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THE PROBLEM You’re not alone if you suffer from acne. 80% of people experience it at some point in their lifetime. Acne is uncomfortable and often unpredictable and for many people it is a serious issue, knocking your confidence and really affecting everyday life. It is frustrating as over-the-counter creams don’t often work and you it can seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. THE SOLUTION SkinGenesis treatments are different and do work because they take a total approach to tackling the problem. Understanding the root cause of acne is the only way to treat it effectively, so we consider all the angles. We know that every case is different. Our approach means we can advise on all of the elements that will make a difference for you. This means considering diet, choosing the correct skin supplements, advising on lifestyle and providing a combination of our specialist treatments that unblock pores, kill bacteria, repair and heal inflammation, calm your skin and stabilise oil production. THE RESULTS Great-looking clearer, healthier skin that gives you the restored confidence to get on with your life, without worrying about your skin on a daily basis. When your course of treatments has finished we will give you an easy to follow plan that keeps acne breakouts at bay, and ensures your skin has a healthy glow all year round.

Your skin partner for life!

SkinGenesis clinics are Care Quality Commission registered and employ qualified nurses and therapists.

* note: all models used are real SkinGenesis clients

Rachel’s Story Relief from Acne at last

At school I had good skin with hardly a spot. I couldn’t believe it when, aged 17, my skin just got worse and worse. I felt so self conscious because just as my friends’ skin was getting better mine was starting to get worse – and I wanted to train as a beauty therapist. Why me? I’m 21 now and over the years I tried all the usual things available from Boots but none of them worked. My GP prescribed topical antibiotics and all they did was dry the skin – the spots didn’t go away. He then prescribed Roaccutane but, although I picked up the tablets, I never started the course because I was worried about the side effects. I know it can work well for many people but I just wasn’t ready for it. And then I discovered SkinGenesis and their non-invasive, no medication approach to reducing the effects of acne where the treatments stimulated my skin to sort itself out. These treatments alternated between gentle peels and microdermabrasion and look at me now, just 4 months later! I feel so much more confident and wear hardly any makeup now my skin looks naturally healthy. Fantastic! This treatment is great for removing scars too. If there is excessive inflammation some Intense Pulsed Light treatment will remove the redness.

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Info Fact Sheets/ Story Rachel’s - Acne

Fact Sheet. Acne Treatments Treatment Types All clients are given a free consultation when the acne is assessed according to the Leeds Scale and a suitable program of treatment will be recommended. There are 4 programs of treatment dependent on the severity of the acne: Program 1. for Congested skin, Mild acne and breakouts to level 2 on the Leeds Scale. This program involves 10 alternating peel and microdermabrasion treatments phased over a 15 week period. The object of the program is to bring the acne to a level where it can be controlled by ‘at home’ products and occasional maintenance treatments at the clinic. Program 2. for Moderate non cystic acne with active pustules and nodules, between levels 3 to 5 on the Leeds Scale. This is a more intense program involving 10 alternating peels and microdermabrasion treatments phased over 10 weeks. The object of the program is to bring the acne to a level where it can be controlled by program 1. Program 3. for Severe cystic acne, levels 6 and above on the Leeds Scale. This is a very intense program involving 10 simultaneous (combined) microdermabrasion and peel treatments in a 10 week period. The object of the program is to bring the acne to a level where it can be controlled by program 2. Program 4 (Intense). for Severe cystic acne, levels 6 and above on the Leeds Scale. This is our most intense acne course and involves 10 combination treatments involving peels, microdermabrasion, mesotherapy and intense pulsed light. The object of the program is to bring the acne to a level where it can be controlled by program 2. Suitability Suitable for males and females of any age, skin type or skin colour looking to reduce the incidence and severity of acne breakouts. SkinGenesis acne treatments are effective on their own but can be used in conjunction with other treatments. Aims of Treatment To reduce the incidence and severity of acne breakouts, by deep cleansing of the pores, stimulation of vascular and lymphatic circulation, induction of acne inhibiting agents, stimulation of the immune system to achieve:•

Reduction in the severity of acne breakouts

Reduction in the number of spots

Reduction in the size and severity of spots

Reduction in the healing time of spots

Reduction in scarring and blemishes resulting from the acne



Treatment Overview The affected area is treated using a series of microdermabrasion (Mda) treatments that deep cleanses pores while improving circulation and massaging the lymphatic system. Peels are used in conjunction with the Mda treatments to unblock pores, reduce inflammation, decrease bacteria and prevent new acne eruptions. In the intense program 4 intense pulsed light (IPL) is used to treat individual cysts and mesotherapy is used to induce vitamin C deep into the skin. IPL selectively targets the cysts stimulating the release of healing antibodies. Vitamin C not only has anti bacterial properties but greatly helps the skin to heal. Fact Sheet – Acne.doc

