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DISCOVERY AUCTION featuring Ephemera, Toys & Dolls, and Collectibles Sale 2565M

October 12 & 13, 2011



Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art


Discovery Auction featuring Studio Paintings & Country Americana November 16 & 17, 2011 Sale #2570M

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Discovery Auction featuring Ephemera, Toys & Dolls, and Collectibles specialists in charge

Cara Elmslie Department Director 508.970.3290

Garrett J. Sheahan 508.970.3246

Melissa Riebe 508.970.3295

Discovery Department - 508.970.3202 General Inquiries:

auction 2565M Session I, Lots 1-700: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 2 p.m. Session II, Lots 701-1400: Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 10 a.m. 274 Cedar Hill Street Marlborough, Massachusetts preview Tuesday, October 11, 2011

12 to 5 p.m.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

9 to 10 a.m.

absentee bidding Tel: 508.970.3211 Fax: 508.970.3100 Online:

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Please Note: All lots sold subject to our Conditions of Sale. Please refer to page 64 of this catalogue for the full terms and conditions governing your purchase.

Copyright Š Skinner, Inc. 2011 All rights reserved MA/Lic. #2304


Session I - Lots 1-700 Toys & Dolls (Lots 1-199) Detailed condition reports can be found online at 1. Kestner 211 Bisque Head Baby Doll, original wig, composition baby body, ht. 16 in. $150-250 2. Handwerck 79 Bisque Socket Head Doll, Germany, original wig, articulated composition body, ht. 21 in. $150-250 3. Large Blond Parian Doll with Molded Hair Bow, Germany, c. 1870, painted features, curled hair, cloth body, bisque arms, old clothes, ht. 23 in. $200-300 4. 1860s China Head Doll, kid body, ht. 18 in. $150-250 5. Steiff Articulated Blond Mohair Teddy Bear, fully jointed with turning head, back hump, black steel eyes, and embroidered nose, mouth, and claws, excelsior stuffing, (wear, repaired nose and pads, imperfections), approximate standing ht. 15 1/2 in. $800-1,200 6. Group of Miscellaneous Toys and Games, including a pair of mohair seated monkeys, bone dominoes, a double-sided chromolithograph game board, wooden game pieces, etc. $100-150 7. Three Schuco Wind-up Toys, Germany, two monkeys and a clown. $200-300 8. Miniature AM Bisque and Composition Doll, five-piece body, ht. 5 3/4 in. $100-150 9. French Fashion with Swivel Bisque Head, c. 1880, impressed 2, cloth body, ht. 17 $400-600

10. Brown-eyed China Shoulderhead Doll, 1850s, possibly original clothes, ht. 21 in. $200-300

20. China Shoulderhead Doll, 1860s, kid body, ht. 10 1/2 in. $400-600

11. Nine Small Bisque and China Dolls, Germany, three tiny frozen Charlottes, one tiny bisque, one china dollhouse lady, four all-bisque dolls, most with jointed limbs, ht. 1 1/4-6 in. $200-300

21. Handwerck German Bisque Head Doll, Germany, 69-12X, size 4, marked Handwerck body, ht. 23 in. $100-200

12. Early Brown-eyed China Head Doll with Additional Dress, 1850s, center part hair, cloth body, kid arms, ht. 23 in. $300-500 13. Two Small Papier-mâché “Milliner’s Model” Dolls, Germany, 1850s, kid bodies, wooden limbs, one brown eyes, ht. 7 1/2, 8 1/4 in. $250-350 14. Papier-mâché “Milliner’s Model” Doll, early 1800s, wood limbs, ht. 9 in. $100-200 15. Three German Bisque Head Dolls, JDK bent-limb baby, lg. 11 in., AM 1894 and AM 3200 shoulderhead dolls, kid bodies, ht. 16 in. $150-250 16. Early Kestner Closed Mouth Bisque Doll, Germany, 1880s, straight-wrist composition body, ht. 13 1/2 in. $500-700 17. Blonde China Head Doll “Ethel,” 1870s, ht. 20 in. $150-200 18. Three Small Bisque Dolls, Germany, rigid neck all-bisque girl, shoulderhead on cloth body, GK socket head on cloth body, ht. 7 1/2, 8, 11 in. $200-300 19. Small SFBJ 60 Bisque Head Doll, France, painted eyes, straight-limb composition body, ht. 9 in. $100-150

22. Twelve Miniature Bisque Dolls Including Kewpie, Germany and Japan, includes two snow babies, two seated babies and miscellaneous others, ht. 2-4 1/2 in. $200-300 23. Heinrich Handwerck Halbig 4 Bisque Head Doll, Germany, jointed composition body marked Handwerck, ht. 24 in. $100-200 24. Four Small China Head Dolls, Germany, cloth bodies with china or bisque lower limbs, ht. 4 1/2-7 1/2 in. $200-300 25. Collection of Twelve Miniature Bisque Dolls, Germany and Japan, ht. 2-4 1/2 in. $150-250 26. Martha Chase Cloth Hospital Baby Doll, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, early 20th century, weighted body, pierced nostrils and ear canals, lg. 23 in. $500-700 27. Two Closed Mouth German Bisque Shoulderhead Dolls, 1880s, both unmarked, one Kestner-type, kid bodies, bisque hands, ht. 12 in. $200-300 28. Closed Mouth Bisque Shoulderhead Doll, Germany, cloth body, brown kid arms, ht. 20 in. $150-250 29. Large Blond M & S Superior Papier-mâché Doll, paper label on back of shoulder plate, cloth body, kid hands, dressed, ht. 30 in. $200-300

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30. Kestner Bisque Shoulderhead Doll with Kid Body, marked Dep 154, composition arms, ht. 23 in. $75-125

40. Grace Storey Putnam Bye-Lo Baby Doll, c. 1923, sleeping brown eyes, celluloid hands, head circ. 13 1/2 in. $100-150

31. Bisque Turned Shoulderhead Closed Mouth Boy, Germany, 1880s, cloth body, bisque arms, ht. 15 in. $200-250

41. Small Papier-mâché “Milliner’s Model” Doll, Germany, 1850s, kid body, wooden limbs, ht. 6 3/4 in. $200-300

51. Armand Marseille “Floradora” Bisque Head Doll, Germany, fur eyebrows, ht. 19 in. $100-150

32. Two German Bisque Socket Head Dolls with Clothes, large Halbig K*R 90, ht. 31; one Germany SANTA H & C 13, ht. 20 in., additional clothes, primarily undergarments. $200-300

42. Three China Shoulderhead Dolls, Germany, late 19th century, one black center-part, ht. 22; blond with bangs, stitched-on boots, ht.19; black low-brow “Ruth,” ht. 13 in. $200-300

52. Nine Small Bisque and China Dolls, including pink-tinted frozen Charlotte, several jointed stone bisque, seated, hatted, etc., ht. 2 1/2-4 1/2 in. $150-250

33. Blond Papier-mâché Shoulderhead Doll with Additional Dress, 1860s, cloth body, kid arms, ht. 18 in. $150-300

43. Two Cloth Dolls, early 20th century, handmade painted face doll, commercial bed doll, ht. 20, 25 in. $200-250

53. Black “Primitive” Rag Doll “Lorella,” 19th century, center seam for face shaping, painted eyes and mouth, ht. 20 in. $200-300

34. Effanbee Hard Plastic Walking Doll, c. 1950s, head turns as she walks, ht. 18 in. $150-200

44. Eighteen Small Bisque and China Dolls, mostly Germany, five china frozen Charlottes, nine bisque frozen and jointed tinies, four dressed larger all bisque, ht. 1-5 1/2 in. $300-400

54. Approximately Thirty Miscellaneous Dolls, including 14-in. black-haired china lady, two Lenci dolls, two Norah Wellings, 16-in. Madame Alexander composition Baby McGuffey, the remainder assorted internationally costumed dolls of various materials. $200-400

35. Four Small China Head Dolls, Germany, one blond, one black hair with curls around head, cloth bodies, bisque limbs, ht. 7-10 1/2 in. $200-300 36. German Bisque Head Bent-limb Baby Doll, Hertel Schwab, marked 152 3 1/2, lg. 16 in. $150-200 37. Seven Small All-Bisque Dolls, Germany, jointed limbs, two with glass eyes, ht. 3 1/4-4 1/2 in. $200-300 38. Five Miscellaneous Dolls including Composition Sonja Henie, by Madame Alexander, ht. 14; hard plastic Alex “Ali1ce,” ht. 12; Alexanderkins, ht. 8 in.; vinyl 1973 Shirley Temple, and early wax-over. $200-250 39. JDK 211 Bisque Head Baby Doll and Composition Japanese Girl, bisque baby with composition body, lg. 15; Japanese girl with inset fabric joints, ht. 14 in. $100-200


45. Closed Mouth German Bisque Head Doll, c. 1880s, with enameled watch marked “D Paris,” ht. 17 in. $700-900 46. Gebruder Heubach 8192 Bisque Doll, c. 1910, chubby five-piece composition body, ht. 7 in. $100-200 47. J.E. Stevens Painted Cast Iron Mechanical Cabin Bank, 1885, original paint, ht. 3 3/4, lg. 4 5/8, wd. 3 in. $200-300 48. Group of Doll, Dollhouse, and Toy Items, including two dollhouse furniture-form candy containers, Boston Sunday Herald paper doll set, miscellaneous doll items, three celluloid dolls and wooden sled, and four porcelain doll tea sets. $50-75 49. Two Doll’s Upholstered Easy Chairs, black faux leather, wd. 10, ht. 12 in. $100-200

additional information and photos at

50. Madame Hendren Composition Character Doll in Felt Factory Outfit, shoulder head on cloth body, composition hands, tag on outfit, wooden shoes, ht. 14 in. $200-250

55. Mechanical Lady Rocking Baby in Cradle, c. 1910, Roullet & Decamps, Simon Halbig 1300, open mouth bisque head standing figure, ht. 13; rocking basket with all-bisque baby, on velvet-covered platform, 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 x 3 in., housing key-operated music. $1,000-1,500 56. Gebruder Kuhnlenz Bisque Head Doll, Germany, straw hat, wood and composition jointed body, ht. 16 in. $200-300 57. Group of Doll Clothes and Accessories, including several bar pins, shoes, undergarments, and clothing for various sized dolls. $200-300 58. French Bisque Head Doll Incised Depose Jumeau, c. 1880s, closed mouth, applied ears, blue paperweight eyes, wood and composition body with Jumeau stamp, ht. 20 in. $2,500-3,000

59. Bisque Flange Head Harlequin Boy Doll, wooden torso, cloth limbs, composition hands, ht. 9 1/2 in. $300-400 60. Group of Four Dolls, Parsons-Jackson baby with stork mark and molded shoes, a cloth girl with molded face, Fawn Zeller “Miami Miss” and a reproduction china lady doll, ht. 10 1/2-19 in. $150-250 61. French Bisque Head Tête Jumeau Doll, c. 1880s, brown paperweight eyes, closed mouth, red stamp Jumeau 9 on head, blue Jumeau stamp on composition and wood body, dressed to match Jumeau in blue in previous lot (58), straw hat, extra night garments, ht. 20 in. $2,000-2,500 62. Chinese Wooden Female Character Doll, with molded bun, defined wrinkles, cloth body, ht. 13 in. $200-250 63. Two Georgene Averill Cloth Character Dolls, Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane, ht. 14 in. $200-300 64. Armand Marseille Bisque Head Doll, impressed Armand Marseille Germany 390 A. 7 M., ht. 22 in. $100-150

68. Lot of Primarily German Glass Doll Eyes, most are complete on rockers, wide range of sizes, some paperweight pairs, more than l00 pairs of eyes. $100-150 69. Five Blonde China and Bisque Shoulderhead Dolls, three glazed china, one marked RMB, ht. 8-12 in. $200-250 70. Early Peg Wooden with Gold Tuck Comb, Germany, brush strokes, defined ears, painted lower limbs, red shoes, dressed, ht. 5 in. $300-400 71. Group of China Head Dolls, Germany, six with bodies, one frozen Charlotte, twelve doll heads, largest doll 10 in. $100-150 72. Large Armand Marseille 390 Bisque Doll, jointed composition body, ht. 27 in. $150-250 73. New Cyclist Black Boy Wind-up Toy in Box, Japan, celluloid and metal figure on three-wheeled metal bicycle, ht. 8 1/2 in.; original box. $125-175 74. Japanese Alps Wind-up “Happy Life” Tin Toy, celluloid girl and goose, original box. $75-100

65. Two Small Bisque Head Dolls, tiny socket head girl in provincial costume, ht. 3 1/4 in.; all-bisque baby. $75-125

75. Two Unique Art Mfg. Co. Painted Tin G.I. Joe Wind-up Toys, a G.I. Joe and K-9 Pups, ht. 9 in.; and a G.I. Joe Supersonic Speed “Watch Joe Go” open vehicle. $75-100

66. Three All-Bisque Dolls, one marked 620 3 1/2, with swivel neck, glass eyes, yellow boots, all ht. 5 1/2 in. $200-300

76. Lafitte and Desirat French Wax Fashion Doll, c. 1912, ht. 13 in. $800-1,000

67. Group Lot of Petite Princess Dollhouse Furniture and Ginny Furniture, boxed high chair, together with a Cher Barbie, a Twiggy Barbie and other Barbie-type doll. $100-200

77. Large Composition Mae Starr Doll, impressed on back of shoulder plate, ht. 29 in. $25-35 78. Madame Alexander “Mary Queen of Scots,” vinyl head, costume crisp, ht. 20 in. $200-250

79. Bisque Shoulderhead Boy Doll in Velvet Suit, Germany, cloth body, bisque limbs, ht. 8 1/2 in. $150-250 80. Large Collection of Dolls, most in regional attire, including seven open mouth bisquehead German dolls, a 531 boy, a dome head bisque, and approximately sixty miscellaneous travel dolls of various materials, sizes and ages. $300-500 81. Group of Dollhouse and Toy Miniatures, including tiny (5/8 in.) jointed wooden doll, red leather desk accessories, ladies’ shoe jackknife, leather jewelry box, dollhouse chest, ht. 4 1/2 in., etc. $150-250 82. BSW Bisque Head Baby Doll, Germany, early 20th century, bent-limb composition body, ht. 13 1/2 in. $200-300 83. Two Hazelle’s Boxed Marionettes and Roly-poly, 315 Charlie and 305 Alice, box lg. 16; character roly ht. 8 1/2 in. $100-150 84. Group of Toy Trains and Track, different sizes and materials. $50-75 85. Parrot-form Felt Rattle, Germany, late 19th century, felt-covered excelsior-stuffed parrot with black shoe button eyes, on wire spring legs, attached to a bent wire handle with two bells, lg. 12 in. $75-125 86. Jumeau Bébé, France, c. 1880s, incised DEPOSE JUMEAU 7, original wig, Jumeau stamped straight-wrist wood and composition body, ht. 17 in., with glass display dome. $1,500-2,500 87. Rectangular Glass Display Dome with Wooden Base, overall ht. 16 in., base 11 x 14 in. $150-250

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88. Two Miniature All-Bisque Dolls with Dome, both with jointed arms and legs, small doll with glass eyes, ht. 3, 3 1/4 in. $200-250 89. Kestner Gibson Girl Bisque Shoulderhead Lady, Germany, c. 1910, marked 2/0 172, closed mouth, classic head tilt, jointed kid body with composition lower arms and legs, ht. 12 1/2 in. $500-700 90. Heubach Bisque Character Shoulderhead Boy, Germany, impressed 7072?, jointed kid and cloth body, ht. 15 in. $200-250 91. Armand Marseille Bisque Head Doll, impressed AM 7/0, kid body, jointed lower limbs, ht. 13 in. $100-150

98. Group of Assorted Dolls, including Vogue Toddles, four felt Lenci-type travel dolls, Skookum, Norah Wellings Sailor, Thumbs Up girl, miscellaneous others, approximately twenty-five. $300-500 99. Two Composition Soldier Boy Dolls, U.S. Navy outfit forms sailor’s body, ht. 18, 22 in. $150-200 100. Simon Halbig 919 Bisque Shoulderhead Doll, Germany, open mouth, three square teeth, overbite, stationary brown eyes, kid body, bisque arms from elbow, period cotton dress, ht. 18 in. $600-900

108. Parian Lady Doll with Elaborate Hairstyle, Germany, c. 1870, pierced ears, cloth body, stitched-on boots, china hands, ht. 20 in. $300-500 109. Armand Marseille Bisque Shoulderhead Doll, impressed Rosebud A. 0 M, jointed kid body with composition lower arms and legs, ht. 18 in. $75-100 110. Small Bisque Head Doll with Wardrobe and Clothes, Gebruder Kuhnlenz sunburst 44-13, composition body, ht. 6 1/2, wooden wardrobe with attached accessories, 9 x 12 x 4 in. $200-300

101. Soft Metal Baby Carriage with Bisque Baby Doll, baby with old clothes, lg. 3; carriage, lg. 4 1/2 in. $100-200

92. Two Large German Shoulderhead Dolls, closed mouth turned shoulderhead man in tuxedo, open mouth girl in commercial printed cotton dress, both kid bodies, bisque arms, ht. 21 in. $400-600

111. Two Closed Mouth German Bisque Shoulderhead Lady Dolls, Simon Halbig 1160, kid body, ht. 16; ABG 698, cloth body, bisque hands, ht. 14 in. $200-300

102. Group of Doll Accessories, shoes, roller skates, purses, combs, etc., some framed, shadow box 10 x 14 in. $200-300

112. Two Small Stuffed Animals, 19th century, leather camel, ht. 4 1/2; felt-covered horse, ht. 3 in. $75-100

93. Three Metal Head Dolls, Juno, Minerva, and one unmarked, kid bodies, ht. 11, 15, 20 in. $200-250

103. Large Collection of Vintage Marbles, various sizes and colors. $200-250

113. Two Stuffed Rabbits: Steiff and Chad Valley, seated Steiff lg. 6; Chad Valley ht. to top of ear 13 in. $50-75

94. Small Jointed Wooden Doll with Comb, painted lower limbs, ht. 4 in. $200-300 95. Five Stuffed Animals and a Chien Lithographed Tin Wind-up Toy, one Knickerbocker bear, ht. 16 in.; Steiff bear and other animals, Chien church plays organ music. $100-150 96. Two All-Bisque Boy and Girl Dolls, girl with rigid legs, glass eyes; boy jointed arms and legs, ht. 6 1/2 in., with glass dome. $200-300 97. Four German Bisque Doll Heads, large AM 971 baby with original wig, partial bent-limb composition body, lg. 16 in.; W.G.M. baby head; two Heubach heads, one impressed 7902, one 6894. $150-250


104. Sixty-four Britains, including Attendants, Beefeaters, Guards, and Soldiers, (23 figures are soldiers.) $100-200 105. Group of Five Composition Dolls, one marked Effanbee, ht. 14-18 in. $150-250 106. Large Lot of Laces, Fabrics, Leather Gloves, and Miscellany, some doll clothes, shoes, etc. $100-200 107. Large Group of Old Doll Heads, Bodies, and Miscellany, oversized wicker hamper full of German bisque doll parts and heads, composition doll bodies, balls, china heads, kid doll bodies, Emma Clear doll, etc., and a box of twenty-five doll stands. $300-500

additional information and photos at

114. Three Celluloid Dolls in Regional Costume, 1950s, Rheinische Gummi Bavarian girl, ht. 15, “Gura” Bavarian boy ht. 12; and a “Helga” Austrian girl, ht. 12 in. $50-75 115. Chromolithograph Puzzle Block Set in Box, Germany, twenty-four wooden blocks, six scenes include children, toys, and dolls, in wooden box, overall 10 x 15 x 3 in. $150-200 116. Two Metal Ladder Fire Trucks, one Kingsbury, one with metal wheels, both lg. 18 in. $150-200 117. Four Metal Vehicles, a Louis Marx Jeep, two tractors, a gravel truck, and one driver. $200-300

118. Kestner Bisque Head Doll, Ideal Doll, and Small Trunk with Doll Clothing, early and mid-20th century, bisque shoulderhead girl with fur eyebrows, ht. 17; hard plastic “Toni,” ht. 14 in.; trunk with assorted clothes and accessories. $100-150 119. Three Plastic Dolls, Vogue Brikette in original box, Chatty Cathy, and a large doll, ht. 22-29 in. $100-200 120. Composition Mama Doll, 1920s, shoulderhead marked F, cloth body, composition limbs, original dress, ht. 22 in. $100-200 121. Composition Japanese Ichimatsu Bentlimb Baby Doll, brown glass eyes, voice box in torso, lg. 13 in $75-125 122. Seven Miscellaneous Toy Dogs, mostly Germany, Steiff Bully, Hermann terrier, etc., lg. 4-9 in. $150-250 123. Wood Jointed Doll with Display Dome, early 20th century, costumed in old fabrics to represent a Mrs. Winthrop 1850. $50-150 124. Closed Mouth Bisque Turned Shoulderhead Doll, Germany, probably Kestner, ht. 24 in. $500-700 125. Large Curly Mohair Steiff Bear with Growler, 1950s, appears blond with apricot color in folds of disc-jointed limbs, button and yellow tag in ear, ht. 25 in. $600-800 126. Six Litho Tin Vehicles, two Lehmann, one Chein, a Technofix motorcycle and two Japanese vehicles. $200-300 127. Two Wooden Turned Dolls Beds, both rope, one 10 x 14, one with bedding 7 x 10 in. $150-250

128. Group of Toys, Japanese submarine, Santa, small metal toys and drum, the early wooden drum with note of original ownership. $100-150

138. Set of Five Composition Dionne Quintuplet Dolls in a Painted Wicker Rocking Cradle, along with a related book. $200-300

129. Group of Painted Tin Soldiers, Germany, one set in original box, including a group of American Dragoons marked P 2454 Phila First City Troop Firing 1775-83. $200-250

139. Three Modern Boxed Steiff Mohair Animals, a campfire bears group, a 1926 teddy bear, and a bears on teeter-totter. $200-250

130. Steiff Gold Mohair Articulated Bear, shoe button eyes, gold button and yellow tag in ear, ht. 9 1/2 in. $100-150 131. Two German Bisque Socket Head Dolls, Handwerck 79, ht. 17; AM 370, ht. 23 in. $100-150 132. Large Group of Assorted Small Dolls, including Lil’ Orphan Annie, Billiken, Ginny, French, and Frozen Charlotte dolls. $250-350 133. AM 252 Kewpie-type Bisque Head Toddler, Germany, intaglio eyes to side, molded hair with topknot, straight-limb toddler body, ht. 11 in. $300-500 134. Gold Mohair Teddy Bear, early 20th century, disc-articulated arms and legs, ht. 23 in. $100-200 135. Kestner Closed Mouth Bisque Head Doll, 1880s, marked 5, brown sleeping eyes, jointed body, one-piece arms. $500-700 136. Group of Small Doll Parts, including three small incomplete bisque dolls, all-bisque limbs, two small composition bodies, miscellaneous composition parts, etc. $150-200 137. Seven Boxed Doll Sets including Barbie, Skipper, Tutti, and Dy-Dee Dolls, 197080s, many with wardrobes, original Effanbee boxes, vinyl cases. $300-500

140. Box of Vintage Games and Electronics, including Polar Club hair dryer in original box, table tennis net and paddle, playing cards, etc. $40-60 141. Fifteen Assorted Colorless Glass Figural Candy Containers, seven railroad train engines, a fire truck, five pistols, military hat, and a tobacco pipe, some with paint. $200-300 142. Seven Painted Cast Iron Figural Still Banks and a “Jolly N.” Painted Cast Iron Mechanical Bank. $200-300 143. Group of Small Character Dolls and Parts, Germany, Recknagel laughing bisque doll, RA baby with bonnet, Heubach girl with bow, closed mouth bisque girl, other small bisque dolls, heads, and parts. $200-300 144. Two Composition Dolls and a Small AllBisque Doll, one embossed AM Doll Co Honey Child, with look of Bye-Lo baby, lg. 17; unmarked composition girl, ht. 23; all-bisque Japanese girl, ht. 6 1/2 in. $200-300 145. J.D.K. Character Kestner Baby, Germany, open mouth solid dome head, bent-limb composition body, lg. 15 in., with bed coverlet and pillow. $300-500 146. Golden Brown Mohair Teddy Bear, 1920s, shoe button eyes, ht. 15 in. $200-250 147. SK Limbach Googly-eyed Bisque Head Doll, original dress, sleeping eyes, ht. 8 in. $200-250

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148. Four Small All-Bisque Dolls and Glass Dome, two Germany, a Campbell Kid type googly with jointed limbs and a G65, ht. 6 1/2 in.; two smaller Nippon and a cloth doll in cradle. $200-300 149. Large French Fashion Doll, with Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories, c. 1860s, shoulder head incised E. 7 DEPOSE B., cobalt eyes, original mohair wig, cloth body, kid lower arms, several dresses, undergarments, second pair of shoes, watch, lorgnette, doll ht. 22 in. $1,000-1,500 150. German China Head Doll and a Child’s Parasol, black-haired china, cloth body, ht. 16, parasol with folding handle, overall lg. 24 in. $150-200 151. Danbury Mint Princess Diana Bride Doll in Original Box, includes paperwork, ht. 18 in. $50-75 152. Collection of Doll-related Books, more than fifteen volumes including all three Coleman encyclopedias, large Carl Fox The Doll, Foulke’s Kestner book, Amy Golding Miniature Travelers, approximately twenty Doll News magazines, and miscellaneous other doll-related books. $200-300 153. Lehmann Tin Toy Sailor and The Balky Mule in Box, sailor with side-to-side action, soles of shoes with patent information, ht. 7 1/2; mule in original embossed box, lg. 6 1/2 in. $300-500 154. Seven Colorless Glass Ship, Tank, and Airplane Figural Candy Containers, three ships, three tanks, and a plane, one painted green. $100-150 155. Small Steiff Rabbit and Bear, ht. to 5 in. $60-80

156. Group of Miscellaneous Toys and Lithographed Games, including three painted cast iron cars, “Cats and Dogs” game by Parker Brothers; “Game of BaseBall” by McLoughlin Brothers, New York; Number 56 “Bizzy Andy” trip hammer toy game; and stereoptic viewer with one box of stereocards, mainly U.S. and foreign views, glass marbles set, a small accordion, German remote control tank, block puzzle, checkers/ backgammon board/box, game parts, Viewmaster with reels, etc. $125-150 156A. Ten Assorted Colorless Glass Figural Candy Containers, a “Sparky,” four telephones, a piano, radio, flat iron, wheelbarrow, and a suitcase. $150-250 156B. Ten Small Painted Cast Iron Building and Bank Building Still Banks. $300-500 156C. Group of Vintage Painted Wood Toys and Toy Furniture. $250-400 157. Two Wooden Dollhouses, a large white clapboard colonial doll house, Plexiglascovered open back, three storey, center hall, nine rooms, electrified, signed by the maker: “Custom Homes by Robert J. Serotta, Schenectady, NY, July 1982,” with contemporary furnishings for each room, dimensions 62 x 32 x 16 in.; together with a blue Victorian doll house that appears to be made from a kit, also furnished with contemporary items. $150-200 158. Two German Bisque Character Doll Heads, K & H 525, ht. 3 1/4; Kestner 190, ht. 4 in. $200-300 159. Two German Bisque Head Dolls, SH K*R 122 wobble-tongue side-hip jointed toddler, ht. 14; Handwerck 109-11 on wood and composition body, ht. 20 in. $200-400 160. Bisque Socket Head G & S Doll, early 20th century, jointed body, dusty pink corduroy outfit, ht. 23 in. $100-200


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161. Two German Bisque Character Doll Heads, S.H. 151, painted eyes, wig; AM 580, both ht. 3 1/2 in. $200-300 162. Late 19th Century Chromolithographed Indian Elephant Paper-clad Wood Blocks Set, in original paper-clad wood box with thirty blocks and five additional printed scene sheets. $150-200 163. Four Hubley Painted Cast Iron Vehicles, a CF “Woody” wagon and three cars. $400-600 164. Tootsie Painted Cast Metal “Smitty” Motorcycle with Sidecar, a Tow Truck, and a Derby Car. $500-750 165. Group of Vintage Children’s Toys and Games, Vitro glass marbles, a rabbits tin, celluloid alligator, metal dollhouse refrigerator, two miniature bisque Chinese dolls, game pieces and counters, a Draughtsmen checkers set with board, and four children’s books. $75-100 166. Ten Lithographed Tin Wind-up Toy Animal Figures. $250-350 166A. Three Painted Cast Iron Still Mailbox Banks and Five Buildings Banks. $200-250 166B. Two Spin-Art-Wheel Toy Co. Die-cut Bozo Cardboard Standups and a 1944 Pals on Our Farm Die-cut Book. $100-150 167. Two Small All-Bisque Dolls and a Large Group of Doll Accessories, rigid neck allbisques, ht. 2 1/2, 3 1/4 in.; mesh, velvet, and beaded bags, jewelry, watches, boxing gloves, single Stanhope with the Lord’s Prayer, etc. $500-1,000

168. Group of Twelve Doll Heads, closed mouth solid dome head, three German socket head babies, AM 341, 250, and 800; shoulderhead Kestner baby, molded hair boy, black bisque, three bisque shoulderhead and socket head girls, and two composition heads. $200-250 169. Group of Fourteen Internationally Costumed Dolls, five with German bisque heads, three painted bisque, several cloth, composition, etc., (two heads separated), ht. 7-16 in. $400-600 170. Eleven Miscellaneous Dolls, early to mid20th century, most in regional costume, one wooden head, one nut head, one composition, and eight cloth dolls including a 10-in. Bing boy, ht. 4-22 in. $200-300 171. Two German Bisque Baby Doll Heads, small JDK 237, ht. 3 1/4; molded hair marked 229-32, overall ht. 4 in. $200-300 172. Four Steiff-type Mohair and Cloth Toys, a tiger, bear, and dog hand puppets and an articulated monkey. $75-125 173. Ten Colorless Glass Figural Candy Containers, including an owl, rabbits, Kewpie, Charlie Chaplin, hen-on-nest, with some paint. $200-300 174. Ten Lithographed Tin and Two Cloth and Plastic Wind-up Toys. $300-500 175. Eight Painted Cast Iron and Metal Safe, Building, and a Refrigerator Still Banks. $200-250 176. Fourteen Colorless Glass and Metal Lantern-form Candy Containers, one aqua, some with stained color. $200-300

177. Kestner 154 Shoulderhead Doll with Glass Display Case, cut-in teeth, kid body, bisque lower arms, ht. 15., glass case 16 x 13 x 18 in. $100-150 178. French Fashion Bisque Swivel-neck Doll, unmarked, pale blue eyes, pale coloring, fully articulated wood body including ankles, dressed, ht. 16 in. $1,000-1,500 179. Thirteen Miscellaneous Dolls, early to mid20th century, including Norah Wellings, brown bisque head SHPB Hanna, black cloth and plastic dolls, many in regional costume. $150-250 180. Large F.G. French Fashion Doll with Trunk and Contents, marked F.G. on shoulder, 7 on both head and shoulder, blue lined eyes, cloth body with kid arms, ht. 24 in.; large wood trunk with tray, six outfits, extra shoes, hats, fur muff, beaded bags, miscellaneous brushes and combs, etc. $4,000-6,000 181. Group of Vintage Doll and Toy Items, including wooden dollhouse furniture, a doll swing, small plastic doll, a small painted metal toy carriage, and a plastic house with furnishings. $75-100 182. Group of Candy Containers, Banks, and Dolls, including glass and metal “Jitney Bus” and carriage candy containers, a metal tank and barrel-form still bank, a rubber “Sympathetic Ear” bank, two Nora Wellings dolls, two miniature bisque dolls, and two West Indian cloth dolls. $150-200 183. Lot of Early and Vintage Toys, Games, and Puzzles, including a table-top croquet set, celluloid doll, painted cast iron trotter, four-piece Marx tin train set, ebony dominoes, chromolithograph puzzle blocks, German building blocks, and approximately twenty-five games. $200-300 184. Eleven Steiff Mohair and Steiff-type Toys and a Collector Book, two bears, “Vincenz,” “Flori” sheep, a penguin, monkey, dog, elephant, bear, and cat hand puppet. $150-200

185. Two Wyandotte Painted Pressed Metal Town Cars. $200-250 186. Wilesco Model Steam Engine, Germany, with original box. $75-100 187. Nine Colorless Glass Dog-form Figural Candy Containers. $75-125 187A. Lionel Plastic Train Set with Accessories, including approximately twenty-nine cars, track, and a transformer. $200-300 187B. Thirteen Assorted Mostly Tin and Metal Toys, including xylophones, a wash tub, pails, a typewriter, and Tinker Toys. $300-500 187C. Modelit Construction Toy in Original Box, by Watrous Mfg. Co., East Hampton, Connecticut. $50-75 188. George H. Chinnock/Brett Lithograph Great American Centennial Exhibition Puzzle Blocks Set, and a twenty-eight-piece chromolithograph block set, the Centennial depicting five building views, in original paperclad wood slide-lid box. $300-500 189. Two Blue-painted Cast Iron Toy Picket Trucks, a Bus, Car, and a Ladder. $400-600 190. Four Vintage Battery-op and Wind-up Toys, a Japanese battery-op “Charley Weaver Bartender,” Alps Santa drummer, Chein wind-up tin cathedral organ, and a wind-up drinking bear. $150-200 191. Five Vintage 16mm Children’s Movies, a Projector, and a Pair of Hopalong Cassidy Binoculars, including films Paul Terry Toons, two Castle Films News Parade, Woody Woodpecker, and Simple Simon. $100-150

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192. Three Modern Steiff Mohair Animal Toys, a beagle, fish, and a cat. $150-200 193. Twelve Colorless Glass Vehicle-form Candy Containers, eight automobiles, a Willys jeep, a tank, fire engine, and a bus, one with paint. $200-300 194. Twelve Painted Cast Iron and Metal Animal Figural Still Banks and a Small Doorstop. $300-500 195. Six Painted Cast Metal, Tin, Toy Vehicles, and Two Painted Wood Toy Vehicles. $200-250 196. German Lithographed Tin Wind-up Toonerville Trolley Toy, c. 1923. $500-700 197. Ten Steiff Mohair Animal Toys and Puppets, a cat, squirrel, tiger, two cats, a lion, rabbit, articulated silver bear, with rabbit and owl hand puppets. $200-300 198. Lowell Thomas Travel Game, “World Cruise,” and a Sparton Lithograph Wood Grain Metal Radio. $200-250 199. Fourteen Assorted Figural Candy Containers, including glass, composition and papier-mâché, cloth-clad paper, and plastic, some painted. $150-250 200. 1927 New York Yankees Team Autographed Baseball, including Benny Bengough, Tony Lazzeri, Mark Koenig, Herb Pennock, Lou Gehrig, and Bob Meusel, (with a later inauthentic “Babe Ruth”), the ball with red and blue stitching, (wear, soiling, imperfections). $400-600


201. Twenty Pieces of Pre-WWII U.S., French, and Asian Currency and J.F. Kennedy Memorial Postal Items, including a U.S. 50 cent fractional currency, five pieces of French, three pieces of Japanese, and ten pieces of Chinese currency; two first day covers, and a Paraguay stamp. $75-100 202. Twenty-two Assorted 18th Century and Early 19th Century Handwritten Bills and Receipts, mostly District of Maine. $250-350 203. Mickey Mantle Autographed Baseball, c. 1990, in blue ink, on a Rawlings “Official American League, Bobby Brown, Pres.,” ball, with a Topps Archive 1953 series card. $250-350 204. 1948 New York Yankees Autographed Baseball, Joe DiMaggio, John Schulte, Cliff Mapes, Gus Niarhos, Joe Page, John Lindell, Randy Gumpert, Frank Shea, Allie Reynolds, Karl Drews, Phil Rizzuto, (Yogi) Larry Berra, Bobby Brown, Bill Bevens, George McQuinn, Bill Johnson, and Tommy Henrich, in ink on a ball labeled “Reach, Official American League Ball, William Harridge, Pres.” Provenance: Gathered while attending Boston Red Sox games by an avid fan, Greater Boston physician, and local medicalschool teacher, then by descent through his family. $500-700 205. Nine Wood Shaft Golf Clubs, including Spalding 17 iron, Atco mashie, R.J. Brown mashie, Champion mashie, Country Club mashie, Alex Taylor mashie, J. Mulgrew, and Hillerich & Bradsby Co. niblick. $100-150 206. Builders’ Transit-Level by Keuffel & Esser Company, the anodized instrument with 11 3/4-in. telescope, silvered horizontal and vertical scales with vernier read-outs, spirit level, tripod mount base, oak carrying case with Keuffel & Esser Co. card and instructions and a wooden tripod, ht. of instrument only, 9 in. $200-400

