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Sumary 4 Paris

14 Ecotourism?

By: Laura Angulo

By: Jacqueline Jaramillo

8 Amazing houses

16 Ecotourism in Colombia

By: Daniel Benavides

By: Juan Pablo Ayala Chaves

10 Brasil By: Daniela Gallego


Take a break with Colombia’s nature By: Nicolas Arias

12 Dubai

20 Cancún

By: Ana Karina Perico

By: Dana Alvarado

Teacher: Max. Designer: Luz Adriana Gonzalez. Staff: Skill 3 - March and April 2018 Colombo Americano - Niza - Bogotá 2

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The City of Light By: Laura Angulo

Paris, known as the City of Light, is the capital of France and the most popular and populated city with 2’206.488 Parisian in 2015. The Seine river passes through the center of the city and there are two islands (Île Saint-Louis and Île de la Cité) where Notre Dame is located. Paris has seasons. In summer it can reach temperatures between 15 and 30°C and in winter it can reach temperatures between 0 and -10°C. Paris is in time zone +1, that represent 7 hours more than Colombia. Some of the important holidays and festivals in Paris are: The Day of Victory of 1945 (In May 8th, commemoration of the end of the Second World War), The Bastille Day (In July 14th, commemoration of the day in which the citizens got fed up of the oppression of the French Monarchy and took control of the Bastille. Paris was the world’s top tourist destination in 2017 with 23 million visitors. This city has lots of tourist places that you can visit while you are there. There are different kinds of places that you can visit like monuments, museums and galleries, gardens and parks, cabarets, theatres and opera houses. In the next paragraphs, some of the representative places to visit in Paris will be described. Eiffel Tower: This tower is a Parisian and French symbol, located on the Champ de Mars near the Seine River. It was named by Gustave Eiffel (his company designed and built it) and it was constructed from 1887 to 1889 for the entrance of the 1889 World’s Fair. The Eiffel Tower has three levels with restaurants on the first and second floor. It is possible to ascend the Eiffel Tower by elevator or stairs (just 1.665 steps). You can buy tickets to ascend to the top of the tower 4

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Louvre Museum This museum is the world’s largest art museum, located on the Right Bank of the Seine River in The Louvre Palace. This palace was the original residence of the French Kings before Louis XIV chose the Palace of Versailles, leaving the Louvre for the royal collection. Recently the museum opened two new venues, in 2004 in Lens near of Belgium and in 2017 in Abu Dhabi. It has 8 collections (Egyptian Antiquities, Near Eastern Antiquities, Greek Etruscan and Roman, Islamic Art, Sculpture, Decorative Arts, Painting, Print and Drawings) some of the most famous artworks are The Venus de Milo, The Mona Lisa and the Madonna of the Rocks. Notre Dame In Spanish “La Catedral de Nuestra Señora”, is a medieval Catholic cathedral located on the Île de la Cité, considered as a symbol of the French Gothic architecture. It was constructed from 1163 to 1345 in honor of the Virgin Mary. The coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte, the beatification of Joan of Arc and the coronation of Henry VI of England were performed at Notre Dame. This beautiful church has two towers of 69 meters each where you can ascend by stairs to appreciate the famous Hunchback of Notre Dame bell tower and its Gargoyles. In addition, it has a Crypt where you can find a range of historical ruins discovered during the construction work.

Arch of Triumph The Arch of Triumph is the most known arch of the world. It was built between 1806 and 1836 by order of Napoleon Bonaparte to commemorate the victory of the battle of Austerlitz, located at the western end of the Champs-Élysées. The arch was designed by Jean Chalgrin and Jean-Aranud Raymond inspired by the Arch of Tito in Rome. It reaches a height of 49 meters and 45 meters wide. At the base there is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier constructed in 1921 with a f lame all time representing all the French who died in the First World War and never were identified.

