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A WAY FORWARD FOR LOCAL SKILLS KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER OK I’m busy- What is it? An independent, Not for Profit professional organisation providing a collective ‘voice’ in direct support of ‘skill exchange, mobility and talent transfer’ which aims to encourage the expansion and development of UK HR & Employment policies and process across private, public and the third sectors. Locally….. and Nationally.

Sounds familiar- So, what does it do? In a changing world it is essential that there is shared vision and co-ordinated planning to find new, perhaps challenging ways to implement essential changes to the world of work. Skill Exchange UK (Skill X UK) is a formal and qualified body of individuals (partners) representing key areas of work, skill retention and employment. Extending new ideas, opinions and specific programmes to face the challenges presented in today’s complex world of employment.

Such employer collaboration is Big Society… at work!

Local Skill Exchange Hub Solution The USPs 1.


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The Skill Exchange concept is a totally new, low-cost solution for skill transfer between local employers There is no third party involved in any transfer Such employer collaboration is Big Society at work! Skill X UK will be a clearing house for good ideas It will be advocating self help, voluntarism and cooperative behaviour in the training arena based on the concept of localism, not Big Government interventions Enterprising localism will determine the success of Skill Exchange UK

This is an online skill exchange that allows details of employees’ skills, experience and education / training (posted as Profiles and CVs) to be reviewed by Local Hub members. These skills can then be seconded for an agreed period and the staff costs shared. The business model is very simple - allowing for the creation of locally based Skill Exchange ‘Hubs’. These “bottom up” Skill Exchanges use a customised webbased approach for information transfer. Firmly embedded in local economies and communities, ‘Hubs’ will share innovative practice around skills acquisition, staff deployment and experience utilisation. In turn, each local Skill Exchange Hub will collate and convey relevant local information to Skill X UK.

Skill Exchange UK Limited Want to know more? Tel: 01252 311557 Mob: 07831 112639 A Not-for-Profit Company Limited by Guarantee


Introduction to Skill Exchange UK  
Introduction to Skill Exchange UK  

Intro and positioning guide to Skill X UK