite Valley from Mariposa Trail; Cathedral Rock; Cathedral Spires; El Capitan; Yosemite Falls; Royal Arches; North Dome; Mirror Lake; and Half Dome and Mirror Lake taken from Glacier Point; all on their original mounts, some fading to photos and spotting to mounts; mounts chipped; mounts are all 19 x 13 1/2 in. [Together with] Three Jackson photographs: Grand Canon of the Arkansas; Balanced Rock, Garden of the Gods; and Garden of the Gods and Pike’s Peak; all on the original mounts, photos measure 13 x 9 3/4 in. [and] an unidentified photograph from the same period of Seven Falls in Colorado Springs, titled on the mount in pencil, 13 x 9 3/4 in. (13) $2,000-2,500

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261 Shaw, George (1751-1813) Eleven Plates of Animals from The Naturalist’s Miscellany. London: Frederick Polydore Nodder, 17921813. Hand-colored engravings, octavo, all matted and framed, depicting lizards, a small deer, pangolin, lemur, bear, kangaroo, and others, each approximately 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 in. (11) $1,000-1,500 262 Washington, George (1732-1799) Portrait by Jacques Reich (18521923) Signed, 1902. Etched portrait of Washington with Reich’s signature in pencil in lower left corner, below the etched signature in the plate, with facsimile signature of Washington in the right, matted and framed, toned, 18 x 14 in. $400-500

Maps 263 Bermuda. Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638) Mappa Aestivarum Insularum, alias Barmudas. Amsterdam: Blaeu, c. 1630. Copperplate engraved map printed on folding folio sheet of laid paper, handcolored, matted and framed, 21 3/4 x 17 in. sight. $300-500 264 Burr, David H. (1803-1875) An Atlas of the State of New York. New York: David Burr, 1829 [but 1840]. Large folio, Manhattan map dated 1840 and identified as the third edition, with supplementary introduction dated 1840, census information on page 12 referring to the year 1839; illustrated with fifty-two large, mostly folding or double-page hand-colored engraved maps, including the general map of the state, Manhattan map, and numerous county maps; preliminaries with some damp staining, maps generally good; bound in original boards, water damage, with loss of paper on front board, 22 1/2 x 17 3/4 in. South Carolina’s was the first atlas dedicated to a single state. This New York atlas was the second state atlas produced, and contains detailed maps of every section of New York by county, including striking hand-colored maps of Manhattan and Long Island often removed and lacking in other copies. $7,000-9,000

266 Caribbean Islands, Central America, Florida, Gulf Coast. Willem Janszoon Blaeu (15711638) Insulae Americanae in Oceano Septentrionali cum Terris adiacentibus. Amsterdam: Blaeu, 1636. Double-page folding folio map, handcolored copperplate engraving, French text on verso, full margins, unframed, 20 x 23 3/4 in. $600-800 267 Central America. Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638) Maps of Chili, Paraguay, Guiana, and Venezuela. Amsterdam: Blaeu, 1646. Four folding folio maps on paper, copperplate engravings with handcoloring, all taken from the same atlas in French, 23 1/4 x 20 in. [Together with] John Senex’s Spain and Portugall Distinguish’t into their Kingdoms and Principalities, London, 1719, with later coloring, 24 1/2 x 20 1/2 in. (5) $700-900 268 China. Abraham Ortelius (1527-1598) Chinae, olim Sinarum regionis, nova descriptio auctore Ludovico Georgio. Antwerp, 1587 Second state, with “La Philippinas” added; double page folio map, engraved and hand-colored, matted and framed, slight water stain, small patch of fly specking, both marginal, 19 1/4 x 15 1/4 in. sight. The first issue, published in 1584, was the first western map of China drawn directly from reports, in this case collected by the Portuguese mapmaker Ludovicus Georgius [aka: Luis Jorge de Barbuda] (1564-1613?). It is also the earliest printed map to include the Great Wall of China, and the first to have China as its main focus. $1,200-1,500

