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As I sit and listen to the birds sing outside and feel the sun shining through the window, it is hard to be anything but happy. I love summer time! Especially being from Colorado where the winters often seem never-ending, summer is a time for celebrating; if for no other reason than just because the snow is FINALLY gone for a couple of months! Summer around here is always filled with the smell of chlorine and barbeque, campfires and freshly cut grass and the sounds of laughter and water splashing from swimming pools and sprinklers. Days are filled with outdoor sports, bicycle riding and lounging around. Nights are filled with camping, stargazing, and drive-in movies. What could be better than summer? June is a crazy month in our family. Every single birthday, with the exception of four of us, are in June. So as soon as Christmas is over we spend the next 5 months saving up again for June! It is an exciting month though. Every weekend is full of parties and get-togethers. We spend a lot of time with family in June, which makes it a month everyone looks forward to every year. June is also when most of our summer camps happen, Vacation Bible School week and our favorite summer sports begin. Needless to say life becomes insanely busy in the summer- but that is the way we like it! Here’s to the beginning of summer. May all of your days be filled with sunshine and your nights with the warmth of being surrounded by friends and family! God Bless,


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One of my favorite singers from the 70's is Dan Fogelberg. My favorite song that he sang was "Leader of the Band". I would love to say this song brings back fond memories of my own father but I can’t. I didn't know my real father and my stepfather was not exactly a father figure. My mother however is whom I think of when I hear this song. My mother is my "leader of the band" and I am her "living legacy". I lost my mom three years ago and this song becomes more meaningful with each passing year as I strive to live my life as her legacy. My mom worked hard to instill in me how important it is to just be me. I have never had to be any more or any less than exactly who I am for her. I never appreciated the enormity of that gift she so freely gave to me when she was alive. I wish I could tell her what a blessing she always was to me, what a beautiful example she lived. My mom’s life was filled with a great deal of pain and heartache and tragedy. Through it all though, she had one of the most gentle and humble spirits I have ever known. The trials that were laid in her path were met with enduring determination and quiet self-sacrifice. Father’s Day is always a little sad for me as I think of the relationship that I was denied. The sadness only lasts for a minute though because it is not hard to remind myself that even though I may not have had a strong Father figure in my life, I had a mother who taught me to love myself despite my father’s absence. She stared life in the face and with a steely determination; she became everything I ever needed. More than anything, though, my mother made sure I knew that I was not a fatherless child, I was a daughter of the King. The example of my mom’s life showed me the spirit of a loving God, a Father in the truest sense who loves me unconditionally.

Many of us don't have a father to celebrate on Fathers Day. As a girl, the absence of a ‘Daddy” leaves a void that no one else can fill. Sometimes life seems unfair and it is easy to feel cheated. But we are destined for great things, each one of us. And we have a Father in heaven that loves us more than we could ever imagine and wants everything good for us. You are not a fatherless child; you are a princess, a daughter of The King. That is cause for great celebration for all of us this Father’s Day! I am so thankful for the mom that God blessed me with. She gave so much and asked for so little in return. As I strive to honor her legacy by the actions of my own life, I pray that the light of my Heavenly Father shines through me as it did through her. Thank you Mom for supporting me in everything, encouraging and complimenting me just when I needed it most and for loving me in all of my stupidity. Thank you for showing me that I can be beautiful by being the woman that my Father in heaven created, nothing more, nothing less.

"My life has been a poor attempt to imitate the man (my mom). I'm just a living legacy to the leader of the band."


My Beautiful  Mom,  my  guardian  angel.   12   12

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SKIN DEEP  EXPOSURES  I  reflections  

“Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them and try to follow them.” -LOUISA MAY ALCOTT

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Father’s Day  is  just  around  the  corner  and  I’m   sure  almost  everyone  is  scrambling  for  a  card  or  some   sort   of   gift   to   show   their   dad   how   much   they   love   them.   Mother’s   Day   I   always   find   a   bit   easier.   Let’s   face  it  ladies  you  all  are  just  pleased  as  punch  if  you   get   a   phone   call   these   days,   and   if   your   children   remember   the   cards,   and   maybe   even   a   gift   of   flowers   you’re   having   a   fantastic   Mother’s   Day.   Maybe  this  is  just  how  my  parent’s  work  but  my  Mom   is  easy  to  get  a  gift  for.  I  could  pick  up  a  rock,  maybe   even   paint   it,   and   give   it   to   her.   She’d   be   touched   I   thought   of   her,   even   though   I’m   almost   thirty   years   old.   Fathers,   (well   my   father)   on   the   other   hand   are   not   that   easy   to   get   a   gift   for.   Not   that   he   wouldn’t  be  just  as  equally  impressed  with  a  rock;  it’s   just   that   men   don’t   get   that   emotional   about   it   all.   I’ve   often   heard,   or   seen   comics,   or   read   stories,   about  how  dad  always  gets  a  tie  on  special  occasions,   maybe   even   several.   This   never   happened   in   my   house.   My   dad   would   rather   die   than   wear   a   tie.   I   mean   can   you   see   a   biker   with   a   big   burly   beard   sporting   a   tie?   Yeah   I   can’t   either.   So   every   Father’s   Day  my  siblings  and  I  were  forced  to  get  a  little  more   creative,   we   knew   a   tie   would   never   see   the   light   of   day.     My   dad’s   the   kind   of   guy   who   never   asks   for   anything.   If   he   wants   something,   he   buys   it.   This   leaves  us  kids  with  little  or  no  room  for  a  surprise  gift.   Our   classic   go   to   was   always   his   favorite   candy.   This   year   though,   I   wanted   to   do   something   different.   Something   he   wouldn’t   expect   and   would   let   him   know  just  how  much  I  love  him  and  thank  God  every   day   that   he   is   my   dad.   Since   I’ve   been   on   my   very   own  health  kick,  buying  someone  enough  candy  to  go   into  a  diabetic  coma  didn’t  seem  like  the  right  gift  to   say  “I  love  you  and  appreciate  you”  No,  it  just  didn’t   sit  right  with  me,  besides  it  was  way  too  easy.     I   was   at   a   loss.   What   do   you   get   a   man   who   won’t  wear  a  tie  and  has  anything  he  could  ever  ask   for?   I   began   to   brainstorm;   meaning   I   did   what   I   do   whenever  I  can’t  think.  I  hit  the  Internet,  the  land  of  a   million  ideas  to  borrow  or  steal.  I  immediately  found    