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1 Although the previous places are the most representative, there are lots of different places to visit like: 1. Pantheon, 2. Latin Neighborhood, 3. Montmartre, 4. National Palace of Invalides, 5. Moulin Rouge, 6. Versailles Palace, 7. Champs-ÉlysÊes, 8. Garnier Opera, 9. Sainte Chapelle, , 10. Lido, 11. Paris Bridges, 12. Catacombs, 13. Place of Concord, 14. Place of Vendome,










15. Orsay Museum, 16. Rodin Museum, 17. Luxemburg Gardens, 18 Modern Art Museum, 19. Euro Disney and the Walt Disney Studios and some other wonderful places to know.




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17 18


Finally, I’m going to tell you about the world known French Cuisine and some of their typical dishes. A French meal often consists in three plates (entrée or entrance, main course, fromage or cheese, Pâtisserie and Dessert. Below we will see what each of the plates consists of: Entrée It is the first plate of the meal. Usually they serve Basil salmon terrine (like pate), soup like Bisque (a smooth, creamy and highly seasoned soup made of lobster, langoustine, crab or shrimp), Foie Gras (Liver of duck or goose fattened by force- feeding corn) or Croque Monsieur (a baked or fried boiled ham and cheese sandwich), Escargots (Land snails). Main Course Like the name says, it is the main part of the meal. Usually they serve Boeuf Bourguignon (Veal beef cooked in red wine), Quiche Lorraine (Salty cake made with eggs and cream, as well as other ingredients such as meats and cheese), Coq au vin (Chicken with vegetables cooked in wine), Pot-au-feu (Stewed beef with vegetables), Ratatouille (Stewed vegetables like eggplant, zucchini, peppers and basil). These dishes are normally accompanied by Baguette or French Cheeses. Pâtisserie They are different kinds of baked pastries that include Tartlets, Pie, Cakes, Croissants, Brioche, Pain au Chocolat, Macarons, Éclair, Mille-Feulle (in Spanish Milhoja), Merengue, Saint Honoré and some others. Desserts There are sweet like the Pâtisserie but they normally aren’t baked pastry like Crème Brûlée, Mousse au Chocolat, Crêpe (Could be both salty or sweet), Café Liégeois (Made of Lightly sweetened coffee, Coffee ice cream and Chantilly cream), Tarte Tatin (Caramilized apple pie) Now you know a little bit more about Paris but it isn’t enough to know it well. My recommendation is if one day you can go, believe me, you must do it, you will not regret it. magazine TRAVEL



Almost every corner of the world has an interesting background story to tell us. If you don’t have a plan where to go on your next vacation in this article you will find some of those places that has an story to betold and be shared. by, Daniel Benavides

The National Museum of Colombia. Did you know that the building where this museum is on 1874 was the most important prison of the country for almost 72 years? Throughout its history, the National Museum has occuped several headquarters (which the majority are dissapeared). From 1948 until the present this Museum has been occupying the installations of the old penitentiary known as “Panóptico”. This penitentiary was designed by the architect Thomas Reed in 1850 and was built in 1874. Even though, in 1946 prisoners were moved to “La Picota” prison. Furthermore, the government allocated the building to host the National Museum. The building was restored and adequated to host the museum by Manuel de Vengoechea and Hernando Vargas Rubiano. The Museum was opened on May 2nd of 1948. Also, the government state it as a national monument on August 11th of 1975. This Museum can offer you exhibits of any kind of art, such as paintings, sculptures, archeology, etc... You can see history in every corner of this building. The perfect place to visit for those who love to travel and learn. 8

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The Coral Castle. With a Romantic and deep history behind, this huge sculpture is also known as one of the most difficult and misterious accomplishments that men has done. This sculpture garden of coral stone was made single-handedly by Edward Leedskalnin. Located in South Florida Ed’s creation process still unknown at this date, there are some people that believe he had powers or he was helped by black magic, just because this huge creation was made by only one man and he secretly carved over 1.100 tons of coral rock without asking for help. Until de present no one knows how were the methods that Ed used, in a time where there were no modern constructions conveniences how he did it is still being a riddle that everybody is still debating. Ed would only say that he knew the secret of the pyramids, and if he could know it, everybody could know it. Sadly, when he died, his secrets died an got buried with him. The Coral castle is the perfect place to be amazed and see a wonderful place.