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207. Group of John D. Rockefeller and Nelson Rockefeller Related Signed Correspondence, and Other Ephemera, from October, 1922-June, 1928, six typed notes and letters addressed to Mr. H.D. Darsie, of Union Theological Seminary, New York City and the YMCA, Butte, Montana, regarding services, efforts, and compensation, three signed in pen John D. Rockefeller, one signed in pen Abby A. Rockefeller, and one by an associate, on Eyrie, Seal Harbor, Maine, 26 Broadway, New York, and Golf House Lakewood, New Jersey stationary; December, 1946-December, 1961 Nelson A. Rockefeller typed notes of appreciation to Margaret Thompson, on personal, Plaza, and New York Governor’s office stationary; an April 22, 1903 invitation for John W. Ritchie to the opening of the New York Stock Exchange, etc. $200-300 208. Two 19th Century Spalding Baseball Guides, Spalding’s Baseball Guide,, 1888, A.G. Spalding & Bros., New York and Chicago; and Spalding’s Official Athletic Library Baseball Guide, 1898, American Sports Publishing Co., New York. $200-300 209. Framed Albumen Photograph of the 1912 Boston Red Sox Pitching Staff, 1912, with handwritten ink label on reverse panel “The above are the members of the pitching staff of the 1912 Boston Red Sox, Sea Lion Charlie Hall (15-8), Hugh Bedient (20-10), Buck O’Brien (18-13), Larry Pape, Ray Collins (14-8), Smokey Joe Wood (34-5),” depicted leaning against the railing of the Fenway Park home dugout, photo 11 x 14 in. Provenance: In 1950 the consignor purchased the framed photograph after finding it in the basement area of a Huntington Ave., Boston, bookstore (now the site of the Christian Science Church properties). $800-1,200 210. Harwich Cape Cod Baseball League Team Photograph and an Autographed Baseball, c. 1938, the baseball including signatures Eddie Collins, Lefty Lefebvre, Joe Kelley, Doc G..., George..., Bob..., Red D..., and Charlie F..., on an “Official Northern Base Ball League, J.B. McNulty, Pres.,” ball. Provenance: Charlie “Chick” Kittredge was born in 1911 and is pictured here in the team photograph to the right of the batboy and a signer of the ball. He also played as captain of the baseball team for Boston College, and served in the U.S. Army from 1942-46. He went on to graduate from Boston College School of Law in 1954. $150-200

211. Framed Collection of Mostly Mecca Cigarette Boxing Cards, twenty-eight cards in seven frames. $250-350 212. Group of Edison Storage Battery Co. Ephemera, from Walter H. Bancroft, photographic group portrait titled “First Annual Outing Edison Storage Battery Co. Guards & Ben. Asso’n., Greenville, N.J. Sept. 19th 1914, 11 x 14; photographic group company portrait dated 1921, showing fifty-three employees, including Edison in the foreground and Bancroft in the third row, (rolled and cracked), with separate key, (folded); six photographs related to the company and two type-written letters to employee W.H. Bancroft, dated 1929, requesting a copy of his photograph for forthcoming publication of Handbook of Electrical Engineers; copies of two patents for improvements in batteries granted to Bancroft and Bancroft and Bruce Ford in 1926 and 1932 respectively; and a group of mimeographed papers, including resume of Walter H. Bancroft, manager of Department of Special Developments (Experimental) at Edison Electric Storage Battery Co., Philadelphia, from 1922-30. Note: Founded in 1901 to develop, manufacture, and sell Thomas Edison’s alkaline storage battery, the company produced batteries for mining, lighting, signaling, and other uses, before it merged with Thomas A. Edison in 1932. $200-300 213. Collection of Early 20th Century Dutch Boy Paints Related Collectibles and Ephemera, including promotional paper, samples, metal and ceramic figures, rulers, pens, photographs of retail interiors/exteriors and sales convention/dinners, notepads, can opener, etc. $200-300 214. Michael Cooper, Blinds & Shutters, edition 4233/5000, Genesis/Hedley, England and New Zealand, 1990, clothbound, signed by Brian Auger, Jo Bergman, Peter Blake, Adam Cooper, Spencer Davis, Terry Doran, Allen Jones, Al Kooper, Harry Nilsson, Anita Pallenberg, and Bill Wyman, with original box/ case. $200-300 215. Mickey Mantle Autographed Hillerich & Bradsby Co. Little League Mickey Mantle Model Bat, in blue felt pen. $800-1,200

216. Large Lot of Charles A. Lindbergh Related Ephemera, Collectibles, Etc. $1,500-2,200

224. Eighteen Small 19th Century Tract Booklets and a Primer, mostly English. $75-100

217. Four Edison-related Publications, Edison Works Monthly employees’ newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 3, November 1912, with articles on construction of Edison phonographs and educational uses for Edison perforated film; “The Ironclad Exide Battery for Storage Battery Locomotives” Bulletin No. 146 of the Electric Storage Battery Co., May 1914; National Education Association Joint-Committee Series Monograph III The Edison Alkaline Storage Battery, 1919, with colored frontispiece, line drawings, photographic reproductions, graphs, and diagrams, stamped Walter H. Bancroft; W.H. Meadowcroft Edison and his Storage Battery, 1928. $100-200

225. Thomas Edison/Radio Lamp Co. of America Art Deco Brass-plated Metal Radio/Table Lamp, Chicago, body ht. 28 1/2 in. $100-150

218. Golden Age Action Comics, No. 70 and 82, DC Comics, 1944 and 1945. $200-300 219. Seven Golden Age Batman, DC Comics, 1946-50, no. 37, 41, 46, 48, 53, 56, and 57. $700-900 220. Six Golden Age and Silver Age Comics, All Flash, DC Comics, 1947, no. 28; All American Comics, DC Comics, 1947, no. 85; Plastic Man, Quality Comics, 1955, no. 53; and Star Spangled Comics, DC Comics, 1947-48, no. 73, 74, and 78. $200-300 221. Four 19th Century Printed and Illustrated Political Biographies, two Major-General William Henry Harrison, c. 1840; General Winfield Scott; and Col. John C. Fremont, 1856. $100-150 222. 1 1/4-inch Single-Draw Telescope, with 18-in. leather- and cord-wrapped barrel and unmarked brass single-draw tube. $100-150 223. Eighteen Early to Mid-20th Century Cookbooks and Vintage Cooking/Kitchen Pamphlets and Ephemera, including a signed Ruth Wakefield’s Toll House Tried and True Recipes, M. Burrows & Co., 1938. $100-150

226. Moses L. Blumenthal Illustration for McClure’s Magazine “Second Baseball” Story, 1919, pencil and gouache, depicting a baseball catcher and umpire at the plate, signed l.l., with publisher stamps and notations on reverse, framed, sight size 11 1/4 x 8 1/2 in. $150-200 227. W. F. Stanley 4&5 Gt Turnstile, London, the 3 1/2 in. dia. brass drum engraved W. F. Stanley 4&5 Gt Turnstile London WC., inset silver scale below calibrated 0-360, compass bearings in block letters against a black background, silvered needle ring calibrated 0-360 degrees and sighting slots every 90 degrees, ht. 7 3/8 in. $100-150 227A. Eleven 1957, Thirteen 1959 Topps Baseball Cards and a Bazooka/Sporting News Bob Turley Baseball Card, no. 34, 57, 62, 96, 98, 110, 118, 163, 166, 199, and 209; no. 17, 34, 35, 283, 302, 312, 317, 355, 360, 417, 471, 495, and 505, respectively. $100-150 227B. Fourteen 1960 Topps Baseball Cards, no. 20 Roy Face, no. 47 Don Zimmer, no. 65 Elston Howard, no. 106 Billy Gardner, no. 113 Bob Skinner, no. 153 Bobby Thomson, no. 185 Jim Owens, no. 188 Dick Williams, no. 176 Vada Pinson, no. 240 Luis Aparicio, no. 270 Bob Turley, no. 420 Ed Mathews, no. 499 Johnny James, and no. 557 Frank Malzone. $150-200 227C. Nineteen Assorted 1909-52 Baseball Cards, including Chesbro, Piedmont Cross, a Sweet Caporal Ganley, Gum no. 45 Auker, Goudey no. 25 Waner and no. 70 Scott; Bowman 1949-52 no. 34 Koslo, no. 249 Stirnweiss, no. 126 Thomson and no. 150 Garcia, no. 7 Garcia, no. 18 Mueller, no. 24 Furillo, no. 41 Carrasquel, no. 46 Scheib, no. 47 Castiglione, no. 108 Metkovich, no. 144 Hatten, and no. 160 Stanky. $100-150

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227D. Four Professional Athlete Autographs, c. 1971, baseball players Hank Aaron, Maury Wills, Whitey Ford, and Yogi Berra, boxer Jack Dempsey, and golfer Jack Nicklaus, on autograph certificates. $275-400 227E. Baseball Hall of Fame Hitters Autographed Series Two Bat, Ralph Kiner, Duke Snyder, Al Kaline, Lou Brock, Yogi Berra, Brooks Robinson, Eddie Mathews, Harmon Killebrew, Johnny Mize, and Enos Slaughter, in blue felt pen, on a Rawlings Adirondack wood bat, limited edition of 500. $500-700 228. Approximately 250 Golden Age and Silver Age War Comics, various publishers, including Army at War, GI Combat, Men of War, Sgt. Rock, and War Stories. $200-300 229. Large Lot of Golden Age and Silver Age Comic Books, various publishers, including superhero, action, war, children’s, romance, western, and crime, approximately 1800, with later international, magazine-size, and other comics. $2,000-3,000 230. Thirty-four Golden Age Jungle Comics and Jumbo Comics, Fiction House, 1942-48, no. 35, 72, 83, (2) 85, 86, 93, (2) 94, 97, 101, and (2) 103; Fiction House, 1941-50, no. 27, 45, 47, 74, 77, 78, 90, 95, 96, 101, 102, 105, 107, (2) 109-111, 113, 117, 119, and 139, respectively. $300-500 231. Archive of Correspondence Related to Wisconsin U.S. Congressman and Senator Charles Durkee (1805-1870), dated from 1831-1911. $200-300 232. 60mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope by Asanuma, with 32-in. metal tube, sighting scope, rack and pinion focus, flexible cable control for declination and ascension, wooden tripod, and carrying case. $100-150 233. Golden Age Comic Cavalcade, No. 1, 11, and 19, DC Comics, 1942-47. $400-600


234. Twenty Golden Age Comics, 1944-51, Fight Comics, Fiction House, no. 32, 34, 35, 36, (2) 40, 43, 49, 53, and 61; Dagar, Desert Hawk, Fox Comics, no. 14, 15, and 22; Planet Comics, Fiction House, no. 60; Wings Comics, Fiction House, no. 69, 71, 91, 97, and (2) 114. $300-500 235. Goldsmith Professional J. Haus (Honus) Wagner Model Leather Baseball Glove, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1920s, model KB, with original brass button strap and cloth label. $800-1,200 236. Twelve Early 19th Century Printed Mostly Political Pamphlets and Booklets, regarding slavery, succession, etc. $250-350 237. French Four-vane Surveying Instrument, with 2 1/2-in. dia. silvered horizontal dial calibrated 0-360 and marked B T E and S.G.D.G., four hinged sighting vanes and ball joint leveling mount, ht. 12 1/2 in. $100-150

242. Polarimeter on Stand by Laurent, Paris, c. 1890, with painted 24-in. steel cover for the enclosed brass observation tube, 8-in. dia. geared plate marked Polarimetre-Laurent and Laurent... on the vernier adjustment arm, two additional observation tubes, horizontal adjustment on the brass column support, all on three cast iron legs, ht. approx. 24 in. $300-350 243. Collection of Approximately 350 Early 20th Century Postcards, loose and in one album, many Massachusetts and New England, with thirteen additional sets. $200-300 244. Two Albums of Early 20th Century Postcards, including holiday, photographic, series, humor, specialty, WWI, Black, European, etc., approx. 400. $250-350 245. Collection of Mostly Foreign Postcards, early and late 20th century, including some early bound, most loose, in five boxes. $200-300

238. Decanter Magazine and Vintage Magazine, April 1980-May 1992 and July 1972-January 1985, including supplements, (some issues missing). $150-175

246. Framed Group of Original Photographs and Ephemera Related to the Brockton Public Market and the J.W. Shaw Co. of Brockton, Massachusetts, including employee and store exterior and interior photographs.

239. Fourteen Assorted Golden Age Fantasy, Jungle, and Voodoo Comics, 1945-53, Gem, Spotlight, no. 1; Dynamic Comics, Flying Cadet, no. 13; Thrilling Comics, Standard, no. 65; Giant Comics, St. John, no. 4; Strange Terrors, St. John, no. 6 and 7; Voodoo Annual, Four Star; Terrors of The Jungle, Star Comics, no. 6, and 17-20; and Terrifying Tales, Star Comics, no. 12 and 15. $200-300

Provenance: In the late 19th century, the Brockton Public Market was located in Brockton and New Bedford by Maynard Davis. At the same time, J.W. Shaw Co. Food Store was located at the corner of Belmont St. and Main St. in Brockton and Benjamin Vining Loude was a partner in the Shaw store. In 1919, the two retailers merged and would soon become New England’s Shaw’s Supermarkets. These photographs, and other related lots in this auction, were consigned by relatives of Benjamin V. Loude. $250-350

240. Four Golden Age Suspense Comics, No. 6, 7, 8, 9, Continental, 1944-45. $300-500 241. Seven 19th Century Handwritten Letters Regarding Missionary Work, 1851-88, in Chile and India or Ceylon. $175-225

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247. F. Hellige & Co. Optical Measure, Germany, the hardwood case with hinged top and enclosed prism and viewing ports, ht. 6 in. $50-75 248. Approximately 225 Early 20th Century Christmas Postcards, including embossed, angels, etc. $300-500

249. 130 Mostly Early 20th Century George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and U.S. Presidential Postcards, including thirtyfour Tuck’s presidential portraits, five Calvin Coolidge, and thirteen other U.S. presidential portrait postcards. $250-350 250. 1964 Beatles Signed Autograph Book, in blue ink, one page signed by George Harrison and John Lennon, and one page signed by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, with related notations from friend “Louise,” and by the owner on other pages, also contains autograph of John Kenneally, winning jockey riding “Purple Silk” in the 1964 Grand National horse race. Provenance: The autographs were obtained March 19, 1964, during the Beatles appearance on Top of the Pops at the BBC by Louise Richardson. Louise is the daughter of Alan Richardson, a BBC director, and she obtained these autographs at their appearance, on behalf of her friend, the consignor. $3,000-5,000 251. Approximately 550 Early 20th Century Birthday, Greeting, and Holiday Postcards, including assorted glitter, thirteen Winsch, embossed, calendar, cats, dogs, and birds. $300-500 252. Binocular Microscope by the Perlometer Corporation, New York, the iron U-shaped base marked Reichert Austria No. 77813, rack focus, rectangular stage, electric condenser and fitting, all on a wooden base, ht. 14 in. $100-150 253. Lot of Fourteen Stereoviews, Photographs, and Photographic Reproductions, including views of the Grand Canyon, Philadelphia Centennial opening, Psalms XIX, alligators, Scottish buildings, Queen Mary’s Bedroom at Holyrood Palace; print after Matthew Brady’s “The Glory of Gettysburg 3rd July 1863” stamped “Reproduced from the Collections of the Library of Congress” on the reverse; a print after an anonymous daguerreotype of Henry David Thoreau, a Victorian family portrait; a reproduction of Walker Evans’ yearbook picture from Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, printed by Rodger P. Kingston; a color Polaroid modern boudoir diptych, and a print after F. Jay Haynes’ Along the Clarks Fork, Montana. Provenance: From the collection of Austin Lamont, by family descent. $150-200

254. Approximately 120 19th and Early 20th Century Portrait Photographs, mostly cabinet cards, with ten miniature serial portrait sets, postcards, etc. $200-300 255. Group of Mostly Late 19th Century Tintype and Carte-de-visite Portrait Photographs, including a dishwasher and women tennis players, a miniature album, and an embossed leather album, approximately twentyseven loose tintypes, some by an Onset, Massachusetts, photographer. $200-300 256. Framed Chromolithograph White Star Line Oceanic Print and Small Framed Watercolor on Paper View of Maritime Docks, the print in an oak frame, the watercolor signed l.r. “C.A. Swift,” the print sight size 27 5/8 x 37 1/2 in. $150-200 257. Charles Livingston Bull (American, 18741932) Cover Illustration for The Country Gentleman, c. 1919. Signed “C.L. Bull” l.r., identified in an inscription on the frame backing paper. Mixed media on paper, trimmed and laid on a second sheet, sight size 13 1/4 x 10 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame.

261. Forty-nine Duke Ellington Brunswick 78 RPM Records, Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra 8108, 8131, 8168, 8169, two 8174, two 8186, 8200, 7997, 8001, two 8004, two 8029, 8044, two 8063, 8093, 8083, 01068, two 8204, two 8365, 8380, 8411, 6265, 6336, two 8213, 8221, two 8256, 6646, 8293, two 8297, 8344, 6638, two 8099; Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra 500245; Duke Ellington and his Orchestra 7734, 80002, 80047, 6987, 7650, and 7670. $150-200 262. Eleven Duke Ellington Reel-to-Reel Recordings and Thirteen Assorted Vintage Pre-recorded Reel-to-Reel Tapes, including four “Duke Ellington V-Discs, World and Capitol Records Transcriptions” and seven 1943-64 live recordings. $500-700 263. Approximately Sixty-five Mostly Golden Age Girl Action, and Romance Comics, including Brenda Starr, Millie the Model, Mopsy, Joker, Nellie, and Tessie. $200-300 264. Twenty-three Golden Age Shadow Comics, Street & Smith, 1942-48, issue range vol. 2 no. 4-vol. 7, no. 10, with duplicates. $300-500

Provenance: From the estate of Gerald and Martha Schipper. $350-450

265. Approximately Thirty-four Golden Age and Silver Age Blackhawk Comics, Quality, 1948-56, issue range 21-107. $200-300

258. Collection of 1980s and 1990s Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Collectibles, approximately 25,000, in 147 boxes. $4,000-6,000

266. Collection of U.S. Postage First Day Covers, 1930s-80s, in seven albums. $800-1,200

259. Seven Golden Age Comics, Wonder Comics, Better, 1948, no. 17; Rod Hathway, Space Detective, Avon, 1952, no. 3; Thrilling Comics, Standard, 1946, no. 52; Ghost Rider, Magazine, 1952, no. 7; Clue, Hillman, 1944, no. 9; Speed Comics, Family, 1945, no. 38; and Toy Town, Swappers, 1945, no. 1. $200-300 260. Fifteen Golden Age Joe Palooka, Harvey, 1945-48, no. 1, 2, 4, 5, (2) 7-9, (2) 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, and 17. $200-300

267. Group of Miscellaneous 19th and 20th Century Ephemera and Collectibles, including three pieces of 1887-89 Brown University ephemera, three 19th century printed advertisements, a small watercolor floral study and a landscape, ten 19th century valentines, greetings, thirty mostly early 20th century Massachusetts and other U.S. postcards, and six photographic postcards of a sinking ship. $200-250 268. Art Nouveau Album of Early 20th Century New Hampshire Resorts and Hotels, including White Mountains, seashore, photographic, etc., approximately 127 total. $150-200

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269. Large Lot of Early 20th Century Halloween Postcards, including cats, witches, jack-olanterns, glitter, embossed, and some partial sets, approximately 250, in two albums. $600-800 270. Approximately 350 Mostly Early to Mid20th Century Postcards, including an assortment of Christmas, Easter, greeting, valentine, Massachusetts, New England, Hollywood entertainer, twenty-four Coney Island, a few photographic, small sets, etc., in two albums and loose cards. $200-300 271. Collection of U.S. and Foreign Postage Stamps, 1940s-80s, in five albums and loose, with an album of 1984-85 gold-plated replica stamps. $50-75 272. Lot of 19th and 20th Century Travel Ephemera and Maps, including Jamestown Exhibition, Boston area, local, U.S. Geological, etc. $100-200 273. Approximately Twenty-nine Mostly Cabinet Card Photographs, including a set of four depicting Mt. Vernon views, tomb, and interiors, women bicyclists, house, a storefront, portraits, groups, and an automobile, with two small albums. $200-300 274. 1863 Henry Ward Beecher Speech Pamphlet and Six November 6-16, 1872 Boston Evening Journal Newspapers. $100-150 275. Large Rare “The Original Hummel Figures” Polychrome Painted Carved Wood Trade Sign, the reverse labeled “Germany,” ht. 22 1/4, wd. 34 in. Provenance: Produced by the firm Eberling & Reuss and given in the late 1950s to the consignor, then one of the largest independent retailers of Hummels in the U.S. It is believed that two of these signs were made for special events in the U.S. market, one for the East Coast and one for the West Coast. This is the sign made for the U.S. East Coast. $3,000-5,000


276. H. Hughes & Son Brass Protractor, London, with arc calibrated 0-90 in two quadrants and signed at the base, H. Hughes & Son, LTD, 59 Fenchurch St. London, No. 1202, together with a Union Instrument Arm Protractor No. 155 in a fitted carrying case. $75-150 277. Lot of 19th and 20th Century Ephemera and Prints, including trade cards, pamphlets, brochures, essays, reports, GAR, Harvard University, Appalachia Mountain Club, 1840 Ls. Agassiz, H. Nicolet lithograph folio of eighteen glacier plates, seventeen handcolored Poissons D’Eau Douce plates, and five 19th century Italian hand-colored ornithological folio plates. $200-300 278. Seventeen Silver Age The Amazing SpiderMan, No. 2, 8, 12, 15-21, 23-29, Marvel Comics, 1963-65. $300-500 279. Twenty-four Silver Age The Amazing Spider-Man, No. 12, 16, 18-20, 23-34, 37, Marvel Comics, 1964-66, including duplicates, (3) 27, (2) 28, (3) 31, and (2) 33. $300-500 280. Fifty-six Silver Age The Amazing SpiderMan, Marvel Comics, 1964-71, no. 16, (2) 18, 19, 23, 24, (2) 27, (2) 28, 29, (2) 30, (2) 31, 32, (2) 33, 54, 56, (2) 57, (3) 58, (2) 59, (2) 63, (2) 66, 71, 72, (2) 73, (3) 75, 77, 78, 79, 81, (2) 82, (2) 89, 93, 94, 102, King Size no. 2, (4) 3, and (2) 5. $500-700 281. Lot of Miscellaneous 19th and 20th Century Ephemera, Vintage Matches, and Collectibles, including brochures, hunting and shooting ephemera, 1920-76 automobile brochures, Century of Progress booklets, an album of collected matchbook covers and loose matches, advertising and bank advertising blotters, a Sonja Henie program, Ray Charles program, four Ice Follies and Ice Capades programs, 1950s Republican pins and ephemera, assorted sheet music, 19th century deeds, an autograph book, ledgers, etc. $200-300 282. Brass Wye Level by The Hanna Manufacturing Company, Troy, New York, 12-in. telescope with lens caps and signed The Hanna Mfg. Co., Troy, N.Y. USA on the tube in script, spirit level, calibrated silvered dial and original walnut carrying case, ht. 7 in. $100-150

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283. 19th Century Tintype Portrait Photograph of a Uniformed U.S. Soldier, with handtinting, unframed, 7 7/8 x 6 1/2 in. $300-500 284. Twelve Assorted Golden Age Comics, five Captain Midnight, Fawcett, 1943, no. 29, 35, 36, 37, and 39; two Doc Savage, Street & Smith, 1942-43, Vol. 1, no. 8-vol. 2, no. 7; two Whiz Comics, Fawcett, 1945, no. 63 and 66; Captain Marvel Adventures, Fawcett, 1945, no. 46; Master Comics, Fawcett, 1945, no. 60; and Wow Comics, Fawcett, 1943, no. 19. $200-300 285. Two Golden Age Comics and Twelve 1960s Hot Rod Comics, Human Torch, Atlas, 1943, no. 14; Black Cat, Harvey, 1946, no. 2. $100-150 286. False Faces Movie Poster, 1943, Republic, U.S., six-sheet, linen-backed. $100-150 287. Lone Ranger and The Lost City of Gold Movie Poster, 1958, United Artists, England, one-sheet, framed. $200-400 288. Silver Age Daredevil, No. 1, Marvel Comics, 1964. $200-300 289. Four Silver Age Daredevil, No. 2, 3, and 4, Marvel Comics, 1964, includes duplicate no. 3. $200-300 290. Three Collector Sets of Postage Stamped Covers, two 1938 commemorative Will Rogers, Barrow, Alaska with two photographs of the Rogers-Post monument; a set of twenty-five March 1950-April 1951, Cecil A. Moore, Fairbanks, Alaska-Lewiston, Maine world record dog sled run, signed, stamped covers, and a bound set of 1978 Norman Rockwell covers. $325-450 291. Collection of 20th Century U.S. Postage Stamps, First Day Covers with Related Books and Pamphlets, and Approximately 375 Unused Early 20th Century Posted Mailing Cards and Envelopes. $375-600

292. Two Exhibition Posters, Mourlot and Curie, Hommage a F. Joliot Curie and XXXII Festival D’Avignon, 1978, unframed. $75-100 293. Thirteen Silver Age Daredevil, No. 5-13, and 16, Marvel Comics, 1964-66, duplicates include three no. 9, and two no. 10. $200-300 294. Thirty Silver Age Daredevil, Marvel Comics, 1964-70, no. 5-7, (3) 9, 10, 12, 13, 16, 27, 32, 33, 36, 38, 41, (2) 42, 45, 46, (2) 47, (2) 53, 54, (2) 60, 66, 72, and 73. $200-300 295. Approximately Sixty Silver Age Marvel King Size Comics, including Collectors Item Classics, Super-Heroes, Greatest Comics, Fantasy Masterpieces, and Tales, with duplicates. $150-200 296. WWI J. E. Sheridan Rivets are Bayonets Drive Them Home! Lithograph Poster, unframed, 38 1/4 x 25 1/2 in. $200-300 297. Eight Assorted WWII Posters and Prints, three Broder, United Nations Fight for Freedom; $100 War Savings Bond; $200 War Savings Bond; a 1943 Gruen Watch advertising print; Art Jewelry Co. war bond advertisement; and a Dan V. Smith, WAAC poster. $75-100 298. Seventeen Silver Age Iron Man and Iron Man and Sub-Mariner, No.1, Marvel Comics, 1967-70, no. (3) 3, 4, 5, 9, 12, 14-16, 18, 23, 28, 32, 34, and (2) 35. $200-300 299. Thirty-one Silver Age Tales To Astonish and Twenty Sub-Mariner, Marvel Comics, 1962-70, no. 38, 46, (2) 48, 49, (3) 55, 56-58, 60, 61, 63, 67-69, (2) 70, (2) 71, 72-74, 76, 77, 79, 83, 92, 100, and 101; no. (2) 3, 5, (2) 8, (2) 9, 14, 15, 16, 18, 21, 23, 28, 32, 34, (2) 35, and (2) King Size no. 1. $300-500 300. Chromolithograph Diamond Dyes Tin Panel and Birch Retail Counter Cabinet, with original slotted interior, ht. 30, wd. 23, dp. 10 in. $150-250

301. Large Lot of Late 19th Century to Vintage 20th Century Travel Ephemera, including Columbian Exposition, World’s Fair, maps, magazines, brochures, cruise ship, souvenir books, felt pennants, etc. $250-350 302. Seven Early 20th Century Metal Trophy Cups, Two Stoneware Jugs, an Advertising Dish, Amber Glass Liquor Flask, and Stoneware Jug, trophies include two Oak Bluffs, three Commercial Club bowling, Brockton Rifle Assoc., and a 1910 Attleboro running race. $135-200 303. Lot of U.S Political and Other Collectible Pinback Buttons with Twenty-three Assorted Tokens, Medals, and Coins, late 19th-late 20th century. $500-700 304. Four Hand-written Vermont Civil War Era Correspondence and a Document, related to Cavendish, Vermont, 1864 regarding pay, property, and muster. $250-350 305. Handwritten Alabama Claim for Payment Due for 1860s Medical Treatment of Slaves Owned by L.J. Watkins, filed October 1865 by Dr. W.E. Murphey. $250-350 306. L. Casella Brass Wall Barometer, dia. 6 1/2 in. $100-150 307. Collection of Late 19th/Early 20th Century Business Checks, Bill Heads, and Banking Ephemera, most Brockton National Bank and J.W. Shaw/Brockton Public Market related with some revenue stamps. $100-150 308. Approximately 125 Late Victorian Chromolithograph and Printed Trade Cards and Advertising Ephemera, including Haverhill area and Boston businesses. $400-600 309. Eight Assorted Civil War-related Ephemera Items, a Union Generals carte-de-visite, 1872 correspondence from Brig.-General George A.H. Blake, five unframed prints, and an 1863 Saco, Maine, Soldiers’ Aid payment slip. $150-200

310. Lot of Assorted 19th and Early 20th Century Ephemera and Collectibles, including Masonic Voice-Review portrait prints of George Washington and Gen. Lafayette, a tintype full-length portrait of a man, four Hassan tobacco cards, 19th century leatherbound miniature book Nigger Melodies, sewing needle cases and notions, Odd Fellows notice postcards, an empty postcard album, eight stereoview cards, and eight assorted 19th century miniature and small children’s books, primers, pamphlets and books. $300-500 311. Archive of Artist Charles Blum Related Material, including Edwin Hewitt Gallery broadside, photographs, negatives, baby book, U.S. passports, correspondence, two albums of typed correspondence, etc. $200-300 312. Framed 1863 Confederate States of America Fifty Dollar Loan Bond. $100-150 313. Thirty-three Silver Age Tales To Astonish and Thirty-two The Incredible Hulk, Marvel Comics, 1963-70, no. 46, 48, 49, (2) 55, 56, (2) 58, 60, (2) 61, 62, 65, (2) 67, (2) 69, 70, (3) 71, 72-74, (2) 76, 78, (2) 79, 80, 84, 94, and 99; no. 102, 104, (2) 105, (2) 106, (2) 107, 108, (3) 109, 110-113, (2) 114, 115, (2) 116, (3) 117, (2) 118, 120, 121, 124, 137, King Size no. 2 and 3. $300-500 314. Nineteen Silver Age Captain America, Marvel Comics, 1968-71, no. 100, (2) 103, (2) 104, 105, 106, 108, 112, 114, 115, 116, 123, (2) 132, 134, 135, 142, and Special no. 2. $200-300 315. Thirty-eight Silver Age Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos, Marvel Comics, 1964-69, issue range no. 8-65, with duplicates. $150-200 316. Three WWI Lithograph Posters, L.A. Shafer, They Kept The Sea Lanes Open; James Montgomery Flagg, Together We Win; and Jonas Lie, On The Job For Victory, unframed, 29 x 39, 39 x 29, and 29 1/2 x 38 1/2 in., respectively. $200-300

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317. Two WWI Lithograph Posters, Alfred Everitt Orr, For Home and Country; and Howard Chandler Christy, Americans All!, unframed, 40 x 30 and 40 x 27 in., respectively. $200-300 317A. Sixty-four Issues of The Black Cat, Shortstory Publishing, Boston, 1896-1910. $75-100 318. Collection of Early 20th Century Black Character Postcards, fifty-nine total. $100-150 319. Collection of Early 20th Century U.S. Patriotic, 4th of July, and Decoration (Memorial) Day Postcards, including groups of Tuck’s, International Art, and embossed, approximately 100. $250-350 320. Approximately 235 Early 20th Century Sport, Firefighting, and Transportation Postcards, thirty-five sport, fifty-one occupational, forty steamship, nine streetcar, fourteen firefighting, and twenty-five train, plane, automobile, and a large group of horse-drawn, including many photographic. $300-500 321. Three WWI YMCA/YWCA Lithograph Posters, Arthur W. Brown, For Your Boy; Albert Herter, YMCA His Home Over There; and Clarence F. Underwood, Back our girls over there, unframed, 30 x 20, 41 x 28, and 28 x 21 in., respectively. $100-150 322. Two WWI Lithograph Posters, Howard Chandler Christy, Clear-The-Way; Charles Livingston Bull, Keep Him Free, unframed, each 30 x 20 in. $200-300 323. Two Large Folio Prints from Captain Cook’s Voyages to the South Seas. $150-200 324. Pair of Oak Framed Chromolithograph Duke’s Mixture/Old Virginia Cheroots Black Character Tobacco Advertisements, “JE-E-RUSALEM-DE-GOLDEN! DAT MUST BE ONE O’ DEM FLYIN MACHINES COMIN” and “SKUSE ME MISTAH GARDNER BUT ‘LECTRICITY DOAN ‘GREE WI ME NO HOW,” sight size 14 1/2 x 18 1/2 in. $150-200


325. Official Boston Bruins Division Champions, 1977-78 Double-sided Banner, Boston Garden, 1978, lg. 12, wd. 8 ft. Provenance: Purchased by the consignor in the fall of 1996 at the Boston Garden on-site auction prior to its demolition. $3,000-5,000 326. Two Compound Microscopes, late 19th century, the first Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, New York, with rackwork coarse focusing, fine screw focusing, triple nose-piece changer with three marked objectives, black-painted square stage and swinging substage with condenser and iris diaphragm, on U-base, ht. 12 1/2; the second Spencer, Buffalo, New York, with rackwork focus, fine screw focusing, double nose-piece changer with one marked objective, square stage with clips and mirror arm below (lacks mirror), on U-base, ht. 13 1/2 in. $100-150 327. Collection of 19th/20th Century Porcelain Invalids’ Cups. $200-300 328. Silver Age The Incredible Hulk, No. 1, Marvel Comics, 1962. $800-1,200 329. Silver Age The Incredible Hulk, No. 1 and 6, Marvel Comics, 1962. $500-700 330. Silver Age Fantastic Four, No. 1, Marvel Comics, 1961. $800-1,200 331. Group of 18th and 19th Century Correspondence and Documents Related to Dr. John P. Green and Family, affiliation with Rhode Island College, approximately forty-six pieces, some period U.S. postal stamps. $200-300 332. Nine 18th Century Handwritten Indentures and Documents, three on vellum, unframed. $200-300 333. Approximately Eighty Early 20th Century Valentine Postcards, including embossed and humorous. $150-200

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334. Lot of Mostly Early 20th Century Children Series and Fifty-four Bear Postcards, including fourteen Rose O’Neill Kewpies, thirty Sunbonnet and Sunbonnet-type work and calendar series, nine Little Breeches, seventeen Busy Bear, six Sporty Bear, twelve Tuck’s Little Bears, and sixteen Roosevelt Bears. $250-350 335. Sixty-six Early 20th Century Hold-to-Light Postcards, including a cruise ship, twelve 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, Washington, D.C., holiday, U.S., and European. $175-250 336. Four WWI Lithograph Posters, Alfred Everitt Orr, For Home and Country; Ellsworth Young, Remember Belgium; Jessie Wilcox Smith, Have YOU a Red Cross Service Flag?; and Charles Livingston Bull, KEEP HIM FREE, unframed, each approximately 30 x 20 in. $150-200 337. Four WWI Lithograph Posters, Theophile A, Steinlen, Save Serbia our Ally; F. Strothmann, Beat back the HUN...; E. Young, Remember Belgium; and Walter Whitehead, Come On!, unframed, 36 x 24, 30 x 20, 30 x 20, and 30 x 20 in., respectively. $150-200 338. Four Silver Age Fantastic Four, No. 1, 2, 3, 4, Marvel Comics, 1961-62. $800-1,200 339. Twelve Silver Age Fantastic Four, Marvel Comics, 1961-64, no. 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 20, 21, 23, and 29. $500-700 340. Twelve Silver Age Fantastic Four, Marvel Comics, 1961-64, no. 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14, 19, (2) 20, 22, and 28, includes one duplicate. $300-500 341. Cased Brass and Steel Paraboloid Condenser, Carl Zeiss, early 20th century, of typical form with brass eyepiece and steel body, box contains steel plate with two apertures marked 1.0 and 1.1, ht. 1 1/8, lg. of plate 2 3/8 in. $150-250

342. Collection of 19th/20th Century Glass and Metal Eye Rinsers. $150-200 343. Fifty-one Silver Age Fantastic Four, Marvel Comics, 1964-71, no. 30, (2) 31, 32, 34, (2) 36, (2) 37, (2) 38, (2) 39, 41, (2) 42, (2) 43, 45, (2) 46, 47, 48, 50, 51, 59, 62, 68, 71, 73, 78, 80, 82, 83, 85 86, 87, 89, 90, 92, 93, 95, 97, 99, 101, 103, 104, 107, 111, and King Size no. (2) 4. $200-400 344. Fifty-five Silver Age Fantastic Four, Marvel Comics, 1964-71, issue range no. 30-110, including no. 48, and King Size no. 4 and 6, with duplicates. $200-300 345. Approximately 200 Silver Age Marvel Comics, 1960s, including Strange Tales, Tales of Suspense, Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer, Nick Fury Agent of Shield, Conan the Barbarian, and Captain Marvel, including duplicates. $500-700 346. Lot of 1900-20s New Hampshire and Massachusetts Railroad Postal Transit Cards, with B. & M. Railroad envelopes. $75-100 347. Dr. Samuel Stillman, A Sermon, Occasioned by the Death of George Washington, minister of the First Baptist Church in Boston, published by Manning & Loring, Spring-Lane, 1800. $100-150 348. Large Lot of Early 20th Century Specialty and Miscellaneous Postcards, including Boy Scout, songs, government and royalty portraits, postal stamps, advertising and industry, amusement parks, fairgrounds, theaters, Iowa farming set, artistic portraits of young women and children, a set of sixteen Tuck’s children and twelve vegetable, Suffrage, humor, cats, dogs, birds, birth, noise, articulated, etc., approximately 400. $400-600 349. Approximately 250 Early 20th Century Easter and Twenty St. Patrick’s Day Postcards. $150-200

350. Approximately 200 Early 20th Century New Year and Thanksgiving Postcards, including embossed, etc. $100-150

359. 1872 Presidential Base-Ball Match, Grant Against Greeley Pamphlet, published by Wild Oats, New York. $100-150

351. Two WWI Lithograph Posters, Clyde Forsythe, And They Thought We Couldn’t Fight; Joseph Pennell, That Liberty Shall Not Perish From The Earth, unframed, 41 x 31 and 41 x 30 in., respectively. $200-300