269 China. Theodor de Bry (1528-1598) Descriptio Chorographica Regni Chinae. [Paris, 1628] Small folio map on paper; Chinese title: Huang Ming yi tong fang yu bei lan; from De Bry’s Petits Voyages, Part XII, in 1628; modeled on a map from Samuel Purchas’s Purchas his Pilgrimes; vignettes in the corners of the map depict Matteo Ricci and a Chinese couple; matted and framed, 13 3/4 x 12 in. sight. $500-700 270 Denmark, City View of Odense [and] Italy, City View of Baia. Odense view from Braun and Hogenberg’s Civitates Orbis Terrarum, 1572-1618, engraving on paper, handcolored, mounted to an acidic board, toned, chipping, 21 x 16 in. Baia view from Joris Hoefnagel’s Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, Antwerp, 1571; hand-colored engraving on paper, mounted, quite browned and delicate, with marginal cracking and some holes with loss, 20 3/4 x 16 in. (2) $200-250 271 France, Fortifications. Thomas Jefferys (c. 1719-1771) A Plan of Rochfort; A Plan of Rochelle; A Chart of the Road of Basque; [and] A Plan of the Fort & Town of Aix. London: Jefferys, 1757. Four hand-colored engraved maps on paper, matted and framed as three, various sizes. (3) $600-800 272 Girl Scouts. Highways and Byways of Girl Scouting. New York: Girl Scouts Inc., 1927. Large illustrated poster of Girls Scouts in the United States printed in black red and blue, planned and executed by illustrators and cartographers Elizabeth Shurtleff (b. 1890) and Helen F. McMillin, rare, Worldcat shows one copy at the Schlesinger Library, old folds, some tears along folds, edge chipping, paper is delicate, 37 3/4 x 30 in. $300-500

273 India, China, Southeast Asia. Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638) India quae Orientalis dicitur, et Insulae Adiacentes. [Amsterdam]: Blaeu, [1635]. Double page folio map, hand-colored copperplate engraving on paper, matted and framed, 20 1/2 x 16 3/4 in. sight. $1,000-1,200 274 Indian Ocean. Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772) Carte Reduite de L’Ocean Oriental ou Mer des Indes. Paris, 1767. Large folding folio map, engraved, hand-colored, matted and framed, some worm damage to edges of upper margin, 33 1/2 x 22 in. sight. $300-500 275 Kattegat Sea, Denmark. Christian Charles Lous (1724-1804) Professor Lous’s Chart of the Cattegat, Improved by W. Heather. London: Norie, 1826. Very long map made up of multiple sections, mounted and framed, some bubbling, toning, surface disruption to the sheet, 68 x 25 1/2 in. $300-500 276 Map Collection, Fifteen Matted and Framed. Including three small-format handcolored maps from the 17th century of China and Asia; a colored folding octavo format map of Hungary and Turkey, London: Jefferys, 18th century; an Ortelius map of Europe with later color; Ortelius’s Geographia Sacra, colored; Ogilby’s The Road from Bristol County to Banbury, colored; Troisieme Plan de la Ville de Paris, 1729, colored; Blaeu’s Catalonia, colored; a small uncolored map of Eastern Europe, titled: Walachia Servia, Bulgaria, Romania; a hand-colored view of Trier, 17th century; two 19th century atlas maps of Rockport, Massachusetts; and two others; sizes vary. (15) $600-800

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265 California, Gold Rush. Robert H. Ellis (fl. circa 1850) Map of the Gold Region of California. New York: George F. Nesbitt, 1850. Lithographic map on paper, with an inset of the Exchange buildings in San Francisco, a reprint, with updates but no credits of William A. Jackson’s Map of the Mining District of California, of the same year; encapsulated in archival film, without adhesion to the piece, evenly toned, some large spots, repaired along folds with adhesive tape to verso with attendant discoloration, chip at top margin and two corners, with loss of imprint at bottom right, rare, 15 1/2 x 17 1/2 in. $800-1,000


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277 New York State, Adirondack Mountains. John B. Koetteritz (fl. circa 1890) Map of the Adirondack Forest. New York: Forest Commission, State of New York, 1893. Very large folded map on paper, printed in colors, housed in publisher’s green cloth portfolio, lettered in gold, with ties; some tears and discoloration to map, folds somewhat weak, chipping, 57 x 70 in. $300-500