La Casa Terracota. Made of clay from foundation through roof. This perfect mix between architecture and estetical art was made by Octavio Mendoza and his team of talented architects. Located on the Villa de Leyva ouskirts and like if it was a pitcher of another kind of ceramyc figure they began to cook all the house. The process for each part of the house took on average over a week. This house is one of the most unusual buildings and its process is attractive for the turists that go to Colombia. However, the outsides of the building aren’t the only attractive of the house, because the inner part of the house seems to be out of a fairy tale, this effect is complemented with the looking of the beds, picture windows, iron sculptures, and his paintings. The natural Surroindings can also bring you the experience to be in another world. Be sure not to miss these wonderful places. Because, only these can bring you an unique experience that you will never forget. magazine TRAVEL



By Daniela Gallego

Traveling around the world is one of the most common dreams of the people, and maybe if you are a curious person that enjoys the adventures and you like to explorer new things, probably you have a list of places that you want to know. In this case we are going to learn a bit of Brazil, more specific Rio de Janeiro city, an amazing place, that I am sure that you will add on your list.

to be completely involved with the adventure.

Brazil is the largest country in Latino America, with 8.5 million square Kilometers and with over 208 million people.

Brazil is a country with a nature beauty. Amazing beaches and tropical jungles are fascinating attractions that you can’t lose such as First, you know what language is spoken The Amazon River, the jungle in Brazil? Well in Brazil the people speak and the Iguazu Falls, the Portuguese.As a result; we have good news country has 62 nafor you! The Portuguese is a sister langua- tional parks and ge of the Spanish because both come from hundreds of conserLatin, So it will be so easy to learn. vation Sometimes the people think that isn’t ne- units. cessary to learn this other idiom because is so similar, but this completely wrong. If you really want to know a different culture, learn their idiom will be the best way

10 magazine TRAVEL

Home of diverse cultures and ethnic groups. In addition, with a fantastic gastronomy, popular and traditional celebrations as El Carnalval de Rio de Janeiro, different music genres as Samba, Choro, Bossa- Nova and others. You have probably heard about this city. Maybe in the world cup in 2014, this was the site where this important event was carried out.

stands with arms outstretched to the city from above Corcovado Mountain’s staggering 2,330-foot elevation. Sugar Loaf Mountain (Pão de Açúcar) Standing high above Rio’s bustling metropolis at 1,299 feet, Sugar Loaf Mountain cascades over the picturesque Guanabara Bay. From Praia Vermelha in the residential Urca district, you can take a three-minute cable car ride up to Morro da Urca and then hop on another cable car up to the top of Sugar Loaf. From the glass-enclosed bondi (tram), you’ll get a dazzling view of the city.

Is one of the most famous places in the world. Image of tropical paradise since the first Europeans arrived on its shores more than five centuries ago, Rio de Janeiro is synonymous of sun, beaches, beautiful women, Zcourse soccer. Rio de Ja- The Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival neiro attractions that you can’t miss! Undoubtedly the most famous event of the year is the Carnival of Rio de JaneiChrist the Redeemer ro, one of the largest shows in America and one of the largest manifestations of This iconic landmark is Rio’s culture .Although officially the Cara must-see attraction nival lasts four days, from Saturday to the in Rio. Recognized Tuesday before Ash Wednesday (the exact as one of the date varies between February and March), Seven Won- which marks the beginning of Lent, the ders of the celebrations invade the neighborhoods W o r l d , with street parties, parades, dances and this sta- free concerts throughout the week or even tue of before. Jesus Christ

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by Ana Karina Perico Sánchez