360. 1928 Al Smith For President Printed Silk Campaign Kerchief. $100-150

352. Two WWI Lithograph Posters, Gerrit A. Beneker, SURE! We’ll Finish The Job; and J. Allen St. John, The Hun-his Mark Blot it Out, unframed, 38 x 26 and 42 x 28 in., respectively. $200-300 353. The Avengers , No. 1, Marvel Comics, 1963. $700-900 354. The Avengers, No. 2-5, Marvel Comics, 1963-64. $300-500 355. The Avengers, No. 6-10, Marvel Comics, 1964, including two no. 6. $200-300 356. “Dotchin” Gold Scale in Fish-form Box, China, c. 1880, the case swivels on a decorative rivet to reveal an ivory beam from which the brass pan and weight are suspended by string, (cracks to box), box lg. 12 1/2 in. $100-150 357. Group of Breweriana, three Knickerbocker coasters, a Consumer’s sign, a framed Heineken mirrored glass sign, and eleven trays including two Schaefer, a Krueger, Pickwick, Bohemian, Oxford Club, Beck’s, Dobler, Carling, and Beverwyck. $200-250 358. Collection of Pinback Buttons, Assorted Tokens, and Collectibles, early 20th century to modern, including premium, slogan, humor, political, organization, volunteer, etc., approximately 150 pre-1960. $200-300

361. Six Assorted French and British WWI Lithograph Posters, including two French bond posters, a fragment of a French Red Cross poster, a patriotic poster, a British enlistment poster, and patriotic poster, unframed. $100-150 362. Framed WWI U.S. Lithograph Savings Stamp Poster and a Framed French Hand-colored Lithograph Paris Dans Sa Splendeur, Les Invalides. $100-150 363. The X-Men, No. 1, Marvel Comics, 1963. $700-900 364. The X-Men, No. 2-5, Marvel Comics, 196364. $400-600 365. The X-Men, No. 6-10, Marvel Comics, 196465. $200-300 366. Black-painted Monocular Compound Microscope, Spencer, Buffalo, New York, late 19th century, with rackwork coarse focusing, fine focusing mounted on the side of the curved pillar, triple nosepiece with three marked objectives, square stage with clips, substage condenser and iris diaphragm, plano/concave mirror, U-foot, with box, ht. 12 in. $100-150 367. Late 19th Century Part of Wards 10 11 & 12 City of Boston Map, plate 23, with handcoloring, unframed, 22 1/2 x 32 1/2 in. $75-125 368. 19th and 20th Century Decateur Family Correspondence Archive, handwritten and typed, including some Frederick Law Olmstead family related. $250-350

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369. Archive of Family Correspondence Related to Bowdoin College and Litchfield Academy, 1820-70, handwritten, approximately 60 items. $200-300 370. Addison L. Clarke (U.S. Consul) Correspondence Archive, 1875-81, twelve items including foreign correspondence, and some business letterhead. $200-300 371. Group of 18th and 19th Century Fairfield Family Related Handwritten Documents, Letters, and Ledgers, Maine, approx. twenty-six items. $200-300 372. Lot of 19th/20th Century Medical Accessories, Ephemera, and Collectibles. $200-300 373. Approximately 1000 Early 20th Century Massachusetts Postcards, including Boston, Revere Beach, Haverhill area, Cape Cod and the islands, and a set of “Paul Revere’s Ride” postcards. $300-500 374. Approximately 600 Early 20th Century New Hampshire Postcards and Thirty Assorted Shaker Communities Postcards, including Hampton Beach, White Mountains, Manchester Fire Dept. wagons, some photographic, etc. $300-500 375. Approximately 500 Mostly Early 20th Century Maine Postcards, including beach and coastal. $250-350 376. Lot of Contemporary and Vintage Christmas Decorations. $200-300 377. Two Late Victorian Portrait Photograph Cabinet Card Albums, one with assorted images and one containing images of young women. $100-150


377A. Large Lot of Assorted 1960s-70s Collector Gum Cards, TV, movie, political, hollywood, super hero, Beatles, etc., thirty-six boxes and loose cards. $250-350 377B. Late Victorian Album of 19th and Early 20th Century Portrait Photographs and Approximately Twenty-seven Loose Photographs, the album with mostly tintypes, cabinet, and carte-de-visite. $200-300 377C. Kliegel Bros. Electric Keg Stage Lamp with Mazda Bulb. $75-100 378. The Avengers, No. 11-30, Marvel Comics, 1964-66. $300-500 379. The X-Men, Marvel Comics, 1965-68, no. 12, 20, 22-25, and 50. $200-300 380. The Avengers, No. 31-52, 54-60, Marvel Comics, 1966-68. $200-300 381. Brass Monocular Compound Microscope, late 19th/early 20th century, with draw tube coarse focusing, pillar-mounted fine focusing, square stage with clips and circular aperture with interchangeable holes, brass plano/ concave mirror below, U-foot, in box with aperture attachments, additional eyepiece and objectives, and apparently unrelated condensing lens, ht. closed 10 1/2 in. $100-150 382. Four Autographed 1975 Montreux Jazz Festival Posters, two Pablo Records Ella Fitzgerald, an Oscar Peterson, and a festival poster signed by Louis Bellson, Norman Granz, Toots Thielemans, Oscar Peterson, and Joe Pass, unframed. $300-500 383. Four Framed Movie Star Photos, c. 1930, signed Lon Chaney as a clown, with Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino, and Mary Pickford printed signatures. $300-500

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384. Ben Hur Movie Poster, 1960, MGM, U.S., half-sheet, unframed. $200-300 385. The Hustler Movie Poster, 1961, 20th Century-Fox, U.S., half-sheet, unframed. $200-300 386. Early 20th Century Ink and Gouache on Paperboard View of a Worcester, Massachusetts, Factory, signed “Francis Norris, Worcester, Mass.” l.l., framed, overall 26 3/4 x 53 1/2 in. $200-300 387. Two World War II Era Correspondence Scrapbooks, Massachusetts families Bagley and Bury. $100-150 387A. Ten Assorted 1980s U.S. Movie Posters, mostly one-sheet, Dreamer, That’s Entertainment Too!, My Favorite Year, Kiss Me Kill Me, Ragtime, Safari 3000, and Tuff Turf, with some duplicates. $100-150 388. 198 Early 20th Century Christmas Postcards, including embossed, automobile, zeppelin, etc. $300-500 389. Forty Early 20th Century Smoking-theme Postcards, including holidays and valentine. $75-100 390. Lot of 1960s and 1970s U.S. Stamps, including U.S. space program first day covers, Bicentennial first day covers with coins, and an album of related stamps. $250-350 391. Group of 18th and 19th Century Maritime Ephemera, Notebooks, and Documents, including grave, ledgers, receipts, etc., approx. 80 items. $250-350 392. Five Bound 18th and 19th Century Ledgers and Journals, including Boston and New York, and medical. $300-500

393. The Avengers, Marvel Comics, 1968-72, no. 61-66, 68, 69, 71, 73-75, 78-81, 83-84, 86-88, and 90-100. $200-300

401. Six 18th and Early 19th Century New England Handwritten Letters, a Ledger, and Accounting Items. $100-150

394. House of Secrets, No. 92 and Swamp Thing, No. 1-10, DC Comics, 1971-74, including two no. 7. $200-300

402. Eleven Assorted Handwritten Correspondence Items, U.S. and British, 1700-1852, with period postal stamps. $100-150

395. The X-Men, Marvel Comics, 1975-81, no. 94-114, 116-127, 131-143, including duplicates no. 119, 121, 127, 136, 137, 139, 140, 143, six copies no. 134. $300-500

403. Collection of Bronze Age Comic Books, Marvel Comics and DC, including Daredevil, Wonder Woman, Star Wars, Nova, Master of Kung Fu, Incredible Hulk, Tarzan, Swamp Thing, Avengers, Spider-Man, Justice League of America, Flash, and Green Lantern, approximately 750. $300-500

396. Fourteen Assorted U.S. Presidential Related Notes, Invitations, and Ephemera, including Hoover, Eisenhower, and Nixon administrations. $100-150 397. Civil War Era Hudson River Institute Girl’s Cut Photograph with Handwritten Sentiment “Leaves of Affection” Album, including a photograph and entry by Black Union soldier, James Melius of the 159th Regt., N.Y.S.V. $200-300 397A. Three Boxes of Masonic Books and Magazines, including two editions of Mackey’s Revised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, several editions of Gould’s History of Freemasonry, Life magazine, and others. $150-250 398. Group of Gentleman’s Masonic-theme Personal Items, including cuff links, pins, tie clips, belt buckles, and trowels, some engraved. $200-400 399. Large Group of Assorted Masonic Paraphernalia, including framed certificates, presentation plaques, paperweights, glassware, playing cards, and other items. $150-250 400. Approximately Fifty Masonic Medals and Pins, late 19th and early 20th century, mounted in five trays. $300-500

404. Approximately 214 Silver Age and Bronze Age Archie and Archie-related Comic Books, including Betty and Veronica, Pep, Jughead, Betty and Me, Archie and Me, Katy Keene, etc., with fifty-eight Archie Digest Library books. $75-100 405. Three Silver Age The Amazing Spider-Man, No. 2, 4, and 6, Marvel Comics, 1963. $300-500 406. Five Civil War Era C. Magnus Illustrated Abraham Lincoln/Patriotic Envelopes. $250-350 407. Twenty-seven Mostly C. Magnus Illustrated Civil War Scene and Bird’s-eye View Envelopes. $300-400 407A. Three Late 19th/Early 20th Century Lithograph Actress Posters and Two Theater Production Posters, including May Howard in “Natural Gas,” “Katherine Rober Co.,” “Girls will be Girls,” and “A Texas Steer,” to 42 x 28 in. $500-700 407B. Three Late 19th/Early 20th Century Lithograph Theater Posters, actor “Mr. James O’Neill,” “The Eleventh Hour,” and “A Texas Steer,” to 42 x 28 in. $150-200

408. Approximately 300 Silver Age Gold Key Comics, including Tarzan, Magnus Robot Fighter, The Phantom, Space Family Robinson, Korak Son of Tarzan, television, and children’s, with some Classics Illustrated. $200-300 409. Forty-nine Silver Age Journey Into Mystery Starring The Mighty Thor, Marvel Comics, 1962-66, issue range no. 86-125, and King Size no. 1, with duplicates. $300-500 410. Twenty-eight Silver Age Journey Into Mystery Starring The Mighty Thor, and Forty-seven Silver Age The Mighty Thor, Marvel Comics, 1962-71, issue range no. 87-123 and no. 126-185, King Size 1-3, respectively, with duplicates. $200-300 411. Archive of Correspondence of Rev. John Jarvis, 1819-49, ten items, with some period postage stamps. $200-300 412. Sixteen Mostly C. Magnus Illustrated Patriotic Envelopes. $150-200 413. Masonic Presentation Gavel, includes documentation stating that the head is carved from stone from King Solomon’s quarries, the handle of Lebanese acacia, in a glass-top wooden display case. $150-250 414. Large Group of Masonic Clothing and Textiles, including blazers, neckties, blankets, cordons, aprons, collars, and hats, three framed. $200-400 415. Large Group of Assorted Masonic Ceramic and Glassware, including three Moravian tiles, two gilt-handled trophies, four small Pomerode Leart lidded boxes, plates, toasting glasses, mugs, and other items. $500-700 416. Victor Appleton, Tom Swift Series Books, Grosset & Dunlap, 1923, New York, clothbound, thirty-six titles, with two Better Little Books, Tom Swift titles. $75-100

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417. (Arctic Exploration), Four titles in five volumes, two Grenfell, A Labrador Doctor, 1937, cloth, Forty Years for Labrador, 1932, three-quarter morocco; Muir, Travels in Alaska, Boston and New York, 1915; and Du Chaillu, Paul Belloni (1831-1903), The Land of the Midnight Sun, London, 1881, in two volumes, three-quarter calf. $200-300 417A. (Decorative Bindings), Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (1807-1882), Works, Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1886, eleven volumes, three-quarter morocco, 8vo. $200-400 417B. Decorative Hand-colored World Projection Map after Joannes Jansson, 16 3/4 x 22 in., framed. $250-350 417C. Framed General Robert E. Lee Facsimile 1861 Letter. $10-20 418. WWI Howard Chandler Christy Lithograph GEE! I Wish I Were A Man, I’d Join The Navy Poster, unframed, 41 x 27 in. $200-300 419. Neil Armstrong Autograph Portrait Photograph, in black felt pen, unframed. $300-500 420. Approximately 1000 Brave and Bold Weekly, Dime Novels/Nickel Weeklies, Street & Smith, New York, 1900-10. $800-1,000 421. Approximately 1400 Pluck and Luck, Dime Novels/Nickel Weeklies, Frank Tousey, New York, 1890-1920. $1,000-1,200 422. Approximately 800 Nick Carter Weekly, New Nick Carter Weekly, and Nick Carter Stories, Dime Novels/Nickel Weeklies, Street & Smith, New York, 1890-1910. $700-900 423. Seventeen Silver Age The X-Men, Marvel Comics, 1963-66, no. 2, 4-10, (2) 12, and 14-20. $300-500


424. Thirty-eight Silver Age The X-Men,, Marvel Comics, 1963-69, issue range no. 6-68, with duplicates. $300-500 425. Sixteen Silver Age The Avengers, Marvel Comics, 1963-65, no. 4-12, 14-20. $200-300

430. Cabaret Movie Poster and Two Lucky Lady Promotional Posters, the former 1971, Allied Artists, U.S., half-sheet, the two 20th Century-Fox, unframed. $100-150 431. Psycho Movie Poster, 1960, Paramount, U.S., half-sheet, unframed. $200-300

426. Group of Masonic Shriner’s Fez Hats and Other Items, including seven fez hats, ceramic items, and a cast metal ashtray of a seated man wearing a fez. $200-300

432. Approximately 100 Silver Age Wonder Woman, DC Comics, 1956-69, issue range no. 105 and 81-182, with duplicates. $200-300

427. Masonic Sword and a Group of Approximately Forty-five Masonic Coins and Medallions, the sword with ivory handle. $300-500

433. Sixty-one Silver Age The Avengers, Marvel Comics, 1964-71, issue range no. 6-85, and King Size, no. 4, with duplicates. $200-300

427A. The Women of the Bible, Rev. J.M. Wainwright, D. Appleton & Co., New York, 1849, with hand-colored plates. $75-100

434. Twenty-eight Silver Age Tales of Suspense, and Starring Iron Man and Captain America, Marvel Comics, 1963-65, issue range no. 41-69, with duplicates. $300-500

427B. Four European Hand-colored Maps, three framed, Africa, Dutch Carte de l’Isle de Ceylan and Hodiernae Belgicae Five Germaniae Inferioris Tabula, and unframed La Toscana. $200-300 427C. Set of Forty-seven Red Leather-bound Valpey’s Classics Library, London, 1833. $75-125 427D. Nine Assorted 19th/20th Century Book Titles, including The Decameron of Boccaccio, three volumes, and five leatherbound titles. $75-150 428. Approximately 900 Work and Win Dime Novels/Nickel Weeklies, Frank Tousey, New York, 1900-20. $700-900 429. Approximately 600 Secret Service Dime Novels/Nickel Weeklies, Frank Tousey, New York, 1890-1910. $500-700

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435. Thirty-eight Silver Age Strange Tales, and Starring The Human Torch and Starring Nick Fury Agent of Shield, Marvel Comics, 1962-66, issue range no. 101-140, with duplicates. $300-500 436. Approximately 600 Buffalo Bill Stories and Fifty New Buffalo Bill Weekly Dime Novels/ Nickel Weeklies, Street & Smith, New York, early 20th century. $500-700 437. Approximately 670 Assorted Series Dime Novels/Nickel Weeklies, early 20th century, 550 Wild West Weekly and fifty James Boys Weekly, Frank Tousey, New York; forty Western Weekly and thirty American Indian, Arthur Westbrook, Chicago. $500-700 438. Three Framed Show Business Autographs and a Framed Set of Six Reproduction She Goes To War Lobby Cards, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, and Al Jolson on cards and framed with glossy portrait photographs, also with an autograph of Al St. John. $450-750

439. Three Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker Autograph Items, 1971, two photographs and an autograph certificate. $300-500

445. Approximately 650 Fame and Fortune Weekly Dime Novels/Nickel Weeklies, Frank Tousey, New York, 1900-20. $500-700

440. Unframed Autographed New York Giants Print, Phil Simms, Y.A. Tittle, Mel Hein, Charlie Conerly, Andy Robustelli, Lawrence Taylor, Sam Huff, and Frank Gifford, in pencil, print edition 108/600, 28 x 20 in. $150-200

446. Silver Age Justice League of America, No. 1, DC Comics, 1960. $300-500

441. Framed 1988 Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Andy Warhol Exhibit Poster, sight size 23 x 41 3/4 in. $150-200 442. Grey, Zane (1875-1939), Tales of FreshWater Fishing, New York and London: Harper & Brothers Publishing, 1928, first edition, cloth, 4to, (lacking dust jacket, Harper’s code F-C on copyright page). $200-400 442A. Folio Mittelalter Liche Bildfenster Der Schweiz, Switzerland, 1947. $125-175 442B. Two Framed A. Wilson Hand-colored Ornithological Lithographs, A. Lawson, Great-Footed Hawk and B. Tanner, Snow Owl and Male Sparrow-Hawk, sight sizes 9 x 13 3/4 and 12 3/4 x 10 1/4 in., respectively. $175-275 442C. Ansel Adams Images 1923-1974 and an Artist Initialed Photographic Print, the book New York Graphic Society, Boston, 1981; and reproduction Winter Sunrise Sierra Nevada From Lone Pine California, initialed “AA,” unframed. $75-125 443. Approximately 625 Diamond Dick Jr. Dime Novels/Nickel Weeklies, Street & Smith, New York, 1890-1920. $500-700 444. Approximately 625 The Liberty Boys of ‘76 Dime Novels/Nickel Weeklies, Frank Tousey, New York, 1900-20. $500-700

447. Twenty-nine Silver Age Justice League of America, DC Comics, 1960-64, no. 1-21 and 23-30. $500-700 448. Approximately Sixty-five Silver Age Justice League of America, DC Comics, 1960-69, issue range no. 3-73, with duplicates. $200-300

452. Nine Silver Age Wonder Woman and Sensation Comics, No. 66 DC Comics, 1946-54, no. 16, 20, 23, 58, 64, 66, 68, and (2) 69; no. 66 “starring Wonder Woman.” $200-300 453. Silver Age Brave and The Bold, No. 28, DC Comics, 1960, introduction of the Justice League. $300-500 454. Approximately Sixty-five Silver Age Brave and The Bold, DC Comics, 1958-69, issue range no. 3-85, with duplicates. $200-300 455. Thirty-seven Silver Age The Flash, DC Comics, 1959-64, issue range no. 106-149, with duplicates. $300-500

449. Late Victorian Album of Mostly Chromolithograph Trade Cards, Die-cuts, Calling Cards, Etc. $200-250

456. Pillow Talk Movie Poster, 1959, Universal, U.S., half-sheet, unframed. $200-300

450. Harry Truman Autographed Card and a Norman Rockwell Autographed Card. $100-150

457. The Thin Man Movie Poster, 1962 re-release, MGM, U.S., half-sheet, unframed. $200-300

451. Group of Books, approximately eighteen titles, including travel and exploration titles such as Hartshorne, Japan and her People, Philadelphia, 1902, in two volumes; Cook, England Picturesque and Descriptive, Philadelphia, 1900, in two volumes; together with some botanical titles and some literature. $300-500

458. Group of Bound Dime Novels/Nickel Weeklies, and Magazine Titles, including Gleason’s Companion, Boys and Girls Weekly, and Harper’s Bazaar. $75-100

451A. Collection of Mostly Early 20th Century Library Books, with decorative bindings, some Boston subjects, approximately fortytwo. $200-300 451B. Ten Assorted Library Book Titles, 20th century, in twelve books, clothbound, some cased. $50-100 451C. Six Framed 19th Century European Handcolored Ethnographic Portrait Prints. $400-600

459. Five Mostly Boston Red Sox Related Articles, a Red Sox pennant, watercolor depicting Fenway park, photograph of Fenway Park, a 1957 promotional metal ruler, and vintage child’s book First Book of Baseball. $50-75 460. Two Mettlach Etched Stoneware Steins with Pewter Covers, a one-liter no. 1786 and a no. 930. $150-200 461. Late 19th Century “Expert” Flyfishing Bamboo Rod with Reel, the rod in three parts with brass fittings, the nickel reel impressed “...pat. ‘91,” overall rod lg. 117 1/4, reel dia. 3 1/4 in. $200-400

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462. Approximately 220 Silver Age Blackhawk, DC Comics, 1957-68, issue range no. (2)108, 109, and 110-242, 108 is first DC issue, with duplicates. $300-500

470. Approximately 1000 Tip Top Dime Novels/ Nickel Weeklies, Street & Smith, New York, including Tip Top Library, Quarterly, Weekly, Semi Monthly, and New Weekly. $700-900

463. Approximately Seventy Silver Age The Flash, DC Comics, 1959-71, issue range no. 108-210, with duplicates. $200-300

471. (Nature), four titles in six volumes, Forbush, Edward Howe (1858-1929), Birds of Massachusetts..., [Boston], 1927-29, in three volumes; Holland, W.J., The Moth Book, and The Butterfly Book, both New York, 1905, all green cloth; and Warren, Report on the Birds of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, 1890, threequarter morocco. $200-250

464. Nine Silver Age Aquaman, No. 1, 2, 4-10, DC Comics, 1962-63. $150-200 465. Approximately Forty Silver Age Aquaman, DC Comics, 1962-70, issue range no. 2-49, with duplicates. $150-200 466. Seven 1951-59 Saturday Evening Post Advertising Posters, on foam-core, poster 28 x 22 in. $150-250 467. Set of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Figural Soap Set, c. 1933, Disney Enterprises/Lightfoot Schultz Co., New York, seven with original boxes, (Doc lacking box, some varying wear), approx. dwarf ht. 3 1/2 in. $175-225 468. Group of WWI, WWII, and U.S. Political Collectibles and Ephemera, group of U.S. military buttons and regalia, WWI and WWII ephemera, uniform items, 19th century McKinley Presidential related ephemera, Washington D.C. and other travel ephemera. $75-100 469. Four James M. Curley Items, a commemorative sword with etched blade “Gov. James M. Curley,” and “US,” made by Harding Uniform and Regalia, Boston, a root walking stick and shillelagh, and a commemorative ebonized wood cane with gold-tone handle engraved “June 17, 1916,” and the monogram “JMC.” $700-900


471A. Linda Connor (American, b. 1944) On the Music of the Spheres, 1996, written by Charles Simic, total edition of 350, published The Artists and Writers Series of the Library Fellows of the Whitney Museum of American Art, including fifteen half-tones. Signed and numbered “Charles Simic Linda Connor no. 251” in pencil on the colophon page. Photographs with sheet sizes to 8 5/8 x 10 5/8 in. (21.8 x 27.0 cm), cloth bound. Condition: Good. $75-100 471B. Nineteen Modern Art and Sciencerelated Book and Magazine Titles, Grey’s Anatomy, unabridged Running Press edition, 1974; Omni magazine, special edition “Science and the Soul”; 1993; Psychopathia Sexualis, Krafft-Ebing, 1935, revised edition; Homemade Games, Arthur H. Lawson, 1934; Edward Gorey: The Haunted Tea-Cosy, 1997, The Headless Bust, 1999, Ascending Peculiarity, Edward Gorey on Edward Gorey, Karen Wilkin, editor, Amphigorey Too, and Amphigorey (Fifteen Books); The Clip Art Book, Gerard Quinn; Hali magazine, Issue 111, Islamic Art, July-August 2000; Philip Guston, Robert Storr, Abbeville Modern Masters Series; Jim Dine, Drawing from the Glyptothek, with essays by the artist, Hudson Hills Press; Annette Messager, S. Conkelton and C. Eitel, Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Early Netherlandish and German Painting, Alistair Smith; Sara Hilden Art Museum, Finnish paintings, drawings, and sculpture, in English and Finnish; Mexican Folk Retablos, Gloria Fraser Giffords; Alan Magee, 19811991, The Farnsworth Art Museum; and Thinking Art, Beyond Traditional Aesthetics, Andrew Benjamin and Peter Osborne, editors. $50-100

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471C. Twenty-three Modern Photography Book and Magazine Titles, Susan Sontag: On Photography; In Focus: André Kertész, Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum; Bernd und Hilla Becher, Grundformen, Schirmer’s Visuelle Biliothek; A User’s Guide to the View Camera, Jim Stone; Evidence, Luc Sante; Photographing in the Studio, Gary Kolb; Lorna Simpson: For the Sake of the Viewer; Joel-Peter Witkin, Forty Photographs, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Carol Westwood, Selected Works 1974-1996, signed copy; See magazine, a journal of visual culture, Issue 2:1; Linda Connor, Spiral Journey, (sun fading to cover); Richard Misrach 1979, Grapestake Gallery, San Francisco; Hiroshi Sugimoto: Memories in Black and White, exhibition catalogue, MOCA; Sally Mann, At Twelve, Portraits of Young Women, introduction by Ann Beattie; From Uncertain to Blue, Photographs by Keith Carter, introduction by Horton Foote; POL, Dorte Eissfeldt, Nazraeli Press; Criticizing Photographs, An Introduction to Understanding Images, Terry Barrett; three issues of Blind Spot Photography magazine: No. 2-4, and three issues of Aperture: 125, “Photography as Drawing,” 136, “Metamorphoses: Photography in the Electronic Age,” and 138, “On Location.” $50-100 471D. Seven Modern Golf-related Book Titles, some author signed. $150-250 471E. Framed Autographed “An Evening with dispatch” Concert Poster, Somerville Theatre, Somerville, Ma., July 29, 2004, two signatures in black felt pen, sight size 11 1/4 x 21 in. $150-250 472. Silver Age Showcase, No. 8, DC Comics, 1957, the Silver Age origin of “The Flash.” $300-500 473. Ten Silver Age The Atom, No. 1-10, DC Comics, 1962-64. $150-200 474. Approximately Thirty Silver Age The Atom, DC Comics, 1962-68, issue range no. 1-38, including two no. 1, with other duplicates. $200-300

475. Ten Silver Age Hawkman and Two Brave and The Bold, No. 34, DC Comics, 1961-65, no. 1, (2) 2, (2) 3, 4, 8, 9, and (2) 10, no. 34 is the Silver Age origin of “Hawkman.” $300-500 476. Painted International Mutoscope Reel Co. Counter-top Mutoscope with Reel of Erotic Photographs, 1920s, New York, (later paint), ht. 18, dia. 18 in. $400-600 477. Pace Mfg. Art Deco Painted and Chromeplated Cast Metal Coin-op Standing Floor Scale, c. 1930, Chicago, (wear, plating pitting), ht. 48 in. $150-200 478. Approximately 1000 Tip Top Dime Novels/ Nickel Weeklies, c. 1900, Street & Smith, New York, including Tip Top Weekly, Library, and New Weekly. $700-900 479. Painted Metal Street Car Model, labeled “Palmyra Company,” lg. 18 in. $100-150 480. Approximately 250 1940s-70s Science Fiction Series Paperback Magazines, including Analog Science Fact-Fiction, Avon Fantasy Reader, Fantastic, Fantasy Fiction, Fantastic Universe, Amazing Science Fiction, Galaxy Science Fiction, Astounding Science Fiction, Fantasy & Science Fiction, with a group of related 1960s magazines. $200-300 481. Framed Reproduction 1777 A Plan of Boston in New England with its Environs Map, in an ebonized wood frame, overall 44 3/4 x 30 3/4 in. $75-100 482. Six Modern Soviet-era Russian Posters. $100-150 483. Twenty Silver Age Hawkman, and Six Brave and The Bold, DC Comics, 1961-68, issue range no. 2-26; and no. 34, (3) 36, 42, and 44, respectively. $150-200

484. Three Silver Age Showcase, No. 8, 13, and 14, DC Comics, 1957-58. $300-500 485. Four Silver Age Showcase, No. 22, 23, and 24, DC Comics, 1959-60, Silver Age origin of the “Green Lantern,” with duplicate no. 24. $300-500 486. Approximately Ninety Silver Age House of Secrets and 120 Silver Age House of Mystery, DC Comics, 1954-70, issue range no. 1-9 to 84; and issue range no. 29-183, with duplicates. $300-500 487. Stanley, Henry Morton, Sir (1841-1904), How I Found Livingstone, New York: Scribner, Armstrong & Co., 1872, first American edition, pictorial cloth, 8vo, (frontis map fragmentary). $75-100 487A. Richard Meryman, Andrew Wyeth, second printing, Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston. $100-150 487B. Five Assorted 19th/20th Century Book Titles, James McNeill Whistler, Ten O’Clock; John T. Moore, Tom’s Last Forage, signed; William Allingham, Flower Pieces, signed; W. & A.K. Johnston, The half-Crown Historical Atlas; and G.R. Agassiz, Letters and Recollections of Alexander Agassiz. $50-75 487C. Set of Three The Dictionary of English Furniture, Percy MacQuoid and Ralph Edwards, Country Life, London, Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1924, clothbound, vol. 1-III. Provenance: Helen Janssen Wetzel, purchased at Sotheby’s, August 1980. $300-500 488. Approximately 440 Detective Dime Novels/ Nickel Weeklies, c. 1900, Frank Tousey, New York, Detective Library, New York Detective Library, and Young Sleuth Library; Munros Publishing, New York, Old Cap Collier Library. $300-500

489. Group of Approximately 250 Silver and Bronze Age Comic Books, DC and Marvel Comics, including Justice League of America, Superman, Captain America, Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, and Green Lantern. $200-300 490. Approximately 150 Silver and Bronze Age DC Superboy Comics. $150-250 491. Collection of Unused Lithographic Paper Doll Parts, in two boxes. $50-75 492. Salem Witchcraft, Charles W. Upham, Wiggin and Lunt, Boston, 1867, vol. I and II, clothbound. $150-200 493. Five Silver Age Showcase, No. 22, 23, and 24, DC Comics, 1959-60, Silver Age origin of the “Green Lantern,” with duplicate no. 23 and 24. $300-500 494. Twelve Silver Age Showcase, DC Comics, 1961-62, no. 30-36, Silver Age origin of “Aquaman” and “The Atom,” with (3) 32, (2) 34, (2) 35, and (2) 36. $300-500 495. Eighteen Silver Age Green Lantern, DC Comics, 1961-62, no. 2, 3, 4, and 7-20, with duplicate no. 13. $200-300 496. Thirty-two Assorted Art Reference Books, including seventeen European and Old Master subject and fifteen Modern artist subjects. $300-500 496A. Set of Four History of English Furniture, Percy MacQuoid, T. & A. Constable, Edinburgh, 1904-05, with hand-colored plates, leather-bound. $300-500 496B. Large Collection of Miscellaneous Book Titles, 1900-50, mostly fiction, some decorative bindings, in thirty boxes. $300-500

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496C. Mickey Mouse The Pop-Up Silly Symphonies, Blue Ribbon Books, New York, 1933. $200-300 497. Group of Documents and Assorted Collectibles, including 19th century documents, vintage postcards, and playing cards, and a small collection of U.S. and foreign postage stamps. $200-300 498. Approximately Fifty-five Silver Age Green Lantern, DC Comics, 1960-69, issue range no. 2-73, with duplicates. $200-300 499. Approximately 100 Silver Age Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane, DC Comics, 1959-69, issue range no. 11-96, with duplicates. $150-200 500. Approximately 140 Silver Age Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen, DC Comics, 1955-69, issue range no. 7, 8, 9-118, with duplicates. $200-300 501. (Fine Art), Panofsky, Erwin (1892-1968), Early Netherlandish Painting, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1953, in two volumes, cloth with dust jacket, folio. $200-300 501A. The Pop-Up Pinocchio, illustrated by Harold Lentz, Blue Ribbon Books, New York, 1932. $200-300 501B. Twenty-one Children’s Vintage and Modern Pop-up Books and Fifteen Other Children’s Books. $200-300 501C. Tony Sarg Illustrated Books, Tony Sarg’s Treasure Book, B.F. Jay Co., New York, 1942; and The Talking Dolls, by G.R. Mills and Zaida Nelson. $200-300 502. Approximately 125 Silver and Bronze Age DC World’s Finest Comics. $150-200


503. Approximately 150 Silver and Bronze Age Comics, Marvel, DC, and other publishers, including Flash, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Dare-devil, Superman, Batman, etc. $200-250 504. Approximately 300 Silver and Bronze Age DC Comics, including Superman, Flash, Batman, Justice League of America, Action Comics, Atom, etc. $400-600 505. Approximately 440 Assorted Dime Novels/ Nickel Weeklies Titles, c. 1900, including Street & Smith, Log Cabin Library; Frank Tousey, 60 Frank Reade Library, and 230 Boys Star Library; 90 Nickel Library; and 10 Peterson’s Magazine; with others. $300-500 506. (Fine Art and Fine Press), ten titles, including two Verner, Elizabeth O’Neill (Prints and Impressions of Charleston, 1945, and Other Places, 1946, signed); two Morrow, Elizabeth: Beast, Bird and Fish, 1933, and The Painted Pig, 1930, both with dust jackets; Bliss, Douglas Percy, A History of Wood-Engraving, 1928; and four others. $200-400 507. (Wyeth, Andrew (1917–2009)), Meryman, Richard, Andrew Wyeth, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1968, cloth with dust jacket, oblong 4to. $150-200 508. Twenty-two Silver Age Detective Comics, DC Comics, 1951-59, no. 178, 229, 231, (2) 237, 241, 242, 244, 245, 248, 250, 253, 254, 258, 260-262, 265-267, and (2) 268. $300-500 509. Approximately 140 Silver Age Detective Comics, DC Comics, 1959-69, issue range no. 270-391, with duplicates. $300-500 510. Seventeen Silver Age Adventure Comics, DC Comics, 1948-56, no. 112, 125, (2) 171, 172, 173, 175, 176, 198, 205, (2) 214, 217, (2) 222, 226, and 229. $200-300 511. Thirty-seven Assorted 19th and 20th Century Book Titles, including youth, E.B. White, and a small set. $50-75

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512. Picasso, Fifteen Drawings, Pantheon, 1946, portfolio, with fifteen plates. $100-150 513. Approximately 725 All Beadles Library Dime Novels/Nickel Weeklies, c. 1900, Beadles & Adams, New York, including 400 Half Dime Library; forty Boys Library; twentyfive Pocket Library; ten Monthly Library; and 250 Dime Library. $500-700 514. Approximately Seventy Assorted 191060s Magazines, including Blue Book, Dime Sports, Everybody’s Magazine, Liberty, Ghost Stories, Bill Barnes Air Trail, MAD, and others. $100-150 515. Six Bound Sets and Assorted Loose Dime Novels/Nickel Weekly Titles, 1877-1900, including The Boys of New York, The Young Men of America, The Boys of England, and Wide Awake Library. $150-200 516. (Monroe, Marilyn (1926-1962), (Eros), Eros, New York, 1962, edited by Ralph Ginzburg, Volume 1, Numbers 1-4 (all published), original pictorial boards, 4to. $200-250 517. (Decorative Bindings), including: The Poetical Works of Robert Southey, London, c. 1837-38, ten volumes, gilt tooled blue calf; Letters from the Marchioness de Sevigne, London, 1801, seven volumes, calf; and The Works of Mrs. Chapone, Edinburgh, 1807, tree calf; all 8vo. $400-600 518. Approximately 160 Silver Age Adventure Comics, DC Comics, 1956-69, issue range no. 230-383, with duplicates. $300-500 519. Sixteen Silver Age Superboy, DC Comics, 1951-57, no. 15, 17, (3) 20, 23, 40, 47, 50, 51, (2) 52, 53, 56, 58, and 60. $200-300 520. Approximately 160 Silver Age Superboy, DC Comics, 1957-70, issue range 60-167, with duplicates. $300-500

521. Three Book Titles in Five Volumes, More, Hannah, Hints Towards Forming the Character of a Young Princess, London, 1805, in two volumes, three-quarter calf, 8vo; Aikin, Geographical Delineations, London, 1806, in two volumes, three-quarter calf, 8vo; and The Voyage of Commodore Anson Round the World, Dublin, late 18th century, with four plates, calf, 12mo. $250-350 522. (Decorative Bindings), including: Byron, George Gordon Noel, Lord (1788-182), Works, London: John Murray, 1832-33, fifteen of seventeen volumes, three-quarter blue morocco, 8vo; Morley, Christopher (18901957), Works, London: Macmillan and Co., 1907, twelve volumes, three-quarter green morocco, 8vo. $400-600 523. Approximately 680 Assorted Dime Novels/ Nickel Weeklies, c. 1900, including Frank Tousey, New York, 300 Wide Awake Weekly; and 175 Wide Awake Library; Winner Library, New York, 125 Bowery Boys Library and eighty Mighty & Main Library. $400-600 524. Small Group of 20th Century American Political Ephemera and Collectibles, including signed John Kennedy, Dean Rusk, Stewart Udall, and others, photos, ephemera, etc., ten items total. $75-125 525. Louis Armstrong Autographed Concert Program, in blue ink, from a concert October 26, 1963 at Sharon High School, Massachusetts, with two photocopies of photographs from the concert. $200-300 526. Approximately 140 Silver Age World’s Finest, DC Comics, 1956-70, issue range no. 83-191, with duplicates. $300-500 527. Twelve Silver Age Superman, and Two Superman Annual No. 1, DC Comics, 194659, no. 41, 47, 88, 91, 96, 113, (2) 122, 127, 128, and (2) 129. $300-500 527A. After Maxfield Parrish, New Hampshire, The Winter Paradise Poster, New Hampshire State Planning and Development Commission, unframed, 30 x 21 in. $500-700

528. Approximately 170 Silver Age Superman, DC Comics, 1959-70, issue range no. 132223, with duplicates. $300-500

536. Approximately 130 Silver Age Batman, DC Comics, 1962-70, issue range no. 150-219, with duplicates. $300-500

529. Nine Silver Age Action Comics, DC Comics, 1951-54, no. (2) 162, 164, 165, 167, 168, 170, 172, and 196. $200-300

537. Approximately 100 Silver Age Batman, DC Comics, 1956-62, issue range no. 101-149, with duplicates. $700-900

530. (Decorative Bindings), Cowper, William (1731-1800), Works, London: Baldwin and Cradock, 1836, edited by Robert Southey, in fifteen volumes, gilt tooled tan calf, 8vo, (board detached). $300-500 531. Nicolay, John George (1832-1901), and Hay, John Milton (1838-1905), Abraham Lincoln: A History, New York: The Century Co., 1914, Volumes I-X, and Abraham Lincoln: Complete Works, 1907, in two volumes, (12 volumes total), uniformly bound in gilt-tooled crushed red morocco, 8vo. $400-600 532. Group of Baltimore-related Maps, Prints, and Ephemera, three street maps (one by Colton), and map showing the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, five plates of Baltimore from William Cullen Bryant’s Picturesque America (two trimmed, one hand-colored), nine bookplates of scenic views of the city and environs (three hand-colored), and five periodical sheets concerning Baltimore, (all unframed). $200-300 533. Approximately 640 Assorted Dime Novels/ Nickel Weeklies Titles, c. 1900, including Frank Tousey, New York, 130 Three Chums; 150 Snaps, eighty Frank Reade Weekly, sixty Frank Manley’s Weekly, and eighty Young Athletes Weekly; Streeter & Smith, New York, thirty Motor Stories, seventy Comrades; and forty other titles. $400-600 534. Approximately 200 Stereocards with a Viewer and a Large Assortment of Late 19th/Early 20th Century Photographs, mostly U.S. stereoviews, other photos include portrait cabinet cards and groups, etc. $200-400 535. Approximately 220 Silver Age Action Comics, DC Comics, 1956-70, issue range no. 214-384. $600-800

538. Ten Silver Age Batman, DC Comics, 195155, no. 62, 63, 67, 68, 75, 79, 91-93, and 95. $300-500 539. Approximately 850 Silver Age DC Comics, including Sea Devils, Rip Hunter Timemaster, Doom Patrol, Tomahawk, Challengers of the Unknown, Mystery in Space, Metal Men, Boy Commandos, no. 36, Showcase Aquaman, no. 32, Doctor Fate, no. 55, and Real Fact, no. 8. $700-900 540. Approximately 885 Assorted Dime Novels/ Nickel Weeklies, c. 1900, including partial sets of Young Rover Library, Red Raven Library, Blue & Gray Weekly, Young Glory, Shield Weekly, True Blue, Do and Dare, Rough Rider and Young Rough Rider, Handsome Harry, All Around, Klondike Kit, and Young Klondike Kit. $600-800 541. Nine Small Maps of Germany.