several lists   of   the   worst   gifts   for   dad.   That’s   just   great,  not  a  lot  good  ideas  there.  So  if  you’d  like  to   ruin  Father’s  Day  just  get  a  gift  for  him  from  one  of   those  lists.     I  continued  on  and  learned  some  of  the  history  of   Father’s   Day.   Fantastic   if   I   were   writing   a   paper   but  not  helping  me  on  my  search  for  a  gift.  I  also   learned   that   although   Mother’s   Day   wins   the   award   for   most   phone   calls   placed,   Father’s   Day   wins   the   award   for   most   collect   calls.   Funny,   but   still   not   something   I   could   give   my   dad.   None   of   these  were  gift  ideas,  nothing  I  could  buy.  Then  it   hit   me.   The   best   gifts   can’t   be   bought;   they   simply   must  come  from  the  heart.  The  most  fantastic  way   to  show  your  dad  what  he  means  to  you  is  to  tell   him.  Write  him  a  letter.  In  my  opinion  the  written   word  is  way  better  than  a  phone  call;  especially  if   you  called  collect.   My   dad   is   such   an   amazing   person   I   know   he   deserves   to   hear   how   much   I   love   him   and   appreciate  all  he  does  way  more  than  just  one  day   a   year.   He   is   a   stoic   man.   He’s   been   through   hell   and  back  and  he’s  never  once  said  he  would  like  to   give  up.  His  life  has  been  anything  but  easy.  From   an   ongoing   battle   with   kidney   failure   that   started   at   a   young   age   to   a   fairly   new   diagnosis   of   Parkinson’s  disease,  this  man  has  been  up  against   the  world  from  square  one.  Yet  he  just  does  what   he  knows  best,  which  is,  carry  on.  I’ve  come  close   to  losing  my  dad  several  times  which  I  think  makes   me   appreciate   having   him   here   way   more   than   I   would   have   had   he   always   had   great   health.   He’s   been   through   not   one,   not   two,   but   three   kidney   transplants.  I  have  my  mother  to  thank  for  my  dad   still   being   here   as   well   because   it   was   her   kidney   that   he   received   on   the   last   transplant.   I   am   forever   grateful   for   that   one   selfless   act   done   of   love,   for   it   has   given   us   so   many   more   years   of   happy   times   and   trials;   as   that’s   what   keeps   life   interesting.           14   14

Issue [#]:  [Issue  Date]   I   praise   God   every   day   that   my   dad   is   still   here  to  keep  me  in  line.  He  does  the  small  things  no   one   ever   thinks   about.   If   he   weren’t   here   I’m   sure   we   would   run   out   of   toilet   paper   or   never   have   jumper   cables   in   our   trunks,   because   he’s   the   one   who  thinks  of  these  “little”  things  that  make  up  our   daily   lives.   As   well   as   being   thankful   for   the   small,   silly   things   he   does   I’m   thankful   my   dad   is   around   because  he  is  the  biggest  inspiration  and  role  model   for   me.   I   look   up   to   him   as   I   was   recently   diagnosed   with   Hereditary   Spastic   Paraplegia,   another   rare   nerve   disease.     Whenever   I’m   having   a   rough   day,   stuck  in  a  funk,  or  just  plain  old  having  a  pity  party   for  myself,  I  think  of  my  dad.  He  never  screams  and   cries  about  how  hard  life  is,  he  just  lives  it.  I  admire   him.   I   admire   his   unwavering   strength,   and   it   gives   me  courage  to  go  on.  He  never  says  much.  In  fact  he   says   very   little   if   you   get   all   emotional   on   him.   He   always   knows   what   to   say   though,   even   if   it’s   as   simple   as   “get   over   it.”;   which   is   probably   the   best   advice  anyone  could  receive  at  certain  times.   So   this   is   my   Father’s   Day   gift   to   my   dad.   I   have   chosen   to   share   it   with   you   so   perhaps   you   now   have  a  place  to  start.  It  doesn’t  matter  if  your  dad  is   here,  or  in  heaven,  or  just  away.  Just  pick  up  a  pen,   tell  your  dad  what  he  means  to  you  and  how  he  has   affected   your   life.   Make   it   from   the   heart,   you   can’t   find  that  in  any  store.  Tell  him  you  love  him  for  who   he  is.  I’m  sure  he  will  listen.  