Burj Al-Arab

Could you miss out on the best holidays in Asia? If you want to travel to a wonderful country or some city, you can visit Dubai. It changed from a common city to an amazing city that everyone wants to visit and enjoy the beautiful places. Dubai has a warm sunny climate that is ideal for the perfect vacations. In just few years, Dubai has been one of the most important cities in the world. 30 years ago it was just sand and today it is bigger and more luxurious than some principal cities in the world. A lot of people visit Dubai every year, visitors stay in the hotels such as Burj Al-Arab, Jumeirah Beach, Emirates Towers, and others. Besides, the visitors go to magnificent places in Dubai. They like to shop and get something special from Dubai. They also visit the malls, cinemas, and parks such as Aquaventure, Wild Wadi Water Park and The Sources of Dubai. That’s why I’m going to tell you about attractions, hotels, and some activities that you could do with you family. Dubai has been one of the best cities to do different activities during the end of year. In this big city you can be excited about doing some shopping. For example if you are crazy about buying clothes or shoes, even if you are interested on skiing in the mall and if you look forward to knowing the tallest building of the world, Dubai is the perfect place for you. From December to January each year, you’ll find amazing deals on fashion, gold jewelry and perfumes in the Dubai Shopping Festival. While you are in the malls, you can think about visiting Mall of Emirates; you could think in the possibility of skiing inside the Mall, this is perfect for you to enjoy buying while you practice skiing! The Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure in the world, The best time to go up and the most requested is at sunset, if you would like to enter, you 12 magazine TRAVEL

could, but it is necessary that you carry your camera. Dubai has had the best attractions for tourists. A free light and water show in downtown Dubai attracts everyone for its spectacular choreography. One of the most striking curiosities is Dubai’s fountains that offer a fabulous movement. It’s a wonder-

The better destination in the world ful place to visit. Moreover, if you are crazy about going to the tematic park, you must go to Aquaventure. In Aquaventure Dubai has impressive water rides and adventures for all ages. Aquaventure Dubai

expensive areas of Dubai. If your visit to Dubai is for a business trip or you just want to use it for shopping, the best place to stay will be in the downtown known as Dubai Trade Center, also known as the commercial place. Dubai Trade Center

You must enjoy the attractions as you wish: racing with your friends or family, riding through shark tunnels, and unwinding on the lazy rivers, so there’s a huge variety of attractions to enjoy. The Wild Wadi Water Park is one of the most loved water parks in Dubai since it was one of the first parks in the city. Now, if you would like to go, you must pay a lot of money to enter. Actually, this activities are worth it visiting with your family. Dubai has the best hotels of the world. It is for this reason that there hotels are so expensive but If you travel to Dubai with the intention of enjoying many days of the beach, the safe site to stay is Palm Jumeirah.

If you decide to stay at Palm Jumeriah or near the beach, you will have to pay to stay in one of the most Palm Jumeirah.

In this hotels you could discover a lot of luxuries like statues, doors and decor in gold. Even when you go to the parking toy could find a lot of cars with oro. This city is good place to spend money on paying the differents hotels and foods. However, if you crazy about eating asiatic food, you must go to Al Mahara and Al Muntaha on the Burj Khalifa; is the first place below to the sea. Al Mahara

Al Muntaha

In conclusion, you can discover a city unlike any other in the world, if you want to go to an exotic place or a big and wonderful city, you must go to Dubai, why? Dubai is the better of the all cities, it’s a trip combining urban attractions with desert adventure, If your dream is luxury hotels and driving top of the range cars, Dubai can make it happen! This is the city where anything is possible. magazine TRAVEL 13


By: Jacqueline Jaramillo

Ecotourism is a tourist activity whose purpose is to minimize the number of damages that tourists can generate on the natural environment. The main idea of ecotourism is to educate the tourist to learn, by observing the ecosystems, to appreciate the nature that surrounds it and the traditional cultures of that natural area. Basically, it seeks to educate tourists to reduce the negative impact that general tourism usually has on the natural, social and cultural environment. In recent years, ecotourism has been mentioned as a viable alternative for sustainable development, especially to fight against climate change. If properly managed and proposals are established to promote viable ecotourism projects, this alternative to conventional tourism can bring numerous benefits, such as: rescue of flora and fauna, minimal impact on the environment, employment of people from the different communities where it is practiced, promotion of policies and boom in environmental education, creation and use of eco-technologies or technological innovations aimed at restoring the balance between nature and technology, etc. Nevertheless, ecotourism hasn’t advanced much in its objectives and contradictorily we can see that has a lot of failures in what is supposed to be achievements.

