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Welcome to Issue 6

It feels like the issues fly past in an esoteric haze of absurdity and here we are, a year and a half from the creation of SKIN. Going so strong and I feel so privileged to have built up relationships with the most incredible, beautiful, artistic talent there is. I do genuinely appreciate everybody’s input and thrive on the curation of inspiration and imagination. As I work through the pages of every issue I feel I am living in a murky yet fliratious fairytale. This issue does not hold back on the provocative! Featuring such wonderfully dark people such as Steve Lease, Gretchen Heinel and MephistoArt and the sensual yet occult photographical talents of Angel Morales, John Holmes and Optical Voodoo. We also got the pleasure of featuring the gorgeous Abbie Mac and model/burlesque performer Debay De Lux. I’d also like to introduce you all to our newest contributor Jerry Lentz. He has joined us to take on the wondrous realm of film and fashion. Also, I hope you enjoy the next installments of Mistress Hayden’s diary and Rich Saunders’ crazy fetish adventures.

Have fun flicking through our pages!

Carmin Conner [editor-in-chief]

[issue 6]