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164 Seven Pieces of Sterling Silver Tableware, a pierced Towle round tray, dia. 11 in., two Gorham side plates, a Watson beadededge bowl, a Gorham floriform bowl, a J.E. Blake reticulated bowl (lacking liner), and an International ashtray, approx. 29.8 troy oz. $200-400 165 Gorham & Co. “Marie Antoinette” Pattern Sterling Silver Tray, Providence, Rhode Island, 20th century, monogram to center, with repoussé and engraved decoration, dia. 17 in., approx. 36.7 troy oz. $800-1,200 166 Group of Silver-plated and Silver Articles, four silver-plated tumblers, a Chilean .900 silver ashtray, a hammered bowl, two small Gebelein cups, two unmarked silver bowls, a small repoussé silver-plated bowl, and an unmarked possibly silver tankard. $200-300 167 Extensive Assembled Mostly Georgian Silver and Coin Silver Flatware Service, twelve ivorine-handled dinner knives and twelve luncheon knives, six silver-plated knives, six silver-handled dinner knives, forty dinner forks, twenty luncheon forks, and thirty-three spoons, approx. 145.1 troy oz. weighable silver, in a fitted wooden case. $600-800 168 Small Group of Mostly Sterling and Coin Silver Flatware Serving Pieces, a Gorham silver-plated wooden-handled serving spoon, a silver-plated ivorine-handled knife, a Gorham silver-plated spoon, two wooden-handled ladles, one silver-plated, the other English silver, nine coin silver spoons, including six William Grigg, New York, a coin silver fish slice, and a fanciful coin silver server with goose and foliate decoration, approx. 8.8 troy oz. weighable silver. $300-500 169 Approximately Thirty-five Mostly English Silver Spoons, teaspoons and tablespoons, coin and sterling silver examples, several possibly Chinese Export, approx. 53.0 troy oz. $250-350

170 Dominick & Haff “Louis XIV Old” Partial Sterling Silver Flatware Service for Twelve, comprised of twelve dinner knives, eleven luncheon knives, ten dinner forks, eleven luncheon forks, twelve fish or salad forks, six teaspoons, eleven tablespoons, and six serving/place spoons, approx. 86.2 troy oz. weighable silver, in fitted wooden case. $800-1,200

176 Eleven Small Silver and Silver-plated Articles, three coin silver spoons, two small Danish sterling bowls, an English silver covered jar, chamberstick, and small tray, a weighted trumpet vase, a small possibly Dutch container, and an English glass-lined snuff container, approx. 12.4 troy oz. weighable silver. $200-250

171 Five Assorted Pieces of Sterling Silver, a pair of weighted Empire convertible threelight candelabra, a Mueck-Carey weighted reticulated compote, an Empire weighted small bowl with gadrooned rim, and a Manchester spoon. $200-250

177 Easterling “American Classic” Partial Sterling Silver Flatware Service for Twelve, comprised of eleven knives, twelve dinner forks, twelve salad forks, twentyfour teaspoons, twelve tablespoons, twelve spreaders, a two-piece carving set, a jelly slice, a seafood fork, a master butter knife, a gravy ladle, a sugar spoon, a serving spoon, a cold meat fork, and a tomato server, together with a silver-plated spoon and pickle fork, approx. 81.8 troy oz. weighable silver. $1,000-1,500

172 Nine Sterling Silver Flatware Serving Items, a Whiting “Louis XV” asparagus server and salad serving set, a Whiting “Duke of York” salad serving fork, a Gorham “Versailles” fried oyster server, a Durgin “Louis XV” berry spoon, a Georgian berry spoon, a Wood & Hughes “Louvre” meat fork, and an unmarked fish slice, approx. 27.2 troy oz. $400-600 173 Extensive Assembled Set of Mostly Georgian Silver Flatware, comprised of knives, dinner forks, luncheon forks, teaspoons, tablespoons, place spoons, and a carving fork, approximately 215 pieces total, several spoons possibly silver-plated, in brassbound fitted wooden two-tier case, approx. 251.6 troy oz. weighable silver. $2,000-3,000 174 Seven Pieces of Sterling Silver Tableware, two Watrous weighted trumpet vases, two porringers, one Lunt and one Towle, a MueckCarey weighted compote, a Richard Dimes Revere-style footed bowl, and a Wallace cigarette urn, approx. 11.5 troy oz. weighable silver. $200-400 175 Group of Silver and Porcelain-handled Flatware and Serving Items, including a porcelain-handled cake breaker and sardine fork, iced tea stirrers, and various spoons and serving implements, makers include International, Manchester, and Gorham, approx. 13.9 troy oz. weighable silver. $100-200

178 Group of Assorted Silver and Silver-plated Flatware and Tableware, including a set of eleven knives, two pepper grinders, a tea strainer, a bottle opener, a Fairpoint silverplated leaf-form bowl, a Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. leaf-form basket, a footed tray, and two covered serving dishes. $100-150 179 Group of Mostly English Silver Flatware, some coin and French pieces, including resin- and sterling-handled knives and an assortment of spoons, including several silverplated, approximately sixty-two pieces total, approx. 42.6 troy oz. weighable silver. $300-500 180 Assembled English Silver Flatware Service, knives, forks, and spoons, including two sets of twelve ivory or ivorine and mother-of-pearlhandled knives, approximately 116 pieces total, including several silver-plated spoons, approx. 82.6 troy oz. weighable silver. $600-800 181 Five Sterling Silver and Silver-handled Flatware Serving Items, a two-piece carving set, a pair of sterling and stainless steel tongs, and an Amston salad serving set, salad set approx. 7.1 troy oz. $150-250

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