“The greatest gift I’ve ever had came from God, I call him DAD.” - unknown


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Issue [#]:  [Issue  Date]     The Daddy Diaries  


By Michael Mautz

I recently trekked the kiddos out to a popular local Park in the Springs. The sun was hot and the air was filled with the sounds of children's laughter. For once it was nice and hot out. In true Colorado Springs nature, we all knew that would most likely change in about five or ten minutes, so there was also a sense of urgency in the air as the kids rushed around eager to enjoy the sunshine. This particular park has more goodies than my kids are used to but it also has an addition that I have yet to see at any other park. This one is inundated with wannabe Parkour enthusiasts. Parkour is the art of seeing the environment around you differently and then negotiating those obstacles in a new way. Think of Jackie Chan negotiating your child's jungle gym. Anyway, it was more than a little funny to watch these guys, not because they aren't good at their craft, but because of how they are going about doing it. As I watched this fiasco, I couldn’t help but notice the other parent’s reactions to the display. I found the whole thing extremely interesting and couldn’t help but share my humble two cents on the issue. So to all of you Parkour junkies, next time you think about strapping on your iPod, shedding your shirt and heading out to the local CHILDREN’S park for your daily pursuit of Parkour mastery, I implore you to keep these two things in mind; first, and most important, is prime time park play really the ONLY time you can get out there to practice? It seems like the overall feeling of the parents was a sense of frustration at the fact that in an effort to give their kids a medium through which to enjoy the summer sunshine, they end up contending with the local parkour crew for jungle gym real estate. When I say prime time play I mean that time between finishing our cereal in the morning and mid afternoon naptime. Go to any park during these key hours and you will find half of the world’s population of children engaging in the burning off of a winter’s worth of pent up energy. This time is sacred for parents and caregivers. This is the time when sanity is preserved. Those few precious minutes of parking ones backside on a bench might just be the only few minutes that parent’s feet will not be hitting the floor for

the day in a mad dash to run errands, keep up with spills, tantrums, potty breaks etc. So again, I ask, is this really the only time for the honing of parkour skills? This leads to the second cent I have to offer as it applied to the cool factor. Do you really need to execute your practice sessions minus a t-shirt? I suspect there are a few possible ulterior motives to the particular time and place of some of these Parkour practice sessions. The parks are highly populated with moms of all ages and young girls serving as care givers for the summer, so I guess I can see a sliver of logic in these young boys’ minds. However, I think more often than not, these females are less impressed by the acrobatics and more concerned if one of these guys is going to nail a 10-point landing on one of their toddlers. Many are most likely cringing at the example inadvertently being set for their impressionable children. So as you are jumping off of slides and flipping over monkey bars, each mom is waiting for you to provide her with an object lesson as to why engaging in this activity is a bad and dangerous idea for her little ones. It is fair to say that the likelihood of your mad skills being admired as you narrowly avoid slamming into toddler after toddler and your emerging muscles being drooled over as you run across the monkey bars occupied by dozens of tiny hands is probably pretty slim. Finally, and really this is more of a general observation for any to whom it might be applicable, in conclusion to the cool factor; I don't care who you are, you never look as cool as you think you do when you have your music blaring in your headphones. Everybody around you is not sharing in on the music you're playing so when you dance, strut, and backflip to "Eye of the Tiger", the rest of us just aren't feeling it. I do have to say though, that for myself the show was thoroughly enjoyed gentleman! In the midst of my fatherly responsibilities of supervision and the impossible number of times I had to hear, “Daddy, I have to go potty, again” during our park adventure, I was certainly kept entertained. I may just try my luck at this park again, equipped with my iPhone camera and see what I can capture. It will either be a cool action video or it could find itself on Americas Funniest Home Videos. Consider this your head’s up!

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“I want to be beautiful And make you stand in awe Look inside my heart and be amazed I want to hear you say Who I am is quite enough I want to be worthy of love and beautiful -­‐BETHANY  DILLON  “BEAUTIFUL”-­‐  

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“To be told when you are young and searching that ‘you can be anything’ is not helpful. It’s too vast. It gives no direction. To be told when you are older that ‘you can do anything a man can do’ is not helpful either. I don’t want to be a man. What does it mean to be a woman?” -Captivating (p.4)-

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“The King is enthralled by your beauty.” -Psalm 45:11-

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A FATHER’S EYES My child I see sadness and confusion in your eyes. Because Father, in the mirror I see all that I despise. My child, mirrors are deceitful, cast your eyes on me. For I do not look at you through reflections, your heart is all I see. Beauty is the baby I formed in her mother’s womb, My heart still melts to hear the cries as her first breaths were consumed. Beauty is the child I watched swing on sunny days, Her laughter filled my ears, as I was the wind blowing across her face. Beauty is the girl whose heart that boy had all but crushed, I cried all night beside her and stayed till her tears were hushed. Beauty is the mother she becomes with her first child, Through broken sleep and diapers her patience remains steady and mild. Beauty is the loneliness that she turns into her strength, At night I still lie next to her to soothe those not so strong of days. Beauty as she endures this life seemingly on her own, I live for the days she reaches out for me and knows she’s not quite so alone.

Beauty is my creation that I look upon today, My presence my not be readily felt, but I am never far away. Beauty I watch in the morning, all day I’m standing near, And I love to see her dream at night and whisper comfort in her ear. Beauty is the woman, who through life has made mistakes, But every day I find myself so proud of her and every step she takes. My child I do not understand that reflection you so despise, For beauty is all you are to me, come see the way I see you, through a Father’s eyes. BY NAOMI  MAUTZ  

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Beauty as she shows love to strangers in her quiet, humble ways, And gracefully endures the not so appreciated days. Beauty in her commitment and her passion for life that doesn’t sway, Her time divided in so many ways yet she never forgets to play. 22 22

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The SKIN DEEP EXPOSURES Project is a call to action, encouraging women everywhere to stand up against insecurity. It is a challenge to discover a beauty that is more than SKIN DEEP in order to be an example and an inspiration. The next generation of

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beautiful girls deserves the chance to become amazing women and it is up to you and I to set the example for them! 23 23