542. New England and Canadian Maps and Prints, a French 18th-century 4to map Carte de la Nouvelle Angleterre, Nouvelle York, Nouvelle Jersey et Pensilvanie, five small black and white bookplate prints of New England town scenes (matted), and a U.S.F.C. Commission machine-made map of Canada, Location of Weirs and Passamaquoddy Bay, (all unframed). $75-125 542A. Four Charles Dana Gibson Illustration Books, The Best of Charles Dana Gibson, Woody Gelman, Bounty, 1969; The Gibson Book I and II, Charles Scribner’s Sons, R.H. Russell, New York, 1906; and London As Seen By Charles Dana Gibson, Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1897, boxed. $200-300

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542B. Twenty-eight Frank L. Baum Oz Books and Five Other Titles, with collector related books, ephemera, etc. $250-350 542C. Seventy-three Leo Edwards Book Titles, including thirty Jerry Todd’s; seven Andy Blake’s; twenty-one Poppy Ott; six Trigger Bing; four Tuffy Bean; and five other titles. $50-75 543. Collection Celebrity, Notables, and Entertainer Autographs, including Frank Sinatra, Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Duane Eddy, Dale Hawkins, Robert Goulet, Peter Ustinov, Charlton Heston, Joan Blondell, Hume Cronyn, Andy Griffith, etc., on loose articles and related ephemera, and written and cut in an autograph book. $300-500 544. Ninety-two Old Sleuth’s Own, and Eightyfive Old Sleuth and Old Sleuth Weekly, J. S. Ogilvie, New York, late 19th/early 20th century; and Arthur Westerbrook Co., Cleveland, early 20th century, respectively. $100-150 545. Approximately 750 Silver Age Dell Comics, including Little Lulu, television, cartoons, Disney, Lassie, Tarzan, Roy Rogers, Pogo, and The Beatles. $500-700 546. Approximately 175 Silver Age Archie and Related Comics, including Laugh, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica. $150-200 547. Approximately 109 Silver Age Comics, 1959-62, twenty-four Journey into Mystery, issue range no. 56-80, with duplicates; thirty Tales to Astonish, issue range no. 1-39, with duplicates; twenty-six Tales of Suspense, issue range no. 1-37, with duplicates; seventeen Strange Tales, issue range no. 72-99, with duplicates; five Amazing Adventures, no. 3, 4, (2 )5, and 6; and seven Amazing Fantasy, no. (2) 7-9, and (3) 13, with duplicates. $200-300 548. Twenty-two EC Comics and Ten EH, EC Comics, 1954-55, fourteen MAD, no. 11-16, (2) 17, 18, 19, (2) 20, 21 and 23; eight PANIC, no. 2-5, (2) 7, 8, and 10; ten EH, Charlton, 1953-54, no. 1, (2) 2, (3) 3, (2) 4, 5, and 6. $300-500


549. Thirty-seven Various EC Comics, 1950s, Weird Science-Fantasy, no. 26-29; Tales From The Crypt, no. 44; Crypt of Terror, no. 17; Weird Science, no. 16; Crime Suspense Stories, no. 7, 10, 14, and (2) 22; Valor, no. (2) 1 and 2; Extra, no. 1 and 4; Impact, no. (3) 1 and 2; Panic, no. 11; MD, no. 1; Psychoanalysis, no. 1; Piracy, no. 1-3; TwoFisted Tales, no. 40; Aces High, no. 1 and (2) 2; War Against Crime, no. 2, 5, and 8-10; and Crime Patrol, no. 9. $500-700 550. Framed Belgian Walt Disney Saludos Amigos et Dumbo Movie Poster, mid-20th century, framed, sight size 20 1/2 x 13 1/2 in. $200-300 551. Approximately 750 Dime Novels, c. 1900, including Buffalo Bill Novels, Boys Own Library, Sexton Blake, Dick Turpin Library, Bound-to-Win Library, Nelson Lee Library, Frank James and His Brother Jesse, Jesse James, James Boys, Deadwood Dick, Beadle’s Frontier Series, Boy’s Best Weekly, Football & Sports Library, New Medal Library, etc. $300-500 552. Approximately 300 1930s-40s Detective and Mystery Pulp Magazines, including Detective Story, Speed Detective, Spicy Mystery, Speed Mystery, Private Detective, Hollywood detective, Super Detective, Strange Detective, Detective Classics, Triple Detective, Double Detective, Phantom Detective, Shock, Black Book Detective, G-Men, Ace-High Detective, Scotland Yard, Romantic Detective, Thrilling, Mammoth, and more. $200-300 553. Group of Rhode Island-related Books, 19th and 20th century, comprising various titles regarding the history of Rhode Island, and notables from that state, (two boxes). Provenance: Estate of N. David Scotti, Providence, Rhode Island. $200-300 554. Large Group of Assorted Books, 19th and 20th century, mainly history titles, with some literature, and a few decorative bindings, some ex-library or historical society, (in three boxes). Provenance: Estate of N. David Scotti, Providence, Rhode Island. $300-500

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555. U.S. Springfield Model 1873 Walnut Percussion Rifle, lg. 51 3/4 in. $250-350 556. (Exploration), six titles in seven volumes, The History of Don Francisco de Miranda’s... Revolution in South America, Boston, 1810; Travels in the Marquis de Chastellux, New York, 1828; A View of South-America and Mexico, New York, 1825; Reynolds, Voyage of the United States Frigate Potomac, New York, 1835; Marcy, Thirty Years of Army Life on the Potomac, New York, 1866, possibly mounted with a cartede-visite of the author; and two others. $300-500 557. (American History), four titles in five volumes, Minot, Continuation of the History of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, Boston, 1798, in two volumes; Mease, The Picture of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, 1811, tree calf, with folding view; Thatcher, Benjamin, A Retrospect of the Boston Tea-Party, New York, 1834, possibly inscribed from the author; A History of Harvard University, Cambridge, 1833; all 8vo. $200-400 557A. Five Charles Dana Gibson Book Titles, Drawings, Life Publishing, 1894; Pictures of People, signed, no. 378/500, in cloth box, R.H. Russell, New York, 1896; Sketches and Cartoons, signed, no. 230/250, cloth box, R.H. Russell, New York, 1898; The Education of Mr. Pipp, signed, no. 236/250, cloth box, R.H. Russell, New York, 1899; and Americans, boxed, R.H. Russell, New York, 1900. $200-300 557B. Twenty-three Edgar Rice Burroughs Book Titles, including ten Tarzan published by McClurg, Grosset & Dunlap, and Burt, and thirteen miscellaneous titles. $50-75 557C. Thirty-three Edward Gorey and Related Book Titles and Ephemera. $150-200 557D. Walnut Framed 1909 Daniel Webster Portrait Print, signed “Schneider” l.r., sight size 17 x 13 1/2 in. $75-100

558. Approximately 575 1920s-50s Science Fiction Pulp Magazines, including 118 Weird Tales, 143 Amazing Stories, and varying sets of Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Startling Stories, Thrilling Wonder Stories, Science Fiction Quarterly, Marvel Science Stories, Super Science Stories, Fantastic Adventure, Fantastic Novels, Astounding Science Fiction, Fantastic Adventure, Wonder Stories, Planet Stories, Unknown Worlds, Captain Future, etc. $300-500 559. Two 1954 Marilyn Monroe Pin-up Calendar Salesman Samples, Champion Product Line, unframed, approx. 24 x 11 in. $300-400 560. The Argosy and The Golden Argosy, the former Frank H. Munsey & Co., New York, 1893-94, bound; and E.G. Rideout & Co., New York, five bound sets 1882-83, 1887-88, 1893, 1891-92, and 1891. $150-200 561. (Gardens, American), Lockwood, Alice G. B., Gardens of Colony and State, [New York]: Garden Club of America, 1931-34, two volumes, cloth, folio. $150-250 562. (Architecture and Design), five titles in eight volumes, Forster, Ernest, Monuments D’Architecture, Paris, c. 1859, four volumes, folio; Bouchet, Compositions Antiques, Paris, Deuxieme Edition, oblong folio; and three others. $200-400 563. Approximately 130 1917-50s Action and Adventure Pulp Magazines, including Adventure, Doc Savage, Spicy Adventure Stories, Pete Rice, Speed Adventure, Jungle Stories, Argosy, Argosy All-Story Weekly, All-Story Weekly, American Pioneer, The Shadow, Terror Tales, Horror Stories, Strange Stories, and others. $100-150 564. Bound Set of Golden Days, and Golden Hours, with Loose Issues of The Golden Weekly Dime Novels/Nickel Weeklies, seven volumes Golden Days, Frank Tousey, New York, 1886-93, clothbound; two volumes Golden Hours, Norman L. Munro, New York, 1902-03; and The Golden Weekly, Frank Tousey, New York, 1889-92. $150-200

565. Group of 19th and 20th Century Ephemera and Collectibles, a small WWII Japanese flag with enameled and other metal pins, assorted pinback buttons, foreign currency, a U.S. 1914 series $5 bill, WWII ration books, and an 1808 British handwritten indenture/ document on vellum, pertaining to “Charles Culverhouse.” $200-325

566. (Mather, Cotton), Holmes, Thomas James, Cotton Mather: A Bibliography, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1940, in three volumes, limited edition of 500, half morocco, 4to, (good, with minor toning). $150-250

567. (American History, Central Pacific), Ward, Ralph Gerard, American Activities in the Central Pacific 1790-1870, Ridgewood, New Jersey: The Gregg Press, 1966-67, eight volumes, cloth, volume one in slipcase with folding maps as issued. $100-200

568. Collection of 1930s-40s Hollywood Movie Star Memorabilia with Other Collectibles and Ephemera, including a scrapbook, loose publicity photos, a Lindbergh photograph, a scrapbook of children’s images, and a small Davidson landscape photo. $150-250

569. Bound Set of Aldine Cheerful Library, vol. 1-17, 19, 20, 22-32, including issues no. 1-822, clothbound, thirty total. $300-500

570. Late 19th Century Chromolithograph Scrap Album, containing trade cards, die-cuts, tobacco cards, etc. $150-300

571. (Photography), Shirakawa, Yoshikazu, Himalayas, New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., [1971], with introduction by Sir Edmund Hillary, cloth, with dust jacket and original folio case. $150-250

572. (Art, Architecture, and Design), eight titles in ten volumes, including Secretan, Catalogue of the Celebrated Collection of Paintings..., Paris, 1889; Gonse, L’Art Gothique, Paris; Bode, The Italian Bronze Statuettes of the Renaissance, London, 1912, Volume III only; Reproductions of Drawings by Old Masters in the British Museum, 1894, Parts II, III, IV only; American Landmarks, Boston, 1893; and three others; folio and 4to, (ex-library, binding/ extremity wear). $400-600 572A. Four Partial Sets of Assorted Book Series Titles, six J.W. Duffield, Bert Wilson; twelve Eustace L. Adams, Andy Lane Story; seventeen Elmer Sherwood, Ted Marsh Series; and six John R. Cooper, Mel Martin Baseball Stories. $75-100 572B. Twenty-six Horatio Alger Jr. Series Paperback Book Titles, c. 1906, Street & Smith, New York. $35-50 572C. Twenty-three V. Appleton Tom Swift Series Books, Grosset & Dunlap, New York, 1911, includes two from 1935 series. $75-100 573. Group of Military and Collectible Medals, Pins, and Regalia, including seven modern medals, six 19th and 20th century commemorative and fraternal medals and pins, approximately nine other pins and regalia articles, a WWII veteran hat with pins, etc. $100-150 573A. Seventeen Framed Bessie Pease and Other Mostly Portrait Prints of Babies, including Love, Becker, and Porter. $175-225 573B. Large Framed Wallace Nutting Handcolored Photograph The Swimming Pool, titled within the image, in original frame, sight size 17 3/4 x 35 3/4 in. $200-300 573C. Five Framed Wallace Nutting Hand-colored Interior Photographs and Two Framed Silhouettes. $200-300

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573D. Four Framed Wallace Nutting Handcolored Landscape Photographs. $100-150 573E. Five Framed Wallace Nutting Hand-colored Photographs Depicting Birch Trees. $150-200 573F. Six Framed Hand-colored Photographs, Three Needlework Samplers, and a Mirror. $150-200 573G. Seven Framed David Davidson Handcolored Landscape Photographs. $200-300 574. Bound Sets of Diamond-Dick Jr. and Frank Reade Dime Novels/Nickel Weeklies, 18921901, clothbound. $150-200 575. Framed Modern Hand-drawn Map Fragments Recounting French Involvement in The American Revolution and Four Robert Dunning Chellis Illustrated Coast of Maine Chart Prints, the four unframed. $200-275 576. Hawthorne, Nathaniel (1804-1864), two titles, Our Old Home: a Series of English Sketches, Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1863, first edition; and Septimius Felton; or the Elixir of Life, Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1872, both cloth, 8vo, (ex-library). $150-250 577. (Travel and Exploration), four titles in five volumes, Heber, Narrative of a Journey through the Upper Provinces of India, Philadelphia, 1829, in two volumes; Page, La Plata, the Argentine Confederation, and Paraguay, New York, 1859; Lempriere, A Tour from Gibraltar, London, 1791, with folding map; Staunton, An Authentic Account of an Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China, Philadelphia, 1799, two volumes in one, (all ex-library). $400-600 578. Collection of 1966 Norman Mailer/ Act IV Theater Material, Provincetown, Massachusetts, a portfolio with eleven printed illustrations, text, etc., and related ephemera and collectibles, one illustration and one program page framed. $200-300


579. Two Framed Wallace Nutting Handcolored Interior Photographs, While I was Musing and Pride, in gilt-oak frames, signed and titled, in gilt-oak frames, images 9 1/2 x 7 1/2 in. $100-150 580. Assembled Bound Set of Happy Days Dime Novels/Nickel Weeklies, Frank Tousey, New York, 1895-1912, seventeen volumes. $300-500 581. (Curley, James Michael (1874-1958), Boston), Dinneen, Joseph F., The Purple Shamrock, New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 1949, first edition, signed on flyleaf by Curley and the author, later buckram, 8vo, (ex-library, some pencil marginalia). $50-75 582. (History), fourteen titles in sixteen volumes, including: Everett, America: or a General Survey..., Philadelphia, 1827; Barnum, The Spy Unmasked, New York, 1828; Walpole, Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of King Richard the Third, London, 1768; Holmes, American Annals, Cambridge, 1805, in two volumes; Grahame, The History of the Rise and Progress of the United States, London, 1827, in two volumes; and nine others; (all ex-library and with binding issues) $400-600 582A. Group of Late 19th Century Titles, including five Oliver Optic Lake Shore Series, Lee and Shepard, Boston, 1897; a Bound Oliver Optic’s Magazine, 1874; 1867 and 1870 Student and Schoolmate; and three bound Our Young Folks, Ticknor & Fields, Boston, 1866. $75-100

584. Hire’s Root Beer Painted Pressed Metal Advertising Sign, c. 1940, `29 1/4 x 47 1/2 in. $100-150 585. Clicquot Club Painted Pressed Metal Bottle Cap-form Sign, Aqua Molded Glass Bottle, Brochure, and a Printed Company Envelope. $200-300 586. Six Bound Sets of Dime Novels/Nickel Weeklies, 1896-1900, including three Red, White, and Blue; Do and Dare; Yankee Doodle; Paul Jones Weekly; and Adventure Weekly, clothbound. $150-200 587. Lot of Dime Novel Round Up and Related Reference and Collector Booklets. $75-100 588. Lot of Three Boxes of Happy Days Dime Novels/Nickel Weeklies, c. 1900, Frank Tousey, New York, loose. $100-150 589. Lot of Coca-Cola Matches, Matchbooks, and Lighters. $100-150 590. Coca-Cola 5-Cent Bottle Vending Machine, Vendorlator Mfg. Co. Fresno, California, c. 1939, serial no. 1050B, original paint, ht. 52, wd. 28 1/2, dp. 26 in. $600-800

582B. Approximately 200 Modern Mystery, Serial, Science Fiction, and Adventure Paperback Book Titles, including Doc Savage, Mike Shayne, Nick Carter, and Kenneth Robeson. $75-100

591. Three Coca-Cola Painted Tin Signs, c. 1940-52, a round display, a bottle-form, and a button, (unused), dia. 13, lg. 16 3/4, and dia. 16 in., respectively. $200-300

582C. Lot of 19th/Early 20th Century Library Books, including twenty-four with decorative leather bindings, and twenty other clothbound. $250-350

592. Eighteen Coca-Cola Twenty-four Aluminum Bottle Carriers, c. 1955, some with straps. $200-300

583. Framed Wallace Nutting Hand-colored Photograph The Swimming Pool, signed and titled, image 15 1/4 x 19 1/4 in. $100-150

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593. Five-part Coca-Cola Painted Metal “Vacation” Festoon, 1960s, with applied theme detail, each 17 3/4 x 14 in. $300-500

594. Two Coca-Cola Metal Coolers, Two Umbrella Stands, and Three Ice Buckets, c. 1970. $100-150 595. Coca-Cola Painted Tin Button Sign, c. 1952, (unused), dia. 24 in. $300-500 596. Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard Verbena Festoon, 1932, with original wrap. $700-900 597. Three Coca-Cola Painted Tin “Enjoy...Ice Cold” Signs and a Coca-Cola Painted Tin “Drink...Things Go Better” Sign, 1960s, (some edge corrosion and loss), the three 20 x 27 3/4, and the latter 27 3/4 x 19 3/4 in. $250-350 597A. Lot of Coca-Cola Black “Educational” Materials, c. 1970, including multiple copies of their “Golden Legacy” history magazine and a number of film/recording kits. $150-175 597B. Large Lot of Mostly Metal Coca-Cola Items, including bottle-form and other key chains, bottle openers, and ice picks. $150-200 597C. Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard “Co-Stars” Mobile and Mechanical “Hostess” Display, 1960s. $150-200 597D. Group of Coca-Cola “Games for Young America” and Other Coca-Cola Games and Toys, 1930s-70s, including Chinese checkers, a dart board, ping pong paddles, a Styrofoam glider, checkers/dominoes/ backgammon, tick-tack-toe, anagrams, ring toss, a jigsaw puzzle, cribbage, chess, etc., many by Milton Bradley. $200-300 597E. Coca-Cola Battery-op Remote Control Star Wars R2D2-style “Cobot” and a 1970 Testors/Sprite Plastic Battery-op Race Car, the former Korea, 1980, car in original box with papers. $50-75

598. Approximately Sixty Coca-Cola Cardboard and Masonite Six-Pack Bottle Carriers, 1940s-70s, some foreign, and three plastic, (some wear, losses, or imperfections). $150-200 599. Lot of Coca-Cola and Vintage Soda Fountain Related Accessories, Hardware, and Parts. $200-300

608. Pair of Coca-Cola Painted Tin “Enjoy... Ice Cold” Signs and a Coca-Cola Painted Tin “Drink...Things Go Better” Sign, 1960s, (some edge corrosion and loss), the pair 20 x 27 3/4, the latter 27 3/4 x 19 3/4 in. $250-350 609. Lot of Coca-Cola Bottling Advertising Program Material, 1930s-70s, (some damage). $200-300

600. Coca-Cola 10-Cent Coin-op Bottle Vending Machine, Vendorlator Mfg. Co., Fresno, California, model VMC 33, serial no. 33-35455, original paint, ht. 52 3/4, wd. 25, dp. 15 1/2 in. $600-800

610. Coca-Cola Octagonal Metal and Reversepainted Glass Neon “Spinner” Advertising Sign, 1950s, with two unused reversepainted glass replacement panels, ht. 18 1/2, wd. 18 1/2 in. $1,500-2,500

601. Three Coca-Cola Painted Metal Signs, c. 1940-52, a round display, a bottle-form, and a button, (unused), dia. 13, lg. 16 3/4, and dia. 16 in., respectively. $200-300

611. Three Coca-Cola Painted Tin Signs, c. 1940-52, a display, a bottle-form, and a button, (unused), dia. 13, lg. 16 3/4, and dia. 16 in., respectively. $200-300

602. Four Coca-Cola Vending Machine and Cooler Binders, (one lacking pages). $150-200

612. Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Foot Power Cast Iron Floor Syphon, Starman Syphon Mfg. Co., Brooklyn, New York, ht. 51 1/2 in. $150-200

603. Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard “Co-Stars” Mobile and Mechanical “Hostess” Display, 1960s. $150-200 604. Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard Verbena Festoon, 1932, with original wrap. $600-800 605. Coca-Cola Painted Tin Button Sign, c. 1952, (unused), dia. 24 in. $300-500 606. Twenty-two Coca-Cola and Canada Dry Painted Wood Bottle Cases, a Large Carrier, and Approximately 160 Painted Glass Coca-Cola Display Bottles, the oversized carrier ht. 10 1/4, lg. 49 1/4, wd. 32 in. $150-200 607. Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard “Co-Stars” Mobile and Mechanical “Hostess” Display, 1960s $150-200

613. Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Cast Iron and Metal Foot Power Crowner and Hand Power Crowner, Crown Cork and Seal Co., Baltimore, with two wire masks, and accessories, ht. 54 1/2 and 24 3/4 in. $150-200 614. Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard Verbena Festoon, 1932, with original wrap. $600-800 615. Coca-Cola Painted Tin Button Sign, c. 1952, (unused), dia. 24 in. $300-500 616. Seven Coca-Cola Metal and Aluminum SixPack and Bottle Carriers, 1950s. $200-300 617. Three Coca-Cola Painted Tin “Enjoy...Ice Cold” Signs and a Coca-Cola Painted Tin “Drink...Things Go Better” Sign, 1960s, (some corrosion and loss), the three 20 x 27 3/4 and the latter 27 3/4 x 19 3/4 in. $250-350

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617A. Lot of Coca-Cola Advertising Copper, Metal, Plastic, and Cardboard Printing Plates, 1940s-60s. $150-200 617B. Five Sets of Coca-Cola Playing Cards, 1943-60, including some in their original boxes. $200-300 617C. Lot of Coca-Cola Inflatable and Plastic Items, including multiple beach balls, globes, and printed plastic bags. $100-150 618. Two Sets of 1930s-50s Coca-Cola Bottler’s Publications with Five Convention Photographs, a set of 1939-58 CocaCola Bottling Co. of Los Angeles Pause Prints and a set of 1930-44 The Coca-Cola Bottler’s Association, Hickory, North Carolina magazine. $200-300 619. Lot of Coca-Cola Vending Machine and Related Parts. $200-300 620. Coca-Cola Coin-op Bottle Vending Machine on Frame, Vendorlator Mfg. Co., Fresno, California, model 27, serial no. 27-4220, ht. 57 1/4, wd. 24 1/4, dp. 18 3/4 in. $600-800 621. Three Coca-Cola Painted Tin Signs, c. 1940-52, a display, a bottle-form, and a button, (unused), dia. 13, lg. 16 3/4, dia. 16 in., respectively. $200-300 622. Lot of 1930s-60s Coca-Cola Vending Machine and Cooler Brochures, Ephemera, Etc., most by vendors/maker and from Bottling. $300-500 623. Two Coca-Cola Metal Coolers, Two Umbrella Stands, and Two Ice Buckets, c. 1970. $100-150 624. Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard Verbena Festoon, 1932, with original wrap. $600-800


625. Coca-Cola Painted Tin Button Sign, c. 1952, (unused), dia. 24 in. $300-500 626. Coca-Cola Painted Canvas Tent-shaped “Refreshment Center” Awning, c. 1950, approx. lg. 65 in. $300-500 627. Large Lot of Coca-Cola Ephemera, Collectibles, Etc., 1940s-70s, including bulk printed material, etc. $200-300 627A. Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard “Co-Stars” Mobile and Mechanical “Hostess” Display, 1960s. $150-200 627B. Approximately Sixty “Enjoy Coca-Cola While You Shop” Bottle Holder Wire and Metal Hanging Baskets for Shopping Carts, c. 1957, (unused). $400-600 627C. Set of Ten Coca-Cola Bottlers Corporation Major League Baseball World Series Films, 1959-68, 16mm. $800-1,200 627D. Lot of Coca-Cola Mostly Plastic Menu Boards, Display Items, and a Large Wall Clock, c. 1970, with some accessories and parts. $150-200 627E. Five Assorted Coca-Cola Bottlers Corporation Films, 1960s-70s, including Tips on Skiing; Sprite, When all the Pieces Fit, the Indianapolis 500; From Where I Sit, (water safety); tennis, and football, 16mm. $150-200 628. Lot of Vintage Coca-Cola Printed Advertising, Display, and Other Paper Articles, including posters, order books, decals, a cooler book, etc. $150-200 629. Large Lot of Coca-Cola Bottling Sales and Sales Promotion Material and Ephemera, 1940-60s. $300-500

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630. Coca-Cola Coin-op Self-Serving Bottle Vendo, Vendo Co., Kansas City, Missouri, in original box, approx. 25 1/2 x 18 1/2 in. $200-300 631. Pair of Coca-Cola Painted Tin Button Signs and a Coca-Cola Painted Tin Bottleform Sign, c. 1952, (unused), dia. 16 and lg. 16 3/4 in., respectively. $300-500 632. Group of Vintage Coca-Cola Paper Articles, approximately thirty-five “The Pause that Refreshes” poster blanks, a 1957 cardboard Christmas poster, and a 1960s “Ice Cold” hanger display card. $200-300 633. Illuminated Frozen Coca-Cola Countertop Display and Two Sprite Counter-top Displays, 1960s, with four extra plastic “Frozen” inserts, one display still boxed. $150-200 634. Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard Verbena Festoon, 1932, with original wrap. $600-800 635. Coca-Cola Painted Tin Button Sign, c. 1952, (unused), dia. 24 in. $300-500 636. Coca-Cola Painted Canvas “Refreshment Center” Awning, c. 1950, with iron supports, ht. 24 1/2, lg. 55 1/4 in. $250-350 637. Group of Coca-Cola Cardboard Display Items, Posters, and Decals, 1960s-70s, including mechanical “Hostess” display and parts, Anita Bryant stand-up, etc. $150-200 637A. Approximately Five Sets of Coca-Cola Playing Cards, 1943-70s, including some in their original boxes, and other partial sets. $200-300 637B. Five Sets of Coca-Cola Playing Cards, 1943-60s, including some in their original boxes. $200-300

638. Six Coca-Cola Plastic Wall Clocks and a Three Coca-Cola Vintage-style Plastic Portrait Wall Plaques. $150-200 639. Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard State Tree Backbar Display, 1950s, with original wrap. $200-300 640. Coca-Cola Coin-op Top-serving Bottle Vending Machine, Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co. Springfield, Massachusetts, model “...-18919,” serial no. 4421934, on wheels, overall ht. 40 1/2, wd. 36 3/4, dp. 26 in. $600-800 641. Pair of Coca-Cola Painted Tin Button Signs, c. 1952, (unused), dia. 16 in. $200-300 642. Coca-Cola Painted Metal and Iron Retail Floor Standing Carton Display Rack, c. 1938, ht. 60 1/4 in. $300-500 643. Eight Coca-Cola Plastic Wall Clocks and a Set of Four Plastic Framed Vintage-style Portraits. $150-200 644. Coca-Cola Illuminated Wall Clock, 1960s. $200-300 645. Pair of Coca-Cola Painted Tin Button Signs, c. 1952, dia. 24 in. $600-800 646. Coca-Cola Painted Canvas “Refreshment Center” Awning, c. 1950, with iron supports, ht. 24, lg. 54 1/4 in. $250-350 647. Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard State Tree Backbar Display, 1950s, with original wrap. $200-300 647A. Eight Coca-Cola Bottlers Corporation Sales and Promotional Movies, 1950s70s, Always Tomorrow, The Portrait of an American Business; Why Doesn’t Somebody Sell Me; Man of the Hour; This is My Friend and I’ll Be Seeing You; a Telly Savalas promo; ecology, travelogue, etc. $200-300

647B. Lot of Coca-Cola Mostly Plastic Menu Boards, Display Items, and a Large Wall Clock, c. 1970, with some accessories and parts. $150-200 647C. Two Coca-Cola Plastic Wall Thermometers and a Sprite Plastic Wall Thermometer, c. 1970, (one with cracked top cover). $50-75 647D. Lot of Assorted Coca-Cola Display and Signage Elements, Parts, and Decals, 1950-70s. $100-150 647E. Coca-Cola Painted Metal and Iron Retail Floor Standing Carton Display Rack, 1938, (lacking base), ht. 56 1/4 in. $200-300 648. Pair of Coca-Cola Painted Tin Signs, 1960s, 20 x 27 3/4 in. $300-500 649. Six Coca-Cola Plastic “Betty” Wall Clocks, three boxed. $100-150

655. Coca-Cola Plastic and Metal Illuminated Double-sided Advertising Display Globe, c. 1957, ht. 21, wd. 16 in. $200-300 656. Approximately 140 Coca-Cola Metal Serving Trays, 1956-62, four different images, with duplicates. $200-300 657. Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard State Tree Backbar Display, 1950s, with original wrap, (imperfections). $150-200 658. Coca-Cola Painted Masonite Sign, c. 1955, 10 x 22 in. $150-200 659. Coca-Cola Illuminated Wall Clock, 1960s. $200-300 660. Four Coca-Cola Miniature Painted Metal Salesman’s Sample Coolers, c. 1939, with additional parts, (three with imperfections or losses). $250-350

650. Coca-Cola Coin-op Self-Serving Bottle Vendo, Vendo Co., Kansas City, Missouri, in original box, approx. 25 1/2 x 18 1/2 in. $200-300

661. Pair of Coca-Cola Painted Tin Button Signs, c. 1952, (unused), dia. 16 in. $200-300

651. Pair of Coca-Cola Painted Tin Button Signs, c. 1952, (unused), dia. 16 in. $200-300

662. Coca-Cola Painted Metal and Iron Retail Floor Standing Carton Display Rack, c. 1940, ht. 56 1/2 in. $250-350

652. Coca-Cola Painted Metal and Iron Retail Floor Standing Carton Display Rack, c. 1933, ht. 59 1/4 in. $300-500 653. Large Lot of 1931-39 Coca-Cola Magazines The Red Barrel, with many duplicates. $250-350 654. Lot of Assorted Coca-Cola Hi-Fi Club Items, including plastic “Disc Jockey” record holders, posters, promotional recordings, and other paper ephemera, with additional LPs, 45s, etc. $100-150

663. Large Lot of 1940-49 Coca-Cola Magazines The Red Barrel, with many duplicates. $250-350 664. Pair of Coca-Cola Painted Tin Signs, 1960s, 20 x 27 3/4 in. $300-500 665. Coca-Cola Painted Metal Vendor’s Bottle Carrier, c. 1940, with attached opener, overall lg. 17 1/2 in. $250-350

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666. Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard Wood Flower Festoon, 1960s, with original wrap. $200-300

671. Pair of Coca-Cola Painted Tin Button Signs, c. 1952, (unused), dia. 16 in. $200-300

667. Lot of The Coca-Cola Bottler Magazine, including 1944-70s, (some 1960s with moisture damage). $100-150

672. Coca-Cola Painted Metal Vendor’s Bottle Carrier, c. 1940, with attached bottle opener, overall lg. 17 1/2 in. $250-350

667A. Four Coca-Cola Bottling Corporation of Bakersfield, California Convenient SixBottle Carton Movie Theater Short Films, c.1940, 35mm, three in tin cans. $100-150

673. Lot of 1950-54 Coca-Cola Magazines The Red Barrel, with many duplicates. $150-200

667B. Coca-Cola Bottlers Corporation Film 50 Years of Baseball Memories, c. 1960, featuring Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth to Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle, 16mm. $200-300 667C. Lot of Coca-Cola Mostly Plastic Menu Boards, Display Items, and a Large Wall Clock, c. 1970, with some accessories and parts. $150-200 667D. Six Coca-Cola Iron Retail Floor Standing Carton Display Rack Posts, 1938, (lacking signs and bases). $150-200 667E. Lot of Assorted Metal and Plastic CocaCola Items, including a clock, two coolers, two umbrella stands, two ice buckets, eight serving trays, and enamel and plastic vintage signs. $200-300 668. Coca-Cola Painted Masonite Sprite Boy Display Sign and a “Drink Coca-Cola” Sign, c. 1955, ht. 15 3/4, wd. 14 1/2, and ht. 10, wd. 22 in., respectively. $300-500 669. Pair of Coca-Cola Driver’s Jackets and Five Short Sleeve Shirts, 1970s, with front and back patches, jackets medium, shirts labeled “Large.” $100-150 670. Approximately Four Sets of Coca-Cola Playing Cards, dating from 1943-60, includes some complete in their original boxes, and other partial sets. $200-300


674. Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard Wood Flower Festoon, 1960s, with original wrap. $200-300 675. Coca-Cola Plexiglas Advertising Sign, 1960s, 19 1/4 x 22 3/4 in. $200-300 676. Eight Coca-Cola Cotton Vender’s Aprons and Hats, 1960s, including four aprons, two hats, and two caps (lacking brims). $150-200 677. Coca-Cola Painted Tin “Sign of Good Taste” Sign, c. 1965, ht. 19 3/4, wd. 27 1/2 in. $175-225 678. Coca-Cola Painted Metal and Iron Retail Floor Standing Carton Display Rack, 1938, (lacking base), ht. 56 1/4 in. $200-300 679. Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard Wood Flower Festoon, 1960s, with original wrap. $200-300 680. Coca-Cola Plexiglas Advertising Sign, 1960s, 19 1/4 x 22 3/4 in. $200-300 681. Pair of Coca-Cola Painted Tin Button Signs, c. 1952, (unused), dia. 16 in. $200-300 682. Six Coca-Cola Vendor’s Clothing Items, 1960s, two aprons, a hat, cap, and an apron with hat, with patches. $100-150

