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Myth #1 Eye dark circles are caused by lack of sleep.

Myth #2 Eye dark circles are caused by STRESS.

REAL Cause #1 Oxidizing Hemoglobin. These are red blood cells that get lost along their way.

REAL Cause #1 Enzymes that break down these red blood cells leave the dark tint that stains the area.

REAL Cause #2

Genetics. Do your relatives or family members have any slightest indication of having dark spots?

REAL Cause #2

Many women suffer from spots of skin discoloration on or during their monthly period.

SOLUTION #1 Cucumber Slices. These are placed on the eyes to help lessen or even remove the dark eye spots.

SOLUTION #1 They have a cooling effect and helps reduce any puffiness of the eyes.

SOLUTION #2 Cosmetics. It may provide the quickest way to get rid of eye dark circles.

SOLUTION #2 Other than cosmetics, there are chemical treatments commercially available to everyone, although this is not always encouraged.

SOLUTION #2 Pick a concealer that is quick and easy to apply and could stay on longer.

Removing Raccoon Eyes: How To Get Rid Of Eye Dark Circles