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The Interview ME: Let’s  start  by  introducing  each  of  you.  Shelly,  let’s  begin  with   you,  how  would  you  describe  yourself?     SHELLY:  One  of  the  things  that  describe  me,  I  guess  is  caring.  I’m  kind   of  a  sucker  for  a  sad  story.  I  love  people;  I  love  to  do  for  people  to  the   point  sometimes  when  I  forget  to  do  for  myself  because  I  would   rather  keep  people  happy.  I  can  be  silly  and  goofy  sometimes,  but  I   can  also  be  very  scary,  I  hate  to  admit  that  but  I  can  also  be  very   intense.   MELINDA:  Its  funny  to  hear  my  mom  describe  herself,  because  I   would  say  the  same  things.  The  way  she  talks  about  herself  though,   you  would  think  her  qualities  are  bad  things,  but  I  think  those  are  the   things  she  has  passed  on  to  me,  and  I  think  they  are  good  things.  She   always  helps  others  before  she  helps  herself.  She  always  makes  sure   that  everyone  is  taken  care  of  and  when  I  am  a  mom,  I  hope  I  will  be   able  to  have  those  same  qualities.  I  would  describe  her  the  same  way   she  describes  herself,  though  the  things  she  thinks  are  maybe  bad   things  are  the  things  that  are  endearing  about  her.  Those  things  come   off  positive  to  me.     ME:  So,  Melinda,  you  would  say  that  you  are  a  lot  like  your  mom?     MELINDA:  Yes,  I  am  a  lot  like  my  mom  in  a  lot  of  ways.  I  am  a  very   loyal  person  and  at  the  same  time  a  very  intense  person.  And  the   combination  of  those  two  things  can  sometimes  create  situations   where  if  someone  betrays  my  loyalty,  I  have  a  hard  time  with  trust   and  forgiveness  after  that.     ME:  What  about  you,  Emilly?   EMILLY:  I  am  someone  who  struggles  with  emotion.  I  can  easily   distance  myself  from  emotional  situations.  I  can  pretty  much  shut  off   my  emotions  on  command,  which  is  a  good  thing  and  a  bad  thing.  It  is   nice  to  be  able  to  test  the  waters  without  having  to  show  emotion   and  make  myself  vulnerable.  It  also  allows  me  to  be  pretty   introspective  so  I  am  able  to  access  a  situation  without  reacting  to  it.  I   can  come  back  to  it  later  and  have  a  reasonable  response  with  out   creating  offense  or  tension.     SHELLY:  One  of  the  things  that  I  see  in  you  is  that  you  are  so  honest   and  you  stand  up  for  what  is  right  even  when  it  is  hard.  For  a  fifteen   year  old,  to  me  that  is  really  kind  of  outstanding  because  I  don’t  see   that  very  often.  It’s  the  situations  when  you  don’t  fall  into  peer   pressure  and  you  are  not  afraid  to  say,  “I  don’t  do  that”,  that  quality   makes  me  stand  in  awe  of  you.  Even  as  an  adult  there  are  times  when   I  don’t  stand  up  for  the  things  that  I  know  I  should  stand  up  for   because  I  don’t  want  to  offend  anybody.  That  is  not  to  say  that  I  don’t   think  you  aren’t  concerned  with  offending  people,  you  just  have  such   deep  convictions  of  right  and  wrong  and  you  are  very  strong  in  living   your  convictions,  I  think  that  is  amazing.   MELINDA:  I  agree  and  it  has  been  neat  to  watch  you  grow  into   yourself.  When  you  were  little  you  were  so  stubborn  and  combative   and  out  to  prove  that  you  didn’t  need  anyone  and  now  you  have   taken  that  and  turned  it  into  a  strong  sense  of  self  and  independence.   I  think  it  is  amazing  the  way  you  stand  up  for  what  is  good  and  what   is  true  no  matter  what  anyone  says.   SHELLY:  Right,  it’s  not  defiance  anymore,  now  it  has  turned  into  a   conviction  and  strength  and  you  really  do  live  wholly  in  that.    