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683. Eleven Pieces of Coca-Cola Team Athletic Wear, 1970s, including five shirts with patches front and back, four shirts with front patch, a tank top with front patch, and a pair of cotton baseball pants, size small, (stains, soiling, some color run). $100-150 684. Large Lot of Coca-Cola Calendars, 1960s70s, including paper, linen, and plastics, mostly duplicates. $100-150 685. Coca-Cola Painted Tin Button and Masonite “Serve Yourself” Wall Sign, 1950s, ht. 12, lg. 78 in. $300-500 686. Eight Coca-Cola Vendor’s Clothing Items, 1960s, five aprons and three hats. $100-150 687. Four Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard Festoons and Backbar Display, a Wood Flower, two Verbena, and a State Tree, with original wraps, (imperfections, damage). $200-300 687A. Four Coca-Cola Painted Metal Calendar Signs, c. 1960. $100-150 687B. Lot of Assorted Paper Coca-Cola Educational Paper Materials, 1940s-50s, including multiple copies of “Our America” series magazines. $75-100 687C. Lot of Coca-Cola Desk, Office, and School Supplies, including pads of writing paper, pencil kits, pencil sharpeners, plastic and wooden rulers, etc. $100-150 687D. Large Lot of Coca-Cola Coasters, Blotters, and Other Drink-related Supplies, 195070s, includes paper and plastic cups, ice buckets, bottle caps. $150-200 687E. Lot of Coca-Cola Toys and Stuffed Animals, including two cameras, a Kit Carson toy, WWII color fighter plane card sets, and multiple miniature plastic coolers. $100-150

688. Coca-Cola Porcelain Enameled Metal “Fountain Service” Sign, c. 1955, 11 3/4 x 28 in. $250-350

699. Coca-Cola Painted Metal and Iron Retail Floor Standing Carton Display Rack, 1938, (lacking base), ht. 56 1/4 in. $200-300

689. Three Coca-Cola Painted Metal Calendar Signs and an Advertising Sign, 1960s. $200-300

700. Set of Four Coca-Cola Painted Tin Button Signs, c. 1952, (unused), dia. 16 in. $400-600

690. Large Lot of 1960s-70s Coca-Cola Labeled Clothing and Accessories, including bags, hats, jackets, scarves, aprons, patches, pins and other collectible jewelry items. $125-175

End of Session I

691. Set of Four Coca-Cola Painted Tin Button Signs, c. 1952, (unused), dia. 16 in. $400-600 692. Coca-Cola Painted Metal and Iron Retail Floor Standing Carton Display Rack, 1938, (lacking base), ht. 56 1/4 in. $200-300 693. Four Coca-Cola Vendor’s Printed Cotton Aprons, 1950s. $75-100 694. Coca-Cola Die-cut Cardboard Orchid Festoon, c. 1950, with original envelope. $300-500 695. Two Coca-Cola Plexiglas Advertising Signs, 1960s, 14 3/4 x 21 3/4 and 7 1/2 x 24 in. $250-350 696. Coca-Cola Painted Metal and Iron Retail Floor Standing Carton Display Rack, c. 1940, (lacking base), ht. 55 in. $200-300 697. Coca-Cola Painted Tin “Things Go Better...” Sign and a Menu Sign, 1960s, (some paint chips and corrosion), ht. 23 1/2, wd. 23 1/2 and ht. 28, wd. 19 3/4 in., respectively. $300-500 698. Four Coca-Cola Painted Metal Calendar Signs, c. 1960. $100-150

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Session II - Lots 701-1400 701. Three Art Glass Vases, a Bohemian gilt-decorated faceted pale blue vase, a Lalique colorless molded footed vase, and a Scandinavian-type colorless pillow-form vase. $200-250 702. Sixty Pieces of Belleek Pink Neptune Pattern Teaware and Six Other Belleek Porcelain Tableware Items, the Neptune includes cups and saucers, tray, a pastry plate, three teapots, etc., with black stamped mark, two rose baskets, a jug, a cup and saucer, and a vase, with applied labels, black and green stamped marks. $100-150 703. Karadja Rug, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 6 ft. 2 in. x 4 ft. 6 in. $100-150 704. Ten Assorted Pressed Glass Hen- and Duck-on-Nests, including slag and milk glass. $100-150 705. Louis XV Provincial-style Carved Oak Sideboard with Plate Wall Rack, sideboard ht. 39 3/4 wd. 51 in. $700-900 706. Alfred Birdsey (British, 1912-1996) Three Works on Paper: Bermuda Harbor Scene, signed l.r., watercolor and ink on paper, sight size 15 1/4 x 20 1/4 in., framed; Faneuil Hall, Boston, numbered “63/650” l.l., lithographic print, 17 1/4 x 23 1/4 in., framed; and Swan Boats in Boston Common, numbered “133/200” l.l., lithographic print, 23 x 17 in., framed, (not examined out of frames). $150-300 707. Baroque-style Walnut and Tapestry Upholstered Side Chair, with parcelgilt finials carved with acanthus leaves, upholstered backrest and seat, on block- and ring-turned legs joined by stretchers, seat ht. 18 1/2, wd. 21, dp. 15 in. $100-200


708. Two Woodblock Prints, Kiyoshi Saito, of a female Bunraku puppet in three-quarter view, signed “Kiyoshi Saito” in black ink, with red seal, framed and glazed, (good impression, color, and condition, minor surface bulging to the top margin); and a print after Hiroshige, (good impression and color, with toning to the margin and small holes), 13 x 9, 6 x 8 1/8 in. $200-300 709. Lot of Sewing Related Items, including basketry, treen, silver, metal, ivory, and advertising, thimbles, cases, and accessories, etc. $200-250 710. American School, 20th Century City Market Scene. Signed “Nelson Chase” l.r. Watercolor on paper, sight size 14 1/2 x 19 in., framed. Condition: Foxing, not examined out of frame. $150-250 710A. Peter Barger (American, b. 1947)

712. Lot of Mostly 19th Century Sewing Kits and Related Items, including basketry, treen, eleven mostly leather cased sets, a metal flower pattern plate, and assorted loose scissors and accessories. $200-250 713. Italian Rococo-style Gilt-gesso Mirror, (losses, glass silvering loss, lacking backboards), lg. 47, wd. 31 in. $250-350 714. John Widdicomb Louis XV Provincial-style Serpentine Carved Walnut Seven-drawer Semainier, metal tag, ht. 60, wd. 29 in. $300-500 715. Louis XV-style Carved Beechwood and Silk Upholstered Side Chair, late 19th/ early 20th century, of typical form, cartoucheshaped backrest, overupholstered seat and cabriole legs, carved overall with foliage, seat ht. 16 1/2 in. $100-200

Two Framed Color Etchings: The Cat Crept Closer to Her Dreams, titled, numbered “40/50,” and signed in pencil; and Man Rays Lady, titled, numbered “33/90,” and signed in pencil; sight sizes to 11 1/2 x 14 1/4 in. Condition: Not examined out of frames. $50-150

716. Lot of Assorted Brass Articles, including ten pairs of candlesticks and candelabras, a pair of vases, a jardinière, plate, tray, bowl with Hebrew lettering, five cordials, eleven horse brasses, etc. $100-200

710B. Framed Fritz Lang Chromolithograph of a Macaw, “FL” monogram printed l.l., signed in pencil l.r., sight size 25 1/2 x 8 1/4 in., (not examined out of frame, water staining, toning, foxing). $50-100

717. Three Arteluce Patinated Metal and Frosted Glass Wall Sconces, attributed to Arteluce, Italy, mid-20th century, elongated lozenge-shaped shades supported on gunmetal gray patinated metal wall fixtures, one with repaired shade chip, ht. 6 5/8, dia. 15 in. $250-350

710C. Three Identical Framed French Reproduction Etchings of a Warship, Liure de plusieurs Navires de Guerre et Vaisseaux Marchands, (not examined out of frames). $50-150 711. American School, 19th/20th Century Moonlit Shoreline. Signed “D. Hensel” l.l. Oil on canvas, 15 x 30 in., framed. Condition: Stretcher bar marks, surface grime, scattered paint loss. $150-250

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718. Dwight Clark Shepler (American, 19051974) Fog in Back Narrows, Maine. Signed “Dwight Shepler” l.r., identified on the reverse. Watercolor on paper, sight size 14 1/2 x 21 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $150-250 719. Eight Wooden Sewing Items, a swift, winder, ruler, turned bird’s-eye maple string holder, and four spool stands. $100-150

720. Pair of Anglo-Irish Rococo-style Upholstered Carved Beechwood Open Armchairs. $300-500 721. George III Colonial Cedar Drop-leaf Table, late 18th century, of typical form, rectangular, the leaves with lightly rounded corners, on cabriole legs with claw-and-ball feet, ht. 28 1/4, wd. 37, leaves dp. 13 3/4 in. $500-700 722. Mahogany Quarter-Chiming Tall Clock, c. 1903, Arabic numeral dial with moon’s age in the arch, pitched pediment hood, glazed waist door and sides, three weight brass movement chiming “Westminster” and “Eight Bells” on nine tubular bells, ht. 98 in. $1,200-1,800 723. Sixteen Pieces of Colorless Pressed Holly Pattern Glass Tableware, including a covered compote, two pitchers, a covered sugar, a pair of celeries, tumblers, egg cups, goblets, etc. $200-250 724. “Etouffoirs en Acier” Inlaid Rosewood Eight-Air Cylinder Music Box, cylinder lg. 12 3/4 in. $300-500 725. Three Oriental Rugs, 19th/20th century, a Baluch, 4 ft. 6 in. x 2 ft. 6 in., an Anatolian flatweave, 3 ft. 4 in. x 2 ft. 6 in., and an Anatolian Soumak Yastik, 2 ft. 7 in. x 1 ft. 8 in. $150-200 726. Two Oriental Rugs, 20th century, one Tekke, 4 ft. x 3 ft. 4 in., one Hamadan, 2 ft. 8 in. x 1 ft. 11 in. $200-300 727. Two Painted Cast Iron Cat Doorstops and a Black-painted Copper-clad Seated Cat Doorstop. $100-150 728. Georgian Mahogany Linen Press, in two parts, the upper cabinet with four draw shelves, the lower cabinet with four drawers, ht. 81 1/2, wd. 50, dp. 22 1/2 in. $500-700

729. English Queen Anne-style Side Chair, with urn-form splat, upholstered slip seat, and front cabriole legs ending in pad feet, seat ht. 18 in. $100-150 730. Queen Anne-style Oak Drop-leaf “Wake Table,” late 19th century, of typical form, with D-shaped drop leaves on circular legs ending in pad feet, ht. 28 3/4, wd. 57, dp. 20 in. $400-600 731. Seven Gold and Five Metal Sewing Thimbles, including one 18kt, three 14kt, and three 10kt, with seven cases, and a cased set of four 14kt gold needles. $400-600 732. Three Painted Wood Split-baluster Mirrors with Reverse-painted Glass Tablets, lg. 27 1/2 and 34 in. $100-200 733. Two Chinese Gilt-decorated Lacquer Sewing Boxes and an Indian Inlaid Carved Sandalwood Sewing Box, the latter with ivory, rosewood, and micromosaic motherof-pearl inlay, all with related varying ivory contents. $200-300 734. Eleven Victorian Enamel-decorated Colored Bristol Glass Items, a pair of garnitures with glass prisms, and four pairs of vases, ht. 7 5/8 to 13 3/4 in. $200-250 735. Merklin Bros. Victorian Aesthetic Mirrored Carved Cherry and Molded Gesso Étagère, with beveled mirrored glass, front feet mounted with cast metal talon and ring-turned wood ball feet, the reverse impressed “2628 B,” approx. ht. 78, wd. 46, dp. 13 in. $800-1,200 736. Victorian Rococo Revival Upholstered Carved Walnut Parlor Armchair. $75-125 737. Pair of Late Victorian Gilt-gesso Framed Mirrors, 31 3/4 x 27 3/4 in. $75-100

738. Blown Iridescent Green Art Glass Vase, possibly Loetz, Austria, early 20th century, textured surface on squat vase with everted rim of lightly iridescent green glass, polished pontil, ht. 4 1/8 in. $125-175 739. Three Framed Chinese Paintings and Two Small Framed Japanese Woodblock Prints, including two Chinese gouache ancestral portraits on paper, and a gouache planting scene, portrait sight lg. 30 3/4 in. $200-250 740. British/American School, 19th/20th Century Woman in White. Unsigned. Watercolor on paperboard, 21 x 13 in., framed. Condition: Toning. $150-250 741. Two Partial Set of Haviland Limoges Transfer Floral-decorated Porcelain Dinnerware. $200-300 742. Victorian Renaissance Revival Carved Walnut Fall-front Lady’s Writing Desk. $150-200 743. Jacques Villon (French, 1875-1963) Two Men and Cattle. Signed in pencil l.r. Color lithograph on paper, image size 8 1/2 x 19 1/4 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $250-350 744. Victorian Aesthetic Movement Bronze Two-tier Occasional Table, c. 1875, with two tiers each decorated with cavorting putti, masks and foliage, with twist-turned and tapered legs ending in claw and ball feet, ht. 31, dia. 20 in. $200-400 745. Bellamy-style Carved Giltwood and Painted Pine Eagle and “Don’t Give Up The Ship” Banner Plaque, lg. 28 in. $200-250 746. Baluch Rug, Northeast Persia, 19th/20th century, 4 ft. 6 in. x 2 ft. 5 in. $100-150

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747. Two Similar Textiles, 20th century, each 7 ft. x 3 ft. 10 in. $100-150

757. Pair of Birch and Maple Urn-finial Twin Beds, with rails. $75-100

766. Four Iron Sewing Birds, late 19th/early 20th century. $100-150

748. Pair of Silver-plated Footed Candlesticks with Colorless Wheel-cut Shades, England, late 19th century. $200-250

758. Miniature Empire-style Mahogany Veneer Bureau, ht. 11, wd. 12 1/4 in. $75-100

767. Two Sets of Japanese Porcelain Dishes, a set of eight Imari and a set of seven octagonal, dia. 8 1/2 and 9 1/2 in., respectively. $250-350

749. Polychrome-decorated Oak Framed Taber Prang Chromolithograph Print Burning Arrow, early 20th century, overall 26 1/2 x 32 1/2 in. $200-300 750. Federal-style Giltwood Split-baluster Divided Mirror, lg. 40 in. $150-250 751. Eight Asian Cloisonné Vases and a Small Footed Jar, vases include a pair, ht. 3 to 9 3/8 in. $200-300 752. Four Wooden Tiered Sewing Boxes, a tiger maple graduated three-tier, a mahogany two-tier, an inlaid bird’s-eye maple, and a mahogany three-tier, some whalebone thread eyelets, ht. to 9, wd. to 10 in. $200-250 753. Oriental-style Machine-made Carpet, 20th century, 12 ft. x 9 ft. $100-200

759. Two Framed Needlework Samplers, a 1796 Fanny Richardson and am 1829 Meriel R. Lincoln, sight 15 x 11 and 12 1/4 x 8 1/4 in., respectively. $200-250 760. American School, 20th Century Tea Service Still Life on Sideboard. Signed and dated “W. King 98” l.r. Oil on canvas, 19 x 24 in., framed. Condition: Lined. $150-250 761. Framed Dutch School Oil on Canvas Depicting a Fisherwoman, signed “E. Folli” l.r., sight size 20 1/2 x 10 in., (some mildew staining, minor craquelure, scattered abrasions and minor losses around edges). $150-250 762. Approximately Thirty-nine Pieces of Assorted Decorated Porcelain and Ceramic Tableware, including Limoges, Wedgwood, children’s ware, and other small decorative articles. $250-400

754. Hexagonal Lithophane Panel Shade on a Brass-plated Oil Lamp, panels include KPM 4, 28, 67, and 97, EDS & Co. 70 and 80, (panel 70 cracked, electrified). $200-250

763. Silas Hoadley Pine Tall Clock, Plymouth, Connecticut, c. 1825, with Roman numeral dial signed S. Hoadley, Plymouth, flat top pine case with rectangular waist door and thirty-hour time and strike wooden movement, (lacking pendulum and weights), ht. 81 1/2 in. $300-500

755. Federal Glazed Inlaid Mahogany Writing Desk/Bookcase. $300-500

764. Set of Five Mustard-painted Windsor Stepdown Side Chairs, New England, c. 1810. $300-500

756. Eight-piece Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Dining Set, a rectangular dining table with three leaves, a set of six chairs, and a server, table ht. 29, lg. 58, wd. 45 1/2, leaf wd. 11 3/4 in. $800-1,200

765. Vermont Country Classical Stained Wood One-drawer Stand, a Windsorstyle Armchair, a Regency Armchair with Upholstered Seat, and a Slat-back Armchair. $350-500


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768. Sigismund Ivanowski (American, 18751944) Coastal View. Unsigned, identified and certified on the reverse. Oil on canvasboard, 16 x 22 in., framed. Condition: Mild surface grime. $200-300 769. Asian Carved Wood Figure of Standing Buddha and Two Asian Blue and White Decorated Porcelain Jar/Table Lamps, Buddha ht. 14 3/4 in. $175-275 770. Danish Modern-type Upholstered Hardwood Sofa and a Coffee Table, sofa approx. lg. 73 in. $150-200 771. Three Danish Modern-type Teak Veneer Bookcases, each with three adjustable shelves, ht. 71, wd. 34 3/4, dp. 16 3/4 in. $400-600 772. Pair of Brumby Oak Armrockers with Woven Split Cane Back and Seat. $400-600 773. Figural Embroidered Pieced Red and White Cotton Twin-size Quilt, a Pair of Brass Candlesticks, and Nine Small Wood and Treen Articles. Provenance: The quilt from Worcester, Massachusetts, c. 1894. $200-275 774. Four 19th Century Inlaid Sewing Boxes, a French parquetry and mahogany sewing box with mirrored and light blue paper-clad fitted interior, an inlaid walnut sewing box with yellow-stained interior tray, an inlaid rosewood sewing box with silver paper-clad interior, and an inlaid cherry sewing box with mirrored and bird’s-eye maple covered compartmented interior, lg. 8 to 10 1/4 in. $300-500

775. Maslinghan Rug, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 6 ft. 7 in. x 4 ft. $300-500 776. Four Pieces of Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Tableware, a helmet creamer, covered serving bowl, a trivet, and a bowl with scalloped edge. $175-225 777. Two Pairs of Brass Ring-turned Andirons, ht. 13 5/8, lg. 14 1/2, and ht. 19 1/4, lg. 16 1/4 in. $200-400 778. Four-piece Drexel Modern Walnut Bedroom Set, a nine-drawer double dresser with mirrors, a pair of small chests of drawers, and a headboard, branded mark. $200-300 779. Rose Quartz Carving, China, carved as three boys playing on a double gourd, wood stand, ht. 10, lg. 9 1/4 in. $100-150

784. Large Rectangular Hand-painted Peacock and Swan-decorated Tole Tray, 19 1/2 x 26 1/2 in. $100-150 785. French Provincial Oak Step-back Biblioteque, two doors with wire panels, the interior with four adjustable shelves, base with two cabinet doors, in three parts, approx. ht. 87 1/4, wd. 55 in. $1,000-1,500 786. Provincial-style Painted Canvas Four-panel Floor Screen, ht. 66, each panel wd. 15 in. $200-300 787. Pair of Bodart Louis XV Provincial-style Walnut Serpentine Side Tables and a Commode, branded mark. $500-700

781. Three Pieces of Chinese Export Blue and White Canton Porcelain Tableware, a bowl, a small covered serving bowl, and small platter. $175-225 782. Seven Framed Stevengraph Silk Scenic Panels, The Lady Godiva Procession, The Good Old Days, The Start, The Water Jump, For Life or Death, The Finish, and Landing of Columbus, most with original mat, frame, and ht. 2 in. $400-600 783. “E. & L.P. Norton, Bennington, Vt.” Cobalt Floral-decorated Three-gallon Stoneware Butter Churn. $100-150

793. Adam J. Berger (American, b. 1954) Landscape with River Barge and Cathedral Towers. Signed “AJB” l.r. Oil on canvas, 24 x 32 in., unframed. Condition: Water staining to the backing. $75-100 794. French Provincial-style Carved Walnut Two-door Armoire, the doors with wire panels, the interior fitted with seven drawers, approx. ht. 80, wd. 52, dp. 24 in. $400-600 795. Pair of British Colorless Cut Glass Compotes, ht. 8 1/8, dia. 9 in. $100-150

788. Five Pieces of Assorted Art Glass, a pair of blue molded vases, a British colorless cut glass sweetmeat jar with cover, a ruby-cutto-clear footed vase, and a Bohemian cased white-cut-to-clear vase. $150-200

796. Two Khamseh Rugs, Southwest Persia, 20th century, 4 ft. 4 in. x 2 ft. 10 in. and 2 ft. 9 in. x 2 ft. 4 in. $100-150

789. Rifka Angel (American, 1899-1986)

797. Two Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Floraldecorated Vases, ht. 10 3/4 and 11 in. $250-350

780. Irving Amen (American, b. 1918) Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Both titled l.l. and signed in pencil l.r., Quixote labeled “A/P artists proof,” Panza numbered “93/200” l.l. Color etchings on paper, sight size 19 1/4 x 14 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frames. $100-150

792. Jacobean-style carved Oak Fall-front Desk, ht. 54 1/4, wd. 42 1/2 in. $200-250

Still Life. Signed “Rifka Angel” l.r., inscribed on the reverse, identified and dated “ 1950...” on a label from Robert Henry Adams Fine Art, Chicago, affixed to the back of the frame. Encaustic on panel, 18 x 12 in., framed. Condition: Flaking, paint losses, retouch, surface grime. $200-300 790. Attributed to Agnes Anne Abbot (American, 1897-1992) Mountains Near Alessio, Italy. Unsigned, identified on a label on the reverse. Oil on board, sight size 15 1/2 x 19 3/4 in., framed. Condition: Mild surface grime. $300-400 791. Seven Assorted Decorated Porcelain Tableware Items, including two majolica leaf-form dishes, three oyster plates, a divided dish. and a hand-painted plaid-decorated dish. $200-300

798. Six Brass Lighting Devices and Two Pressed Glass Oil Lamps, a chamberstick, two candle wall sconces, two candlesticks, and an oil lamp, (the two lamps electrified). $300-400 799. Five Framed Works, a watercolor of a nude, initialed indistinctly l.r.; a crayon and pencil drawing of three men, signed “A. Pappas ‘86” l.c.; two mounted Elmer Ruff en grisaille handpainted tiles, both signed and dated; an oil on canvas autumn landscape possibly signed “Hangroat” u.l.; and a chromolithograph of a seated girl. $125-150 800. Framed Late Victorian Asian Silk Embroidered Basket of Flowers Panel, with padding and roping, sight size 28 x 24 in. $400-600

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801. Twenty-one-piece Hand-painted Floraldecorated Porcelain Dinner Set, late 19th/ early 20th century. Provenance: Purportedly included in an exhibition in Chicago, Illinois. $200-300 802. Fifteen Mostly Wrought Iron and Wooden Kitchen and Hearth Utensils, including turners, skimmers, a fork, five trivets, ladles, a wood rolling pin, mortar, pounder, carved butter mold, a wooden mold, stone bird, etc. $350-600 803. Pakistani Long Rug, 20th century, 8 ft. 10 in. x 4 ft. 2 in. $300-500 804. Delft Hand-painted Ceramic Portrait Plaque, dia. 13 1/2 in. $200-300 805. Weiman Regency-style Inlaid Mahogany Mirrored Vitrine, fitted for two glass shelves. $300-500 806. Set of Classical Burl Veneer and Maple Caned Dining Chairs, (caning damage). $150-200

809. Lot of Assorted Decorative Art Glass, Ceramic Tableware, Other Articles, and Three Framed Items, including a jeweled and embroidered panel, a print of a Spanish dancer, and a photograph. $100-200 810. Harry Spiers (American, 1869-1947) Silver Lake, New Hampshire. Signed, dated, and titled “Harry Spiers.38.Silver Lake N.H.” l.r. Gouache on paper, sight size 17 1/2 x 22 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Surface abrasions, surface grime, not examined out of frame. $150-250 811. Two Framed Etchings, On the Beach at Long Branch-The Children’s Hour, drawn by Winslow Homer; and The Skating Season-1862 from Harper’s Weekly January 18, 1862, (not examined out of frames). $200-250 812. Frankart Art Deco Green-painted Metal Figural Table Lamp with Amber Crackle Glass Globular Shade, approx. ht. 9, lg. 13 3/4 in. $200-250 813. Regency-style Glazed Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Desk Bureau/ Bookcase, ht. 73 1/2, wd. 36 in. $300-500

807. Two Unframed Hand-colored Engravings: Henry William Bunbury (British, 17501811), The Rivals, titled and signed in the plate “...G Shepheard sculpt.,” sheet size 11 1/4 x 9 in.; A. Atkinson (British, 19th Century), The Miser, published March 1, 1819 by Edward Orme, signed and titled in the plate, plate size 10 x 7 5/8 in. Condition: Both with toning, soiling, Rivals sheet trimmed, Miser with staining. $75-100 808. Eleven Pieces of Assorted Continental and Asian Ceramics, a set of eight Limoges hand-painted fish plates, a pair of Chinese porcelain vases, and a Royal Bonn hydrangea-decorated vase, plate dia. 9 1/2, the pair of vases ht. 7 in. $200-300


816A. Mid-century Design Glazed Pottery and Ebony Trinket Box, probably United States, the rectangular ebony box lined with maple, the lift-off cover inset with a ceramic tile with glazed stylized figures of a man, woman, and figure on horseback, with gilt highlighting, signed Elias l.r., ht. 2 5/8, wd. 6 1/2, dp. 3 1/2 in. $50-75 816B. Group of Decorative Tableware, including, Baccarat glasses, cordials, and a thirty-twopiece Hammersley & Co. transfer violetdecorated bone china dinner set. $50-100 816C. French Carved Agate Seal, early 20th century, blue and white stone with monogram to a pewter seal, lg. 2 5/8 in. $50-100 817. Two French Frosted Colorless Molded Glass Bowls and a Modern Amethystresist and Olive Glass Candle Shade, shade ht. 14 1/2 in. $150-250 818. Raoul Dupoux (Haitian, b. 1906) Figures by a Fountain. Signed and inscribed “Raoul Dupoux/Haiti” l.l. Watercolor on paper, sight size 7 1/4 x 5 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $100-200

814. Three Classical and Classical-style Mahogany Chairs, including two armchairs. $330-500

819. Twelve Pieces of Assorted Decorated Porcelain Table, Coffee and Teaware, including compotes, a platter, basket, teapot, covered sugar, platter, sugar and creamer, etc. $350-450

815. Neoclassical Carved Mahogany and Mirrored China Cabinet, the interior with three fixed shelves, ht. 60 1/2, wd. 53 1/2, dp. 16 1/2 in. $200-250

820. Victorian Circular Gilt-gesso Mirror, lg. 38 in. $75-100

816. Eight Art Deco and Mid-century Design Articles, including metal stylized elephant bookends, Scottie dog bookends, a Howard metal ship’s wheel and maple “victory” mantel clock, a Henckels zeppelin cocktail shaker, a Hall porcelain teapot, and a Czech art glass vase. $200-250

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821. Victorian Mahogany Tilt-top Tripod Table, 19th century, the circular top over vase- and ring-turned stem on snake feet, ht. 27 1/4, top dia. 27 1/16 in. $250-350 822. Large Victorian Renaissance Revival Walnut Fall-front Writing Desk/Bookcase, approx. ht. 88, wd. 86 1/4 in. $4,000-6,000

823. Murano Colored Art Glass Globular Vase, etched “Barbini, Murano,” ht. 9 1/2 in. $200-300 824. Chinese Blue and White Nanking Porcelain Cider Jug with Cover. $200-300 825. Two Northwest Persian Rugs, 19th/20th century, 6 ft. 2 in x 4 ft., and 6 ft. 2 in. x 3 ft. 6 in. $100-150 826. Oriental-style Machine-made Carpet, 20th century, 9 ft. 6 in. x 8 ft. $100-200 827. Daniel Pratt Mahogany Ogee Shelf Clock, Boston, painted zinc Roman numeral dial, transfer print glass depicting a church, thirtyhour time and strike brass weight-powered movement, ht. 26 in. $150-200 828. Late Victorian Walnut Drop-leaf Table. $75-100 829. Edwardian Ebonized Arch-top Counter Display Case, with mirrored back, labeled “J. Drew 4 Christopher St. Hatton Garden London,” ht. 10 1/2, wd. 40 3/4, dp. 20 1/2 in. $200-300 830. Simon Avissar (Israeli, b. 1938) Metamorphosis. Inscribed “Simon Avisar [sic]/Metamorphosis” with a Phillips de Pury & Company label on the reverse. Oil on canvas, 23 3/4 x 28 in., framed. Condition: Good.

832. Sven Palmqvist (1906-1984) for Orrefors Engraved Colorless Glass Vase, Sweden, tall heavy walled cut-corner rectangular vase with wheel engraved depiction of the Madonna and Child, signed Sven Palmqvist l.r. on one side, and an angel playing a pipe organ beside a small crèche in an arched cathedral, the base with partially worn maker’s marks and model numbers, ht. 12 3/4, wd. 5 3/4, lg. 10 3/4 in. $250-350 833. Eleven White Glazed Art Pottery Table Items, a reticulated lamp and ten vases including Camark, McCoy, Floraline, Spode, and Arthur Wood, ht. to 15 3/4 in. $200-300 834. Soapstone Carving, China, carved as the seated figure of Guanyin in the royal ease pose atop a rockery, her left foot stepping on a lotus above crashing waves, wood stand, ht. 9 1/2 in. $250-350 835. Kittinger Historic Newport Chippendalestyle Mahogany Slant-lid Desk/Bookcase, branded mark and paper label, ht. 82 1/2, wd. 40, dp. 24 1/2 in. $600-800 836. Unsigned Cherry Case Tall Clock, Connecticut, c. 1825, Roman numeral dial with floral decorated spandrels and arch, scroll-top case, narrow waist door and molded base, replacement chain drive time and strike weight-powered movement, original thirty-hour time and strike wooden movement accompanies the lot, ht. 83 in. $100-200 837. Queen Anne-style Upholstered Walnut Wing Chair. $75-125

Note: Property sold for the benefit of the Brooklyn Museum. $200-400

838. Pair of White Cased Glass Jack-in-thePulpit Vases, 20th century, with red rims and yellow interiors, ht. 12 1/2 in. $150-250

831. Russian Icon of the Diesis Mother of God, 19th century, 21 1/4 x 16 1/4 in. $1,000-1,500

839. American School, 20th Century Annisquam Harbor. Titled, signed “Barbara Egan Rubner” and dated “7/17/84” l.l. Watercolor on paper, sight size 11 1/2 x 15 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $100-150

839A. Unframed 19th Century Oil on Canvas Depicting a Shepherd, 18 x 15 1/4 in., (craquelure, losses, heavy surface grime). $75-100 839B. Framed Watercolor View of a Harbor, signed and dated “A.J. 1881” l.r., sight size 9 3/4 x 6 3/4 in., (not examined out of frame). $50-100 839C. Lot of Two Framed Oil Paintings, a doublesided oil on board of two men in a horsedrawn cart and a rocky coastal landscape, signed “EG Pope” l.l. and inscribed “Given to Arthur Wilkins on his 82nd Birthday by Edith Pope, April 30th 1969” on the reverse; and an American School oil on canvas of a shepherdess and her sheep, sight sizes 7 x 11 1/4 and 8 3/4 x 11 1/2 in., respectively. $50-100 840. Harley Manlius Perkins (American, 18831964) Cliffside. Signed “Harley Perkins” l.l., with a Boris Mirski Art Gallery, Boston, label on the reverse. Watercolor on paper, sight size 23 1/2 x 18 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $100-150 841. Soholm Bornholm Art Pottery Ceramic Ewer, Soholm, Denmark, mid-20th century, tall angular vessel glazed in matte brown ornamented with four mottled white elongated diamonds on each side of neck, impressed and incised maker’s mark on base, ht. 22 1/2 in. $100-150 842. Georgian-style Mahogany Double-pedestal Dining Table, with three leaves, ht. 29 3/4, wd. 43, leaf wd. 11 in. $200-400 843. Porcelain Vase, Japan, early 20th century, Imari style decoration of styled floral elements, Koransha, orchid mark in underglaze blue on the base, ht. 11 1/2 in. $300-400 844. Set of Four Nichols & Stone Co. Windsorstyle Maple Braced Bow-back Side Chairs, branded mark. $100-150

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845. Ten Murano Art Glass Christmas Trees, ht. 5 3/4 to 8 7/8 in. $150-250

854. Continental Porcelain Bough Pot and Cover, late 19th century, D-shaped with paneled sides, gilt and enamel decorated with floral and foliate swags and a basket of flowers, lg. 10 in. $150-250 855. Italian School, 19th Century

862. Two Mahogany Ogee Clocks by Henry C. Smith and an Empty Case, Plymouth, Connecticut, both with Roman numeral dials, printed maker’s labels and thirty-hour time and strike wooden movements, weights and pendulums, one with looking glass, the other an original transfer painted tablet, together with a vacant case with printed maker’s label for Marsh, Gilbert & Co. $50-100

847. Anatolian Rug, 20th century, 6 ft. 4 in. x 4 ft. 6 in. $200-400

Sketch of Flying Putti. Unsigned. Pencil and chalk on wove paper, 7 3/8 x 9 in., unframed. Condition: Sheet irregularly trimmed l.r. corner and with a 1 1/8 in. tear l.r., toning, subtle rippling and soiling.