Recovery Time For most clients no recovery time is needed. Normally clients should expect the treated area to be slightly red for about half an hour after treatment although in rare circumstances the redness could last for up to 24 hours. Typical Course Duration The amount of treatments depends on the expected result. A significant reduction in the severity of acne is normally noticeable after a program of treatments, with a usual treatment interval of about 1 week. Further improvements are noticeable after further courses. Most clients will require maintenance treatments. Cost (full face) Consultation, free of charge. Individual treatments from £60 per session. Courses of treatments include Products for use at home and our Satisfaction Guarantee. Prices for 10 treatments from £650. Program 1, £650 inclusive. Program 2, £650 inclusive (IPL extra). Program 3, £890 inclusive. Program 4 £1,275 inclusive. There are payment options to help spread the cost of treatments. There is a 10% discount for students. Contra Indications We are unable to treat clients who are taking (or who have recently taken) Roaccutane or Isotretinoin. This treatment works well in conjunction with most other acne treatments although clients on medication are advised to consult with their GP prior to consultation. These treatments are not suitable for clients who suffer from keloid scarring or eczema. All clients are required to fill in a medical questionnaire prior to consultation which will enable us to fully determine suitability of treatment. Risks There are virtually no risks with these treatments. A small number of clients may experience a slight redness, but this normally disappears within 30 minutes although in exceptional circumstances this may be longer. In circumstances where clients have exceptionally thin and fragile skin mild short term bruising is possible but extremely rare. All clients are tested for allergic reaction before treatment. There are no long-term risks or adverse side effects. Other Benefits Microdermabrasion, Peels and IPL are excellent treatments for removing scars and blemishes and existing acne scars and blemishes will be significantly reduced by a course of treatments. Satisfaction Guarantee SkinGenesis has a satisfaction guarantee, details of which will be discussed during the consultation. The Intense Program 4 has a specific performance guarantee. Accessibility If you have any disabilities please enquire about our Disability Policy.

SkinGenesis is a member of the Acne Support Group and is included in its list of approved clinics for light based treatments.

All SkinGenesis skin clinics are Healthcare Commission registered and specialize in safe, proven, non-invasive techniques that stimulate natural responses in the skin to achieve permanent benefits. For FREE tips and news, subscribe to our email newsletter at

Fact Sheet – Acne.doc

SkinGenesis Your skin partner for life!



SkinGenesis is a non-surgical cosmetic clinic for men and women focusing on treatments that stimulate deep, long lasting and natural results in your skin. We are committed to investing heavily in training and technology to bring you the most effective and affordable treatments for the results you want. We are Care Quality Commission registered skin experts and staff our clinics with qualified nurses and therapists.

Acne treatment

Thread vein removal

Scar reduction

Pigmentation and freckles

Skin rejuvenation

Unwanted hair

Cellulite reduction

WHAT WE OFFER We give you the benefit of our expertise, experience and well equipped clinics because it is important you have the best treatments in this ever-changing field. We listen to you. We don’t believe in quick fixes but tackle root causes through bespoke programmes that stimulate natural responses within your body to give you healthy, long lasting results. Vibrant healthy skin comes from a combination of professional treatments, nutrition and ongoing skin care. The SkinGenesis route to a healthy skin considers everything. It’s a holistic approach that works. WHY YOU’LL LIKE US All of our treatments are non surgical. We offer proven treatments to the highest professional standard in welcoming clinics that are friendly, comfortable and convenient places to visit. Our staff understand how important looking good is to you. You don’t want to have to worry about your skin and we make this possible. SkinGenesis treatments fit into your busy lifestyle and have little or no recovery time. We are so confident about our treatments that we offer a unique satisfaction guarantee on most programmes.

Your skin partner for life!


SkinGym 40 day rejuvenation programme


SkinSpa Menu of single treatments

Botulinum Toxin and fillers

VPL Permanent Hair Reduction (IPL/Laser Hair Removal)

Targeted Fat Reduction (Liposuction alternative)

Semi-Permanent make-up (Micro-pigmentation)

SkinGenesis clinics are Care Quality Commission registered and employ qualified nurses and therapists.

* note: all models used are real SkinGenesis clients

Great skin G

reat skin makes all the difference. You look younger, healthier and more vibrant, not to mention how great it makes you feel. But with the wealth of treatments and products for both skin and body, how do you begin to decide where to head to improve your skin and body image? Well if you are based in the north of England, then read on, your problem is solved! A leader in innovative, non-surgical combination treatments, SkinGenesis uses a range of proven techniques to improve the condition of the skin through specifically tailored treatment programmes. The company has established clinics in both Leeds and Manchester and recently opened in a terrific location near Chester, part of the

prestigious 10 Bridge Clinic launched by footballer Michael Owen. All SkinGenesis clinics boast the latest technology and deliver leading nonsurgical therapies. As Skin Experts, the trained nurses and therapists offer the best advice available, ensuring that you’ll always receive optimum results, and consultations are entirely free without obligation. Crucially, SkinGenesis doesn’t believe in invasive surgical techniques, but rather treatments that stimulate a natural and long lasting improvement in the skin. The treatments are delivered via a personalised plan to achieve maximum results. The majority of treatments can be delivered in under an hour, and with no downtime you’ll immediately look fresher with no side effects.