EMILLY: I  just  wish  I  could  figure  out  how  to  control  it  a  little  better   sometimes.  My  mouth  seems  to  get  me  in  trouble  pretty  often.       ME:  Let’s  talk  about  a  few  of  the  things  that  inspire  each  of  you.     SHELLY:  Honestly,  these  two  girls  inspire  me.  Sometimes  I  feel  like  I   have  cheated  them  in  some  ways,  but  I  see  them  as  such  strong,   beautiful,  courageous  women.  It  inspires  me  that  even  through  so   many  hard  times,  so  much  good  has  come  out.  They  just  inspire  me   all  the  time  in  all  that  they  do.  Melinda  sees  something  and  she  just   goes  after  it  and  Emilly  has  so  much  conviction  for  life  and  for  her   faith.  It  is  just  amazing  to  me  to  hope  that  I  might  have  had  a  little  bit   of  a  hand  in  those  things.  These  are  the  two  that  inspire  me  to  keep   going,  to  do  and  to  try  new  things  that  I  have  never  done.   MELINDA:    A  huge  source  of  inspiration  for  me  is  to  see  someone   who  has  a  super  challenge  to  deal  with  in  their  life  in  the  form  of  a   handicap  or  a  really  tough  situation.  They  always  make  me  stop  and   realize  that  I  don’t  have  any  of  those  things  holding  me  back,  but  I   still  complain.  It  helps  kick  me  out  of  my  own  issues  and  makes  me   realize  that  it  could  be  worse.  Whenever  you  are  forced  to  look  at  the   trials  of  others  sometimes  it  makes  you  realize  the  blessings  in  your   own  life,  and  seeing  strength  in  others  is  always  inspiring.   My  mom  is  also  a  huge  inspiration  to  me.  Despite  the  many  things  we   didn’t  have  growing  up,  she  managed  to  make  it  work.  She  raised  two   daughters  who  had  explosive  personalities  and  we  grew  up  to  be   pretty  functional.  Through  everything  we  have  come  out  of  it  being   one  of  the  tightest  families  that  I  know  of.   EMILLY:    For  me,  I  am  inspired  by  both  of  you.  I  definitely  wouldn’t  be   where  I  am  today  without  you  two.  I  wouldn’t  have  any  guidance  or   any  clue  what  I  was  doing.  On  the  lighter  side,  one  thing  that  really   inspires  me  is  seeing  a  group  of  people  function  together,  for  a  bunch   of  people  to  have  the  same  purpose  and  to  come  together  to   accomplish  the  same  goal.  It  almost  brings  me  to  tears  as  I  look   around  at  school  as  a  bunch  of  High  School  students  gather  together   to  say  the  Pledge  of  Allegiance  every  morning.  It  is  inspiring  to  know   that  we  can  all  come  together  and  function  as  one,  we  can  all   connect  in  some  way  and  see  eye  to  eye.         ME:  Describe  your  family  dynamic.  Yours  obviously  isn’t  the  normal   cookie  cutter  family  unit,  it  has  always  been  just  the  three  of  you.   What  has  that  been  like?  How  do  you  make  it  work?     SHELLY:  I  would  say  that  we  had  a  lot  of  fun.  It  has  been  a  great  life.   The  dynamic  we  have  has  maybe  always  been  a  little  strained,  just  in   that  there  is  such  an  age  gap  between  the  girls  that  maybe  served  to   harbor  a  bit  of  volatility.  I  always  playfully  call  each  of  my  girls  only   children  in  that  sometimes  it  was  like  having  an  only  child  and  then   another  only  child  even  when  they  were  together  there  was  such  an   age  difference.  I  would  say  our  life  was  crazy.  Even  not  having  their   dads  around,  Melinda’s  not  at  all  and  Emilly’s  very  little,  I  think  we   were  fortunate  to  have  such  a  strong  extended  family.      


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“My two  daughters  inspire  me.  Sometimes  I  feel  like  I  have   cheated  them  in  some  ways,  but  I  see  them  as  strong,  beautiful   and  courageous  women.”  

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“We keep each other grounded and balanced.”

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“It inspires me that even through so many hard times, so much good has come out.” 30 30

Issue [#]:  [Issue  Date]   “I guess a talent in my life is maybe tenacity and focus and the drive to never give up. I have been in the same, well what started as a job and has now become a career, for 23 years. I have a High School education. I had Melinda at nineteen and started working when I was 20. I started in a basement with a cookie sheet and now I manage two teams. I work daily with attorneys, different government branches and officials in the court system. Just being able to say that I’ve come so far as a professional having such a humble background and having overcome some of the things that I have has been an accomplishment for me. It didn’t come naturally and I have had to work very hard to keep up with those around me and to maintain my place among them. “

“For me, where I am most often misunderstood- or I guess the thing I wish people knew about me, is that I am a very insecure person but I am also very competitive. I think a lot of times my competitiveness serves as compensation for my insecurities. Often I can come across as being more assertive than I actually am. There are instances when there is a goal I want to accomplish and knowing that I often have to work harder than others, I feel the need to prove myself (even if only to myself) that I can achieve those things. Sometimes this drive comes across to others as me trying to steal someone else’s thunder or that I am stepping over them to get to the top. For me it isn’t about getting to the top, it comes more from a fear of failure and the knowledge that I have always had to work really hard for what I want. I am trying to learn to deal with imperfection in myself though because I know I can be a perfectionist and that can cause me to become that much more competitive. I wish I could communicate that it is never about besting anyone; it is a need to prove to myself that I can accomplish something.”

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“seeing strength in others is always inspiring.” 32 32

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“I would say there are a lot of things I have been good at but I am kind of waiting for that one thing I will be great at, the one thing that will kind of define me. I can’t really think of anything I can say I have been really great at. As I get older, I think the one thing God has blessed me with in my life that I hold as more valuable than anything else is my ability to relate to other people. Throughout my life I have found it easy to draw people in. When I was younger I hated it at times because I would find myself being told things I didn’t necessarily want to know but now I am able to look at it as more of a gift and something I want to continue to develop in my life. People tend to be comfortable around me. They tend to be open in feeling like they can tell me things. I feel like I have the ability to relate to them and understand what they are going through. So, I think above all that is something I have come to highly value in my own life. It is something I think I am naturally good at and I want to work to become great at. As far as my achievements in this life, the things I want to define me; the things that matter to me are the things that will echo in eternity. So for me, my own personal growth as a Christian woman

and the process of maturing and kind of breaking away from the naturally wild tendencies I have- those are the things that have come to be huge achievements for me, mostly because they have been my biggest struggles.”

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Emilly “It is  inspiring  to  know  that   we  can  all  come  together   and  function  as  one.  It  is   awesome  when  we  can  all   connect  in  some  way  and   see  eye  to  eye.”  

