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Weights Room Medium blacked-out space with access to the courtyard. Ideal for private events, presentations & screenings.


Space Hires: Weights Room

Magic Lantern Film Club screening Clerks

Electric Ritual

Christmas Blues and Ale Festival



Space Hires: Weights Room



1:100 Plan




Size: 50 sq.m. / 540 sq.ft. Height: 2.7m Floor: Ground Capacity: 50 Previous uses: Exhibitions, workshops, music events, live music, presentations, film screening, rehearsals, Access: disabled

Space Hires: Weights Room

Price: 1 day

65 (35)

2 days

110 (55)

5 days (Mon-Fri)

200 (100)

1 week

250 (125)

Use of the courtyard (Snow Lane) is included in the price. Prices in brackets are subsidised. We give subsidies to university students, not-for-profit organisations and cool independent projects. So if you are short of cash but have a really good idea for the space, drop us a line! To pop in for the viewing or book a space, contact us on either of the following: @cads_sheff 0114 348 9421 7 Smithfield, Shalesmoor, St Vincents Quarter, Sheffield, S3 7AR CADS is a trading name of CADS South Yorkshire Limited. A Company Limited by Guarantee and a Registered Charity. Registered Office: Studio 5.1, 7 Smithfield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S3 7AR. Registered in England and Wales. Company No. 08117742 Charity No. 1151884

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Space Hires: Weights Room

CADS Space Hire Brochure - Weights Room