All three clinics are Healthcare Commission registered and staffed by trained nurses and practitioners, reassuring in an age where rogue practitioners operate in a vulnerable market. Most treatments are backed up by a unique Satisfaction Guarantee so whether your concern is problem skin or blemishes, or just fighting the effects of ageing, you can be sure of a great result at SkinGenesis. ‘We work closely with our clients to give them confidence and satisfaction in their appearance,’ said director William Haseldine.

Treatment Menu SkinGenesis offer a range of treatments to ensure that your skin is always looking its best!


Therapeutic Treatments Acne Treatment Programme Thread Veins Removal Scar Reduction Pigmentation and Freckles Amelan Depigmentation Cellulite Reduction Stretch Mark Reduction Wart Removal

Anti-Ageing Treatments G NEW SkinGym™ 40 Day Rejuvenation Programme Cosmetic/ Aesthetic Treatments G NEW SkinSpa Menu of Single Session Treatments G NEW Botox and Fillers G Laser Teeth Whitening G VPL Permanent Hair Reduction (IPL/Laser Hair Removal) G Targeted Fat Reduction (Liposuction alternative)


makes all the difference Case Study –

Terri Fleeman-Hardwick, SkinGym

With my skin looking dry and dull after the winter months, I decided to treat myself to the SkinGym™, which began with a consultation. During the consultation the procedure was explained to me and my skin assessed for suitability. My therapist then devised a combination of treatments suitable for my particular skin, which was showing signs of sun-damage, and fine lines as a result of dehydration. The treatments were scheduled over six, one hour, weekly SkinGym™ sessions. Just like at a regular gym, you need to keep to your schedule to build up maximum fitness. I was also given a pack of the very latest SkinTherapy nanopeptide skincare products to use at home between treatments. Over the next six weeks I had a series of one-hour clinic sessions, which began with a skin peel. These alternate weekly between Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, a strong (60 per cent acid) resurfacing peel to exfoliate the skin and Peptide Peel, a medium-strength (40 per cent acid) regenerative peel with peptides specifically designed to rejuvenate the skin. Then follows a Microdermabrasion – a thorough crystal exfoliation of the skin that instantly refines coarse skin and fine lines. This vacuum system clears blocked pores and boosts lymphatic drainage, and shows instant results. A thick layer of the rich Skin Therapy products were then applied and massaged in, using the Ultra-Sonic Skin Toning system – a hand-held applicator which is smoothed over the face giving a faradic current to lift and tone the muscles and help with the absorption of the products at a deeper level.

Competition We are running a competition for one lucky entrant to win £1,000 worth of treatments at SkinGenesis. With an initial consultation to determine exactly what you want to achieve from the treatment programme, the end result will be a transformation. For more information, turn to page 345.


Finally, I had the Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, which was targeted at the laughter lines around the corner of my eyes. This fast treatment works on specific problem areas to boost the skin’s production of fibroblast cells and collagen, enabling the skin to heal itself from within. As editor of Spa World, you can imagine, I have many facials. However, the SkinGym™ treatment is quite exceptional. Results are immediate and the texture, colour and feel of my skin was noticeably more youthful and radiant. There was (and still is) a marked reduction in fine lines, pigmentation and enlarged pores and I haven’t needed to wear foundation during the day since I completed the course, which says it all!

Don’t worry if you’ve missed the closing date for the competition, or even if you’ve already entered, there’s another chance to win below. Keep up to date with all our latest news, skincare information and offers, and you could be in with a chance to win a full skin health analysis, including nutrition check, worth £150. Go to and complete the online form to enter and to receive news on other offers and treatments from SkinGenesis. Two winners will be announced every month until January 2008. CONTACT Cheshire Clinic At 10 BRIDGE, Chester Road, Bridge Trafford, CH2 4JT 01244 303464 Leeds Clinic 2nd Floor Duncan House 14 – 16 Duncan St. Leeds LS1 6DL 0113 244 8999

Manchester Clinic Celebration Village 149 Great Ducie St. Manchester M3 1FB 0161 831 7007

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֙W?™ËÖÄj^ˤ|ˆ¤ÉË Ö™W?™Ë.ÍÁjjÍ^ËjjaÄË.¤Ë 夤ÏÔË||o˚ššËËËÝÝݱ~j™jĉıW±Ö


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