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“I think  one  of  my  most  apparent  talents  is  numbers.  They  just   make  sense  to  me.  They  are  logical;  I  can  see  them,  understand   them   and   I   think   that   attests   to   the   way   I   deal   with   life   situations   as   well.   I   am   a   very   logical   person.   I   very   much   function  in  a  sense  of  reason.  I  think  that  comes  out  in  an  ability   to   explain   things   and   reason   things   out   in   a   very   emotionally   dethatched   way   and   allows   me   to   be   a   source   of   calm   in   situations  that  could  easily  become,  well-­‐  not  so  calm.  “    

“I am  definitely  misunderstood  emotionally.  I  know   that  sometimes  it  is  hard  to  tell,  but  I  do  have  a  lot   of  emotions  and  I  am  a  very  sensitive  person  but  I   am  just  not  comfortable  with  the  expression  of  my   emotions.  Any  time  I  do  try  to  make  myself   emotionally  vulnerable  it  ends  up  coming  off   weird   and   awkward   and   uncomfortable   for   everyone.  I  do  feel  things  though.  I  am  a  very   empathetic   person   but   I   don’t   know   how   to   communicate   that   outside   of   myself.   So   I   think  I  am  often  taken  as  a  cool,  calculating,   emotionless  person  and  I’m  really  not.    I  am   a   very   open   person,   but   my   trust   has   to   be   earned   and   that   can   be   very   off   putting   sometimes.”       35   35

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I have  four  older  brothers  and  then  my  dad,  and  they  all  stepped  in.   So  as  hard  as  it  was  at  times  to  be  doing  parenting  without  a  partner,   I  don’t  think  I  have  ever  looked  at  it  as  being  any  more  challenging   than  it  may  have  been  otherwise  because  I  do  have  such  a  strong  and   supportive  family  who  helped  and  provided  guidance.  I  look  at   Melinda  and  I  am  so  thankful  for  Gideon  and  their  marriage.  He  is  so   good  to  her  and  has  been  a  strong  male  in  her  life.  He  also  has  such  a   strong  family  and  I  think  his  dad  has  really  stepped  in  the  gap  in  a  lot   of  ways  for  her  as  a  father  figure.  They  have  all  just  been  such  a   blessing  for  all  of  us.     MELINDA:  For  me,  I  guess  I  just  never  knew  any  better.  I  never  felt   like  I  was  cheated  or  lacked  anything.  As  far  as  my  dad  was   concerned,  my  family  really  did  step  in  and  looking  back  I  can  see  the   way  God  has  always  been  working  in  our  lives.  No  matter  what  it  was   there  was  always  someone  there  to  fill  the  needs  that  arose,  and  we   never  went  without.  It  was  a  weird  family  dynamic;  not  just  because   there  was  no  dad  present  but  because  of  the  age  difference  between   Emilly  and  myself.  Being  ten  years  apart  our  needs  at  any  given  time   were  so  different  and  so  it  did  create  a  constant  sense  of  chaos   maybe.  We  share  so  many  traits  but  we  also  have  such  drastic   differences  between  us.  It  did  make  for  a  pretty  explosive   environment  sometimes.  But  all  of  those  things,  I  look  at  them  now   and  it  seems  like  a  mess.  But  it  really  is  such  a  beautiful  mess  in  that   it  made  me  who  I  am.  A  lot  of  really  valuable  lessons  were  learned.  I   have  never  been  given  anything.  I  have  had  to  work  for  the  things  I   want  and  I  am  so  thankful  for  that.  That  is  something  we  learned   from  mom,  watching  her  work  so  hard.  We  are  able  to  know  what  it   is  like  to  be  thankful  for  what  you  have  and  to  be  proud  of  the  things   you  do  and  accomplish  because  a  lot  of  hard  work  had  to  go  into  it.   So,  yeah  it  was  a  very  bumpy  and  broken  road.  But  in  the  end,  God   knows  what  he  is  doing  and  we  are  all  stronger  because  of  the   brokenness.  I  think  we  are  all  proud  of  who  we  are  and  I  wouldn’t   have  changed  any  of  it.    I  don’t  know  how  necessarily,  but  it  works.   We  work.     SHELLY:  I  think  there  came  a  point  when  we  all  just  had  to  figure  out   our  different  roles  in  the  family.  Emilly  has  kind  of  become  the   peacekeeper  and  she  is  the  one  to  kind  of  draw  us  back  from  each   other.  For  me  especially,  Emilly  acts  as  a  voice  of  reason  when  things   become  highly  emotional.    

MELINDA: And  Gideon  has  become  that  for  me.  He  is  the  one  who   keeps  me  glued  together.   SHELLY:  Yes,  Gideon  keeps  us  from  flying  apart  sometimes.  But   Melinda  is  probably  the  organizer  of  the  family.  Drill  Sergeant,   organizer-­‐  either  one  works!  But  we  all  keep  each  other  grounded   and  balanced.  For  some  reason  it  works,  and  it  works  well.      

“I think there came a point when we all just had to figure out our different roles in the family.” 36 36

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Your wedding  day  was  a  success;  you  rocked  the  shoes,  the  hair,  THE  DRESS.  Before  it  takes   up  residence  in  the  back  of  your  closet-­‐  Re-­‐Rock  the  Dress…  the  way  you  always  wanted  to!  