14 magazine TRAVEL

Ecotourism and its socio - cultural impact There is a very high probability of a culture clash. Ecotourism can have a cultural impact on local communities. Ecotourists are often partially motivated by the chance to experience local culture, which can have a positive and affirming effect on that culture. Involving local people in decision-making not only tends to make them more positive about tourism, but also empowers them as a community.

However, negative effects also exist, such as the transformation of traditional cultural symbols into commodities to sell to visitors, the disruption of the pre-existing relationships between local people and higher incidences of crime. Ecotourism and its economic impact Two obstacles are directly emerged from a managed ecotourism plan. The first is ‘enclave tourism’. This describes a situation where the eco-tourism is sold as a ‘package’ most often in the country of the traveler. This means that very little currency gets into the hands of the local community. ‘Import Leakage’ is another difficulty. To meet the luxury demands of tourists, locals must import other goods from outside. For example, beverages and food. This means that wealth leaves the community to pay for outside imports. Furthermore, ecotourism puts a load on the local resources and scarce resources must compete with the tourist traffic. Ecotourism and its environmental impact Ecotourism can lead unconscious tourists to damage protected areas. Letting tourists in a delicate ecosystem and it can lead to pollution and impact on the environment on unforeseen way. For example: general contamination, degradation of natural areas and even the alteration of the daily routine of wild animals. Ecotourism remains a story of triumphs and failures. People must realize that ecotourism is about education and environmental care and they must be aware of the consequences of their bad actions towards contamination and pollution.

magazine TRAVEL 15

Ecotourism in Colombia By: Juan Pablo Ayala Chaves

I’m am going to talk about Ecotourism in Colombia, but, before continuing, you have to know “what is ecotourism and where this word was created” Cumbre mundial de ecoturismo mentioned the 2002 like the Ecotourism year where the rules were created. Now, what is ecotourism and what is it objective? Ecotourism is the tourist activity that people do, like kayac, surf, cycling, trekking, yoga, skydiving, diving, etc... but, always enjoying the environment and respecting the nature. Colombia give us differents striking options for ecotourism. We are going to talk about the Natural park tayrona. Natural park tayrona: This natural park was created in 1969. Is located in nort of Santa marta, Colombia. 16 magazine TRAVEL

If you like the or you would like to do this is one of the best options to go in Colombia since the Natural park tayrona has a very varied ecosystem like: Dry forest, humid forest and cloud forest... and that isn’t all! This park has more than 100 species of mammals as for example: The tigrillo, the deer and the condor. The coastal zone presents the richest marine vegetation of the Colombian caribbean with more than 25 types of marine vegetation. At this park you can practice land or marine activities without affecting the environment. The park offers you recreational activities, educational and cultural activities. Definitely, this is one of the best options if you want to do Ecotourism and enjoy the nature!

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Take a break wit h Colombia’s nature

Have you thought about the activities which you and your family can enjoy in Colombia especially on the surroundings of Bogota?