278 North America and Venezuela, Two Early Maps. Tobias Conrad Lotter’s America Septentrionalis, Augsburg, c. 1760, after De L’Isle; large folding map, engraved, hand-colored, matted and framed, 23 x 18 1/4 in. sight. [Together with] Blaeu’s Venezueala, cum parte Australi Novae Andalusiae, folding engraved map, hand-colored, matted and framed, 19 x 14 3/4 in. sight. (2) $300-500 279 North America, East Coast, Maine to Virginia. Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638) Nova Belgica et Anglia Nova. Amsterdam, c. 1640. Folding folio-format hand-colored copperplate engraved map on paper, cartouche with Native American Indians, two images of longhouse settlements, Native Americans in canoes off the coast, along with European sailing ships; the landscape includes depictions of bears, turkey, egrets, beavers, foxes, deer, rabbits, and other wildlife; the colony at Plymouth is noted, along with Manhattan, matted and framed, 20 x 15 1/2 in. sight. $1,500-2,000 280 Palestine. Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638) Terra Sancta quae in Sacris Terra Promissionis olim Palestina. Amsterdam: Blaeu, 1629. Copperplate engraved map on double folio sheet, folded, hand-colored, matted and framed, 19 3/4 x 15 1/4 in. sight. $400-600

281 Russia. Abraham Ortelius (15271598) Russiae, Moscoviae et Tartariae Descriptio. Antwerp, c. 1601. Double page folio engraved map on paper, hand-colored, after the 1562 Henry Jenkinson map, matted and framed, some wear and loss of surface along center join, one or two short tears, 17 3/4 x 14 1/4 in. sight. $600-800 282 Scott, Joseph (fl. circa 1795) The United States Gazetteer: Containing an Authentic Description of the Several States. Philadelphia: F. & R. Bailey, 1795. First edition, 12mo, engraved title, folding map frontispiece of the U.S., and eighteen additional folding maps in the text (nineteen in total), in contemporary speckled sheepskin, contemporary red label on spine, front board detached, some spotting and staining to text and maps, 6 1/2 x 4 in. [Together with] Another copy of the above title, same edition, frontispiece map torn away and lacking all but a small scrap; map of New York repaired with yellowing adhesive tape, contents of this copy slightly better than the one above, contemporary marbled sheep, leather discolored unevenly, red label, 6 1/2 x 4 in. $1,200-1,500 283 South America. Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638) Terra Firma et Novum Regnum Granatense et Popayan. Amsterdam: Blaeu, c. 1640. Double-page folio map on paper, engraved, hand-colored, full margins, French text on verso, 23 1/2 x 20 in. Colombia is shown in its entirety, along with portions of Ecuador and Venezuela. $500-700 284 South and Central America. Johannes & Willem Blaeu. Maps of Brazil, Mexico, the Straits of Magellan, and Peru. Amsterdam: Blaeu, c. 1638. Four folding folio copperplate engravings with hand coloring, viz., Brasilia; Nova Hispania et Nova Galicia; Tabula Magellanica; and Peru; all taken from a French language atlas, with text in French on the versos, 23 1/2 x 20 in. (4) $700-900

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285 Sweden. John Senex (1678-1740) Sweden Corrected from the Observation communicated to the Royal Society of London and the Royal Academy at Paris. London: Senex, [c. 1712]. Very large two-panel copperplate map printed on paper, hand-colored, matted and framed, some wrinkling where sheets join, evenly toned, some marginal wrinkling and minor defects, 38 1/4 x 26 1/4 in. $250-350 286 The Survey and Lyneat description of [...] Hempstead Hall. London: Benjamin Hare, 1651. Manuscript map on parchment with Hare’s signature in cartouche, upper left corner, with Hempstead Hall in Essex, England clearly drawn, surrounded by its many acres of meadows, pasture, arable fields, and woods, done in brown ink and colors; embellished with coat of arms, compass rose, and scale with large pair of dividers; somewhat faded, 32 3/4 x 28 in. $300-500 287 Virginia and Florida. Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638) Virginiae Partis Australis, et Floridae partis orientalis, interjacentiumq[ue] regionum Nova Descriptio. Amsterdam: Blaeu, c. 1640. Folding double page folio map on paper, copperplate engraving, handcolored, matted and framed, not viewed out of frame, 15 1/2 x 20 in. $500-700 288 Virginia, Chesapeake Bay. Willem Blaeu (1571-1638) Nova Virginiae Tabula. Amsterdam: Blaeu, [c. 1640] Copperplate engraved map, handcolored, old fold in center, matted and framed, 19 1/2 x 16 in. $1,000-1,500