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It’s your Once upon a time…

Don’t miss a single moment. 41 41

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In this monthly column, I hope to explore the depth and intricacy found in the beautiful women of the Bible. “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness,” 2 Timothy 3:16 (NASB). God has given us examples in his inspired word to help us learn, grow, find hope and be encouraged. So many amazing women in the Bible give us insight into God’s character and his plan for our lives. Join me in exploring the lives of each of these women in the hope of gaining deeper wisdom into navigating our own unique journeys. Understanding that every intricacy of our lives is intimately entwined in our relationship with our Heavenly Father,   we can draw nearer to Him and nearer to becoming the women we were created to be.     BY MELINDA THOMPSON              

               s  women,  our  lives  are  often  riddled  with         sadness  and  anger.  How  is  it  that  our   hearts  are  so  fragile  yet  so  hardened?  From   a  young  age,  girls  are  introduced  to  the  constant   struggle  of  being  a  woman.  If  you’re  anything  like  me,   you  often  find  yourself  puzzled  by  your  own  complexity.   The  range  of  situations  and  emotions  we  have  to  face   each  day  is  staggering.  The  women  of  the  Bible  were  no   different.     There  are  some  women  in  the  Bible  who  carry  a  stigma.   There’s  Jezebel,  the  woman  at  the  well,  Eve  (more  to   come  on  that  later)  and  Bathsheba.  I  think  most  of  us   know  someone  who  has  lost  a  husband,  lost  a  child,   been  a  victim  or  had  an  affair.  Have  you  ever  thought   about  the  fact  that  Bathsheba  had  to  endure  all  of  these   things?  Most  of  us  have  heard  the  story  of  David  and   Bathsheba,  but  have  you  ever  really  considered  the   story  from  her  angle?   We  are  told  in  Acts  13:22  and  1  Samuel  13:14  that   David  was  a  man  after  God’s  own  heart.  Can  you   imagine,  being  described  as  having  such  a  likeness  to   God?  I  can’t  fathom  such  a  thing.  We  know  that  David   was  a  brave  and  just  ruler.  We  know  of  his  heart   through  the  Psalms.  We  know  about  his  reign  and  his   kingdom  and  his  conquests  and  legacy.  It  is  also  true,   despite  all  of  this,  that  David  lusted  after  Bathsheba,   had  an  affair  and  had  her  husband  killed.  Just  think,   even  David,  a  man  after  God’s  own  heart,  was  tempted   and  entangled  in  sin.  God’s  grace  reached  David  even  in   the  depths  of  his  sin.  I  know  God  gave  us  this  profound   and  raw  insight  into  David’s  life  to  help  us  understand   the  full  extent  of  the  salvation  and  grace  we  receive.  

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What of  the  other  side?  What  about      Bathsheba?  It  takes  two  to  tango  so  they  say.  The   explicit  details  about  Bathsheba’s  life  and  feelings   were  not  recorded,  but  that  doesn’t  mean  we  can’t   gain  insight  into  her  situation.  What  do  we  know   about  her?  She  was  the  wife  of  Uriah  the  Hittite  who   was  a  soldier  in  King  David’s  army.  The  life  of  an   army  wife  is  often  difficult  and  lonely.  She  was   beautiful.  Her  outward  appearance  was  enough  to   capture  the  attention  of  the  king.  She  is  a  woman   who  was  made  an  adulteress  because  of  her  beauty.   As  a  result  of  her  affair  with  King  David,  she  became   pregnant.  Because  of  the  child,  David  had   Bathsheba’s  husband  Uriah  killed  to  hide  his  own  sin.   And  because  of  David’s  sin,  God  did  not  permit  the   child  to  live.   To  say  that  Bathsheba  had  to  endure  a  lot  would  be   an  understatement.  It  would  be  ridiculous  to  say  that   she  had  to  endure  such  suffering  because  she  was  a   horrible  person.  Sometimes  we  must  endure  pain   and  suffering  to  strengthen  our  faith  and  to  become   the  person  God  has  always  intended  for  us  to  be.  Job   was  a  blameless  and  upright  man,  but  God  allowed   Satan  to  persecute  him  in  order  to  solidify  a  faith  in   God  that  only  comes  through  trial  dependence  on   the  Father.  In  the  end,  Job  upholds  his  faith  in  God   when  he  has  lost  everything  and  because  of  this,   God  restores  Job’s  life  twofold.  I  believe  the  same  is   true  for  Bathsheba.     We  are  told  in  scripture  that  we  should  delight  in  

our suffering.  “3And  not  only  this,  but  we  also   exult  in  our  tribulations,  knowing  that  tribulation   brings  about  perseverance;  4and  perseverance,   proven  character;  and  proven  character,  hope;   5and  hope  does  not  disappoint,  because  the  love   of  God  has  been  poured  out  within  our  hearts   through  the  Holy  Spirit  who  was  given  to  us,”   Romans  5:3-­‐5.  James  1:2-­‐4  says,  “2Consider  it  all   joy,  my  brethren,  when  you  encounter  various   trials,  3knowing  that  the  testing  of  your  faith   produces  endurance.  4And  let  endurance  have  its   perfect  result,  so  that  you  may  be  perfect  and   complete,  lacking  in  nothing.”  

How often  have  you  asked  yourself,  what  have  I   done  to  deserve  this?  Why  me?  How  could  God  let   this  happen  to  me?  Think  of  Bathsheba.  I’m  sure  she   questioned  her  circumstances.  I  also  believe  that  she   was  faithful  and  persevered.  After  all  the  heartache,  

Bathsheba was  the  loyal  wife  of  the  king  who  was  a   man  after  God’s  own  heart.  And  in  the  end,  Bathsheba   bore  a  son,  Solomon,  who  would  become  David’s   successor  as  the  King  of  Israel  as  well  as  the  wisest  man   who  ever  lived.  Solomon  had  a  huge  impact  on  the   world  around  him  and  his  legacy  lives  on  today  as  we   draw  from  his  great  wisdom  in  the  Old  Testament  book,   Song  of  Solomon.    Because  of  her  faith  through  her   suffering,  Bathsheba  was  treasured  as  a  daughter  of  the   True  King  and  her  faith  was  rewarded.      God  gives  us  these  examples  of  women  in  the  Bible  so   that  we  can  take  heart  in  our  trials  and  find  the  faith  to   persevere.  We  serve  a  God  who  wants  our  love  and   obedience.  He  yearns  for  us  to  seek  him.  Sometimes   our  suffering  is  to  bring  us  to  our  knees  before  him.  The   breaking  of  our  heart  is  sometimes  necessary  for  God   to  reveal  to  us  his  infinite  love  and  mercy.  Through  that   revelation  comes  eternal  healing.    