if you are looking for a nature travel, walking around rural spaces, taking rest you can enjoy seeing a dam away from the daily stress of the city, this aspects can be a good guide for you and other persons. Here you can find new information about how you can make a small guide plan and the necessary basic information that people need to make their next travel around Bogota and other places. As many people knows Colombia is one of the countries with a lot of porcentage of flora and fauna and it is necessary for authorities to protect this important natural areas, so currently they have decided to allow in to visitors and travellers to enter in some of the principal natural parks in Colombia, on the other hand Colombia has natural areas without special protection of authorities for this reason it’s advisable keeping care in this spaces. Just 128 kms away from Bogota you’ll find a rural space, maybe this plan can be for a Sunday or any weekday this plan is so different because you’ll find a way to enjoy walking, first if you don’t have a car you can find a bus bound for township SUSA. Other plan that many people do it’s traveling in a bike or some people go with Friends and go in car, near to SUSA is an special rock called “ piedra colgada” that one is the main atracttion of this travel. After you have arrived to SUSA you’ll have a long way to walk like 2 or 3 hours if you prefer walk, also you can take an speciall moto taxi that leave you there in aproximately 30 minutes. When you have arrived to the top of the way you’ll see “ la piedra 18 magazine TRAVEL

piedra colgada

By, Nicolas Arias

colgada”. It’s a big rock where you can see a fantastic and special lanscape. If you are scared about heights the experts recomend just stay on the border. On “la piedra colgada” you can take pictures and just have a relaxing time. So think in that it’s near to Bogota and different plan. Our next location is so cold, just a few kms away from Bogota coming out from the neighborhood USME, you have to go until PASQUILLA in this place people can find the principal way to walk around the paramo of SUMAPAZ. This place is very interesting for people who never have been in contact with nature. Did you know that the paramo of Sumapaz is the biggest in Colombia? There is the principal fountain of life of Bogota. Even this paramo provide vegetation to the andes zone and other mountains that are near. The paramo is one of the sites where are a lot of flora, there the authorities keep up this species with special cares as they are unique and so hard to maintain.Some visitors prefer go to only see the view but others prefer to take a small tour and enjoy with the different ways around the paramo so you must keep present the principal way or some special guides can offer you the tour. They offer you a visit to special flora that are unique in this place, the organization of the park recommends to carry along a couple of bottles of wáter and some foods in case of the visit takes more time that were estimed. If you want to travel very far from Bogota, maybe with family or a group of Friends, you have to think about la guajira. There are other kind of eco turistic nature space here you will be able to enjoy with special views of desert, also you can go until “ el santuario de fauna y flora los flamencos” there in near the population of camarones just 20 minutes away from Riohacha. There you will find diversity of birds and you also can take a hike around the park. La Guajira is one of the prefer tourist destination as it has special places in his área, other special plan is to go to “ el cabo de la vela”. A fantastic plan to enjoy taking some pictures and seeing the special view near the sea. magazine TRAVEL 19

By: Dana Alvarado

Cancun is located in Quintana Roo, Mexico. This beach destination overlooking the Caribbean Sea is the perfect blend of luxury, natural wonders, Mayan remains and ecotourism parks. Cancun is one of the most important international tourist destinations in the world.

El Rey archaeological

Let’s talk about the wonderful places that you can find. Some of them are: ruins such as El Rey archaeological site or the Temple of the Alacran. Where you will have a great experience. Moreover, you can learn the history of the Mayan culture.

20 magazine TRAVEL

If you want to do something different, you should enjoy the natural spectacle of water in Xel-Ha, considered a natural aquarium. Xcaret, between the Mayan jungle and the Caribbean Sea, offers you the most important eco-archaeological park in the country. In addition, here you can find the first butterfly in Mexico. And, the Coral Reef Aquarium, one of the few places in the world where you can see coral reef structures in their natural habitat. As a theme park, Xcaret is characterized by showing the most representative natural and cultural aspects of Mexico. In addition to various aquatic activities. You can see traditions of the Mayan people and prints of Mexican folklore. For this reason, Trip Advisor named Cancun as the second most attractive destination for summer vacations the highest season OF ALL. Good, and cheap stay. If you already choose the tourist places of Cancun that you want to visit, then the ideal is to build a travel package with a budget hotel. Depending on your travel dates the rates may vary. But if you are looking for cheap hotels, the best rates you will find as long as it is not Easter, Christmas or summer, as these are considered high seasons. Finally, You have to be sure that Cancun is the best destination to have a vacation full of fun! Don’t miss it.

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