863. Five-piece Vintage Chrome, Red, and White Kitchen Set and a Stepstool. $75-125

848. Victorian Cased Glass Vase, 19th century, bottle shape with lacy rim, yellow ground exterior with gold and raised enamel decoration of flowers and foliage with birds and butterflies, pink interior, ht. 14 1/4 in. $250-350

N.B. This sketch may be a study for or copy of a ceiling design. $100-200

846. Baluch Rug, Northeast Persia, 20th century, 4 ft. 2 in. x 3 ft. $100-150

849. Two Framed Oil on Canvas Landscapes, unsigned, sight sizes 13 x 21 and 12 x 17 1/2 in., (surface grime, areas of retouch, scattered losses and surface abrasions). $300-500 850. Napoleon III-style Gilt-bronze Wall Sconce, France, late 19th/early 20th century, four cornucopia-shaped arms supported by a fluted column below a perched eagle, lg. 19 1/2 in. $200-300 851. After Louis-Simon Boizot (French, 17431809) Napoleon I. Inscribed “Boizot/a Paris” on the base l.r. Bronze with light brown patina, 9 x 3 x 2 7/8 in., mounted to a marble plinth. $600-800 852. Seven Modern Art Glass Paperweights, including Selkirk, Caithness, St. Clair, and Pairpoint. $175-225 853. Three Tekke Kizel Chuval Fragments, West Turkestan, second half 19th century, (all from same piece), one 2 ft. 7 in. x 1 ft. 2 in., two 1 ft. 2 in. x 11 in. $200-300


856. Modern Upholstered Sofa, ht. 31 1/2, lg. 79, dp. 34 1/2 in. $100-200 857. Cedar Storage Box, lg. 54 in.


858. Nine Small Goebel/Hummel Ceramic Figures and a Hummel-style Ceramic Figure, ht. to 6 in. $200-300 859. Gilt-metal Jewel Box, Continental, early 20th century, rectangular shape with inset miniature view with figures, 3 x 4 in. $100-150 860. Clifford Warren Ashley (American, 18811947) Charcoal Study of an Indian. Signed “CWAshley” l.l. Charcoal on paper, sight size 24 1/2 x 14 1/4 in., unframed. Condition: Toning, staining, foxing, tear, edge imperfections. $200-300 861. Framed Painting on Metal of Maria Theresa and Son, with clock built in to the painting, sight size 13 1/2 x 16 1/2 in., (rust, staining, surface grime). $300-500

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864. Modern German Adjustable Metal Floor Lamp, (cracks in plastic socket housing), ht. 63 in. $75-100 865. T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings Maple and Maple Veneer Chest of Drawers, rectangular top, each side with six drawers centered by an open compartment with flip top, (missing center mirror and front board), over five drawers with overlapping face, (veneer loss, stains), ht. 46 1/4, wd. 48 1/4, dp. 20 3/8 in. $400-600 866. Arts & Crafts Boudoir Lamp, Decorative Arts League, New York City, early 20th century, “AURORA” model with conical shade of geometric caramel, peach, and green slag glass segments with amber jeweled segments, supported on a slender shaft and round, slightly domed and dished patinated metal base with reeded rim, printed paper maker’s label on base, overall ht. approx. 16 in. $200-250 867. Six Goebel/Hummel Ceramic Figures and Groups, ht. to 5 in. $200-300 868. American School, 20th Century Cottage by the River. Signed “Chas. A. Johnson” l.l. Oil on canvas, 14 x 22 in., framed. Condition: Surface grime. $150-250

869. Two Framed Watercolor Works on Paper, a late 19th/early 20th century pencil and watercolor realistic rendering of a fish, oval format, matted with a small metal plaque titled “Menhaden,” sight wd. 12 5/8, frame 15 5/8 x 12 5/8, and a scrapbook leaf with four musical and pastoral vignettes, one accented with gold paper, matted, sight size 8 3/8 x 6, frame 12 x 9 1/2 in. $150-250 870. Set of Six Louis XV Provincial Caned Carved Walnut Dining Chairs. $300-500 871. French Provincial Oak Tilt-top Vintner’s Table with Trestle Base, dia. 39 3/4 in. $400-600 872. Continental Provincial Pine Two-door Side Cabinet with Bun Feet, the interior with two fixed shelves, ht. 29 3/4, wd. 32, dp. 12 3/4 in. $200-400 873. Four Mid-century Decorative Table Items, c. 1950, a tall cylindrical pottery pitcher incised and polychrome glazed horned quadrupeds on a pale green ground, inscribed B200/26 Italy on base, ht. 10 1/4; a ceramic vase with glazed with a green and yellow plaid design, with circular red pottery mark of ERPHILA, Czechoslovakia, on base; two enameled copper shallow bowls, one centered with overlapping figures in blue and green on a blue-green ground, marked E.R. on the bottom, the other with abstract design in green, metallic copper and gold, and white, ht. 10 1/4, 8 1/2, dia. 9 7/8, 5 3/4 in. $150-250 874. Six Goebel/Hummel Ceramic Figures and Groups, ht. to 5 1/4 in. $200-300 875. Two Oriental Rugs, 19th century, one Kazak, 5 ft. 10 in. x 3 ft. 8 in., one Afshar, 6 ft. 4 in. x 4 ft. $100-150 876. Japanese Satsuma Vase, impressed mark to base, ht. 11 in. $400-600

877. Ten Pieces of Assorted Murano Art Glass, a pair of dog figures, a dish, two bird figures and a fish, an ashtray, small bowl, dish, and a millefiore handkerchief bowl. $200-300 878. Provincial Oak Paneled Porter’s Chair, with flame-stitch upholstered seat and drawer below. $500-700

886. Country Queen Anne-style Glass-top Carved Oak Low Table, ht. 17 3/4, lg. 46, wd. 33 in. $100-200 887. Child’s White-painted Windsor-style High Chair. Provenance: Accompanied by a newspaper with an article related to the previous owner. $50-75

879. Red-painted Cut Sheet Steel Bracket Figural “Bull Chasing a Traveler” Residence Sign, ht. 11 1/2, lg. 20 1/4 in. $75-100

888. Modern Chinese Metal-plated Porcelain Floor Vase, ht. 25 1/2 in. $500-700

880. American School, 20th Century

889. American School, 20th Century

Still Life with Flowers. Inscribed “E.L. P...” l.r. Oil on canvas, 14 x 16 in., unframed. Condition: Surface grime, frame abrasions. $100-200

Coastal View. Signed “R. Foley” l.r., inscribed “Ruth Foley” on the stretcher bars. Oil on canvas, 16 x 20 in., framed. $200-300

881. Mahogany Wheel Barometer by Ruse & MacDonald, Edinburgh, with 8-in. dia. silvered and engraved dial, lower spirit level with maker’s name, central looking glass, thermometer and hygrometer, ht. 37 1/4 in. $200-300

890. Peder Jacob M. Knudsen (Danish, 18681944)

882. Wedgwood Earthenware “Eastern Flowers” Pattern Punch Bowl and Platter, 20th century, transfer printed with chinoiserie floral sprays, the bowl on low foot, ht. 6 7/8, dia. 12 1/4, with round platter or undertray, dia. 16 1/2 in. $75-125 883. Six Goebel/Hummel Ceramic Figures and Groups, ht. to 6 1/2 in. $200-300 884. Twelve Silver Luster Mostly Tea and Coffee Wares, five assorted teapots, one coffeepot, two creamers, two lidded sugars (one missing finial), a small cup, and an additional teapot lid, ht. to 11 in. $250-350

Tree-lined Road with Stormy Sky. Monogrammed “PJK” l.l. Watercolor on paper, sight size 16 x 12 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $100-200 891. Pair of Brass Push-up Candlesticks, England, 19th century, on circular bases, ht. 19 3/4 in. $75-125 892. Pair of William & Mary Side Chairs, England, c. 1680, each with caned splat and seat, with block- and ring-turned stiles, legs, and stretchers, seat ht. 19 in. $300-400 893. Katherine Allmond Hulbert (American, 1859-1939) Country Lane. Signed “K.A. Hulbert” l.r. Oil on board, sight size 9 1/2 x 7 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Surface grime. $100-150

885. Near Pair of English Chippendale and Chippendale-style Carved Mahogany Armchairs, one 18th century, with upholstered slip seats. $600-800

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894. Jacobean Revival Carved Oak Two-part Buffet, late 19th/early 20th century, the upper section with carved crest above cornice over carved panel flanked by two mirrors, above a single shelf supported by turned urnform balusters and backed by a mirror, on projecting base with five short and one long drawer and two doors, on a plinth base with pad feet, ht. 82, wd. 54, dp. 24 3/16 in. $400-600 895. Glazed Stoneware Studio Pottery Vase, United States, late 20th century, the sides decorated with gray and flowing green glazed stylized flowers and leaves on a shaded gray ground, painted WW and RO marks on base, ht. 5 3/4 in. $100-200 896. Two Machine-made Rugs and Persian Mat, 20th century, rugs 5 ft. 6 in. x 3 ft. 10 in. and 5 ft. 6 in. x 3 ft. 7 in., mat 3 ft. 9 in. x 1 ft. 10 in. $150-200 897. Six Goebel/Hummel Ceramic Figures and Groups, ht. to 7 1/4 in. $200-300 898. Three Small Prattware Lidded Jars and a Wedgwood Tile, the jars titled “Uncle Toby,” “On Guard,” and “That No Jealous Rival Shall Laugh Me to Scorn,” the tile depicting Boston Common, together with an additional Prattware lid titled “Dr. Johnson,” jars ht. 2, dia. 4 in., tile wd. 6 in., (some minor chips, cracks, repairs). $150-200 899. Five Framed Works, Alberto Giacometti, The Search, etching on paper; Georges Rouault, The Juggler, lithograph on paper; Kathe Kollwitz, Conspiracy, etching on paper; a 19th century chromolithograph of butterflies; and a Joan Miró lithograph, (not examined out of frames). $600-800 900. Nine Staffordshire Transfer-decorated Plates and a Platter, the black and white platter bearing an Asian landscape scene, lg. 14 1/4, wd. 10 1/2 in., the plate patterns including two “Asiatic Pheasant,” one “Corsica,” one Spodes “New Fayence,” one W. & G. Harding “Rustic,” and one Enoch Wood & Sons “Abbey,” (chips, repairs). $175-225


901. Four Historical Blue Staffordshire Cup Plates, including a floral pair, (some cracks, repairs). $150-200 902. Five Murano Colored Art Glass Table Items, a pear, two globular vases, a dish, and a tall vase, ht. to 13 5/8 in. $200-300 903. Hamadan Rug, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 6 ft. 4 in. x 4 ft. 4 in. $300-500 904. Four Staffordshire Transfer-decorated Saucers and a Miniature Blue and White Teapot, the teapot with landscape decoration, ht. 3 in., (chips). $150-200 905. Victorian Renaissance Revival Upholstered Carved Walnut Armchair and an Oval Walnut Mirror, mirror lg. 37 in. $75-100 906. Linda Connor (American, b. 1944) Two Photographs: New Mexico, 1989, dedicated, titled, dated, and signed “For Austin-Thanks-New Mexico 1989 Linda S. Connor” in pencil on the reverse, gelatin silver print, sheet/image size 9 7/8 x 8 in., matted, unframed, (minor handling creases, rippling to edges, minute nick to edge u.l.); and Kachina Kiva, Utah, 1982, titled, dated, and signed “...Linda S. Connor” in pencil on the reverse, gelatin silver print, sheet/image size 8 x 10 in., matted, unframed, (good). Provenance: From the collection of Austin Lamont, by family descent. $175-225 907. Victorian Bamboo Occasional Table and a Late Victorian Oak Occasional Table. $75-100 908. Ten-piece Goebel/Hummel Ceramic Figural Nativity Set with Wooden Manger, ht. to 6 1/4 in. $700-900 909. Russian Icon of the Vladimir Mother of God, 19th century, the Mother of God and Christ depicted wearing crowns, 23 x 16 7/8 in. $800-1,000

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910. Attributed to Charles Arthur Dunn (American, 1867-1949) Coastal Landscape. Signed “CA Dunn” l.l. Watercolor on paper, sight size 7 x 8 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Mat burn, foxing, not examined out of frame. $100-150 911. Three Joost Swarte (Dutch, b. 1947) Framed Works, Musiques de Traverses 83, signed “Joost Swarte” l.r., lithograph, sight size 27 x 19 in., framed; Nederland [The Netherlands]/Stamp Designs, group of four photo-reproductions of postage stamp designs, with two envelopes having cancelled stamps, all in a common frame, sizes to 5 1/2 x 8 in., framed; and New Year, 1990, unsigned, lithograph, sight size 15 x 23 in., framed, (not examined out of frames). $300-400 912. Pair of Porter Blanchard Silver-plated Copper Table Ornaments, California, 20th century, curved design supported on circular dished base with engraved K monograms, Porter Blanchard in a lozenge-shaped cartouche, ht. 6 5/8, dia. 7 3/4 in. $175-225 913. James Clinton Bones (American, b. 1943) Narrow Leafed Yucca. Unsigned. Unmounted dye-transfer print, sheet size 14 x 11 in., matted, unframed. Condition: Good. Provenance: From the collection of Austin Lamont, by family descent. $125-150 914. Ebonized Baby Grand Piano with Bench, unmarked, (imperfections, key top losses). $800-1,200 915. Large Gold-painted Victorian Oval Grapevine-decorated Gesso and Wood Mirror, approx. lg. 86 in. $350-500 916. Walnut Victorian Shelf Clock, with zinc Roman numeral dial, transfer decorated tablet, time, strike and alarm movement with pendulum, ht. 23 1/2 in. $250-350

917. American School, 20th Century Night Scene. Unsigned. Tempera on paper, sight size 18 1/2 x 23 1/4 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $125-175 918. Pair of Framed Oil on Canvas Western Scenes, unsigned, sight sizes 17 1/2 x 23 1/2 in., (craquelure, warping, scattered losses, surface grime). $100-200 919. Nine Art Glass Paperweights, including Murano. $175-225 920. Chippendale-style Inlaid and Carved Mahogany Double-pedestal Dining Table, with three leaves, ht. 29 1/4, lg. 73, wd. 48, leaf wd. 22 in. $1,500-2,000 921. Silas Hoadley Pine Tall Clock, Plymouth, Connecticut, wooden dial with Roman numerals and inscribed S. Hoadley, Plymouth, ebonized fret-top case with rectangular waist door and stylized French feet, thirty-hour time and strike wooden movement with two weights and pendulum, ht. 89 in. $400-600 922. Federal-style Mahogany Tall Post Bed, with rails, approx. ht. 71 1/4, wd. 57 in. $500-600 923. Russian Icon Depicting the Baptism of Christ, 19th century, in stylized river landscape, 17 1/2 x 14 3/8 in. $750-1,000 923A. Two Continental Scrapbook Paintings, mid19th century, both signed to l.l. “G. Schultz,” one depicting a scene of the industrial town of Saline, 7 1/4 x 5 1/4, the other a man walking his horse through a wooded landscape, 9 x 6 in., unframed, (laid down to card, toning, adhesive residue below images). $50-75 923B. Five Furniture-related Reference Books. $35-50

924. Twenty-two Assorted Staffordshire Transfer-decorated Cup Plates, including two motto plates and one pink luster, (cracks, repairs). $200-300 925. Pakistani Rug, 20th century, 5 ft. 6 in. x 4 ft. 4 in. $100-150 926. Kelim, contemporary, 4 ft. 5 in. x 2 ft. 10 in. $100-150 927. Twelve-piece Staffordshire Brown and White Transfer-decorated Child’s Tea Set, comprised of teapot (handle broken), creamer, four teacups, four saucers, and two dessert plates. $150-200

935. Modern Neoclassical-style Brass-mounted Mirrored-top Painted Wood and Cloth Double-pedestal Vanity, with stool, vanity ht. 31, wd. 46 1/4, dp. 16 1/2 in. $300-500 936. Modern Upholstered Metal Office Chair, swivel seat with base casters. $100-150 937. Three Art Deco Floor Lamps, 1920s, an Edward Kent designed, Ralley Corp. painted metal and glazed ceramic-mounted lamp, a bronze-finished metal lamp, and an etched brass, cast iron, onyx, and glass-mounted lamp, the second lamp base marked “C C3547,” and the last marked with a conjoined “WE” and “E776.” $100-150

928. Small Empire Mahogany Trestle-base Stand. $300-500

938. Russian Icon of the Dormition of the Virgin, Houli, 19th century, carrot orange border, 14 1/2 x 12 1/4 in. $300-400

929. Empire Celadon Velvet Upholstered Mahogany Veneer Sofa, lg. 78 in. $200-400

939. Anglo/American School, 19th Century

930. Classical Carved Mahogany Drop-leaf Pedestal-base Breakfast Table, ht. 29 3/4, lg. 40 1/2, wd. 23, leaf wd. 16 1/2 in. $200-250 931. Modern Pewter Seder Plate, Portugal, dia. 12 1/2 in. $75-125 932. Large Round Glazed Terra-cotta Footed Vase, decorated with alternating bands of geometric ornaments, scrolls, and flowers, ht. 12 in. $150-200 933. Artist-signed Plaster Mold of a Young Boy’s Head, impressed “E.K. Nichols,” ht. 8 1/4 in. $100-150 934. Incised Art Pottery Stoneware Vase, 20th century, the oval-form vase with compressed rim decorated about the sides with incised angular figures on horseback and trees, muted white, yellow, and pink matte glaze, indistinct incised maker’s mark on base, ht. 6 1/2 in. $100-150

Mother and Child. Unsigned. Oil on canvas, 16 x 12 1/4 in., framed. Condition: Scattered paint losses, craquelure, old retouch, surface grime. $250-350 940. Nelson Dawson (British, 1859-1941) Beach Scene. Unsigned, with letter of authentication from the Rhode Island School of Design on the reverse. Watercolor on paper, sight size 9 x 12 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame, frame unstable. $200-400 941. Asian Carved Glass Turtle Shell, lg. 6, wd. 4 3/4 in. $200-300 942. Arts & Crafts Carved Mahogany Tray-top Stand, the underside of the medial shelf with incised “155,” and conjoined “CS,” (scattered edge losses), ht. 28 1/8, lg. 21 1/2, wd. 15 1/4 in. $100-150

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943. L. & J.G. Stickley Arts & Crafts Oak Desk and Chair, rectangular-top desk with center drawer, sides with open bookshelves, accompanied by a tall back chair with green leather cushion seat, desk marked with white decal “The Work of L. & J.G. Stickley,” (nicks, wear and stains), respective ht. 30 1/4, 38, wd. 48, dp. 30 in. $200-300 944. Elisabeth Sunday (American, b. 1958) Two Images: Cholla, 1985, edition of 35; and Ocotillo, 1986, edition of 35. Both signed, titled, dated, and numbered “Elisabeth Sunday...” in pencil on the reverse. Goldtoned silver prints, image sizes approximately 16 1/2 x 12 3/4 in., unmatted, unframed. Condition: Subtle surface rubs, unobtrusive handling creases to images. Provenance: From the collection of Austin Lamont, by family descent. $100-200 945. Bradley & Hubbard Chandelier with Quezal Attributed Glass Shades, Meriden, Connecticut, New York, early 20th century, gold and silver patinated ceiling mount fixture with embossed swag design suspending a chain and three-arm fixture with conforming swag and tassel motif; with three tassel-form shades of opalescent/gold glass with yellow and green leaves and gold threading, the ceiling fixture embossed B & H in a circle on ceiling cap, total drop 78, dia. 19 in. $200-300 946. Machine-made Hooked Rug, 20th century, 5 ft. 5 in. x 3 ft. 6 in. $150-250 947. Machine-made Chinese-style Mat, 20th century, 3 ft. x 1 ft. 10 in. $100-150 948. William Wyman (American, 1922-1980) Eroded Mercury, 1958. Signed and dated “W. Wyman 58” l.l., identified and inscribed “...(FROM THE PLANET SERIES)...” on the reverse. Fired ceramic, 24 x 36 in., framed. Condition: Surface grime, firing cracks. $200-300 949. John R. Grabach (American, 1886-1981) Hitching Two Horses. Signed “John R. Grabach” l.r. Watercolor on paper, sight size 5 x 7 1/4 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $250-350


950. After Isidore Jules Bonheur (French, 18271901) Small Bronze Figure of a Crouching Rabbit. Mold incised signature “I. Bonheur” to base, greenish-brown patina, ht. 5 3/4 in. $600-800 951. Two Wilhelm Kralik and Pallme-Konig Art Glass Vases, tooled rim fanning to eight points tapering to circular base composed of translucent pale pink glass overlaid with red threading around rim, acid-etched Czechoslovakia mark in a semicircle on base, polished pontil, ht. 9; a squat vase with bulbed neck and cut from the top in iridescent rose pink glass with opalescent white trailings, ht. 4 3/8 in. $150-250 952. Pair of German Hand-colored Engravings of Jousting Knights, c. 1846, taken from Franz Kottenkamp’s History of Chivalry and Ancient Armour, each small folio, framed, sight 8 x 15 in. $200-300 953. Kelim, contemporary, 6 ft. x 3 ft. 2 in. $50-100 954. After Antoine-Louis Barye (French, 17961875) Lot of Two Bronzes: Lièvre assis [Seated Hare] and Rabbit with Kits. Both with incised signature “BAYRE” to base, Hare ht. 3 1/4, Kits wd. 4 1/4 in. $250-350 955. Iberian Provincial Walnut Stretcher-base Low Table, ht. 20 1/4, lg. 31 1/2 in. $200-300 956. French Provincial Walnut Three-drawer Commode, ht. 37, wd. 44 1/4, dp. 18 1/2 in. $300-500 957. Louis XV Provincial-style Carved Walnut Cupboard, in two parts, approx. ht. 80 1/4, wd. 58 3/4 in. $300-500 958. Dedham Pottery Iris Border Dinner Plate, Dedham, Massachusetts, 1896-1943, blue decorated border on plate with crackle-glazed ground, blue ink stamp mark on base, dia. 9 3/4 in. $100-200

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959. Lee Rexrode Modern Art Pottery Plaque, impressed “REXRODE,” inscribed “1985” on base, dia. 25 in. $150-250 960. Kate Barrie (American, 1888-1973) Two Framed Watercolor and Gouache Drawings on Paper: The Charmer and The Porcelain Jar. Both titled in pencil l.l. and signed l.r., sight sizes 8 1/2 x 10 1/2 in. Condition: Jar with some toning and staining, Charmer not examined out of frame. $150-250 960A. Framed Photographic Print of Breaking Waves, sight size 18 1/4 x 24 3/4 in. $50-100 960B. Framed Balz Stager Photo Reproduction, sight size 20 1/4 x 29 3/4 in. $50-100 960C. Framed Ink Hand-drawn Salt Spring Island Area Map, 20th century, sight lg. 19 in. $50-75 961. Continental School, 19th/20th Century Portrait of a Man. Inscribed “FD” l.l. Oil on canvas, 18 x 14 in., framed. Condition: Mild surface grime. $250-350 962. Pair of Silver-gilt Five-arm Candelabra Wall Sconces, electrified, (one arm broken on one sconce), ht. not including candles approx. 16 in. $500-700 963. L. Gerard Paine (American, 20th Century) Ocho Rios Jamaica 1946. Signed “L. Gerard Paine” and titled l.l. Watercolor on paper, sight size 14 x 21 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $100-150 964. Set of Four Louis XV Provincial-style Caned Carved Walnut Side Chairs. $200-300 965. Neoclassical Gilt-gesso Mirror, lg. 32 1/2 in. $100-200

966. Seventy-three-piece Paris Porcelain Gilt and Turquoise-banded Partial Dinner Service and a Footed Creamware Tureen with Cover, the service with “L” monogram, (the service and tureen with damage). $200-300 967. Five Millefiore Art Glass Paperweights. $200-300 968. Peter Wagner (American, 21st Century) Winter Stream. Signed and dated “Wagner 08” l.l., inscribed “Peter Wagner/2008/Tolland, Ma.” on reverse. Oil on board, sight size 12 1/2 x 10 in., framed. Condition: Minor losses to edges. $150-250 969. Colorless Cut Glass Floral and Butterflydecorated Mushroom Table Lamp, with prisms and silver-plated fittings, two sockets, ht. 19, dia. 12 in. $300-500 970. Regency-style Oak and Singer Electric Sewing Machine Table. $75-100 971. Colonial Revival Mahogany-finished Tall Case Clock, painted wood dial and brass weight-driven movement, with pendulum, ht. 68 1/2 in. $300-500

975. Large Residual Lot of Furniture and Assorted Decorative Items, including small furniture items, ceramics, lighting, Asian, glass, and framed items, etc. $300-500 976. Continental School, 19th Century Study of a Soldier, Being a Havildar of the 23rd Bengal. Signed indistinctly l.l. Watercolor on paper, sight size 13 3/4 x 6 3/4 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame, foxing, toning. $100-125 977. Empire Footed Veneered Wooden Lock Box, with brass claw feet, filled with a large number of wax seals, all identified on the reverse, box lg. 7 3/4, wd. 5 3/8, ht. 3 1/8 in. $250-350 978. American School, 20th Century

984. Enameled and Gilded Satin-finish Glass Bud Vase, attributed to Webb, England, late 19th century, long neck on bulbous body of cased amber satin over white glass, gilt and green enamel decoration with pendant flowering branches and moths, polished pontil, maker’s inscriptions on base, (gilt wear, minor scratches), ht. 6 1/2 in. $175-225 985. Alexander Theobaold Van Laer (American, 1857-1920) Beacon View with Pier. Signed “A.T. van Laer.” l.r. Watercolor on paper, sight size 7 x 12 in., framed. Condition: Toning, staining, not examined out of frame. $100-125 986. German Victorian Rococo Revival Gray Marble-top Carved Walnut Chamber Table. $1,000-1,500

Fall Landscape with Lake. Unsigned. Watercolor on paper, sight size 15 1/2 x 19 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Foxing, staining, not examined out of frame. $100-125

987. German Victorian Rococo Revival Gray Marble-top Carved Walnut Commode Stand. $400-600

979. Continental Provincial Pine Kitchen Work Table, with two drawers, ht. 37 1/4, lg. 65, wd. 28 in. $400-600

988. Cast Brass Dog’s Head Door Knocker, lg. 6 3/4 in. $100-150

980. Black-painted and Decorated Pine Blanket Chest over Long Drawer. $100-150

972. Three 19th Century Chairs and a Mahogany Footstool, a Federal spindle-back armchair, a tiger maple side chair, a carved mahogany side chair, and an Empire-style needlepoint upholstered mahogany footstool. $75-100

981. Brass-framed Silver Repoussé Panel Depicting the Flight into Egypt, silver panel sight size 3 5/8 x 2 3/4 in., framed dimensions 8 3/4 x 7 3/8 in. $100-150

973. Modern Asian Crackle-glaze Porcelain Table Lamp, late 20th century, vasiform lamp with branch-form handles ornamented with an Asian figure seated on a flowering tree in relief on a white crackle-glaze ground, (repair to rim), ht. 33 in. $100-150

982. Approximately Ninety Small Mostly Ceramic and Wood Dog Figures, including two pugs, Royal Doulton, Beswick, Staffordshire, Sevres-type, Midwinter, and German porcelain makers, with some glass and metal. $500-700

974. Pair of Tole Urns, 19th century, painted red with fluted sides and everted rim, ht. 13 1/2 in. $250-350

983. Decorative Obelisk, 20th century, resin body painted to simulate marbling in brown and green, ht. 15 in. $200-300

989. Charles Cagle (American, b. 1907) Two Works: Path in Woods and Nude. Path signed “Cagle” l.r., oil on canvas, 20 x 24 in., framed, (mild surface grime); Nude inscribed “Charles Cagle Arlington VT 1937” on the reverse, graphite on paper, sight size 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 in., framed, (laid down, not examined out of frame). $150-200 990. Susan H. G. Bradley (American, 1851-1929) Mt. at Twilight. Signed l.l., identified on a partial label on the reverse from the American Society of Water Color Painters. Watercolor on paper, sight size 9 3/4 x 71 /4 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame, foxing and toning to mat. $200-300 991. Set of Six Unframed Rowlandson & Pugin Medical School and Hospital Interior Views, approx. 8 x 10 1/4 in. $125-175

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992. Frank Weston Benson (American, 18621951) Rendezvous. Signed “Frank W. Benson” l.l. Drypoint, sight size 6 x 5 in., unframed. Condition: Torn into image. $50-75 993. Framed Etching of a City Street Scene, signed indistinctly in pencil l.r., possibly “J. Broerman,” image size 9 1/4 x 7 3/4 in., (not examined out of frame). $75-100 994. Chinese Export Gilt-decorated Black Lacquer Sewing Table. $200-250 995. 19th Century Framed Floral-decorated Ceramic Tile, monogrammed “SM” and dated “1885” on the reverse, (crazing, minor chips to extreme edges), wd. 8 in. not including frame. $100-125 996. Double-sided New England Landscape Oil on Board, unsigned, with a view of the Hatch Shell on the Charles River on one side, 20 x 24 in., unframed, (significant losses, surface grime). $100-150 997. Fifteen Small Assorted Bronze and Metal Figural Dogs, some painted, ht. to 3 5/8 in. $250-350 998. Pair of Louis XV-style Gilded Metal Candlesticks, with diagonally fluted sconce, baluster stem, and scalloped foot, ht. 9 1/2 in. $100-200 999. Susumu Hirota (American, 1898-1979) Summer Glory/Cornfield at Sunset. Signed and dated “Hirota ‘60” l.r., titled on the stretcher. Oil on canvas, 36 x 40 in., framed. Condition: Mild surface grime, areas of craquelure. $100-150 1000. Group of Carved Ivory Mostly Sewingrelated Items, including thimbles, sewing clamp, and thread winders. $200-300


1001. Two European Porcelain Items, a Royal Worcester figure of a black man and a Royal Crown Darby pink and gilt floral-decorated two-handled vase, ht. 6 3/4 and 10 3/8 in., respectively. $200-250 1001A. Asian White Glazed Porcelain Covered Ink Box, dia. 3 3/4 in. $50-75 1001B. Pair of Brass Ring-turned Andirons, ht. 17 1/4 in. $50-75 1002. Fourteen-piece English Gilt-embossed Porcelain Partial Luncheon Set and a Similar Teapot. $150-200 1003. Southwest Persian Rug, 20th century, 6 ft. 4 in. x 2 ft. 10 in. $200-300 1004. Yellow-painted Cast Zinc and Molded Copper Running Horse Weather Vane, (tail crimp), horse lg. 23 3/4 in. $200-300 1005. Long Country Pine Trestle-base Dining Table, ht. 29, lg. 103, wd. 42 in. $300-500 1006. Riley Whiting Pine Case Tall Clock, Winchester, Connecticut, painted wooden dial with Arabic numerals, floral spandrels and inscribed R. Whiting, Winchester, scrolltop case with rectangular waist door and stylized French feet, thirty-hour time and strike wooden movement with two tin-cased weights and pendulum, ht. 80 1/2 in. $250-450 1007. Six Windsor Step-down Thumb-back Side Chairs. $300-500 1008. Art Deco-style Bronze and Stone Desk Tray, with the figure of a seated clown playing a mandolin, ht. 5 1/2, lg. 9 in. $250-350

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1009. Set of Five Carved Wooden Nesting Spoons, possibly European, lg. 6 3/8 to 10 in. $250-350 1010. Japanese Painting, 20th century, ink and colors on paper, otsu-e of a demon climbing into a tub, framed and glazed, 17 x 12 in. $100-150 1011. William Walton (American, 1909-1994) The Card Game. Signed “Walton” l.r. Casein paint on paperboard, sight size 11 1/4 x 11 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $350-450 1012. Handcrafted Table Lamp, Maine, late 20th century, parchment-covered wire mesh form with geometric cut-outs and applied printed map segments, laced wire joinery, ht. 23, wd. 14 3/4, dp. 6 in. $75-125 1013. Set of Eight Classical-style Maple Lyreback Side Chairs and a Pair of Armchairs. $200-350 1014. Buckley & Bancroft Empire Glazed Mahogany Veneer Writing Desk/Bookcase, Boston, the bookcase with two adjustable shelves, stamped and handwritten maker’s label, ht. 85 1/2, wd. 51 in. $400-600 1015. Empire Upholstered Carved Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Sofa with Paw Feet, lg. 86 in. $200-400 1016. Two Groups of Minton Plates, early 20th century, a set of twelve dessert plates, printed and painted to center with a floral circle, and with turquoise “jewels” at rim, dia. 9 1/8, and a set of nine dinner plates with dark red border and gilt rim, dia. 10 1/4 in. $250-350 1017. Approximately 112 Colorless Glass Stemware and Tableware Items, including bowls, footed ice cream dishes, a pattern glass pitcher and spooner and several sets of glasses, including goblets, cordials, wines, and champagnes, several sets signed Webb, ht. to 6 1/8 in. $200-300

1018. American School, 20th Century Hillside Farm View. Signed and dated “F.L. Robinson 1924” l.r. Oil on board, sight size 5 3/4 x 10 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Surface grime, minor surface abrasions. $150-200 1019. Two Decorative Porcelain Items, a literary paperweight depicting a volume of Byron topped with two scrolled documents, (repairs), and a Royal Worcester seashell and coral-form wall pocket, lg. 9 and 11 in., respectively. $200-300

1026. No lot. 1027. Three Blue and White Porcelain Dishes, a Meissen Blue Onion pierced bowl and a pair of Canton dishes, bowl ht. 2 1/4, dia. 9 1/4 in. $400-600 1028. Eight Rosenthal Studio Line Blown Molded Art Glass Candlesticks, smoky-gray glass on colorless knopped stems continuing to bulbed base, two tall, four medium, and two short candlesticks, acid-etched maker’s marks, (one with minor rim chip), ht. 7 3/8, 10 1/4, 16, 19 3/4 in. $200-400

1020. Irving B. Haynes (American, 1927-2005) Untitled [1-0395]. Initialed and dated “IH 04” in pencil l.r., inscribed “HAYNES/NOV., 2004” in graphite on the reverse. Acrylic on paper, sheet size 18 x 23 7/8 in., unframed. Condition: Tack holes to corners. Provenance: Estate of the artist. $150-250 1021. Two Mid-century Chromed Steel and Glass Coffee Tables, rectangular top and square top glass on rectilinear chromed steel frame, (nicks to corners of glass), ht. 15, 15, sq. 32 1/8, lg. 54, wd. 19 1/8 in. $300-500 1022. Modern White-painted Wood and Aluminum Slotted Cabinet, Cockade Ltd., London, with Plexiglas fall-front base door, ht. 20 1/2, lg. 56, dp. 12 in. $250-350 1023. Six Brass Candlesticks, including a pair, ht. to 10 1/2 in. $75-125 1024. Pair of Small Blackamoor Porcelain Serving Bowls, one depicting a man and one a woman, both in traditional African garb, ht. 6 3/4 in. $400-600 1025. Lot of Assorted Works on Paper, including three watercolors and a graphite drawing signed “R-L-Mixner” or “R-L-M,” a charcoal drawing of a three-masted sailing ship signed “Briggs,” and two 19th-century costume engravings. $100-150

1029. Two Modernist Console Tables, rectangular cut-corner top in black over clear lower shelf joined by flat bar-form legs with clear borders, ht. 31, wd. 36 3/4, dp. 12 1/4 in. $100-200 1030. American School, 19th/20th Century Lot of Two Works: Mother and Two Children, signed “R E Gradey 57” l.r., color woodblock, sight size 30 x 10 in., framed; and View Through the Trees, signed “” l.r., gouache, sight size 17 x 15 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frames. Provenance: Property from the estates of Huson and Polly F. Jackson. $75-125 1031. Fourteen Fukagawa Porcelain Items, Japan, 20th century, a teapot with blue and white tile pattern decoration with five matching teacups and a vase, a teapot and covered sugar bowl with blue wavy cloud design, a teacup and saucer with blue and white flower and leaf pattern, a plate with blue, orange, and gilt grapevine decoration, a vase with blue and white jonquil decoration, and a covered sugar bowl with red, blue, and gilt stylized flower designs, ht. 2 7/8-11 in. $100-150 1032. Eight Brass Candlesticks, England, 18th/19th century, including an urn-shaped pair with tapering square bases; a pair with circular bases; and four with octagonalshaped bases, ht. 6 to 10 5/8 in. $300-400

1033. Hand-painted Gilt-decorated Porcelain Demitasse Set for One, retailed by Ovington Brothers, New York, including demitasse coffeepot, creamer, lidded two-handled sugar bowl, egg cup and undertray, and a five-piece place setting comprised of teacup, saucer, and three dishes, together with a matching domed dish cover. $100-150 1034. Pair of 18th-century Brass-framed Miniature Silhouettes of Mr. and Mrs. Friedrich Kleff, birth and death dates inscribed on the reverse, ht. 2 1/2, wd. 2 1/8 in. $150-250 1035. French Floral and Butterfly-decorated Faience Mantel/Fireplace Architectural Surround, approximate exterior ht. 39, wd. 42 3/4, dp. 6 3/4, interior ht. 31 3/4, wd. 29 3/4 in. $300-500 1036. Two Jacobean-style Upholstered Carved Walnut Armchairs. $75-100 1037. California Furniture Co. Jacobean-style Caned and Carved Oak Telephone Stand, Los Angeles, c. 1930, overall ht. 32 1/2, lg. 17, wd. 15 1/2 in. $200-300 1038. Catalina Pottery Floriform Four-part Serving Dish and a Pair of Candleholders, signed “Catalina Lucie.” $300-500 1039. Continental School, 20th Century Medieval Knight and Lady. Signed “SIF” l.r. Oil on Masonite, 47 x 18 in., framed. Condition: Surface grime. $150-250 1040. Seven Framed Etchings and Photo Reproductions, including Jan Hunt, Catnap; Leon Pescheret, Canadian Geese and Mallards; and two R.H. Palenske photo reproductions, “Looking for me?” and “I’ll go see!”; sight sizes 5 x 7 1/4 to 14 x 10 3/4 in., (not examined out of frames). $150-250

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1041. Chinese Ying Ching-style Opalescent Glazed Relief-decorated Porcelain Covered Box, (crazing, scattered small chips, corner firing cracks), ht. 5 3/8, lg. 9 1/4, wd. 6 1/4 in. $200-300 1042. Dale William Nichols (American, 19041995) Tecún Umán’s World, 1966. Signed and dated “Dale Nichols 1966” l.r., titled in pencil on the mat. Lithograph with relief on paper, image size 9 7/8 x 12 5/8 in., framed. Condition: Margins over 1 inch, foxing (primarily to verso). $75-100 1043. Neoclassical Upholstered Fruitwood Mechanical Reading Chair, with brass fittings. Provenance: Carroll family, Maryland. $100-150 1044. French Empire Black Marble-top Mahogany Veneer Fall-front Secretaire à Abattant, (imperfections), ht. 55 1/2, wd. 38 1/4, dp. 17 in. $100-200 1045. Two Snuff Boxes, one engraved pewter, the other lacquer (some elements in lid loose), lg. to 3 1/2, ht. to 1 1/8 in. $250-350 1046. Chinese Saddle Cover, 19th century, 4 ft. 2 in. x 2 ft. $300-400

1049. Albert Prentice Button (American, 18681931) Haystacks. Signed “Albert Prentice Button” l.l. Watercolor and graphite on paper/ board, sight size 4 3/8 x 5 3/8 in., framed. Condition: Mild toning and foxing, not examined out of frame. $200-300 1050. Nine Small Enameled Articles, four enamel and brass curtain tiebacks, three metal buttons, and two Battersea boxes, one inscribed “A Friend’s Gift,” the other “Esteem the Giver.” $300-500 1051. Charlotte Rhead for Crown Ducal Earthenware Charger/Wall Plaque, England, second quarter 20th century, circular form decorated with raised outlined designs filled with polychrome glazes with green zigzag and stripe rim borders, the center ornamented a large green and orange blossom surrounded by orange, blue, yellow, and green flowers, the foot pierced for hanging, marked C Rhead, indistinct pattern number and Crown Ducal, Made in England stamp, dia. 14 1/4 in. $100-200 1052. Pair of Baroque Flame-top Andirons and Matching Fire Fender, andirons ht. 21, fender lg. approx. 36 in. $300-500 1053. Five Meissen Bottger Steinzeug Brown Stoneware Small Animal Figures, a pair of calves, a pair of turtles, and a fox on pedestal base, ht. to 3 1/2 in. $200-250 1054. Four Machine-made Needlepoint Floral Rugs, lg. 34 1/4 to 48 1/2 in. $200-300

1047. No lot. 1048. Pair of Porcelain Figures of Servants, Continental, late 19th century, each enamel decorated to a cream colored ground, one modeled as Middle Eastern water carrier; the other as a Westerner in classical garb carrying a basket of fruit, ht. 18 3/4 in. $100-200

1055. Three Slat-back Side Chairs, a Blackpainted Slat-back Armrocker, and a Chippendale-style Tiger Maple Mirror. $150-200 1056. Edwardian Paint-decorated Mahogany Slide-lid Magazine/Newspaper Stand. $300-500


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1057. Neoclassical-style Giltwood, Burl Veneer, and Paint-decorated Mirror, lg. 45 in. $300-500 1058. Set of Four Brass Candlesticks, ht. 5 1/2 in. $250-350 1059. Four Brilliant-cut Glass Items, tall compote, cylindrical vase, scalloped-edge bowl, and scalloped-edge plate with domed cover, ht. to 8 3/4 in. $150-200 1060. Graciela Rodo Boulanger (Bolivian, b. 1935) Kite. Signed in pencil l.r., numbered “101/150” l.l. Embossed color lithograph on paper, image size 24 x 16 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $150-200 1061. After Alfred Lucas, After Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (British, 1802-1873) Children and Rabbits. Identified in the print “London Published Oct. 27 1874 by G.P. McQueen...” l.c. Engraving on paper/board, plate size 27 x 20 3/8 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $100-150 1062. Mahogany Column and Splat Shelf Clock, Salem Holman, Hartford, Connecticut, with Arabic numeral dial, printed maker’s label inside backboard, looking glass and thirtyhour, weight-powered wooden movement, ht. 34 in. $300-500 1063. Chippendale-style Carved Mahogany Banquet Table Ends, each demilune shaped. $200-300 1064. Georgian Mahogany Double-pedestal Dressing Table. $300-500 1065. Arthur R. Safford (American, 1900-1992) Fall Landscape with Birches and Church. Signed “Arthur R Safford” l.r. Watercolor on paper, sight size 19 3/4 x 27 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $150-250