Behold, we consider those blessed who remained steadfast. You have heard of the steadfastness of Job, and you have seen the purpose of the Lord, how the Lord is compassionate and merciful. -JAMES 5:11-

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OKLAHOMA TORNADO RELIEF Find out how you can help at

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Our prayers are with you.

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Pack up  your  boots,  shed  the  layers  and  dig   your  sandals  out  of  storage,  it’s  time  to  soak  up    

some Colorado  summer  sunshine!   Mark  your  calendars  for  these  local  events.  

June 2 - August City Park Jazz

Concerts in the park 17th Ave. and Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO.

June 12 – August 11 COLORADO    


JUNE 15 3-6PM

FESTIVAL Mary Rippon Theatre/ University Theatre, University of Steamboat  Mountain  Village  

Starting JUNE 20 Thursday Nights: The Shops at Briargate

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Family Summer Fun!

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A few of our favorite local picks…

Seven Falls . Ghost Town Wild West Museum Garden of the gods Mini- Golf Family Fun Night @ World Golf Tiny Town & Railroad Cave of the Winds Denver Aquarium    

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad

Vacation Bible School

2025 Parliament Drive | Colorado Springs 47 47

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Cherokee Legend of the Two Wolves; An old Grandfather said to his grandson, who came to him with anger at a friend. "Let me tell you a story," he said. "It is as if there are two wolves inside me; one is good and does no harm. He lives in harmony with all around him and does not take offense when no offense was intended. He will only fight when it is right to do so, and in the right way." "But...the other wolf... ah! The littlest thing will send him into a fit of temper. He fights everyone, all of the time, for no reason. He cannot think because his anger and hate are so great. It is helpless anger, for his anger will change nothing." "Sometimes it is hard to live with these two wolves inside me, for both of them try to dominate my spirit." The boy looked intently into his Grandfather's eyes and asked, "Which one wins, Grandfather?" The Grandfather smiled and quietly said, "The one I feed."

TWO WOLVES There are some people that you meet in life who have a certain attractive quality to them that you just can't shake. I am not talking about physical attraction. I am talking about that man/woman or guy/girl that can walk into a room, sit down, and somehow just their presence captivates you. When they talk and interact with you or others around them you see this quality at work like some sort of fantastical glamour being worked on the crowd. You may even find yourself wasting countless hours trying to pinpoint just what it is about them that is different. There have only been a very few people in my life who have caused me to stop and wonder, but the effect they had on my life was profound.

What I have come to find out (in my case) is that these people are pretty good at reflecting what is at the heart of them. . . peace. I think we all reflect what is in our hearts. If at the core of your being is an angry person, then that is probably what you emote to those around you. If at your core you find a playfully nefarious jokester, there are probably some people sitting next to you right now who are pretty annoyed (or they are LOL'ing themselves into a stupor). And if at your core there is a gentle, loving spirit, you can't help but express that to those around you. A peaceful, gentle spirit is unavoidably attractive. We are naturally drawn towards those who harbor these qualities. These are the people who seem to have an invisible sign on their foreheads that reads, "You might want to ask me for some advice." And despite yourself, you want to! 48 48

Issue [#]:  [Issue  Date]   TWO WOLVES CONTINUED

Naturally, when we encounter these types of people, questions begin to stir in our own hearts. What is beneath the surface of my skin? What inhabits the core of my heart that people see when they look at me? You and I both know what we want people to see but the truth is, whichever fruits or poisons we choose to feed our spirit, those things become the product of who we are and how we reveal ourselves to others by what we do (or say; Matt. 15:18). I remember reading about the Apostle John and how he was basically the best friend of Jesus. By the way, how does that happen? Seriously, how does someone get the distinction of becoming BFFs with The Lord? Did he tell good jokes? And, if so, were they better than mine? And how would you get to the punch line with the Lord (who knows everything) before he says, "Oh, I know this one!” Truth is, we may never know how John got to be Jesus’ BFF. But if I were to take a wild guess it probably boils down to the core of who John was. Spiritually, he probably just gave it his best. While I would be immaturely concerned with trying to get Jesus to spit out water in laughter, John was probably making an honest go of tapping into that “living water” God has to offer.

Time and again Jesus let it be known that he saw to the core of an individual. A good example was when he was conversing with the wealthy ruler in Luke 18:18-25. More often than not, I think others see us for who we really are, no matter how talented we become at disguising ourselves. At the end of the day, the jig is up and the curtain falls and we are left lying smack in the middle of whatever bed we made for ourselves. It does not matter how fake I make my outer self appear, it is God who unfailingly sees what is beneath my skin. He sees me for who I really am, at my core. While I am sure I will probably never be mistaken for John, when all is said and done and I stand before My Lord, I am pretty sure I will hear something along the lines of, “you weren’t perfect by a long shot.” My hope is that despite my many failings, He will smile down on me and add, “but well done, my good and faithful son.”


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The ordinary man is involved in action, the hero acts. An immense difference. Henry miller

What is your definition of an American HERO? Is there someone in your life who personifies this definition? Tell us your hero story and we will share it in the July issue of SKIN DEEP EXPOSRES. (If you have a photograph to go with your story, please share it with us as well.)

This Independence Day, help us honor our country’s many


Submission deadline  is  June  25th  ,  2013 51   51

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Capture life’s moments  

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