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289 Wonderground Map of London. MacDonald Gill (1884-1947) London: Westminster Press, 1914. Large folding map on paper printed in full color, minor folds, slight fading, in a contemporary oak frame, 29 x 36 1/2 in. This boldly colored and graphic artistic rendering of a bird’s-eye impression of London was originally commissioned by the Underground to be displayed in railway stations, in a larger format, in 1913. Because of its popularity, the publisher produced this smaller version for sale to the public. $800-1,000 290 World Map in Double Hemisphere. Hendrik de Leth (1703-1750) Mappe Monde ou Description du Globe Terrestre. Amsterdam: Henry de Leth, [c. 1750]. Large folding folio map, copperplate engraving, hand-colored, slightly toned, framed, 26 1/2 x 18 1/2 in. $800-1,200

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Conditions of Sale 1. Some of the lots in this sale are offered subject to a reserve. The reserve is a confidential minimum price agreed upon by the consignor and Skinner, Inc. below which the lot will not be sold. In most cases, the reserve will be set below the estimated range, but in no case will it exceed the estimates listed. A representative of Skinner, Inc. will execute such reserves by bidding for the consignor. In any event and whether or not a lot is subject to a reserve, the auctioneer may reject any bid or raise not commensurate with the value of such lot. 2. All property is sold “as is,� and neither the auctioneer nor any consignor makes any warranties or representation of any kind or nature with respect to the property, and in no event shall they be responsible for the correctness, nor deemed to have made any representation or warranty, of description, genuineness, authorship, attribution, provenance, period, culture, source, origin, or condition of the property and no statement made at the sale, or in the bill of sale, or invoice or elsewhere shall be deemed such a warranty of representation or an assumption of liability. 3. Except as provided in paragraph 1 above, the highest bidder as determined by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the case of a disputed bid, the auctioneer shall have sole discretion in determining the purchaser and may also, at his or her election, withdraw the lot or reoffer the lot for sale. The auctioneer shall have sole discretion to refuse any bid, or refuse to acknowledge any bidder. Any bidder that plans on spending in excess of $100,000 should make arrangements with the accounting department at least five (5) days in advance of the sale, as a deposit may be required to participate. 4. All merchandise purchased must be paid for and removed from the premises the day of the auction. Skinner Inc. may impose, and the purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly interest charge of 1.5% of the purchase price of any lot or item lot not paid for within thirty-five (35) days of the date of sale. Skinner, Inc. shall have no liability for any damage or loss to property left on its premises for more than three (3) days from the date of sale. If any property has not been removed within three (3) days from the date of sale, at the option of Skinner, Inc. (a) Skinner Inc., may impose, and the purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly storage charge of 1.5% of the purchase price of any lot or portion of a lot not removed within the three days, and/or (b) Skinner Inc. may place the merchandise in a subsequent auction, without Reserve, to be sold to the highest bidder, and after deducting the standard commission and any additional charges that may apply, remit the proceeds to the purchaser. 5. Skinner accepts cash or check for payment. Personal checks will be acceptable only if credit has been established with Skinner, Inc. or if a bank authorization has been received guaranteeing a personal check. Skinner, Inc. reserves the right to hold merchandise purchased by personal check until the check has cleared the bank. The purchaser agrees to pay Skinner, Inc. a handling charge of $25.00 for any check dishonored by the drawee. Please contact Accounting for additional payment methods. Skinner does not accept payment by credit card for merchandise purchases. 6. If the purchaser breaches any of its obligations under these Conditions of Sale, including its obligation to pay in full the purchase price of all items for which it was the highest successful bidder, Skinner Inc. may exercise all of its rights and remedies under the law including, without limitation, (a) canceling the sale and applying any payments made by the purchaser to the damages caused by the purchaser’s breach, and/or (b) offering at public auction, without reserve, any lot or item for which the purchaser has breached any of its obligations, including its obligation to pay in full the purchase price, holding the purchaser liable for any deficiency plus all costs of sale. 7. In no event will the liability of Skinner, Inc. to any purchaser with respect to any item exceed the purchase price actually paid by such purchaser for such item. 8. Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Upon request, our staff will provide the list of shippers who deliver to destinations within the United States and overseas. Some property that is sold at auction can be subject to laws governing export from the U.S., such as items that include material from some endangered species. Import restrictions from foreign countries are subject to these same governing laws. Granting of licensing for import or export of goods from local authorities is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Denial or delay of licensing will not constitute cancellation or delay in payment for the total purchase price of these lots. 9. Sales in Massachusetts, Florida, and New York are subject to the respective current sales taxes. Dealers, museums, and other qualifying parties may be exempt from sales tax upon submission of proper documentation. 10. A premium equal to 23% of the final bid price up to and including $100,000, plus 20% of the final bid price from $100,001 up to and including $1,000,000, plus 12% of the final bid price from $1,000,001 and over will be applied to each lot sold, to be paid by the buyer as part of the purchase price. 11. Bidding on any item indicates your acceptance of these terms and all other terms printed within, posted, and announced at the time of sale whether bidding in person, through a representative, by phone, by Internet, or other absentee bid. 12. Skinner, Inc. and its consignors make no warranty or representation, express or implied, that the purchaser will acquire any copyright or reproduction rights to any lot sold. Skinner, Inc. expressly reserves the right to reproduce any image of the lots sold in this catalog. The copyright in all images, illustrations and written material produced by or for Skinner, Inc. relating to a lot, including the contents of this catalog, is, and shall remain at all times, the property of Skinner, Inc. and shall not be used by the purchaser, nor by anyone else, without our prior written consent. 13. These conditions of sale shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (excluding the laws applicable to conflicts or choice of law). The buyer/bidder agrees that any suit for the enforcement of this agreement may be brought, and any action against Skinner in connection with the transactions contemplated by this agreement shall be brought, in the courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or any federal court sitting therein. The bidder/buyer consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts and waives objections that it may now or hereafter have to the venue of any such suit. Revised January 21, 2015