1066. Russian Icon of Three Patron Saints with Brass Riza, late 19th/early 20th century, painted in the Western style with three standing saints, two male and one female, 8 11/16 x 6 3/4 in. $100-200 1067. Four Colorless Glass Decanters, one in the form of a cruet, (one cloudy), ht. to 11 1/4 in. $150-200 1068. After Judi Rotenberg (American, 20th/21st Century) Swan Boats, Boston Public Garden. Inscribed “Judi Rotenberg” within the matrix l.r. Offset lithograph, sight size approximately 17 1/4 x 24 in., framed. $150-200 1069. Carved Ivory Napkin Ring, centered with a framed painted portrait miniature, signed or identified as “Berthé,” (crack to ring behind miniature, losses to miniature), lg. 2 1/8, wd. 1 3/4, ht. 1 3/8 in. $150-250 1070. Late Victorian Turned Wood and Wicker Baby Carriage, upholstered interior, wire wheels, approx. ht. 38 1/2, lg. 54 in. $125-175 1071. Victorian Eastlake-type Upholstered Walnut Roundabout Chair. $200-250 1072. Large Late Victorian Gilt-gesso Mirror, 36 1/4 x 43 1/2 in. $150-200 1073. Six Ivory-framed Portrait Miniatures, c. 1920, five women and one young gentleman, four with visible artists’ signatures or initials, (losses to some frames), frame sizes 3 3/4 x 3 1/8 to 5 3/4 x 5 in. $300-500 1074. Cameo Glass Vase, early 20th century, four-sided vasiform vessel in translucent rose glass cut to opalescent seafoam green with allover small feather pattern texture depicting flowering vegetation with gilt highlighting, loss on one side with associated cracks, ht. 16 3/8 in. $300-400

1075. Khamseh Rug, Southwest Persia, 20th century, 4 ft. x 2 ft. 8 in. $150-200

1083. Copeland/Spode Creamware Leaf-form Dish, lg. 16 3/4 in. $150-250

1076. Group of Collectible and Decorative Items, including an 18-in. British terrestrial globe on stand, stoneware crock and two jugs, brass kettle, two jardinières, Cape Cod lamp, tray, match holder, cast iron counter scale, set of metal corn holders, a copper-plated bullet tin, G.I. Joe doll with accessories, a wooden spool quilt rack, and a glass shade. $100-200

1084. Asian Carved Camphorwood Five-drawer Trinket Chest, ht. 14 3/4, wd. 14 1/2 in. $200-300

1077. Waterbury Louis XV-style Gilt-metal and Transfer-decorated Porcelain Mantel Clock with a Pair of Similar Gilt-metal and Handpainted Porcelain Garnitures, the clock with enamel dial and brass chiming movement. $400-600 1078. Arthur R. Safford (American, 1900-1992) Still Life with Objets d’art. Signed “Arthur R. Safford” l.r. Watercolor on paper, sight size 20 x 26 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $150-250 1079. Queen Anne-style Carved Cherry Bonnettop Highboy, ht. 85 1/4, wd. 39 in. $1,500-2,000 1080. Paule Stetson Loring (American, 18991968) Portrait of New Deal Program Administrator Aubrey Williams (18901965). Signed “Loring” u.r. Mixed media on illustration board, 13 x 13 in., unframed. Condition: Minor toning, wear to the corners. $150-250 1081. Majolica Figural Wall Shelf Bracket, Continental, 19th century, polychrome decorated and modeled as a peasant figure beneath a stepped shelf, lg. 7 3/4 in. $100-200 1082. Two Steuben Colorless Glass Vases, the larger urn-form and with a chip to rim, both with incised signatures to bases, ht. to 9 1/2 in. $150-200

1085. American Birch Tall Clock Case, with fret top, three brass finials, 10 1/2-in. glazed dial opening, narrow waist door and bracket feet, ht. 96 in. $100-200 1086. Six Windsor Step-down Side Chairs. $200-300 1087. Late Federal Cherry Deep Drop-leaf Dining Table, ht. 29 1/2, lg. 48 1/4, wd. 22 1/4, leaf wd. 24 in. $150-250 1088. Collection of Twenty-four E.N. Welch Paperweight Clocks, E.N. Welch Manufacturing Company, with Roman and Arabic numeral enamel, silvered and paper dials, one example with original leather carrying case, varying colors including thirteen amber, seven blue, two clear, and two mauve, ht. 4 in. $1,500-2,500 1089. Tony Van Hasselt (American, 20th/21st Century) Maine Mood. Signed “Van Hasselt AWS” l.r. Watercolor on paper, 9 1/4 x 13 1/4 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $150-250 1090. William Paskell (American, 1866-1951) Ships in the Harbor. Signed l.l. Watercolor on paper, sight size approx. 19 1/2 x 19 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $150-200 1091. Pair of Continental Carved Wood Angel Figural Wall Ornaments, (losses), lg. 11 1/2 in. $150-200

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1092. Classical Damask Upholstered Carved Mahogany Sofa, ht. 39, lg. 69 1/2 in. $300-500 1093. Empire Mahogany Veneer Pedestal-base Card Table. $150-250 1094. Classical Mahogany Tilt-top Candlestand. $200-250 1095. Mahogany Shaving Mirror, England, 19th century, hinged rectangular shaped mirror above an openwork gallery, all atop a single drawer cabinet, ht. 24 1/2, lg. 18 in. $150-250 1096. Three Rococo-style Bronze Cherub-form Candlesticks, a bronze pair and one smaller silvered, ht. to 9 1/2 in. $400-600 1097. Late Victorian Painted and Transferdecorated Molded Glass Gone-with-theWind Kerosene Table Lamp, (electrified). $150-250 1098. Two Chinese Glossy Blue Glazed Floraldecorated Ceramic Vases, unsigned, ht. 9 5/8 and 11 1/2 in. $75-100 1099. Karl Mann (American, 20th Century) Lot of Three Still Life Assemblages. Unsigned, identified on the reverse. Mixed media and seeds, sizes to 14 1/2 x 17 in., framed. Condition: Surface grime. $100-150 1100. Late 19th Century French Cast Metal Hotel Desk Bell, with dolphin pedestal on shellform base, ht. 6 1/4 in. $100-150

1102. Four Mid-century Pewter Table Items, retailed by America House, United States, c. 1957, comprising a coffee set with a coffeepot with cane-wrapped handle, covered sugar, and creamer, and a long-stemmed goblet with hammered surface, all with maker’s mark FD and a hammer, ht. 1 3/4-9 7/8 in. Provenance: From a Lexington, Massachusetts, home.

1103. Hamadan Rug, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 5 ft. x 3 ft. 4 in. $200-300 1104. Wardle “Shell & Seaweed” Albino Majolica Jardinière, England, four-sided, each side formed by a white seashell with green seaweed and plankton encroaching from the sides, stamped “Wardle England” on the base, ht. 11 1/4 in. $200-400 1105. Pair of Tile-top Mahogany End Tables, probably Ed Wormley and Marie Linna, (tile damage and repairs). $400-600 1106. American School, 20th Century Abstract Composition. Initialed and dated “et64” l.l. Oil on artist board, 12 x 9 in., framed. $150-250 1107. Chinese School, 20th Century Pomegranate [Huangpu]. Inscribed and sealed in Chinese within the matrix l.l. and on the reverse, printed by Rong Bao Zhai. Woodblock print, sight size 10 1/2 x 13 1/4 in., framed. Condition: Foxing. $125-250 1108. Eight Walking Sticks and a Lady’s Parasol, with handles of carved wood, metal, porcelain, and horn. $100-200

1101. Red-painted Empire-style Lamp, the base of two Doric columnar forms on a rectangular platform, laurel finial, and associated redpainted tin shade with gold-painted laurel decoration, ht. 18 1/2 in. $150-200



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1109. Two Modern Pottery Vases, Denmark, one baluster form with opposing twisted modeled handles, decorated on the sides with brown painted stylized half-length man and woman on a creamy white ground, indistinct inscribed maker’s mark; and a Royal Copenhagen vase, flattened bottle-form with green geometric and linear patterns on a mottled dark green glaze, blue stamped mark and paper label, painted EL cipher, model 3208, (imperfections), ht. 13 1/4, 7 1/4 in., respectively. $100-150 1110. American School, 19th Century Still Life with Mums. Signed and dated “C.E. Hollis 1889” l.r. Oil on canvas, sight size 13 1/2 x 17 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Craquelure, tear to right side of canvas, mild surface grime. $150-200 1111. American School, 20th Century Abstract Geometric Composition. Unsigned. Oil on wood panel, 20 x 25 in., unframed. Condition: Abrasions, paint losses, surface imperfections, craquelure, wear to edges with some delamination of panel on the reverse, surface grime. $350-450 1112. Pair of Czech Bisque Figures, 19th century, Portheim & Sons, each polychrome enamel decorated and modeled as a male and female peasant dancing, impressed mark, ht. 6 1/2, 6 3/4 in. $150-250 1113. Modern Round Glass-top Parquetry Veneer Pedestal-base Coffee Table, ht. 17, dia. 36 in. $100-150 1114. Pair of Art Deco-style Blond Wood Side Cabinets, ht. 24, wd. 34 1/2 in. $200-250 1115. Modern Rectangular Limed and Inlaid Wood Dining Table with a Set of Six Maguire Asian-style Bamboo Dining Chairs with Upholstered Seats, table ht. 30, lg. 84, wd. 44 in. $200-250

1116. Upsala Slojd Danish Modern Drinks Set, Sweden and Austria, c. 1953, oblong teak tray with Upsala Slojd circular mark and Made in Sweden on bottom; and eight small tapered oval jade cordials inscribed “Austria” on the bases, one cordial with rim chip and crack, one with hairline, tray 3 3/4 x 11 3/4, cordial ht. 1 3/4 in. Provenance: Purchased at Georg Jensen. $75-125 1117. Navajo Banded-style Wool Rug, c. 1940, 45 x 48 in. $500-700 1118. Unframed Oil on Canvas Still Life with Flowers, signed indistinctly “Anna K...arska” l.l., 26 x 32 in., (scattered losses along edges, abrasions). $200-300 1119. Straw-glazed Granary Cart, China, Hanstyle, molded as a horse cart carrying a granary, covered in a green iridescent glaze, lg. 11, ht. 5 3/8 in. $100-150 1120. Painted Rococo-style Carved Wood Framed Mirror, lg. 43 in. $50-100

1124. 20th Century American School Plastic Sculpture of An Etched Figure in Motion, ht. 10 1/8, wd. 8, dp. 2 1/8 in. $125-150 1125. Seven Small Figures and Busts of Napoleon and One of Josephine, two bronze busts, one signed L. Kley, two small bronze figures, one standing ceramic figure, and three ceramic busts, ht. to 7 3/4 in. $400-600 1126. Pair of Gilt and Hand-painted Landscapedecorated Porcelain Vase/Table Lamps, attributed to Nippon, with gilt-metal mounts, body ht. 9 in. $100-150 1127. Belleek Porcelain Aesthetic Movement Side Plate, the scalloped-edge plate edged with bamboo and cherry blossoms, with a central design of a spider in its web, impressed marks to base, dia. 6 in. $150-250 1128. Pair of Regency-style Circular Carved Mahogany Drum Tables with Tooled Leather-inset Tops, ht. 27 3/4, dia. 22 in. $600-800 1129. Edwin Earp (British, 19th/20th Century)

1121. 19th Century Continental Mahogany Lift-top Dulcimer on Stand, the hinged top lifting to reveal mirrored top and blue painted soundboard with gilt flowers and in trapezoidal case over kneehole apron with outset paws on urns, on circular turned legs. $300-500

Summer Lake View. Signed “E. Earp” l.r. Watercolor and gouache on paper, 9 1/2 x 21 1/4 in., framed. Condition: Toning, mat burn. $125-150 1130. Chinese Carved Hardwood Stand. $200-300

1122. Allan Wells Halladay (American, b. 1906) View of Bazar Santa Matzia Antiguidades, Obidos, Portugal. Signed and inscribed “Allan Halladay/OBIDOS PORTUGAL” l.l. Watercolor on paper, sight size 21 1/4 x 14 in., matted, unframed. $100-200 1123. Framed Eglomise Biblical Scene Depicting the Judgment of Solomon, sight size 15 x 19 1/2 in. $150-250

1131. Pair of Brass Three-light Candelabra, late 19th/early 20th century, each with turned stem and circular foot, ht. 15 in. $200-300

1133. Arts & Crafts Hammered Copper and Brass Center Bowl, early 20th century, raised rim on round tapered copper bowl raised on a flaring cylindrical brass base, ht. 8, dia. 9 3/4 in. $100-150 1134. Ten Colorless Glass Table Items, two decanters, six footed water glasses, one three-part pressed glass dish, and a small cut glass creamer. $250-450 1135. Jacobean-style Oak Pedestal-base Center Table. $75-100 1136. Three Small 18th Century-style Tables, including a maple gate-leg, and a tray-top. $100-150 1137. American School, 20th Century Zinnias in a Vase. Unsigned. Watercolor on paper, 11 x 11 in., framed. Condition: Horizontal crease above composition. $75-100 1138. Nest of Four Inlaid Mahogany Stands. $75-100 1139. Continental School, 20th Century Two Figures. Signed “Du Houen” l.l. Oil on panel, 10 x 8 in., framed. Condition: Craquelure. $250-350 1139A. Three Framed Works on Paper, an etching of a Chinese doorway, a pencil drawing of a doorway on Beacon Hill, and a Polish print. $50-75 1140. Continental School, 20th Century

1132. Silas Hoadley Alarm Timepiece, wooden Arabic numeral dial, stenciled eagle splat and quarter columns, printed maker’s label inside and thirty-hour time and alarm wooden movement, (lacking weights), ht. 23 in. $200-400

Paris at Night. Signed “Corrado” l.r., identified on a label on the reverse. Oil on canvas, sight size 19 x 27 in., framed. Condition: Good. $300-500

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1141. Two Machine-made Floral Needlepoint Rugs, 60 x 40 and 59 x 46 1/4 in. $250-350 1142. Georgian-style Mahogany Double-pedestal Dining Table, (lacking leaves), ht. 29 1/2, lg. 61 1/2, wd. 42 in. $100-150 1143. Attributed to Joseph C. Ropes (American, 1812-1885) On Lake Lucerne from Salisbury...1858. Signed “JRopes” and dated “1858” l.r. Oil on paperboard, 11 1/4 x 18 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Surface grime, retouch, craquelure. $150-250 1144. Large Georgian Giltwood Tabernacle Mirror, lg. 60 1/2, wd. 34 in. $300-500 1145. Three Limoges Green and White Patesur-Pate-style Porcelain Plaques, two rectangular plaques each depicting three cherubs with a goat, and a round medallion depicting a man in a horse-drawn chariot, all three signed, rectangular plaques lg. 8 1/4, wd. 5 1/4, round dia. 7 3/4 in. $250-300 1146. Baluch Rug, Northeast Persia, 19th/20th century, 6 ft. 4 in. x 3 ft. 5 in. $400-600 1147. German Ceramic Blue-dash Charger, Munich, 1924, date incised on the reverse, center medallion depicting Mary and child, rim with polychrome floral decoration and blue dashes along the edge, dia. 14 1/2 in. $150-250 1148. Framed 19th Century English Schoolgirl Sampler, stitched at the bottom “Ann Hornby her Work, Done in the Fourteen Year of Her Age,” (fading, foxing, toning), sight size 21 x 7 3/8 in. $200-300 1149. Harry Myers (American, 1910-c. 1968) Snowy Central Park at Sunset. Signed “Harry Myers” l.l. Oil on canvas, 20 x 24 in., framed. Condition: Mild surface grime. $200-300


1150. Thirty-nine Piece Royal Doulton The Kirkwood Pattern Ceramic Partial Dinner Set. $100-150 1151. Five Pieces of Imari Porcelain Tableware, Japan, 19th/20th century, a small globular teapot, ht. 5, a six-sided bud vase, ht. 4 1/4, a miniature fish bowl-form sugar bowl, ht. 2 3/4, a covered sauce tureen, lg. to handles 8, and a chamberstick, ht. 2 3/4 in. $300-500 1152. Three Maria Maravigna (1899-2006) Mushroom Groups and Four Mushroom Brooches, Winchester, Massachusetts, mid-20th century, four separate clusters of mushrooms, each glazed according to their colors in nature, all signed Maravigna with species classification on the base, ht. 2 7/85, together with four small mushroom cluster brooches, 2 1/8-2 1/4 in., accompanied by a small printed brochure titled Mushrooms by Maravigna. Note: Maria Maravigna was known as “The Mushroom Lady.” There is an exhibition of her work at the Harvard Fogg Museum in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1999, she won an award from the North American Mycology Association for her contributions to the field. $100-200 1153. Delft Blue and White Porcelain Circular Wall Charger, centering an interior genre scene with floral-decorated border, underglazed marks to the reverse, dia. 15 3/4 in. $200-300 1154. Handel Leaded Glass Table Lamp, Meriden, Connecticut, early 20th century, parasol-form shade of striated opalescent white and green slag glass with thin radiating panels on a deep apron with zigzag rim, unmarked; raised on metal base with green/bronze patina with pierced heat cap, three sockets with acorn pulls, on slender lobed and bulbed shaft on six-lobe base, raised Handel mark on base, shade ht. 7 1/2, dia. 18, overall ht. 24 1/2 in. $1,000-1,500 1155. Late Victorian Upholstered Walnut Parlor Chair. $100-150

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1156. Two Framed Works on Paper, an architectural engraving of the Monument Ossuaire de Douaumont, signed indistinctly l.r., title and architect identification l.l., image size 15 x 11 1/4 in., (not examined out of frame, grime); and a portrait of a man attributed to Alphonse Legros (French, 18371911), signed l.r., watercolor-enhanced etching on paper, sheet size 16 1/2 x 12 1/4 in., framed, (not examined out of frame, toning, staining). $125-175 1157. Victorian Walnut Sewing Stand.


1158. Small “Grand Tour” Antique-style Bronze Sculpture of a Male Water Gatherer, depicting a man seated on a fountain with a bucket in his hand, greenish-brown patina, (rust, oxidation), ht. 8 1/2 in. $200-250 1159. Thomas Holland (1917-2004) Bronze Sculpture of Polo Players, inscribed “T. Holland, 21/99, 1960,” on a marble base, (missing mallets, imperfections), overall ht. 16 3/4, lg. 15 in. $400-600 1160. Framed Hand-colored Etching Summer Showers, image size 13 x 20 in., (not examined out of frame). $150-200 1161. Attributed to Marie Louise Stahl (American, 19th/20th Century) Flowers and Still Life. Inscribed “Marie Louise Stahl/Athens, Ohio” on the reverse. Oil on canvas, 20 x 16 in., framed. Condition: Canvas rippling, surface grime. $250-350 1162. Tiffany & Co. Onyx and Bronze Mantel Clock, with enameled numbers and fleur-delis decoration on the case, ht. 13 in. $300-500 1163. Rococo Revival Giltwood Tripartite Overmantel Mirror, ht. 21 1/2, wd. 55 3/4 in. $300-500 1164. Victorian Gothic Revival Upholstered Carved Walnut Chair. $100-150

1165. Victorian Mahogany Veneer Dressing Mirror with Twist-turned Columns, approx. ht. 29, wd. 27 in. $250-350 1166. Japanese Porcelain Modernist Vase, Arita, 20th century, Fukagawa, maker, tapered ovoid form molded with two persimmons hanging from a branch, ht. 8 in. $100-200 1167. Indian Ivory and Tortoiseshell Velvet-lined Sewing Box, set on four carved ivory claw feet, the top decorated with a central plaque of a variety of Indian gods and animals, surrounded by a floral frame and a number of pierced plaques depicting birds, the sides with pierced plaques of gods and goddesses, the mirrored inside with a number of small lidded compartments, lg. 11, wd. 8 1/8, ht. 4 1/2 in. $300-500 1168. Set of Seven American Decorative Ichthyological Chromolithographs, c. 1896, after Denton, each depicting a multicolored trout, 4to, framed, sight size 8 x 11 in. $400-500 1169. Six Asian Vases, in three pairs, two tall Satsuma, two blue vases with enamel floral decoration, and two bronze-mounted vases with enameled battle scenes, ht. to 12 1/2 in. $150-250 1170. Chippendale-style Inlaid Mahogany Mirror, lg. 35 1/4 in. $100-150 1171. Classical Gold Damask Upholstered Ormolu-mounted Carved Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Sofa, lg. 82 in. $400-600 1172. Set of Eight Classical-style Maple and Tiger Maple Veneer Armchairs, with upholstered slip seats. $100-200 1173. Modern Chinese Enamel-decorated Eggshell Porcelain Bowl and an Eightpiece Porcelain Tea Set, in two cloth-clad boxes, bowl dia. 9 1/2 in. $125-175

1174. Large Group of Icons and Religious Panels, including four small brass-framed painted porcelain plaques, two small folding brass triptychs, several enamel-decorated plaques and crosses, and two plaques of the Virgin and Child and the Veil of Veronica encased in glass-topped wooden boxes. $800-1,200 1175. Yomud Chuval, West Turkestan, 19th century, 4 ft. x 2 ft. 2 in. $200-300 1176. Acid-etched and Engraved Cut Glass Vase, late 19th/early 20th century, tapered oval form to slightly swelled base of transparent amethyst cased to clear glass, with overall cut and frosted etched pattern of birds perched on blackberry branches, with scallop-cut rim and star-cut base, ht. 5 3/4 in. $100-200 1177. Meissen Gilt Scalloped-edge “Scattered Flowers” Porcelain Platter, marked on base, dia. 10 5/8 in. $400-600 1178. Classical Acorn-top Mahogany Twin Bed with Rails. $50-75 1179. Empire-style Circular Mahogany Dining Table and a Set of Twelve Mahogany Chairs with Upholstered Seats, with three leaves, table ht. 28 1/2, dia. 57, leaf wd. 20 in. $1,000-2,000 1180. Set of Eight Late Classical Carved Mahogany Dining Chairs, with upholstered slip seats, (damage, imperfections). $300-400 1181. Pair of Large Imari Palette Porcelain Chargers, Japan, 20th century, with dark red, green, gold, and underglaze blue decoration of central stylized flowers within six panels of quatrefoils enclosing flowers and birds, dia. 18 1/4 in. $250-350 1182. Middle Eastern Inlaid Wooden Sewing Box, on four cast metal paw feet, the top and sides inlaid with ivory, wood, and hardstone, the interior lidded compartments inlaid in a similar fashion, lg. 13 1/8, wd. 9, ht. 5 in. $300-500

1183. Twelve-piece Meissen “Scattered Flowers” Gilt-rimmed Porcelain Tea Service, comprised of four teacups, saucers, and side plates, side plate dia. 7 in. $400-600 1184. Early 19th Century French Tortoiseshelllined Burlwood Snuff Box, with inset gilt and polychrome enamel medallion of Liberty, dia. 2 in. $100-150 1185. Modern Asian-style Parcel-gilt and Ebonized Carved Wood Headboard, wd. 87 1/2 in. $75-125 1186. Group of Small Wooden Decorative Furniture and Accessory Items, a set of three thumb-back arrow-back side chairs, a small stretcher-base table, a pipe box, bellows, four crickets, two hearth brushes, turned wood bowl on stand, and a small churn. $150-200 1187. American School, 20th Century Proposed Architectural Plan of Brandeis University. Inscribed “VIEW OF ENTRANCE” l.l. and “M. J. KRAUS/THESIS ‘55/AN ART SCHOOL AND MUSEUM FOR BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY” on the reverse. Mixed media on paper, sight size 8 1/2 x 16 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $200-400 1188. Twenty-four Assorted Silver Overlay Colorless Glass Table Articles. $150-250 1189. Lucius A. Crowell, Jr. (American, 19111988) Town Square with Regimental Statue. Signed “L. Crowell” l.l. Oil on canvas, 18 x 23 1/4 in., unframed. Condition: Craquelure, mild surface grime. $100-150 1190. Pair of Large Folio English Engravings and Aquatints of Architectural Elevations, engraved and published by George Richardson, c. 1801, elevations of Buckminster Park in Leicestershire and Gossford House in East Lothian, framed, sight 20 x 28 in. $200-300

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1191. Three German Transfer-decorated Porcelain Steins, early 20th century, with cast metal hinged lids and hand-painted accents, two Regimental and one depicting the Butcher’s Guild, ht. to 12 in. $300-500 1192. Modern Blond Wood and Brass Spindle Console Table, with single drawer, ht. 29, wd. 84, dp. 16 in. $100-150 1193. Pair of Modern Asian-style Bone Veneer and Hardwood Armchairs. $75-100 1194. Pair of Small Art Deco-style Blond Wood Three-drawer Chests, ht. 24 1/4, wd. 27, dp. 20 1/4 in. $75-125 1195. Eight Pairs of English Porcelain Dog Figures and Figural Groups, including several Chelsea, (one broken), ht. to 7 3/4 in. $300-400 1196. Asian Textile, 19th/20th century, 7 ft. x 4 ft. 9 in. $100-200 1197. Two Japanese Carved and Paintdecorated Wood Ikebana Vases, 20th century, both with copper liners, one ovoid, carved and painted to one side with flowers on a trellis, ht. 7 3/4, dia. 9 1/2, the other paneled cylindrical form, carved and painted with a bird on a vine, ht. 11 3/4 in. $200-300 1198. Russian Silver-framed Painted Porcelain Plaque of Peter the Great, the plaque signed in Cyrillic, (some surface scratches), plaque lg. 2, wd. 1 1/2, framed dimensions 3 3/4 x 2 7/8 in. $200-300 1199. American School, 20th Century Untitled. Signed “Liebert” on the reverse. Mixed media on canvas, 28 x 23 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Craquelure, minor losses, minor surface grime. $150-250


1200. Set of Six English Hand-colored Botanical Engravings, c. 1829, taken from John Lindley’s Pomological Magazine, 8vo, framed, sight 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 in. $300-500 1201. Chinese Export Porcelain Covered Jar, six-panel jar, the cover with lion finial, the jar sides decorated with polychrome enamel birds, and ladies in a landscape, ht. 24 in. $200-300 1202. Small Carved Ivory Vignette, depicting a scene of a woman in her boudoir accompanied by cherubs, in a small lapis lazuli and bronze frame, enclosed in a larger giltwood frame, (crack to top and bottom of frame, some giltwood losses), vignette lg. 2 1/4, wd. 1 3/8 in., overall framed dimensions 6 3/8 x 7 in. $200-300 1203. Lillihan Rug, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 5 ft. 8 in. x 5 ft. 4 in. $100-150 1204. Four Painted Bisque Porcelain Figural Hummingbird Figural Groups, a Bing & Grondahl Porcelain Kingfisher, and a Ceramic Flicker Group, including two Lenox and a Maruri, ht. to 10 7/8 in. $250-350 1205. Pair of Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Drop-leaf Pembroke Tables, each with a single end drawer, ht. 28 1/4, lg. 30, wd. 18, leaf wd. 10 in. $450-650 1206. Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Swell-front Server, ht. 38 1/2, lg. 40 1/4, dp. 20 in. $300-500 1207. Federal-style Inlaid Birch Dressing Table. $200-250 1208. Gilt-metal Lamp Base, formed as an urn shape held by three claw-footed columns topped with winged grotesque half-bird/halfwoman creatures, ht. 32 1/2 in. $200-300

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1209. Williams, Orton & Preston Mahogany Carved Column Shelf Clock, Farmington, Connecticut, wooden Arabic numeral dial, carved columns flanking the glazed door, printed maker’s label inside and wooden movement powered by two compounded iron weights and regulated by a pendulum, ht. 35 1/4 in. $150-250 1210. American School, 19th Century Spring Pasture. Signed or inscribed and dated “B. Champney 81” l.l. Watercolor on paper, sight size 6 1/2 x 17 1/2 in., framed. $200-300 1211. Framed Hand-painted Engraving of Stockholm, attributed to Erik Dahlberg, Stockholm, 1698, panoramic format, titled “Stockholmia, Metropolis Regni Succiae et Sedes Regia, qua parte Occidentem Spedat.,” plate size 10 1/8 x 31 1/8 in. $500-700 1212. Handel Table Lamp with Painted Parchment Shade, Meriden, Connecticut, early 20th century, truncated cone-shaped parchment shade decorated with handpainted peonies, signed Mosher, with applied braided trim and tassels, on a cast patinated bronze base with two sockets over a reeded and bulbed shaft continuing to a round petal base, raised HANDEL 55 on underside of base, imperfections, overall ht. 24 3/4, shade dia. 18 in. $500-600 1213. Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Swell-front Sideboard, ht. 44 1/2, lg. 66, wd. 23 1/2 in. $600-800 1214. Chippendale-style Gilt-brass Mounted Walnut Mirror, lg. 40 in. $200-300 1215. Federal Cherry Tall Post Twin Canopy Bed, with rails. $600-800 1216. Rosewood Tea Caddy, 19th century, of sarcophagus form with central mother-ofpearl inlay framed by silvered metal inlay to front and to hinged lid, enclosing fitted interior with central circular red-painted well flanked by two boxes, on bun feet, ht. 7 1/2, wd. 12 1/2, dp. 6 1/2 in. $200-300

1217. English Hand-painted Porcelain Cup and Saucer, Pair of Asian Hand-painted Porcelain Plates, and a Japanese Satsuma Vase, the cup and saucer retailed by Tiffany & Co., vase ht. 9 5/8 in. $200-300

1226. Khamseh Rug, Southwest Persia, 20th century, 6 ft. 2 in. x 3 ft. 6 in. $400-600

1218. American School, 19th/20th Century

1227. Pair of Modern Chinese Export Rose Mandarin Porcelain Fishbowls, ht. 14, dia. 16 3/4 in. $400-600

Landscape with River. Signed “J. Huliston.” l.l., with an E.A. Walton, Springfield, label on the reverse. Oil on canvas, 9 x 12 in., framed. Condition: Mild surface grime. $300-400

1228. Brush Pot, China, rootwood, ht. 10, dia. 10 in. $300-500

1219. Approximately 157 Pairpoint Sandwichstyle Colored and Colorless Pressed Glass Cup Plates, late 20th century, mostly commemorative and souvenir, with boxes and wooden wall display rack. $600-800 1220. Southwest Black Pottery Two-handled Vessel and a Northeast Splint Basket. $100-150 1221. Rolland Luke Dingman (American, b. 1947) Pair of Ducks Landing. Signed “Rolland Dingman” l.r. Gouache on paper, sight size 5 x 6 3/4 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frame. $100-200 1222. Silk and Metal Thread Brocade Textile, Europe, 18th century, (pieced together), 6 ft. 8 in. x 3 ft. 3 in. $75-100 1223. Ten Assorted Colorless Cut Glass Table Items. $150-250 1224. Chinese Carved Jade Gourd-form Snuff Bottle, bottle ht. 2 5/8 in. $75-100 1225. Three European Blue and White Porcelain Items, a Delft wall plaque of ships off the coast, a German decorative collector’s plate of “Girl with Letter” after Johannes Vermeer, and a Delft Rosenthal landscape scene plate with windmill, dia. to 12 in. $150-250

1229. Enameled Bronze Vase, the baluster-shaped body naturalistically applied with green and pink enamel resembling lichen, ht. 14 1/8 in. $600-800 1230. Henry Joseph Breuer (American, 18601932) Sheep Mountains, near Banff. Signed “H.J. Breuer” l.r., and inscribed on the reverse. Oil on panel, sight size 8 1/4 x 11 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Mild surface grime. $200-300 1231. Blown-out Art Glass and Metal Vase, France, 20th century, flared rim on oval body of pale yellow opalescent glass with streaks of red glass blown-out into wire and banded metal framework, (rim crack), base mark possibly ODF, ht. 16 in. $200-400 1232. Leaded Mosaic Art Glass Window, United States, late 19th/early 20th century, large rectangular wood frame divided in the center with each side divided into central diamond-in-square framework surrounded by rectangular borders with corner blocks, each section of the frame composed of mainly geometric-shaped leaded glass segments of transparent, translucent, slag, multicolored and opalescent glass, minor amount of cracks and losses, overall ht. 56 1/4, lg. 91 3/4 in. $1,000-1,500 1233. Doulton Burslem Hand-painted Moon Flask, England, neck, sides, and four feet with pebbled decoration, with central polychrome enamel floral decoration, stamped on foot, ht. 9 1/2 in. $400-600

1234. Four Beaded Purses, a Faux Pearl Collar, a Freshwater Pearl Necklace, and a Steer Horn Ink and Pen Stand. $200-250 1235. Approximately Twenty-four Pieces of Chinese Export Plum & Tree Pattern Tableware. $400-600 1236. Our Women and the War Framed Engraving, from Harper’s Weekly, September 6, 1862, vignettes include “The Influence of Women,” “The Sister of Charity,” and “Home Tidings,” sight size 14 x 21 in. $50-75 1237. Yellow-painted Victorian Child’s Fancy Woven Wicker Chaise. $200-225 1238. Myloder Cigarette Lighter, a Colorless Cut Glass Perfume Vial, and a Pair of Small Colorless Cube Candleholders. $100-150 1239. Decorative Framed 17th/18th Century Hand-colored Map of France, depicting “Le Gouvernement de L’Isle de France.” $100-125 1240. Irving B. Haynes (American, 1927-2005) Untitled [1-0385]. Monogrammed and dated “IH 04” l.r., signed and dated “HAYNES NOV., 2004” on the reverse. Acrylic on paper, 18 x 23 7/8 in., unframed. Condition: Tack holes to the corners. $150-250 1241. Four Assorted Decorative Table Lamps, a small carved marble lamp, a painted metal four-light center lamp, a brass and metal “Non-explosive” oil lamp, and a cast iron lamp with reticulated brass and jeweled shade. $675-900 1242. Thirteen Delft Tiles and Six Asian Tableware Items, eleven aubergine and two blue tiles, (cracks to tiles). $150-200

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1243. Bronze Sculpted Bust of a Man on a Marble Plinth, 20th century, overall ht. 9 1/2 in. $150-250 1244. Nest of Three Painted Carved Hardwood Stands, Hawaii. $250-350 1245. Seventeen Mostly Fenton Art Figures and Table Items. $150-250 1246. Turkoman Saddlebags, West Turkestan, 20th century, (some moth damage to one face), 3 ft. 3 in. x 1 ft. 9 in. $300-500 1247. White-painted Carved Wood Louis XV-style Wall Timepiece, with engraved and cast metal dial and frame, lg. 34 1/2 in. $600-800 1248. Copper and Glass Onion Lantern, with copper domed vent and base, iron wire guards and handle, brass font with kerosene burner, ht. 11 1/4 in. $75-100 1249. Two 19th/20th Century Etchings, a Leigh Hunt depicting a windmill and waterway, and an H. Farrar depicting a harbor view, framed. $75-125 1250. Pair of English Staffordshire Seated Spaniels Figures with Boy and Girl, ht. 12 1/2 in. $200-400 1251. Three English Staffordshire Figural Groups, (repairs), ht. 6 1/4 to 8 1/4 in. $150-250 1252. Doulton Burslem Four-piece Handpainted Porcelain Tea Set, England, each polychrome enamel and gilt decorated with chrysanthemums, comprising an ovoid teapot, lg. 7 3/4; ovoid creamer, lg. 4 1/8; ovoid covered sugar, lg. 6 3/4; and quatrefoil tray, lg. 16 1/4 in.; each stamped “Manufactured for Phillips, 175 Oxford St., London,” and signed with artist’s initials “H.M.” $500-700


1253. Two Caucasian Rugs, 19th century, Kazak, 6 ft. x 4 ft. 9 in., and Gendje, 7 ft. 4 in. x 4 ft. $250-350

1262. 19th/Early 20th Century Burmese Carved Wood Figural Group, ht. 35 1/2 in. $200-300

1254. 1976 Commemorative Black-painted Bronze Liberty Bell on Stand, for the Wemyss family, with engraved silver plaques, “Cast at the White Chapel Foundry, London, England to their Original Designs of the Liberty Bell made in the same foundry in the year of Our Lord 1752,” on an oak base, with framed certificate, edition 0357/2400, overall ht. 15 1/2 in. $700-900

1263. Large Wood Carving, China, carved as the seated figure of the God of Wealth (Cai Xing), ht. 23 3/4 in $150-250

1255. Framed Reproduction Connecticut River & Ashuelot Railroad Broadside. $150-250 1256. Group of Gentleman’s Articles, including two pairs of binoculars, a shoe form, a pair of eyeglasses, three straight razors, a gold-filled cane handle, and two ivorine dresser items. $100-150 1257. Tiger Maple Trundle Bed.