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Directions to Skinner’s Boston Gallery/63 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116 617.350.5400 From the West: Take the Massachusetts Turnpike to the Prudential/Copley exit located in the Prudential tunnel. Once on the exit ramp, stay in the right hand lane and follow the signs for Copley. The ramp exits onto Stuart Street. Drive straight through five sets of lights and take a left onto Charles Street South. Take your first left off of Charles St. South onto Park Plaza. Skinner is at 63 Park Plaza, one block up on the right.

From the South: Take 93-N to Exit 20 for I-90 W toward Worcester. Follow signs for Chinatown/South Station. Bear left at the fork to continue towards Kneeland Street. Turn left onto Kneeland Street. Kneeland Street becomes Stuart Street. Turn right onto Charles Street South. Turn left onto Park Plaza. Skinner is at 63 Park Plaza, one block up on the right.

From Logan Airport: Take the Ted Williams Tunnel. Take Exit 25 toward South Boston and bear left at the fork in the ramp. Bear right onto B St. Turn left onto Northern Ave which becomes Seaport Blvd. Turn left onto Surface Rd. Turn right onto Kneeland Street which becomes Stuart Street. Turn right onto Charles Street South. Turn left onto Park Plaza. Skinner is at 63 Park Plaza, one block up on the right.

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Fine Books & Manuscripts online | Auction 2819T  

This spring’s Fine Books auction features an array of important manuscript material signed by Chagall, Melville, Theodore Roosevelt, Longfel...

Fine Books & Manuscripts online | Auction 2819T  

This spring’s Fine Books auction features an array of important manuscript material signed by Chagall, Melville, Theodore Roosevelt, Longfel...