1258. Fifteen Assorted Hummel Ceramic Figures and Figural Groups, ht. to 7 1/2 in. $350-550 1259. Four Waterford Attributed Colorless Cut Glass Items, a biscuit jar, table lamp, decanter, and a carafe/table lamp, unsigned. $450-700 1260. Marilyn Powers (American, 1925-1976) Spring Landscape. Signed “Powers” l.r., titled on the stretcher. Oil on canvas, 20 x 16 in., framed. Condition: Rippling, minor tear l.r. $300-500 1261. Seven Framed Works, a music-themed woodcut on laid paper, sight size 14 1/2 x 19 1/2 in., three Indo-Persian works on fabric, an Indo-Persian work on paper, a 1934 Commonwealth of Massachusetts copy of a law against kidnapping with intent to extort, and another framed print. $125-175

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1264. Honoré Daumier (French, 1808-1879) Diogène et Alcibiade à L’Odéon, from ACTUALITÉS, plate no. 121. Signed “h.D.” and with the stone number “860” in the matrix, l.l. and l.r., respectively, imprinted “Chez Aubert, la Bourse, 29.” l.l. and “Imp. d’Aubert & Cie.” l.r. Lithograph on paper, image size 9 5/8 x 8 3/4 in., framed. N.B. This lithograph was originally published in Le Charivari on January 23, 1846. The title refers to a comedy by Felix Pyat (18101889), Diogène, which opened at the Odéon Theater. The print is listed in the Daumier Register as no. 1471. $75-100 1265. Pair of Blue Vases with White Flowers, China, pear shape, decorated with enameled lotus flowers and scrolling tendrils, red Daoguang mark on base, drilled, ht. 9 1/2 in. $400-600 1266. Five Miscellaneous Articles, a pair of Japanese Satsuma vases, a colorless blown glass hurricane shade, a child’s slat-back armchair, and a leather strap with four large brass sleigh bells, (vases damaged). $100-175 1267. Late Victorian Transfer and Hand-painted Floral-decorated Glass and Brass Kerosene Gone-with-the-Wind Lamp, and a Brass Kerosene Lamp with Painted Glass Globe, (electrified). $400-600 1268. Lot of Two Works: Don Lent (American, b. 1933), Portrait of a Female Nude, signed and dated “Lent 1965” l.l., ink and conté crayon on paper, sight size 11 1/2 x 7 3/4 in.; and Will Petersen (American, 1928-1994), Four Strangers, signed and dated “Will Petersen 4/52” in pencil l.r., titled l.l., numbered “9/10” l.c., lithograph, sight size 12 x 8 1/2 in.; both framed. Condition: Nude with minor skinning to l.l. quadrant, Strangers with minor mat burn; not examined out of frames. $100-150

1269. Eight Assorted Brass, Glass, and Wood Decorative Articles, a pair of glass inkwells with brass covers, a brass trivet, skimmer, long handled spoon, covered tobacco box, inlaid rosewood jewel box, and inlaid mahogany jewel box. $300-500 1270. Chinoiserie Enamel-decorated and Ebonized Wood Two-door Cabinet on Stand, ht. , wd. , dp. in. $300-500 1271. Two Wool and Cotton Woven Coverlets, a five-color and a three-color, 78 x 77 and 91 1/2 x 68 1/2 in., respectively. $150-200 1272. Two Asian Glazed Ceramic Vases, ht. to 9 1/2 in. $250-350 1273. French Ebonized Portico Clock, four columns supporting the engraved brass dial with Roman numerals, eight-day brass time and strike movement with pendulum, ht. 18 1/2 in. $200-300 1274. Three Majolica Tableware Items, an oval dish with leaf and a stag-decorated jug and plate. $150-250 1275. Two Oriental Bagfaces, 19th/20th century, Caucasian, 1 ft. 10 in. x 1 ft. 9 in., and Kurd, 2 ft. 5 in. x 1 ft. 9 in. $300-400 1276. Seven Pieces of Czech Glass with Floral Accents, a red epergne with Czechoslovakia seal, ht. 13; and a blue cordial decanter with stamp, ht. 7 3/4, with five cordial stems, ht. 3 7/8 in.; each with gold overlay, gilt, and enamel decoration. $250-350 1277. Group of Assorted Child’s Teaware and Ceramic Items, a fourteen-piece Noritake partial tea set, comprised of teapot, creamer, sugar, three teacups, four saucers, and four side plates; a six-piece pearlware partial tea set, comprised of teapot, creamer, three teacups, and one saucer; and a chamber pitcher and basin, ht. to 4 1/2 in. $275-400

1278. Richard Segalman (American, b. 1934) Boy in a Hat. Signed u.r. Oil on canvas, 8 1/4 x 10 in., framed. Condition: Surface grime. $300-400 1279. Pair of Chinese Export Lamps, with children and lions in cartouches with shuangxi characters and stylized floral motifs, ht. overall, 20 in. $1,000-1,500

1288. Group of Ceramic Mostly Teaware, a fivepiece English Oriental-style transfer-decorated luster partial tea set, comprised of teapot, sugar, teacup, saucer, and side plate, a floraldecorated teapot and matching creamer, and three pink lustre castors, ht. to 4 3/4 in. $200-300 1289. Framed European Watercolor of a Soldier on Horseback, inscribed “April 5, 1886” l.r., (not examined out of frame, foxing), sight size 17 1/4 x 14 in. $400-600

1280. Seven Assorted Colorless Cut and Pressed Glass Decanters, including two pairs. $150-250

1290. Ferdinand Earl Warren (American, 18991981)

1281. Three Chinese Export Porcelain Rose Medallion Mugs, ht. 3 3/4 to 5 in. $400-600

Abstract in Red and Gold. Unsigned. Mixed media (encaustic, gold leaf, silver leaf) on panel, 14 1/8 x 5 in., framed. Condition: Minor surface grime. $200-300

1282. Pair of Chinese Export Porcelain Rose Medallion Soap Dishes with Covers, lg. 5 3/4 in. $300-500 1283. Set of Twelve Aynsley Gilt-decorated Cobalt-banded Porcelain Dinner Plates, dia. 10 1/2 in. $250-350 1284. Twelve Staffordshire Transfer-decorated Plates, including a number of landscape views, (cracks, repairs), dia. to 10 1/2 in. $200-300 1285. Neoclassical Rectangular Maple Double Columnar Pedestal-base Dining Table, with two leaves. $300-500 1286. Four Wedgwood Transfer-decorated Ceramic Calendar Tiles, 1906, 1907, 1915, and 1917, with images of Boston architecture, the Navy Yard, and Harvard Stadium. $100-200 1287. Manuel Monedero (Spanish, 1925-2002) Lot of Two Works: El Torero and El Guitarrista. Torero signed “Monedero” l.l., identified on a presentation plaque l.c., Guitarrista signed “Monedero” l.r. Oil on paper, sheet size 24 5/8 x 19 3/8 in., framed. $150-250

1291. Copper Repoussé Wine Cooler, decorated with a bacchanalian scene with cherubs and satyrs, engraved mark “oT/K” to base, ht. 5, dia. 4 5/8 in. $100-125 1292. Five Porcelain and Four Painted Glass Items, consisting of dishes and cups, Chinese export, Japanese, and European. $150-250 1293. Five Porcelain Figures and Figural Groups, including a Meissen seamstress, a Capo-dimonte couple, a vegetable seller, and a flower seller, ht. to 10 1/2 in. $400-600 1294. English Staffordshire Figure of a Sleeping Child, 19th century, with a “Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Blum Antiques, Lisbon, Conn.” paper label, lg. 5 in. $150-250 1295. Chinese Export Porcelain Rose Medallion Shrimp Dish, Tazza with Reticulated Rim, and a Porcelain Barrel-form Jar, the dish lg. 10 1/2 in. $250-350 1296. Pair of Dresden Porcelain Three-light Girandole Mirrors, decorated with roses and cherubs, each with a maiden’s head at the crest, (one with re-glued breaks), ht. 26, wd. 14 in. $700-900

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1297. Three Colorless Cut Glass Vases and Two Bowls, ht. to 12 in. $200-300 1298. Nine Staffordshire Transfer-decorated Plates and Serving Items, including four green and white Aesop’s Fables “The Dog and the Sheep” dishes and one small platter, (cracks, repairs), lg. to 11 3/4 in. $200-300 1299. Three Italian Hand-colored Engravings, from Gaetano Zompini’s Le arti che vanno per via nella Cittá di Venezia, depicting various tradesmen and women, sight size 11 3/4 x 7 1/2 in. $200-400 1300. Ferdinand Earl Warren (American, 18991981) Trees in Bloom. Signed “Ferdinand Warren” l.r. Encaustic on canvas mounted to board, 9 3/4 x 16 in., framed. Condition: Minor surface grime. $200-300 1301. Ten Mostly European Brass Candlesticks, ht. 4 7/8 to 9 1/2 in. $150-250 1302. Three Woven Splint Baskets and Two Turned Wood Bowls. $100-150 1303. Khamseh Rug, Southwest Persia, 19th/20th century, 5 ft. x 4 ft. 4 in. $100-150 1304. Fifteen-piece English “Welsh Costumes” Lustre Partial Tea Set, teapot, covered sugar, open sugar bowl, creamer, five teacups, and six saucers. $150-200 1305. Nine Pieces of European Porcelain, a Meissen reticulated footed candy dish, another reticulated dish, a pair of wall shelves, a mirror, a bisque carriage, a shoe, and a pair of lidded jars, (cracks, repairs). $500-700


1306. Miriam Hirsch (American, b. 1947) Cosmic. Signed “MIRIAM HIRSCH ©” l.c., also signed, dated, and titled “MIRIAM HIRSCH © 1996...” on the reverse. Acrylic on canvas, 26 x 36 in., framed. Condition: Good. $200-400 1307. Brass Fireplace Fender with Paw Feet and a Pair of Brass Ring-turned Andirons, ht. 9, lg. 45, dp. 11, and ht. 18 in., respectively. $150-200 1308. Twelve Cristal D’Albret Cut and Faceted Art Glass Sulfide Paperweights. $300-500 1309. Two Baccarat Colorless Crystal Hieroglyph Etched Plaques, etched marks and “196917” and “1970-60,” lg. in. $100-150 1310. Three Contemporary Framed Art Decostyle Posters, framed dimensions to 36 1/4 x 24 1/4 in. $150-175 1311. Mary Corita Kent (American, 1918-1986) “...the press of my foot to the earth springs a hundred affections...” Signed “Corita” in pen l.r., dedicated “For the Placerita Canyon oaks.” in pen l.l. Silkscreen, sheet size 23 x 23 in., unmatted, unframed, within the original Corita Prints cardboard tube. Condition: Minor acid burn to the reverse. $100-150 1312. Sixteen Small Asian Bronze Figures and Sculptures, including deities, Buddhas, and dragons, (some breaks), ht. to 8 in. $300-500 1313. Bronze Bust of a Lady, late 19th/early 20th century, ht. 8 3/4 in. $100-150 1314. Eleven Small Mostly European Porcelain Figures, including one small Meissen figure, many with underglazed marks, ht. to 6 1/4 in. $250-350

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1315. Thomasine Miller (American, 20th/21st Century) Wing Chairs. Signed “T. MILLER” l.r., titled l.l. Graphite on paper, 14 3/4 x 14 3/4 in., framed. $150-250 1316. Samuel Terry Stenciled Column and Splat Shelf Clock, Bristol, Connecticut, Arabic numeral dial with gilt corners, stenciled splat and half columns, reverse-painting on glass depicting a rural castle, printed maker’s label inside, thirty-hour time and strike wooden movement, (lacking minute hand and weights), ht. 29 in. $100-150 1317. Two Partial Ceramic Tea Sets, a thirteenpiece French blue stamped set, comprised of teapot, creamer, covered sugar (chipped), open sugar bowl, three teacups, and six saucers; and a twenty-piece white ceramic set, comprised of five teacups, six saucers, five plates, teapot, creamer, covered sugar, and open sugar bowl, (cracks). $100-150 1318. Edwina Dumm (American, 1893-1990) Lot of Two Framed Works: Let’s Play Some More, a Tippie comic, signed and titled l.r., ink and watercolor on paper, sight size 15 1/2 x 12 3/4 in.; and a pair of crayon and gouache puppy sketches, signed l.r., framed dimensions 14 3/4 x 10 3/4 in. Condition: Not examined out of frames, some toning and foxing to Let’s Play. $300-500 1319. Georgian-style Brass Six-light Candle Chandelier, approx. lg. 24, wd. 25 3/4 in. $100-150 1320. Approximately Thirty-five Pieces of Italian Tin-Glazed Faience, an assembled eightpiece service for four and additional serving items, including a large platter, (breaks, repairs). $400-600 1321. Two Brass Fireplace Fenders and Two Pairs of Andirons, one fender has piercing and punchwork detail, ht. 5, lg. 42, other has strapwork, ht. 6, lg. 44. Andirons are urn shaped and turned with a ball-top. ht. 13 and 14 in., respectively. $150-200

1322. Small Bronze Censer, Cloisonné Covered Bowl, and a Jar, ht. to 4 1/8 in. $100-150 1323. Peachblow Jack-in-the-Pulpit Art Glass Vase, possibly Mt. Washington, ht. 7 1/4 in. $100-200 1324. Four Dedham Pottery Rabbit Plates, three dinner plates and a small side plate, dia. to 10 1/4 in. $250-350 1325. Small Late 19th Century Devotional Tapestry, depicting several figures and a variety of flora, backed with ivory silk, 33 x 20 3/4 in. $150-250 1326. Hamadan Rug, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 6 ft. 9 in. x 4 ft. 4 in. $150-250 1327. Seven Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl Porcelain Figures and Figural Groups, four figures of children, a bird, a polar bear with cubs, and a small pair of birds, ht. to 7 1/4 in. $200-300

1332. Nineteen Pressed and Etched Colorless Glass Tableware Items, including a matching set of pitcher, eight glasses, three covered dishes, creamer, and open sugar bowl; a matching molded floral-decorated vase and bowl; and a large vase. $200-300

1340. American School, 20th Century

1333. No lot.

1341. Seven Assorted Painted Bisque Figures and Busts of Children, including a pair of busts of a boy and a girl, underglazed “R” mark to bases, ht. to 11 in. $150-200

1334. Three Villeroy & Boch German Pewterlidded Stoneware Steins, ht. to 9 1/4 in., together with a blue and white lidded stoneware tobacco jar. $200-300 1335. Two Caithness Art Glass Paperweights and a St. Clair Teapot-form Ring Holder Art Glass Paperweight, “planet” paperweight dia. 3 in. $100-150 1336. Seven European Porcelain Plates, a set of four Dresden yellow-ground plates with genre scenes, an English Crescent gilt and cobalt plate, and a pair of cobalt dishes, dia. to 11 in. $200-250 1337. Arthur Secunda (American, b. 1927)

1328. Set of Six Ten-sided Floral Bavarian Dessert Plates, with pierced, gilt-decorated rims, dia. 10 in. $250-300

Composition with Red Sun. Signed “Secunda” l.r., numbered “26/50” l.l. Lithographed and carved mat board, sight size 35 1/2 x 24 in., framed. $200-300

1329. Max Papart (French, 1911-1994)

1338. Two Ceramic Partial Tea Sets, an eighteenpiece English gilt-decorated porcelain set comprised of teapot, covered sugar, open sugar bowl, creamer, four teacups, four saucers, four side plates, and two additional small dishes; and a sixteen-piece stick spatterware set, comprised of teapot, covered sugar, five teacups, five saucers, and four side plates, (cracks), ht. to 5 1/2 in. $150-300

Oiseaux. Signed and dated “116/120 Max Papart” l.r. Color lithograph and collage on paper, sheet size 22 x 30 in., framed. Condition: Minor rippling, deckled edges, not examined out of frame. $200-300 1330. Pair of Brass Ball-top Andirons, ht. 13 3/4 in. $100-200 1331. 19th/20th Century American School Oil on Canvas Portrait of Adolph Schug and Two Unframed German Hand-colored Lithograph Landscape Views, the portrait attributed to Fowsal, all unframed. $75-100

1339. Joseph Margulies (American, 1896-1984) Wash Day, Riviera. Signed “Joseph Margulies.” l.r., titled l.l. Color aquatint, sight size 8 x 13 in., framed. Condition: Mat burn, not examined out of frame. Provenance: From a Lexington, Massachusetts, home.

Figures Dancing. Signed and dated “Gordon Ricci 62-63” l.r. Watercolor and mixed media on paper, 24 x 36 in., framed. Condition: Rippling. $400-600

1342. Meissen-type Porcelain Figural Compote/ Table Lamp, body ht. 13 in. $150-250 1343. Six Assorted Large Asian and Satsumastyle Vases, five floral-decorated and one with gilt and figural decoration, including a pair and a third similar vase, ht. to 20 1/2 in. $500-700 1344. Large Carved Hardstone Censer, with figural carved cover, handles and feet, ht. 12 1/2 in. $150-200 1345. Twelve Pieces of Victorian and Other Art Glass, including a pink satin glass rose bowl, a pair of pate-sur-pate-style cylindrical vases, and two small lidded boxes, (one item broken). $200-300 1346. Pair of Cast Metal Candlesticks, possibly Portuguese, the candleholders formed as flowers and the bases as leaves, ht. 9 1/2 in. $250-350 1347. Indo-Persian Carpet, 20th century, 13 ft. 4 in. x 10 ft. $400-600 1348. Five Colorless Cut Glass Items, two bowls, a handled candy dish, and two small scallopedged dishes, large bowl ht. 4 1/4, dia. 8 in. $100-150


online bidding at


1349. Etta Deikman (American, 20th/21st Century) Now That It Is Gone Does It Matter Whether a Cow Ate It or Not? Signed “Etta Deikman” l.r. Mixed media on paper, sheet size 47 x 30 1/4 in., framed. Condition: Mounted to foamcore, not examined out of frame. Provenance: Collection of Lois Zetter, Carlsbad, California. $150-250 1350. Five Export Porcelain Butter Pat Dishes, two lobed dishes with Imari decoration, and three lozenge-form decorated with floral sprigs on a turquoise ground, dia. 3 1/4-3 1/2 in. $75-100 1351. Ten Assorted Art Glass Sulphide Paperweights, including cut and faceted, a Poillerat, two Baccarat/Franklin Mint, and two D’Albret. $300-500 1352. Sixteen Baccarat Faceted Art Glass Sulphide Paperweights. $500-700 1353. Baluch Balischt, Northeast Persia, 19th/20th century, 3 ft. 4 in. x 1 ft. 8 in. $200-300 1354. Five Assorted Asian and Asian-style Porcelain and Ceramic Table Lamps, two blue and white, two floral-decorated, and one green crackle glaze, ht. to 26 in. $150-200 1355. Pair of Framed Victorian Albumen Studio Photographs of a Group of Four Women, sight size 16 x 12 3/4 in. $100-150 1356. Two Austrian Ceramic Vases, a small Wahliss transfer-decorated vase and a large Schiller majolica vase decorated with an ancient battle scene, ht. 7 1/2 and 15 1/4 in., respectively. $300-500 1357. Pair of Gilt-metal Figures of Classical Maidens, on footed cast metal and stone pedestals, (some gilt loss), ht. 16 in. $200-400


1358. Two Chinese Export Blue and White Porcelain Items, a jar/lamp and a large wine vessel, ht. to 12 in. $150-200 1359. Three Contemporary Pottery and Wood Vessels, a round carved wood vase, signed “J.H. Moore” on base, a tall metallic luster lidded jar, and an art pottery fetish jar, with carved stone animal fetishes attached to the jar with leather lacing and a few additional fetishes inside, ht. to 18 in. $150-200 1360. Lot of Three Framed Prints, a Chagall lithograph, Lovers on Donkey, and a pair of John Haymson views of New York City, (not examined out of frames), framed dimensions 15 x 12 and 25 3/4 x 11 1/8 in. $100-150 1361. Jane Tuckerman (American, b. 1947) Untitled [Creature by the Sea]. Signed and dated “Jane Tuckerman-Foley 1985” in pencil l.r. on the window mat, inscribed “museum” in the margin u.r. Gelatin silver print, sheet size 16 x 19 3/4 in. Condition: Tape hinged to backing mat, subtle rippling, top and bottom margins over 1/2 in. $200-250 1362. Orton Preston Stenciled Shelf Clock, painted wooden dial with Roman numerals, stenciled columns and splat, reverse-painted tablet, maker’s label inside and eight-day time and strike spring-powered movement, (replacement movement), ht. 31 1/2 in. $75-150 1363. Tom Lea (American, 1907-2001) Downtown El Paso in the 1860s- Corner El Paso and San Francisco Streets. Signed, dated, and numbered “29/100 Tom Lea 1962” in pencil l.r., titled l.l. Photomechanical reproduction, image size 11 1/4 x 18 3/8 in., framed. Condition: Toning, not examined out of frame. Provenance: From the estate of Gerald and Martha Schipper. $50-100 1364. Framed Hand-painted Porcelain Plaque Depicting a Figure in a Landscape, signed “G. Desloges” l.r., framed, plaque 11 x 14 in. $500-700

additional information and photos at

1365. Satsuma Vase, with gilt decoration of cranes, turtles, and flowers, ht. 12 in. $150-200 1366. Pair of Small Peachblow Art Glass Jackin-the-Pulpit Vases, (one with staining on bottom), ht. 7 in. $200-300 1367. Chinese Blue Glazed Porcelain Bowl and Two Blue and White Decorated Porcelain Footed Bowls, ht. to 3 1/4 in. $225-350 1368. Three Framed Engravings, a portrait of a lady with a fur muff, an allegorical scene, and a landscape signed “Elfield.” $100-150 1369. Five European Hand-painted Giltdecorated Porcelain Items, a German Royal Rudolstadt two-handled vase, a large French jug and similar round tray, a small oval opalescent dish, and a French oval tray, ht. to 10, dia. to 15 1/2 in. $200-300 1370. Carved Wooden Mask, Philippines, c. 1970, lg. 24, wd. 10 1/2 in. $150-250 1371. Eight Mid-century American Art Pottery Items, including a small yellow 1939 New York World’s Fair exhibition vase, a turquoise McCoy fan-shaped vase, a light green Haeger footed bowl, and two stoneware mugs, ht. to 8 1/4 in. $150-250 1372. Leaded Slag Glass Fruit Pattern Hanging Lamp Shade, ht. 16, dia. 21 3/4 in. $150-250 1373. After Henri Lehmann (French, 1814-1882) Portrait of the Tenor Giovanni Matteo Mario. Inscribed “Henri Lehmann du avril 1858” in pencil l.l., signed by Mario l.r., identified on a label on the reverse. Graphite on paper mounted on board, image size 11 1/4 x 8 in., unframed. Condition: Toning, foxing. $300-500

1374. Four Grand Tour Cast Pewter Medallions Depicting Roman Emperors, c. 1830, round, with profile busts of Vespasian, Nero, Caligula, and Tiberius, respectively, each marked in ink to reverse “B.J. Hermes” and dated 1830, dia. 3 7/8 in. $100-150 1375. German Brass Footed Missal Stand, c. 1880, a cross engraved to the top, one side decorated with religious imagery and set with enamel and paste, ht. 5, lg. 16, wd. 13 3/4 in. $200-400 1376. Nine Baccarat Cut and Faceted Art Glass Sulphide Paperweights. $300-500 1377. Chinese Fencai Rectangular Porcelain Footed Planter, yellow ground decorated with pink and white chrysanthemums, marked on base, (crazing), ht. 6, wd. 5 5/8, lg. 7 1/2 in. $150-250 1378. Turquoise Van Briggle Pottery Pitcher and an Early Roseville Jardinière, pitcher with incised mark to base, jardinière with underglazed mark, ht. 7 1/2 and 6 1/4 in., respectively. $300-500

1383. Regency Mahogany and Inlay Shaving Mirror, early 19th century, rectangular mirror with gently arched top, on bamboo-turned uprights, the base with geometric line inlay to the central long and two short drawers, on bone or ivory ball feet, ht. approx. 20, wd. 20 1/2, dp. 8 5/8 in. $150-250 1384. Pair of Dresden Porcelain Harlequin “Musician” Figures, one playing a cat like a fiddle, the other playing a pig, ht. to 6 in. $200-250 1385. Four Art Glass Items, a tall amethyst trumpet vase with twisted stem, a white-lined blue floral-decorated vase, an orange and yellow striped two-handled Venetian-style vase, and a small Fenton yellow hobnail vase with ruffled opalescent edge, ht. to 13 in. $100-150 1386. Four Asian Porcelain Items, a pair of blue and white covered jars, a blue and white jardinière, and a hand-painted export bowl, ht. to 10 1/2 in. $200-300 1387. Hand-painted Framed Chinese Fan, with polychrome ribs, including carved wood, framed dimensions 15 1/2 x 26 in. $300-500

1379. Fifteen-piece Rosenthal Classic Rose Pattern Porcelain Partial Coffee Set, Three Rosenthal Porcelain Cups, and a Bing & Grondahl Liquor Jug. $150-250

1388. Two Small Victorian Terra Cotta Figural Groups, children playing and a young baker, ht. to 5 5/8 in. $250-350

1380. Waterford Cut Glass Decanter and Four Wines, all signed, ht. 12 1/2 and 4 1/2 in., respectively, together with an additional decanter. $300-400

1389. Framed Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Woman, unsigned, sight size 20 3/4 x 24 5/8 in., (craquelure, lifting especially to face and neck, retouch). $150-250

1381. Two Wedgwood Light Green Jasper Dip Items, a lidded box and a small bud vase, (minor crack to base of box), ht. 4 in. $200-250

1390. Pair of Framed Victorian Oleographs, a genre and a courting scene, in heavy goldpainted wood frames, chromolithograph and oil on canvas, sight size 23 3/4 x 18, framed dimensions 35 1/2 x 29 in. $150-250

1382. Meissen-style Porcelain Figure of a Cavalier, with underglazed blue crossed swords mark, (breakage to leaves at base and one bow on hat), ht. 5 1/4 in. $200-250

1391. Bronze Hand-form Pen Wipe, (damaged), lg. 4 in. $200-250

1392. Carved and Reticulated Alabaster Table Lamp, body ht. 15 1/4 in. $100-150 1393. Five Colorless Cut Glass Decanters and a Pitcher with Cover. $100-150 1394. Two Venetian Glass Items, c. 1940, a blue and gold goblet with spiral-twist stem and a small red, white, and gold teacup, ht. 4 and 2 1/4 in., respectively. $200-300 1395. Three 19th Century Choisy Le Roi French Majolica Rabbit Plates, underglazed marks to bases, dia. 8 3/4 in. $200-250 1396. Pair of 19th Century British Hand-colored Framed Hunting Engravings, Partridge Shooting and Grouse Shooting, framed dimensions 11 5/8 x 28 3/4 in. $200-300 1397. Victorian Classical-style Terra-cotta Figure of Diana, mid-stride, with bow and quiver of arrows, ht. 8 1/2 in. $200-300 1398. Group of Meissen Floral-decorated Porcelain Tableware, ten side plates, twenty demitasse cups and saucers, and a tall vase, (some second quality), vase ht. 11 1/8 in. $600-800 1399. Group of Works on Paper, including a scene of loggers print, a framed Lansdowne owl print, a J.P. Lew pencil sketch study of eagles, a John Ruthvan Foley Ospreys print, and a ducks print. $150-250 1400. T. Bailey (American, 19th/20th Century) A Farm in Spring. Signed “T. Bailey” l.r. Oil on canvas, sight size 19 1/2 x 29 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Tears, surface grime, minor craquelure. $150-250



Skinner, Inc. - Conditions of Sale 1. Some of the lots in this sale are offered subject to a reserve. The reserve is a confidential minimum price agreed upon by the consignor and Skinner, Inc. below which the lot will not be sold. In most cases, the reserve will be set below the estimated range, but in no case will it exceed the estimates listed. A representative of Skinner, Inc. will execute such reserves by bidding for the consignor. In any event and whether or not a lot is subject to a reserve, the auctioneer may reject any bid or raise not commensurate with the value of such lot. 2. All property is sold “as is,� and neither the auctioneer nor any consignor makes any warranties or representation of any kind or nature with respect to the property, and in no event shall they be responsible for the correctness, nor deemed to have made any representation or warranty, of description, genuineness, authorship, attribution, provenance, period, culture, source, origin, or condition of the property and no statement made at the sale, or in the bill of sale, or invoice or elsewhere shall be deemed such a warranty of representation or an assumption of liability. 3. Except as provided in paragraph 1 above, the highest bidder as determined by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the case of a disputed bid, the auctioneer shall have sole discretion in determining the purchaser and may also, at his or her election, withdraw the lot or reoffer the lot for sale. The auctioneer shall have sole discretion to refuse any bid, or refuse to acknowledge any bidder. Any bidder that plans on spending in excess of $100,000 should make arrangements with the accounting department at least five (5) days in advance of the sale, as a deposit may be required to participate. 4. All merchandise purchased must be paid for and removed from the premises the day of the auction. Skinner Inc. may impose, and the purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly interest charge of 1.5% of the purchase price of any lot or item lot not paid for within thirty-five (35) days of the date of sale. Skinner, Inc. shall have no liability for any damage or loss to property left on its premises for more than three (3) days from the date of sale. If any property has not been removed within three (3) days from the date of sale, at the option of Skinner, Inc. (a) Skinner Inc., may impose, and the purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly storage charge of 1.5% of the purchase price of any lot or portion of a lot not removed within the three days, and/or (b) Skinner Inc. may place the merchandise in a subsequent auction, without Reserve, to be sold to the highest bidder, and after deducting the standard commission and any additional charges that may apply, remit the proceeds to the purchaser. 5. Skinner accepts cash or check for payment. Personal checks will be acceptable only if credit has been established with Skinner, Inc. or if a bank authorization has been received guaranteeing a personal check. Skinner, Inc. reserves the right to hold merchandise purchased by personal check until the check has cleared the bank. The purchaser agrees to pay Skinner, Inc. a handling charge of $25.00 for any check dishonored by the drawee. Please contact Accounting for additional payment methods. Skinner does not accept payment by credit card for merchandise purchases. 6. If the purchaser breaches any of its obligations under these Conditions of Sale, including its obligation to pay in full the purchase price of all items for which it was the highest successful bidder, Skinner Inc. may exercise all of its rights and remedies under the law including, without limitation, (a) canceling the sale and applying any payments made by the purchaser to the damages caused by the purchaser’s breach, and/or (b) offering at public auction, without reserve, any lot or item for which the purchaser has breached any of its obligations, including its obligation to pay in full the purchase price, holding the purchaser liable for any deficiency plus all costs of sale. 7. In no event will the liability of Skinner, Inc. to any purchaser with respect to any item exceed the purchase price actually paid by such purchaser for such item. 8. Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Upon request, our staff will provide the list of shippers who deliver to destinations within the United States and overseas. Some property that is sold at auction can be subject to laws governing export from the U.S., such as items that include material from some endangered species. Import restrictions from foreign countries are subject to these same governing laws. Granting of licensing for import or export of goods from local authorities is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Denial or delay of licensing will not constitute cancellation or delay in payment for the total purchase price of these lots. 9. All purchases are subject to the Massachusetts 6.25% sales tax unless the purchaser possesses a Massachusetts sales tax exemption number. Exemption numbers from other states are accepted in Massachusetts if presented with a business card or letterhead. Dealers, museums, and other qualifying parties can apply for a Massachusetts exemption number prior to the auction by contacting the Massachusetts Department of Corporations and Taxation at 100 Cambridge Street in Boston. 10. Except for property purchased via on-line Live Auctions, a premium equal to 18.5% of the final bid price up to and including $200,000, plus 10% of the final bid over $200,000, will be applied to each lot sold, to be paid by the Buyer as part of the purchase price. The buyers premium on property purchased via on-line Live Auctions will be in the amount equal to 22.5% of the final bid price up to and including $200,000, plus 15% of the final bid over $200,000. 11. Bidding on any item indicates your acceptance of these terms and all other terms announced at the time of sale whether bidding in person, through a representative, by phone, by Internet, or other absentee bid. 12. Skinner, Inc. and its consignors make no warranty or representation, express or implied, that the purchaser will acquire any copyright or reproduction rights to any lot sold. Skinner, Inc. expressly reserves the right to reproduce any image of the lots sold in this catalogue. The copyright in all images, illustrations and written material produced by or for Skinner, Inc. relating to a lot, including the contents of this catalogue, is, and shall remain at all times, the property of Skinner, Inc. and shall not be used by the purchaser, nor by anyone else, without our prior written consent. 13. These conditions of sale shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (excluding the laws applicable to conflicts or choice of law). The buyer/bidder agrees that any suit for the enforcement of this agreement may be brought, and any action against Skinner in connection with the transactions contemplated by this agreement shall be brought, in the courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or any federal court sitting therein. The bidder/buyer consents to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of such courts and waives objections that it may now or hereafter have to the venue of any such suit.


Revised September 6, 2011

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SKINNER Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art

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Chairman of the Board - Nancy R. Skinner Richard Albright John Deighton Barnet Fain Stephen L. Fletcher Karen M. Keane

President/Chief Executive Officer - Karen M. Keane Chief Financial Officer - Don Kelly Executive Vice President - Stephen L. Fletcher Vice Presidents- Gloria Lieberman, Carol McCaffrey, Kerry Shrives, Stuart G. Slavid, Stuart P. Whitehurst

American & European Paintings & Prints - Robin S.R. Starr Assistants: Kathy Wong, Elizabeth C. Haff American Furniture & Decorative Arts - Stephen L. Fletcher Deputy Director: Chris Barber; Assistant: Karen Langberg American Indian & Ethnographic Art - Douglas Deihl Asian Works of Art - Interim Director - Stuart G. Slavid Assistants: Biying Zhang, Carol Tran Books & Manuscripts - Stuart P. Whitehurst Deputy Director: Sara C. Wishart Bottles, Flasks & Early Glass - Stephen L. Fletcher Ceramics - Stuart G. Slavid Classic Automobiles & Motorcycles - Jane D. Prentiss Couture - Cara Elmslie Discovery Auctions - Cara Elmslie Assistants: Garrett J. Sheahan, Melissa Riebe European Furniture & Decorative Arts - Stuart G. Slavid Assistants: Sara C. Wishart, Leah Kingman Fine Wines - Marie Keep Assistant: Laura V. Sweeney Jewelry - Victoria Bratberg Assistants: John Colasacco, Julie Khouri Judaica - Kerry Shrives Modernism: 1896–Present: Art Glass, Pottery, Metalwork & Furniture Jane D. Prentiss Musical Instruments - David Bonsey Oriental Rugs & Carpets - Gary Richards Science, Technology & Clocks - Robert C. Cheney Assistant: Chris Barber Silver - Sara C. Wishart Toys & Dolls - Kerry Shrives Auctioneers - LaGina Austin, David Bonsey, Robert C. Cheney, Stephen L. Fletcher, Karen M. Keane, Marie C. Keep, Gloria Lieberman, Kerry Shrives, Stuart G. Slavid, Robin S.R. Starr, Laura V. Sweeney, Stuart P. Whitehurst

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Marlborough: Accounts Receivable - Denise Johnson, 508.970.3269 Accounts Payable - Kathleen Hayes, 508.970.3268 Credit Supervisor - Joe Monteyro, 508.970.3266

Marlborough: 508.970.3240

Appraisal & Auction Services - LaGina Austin, Shannon M. Ames, Hadley Bridgman Advertising Production - Pamela Van de Houten Boston Gallery Director - Laura V. Sweeney Assistant Gallery Director: Paige Lewellyn Gallery Assistant: Jessica Turner Catalogue Production - Pamela Van de Houten, Kristina Harrison Consignment Services - Patricia Walker King, Megan J. Blomgren, Carol Zeigler Customer Relations - Carol McCaffrey Institutional Relations - L. Emerson Tuttle Human Resources - Carol McCaffrey Information Technology & Internet Auctions - Kerry Shrives Assistants: Timothy Shaughnessey, Melissa Riebe Managing Director - Marie C. Keep Marketing & Public Relations - Kate de Bethune, Kathryn Gargolinski, Heather Retzke Photographers - Stanley P. Bystrowski, Jeffrey R. Antkowiak, John Cornelius Receptionists - Marlborough: Jessica Bedenbaugh Boston: Sarah Collins Staff Portraits - Cheryl Richards Photography Transportation - Eric Jones Assistant: Mark McCaffrey




From Boston and Points East: Take the Massachusetts Turnpike (Route 90) West to Route 495 North at exit 11A. Proceed on Route 495N to exit 23C, Simarano Drive. Keep left at the fork in the ramp. At the bottom of the exit ramp take a left at the lights onto Simarano Drive. Take a right at the next light on Cedar Hill Street. Skinner is at #274 on the left. From Points North: Take Route 495 South to exit 23C, Simarano Drive. Stay left at the fork in the ramp, and turn left onto Simarano Drive. Take a right at the next light on Cedar Hill Street. Skinner is at #274 on the left. From Points West: Take 290 East toward Marlborough. Merge onto Route 495 South via exit 26A, toward Cape Cod. Take the Simarano Drive exit, 23C. Stay left at the fork in the ramp, and turn left onto Simarano Drive. Take a right at the next light on Cedar Hill Street. Skinner is at #274 on the left. From Points South: Take Route 495 North to exit 23C, Simarano Drive. At the bottom of the exit ramp take a left at the lights onto Simarano Drive. Take a right at the next light on Cedar Hill Street. Skinner is at #274 on the left.





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Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art


Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art

SKINNER Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art

Discovery featuring Ephemera, Toys & Dolls, and Collectibles | Skinner Auction 2565M  

The October Discovery auction on October 12 and 13, 2011 features an extensive collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia along with antique toys &...

Discovery featuring Ephemera, Toys & Dolls, and Collectibles | Skinner Auction 2565M  

The October Discovery auction on October 12 and 13, 2011 features an extensive collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia along with antique toys &...